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Second street,
MennoV.. Ton.
TrEiWAT, l " APRIL 1, 180.
Jl tiWK B4IIU.
Frvsiiit-nt CTovi'litml Las appoint
ed Sfoator Howell K. Jackson of. Ten
ncfw" t the raiuncy on the bom li of
Die United HUU h Circuit Court, caused
by ttio l ath of Judge lUxtoi. IVmo
.rut anil K. pulilit ans alike must
ri-i'(ijfiiic Uie wiwloru of liis rlioice,
which has) falleu nixm one who poa
in an ciuiiniit difrvo tho
qiialiln'BtionH inwiwiiry for the li
rhargp nl tho tltitii'" of the iinxrtant
j4i-it ion in which the- J'r ohlcnt has
iiliu-t-il him. Ilia inifiuii'l knowh-iljrc
of thr law, lont i-vili m id by his
Biicrcd" at the bar, bin stainlcHR pri
.vale liar.icter, the- purity of bin pub
lic lilc-a lih' free from even the huh
picior. of political trickery would
make him an ornament to the Su
preme bench. Gratified though his
friend inimt be becauxe of his t
Itition from a lield of timber cover
ing four Mates, the pang of regret at
JoHiiiK him from active political life,
.hero a career so brilliant wan open
to him, will be sharp. Tho feeling
will be Hhared by the Democracy not
alone of Tennessee, but of tho entire
South, which was rapidly coming to
look npon him as its leader. Tho at
mosphere in which he moved at tho
capital eeemed to be singularly free
from those petty jealoosieo which
too often mark tho conduct of states
men. . Tho were buried or forgotten
In a common admiration of his abili
ties and of hii lofty nature.
The New York bank clearing of
the week ending April 3d showed
heavy decreace aa compared with
those of the week previous, which is
larireW attributed by the ChnmUlt to
Soulier stock trarifactions. Ont-idi.
of New York, where speculative In
fluences are lues felt, there was a gain
of J1.6 per cent. ovr the previous
year. Taking the whole month of
March there was a heavy gain, 38.1
per cent, over the March previous, or,
omitting New York, of 25.3 per
cent., and for the three months of the
preterit year of 32.(5 per cent. Thete
figures show a I atisfactory advance
over the early months of Isst year,
although labor troubles have seriously
obstructed business a portion of the
.time. The Chronicle reportB the ten
dency ( money In New Ycrktobe
toward Increased earo. Bankers' bal
ances average J to "i percent., against
2 to 3 the week before. The rauee
of the five was the heavy disburse
ments of the Treasury for interest and
called bonds, and a demand demand
(or oioney fiom the Interior. The
change Increased the demand for com
mercial paper, New York and Boston
banks competing for Mich paper in
thehandaof broker.'. The condition
ol the b'liks promls favorably
should no gold exports modify them.
No gold was exported from New York
last week, as the rates of exchange
are lielow the shipping point, but It
would ba prematuie to conclude that
they have permanently ceaied. The
iwrriveu prnsanie in demand, and a
small sdvance in raten, would cause
the outlhw to resume. Oui inports
are iar;je, and last weak were J'-.r00,
(HXI moro than for the correspomlirg
wek last year, while Vttir exports arts
moderate, and wheat hha fallen in
price. There is increase abroad in
the buying '.f our securities, however,
winch, to some extent, modules'
the loss unpeped by the extent nf the
iiupcrts. The lSnnkw' Monthly says
that a good portion of the loans in
New York go fer mercantile pur
chuc's. Uepoits are mentioned of the
discovery ( gold deposits in Pata
gonia equal to those of California and
Australia. Should they prove car
rect, the silver question will have
another complication. The Bank of
France has been accumulating gold of
late, it is said, in consequence of a de
cline that has occurred in the price of
Tanama canal shares, and fears that
the commission sent by the French
Government to Panama will report
unfavorably, and the hoped-for aid
from the government be withheld.
Anything atrongly nnfavorable to the
cvisl, it is feared, would cause a
panic, for the holders of the stock
are very numerous and includa
almost every class of society
The vote in Congress against an tin
limned coinage of silver has stopped
one possibility ol mischief, but it is
pretty evident that there ia no inten
tuition to siispond the coinage of nil
ve- dollar. The consequence is that,
should events at any time cause an
, increase in the shipments of gold,
fia&nce and commerce will fall into a
state of anxious 'uncertainty, and a
general feeling of uneasiness be pro
duced that is most unfavorable to
tride activity. A liability to mistrust
and business commotion is one of the
woes the continuance cf tho silver
coinage keeps hanging over us. Tha
C7iif!iVi; reports: "General business
is rather quiet for the moment." The
more favorable wealher and the com
mencement of the subsidence uf the
floods, together with the gradual re
sumption of transport itiou, will
probably change this gloomy spot
into brjrhter hues. In KnjUnd
and on the continent of Europe
business and speculation ara in
an almost stagnant cinditlon. Eng
land ia disturb- with the agitation
caused by Ola JtUne's Irish measaree.
The Greeks lave apparently with
drawn their warlike intentions in con
&qienc of the interference of the
powers. We say "appsreut'y" because
there is so much plotting aad discon
tent in the Balkans, and Kunsia is en
conrjging the Greek discontent while
itaelf showing disfavor towaid the set
tlement made of the Bulgarian ques
tion, toward which alio8irvia remains
bitterly inimical. These matters help
depression. Hires writing the above
the telegraph informs as that in Paris
financial affairs are more faverable,
and a r apart waa current that the gov
ernment wonld give its aid to the
Panama enterprise, in consequence of
which the price of the stock had ad
vanced. runa with befobm.
