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Cotton Higher Middling,
hales Yesterday, 31100
Bal s.
He -
The money market continues lirm.
Local Fecnritics quiet but steady. Ti.e
cotton market closed steady and Jc
higher; middling 9c. Sales 3000 lnles.
Tin- New York spot market yesterday
cWJ firm; middling 05 c. The course
of yesterday's future market in New
York is thus described in Greene's re
port : "It was an active and advancing
market with 78 points gain, well
turtained. Cheerful European ac
counts and active, strong dealing? at
the South led to a largo amount of
covering, and showing a degree of
nervousness and a greater short inter
est than was supposed to exist Sev
eral of the principal commission
houses are on tho long side and assist
iiig tlie upward turn." At NewOrleafis
spots closed firm and l-16c higher;
middling 8 13-lGc; futures steady and
4 to 7 points higher, April 8.82c, nom
inal. At Liverpool the spot market
was reported firm, prices hardening;
middling 5 l-l(!d; futures quiet and
steady. April 5 Old. Receipts at
tlti port yesterday were 792
bales total this season, .r23,:'55
bales, against 418,701 bules same time
la-st year. In tho general market eggs
are steady at 11c; other ai'tides un
changed. IMPORTS.
Three hundred and fifty-two sks
bran 24 pkgs bacon, 1052 pkgs boots
and shoes 11,705 bu corn, 50b sks cof
fee, 3 cars cotton-seed, 1372 sks cotton
seed, 319 pkgs dry goods, 75 pkgs eggs.
817 brls flour, 550 bales hay, 151 pkgs
hats 1 d hogs, 4(1 hd cattle, 6 lid
horses and mules, 297 pkgs lard, 1S8,
000 ft lumber. 17 pkgs liquors, 132
brls meal, 353 kegs nails, 1700 bu oats,
320 brls potatoes, 5 cars pork sides, 89
Urls sugar, and 389 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
hv regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange to day : Wheat,
none received or withdrawn; in store,
3067 bushels. Corn received, 4001
bushels; withdrawn, 4201 bushels; in
store, 90,099 bushels. Oats, none re
ceived, withdrawn, SKX) bushels; in
store, 2!H8 bushels.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenu.,
T-'orrrionlence solicited, laroi
nation cheerfully fnrnlliet.-
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing-House report is as fol
Monduy, Apiil 12th, J277.075 26;
(Same day last week. 435,724 ti7; sune
day in 1885, (201,897 25; same day in
1885, ?229,fl81 31.
Monday, Apiil 12th, 139,020 48;
same day last wek, $95,511 61; same
dav in 1885, $5U,945 89; fame day in
1885, 7f.,5l 55.
New York sight on all paints, par
nuying, t premium Beiaug; rew
England ilemand, i discount buying;
New Eoglsnd sight, i discount; New
Orleans, i dkronnt buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 bid, 150 asked
First Na'iona) 140 bid, 147 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 200 at ked
mate National 147 bid, 147 asked
Union and riantere,.148 bid, 150 asked
Mercan'ilo Bank... 135 bid, 137A asked
Blutl' City-
Peopk s
Memphis City.
70 bid,75ar.kcd
....100 bid, ... eskud
....80lid. 821 asked
...101 bid, 105atked
.....OS bid, 100 asked
...102 bid, 104 asked
, !6 bid, 19aiked
....If 0 bid, ... afked
'.30 bid, 35spk(d
20 asked
M. end 0. eons')!-", 7 ..115 bid, ...asked
M. A L. K 3s' nj.8..n-- bid, 112i rsked
Mies. StT. U K.' c,A, 122 bid, 1224 asked
MieeAT.lt. K c,U, 104 bid, lOliJ asked
lenn. wts.ser. C 9i bid, 98 J ts'fe.l
Shelbv Cj. boudi' 105 bid ... asted
Tax. Dis'. 4, Ps 92J bid, 9," asked
Tax. Dist. C. 101 bid, 102abked
Mem. fetor. Uoin.Co..l09 bid, 110a ked
Mem. Oas stock ,..73 b d, 77i asked
Mem. (in bonrs 10o bid, ...asked
Mem. Water bonds 9ti bid, ... asked
HauaiurOil Works hid. 50 asked
City Oil Works b d, 45 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills bid, ,
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 25 bid, ... at ked
Mem. City Cy. bonds. . .:. bid, ... asked
New YoK,April 12. Money on call
f asy at 1 J(ai2 per cent. Trime mercan
tile paper, 4(t5. ftb-rling exchange
dull but steady at 48iJ for tO days and
488 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds dull and
Meady. State bonds were active and
strong. Railroad londs showed in
creased activity ; sides, 12,902,000. As
a rule prices aro higher. The most
notable advance was Ohio Southern
incomes, of 6j, to 4".
Hocks- Htocka responded promptly
to the generally favorable outlook in
all lilies of business At the opening
prices were generally small fractions
higher, and with hardly any reactions
the market continued strong until the
close." There was no news to cause
any material advance, hut there was
an earnest disposition to cover shorts
and this stimulated the advunce. The
result is that everything is higher, the
gains ranging from fractions to more
than 2 per cent.,'with exceptional ad
vances for much greater amounts. A
-characteristic feature of the market
was the distribntion in dealings. In
no cao were tho as much as 40,
000 shares. Some of the stocks which
have been negleit'.'i! for a long time
were conspicuous loi the gains made,
including Milwaukee, Jke (Shore and
Western. Tho common opened at 50
and rose to 54, wiiiie the preferred ad
vanced from 75 to 82 and closed at
8U. St. Paul and Duluth advanced
3 per cent, and closed at 05 J, a net
gain of 2L Lake Bhore closed with a
not advance of 1. New York Central
is up ?,Ht. Paul is J and Northwestern
I J higher. Tho coal stocks are up 1
or Jersey Central, 1 for Ijickananna,
2 for Delaware and Hudson and for
Reading. Union Pacilie is up lj,
which was ascribed to inside buying
on reports from Washington that the
Hoar bill, extending payments to the
government over eightv years, would
pass, but it is more probable that the
story grew out of the advance instead
of the aivance coming from the story.
The market closed active and strong.
The tot-1 sales of stocks to-day were
37:',141 shares,, including Delaware,
Lackawanna ami Western, 27,114;
Erie, 10,378; Kansas and . Texas,
b'M'y; Lake Shore, .":;,:!-); Louis
ville and Nashville, MI0; North
western, 11,310; New Jersey
Central, 7100; New York Central,
0705; Pacific Mail, 29.57.1; Peoria,
Decatur and Kvansvi'le, lt,200; Head
ing, 14,800; St. Paul, 24,ti30; St. Paul
and Omaha, 15,200; Union Pacific,
87,120; Western Union, 8400; North
Pacific preferred, 900; Oregon and
Transcontinental, 0:100. The closing
quotations were as follows:
U. S. S. 100.
New : lhift.
