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srraipnis baily appeal tpesday, april c, lssc.
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TIESDAT, : : tifRIL 6, 18H0.
Tr.f anain influence upon active
mercantile operation- during the
week baa, of course, been disturbing
eflette ol the great railroad strike.
Kctithatanding thia the maiket re
ports ot the week Bbow a better slate
of things than exi&ted a year ago. The
max renters of activty, however, are
tbe peeotative ones. It is also en
com airing- to see that railroads un
avUecie. by the Brike have had an in
crease ol business. The total bank
clea -W. exhibited in this morning's
bunne column of the Afmal, ahow
an increase oa the week, aa agilnst
th name time last year, cf 42 per
eerl.or putting New York and its
speculative operations seide ol .1 per
cent. Only fonr cities ont of tbiity
r.riinu allowed a decrease ai
compared with a year ao. The fol-
lowing were among the increases.
Chicago 13.7 per cent., 8t. Louis 18.6,
Cincinnati 11.0, Kansas City 36 0, New
Orleans 9.2, Memphis 16 5 per cent.
Lonisvilre bad a decrease, probably the
reiait of the floods that are afTecting
thai city and other cities among those
in the Ohio Valley. It is not improb
able lh at another week may show
still more depressing results, owing to
high water. The New York Ilerald
renorta that bniiness'there was not at
all brisk lut week; merchandise gen
erally was slew of sale at prevailingly
unchanged quotations. There has
been an unsettled feeling there in
grain, which baa been irregular, with
downward tendency all the week,
with little exception. Money) on call
at New York to borrowers on stock
-collateral was at 2 to 3 per cent. The
Bank ol England rates remained un
changed at 2 per cent, with a ds
creaee of bullion, whila the Bank
of France bad a liberal increase
ol gold. No immediate gold ship
ments here are anticipated unless
London sbonld become seller of
American securities. OongreBS has
been aroused a little to the require
ments of business interests through
tbe influence of the strikers, but
the bankrupt bill appears to have
lonnd a permanent' deposit for the ses
sion among the committees, althougbit
has been ascertained that the Hanse
has a majority In favor of its passage.
A bill to reform some of the glaring
vili ot enr tariff eytturu is in llngnr
irtg process of construction in commit
tees. It is to consist a sort of com
bination ef Hewitt's bill, as that was
received by the Treasury, with some
items taken from Morrison's bill. Tbe
public is aware that the evils of the
present tariff are se grots that
before lens more will nar.ee-
aariW - be done than can b got
from the present Congress, so that
tbe committee a patchwork efforts at
tract no great inteieat. Congreis is
etrtvDuelv Inattentive lo business in
terests, but the busintsi world gen
erally is remiss in not being more ui
gent with Congress. Perhaps, how
ever, they bsve learned to bear the
ills they have rather than run the
-chance of others Corgresi might in
flict. The New York liulicatur says:
"The Bank of Engl md sticks to the 2
per cent. rate. That rate cannot at
tract much money from this side.
The present aspect of the foreign ex
change market does not give hope of
an eirly advance in rates or of an ex
pert movement in gold."
which the.Enslish autocratic system
is bund. Tin nobles own the larger
portion of the British soil. They draw
fr. m it their iixomis.ini the power
they have over thtir tenants adds to
the weight of their wid ii.fluence.
The other week IVirlia nect adopted a
nsoUitioa i a favor of imposing a tax
upon gnnnd rente. The aristocracy,
who before the reform ol lodis .pos
sessed almost supreme power In mak
ing tin laws, with a eelfhhut'BS peculi
arly aristocratic, exemuted the ground
rents the r extensive esta'i- gave them
from txa ion. Nine wen, including
four dukes, own nearly all toe western
pa'tof London, and tbe rente arising
amount to million on which no tax is
paid. Leases are now falling in op sn
which tbe tenants bavs pat vaiaaoie
bnildinw that now come into the
poes-s don ol the noble non-tax-payers.
As may be expected, tte aristocrats
refuse to salt what is so prcQ'able,
even the blackest "slums" that sre
sought to be removed by the civio
authorities. The dsys of this wrong
ate nar their close, and this Is but
nnn of the manv abases tkat the demo
cratic linpulie now communicated to
th .Edffllnh Fatliameut will crush
out by the weight cf Justice.
Solicitor-General (J node Before (be
Investigating Committee Gar
land Sot Implicated.
FeelinBJ of jaeloui-y arearlsirg be
twesu France and Germany which
lovers cf peace will rrgr.t to see arise.
Aa Ions as the French army were en
gaged in Tooquin, the altjntion of
ti at country wai turned away from
Oeiminy, but now ajiam there ate
whUunrinim of lbs old Cry of "re
venge." While fie French army was
fu'ly employed elsewhere, Bsmarck
had littls to say about trench rel
lions, but of late be has shown him
self observant and jealous, and talks
of the Dower of Germtny ana Its ae
termination to retala ill conquests of
Alsace and Lorraine. In recent
BDeech in the Reichstag h appeared
to consider France as tbe cpec.nl
h.unt of socialism, aid socialism is
with the old Kaiser William as red
rag inciting dread and oppoel
Hon. Blimirck declared that
socialism Lad proved a pow
eiful spirituil lever of French
victories. That some day these
two powerful net'oas will again come
into collision appesrj ceitain. France
cannot overcome the mortification of
having been compelled to submit to
German invaders on her own soil.
Germany is impatleit of the restraint
she suffers from the necessity of a'
wys beinz prepared for the possi
bility cf diffl'ulty with France. She
feels herjelf curbed and shackled by
the necessity of countiug npon the
enmltv of France when carrying out
the ambitious projoctsthat uer govern
ment now and then shows signs cl en
liniM-enwnlablc Harder and Haloid
I Milwaukee.
. . The, present Kuglieli Parliament was
elf. tol from a larger voting popula
tion than ever befote were, in that
country, allowed t J exercise the privi-
' let!1 ot voting. It is consequently
.. more nearly an expression cf popular
. opinion and feeling turn has reBultci
from any ordinary election of modern
limes. Before now the popular voice
...ban made itself heard only at times
ot tare excitement. The people have
Sdv the power to secure expratsion of
i ' tbeir wishes on ordinary oorn!onr.
