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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 08, 1886, Image 7

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mm -md comcE.
f aeaawaewl
Cattoa StfdT-ldJlif, 8 -4c-Salf
TeMerfLty, J 100
Ht money market continues firm
at 8 per cent Local securities quiet,
bat steady. The cotton market closed
firm, middling, 8fc; sales, 1100 bales.
Tke New Tork spot market closed
firm, tniddliag, 9o. The course of
the future market is thus wired by
Greene 4 Oa.s "Trading continued
moderate, aad an wtremely dull tone
prevailed all day, with an absence of
utside orders. The room was 'bhort'
latit evening, however, and failing to
gvtabreak, Anally commented cov
ering, which led to a gain of 8 to 4
noints. and elaaed steady." At New
Orleans speta elosod very firm, mid
dling 8e; fatores steady, and 4 to 7
points higher, April, 8.72S.75c. At
liver pool the spot market was re
ported firm, good demand, middling
aphinds 5 1-101 ; futures dull and
1 4d lower, April 4 03d. Receipts at
tli is port yesterday were 600 bales;
total this aeason, 522.78G bales,
agaiiint 4IT,37 bales same time last
year. 5o features in the goneral mar
Twenty-five pkgs bacon, 6574 bu
eorn, U2.853 sks cotton-seed, 50 brls
eottun-eeed oil,313 brls flour, !28 ) bales
hay, 100 head sheep, 1 horse, 6 pkgs
liquors, 646 kegs nails 2:5 brls potatoes,
3 oars pork sides, 1 brl sugar, 53
pkgH tobacco and 500 bu wheat.
The follewing shows the amount of
rain recoiv&4, withdrawn and In store
brreeular elevators, as reported to the
Iforchante' Exchange to-day: Wheat
received, nae; withdrawn, none; in
store, 37 baahels. Corn received,
3546 bBhel withdrawn, 6860 bush
els; in store, 00,231 bushels. Oats re
ceived, none; withdrawn, 797 bushels;
in store; 47W bttflhete.
j .. r
i 9 Madlsoa St, Memphis, Tonn.,
rrrMpo4nee eol Idled. Info
mtloa ehrreill raM-alabed.-afa
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report is ai fol
Wednrsdiy, April 7th, $276,012 76;
thus far this Wftek, tl.i 33,49 87 ; same
time last week, 9647,592 70; same
time in 188, 897,877 44; same tiuio
in 1884, 17il, 870 10.
Wednes-lav, Ap il 7 h, $78,355 1 2;
kfaus far this week $241,051 87; same
time" last week, $214,015 81; same
time ia 1885, $281,075 04 ; same time
in I8S4, $188,750 19.
New York eight on all points, par
buying, 'premium selling;; New
England demand, i discount buying;
New England sight, I discount; New
Orleans, i diacoatit buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce;.. 148 bid, 150 asked
Firet Natiotal 140 bid, 147 atked
German Banku......l92 bid, 200 asked
fitAte Nation&L 14 ) bid, 145 aeked
Unjors'dPiantere14S bid, If 0 afked
MentiUsB(Uik....l33 bid, 137.askod
Bit-ff City
MempbiB City
70 hid, 75 aktd
....-100 bid, ... asked
80 bid, 821 aked
101 bid, 106 asked
98 bid, 100 asked
....102 bid, 104 asked
10 bid, 19apkeJ
100 bid, ... asked
30 bid, 35 a-ked
20 asked
X, and O. consols, 7s.... 115 bid. ..asked
M. & L. U. 1st m.8s-112 bid, 1 12J asked
Miss. A T.R.K. cs,A,122 bid, 122 asked
Mias. A T.R.R. cs,B,l04 bid, ICHiJ asked
Tenn. wts. fer. C 97 bi), 981 asked
Shelby Oo. bond 1051 bid, ... a'kert
Shelbv Co.wt? 98 bid, 99 askod
Tax. Ditt 4, 6? 93 bid, 94 aed
Tax. Diat.6s lull bid, 102J aeked
Mem Stor. Com. Co107 bid, 119 asked
Mem. Gasttock -76 bid, 78 asked
Mem. Gas bondn 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Wer toads 9 5 bid, ... aeked
llanaunr Oil Works... 55 bid, ... asked
City Oil Work"... i. bid, 45 at ked
Pioneer Cotton Mills ..15 bid, 20 asked
Am. Cot Oil trusts 27 bid, ... aokeri
Menii).ityJljT.onda,,,,.rf..,bi(. ,.v.a.ke'l
, NBWYoair,ryApril 7. Money on
call easy tat lia72j per cent. Prime mer
cantile - paiirv 4M 5. v sterling ex
change lll T3ut steady) 4861 for 60
days, and 488 for demand.
llonds-Government bonds 'were
dull and . steady, titate bonds were
dull. Railroad bonds were more act
ive; sales,' If 1,489,000. Closing prices
generally show only slight changes.
Jomy ,srtral .debentures, however,
roat4!a(lrtAoivs li, Peoria, Decatur
and KvaneviHe raeorowa and Indian
ap4Jdis,i Decatur aad Bpringlield trnst
receipts 4.: There .was A decline in
New Orleans and Mobile seconds of
3J to 92, KfwYork and New Kngland
7s 2 to 127, and. Cairo, Arkansas and
Texas' firsts 3J to 114,.
. Stocks Theaaaouncement that the
trunk lines had agreed regarding the
pool on both East and - West bound
trafluyaftd thtUie roatls in the North
west Iade progress toward a set
tlement "of their differences, had a
stimulating effect updn stocks. First
prices shewed general gains of i to J,
nd with 'ulycUght Reactions tlie
marksVooatjoued strong until about
1 o'clock, the advances ranging from
fractions to over 1 per cent. The street
was well supplied with dispatches
from Chicago Vinringthe'-'afteriKHin to
the effect that the meeting of North
wostern officials to-riay had been less
successful than'yesterdny, and that a
ittlement .of , their . jiiirerenceg was
practically Impossible'. The eflect was
felt in the stock market more in the
rvduction in the amount of btisinw
than in the brice; although there
were fractional declines in the after
noon, followed by a comparatively
steady tone, and the market closed at
small fractions to overl percent, high
er. Ifotwitlistanding the unfavorable
news from Chicago Northwestern
closed with a net advance of J. St.
Paul is also up J. The street is in
clined to believe that the trouble on
the Sonth western system practically
settled, and Missouri Pacific sold at
104), a gain of 1). Among the coal
stocks Lackawanna shows a gain of i,
Reading U, and Jersey Central 3J.
