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ltlHHlr.'dTHKlTCII. I
Tbursiey and Friday NiehU and Saturduy j
Matinee. Ap.ll
New attractions added to thia already pow
erful GEuKG". WILSoN iind CAP.L
HANKIE orguniiation.
w.n n.noo,
Tbe Lnton, the latest and best of Euro
pe n Novelties.
Furiosi, on the MIKADO.
Ari1 20 -21-22-BAKEK AND FAi-RIT
! Dolly Irani I 10 in.
A I . HitTlOSS FOIl 1H1S iVEtK.
rat Girl, aged 1 yean, weuns over a
?SS 1? VlLIK DxGKRRY, Fire Qoeea.
'w? WiLLIAMS. Premier Ventriloquist.
MISS kELLE THORNTON, the Great Serio-
FST'.'ppearanoe of THE MARQUES.
Charles Jlufcert, BeDjamio, Key and
Frank Juvenile Musical Wonders.
M K. HANK NORTH, Sketch Artist and
Musical Genius. .
Re-engagement and an entire, change of the
TON PKoFOHMANCK. 40 in number.
tal7 Family Reworl la Ihr Vily.
School ehildren admitted on Buturdava
from VI a. m. t.iAp.m. fc Pee small hills.
Assignee's Juitetif Urncerler, Llquorv,
Cigars and IoIuhtoh
arNotice is hereby .iron that. a. aui.rr.ee
U.un,'i,!,7.. KHV..e,J.l
ITm lb? . to the hiKheat I
l.i.l.lAr fur n.h. the entirn a 'ock ot tin. ce-
ries. I iquors, Civars and Tobaccns of said
K. L. Dmie JOHN KHPElt, Assignee.
Memphi.,Tenn . sptil 8. ISnO.
tssiir.'ee's Notice.
er Notice is hereby given, thnt I have qual
ified as ussiitnee of K. L. Daniels. All par
ties indebted to said Dani'ls a e requested to
come forward and settle and thereby save
eipenae. Creditors are nn'iried to file their
claims wiih me, duly probated. Memphis,
Tenn., Aprils, 1K86.
J..I1V ROPER- Assignee.
QTOKK HolISE, ETC. At bheioy Station,
O Miiis., store house, sa'oon, staoles and
hotki. aADT ruRNiBHRD. For further par
ticular! apply to J. U. STAFFORD,
Concordia. Miss.
MULES Two black mar. rnulo', 16 hands
high, I and 7 years old. mane and
tail trimmedt $5 reward lor their return to
F. A. Jones k Co. 61 Monro, st,
WHITE COWS-One with rop. around
head. K reward for their return to K.
B. BARTON, near Cnrve, Her, ando mal.
BOARDERS wishing comfortable homes
with eice'lent table accommodation
will find it greatly to their advantage to
come to the Polk House, 30t Second street
Transient!) will be well cared for at lesa than
ne half theu'ual hotel prces.
M. W. POLK, Manage
K00M8 AND BOARD Pesiriible rooms
and i.oard at 72 M.ilison street.
ol, JAMItJ UoUSlt--t!or. Second anil AU-
O aim sts. Room and board to per week
Day boarders w.nted.
With excellent room,
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison at.
TWO large unturni hed rooms, with or
without board, attW Madbon street, cor
ner Third.
M. Johnson'i, 383 Main St. Call from
5 to 8 o'clock p m.
Xli By a young man with S1500 to invest in
some good paving business. Address
KhLLOQO.this office.
-At 15 Union street, between Main
Front, and secure a situation
A and Front,
-Pro;u-ed on short notice at
streel, between Main and Front.
WAIST-HAND A Brat-class waist-hand,
also, a skirt-hand and two appren
tices, one for mill'Scry and one for dress
in aking, at Mrs. SLOAN'S.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Uypay Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, naar Poplar. ;
SALESMAN For Southern btatea, experi
ence! in felling bar fixtures, beer coolers,
meat-houses, druggiBt. office and bank fix
tures Will nay a good salary, or salary and
commission. Addre.s, stating experience,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
C COLORED MAN To work in house.
J Apply at 72 Madison street.
COTT AGE With about 6 rooms and con
J venie nt to s'reet car.. Addre.a
000l 1 EN'ANT, Appeal office.
TO Bli Y-Oood Oak and Ash Lumber.
