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lomterlllf.Krn tmeaJwaiaTexaairj
iminmi rr IV At LKT moVTB.
In KBert November g.1.
.a.i maIl. i oaih J North,
140 p.B
t:4A p. IB
: p.B
l.nl b.b
5 1 ax a.n
:3u p.m
11:00 ft.
:4H a. I
o:l a.!
irta a.i
1J:1 e.i
: '
1:41 d.i
viekekBr.. .... JJ
Bales Bum. .
r Orten... H
6:1 pi
S .t" p . I
11:10 a. li
7:30 a.i
8:46 p.B
7:1ft p.m
'a With til Hoee eoterini Mimpnll.
S-Wlth M. A N. W B. R. for liel.na.
0 7m Greenville BBdllaBUBgioa, BBdall
ArkeneM point.
T-With V. M. end V 8. ft P. Rallroadi.
B-Wlth N.. J. A C. B, K. for Aatckss and
JutMi. . :
F For Pool ob the BrsBcb.
With lUutn tr Bavoe Jara.
B-Wltk railro.di diverging tor Florid Bad
Oeart point
PbIIbbb Buff" Weeping Canon all tralai.
J AS M. CDWHl8.V.P.andU..M.
M. Bl'rSKK, OeaeraJ Bup't.
A.J.KNAH. l. P.
awa-art rl4 Ml.alastnpl Wal-
lay.-! rale! move tnllowi: Mo.Sftait
line dally) leav.a at lliB.ia No 1 leayei
at 11:4 pa. li'y. bt. Louie feat lint
leaves daily at :! p m. . T liaat line
daily) arrive at 1:31) p m. Mail and ea-
Cm arrive, daily at 8:1 a.m. bt. Louii
t liae arrival uailr al 9 -.0& a m.
aiiMikaipail and Tanneasae. Fait
ail traiB leave itaily at 4 :3u p a.: arrival
at :46 a.B. Laeal freight leave! at 6:40
a. B.I airive at 4:30 p.m. Freight train
Not. ft li d ft run tri wiakly. Kn. A leave!
jnemphil Mnndai, Wednciday and Ffidev.
BtaBBaa4'lly,Nrtaanll nnd Hern,
phis Train! leave M. and T. d.pot aa fnl
Uw: No. 4, nia I and fiprwi. leavei daily
at 11 :' a.m. ! No. J, mail and eirei. ar
rival at 3:S0 p.m. No. Mi, fit. Louir eipren,
leave! deilr at 6:0(1 p.m. I No. t, St. Louii
aapre'l. arrives at fh.Vta.m.
Mrnapats aad Mill Kork. -Train!
move aa followa (central stand rd time):
No. 1 lesion daily at b :& i.m,; arrive, at
t:rV p.m. No. S leavra al S.-nft a.m.: arrive!
etS:'0ara No f (iraisht) leavei Itniieneld
daily (eim-pt fund. y) at 6:() u.m.i arrivo!
Hnnphla nnd Charleann-Train!
sieve ai fi'lowc Thr"nh ftvrrf
daily at 111:20 p.m. ail n I nin loxvaa
daily at :lua in. humxivi'la anviiniiimK
tion Ifivra diilr, eti-eiil Sunday, at 4 : :tfl
p.m. Throunh aiprers arrivan d lilr at S 25
a. m , Mall and Iiraa ar ivbp mtuy at i :n.i
P.m. Hniiiarvilio anroitimoitHtioa arrive!
daily, axrcpt Sunday, at H.'M a.u.
lavlllo anal ftn-h vlllo - Trnlr.!
flora an clli!: rat mail arriva dnily at
:Sa. m.t Irava at lfl:ln p. in : mall leave,
d'ily at 9 m l hi. D own vil acroiunn
datiom loavBH daily, aioai.t buniiay, at 5:(3
.m.i mail arrival rial y at n:0 p.m.
rown'villa aoeomaioda'ion arrivaa dttllya
zaapt8udari at 8.40 a.m. (itaudard lima).
Hrvitata, rllrtihm ! 4IIMD
! Ho!l- Brrinn lloute Traina mova aa
followi : No 1 laavaa Memnhii da'ly at 8:44
p.m. I anivai at Holly r-pringi at 6:90 put. i
No. 1 ieavai Holly ormva dmly at tlOO
a.m., arrival at Momphi at !1 :18 a.m.t No.
Isavai Mampkla daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
f. Holly Pprtaa-! at 11 iW p.m. I No. 6 laavai
oily fTprinn daily at Ii30 a.m., arrival at
BKpkll I'
WiiMigTi, Anrll K, 1M6.1
1 o'llook a.m. f
IndlcalintiB f -r Mempiia anr vlfln
lty: Fair wcatbor. hni orescent, red
un. 1
For Tmnrurt and lla Ohio Valiey:
Fair, umrmn venthrr, rnAihlt uindt.
Hear lb VaBr I.I,.
WAfHiNnTim, D. rl April 7, IBM.
