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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 09, 1886, Image 8

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LoatoTlllf Orleaii aid Tf iu B'jr
In r.frri NoTetnber B, IS.
" n.i hlATE I Bo. ib. 1 North.
4:00 p.m ll!f a.e
&:M p. ml . a.m
:4"i p. ml ft:' a.n
I .Mi .. C.
tl.k.karr D 1
1 :i a.m x:o a.m
tmwi .- r..-..
i.l -.F
to. Keure... G...
,W 7HMi.....ll ..
1:42 ...
17:10 .
5:'3B a.m
R:Z1 ft.ni
9:911 p.na
:l p m
:42 p.m
6:l p.m
5:00 p m
!:.- p.m
11:10 ..m
7:S ..m
:4fl a.m
9:4f p.m
7 :16 p.m
A-Wlta ll liner enterlnrMemphla.
f-With M. N. W R. R. lor llelena.
8-For Hreenyllle .nil Uuntinf ton, and all
Arkaarar point..
IV-Wtih V. A M. nd V 8. A P. Rallroada.
B-Wka N., J. AC. K. H. for ftatobei and
Jwkioa. ,
f Far Point on the Branch.
-4 With HMiin lor Harm Sara.
B Wit reilroadi dii.rioi for Florida and
Coairt point. ....
Pall ma liefet Bleeping Tanon all tralni.
JA8 M. Kl)W4KIK, V. H.aodU.,M.
M. BI'KKK. General Bop'L
A. J K.N.IT. U. P. A.
Xtwpwl ferae and Mi.aalpif Tat,
ley .1 rain, bioto lollowt: No lll.lt
rJMdHj)le.Te.tll:lam. No 2 !
ai nriOpm. d-ily. fat. Loola fart Una
Imtm daily at :3ii p.m. No. 7 (last line
daily) arri.e. at 1 :.KI p.m. Mail and ei
hmi arrivwi daily at 8:1 a.m. bt. Lome
bt lis. arrival tally at 9:05 a m.
laataalpal and Trn.nr.. Fart
mail train Irare. rl.ily at 4 :30 p a, ; arriv.
at 9:4) a.m. Loel froiibi leara. at 6:40
a.m. ntriTea at 4:30 p.m. Kreinht ttal-.a
Ron. 5 .' d 8 run trl wirkly. No. 6 leave,
leaphii Monday, Wedni.dny and Kriilar.
MaBa'lly,lprlnrl M Mud Mfiti.
Klila Train. leave M. end T. dit fl
w; N. 4. nml and e (pre... leave, daily
at 11:31 a.m. i No. 3, mail apd eiprex., ar
rive, al S: p in. No. fx ). St. Lnui. eiire",
leave, d.ilv at p.m. ; No. ', bt. Louii
exile", rr vii at B:.V a.m.
Hranphla and) Mule) Rnrk Train.
fiova a. Kiilnw. 'central nana ira inn.':
. 1 leave daily at b:'Si p. in, ; arrive, at
tfiA a.m. ri. 3 leave, at fl:f.'i a.m. : arrive.
StUiMJam- No A(.rniKht) leave, liopenaltl
ally (eiej.pt ftund iy) at 6:(iu a.m.; arrive,
at 7.10 p.m.
HrnopnM and I'lierlrnlan Train
eve a. follow: Thr ugh eupmr Iiava
dally at K. p.m. Alail ami eiprer. leave,
daily at V:l0a rn. Houierviil. aeiMiinmnil
tion lewea dally, exeept Huml.v, at 4
p.m. Thieo.h eipren. arrived d ily Hi S 2fi
a-m. Mail and eipre. ar lve dnily .1 4 :V
tm. Homerrille accDtumodntion arrives
Jly, except Sunday, at 8 ;3(l a in.
l.oaUvill and) Nahlila Train.
Mv a. K)llo: ra't mail arilv." d.ily at
iUa.m.t leaver at 10:10 p.m : amil leave,
drily at t (X) a m. Id own vii1. aacoiinn
datiom leaver diily, enceiit Kundy, at 5:)
p.m. mail arrival daily at 6:01 p.m.
Brewarvill. .eooinmoda'ion arrive, dal'ya
leapt Bnedai, at 8 40 a.m standard time).
Hempfcla, Klrirlr ijhara and Atian
tl HoU'' Brrinn Rnula Tr.lni move ..
follow. i No 1 leave. Memnhli d ly at 3:46
f m.t axilvM at Holly r prion at 6:30 p m. I
So. t leave Holly Snrina. deily at Vi(0
tym. i arrive, at Mempni. at '1 :16a.m. t No.
I Iravr. M.mpbll dally at 7:30 p.m., arrivea
at Holly flprinyi .t 11:59 p.m.) No. t leave,
belly Karlar. daily at 8iS0 a.m., arriv. at
Mamplilt ati:.a.m.
VkaaamuTiiit, Ar ril 9, ISM. )
1 o'oloek a.m.
Indrsalinna f ir Memphis and vinin
Ity: Fair wuathor. Itlne crvnopnt, red
CTfjuoent, ml nun
For Ttmnmr. ad the Ohio Vally:
Fmir, ejtirmrr vmthcr, vi'nja grnrrally
tadrrly, tliiliog In tuutltcr'y. I'ur Si.'ur
Jny, rnin(r vialhtr it indicutal Jar al
dtitrUU rail of Ihe ilmnstitfii riifr.
MelerAli(lrnl Mrpitrt.