The strength of the ftork last men
tioned was due to the prospec ts of the
company being again placed in the
hanna ot Uie stockholders. There was
tal again this afternoon that the Bal
timore and Ohio mad was buying
Jersey Central stuck, but the rumor
could not be traced to a trustworthy
source. Transcontinental uiatters are
still unsettled, but Pacific Mail was
decidedly strong, and sold at 55,
closing ) lower, with an advance of lj.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
315,488 shares, including: Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 51,S,s5;
Erie. 14,130; Lake Shore, 30,130; Lou
isville and Nashville, 6500; North
western, 20,405; New Jersey Central,
21,41.; New York Central, 7 2H0 ; Pa
cific Mail, 4 '.203; Peoria, Decatur and
Kvansvi le, 6730; Reading. 1H.7- 0; St.
Paul, 61,000; Union Pacific, 15,270;
Western Union, 1595; Northern Pa
cific preferred, 2470. Closing quota
tions: OTiExmxrg.
U. 8. Si. 101.
New 4i. 112H.
New 4s.
Faoife 6e of 1896, 127'
C. P. rt, T.P. laid rranta, 38'.
Erie Moondi, Wi. J . f . Klo v. otv., w.
U'h Atf ilkea., 11V6 V. P. (r U, llt,.
L-ouisinaoon.., U7. V. P land rant. 103K
MUaouri a. 101. V. P. . fond. Us.
St. Joeph, W. Virginia 61, 41.
Ht.P.l S.C.nrai.,12S. Vs. con., 01-m. e., 55.
Tenn. 6. old. M Ve.ron. def., V,. '
lean. 6, new, 58.
Adama Exprena, llo. Mashvilte k C, 45';.
Allegheny Ceo .
Alton f . 11 , 40
A. 4. T. H .pfd.S'l.
American Kx . 10!4.
U.,1'. H. 4 N.. HO.
Canada l'o., tivi.
Canada Sou . 3.
Central Pao fii
Ch-au.onke AO.. 1 1.
C. 4 0.. latpfd, 17.
C.iU.,2J ifd. 12 '4.
C. 4 A., 142.
C. A.. Mil. 155.
w. J. central, ?.
Nor. 4 W.. ifd.,ajj.
Northern Pao ,
Nuriliem P.,pld, bf
N. Y. C. 4 ft. L.,7
N.Y.C. ASt L . v.,Wt
U. k H. W., 1 7'k
I'. 4 N. W., pld, V.-
N. V. Cenral. lui.
Ohio Central. 1.
Ohio Mi..22!
O. Mim.. i.ld. yO.
Ontario Jt Weal . UK.
Oreiroo Nav., S8.
0 .' Ore.ua Triina.,2X'i
C, Kt. b. 4 P
IDS. Oregon Imp.. Ti.
C.Sl.L. k P., p., 27. Paoifio Mail, W4
C.,8. AC, 31. Panama, .
C. C, 47. Pe ria.D. AR , 23'i.
Del. lied., 101K. Pituburr. lftl.
Del., L. k W 126',. Pullmao P. C, VM.
Don. ARioO.,14v Heading. 21.
F.rie, 85J,. Island, li.
Erie, rfd, &. H L. 4 8. P.. 19S.
Kail Tenn., Bt. L. 48. F., p..
Kant Tenn. pld. b. M. h.k 8. r.lst p. lot.
Foil Wayae. 14. C. M. 4 it. P.. 7S
flanoiiai 48t. Jo, - 0 M. 4 St. P.. P..1IBX
H. ft St. Jo pfd, St. r. M. 4 M. lie. .
Harlem. 214
ri r. a omana,
8t P. 4 0.. pfd.lUlH.
Teiaa Psciflo, 11J4
I! mod Paoifio. t.
U.S. EipreaJ. 64.
W.,St. L. 4 P., 8.
W ,Bt. L.4P.P .18K.
llo iltxs 4 l.,U.
Illinoil Cen.,13
lad. B. 4 ..U1.
henna A T . t,.
hake B. 4 U'A.
Lkobh-.re, 81S
loo. 4 Naah .SI.
hon. 4N.A.,ti.
M. k C., I t n'd,
M.0., 2dprd,
Mem. 4Clar.,32.
Mich. Central, 67.
Min 4 St. L..l4.
M. 4 ."t. L., pfd 44.
Mire. Pao . yii,
Mob le A0..12&
v.kr. el. re.
W. U. Tel..6.SH.
Colorado Coal. 24.
Htmeatake, 17.
Iron Silver. 22U.
Ontario. 29!4.
Ueiokailver, 7.
Quicka Irer pfd, 2V,.
South. Pacific,
Morria 4 E., off J, 138.
buuo, 17.
London, April 7. Consols, 100J for
money and 100 11-10 for the account.
United States bonds, 4s, 1258 : 41s,
1 4i. The amount of bullion gone into
1 the bank of England on balance to-day
is 70,000.
Paris, April 7. Three per cent
rentes, 80f. 77c. for the account.
Chicago, III., April 7. Bank clear
ings to day, il0,047,0l)l.
Baltimore, Mn., April 7. Clearings,
$l,:u,723; balances, f 277,87
New York, April 7. Exchanges,
JUoWo.oyti . balances, S4,779,(I04.
Boston, Mass., April 7. Exchanges,
f 10,5j3,900; balances, il .221, 32a.
Philadelphia, Pa , April 7. Clear
ances, 8,814,yolJ; balances, J277.378,
St. Louis, Mo., April 7. Bank clear-
insrs. 112.58 .7I4: balances, J377.231
Exchange on New York stvady at par,
The local cotton market opened
firm, and closed nnu; middling,
8ic. Sales, 1100 bales, of which :i00
were to exporters and 8 )0 ti spinners,
Ordinary..! 7J
Good ordinary 7
lx)w middling 8
Middling Hi
Hood middling.... 9(
Middling fair 9
Fair . Noui.
liuty 6j(.8
Stains, tinges 7()SJ
MxarBis, April 7, 1880.
Stock Sept. 1, 835 1,392
Rece ved to day 500
Received previously. ..520,894 52i,780
Slvpped to-day 2081 '
Shipped, previously.. ..422,070 125,357
Stock, runninga-coiint 97,129
Thus fur this week 2,520
Thus far last week 2,42
Since September 1st, .....521391
M. und C. R.R...: 122
M. andT.lt. R 23
L. an t N. R. R 33
C, (). andS. W.R. R 30
L , N. O. and T. R. R 0
K. C , S. A M. R. B 05
M S. and B. R. R, 15
Steamers 195
Wagons and other sources 5
Total 500
Thus far this week 7,009
Thus far last week..; 9,435
Since September 1st 425,357
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. andN. R R
0., O. and S W. R. R..
L , N. O. and T. R. R...