The Mln-Wpp. "wr th of C.mro
will lU d'cid dly J-J f:s
twor ty (our houra apprceCu v-tv rta
the dun bt line at Mt iniiiiHurid VicltB
barjr, InnndntinK Urn .lowlond din
trlrU. Thu lew hft wntn wlllt efe!,
at New Orltans during tatnrdnv,
MatMroloalonl Import.
MiBPHtR, Tb, April 7, lHWl.
Li d d
Time. liar. i Ttier. iWind vV 'ilir
:Kan (0.107 4:1.0 W. (Jlear.
11:00 a.m ;HI.10 h'XO N.W. Oleiir.
8:00 p m 10 I'M1 (tl.o N.W CIir.
7hW p.m 31 103. .O.'.O N.W. Clear.
10:00 pm tmill 57.0; N.W , 0 far.
laiimnin teiiipiratire, 05 0.
MIhIm nn t mperattre, 42.0.
Bainfal 0.01
All ob.br.) t'ii' ai taken on 75
meridian lim , whitii la one hoar
taster than l"ni linio
License to marrj was issued yes
terday to Puul Morgan and Lucy
Curry. ,
For stealing an overcoat, Bobt.
Ilnll reoelvod a nix 'months' sentence
yesterday. i
In tho I'robnju Court yesterday
A. J. Kulka wns aiyointed guardian of
his three minor culdren.
The will of V, B. Newton wns ad
mitted to pnihato yesterduy, and J. A.
Murray apMiiited f xecutor.
John Cates, wlio stole f 7 !0 from
IT. Lindemann, was sentenced to six
yeara In the penitentiary yesterday.
Tho Clara Louise Kellogg Concert
Company annears at the Meumhis
Theater Fiidny night. Tho sale of
seats is going on Maiisiord s.
Mansford's display of Easter cards
is finer than it has ever been, and it
la DOsilive treat to look over his
varied assortment. Tho designs are
even lovelier than were those uf hist
Christmas. Three larire cases contain
lng a portion of the stock were snr
roMnded all of yesterday evening by
ladies who went into raptures over
the exquisite bit of hand painting, tho
delightful blending of delicate colors
and t e beauty of thu mutton.
The City Railway is building two
new summer cars at . their shops on
Mam street whic'i arc su.etohond
mired by the pat runs of the Yellow
Line when warm weal her begins and
they are put in use. 1 he work is nil
being done by the hands in the shops.
Where everything is niude except the
wheels The machinery, which has
recently been added to, is now ample,
and the new cars will lie as handsome
as any ever seen in the city. Tho
paintiug especially is elegantly done.
Sole Ajtenta for II .rce H. Kelly A
'. Key West tlgars.
' The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at Uie following stands eon
trolled by ns: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Pea body Hotel stand and 310 Main
street iimh shipments received
weekly. i. samkimon a co.
Order MfrfatNwtt MuUorU'B.
In order lo introdncs the Alabama
flptlnt O al in this market, it will be
4ielivrd al 'Mj per barrel Id city lim
its. It has no fnpKiinr.
. . P M. TA1TEK60M A 00.
Telf phone 6M.
Old Oold at lid Silver
Taken as ca'b, MufotdV, 2D4 Main.
And it stimalxti-s si:d promotes the
growth of the hair.
pnn Ub FUiTorlcjf Kr(wts are the
I Kfl ruce Hiid rth
.Are (be secrets of Mulford'a success.
Mas. Trr-rs and her daughter, Miss'
Anna, left vesU-rdav at 11 a.m. lor
their future Louie in lx Angeles, Cal.
Mrs, Jamw A. Whiti of Pulaski,
Tenn., is at the Pealtody Hotel, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Gallaway.
Bihhop QuiNTABit is confined to his
room with a severe attack of bron
chitis, which will prevent his keep
ing his appointments as they stand.
Dr. Ambrose Morrihos, for five
years resident physician at Bon Aqua
ftprinps, and iHTivtary elect of the
Htate Medical Society, is stopping at
the (Jayoso.
Mkxkrm. McArv and Wampler of
St. Taul, Minn., were in the city yes
terday, returning from a trip to the
Florida coast anu other points. They
were very much pleased with their
extierience iu the South.
I'kominent arrivals at (Jayoso Hotel :
Cunt Alex. Moses, New Orleatu; J.C.
Whitner, Atlanta, (la. ; M. J. O'Brien,
New York: li. Wolters, 11. I McDon
ald, iouisviile, Ky. ; James W. John
eon and wife, Georgetown, Ky.
Edward I. Darlino, the young
composer, has sold his opera. The
(Iml rmavly Savage , to Kunna Ahlott,
and preparations are being made for a
speedy production. Tho oera is
8oken of as distinctively fn'tdi and
original, thu subject b ng purely
American, and many novel eHet'ts are
ititroducel, while the music has been
very favorably commented upon by
many comiieteut critics and musicians
vwm have heard It.