Bo Hi ths two great political parties
are pledged to civil service reform,
"to correct the irregularities of the
tar ff and to reduce the surplus," but
neither party in Cjcgres has shown
a d "position to reueem lis pieuen.
The Republicans want no tariff re-
forn. which disturbs the present tariff;
no civil service reform unless the
Presidotl accepts the Republican
standard of appointments and re
movals: end ruaoT Democrat are
avowedly nppoxd to civil service re
form, and while pretending to favor a
revision of the tariff so as to reduce
the surplus, refuse t) originate a bill
for that purpose and oppose and de
nounce the reforms proposed by
others. The people, are growing rest
leas and impatient, and demand legis
lation for the promised reform. Cleve
land is faithful to his promlsss, and if
the Democrats fail to sustain him,
they prove recreant to their pledges.
The civil service bill was introdnced
by Pendleton, a Democrat, panged by
a Republican 8enate, signed by
Republican President; it waa the
Democrats' battle cry in the last Presi
dential election, and the people will not
be ratifiiled with any sham reform
Indeed, it is no strained conclusion to
saythat the ntter deceit and mockery
of Republicans in dealing with civil
service reform defeated James G
Blaine and elected Giover Cleveland
who is pledged to a better standard of
civil service, and he muft fulfill that
pledge to sustain himself before the
country. In short, he must continue
to enforce a higher and better stand
ard of civil service or he must fail as
a Democratic President. The Presl
Prince Bismarck's Speech on the
Mearinre The Hay Laws and
Iheir Object.
dent ii honestly striving to redeem
his and the pledges of his party; but
ho Is greatly embatiafssd by the Ro
publican Bonate and several Demo
crats who are recreant to their party
pledgei. Civil Bervice reform was at
tempted by President Hayes, but the
effort in a man wLo hatl stolen
the Presidency and rewarded the elec
(oral thieves was as farcical aa the
demirep lecturing on virtue, and the
ruling bosses secured Federal offices
for their unprincipled henchmen. The
present Congress was elected as re
form Congress, bnt it won't reform.
The general demand of the country is,
stop.f ooling with the tarlfl and civil
service reform and aid President Cleve
la. d in carrying out the pledges made
by biro and his party ponding the last
Presidential election.
Bbbj.iv, April 12. In the upper
house of the Prussian Landtag to-day
twenty-eight Libtra's supported a
motion asking the government l snu-
niit mother ecclesiastical bill, eo
framed as to restore peace between
the Vatican and Prussia, and at the
same time maintain proper safeguards
lor rrasaian ngnts.
Debate waa beeun in the Upper
House of the Prussian Diet to-day on
the amended ecclesiastical bill.
Dr. Knpp. Bishop of Fulda, said he
was gratified at the conciliatory atti
tude of the government, but insisted
that the bill would not suffice to attain
the object desired. He nrged the
adoption of his previous amendments
on the basis of a further agreement
Pnnce Bismarck said that the gov
ernment had not yet arrived at a de
cision on the question. He had al
ready taken the full responsi
bility lor the May laws as
fighting laws. The government
had never intended that the
laws should be permanent. No loss of
dignity would result to Emperor
William in attempting to meet tie
wishes of hii Catholic subjects. He
(Bismarck) thought that the time had
arrived to abolish the fighting laws.
He preferred t) treat directly with the
Pope because he had found the Popo
belter disposed toward Germany than
the majority in the Reichstag. In
conclusion he asked the House to pais
the government measure, which, be
said, would enable the ministry to se
cure a wider basis for further nego
tiations. The general debate on toe
bill waa then clcsed. The eeparate
clauses will be d scuseed to-morrow
Dr. Lncius, Minister of Agriculture,
replying to questions, said that the
government did to think it expedient
to increase the import duties at pres
ent on corn and cattle, and that im
ports on wool were out of the ques
tion. He said that the agricultural
distress on the continent waa severer
than in Germany, and that when nec
essary the government would submit
protective measures.
Hrla Trenbla Among; the Miners
I (he Boekwead Blnea.
bushels, decease 108,433 bushels. The
amount in Chicago elevators was:
Wheat, 13,040, 459 bunliels; com, 3,
8.'J9,213 bushe's; oats, 4'.5,853 bushels;
rye, 1,778 buhels; barley, 90,!i.'5
Chicaoo, III., April 12. A commit
tee of the KnightA of Labor called
upon Mr. C. H. McCorniick and de
manded the reinstatement of 800 men
dim-harped in the recent strike, and
whose places were filled by non-union
men. Mr. McCormick positively re
fused to re-employ tho men, having
given them a fair opportunity to re
turn to work. The committee declare
their intention to have the General
Executive Board declare a boycott
against the firm.
Vev. Bale's ;Dlleui Some Bpee
latloaa aa to tn Seaalor'a
IsraouL to tbi arraiL.I
Chaitanoocu, Tbnn., April 12.
There is serious trouble among the
miners at the Rockwood mines. Last
Sunday the superintendent of the
minoa attempted to force a number of
the men to work. They refused, and
were discharged. This morning the
mineis demanded that the discharged
men be reinstated, and the company
fulling to accede to their demands, the
eutlre body, 31.0 in number, struts
Berious trouble is brewing.
Lame btbaxiiig.