Steamers north
ToUl 2,681
New York spots opened quiet, and
clotted firm, hiales. 116 bales. Quo
tations were as follows:
Yesterday. TuesUy.
Ordinary- Hi 6
Good ordinary ...8 8.
Low middling...8 13-10 8 13-16
Middling 9 9
Good middling-9 11-16 9 11-10
Middling fair...l0 11-10 10 11-16
Fair -11 11
New York futures opened dull, and
closed qui tan 1 firm, and 3 to 4 ptin's
higher, than Tuesd -y. Pales, 30,800
bales. ' The closing quotations were as
Yesterday. Tiles lay.
'April - 9 17 9 18 9.14(4 9 io
Ly 9 277 28 9 24 9 25
June 9 39 9.40 9 38'3
July 9 48 4 9 49 . 9 44 8 45
August - 9 50& 9.67 9 53 4 9.64
September... 9 41(4 9 42 9 37 9.38
October ...... 9 27(2) 9 2 9 23(4 9 24
November... 9.24(4 9.25 9 21(4 9.22
December ... 9.28 4 9 30 9 2.5'4 9 24
January 0.S6& 9 37 9.32 9.33
The New Orleans spot market opened
qniet and closed very firm. Sales, 5000
Yesterdav. Tues'av.
Ordinary.. 7 3 16 7 3 16
G:od ordinary... 71
Ijow middling.... rj
Middling 8
Good middling - 9 9 10
9 9 16
The New Orleans future market open
ed quiet and firm, and closed steatly
and 4 to 7 points higher. Sales, 22,04)
bales. The closing quotations were as
Yes'erday. Tuesday.
A pril 8 72 4 8 75 8 67(a 8.''iH
May 8 Mi a 8 h7 8.S1 8
June - .( 03 0.02 8 tr,i 8 1
July - 915 9.1fi 91J4
Aucust 9 19 A 9.20
S-pteniber. 8 !V2i 8.9 i
8.SS b.!H)
tS( i) 8.S4
8 79 1 8 80
8 82 i 8 H 4
8.920?) 8.94
8 87i
November .
I)eituilH'r .
February .
M arch
. 8 S3 8 8
. 8 8 i) 8 S
9.W) 9.12
0.22& 9.25
I Tone.l
Kcc. I Prices
N Orleans.
fi m.
3 8'
871 8
F9 001
209 175
Mobile ...J
New York
8 9
'07 91
4'1G 9
Bonton ...
15:19 7-10
St. Louis...
Augunta . .
Receipts at ports, this day, 18S0. 7,295
rU-ceipta at pons, this day, lss;). 3, 18
R'ts U. S,
ports,5 d
29,815 16 18:' 20,08:
Ex. Gt. Br
30,425 2)1,447 O.Oil
817 8'4 f. -14,48 0'i,l(i
4,8 8 702 4,.''5li,()l2j4 13,7i'9
3 5 i 9:! 13 375,92013 310 370
Increase of receipts this veur...3dl,M0J
The Liverpool snot market at noon
was reported firm good demand. Sales,
12 000 bales, of which American 10,(KK)
bales. Receipts, 2.',00 ) bales, of which
21,(i00 were American.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 Id; good ordi
nary. 4sd; low middling, 4 13-10d;
good middling, 5d; middling uplands,
5 1-1(m1; middling Orleans, fjc.
Tht pnen are given in paict and 64(w,
thm: 4 03 meant 4 03 Old., and 5 01
mtant 5 1-01
At noon: Liverpool lutures quiet.
Quotations were as follows: April,
5d; April-May, 4 03 a 4 05d; Mav-
June, 6 01W& 02d; June-July, o 04 rt
5 03d; July-August 5 05d; August
September, 5 085 07d; October-
JNoveniber, ; M'ptemuor, o win)
i win.
At t p.m.: Liverpool lutures wero
dull; April, 4 03d buyers; April-May,
4 3d buyers ; May-J una, 5 Old sellers ;
June-July, 5 03 sellers; July-August,
5 OhI sellers; Angust-beptembor, 6 Imi
sellers : September-October, 5 05d Hell
ers; October-November, 5 03d sellers;
September, 5 08d sellers.
At 4 p. in. Liverpool futures were
dull and l-4i4d lower than Tuesday on
near months. Closing quotations were
as follows: April, 4 O.'id bnyers; April
May, 4 03d buyers; May-June, 5 Old
sellers; June-Julv, 5 03d sellers;
Julv-AuBUst, 5 Old buyers; August
September, 5 07d sellers; September
October, 5 ('5)1 sellers; October-NJ-vember,
5 02d buyers; September,
6 OHd buyers.
The following is the record of the
bills and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 39c asked ; April,
39c asked; Miiy,3le bid, 40c asked;
June, 41c asked; No. 2, snot, 37c o.t.
bid; April. 381.! o. t. bid; May, 3jc
o.t. bid, 39c asked; June, 38jc o t.
bid, 40c asked.
No. 2, spot, 33Jc o. t. bid ; April, 32 Jc
o. t. bid, 31c tisked ; May, 35c asked ;
June, 34c bid, 35c asked.
April, fl4 50 asked; May, $14 50
asked ; June, 500 sacks sold at f 13 75,
Spot, 1 90 asked ; A pril, tl 90 asked ;
May, 500 barrels sold at $1 95; June,
tl 90 bid, Jl K-'J asked.
Corn White, 47c: ; mixed, 4'lc, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44s;
mixed, 42c; in packs, in round lots
white, 42,i; mixed, 40a.
II ay Cboico, f r. 'm store, 8ric ; prime,
7580c; piairiu, 50:; round 1 its from
ievee or depot, choice, $l-!(4!4 50;
prime, $1313 50; prairie, $88 50.
Oat-s White, 40!; mixed, 88.!,
from store; round lots fiOTi levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35jc
Brn From store, 85(1 per cwt ;
round loti from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navv, $1 7f(t)2; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 L0
1 40.
Cobnmeal 8'sndaril, f;
152 25;
pearl, S33 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, leves or track.
Rick Louisana, 4(2,0c; Carolica,
67c, '!.-.
. Oatmal In hlf-barrel, 3 )3 25
from Btore.
Crackkd Whsai In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Floor In c ir lo'c donWe extra, $3
3 5 i; triple extra, $3653 75; fami
ly, $3 754; choice, J4 25(44 35;
fancy, $4 604 70; eit'B fancy, 4 90
(46; pateDts zt'jcb oo; irom store,
family, H4C5.4 25; choice, f4 254 40, i
fincy, $4 0j(44 90; extta fancy, 5
5 25 ; patents, 45 6')0 25.