Address LUMBER, Appenl office
busine s; profitable and
i ell established; no opposition:
i: no opposition: :
required. tHiblNhsS, Appeal oflice.
T ADIES and Oentlemen, in city or coun
ij try, to tako light work at t .eir h. mens
fl to . a cay eaaily made; work sent by
mail: no canvassing. We have a good de
mand tor our w ;rk, and furnish steady f m
t.lovmelit. AddraBS, ita stamp, CROWN
M'F'U C!V,2y V no st .C innati, Ohio.
general housework: white
I n q u i re at 158 Hernando t .
PARTIES Who wish to learn Stenogra
phy to call at tiilK shalbv street, on
T ADY AOENTS For Mrs. Campbell's
1J New "Tiltcr"-. filter, bustle, hoop
skirt and underskirt comb ned. Hoops can
be removod and si.i't laundried Adjusta
ble to any site. Very fashionable, and sells
for (2 to every wrll-drrs.ed lady as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also
a full line of new furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, E II.
CAMPBELL k CO , 4H4 West Randolph
street, Chicago, III.
1OSITI0N-A. StenairraDher
L Writer: terms roasonqhle. X, this
farming, nesr Pecan Point, Ark. Pro
visions and all farming implements will be
furn.shed. Address WM, J. rSRANSFORD,
Pecan Point, Ark.
WHITE WOMAN-To learn new shirt
BLACKSMITH A good Ma-,kamith to run
a oountry shop. Must also be a good
wood workman. Good wages paid. Call on
or address D. J. ALLEN A CO.,
Australia, Miss.
(CM nnn salary
iD-LVV't .
dress at once. DR. SCOTT'S
ELKCIRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway, New
York. The only gen am.
AN INTELLIGENT, Earnest Ca-holic
man to represent a large, responsible
Barclay street h.use in his owu locality and
outside lar.ee oitios. A remunerative salary
to right patty. References exchanged. Ad
dress BARCLAY, Box 1585, NJt'
AGENTS With small capital. We have
something new, no risk, large profits,
ipectil 30-day offer, write at or oe.
EMPIHE CO.. 381 Canal street, V. V.
HIGHEST cash rri.es paid for old and new
FEATHERS at 448 Main street.
EVERY ONE In need of a hard, smooth,
durable and waterproof pavement or
floor, examine WATSON'S BITUMEN CON
CRETE. Telephone .
LL THOSE having damp, unwholesome
cellars to teleph ne t,W.
BOARDERS At 140 Madison; nice rooms,
go"d far.; transient accommodated.
AGENTS Iu every section ot th. country
for two New Books, jost ready. bmruL
Txaaa to men ef experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. State exierience, age
and territory wanted. CASSKLL k CO.
(limited), 822 Broadway, K. V., and 40 Dear-'
born street, Chicago.
Al.KS.MEN In every State in the D ion
to represent a PAINT M ANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
Spkciai.tiks thatar. popular and .asy sell
ing. Can b. handled alone or in conneclii n
with other goods. Addre.-s THE WM. B.
AGENTS For the best article ever pro
duced; costly outfit free; no peddling
and no money required until sales are made
and goods delivered For particulars and
terms address N. M. Friedman k Co., Mar
tinet urt, Mo.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vurlea. A marvel ol
purity, strength and wholcsoineness. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
pnnn.it be sol'! In eomietition wi:h the
multitude ol lew test, short weight aluir or
Hhosphate powders. .S'oM oalv inctin: Rot al
,,in P.. worn On , In W .il N.V--t.
t'or Aliornejr-li. nerail.
"TK ar.suthoriie.1 to announce GEORGE
V B. PETERS. Jr., s a candidiite f.ir
the office of Attorney General, sub eot tothe
notion of tho L.uiocr.nio Convention.
T"E ,"ed. """'"a'n Till 'the
ini.iH.rt ot tho voter. ..f Shelby county. .11
eloct.d. will .Bi.v,.r to v. ti.tw
places his claims su'w. ct to the action of the
County Doinocrato ( .invention
Menu. his, March 2 1k.
SA. DOUGLAS. ..f Ker.villo, Tenn.. is a
. candidate for R' G1TKR subject tuthe
act on of the Democratic Convention.
Jnelge of tin' 4'irecill Court.
