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APRIL SI, 1880. VUIj. XL.V1 AO. bo.
The nuist momentous event that
kaa transpired in the history of the
English-speaking people since the con
cessioa of the independence of Amur-
ic by England, was the introduction
in the British House of Commons
Yesterday, bv Mr. Gladstone, of
the long-predictod bill providing
for the legislative independence
of Ireland. It was a sacred moment
for the English no loss than for the
Irish people, when the Primo Minis
ter, the actual ruler of the greatest
empire on earth, standing in his place
' in the House of Commons, confessed
before the assembled representatives
of that empire that eighty-three years
of coercion in Ireland had been fruit
ful only of turmoil and confusion,
agitation, revolution, bloodshed and
bankruptcy, and that to win and hold
the loyalty of Ireland and Irihmen
their love and affection must be enlisted
through self-government. Every pro-
tent against the act of un'on and the
usurpations under it, made, many of
them, upon tho'gallows and by suffer
ing patriots in the distant prisons of
New Zealand, was thus indorsed and
the patriotic sacrifices of a bravely
persistent people completely justified.
Ko other living Engl simian in public
life, save Gladstone, could have
made ueuih 'an admission. No
other one has the moral strength
to confess the wrongs of four genera
tions and press them upon the attcn
tion of his countrymen as the impel!'
ing reason for justice. In the great
speech, of wbich wo give a lengthy re
port elsewhere, the illustrious and
venerable statesman states all his
reasons for this measure conspicu
ous among them, most conspicu
ous after the recital of the re
sults of coercion, being that all
powers of go ve nment should be de
rived from the consent of the gov
erned. He did not say it in these
words so familiar to all classed and
conditions of men in this country, but
he said as much when he enforced the
effect of the local coloring ot laws up
on a free people. Referring to the
colonies for example, he said they did
not want good English laws but good
local laws; they did not want laws
from tho mother country even
when unquestionably as good
and delivered with as good intent
and purpose as was possible to consid
erate and patr otically just representa
tives in Parliament. They wanted
their own laws, and wanted England
to be hands off. They wanted politi
cal autonomy. This, after many years
of contention, was granted them,
and the result is that, as Mr. Fronde
states in his recently published Oceana,
the colonies are more devotodly loyal '
to the empire, more anxious for itsin-
' tegrity and welfare than they ever
were, and as much so as tho most
gouty of High-Church Tories. They
are absolutely independent, and are
only tied to the empire by love and
affection for the mother-land. And so
it was in Ireland from 1782 until 1798,
during which period she enjoyed com
plete national autonomy. When Eng
land, while during that time with
standing the whole civilized world in
arms, appealed to the Irish to defend
themselves, they sprang to arms, and
Catholifl vied with Protestant in the
organisation of one of tho most
superbly equipped, best drilled and
intelligent armies of that day in
Europe. Ho other 100,000 men under
the Qag of Great Britain has ever
equaled it. Time and opportunity
served these devoted patriots then to
strike for separation and absolute na
tional independence, but they pre
ferred that Ireland should bo part
of a great empire equal to a
boldly aggressive independence than
' like Belgium and Holland, hold its
rights by sufferance of the powers.
And so it is to-day. The tendency of
our time Is to consolidation, ' not
disintegration. Language marks the
limits of nations. Speech bears syra
pat'y to the human heart with light-
nine speed and swells the emotions to
' tidal strength and sway. The English
language is the language of Ireland as
it is of the United States. It
is the language that G rat
tan, Bnrke and Floyd and poor
Goldsmith enriched; it is freighted
, for Irishmen all over tho world with
sacred memories, and is to them as to
the English md the American people
the power that pushes them to their
best deeds in individual enterprise
and patriotic purpose. Ireland i'
bound to England by a thousand
ties. Their history has been a common
one for centuries, albeit it was sad
for Ireland, and they share the glory
of the illustrious deed' that signalize
the British empire above all others in
ancient or modern times. It is fair,
therefore, to conclude with Mr. Glad
stone that, like Hungary, whose na
tional independence was conceded by
Austria after many years of op
pression and rebellion, Ireland
will beeome. under tho inspiration of
the independence provided for in the
bill introduced in the Commons yes
terday, as loyal tn word and deed to
the empire and as eagerly anxious for
its supremacy on land and sea as
England herself. Pruned this bill
will -doubtless be of some appar
ent defects and strengthened by
amendments to be proposed by
the immediate friend of Ireland, but
it is fair to assume that in its general
integrity of purpose and aim it will
become law, if not this year, most
surely next, and thus the repeal of the
act of union for which O'Connell
fought so bravely, but unsuccessfully,
will be realized," and peace and pros
perity be assured to a long suffering
people To the " Graod Old Man "
ever so grand in a otg and honor
able life as at this moinett, all Irish
men that wisii their native land well,
will, as Mr Parnell did yewUrday, re
turn sinoe re and hearty thanks for a
manly and statesmanlike vindication
of the right, of Ireland to legi&Mtive
independence, and fur an appeal for
that right that no other man in the
Empire could mutch in strongth xf
stateme at or oratorical power.
la the British He of Commons Yes
teraay by the ktrodactioa ef a
The Relations or tbe American States
to the Federal titveroment Krpt
Steadily fa Yiew
Of the Crowning Beware of Ills Life,
Which, P.rnell Sa.-s, With a Few
Amendment), Will
The Greatest Event In the History of
England Sluce Mtgua I'lmrta,
Faithfully Btcorded.
