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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 06, 1886, Image 8

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LoviiiTlUe.Xew Orleans aid Texaa B'j
In Kfrr November H, 1W. 1
"" .1.1 HaIL i Baulk. I Kurtk
4H a.m'IKO a.
p.m I a ria
d. e.m
2:U3 e.m
Mil e.m
:M pm
:4S p.m
IrtJO a.m
3:41 m.m
l : e.m
1:21 e.m
9:90 p.m
jiow (Wmm H.r
a-in mi IrflO m
laaehia. .
!U;(ttao'al 1:46 p.m
S:it .i u:w
; l
A-With !1 lines uterlf Memphis.
E-Witb U. N. W. R. R. fvr Ilelene.
0-F or Greenville end Hunting Vol, d all
Arkansas points.
-Wlth V. 4 M. udV.. 8. P. BHrol..
S-Wltk N.. J. AC. R. K. fur Balchea ud
T - . I
'For Pomu o tbe Branch.
With MMMH lr iwtou oaryv
I With rellroeda diverging for florid eed
Pull men Buff"' Sleeping Carton all trains.
IAS. M. KDWARDK.V. P.aodllM.
M. BURKK.Generel Hup't.
A. J.KNAI'P.lt.P. A. .
Rearnarelaenaaad Hlaalavfnpl Val-loy.-Tr.lnf
move a lollowsiNo. I (laat
Uae dailf ) leaves at 11 :S0 a.m. No. laayaa
at 11:40 pm. dai It. nt. Una!" rut Una
loaves daily at :) p.m. No. T Uaat lina
daily) arrives at 1 :JX p.m. Mail and e
erees imiM dally at H:IS.m. 8t. Louis
bat lina arrives daily at :06 aj.
Mlaalealpial and Tenareeea. Fast
mail train leaves daily P m. i arrival
at t:46 a.m. Looal iht leaves at 6:40
a.m. I arrive at 4iJ p.m. Freight traiot
Soe. & and ruavtrl weekly. Nn. ft leave
Memphis Monday, Wednceday and Friday.
lianenaCliy, UprlngtlrM nd "-ran-attaia
Traim leave M. and T. depot fol
lowa: N. 4, mall and mpkm, leevea daily
at 11 :W a.m.; No. i, mail aod expreaa, ar
rives at I..KI p.m. No. tit), Ht. Louia eicrae",
leaves dailv at 4 rCaO p.m. t No. 66, tit. Louis
aaprara, ernvea at H:.'6 a.m.
Mraaplita aad Llllle Rorh. Trains
mora as frllows central atandtrd titna):
No. 1 leaven daily at b.ft p. in, i arrival at
f:Mp.a. in. S leaves at 6:fif n. in. : arrive!
ats:rDa.m. No. n (freightl leaves Iliflold
daily (eiorpt bund ty) at 6:00 a.m.; arrive!
at 7:10 p.m.
Mmptl iid lliarlraloil Traini
Jiova fo'lowl! Thr"Uh eapraaa loaves
ally at Hl:20 p.m. Mail and enres leaves
daily at (:10a ni. ("norvi'le eivMiiuintida
tion levet daily, eifei't Kuniiny, at 4 :W
p.m. Throuiih anirexi arrive! dnily l,'i:2r)
a.m. Mail and rr'l anivei daily at 4:&A
.m. Uomerville annnmixiaiioa arrive!
aily, aioept Sunday, at 8;.1rta.m.
Iroalaville and Waalivlllt) Trait!
mova ai follow! : l'a-t intiil arrival daily at
4:.Via.m.: leave! at 1(1:10 p.m. i mail leave,
daily at 9:00 a.m. Broan.ville aocounro
datiom leavet dully, exnept Kuntlny, at 6:00
p.m. I mail arrive! daily at 6:0) p.m.
Browuvilla (ecnnimndation arrival daily!
xrvptBiMidar, at 8.40 a.m. Utandard time).
lomphla, nirmlitahain etiid Atlna)
iiv-'lTolI Borin Knnte-mtni mart
followt: No 1 leave! Memphli daily at 3)45
pm.t arilvaa at Holly t-iirinara at 8:30 p.m. i
flo. I leavae Jlolly tti.rinn daily at 9:U0
a.m., arrival at Memphli at II ilna.m.i No.
t leavae Memphli dally at 7 :fO p.m., arrival
at Holly Hprlnri at 11 i6H p.m. i No. A leavei
Holly Hprlnn daily at S;30 a.m., arrive! at
Mamphti at a-'Via.m.
WiimaoTDH. April t, 1886.1
1 o'clock a.m.
Indications for Memphli and vinin-
iiy: Fajrii(inliglitly wurinor woiillicr.
Blue flroHcont, roil huh.
For Tenttftxt ami tht Ohio VaUry:
Clfaring, tliyhtly wirmtr; wind genrmlty
Froal WarnluH.
WasiiiaiiTON, D. C, April A, Ifnd.