MmirHia, Tm., April A, 1HM.
imte. JTar. Tiier. Wind VV'tlmr
7:00am -'0.212 47.0 KB. Olear.
II :00 an, H'.:i7.l! (i:i.() N K. (Ileflr.
8:00 m tOliO; 70.o UK. Oli'ar.
7.-00 p.ni If) 101 07.0 U.K. (;pnr.
10:00 pm fi.1Ii O.'.O 8 E. Clear.
Maximum temppraturn, 71 0.
Minin on ti mpcrature, 47.0.
Bainfan 0.00.
All obwmtiona arn taken on 75
nerldinn timn, which is one hour
farter tl ii Input time.
The river Is booming.
Clura 1-ouIho Kcllopj; Conrcrt
Oonipauy at tlio Memphis Theater to
DighL The iinl and dust yenUjriliiy did
a jrroat deal to uiasipato tho eUutit of
tho sunlight.
Juwliiv Quiley presided ns polico
i'ndjro yitderdny inorniii, lVenideut
laddea bt inj; indinpoHed.
Barlow, Wilwin V Ivinikin'a miu
trela will Im (ho attract on at (ho
Wt-mphki ThvaUtr alter tho Kellogg
The CitlaeiiH' fitnn't Cur Company
ii in fa 1 hlaxt, tho Citiwma' (iiw Com
jniny baa lieen ehartered and the Citi
acn? Water Company has applied for
a charter.
The Board of Commissioners of
Wcat TeuiHUHoo I nsano Asylum were
1b araakon all day yesterday in the
Cotton Kicbange commitU'e room,
exaaiaing plaits for tho projected
building. .
Toai Adams, who left tho city
arno tiaie b,m with considerable
money beloncinir to Win. Qninn, has
been eapturtsl at Klmira, N. Y., and it
la likely that the authorities here will
aend far hi in as soon as a requisition
can bo obtained.
Bupnrinlenilent Scmm an
nounce, that the Citizens' Street Rjvil
way Company will hereafter run ctrs
ejrery taeWe iuinnt( nt night until 1
o'clock. Cam will bo kept waiting nt
tho corner of Jelle.rmm and Second
whe.nc.Ter there is a performance at
Uie theater.
The Indie of the Woman's Ex
clianga are inueh encouraged with
their lacrcaavd patronHo. In future
they hope to meet the demands of the
public in the variety of their bill of
tare and in prompt attention. They
Are ready to fill all orders for ice
cream, Charlotte russe, cukes, chicken
aalad, etc,
A namberof large and expentiive
ljuililirirH are being ers:ted in various
parts ul the city. The site of the
Armstrong fire will lie occupied with
a $16,' 0 ftmcture in a short time,
Wr. J. W. Voep-11 and others are
building on t am street, north of
B4ale, and Mr. F. H. Cosw tt on Frout
etrect J net above the Gayoso.
Tke following telegram to Presi
dent Hodden from Mayor Knox of
Home, tia . was read at Council meet
ing yTKterday: "In confluence of
the great overflow of our rivers, a great
many of our citiicns are entirely desti
tute, a rutnlxr of them homclcni.
Any contribution tendered f r their
relief will he gratefully accepted and
pr. perly distribute
It is said that offers huve ln-cn
made to bridge two etrt ams in Shell y
countyfor Jill.OOO, an udvance of only
.'0i i on the cot of wo den structures.
The majority of the Cou ty Court aro
In favor of building iron hiidgep. The
fiit -oKt would be much greater, but
atrett )i d over a period tif five ur ten
yiars. (be ixjx iiheof iio - would be
One tNinl that of vitwdi n biidgis.
Tho relatives of the Isle A. A
Pcnn.vtt have attached evi tytUiug at
the house, 32 Causey street, whee ,ie
livid with his imraumur, exec jier
clothing, a trunk, tin sa' jinjng
table, one or two other l,t, and a
finger-ring. The fnrnifire ,! earpet
an i a diamond ring rP among the
proM-rty levied r-.pon. The general
opinion is that t'je pr rAM. Carlos, who
as bo devo.( t the suicide, and
nursed her tenderly until she died,
is entitled to all the miserable prop
erty. At the People's Theater last night
Jack Burke and Frank Ware gave a
foer round exhibition sparring match
liefore a big and well-iilexsed crowd.
The exhibition will lie repeated to
night, and at Kstival l'ark tomorrow
night Burke and !ick Ciiinmings will
soar five rounds. Iturke, who paid
tlio Appeal office a visit hist night, is
a well-dressed, good-looking man of
about twenty-eight years of age, gen
tlemanly . in his deportment, and,
though of powerful frame, loos like
anything rather than the typical pu
gilist. He made a national reputation
in Chicago last June by standing up
liefore Sullivan for five rounds. Near
ly J0,O,JU jx'oplo witnessed the contest.
Mole Agent for Ilnrace K. Kelly &
I n.' Key West i igars.
The trade supplied ut New York
prices. A full assort uient constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: (iayoso Hotel stand,
1'cahody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. SA.MKi.woN a co.
I'ay board at Clarendon Hotel $20
per month.
John F. Kkv has returned from a
trip of Homo days to Nashville nnd
A hIi Inn 1 City.
I. Samkixon left this iiiorninir for
Cincinnati to purchase a new lot of
fixtures for the palatini cigar store at
310 Mum street. 1. Samelson A Co.
are spreading out, und will take in
the store occupied by Benson.