, Now 4a. IX'i.
' PaoiBc&of 18SS.127X.
LouiaUnaooni.ii 80. Missouri 6e, 101K.
Ten n. tin, old, 57. Tenn.im, new, ti.
Cant. Pae.lata, 116. Don. A K.I), Uts.121,'4
Dcn.JaK.U.W,laUi,T8 Kris aeoondt. U3.
M.K.AT.,Oen.6, !U. 1'. A. C. lata, llMi.
N. P. A. 0. 2d. (W. N. WeHern oon., 14V,.
N.Weat. deb.5e.lus?," Si.L S.F.Men M.lOt
fit. Paul, con . i: St.P., 15. AP. laU.121-'.
T. P. liinduranH.SWiT. P..R.U. ex-cou.514
U. P. Grata, 117.
Adauia Expreaa. 145. Natlirille A C . 46' i.
Allenheny Cen., . N J. Central, .MS.
Alton A T. 11., 4H?4. Nor. ami W.. pfd. 2i'
A. i. T. H.,fd., 'JlliNorthoro Pao.,2".'.
A uiericaD Ex., lili.'-a. Nonliern P., ifd.
B. , O. R. & N.,7o. N. Y.C. iSt. L..7',.
Unnada Pac.ti'i'i. N.V.f). A St.L.,p..lV
Canada Sou., 4o;-. CAN. W.,1US7.
Central Pacific. 424 (.'. A N. V., nld.. I:t9.
Chon-poike A 0 . US. V., Central, 1U3W.
0. A O., lt ptd, 171,. Oh'o Centrul, IK.
C A O., 2d .fd., 2!i. Ohio A Misa., tf,.
C. A A., HIS. O. A Mlm.. pfd., W.
C. A A., ptd, 1M. Ontario A W est, IS'-".
C. 11. A Q., l:V;,. "reara Uv., lul.
C.St. L. A N. U., -Orei on Trani 30i.
C., Kt. h. A P., 11. Oregon Imp. ,'21.
V., ol.Li.x r . ,p.,i.l aciuc .nan, oo
C.,8. AC, 31!4.
Panama. 98.
Del., L. AW., 1W4
Den. A Rio (i., U.S.
Erie. 2tr.l
Peoria, 1). A E., 241..
Pittsbur, ISO.
Pullman P. C, 133.
Rendinff, 2T.
Hock Island, 12S.
St. L. AS. F.. 19.
baal lenn., a u. a a. r ., p., .
8 L. AS. F.. p.. 44.
Eaat Tenn., ptd, P',. ht.L. a h.r.lnt p. Mi.
W.-rt Wavnu. us. C. M . k Rt. P.. SSVi.
Hannibal A St. Jo.-O. M. A St. P., p., 119
11. A St. Jo, ptd, PI. Y. m. a 11. noa,
Harlem. 215
ht. v. & umana. vi.
Houston A T., 27.
Illinois Cen.,13.
Ind , B. A W.. 26'.
Kanaaa AT.,28.
Lake K lW.,li.
Lake Shore, 81.
Lou. A Naah.. W',.
Lou. AN. A., 84.
M. AC, let pfd. -M.
AC, 2d pfd. -Mem.
A Char, 2.
Mich. Central. 67.
St. Paul A O., pfd.UHH
lexaa faouc, 11 '4.
Union Paoifio,
V. S. Expreaa, 62.
W..St. L. A P.. 8!i.
W.St. L. A P. o.,16
W. A t. Kx., 12U.
W. U. Tel . WYa.
Colorado Coal, 25!.
IlomeKtake, 17.
Iron Silvr, 200.
Ontario, 2).
Quicksilver 7.
Min. A St. L., 20.
M. A St. L., pfd, 48 Quicksilver, pfd, 21
Miaa. Pan.. 10-. South Kuoinc,
Mobile A 0., Wi- Sutro, 17.
Morria A E , offd, 138.
Losdok, April 12. Consols, 100 9-16
for both money and tue account.
T'nited States bonds, 4 Js, 114
Paris April 12. Three per cent,
rentes, 80f 97 Jc for the account.
Chicago, III., April 12. Bank
clearings, ! 9,200,000.
New York. April 12. Exchanges
$108,619,183; balances, J4,0u8,O29,
Baltimork, Mi., April 12. Clear
ings, $2,375,951 ; balances, $341,540.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 12
Clearances, $8,685,887; balances, $1,-
Boston, Mams., April 12. Clear
ings, $13,531,707; balances, $1,599,-
718. Money 4 per cent.
St. Louis, Mo , April 12. Bank
clea ings, 12,608,568: balances, $446,
0!4. Exchange on New York firm at
ou cents premium
The IocbI cotton market opened firm
and clrsad steady. and It higher; mid
dling, 9i!. SileJ, 3000 bales, of which
3200 were to expoiters and 400 to spin
Yesterday. Saturday
Ordinary..! 7J. 7J
Good ordinary 7j 7j
Low middling Sj 8jj
MiddliDg 9 8J
Good middling 9J 92
Middling fair 10 92
Fhir Nom. Nora.
Dustv 61(5)8 6J(S8
Stains, tinges 7J81 71(3)83
MEMi'ma, April 12, 1SSC
Stock Sept. 1, 1883 1,392
Recti ved to-day 792
Ktceived previoutly ...52 1,563 524,747
Shipped previously 430,7o! 433,187
Stock, running accaunt
Thus (ar this week
Thus far last week
Sence Septentber let.
... 1,249
... 1,044
M. and C. It. 15
M. and T. R. R .......J
L. and N. R. H
M. ar.d L. R R. R
C , O. and S. W. R R
L., N. O. and T. R. R
K C . S. A M. R. R
M , S and B. R. R
Wagons and other sources
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
.... 4,172
... 3,952
... 433,187
.... 967
.... 848
Since Sept9mber 1st
M. and C. R. R
L. and N. R. R...
C, 0.& S. W. R. R
New. York spots opened quiet and
closed firm. S lies, 1198 bales. Quota
t ions were as follows:
Ordinary Ojj
Good ordinary. 8
Low middling.. 8 13 16
Middling 91
Good middling 9 1M0
Middling fair-10 11-16
Fair 11
8 13 18
9 11-18
10 11-10
New York futures
openeJ steady
and closed firm, and 6 to 8 points
higher than Saturday. Sales, 90,400
bales. Ibe clcsing quotations were as
follows: ,
April 9.22(a 9.24
May 9 33 9 33
June 9.41 9.45
July 9.54 9.55
AngU8U 9.03(a) 9.64
September... 9 47ft. 9 48
October 9 33 9.34
November... 9.2S 9.29
December.... 9.3.'Ja 9.34
January 9.40 9.41
Saturd iv.