Hominy and Grits From store,
$3(43 25.' - ' - - -
Cbackkks Soda, extra, 4c; sodn,
treble extra, 4 jo'; lemon cream crack
eia, extra, 7c; lemon oream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; uinger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c. '
Kamsas City, Mo., April 7. Wbept
lower; csh, 01 bid, 62 jacked; May,
04j; June, 67c bid, 67c asked.
Corn weak; c8h, 27Js asked; May,
28jc; Jnne, 28jc bid, 29o asked. Oats,
cwb, 19 j asked.
St. Louis, Mo., April 7. Flonrdull ;
XXX, $3(43 15; family, $1 2X43 3i ;
choice. $3 6X43 85; fancy, f4 20(44 35;
extra fancy. $4 45f41 60; pataDt, ii 95
f(5 25. Wheat fairly active and weak,
ne market opened easy aid declined
steadily to the close, liiishing Jlo
lewer than yesterday; No. 2 red, eash,
851e; May, 85r?85ii, cltwing at 86c;
Jnne, 85i3S0c, cloiioif at 85 i; July,
83is3Jo, closing at 83J& . Corn dull
and stf-aly, closing at yesterday's1 fli
nres; No. 2, mixed, cash, K3Jc; April,
33i bid: May, 31j(434c bid, (losiui
t33,c; July, 84 Jo bid. Oata very dull
and stf ady ; N . 2,' mixed, cash, 'i Jc;
May, 29J Rye steady, 00c. Bailay
nncbnEged. Hay in ftir demand and
fl m: nrairie. S-Ki8 tirjso'hy.SlKaH
Flaxseed steady, fl 10. Bran, higher,
60j. Cornmeal n-m,l Kal u. Ke
ceiots Flour. 1000 brls; wba, 70C0
bu; com, 79.00J bu; oats, 10,000 bu;
rve. 3000 bu; harley, 1C00 bu. Bhip
ments-Flnnr, 7000 bils; wheat, 3C00
bu; con 40Wbu; oa'.s, 3C0J bn; rye,
none; barley, rce.
Afternoon Board Wheat, weak and
Jo lower. Corn eaty and Jc lower.
Oils unchanged.
Chicago, 111, April 7. There was
the ttitrtt kind of a break in wheat
to-day, ncct mpanitd, as ia always the
case in such an tvent, by strop g ex
ii'mjnt. Wheat in tie afternoon,
for My dt livery, t uiehtd 7tijc, within
a Iri C io;i of ihs lowest price enrreut
f ii ili.it o ii u lust iff, iimkiiii? a ti
!al drop 2i; from tht i l. sinn ti tares
i n Motiiiay, but i aided a tufli i a tie
ti 1 tru.hiiif. 'J he o.Ian-e on the
Gr -emu war cara and the tine weath
er f r tie grjwing wi:ier whi'tt ctoo
wtre the causes for the weakness, but
as ptice bfpau to drop la-as qnanti
t'w t cf lone wb( ar c luie on the market,
aiid wheu May b-gau tJ sell under 78:
other Urge quantities cams out and
f'nru tl at on nntil t tie cloe ol the
af ernoon tradmn the s ene In the pit
wau of a panicky ctutii -ier. hx ort
clearings were small ane1 the rerelp's
win mi d-wa'.e. On the "curb lae
n the a'trtotn Msv whpat ha!
rlli d to 77J. There was a fair trad
ing in corn and oit, hut the feeling
was weak, in sympittiy with wheat,
and prices closed s'ightiy lower. Mess
pott was unsettled rim weaker,
and closed 1015c 1 iwer. Flour
quiet and weak at prices quotably
unchanged. W het active, wea and
lwe'. Sa'es ranged : Cish and April,
73, 74c, elosedst 73c: May. 773(478je,
closed et 77c; June, 79lWS0Ji,,cloed
at 79e; No. 2 ppiirc, 7.7oJc; No.
3 spring, 05(07 c. Corn fairly active
and weaker; cush, 3;it435c; April,
32a 33Jp, closed at 33c; May, 371(4
37Jc, clcsd a 37 7-10c; June, 37J(;t)
374c, c 1 wed a", 35 J 3 Oats, active and
netker; carp, ate; April, .')(t)'.'oj,
clts'dat 2iJ; May, 2!529J.!. c osed
at 29t. Rve rlnlls N i. 2, 65J('50c.
Barley cut!; Ho. 2, (HK-. t.axst-ea
wek; No. I, fl 20. , Rs-cipts-Flonr,
3500 btU; wheat, 32,000
bn; cm, 370 0C0 bu; ouU, .120,14X1 bu ;
rye, 5000 bn; larley, f 9,000 bn.
KhipnienH Flour. 2 00 bils; wheat,
S,(0J bu; corn, 01,000 bu ; oats, 100,-
001 bn; rye, 0 00 bu; barley; 29.1XK)
AfUrnoon Hoard. Wheat pan'eky
and lower, 72Eo; cash, 77io; May, 78Jc ;
June c rn and Odts unchangetl.
Blttkr Creamery, 34(435e; dairy,
ItloL'itc; butterine, 13oil0!; country,
121 'n 18c, according to condition.
CiiKKSE l'rimo flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.,
12jc. i
Muss PoitK Old, $10 per barrel;
iiew.tll per barrel; sugar-cured hams,
packetl. 0K9jc; breakfast bacon, 7J
(j!ic ; clear rib bacon, 6J0ic.
Bulk I'okk Clear sides, 6()6c:
clear rib sides, 5(S)5!c ; long clear, 6 j
5Jc; shouldenij 4C44c.
Ijjrd Tienx'S, Ofn tilc; hall-barrels,
OlMOJc: kejs, OjgOjc; buckets, tij(4
tijc; half-bnckets, Bjfat.OJc; 5(Mh tins,
0jW01c;20-lbtiii8, 0(4tii!u; 10-lb tins,
6j(48jo; 5-lb tins, 0J(40je; 3-lb tins,
tij(4jc; choice kettle, tierces. 0JKitj
Fmwii Mkath -Uect - ttooil Kansas
CiU- steers, heavy, 8c; liirht, 7rj)71e:
cows and heifers, Ojc; mtitUin, 8
,9c; lambs, ; pork Ik:
PiOH-KKET-Brlg, $8(($8 E0; half-brls,
f 3(43 25.
Cincinnati, April 7 Pork easier,
$9 76, Lard qnnit, 6.8f)(.g.r wic. Bulk
meats quiet ami .unchanged. Bacon
steady and unchanged. But er strong,
hiher; Northwosiern extra eteimry,
3H ik37c; good i-m prime creamery. 25
((32c; gojd to prune dairy roll, 10(4
12c. Eges strong at 12c. Cheese tlrm
and unchanged.