Tins evening at 8 o'clock the I.a
dies' Auxiliary of the Young Men's
Christian Assoration will give their
usual bi-inoiithly entertainment, con
sisting ot ninnc, recitations and so
cial intercourse ut tho Yotinir Men'a
Christian Association Hull. All mem
hem and friends are cordially invited.
KiriiARD M. TiittVKi.i ick, one of the
most noted men now engaged in the
laboring cause, by invitation of the
Knights of I-nborof this city w ill de
liver a lecture at Iubrie a Theater
raturdny evening, April 10th, to
which all wage-workers are cordially
invited. On Sunday eveninor, the
11th, he will lecture, nt the sumo
place, to Kn ghhi only. Both lectures
will be free.
The lailies of the spinning party in
the Old 'l'iines entertainment to be
given for the benefit of tho Women'i
Christian Association on the 15th in
slant i.avo thus fnr failed to obtain or
hear of any flax for spinning. If
any one can aid them in this mutter it
will be counted n great favor. Dense
report to Mrs. Carrington Mason,
chairman of Committee on Piopertics.
Also any other contributions townfd
fitting up old fashioiied rooms will bo
cordially welcomed.
Tiik following visitors were regis'
lered nt the Travelers' Club-rooms:
1j. II. Sullivan. Arkansas; K. A. Slaii'
field, Arkansas; the l!ev. II. A. Jones.
fit v ; Thos. Mathews, Cleveland, Miss. ;
m. ,l. marks, St. Louis; i;. II. Koote.
KaiiHiaCitv, Springfield nnd Memphis
....Ox..... I . I 1 U IV... 1 ri'l ' I. .
K. 0. Miller, Tennessee; Biii'lev Phip
pie, IxiuiHville; Pie't Mcliuire, Cin.
cmnati; 1). W. Sharp, Mississippi ; N.
r. viurreii, lndinii Jlay, Ark.; t;. Z.
Williaius, Little Bock ; (i. M. I. Bow
ers, Helming, Tenn.; Jiimes W. Clop
ton, Helena, Ar.; (ilenwood Preblo.
T. P. A. 114J; A. Veazre, Bttttiinore;
i.ii. t. uiherlioumi, Joneslioro, Ark. ;
M. Bewr. Jonesboro. Ark.: John A.
Suddoth, ( larks ale, MisH. ; William
nutrlies, Jiailey Station, Ark.; K, J
Wil iams, Bailey SUition, Ark.j Ed,
Miain, Helena; (ieorire Borrow. Mis.
eissippi ; O. A. Carter. Iml oden, ArW. ;
J. l . l-liesver, Jmlxslen, Ar.; C. F.
Webber. St IxiuiH-. Mai. Ed Finch.
Springfield, Mo.; J. B. Mathis, Clar8-
tiaie, fliisa ; J . I. Atterbury, Areola,
Krllouir la.nlaht.
The Clara luiso Kellogg Concert
Company will arrive from Little Uock
this morning, and will appear nt the
Memphis Theater to-night. Tho fol
lowing programme, which may bo
slightly changed, will be as fid ows:
Hbudiod e ItenaToIr, Nn. 2 (edition
opnaire) Ll.it
r. Ad 'ph Uloie.
Punt, 'Coma Trarquiiu" Wnnl
Mil. Paulina Munt,' rifTo ani Mr. Franoil
II. Nnvea.
Andante and Schrr."
Mir. Ollie T ibett.
Jewol t'ona ("Kaa-l' )
Mill Clara lioaiae Kelloff .
8nren.de Tourt
Mr. Rrva David.
Flower Oirt ( Kauri") Ooonod
MI.k f.uliue Monlec iSo
Parqulnade Oott ehalk
r. Olo.e.
Duet. "Mel t Be" Boito
M i. K. II and Mir. Moi lorrilTi.
leoiuan'i edd n. i.n Ponlatowiki
Mr. rrauoi. U. Noj.r.
Goodby Toatl
Ml., Kell 't.
Concerto (Flrrt Mir e'i-enO Da Brrlott
M r Tut belt.
Ltt Me Dream A.nn 8a llvao
Atirr Monteaiifo
Qunrte'ta from the ope a "Marthn"
O-pinnina Whea'l F'otnw
MinKnliojK, Mi.. M n'e.nfl , Mr. David,
f" IkMi Mr. N,ye.
This entertainment, it will he seen,
is similar to those given here by Patti
and Nilssoi:, when not supported In
Mnlford, Jt-weler, 2!U Main, so
liM'its orders Iriuii the enniitry.
l ine Mock 1 Mrm.
Attention is directed to too card of
the Wdodluwn Stock Farm, four
miles out from Memphis. Tho
stud consist of Ilarkaway, Ilolton
and KolN-rt Bruce, three well-bred
horses; also the Jersey hull Black
Prince. The place la conducted by
Joseph Burney, who will endeavor to
lileane tboee who wish to buy, sell or
breed horses and cattle.
Exwl'ciire nnd ah
Are the e rets of Mnlford'a uccei.
Memphis 1 1 oral aw tttm laraeat
Ivra ef plaaiia let lama.
KolldMMrrwMro rtl MMlford'a
e RiiInii,, lAaaeaaralaia led.
yoar fiemkim
Mouogrniii UMiiitlet 91 ii Word.
In rrdpr 'o introdi c the Alalarra
f-'plint V a' in flip maikpt, l wi I U
iit-Iivcnd at per hxriel in Ity lim-
tH. It llHS I O nri.ir
Teh pi on- 5MI
OUt l.ulU miiiI S i. or
Ikon aa ta M ulfuid'a 2V4 Main.
