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Jj Gotld and the Knights of Labor
The CoroBtr'nlDqiest No
New Deielopmenta.
East 8t. Louis, Mo., April 12. The
presence ol the militia in tbis city con
unties to nave its desired eneet an
no disturbances nor onlawfal acts
hare been reported since the incen
diary fires of Friday night, and it is
now believed that no encounter be
tweenthe miliUvand strikers wi
occur. The same strict guard, how
ever, over the railrcai property, is ob
served tbis morniofr, and the vigilance
of the set tries bai in no way been re
laxed. The time over wbicn trie or
der extended, requiring thoee who
wished to ro over tbe bridge into Eait
HL Louis, to supply themselves with
passes, elapsed at midnight hut night,
and the bridge this morning presents
an animated appearance. Pedestrians
are passing and repanaing without in
terference, and transfer wagons, beav
ily loaded, ate croseicg over, and on
neither side of the bridge are their
drivers approached by intimidating
strikers, attempting to persuade them
toagunstop work, ine promise
the militia of protection to those who
might desire to go to work to-day, lias
resulted in the employment of a large
number of applicants, mott of whom
ate not Knights of Labor. The ulnt-
lorms of the vaiioua freight depot are
busy witD men activtly engaged in
loading ana unloading cars, and no at
tempt at interference by thtrs'rikers
has occurred, nor is any anticipated
No freight trains have It ft this city np
to 8 o'clock, but in several yards trains
are now in proceeaof construction and
the attempt to start tbem ou
will be made, it is expected, EQ,me time
daring tne morning.
of the St. Lonis district who struck
last week, lit 11 a meeting yesterday
and resolved to remain firm together
and not return work until after the
strike by the Knights of Labor shall
have been endtd. Very little coal is
on hand in this rlis'rkt and the ex
pected totil cutting off of tbe sunolv
will affect eerioutly the manufacturing
interests tt this city and vicinity
Four hundred and fifty coal miners
on the Illinois and 8:. Louis (Pitts
burg) railr ad have struck, and it is
expected more will strike about Belle
ville to-day, to asiiat the Knights of
Labor in their strike. A man who is
well informed, declared yesterday that
all tbe miners in 1st. Clair and Madi
son counties will be out this week
excepting perhaps the men employed
in tbe Machine mines. Tbe et. Louis
coal district extends over a radiua of
nny roues, nas ju.j mines and gives
employmf nr. ty 4000 miners. Of this
number, 1003 are employed in tbe
Machine miuea and they would not
strike on their own account. Few of
them are Knight of Labor, but moat
of the otlur 3000 arc members of the
order, and it is believed by their
brethren that they will demonstrate
their loya ty when ca!led upon to do
The inqneet in the Eatt St. Louis
shooting affair ot Friday last was con
tinued taay, ana up t ) noon more
ttianadrz'n witnesses were briefly
examined. No new facts were devel
oped. All the tea ituony given was of
the came tenor as that ot Saturday.
The witnesses were chiefly railroad
men, spectators of the scene, end all
agreed that the deputy Bheriffa fired
the first ehot; that no stones were
thrown at them, and that the crowd
gave the deputies no other provcca'
lion lor nnng tnan ' oooting and Jeer
ing at them, and making irritating re
The CS3S of John J. McQarry,
Judge Advocate of District 101.
Knights of Ltbrr, and five or six other
Knights who were arrested two weeks
ago for obr tructing trains and inter
fering with the business of the Mis
souri Pacific tailrcad, came np before
Judge Horner of tbe Coutt of Crim
inal Correction to-day, and, after the
hearing of testimony, were taken un
der advisement.