At l a this expression has found
nltcrAEce in the present railiament.
. .. th&t utterance has 1on in favor of the
. . more thorough introduction and car-
. ryn iato practical operation ot demo
rt c principles. The picsent Parlia
. . - ment has given stronit intimation of aa
approaching end to church establish
Dteit'. and the extinguishment of the
, nnion ol tbe church with the state.so as
- to place the Episcopal Church, aa tar as
tbe law is concerned, on the same level
' - ae tbe other sects, in this respect
, r. V;pying the constitutional principle
i that goviros in the United States. In
r ; o:Lcr ways the leaning of the English
- -j'eople toward a more demociatic ej
tem of government bas been manlfeit
' ed, tepedally in the tone of opposition
toward the system of legislation by
htrjditary right, as trictlced in the
House of tarda. A reform of that
House Ik on the cards, and the longer
it is delayed tbe more thorough and
com plots it will be. Such a reform
would materially cripple the power of
the aristocracy. As aristocracy is the
yrcnat support cf the thione, the bold
of monarchy will be loosened in pro
portion as the powers and privileges
of the nobles are narrowed down.
The influence of tbe changes that
have been made in Ireland with
reepect to land tenure is extending
itself t3 England, and will evi
4ect'y Rttf-ck tht Trr -'oafii stioa ujon
. . .... . M T .
Alll.Wlt'KKK. win., April o.-in a
two-Htory brick house at the corner of
Vlii.l ami Sixth HtreetM. WHS cniU'ted
at an early hour this morning the
niOHv nnnccounuiuiu uiuruer mm nui-
41. n nHil.ii 1 .1 tr nuai n..fnrrnfl in
thiH city. Annio Itosi'ns'ein, n beau-
... . . i i i f i
titill girl ol sixu'en. wniie Bleeping oy
the sule ot her little sisters, wan shot
and instantly killed by Isadnrc Seid
enbauin, an cigIitn-year-old friend
of the family, who was enjoying their
t.nutiilulitv Tlin fumilv cu-riiiiu-fi the
lower floor of the houmi. Abcmt 1 :'W
o'eliM-k Morris Itosenstvin and his wife
were awakened by the report of a re-
v.ilv.ir fi.llnu.-.wl niliflllv liv a Hiu-nnd
........ ...... "w.. -j . ;
shot. Mr. IkiHenntein jumped from
liis bed and went into tlio kitchen for
a light. Then ho noticea that tlie
.l.ukr nf tlm i-liililron!! ifmin U'im onen.
On entering his eyes met a horrible
spectacle. With the dead body of their
anul.ir lu.ui.ln thi.Tn fhn fonr ntnr rhil-
dren in the bed wit up and rubbed
their eyes, ignorant oi uie wrrimo
deed. Ncideiibaiitn was in liiH night
clothes mid lay in a fallen position
Mirtiullt nvi.r lint bnflv rtf llil innr-
flunwl trirl Until ftl'tt" ilind. Itlood
flowed from a wound in the sido of
the girl's head above the left ear and
from a hole in tho breast of the young
num. MetwongorH were, dent to tlio
police ntation and Seiilenbiium's body
wiw taken to tho morgue. None of the
mlnlivi'H of the deeeaMod eoilld 11(1-
vanee anv theory as to the cause of
the tionnie inigeviy.
Mury W unfed o Helleve Ibr nia-
Irena of Urj Weal.
Kkv Wkkt. Fi.a.. Airil 5. At a
meetinir of mert'liants hero the fol
lowing apiwal was issued: ,
IU 1HV IfllltPII. I'l MV . Illl.il wvn.ow .
A lurim twii1iiin rtl riur imiv invinil
been swept away by tlio Humes, our
indiiHtrial occupations entirely ruined
uml tliimuiinilrt of ntir dioo1m left ill
utter destitution mid distress, wo find
ourselves compelled to appeal to the
benevolence of ur countrymen, and
request that the leading papers re
ceive subscriptiona in our behalf and
lorwaril the same 10 ju. i.. neiiingH,
our in'asun'r.
wit t Tl rilRBV
ChalrniftQ Kolivf ConiitU.
irtbe aialf lo thla Maralna.
Th M,li..l Knrlrt nf tha Stall" of
Tennessee will hold a two-days' see-
ltahrjiw Ata"wtftt1nn. !nrnpp ITnlnn
and fSac-ond.becinninir at 11 o'clock In
the morning to-day. Doctors from
every part of tbe Stits will be in a-
inilanri ft ml tlia nrnrMkitina will
dsubtleesbeof interest and importance
. . . . i-i i : l .1
lo int proiwsmn. inn o 'jtin ui mo
society, asset foith in i's constitution,
"The sdvancement of medical
knowleJge, the elevation of its profes-
ainnal (-Kar-ai-tAr tha nrntm-tinn nf thA
professional interests id its membere,
theextensioncf thebounds of medical
science and the promotion of all
mMturM ailarttti! tn IhA rnlfaf of Buf
fering, the improvement of the health
and the protection of the lives of the
TLe proceedings to-day will begin
m-ith an ad.lrAxa nf Wflli-nm hv Dr. W.
W Tdvl.iv nn hahalf r.f 1 lift ( immltleA
of Arraigements, and aaother address
of welcome by Judge Jm?s M. tireer
on behalf of tho citiwns o! Memphis,
bftar Ki..K tha iirhaI tnutliiA nf nnpi-
nai. til httnin C HI hrtflM n 17 I h A t Aflll 1 fl 9
nf ntMii nn mibiects of interest to the
r r ;
! meJicjl r'e'Biont
tbe telephone investiga'ing commit-
lee io-iay 10 leu wcai ce anew n tu
citcamsisncea leading up to the insti
tution ol the Memphis suit lie laid
that be bad been appointed to his
... 1 11 T I . . V. n -
omce oj uie i resiueot opuu iuo m
commendation ol Attorney-Ueneral
Garland, and'be did not believe that
Men at or iiarrir, or messre. Aaainr,
Young and Johnston, had anything to
A mtllh Kla nnnttitmnnt I TliA At.
torney-General left Washington on
Kttlmh 9il mrlttiAaa hail rArnived
the application of District-Attorney
McCorry of Memphis.for permlseion to
uriDgsuit WB1CU Ufl iwiujcvj uau atmu
MnAn In Ilia Mitlina mv A ItnrnAV-
General Garland bad never mentioned
the Hell or ran-biectrto company 10
witnAaa until if-nr hia ratnrn from
u.. I i.n In n.tnKAV when wltnAAa had
Id t reduced the subject to him, having
seen It mentioned in tbe public press.