Cumino price of May optiona at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, J9 371', lard,
fi.CiJc; clear rib aid, 5.c; corn,
3lc; wheat, 77 Jc; oata, 29c.
Tux actual count of the stock of
cotton on hand yesterday Bhows the
following: Stock in compresses,
11,141 lalea;8toc in warehouses, etc.,
8.'r,2;2 balea; toUl, 90,403. Stock un
sold: stock in warehouses sold hutnot
delivered, 887 bales; stock in com
presses, 11,14! bales; amount unsold,
70,07a bales; total, 90,403.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday : A.
W. Brock way, Brownsville; Austin
Miller, Boliver; lr. J. B. Jones, Mc
Kennie; W. C. Smith, Nashville; T. L.
l)ismuk(, Nashville; A. Walker Otis,
New York; Alex Moses. New Orleans.
U. A. Pa k, Owcnsboro, Ky ; A. B.
Fly, jr, Water Valley; M. D. Fly,
Water Valley ; B. Davenport, Chicago;
Harry Warten, Athena, Ala.; Mrs V.
B. Domonico, Miss Adlie Bomonico,
W.C.Smith, Nashville; Ben Daven
port, Chicago; John M. Kehler, St.
IOUis;G. A. Park, Owenslwra,-Ky. ;
(!. B. Smith, Toronto, Canada; C. L.
Batos, llollv Springs; Harry Adams,
Kivcrton; F. M. Gilliland, Collierville;
Aaron Stiefel, Now Madrid.
ir.i.MVEXSTi:i a nuo.s,
Dry Gool Hiillctln!
DrlTfs In Mlks To Day!
50 pieces good quality Pongee
Silk, entirely free from rice dust,
snme goods are sold for 45c and
fiOc; price only 2 ,c a yard.
Full lino Striped Summer Sil' s,
all good staple colorings, only 35c
a yard.
10 pieces splendid Black Dress
Silk-our price is 1 50; we oiler
this lino to close at $1 10 a yard.
Nice quality all pure Silk Satin
Tricot (black), at B7Jc a yard.
Spring IT raps!
We have everything that is
novel and elegant in Spring Wraps.
Prices range from 7 M to 50 each.
Do not buy until you see our in
comparable assortment.
rarsaols! rara'olst
Wo can show you more ilylet,
richer nnd handsomer novelties
than any Iiouho in the South in
cluding the Louis XV, Mikado,
Pagoda and tho Star - hape : also a
full lino of Coaching Parasols.
(Jentlemcu's Shoes!
Men's Calf Button Oxfords
nnd Ties, hand-sewed, reduced
from $0 to H 60 a pair.
Men's French Kid Oxford Tics,
reduced from $5 to .3 5,1 a pair.
A few pairs of Women's Don
gola llandt.urns, reduced from
15 60 to 13 60.
Ses ad. of Memphis Stoam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kalsomininq telephone GOO, A. Mc
Neil. MbmpribStainkd Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Sino a pne'al to the M mphis Collpr
and Cuff Lannrlrr. 51 Main street, to
call for your lauut ry.
Wat-on a Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof anainst damnneae, seepage
and rate. Trlephone 93S.
Rati too a damp, unhealthy eel
'art Wtt.on's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and w bolt some. Tele-
pboue 938.
Tbi Herbal Chill Cure, the beet
tonleand anti-iwrlndio known. A eertain
ana luie onre tor ohilli Frice It per bot
tle. Ser rt.mia for elreulara. Anv rel-
erenre (lien. Addre.. John 0. Kuoker.
uvnontier., va.
Sind to Memphis Floral OomDanr
for list and priee-cumnt o planb.
Have largeetstock in town. Come out
a id see for yourself. Booth gta Elm-
wood Uemetery.
'VVaton'8 B:tnmen Concrtts," for
the pxvin of csllar, warehouse and
(taMe 0 tors, driveways, walks, etc.
Ha-d, smooth and durable, and pr iof
Rgitinat dainjineie and stepage. Tele
phone v. a.
Onk solid gold, flv back, stop watch,
1-6 seconds, only 60: I 8-1 arat solid
gold Cieneva watch, weighs 6i dwt..
0; 1 1 i-karat solid gold rlgin watch,
$:'; 1 18-karat heavy and very fine
altliani watch, -W); 1 Imx-caso,
solid gold, 10-karat Wgin watch, V-'6;
other Adid gold watchea from 18 to
t-10; solid ailvttr watchea. in eood or
der, from S2 to 15 ; solid gold rings
from I up; irenuine diamond nnirs.
16 up; S-dgy e ocka, warranted one
year at .-3 apiece; I very fine 6J
tarat old mine diamond, free of flaws.
only 1600 -this stone cost 130: 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel pearl anoV
aoim gold net bracelet and necklace,
cost before the war -300, ill be sold
for -35. All trooda will be sold on
approval and money refunded if not
74 and 6 Beale street.
J. D. OOTTIIK .F, Minuter.
Fine Wati h repatrlnr at Malford's.
U ta R.iIHi, I nmHr.lr for
le.r pltimiii,,. mri Snl tliejR.
Hate Your I rt-ntli C'iockii
Pot in ordx. a Mnllnrd'a, 291 Main.
(. In rnii l, lral l .m.l.r
lor pla.1. mm i I -.. . ikrw.
Ordtr Mei.liat Siullord'a.
Paabacty Halal.
C. B. 6 ALLOW AT A CO Ptori-iToaS.
Rate, tl 60 ind $3 per dav, aooordinf to
in. and location of room Special
rale. mad..