We are autlior'ied to announce that JOHN j
JOUNSTuN is a csnd dnte for Judne of the
Circuit '0urt ot blu-lliy Uounty, tuoteci to
action of the Demo, rat c Convention.
We are authorize 1 to nnnrunce L II. ES
TEs, JR., as a candidate for Judge of .he
Circuit Cou-t, subject to th. ac ion if the
Democratic Convention. ,
who revel, th. part, present and future
brims the separated t geth.r, and cause!
t(K;edr marriages: can be consulted in regard
to dead o- living friend' or enemies. LA
DIES IN TRul'BlE CALL. Having all my
Gypsy powers by inheritance and trnd tion,
never fail to give satisfaction. Call at
EV. O. L. KMOUT. Healing Evangel
ist. 117 Court st. uiuee nours. iu a.m.
to3p m. Come and get cured of you so
oal'ed incurab1. diseases.
CISTERNS Built nnd repaired and war
ranted. Inventor o'' the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone m. TH'iS. CI' HBINS.
iVl. LAW, Aiarine and Commercial Notary
Public, Commissioner ol Deeds and U. S.
Commissioner, at the old oflice, No. 3 Madi
HH -IV 'i i.
NICELY Furnishel Room.,
At i MM onroestroe
II OITSE No. 75 A.lams street, on corner
IlThi'd: threOtorics ; good r pair: trotn
July 1, lSSfi.
3(H Second str i
NICE RESIDKNt'E-.rn Orlenns street,
just south of Vance (on thi new street
car line); house in pond ropair. Appytn
H. W. HARRIS. Si Front stL
PIANOS and Onrans f..r rent nt ! 50
month, at II. . HOLLKMirtH'i S,
2-9 Main street.
X Corner ol Dunlop and Bus avonue. In
quire at3T4 Poplar street. .
HOl!8E-Two s'ory frame, 35 Marks' tt. :
new, wiih all modern improvements.
A ppl yto L. FU1TZ, lil Main iU
Ct Ct O ELLIOTT-Six rooa s; 125.
2 L O ArplyatL2jlHot
W ASH1N0T0N ST. Newly repaired.
Apply on premises beto.enoon.
IrURNISUED ROOMS-Fo-genU and for
hnuvikjeping, at Us Court street.
TWO elegant front rooms,
furnished or
unfurnished. Apply aUfcAdams st
Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
Second street. Heterence. required.
10TTAQE Three rooms, cistern, at 257
vJleorgia street. A' p'y next rootii
tOTl Aiir-No. 414 Lau .erdale, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good cistern; S25 per
month. Apply to No.sm Main street.
KOU.Mi Kn suite, Leo Block, third floor
front. Aim Iv at No. 4 Madison s'.
r'Olt KALE.
c?p?nnn IN EA,V pymenis-wip
iiJ'JUUv buy a very fin. plant lion ot
Htm acres, near Red Panics, on ihe railroid in
Marshall county, Miss.; has large brick
mansion house; plenty of tenni bouses,
large proportion of 'be land rich creek bot
tom, springs of un ailing cool wa'cr, nc'gh
borhool and health excellent; No. 1 place
for stock Apoly to M1NTKK PAHKEK or
A. J. MART 1 N. 2Si M.ii n si root.
AT A GREAT SAl.RIF.CE As we intend
remodeling our store wo will soli onr
entire fitture., convicting of a very fine wnl
nut upright ease, silver-plated showcases,
counters, desk, etc., at a great bargain.
I. SAMELSON i C O. , Hill Main st.
at 112 Main ft.
-To or three. Apply
.") BUILDIN LOTS-Don't make a mis
rtake simply bec uso these lots arc
cheap. Call and inves:igte at 278 Main st.
(basement); no condit otS, warranty deed.
lt')9 JetTiTsnn street.
NITURE With sing . wardrobe, plan
glass duor. Price limi-cost r-'iil. Apply at
BUT TEN BERG'S. 2 A Second St.
Apply at Cut nit gham's, corner of Mon
ro, and tesotn streets.
MY Cottage Residence
derdal. st. : large I
7 rooms: 500 Lhu-
large lot. J O. PIERCti.
MULES-40 mules, 4 to 5 yeirs old.
Inq uire at 77 Hill stree t;
3IAN08 A large assortment of second-
X hand Pianos, some aa good aa new
KOOH now.