To rob against law leads to the pen
itentiary; to rob through law confers
wealth and respectability. Of this
latter kind of rascality watering stock
and either similar practices ate exam
ples, unfortunately only too familiar
Frauds ol this nature are only too fa
liar nud are common where population
is dense, but in new and distant locali
ties, where population is sparse, the
evil of robbing under legal forma is no
leeB prevalent. The New York IlcraUl
l a published statements of this way
of stealing lands in the Territory of
New Mexico that causes a thrill of in
dignation in the breast of every hones!
minded rei.dor. The climate of New
Mrxici is dry, and tbera are immen.se
tracts that are at waterless as the
desert. The consequence is that land
sharks select the borders o( streams,
land containing springs or water cours'
ea, lor their stealing. 10 accompnan
their thef ta they employ their Mexi
can herdsman to enter such tracts as
they desire, swear that they have
residence npon it and have made the
requisite improvements. When the
papers are obtained the property la
made over to the employer, who
thus obtains a vast estate of the only
choice lands unoccupied. Owning
tho w.usr, be is lord and master over
the country behind his possessions,
tor only on his land can the people
obtain access to it. The land back cf
the etreame is usually fit only for
stock-feeding, but being without water
it ia mostly left undisturbed in the
bands of government. Upon this un
occupied land the land-thief feeds his
herds al will, without any other ex
pense to tiimsett than tue poor pay
given to the Mexican herder. Should
an honest settler here and there have
acquired bis 160 acres, and his posses
sion be in the way of the land-thief,
he must sell it at the respectable thief's
valuation or be driven oil by rifle pow
er. This is but a glance at the villainy
that is going on day by day, and that
is by no means confined to N'ew Mex
ico alone. Honest workmen appeal
fur fair pay for their work, and with
whst toil and suffering they obtain it
Rut the lmij-thief unoppoeed, his will
all-powerful, bis greed unchecked
haslona on to make hims-'lf a million
aire, amid the congratulation ol ac
quaintances who admire his energy
and of sycophants who adore Lis sue
ceei. Is justice thus to be always
bafll 'd, and wrong always to triumph
Another Strike The Kansas City
Company Sarvejing From EIr
mlogbaai, Ala.
St. Johnsburv. Vt.. April 12. Thad
dnna Fairbanks, the celebrated scale
manufacturer, died this morning, aged
IK) years.
Cincinnati, 0., Aoril 12. The Ohio
river is steadily falling an inch an
hour. Trains have resumed occupancy
a( the Central Passenger Dspot.
Chicago. 111.. April 12. The MetLo-
dist ministers o! this city, at their
resular meeting to day, discussed the
eight hour movement and almost
unanimously lavored It.
Washington, April 12. Senator
Cbnc rty.irted to-day adversely from
the Committee on foitoitices and lost
roads a bill to increase the rate of post
age on fouith-class matter to 2 cents
pur ounce.
New York, April 12. Ex-Alderman
Miller, who wai brought back from
Florida on a charge of bribery in con
nection with the Broadway franchise,
was released on bail to-day. It is
understood that be will be permitted
to turn btate a evidence.
Cincinnnti. 0.. April 12. Tho
Chamber of Commerce to-day adopted
the report of a committee protesting
aiminst the erection of a bridge at
Cairo, 111., according to tho plan pro
poned by its promoters, because it will
seriously inieriere wim river imvign
Omaha. Nob . April 12. The funeral
of the late Oaot. Emmet Crawford of
the Unit-d State army, who was re-
cent'v killed by Mexicans, occurred to'
dav at Kearney, under the directions
of Robert Morris Lode, No. US, V. and
A. M. An imnmnse ciowd was in at
Minneapolis, Minn., April 12
Hhortly alter neon fire broke out in
the third snry of the Boston block, in
which the pos'olfire Is located. The
building was quickly enveloped in
rlrrieiJ, 'and will be a total loss. Ihe
mails hsve all been saved. The fire
is still burning fiercely.
Albany. N.HY. April 12. In the
House to-day r concurrent resolution
was naaeed and lent to the Senate,
tendering the sympathy of the people
of New York to tue lrisu people in
their struggle for home rule and ex
pressing respect (or Mr. Gladstone for
his stand on that question.
New Orleans, La., April 12. Capt
Savage and Lieuts. Richards and
Levett passed through Ihia city tL ia
morning, en route for San Augustine,
Fla , having in charge seventy-six
Apache Indians, who will be imiirie-
oncd in Ftrt Marlon. They arc a
DTtof Gtronimo s band which was
captured near Sierre Madre.
Pittsburg, Pa., April 12. A freight
train coming west on tho Baltimore
and Ohio Toad last night at 8:30 o'clock
ran into a land slide thirty miles east
r( Onnnellsville. Pa. The engine and
seven cars weic thrown from the
track and badly wrecked. John lotl
mn. the engineer, was killed and the
Amman, whose name could not be
learned, was eeriously injnred.
New York, April 12. The following
tAtement of t he vi.ibie supply oi
grain Saturday last will lo posted at
the Produce Exchange to-morrow:
Wheat, 47,tS2,4!i2 bushels ; decrease,
I.LWUL't.. Corn. lft.4S7.6f)S bushels;
increase, HKI,ii7. Ont, 2,2:W,i3!
bushels ; decrease, 23;l,10!i. Rye, 4!HV
;WS bushela ; decrease, 81.1H2. Hurley,
8;12,W2 bushels; decrease', t,r.w.
riiir-mm. 111.. Aniil 12. The mmi-
Im.t r hiiflhnlN of irmin in store in the
United States and Canada April U th,
and the increase or decrease com
pared with the previoiw week, will be
posted on 'Change, to-morrow as fob
laws: Wheat, 47,i.M.Wi imsneis, .e
crease l,21RV-r,, bushels; corn, 10.467,
mo Im-hnL increase 192. 4:U) bushels
oats, 2,2:kvrol bushels, decrease 232,'
ks7 r,nl..ls- rve. 4W.012 bushels, de
crease 30,1!:S bu-hels; barley. tvW,l 16
The news of the appointment and
confirmation of Senator Howell E.