Dr. J. L. Minor of Memphis read an
interesting article before the State
Medical Hociety of Tennessee upon the
eye all'ections due to malarial poison
ing. The article was exhaustive, nnd
besides p esenting the views of the
lending European mid American au
thorities, contained many original
ideas. It was pointed out that ma
laria might cause eye afreet ions, vary
ing in intenxity from slight inflamma
tion of the lids to absolute blindness.
nnd in locality from the front surface,
of the eye to the back of the eye ball.
These novel nnd startling views met
with that enthusiastic reception which
their scientific importance justified.
At Baltimore Baltimore, 6; Wash
ington, 4
At rhitndclphia-riilladclphia, 8;
Ath'etics, 3.
Tin game at Maon, Ga., yesterday
resulted Ch cugo. 7; Macon, 4.
CnLOAit is not hart much after all.
Aright fli'sh wound, which mill keep
him confined to hia roam for two
weeks, is all the injury he instained.
Tut Athletic Ba'eball Club of this
city hisorganli d for the seaion with
the following players: P. Lynch, c. ;
J. Goldsmith, p.; J. Dnnworlh.es.;
J. Welch, lit b.; Ed. Kvan, 2d b j
B. Lawless, 3d b t 8. Dowds. 1. f.; W.
Griilln, c. f.; T. Denniao, r. I. ; Albert
Beer, manage'.
St. Louii, Mo, April 7 The fourth
game of t ie reries for the local cham
pionship be tween the Ma'nons a id
Browns w is played at St. Louis yea
tnnlay aftt rnnon ti a crowd 'f fully
50(H), and a wnn by the Mari ons,
The score hy innings Maroons, 9;
Browns, (I. Bw-hitn Marjons, 2;
Browns, 4. Errors Maroon?, 3,
Browns, 7-
A. N. McVeaf. '
At a railed meeting, held April 7.
188rt, the direct irs of the Mrmpbia
Bethel adoptrd the following mrmn
rial in regard to the death of their
Alexander H. McNear deparfe J thia
lifrt at his home in this city rn the lit
dsy of April, 1888. His death wa
ercxrei'ted, though hia friends bad
known for some time thst bis heslih
Was faat failirg. He died ss he bad
lived, peacefully and qultt'y, in full
hope of a glorious redirection and
the Cbriitian's immorialtty.
ins modest, nnrsmming walk wu
known only to his friends, bnt his
life was lull ot good deeds and elo
quent with noble acts of charity. Yet
so nunstt ntntiors wai tie that the re
eipiecU of bis hewefa' tions rcarctly
knew the hand that n lieved their ne
cefBltios. If his church wanlet work
don", McNear wai alwsys ready to do
it, l( any Uhristian enterprise needed
help, McNear did his nart in the true
spirit ( f the niht er. His ear waifl-
waya op n to the cry of distress, and
his purse to the necssiilps of the
poor. Hit life was beaitiful in bis
fa'tdly and useful in the commun ty.
Thus he believed in Chrif-t, and thu
illUHtrated his fuith by h 8 works.
One of his buxlners partnis, with
whom he had been i sociated f r over
twenty yrar, stid of him: "If there
was au honest man, A. S. McNear
was one." And am the r of them said
of him, "that in all h s long busims
ooi net tit n with him there had nevtr
passed an unplesssrt word bet wen
them." These give us the two marked
characteristics of this good man in
tegrity and even-tempered ronstanry.
What hlghtr enlogiumcoi ld any man
desire T ' Mark the perfect man. an 1
behold the upright; ths end of that
man Is peaoe,"
Bnt it bet otnrs us especially in spr ak
of him and bis woik in ths Beih I.
As a member of thia board he was al
ways conservative and wise in con n-
se , and never faltered in any work re
quired of bim. He did his full rhsre
in raising ti e 17 030 to bn lJ nnd fur-
nih the Bethel building. He has been
pieient almoft every Sunday evening
at the Bethel rchool lor the
Inst twenty years, qnietly at
woik. Every Christmas di-y. throuoh
sll ol these years, fiom 150 lo 0.1
cin uren have been nisde hsppy at
the B'tl ol wi'h fruits and nuis, rake
a d candies. The good peoileof Mem
phis rnnplled the means for these
feasts, bnt some one nmt lake the
trouhln to collect the money and buy
anu eiMrgn the dulntte. In md -r tl a
these necaxinns pits ttt pleasai tly
Thiswoik fell lsrieyon our f rt. nd
llitsssumed the dntv. aid made it
pleasure to himself and as all by the
thoto'igh and tdmlrahle msnner in
which be performed it; and his face
rxaiet with qniet ra i-ta t on
and 1 y as the children received
the good things prepared for them.