Obaarrer, Memphli, Tenn. :
Knwts will occur in tliti intcrinr of
Tvxrw, nortlittrn Luiii.suina, ArkmiHiut
nd TrmnoKHOo Tiii'H'ltiy nml Wodnes
Liy uioritinu.
loroliKlrnl Hrporl.
Mrariii, TNN., April 6, 1886.
iU ....
I lir. J'tter. W lutl W tlinr
'10.101 3.:i N.W Fair.
UO.llfi 40.3 N.W. Ulnar.
lOODi 45.8 N.W Oleir.
80 107 45.8 N W. Clr.
W.0I5 43.0 W. Clear.
7:00 .m
11:00 a.m
8:00 pm
7:00 p.m
10:00 pm I
"Trlixlmiim leiiipfratUTo, 48 0.
Minimum ( tupeiature, 31.0.
Bainfall 0.00.
All observitions are token on 75
meridian time, which is one hour
fn"'er :hem local time.
fihouling mutch to-morrow.
Tho Gas Commillett will meet at
the Court-House at 2 o'clock this even
ing. The bench ami the late Judge
Baiter's chair in the United Slates
Court room are draped in mourning.
A well known railway clerk said
yesterday that he had to work all day
for his salary and all night to keep his
The ferryboat John Overtoil is
making regular trips to Marion, ami
will continue as long as the water will
Receiver McHowell has closed out
the Mundinger stock of hardware, tho
amount rcalixed from sales being
about fl 100.
The only attrac ion at the Mem
phis Theater this week will 1h the
Clara Louise Kellogg concert company
Friday night.
P. W. McKittrick entered two
"damage Roils against the Southern Kx-
preHB C tnpatiy yesterday one for
ana in other lor vmk.
The new street-cars were working
smoothly . yesterday, running on
schedule tinm and transferring at the
intersection of Madisou and ttacouil
Members of the male chorus of
the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion are requested to meet Prof.
Hughes at the room at 7 o'cltH'k sharp
ims evening.
All active workers preparing for
the Old i.i hues festival, whether on
committees or tint, are reouested to
meet at -73 Main slreet this even
ing at,4 o'clock, -
Chairman Slaughter, for the first
time iu the history of the otlico ho
occupies, make a number of valuable
Buggestiotn in ' his quarterly report
winch was liloJ yesleritay.
The sidewalk on Main strtM't, at
Bstou Gsvoso. onnosit the Missis
sippi and Tennessee depot, is said to
be in a fearful condition. It demands
the immediate attention of the author-
- itiea. ,
Mrg. file vena's erowry, on Peyton
avenue, her cotUige adjoining, and a
small frame belonging to J. M. Pea
body were burned Sunday night. The
loss waa aoom j;juu, covered oy in
euranoe. .
Ten tni! a of the extension of the
Memphifl. Birmingham and Atlantic
riirod bejorid Holly Springs has
been graded, and surveyors are in me
field on the other side of the Mobi e
and Ohio railroud.
On Wednesday, 7th instant, at 8
p.m., in the lecture-room of alvary
Church, the Bev. Dr. Patterson will
deliver the third lecture of the series
given under the auspices of the Gild
of the Ascension. Subject, "Heading."
Admission free
Licenses to marry were inucd
yetttenlay to Andrew Yani-y and Jen
nie Hunt, Uoorge Hatlley and Kllcn
4'ah, Geo. Iee and Annie Davis, John
Tallin and liowt Thomas, Chaa. I-ewia
and Maranda W illiama, Kup-ne Mar
tin and Nina Woods.
M. F. Blnlat k of the Appial and
W. II. C'lepitor of the Aralanrhe have
been eloctt! dolefjates to n')rinyit
Memphis Typoirraphiral Union No.
11 at the convention of the Interna
tional Typographical Union, to be
held at 1'ittflburg next June.
Herri n Linduley, M. P., wcrctary
of the State Hoard of Health, will,
Wednesday niht, (rivff a lecl.ire to
the Ktudents and IriendH of 1e Moyne
Inntittite. Atlmiwiioim by ti ki t only.
Tickets freti, obtained of stinlenls or
by sending to rriilent A. J Steele at
the institute, 281 Orleans strtn-t.
The Medical Society of the State
of Tenncswe will meet at 11 a.m..
Hharp, tonlay at the ha'l of the Young
Men a Hebrew Association, corner
Union and Second streets. Addresses
of welcome will be delivered by Ir.
W. W. Tavlor and the Hon. J. M.
Greer. All regular phyHicians are in
vited to be pre!iit.
The annual statement of the trade
and commerce of Memjdiis for 1H85
has been IsMiied by Secretary Keelin(
of the Merchants' Kxchanw. The
frontiHiece larH the portraits of
Messrs. Speed, Schixillield, Tread well
and Chase, presidents for I8H3, 1884.