Jackson to be Judge of the United
States Court of the Sixth Judicial Cir
cuit was received early yesterday
afternoon by private telegram and in
little while became generally known.
Following the dispatches of Saturday
and SuLday mornings it was not a
ma ter of surprise, it wai, neverthe
less, a general tiitmo of conversation,
among lawyers and bus cess men
specially, who naturally lelt a per
ioral interest in the appointment.
Speculation was rite as to the ell ct
it would have in the politics of th
State. There were no two opiniotia
alike except as to one thing the em
barrassment of Gov. Bate.
I would not be in his shoes t
niht for a great deal," a knowing one
remarked. "He will have to select
Senator Jackson's successor, and he
knows he will have to be very carnul
how be does it if he would not utterly
desjrny all hope of being elected to
the Senate when the Legislature
meets in January. Knowing bun ai
I do, I feel pretty sure he will appoint
Borne West Tennessee man which will
give his friends an opportunity ta
claim then that both Senators are
fn;m that division and one of
them ought to be dropped. Col. Al
bert McNeil of "Bolivar teems
to me to stand a g"od
showing for the appointment.
1 believe h would accept it u tend
ered him, though it would give him
but eight months in the Senate, and I
co not believe he would come out as
candidate against Bate when the
Legislature meets. He is not likely to
chorss any man t j keep the seat
warm for him who is now
spoken of in connection with the
Henatorship. The making 01 an ap
pointment can do him no good, at
best, but, on tha other band, it may
utterly spoil hischanees."
Another said: "The retirement ot
Senator Jackson will cause a general
scramble.' It wi'l completely change
the complexion of politics in the
State. Men who had all their
plans so beautifully laid before wnl
not know where to look now. I thought
I had a pretty good grasp on the situa
tion, but I am completely at sea."
An enthusiastic Jackson man said:
"I am gratified beyond measure by the
high compliment which the President
has paid Sacator Jackson, but we will
send him back in January, whether-
he wants to g) or not.
A prophet and a son ot a propuet
said: "My opinion is that the nomi
nation of Jackson to the bench is in
the interest of Porter's candidacy for
the Senate. Jackson prefers Por
ter to Hate. Governor Rato
is now placed in a dilemma. He
lare not appoint a mere personal re
tainer to keep the seat warm for him
self until next fall, and if he appoints
any prominent public man like House,
Whitthorne or McMillin,he will raise
a formidable competitor againrt him
self and divide the strength of tho low
tax Democracy of Tennessee. Gover
nor Rate's friends claim that he will
solve the problem successfully, and
that ho will be aided by the personal
counsel and support of Senator Harris,
who is known to have opposed the
nomination of Jackson. .
Surveys of the route to be pursued
by the Iron Mouma n railroad on this
side of the river have been completed,
and the map showing them was seen
yesterday by an Appeal man at the
office of the City Engineer, Maj. Mer
iwether. It has been decided to cross
the Mississippi opposite Mound City,
at the foot of Tennessee chute, cross
ing Wolf river some distance west of
the Chesapeake and Ohio, and pursu
ing almost a direct course thence to
McGhee's Station, now the junction
of the Kane as City, Springfield and
Memphis and the Memphis and
Charleston railroada. This route will
practically circle the city. A bianch
will be run into the northern end of
the city, where the company proposes
to have its depot. The dis ance
from the point at which it crosses the
Mississippi to McGee's Station iss-iven
miles, and very little grading will
have to be done. The rise is about
sixty feet in the entire distance.
Strike or freight Hrakemrn en the
Mobile nud Ohio Kon.l.
Jackson, Tknn., April 12 The
freight brakemen on the whole north
ern division of the Mobile and Ohio
railroad, extending from Cairo, 111., to
Oktlona, Miss., are on a strike. About
the first of the monta the brakemen
demanded an advance of their wages
from 50 to $55 per month. A com
mittee was sent to Mobile to confer
with General Manager Ttlcott. The
committee returned Saturday without
obtaining any satisfaction. The brake
men bad given Manager Talcott nntil
to-dav and still their terms are not
granted. It is thought there will be a
neneral strike along the wnole.linein
few days unless the brakemen's wages
are advanced. The outlook is gloomy.
The freight trains are all side tracked
and railroad business is almost sus
pended. Not a coupling pin can be
found in any of the Mobile shops.
Making tke Harvey.
Birmingham. Ala.. April 12. An
engineering party started from here
to-day to make a anrvey for the Kan
sas City, Fort Scott and Gulf railroad's
line from here to Memphis, a char
ter for the road is expected to arrive
here to-morrow, the papers having
been sent to Montgomery yesterday.
It is generally believed that work will
begin on the road right away. Kansas
City officials admit that they have an
entirely satisfactory understanding
with Prasident Raoul of the Georgia
Central road, who is publicly credited
with the design of extending his
Goodwater branch here to meet jhem.