Wboea life, can ero a buier
record T In bminr n tl a highest type
of honesty and fiithfuine; in the
chinh. "a)as abound n in thH
o ko( the Lord;" in tlefamU, a
moan nuDi"d aid lather, aid with
naand ne t where and alwava doinc
his who e duty. A man whose chief
happinees c insisted in making of er
happy lines life was a labor I love,
swteiene oy ne soepf i ol our Loid,
and saeeten.ig the lives if all ait and
(So be 'onht the good fljht. snds
n hs e eived his crown. This a in
unit, tv ili ores him, Ihechnrth will
m s rim, and btra we do not see ho
O enppiy his place. An I his home
( f Iiih vcai t chair and doolt heatU
lher-WH a"n'it iiir. We can
nr.lv uiid-r to fc s fami T otr einceie
ii. . .
i-oninii.iirt.in,) .rot null armnsthy.
It... " rfW. nFI-KEt-UPlawidBBt.
A i-kominimt Front street speculator
who has been "bearing" wheat all the
way down from Wc ia $20,000 ahead
on his deals. Great head !
The present quotation committees
of the Merchants' Exchange are live
and wido-awae gentlemen and keep
up with the market. This is more
than can be said of some of their pre
decessors. .' A society to compel cot'on buyers
to report sales is talked of on 'Change
It wil supply a want long felt There
have been over 100 000 bales sold
here this season which have never
Ix-en reported.
WiitATtook another big drop yes
terday, tho May option declining from
7(1 to 76Jc, and cloaing weak at 77 c.
The closing prices of the other May
options are as follows: Pork, 19 35;
lard,- S.tC'Jc ; clear rib aides, 5.35c;
corn, 37 jc; oats, 21 Jc.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday:
Geo. I). Fen-ell, Humboldt, Tenn.;
Allan Hall, Philadelphia; C. K.
Barnes. Clay Center, Kaa. ; John W.
Watson, Maysville, Ky ; O I- Hill,
St Iouis; F. H. Scott, New York : H.
B. McDonald, Louisvillo; W.T. Chap
man, Itandolph ; Dr. D. A. Nunn, jr.,
Chestnut Bluir. Tenn.; J. B. Phillips,
Brownsville, Tenn.; W. W. Watkins,
Chicago; C. F. Webber, HU Louis.
Mn, A. 0. Kirby addressed the
Merchant' Exchange yesterday on
behalf of tho Memphis, Kansas and
Western railroad, to run from Wel
lington, Kas., to this point, traversing
a belt seventy miles wide of the
richest lands in Kansas and Arkansas.
The State of Kansas has subsidized
the road to the amount of $.rN0,0o0.
One million is needed to start the en
terprise. Memphis is only asked to
contribute (100,000. It looks like a
good investment.
tlrrnlt -oirl-!lere-, Jmlie,
Calendar for today: No. Kbl. on
triul; 8737, Kansas City, Springfield
nnd Memphis Kailroad Company vs.
Edward Brodley; 83 J L. Fritz vs. C.
C. Hcin; 810.', Mrs. M. L. Hutchin
son vs. O. A. A 8. M. Waring; 8437,
New York Iron and Paint Works vs.
Milburn Gin and Machine Company;
8438, Same vs. Same; 84 0, 1 homaa A.
Bradford vs V. C. Hein ; 8151, D. G.
Marden vs. Samo; 8513, Wm. Dowson
vs. II. fi 3. Johnson; 8 30, B. Mitch
ell vs. M. Reilley; 8fi8:t, N. O. Nelson
Manufacturing Company vs. A. Lago
ninrnino;8'al , Delia Thatcher, admin
istratrix, vs. Louisville and Nashvi le
Bail road Company; 8H10, J. E. Good
win vs. Kenosaw Manufacturing Com
pany; 8017, Ellen F. Holt vs. J. D
Sparks et ah
Bke ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kalsominino telephone 009, A. Mc
Neil. Msu phis Stained Glass Works, 230
Third street. Call and see.
Send a pos'al tothe M mphisColirr
and Cuff Lanrdry, 51 Mun street, to
call for y inr latini ry.
Watoon's Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof aiisinnt dstnnness, seepsgn
and rats. Telephone 938.
Havb you a damp, unhesllliy c 1
lar? Wat'on's Bitumen Ooncreie will
make it diy and wboliBome. Ttle-
pl One 63d.
Colds, etc., fffectual rtbei f four,! in
the use nl Brown ' Bronchial Troches.
Price 2ft cents. Hold only in bnxs.
A Lt barbers, journeymen and bosses.
white and colored, are requested to at
tend t' e meeting to-night (Thursday)
at IS Madison strut t at 9 o clock p.m.
Thi Herbal Uhill Cure, the Desi
tonloand anti-poriodio known. A oertain
and aura aura tor chills 1'rirell per bnt
tla. Rend ataini I for elreolare. Any rof-
Brenra (ixan. Adiiratl Jobu 0. Kuokor,
Lynobbera. va.
Send lo Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current o plants.
Have largert stock fn town. Come nut
and see fjr yourself. South gate Elm-
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete." for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
liable 11 sjrs, driveways. Walks, etc.
Ha'd, smooth and durable, and pr tot
sgniiiBt dsmpne.ia aiid seepage. Tele
phone ti. a.