Mr. Bailey and other members of
the General Executive Board, aj well
aa prominent local Ktitita of Labor,
ataie qnirn empontmail i that tbe dp
uty stipr.nj who nred on the people m
t,M bt. l.oai8 friday will be uroae
cuted to the full extent of the law;
mac pienv oi money win be lorth
coming for the purpose, and that the
best legal talent obtiinable will be
employed. Large amounts of money
are coming hire to relieve whatever
distress may exist among striking
At a feetival given here by the
Knights of Labor last night for the
benefit of the str.keri Mr. T. B. Brenn
of New Yok, one of the orators of the
order, used tbe following languages
"Now, io cotcltui'n, a word about tbe
strike. Let me tay, that the General
Executive Board of the Knights of
Labor have entered into this strike,and
we are gtitg to win. We are going to win
this striae ii it takes all tne resources
of tbe order to imnre success. That is
the site of it, and ihey can make their
minds np to that. We know this, that
it we are beaten in this strike the men
who work for railroads will not be able
to call their souls their own. They
will be an bad fs tbe ccachman of Jay
Gould. They dress him up like one
of these monkeys on an organ langh-
ter, and on bis hat is a cockade whuh
shows that he U a slave. That ia
where he wants to got the nien who
work on his railroad. We mutt win
thisstiike, and afier tbis there never
will be another strke on any railroad
system in the United States. It
will be a lerson to Gould, shoning'aim
tba he can not trush the life out of the
firemen's obibvakces.
F. P. Sargeant, chief of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen, issued
a call th ia morning for mes'ingi of the
Griavaucd Committees of all the loctl
lodges on the Gould system to investi
gate the discbarge of firemen and all
other grievances which may be pre
sented to them, and to report it a
meeting of the Grievance Commit
tee, which will meet at Parsons, Kas ,
on the 20th inst.
In the Criminal Court to-day the
wtitof habeas corpus which was ap-
lied for on Ka'urJuy by Judge
a.igbliu on bera f ot tbe deputy
sheriffs who did the shori ng in the
Louisville ai d Natmlle railroad yaids
in East St. Lonis on Friday wt-s
granted and the men released. They
were immediately reerrected, how
ever, at the irjftncel the Eisf r-t.
Louij authorities as fugitives from
justice and plared iu jail, where they
will bs kept until requiettion papers
are received from the Governor of
JUipoic, or nntil they can be sent to ,
East SL Lonis withont endangering
their personal t afwty.
8t. Louis, Mo., April 12 Very
meagre report oi the tiiuauou in
East St. Lonis had been received in
this city np to 1 o'clock to-day. All
was quiet among the people, the mili
tia maintaining peuect araer and no
disposition being manifested at any
point to create a disturbance or to
commit unlawful acts. Troops are
guarding all the yard?, and the streets
and open spaces around the relay
depot are patrolled and people are not
allowed to congregate even in Email
roups. But little real work has been
one in tbe yards so far and but few
trains have been moved. This is
chitfly for the reason, however, that
in some of tbe yards there? are not suf
ficient mfn to make up trains, wt i a
in others there is lit'le or no freight to
move. The Louisville and Nashville
yards are practically at a standstill.
Tbis ia the railroad at which. the
strikers are the mott incensed, and
bnt few outsiders cue to be employed
there. They 1 ave moved no trains
yet to-day. Two shots are reported to
have been fired in this yard about 4
o'clock this morning, but nobody
seems to know where they came from,
or by whom or for what purpose they
were fired. A large train came into
tbe Indianapolis and 8t. Louis yards
tbis morning from the east, bnt none
have been sent out yet. The Vandalu
sent out one and received one. The
Ohio and Mississippi is busy receiving
freight, but no trains have go-e out.
The Chicago, Bjrlirgton and tjnincy
and the Chicago and Alton are doing
all they ran with the men they have,
and the Wabaih ia doing its regular
The General Executive Bonrd and
the Joint Executive Committee of
Districts 101,1)3 and 17 were in session
to-day at Hurst's Hotel, but took no
oflicial action other than to receive
reports from different points on the
Gould system and to transact routine
business. In a conversation with a
reporter this afternoon, General Com
mitteeman John W. Uavs said that
the stateiiientsnttributeJ to Jay Gould
in an interview telegraphed from New
York lust night, in which Mr. Gould
says that Mr. l'owderly nt one of the
New York conferences referred to the
members of District 101 as "outlaws,"
and said that they had disobeyed tho
laws of the order, was falso in every
S articular and wholly without foun
ation. He characterized it as "one
of Jay Gould's lies for the purpose of
misrepresenting the Knights ot Labor
and destroying public faith in the
order. What Mr. Powderly did say,"
said Mr. Hays, "was that the strike
was unwise and had been ill advised, '
because the local committees had
taken action upon matters concerning
a very large extent of territory with
out first consulting the general offi
cers of the order. Other than that he
made no remarks of the character at
tributed to him by Mr. Gould."