St. L"Uis, Mo.. April 7. Pork
steady, $10. Lud firm, 5.85s. Bulk
meats activa and firm; l'03e ltp,
lorg clear, 5 35-; short ribs, 6 453;
sl-ort char, 5 00c; hed lots, clear,
fiji '. B,icoii quiet but firm ; long clear,
5 853; short ribs. 6.95 i; short
e'ear, 6.10(ic. Hams firm, 8j(4
lie. Butter steady and uncbansed.
Eygi firm at 9c.
Chicago, lit., April 7. Meilii fork
moderately active and unsettled. The
matket opened steady, receded 12J(4
5o, rallied a tiille, and closed tame;
cash,$A30; May, t9 37j9 60, closed
9 37j9 40; June,S9 4-X:9 C2J, closed
at S9 45(i 9 471.. J,srd steady; rash,
6 92j5 05c; lay. 6.92J(45 7e,clod
st 6 9.'4(4f93c; June, r.vi jyjt i'-e,
closid at 0c. Boxed men's steady ; dry
tailed fbou'd-rs, 4(44. 15o; short rib
sides, 5 32J(2:5 3,r)c; short clear aides,
5 0"5,70j. Butter steady ; creamery,
27(433c; dairy, 182bq, Egcs, 10J
(4 lie.
Afternwn Hoard Pork 2J5c low
er. Lard unchanged.
Arei.KS Apples, 1 5042 50 from
store; tl 25(42 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 3(tj4i: per
pound from store. Ibied peiuhes, 3J(a)
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, f 1 75(42 25 frtmi
Htore;41 50(41 75 per car load from levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, J2 60(42 75
jicrbrl. Peas,$l 50(41 75 per buHliel.
Vkoktaiii.ks Onions, $2 75(43 25
from store ; $2 fi02 00 from levee or
depot. CabbitLt'. $-' 75 a 3 25 tier crate.
I Knuit, barrels, 5450; half-biirrels,
$2 75(a3. Garlic, 400c per 100.
Turnip', 50c per buflhf 1.
Fruit Oranges, ; Louisiana, Done;
Florida, nonn; Messina, $3 604 per
box; Imperials, 5(45 50 per box.
Lemons, 44 60:56 per box. Ba
nana. $1 75(43 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, $4 per ,100. Peanuts Virginia,
7Joj Tennessee, farmer's ttock, 'M4c.
roabted, Vjc higher; slelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18(420fi.
Picklkm - In ji-s, pinti, 95c; quarts,
$1 60; risll-jiillonp, $2 76; gallons,
$3 75;1ojs, banels, $0; half-barrels,
3 50; mixer?, tmrreis, $i() oil; mixed,
half-barrels, 0.
Raisins Ijondon layers, f.i 49; lay
ers, f 2 7o ; uainornia, ; imperial,
J3 50(41
Wainuts Frencli, 12c ; Naples, 15c ;
Grenolles, 15e. Filb"rtK, 12c
Cium -Missouri, $77 60 psr bar
rel anl $4(44 60 per half barrel; Vins
gar. llji;10c p?r ga lun. '
PourrRT Turkeys, per dozn, $12(4
18; etickens, good demand. J.'K43 75;
dreseel tnrkeys, scarce, 15318c par
, PxctNS Texas, 810c for smi 11 io
median, 10(4Hc for large; A.r i ias
,36c,-, .
Fisl Mackerel, half-)arrels, No. 1,
$5;N). 2, $3 25; No. 8, $2 76; 10-lb
kit, N. 1 , 80c ; No. 2, 70c ; , 15-lh. No.
3,00c. Dry herring", family, 30c per
Ga Venison, whole, 3(45r!, sad
dles,K48c; bear, OS?; wi:f turkeys,
50(4Tc; : dnckn, . H3(44; , iquirrels,
75c;iuai!s, 75:(")'l ; prairie chickens,
$5!(amefish, ll12c 1 ; .
Eos firm lie. .
,'-,. .' UKUCEKIBI.
Cckt kb Common, 881c; ordina
ry, )9jc; prime Rio, 11c; choice
to famy, llj(413jc; old government,
23('i-,5; Ceylon. 20c.
Kcai 3JC45jc per ponnd.
t-'wiiR-'Piire W. c. white, fiJ'aOjc;
offwlite, Cif0; ydlow, K4ic;
onet lettle, 4j(2)5r; rffined A, 6(4
6Jc grannU'ed, tij7c; powdered,
75:CUlloaf, 7j!.
fLt $1 20(!l 30 per barrel; sacks,
fin, $1 60; c arse, $1 10; pockets,
bieachid, 2s"'r, car-loads from levee
orrtepat, 6c cheaper.
lint .win T.nninlann onmninll to
fair, 20C430j; prime to choice, 3O40e;
syrnp, 20(4l0c; common to fair, 20(4
25c: nrime to choice, 30(433c; centrif
ngal fancy, 3;k',
1'obacxj Common, 11-inch, 274
30c; otliergr da and style. 2(428c
Snuff Garrett's, $10 8 per case;
Rlph'i. $10 per cioe; R. Ii., $) 60.
Cahdim MVks all sues, in boie,
pails and baire's, 7J( SJo.
Canhijcs Full weight, 10J(M0Js.
CannkdGoops Krc Prices per dci
en: Pineapples. $1 3.VJ.I (k"; peaches,
2 10. standard, l 3 (i l ,h); seconds,
$1 15(41 25; timatoes, 2-b, stanilard,
$1 10; 31l,$l35; Btra herriee, $1 40
(il 60; raspberries, $1 l.Vil 25; bla k
berriee, $1(41 15: Kreenexgea, fl 61X4
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 00(
1 70; asparagus, 2 60(it4; ereen corn,
$1(41 3i; green peas, $!(,i 2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, $1(41 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 7.rH4
1 85; cove oyaters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oytters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; 8 wine, $j.
Nw Yohk, April 7. Coffee Spot
fair Rio firm, 8(8tc. Options iteady ;
ales, 15 000 bags; April and May,
7 20c; June aud July, 7UX47 15c;
Anjiuit, 7 10c; December, 7.1 5o. Suirar
quiet and firm; extra "C," 5K'5io;
waits extra v, oi(ol(; eranuiated.
0 3-lti(.Wlc. Molasses firm; 50 test,
19c, Rice steady; demand fair.
Sked Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank cf river f. o. b.
boai), $0; wagon at mills, $8 Msal
Prime (f. o. b.,) $15 per tea. Less tbaa
c.ir load lots, $16. From store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal; $16 per ton,
Oil-Iu car bad lots, prime, crude C.
H. oil, 2.'J(52oc; prime summer ye-
low, L'olyi.c; ou-suminer yellow, 2(tj
(420l,c; miners', c; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2S(430j.