B J W.ndel 4,Tenn J W Wooldrilce, Kr
KJBil-r.N I WRIItb., Ark
it B Malbes Mil. J W Robin-on Tens
JJ'on'i, T.nn J B Me ary, Tenn
II B Wynne. Tenn F Aldr due, i.(
A D Bl.nn, rk F C oppe. N V
AJs-a-.e. NY J II Dou.la... Ill
Mr. 0 F MiPeti,Ark W K a h.eloek, N Y
H K Mi.rrU, Teon B Da'enport, 111
U K wr (ht. Ma.. F Thome.cn. 1 1
. M Wbit nd-.. Ark D K Ki.'di, k. lenn
C A Sta-nba. k. Teon K J W.lliam., Ark
A rtroekway 41, Teon J 1 aird. N V
J C Inrbea, A a A Halber, Ky
MriUldoaAe, III J Bnrka, III
F War., Ill CIIM.r.b II.NI
BHKIIir, Ala B Le'and, Miu
TChimrt. Tenn C K Hoyer, Ky
W R Ihoinpaon, Mi.r F 0 Var.b, Mo
Mirr Kate Mar.h, Mo W B Bver.nn, Ohio
ASLaey, Mo U I ake. Mi.
A l-tann.rd. Pa II W hokleT, Mo
C V Kevt old., Mo C F CnoU, N X
II WollT. NY J A Ward, Teon
W 11 HimiDondr.Tenn Mil. "itunoniii, Tenn
Mm F B ball, tenn Ou K.bn. Fa
HP Pioird, Tenn F W rattan, Md
J Fu.reil, Ark J A Lei:iercq, Tonn
A II Pl.nl, Tno F II Hnott, lnn
CRMo roi.Tetn JWVr. bb. Tenn
C.etTr wbridre.Ark Mj i D Ada n., Ark
J T Wiliinr.T.nn J Tretevaut, Tenn
The) Rra U.yono.
Rate., 12 50 to II per d.y.i ocordinf to loca
tion of room.,
J M Winder. Ill W ' Mitchell. N Y
Josmi h, Mo M 11 Oliver, Ohio
II B Knap.,. Ill W S -ohenek , N Y
0 M Davir. n, Ohio A IIO ild.mitbAw.Ark
Moi 1 Onldiimitb.Ark W U Wood, Ark
.1 B Style, Mi 'i J A Moore, Mi..
F Halliralb, Mm A l riortronr, Tenn
J II Freeman, Tenn K II Frayrrr. N Y
J II Manhall, Ky T lnyb.r, Tonn
AKI.undy, Ky W I Mm v, N Y
F II Parhiiiron, Mo Ll'ma. Mo
it U Smi'.b, Cunada K T llarnr, Ka
J ' Johnron, Ky J 1' Unit i, Tonn
C K llnnton, Tenn II D ills'i, Tenn
V II VTaidlow, Tenn K Toi p, Tonn
II C.,h,.,hii, Mim W a Pollaok. Mil.
W A tVhiie, Tenn
J M I' rtr dir. Mil.
II l Kfhkort. Hy
Mr F S Junex, III
M Winder. Ill W 0 Mi'mall. N Y
Jl'Pmidt, Mo MDOhrio, 0
II I! Knann, I I W M rjchaok. N Y
(J M l'vi,-on, 0 II Ooln.m th A w, Ark
Ni. tic. .Isi.nlb, Atk W I) Wood, Ark
J Hlyl", Vlir. . J A Moore, Mi..
r- (i iihraib. mud A l Arunnrooi, Tena
J II F cen n, Tenn
.1 II Murrli'ill, Ky
0 R P..e, Mir.
J II 'kr, Mira
J II Dou lafr, III
W laic, 111
FU Urne, 111
U II rr.i r. N Y
J Tnyl, r, Teon
R V Muo.lon, Tenn
K Wil.en, Hi
C KiJ.worth Aw, N Y
K 0 oy n tun. Ala
H o Todd, Mia.
(laalou'i Hotel
W. H. BINGHAM Makokb.
Kuropcan plan. Knli r.ed and iniurniahed.
Price. uoooriinv in riie and loca
tion of room i.
F l!re..i,der. Ark D W MnAnlly. Tenn
J M 1'rewi i, 1 eno OA Duncan, Tenn
J M Carroll. Ark
R w Woker, Ark
N N Iliron, Fenn
T J F'ii pin, Tenn
J II Kdiulou Aw, Tena
0 Y Fie mm, Miia
Jamer Kinm.n, Ark
R C Dum ytbe, Tena
R R Patlerron. Tena
C L Kax'er, Mil.
W'e.t Stoke, Ky
B B Gordon, Mini
J M Om-ev, Mira
U W Wilron. Tenn
F K.wkio.. Ky
K B.I ok, Teon !
J M Keblor, Mo
John II Ln'ie. Mid
K Bln.r. Ky
A B At drew a, Tenn
B tlinvh.m, Tenn
F'.nk llo-rell, Mo
M N i y, Tenn
J II liaynea. Mir.
1, Alexander, Mm
nr. mm tt iv liar,
W PbUphen., Mia..
W Rilarviy, Ark
Itnlty'a Karvpeaii Hotel.
Corner of Adam, and Main .traeta. Room.,
500, 76oand II per day; Amerioan Plan,
tl pi r dny.