" Were you present at the inter
view relerreil to, between Mr l'ow
derly and Mr. Gould ?" gfl
l os 1 was, and 1 have a very dis
tinct recollection of what occurred."
'You are quite certain that Mr.
Powderly did not make the state
ments which Mr. ( ould sa vs he made ?"
'I am' positive that .ir. Powderly
said nothing of the kind, and Mr.
Gould is repeating his old tactics of
misrepresenting tis. hat Mr. Gould
says about our refusal of his proposi
tion to include in the matters to be
arbitrated the question with respect
to damages to the roads caused by t lie
strike is true."
Jay (Jo.iltl Interviewed.
New York, April 12. The Tribunt
this morning publishes an interview
with Jay Gould in regard to the strike
in the southwest.
In regard to the warnings sunt out
to the traveling public by the Knights
oi Labor, saying that the present em'
ployes ot tbe Missouri facinc are not
competent mechanics, Mr. Gould said
that the charge waa without found
tion; that the read was in a superior
condition, la d with steel rails and
ballusted with stone, bridges mostly of
iron and ste; I, and with rol ing stock
in excellent coi.dit'on ; ouly 8 pi-r cent
of its locomotives and about 3J per
cent, of its cars awaiting repairs. Aa
to the men employed, ot 14.310 or the
ay rolls only .5,700 were Knights i f
.abiir, whose strike during its pend
ency frr.'.ed idleness upon the others.
That truffle being resumed the men
who were net Knights have returned
to work and the services of tbe Knights
can easily be dispensed with, because
the number of emI ives bef jre the
strike was tio large.
Mr. Gould was then asked for an
explana'ioa of the open dispatch sent
O him ntarday Irom bt. Louis by tbe
executive boards of tbe Knights of
Labor. This dixpatch quotes tbe ad
vertisement which was published by
the Ixruisville and Nashville railroad
in order to obtain "men who have
plenty of grit and mean business" to
act as deputy marshals at Eait bt.
Louis, and then charges Mr. Gould
with responsibility for all tbe riotous
acts of Friday night.
'Yes. I received the dispatch, said
Mr. Gould with a grim smile. "As
long as the regular ratte are prepaid
as they were in this case I have no
objection to their sending all the dis
patches they chooee to rend over the
W tEtirn Union wires; but, aeroualv.
the dispatch ia extremely sillv. I
don't own a dollar's worth of stock in
l'e Louisville and Nashville and have
brolu ely no contr d over the road.
never knew t fiat the obnoxmua ad
vertisement had ben sent out "
"Wtat do fon thiukof Mr. Powder-
ly's staterneLt, ks repoited in Sunday
morring'a ppfr, that a recourse to ar
bitration would bring tha strike to a
speedy cl )se?'' asked thi reporter.
"the q'le-tion ot arbitrator, nam
Mr. Gould, "baa two sides. When
Mr. Powderly and I were talking ther e
matters over I aked him wheiher he
would consent to a scheme of arbitra
tion which should include our griev
ances against the strikers as well as
tho grievances of the strikers against
us, and whether he would guarantee
the fulfillment of tha awatd if we
shocld ob'ain one rgainst the order.
This propoti i jn did not meet wit i
much favor in Mr. P'twderly's eyee,
nd ha said the rules of tbe order pro
vided no methods f jr the collection of
money for inch purpotes. Mr. Hop-
ins was present at ibis interview ana
heard what I am f.o'.ng to t?ll you. In
peaking cf District Assembly Nn. 101,
Mr. Powdeilv siin: 'V by. they are
outlaws : they are oue of the worst sets
of men I ever saw. When I was' out
tere among them I was really afraid
for my life. 1 hey have broken the
awe of the order; tl.ey have beguu
le strike wi hout authority, and to
morrow 1 intend to issue a circular
gh;ing mys'lf and placiDg thesu
men in their trne Ii.ht.
Mr. Goiild then said that, in re
sponse to the ttatement and not as a
concesi"n, ho rial to Mr. Powderly
the notabln telegram to Mr. Uoxie,
on the airength of which Mr. Powder
ly nrdered the strike ended, and ad
ded that it was great surprise to him
when he raw by the raper the next
morning that the Knigh'a were c'a ru
ing viitirr.