9.15(5) 9 16
9 26(4 9.27
9.47(5) 9.48
9.50($ 9.57
9.40 9.42
9.25 9.26
9.22 9.23
9 200$ -28
9,33(a 9 35
The New Orleans sr ot market opened
quiet, and c'oed firm and l-16c
higher. Sales, G700 bales.
Ordinary - 71
Good ordinary... 7 15-16
Low middling.... 8 5 16
Middling 8 13-10
Good middling... 9,
7 3-16
9 9-16
The New Orleans future market
opened barely steady, and closed
steady and 4 to 7 points higher. Sales,
24,100 balei". The closing, quotations
were as follows:
. 8 82 noui.
... 8.94 895
.- 9.118 9.10
. 9 23 a 9.24
... 9.2S 4 9.29
8 70 nom.
8.870 89
9.02,.i HtKl
9 17 9 18
9 22(.t 0.23
8.9.'K. 8.97
8 87(.rt 8 88
S S4'o 8 S5
8.87i.rt 8 Ml
8.98(a) 8 99
9.01 9.02
8 92(3 8 91
8 SX'.i) 8 9
8 92(a) 8.9.
9.03(.i) 9 0)
December ...
Tone.1 Rec. Prices! Stin k.
3 '2
25 i, 71 Hi
X Orleans.
1483 9
16219 3-lti
New York
400 91
2073 9J
Boston .....
St. Louis...
1219 7-l
398 8j
40 8 fl 1(1
Receipts at jKjrts,
lieceiptsat ports,
this day, 18811.15,748
this day, 1885. 3,no
R'tS U. S.
22 613
8,1. 'I
624 0i)
Kx. tir. lir
6 894! 14,947
811,520. 020,271
4,895,229 4 ll,27ll4,038,09
:i : S,ti5 ;t 410 tM:t 3 3S8 4IH
Increase of receipts this vear...283,9jii
The Livenmol snot market at noon
was reported active, prices hardening.
Sales, 15,000 bales, of which American
11,400 bales. Receipts, S' (H) hales, of
which 7600 were American. At 2
poor middling and advanced l-10d.
ml 1 1 ........ , . . . ..
ine ionowing are tue closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4 5-10d good ordi
nary, 4 ll-ltid; low middling, 4jd;
good middling, 5 5-10d; niiddling up
lands, 5id ; middling Orleans, 6 3-liic.
I l litpncen are own in pence and bAtlm,
thu: 4 63 meant 4 63 Mid, and 5 01
mrant 5 l-64of.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm at advance. Quotatioiis"were as
follows: April,; April-Mav, 5 03(i
5 04d; May-June, 5 035 0')d; Junt
July, 5 0G5 OSd ; Julv-August, 5 OSfii)
5 09d ; Angust-Septemlier, 5 10W5 1 Id ;
October-November, o 0o(2..) OtKt ; rn'p
tember, 5 12(n5 13d.
At 2 2.in.: l.iverimol lutures were
otiiet: April. 5 05d sellers: April-Mav,
5 05d sellers ; May-June, 5 051 buyers ;
Jone-July,5 07d buyers; July-August.
5 09d buyers; August -September, 5 lid
buyers ; September-October, 5 09d'buy
huyers; October-November, 5 Otid fil
ers; September, 5 12d buyers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futu'es were
quiet and steady; April, 5 Old sell
ers; April-May, 5 04d sellers; May
June, 5 04d buyers; June-July, 6 Ulkl
buyers; Jnly-August, 5 08d buyers;
August-September, 5 lOd buyers ; September-October,
5 08d buyers ; Octo-lier-Noveniber,
5 05(1 buyers; Septem
ber, 5 lid buyers.
t i l l KK OKA I.N.
The following is tho record of tlie
bids and offers at tho Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No, 2, white, spot, 40c asked; April,
40c asked; May, 41 Jc asked; June,
42c asked J No. 2 spot, 37c bid ; April,
37c bid ; May, 38c bid ; June, 5 cars
sold at 39c.
No. 2, spot, 331c bid; April, 33c
bid, 34c askqd; Jfay, 35c asked; June,
34c bid. ;
' I1RAH.
April, $14 50 asked; June, $14 50
Spot, $1 95 asked; April, $1 95 ask
ed; May, $1 90 bid, J2 asked; June,
$1 90 bid, $2 asked.
BUB adn i l i ra.
Corn White, 47c ; miked, 46c, from
store; from leyee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c ; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c ; prime,
75:4 80c; prairie, 50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $14Ci)14 50;
prime, $13(3)13 50; prairie, $8(i,8 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38jc,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, racked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 354c.
Bran From store, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans -Navy, tl 75(7 2; medium,
$1 6(l'jl 75; German millet, ii 20(!!'.
1 4 .
Coiinmeal Stan lard, $2 5f 2 25;
pearl, i'.Va ') 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Hue Louisiana, 4oHc; Carolina,
Uatmkal In ha f-barrels, $3g3 25
from store.
Crackeo Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 59 from store.
Flopr In oir lots, double extra, 13
3 60 ; triple extra, 1.1 05(i;3 75 ; fnmi
lv, 3 7.H44; choice, ft 25A4 35:
fancy, $4 5.i4 70; extra fancy, $1 90
(n)5; patents, $5 25(5)5 65; from store,
family, J4'n 4 25; choice, f4 25(j4 40;
fancv, $4 654 93; extra fancy, $.5
5 25 ; patents, $5 50(ry6 1'5.
Homisy and Grits From store, $''
(5)3 25.
CitAtiKKs-Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4.Je; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7je; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, tic; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
KansasCity, Mo., April 12. Wheat
steady; cash, 62ic bid.o3Jc aiked ; May,
ft'ijc; June, 08jc bid, 61c asked.
Corn steady; cash, 27 Jo asked; May,
28c bii, 28jc rsked; Jone, 28c bid.
Oats May, 28c bid, 29e askd.
Nit Ckleans, La., April 12.-Flour
dull; choice, $4 25; fancy, $4 50; ex
trafancy, $4 85; Minnetota-and win
ter wheat patents, $5 40. Corn
quiet but steady at 4j(S,46a Oats,
3'iC. Corn meal eteady, with fair de
maoJat$210r. y
LosuoN.'April 12. The .Vail- Imw,
Kiprtt, in its review of the British
grain trade during the past week, gays:
Wheda sre growing very fast. The
trad" bu Dot improved. The eales of
Edu! ah wheat during the week were
50,04 ) quarters at 30) 4d, against 42,809
guar ers at 3ie 3d during tbA Oor re
sponding period last year. Floor is
steady. 'There is no new featur in
the loreign wheat trade. No cargoes
arrived. One cargo was sold and one
was withdrawn; none remained. The
market to-day was stagnant. English
whea'f were Jd lower. Foreign wbeati
were weaker and Hat. Corn wts 3d
dearer. Barleys wore difficult to sell.