London, April 8. Mr. Gladstone
s'ept well last night. Ha rose ra'ly,
in excellent health and na spirit.
His voice was frssh, strong, and evi
dent'y fnluiirg. Immrd ately af er
break'a-t Mr. Gladstone rtpiiredto
hie. official ldims. There he' f ou ad
prepared f ir bis ptrmal tie morning
papen, scores ef telegiaus bearing
on the task of tbe day, and mqre than
ote letter from close personal friends
and advisers bea in ware's of cheer
and congratulation. Mr. Gladstone
was manifestly intireslel In every
thing which showed popular concern
in the woik before him.
Bafore tbe night watchman in the
Hoaee was relieved or the lights ex
tinguished a number of m -rubers of
Parliament, gentlemen possessed of an
assured admittance, bega t to arrive,
to nuke themselves doaoly certain cf
their privileges by getting to their
seals eleven houis balore Mr. Glad
stone wonld reach the House, and re
tailing them during the long ittsrval.
Mr, McDonnell Sullivan, Nationalist
member for S ruth Westmeatli, was
the first man to gain an eu'rirc t)
the House. II got in ae early ai 5:"0
o'clock in the m rrning, end at once
proceeded to make sure of hisp'are.
It is alleged however, that Mr. Salli
van secured bis advantage by
biibitg a friendly policeman to
permit to have access by way of the
back eUirs. The Suuth Westmeath
member was not long the sole occu
pant cf echoing chamber. He wes
almost immediately followed by a
score of Pcrnellite colleagues. 'Jhs
role regarding the sea's is piact'cally
"first come fir t served.' Mr. Sulli
van therefore had his pick of the
whole floor. He chose tbe very beet
the seat next to and immediately
below the gangway, or aisle, on the
opposition or left sde of the speaker's
deek. As the ministerial bench Is
Situated Just opposite rn the right cf
8 pester, and the Prime Minis er has
usunlly occupied the seat just below
tbe gangway on ti aeide, Mr. Snllivan
secured a vis a-vis to t'ie orator. It
was not long before all the Paruellite
wtra in the House, and they pre
empted tne space in tbe loyally in
vaded by Mr. Sullivan, and all gtt
places to the front tf Mr. Gladstone
during his speech.
"hatting" thkib sbats.
The in-rush of the British membo's
followed close npon tbe adveut of the
Parne'lites. It wasjet early in the
m roingwhtn til tbesea'eof tbe fljor
wtr itakep. Tbesetti chosen in or
der to be retained n.Uit be ti keted
with tie bat of the member who
means to occupy it, and the hut mos
be the hat he s wearing that day, end
no substitution is permitted. Ti U
rule retains tbe members within the
limit, if agreeable, to t averse with
birehads. Tbe present g n-srttion
never witnessed such a ''hatting"
scene ai occurred in the House of
Commons this morning, long befoie
London was awake.
A number of members, who, afrail
to test the honor of their colleagues
ior a maintenance of t'ie rales on aa
ccamori like that ot to dav, and thus
retaimd posies ioi of their chosen
seat! by remaining in them neailr all
tbe day. I he cha noer is swept clean
and dust d ive y m irning during the
session. JLj-dav it was ilmo guiy
scrubbed as well. Dm g ee-ble is all
this wr, it did uot d"niay th giu tie
men who wt-rr sittu g for security, and
they miinairiei ihrir posit.oa
through the dust snd through the
damp. . When they got hungry or
thirsty they lad food and drink
brought into tbem. Sjtne of them
had been np all n gV, struggling to
get in, and those gout rally fixed tbem-
selves as cnmfor aly ai r,oiible and
slept. Tbe holder pre-emptors, how
ever, ret rent d before the dat bro' nn
and tbe warn tubs. Trey trolld
about the lobbies and fclewhr
through t ie great building. The dining-room
was the chief place of atten
tion, however, to all these, and it was
generally rt y e I filled.
Worn the son rose and the d if be
came maimer, the river-terrace was
sought I y tbe ma J wity of the per
ambulators, and here maiy expedi
ents we reaortt d to while away tbe
tim. Th. Pame lites were in a par
ticularly happy frame ot mind, a iog
aa i', tou-ean txure s onof cntof
them, they had a sore thing on a day
for Ireland. A number of thorn bo -roed
a tricycle and la I g e t ro't
racing np a id down the t-r acewuh
it un'd i fiaally CjU'ovd, throwing
P. J. O'Brien. Parnel i u.e3ib r lor
Tippera y, hi wis r ding it ak the
tin e, upuu h s head upoi tbe fl ' g ng.