An engineering party is organizing to
locate a railroad for the Deliardeleben
Coal and Iron Company f'om Jones
boro, on the Queen and Crescent road,
but to what point no outsider seems
to know. H. F. Debardelebenthe
great A'abama mineral land owner,
claims to have discovered on hisptop-.
erty genuine be ssemer iron ore having
the rarest trace of phosphorus.
(iiHMtvf a nuar hidxltj
Cordially invites aa iaspectien ef kia Larje, Fresh and
Varied Spring smd Summ-sr Sttrck of Jgngliah,
French and German Wortte, Caanneres'.aad Salting!,
eomprUinr tke Lateat Deaigns and Finest Textares la
Gentlemen! Wear. ,
ttf Samples and Pricea on application to those
who have left measure.
That War II M Already
Bca Deriaretf.
London, April 1X---A rumor is cur
rent at Manchester that a Greek firm
io that city has received inlormation
that Greece has declared war against
Turkey. The Greek embassy in Ixin-
don lias received no advices eonurm
atory of the rumor.
Twealy-Nlne frrminn Drowned
the Coast of Hew Zenlund.
Wbi 1.IN0TJN, N. Z , April 12. The
New Zealand coasting steamer Tal
roah has been wrecked between Wel
lington and Christ Church. A heavy
gale prevaed at the time. Three
boats were hunched, but eaih was
speedily capsizeJ. Twenty-nine per
sons were drowned. Only two pas
sengers were raved.
Postal Revenue.
The increase reported in the . post-
fitlien revenues, exclimive of POStACO
on second-class matter, from thirty of
tho lamest offices in the country, for
nine months ended March 31, 1886, ia
$!)24 4 15. Chicago shows an increase
of 1 51.551 : St. Louis, $10,417: Cin
cinnati, J5ft,3i)2; San Francisco, $10,-
7(15: Pittsburg. J15..108: Clevelnm
JKi'141: Detroit. l!i2t(; Louisville,
i;t5."l: Milwaukee. $15,104; Kansas
City. J2K.O0II : Indianapolis, f 45-13 ; St
Paul. fi3.840: Minneapolis, fl8,22(;
and Toledo. 13542. The increaso of
second-class matter mailed during the
same period nt the thirty olhces was
t.&,2;3 pounds.
Harrier and Suicide.
Eac Clairk. Wis.. April 12. John
Wsguer, a firmer, in the town of Lin-
colu, this morning shot and killed
James Moe in a diBputo over the pos
session i.f some land. Wagner's house
was sui rounded by excited people wno
threatened to lynch him. When a
deputy sheriff arrived it wae found
that Wanner had killed himself with
the same weapon with which he shot
Mce, fearing be would De lyncneu.
Eul reached In Their Hoarding-.
PiTiHiiniui. Ta.. April 12. About
250 Italian laborers employed by con
truetnr Itooth t vim. laving a pipe
line at Bridgevil'e, struck Saturday for
an advance in wages. The men were
notified to vacate the e-ompany
boarding bouse but they refused. If
an attempt to evict them is made there
will be troiiDie.
Mr. donld nd the Htrlhe.
NV York. Adi 1 12. When aeked
about the truth ot ceitain reports pub
lished in the morning papers aooui
rendipg between Messrs.
jm Km e and McDowell, iur,
Ur,iilrl mi, I : luere 18 Uw truiu ui
ever in the report; The whole matter
,i In Mr. I10XV8 8 nanas oy me
Directors of the Missouri raiific tome
time ago, and tney prjpost. u in
remain there; besuiee, rne eme w
thiug of the past."
Nun Joneo at Loniavllle.
LocisviU-a. April 12. The Rev. 8aJtt
bed to 3000 people here
to-night for the benefit of the Uol
comb Gospel Mismon. Nearly as many
more could not get " the church.
Five thousand dollars in small sums
was subscribed. An effort is being
made to have Mr. Jonoa remain and
evangeliaa Louisville.
Lpntboro's perfume, KdeniB.
t .....ihnrir'a perfume. Alnine lolet.
l.nniihnur'B perfume, Lily of the
Lundlwrg'a perf'ume, Marchal Niel
! Roee.
New Georgia BolerprUe.
The president of the Savannah,
Dublin and Western railroad t aid in a
recent interview: "We clcsed con
tracts to day for the grading on the
firat forty milea coming out from Fa
yarnah, aid for the twenty-two miles
not already graded between Dublin
and Macon. Cap'. John Powers ia
the crntraetcr on the first forty miles
oui from Savannah, and his contract
epcifi9B that his work ehall be done
witnin sixty aays. e buu ubk-iu
laying iron as soon as be gets ten miles
cf the grading done. 1 have con
tracted for construction cars and for two
locomotives, w niie 1 nave noi posi
tively contracted for iron I know when
and where and tow I can get it. Tha
rails will be hfty-six pound steel raue.
The locomotives that I have con
tracted for will be 17x24 cylinders, and
will weigh thirty-eight tons eacn.
Bowman, Mvrick & Co. are the con
tractors en the upper end of the road,
and will begin work at once, Biarung
at Macon. Thirty milea have been
sealed between Dublin and Mnroa.
The line wiL' be completed by Octo
ber, and we will run trains throngh
from Macon to ravannau in uur
One Vtuiiinii rower.
GKENPmvr, L. I , April 12. About
100 public echooi boys of till ages,
made a demand upon the principal
that th? recesses be extended from fif
teen to tlnity minutes. jn:r oe-
mands no' being acceded lo, tne noys
refused n return io mo n-umnira
the morning recess, and picnefjei tue
entrances ta prevent others tram
entering The trouble assumed such
threatening proportions that the
princtpil sent for tue ponce, anu a
sergeant and several officers were soon
on the spot. Finally the mother of
the rin leader arrived end forced her
son int t echooi, after which the rest
cf the boys quietly marched in.