St. L"eis, Mo., April 12. Flour
firm bat nc(Qanged. Wheat fairly
active an! higher; the market opened
strong and quickly advanced j' c,
and remained frni for some time, hut
finally eased ioGT, and closed
higher than Suturday ; No. 2 red, eesh,
86 jc; May, 8t,fi87Jc, closing at 8tigc;
Jnue, 87(gS7Jc;clojing at 871c; July,
84(J 8 Ijc, closiig at 843. Corn dull
but firm, and H higber than Siturdiy ;
Ne. 2 mix!, tash, 33j(n33tB; May,
33j34,!, clobina at 33 jc; June, 31J(o)
31 jc, closing at 34 asked. Oats almost
entirely neglected; No. 2 mixed, cvb,
29J?; May, 29js bid. Rve pa'y, 59Ji!.
Barley dull; Americau, 6()(i8Jc; (Cana
dian, S0(i:i7c. Hav quiet and un
changed. Flaxseed eay, $1 08. Bran
wek. 59,v t'ornmeal, steady, $1 80
(.fl 8-5. Kecxip's Flour, HKK brls;
" lies'. 5000 tn ; corn, 60,000 bu ; oate,
5001) bit; rye, 2000 t.u ; lat!ey, 1000
bn. Shipments -Flour, 12.0i') br's;
whra', lOiH) bu ; orn, 0 (H) bu ; oats,
16,000 bu; ryu anil barley, none.
Atlemixm Hoard. Wheat weak and
i(a c l;ie. Corn eary and Jc lower.
Oats nnc):aticd.
Cuicauo, III . April 12. The crowd
estimated that the visible supply state
ment would disclose a decrease o' lu ly
1,500,000 bushels, in addition to which
on tract J had been made for the
shipment of 200,000 bushels for ex
port. There was also a slight lesump
tion of the talk of a possible war in
the borders of Afghanistan. Under
these conditions May wheat started at
781c, or ic higher than at the close on
Saturday, rote to 78gcon good buying,
but gradually sagged back to 78e uu
der moderately free offerings. Giro
was only fairly aitive, but ruled quite
firm and cl' snl at steady prices. Oats
ruled a shade higher. A rather easy
tone pervaded the provision list. In
the afternoon wbe.t was excited and
lower, clcsing at 77jc for May, and the
other markets wire easier. Floor
quist; Southfrn winter wheat llmr,
$4 406.4 75; Wisconsin, $1(3)4 65;
Michigan, fl 5"4 75; soft spring
whest, $.! 70X'4; Minneco'a linkers,
$3 50(ir4 50; patents, $4 t55; low
grade, 2(3; rye (lour, j'l 3(K1 50 in
barrels ent t3(i' t 30 ;n sai ke. W lu at at t
ivo and str()iiger,cloeing Jc higher tban
Saturday. Sales ranged: April, 73i(rt
74 Jc, closed at7:!ih; May, 78178Sc,
Closed at 78 Vltic; June-, 80(n 8(Uc,
closed a: 80c; No. 2 spring, 7:tj(i!.78t!t
No. 3. spring, HOfifxiOi". Corn quiet
and firm ; cash, :U?ij4i,:'0J(:; April,33'Jc;
May, 3 ji'i3iBc, closed at Jiie; June,
38 3 ItifeiWJe, closed at 38 3-l6a. O.its
steady; cash, 20(i28jc; April, 26c;
May, 9 13-lOj)30c, c'oed at 29jc;
June, 301(330jn, closed at 301c. Rve
steady; No. 2, 5759c. B.'rleydull;
No. 2, OOj. Flaxseed quiet; No. 1,
$106. Receipts Flour, 14.000 brls;
wheat, 14,000 bu; corn, 09,0r0 bu;
oate, 57.000; rye, 1000 bn; barley, 39,
000. Shipments Flour, tt'101) brls;
wheat. 25.000 bu; corn, 40,000 bn;
oats, 44,000 bu ; rye, 7000 bu ; barley,
10,000 bn.
Afternoon Board. Wheat excited ; J
(3 Jc lower.
Bcttkr -Creamery, 34(nt5c; dairy,
10()20c; butterine, I3(.n)10; country,
12j18c, according to condition.
Cheese Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12Jc; Y. A.
121c. '
Mess Pork Old, $10 per barrel;
new, $11 per barrel; sugar-cured hams,
packed, 91(a) ic; breakfast bacon, 7J(3)
9c; clear rib bacon, OKWtiJc.
n u...... "!.,.... ill...
Ill l.h 1 til nm-o, ,
clear rib sides, 5j(oJ5Jc; long clear, 5
5jc; shoulders, 4(4 c.
Lard -Tierces, O'aOjc; half-barrels,
6l03c; kegs, 6j('fijc; buckets, 6 j
tijc; haK-btickets, eiC'i'tijc; 50-lb ins,
fil0jc; 2tMbtins,K(iJe; 10-lbtins,
ofle;o2u -u "n, vl 1 8 w "
0jo;c; choice kettle, tierces, )
Frksii Mets Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 707 Jc;
cows and heifers, tiijc; mutton, 8J(ii)
9c: lambs, 10c: pork, tic.
Pkis-keet Brls, f .VnS 50; balf-brls,
$33 25.
New Ohi eanr, La., April 12. Hog
products in light demand, but bnldeis
firm. Pork, $10 25. Lard refined,
tierc, 80Jc. Bulk meats honl
ders, 3 95c; lorg clear and clear rib,
51c. Bacon shoulders, 4c ; long clear,
6.05c; clear rib, 2.60c. Hams, 1X3)91 c.
St. Louis, Mo., April 12. Pro
visions dull and depressed. Pork
weak, $9 90. Lard rasy, 6.K0c. Bu k
met ts easy ; hnee lotp, long clear, 5 30c;
short ribs, 5 40c ; short clear, 5.55c ;
boxed lou, long clear, 5 30c; short
rits, 5.40j; short clear, 5 50c. Bacon
B:eBdy;long clear, 5 805.85n; short
ribs, 5 90(5)5 95c; short clear, 06 10c,
Hams unchanged. Butter firm:
creamery, 27("32r. Eggs dull and
lower, 9Jr.
Chicaoo, 111., April 12. Mess
pork irregular and lower; casb, 9 15
(39 20: May, $9 20 9 30, closed at
$9 20(5;9 221; Juno, $9 37J, closed at
$9 27jrt)9 30. Lard easier, 2 jc lower :
cash. $5 90; Mav,$ 87J5 92i, closed
at $5 00; June, $5 92j5 95, closed at
f5 92j. Boxed meat steady. Dry
sa'ted shnuldere, 4(i)4.10c; short clear
sidep, 5.65(5)5. 70c ; short rib sides,
5.30c. Butter tu'ed dull and weaker;
creamery, SOiOr; dairy, 11(122c.