1885 and 1K8, and the copy furnished
the Appeal is elegantly lound in
Kvangelist Neetlliain will deliver
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, ut the Cen
tral Baptist church, a sermon on
"Cloud of Glory," ami this t'veniiitf
lie will preach specially on the "Future
Glory of Israel," iinfolili:i) the proph
ecies concern inj,' the Israelites ami
their being the miracle of the ages,
ami of their licin kept for a glorious
future. All Israelites ant invited, as
well as the community.
The Mcr phis Club entertainment
Sunday ni'l't was largely attended,
ami that it was a brilliant success goes
without siivinv. The little one-act'
opcrettc, Hie dw at Ammjnr, was
cliarmiiiKly rendered by Miss rauline
RoM'iitliul wild Messrs, U, h. llioMllu
nml 1. 1). Mutton. Tlie Lop and Bum
per that followed were on a par with
previous achievements in the same
line by tho Memphis Club, and it was
well tow ard morning before the pleas
ant proceedings terminated.
Pole ArohIh Tor Horace R. Kelly &
Co.'n Key West Cigars.
Tho tratle supplied at Now York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on band at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
l'eabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. I. samkixon a co.
Capt. Hai.imi Wormri.sy is reported
to bo quite sick at his residence, 1!8
Union street
Mas. A. S. 11 ii.l of San Francisco,
formerly Mrs. Mary Iiose of this city,
is hero visiting friends and relatives.
Wr regret very much to announce
that Mrs. T. H. M ilburn has not im
proved since Saturday. Her condition
is still very critical.
Saa ad. of Memphis Vteam Bhirt
Factory and Iaundry on fifth page.
Kai.homisino teleihono 000, A. Mc
Neil. MKMrnisRriNnii Gif.fB Wouas, 230
Third Street. Cull snd see.
Send a noa'al to the Mcinohls Oolltr
and Ouff Laundry, 61 Min street, lo
call for your laum ry.
Watson's Bitumen Concrete is ahio-
lute proof agaiost. danmnesg, seepage
and rats. Telephone IKtH.
Havk vou a damn, nnheallhycel
arT Witnn'a Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wholt-some. Tele
phone il.in,
Fob Tnn"AT Di'jkapks, Couone,
Colds, olc, effoclnsl relief is found iu
the nsfl ot llrown s lirorclilal Irnches,
Price 1!6 cents. Sold only n hoi.
Thi Herbal Chill Cur, the best
tonio anil ti,tt-i"Ttt!io fcuown. A oartaiu
ana 3nr rhli !a Trice VI por bot
tle, heni itauitl 'nr .'ireulari. Any rcl-
ereffe (lien. A.litrr.ii John C. Ruohei.
Uynphuari, va.
Fkno to Memphis Floral Company
for lis', and price-current o' plantr.
Have lstgcttslock in town. Come nut
and see for yourself South gut' Kim-
wood Unneterr.
"Wathin's Ditumen Concrrte," for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
(table fltors, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smnnlh and durable, and proof
pgniust. dimpnets and seepage. Tele
phone tr..
Diamonds and watches (or aala.
One Patek Phillipets 18 kt, finest
quality, good as new,S 00; one Apple-
ton Tracoy, 18 kt good aa new, J70;
one Elgin. 14 kt, good as new, 440; one
hlgln, 10 kt, good as new, i.'O; one
Waltham. 10 kt, good as new, F.!0 La
dies' Solid Gold Watches, J8, $10, $15,
I'JUtoHU. Uonta Holitt uold Swiss
WaU'hes, $S to VIK Solid Silver
American Watches, open face and
double case, key and stem w nders,
J4, 5, 10, 47, 'ft, J and 10 all these
watches warranted in perfect order. A
liO-stone Diamond ross only $'25,
est'Hi'O pnro white stones. Gen
uine lhamond Kings, ft, 1(), 1 1.'0
and up. Eight-day Cocks, gf)ol as
new, only a pits. Mr.Jiruia
LOAN OFFICE, 74 ami Ttl Beale street.
J. 11. (JOTTIIKi.K, Manaser
MtiKord, Jeweler, 804 Main, so-
lor its orders from the eouutt j.
A Xew Candy unci 1'ignr Store
The Misses Christian, well known
as solicitors for tho Jmnny Soulh. have
opened a candy store in the building
lormerly occupied uyuruger, J.u Main
slretit. Give them a call. They are
energetic and enterprising ladles and
deserve success.
Have Your l'ru'li Cloclia
Put in order at Mullmd's, 204 Main.
Mmahla Vlrl f. kiu thalargMl
Old taoIdMiitl Stiver
Taken as rab, MufotdV, 291 Main.
Oat la llaif Inter Ijitaniaralna lar
fr flfimrtlHg anrt uatlillag.
Exet-reuce antl ( aah
Are the seiTets of Mnllnrd's suctesa.
Cwu I.
In order o introdece the Ala' arra
PpltQt C a in Urn msiket, it wi I be
deliv't d at 36 per biiiiel iu city bin-.t-t.
It hsa t o i'v ilet
Teh p' Q'i 6.'M
W(ar ak.t,Mt,4atpT.
Fine v,,( i rtptirtp ut Huli'ord's,
aMkt7 HatlaL.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO Paora'rrt.ai.