NKw(.)iti.8ANN, April 7. Cotton-seed
products dull, weak and lower; prime
crude oil delivered, 21(f-,22c; summer,
yellow, 2l)l(t28; cake ami meal, f. o.
k, 19(419jc. Other articles un
changed. PErROLKlia MAkHEt.
Coal Oil Prime whiU, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Pittshiiro, Pa., April 7. Petro
leum; National Transit certificates
opened at 72Jc, and closed, 72it"i high
est price, 72jc ; lowest, 72 jc.
llmis -Dry flint, 13410c; dry salt,
10(4 12c; green salt, 7(48c; green, 5(n)
0c; deer skins, lo(418i; hunter-bandied
coon t kins, each, 20050c ; country
coon skins, 10(430c; mink, lO'IIOc;
mnskrat, 5 10c; otter, $l(ai5; bear,
$15; beaver. 6tV(4$4 ; wildcat, 20(a)
40c; fox, 25(475c; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, imilc; Ullow. 46j.
Horses -Good driving, $151X4225;
good saddle, f 1 40 S 300 ; plugs, $35(480 ;
good mares, $85(4140.
Miti.ks-HJ to 15, $110(4135; 15 to
15 J, $125 140; 15 J to 10, $140(4175.
Good demand ; supply fair.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 0046; rye, $1 750; domestic,
90e(4rl 50.
Sr. Louis, April 7. Whisky $1 10.
Chicago, April 7. Whisky sternly
aUl 14.
Cincinnati, April 7. Whisky quiet
at tl 10. Sales of 073 barrels tinislied
goods on this basis.
Cattlk Choice to extra corn-led,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4(441c; good, 34(4
4c; choice gnws-fed, 3J("!3jc; gixxf, 3
(t);.)'c; fair to medium, 2j(42c; com
mon, ll(42e
lloos Choice, 3ij4c; good, 3,(4
3Jc; common, 3(43J,c.
Siikkp Choice, 4''NJe; medium, 3
34c; common, $1(41 50.
Cincinnati, O., April 7. Hogs firm
and unchanged. Receipts, 1039 head;
shipments, 88 head.
Chicago, III., April 7. The lro
tvr' Journal reports : Cattle receipts,
5400 head; shipments, 2000 head;
market steAtly aid active; shipping
steers, 950 to 1500 pounds, $1(45 75;
etockers and feeder?, $2 00(44 00;
cows, bulls and mixed, a 2(44;; bulk,
$2(43 25. Hogs-receipts, 18,000 head ;
shipmenlp, 43,000 hial; market
stroi.gtr, closing weak; imigh and
mixed, $3 504 4 45, pa . 'king and shit
ping, 4 3ll(.i'4 00; light, $3 90(44 30;
skips, $2 75(44 25. Slieup receipts,
:t'.K;0 head; HliipraeLt, 100 head ; mar
kt ttt onp; iialives, 3(if0 25; Texmie,
i2 9)4 50.
Kansas Citv, Mo April 7. The
Lire Stork IndiciUor reports: Cat'le
receipts, 1909 bead; shipments, I592"
heed; i tady find moderately active;
choice to fancy, $5 10(45 40; bur to
good, J 4 00(45; common to medium,
$l(-iVl 50; K ickers and f -edeip, $3 30
(41 20; co'vp, $2 60(43 40. Hogi re
cci t , 0.52 head; shipmerti, 2790
heail; opnitid active and 5("j10j
higher, cloeirg weak with ad
vance lost; good to choice. J 1 4
4 25; common to medium, $3 6-X4
3 90; i.k;pj and pigs, $2(43 60. Sheep
receipti, 209 head; shipments, 120
heail; good; Hii(iigt gnod to choice,
$4 25(n5 20; common tu medium,
$20; I- " ' "' ;
Nkw York, April 7. ForootUm sta
ples the demand) has been of fair pro
portions, with more doing in thu va
rious styles of colored and fancy cot
tons. For clothing woolens the in
quiry improves, with a better business
doing in spot goods as well as for later
11. L0WENNTE1N & BROS.',
Manhood Restored
UxMCDr Kni-ic ATM tlmof jrouthfrilirupnidenc
Bunng I'rematnr Ioa, Nsrroua OeMiifJ. Iot
tvnhoode .to., bavin tnM) In m rr knowa
rniMif Jim 4iK)ffTra lmpl moaninl lf-mim,
Vihi' h hn w.l! 4.i j KHKK U)hisr!low-mijrrr
A Aarim- J. HAIL h V 43 Uhfttliyp tjMw Vorfc
ZlX'J ha been in tbia elty 2 reara, treit
inir all dtte)uea of tbe lteotum aa a l?)eoial
it with uuilorm aaooaw, without the u eol
tbe knile or liaxture. Dlieatea treattii
Convk patioti, Inawmarion, IMftfl, Keitt
liloer , Kiftula', Ha.orea, Polypi, Cntirrb
ftrioture, Kioreton around iLeJUctmn
Pro'arfun, Pruitia, lletnorrbaite, Bpaain ol
tbe t-i.bini.tu.. Chronic Diarrbea aud obroni,
aiieaap- Brnernlly.
Call and me tettimoniala. 1
Co .aoliatioa tree. At home the leoend
nd foarth wo. ki o aaeh uo.ta.
Arkarj..ajCity.-.KlTl Aoina, 5 p.m.
Tii'toOTllle ....(! Yi'HO, ,S ii.ir.
8t. Leuia .Citt or I'aorinisci, 6 i.ta.
Vickaburi CtTvur Vli kn) ho,6 ..m.
friara Point.....Coii:i)a, 5 p.ir..
Cincinnati ...Own, 5 p.m.
Osceola Data Antan, 5 imu.
White Rirar DSaT, 5 p.m.
Arrival!. 4,ahom:i, Friars Point;
Arkansas Citv, Yicksbtug; ('has. P.
Chotitea)', N'ew ttrleans; City of
Nntchez, St lxmis; ( Miio, Cincinnati.
Drpatiurt. Arkanstw Citv, St.
lxmis; Dean Adams, thw eola ; ('ity of
Natcher, New Orleans; Chickasaw,
White river ; Conhoina, Friars Point;
ifixifa in Port. --Ohio and Charles P.
HmI 7W Wit. City of Vicksburg.
t!it.i Ihif I p. Kate Adams, New
Mary Houston and City of Providence.
Kelpla Vealerdny.
("ity of N'atchet-2) brls oil.
Ohio 11)0 tons miscellaneous
lViin Adams -31 bales cotton, 2
bgs seed-cotton, 171 tks corn ami lot
Coahoma 132 ba'es cotton, I b
seed-cotton, f)5" sks seed, 1 huree ami
30 pkgv suinlriiw.
has. P. Chouteau 29 bales cotton,
4 bales motes, 22,2'KS sks six-il 20S lulls
empty sks, 21 oil brls anil ('' pkgs
TtiK O. line steainer New Mary
Houston, dipt. lx'W Kates, is due up,
bound for Cincinnati.