Witness did rot know that Mr. Gar
land had any interts. in the Pan-El ec
tr c or any other telephone company
nntu ce saw me newspaper puuuia
The chairman asked if witness bad
ever conversed with any person prior
to tbe application, about telephone
11 vanliA.l that liA hail Tint VAT1
thought of the subject until the vis.t
rf Bens tor Harris and Mr. Young.
Upon receiving McCorry 's application
i . a i 1 I - ,1
at ir nana nun c YamuiMii liih iihi urn. sail u
tnont thai Hav ftnr. nioht in romider-
ing what he rega!dd an tho only
poinifl 1Q ine case urmt wuuiuer 1119
department bad power to order Buit,
an1 atwAn n vnainar i iin nHDHrri urn-
suantiwl mtuln tint si nrima-fticil CfUe,
119 Dta not given uio iuu
a.rvA&n. al nritMilariM finr. tin nffiA hflli
BfTOVlpi yavv.vuuHW avx-w
reqaested him to do 10. "I did not
Know 01 me existence oi vuo i nn-
Electric or National improved xeis-
nhnm flnmnanlfs." aaid the
witness: "I knew very little of
tha tAlanhnna rnmnanlM." Contlnu
ing, he said be bad followed the
ua-llra nf IhA HAnartmAnt in nrderinz
the suit (and there bad been ten or
twelve sucn cases on recoraj excepv m
nr. navllnnlar Tt hart hAAn RQHtnm-
ary to refer applications of that kind
to toe interior isepartmeui ur uuy iu
f irmation that the files oi that depart
mant mloht ahow. or anv snirirestion
tVxav mlnhl wlah 11 maKA. Hi) flfd not
iollow that practice in mis case, oe-
oanaa IhA nanAra nhmitfed included
the file wrapper and other matters
touching new s application tor a pae
ani an that witnnM did net believe it
naoiaaarv In t-Afftr th a annlf.!Atinn. as he
bad all tho information the Ii.ti-
rior Department cjuid give, witners
.lid nnt halinvA that tha ciiKtim of the
Department of Justice bad been in-
vsriauie in tnis respect io roiBrriugi-
plicauons 10 tue iovenur ueparvmant
Whan A ttmnn finnAral Garland re
turned after bis vacation, witness had
told uim trial u any miuuxeoaa ueen
mads or any wrjng done, be would
Vm .uannnaihlft. WitnAaa Hid not
know until that conversation mat toe
lllA.naJ.anaral tlA-l Anv IntArf H1. in
l.lanlinna nnmnanv Anil WltnAAa hnil
felt It due to the Attorney-General to
make the statement to tue resiuent,
Ann r Ai a- nnna r am w llal mi l iriruaai a a
of the President, witness had directed
McUorry to discontinue true juempaia
Tha .hair man aaiil aa thpri had been
many newspaper s'atements touching
the uommous sun ine coinniitiao
would like to near tne reaiona lor
K.itinlno IJa Aannnit 0111 at that nlace.
The witness replied tnai many places
bad Deen consiueren, including job
ton, Washington, oiempnis ana nt.
Louis. "We concluded," said the wit
ness, "that it would be better to bring
nit In rSnlnmhna heeansA thara had
been no decision in the court at that
place nearing upon teiepuone buiib.
while in some lorm ine question nu
AiivAi1 In Avar Kaatrn nnnrL Wa
thought that (nColnmbus we could get
aperiecuy lair.iujfiaruAi uiuuun, auu
torum where tnerewas no preconceived
.nlnlna Iff. .UI...1I tntVlA tll.ttur TllA
U'iuiviia la a A w " " "-- - -
witness remarked that he wished to
stats that he did not know anybody
tntnres eu in any leicpoone company;
he had no stock in any company and
did not (now any stocinoiuer in a
lAlnnlinna anmmiiv 1 1 waa lltlA in
a.akiwlff ainnnnrtml mi h IhA vnvpm-
niont tj say that they had but one
purpose 10 this matter, ana mat was
to have a fair, impartial trial of this
In answer to a request to state the
amount of fees to be paid to the tpo-
.. .. .t .. aa in . .
clal counsel, ne raid mat mr. n un
man wai to receive a fee of $3000 lor
the entire caw and tneii'tnoi iiunton
A Chandler (5000. Mr. Thurman wai
to receive $1090, with tho understand
ing that his fnture compensation was
to be fixed aftr the suits. He (Mr.
Thunnan) could not stipulate In ad
vance wbat his fees would be, but ho
bad said: '1 bave never gougea me
government, and do not propose at
my time of life to bfgln." Sir. Lowry,
who occupied an exceptional position
. i . " f 1 .
in ms capacity ui biocuicu fi
was to receive a retainer of $1000 and
per diem ot $70 when in Mew York
taking testimony, aod iuu wnen
called upon to leave that city, five
bonis being caneua aay.
of the old City Council osed to be
held. Its walls bave been kaUomined,
tho wash-boards painted, and Presi
dent Hdden V-ld J'resident Latham
of the Water Company, who was in
specting the building the other day,
that he Intended to put two gi"a oi
fkes in the center, one for tbe Water
Deraitment and end for tha Gas Da
paitment. On tbe wet or Front
street side are tin cflises of
the engineer and l a?k tax-collett ir.
TbeBjardcf Health will occupy one
if the Morea cn thegrjued floor.which
extends from Center alley ta Front
street. It was bi ir g cleaned oat yes
terday. The roof had to be overhauled
mnA broat Aa r.f nair.tinff done, and
the ent ra cost of tbe move will be
about $2000.