He was picked up. h eediog pr. f j el ,
aid stunntd. His forh-ad aa
deepl-cot Over tne eye anth'Sfic
and hands were ,mnoh tirn ani
brnise. He ws.n fait, sos-riousiy
irj ir-d tha-. hs I a I 'o b removed to
a u."iit', bat be insisted o i going
banhaautd, and after hie monad were
tlressea ne reiurnea u occupy u,o
2 P. If 1h w either Is warm, clesr
andb, aai ul. Afer exhaosiirg ex-re-'ienta
to ki.l t m-t outside, t' e men
btf begpn to assemble in the H'mse
after 1 o'clock. In anhcur the flior
was pretty well cove-ed with group
of m-mbers it aiimstely discusaii g
the vtat of the dsy and debating the
poesihlti u come. The crowds outside
the Hoost by this time bad increased
greatly, and pe n'ed nnnpual t mi t
ation I r ecterprising alveiters. Tle
thrifty people mide t ieir ingenious
pp peals to theasr-emtlrd thousands by
moving their tarda along on sindwicb
men tundredsof whom found ovu
p,tion tr-dayin the vi -iuity ( f the
Parliament hoases. The C rrservat ve
prlniii ns wxre not without hopeti
influence filing agtinst the orator of
the day even at ns last avriUb'e m
meLt, for they, t o, hid stntwich and
placard-bt arera among the crowd car
rying such appeal as "Let ua consoli
date, aud not d smember the em
pire," etc
a raster jam.
At 3 o'clock the crowd outside the
pa'acr gates was enormous It cov
ered a 1 the spaco down to Westmin
ster b idge and extended pn tt well
up to Parliament street, toward White
hall. At. tl at hours peiftrct jan of
people filli-d Downing afreet, where
Mr. Gladstone's (fficial residence is
lituatod. The crod was pa'.ieLty
watitg for the Premier to make Mi
appeal ance on his departure for the
HoucO of Com mo as.
finished reading li t papers and tele
graphic and mrl correspoi di-n.ie at an
erly hour. Ha spsnt the remaimler
of toe morning and pat of tl.esfter
nora in coi tmplatioo. He refund
tu perm't himsli to he distnib d by
call from any if the large nnmbsrof
persons who attempted t see h m. He
mda one exception aud thai was in
favor ( f Mr. Morley, t ie Chief Ueere
tary for I e a id, wl o n he sent f jrand
conferrtd with for a s o t time.
The enom oi s clock t which big
Ben R' g a id's kin t bell rings time in
theVceiia tower on the s nth vest
corner of ibe Parliament BuiUtiogs
stopped lb s sfternroo. Its stoppage
was no i :ed by tbe crowds in the
streets, who depende 1 ou iti tones for
knowing tbe time of day and was re
garded by thonoauds as an oi orrpnce
of ill omen. Soon after 3 o'clock all
the thoronghf, rss about HL Stephens
were so crowded with people t h it et
temp'e ti ta ry on traffic in the ne'gh
I oroood had tobesuspended. Moui tad
Dnlice nei-e plare I ou duty patrolling,
becaiiss it was impossible for iffioers
afoot t ) get about.
the merxbers now begin to divide
t ieni'e'vps into patties with a view ti
their piobihle support of rocpoition
to tbe coming rpecb. They alro in
dulged in lOOi-ideral'lo b.interiug of
one anrthtr Mr. Pettr Hy lands,
Ltbsral member for Burnley, who had
failed to seen re a seat on the flor,
but has one in one c.l the fnilnrie-, ft
templed to make a speech from his
of y position He was greeted with a
volley of yells which rendered his
voice iniud'b e and compelled him to
rtliiiqm-b his purpose cf giving the
Houhe fome Information. Icvaias
eea ned tbat no has than 4 i0 of tbe
750 members of the House had en
tered and secured tbeir sent by "hat
t nf," or pe8nal occupation, before
12 o'clock. Tbe wivs, daogbtrs and
female relations and friends of these
members thronged the waiting-rooniB
all the morning provided with buns,
calces, baektt and novels on which to
tubsist and paw the time.
Soon after 3 o'click the Parnellite
membeis began t) take noasesiiion cf
i heir seats. Tbey arranged tbemselves
in serried tanks on the oppoti ion
h-nc) es in fiotof the piece whore
Mr. Gladstone was to speak. Mr.
1 horn is Power O'Oonnor, alionslist
member for the Scotland divieion of
Liverpool, explained the haste ex
hibited by his ptrty to secure srits by
saving ti at the Tories bad organic 'd a
p'c to take pO'S'saiou of seals in such
a way ai to m 1-0 it fmpossibio for tbe
Paroelnt-H to sit togitber, in older to
rob Mr. Galstnne of tbe chorus cf
cheers which tbe full thna ed Irish
members wonld be sure tn give him if
they were in a body and ihn oration
were ti their lining. Mr. 0'C,n-n r
said when bis C illeaguej d stoverel
tnis tonspiricy tbey at onretok steps
to circumvent it by reaching the scene
In t m to let tbe choice of planes.