School Boys oe Strike
Thoy. N. Y., April B2.-About half
the se-holaro at the Eleventh Ward
school struck for shorter hours this
afternoon. They demanded a single
session per day, fro 8 o'cloek a m.
until noon. J lie Doyi proemreu ui-m
and threatened violeiee to the pupils
who did not join thfrui. Policemen
were sent to the scenel to give wnat
ever protection was lewswi;.
Scrofula of Lungs
. lieved.
I am now forty-nln jean old, and hv
offered for the lut fifteen yean with a Inns
trouble. Several membera of the family on
m j mother't aide of the houie had died with
consumption, and the doetnra were all
aareed in their opinion that I had consump
tion lfO. I had all the diatreasini aymp
toms of that terrible disease. I have ient
thousand! of dollar! to arrest the march 0
thil disease; I have employed all of the
usual methods, not only in -my own ewes
bnt in the treatment of other member! o
my family, but temporary' relief waa al
that I obtained. I waa unfit for any manua
labor for several years. By chancel eame
into possession of a pamphlet on " Blood
and Skin Diseanes," from the office of Swilt
Cuiemtto Co., Atlanta, Ma. A triend recoj.
meniled the use of hwitt'a Specific, claimini
tliut h Kiinsalf hsd bren areat.lv benefltet
by its ue in some luni troubles. I resolved
totiyit. About lour years ago 1 commence"
tn tuba A. S. S. aemrdina- to directions. 1
found it an invigorating- tonic, and have used
about nlty Dottles, mere uus are mosi re
markable. My aouith has left rue. my
tt.nalh htL retnrneil. and I weiffh aijtty
pounds more than 1 ever did in my nr. Ii
has been three years since I stopped the
use of the medicine, but I have hud no re
turn of the disease, and there are no earns
or weakness felt in my lonsts. I do the hard
est kind of mechanical work, and feel a!
well as I ever felt since I was a boy. T. ee,
1 know, are wonderful statements to make,
but I am honoft when I say that I sitmj
.;.tnM unrf health to-dav to Swift's Spe
cific. It is the only medicine that brought
me any permnnent repel I do not say mat
Hatift'a sneoiflc will do this id every CRe
but most positively affirm that it has done
this much for me, and 1 would be recreant
... ti. .!,. T una to siiffrinK humanity if
failud to kear this cheertul testimony to the
merits of this wonderful medicine. I am
well known in the city of Montgomery, and
can refer to tome of the best i-itiiens in the
city. 1- uvui,
Mfintur.marv. Ala.. June 15. 1K85.
Swift'! BpeciBo is entirely vegetable.
Treatise on Blood and Rkin Diseases mailed
free. TlibSvi i iM'syi luvo..
Drawer S. Atlanta. Oa. New lurk. Io" W
2id street.
tried to indjee the boys in
school to folow t heir exam-
Ttatt famom remedy most happily meets
thedemand of the e fur woman s peculiar
and multiform emiouons. ii is a remeo,
rr "WOMAN ONLY, and for one SfHuIAl
CLASS of her difeases. It is a speciHo for
oertain diseased conditions of tbe womb,
and proposes to so control the Menstrual
Function as to regulate tbe derange
ments and irregularities of Woman a
Tt nroi.rif.tnrs claiui for it no other medical
property; and to doubt the fact that this
medicine does positively posiesB sucti con
trnllinir and reuu.atina powers is simpl'
i4,ctrlit tha voluntary teSLi jUDV Ot tfaoU
sands ol living witnese.s who are to.duy
extiltina in the restoration to found health
and huppineNs.
Female Regulatoi.
is strictly a vegetable compouna, ana is me
product of n edical science and practical ex
perience directed towurd the In neUt of
It is the studied prescription of a leiirned
pbyician, wnose epeciaur w v...,
and wnose fame became enviable and bound
less becanse ol his wonderful success in the
treatment and cure of female complaints.
Kk.Mfc.Di known, ana ncniy onervw in
Woman's Best Friend
P.ectuse it controls a clai! of function! the
various derangement ol which cauie more
ill hea'tn tnan all oiner causes evmuiua-ut
and thus resoues her rrom a long train of
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existence. Uh. what a
multitude of living- witnesses can testify to
ita charmine effecu! Won., take to your
convene, thil ..,
ritttivia Bwun - -It
will relieve you ot nearly all the eom
plain's peculiar to your lex. Bely upon It
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
lona life. ... . . , .
fcold by all druggists. on m wr mr
ise on the Health and Happiness of omen,
mailed ftee, which give! all particulars.
Box 28. Atlanta, wa.
Mnrelcv ! Kf Tern.
New York, April
Kinny, the proprietor
eallerv at Zit tiower
ran into a saloon ne
claimed: "I am shot
fell to the floor. He
shot him, but was unible to answer
ami tie died retore
that was summoned bid arrived
12. Michael
of a shooting
late to-night
door and ex-
help nie,"and
hvas asked who
he ambulance
Tbe ftonth Carolina Bonele.