KaUi ti 60 and 13 ar day, aecordint to
naa aad location of room bpecial
rataa Bade.
WU Lock wood Miai H B Dunlap.Kr
O B B.nop, Miai XC Butler. Mm
B a Neviil, Ark JBI'owd.Wi.l
J futlaw, Ml.i PJBm th.Teaa
L 11 Uanaa. Tana D La-n, Enilaaa
H Le. Ark
D A L'nfiaoan, Ark
EC Jeffenna, tlna
C 0 Van Ett,r. N If
0 H KraaM. Ill
DC Brady. Ky
K L Buok, M m
W B Bom, ay .
8 Fruaktl.Tena
0 B Morrow, Tana
J PKamtey, Tax,
K M Verier. Miaa
J B Chim. Miee
J A bud-Mb, Mid
11 fcott A, Mill
L Heiter, Mia
M W Cherry, Tina
V J Hvbinion, Ky
Ilalloran, Ky
NF Chain, Ark
T M Upihew. Tea
F(i Millatta. Ark
It Hall . Pa
w w Ward, N I
F B Preaob, Ten a
K (;il
ana. Mo
lifl Marfhi,Mo
E T Dki, T-nn
T8 Aderbalot. Mill
1 A CtMiiMr. Miai
J Ilei llDifprider.Mill
ji neou, jr, mini
I ImdIkn, MI'l
C A Htr.ttoD. Mo
C K Boiher, Ky
W O Aadrawi, Ky
W Bark. Ark
O K Kok.r , Ark
R II Hehaaffer. N Y
, N M Lull. Ill
J II Hey moor, N T
?H Mavnard, Mill K N Outlaw, 1 ana
Wriht,'lena A B llilliry, Ter.a
j rorner, lean t u uanaa, Tenn
T W MoOar.leli,TinoA W ( tn, N Y
A vrarnar, xv
A D slaci, Mm
II Huiiiai. N Y
K L Pot, N Y
Mn Klla Kabao, La
A 0 Kirby, Kaa
K Ilu'ier. M V
Mn 0 L R oe, Mn
y Yajbeli, n X
L T Jonaa, N V
W J Ka aoAw, La
J A mar. urn, Mo
KAiin.fi. Pa
L II llubber, Mo
rv eieea, n i
T I 1 1 . m.,
ti, i . , , ' ' - , u iii a u , ill 1M
n laiioni, aw m B Mnlib, MUi
Tbeo Br erre. La Mn W B Cowan, Mill
J Jhelton, Mill AM Brady, Mill
't J LathamAw. Tenn M U Wie.ton. Teas
Q B MoKllroy, Tann W II Hmith, III
Wm Oriill. Tenn P Ii root, Tenn
K J Carriniton, Tina II Mntdo k. Mo
C B Keavii, Mo Ii M rihaokley. Mo
W P Kamiey, Mill ) L Uoilinc, Ohio
C Y Meeki, 'Jnnn W II Heroey, Mm
O E Mayer, Mill A K Illenelt, Ky
MrnA AnderD,Mln I II McCle.lun. Ohio
W 11 Klynn, Ky I)r J a Cro-.k, Tono
W J Cemphell, Tenn W Ii Pu,er, Tana
Wm Crennan, N Y L Y Duvall. Tenn
A Htornbomer, Tenn W J lliudy, Tenn
8.m Wdoox, Mill B b Bland, Min
W 11 Banai, Tenn H L Alwbrouk, Tenn
W p sdum, Miri I W fiharn, ii(
J W Wooiridite.Tenn J P We-tbrot k, Ky
J K tttatei, lenn J U MeNairy, tenn
1) MoCormuck, b C Kuiui H iltoo, b li
Ihe Nw (iajoto.
Ratal, (250 toll per day, xocord'ng to loca
tion of roomi.
II R I'lura rjitr, lonn W W Simmuni, R I
0 8 liurt. 'lenn G 8 Uur', Tenn
Mii W K Park, Mill Miai P llitcb e.Minn
Mrf Jefferson, Minn Fl! Mteroo, lena
11 8 Tyler, Md H 0 II rrl. Mmi
JMKitk. Miri U K Majnnt.l, mitt
M Puddotn, m,il " '"' !'
J 1) till houe, Tenn Mni K V'txan, Mo
D Fa'rell A. N Y K Wo linden,!