One solid gold, flv back, stop watch.
1-5 seconds, only rfiO; 1 8- arat solid
gold Geneva watch, weighs hi dwt.,
(I0; 1 1 1-karat solid gold Hgin watch,
J3i: 1 18-knrat heavy and very fine
Waltlinm watch, 50; 1 box-case,
solid gold, 10-karat Elgin watch, 25;
other solid gold watches from 18 to
40; solid silver watches, in good or
der, from 12 to $15; solid gold rings
from tl up; genuine diamond rings,
15 up; 8-day c ocks, warranted one
year at 3 apiece; 1 very fine 6i
tarat old mine diamond, free of flaws,
only 1500 -this stone cost 1 30 ; 1
old-Iasmoneu, bluo enamel pearl and
solid gold set bracelet and necklace,
cost before the war 300, ill be sold
for 35. All goods will be sold on
approval and money refunded if not
I, I'lititun t aim Arrmw
Diuui tuo uiah urrivfi,
74 and '6 Beale street,
J. D. OOTTllBLr, M.DMar.
No lo Metnrl'la Floral Cora pan j
for plant na plenty wl ihriu.
Fine Watch ri-inriiir hi Mulford's.
Mrmnhla V'lornl lo ha the larfeet
Btork ol lana In loan.
Have Your l'renli Clocks
Put in orcW a Mi.l'.dv nt Main.
rrrrsBDRoi, April 7 Night River
22 feet II inchei on (he gmge and ris
ing. Weather cloudy end ci hi.
Cairo, April 7. Night River 40
lent 8 inchee on the gauge aid rieinv
Weather clear and mild. No arrivals
or depaituresol regular packets.
EvAKiviLLB, April 7. Night River
riaina, with 41 leet on the asuae. mak
ins H feet clear siiaie under the chsn-
nl auan of the Hetdenoi bridgv
Weathnr clear and pleasant ; thermom
eter 41 to 40.
L STiuK, April 7 Night-River
staiionaty, with 31 feet 7 inches in the
canal and 2D feet A inches on the falls
Business du'l. Heather char md
pleasant Arrived: Golden Crown,
new urieana.
er. 1,0018, April 7. Night-River
Mln 8 inches, and now stands 21 feet
9 n -h.son the gnug. Wiatherclesr
'nlaamer Airivi d : re le Memohis,
V cistiiirg; Fntnre City ard ba'iree,
New Oriasps Dfparid: City of Brtiu
Soum-rn Trio -on t.tinn company 0. I ins
-Ko ( bi.o, Loul ville .nil Uucinnati.
t-h ok e. ... maittr, .&-
Will le.te V 1KAI. Airil 9ih. i 13 m
For treitht or .'Me apply to C. Hl'--bKLt
At I. IS M.d .oa ,i 1alepkonB7.
Ibobi ii. tlAM.Lii,iaMaBkar Ail.
Offer for this day only the
At f 3 60, Dunlap's Celebrated
Fifth Avenue t-pring Derby Hats,
sold all over the world for $5.
At f5 75, our best Cents' f 8 Silk
High Hat a decided bargain.
At l 50, a box of 6 pair Gents'
Best Scotch Balbriggan plain and
fancy hose.
At $10, Gents' all wool fancy
and plain casnimere business suits,
well worth $14.
At 3, Gents' solid calf sewed
shoes, button, lace and Congress.
These shoes are made expressly
for us in lots of 10 Hi pairs at a very
low price, for spot cash, and we
sell them at a very slight advance
with a guarantee to each pair.
We display to day in
Additional Novelties in
For Ladies, Misses and Children.
Fnibioldery Fxhibition To-Bay.
Beautiful new designs of our own
importation. St les confined ex
clusively to our house.
; r aural obs
Ratal, $250. to il par dip, coordini to looa-
lion of rooBi.
.1 Phepherd, Ark OB ftraham. Tenn
WA -fonoaSA-k MLUd. Ky
A " B.nl, Mo ME HekJ-oB, Mioh
8 B Buk.mnre. Ohio U M"nro d, Ark
V I) U War, NY 8 A WkeeTar, v Y
JC K rkin.n 4 . N Y D D II ok.. Ky
B P Taylor, Man N Oo ilfml'h, N Y
J R Ar-tron, Ark Mi i s Fiinber, La
Mil C Phhsr, ha Chaa Fiiobsr, L
J M JoYnron Aw, Ky Mn K Mayar. Mita
O K viavi r. Mm I 1 t'aldwi I, Tana-
i' IIm i sr, Tenn W Jnna, Ark
R P Hi. wal'. Tenn 0 W BaitaHe, Mo
8C"upo,K) M J O'll'ian, N Y
II Wulten. Kv 11 P M, D .nul '. Ky
M lick - n, Ky 1 W Turner Mil!