Mr. Gonld added if Mr. Powderly
wnli orly iti'k to t::n ceti'iment
which he exprefsd in. his secret cir
cular, there would be no trouble about
arbitration, but wbile tbe he'd of the
order puts these lubir !rjuUe- in a
sensibU light, his Executive Borrd
sides with the riotous element amoi g
tha strikers. Tbe Executive Board
first ordered the Knights to go to
work, but finding that the men wou'd
not obey them, they turned right
about aad ordered the strike to be
"What will be the outcome of the
Sombwe tern strikes?"
They will weak dowu through their
own weight. These organizations,
through their bnyotta and their
strikes, will mate themselves so un
popular tbat public opinion will no
loDger support them and their power
will be gone."
Tbe f l'owing dispatch was received
at the chVe of the Mis ouri Pacific
Railroad Company this morning:
St. Lolls, April 12. 1M.
Two hundred and eighty-six freight
tsins ran Saturday, contain ii 1772
loaded cars, an increase of tweaty
seven trains and 070 cars aa compered
with same day lest year. On Sunday
there were 177 trains and 3001 loaleil
carj. Q net at every place on the
lines. . H. M. Hoxih.
Mr. Jay Gould denied that neg ia
tions were pending between hiuiaMf,
Mr. Hone and Mr. W. O. McDuwall.
The Elithl llnnr AkIimIou at 'r.
Chicago, III.. April 12. The Ilev.
Louis Osborne deli vered a lecture ou
"Eight Hours" in Trinity church hist
night. True socialism, ho said, recog
nized tho claims of Hiiciety aa greater
than those of individuals or clans, but
many so-called Socialists had no idea
what true socialism meant. lluuiMii-
i arianisin must be cultivated in the
hearts and minds of workers and em
ployers before an eight hour per day
system or anything else could be
made efficient.
Mr. Osborn argued that a reduction
of one-fifth in the hours of labor would
necessitate a corresponding increase in
the number of men employed. It had
been said of tho eight hour a dav sys
tem that the extra two le;sure hours
which the laborers proposed to enjoy,
would be passed in the saloon. " 1 his
may be truo in some cases," said he,
"but 1 r.elieve that there is much ex
aggeration in the charges of drunken
ness among the working classes in
this-rountry. Huppres the dude, the
gambler, and the professional beggar,
and one half of tho bar-rooms in Chi
cago will close up, while tho remain
ing half will do a poor business.
Though some evil would attach itself
to the eight-hour system, it would be
more than overbalanced by the good
resulting therefrom.
Cbltf Eniilueer Arthur at Cleve.
Clbviland, ()., April 12. Chief
Engineer Artlmr of the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Engineers has re
turned from the seat of trouble in the
S'nuthwoe'. In an interview he de-clined-to
go into the question of the
existing strike, but said: "I heartily
indorse the eenti -nent of Mr. Pow
derly, arid if his ideas are carried out
no serious difficulty can occur. I
think the strike will result in the
enoctment of a law by the Knights
which will effectually prevent anv
such trouble in the future. In regard
to tho report that I am opposed to tho
eight-hour law, that is not true. I am
in favor of any law that will tend to
promote the welfare of the working
men. There are, however, in -my
opinion, a large number who would
not profit by the enactment of such a
Nlrlkp nn (b4'annlii 1'nrlfle.
St. Paul, Mjnn., April 12.-The Dii
patrh't Winnipeg special says: This
morning 200 Italians assombled at the
Canada Pacific depot to go west to work
on the road at 11 25 p- r day. Another
body of men w.io thought the wages
were not large enough, interfered and
prevented them, from leaving. The
strikers tooV po"ssion of the cars and
refused admission to tho others. Clubs
and stones were frcclv used and sev
eral were injured seriously. The
police are busy arresting the loaders.
Marrtng'C f SIm Hti vcnnrti
Mr. I'iilner.
Pine Bi.i kf, Ark.,' April 12. Miss
Maud, daughter of Juugo S lvennun,
was united in marriage to-day to Mr.
J. Fillncr of Fort Bm th, the ceremony
being performed by tiie Hon. John A.
Williams, Circuit Judge. Only rela
tives of tho family were presen . Tho
party left on the mormng train for tho
East, and later on will visit Europe.
law REroirrs.