Telegraph Coanpanj Baal the Her
chaata' Iicaaagt.
TV, a Wutam TAleeranh Comoanv.
working in connection with the Balti
more and Ohio Teleyrapn uompany,
tbe Mackey-Bennett Sinth Ameiican
u.i.a r.Mam laat wrek ran its
lines into the Merchant' Exchange
room and placed an operator n cuargo
tor lbs purpose ol accommodating the
nMk.M n Ka VrnhAnaA. Thai
U1VU1I7CIO ui alio ,
Western Union Company, before the
not linn, had been
1 I L U. v. . . - - I
.....rfla atnllnitail h th F.TphIlffH tO
extend its lines to its floor and place
an operator In cbarga at tne joint ex
pense Ot tbe teiegrapa uuiupnuy iua
v.inxa hut aa nftn declined.
The new company nrs, at lis owu
expense, done wbat the other com
nn tw a.c.riiiii1 Tpntaatedlv. to do at
joint expanse, and yes'erday the
WCitorn union Ijompany uieu a tin
i- n:i. in tlia Shelhv Channnrv
I 11 l j UIVJ IU .mm - J J
ri .t on.l nlitiirnit a nrnhminarv re-
JUI l ' I"" .
straining order ssa'nit , tbe new com
pany, enjommg it irom mainiaioing
n n'n'inA In 1Kb TrTbAntrA rnnm.
all uiuto in .w - n -
The new company did not lcvsnu to
Anrn afinn ar hl-alipn OlllOe. 11B OD-
.....ia in tha Vvi.hnniiA.rnnm in there
tD receive from and deliver mcsseges
to members of the Exchange, and ex
clusively lor Its accommodation anu
ika anKnmmnilitlnn nf its members.
The injunction will not lnterrere
in i ii ii v.rai tan i aihii niau ucinti t v
Tf a- -ia-A.--.i - -f
nxisaam a nf fnamllArfl OI thfr) iLX"
uiveixn0 T , . .
I 3 j:.A.aJ nnln ansiniT
general omce Duamera.
tiigMtloaa from the Coaatj
Court Temperance ieciare
Rumors In Connection With the Posi
tion About Wa.-hlngton An
Important Decision.
IsrscuLTO TBI ArriiL.I
W AAiitKciTiN. Antil A. It is EOr a
question whether tbe telephone cts
ii i a . r t I Tl . -
iwiii na n ahtii nainra januq Daxwi b
u(cp tor, or whether it will be tian-i-
ferred frt-io tbe court where ti e bill
hai been filed tt the court cf sitae
judge who was tppointd before th
suit was thought of. Solicitor-General
Uoole said to-day: l cave no idea
who may be Jude Eax'er's aucf esor,
and I rlo not know when
the appointment will be made.
Tbe President may give the
appointment to aay lawyer who is a
citizen of tbe United etit s In any
ika imu i lll I a triail Kv a n-r.
cuit Court Judge and a District Judge,
and wnetner ine two judges aiurr ur
bop a theia maw Ka an AnnAal frnm
their dcinlon to the Sucrime Court
eft lie Uuited Hlatis I'oor pernons
are piominently meuiioned woo may
receive tbe appointment from the
President. They are Wm. P. Wellg,
profemrr of law in Ann rbcr Uni
versry, Michigan; the II n. M. V.
Mon'g mery, present Comtniseioncr
of Paiur.t1; Jii'ige Ett-e of Memphis,
and cx-Gov. Hoadley of Ohio. Mont-
.nmurv la a Minhtisan man Hnil hlft
ftiendd are pushing him tor tbe reas3n
that Ohio has two members on the
Hupreme bench and Kentniky one.
It wonld eex-m but natural that no ap
po'ntment should go to Tennestee or
Michigm. It , is pndenticd
that Montgoaiery bai the sup
port of the Attorney - General.
lie piact.cally passed hi? opinion on
this case, however, ai be was one oi
ittn nuBifl urhn flnfiiHpd tn rAenmmenil
suit against the Bell piople. Mont
gomery nays, uowever, no win muni
no eff irt to oecnre the place, but it is
understood b will not decline if ten
dered Mm. Rumor says that the su t
was ordered to be Dioagct inunio, oe
fore Judge Baxter, as it was understood
his health was such he would not live
to try it, and this wonld give tbe ad-
mini jtmtlrn an nnnnrtnnlt.v to arj
point a Jndge who was known ti be a
friend to tne ran cieciric pe-jpie auu
their suit.
Cordially Invitee aa inspection ef his Largs, Fresh- and
Varied Spring ""d Summer stock of cgiuh.
French and German Wonteda, Caitimerea and Snitinga,
comprising the La ten uesigiia ana rioen icnara u
Geatlemea's Wear.
Samples and Pricea oa application to those
wko have left neatorea.
fHFiniALTOTBl APrllL.1
pDnVMilVtMl TfCtfrf . Anrll fi. Lewis
T , a little Bon, abont four years old,
of lion. Frank P. Band, died at elx
t.,lAs Unnrlatl (TlArnffltT.
BJ WIUViB. UMIIunj uiuiuicp,!
Dr.Wateineld spoicein our town oav
n.a nlnht ami KnnHav fnr the canse
of Temperance. His lectures were
very well attended.
Tha fVinntv f ;nnrt mp.t nere to-dBV,
tMuilna W It Mnnrn nf tha Tenth
J UOVlXt7 1 -A-" A vv- aa
District, resigned. His resignation
baa caused regret, as ce was oue ui
tbo most efficient mngistrates in the
nni.nto TnilticA R W. UibSOn ftlSO
tendered hia res'gnUlon which was
it it VTrmti hrtk-A a flmrer In the
game between Augusta and Pittsburg
last Wednesday.
Km floiMa-nf thAiiAtto ti recaivod
injuries in one of tbe Savannah games
which will lay him off for some time.
Ths Detroits bave been knocking
,. .nnaal nnt nf AtlantA. di'featinB
them again on Fiiday by a score of
12 to 7.
v... wkn nitxhaH an vnll affair.Rt
Pittsburg in that fifteen Inning game
st KavannaD, is irom Axron, v., xouj
Mnllane's old home.