A Chickering
Prices from $5 1 uoward.
Grand, che.p for "-wlTgMAWy j, pp.
ORGAN A good pit organ, having two
banks of keys, 24 stops, and IS octave
pedal haas, at Second Pre.Mterian church,
Memphis. Address E. WITZMANN i CO.
provements: out-buildings ; on paved
treat. Fart cash. Address, car. ol Ai neai,
A. K .
lGGS Pur. Plymouth Kock and Brown
Leghorn ear., at i tor n,
124 Jefferson street.
tilv. P. M. PATTERSON CO., Agents.
LM4G8 for HATCHING I torn pure hreei
Pi Partridge Cocnin, Brown Leghorn, Black
Spanish and Plymouth Kock stock Address
RATUS Fountains, geierator, etc. at
H ARPM A NN k BR OS , 2S6 M a inst .
in one of the livest towns in the
South. Does a business of over $110 ier
month. Bar can be added to the business.
If desired. For terms, address
S. M.. Box 1'I2. Mendia". Mi".
feet water fro t, 41 feet deep. For full
Intonnation address nil. A. DEAN,
47 l.evinginn street Baltimore. Md.
HORSE A sate, reliable family buggy
botse one well known to the eitiaens
of Memphii. Apply at th. 'j.jco
Re eel..1-!- '-- and all dn. to th.
Scare la a JeiTrsnn Street Teue
mi nl A lt. au In Jail, 1118
Sweetheart Sniilin;-.
"Mure visitors!" exclaimed a voice
from behind the Lars us an Api'Kai.
nmn pushed open n door in the rear
of the station-house aliont ! o'clock
last night.
Hall ri'clining upon a rough loard
in the "cage" was the graceful, well
dressed person of Mr. W. O. Cotton, a
telegraph operator in the employ of
the Western I'nion.
"It was a sort of a love quarrel, you
nee," remarked Mr. Cotton from be
tween his white teeth, as he stroked
his killing hlaek moustache.
Mr. Cotton was reminded that mere
love quarrels usually ended in "kiss
and be friends," anil replied that he
honed the present allair vould bo
without any more serious result.
"I have fust had a long lalk with
her and she has promised not to
prosecute me."
"And the lady is ?"
"Mrs. Li.otte l.ightlmrne.'
' The same to whom report lud it
that you were engaged?"
"1 don't know how report had it,
but 1 was never engaged to be mar
ried to her This is a pretty roiiith
scrape, but .it is just such a one as al
most a- y veiling man islinely to iri't
into, and
1 nothinir more. Hie and 1
1 1....... 1 ...I..,.. ., 1.1 Ull ,,, 1,,,,1UJ, I
Mrs. lilaikbuin s, .o. Hit omt street.
Yesterday 1 found her in the room of i
Mrs. Ciioiier. w ho used to be a circus.
rider, iind who lives over ruchs,
on Jeflersoli street. I jM-rsunileil
' her to leave the place with
I me, snd we went over into Court
Sijuaie where, slie said, a lady
friend was waiting to see her. 1 left
, her there, ami, going bark to Mrs.
! Cooper's, got the hnby and took it
i back to the hoarding house on Court
street, thinning she would he there
bv that time. Hut she had not re
turned, and I went back to work."
"Hid yo i know that she had sworn
out a peace warrant against yon, that
she charges you with havini: us
saulted her at Mrs. Cooper's room,
and with having stolen her baby'."
was asked.
"Stolen her hahv ! What did 1 want
with a baby? No. The whole thing
occurred iust as I told you. Hut I
would rattier nothing would be said
about it in the paper. The lady tried
to get tne out to-night, and would have
done so except that they demand a
i forfeit oi $U and neither of us have
lit "
t Imaged Her Bonrcllna-Hsnse.
The door of 117 Court street stood
open w hen the reporter rung the bell,
and a brilliant light burned in the
hall. A vigorous pull at the knob had
to lie thrice repented before there was
any response, nnd at last a door away
back in the hall opened and the lady
of the house appeared.
"Hoes Mrs. Lightluirne reside
here?" was inquired.
"Hid she ever live here'."'
"She has left the house."
Nothing was to be gained here, and
a search was made for Mrs. Cooper's
lodgings, whic h were reached alter
climbing two (lights of stairs. Mrs.