Raleigh. N. C April 1.-Saiu
were besnn to-day aiainet the Gov
ernor and Auditor of Ibe Sttte.with
the object of foicinir and levying and
p.illac.tion of the eoecial taxes ioipoeed
in several acta of the North Carolina
I-efciidature oi 18?8-W, undar which
tha snee.ial tax bondi of North
Carolina were ieeued. These
bonds aizgreuate JLl.tXHI.tOti, ana
the epeviai taxee imposed were
autlicieut to meet the annual ic
tervg,. Sulwijuent lettielation forbade
the S;ate o fir-era to coliert these spe
cial taxes, and aa amendment to the
constitution forbids the Legislature to
pay anything, either the interest or
the principal, wlihout submitting the
ma'ter to the. pewp'e. Before this
suits have bfn brought in the Fed
eral Courta, without avail, to enforce,
the right of the Auditor.
Do you want a pnre, bloom
inc 'Complexion I If so, a
few applimions of Hagan s
ify ion to your heart s con
tent. It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Pimples,
Blotches, and all diseases and
'imperfections of the skin. It
overcomesthe flushed appear
ance of heat, tatigno aud ex
citement, ltmatesaladyof
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY ; and so natural, gradual,
aud perfect are its effects,
that it is impossible to detect
its application.
KtB-Besideat notice.
No. 6097, R. D. In the Chaneery Court of
Shelby Cnanty. Tennz-biate A Tennee
see, for its own se, ete., va. Xaura T.
Moore et al.
It appearing rrom bill wh ion ia awora to In
this oause tdat tbe defendants, Joseph 11.
Mill, is a resident of Iowa : ihat Benjamin
Werritt, execuLer of U. 1'. lopping, iie
eeased. I- a resident of New iorki that
David P. Daris, Victori. J. Burrows. O. X.
Burvows. John A. and Annie K. Kirov are
residents ot atifnimippi ; that. Wm. H. Har
rison and J. ii. C-le are resident! of Ken
tucky; that Alfred U. Lindsay is a rel dent
I Missouri; tua'. 1 donas Alltn is a
re'idei.t of Texas; that J. W. and H. Vf .
Flinn are residents Louisiana; that Ueor-
taand trastus be..nlan are residents of
Arkansaa. and all nnn-reflidenta ef the htato
of Tennessee) and that Jennie and Oharlew
ones are non-residenu ot lenne.see. and
that the places of residunee of laura T.
51oore. Louisa M. Ander.on, Kdwaril Fa
it)!. Louisa Ureely, iNancy Jeter, Wm. b.
Catron and Josepb brooks, trustae, are un
known and cann-it be asoertainru aner ani
ent I' ijuiry; and that the namus ana places
I residence ol tne noire- oi James u. nua;-
lund. ileceiised. mafie uarties on account of
tbeir interest in lot 2, Hiwlaod tract, Dunlap
avenue; and that tbe nainei and places of
residence of tlie h'ira ot Anna Bell, de-
eased, made part-es on ncecuntof tbeir In
terest in lot 4, liirlnd aubd visinn ; and
thitthe names and place! of residence or
the heirs ot John Bell, jr , ilooeased, made
parties on account of interest in south- half
lot! a and 9, Ir-hiliips subdivision; and that
tbe name! and places of residence of tbe
heirs of Joseph J. llavis, dmeaxed, made
parties on aneonnt ol interest in mi z, loutn
de of Kerr avenue ; and that the name!
and places of residence of the heirs ot Ash
burry Warren, deceased, made parties pa
account of inter, it in lot 36, Cooiwr subdi
vision, are all unknown and eannot be aa
eeriained after diligent inquiry, this being av
suit to enforce tax liens:
It Is therefore ordered, That said partie
make their appearance herein, at the Couit
II mi a nf Khalhv ciiudit. in Memohis. Tenn.
on or before tbe first Monday in May, lWd,
and plead, answer er demur to complainant a
bill, or the same will betaken fur confessed
as to them and set for hearing e parte; and
that a copy of this order be published once
week for four successive weeks in the Mem
phis Apperl. This 31st day otMuch, 1811.
A copy Aires' :
S. I. M.-DOWEI L, Clerk-tnd Master.
By J. M. B-adley, Deputy 0. and M.
Iloirkell & Jordan, belicitura fer com
plainants th
Xon.Ret-ident .Not be.
No. 0144, R. D. In the Chaneery Court of
bhe by I ounty, Tenn. The Bute o4' Ten
nessee and county 01 enemy vsi n m.
Beckard et al. ...
It appearing trom the bill which is sworn
to in thil cause Hint he defendant Wm
Worshain, heir or J J nori-niim, ueeeasea:
K Kavuar and W B Ureenlaw, rouidenw of
the .State ol Texas; Caroline W Rebeart, a
resident ol the htate ol umot w vr ur.cn,
S P Large and J N Large, residents of the
State ol Pennsylvania; Minor Meriwother,
a rimidcDt oftheSmie ot Missouri, and all
non-residents of toe Ftate of Xennessoe;
that the tesidencea of the unknown hairs of
Koliert U Adams, deoeased vm uriago-
water. Win Moore, Koderica l aic'ner, jure:
muih, HBiinab aud A len mi-nmiin, o un
ver McSmiih, Oliver J McSmith, of the un
known heir! of Henry Blackwood ; Mrs Mary
J Mitchell, tie unknown heirs of J W
Cowg 11. trustee, deceased: Josepn .vitcneii,
John M Thompson, J M Dioksnn, J J
Pleasant, Bearnidine Neff, of ihe unknown
heirs of T C KaHtm.n and of John Worrells,
deceased; Hoiiert K. Dickens, of the repro
aentnlive ol the Bank of Memphis, of the
unknown he rs of Allen Cainpi ell and Both
J, Waddull: Mary K Andorson, Martha 0.