Tn .iup la ni IhA first row of
Ana. anioi -- --- -- - -
i. in tha Naahvil'A RaaaIiiiII Park.
Beau in .
and tbe Ubananooga oau grounos are
eirht feet under water.
Tn Naahvill Amtrican ol Sunday
contains tne louowing :
Knouff wanted to com to KaihvUle
M.naaai Qulilabv rafuiad to iIkB him.
In refutation of the above state-
m.ni aara riava hAan fnrniRhed with a
l.ll.a IfAm KfanaaPAr Rnlilthv. nf Nash-
IDklQI IIUIU l-U. " ' " J '
ville, to Mr. Knoun, oi wuicu tun ui-
lowing is a copy:
Ktassvii.ls, Isd.. Jan. 16, 18b
mi tr ar i' Du;i.,llnhl P
DU A.AUUU, r.ai., I U1I.UDI..U.-I -
lBia aia iSDouia jom ouiaio 7" im
rrom tha Athlaiio uiud m me noar i m
at one, if jou, would like, to plar with ol
next loaion. loun "uir,
Rura K. and T. II. R'v. Eva'nivillo, Ind
trnniifr aatit laat nivht that in
nnla In lliaoiM finl.kllv'H letter ItS
had " written declining to Bign with
has been appointed copyist at S9C0
per annnm in the General Land Office
naJaa thA piuil AArvinA rillPS. Barton
F. Dickson ot Alabama and Mrs. Mil
dred L. Forsythe ot Mississippi nave
been appointed clerka at $l9 In the
Postoffice Department under the civil
service rules. -
1 KA.n amu.inti.il S. n .ti n T .11 II (1 ("Villi
miSHionor agent in tne interior
partment at i4tu per year.
has advertised for bids for completing
the insprovemenbi'at the Hot bpringH
Donaldson's Dime Mnaeam.
Prcif. Dora'dfon hH nken charge of
tbe Museum, No. 2J4 Main strut, and
promises to give the ladies and citi
zeus of Memphis a place cf amuse
ment and new attractions from time tt
time that will pleaBe them, luaname
ana reputation is a amucieuinuaiiiuica
irom bis long experience in mo uui
nets, ibis will be a favorite rfssrt for
the ladles and their families to pass an
Inatnuliaa anil nlnOAAnt llOHr. This
week is tha English L'llipntian Au-
timatons, lorty in nnmuer, wuu
nlliar allraotinnA ThA manaiiement
tarh week a change
of the piogramme. On Saturday
aiurnoon oi eacu wnn mnjr w
dially extend an invitation at ball
pi ice to all schoolchildren.
Tne New - UorarMaia )aarlra of
1 A a ..CM-AI WTnraiiaiiaia.
PMallanl Vla.lilan Anit RApnitiirv
rnllen yesterday removed lock, stock
and barrel irom ineir cramped quarters
In tha rinnre.HnnAA ta thA ni OitV
Hall. The move was precipitated by
i .- it., a . . .. . au.i
an intimauun iruui biiv wum; mjh
future rent of JxuO per annum
n r. 1 .1 Ka Mnnlra fhnmyh whttn
all preparations tor removal ware
made, an oner to larniea rooms iroA
was made. Those who nave not bad
mmmiIah Ia vialt thA l-AT-AlvAr at thA
nit tftw ti all Hanna tha nAAi mnnin
wm vi. - r - -
would nardiy recogniae tne piace
ata Paiip Affiiaa hAvinfr aarlndnATA
opening on Canter alley, have bees
gorgeously nt'.ed up, paper ci an ori
ental pattern decorating the walls,
tha floor covered with handsome
carpets. A door at the top
of the broad stairway opans into
V. afHi.a nf thm AAt-rAtArV.
Viiaa with a larae. airv
room, a portion ot which is rauea on
and tn wcicn rresiuent nauuou wm
tmnmmM irananil hnainAAA And meet
ings of the Council will be held. The
third, a small apartment, will be uiel
mm m an.t wait nv rnnm fr r thoAA de
siring private interview with the
fircaldent, wnoee inner amucmiu ia uu
on.iV. ami lAat rnnm in the
suite. All ot these rooms have
iIvim nnanlnn IntA IhA hilj. FOUare.
""is v,.m c -
lofty hal', in wnicn tne rarviui(i
Circall Coart Pierce, Jada.
r.Un.1.. I tn..la! NnA. HVt7. T.
Dw.lyainaiaal II thA KlIKM CitV.
Springfield and Memphis Railroad
Uompany: au'.i, ine fvansaii
KnrinaflAlit and Memnbis Railroad
Company vs Edward Bradley.
Un Monday, April i.'in, tne conn
will hear any passed non-jury cases
in which both parties are ready.
Win.. nfT'ii-iw lit . Wmiliinortnn. WiihIi-
ington county, Ala., John W. Pearce
postmaster; postoflico at Providence,
eearcy county, uimiuuimuii
mail to Marshall.
Sttr Service Changes Arkansas:
Bearcy t o uunton, irjm apr.i mu.
'a Hun ar.d Waco, and
nBfintm aArinoA iiirAnt niiven utiruer
and Shellop and . decreasing dlnSance
twelve mues: ..'iii'iisa 10 uurunr,
lnrllil'th AmhranA Waco be-
iai.aa Piimn Anrl ll.rher. incrAH!ns
dibtance one mile. TenneHiee: Clarks
burg to Ads, from April ZUtb, ext9nd
..nil r.nm kAa hv Mnrffan and Sher-
ivuki ii..... vj n .
man's Mill to Bible Hi.l and end there,
increaHing distance twelve mues.
An Important IleelAlon AHecll"B
una 1
W..ntvniuu TI f! Anril n Tn tha
Supreme Court of tlio United States
to-day, among omers, me ionowmg
it.iy.Miiia u-am rnnihiroil ! Nn. 17- Tbo
Mutual Lifo Insurance Company of
New i orlc, piainiiu in error aguiiiai
Inlio ArniHtrnnm. Hilniiniatratix of
Inhn ArmRtrnntr itiifeoHed- In Do-
v ....... ...-f.!