Coopi-r had no concealments to make.
"The trouble you speak of oc
curred here about 5 o'clock this even
ing," Mrs. Cooper said. "1 l'us( be
came acquainted with Mrs. I.ightburne
last Friday. She asked permission to
come up next day nnd stay with me.
a gentleman friend having introducecl
I us. Mie ilnl not come ami i went,
I down to see her, nnd found her sick
! in bed. While I was there Mr. Cot
! ton came in the room and made him
self at home. He used language to
me that no gentleman ought to use
to lady on tirst acquaintance.
She came up here this morn
ing with her child, and late
in the afternoon some one knocked
at the door. Mrs. Lightburne ex
claimed! that it was Mr. Cotton and
begged me not to let him in. I didn't
like for the other people on the floor
to see a man standing at my door, and
while Mrs. I.ightburne ran into the
next room nnd closed the door, I
admitted Mr. Cotton. He asked
w here Mrs Lightburne wits, and I
told him 1 did not know. Hut
he saw her gloves and parasol
on the be 1. He recognized toem at
once, and imtnediately opening the
door recognized Mrs. Lightburne. Ho
bman pulling her towatd thedrorand
I cursing under hiB brer.th. I nevc-r
paw an angrier expr s.ion in any
: man's face. Afle- a while ho got her
I i ut into the hf.il, and the child begat
j cryiLg. He fotced her to go with him
I lowu the steps, and rather th.m make
a scene on the ti lewaik she went oil
! with him. I got tbe baby aeleep
; and in fcbmt fifteen minutes Mr.
' Co'.ton returned alone and took the
baby. I went cm shortly afterward,
ana n.ee-t ng Mrs. L:gutbnrne on the
I street told her about it. I did not see
her ggain until a short time ago, She
had Mr. Cotton arrested, and tiaigone
!.l. . -l! . . .l. Kl...
Willi tt policeman w gtit iuo uouj.
At this juncture steps weie heard
ascending the stain, and the heroine
entered hading a beau iful little girl
about three yeirs old by the band.
The Hrrolae la II lab Spirit.
"Oh ! I sm so tired and weak," ex
claimed Mrs. Lifthtburne as she sank
down exhausted with the excitement
on the edge of the bed. "I must have
a glass of beer. Please go down and
get some," she remarked to a man
who was in tbe riom before the r
porter entered. When she began talk
ing htf face grew as bright as if she
t al never known a sorrow and at no
time did she appear to take a serious
view ol the mat'er, though she was
rather severe upon the laodla y. "I
didn't know whether she would
give me my baby or not, she saicf,
and so I went down with a police
man." "But yon had no trouble why
should you?"
"No; I can't say. I wanted to be
"Why did you leave Mrs. Black
burn's?" "Jntt to get rid of that man. He
annoyed me so that I bad to leave.
Why, don't you know, he used tt
come to the door of my room at 1
o'clock in the morning and try to kick
it open."
"What reason did he have?"
"Oh, be just wanted to see if I waa
out at the theater or anywhere."
"Were you engaged to be married?"
"Yes, we were, bnt that don't make
any difference. He did just what I
said in the warrant."
"Do yon intend to prosecute him!"
"Yes," faintly.
"What promises were those yon
made him to-night?"
"Oh, he worked on my sympathy, so
that I agreed not to prosecute him, but
he did not have the money to put up
ae a fo-feit and I couldn't get him out.
As the thin has gone this far I will
appear against him now."
Meanwhile Mr. Cotton rtsts qnitt'y
in t il cell at the a'alion-houpe. He is
about twenty-eight vtari ot tf: and
ha resided in Memphis about a year.
.Mrs. Lighthnrne is pi rliaps live years
younger, tall and lender, with brown
hair, a hiiji'it face mid vivacious man
ner. She is a membVr by n-arriauH of
one of the oldest fain lies of the city,
hav.nj been divorced from her hus
band abo'it two years nn..
THE COl'XTV (Ol liT.
ki I'liKTa or Tin: tmoi NTA
A uiimilttre Anlnttl In l.oola
Inlo the Was nl stI
The County Court met yet 'relay,
with Chairman Slaughter prtsiilinir.
When couit wa called to order Jus
tice Mason moved to reconsider the
action of ibe court in appropriating
U' to furnish a roception room at the
Poor-House. Lost.