Chancery Court. McDowell, Judge ;
calendar. April 13: Caw must be
tried when called, or will be continued.
Court meets at !30 o'clock during
present term: Nos 52), Montgom
ery vs. Dtvis; .VJIO, Sims vs. Paine;
5211, Han-ell vs. Saiidulin ; 52 1 2, Buck
hum vs. Morgan 5'l:!,Bt te vs. Umith.
5214, Sirsly vs. Ilenengin; 5219,
Cooney v-. Lydcn; 5221, Hartman vs.
Overton; 5:'22, Hentiy vs. llenny;
5225, Coll lis vs. State reunite College ;
52.0, Drury vs. LaFarge; 5231, Knuth
vs. Ioagu); .'232, Griffith' va.,Griftitli ;
621, She vs. Cubbtige. 623), Gowlinir
vs. (rtinr; 5230, Browne vs. same;
5-'37, Chipp vs. State National Bank;
523!), Ca awba Oil Co. vs. Milblirn;
5241, Tnrevant vs. Boyd; 6242, Me
Cune vs. Fleming.
W. A.1 and K. J. Galloway to J. H.
Weir an! F. T. Scott, trustees, In se
cure J. M Scott in the sum of 1 1 12 fiO,
300 acres in the Seventh Civil Dis
trict. Georgt Weidt to II. Bensdorf, trus
tee, to secure the German American
Building and Loan Association in the
sum of M00, lot 14, block 19, south
east corner of Howard's row and
Clinton frrueK
W. B. Irlisnon, trustee., to L. Law
horn, lot 31 of John Overton's sub
division, Looney and Maxwell streets,
for t302.
Maria M. Franklin to Emanuel
Wolff, part of original lot No. 5( 0,
eolith Bid" of Washington street, be
tween Hi';h and Orleans, for M500.
II. 1j. Guion, trustee, to .Mrs. 1.
Jane Wright, lotion north side of
Elliott streW, 7xlT0 feet, for fi.0,
C. A. A. Cordes ito John Gage, lots
4 5, 0, 83, M, 8-5 and 80, W. 8. Flip
pin's subdivision, fronting on Kerr
and Monwiriitt avenues, for t700.
i i.Kuovun jiy n : of i ,c -j ine,
And it pt.mu'.ht' 6id inj.i:ot-n lie
growth of the hair. '
Burner's f levcrirg EVrncta ari the
N0.EY MARTS. I aeo.w.Tomlln. W.m.none.. '
king Ludaig's Eccentricities Attala
Attracting Attention The Hart
lett Mnrdf r Cane.
Ionnox, April 12. Discount was
weak at 1 j for three months and lt
1 J for short. On the Stock Exchange
during the week absolute stagnation
irevailed, owing to the uncertain po
itieal situation, leading brokers say
thry aro hardly clearing enough to
pay their clerks. Prices were steady.
A Urltrr trlm at I'M r In.
Takis, April 12. Prices on the
Iloii'se recovered during the week
under the pacific aspect of affairs in
the East. The arrangement of the
Budget Committee strengttieni'd
French securities. Three per cent,
rentes rose 5c, redeemable rentes He,
Itank of France 45c, Suez Canal 23f.
Panama ('anal shares rose 25c on a re
port that the government would con
sent to the issue of the full amount of
the proposed lottery loan.
Limited Hnnlnewal rmnkrorl.
Frankfort, April 12. Business on
the Bourse during the week was lim
ited but prices were firm until Satur
day when there was a relapse in
Russian credit, Austrian gold rent and
Hungarian gold rent of jl per cent.
I'niteil States funded 4s closed at 123.
rim at errllu.
Brims, April 12. Business on the
Bourse during the week was Hat, ow
ing to nuinereus sales and speculative
operations for a fall. The .price of
Huseian, Hungarian and Italian secur
ities were maintained throughout the
week until yesterday, when thev de
clined, closing J per cent, lower,
llHtariik'N toociilrlr Klnf.
Yiknka, April 12. The newspapers
are again devoting a great ileal of
space to recording the oddities of King
l.udwigof Bavaria. It is stated that
when the Emperor of Austria was re
cently in Munich, the capital of Ba
varia, King l.udwigtook no notice of
him, and the Princes l.inlwigaud Leo
pold, the King's nephews, were com
pelled to assume all tho responsibility
of entertaining the imperial visitor.