Eggs, lfljfillo. -
Coffek -Common 88Je; crjimi'y,
9(5;9i; prime Rio, 11c; c hoice to f All
ey, lljctJ;; old g)veriunent, 23()
35t; Ceslnn, 20.'.
SoAr-3J(5Jn per pound.
SroAR-Pnre w. c. white, (iiSO,1;:;
off white, OJi'iOfr: yellow, 6.(5(i.Jc;
onfn kit'.le, 4j('i5o; refined A, tlldt)
61c; granulited, 6j(i)7c; powdered,
f, cnt leaf, 7Jc.
'Salt $1 20(3)1 30 per barrel; nicks,
tine, $1 50; ciase, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j'5 7c; ctr losds from levee
or depot, 5c iheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
lair, 20(5)3 lc; pi itue to choice, 30(5l40c ;
avTup, 20("40c; common to fair, 20(5;
25c ; prime to choice, 30ta33c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27(5
30c; other grades and styles, 25(a 28c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, 10 25 per case; R. 11., ') 50.
Candies Sticks, all nil b, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7J(5381c.
Cahdhs-FuII weight, 10J105c.
CanneoGoops, Etc. Priced perdoa
en: Pineapples, $1 3531 65; peaches,
2-lb. standard, $1 3F1 50; seconds,
1 155)l 25; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 10; 31b, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
(Ml 60; ra pherriee, $1 15(5)1 25; black
berriei, $l(n)l 15; greengages, $1 60(5)
1 75; peare, $2(5)2 25; ploms, tl 05
1 70: asparagus, $2 60f54 ; green corn,
t!(al 35; green peas, $l()2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb, $1(5)1 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysteis, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swisp, $tl.
Niw Orleans, La., April 12. Cof
fee quiet; Rio. 6 (A 10c. Sugar in good
aemanu at mil prices, moiasses quiei
but steady.
Santos, April 10. Coffee receipts
daring the week, 26,000 bags: pur
chases for the United Htatej, 20,000
bag ; clearances for the United Slates,
22,000 bags; stock, 230,000 bgs.
Rio de Janeiro, April 10. Coflee
receipts during the week, 10,000 bags;
purchases for the United StiUs, 3d,
000 bags; clearances for the United
Statee, 51,000 bags; stock. 248,000
New York, April 12. Coflse Mot
fair Rio firm, 8jc ; pptions quiet ; sales,
8000 bags; April and May, 7.15c;
Jnnelt 1 Nove.nber, 7.10c. Sugar quiet
snd firm ; refined quiet. Molas e firm.
Rice steady and in fair demand.
Havana, April 11. The burr
APRIL 13, 18SG.
market has had a firmer tone during
the past week. Holders have dis
played no anxiety to sell, snd better
prices have been maintained, in con
sequence of which only a eiiuil busi
Ee has been done. Atonrprts
there might have been conside-able
trade rl b dders. M lass s sood,
2(2 311 gold ter quintal ; Muvovailo
fair to good refining, 8-V to 9.K1 p dari
ution, $2 12(ji 2 25; centriteg 1, iiu t J
16 polarixitt on, $2 02j!Vt. St j. kin
warehouse at llavsn aud MHtin.is:
22,000 hoxfs, til 1,000 baiis 15, nH) hhd.
Receipts of ttie wtek 3,0 0 box-s,
120,000 bags, 4,00.1 hhds. Kx ports
during the week 312 boxes, 11,0 0
hhds, of which 1,050 bags and 1,650
hhds were to the United States.
HOI'NfcllOI.II Ml tFl.lN.
A Pi'LKs Apples, $1 502 50 Itom
store; $1 25W12 per car-load Iro n levee
or depot. lrnl applts, 'M,tAc per
pound from (tare. Dried peaches, 3
(5)4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1 75(5)2 J5 from
store; $1 50(5)1 75 per car load from
levee or depot. Sweet potatoes scarce,
$2 76(5)3 per brl. Peas, $1 60(5)1 76 per
Veuetarlks Onions, $2 75(5)3 25
from store; $2 50002 60 from levee or
depit. Cabbage, $2 75(5)3 25 1 fr crate.
Kraut, barrels, $5(5)5 50; half-barrels,
$2 75(.i)3. Garlic, 40(5;,ti0c per 100.
Turnipe, 50c per bushel.
Friit Ornngrs, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none ; Messina, 3 60(5)4 per
box; Imperials, $5(rft5 50 per box.
Lemons, $4 50(5a per box. Bana
nas, $1 75:5)3 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
fl per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7Jc;
Teiuie.-Bt e, fartnerti' stock, ;!(." Id ;
roasted, 2Jc higher; shelled, 1(V. Al
monds, 18(ii Oc.
Pickles In jars, pints, !i5c; qnait',
$1 50; half-an I Ions, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75; loise, barrels, $6 ; half-barrels,
$3 50; tnixtd, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrel, $0.
Raisins London layers, f t 40; lay
ers, $275; Califuinia, ; Imperial,
$3 5lK5)4.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenoblee, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Ciukr Miesourl, $7()7 50 per bar
rel and $4(5)4 50 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, ll(;i)l()c per gallon.
Poultry Tnrkeys, per dozen, $120?)
18 ; chickens,$30)3 25 ; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 15(a)18c per pound.
Pecans Texai, 80010c for small to
medium, 10(5)14c for latge; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1,
$5; No. 2. $3 25: No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit, No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3,60c. Dry herrhus, family, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 3(55c; sad
dbs, 6(5)Sc; bear, 60j)8c; wild turkeys,
50(5)75c; duckB, $304 ; tquirrela, 75c;
quails, $75c(5tl ; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, 110012c.
Fkioa-Steady, 11c.
'OTrtN-NKKO bll El
Seep delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; on bank of river (f. 0. b.
boat). Jil; wagon at mills, 18. Meal
'Prime (f. 0. b.), f 16 per ton. Iss than
oar-load lots, tlO.- From store, ItOcper
sack. Cake Nominal ; $16 per ton.
On. In car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 22j002'3c: prime summer yel
low, 2tiJ(527c; off summer yellow. 25 J
0i)2tfjc; miners', ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 20(5! 30c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Clevki.anii, O.i April 12. Petrole
um quiet s.w., 110, 7Jc.
PiiTHiiritii, I'a., April 12. Petrole
um active, lirm and higher; National
Transit certificates opened at 721 and
closed at 73; highest, 73J ; lowest' 72J.
Horsks Good driving, $150(5225;
good saddle, $14O('03O0; plugs, $35(t)
80; good niareB, $85oU40.
Mi'Mts 14J to 15, $I10(-I35; 15 to
15J, $12'0; i40; 15J to 16. $150175.
Good demand; supply fair.