Tiik l' Line packets to-morrow
evening are IIih Coahoma for Friars
Point and the lVnn Ailams for .-
Tn K City of Providence, ("apt. George
Carvell, is the Anchor Line packet
this eveninu at 0 o'clock for Cairo and
St. I n s. Frank Perkins is her clerk.
Tiik City of Vicksburg, Capt. 1'au
Able, ii the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 0 o'clock for Vicksburg
and thu bends. George Walton is her
Tiik Gnvoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, is the
packet this evening nt 6 o'clock for
Hale's Point, Tiptouvillc and all
landings. Jesse P. Walt is in her
Tin: Kate Adams, Capt. Mark K
Cheek, is the United States mail
packet this evening at 6 o'clock for
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her otlice, assisted by Lew Price,
Morris (inns and J. C. Wycoll'.
Tiik PeSmct, dipt. Milt. H. Harry,
is the packet Saturday evening at 6
o'clock for all point on White river,
going through to New port and mak
ing connections with packets for up
per White ami Hiaclc rivers. Albert
MeGhee has charge of her otlice.
Tin; Ohio, Capt. M. M. IVein, is the
packet to-morrow evening at 6 o'clock
for Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati ami
all way hiudinm on the Ohio river.
Hurry Proctor and Harrv I lest are her
clerks. Tim Ohio will give cheap
rates to all points North ami Last
Ki'sinkss fair.
Wkatiikk clear and pleasant.
Tine IjCo Line packelH aniveil ami
tlepartol yesterday with fair trips.
Tub Chickasaw cleared lust evening
mi? (or YV Into river with a fair trip.
Tiik Arkansas dry passed up yester
day morning at o clock lor rl. Loins,
Tin: river stands .'111 feet on the
gauge, u rise of 4 tenths in the last i
Tiik towhoata Port ICads anil H. S.
Hayes and barges, passed up yesterday
(or rt. lxmis. '
limmi'TH by river yesterday -105
bales of cotton, 10 bags of seed-cotton
ami 2L',H,ri:i sacks of seed.
Tiik towboats W. YV. O'Neal, Harry
Prown ami John F. Walton, with big
tows of coal, passed south yesterday.
Tin: Jack Frost, with u tow of ici
barges, arri veil yesterday ((veiling from
St. Ixiiuh ami landed at the island
above the city.
Tiik Cbas. P. Chouteau was in port
yesterday discharging her big trip of
seed and dotihtlesK will get away this
morning for St. Ihmm.
Tiik Ohio, Capt. M. M.' I'eem, ar
rived yestenlay evening from Cincin
nati with 1(N) tons of mis ellaneous
freight and rettiniHto the Ohio river
to-niorrow evening.
Okkick Sional Skiivk k, I'. S. A., 1
Mkmi'ihb, April 7, 1 p.m. I
The following observations urt-ljikcti
at all stations named at 75 meriiliaii
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time: '
Ab'v I)w
Chattanooga ..
Fort Smith
Ia Crosmt
Little Hock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
PiTWBUBG.April 7. Noon Rivrr 22
fentnu the Katige and falling. Weather
cloudy and nowy.
Whkkmno, April 7. Noon Klver
SO feet 1 1 inches on the gauge and rising
Weal her cloudy and cold.
Cinctkmati, April 7. Noon Rival
rising, with 51 feet. inches on the
gauge. Weather clearini; thermom
eter 40. ' " .
LouisviM.it, April 7 Noon Kivi-T
risinK, with 31 feet 7 inches in the
canal vui 29 feet 4 inches on the falla.
Departed: Golden Crown, New ,0i
leans, F.VAKH villi, April 7. Noon Rivtr
riBinii steadily, with 41 fet (1 inches
on the gauge. Weather c ear and cokl.
Arrived: Paris C. Brown, midnight.
Departed: Paris C. Brown, 2 a.m.
vCaiho, April 7. Noon River 4(1
fentS inchrs on the gauge and rising.
Wra'her clear end cold. Arrived:
Belle Memphis, Vicksburg, 7 p m. j
City ot St. 1iuIb, New Orleans, 6am
Departed : lb lie Memphis, St, Louis, 8
p.m.; City ct Bt. Lou s, tX Louis, 7
.ru, .
Special Notice For arioj.
Tfc Farr;boat
Join. Overton, tzfSZEt,
Ciit. Fofelman, aWtSwrw
Will leave tha f"ot of Jaftraoa iuhI lor
V r;n . at a , ,m ww!!!!.?)).
llemphls aud t'iaciiinati Packet Co.
tun l.oi imyri in tlis.l.Tl.
Sir. OUIO, aTf.
c.'ill Icava KlUbAl. April ib, p.ia.
Kr roivht ar tMna iii u. C fi. KtS
SKLI . Anl, No. 12 Madiaon at. Telaahuo
K. iST. JOIINCIKH, Hwonfar anal.
Slum.t o K AN IT K CtTAiK lollowa, laaT
ittir 1 no'ilay, Atril I' th.
Nl. Uala aa4 Nan Itrlaaaa Aertar
I. lai ti. H. Jiiall-CAIKO M UT. LOUIS.
City of Providence,
lo. Carrell ...maotrr. afeitw
Will lave;thr Rlarator Tllll KhUA 1 , Ai-ril
Sth,at6p.iu. Hot fraixht or jaaa aeuly
I! t llti.i . P. Art. AD ST.IKM. Snet,
Nl. Itnlaj mmi New Orlaam Anrfr
l.tuo-l'.N. Maila-r'OK VlLKiBURH.
City of Vicksburg, jXrj
l' Abl tn after.
Will leave tbKlaaur Till RHOATTAera
Kth. at t . in. or frelabt or laaa apply
eeace appty
km. aaf)'(.
(!. I,. II U.. Ma. Aat. II STUM
Yt-t I'aceola, Halea Point CarotliertTllla,
(rayo.D kv TiiitnitTllle Tha bew ateemaf
W. I', i: nil tnaater J. D.Fniiur ciu l,
taill Irive aa above, anil ail wajr pninia.
f ni. For lrejht or Parana apply ou boaral.
Ttii), ( rnre Point au.i SI. tfau?.a
iidcI iiieo.tlia liaehl Cirt.iiHuy.
lor tVlon. itlenilaU, JCriura I'oiut aad all
i" Lantiinca blenunv
Coahomn, z-id&xif
". T, t ii.vali niR.ter I Piatt 1 t.nio. ..sm rk
'H )re a aluna on evory .Mt:.'OA Y.