C II Meliuin, Md J W Clerk. Tex
J dol.h, i Y J' bn A Wiie. nfo
J 11 Mailiewi, Tenn MiM Myra Wl a, Ky
Frank Jolly, Tenn J Newberie', Mo
R 0 Jett.ri .n, Mina W J Ynpp, Tar. a
8 V Powa I, Mim K U Farnheo Tena
C C Cowan. Tena Mini Carrii Kinf, Mill
L I evi, Aik K Car irran, Mo
KFinoli.Mo lr J M VVilgbt. Mill
riMPay. Ky R II Temple, Va
J M Levy, La K J Wilbo rn, Mill
11 Oowen, Mail Cant H W Wt.e, Ohio
b P Anderion. Tana B F Uicki. Ky
0 L Jonei, Tenn A M Ni aiihn, Mill
W 1) Kively, Ala U 8 Boyd. Ky
B P MnKeun-n, Ark LDavii, Tena
M R llavii, Fla F K Lawnnoa, Mill
J 8t.en.ei, Tenn P M llardins, Min
W MnOaln, M'n B 0 am-, jr. Mill
( B Hpritnue, N J F AMontcmerr jr.Min
Ml f Montgomery, Mil li Whipple, Ky
KjMrki. Mo W U Moore, Ohio
Iioi'ureell Aw, Mill BBtirk. Aik
OMTut-.Ara II J Mar In, Tenn
l U Hinith, Ark J 8 Mmi mery. Mill
.1 r- Bined, Tenn C 0 Mine, Teun
W B Love. Tenn Lf Koiei.banm Tenn
JMKe.d.Mi-i RT II rrit, Min
J P Neln.n. Mill A li Winiiiaki. ea
Dr T K Powell, Hlgi B U Sullivan, Ky
J M Caldwa I, lenn.
f aalo 'a Hotel
W. U. BIN011 AM Masaois.
European plan. Knlured and ro urnifhed
Prioea aoonriiinir o lita and loca
tion of rootui.
J W Volley, La 0 W (larrelt. Ark
LUTolnn, iik N V Chnrei, Ark
A Wr aUt, tia t; t fyen, lenn
J It II y, N KU Wi.dlmn Aw, Neb
W .lohinlon, l onn 1 K Knb'trti. Teun
I) V Werna , Ark Mil. L etnr. Ark
Mi'l M Werner, Ark Milt A Turner. Ark
r- F.-outh, I'eun K t Andrraon, Mii
J A Ciiit y, M ii W II tiraig Tena
EBM u:h, Alk JUalvln.Ll
W McClurel. La L H W.o, Mirl
J Ilnmphiey, Mill H li Bow.lng, Ark
L"ullvan, 'rk Cllrnwn, ienn
J W Litue. Ky J U Siero, Ark
H V Wa kar, ienn Oitn ui ek, Mo
HWI-mth.Ark C 1)o1bh , Ark
R 8 Metlowun, Ark Miri Mcilowan, Ark
li M Thomai. Tenn II M liatt.r, lena
W U Motby, lenn
Da flTy 'a EnruteMn llwtrl.
Corner of Adami and Main atrenti. Roomi,
60o, 75jand II per day; American Plan,
12 prr day.
Fimt ! Reitaarani in Ilia Hotel.
J. M. DUFFK llu yn wuh Peaoody Hotel),
f gor a.
J F Willmo, Miai Mr Trjl mioa Mill
8 7, Wl liatnron, Mii M n II xley, Mm
Mn Jarrath, villi V Ilttrdug, ienn
(1 0 Amery, III W U P yda Te a
II rnne, Ky Orn Cm, Ky
J n alaitin. Mn W W Bill, .do
WM nmniO-'.Aw AlK A MoAvery, Ark
1 F Flo J-. T. I J W lirrrirtin, T.n
MP aroua. ii TM Mel). n l. Tenn
J MoDonaugb. Va .'at Mo"unaugh, Va
P M Mont , inn n II Unlv, Teun
T L Utuah-m. Tenn
J Clahl.y, N Y
J II Mile n, Tenn
L II Mi rrie, ill
P Mohr, Ala
W H deary, Tona
W 8 titiy l, Ky
P ti M ut, lenn
S W Wi Immi, Tenn
O Maker, Tenn
J J h..ney, NY
0 V Snt-il, Ienn
I) D Kornrr, Mo
f J Mellall , Mo
8 Ht otia.Tenn
W II i ant. r, III
b W (Krrli.n, fen a
w l tlrven, enn
O Puieika. Tenu
J llrett, lenn
J T u nton. v'u
I) Ang ev, ft i
8 C f ml h, .Uin
( W lroUn , 'lata
1)8 Woll, Mo
U A R a el'. Tena
D II Hinitli. Ark
M Mrphetn. lenn
J II Kmlth. T. nn
J K Miner, le' n
K K illia a, lenn r 11 Armiteaa, lenn
W Holly, Tenn
W Ci:rv. T. nn
It u no n, ara
Mra w II Price, Va
II H Jamei A , Tena
TC Park, Tnn
J Thome", Tenn
F L t au. Ohio
T I, .va, Tena
M Mun gmery, Tena
J W Laud n lena
L K Fiihar, Ky
R I, Tucker, Obio
a W L.ikam. Ohio
J 0 Mur. by, Tena
1. H CaniDbeiL T.nn II J.ihnion.Tana
HJKelly.Teua II B I'unenn, lenn
w L MoUrtirr. Ark
W T Larkin, Ark
J UreiDitn. ienn
J 'hea.Tenn ,
f B atnan, lana
C tiiaen, Md
0 L knberifon, Oa
li W Fotd, 8 0
M Fr-n., fhlo
0 HuUav, Mi
ItCtl igg, Mi,i
L Inuner, T-nn
M Vaid n, Ind
W L ordan, llai
R LO uiibel , Mlafl
M L Tun er, Ark
O i.r'iaon, Ind
H II Harber, Ind
P L Uiuf, T.nq.