Hipki Dry flint, 13(.Jlt-; dry salt,
1012c; green salt, 7('Ni:; green, 5
6c; deer skins, 10lBc; hunter-handled
foirr&kins, each,20(ij)50(:; country
coon skins. lOfatfOu; mink, 1030c;
ninekrat, 510c: otter, $l(i5j bear,
$l5; beavr, fiOcfn; wildcat, 20(.t)
40j; fox, 25i975c, skunk, 2575o.
Beeswax, 18g21c; tallow, 4'5:5c.
Wmmv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, jl OUf.G; rye,$l 75tn)M; domestic,
IHlrrt'.fl 50.
Wink' Aiiieritau ex'ra, qs, 17;
pts, $8; Piper Heidsieck, qls, $25; p'p,
$27; Munmi's sxtra dry, qts, $'JH50;
pts, $30 f0; liiiidorcr, qts, $2!; pts,
$.31; Veuve Cliipiot, ql, '!!; pts, $33;
claret, tits, $3 5(H-12 50; $1 extra for
pints; imported Rhine wine, $7( H,
qls; Cahiwbn, siet, !,)(iil 25 pi r
gallon; (JatawbB, dry, $li125 per
gallon ; Ca'aw lie, eweet, $t50'i5per
case; Cn'awlia, dry, QJt per case;
California wines, $l(t I 50 per gallon:
imported port, $1 5(ei ti; importrd
fherry$l 50(i;(i; imported a'e (Burke's
bottlery), pts, $1 85; (ts, J3; Angos
tura hitlers, pts, $HI5o; champagne
cider, qte, $3 25(.ij3 50.
Chicaoo, April 12. Whisky steady
at $1 14.
St I.oris, Ajiril 12. Whisky (inn at
$1 10.
Cincinnati, 0., April 12. Whisky
steady at $1 10. Sales of H20 barrels of
finished goods on this basis.
Apollinaris, qts,$7 r0H;pte,$ll :0,
seltzer wa'er, qts, tti(i)tl 50.
The following an the wholesale
prices of lumber in this market:
Laths Poplnr,$l 50 ; cypress, 1 2 50;
I'iiiuh - 1 in., 1st and 2d clear, $25;
1) and 2 in., 1st and 2d clear, 125;
common board, $10((I2 50; siding
stri'ie, ljxfi, face measure, 1st and 2d,
$22; dressed, 1, 1J and 2 in., 1st and 2d,
$:KK" 35; common dressed, 1 in., $14
(nil 5.
Hep (ir.MM 2ds, $is't l!t, nominal;
common, Jn(r,o.
Cotton w sin- 1 to .1 in. .mill run,
culls out, $10 a II.
TlliKI -Toplur, $-V.7,(l; cypreH", $5
ft'.); cottonwood, 2(a)3; gum, i'.V.ai,
3 50; oak, f.5C!H; ash, $i(iS; black
walnut, $2t' .50.
Yki.miw I'ink I, 1J and 2 in., 1st
and 2d, $20v:24 ; dressed, $30; Mooring,
5 and H in., $25; flooring, 3 and 4 in.,
27'H); 2d flooring, !22 50; heart step
luuilx-r, $:iDC,40; ceiling, $25; I ceil
ing, 122.50; i ceilinir, $20.
Ami -1st mid 2d clear, 1 to 3 in.,
$2Ki 23; common, $1 lei-13 50.
C rsixs - 1, 1 J and 2 in., 1st and 2d
eleiir. L'V.i25: common. $15: feneiiiL'.
1x0, IHft., $15.
SlIIStiLKS y. 1, HVI"l or MlllVed,
$4 25 sawed or shaved sajis, $3.
1.1 VK STCH K.
Cattlk Receipt! the pat week
have been very light. Pricee were
somewha'. stronger than last quota
tions. To-day th market is entirely
bare of ail kind. Demand quite good.
Piices firm as quoted. Prospects for
the coming week very favorable.
Choice to extra corn fed, 900 to 10-50
paands,41.W4c; good, 3J't4iC ; choice
grass-fed, 3f5V3c; good, 3i:;je; fair
to medium, 2('.2JV; common, Uf.i2c.
Hons Rceip's l'p t Market bare
tvday. Demand good l'irn lirm.
Choice, 3j(jlc; gooJ, 3y',3jc; com
mon, 3c i. 3 jc
SiiKte Market bare to-day. De-.
mimt for best butchers' gradn very
goo '. Trices firm ss quo'ed. Choice,
4ui)4?:'; medium, 303j(
C . Ill tllO I , $1
001 50.
Kansas City, Mo., April 12
Lice su
'net Indicator reports: (.'a'tle
its, l675 head ; ehipments, 710;
weak std a shade easier; choice ti
fancy, f." 10(5:5 40; fair to good, $4 60
0-5; common to medium, 4(5,4 50;
Blockers and fre lers, $: 3(.i I 20;
cows, $2 41K03 40 Hog receipts,
129" head ; shipments. none; weak and
5c lower; good to choic, $4(.i14 15;
common to medium, $3 rl5(iN3 90;
skips and pigs. $20j3tiO. Sheep-receipts,
12! 15 head; shipments, 460
head ; sti ady ; good to choice, $4 50(5)
5 25; common to medium, $2(5)3 50.
Chicaoo, III., April 12. The Drov
erf Journal reports: Cattle receipt,
8000 hrad ; shipments, 2500 head ; mar
ket active and WiMOc lower; shipping
steers, 1350 to 1580 lbs., $5 11X5)5 90;
1200 to 130(1 lbs., 14 60,5,5 40; 9)0 to
1200 lbs., $4 40(5M 90; Blockers and
feeders, $2 (()( 4 25; cows, hulls and
mixed, $2 200?4 20; bulk, $:'vi03 30;
stop-fed bulls, $:ke3 90. 1 logs re
ceipts, 20.000 head ; ahipmesJpH, 8700
heal; market alow and 5ecUK: lower;
rough and mixed, $4(n4 35; packing
and shipping, 250 to 3 0 lbs., $1 20(.i)
4 50; light weight, $3 05(5' 40; skips
$::,f:i. Sheep rtcsilit', 3000 head;
shipments, ISOO head; market active
and 10;.icj0o lower, in sympathy with
Enstern markets; 10:1 to 200 It's., $;(.i)
0 30; SO to 95 III , $1 60:,e.5 50; 115 to
80 lbs.. $3 5 4 ; Texsne, $3(.i; t 50. The
VMirer' Journtd special cablegram
Iroiu Liverpool quote supplii s mnd
eia'u and the cattle market teiidy ;
best Americau steers quoted at 13Jc,
d rested.
New York, April 12. The market
i mora active at johbing bunds under
the influence of f tvorable weather,
but the demand of agent continues to
be res ricted to assortments to meet
current wants.
Special Notice For Marion.