W (I sr-ey, M J R Meora Aw. Mill
Col 'RWhiiA.,Mui A H Watkii.i, Mi.i
K J BtH, Miai P M IUrdinx, Min
A II Y u fttl-i Kd v clihe , Te-n
J II Mollhee. Tenn J W Kh.,de. Ark
ON Pi e, Tenn K II Wat. on Aw, Tenn
A K Dunham, Mo 1) Cuhberly, Mo
(i M lluchai an, Mill J ,-t tl, Vj.-
0 VJartbvl, Mo It Branch, Mo
R Hol-a Aw. Mn M-m 1 Sledio, Mill
TOI'ruti hfl'l l, Ky T H i. tho
M'l J 't... Mira Mrs II J Field', Mil
Mm Fie d Mini J C Whi'ner. 0 .
"',:,. Ark
(1 W lioriou. h v u n m:..
Oapt A Mo,(. I . K w Itr.x.ku. T.eft
SJ).H ..n. in 0 T. Joner, Ala
x " f erkin.. Va S O York Aw, N Y.
tMlaa'i Hotel.
W.H.BIN11UAM Mamaoib.
European ilnn. KnlureJ and reiurnithsd.
f ncsiitcouriiinc to maand looa
tioo of roomi.
Cnlton Ore-n, eity W II Downs!, Miu
W 11 Per on, Mil! C C Wtlker, Mini
O K llarvev, :n D Wen thercer, Ohio
K Drake. Tenn w rittthu u, leon
W A Todd. Ind Ir J M II v um. Miu
J W Id nuui, Mill K 0 lrkey, Ark
U II lieoker, Ky II : nondnrant, Mill
P W SiMiifW. od. Mill K J Wollaoe. Tenn
8 K Rcholi. teun J M Coleman, Tenn
FB -vdrKy C A 1 U'.o n, Tenn
D w ai. iiemy, lenn r r urr-t, n i
J I l.vl a Miaa i
O A Thomiunn, Hill
11 K Sp , Ark
I) K Pi t-n, Mo
W T Ch itiuan. Tenn
0 IV Prat'. Ark
1 B vl Teun
J II Weaver. Tenn
1, wetoter. Ark 1
J M John.on. Aik
D hifidHl'-y, Tens
W V Hale. A-l i
0 A Petersen, Nb
CJonei, Mo I
upt-frriy, Mil.-.
I'MbMlj llotil
0. B. O ALLOW V A CO Haors'itTiiBS.
Rati! II DO id 1 1 per day, aocurilini to
lite Bud lor-Htion of room .Special
1 raieii n.ade.
Z T White, Mini K A lewett, HI
J 1) Triiiram.hl n VV hlp, Miu
il A Wilain. Tenn A ll -rmi -ke, N Y
II II Campbell. 1 1 M II HhI ti.ii. vi ai
II W Mu, lo W II lloobin, N Y
- I. II a. Nb W Ha d.lli. Ark
V Heilbravm, H Y A Montsnmeiy, La
J II Jau.ei, Jean II Andenon, N Y
at A lo L II "ubb-il, lo
Z I' Ta-prniir, Mill A A P 'ri on, III
A Hunt l.a W B Hole. L
Bmn Tait, jr. Tena Moi L il ll way,Tenn
K - Mam, Mo t " Roinr.i. - y
II J Shaw. la. n WC -a.iih.Toim
B Mirtm. Tenn 1 A Ward, i aim
N W Ha lilt, lenn MIm V Uaptiit, lean
Mifl Y Koanlan, Ark J 1 Hampton, N Y
W .1 Clara, N Y Ao'tia Ml Irr, T an
0 WOi leipie, Tenn AMJot ai, lean
'AM I or. Mo WLRbf I, Hill
ST White, Mil F, M Yr.i-r, Mi.i
W K Daeey. Mifl B f bake, Tenn
R E Bullion!- n.Tinn K 0 "oidnn T-ns
J T Ir.nf. Ky M W hhndre. Ob
J 8 HbP, Mo II Wart. n. Al
' F Mar in, ' hio T L Unmuke'. Tenn
P Mril no.THUo AI)H ann. Ark
C M Hstoh. All H M Boyd, Ala
.1 W Clo ion A,Ark J W ciopton Jr. Ark
J A Bud L rt. Mi,a 11 R Co r man. Mill
J Molionald, Mo M If Hnweli, Mn
J R H. ale. Tenn J T At e bar. Mill
0 D Waio.tt, Mm BM Mm, Ark
T Uartnan, Aik.
Hafly'a Knrnpean Hotel.
Corner of Adami and Main atfe.ti. Renmi,
&Oo,T6jand II perday; Aoerloaa Plan,
li prr day.
F rat o'aK Rataurnt in ihs lle'el.