W Andrtaon. Ind
T F nvd. Ind
W N ford, s V
F aioore, N J
t T Tuorn, Ky
M Wa eon, T-nn
C L Oaena, Ohio
W L K bb ri. lod
A Alenio, N J
W U oud, Tean
tC Wa Un. Mi.i
Tatu.ii, Ua
W CI Wa.ier, Mill
rinrrnnou lloirl.
TJna f I and 'S Madi on 'treat.
Kata-H ir day, day boaid tiJ per
A It awney. Mo F II Lawii, 0
11 Y Pariah. Tenn lr H P Manard. A'k
(1 K Lauiueb-, Tena John R Mil'i r. Tenn
W I. Conaway. ienn A - cwn. T.on
1 P Negiere. N Y i 1 M hne). T
Jo.nb W i l.rk.Tig J - lluuh... Mm
tieo N Perria, Milt J Lot lace, Tenn
wm Akm. Mn L I Vrid.. A a
Wro Some er. Ma M K Flanl, La
K T Keighilev. Ttnn Y li bed, T nn
W 8 tMiih. Teaa Mre F O. oa.city
CBWright.Ta a J Uo dm, M.
K Maatei, CI
II J Omn n. Tenn
U T M ltar, Fi
0 D Sa . den, HI
P J Smith, Ky
M B Mallew
. Tel
J J Crfaae, 1 I
at A H .U. r. ana
II 0 imn'an. Ky
V K Mr Mara r. Pa
V f! Uo.u,i . Kt tl A (Ibid. al. r. Mo
MBAIn,Ky F N Terraae, laaada
J k May, II 111 r.re, Ua
Dyeinx and C'leauluK.
Ladies' and (cents' clothes cleaned
or dved in any color, also aid ulovm
ostrich feathe'a and lace curtains by
Loiis Reljrel,f8 Jeffrs-rst e-t, Vem
phis, Ienn. Oooda r ..i"j hY eiprsxs.
And it stimnlatea and promotca ths
erowtb of the hair.
Wrtrnitt's KlaTttnnw Kvea ara the
a t a wa -w-a
To all who aia fullering Iroiu tbe arran and
indirrrationi of youth, nervoui weakneri,
eartv oaay, iota o? nanniMu. pi i win
end a recipe tbat will nur oa. FKKK UK
t II A BtlK Thia -rai remadv wea dia-nver-ad
b a ;ii1aainnary ta , South Aineri'a. Stnd
elf a.JirAe t anvlioe fai 11 Kjr. J
T. laaaa, Hatvm ', Ara jo'
Wa Haw Hew SJatla Oar
laupartaf lata ef EnakroldrrlM.
The very latest designs in Cam
bric, Mull and Nainsook. The
most economical buyers will find
what they want Prices range from
L'jc up to 2 per yard. o such
values in Kmbroideries were of
fered by anybody else hereabouts
(ourselves included) before, and
we are positive that our prices are
fullv 25 per cent, below any Louse
in tlie city.
Honae rarBlabiwe; GaeMla.
Our stock in this department is
always complete, and our prices
are the lowest in the city.
Hata the) Barajalaia thai rellew.
100 doren all-linen band loom
towels, 22x42 inches sold elsewhere
at $3 60. Wo offer this lot at 2 50
per dozen.
20 pieces all-linen bleached table
damask, 61 inches wide, extra spe
cial value, at 6ic per yard.
100 Crochet quilts, full 11-4
wide (all we have left ), will close
them out at 90c each.
II. LO WESTI I at imJjv.
Order Jtfc'alniil 91 iilford's.
Fratt Coal and Iron Bonds.
Taxing-District Ilonds.
Cotton Exchange Bonds.
Masonic Temple Bonds.
Shelby County Bonds.
Merchants' Compress S ock.
We handle all the different invest
montand other securities.
Solid Mlrerwure at M ul ford's
A IlrHKRUt'H Morj.
Mr. Iitasn O. Chnpman, druririst,
Newbnti. N. Y., wri es us: "I have
for the ait ten years eo'd several
pro,s of Dr. William Hall's Balta'a for
the Lunira. I can say of it what I
cannot mj of any other medicine, I
have nevr heard a customer speak ol
it bet to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in great trany esses of whooping
cough, with the happiest effects. I
have used it in my own family lor
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Monogram HaiutK: Mnlford.
Advho lo Mother.