The Itarllptt Murder I'mf.
London, April 12. The case against
Mrs. Ada Bartlett and the Rev. Mr.
Dyson, a Methodist clergyman of
Pimico, for tho alleged murder of Ed
ward T. Bartlett, the woman's hus
band, by chloroform, on December
31st last, was brought tin for trial at
the Central Criminal Court to-dny.
The court-room was crowded. The
Crown declined to proceed against Mr.
Dyson because convinced of its in
ability to maintain the indictment
against him, and he was accordingly
discharged. Mrs. Bartlett, pale and
attractive, watched the proceedings
intently. The Attorney-General in
presenting tho case, urged the jury to
refrain from convicting on mere sus
picion, but to weigh the evidence
carefully and patiently. A number
of witnesses who gave testimony at
the preliminary hearing repeated their
fiirMt anrl utmnrMt Natitmt Fnitt TTarori
V:ii.illa. I rinnn. Orange, Almond, Km. ic,
6. vor as delicately mij naturally at llw UmU
cniCAco. 8T-L2y,-S
President of thn (lrat l.OUISVILLK C0U
Hl Kit-JO HUN Ah CO., tollf what
hu krKw of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
IiOumviM.R, Kr.
br. Winttmmith. Sir1 waive a rule I hnvt
obervJ tor uiany yearn, tbe vulue of your
remedy prooiptinK me to my, in reply to
vour rofniest. whRt l Know ol your
Cure. The private aflnurHneeaof it fflicfto
I had. anil the good rnults of iU etlortf I
hadobferveil on Mr. H. Wt JJoredith, who,
for more thnn fifteen yenra, had been fore
man of my nffi 'e, induced me to tent it in
my family. The results have been entirely
saiiflfitctory. The firnt cae u. of two
yearn' utAndintr, in which I believe every
known remedy had been trie) with tempo.
rry relief the obi. In returning poriodicnlly
and with newinKW increated nivcrity.
Your cure broke the in -it once, and thire hug
been no recurrence of them for more thnn
fix munthn. The other cane wan ol a milder
form, and jieMed more readily to other
rofii(!:Cr; but the rhiiln woudl return ut in
tervaiR urtil your medic'tte wan ued, dinoe
which time, now fieverul month, they have
entirely Uif iimcarud. Krotu the opporlu
ni!y I have lnd tojudie, I do not h"sitit to
exiref( ruy bel'nl that your Ch'll Cure i a
vi tuable ripecittr, and ier foruiR nil yon
promise tut it. UcBpe Mfully,
ARTHI'R PETER St CO., AicnntM, Louik
vilie, Ky.
llaaa.tl of all Discs:::,
hjV. 'iinrHiKs, n. d.
ft ('.JLI lioUMi IN
VA 1 II uni t . iOU )
M-iil-! Prr-v
N ricx.
Krvr., lmBtMir;AT), Iriii&mmflttrml..,
nriH.. nnarrr, nuraiuoiii....
i Iris Colic, or Tuutt tuff of luituU.
IMnrrtirnf Children r Ar)ult.......
Ivwniry. ireu, K.lion. OoUa....
Cholera HlorbtiH, VonnUoK
Couha. Ci'I't, Hninohltia.
llf.dachea. hit-k 1
ruralirln. ioouiat rio, rwnirrii.,...
ilacbe, Vcrtlirn..
lly.prVla. ilihniiR StomRrh
x-rVla. I'll
Ktiiiprrued or Palnrnl I'rrloda.
1 1 rM- tun frn nw I OrUKiB. . . ,
iip(.h, UitBrult iln-nthlnv..
It lib. in
l-.rrHipliiR, r-riiptiuo,.
irhcninitln kln......
Frrrrand Ami-. I hil, alalaria.....
I'llr.. Hlinil or Hldin ...............
Catarrh. lulh-ni, I 'w lo Ui. rlrad.
hooln 'm.ilityi"litiooha...
u.n.r.1 li.-l,tuiii.rbyoal Waaknaal
Klilnry IMaraar -
. rroua llrhllltv .....14Ht
I rlnarvM-lioraa.WHtlnicB1.... 4(1
lhnra of the II.arC. raloitationl.tHJI
HI fl
Young & Brother,
JJookwlIcra ;;! SUilIoiirrri.