It was ordeted that J. E. Kindle,
Dan U'Donnell and Tom llolenian be
appointed a commilfe charged with
the propriety aid txpediency of es
tablishing a plant of elect) ie lights at
the Court-Houee, and the further duly
if supplying the Court-House with
wa'er from a well driven in the open
cr.nri, or its near vicinity, with a view
of supplying; bcth the Couit-Hoiise
and Jail wi:h an abundant supply of
Ktinene Levy win appointed a nolary
The pstitioi of F. B. Millar.l, ask
irgto be allowed to prac t ce Uw in
the Magintia'es Courlf, wai referred
to the County Att roey.
W. 8. Tope and others who were
appointed by the She rill under an
order cf c urt to guard the life and
proieity of the Rev. R. N. Countee,
asked to be allowed compensation.
' Referred to Attorney and Ct a'rmfln.
ri'RNISIIINC) PA 1(1.0 a.
The Chairman of the Court wai
directed to furnish the Pcor-House
Commissioners mattresses, chairs and
desks required, from the supply now
iu his custody.
W. K. Cross, who was appointed ti
audit the book of the Assessors, re
ported as follow, AfBesfors being al
lowed fifteen cents each for assesiing
property owners, five cents f ai;h for
polls and five cents each for privileges :
First Ward J. M. Honrkr, 378
property owners and 150ti polls;
tota1, $132.
Second Ward Thos. Garvey, 403
property owners and 81'-' polls; total,
ilOj 05.
Third Ward J. Algeo, 434 properly
owners, )w polls ana L'tio privileges, i
tcta'. $118 08. !
Fouith War.l K. Fata'a, 3"o ptop
erty owner, (.HI pollp, SI3 privileges; !
$101 3il. I
Fifth Ward (J. E. Kvans, HVJ prop- I
er v ownere, Htm polls, privileges; ;
$170 07.
Khtih Ward -A. K. Hancock, fi7!ll
property owners, 13(i po Is, Nil privi
leges; $157 87.
Seventh Ward J S. Iinval, H4
property owners, !4! pollp, l!3 privi
leges; 4140 '.
Kighth Ward P J. Ojiiglay, 012
prop, rty ownets, lOKil poll, 51 privi
leges; $ !-' 78
Ninth Ward Joseph Pickering, 518
property owners, 717 polls, 43 piivi
leges; til 4 so
Tenth Ward Thomas Fleming, 000
property owners, 1417 poll , 71 privi
leges; :"-'l os.
First Dittrict J. 0. Stewart, 342
property-owners, 385 polls, 6 privi
leges; $70 70.
Second District A. J. York, 178
prorortv-ownerg. 510 pod?, 7 privi
leges; $52 41.
Third Dittrict J. F. Williams, 140
property owners, 378 polls, 7 privi
leges; f'41 01.
Fourth DiBtrict Jam s (iif , 230
prop3rty-owners, 225 pollp, 5 priv
leges; $45 00
Fifth D.stri '.t H. H. Morgan, 58,".
property-owners, 474 polls, 15 ptiv
ileges: 1U 00.
Six'h Distiiut S A. King, 333 property-owners,
4i7 polls, 0 privileges;
$73 07.
Seventh District J. I! Hlackwell,
343 proncrtv-iwiiers, 380 polls, 7 ,iliv
ileges ; $70 00.
Eighth District W. P. Itoatty, 28
projetty owner?, 400 polls, 15 piivil
pgps ; $ti3 05.
Ninth District-W. 11. Allen, 247
properly ownere, 258 mills; $40 03.
Tsntli Di-triel-T. T. McDonald, 3V
property owuerp, 373 polls, 24 privil
eges; $72 02
FleviTitn Dietrict-J. S. We r. 2V.
property owm r-", 303 polls; $57 1)0
Twellta Dpyricr w. ii. fteiirn, u t
property owners, 334 polls, 8 privilege s
$42 80.
Thittcenth Dis'r ct Spencer Davie,
211 property owners, 77(1 polls; $70 45.
fourteenth District (i. cege F.lliolt.
1778 proper'y owners, 1070 poll", 41
privileges; $31'? 73.