Mrs. Wlfsli.w's Kix'tbiwt Rvrnp
should always l. nr-ed when children
arecuttipc it e h I', relieves the little
sufftirer at ocr ; i p' dnrts rn'ur
quiet V j by rl '.vi st the mil.'
from piii.?, a . 'tl 'ha little ebpnib
awakes as ''V.'. a br.t'on." I' i.
very nksiwr-t to ' ;'e. It soothes
tho child, e . th cams, allays all
pain, re v . s 'Mini, resumes tle
nowels, iintt 's tV ben: ki..,n rf nuniy
fir diair'ti'i -Ate'lier arisiri? from
teethlnu or utiin taiirPft. Twen'y Ave
a bottle.
Ovvick Signal Shbvicr, TJ. 8. A., 1
Mkmpiiis, April 6, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all sUtions named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
lOths lOths
Feet. lOths
Chattanooga .
rort oinitu....
Ij Crosse
leaven worth.
Littlo Rock....
Now Orleans
St. Louis
8t. Taul
Hhreveport ...
Nw Oslk&nb, April 5 Night
Daparttd: Jay Ooiild and barges, bt.
Pittsboro, April 6 Night River
IS feet 5 incbei on tbe giuge and ris
ing. Weather cjld snd blasting.
Lnc:sviLi.B. April 5 Night River
rising, with 31 feet in the canal and 28
fet 9 inches on the falls. W either
cloudy snd chilly, indie itng snow.
St. Loom, April 6. Night River
fi'llon 2 nidus, and now stands 11 feet
2 nchfs on the gauns. Wf ather clear
i nd pleasant. Arrived : City of Vicks
burg, Vli'ksburg.
Cairo, April 8. Niitht River 45
feet 6 inches on the gautte and rising.
Wia'hsr clondy and cold. Arrived:
Paria C. Brown, Nsw Orleans, 0 p.m
D(arted: City of Natchra, New Or
leans, H p.m. ; Paris 0. Brown, Cincin
nati, 6 p.m.
Evahbvills. April 6. Night River
rising, with 40 feet on the gauge with
62 del Heir s.aie under the channel
ai aa , of the Henderson bridge.
P-parted : Ohio. Memphis. The lit p
kins wai nnable to come np under tbe
bridge at Henderson.
Caibo, April 5. Night River 45
lent S tucnea on tbe gauge ana rising.
Weaiher cloudy and cold. Arrived:
Jam W. Gen. Cincinnati, 7 p.m
J. F. Wa ton and ttw.Ohio river, 10
n ro. ; t;itv ol Cairo, St. Louis, l a no,
Citv of Natuhfa. bt. Louis, 3 am
Hariv B own and to, Oaio river, 5
am.; City of rli-tvn Rotiirs, New Or
lana, 7 a m ; Future C-iy asd barge?,
N-w Orleans. 7 a.m : L'oims and to
and S L. 'o d ai.d t w, Ohio river, 7
a m. j Charles Moroan, Cincinnati, 8
s ni. rfprt'd: .1. F. Walton and tow,
N Orleans, 10 p ni : itv of Ci",
Vicksbutg, 3 am ; James W. Gaff,
Meniphif, nndnivht; Harry Bior
Mi niiihia.5a.nl : I. ons8 and towmt
S L. Wood art! tnw. New Orlesnp, 7
a.m ; C'ty of B.'on Ronire, St. Louis,
tl f.m. ; Charles Morgan, New Orleans,
10 a iu.
terTha firm of GOODBAR A CO. baa been dissolved, and we have reonranlied our interest in the Wholesale Boot
and fehoe Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love 4 Co 8t Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, ol Coldwater, Miaa., nnder tbe style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends for their patronaoe
In tbe past and bope fpr a continuance oi their favors. A. B. GOODRAIt.
o J.' H." GOODBAR.
A. B. ttOODBAat, J.H. eOODBAS, W . LOVE. J. C riLLirorr
UU of Goodbar A Co.. Memphli. Uti at Qoodbar A t o.. ktamphls. Late ot Warran. Lot A Co., BU Lo.ii. ' LatTof Coldw'aAar.
3G7 k 3G9 Main
We are now receiving a large and En'irely New Stack of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1S86, which we offer at MSoek Bottom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of wbish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hooker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady 4 Shortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Kate A Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
tbe best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
bandied by Gcodbar & Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling tbe cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co. line of Ladies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nndprthn Factor Brands.
By Order of the Court
of Common Sense
No. 1.
To All Good Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Publio Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Common Sense No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
hereby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of 1111.4 Court that the
Mii-fit Clothing Parlor, 2C2 Second
street, hivo received an elegant stock
of New Spring Clothing, which is
being offered at remarkably low
As it is for tbe interest of all good
citizens to set the most possible for
their money, I, Public Opioion, do,
in my official capacity, invite every
ono noeding new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Mibfit Clothing Par
lors, No. 262 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commenced1, we state that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Seoond
street, are selling fine Tailor-Made
Garmonts atone-half their real value,
I grant that place the solo right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
Judge of Common Sense Court
No. 1, Memphis, Tenn.
: Open EvnlDca on'll 9
issl..i nviwiai Miamrrtiayai tH II.