Mr. O'Connor said he vi eatiafled
i h the result, aid added the Irish
cheers wonld not o o y be lull-turoated,
but onauimous.
theSptakerif the House, tok the
chair pionpily at 4 o'tlock. Tne
chamber at tbat time was packed to
the very extreme limit of its caratity,
aid every doorway shewed tall ways
crammed "wtti people, all centering to
see a id to htar. Tbe wet tier at this
lime suddenly changed. The clouds
lowered, and thunder was heard.
Nevertheless the mass of people out
tiu inert aied and became denser.
C a I ol'C priests were conspicuously
nan ernus i i the crowd, and no letm
thi-n thirty five bra lches of ths Lin
d, n organisation of the Ir sh National
Lea.ne were repn sentid by full depn
tat up, whose identity as easily
tsablsbed, eren at a diaa cj, ty
their gieen regdias. Political club)
beyond number m were a'o present,
to tike part in the popular d'monitra
lioi. At 4 o'clock deputations from
tuirty-two Libe.al club alone had
been ouoted in the thiong.
Before going to the Home of Com
mons Mr. Glidttone tcok a drive
through St. James Park, away from
t is crowd, by the west end of Down
ing street. He d. a red to be awhile
in the frth air before goirg ti Parlia
ment. He returned to hie residence,
and In a few moments emerged on his
way t) the H ,ue of Commons. Tbe
polire hrd oieued a way for him ti
Parliament street, and down tba'
aetata B idgsetree' to the hjosi. They
had to work baid to make this pas
rageway, nd bt rdvr yet to keep it
oq. Mr. Gladitonesvent in an open
carriage, and his appearance was
gre tad with diafening cheers. The
n hi:s asm tf the people ail the way
f ojq tbe do r if his bouse to tbe Com
mons' entrance was epon'aitous and
lori lirg 1 venren use i kuo oegio
iiing ol t'ie j or oi y in tie roar of ap-p'alis-,
aud grert eLOOvh to make
mil t sttt-fmen d zzy, ar d when the
whole immense mu t mde csoght the
rii a' one t em nc'ous old'faab-on d
cuter was s-nt op tbe like of wh'ch
wa never I efore h ard it L nlon,
and which was plainly anoihle in t'ie
aea4 trt.
MrUe at the Wabaah Varda la North
SU LoalB-IIoxIfc's Daily
Sr. L'us, Mo., Anril 8 A commit
tee f tie Knigh s of Labor viait-d tbe
yards cf tbe Wabash road iu North
tt. Liuis to-day and requested t'ie
men working there t.ot to 1 an ill, cars
enntsining fioi.ht from the Mi-wonri
Pacific roid. Alter a brief consu ta
tion, all the men in the yard quit
wo'k and biuee there was brought
to a stand still. It is said tl'; tne en
gineers snd tironu n also quit, but that
troy did so as individuals, and not
through any action taken by Brother
hoods to which they belong.
of St. Clair county, brought to Etst
St. Liuts thi morning abou' 200 meu
fronti B.llevi le and f t ler places in the
ponn'v and twire.t'iem in as deputy
hmiffi for service in the railrcad
yaids at Kut Ht. Louis. They were
armed and ordered M be reaJy to
answir cal s at u moment's m tice.
The day,- howevir, paKed i ff vvry
quietly and thote ai no oeraiou for
their services. Tliey relumed home
to-night. S ims of the most prominent
men of tho couiOy were in the pose.
without in'errnptioa In m-M-t of the
E.ist St Li uis yards to-r'ay, a id a go 1
am unit of business was ttamaoted.
It is rep.tl thiit u rousidi rahle
number of Winchester r,fl -s and re
volvers have been sent across the
river, and tbst the msn in all ttm
ytrls there will be armed hercatter
ai d fu'ly aMe t resist a 1 raidi on
them bv strikers.
Arijutmt-General Vance of Illinois
waf ii Eist St. L iuis sgJo to-day,
watehing the stiBtion. He, tfligraph
in G v. Oglei-hv legaidinii t;.e slate
of fff.iirs, would not. reveal the tnnor
of his dispatches. However, matters
l ave been viry qi'el at the Misouri
Pacific and Iron Mountain yards to
day, and the nnnal bns ness trans
acted witho it Intei fereriCH.
noxlc'a Dally Beporl t Sonld.
Naw Yobx, April 8. The following
dispatch was reioived to-day by Mr.
Gould from General Manager Hoxio:
St. Louis, April 8, 1886.
Tbe business ol the system has
about resumed its normal condition at
all points. A Fort Woit'i diara'ch of
this morning tays that everything was
Yes' erday moved 264 trains cf 4163
cars, an inciease of 2.8 loads ss cum
pnrd with theiane day lisi yea's.
I rains andV buHintes totiay moving
without any interruption. One hun
dred and fourteen of t'ie men who
struck on the Texas Hue have leturucd
to work.
A reps-t nf the fjroi emi,.. 'e,' cu
the system, April 6th, shows thet
B6j2 men aie now at work. The to al
number in the employ cf the com
pany March 6t i was 14 3;f, s'lowirtg
a decrease of the force ol 4' til. Of
the men who went out or. strike, MO,
or 14 per rent., have returned to work.
The mini her nf employes ou April 4:h
was 32 pr cent, leas than oo March
6th. We hive V54S nu-n at woi k on
tbe road department.