Flrrt-ola.t Ra.taurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yr. weh Peabody Uotol),
J R Cunningham, MIb.B A Brr'y, Mint
W D- er, Mich J 8 Matthewr, Ark
Mi-r B Redu. Tex J N Il.rnann, Tenn
W Diino.n, Mi-I I. L Oirn, Mo
K VI Murrav, Tena W I, (lelbeth, Oa
F J V. oo '.Tenit M U Martin Aw. Ky
M '' Rceder, Mo W I, Junii. 'n, Ky
h Freeman, Mif. M Wataon, Ala
M C Hand ll h. Tenn II K I hildreri, Ark
R Divid-on, Tenn W (' Andrewi. Ala
M J Kcoly. Ind w h Wilaon, Tenn
1, T Rickey, .Vi K A Davidson, Mica
UAdam.NJ. .
lurenilou Ilolel.
No. M nnd 3 Madi.on rtreet.
B0WI.I-MA LIOAK Proprutois.
Ratei ft ier day, iluy board tM per
month, x
H 0 Thompion, Pa O E Criitehfield, Ark
J II Into, city Mrr HAThi'nipron.elty
A LC'i i.miiivr. Mil. J V Bbckiuar, Miaa
Mr J B I re, Mies 0 M 8 Aiken, oily
J P,irith. N Y W K Joreph, oily
W Akin, Min J Hall, Mi.
F P Cbe rcr, Tenn O W Ca'tor, Tenn
M VI Marx nr, Ark W Nail, Ark
II M Tb mi'fon, Pa F Pua l, 111
PC Murray, Tenn L N Penn, Fla
II A Williams Kar.
Jfon Kesldeut Notice.
No. 6100. In th Channery Cnnrt of Shelby
onav tr, Tenn. rite The btte of Tenner
aee and County of Ubelby vi. A. A. Lau
renne et al.
It appearing from the bill wbieh it .worn
to in tbi. eaii-e tl at tbe defendant!, .In cob
and I.'idore Kaufman, minorr, and Simon
Stum, trurN e. nre r.ridonM of .Stiite of New
York; M. uiic nnd Mino e Kaufinan. minor.,
rorid 'titr of Dakota Torritorv: Mn. BeM.ie
Wbittieid, widow, antt etie minor ion, name
unknown, heiri of K K. Vt bitfield, jr., de
peNrod. r iooi,u o the State ol Miririhaiprn
O'ive I Mttiu'n an-i Mary Lathiitn, re itnta
ol tbe Strtte of Indiana : Mrr. Klpa McKay,
r'aid-nt ff the St tie of Alabama: tevorly
D Wnliam-, Maty K. ai d vY in. M . Sldel,
minora, ri Fidenlr of the Slate of Arkanaa.;
J. J. lterrym n, K J Cerryuian. Broaddu.
llerryman. Witt II. Peratt .. JeTeron K.
Colo no I wi'e, Coli', rceiilont. of the Htafe
efTtl ir: M. T. Itydor, truitee. Ben M.iy,
truatee,Kdard Wal.h. r aidenlaof the Ma e
of Mi.r uri ; Carol ire M.Pa,iinorc.ar. ident
of the State o, Indiana; D M. Hournoy, a
it.idi nt of 'h. Mato ol Kenluoky; Brown
Aeri, F W. Sm th, rxeeut r t e.Ute f
II. u. smith, deeoaMd rcident. of iba
h'ata of Lou ri na. and all non-rr.idenrJl of
Ihe State of TenieMea; tlie reridenc-r of
Anna''. xeux.J.ll. Ka.ti nhcad and Mi
obavl Flynn and J. D. Uanbarry era an
i Down, an i eani et I .reerta nod a'ter d.ll
(enl inquiry, and the Dinm and reiideneea
f thit.it. el Holer K. Torna,e, deoea.e ii
M. Li. faaailerr, deoea.ed; i. It. D.VI,
trn.ieo, d eea ed; Wtrton vt bit and An.
Norva l, deieaied. aie unan wn and can
not be areertainei after dil i ant Itiatiirv.
Ikla bi 1 ia tiled to eolleot kaek taiea duo
t e lite and oonnty on va-iou. Int. owned
by the above partial and other pr iea.
It U I' re fore ordered. That th. y maVe
thair aoietrance herein at the Court llou
ot She. by 0, nnty, in Metrphir, Tenn., on or
belnt ihe Ir.t Monday in May, !), and
load, an.wer ur deniurte eemnlmna.it b l .
i,e ihe same w II be taken or con'e.od aa
In them and let for hi erine; F I P -rte; and
thtlaeopyof tbi. ordrr bo pub.i.hrd ouee
a week '' t nr .ucceertve wee' a in the Ap
peal. Thi 31 t day ol March, ltK).
a eiipy Auar :
8 I. Vn!0 A KM,, Clerk and Mtiater.
By II. F. W.I h, Deputy '' and M.
Imi fhtirnton tuid k. D. Joidan. lolloltora
f r t.'oinnl.in nt tbn.
Non-ltigideut Notice.
No. 6130 R. D In Ihe Chancery Conrl of
rh, ly e tiinty rent. I Mate ot lea
re. en a d County of Shelby v.i Frank
uuiTtuai, el al.
ltai'pearinr f i om he bill which Ii rwora
tc in Ihi. onure that the de end, int., Corne
lia A Venken. Kachel D Menken and 11 B
riaflm A 1 are r- ident. ot th- State of
M w To.k: that Kemb rt Tre-evanl end
S.llie Trv, evi.nl, beirl J P Tre-evant, de
r rod, are rrritlent. i,f the Stale of lonia
liiaai ti-at ( A II, rm-n, l:u-tn. I. a re. ident
f I ihe 6 au nf P orida and that they are
all non-re., di-nla of tkSta of Tena are.