I Krmembar, ml Ita?ra)i.na lo
lnu"ri n rlrt HI on lrt t
rharia by aa llral-rlxaa tailor In oar
Frank Schumann,
Im por tar and Daalar la
eon. Flahlnc Tarkla and Nporta
son's kaapllaa Spaoial attantioa
(ivan to MANUrAClUlUMti and KK
413 Main M-W rrmtiiau Tenn
mportara and daalara In Saaa,Aaiia.
ninon and flahlnc Tark.lv, llllra'
Hantaan, a lerirle Hela aad An
anarlalraor Hotala and Ha-ltlan''a,a
Main alrffl, Mxnaplala, rtnn Elaftric
aunpliaa alwaya aa hand.nRapaun naatly
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
officeno. 24 high street.
do maae uy any competing market.
market of the fol
We also control
ZT Bvory Denorlption,
We arc Jaat In Receipt of a l.ara; SMpmnt or
E. B. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,.
And h Complete Lino of CAMP ODl'FITS.
Jamea M. Goodbar Wm. V. Clnrb Enene J. Carrlngton Frank . Jonea
3naiAl3lleBla.ect 1B60.I
BOOTS and m
319 Main Street,
WE offer to MKHCII ASTS OM1.Y the Urgent and belt atoek of Boot and Shrei a
have erer bronaht to thia market, and nbich cannot be inrpaaaed in quality aid
tvloiba any honae in ton or anyntner euy. in aamcion co a eomniete una oi Mma
made gooda, inoludng tba (Dl.iBa.l.U dllllllUaa CO. UllUOtaa. wehandlo
a lame and select stock of Custom-made Goods tor Men, Women, Miasof and Children. Wo
oarry a number of the beat makes in (he oountry, in erer. variety md at le, and amooe
tbeui the well known Men's Calf boota and bhnes manafactnred by lro. Ilooker for our
Ht.rin Trade, n also oarry a ohoioe line of Ladies' and Mi.eea' Custom Kid, Ooat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman Co. Wa invite the trade toeiamioo
our stock before buying elsewhere, and we guarauteo everything wa sell to give aausfajtion.
NotTiItlita:(lliis ono of onr com
f eiiturn P'iIjIIhIips a letter from Hro.
locker Matins lie tins not noltl u
any rulf buola fur fprlntr trade,"
IHEFAi'l IS, tie have those goods
now in atore, vlileh we offlVr to the
trade at a low prices as they cn be
foniid elsewhere. v guaruiilee
them to be the UtNCINEttco. Hocker
bootx, and adapted to t h- present sea
son's trade. Kespeetlnllj jonrs.
Memphln, March 18 18HC.
Young & Brother,
.Booksellers and Stationers.
218 Main M, meniplilisTenn
Wlahlnar lo Rrllnt from Bnalnoaa
Wo Odor aaaia Knalro
titans, Amnmnition, Fishing Tackle
and Bast-Hall (jaiods.
Ml Main Street, Momplila, Tun.
Uanufaeturlng and Repairing of Ouni a
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCARTUT.Proi.r'.,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and tha only eomp at
Boiler and Sieet-Iron Works In thaeity.
Manafactarers of heavy plate Iroar
wsra f erary doaerlptlop. Special
- - -' - '"
33G Second Street, Memphis.
Materials. Pumps, Drive Walla, Iron. Lead and atone Pipe. Has rinn'oa, Globes, Ee.
FRANK F. V.00DS. " W. 0. SWOOPir"
Harness, Saddles, Agricultural Implements end Machinery.
333 Setoud Street, JHempltie, Tenn.
n n
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for tbe .
on as liberal terms as can
tbe following Specialties nnder oar -
own brands, vis:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Button and Congress.
Goolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stork, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
In every raaneot.
Memphis, Tenn.
Sweot Tickles, Etc.
H(nd Frnlt ficaled OrmigM,
HlaRcd t rait I'lohleil Cueiiinbero,
Hlatrnd Frail Plckl'd Patpprro,
Stiiffpd Frnlt Pirlila-d naiKO,
nixed aweet flchl'a,
Croaa A Blnrkwvll'a Cnow-Cnow auat
JHIxrd 11 rk lea.
Plain Cacninber Plrklea by tbeptaH.
Othrr brand of Plain and BUsoal
Plcklea iu laM and Ollvea.
Torner Second and Heale Sta.
Cor. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Would oall attention of his friends
and patrons to his
Comprising tba chriceat and latest 4a
stuns of Foreign Uotids in the market.
Having taken special oare in their pa I no
tion, 1 am pleaaedtosar to my euatamera
and puolie who f ivor me with aaali, to
show them ines o: goods only Mun i in
leading houaea.
J. F. U0LST &BB0
(8UCCS880B8 TO O. H. H01T BRO.)
Funeral Directors,
aa si km ST.. Mimi'sirs.
A PULL and complete stoek of Wood aad
Metallio Casea and Oaaketa, Clothkra
ered Caskets and Burial Robes always oa
band, aar Orders by teleerach promptly
0. B. WIIT.

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