..nrxl.i.r 1H77. Mill uifliiranco comDuuv
. . ' , - . 1: .... v.
iRRiica an cnuowmeni ikiiicj un ;uc
IU.. f ln),n M Armutrnnc of I'hila-
111V " - - n . .
delpbia, for $10,000. Tho policy was
made payaDie to me amurcu ui
.... i ... i U nn till, sth ilnv of December.
18U7, or 11 lie should uie oeiore umi
time then to his legal representatives.
Armstrong assigned tue poncy to uhc
tl..i.l.imin Tluntnr whn llllill the TirC-
X1UIIJI.1IHI. - - i - i . , ,
mium thereon. On Armstrong s death
the renuired notice and prooi in mo
.I..... it hnvitiir lii.nn fumiNhed to tbo
111.11. .1 11... ...ft '' --
...,iii,. in- nml tho monev not being
vv.i 'i-"-; j ' . , (
paid, his Widow, wno was iippuiuivn
1 i I i:.. t ...l.l mill in i. utnln
aillllllllSirtllllA. UH-HIHl- Dlllfc i
..ni,vt in Now York for ita recovery.
and on the defendant's motion it was
removed to the Circuit Oourt ol tne
United States. The company sot
mi tho ilofuncp. amoni; others.
tho nnlh-v wis obtained bv
iv . I ' .1 :.... i . .l..(..,.l tl,
iiniiinru' in nit iiiu-i I in iit:iiiiiv.i .in.
......ii.unv hv enmoassinc the death of
tbo assured. Within six weeks after
tbe policy was issued Armstrong was
)i,..n.1 at nii'ht in Camden, and
......iltroil lilnu-a on bis bead which
fractured bis skull, from the cflecU of
which lie diwt. Hunter was arresu-u,
(liwl anil nftnvii1 toil of tlie murder.
and was executed. At the trial of this
...;i in il. n lnnor oniirt. the rcadine of
the testimony of Thomas Graham, to
show that HunUir intentionally caused
the death of ArniBtronfr.was excluded.
rri. :.. mi..Q a vorilirt or the full
amount of Uie policy, with interest,
The Supreme Court reverses the judg
ment and remands the case for a new
trial. .
treat, stipulations was adopted. Tbe
minority were given leave to submit a
The Senate confirmed Wm. L.Tren
holm Comptroller of tbe Currency.
In the contested election esse of
Campbell vs. Weaver nf the Sixth
Iowa District the House Election Com
mittee to-day decided, by a party vote,
in favor of Weaver, the sitting mem
ber. An extension of time has been
granted ti tha pait es to the case ol
Pegs vs. Pierce of Rhode Island to col
lect additional evidence.
Tbe President this afternoon eeut to
(ha Knata tha nama 'rf flalah VV
west, ct Kentucky, to OS uovernor ci
u tun.
k vnmnp wua rnrrnnt In.ltAVlhat
Minister McLsne had been recalled
from France, which probably arose
nm tlio f.int thut llA Ml llMAn OIVAn
leave of absence to return to tbe
United Bta'es to attend to some
mlvata htiainpaa AlVflt hnwAVAr. bfl
hss given no official intiiua ion oi the
date of hie return.
k mnnir tha killa anil raAnlnttnnA in
troduced in the House tday were the
By Mr. O'Neil Mo.: To legalise
the incorboration of national tiades
n nit nsl.
By Mr. G over Mo.: Antborizing
tha nnnntrneiinn of a bridse across the
Mississippi river a: er. ixiuis.
ay Mr. Henderson i. uj: 10 re
Anna loto nnstaoA tn nni And nn
half rents and the nrice of nottal cards
to ooe-na i oi a cenr.
UanMaanial v. H avhort. MlflV ill.
ucii.nvuiiiiw - - w -
twii.ooil a vaanliittnn In AnnrnnrlatA
$300,000, t j be immediately available,
. . . . i -.a
to be expenned nnoer tue uireouou u
ilia fiaot-atarT nf War. In thA nnrehAAA
anrl rliatrlhntinn nf anhiistpnnft stores
and other neces ary article! to aid in
tbereiiet ot aestuuie persons in toe
i- i - i ii
ovemowea aistricts oi amuuiui.
Mr. Steele of Indiana will to-mor
iniar rnnnit til thn HnilAO B bill to DrO
mnii thA offinionrvnf thn armv. which
has been prepared as a snbstitats to
all cttier bins on tae snojeci. x itu-
irllaa fnr . nnifnrfn nrcrHnlKlMnn nf the
liucn iu. m v. .
civalry, artillery and infantiy, each
regiment to have twelve companies,
eatable ri organization inioiuree
taltou8 oi lour companies eacn.
H KB BEarr ratiEMDi
Thli famoni ramedr aiMt happilT meehi
tbdmAnd of tha ne for wamau a peculiar
and maltiform afflieiiou. It ii a rrmwl
for WUMAM OKLY.and for on SfKoIAL
CLASS of her duaaaea. It if a ipoiAe for
oortaiQ diiAaiod oonditinna of tba womb,
and propoaea to io control tha Manitraal
jeanciion a w i.iui.w . in. i.Hir
ments and lrreiularitiei af Woman i
V. I-...-- -1 n. fnw 1ft MA nlh. M.ImJ
proixrtj ; and lo doabt tho foi that this
medioina dnoi positive! ro"el moh eon
trollinr and rena ating powera la iliaplr
todncreditthevoluntarr toiti . ony of tooo-
landi oi livinn wiineiora wna r
aiuUing in tha reiteration U louud health
and h&ppineia.
Female Regulator
la atrlctly a veiretable eomaound, and la th
produot or meaioal icienro aiiu praoi.iciai ia
per ienoe directed toward the benatlt of
nfivvwiwa BAH A Kt
It la the atudied preierlntion of a Jearojd
pbyiieian, wnoie aixoiaiir w. ni
and wboae fame became enviable and bpnnd
leii beranae ol hia wonderlm luoeeu in th
treatment and cure of femala omplaiala.