And that Ibe reodeuoer of llrut.et II irvev,
K ii ib 'h ccbeli mr, Bndvet Roche. Adam
llrin, 8tr-pbeu Kmc lla, Mhtv hloe, t ath
e'ine Tynron. tl tabe'h Quinh a. W II.
Marl John Z m. A ' ha'lrr L K.rr. W 11
I'aeo.J in a. Kr .tu n, tm"ee,Nich I x War-
fleltl. Vi. hael U.t'nl n. Mr o tret hel v. John
b W Pl .uj. end F I vt tlliaii'.. hi. wife, An
nie Love, R P M.rr, Cath-re Kttm end
hnaen't, - Kirn. an, Mr. II Ibatne Firbi"h,
Mary M L U, 0-i elia A U' b arandJU
Barbiinr, h'T hnrhand, Cbria Murray. )e, J
fVoikv.eo d.K M roller, o K reint, 1 1'artla.
Marrraret Carnry. Mary A Newman. Jame.
B bet a tt, Vary W L'vinirton and child
ren, natner unknown, Iho. it Maile.-, ai'd
if 'ay of th. alova parun are dead their
laowa heira or 0 v ',. are ananowa
an I cannot he arceriati after d'ha-ent
inquiry And the name, and re idet ce- ot
the heir, or oevi.eej of Wm Joiner, d
oeaMd, Martin W a..ot Kil n Fit.p tri. k,
riroeaa d ot J W V th' w. tie red ol 1, V
111 .on. ir .1 e.dre'd, .re unknown end can
not he a o named af er di i-"i t i' quirv
1 bir b II i. nlrd to e He tlx. due be
Sta'e an 1 eoui ty on v.r our lota bejoufiuf
tolheat otep ri er . d to other.
II I. ! creiore iriier.d. in. Ihir mOi
their .pie ,ra herein, et the Court lloure
ol Sh' II y ce nty, in Meinphir, e o . on or
be or the r-i .Monday in , into, n,l
I lead, an-w r r rt. tu ,r to complain. nt I i I,
Hie .tin win e uteu i r come a u a. to
ihemanil.e'l rb-rmrxp rte: ana that
r, py el ti ia oidc-r he puniii-hd oi ce a
week, o fn ! ru c. ve w r. in tbe Ap
leal Tbi -t ii ,y ol Meich, 1H.
A eopn Aiiea :
8 (. W' iU KM.. Clerk and VaaUr.
p? H. F Wa .' , li puly 0. and M.
Leo lbuibUa, bvlio.tMt lor oompUinanU
IThe firm of GOODBAB A CO. baa been dissolved, and we bave reorganiied oor interewt in tbe Wboitwala Bool
and Shoe Bnsiness, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love A Co., Sr. Looia, Ma, and Mr. J. C
Callicott, of Coldwa'er, Miaa., nnder tbe style of and firm came given below. Wa thank oar friends for their patronafla
in the past and Ibopafoi a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOTiDBAIV J
Lata of Good bar A Co., Memphli. Lata of Ooodbar A t o., Meaphii. Lateol Warren. Love k Co., Bt, Lea la. Lata of Coidwatar.
307 & 3G9 Main
We are now receiving a lanrt and En-lrely Aew Nt olTof Etrn and Custom-Made Boota and Bhoeefor
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at irtoek Itot om I'rlcefl, on aa liberal terms aa can
We bave EXCLUSIVE control in
lowing lines tf ODSrOtf-MADE Goods, all of whisa we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men'a Calf Boots.
Brady & 8hortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses and Children's
Solar Tip Sho s
T. M. Harris A Co.'e Phild- lphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W, Nate & Oo.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the beet Brogans made in tbe United States heretofore
handled by Gxodbar k Ca.
We arn the only honae in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmnnn & Co line of Ldiaa' and
Miapes' Kid, Goat and Coif CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder th Factor RmnHa.
By Order of the Court
of Common Sense
No. 1.
To All Good Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You aro herewith notified that I,
Publio Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Common Senso No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
hereby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of this Court that the
Mifcfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Seoond
street, have received an elegant stock
ot JNcw bpring Clothing, wbioh is
being offered at remarkably low
As it is for the fntercst of all good
citisens to get the most possible for
their money, I, Publio Opinion, do,
in my otucial capacity, invite every
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the M it fit Clothing Par
lors, No. 2C2 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having corunieuccd, we state that the
Misfit Cloth in Parlors, 2C2 Second
street, aro selling fine Tailor-Made
Oarmoots at one-half their real value,
I grant that plaoe the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
Jndge of Common Sense Court
No. 1, Memphis, Tenn.
I ! Oarn Evenlatca "Ml
!aaiL.l n'rlMih. Kainm.ia till II
J Hrairnilirr. ail nlietriillnna let
In.et. m nerlurl Ht nana Irew
'harga ky flral-cletaa tailor In our
tm eerier, sad dealerl ta .. Amnaw
nlilaa aed flahlata Tarkl, Handera
Hardware, t lerirle Mu le awd
elalror Uotel. nd rleldea-e.,a4a
Mala alrea, Meniatrilis raa. Electric
anpphaa alwart oa hand.hfUpairD aeally
Frank Schumann,
ImporUr and Dealer ta
Una", rialilnc Taw tale and Knorla.
au.a'e U,,lia a-Special atientioe
Teo ' W A UFAt-TUKl.su and KK
4ia Main Mn3IcuipblisTcun
and 18 Gayoso Streets; Memphis, Tenn,
De made dj any competing market.
this market of the fol
mm II Ml !