H. M H0X1K.
N ASHVll.1,11, TENN.
Bluhop KMdemaPher Werlonsly In
Jurd lbs 4liietion
laricuL to thw nrriiL.I
Nabuviue, Tbn., April 8. Bishop
Joseph Kademachur received severe
bruises tliis afternoon in a runaway
accident His horse became fright
ened and overturned tho buggy,
throwing the Bishop out. His left
leg is painfully but not dangerously
injured. Ho will be confined to his
bed for a month.
At the meeting of tho Council to
nig t the Naihvi le Gaslight Company
'submitted a proposition reducing the
price of gas to citizens from 2 10 per
000 cuhici feet tot 8S, provided tho
city would press the suit contemplated
to test the validity of Jio contracts of
the Gas Company with the city. Ac
tion on the oiler was postponed.
The Nashville Stove ami Manufac
turing Company's building and ma
chinery and stoc were destroyed by
fire to-night. Loss, 5 ',000; insurance,
25,000, equally divided between tlje
Royal, Imperial, Londoit and Lanca
shire, and the Bankers and Traders of
New Orleans.
Valnnfele PalBllnBT Bararml.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 8. Fire
broke out early this morning in the
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
and many valuable pictures were
burned anil many pieces of statuary
damaged. The amount of the loss
cannot now be estimated easily as
much was burned that could not bu
replaced by money. One of the largest
paintings burned was Harrison's
''Bord (Te Mor."
Salvation Oil kills pain evorv time.
For cuts, bruises, sprains, burns,
scalds, and frost-bites it is an infalli
ble cure. Price only twenty-five cents
a bottlo.
Ncn-Resldent Net'ce.
Ko. 6098. R D. In tha Chanea-f 0- ort of
r-hilby t.nuntj, Tnn. I he HUM nf ln-nsa-ae
"Bd lha ,'UDtr of 8h bj ti. Pearoa,
r-aniiK k i o. ot at.
It ai pcarini from tho bill whiota it pworn
tn in i bis e n a thitt ih dofemicn i. J. H.
Chalncra an4 "if. KotHi-ct Cbalmorv, if -deuU
of the etnto f M'm$ Ippi. C. W.
J ihnon, rwfideDt nf t o 8tU o Colorado,
U W. Or bel, a r idnt of tho But f Ar
kanian. It. ti. Ulnflin. a Urol, nimii of o
brs noHuowo, Cirooliaa"d Mr hoi yeokoo,
roiidooti ol the rUte ot New Yurk, Ura. L.
V. Fry er, a do-1 of ih 8'kie oi !
and al nun-xaldeota ot ihe ttalo of 1 i
fee. the reideuc of H. .1. Wart, Jr.
Joanna ("orbif, Ca h' r'ne Birn', aiD"l
Cowen. Anna M ri lhom. Ann Ktllr, Pat
0 .Wahonef, Edward llionm. Walhew vin
oent and it wife. Itarbtia. John ., Knil:y,
haian ClilTorO, J bri d Sirah Cnnun,
Bridget Ronner. Loniie Fi'berai dbn'lianl,
J. H. Ptiber, III not Mold wmp, . r. R.
ilbn, M. U VI oK ui' a d Nunc bnn'er
are unknown a'd cannot be aeeMaioed
a ter diiiaeot Inqairy; and tbe name anl
retidnoea cf lha heir or define , if ther
l-n a will, f Jhn Foi d J. . Finnar
de eau-d. alio ihe recid nee and ArM name
n( Failn. a n iuor f ne f ibe be n f ft.
Falla dceaned, i e nnkn wn and o i not he
Mkiertamed alt r diliiooi inq iirj. Tbi- bi I
ii fiifd to roll,'t Sia o and o-,n,.ty a ea on
t iMO'in inti owned by Ike above i arlUi and
otber prtia.
I- ii tbo'e ore ii'diml, Th th-y make
tbri- p, earai oe b rti'i. ' tha C u i-liou e
01 Sbi-tnv County, in Vernphi", X, nn on i r
b.f re the brrt nnd, in M v, S8i d
i;eal, nijiar or d.-iuui- to roniri-ilnart bil ,
r ihe rain will he taken tor e,feft-ed -a
t'i rb-m ai,d art f r lieirmc rx rk-te; aud
tint 0'i,v of tb a ortli-r ne pub irbed nnne a
we k, lo- f iur auce iv wmi, in ti.e Ar
ram.. I hi-31-t d ,y ol March, 18e6.
A copir A i tear !
f. I. Mo iiiWEL.b, rierk and Mm-tor.
By U f. v al b, lt .tyCierlt aid a ur.
Lee Thornton, vlie.tjr tor Comi,Uioaai,
I 118. F. u A.M. Will meet in
ata'ed eommunioation thii (rKI jr
DAY) eTeoioa. A.ril in, al I Vaf
o'clock, for diptrh t f ba-inraa. ' w
All M M a In (od t:aadin fra'araally ia
vli'd to attend.
By order W. T. CTONK. W. M.
Atte.t: J. L. 6Ltaa. Secreiary.