2ISMalu St., '?einp-"isTeun
HlxlilnaT lo t tl.Tf from Rnalri
Mo ifli r oar .uilrt
3io 179
Vllaviitf parrhweil Ihacniir I took .fV.hi
el.i and th Manufactorlnf Department ol tba
Woodruff Oliver Carriage and II aril wart Co.,
re better prepared to meet th, damandi at th,
trade in thi line than any home in the doath.
We oeeui'T the old itand of the eompanj, which
ii the larireit and moet eommodioa, Repoeitorj
in th, country. W, offer iwcial induoeiuent
in OPEN BUOaiKS.of oor own make, at n't.
and TOP UUOtllKS, of our own make, at I'JO.
All work fully fuaraateed. A fall line of rut
Eutarn Work daily expected and Lweit prion.
Call Before Ton Bay
"IUrini diipon.d of our entire itork of Ve
hicle! anil the Manufacturing Department to
Meanri. TOMLIN A BKNJ KS, we twapeak fur
them a continuano of Uie patrenane io lone
extended to ui.
tVo. B14 IVCAlai (Ht.,
Hat Jutt rviv,d a larire ttoek of lb.
UUmt t tylof of
for PantF, which we wll make to order at
much lei thnn theunual pricoit. Ve twill
innke a go id all-wool pnntfi for $A. Ctll
and eiamitio our foml. Almi, eotnplnUi
ol HKNTS' r'l'KM.iilINi) UOtrDH
f the omniiig iicim n at our uauul low
I rieoB.
A. HEXTEK, 0. 214 M UX ST.
For Rfteenyear they have tteadlly gained
In tavor, and with aalea eonittantly increa
in, have beootne the inot popular Oorieti
thronirhout the United KtAtei.
The w quality I waranti To'wr twioi
AS uiiii aa ordinari CunanTit. We have
lately introduoed tho U and K II iiratloi
with Kith Lnxn Waikt, and ean lurnlah
them when preferred.
Uik-heat award from all the World'
prent Knir. The lat inodal receive'! I lor
Kirht liitiRK ok M'ttiT, from the late Kipo
aition held at Now Orlnan. W bile toorea ol
patent have been touml worthlea, the prin
ciple of the Ulove-Kitting have proved in
vuluable. Hetailor are authorised to rnfund money,
ii. on eaaminntion, thuo Cornel, do not
prove as rcprnnentcd. t'r li evi rj
4!nlnlowna free an KiikllrHf !.
1 litinistin, Lmiirilon tl '.., Mkw Vorh
Cor. SiH'outl nml Monroe KIr.,
Would oall attention of hla friends
and patron to his
NEW NrillM. NI'OC'U,
Cnmpriaing the ohrlceat and latest de
sign of Knreign Uoods in the market.
Having taken special oare in. their aeleo
tinn, I wn plenaed toaay to my euntotuers
and puMio who favor me with a call, to
show tiiem lines ot goods only fouutl in
leading houses.
Afntn for Nmnhlr, Trait,
R -r. Ti? o-t
PronnlM liiiftritvwmrnt r llo,
rrlai Hrin-rvititHi, trk,
Wa-innif'on. Ai-ril 6. Iv-fl.
(JHAI.KD 1'ROI'iiSAI.S will h rceaiv,4 at
k J this Dep 'rt'nent until u o clonk m., Fri
dny, April .Hi, Iftsti, for fnrniiibing ibo tnute
rial and labor required ineonp etirii'tbe eul
vert, .enuring hot wator fprinit and laying
certain iron jiipe, in the iinprvoiReiit of
Hot Springs Keaervatiun. at Ho. Bi rings,
H.ink forms of propoaal. apcciflcntt'ons
and itntrunti m to bidder will I lurni had
npon HMpiioatiun to tbis Department. ir to
tbe " .Superintendent of Hot Bprings Ueer
valion," at liotbpringa.
Acting S'e-retary.