Kit M Kill anown, ana 110017 ""
Woman's Best Friend
Became It control! a elaaa of faaotlona the
varioui daranirement 01 wbiah. eauae mora)
ill health than all other eaaeea eombinod.
and thna rencnei her rrom a ronr train of
amietloni wmon loreir emoniar nor in.
prematurely ena ner eiuienoe. vn,
multitude of lirina witneaaei en teatify
it.nharininaan'eDtal Weaas. take to oar
eonfldenca thif , .
rKMIOlH BOOS T iiaaihhi
It will relieve you of nearly all the eom
plain'i peculiar to your . Rely opon at
mm ..ar afa.niu'd for health, happineal and
Ions life. . , . .
bold by an arurx. oena ir "
Ue on the Uealth and Happtneu Winn,
mailed frae, which advea all f YUenlaia.
HOI irii r. .i i.
laod eroaada for BellAvlnKTtiat He
Will Be NomlnatcAi lor me
rsja la aVIati.
CHICAGO, ILL., April D.-1UB num
ber of bnehels ot grain in store in the
United States and uanaoa, Apru ou,
and the increase cr decrease as com
pared with the previous week, will be
posted on 'lliange 10-monow aa iui
Fows: Wheat, 18,t72,K'4. decrease,
tuii sr, ixirn. 1H 0!!2.89. deerease. 703.-
4H3 j caa. 2,41443, docreaae, 129,470;
rye, oatijua, decrease, xo.no; oariBy,
N4i40, ducrease, 97,KK). The number
ofhuKrmls inlbicano eievarors was:
Wheat, wi:!8,8;Kt; corn. 3,53 5,0W;
oats, 4!HJ,41lT'e, 217,0l3 ;barley, 107,-
-, -0 ,
FaIaI AfTrAy .
LouisviixF, Kv., April 5. Paul Au-
iHiailni ririlnrAit rlurk hAnil r.f l?in
cinnati,' and Taul (Stailey, a gypsy
pasnjrr fiom Vicksburg, Mias.,quar-
rain ri nn triii ih'kl i riiiin ai ntiMriiHTi.
near Cloverport, Ky., Sunday niaht,
and auer revciviu) eevrrat Bouuua
t.l.a Ktanlava'nnt and killed A nous-
tine. Slaaley then leaped into the
liuir .w.m c-hfin anil Aranait. leav
ing his wife and children on tbe boat.
c. t .mar and Attnrnev Gen
eral Garland are both rapidly Jmprov
iag and will soon oe at meir i-w.
n. itaimiitrin aalit to-dav that there
is a marked improvement in oecrerj
u nnnrlltlnn. and that be IS
better to-day than he has been sines
bis attack, lie added, nawr-ver, vu
bis recovery will be elow and fedione,
1 .. 1.1 anmA lime before be
DU .IV uia; ira -
can talely be pronounced enUrely out
ni denser.
an vaa dollars.
The issue of standard s'.lve r dollais
from tbe minM durins iu. w
ended April 3d, wa $3tft,6-'3. The
. 1 HnnH.nf tial inn
iMine durinj; me rnneiuuinun i--
of lot year wai
ti.. vtnmm. f"r.mmittee on Tern
toriee to-day rei onsidered the action
previonsly taken oimcuun """
Tv. 1 ha Terrilorvcf Okla-
iub vica IVIM "l w - - v
homa, to be reported favorably, hep-
rescaiative bmu n- '- ..
pert a 1 verse f 0 all bi ds f-r tbe creation
v, r...-3iA. Tha rAnnrt. wbicn
1-1 1 1 1 1 a . 1 in... j 1 iwv 1
maintains tha'. the scovei nmnt tias
no riht to the land unoer tios
Urar-nl.'inn aa In the nrobable 8UC-
cesfor of tbe late Judge Baxter, of the
United States Uircuit t.ouri, was rue
yesterday among ine lawyers auu
.., , r-nnrtn and the theme was
a leading one in theclnbs and at the
a iu 6 . r-ii t r -n.i,
hotels, xno name 01 voi. x. iu.
mantinnarl AVArwhnre in the
most complimentary terms, ana a uo
net tnai ne win do apuuiuieu is
ol TharA la nrnhahlv not B mem
vim - r-
in. nf id. karvhndnM not indorse
HCI VI - " - (
iViaarlatv alraarlv AxnreRsed bv the AP-
biiv . " - g ' . .
. II . . .. .1 . . I . .11
PKAL, and an 01 uie mum piuui.ucu.
lawAri nrA dnintr more workine like
beavers to secure the appointment of
. . 1 a. I U.aa A
Col. liatc a.wnorn tney do not neHimi wi
say possesses in an eminent degree tbe
qualities necessarv to fit him for the
. I.i.k..aa r.f t Via rlll'.itiA nf that
,r "a. " . U "
poaitioa. iiunareus i itnoro um
koa fnrwanlAil frnm various DcrcionB
I13VII ' ' M- " '
of the Sta:o in bis behalf. Lata yes
terday evening a privsii telegram wm
received from Washington stBting that
initr.ro anrl tnlpirinina bv the bushel
wore beint! ponrfd if, in the interett
ol Judge uoaoiey 01 au u
. .... r,;Unri. n( n.il KtiH to ntir tieni-
IUC 1.11 1 1 .. 11 w. ww. V . 1 . . .
aalvaa Thn lutiPT DfiS Held 8 n)L'tl
nnaitinn at th bar for twenty years or
more, rieing at ore ititi prominence
when he resumed practice here imme
diately after the ciossof the war, at
which time Itowen oukibju, uuw
United States Senator, became hiB law
partner, the connection continuing
until 1874. During a pott on of the
time Judge IS.lttt was a memoer oi tue
firm, and until Senator Jackson re
moved to Madis"n county its style was
Estee. JflCW'on JClietl, JueBbro. rira
ar.d Ellett remaining partners until
recently. He enjoyia practice second
In cbaraiter and extent to none in the
Ul.ia anrl kail h AO desired WOUld
long since have been elevated to the
State Supreme bench. lie has been a
Democrat a'l hie life, and though he
has seldom taken an active part in
politics, and nnierstands nothing of
tbe agile wire puller's trade, there is a
time when he might have been, with
the consent ot nis party, a canoioaie
in- nnnm-AAA- It has alwavs been be
lieved that the Bolivar convention in
1876, over which he presided, would
bave choeen him by a rousing vote if
be bad but raid the word. But those
who know him best, understanding
the natural bent of his inclinations
1 t,. amViitinn. have had hiuher
things in view, and his name baa on
numerous occasions Deen coupieu wu
the United Mates supreme mucu.