HEREAFTEK. at nitht, tha ran ef tbe
Cititena' street Railway will ran ee y
tw, lve minutet apart, ni til nitniaht. Alae,
wheneier them i any eniertaian ent al Maw
Meoiphla Theater, they "11 be found all
in at the corner ef Jeffran at'd Ceoond
atreeta, when the lerf ruia-re i oar.
R. bK.Vt.wKH, bap't.
all THE
Novell ies ot the Season
at Greatly Itcduccd
1)15. H. L. LASKI,
PlrjBlclan, Suriteon and Acceucher,
313 Main stret, Near I'nloii.
Tetrphonw No.aH.
Direct from Faclsrjr lo Pnrchaia
era, amvlataj; BS aicr mat. Writ
Monte Pickens & Co., Memphis
O0U) MEDAL, PARIB, 1878.
W'Hrrniihtl nbnolnCly pure
CocMm, fruin hli-h tho oxt-ew oi
Oillkts bucu nmovril. IthunMrM
wit U Htnrch, Arrow rout ur BuKfr,
ft and Is thfroforu fur lnumcootiom.
lent, cottiny Ira Mdft 0i cnt a
t-vp, J I w tIi'Liciou, mint inning,
ureiij' fn nlnir, inl1y tlrpiMt:tt
mul utluiiraltly mlalHl Ur tinal-
luH UH W'ilflfl rrpOrHULIII lit fl''tl (
hoi J by Ormif m eroryrvhiro.
"Money to Loan
On linprol planfadoiire lu
KliHHiHMippI ami ArkaiiNaH.
IiiMlalluieut plau 3, S or 10
year. Aunual IntercHl, nwl
In ailvance. No coiiiiuUnloii".
Ko cotton ablpuicntH. CJbeap
et loan ottered.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co.
25G Second St, Memphis.
We have no aitent
Nou Resilient Motley.
No. 60M, R. D .In the Chancery Court of
hhelhy i nntT, ienn. state n lean i
treand County of Ubelby va. Frana Mo-
l.iuiKblin t al.
Il ai p; arinit Irotn Ihe b'll whioh is aworn
to in thia oauae tnat the ilefendaii'i, O'Neil
k Co., a firm, names ot meinhera unknown,
rdw.irdW Lehman, rea'di nla of the Ktate
nf I'rnnaylvunia i Win 11 l.ron ird, Emma
Kodil and bn band, J hi W Rudd. n aidoma
of theHute of Mi-o iri; Mniianntll --lill
man, riri 'it i f the tState of Mew Vorkl
M ailer II llaldeman, Vallie W l.utohlnaon,
Charlea W llutohii lot, a minor, rei'lin
ol' tbe State ol Kent ok y: Mward K'lqn
liari, A C f urn on. Aaa IIider-w J 0 0 rn
fhaw, Lolaiid Leaihertnan, eidin a oi the
6 it- i f Arhi'iia.i-; it ti e May r-e 11, a resi
dent ol the Htiit- of Miiaatippii Tli mat w
U'ima aud J bn D Armour, rrtiHcniaof
tha -lull ( Maryland) Maltia It rt"Main
and hu'band, W M Hl-i p'.n, y oil e K John
aon and h aband, M B loh' aon, reiidnnta of
the hlate of Indianai ihe U. rmun-V' erloan
H nk. htyinc iu a tm in ibe (State of On io ;
William K.mnann, Anna Fergutou, nli
an, KliinnrO reruunn, miner, Haran Raae
a d hue and. A It Uik r. C.aaie Jaavby and
KB Jacoby. bar hualiand, naiilenta f Ihe
htateof Ohio, and ail nou-rea denta of tbe
Btito f Tenneaaen; tbi re'ideuoea of tbe
h' ira of Uarriron Holland, deeaaed, AW
Drown and wile. Drat name woknown. are
nnknowo ani ennnt be aeertainad a ler
diligent iaoairyt tbia bill ta nle I te eollerl
."-Ute- nd ronuty taaea ea Tar i na I ll
owned by abore nanxid aartiea aad other
It ia then-fore orriereil, Trv t ibfy make
the r a"D araroe berein, at ihe Coo i-llua e
of "helhy rouniy. in Vteiaphla, Tenn , on or
before the Oral Monday in May, 1M, and
i leal, antwi-r or dunnr to comi l m nl a
bill, or tbe eame w II be taen tore mieaaed
aa Ui tboin and a t lor he irioa I ) 'lei and
thataropy of tbia i rder be pobliahed "oj
a week for foor B"a ire weeke in tne .Vlaai
phiaAiipeaJ. Tbia 31 at day of March, lux).
A copy-- tle'i :
H I. MoliO WELL, CI. k and Maater.
By II. P. alai, Drimtr C a d M.
Lee Tnoroton and tt. D. Jordan, Sollell
ora fur coinp'-inant,. th
Non-Ri'Nldiit flutive.
Ho. 0'7. R. I.- It the Chancery Court ef
f-hwh? ooniily, Tenn. fltaie ot Xennnsae,
tlo , ra. Win ileuo et a.