Tlw Farrjboat
John Overton, tfTZT
Capt. Fn((ilinsn, t''i
Will laav the loot of Jafforaop alroat lor
Nl. l.onla ataifl New OrliMtna Anrliof
l.tne-ll. at. Mnll UAlttO Jt DT. Loll Id.
City of Wcksbwjf
! Abl mauler, sahmA
Will lere the Klevator THIS DAk, April
l llb, l 8 p.ui. Fur freight of liaanitie neelj
0. I.. Mi.i,, ln. Ait. AO STilHVl, Hnp't.
ail. l.ouU nml New Orlenna Ancliitr
Mne-ll.M. Mnll-FOHMKW OH1.KAN8.
City of St. Louis, t?Xt
.1 i.i ()'NrI miuter. SrA
Will leave the Klevntur TUKSOAV, April
tilth, M 4 i.m. For freiht nr iiaaass apply
I., iiai.i., I'M, ant. aii w row i, win.
Bout hern Tnin.poi tt'nn Coinpsny (X Lin
ror tiilrii, iiuuiaviuo ana uiuoinnau.
1iildliiK Star t.-ffZZZt
J. D. lUnlor..mBter, 'tDrp!i3m
Will leave DAY. April l.ltli, at Vi lu.
Fur (reiuht or imaHKie apply to C. 11. RIM-
hEl.h, An't, 12 MHiliaon at. Telephone 227.
.Ikb 11. fnki.in. Haaaenier Aiennl.
Meinplils anil Clnclunatl Packet Co.
Calrmiltv State, p
A. J. Lindae .... uiaater.
Will leave TUhSOA Y.April lUth, at ft p. m
For IreUhtor naaaaire apply to C. 11. HUH
KKL1., Axent, Nn. 12 Mailiann at. Telephone
No. 227. JOHN CARK. faaaemer Agent.
rJteainer III'CKKY K oXAXK fullowi, lear
ln FrnlHT. April llth.
w..r ninaola. Ilalu I'olut. UarutneraTiiie,
Uayoao and TIptonTllle The new ateamet
W. P. HaII..;...muUr I J. D. Fuller. ....clerk,
will leave aa above, and all way point
p. ro. For Iveteht or iiaaaaice apply on board.
Mvaulila,t rlnra Folnl itaatl nniua
and luulit PiM-hwl tloanpitDy.
For lielftit, (ilendale, Frlara Point and ah
"ray Lanainia oieamor
K. T. Olaf ett... matter I Platl Khojea .o.. rk
Will leave aa above on every MUNOAY,
WECNKBUAYaad FRIDAY, at 6 o clock.
fjl f andVliis, Vulton. GttiM and a;
Landlni a Hteainer
J. U. Cooler, maUr....J. W. Hmlthen.dlerk
Lekven naevery MONDAY, W KUN BlooAY
and 1' IUUAY at 6 p.m. The uoeta of tn
line roanrve the right to paaa all lanilinal
tho "tntnin uiby 'inoru onaiife, Offloe, No. 8
M..li.r..i .1 A M KS l.KK, .. lil-'l
Arkiuihas Itiver Tk't Co.
K. II. Binith....inaater. "jrS.
Leavoa Mouiphia Kvery TllKSOA Y, at ' p. m
11. C. l.OWK, Agent,
Qffi-e, No. 3 Maili-on .t. Telephone Nn.
Meiiiiiliis.V Hhito lMver rkt.Co
II. H. MA II M.l:.
I!. C. Poltal... matter I C. M.I -"ottel. ....... men
rea -
tlHrenilon, IiiU II I off, Ore Arr.
Avvnat, .fHrNwr.rorl anit Nitrr.
atSp-D. Through ratea to all pointa.
Freight conaigned to " Memphlt and W hi e
m' Parket Ctmpany" H belorwardtd
prooiptlT U.i, I.OWK, Agent,
)., a MiHI.otl et. Talenhnn, Nn. W.
MeihlH,Whlte Black River I'at kel
For Helena, DeVall Bluff, let Dea Arr
guau, Newport and Bateirille. The ne'
ane) elegant ailewhel pauenger ateaia
Milt Harry - uiitter
Will leave KVERY HATUKDAY at6o'ck.
p.m. Through rate, to all pointa. Freig;
conaigned to Milt Harry Line, Meinphla.wil
le promptly lorwarded. W.J. P DOYh
OffioeVAU'liaonat Telephoned.
Jaiutg B FaavaLia, Faaaenger Agent. Tel
ephone it. .
The Nt.FranclM Rlrer Tranaportatloa
I Co. 'a in hide-W heal . . Mall Bi"iei
j Rene Macready,
O. K. Joi lin mii.ter.
I nKNiiar.
at 6 o'clock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, and
Intoruiediaie landing' on M. Franoia river
The captain reaervea the right to put all
landinrt he deem unaafe. J AS. LEK. Jr.,
WrnHrlntenHr Ornfe. No. Mwdi.on at
Memphis aud Vlckahorg I'acket Com
pan j I'. M. .Vail Line.
For Helena, ('oorordia. Terrene and Arkan
taa City The elegant paaaenger tteerrer
M. R. Cheek... muter I W. C. Blaoaer...olerk
Leave" Memphie
p. m., reeerving the right to paaa all landing
the capunn mnydeein nnaafe. For general
information apply at office, No, 4 Mdion
atreet. E. WALWOHTll. Agent.
IdtiV CAWR. P.'.'r Arent. Telephone 2a.
TO JEimOlMfca !
took' Eacaraioai l'nrti leave in
April, May, June and July. Hend for Pro
gramme. . . .
I..dlvllnal TflgtrlelTlrlirt for trvel
la Europe and all part of the globe. fa
aie Tirkna by all line of eleainera.
t onll'a l.lrlir.lonl.l, with lnl, pub
lihed monthly. h mail for Tan Ct-.
1HUV 'WU et HUN,
2rl Broadway, New York.
Cin -innnti .OiiKITl Stati, 5 p. m.
Arkiinaaji Rivr . ..Joi Piriits, S p. m.
St. t'nincia Kirr...RicN Macrdt,I p. m.
Saw Orleuna Citt or St. Lorts, 4 p.m.
St. I. iiic City of VicKsmi Q, 8 ptn.
Cincinnati lii iu.ua HTa, 1 ui.
Krinr.- Vnt ..CtuiuUA. 5 p. m.
While lther Oiurnsur, f, . n.
Oareola 1iin Aixmk, 5 p. m.
Arkunias City Kit Adihh, p. in.
Tii'tunville Uavoso, 5 i. m.
Arrival. llelle Mcinphis, St. 1Oiiis;
CiayoNO, Tiptonville; Dean Adama, Os
ceola; City of t'-uiro, Vicksbtiro;;
HeSniet, White river; Joe Vetera,
Arkansiw river; Kate Adama, Arkan
eaH City; I'oahoina, Friar's I'oint;
(,'hickasaw, White, river; Annie 1.