WEDNESDAY anj PHIDAY, at 5 o'olock.l
For Habtolph, Fallon. Oamola and H a
LanaiQi -hteamer
. H. Ciorar. maater....J. VY.binitcen.olark
Leavea an ever MONDAY. W r'.ON titL AY
and VKIDAY at 5 p.m. Tbe bona of tms
line reaarv, the riflil to paal all laadlnje
theatiCMio mardrein nnaale, Oflce, No. I
v..).a- . i a v km i." s-. J . r n t.
Arkansas Ulvcr Tk't Co.
K. B. 8mlth....mwtorl 1nk
Learea Memphii Ktery Tl'ESI) AY. at a p. a
II. C. l.OWK. Aaeai.
Ototm, No 5 Mdln at Telei h'e We. M,
McmphiN& Whlto Hirer FktCo
B.C. Poiial..
maaur I 0. M.l-ettaJ...
Clak-vudnri, Wovalla BlnfT, ! Are),
. aukaala, Jn.Ua.nori mii.I Nrry
at 5 p.m. Toroaah raiea to all point!.
Freiabt oonairned to " Metnibta and VV aila
i,,.r Peniol U mpanj" barorwardtt
prensptly. li. u- LOW B, Agent,
N". AM.itltnn.t. T.l.i.k- N. M.
FOR WlllTJti ItlVElt.
Mem lib Is, W h I ;o & Black Klver Pack ct
For Helena, Defalln II luff. Pea Dei Arr,
(tiata, Newiiorl and HaleaTlllo. Tho ne
and elrxant alwbeel paaaenver ale. )
Milt Harr ... .........m..... mtr
Will leave EY'KtY HATliKllAY aUo'olc,' ,
p.m. Thruuih Hteatoall puinta. tnrala
oonalgned to Mil. Ilurr, Line, Mem phia. aril
he promntl lomarri'd. W.J. P UOYL
OmreUMa iiioo't Txleabone MM.
Jaime II KaaNlLiii, Paaaemer AienL Tel.
ei.h.'nw ? 1
Tin) St. Franch Itlver 1 ransjiorUOoa-
Co.'a Vina Hlde-tV heal II. 6. Mali Woanert
Rene Macready, rKZ
at 6 'elflk,forWarianB.ibaCit-0(r, and
Intermedial: laiillura on ISt. Krkuoia river.
The oaptain reamrea the riant to t:uia all
landinita he deem nnaafe. JAUj UKK.Or.,
.dcmplilH and tlcka-barrf Packet Com-
anj'-i-lJ.s.ainv,. ;
For Helena, onotrdia, Tarftine nd Arkaa-t))tT-
The eluant paaaentor at" et
M. K. Uhoak.aiuaalar I W. O. Blanaer...olark
K.VEHY MON DAY and Tllll KSPAT.il 5
P. in., reaarrini thnrifhl te paaa all laadin
theoiipta a inardipia nnaale. Jor vaneral
ine oiipia a uisruvw uum. "
intoriuation H'l'lyiit SlHre, No, 4
atreet. , K.WALWOHTII.
.llllIN OfH. V.iifr Al. Tlep
mo, a (iiaiiiaua
I, Aaen.
TO i:i EtOI'K!
f-'ook'a IiariiB I'arl'ta lowra la
April, May, Jan aid J'dy. tend fur fr
graiume. I M , aaj
..litllliHl Toortnl Tlckrla for travel
InKuroi ennd all palla of tbo ,-lobo.
taa I rK'i by nil n-a m rtnaiuera..
oi.k'a F.arrlbl, with mepa, puht
liahed montbiv. ht mad lor Tin CaKTa. )l
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wio( ,irui' NrrviHiartinaa, Hcnni Kt4tw. 4-.-'
4-ia f-v Jrm.), IMmiKM af lilfM. lllf aV . Tk,
.j.-.r.t-i. ml ... i. 1 rr. yfiH
Hi.iHair-1'upi rr r flnhuppT, r Hnnuhif
OLEBT, HfHclot. ftukr(. t.,lir M
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ll t- -lf dVM tb.ii hytiy aicUrt pJt tyiitlUimtkm
la m ftln eUi of rti -ti. at1 0ti tm4 Win
.w-ii.trn ru-lil. FbYaislnni mawUMto hrnV
. ahinnB-ut "''tli K my ff. r t laxi"
l-iltbi-fltr (W-Vftm. rit. B)ft-irHS em ltMlwlft
L t aaJtlf by 14.1 1 r ctprM Bffcet. 1 - '
Cnvo Oaaraaiewl l &II Cmmm
antirtAkn. . . . ' -
) ittut. fbouM b. )mH ,r ft. IMna M fttwve,
. , , . . i. u.M. I. li a... imr t
A Valuable Patent.
Iianjj's (UortMl) l ore aad pea riaaa.
lr. . ,
HAVING perfecUd my InTentloa. I wiaa
o iiIium it before the poMlo. eipeoiallr
m .rilaetnrera. Aa a Cora Planter, It u a
perleet mcoeaa-opena tbe drill, dlftribote)
the eed ai-i-i rntoly, uniniared, and aover
U lauie, thereby on man perfoaaln tha
work ol three. lhe hay been o4 la
thiiaeetlon for oyer i dorr t yean with por
(otaatiafadtion. Van five roapui tibaa teeO
mOBiaJa. ddreaa ' t'lmi
" JOUN 11. DAKCY.DaatvyUJji. ,,
Notice Is llereby
lor ID eiwuvn ot v..,....
aurh other ho.ineaa aa nay com bofor tn
meettna. will be held at th. ofltha
Company, ia the city of Metnpbia (eallsd ty
Taxin ili.ttiot ol Khelby (.'onty. Tenn?, .
on the 6ih r A.ri.. Ii. at II
o'olooli noon of that day, and that th I"
fr.m thatConpf ny to th Newport Njari and
Mi ia ppl Valley Company will be aab
miited lo the alonkholdo a for their eonaenl
thereto and approval thereof. Trr"ff
booka wi'l b eloaed rroia March Jst U
ABry"orffVf the Pre.ld.nt and BVd tl
P.".i-tor. I H A ACK:,lJjg.JtlHZl-
urrMea aeektny Governmeot. box
i.lovment in any ot the dei.artmetjl
..h-naton, or aoy other poMtioa andet
th.rn.nt.I willad lull in.tr-otioal
to how to a.-lto obtain tbe aaiu
Ind Bla-ai r-rmn of A
receipt ol On Poller. AuirMi JHS
THAT th annual meetlni exJ0w
bold. r of th. Cheaapaa, Ohio
and Hvutbweatern .. Railroad Company

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