It apnearuia from b II aworn to In thla
cane ihat Ihe defendant!, Mnllie P Bebo,
UaHie II on, J A M nkeo, lienj liaoman,
ftiaria A AHen, Kaehael dUwart, Lnomda
ttewart, Mol ia riieaart, Adrli -la rj ew.rt
and Henry Hi. wan, John II Cnn n, una
tee. Win VV Hwaio, Hiri-b r-w n 0idn, J
U dr'len. Albert He th and wile, Mia Albert
He. lb, liar ow J Phe'pa, Haiana Loviok,
Vra lamea A Hwaln. Kubert M Neelry, Wm
MeMartry, troatee Um'tm M Ryere n, U W
and M A (tone, W U Wellif' rd. K M Con.
wall and wile, Mra P aa Ci awell, flarluW
W Fb-I. a, Mary A MeAn.liy, Ln.y M M.w-al-k.
Wag Nebneider, Charlea lehnelder. L
T MaKtniM, Alb t Th iin.a. .war? Tiioiaea,
Saah Me' larv Peraeaoo, Jaoe 6tivk.ll, J
8 VTilllania Antoinmle Theanaa,. ila t e M
Boone, amnel Nookiila, Anul Aberrruaa
bie, AJM nWemery, Jeremiah W.I. ton are
non-re I inula ol lennerarei and that the
name, and viae ef rreldenoe ef the heira ef
Richard W.ld .n, ma e park-ee on aereanl
nf tbeir inlareat in Mlayirea ef lead in the aib
Civil Dlat iet ef rJbelba a only, boand.doa
tbe nor h by ba L. and N, K.R., ar. d on 'ho
oalb he he Old Raleifh road) the beri nf
M A Oilnhriat, made partiea n aeeoant ef
intenat in 2 a e(' land in Pope auoili'l
ion, r.rniTllle. Sth CIt I Matron lha
beiraof Fraaoia rl. Clark made partial ea
aornunt of latere tin lot 1, bliH-a K, He -eiih,
rt-elby e-anl , Taoaj t a la In of
it n.k Smitn and M K Howard made prtiea
on a. abt of inreree. in Iota a, f, 10. II. U
and 11. ia all 14 I7-IU0 orea. Pone eubdlat
aion, ra' mellle, are unknown and eannoi be
aaeerta ned a te' fliligent ingu ryi tola he
int aaaillo euloroe laa leiua aainat aaid
Il ia tbe-af re nrdrrd, That fiev mke
thir appearanaw h.rein, at ib- eourthoiie
of rhol e flinty, in Mmnpn-a, Tenn , on er'
trior. Ihe trt M n I ly in May ISHi, and
1 1 -od, aniwer or d innr to o mplainant a
b II, o- Ihe aaroa w II he taken or conf.-l rd
aa 'o them and wi for ho rn j e pa-t- : and
mur. a eoi t nf ibi o nor be pu't laned onoe
a wrb, or f iur mi tt$ re week, in ihi
Mnipbfa pial. lh a 3 Let dauf Mareh,
laSd. A t"P"'"' t
fi.l McDOWriLti, Clerk and Maater
By II. K. Welai, Iionu? )ierk and H i-Wf.
P. H. k C. W. lle'tksll, bvla. ler -o-alaiaant
l uU 1 1 ' u
We 0(u tlit) 5SiriK wiiil Hummer StaNon in tliia DepartiuiMit wttli !
gruJest display ol Hosiery ever ofTorod outniJo ol New York City.
While Jar k, ndHiI colors are ntill tleairablo, there ia, thiri artim, O
aluiont univi'iial Joni.inil for I'aoay Styles. W'c wero never better able to
supply thin demand than at prcKont. Our aasortruent ot Htylea is 1uion rm
wildering. The very ikewest aud most unique Jeignn in Kuglinh and
French High NoVi llia-i, such an UrKe and small Cheeks, Plain aad I'anoy
Vertical Stripes, Variegated and Diae.mitl rutterna, Mikado ntyles. !tc, we
bavo in endless profusion. Thocntira line i.a OUR SPKCl AI.OWN.LM
rORTATION, and tho mobt oareful judgment and experience Iihh been
brotuht to bear in ita Holeotiou. Ttio deaigng are ALL ixiouliaHy OUR
OWN and cannot bo found outside thin Department.'
KorHtrcetandlhoujie'wearlwc givbelow a levr.oiJourSiipeoiallnvnii.
I ,-vf 1 Ladies' Uiibleiiehiyl Utlbricau lloso, lull reKularmade,"nt.ra
allt l""entli and.Silk Clocked, 25o per pair, worth -l(e
Lot 2
lot 3
Lot 1-
Lot 5-
Lad ion' Unbleaohod nalbrimran lloan, full regular mule, ottra
leneth and superlioo tfilk (.'locked, Xto or 3 pair for 11, worth
50o a pair.
Lvliea' Cotton IIoe in Dirk, Solid ('olorn..iudI$lok,.iull
regular m tdo, Oil Colors, '25o, worth 4l)o.
Ladies' (lotion Uoho in I).irk, Solid Color, and Blaok, with
'all white foot (nomotliiiiR now), llTua pair or 3 pairs hir tl,
worth 5()o a pair.