Silver, New Orleans.
Departure. Hello Memphia, Vicka
burn; City of Cairo, St. I-ouia; Annie
'. ilver,'St. lamia; Oavoso, Tipton
ville; I'ciiii Adams, Osceola; t naboma,
l ruii' H I'liint; Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; lh'Smet, White river.
iVimia in Port. Rene Macn'ady,
(.'hickiUiiiw and Joe 1'ctern
'iiif.H lne Alien. Granite State,
Arkansas Citv and City of St. bonis.
Ihie (p. City of Vickebnru;.
Keerliiia I'ratrrality .
Citv d Cairo. -'JO bales cotton,
llelle .MiMiiphiM-'L'.'iOOpkirs nierchaii
lisc. Chii knsnw '.': bales cotton and H3
pkjrs sundries.
t (iiilKiina .; luucs coiimi, io.' hks
seed, 0 lul stuck and 114 pktfi ettmlricM.
Kate Adiinis -:ili bales cotton, no
sks seed, 4 hd stock and pks suii-
(invoso I'lluilcH cutton. t!) sks seed.
5tiO sks corn, I ") lul botes and '2'. )k)rs
IH Smet bnim;lit out of White river
51 balescotton, L'7 sks seed and 70 pkjra
I'ciin Adains-r) balescotton, 4 biunJ
seed-cnttoii, 714 sks seed, 175 sks corn
and 1- krs sundries.
Joe 1 Ctcrs liioiiLflit out of Arkaustul
river 1110 bales cotton, 47 bnrs lintcns,
144 sks seed ami .11 pkfrN suiiilntvi.
I't'TI Ki: HO KNr.NTN.
Tub Hene Macrvady, ('apt. O. K.
Joplin, is the pucker this evening at 5
o clock lorht. I' nun is river.
Tiik I'e line packets to-morrow
evening are Coahoma for Friars I'oint
and Dean Adams fir Osceola.
Tim Chickasaw, ('apt. E U. I'ostal,
is the packet to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock forWhiU' Rhor. O. M. l'ostal
and A. Itiinksiuith uro her clerks.
Tiik City of Vicabiiru;, Capt. Dan
Able, In tho Anchor line packet this
evcnint; at S o'clock for Cairo and St.
Louis, (ieo, Walton is her clerk.
Tiik (iavoso, Capt. W. P.llalt, is tho
packet Thursday evMihip; at 6 o'clock
fur Hale's I'liint, 'Tijitonville and the
upper bends. Josst '. Y alt is in her
Tiik Anchor Line steamer City ot
St. loiiis, Ciit. Juries O'Neal, will
pass down this evenii(T at 4 o clock
for New Orleans ami nil intermediate
pointa. Owen i. fates h her clerk.
Tiik O. Line steamer (iunling Star,
Capt. J. I. Heeler, will oasa up to-dar
at I'J o'clock for Cincianntl and all
in(crniediati points ot the Ohio river.
Frank Stein has charge of her ollice.
Tint Kate Adams. Capt. Mark K.
Cheek, is the I' tiled HUUuj mail .
packet Thursday evininjr at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkiuism City and all way
landiiiK.. W. C. Hunker is in her
Tiik Joe l'eteix. Cajit. E. R. Smith,
is the packet tin's evening at 6
o'clock for aU peints on Atkansaa
river, K'uini! (Iiroivh to Fine lllufl,
('has. M iissWiniin bus oharite of her
ollice, assisd by Itiifus Koator., , , .
Tiik (inuiite State, Capt. A J. land
say, will be foiud in port this
morning and leaves Ajjidn this evening
at 6 o'clock for Cairo. Ixmisville, Cin
cinnati mid all way landings on the
Ohio river. Don A. Mnrr lias chartfe
of her ollice, assisted by Chas. Patter
son. Tim (iranite Kuito will k'vo
cheap rules to all pointa North ami
East. ,
I ' 1 V
liF.l:ltil. NkwD.
IIitninhss fair.
Wka i si-k clear aud pleasant.
Tiik Kite Ailams baa her new chiui
nevM up.'
Tiik l.e' bine packets cleared last
evening with fair trips.
Tun ferryboat John Overton is mak
inn reiilnr trips to Marion.
Tin; bluffs were crowded with peo
ple l;iiil, rvcii'nn to see the pa.liets jro
IlkiDieis by river yesterday were
Lll.'i bules cotton, 51 hair seed-cotton
and HK1? sacks seed.
1'nitkii States 1 icii I Inspectors Ital
ston and Hinzee have jrone to Dyers
burn on n business trip.
Tiik river here stiinds feet and 8
tenths on the triiUKi', a rise of 12 tenths
in the last twenty-lour hours.
DhNsts Mi Ubiimoit has resigned his
position as mate of the Kate Adams,
and is succeeded by Tom Allen.
Tiik ChicVirsnw arrived yesterday at
noon from White river with 23 bales
of cotton and packages of sundries,
and returns to-morrow evening.
Tiik City f Cairo passed npSunday
morning for St. lmis. Shi! discharged
liere it) bales of cotton and udded here
400 pa kaifcsof miscellaneous freights.
Tiik Helle Memphis passed down
j Sunday evetiiiiK for Vicksbiiri;. She
.l;..l, ..I l.or.. OrjVl ,,aol:u,eiB rj
frei)fht and added hem 15 tons of sun
dries. Tiik Joe l'etcrs arrived Sunday
ninlit from Arkansas river with 110
bales of cotton, 47 bales of linters, 144
sacks of seed and 34 packages of sun-
dries, nnd returns this evening.
Tiik (iayoso arried Sunday from
the upper bends with 15 bales of cot
ton, 411 sucks of seed, 500 sacks of corn,
15 head f Ih'Hh and 23 packages of
sundries, and returned last evening.
Tiik Kate Adams arrived Sunday
morning from Arkansas Citv with 3d
hales cotton, 50 sacks seed, 4 head
stK'k, Ik! packages sundries, ami
cleared last evening with a good show-,
ing of freight.
Tub DeSiuet arrived Sat unlay night
from Whit-river with ;tl bales of cot
ton, 27 sacks oi seed and 70 packages
of sundries. She reahip'iod at Ter
rene IM bales for New Orleans, and
cleared yesterday aiternnoii for White
river w ith a goo' d trip of freight and
a fair list of people.
M it. EctiKNK Ii. Pvk, w ho has during
the past four years been learning th
river between Cincinnati and NIera
phis, has been appointed one of th
lulls idiots at lxmisvillo during tlw
next live years. This is stilted by the
Umisville 7'i'wie to be the first changt
made for ten years and that tlie ap
pointment goes to Eugene should l
considered quite a compliment.

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