When the Davis bill for creating an
Appellate Court was introduced and
passed the Senate, letters and petitions
-,v:iiA. ami .i cn .h1 In nearlv
every county in the btaie.and botn
tbe (Senators urom ienneewe waiui.t
seconded these efforts in hia bebal.
All thi ss papers are now at Washing
ton, and freshened up by the indorse
menta forwarded during the past few
days will give his friends a powerful
leverage in their labor for his appoint
ment. That the President shall act in
the next thirty days seems to be de
manded by the exigencies of the case.
For fifteenyearti they have atdily sainei
In lavor, and with aajea eoniUntly inoreaa-
inr have oeoome ine ami puinaiai v.
thronrhout the United 8UUa. .
The O quality la waaaiiiTaD to wb twiob.
' - rtAMM W at haiTtt
lately Introduoed the nd ,T.42'
With BXTAA JjOKa nun, aa o-u
them when preferred. .
Hirtest war?a .iron, ... . '"?-
ratents have been ineno anwraai Si
Sinf tha aiovA-lfittina bava proved tn-
Betailara are uthori4 to refund money,
H, on examination. theCorw do not
prove ai repreeeniau.
where. ..
ffJAWAMff Mario) IWWB mrm a-ar
Tbomxen, Laaa-doa & (Jm ew lOrK
A Valuable Patent.
Day'e (Home) ' aviwl P Flan-
H A VINO perfeoted niy Invention. I wl-h
o nluee it before the pub lo, e?peoilly
m..iinfaoturera. Aa a pr. fnur. it laa
period lUcoeM-openi the drill, d"tr'I
tbe leea acoiraieiy. ''"'"i
the aauie, thereby one nn !rformlng tne
work ot tnree. inn. n. " " "ik .
tbisientfon tor over -ido.-n. yaan w th per-
.'ecitif action. t;an cive raspiii -n.onialv
. ddreaa . r, .,. .
JOUK U- lAXvi,unjTi".t
rlnvaO'l iiQiinta. It-m-
Ml. C. AiW,
in all duciiHea of the Ueotum a hueoial
"t withnnilorin noei-eit. -ilhout tbe u e of
the kni-e or Hjature. Dea treat,-i:
ConU-pation. Iiiflummatlon, Pilpa, heot-il
Dicer,. Fi.tnla.. Viawe. Polypi.
t-trioturo. Excren-enoo. nrunnd itejKeotuai.
Prolnp-ua Prui'i". llemorrhaae. tpm of
the Sphinctui. Chronic Uiarrbe and chrome
diaeasei aenerally.
Call snd e testimonial".
Conaltation free. At home the Atoend
nd foorth we-kr of each n.o tn. .
F.lanliOQti Restored
iic-.a BJfc""
Pennyroyal Pills.
T aaria-lpAl il l7 tannine.
12. and Ifway. Reliable. Beware ol w.r,
Imitation.. 1 n'''ii-itJL?..
A yoar Urmial lor "lllceaarai
Bai. -'and uke no other, or ineleee4e
r.mra mAll. " fAPSH. --
,iaar i brniM-Ail in.,
01:1 atAdlAAAl (MjAAr. 1-hHnd A.
TAtADBiupplied by eke. CliiXIWlH
Wat raaAlA Aarenla. Blei. M a
B I. Y "m-,f
Mil. .null or Old.
.find the Kleotrie
.Shield ad buepenio-
ry euro every mam i
Waakaen of the kid-
- 1: 1 llvrtaa.
Varieocele andloator ,
enfeeblaa power t.
Money refanaea ir
not aa repreaented.
Priee ffa and anward.
U.n.hlal Irm All
erdcra mn.u be aant to AaMwrlaMia UalraA.
H1, mm MrawAjr, ajew lara, aa
all our Wetern oBjoaa in .larAHniAoinal.
Notice to Railroad Contractors.
"WE underalt-wd ia prepared te fnraieh to
rnntraetnri on. naiiroau n ora Aa m ain-
llORLHa in any numbers wanted. AddreM
UlVUiVUb UAbWinuiiai
liaiinnten, atua.
Tiff "Pl Inrtant relief. Final ear
No purre. no lalve, ne nppoiitory. Bufler
ar will learn of A aimrile remedy. Free, by
aJdranin. 0..--Ut0.TItMat..."I.I.
a. -Xll
TrustAe Sale.
PURSC4.NT te a.-trurt deed axataled
me aa trustee. y J. K. Flippia and M.
A. Flivpin, of data Aukudi 10, ltt, and ra
corded in the HeciitArV office of Shelby
county. Tesnesaee, in otk No. iare
303, 1 will, on '
AAlnrelAy, April IS, IHH9,
durint leical hours eell, in front oi the
court boupo door of laid county, at public
outcry, for caih.the property thereby con
veyed, ii. : Lot No. two U) in the dmiion,
of the property lold to F. LAvirtji in the
cae of the Tf.nneaee Atarineand Fire 1
urancc Company ti. Chan. PolUr et al.
Chinoery Ogurl ef She'by County, Tenne
. mmiit In. lvfintin 'K f--t 1 i-mLm an .!
line of 6Kelby meet by a depth weetwardlt i
of 140 fe-jt, rtferenee biinr heie made Ion '
more particular deacription to decree verU i
ine iivm in r. uaiiiDB, iawni.il i.
Keiiater'a offloe, hook 6i, pare S19. ete.
Redemption, dower and hamestcAd waiveo.
TlUc belicred (od. ,
D. H. ?O3T01, Trastce.

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