Of Evry Demorlptlon.
We are Jaat la Receipt or J arire Shlpmeat f
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
Aud a C omplete Liue of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jarura a, tioodbar m. L, 4'lMrk Kngtun J, I'nrrlaaloa rraak d. J eieeei
la retail tab, eel XOOO.l
319 Maiii Street, Mompliis, Tenn.
WB offer to KBCHaTa Ol. I Y th. laurert ard bwt itoek ofBoalaand Shoe, taa
h.Tfl Ter hronirht to thia market, and ahich eannnl be tnrnaeaed in onalite ajadt
trial by any hour, in thi. or any ether city. Is addition to a complete line ol Kwlera
made roodi, Ineiud na the 'l. Bxa l Ml UIKIDHIK t C. HHIlUt Mi, wehaodl
a l.re and aeleet itooi of Curtota-made Goodi for Men, Women, Miraea and Cnildren. Wa
carry a number of the beat maker in Iho eeuntry, in ever rar ely nd ai la, ad imoot
theinlthe well known Men'a Calf boota and t-hi'ei munuffttared oy Oeo. Iloeker lor oar
Siirini Trade. Me alio carry a enoioa line nf Ladiea' and Mi. lea' Cnaloin Rid, tieal .ad
Calf Good a, mannfactnred by Krippendorf, Dittman a Co W inrile tbe trade ioaiaBiina)
onr llook before tonylnc elaewhere, and wo f uarat, lee eyerythlnf we .ell to (tee radafatKiev.
Notnltlmtanillnu; ooe of our com-
Jietltors piibllMliog a lullfr from Ueo.
loi'bpr Ntutlnr "he bus not fold ux
any calf bimis for cprlnif trade,"
HIE FACT IS, we have these irooils
now in blare, which we offer to the
trade at an low prices' an tiiejr can be
funnd clHewlierp. "e euarnntee
them to bcllielJKM'nEHeo. Ilm kcr
biMitn, aud adupted to tbe present ea-
bou'b trade. KeHpt-ctimly jnnrH.
Ci)OOIlt4r( S CO.
ffftrphln. Wairh 1H HH(i.
Boiler Works.
SHE! it SIcCaRTIIT.Propr'g,
140, H-', 141 Front, Memphis.
ia the Boom, and tho only complete
Boiler and Sieet-Iron Wurk. In theeity.
aanraetarcra of neai; niata iron'
work of aver? le,-rllloa. Special
Till! THEM ! THY
Try Zellner's English WalkiugfiRt Shoos
ZRLt.NER'P Oenlo'NhaiMa, in all ityles, are tha Ket la theeity.
u 7-a.
ZKi.LiMi.tt r) "M
"Send your order, or eome and exam ne
ZHljIjKrWTt r5 CO
ll'oarriiert t ntwi"iruoa
8. O. UERND0N.
And Mannraotnreni' Agcula,
8.1fl Front Vonm ad . tln-Mnlr. Wewpliie, Teww.
33G Second Street, Memphis.
Material!. I'unipe, llr ri W.H., Iron, l
FRA.NK t. 0CD8.
Harness Saddles Agricultural Implement!) ind Machinery.
We also control the following Specialties under cos
own brands, via:
Goodhar, Love A Co.'a Maa'a Grained Call CUSTOM-MADE
Bale, Button and Congress.
Gno'har. Love & Co.'a Men'a N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bile, Button and Congress.
Goidbar, Love &. Co.'a Ladies Kid and Gnat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 (X) Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give petfect satisfaction
in rvarv reprp fc.
Sweet Tickles, Etc,
NtnOed Fruit Plrhlod )rana,
Nlnflrd Frnl flehled CTejcaiaboraa.
fHalTeel Frnlt Plehl-H rrporrl,
MalTed Irnll Pirhlea I
Mlseel eel Plea lea, '
Crea. aft BiarkerH'i tlbawCbow I
ni.nl Pirklea,
Plain Cnramber Plrlilete hy IhefaU.
Other brand, mt Plain and ItlTaal
PirklvN la Uiaea aud Wllvea.
O'ner MTimii unit lieate Sin.
blans, AraManitlon, Fluhlsy TurUe
and BaHall Niaoda.
Sad alala 8arct, tlrmpbla, Tiruaw
Uannfaotnriaf and Repairinc ef Oaai a
'awi, in all rhao.f ana ety.ee, are Miaoe-
nio i ana Del in the libite" ntaie..
ZKlLNKR'i Maya' Nliemin tbe beat that an Biade.
ZKLLNEK'S I'hlldrrn'a Nken will (eye yoo money.
KELLNKR'8 fLadle aihae aed Ml crra are tbe haoaV
aoinest, ahaieliet.nd meet stylirh. and are eheapor than aa
oine rl eiaa .ree
ZELLNER'S 9 ItwdlN Kin Rattan Nhaeam,
wilk .ilk worried bett n hle.. are tha areata. t bar
ge. m ion hare ever teen.
their rraed a. ortmeniol ri.iB u jyia, .4
ren - rree nn a 'i'"".'"'n-.
Telephane 744.
a. m. wirr.
ead and - tone I'ire. Ga. Una ea. Oloeee, Kw
W. C. SWOtlPB.

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