Saunder, the heir of J M Williams, de
ceased ; J W Curry, the unkno-n bo'rs of
J 11 McClure, deceased, and of H J Posey,
deceastd; of M J orchard, deceased t uf
Geo D-ckeon, deceased: Agues A Paitort-.in,
Robert Cra ig, K T IJavis, Lewis Crn ig, trustee,
heirs nf S F Low; of John U Hotcber.of:
William A Hall, ueeeased. of K. II Broolia,
deceasod, of Alfred and Uenr. Howard, of
W D 1'owel, trustee, and Mrs N J Hubbsrd.are
unknown and cannot be aioertained atter
diligint iu!Ury. This bill is tiled to collect
Slate and eounty ta.ves due on various 'oU
owned by tho above-named parties and
other parties. ,
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the Court-House
of frhelby county, in Memphii, fenn., on
or before the first Monday in May, IHSs, and;
Elead, answer or demur to comi lainant a
ill, or the same wi l be tiken fir conlessed
aa to them and set for hearing ex parte t and
Uiat a i-opy ot this-order be publishedionce a.
week, for fjur luccessive weeks, in the
Memphis Appeal. Tbi31stday of Mnron.
lttti.. A copy attest. ....
R. I. MhUOW K.LL, Clerk and Mn'ter.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Lee Thornton, tiol. for complainant.
Son-ResItlPtit Notlcp.
Bo. 6(112., R. D. In the Chancery Ciurt ef
Shelby county, Tenno-see.--State l Ten
nessee vs. li. S. Wendle et ill.
It ainearing fmm the bill which l! sworn
to in this ciune that the defendants . .
Remfcert, jr., is a resident ot thePt5eof
Mississippi, and M. L. Drown ol thobtite
of Kansa:'. and both non-reilnM t the
State of Tennessee, and thut tlie residoncen
of the heir? of H. If. La tiiicreo, de.-eiifed;
of the heirs ol K. L. Steel, .locoii.o-l-: of De
Witt S. bmilh; ot 'be heirs of Hlnr.
Hols'., deceased; of Ch:i. Oti-mino; of John
B. Taylors of Vry C. WuH laid I T. M.
Ward, her husbund: of J. i. Wolf, !bns B.
Wolf, Henry W ills ami, und of the heirs of
C. A. Viune. de.w'ol. are unknown and
n..nn..t 1. ...rtiitn.tl jttvr dili.ent in-.uiry.
This bill i fi'ed to rulim-t taxoa duo the
State aud county on various bus owned by
above named p.rtics and pihr pii-ties.
It is, therefore, ordered that the nuiVe
their apnearanee herein, at the Court-Hoine
ot Shelby enunty, in Mo-i pb'S. Ton.,on
or before tho first Monday iu M i y, low-, ana
plond, answer or den ur to complainant bill,
or the same will be taken for contewsrd as to
them and set for hoiiring ex parte i and that
a copy of this order be puolih4 once a
week for four successive weeks in the Ap
peal. This .'list day of March, lKe.
A rlfVlKK?.!., Clerk and. faster.
Vy H. . Wa4h. Deputy 0. ana H.
lse Tborntonsohcitor KMi-esplaiiiant.
InttTfii( Sati.
Ko M7 R. (St. State of Tennessee, Shelby,
county, Office of County Court ilerk, Mem.
Phis, f ennessee, March 2U, Wsi-Te Joh
Loague, Public Admintstraker, ef 8helb
oounty. and ss inch Administrator ot tLae
estate o W.T. Pryor, desd:
HAV1NU suggekted tieininlveney of tie
estate of W . T. Pryor, deceased, you are
hereby ordered to give etit-e. by advertise
menrin some newspaper published witbin
the said State, and alse at tbe Court-Haas
door oi Shelby eounty, tor all persons having
claims again't said eaUte.-tn appear ani file
the same, authenticated in the inaine-) pre
scribed by law, on or befoie the 1st lay of
July, 1'. and any claim not filed oa or be
fore said day, or befere an apprvpriiiion cf,
the fnndsof said estate ia made, ba be for
ever barred, both in law and enuitji. Wit
ness my hand, at office, this &ta day of
March. 1886. Hl'HH B. CliLLKN. Clerk.
Bi U. ii. McUonald. ileputy Uleni.
IJutice is here'iy given as required by the
foregoiaf notice. ,
wed JOHN 10A8PK, Xdm5susTmtor.
Crab Orchard
iLTHtv h i " " eivr-a.
Tin iiowkuv
DYSPEPSIA. -Constipatiorv
Sick Headnat.
K it IN
3 rsill
Tt.M. lln tn twotsariMnufuls.
i-eulue ('SAB eiUCVAAD hALTS in
-wrtlt-d pnranires al lw aon M. a
-nuinilialth sold Abuia.
Crab Orchard Water Ce.. PropYa.
v V lONl-s. Minia-r 1 .la-,11-. K.
ASKSTS.Msa and
te sell "trie. CfllLD'l
BIBLB " ltredoet'cn V-,t 1 U '
eent, D.I. One asent ht s..ld tu in a twi
of bT4 'people; ono il -A avillce at ;-4;oti-new
.tent to in 10 d .; one JbJ in : iicce.
sive -weekst one 40 fi 3 days at lo dtCe'eni
tirjas.!lExperienea "ot r:e'-.sa- Ad.lr.'s
3 CA;KLL k CO. tVt'dl.
1 Iee.rxr!i tret, Cni?'''

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