Manhood Restored
Itifttk.ur r aas- Aritlmof ymiihfnt imiirnili'fa
eaasiog fremator. Iiay, rVervuna Debility, IrfaaV
Manhood, In., bairlng tried Id vain .very koowa
raiiiti7,aeerlieow.Tn a winipJerDananf aaif-trre,.
.- Iik b h. W.I1 4, r . Kltl' K to bie tmnow-mitttnwm
,W-.M JJl-Kl.t:VKIv30oaliianMt. .Mew V-wt
Aotlce la II err by Htvtn,
rpiIAT the annn.il meeting of the stock
1 holdir of '.be Chcnpeuke, t'liio
and Southweatern Knilrontl Company
for tiie election of Director and
i.uch other bu-'ne a may eotue boloro tiie
meetini, will bo held m urn oiri 'o or tne
ompuny, in the city of Mcmphl tc.illctl ihe
hiihii Dt-ttict ol Shelby County!, Tetn.,
in (lie bill "iy of Airll, !, at 'i
o'clook noon of ibnt diy, and tlint the e;'e
frm tht Cominy to the Newport News an 4
Mi" i'ppi V.illey Company will be anil
muted to the atockholde' tor their con'ei
thtrolo and approval Ibero f. Trainf.
book will be ,loed from Mutch Xta
AprilB, ItW.
By order of the President and Bonrd
DU-ccton. WAAC . WATKH, Seoretary.B
bMM war
LJm bbm aaSl -9C
-S mm 2
13, 18S0. 3
Main Street, 3f emplii, Tn.
a t
a -
t i
... . L
;i7C-:,7HW()-3Si.;.SI-;SG Hou( strwt, HOHth ot ayoo.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles.
Irliinlrllnw. I.MItiN. S'fMfiir Sm1 riiiI llleN.
J. A. HUNT. 0. C. UEia. R.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factory
Sf 9 Front. Street, Memphla, Tonu.
Cotton consigned to as will bare our careful
Stapla'& Fancy Grocorics, Wines, Liqucrsjo&acto & Clear a;
Anl will 4lb hi- low nn ,ow?W,
O.K. HOUCK ft Co.
Piaoo s and Organs
A r i.on r nt ihi iru ash oit timf-
.. . . "" . ... i
E3jE.-taL,T3lisl3LO cL 1861?.
Cotton I.P'-motoir
25fi ami 258 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
bi. n. cddVEB & eo."
Liler Yarfl ii trim
DoorM, NhmIi, IIIIimIh, lvfoiiltlliiKH, hII UIihIm ol lKwr uJ.
WIikJow Frames, linukH, Ntroll-Work, IIoiikIi hih!
IrMMl Laiuber, N It In Ijkths, .later Tankn.
All latudM ol Wowl Work UxeciiUMi ul Nhort Kotlcw.
Nos. 157 io 173 Washington St. Memphis. Twin.
woodrpf & mm. mm
TTAViNO w thdrnwn from tho WoodrurT-Oltvnr Carrlaue ami uartware t otiipiov. we
H h;ecepiod th. Ann,, ol ....... of the Bl e...fj.rii,r..r, t ted
Hlal-N. an. I tire now roccivinit a lull annortmont oi tAltHI Mt (."-'J.'?.1'1.;; , ! ,?2'
IIARNKSH and HAlMil.KllY i aln, a lurire alock ..I 'he Lupronid I !.N N hH.-KI'. W A'
A I ..in.
OlUtiO udiI Nili'Hrtiom, Pio. -Oil ITuIti nti
. woontti rP j
IMIiul ItrUlloM,
TrtH'f t'luiliiH,
SliiKlv Troths
Ioulle Tr't,
Tarry ("onilW, llorstt IriiMiit.
A Complete? Uue of the alo.e UomU at Lowest Price. i.
HA lIIE'4, 11 A ItXKWH AJ) OI.L)A .lit&9
SOI nnsl not Wnln Mrs'et. Menulil. Tenit.
Cotton Factors & Commission Eilerch'i,
tf)a "w?arilf nr-Meal.-tH imelX il al.yT m
w 5
Z3 -
tt. K. LI: K
sttiok ol
We carry at all times a woll-
Wurt.litiuttt', Ao.tlO Front .irtM.t.
p. i.. m' (,ri'.
sr3 "fir" "
I.)! I.lllIlM,
Lap Itlnis'H,
t ut ton It ,

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