J. M. DUFFK (10 ynwuh l'eabody Uotal),
BLM l'rn.Tonn T It Armtei, Tenn
A A Mai tin, Mifb I, P Wilh i ! O
W Andrewi, Id F F Aih, led
H I K Im t , T in .1 ib- al.T-in
w A ll'U. or Mm W K Ja-kon,Ark
W Hua an.Mii J Co-kly, Mn
L M i oop.r, .ld L J Auiuit, Ifina
w hhorre, Mn L Bir ear, Airb
M M Mi ler h C 0il n I. Aa
W T .-be. T nn I. I' Cnrdan, 'in
W H Lavid on, Tenn O Ilarriaon, Tinn
L "yburn, Mii L f 1 burton, fena
J t Moilee, Itil K M Mnrri,. jiin
JFBhipp, Fean J .-ionoli, Ky
tl Hu'l'V, Ky L tlraiem. h j
W N William!, Kr ML "nberta. kid
W T Hone tl, 'nd MUMaaon. Afc
LM Wil i.r, M i TL'ranoii, So
H L Webber. Ua L J Fray-sr. Mm
T L I'ei.rjr, Aik J O Sean-y, Md
SLero. f.nn C (f Slonr, ftti
J VT Re a. TVnn.
riarrnaua Hotel.
No l and J Madl on 'tfet.
Rate a S3 par day. day board t ar
L II mllk. Tena 0 ft OntehSeld Ark
J M V-aca. P. Dr W Y He . Ku
MDF v.Mim T K Co-tie A. k
A II -r fB, T an M rl B F 0 den. "n
Mi I BO d. n. Ma Mm. C F Ri.l.lll
Mil-Wilaon, Mo TANiun.Al
II M 1) ag a i, M ll J C Flonaooe, t an
BFW.h.Kr JBLaodate, II
F .aellil.Mlrh M A Llaut, III
T B Maai.rd, T.nn J F a1 bar, Ta.t
V M -nal.ae. N Y ,
Solid Silt t-rvtHrp Hi 3inl!crr
tlrt Saileilre l.atoiuarlno do
yiinr B-fatmkina-
. . I
Mill ford. Jewel, r, Si4 Min, so
lot'lts ftrtters from the rouutr j.
Ua lo tta.tertae au are.nlaf ror
your fiMtiihinar aai miaB.
Slouoxritui liuuKles; M Alltrd.
kiT-The firm of GOODBAB A CO. bas been dissolved, and we have reorganised oor interest in the Wholesale Boot
and Shoe Bn-inew, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, Ute of Warren, Love A Co., St, Louis, Mo., and Mr. J a.
Caliioott, of Coldwa-er, Miss., under the style of and firm name given below. We thank oar friends for their patronacw
In the past and hop foi a continuance of their favors. q GOODBA
a. B. HwnnBis, j. n. wwdbab, W. K. LOVE, J. B. CALLICOTT.
UUol Ooodbax A Co.. M.mphli. Lata of Ooodbar A t .. MemphU. Lataol Warren. Love A Co., St. Loaii. Lata of Cold wat
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are tow receiving a large and En'lrely New Hi-elt of Eatarn and
Spring Trade of 1886, which ws offer at ktock Uotioin Prices,
We bave EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines rf CUSrOM-MADE QooJs, all of whish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Sho- a
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philsd- lpbls made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute 4 Co.'s Kip B'ogans and Plow Shone
ths best Broans mads in the United States heretofore
bandied by G' odbar A C ).
We are ths on y hone in this Market handling the cele
brated K'ippendorf, Dittmsnn A Co line of Lidiss'and
Mis.s' Kid, Goat and C.lf CUSIO.M Goods EXCLU
SIVELY nvxiov h Keefnrw B-aml..
By Order of tho Court
of Common Sense
No. 1.
To All Gool Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Public Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Oommou Sense No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
hereby iiiforni all those within the
jurisdiction pf this Court that tho
IMifcfit Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Sooond
street, have received an elegant stock
of New Spring Clothing, which is
being offered at romarkahly low
As it is for the interest of all good
citizens to get the most possibU for
thoir moooy, I, Public Opinion, do,
iu my official capacity, invite every
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Misfit Clothing Par
Ion, No. 2G2 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commonced, we state that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Seoond
street, are selling fine Tailor-Mado
Garments atone-half iheirreal value,
I grant that place the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St., Memphis,
0pp. Court Square.
Judge ot Ccmnioa Sense Court
No, 1, Memphis, Tenn.
ftna Kvnlnrs on'll 9
laiAL.; nvinrk saiamay! nil II
In.Bte m i.artaet lit aana Iron t
rn.rii Bjr at Dral-cltuM uiior im our
man Han and dealan In oB,Amaaw.
Bliloa and flahlaaT Tarkla, BaHdera'
Hartlaare, lor trie tta.la aal Aa
aaaelatarator Uouli nd He.ldeBree.S
Main alroe-t, Meuiphla, ran a. Klaotrie
appliei alwayi aa hand.BjRapairlDa! naatly
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer la
Gael, ri-hlnar Tar a la wad llnortB.
inaTB aiiiiei aa Special attention
ven 'o m AMjrACIUrU.Mi and Bt
-113 ttalu bt., Memphis, Tenn
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
do mane Dy any competing market.
llOBr HUmVdtBE!