Miaoollanoom L'tdioa' Stripod Cotton Hone, New Rprin
'Stylon, '2To, So, 5()o, (loo a pair. All lull regular made and
fast colorn.
T AA- ft An avortQinnt of Children'H Sohool Hose, all" aianri.po'p)
IJOI U""aad Fronoh Ribbed, Dark, Solid Colora, 25a a pair.
Lot 7--
Infants' 1 and 1 Hose in'.Whito, Koru.'Laoe and'Kmbrnldered,
'diriped and Solid Colon, in Cotton, Liulo and Silk, So. 36o,
40t), OOo, J6o, 7r3o a pair.
ar WnOPLAWN l Inrated within fnnr ml lei of Court Square, Momphl. aad fettai 140
aor'l -2l)Oi.iir.. in arnaa, ail tin ler good lennei haa largo alalilea, good ariade and rannlac
water all Ihe yoar round, and will be devoted enti ely tn iniunring and rellliigateok el ererf
variety I am now prpa'od lo roiwiro and an I on ooiiimiaalnn alt kiadaol blnflded and
rad.dFt.irk, II Mia, Col Jo, Hoe-. Iloaa, Poultry, oto. J hoaa harinaat.ek feraale laliall
be glud to corroMinnd with thorn. Tho-e who deire to nurehaaa, 1 will end o to olitai
what ii'oa rnn're Ti.e fo lowing Ktalllona will atnn.l tin a ..ann at Wsodiawm
H AHH W A f-Dirk brown a'atllon, lii haii.t' liiah. br Hnqoirnr, dam Kurtaa by Rur'a.
Harh iw y won ira itl'oat ctikei. r-t. I oaia, IH7S. 1 mile he .ta. 'n and I:, ead tha
foil. .win" day won. ha Hitj m U IP, uiile feeaJ-n t.i 1:41 aad lit-H. , U he.aaal ia.aljia
and nuro r.vi. tlct'or F e.'al . . .' . , .
Il ii.l o.H -Re Tr ton (own broibar to Trlnknt-2:1il, dam Itlaa rntlnr. 4am 6( Man
Hot it: breed r'a ret llcale, aa 3yoar old. Ilol'on ia r.oh blood bay, yer old,
V.3 huh. Invul aa't.il, ai.d p.oml e grai aiieod Koo,
nwnt.Hr Mwll K Bruoeiaa dark bay trotting and pacing aUltlon. wlawwr ef Flrat
1'iiiaa' Knrrvllle, H" hamia hi b. a rrd br It y llloa, he ly LeiinaUn. Fee, I at.
Iil.il M aMaa .ltul.l.v..il A I ir ft. .lra Hull.
FO'I MA LR -tne young e.aeT Bull. Peapnrka. I 0 per par flrerhnand Papa, fVaatai
Kowrnun.llan'l Puna, llOeai-hi Olark Breaiivd
Ur C l. MMI 1 ti, Veieiinary br on, nan I
J AK HMI111 a CO., 2M rronl. Aa.ireaaai ou
Clflifto IO !vf afllMnn Nlreot, UTeuaulilM. Tin an
J, T, VAHUAH0N. J. A. 11UNT. 0. 0,
J. T. FAR6AS0N k CO.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factory
St Front Street, Memphis, Tenn-
Cotton eonaignad to ua will hava ear e.refal attention. We carry at all Uiaea well-
aeleoled Hook oi
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liquorsjobacuc & Zlmi,
nrWill pay Good Vrirm for
TRAHIIY CO I TO . of all 1eMrltlonaj. (Send tot Clrcalar
and Prle
3XTa "XT- SwJRE3E3K.JSf Jr.
75 Vti Ptrt,
LS1K30I & Sill
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
Nob. 328 and 328 Main St.. Memphis, Tonn.
VV ajiaakitH, wl'eh we offer to tba Trade anon the moat faTnratile larma. war pnoel
will eompee farorabir with thoH l any market in the tolled oUue. We are Ageute Inr
TeanetiMe Uauoractarlug Co.'o Plalilx, llrllN, Mhpetlur;, Mjlrtlnp, Etc
i ,n rwTvrrTr e OAtiTi.
J. R. QODM ill 00
And )ninil,iHloii IHerchantf;
Tfom. 4 l n nil I
To. .508 FroiU street, Memphli, TcnV
AVl hae ailmlUed J0UH B. MASK aa a me ular ol our Irs, to dta r-.rt M rnt 1 , 1SS5:
P. MjJDl)K.i k U ) ,
EUr,OarfMR.;klA3K will grre hli apeeiat atteatioa to all Ootloat oonatfB.d t.
lud (iao o rWa, finer doeen.
e eonaultedat W
eoUaaa. Oiiy Ag-oakf , AT
Jim- IHtita;T,21M Fr-nt atrenl, Mrar4la, Tena.
VT. !. WILKERSON, Vlce-rriIOt'
;oiiw LUAutig
HUM. K. A. PAUKHR. B. L. W001)Hti
TVTpTriPhiai. Tevin. .
-on Ntrcot. Wmntifs;
i t r

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