Of Evary TJeaorlptlt
We are Jnnt la Receipt
R. R. Plows, Columbus
And Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea At. Uovdbar Wm. Im Clark Kafene J. :arrluntoa rrank ft. JwSMta
ltaB,-fcllawlx3. 1860.1
319 Main Street,
E offer to Hf-ROHAHTa. ONIYtha larireit ard bait itoek of Boot and Bhoea wm
have ever bronitht to thia market, and wbioh cannot be i nrraeeed in quality ana
tyloi by any hon'B in thil or any other eily. In addition to a complete Ime ot Kaitara
made good!, inolnd n the 'KL.altHat a. a! UIIOIIH4K aY CO. BkllO a, we handle
a lama and leleet stock of Coitom-raade Goods for Men, Women, Mitaet and Children. Wa
curry a number of the beit make in the eoumry, in evar. variety md it: le, aad amonc
them ithe well known Men'a Calf l oom aud t-hi ei manufactured by tieo. Hooker for our
Bi rin. Trade. also carry a eboioe line nl Lad ei ana mi'iei umtom Kid, uoat ana
Calf Gondii, manufactured by Krippeodorf, Dittman A Co We invite the trade t. eiaraine
oor i tuck before buying elaewhere, and ws guarantee everything we tell to give lauifaotion.
Notwithstanding one of our com
Iietitors pvhllelies a letter from Wco.
locker Ktating alhe has not sold ua
any calf tumig for pprlnif trade,"
THE IS, we have these goods
now In store, which we offer to the
trade at sin low prices as they can be
found elaewlieie. We guarantee
1 hem to he the (1 tN CISE tteo. Uocker
botitn, aud adapted to t be present sea
sou's trade. Keapcctlnlly yours.
Memphis "atcti 18. 1SS(1.
Boiler Works.
SHEa. A McCAUTQT, Propr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and the only complete
Boiler and Bueet-Iron Wurki In the eity.
Manor tore re of haavy nlate Iron
warfe of averr doaerlptloa. 8pseia)
Try Zcllner's English Walklfigfast Shoes
T.KLt.N ER'P Oentt.' hhoaa. In all itylei, are the bait In the city .
IKl.LNKR'8 a uBii'Bie, in all nhao-i and ity.es, are the no.b-
omeit, shapalie. -
x-zzEo'w; rrt
aa-Ssnd yourordari or come and exam'ne their rrand ai ertmeatoi FINK BOOTS,
SQjsijIjirVTn-F. eft) OO SOO MA.IW "TIIBHT
Bnylliuctraied Catal"ne Ken- Free on A"o'iea"n.-wa
8. O. HKRND01T.
And nannfactnrera' Agenta,
83 FrwBt St.. K on wis 8 and 9. Un-Malra. Mewphlif, Tenn.
i n nfliiPY a nn
Ui ui viiiuui va vvif
33G Second Street, Memphis.
Material.. Pump., Drive Well.. Iron, Lead and tone Pipe, llai r iitaree, Global, ate
lfarncss Saddles, Agricultural Implements end Machinery.
313 becond Street, jfeuiphi,, Tenn.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for
on as liberal terms aa can
We also control the following Specialties under oor
own brands, vis:
Goodhar, Love A Co.'s Men'a Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bala, Button and Congress.
Gnolbar. Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bafs, Button and Congress.
Gondbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the beat se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampice Goat Stock, and have
Solid Bole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in evrv veanoct.
of a Large SJklpmeat of
Steel Drag Scrapers,
Memphis, Tenn.
Sweet l'ickles, Etc.
marred Frolt Pickled OraetM,
at a fled Frolt Flcfcled fnnmbora,
Nlnffed Frait Pleklrd Pappera,
atniTad Fralt Pickled Hanawea,
Mixed tweet PIChl'B,
fro etc HrkeU'e Chow-chow Bad
Mlaed Pleklva,
Plain fnen ruber Fickle hj theaalt.
Other brands of Plain and Mixed
Pickles la tilaaa and Ollvea.
J. F. BUCKH AM tfc CO.
( O'nt-r fccniiil ami Kcale 8ta.
fjuns, Ammnnltlon, Flsblng Tackle
aad Base-Hall Hoods.
aad Mala Street, Memphis, Teaau
Vlanafaoturing and Repairing of Gun a
nin tana next in ire CDliea nimes.
ZEtXNKK'S Bo,' Hhora are the beit that are mad.
ZKLLN BH'Q Children's Nboea will lave yon money.
7.F.I.I.NI-'R'S l.adlM'kfcam aad Slli itara are the haad-
t and moat ityllsh, and are rhear than any
nine I c, equa irauo
ZELLNER'S ti Lsdlra' Kid Bottom Skooo,
with lilk worted butt n hnlei, are the greatatl nar-
eaina ana have aver aeen.
John calhoos.
Telephone 7J4.
9. B. WITT.
W. C. 8W00PB.
f viarr, ccoiaiaiy.

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