Fifteenth Di trict J. K. Itawlings,
440 piooertv owners, 201 polls, 15
privileges; $81 !J0
Hix eentb Dittrict W. L. Harvey,
211 property owners, 273 polls; $4o 30
Seventeenth District H. M. Baker,
128 property owneis, 245 polls; $31 45.
Eighteenth District W. H. Coats,
287 property owners, 240 polls; $55 05.
Thk Athletics have accepted the
challenge of the Clevelands, and will
play them Sunday.
Tim P.rowng left last night for Ma
con, w here they play their tirst league
game to morrow. The detailed report
of the game will he received at tbe
Terrace Garden, in the manner that
proved so popular last season.
(Hsmw ElMswbrrc
Macks, Ga., April 1 3.-Chiciigo, 17 ;
Macon, 2.
ltAi.TiMORK, Mt., Aj.ril 13. Haiti
more, 0; Rochester, 1.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 13. Phil
adelphia, 5; Athletic, 3.
St. 1ins, Mo., April 13.-The tie
game between the Browns and tbe
Maroons was played off' to-day, and
Tesulted in a victory for the Maroons
bva score of 7 to . Hase hits
ltrowns, 5; Maroons, 7.
John Walsh, Undertaker,
Will move to 3U8 Second street, cor
ner of alley between Madison and
Monrce, about April 15th.
Watson's Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof against darnpueBS, seepage
am! rate. Telephone 038.
(tjeiiinf Oay of the Meddle Mi i tinc
The Wiiniera-Mr. Musg-er
in Town.
There are over l.Vi Lorses in active :
I training st Memphis which seems to i
bave develop. it into a favorite train- ,
ing ground 'or the spring campaign. ,
The ctliceis of the ass u-iation are par- !
t cu'arly polite and aicominodating to
all, and tl.e fp ing nieeling piomiea
lo be a grand success. The Spirit of
Ihe TiiiuK, in its isim ol tbe 10th in
stant, says: "There has been a change
in the wea'her from very dry to ex
tremely wet. Nevertheless, the track
is of such sandy soil that the horses 1
continue to gallop every day ; some are
out in the rain, while others slip out
between showers, Mr. Corrigan 1ms
started to work his horses in earms',
and says, r tin or shine, from this to I
the races his horses shall be worked
daily. Freelard, Modesty, Swiney, !
I'earl Jennings, 1-lzr.ie nwyerancl insti
Pat have all been moved along several
gallops at a 2.00 gait, and some few
quarters in 27 seconds. His whole
stable are apparently doing well, al
though some of hia big legged ones
pull up lame and go to the ttable on
two and three legs, but after a soak in
bet water come out fir their gallops
next day appatentlv as good s new.
Mr. Pate's stable all continue to look
and act well. Editor certainly has the
line. 4 action 1 ever eaw, a id if my eye
can be relied on as a measuie of s peril
there are few, if any, thnt ever passcc
me at a faster rate ol speed tha.i Evli-
tor did a few days sgi. ;
"Mr. Green Morns is very in ltis ri
ons with his string ard moves inwria- I
hly so as to throw every one o'l as In
their, real merits, while liersan isclaiiy
gaining favor aniu.g tho 'touts' (one i
of which Co). Montgomery requested j
lo leave tho grounds). l.iiiiu-uey
Hrjs.' Lmgview looks anJ nils like a
really good horse. Jim Gray is at
tracting considerable notice every
day that he gallops fast. Mr. Lucaa'a
i table has so recovered from their
coughs is to be out again and takiag
their daily Rallops. Philip 8. and Por
ter Ashe are (if looks indica'e any
thing) really race-horses.
"All the other stables here are do
ing well, but as the Ixmlsville Dixiana
and Fleetwood handicaps are all the
talk among horsemen here, among
both those entered and the sa that go
to Washington, all of whom agree is
to the injustice done t many, you
will ploase pardon me for diverging
and grant me space to repeat the re
marks made by many l.ere into the
luck of common sense disi layed by
the handic apper in the weight allotted
to leveral, if not all, the h irses iu
those two races, more particu'iuly tbe
Dixiana. First of all Feeland is iu
with one pound over his due weight,
while Precitwa has live pounds over
her weight, thus giving Freeland four
pounds. Hluart me, a horse that never
won but one race, and a selling race at
that, where he was in to be sold fur
1500. and only ran live-eighths in 1 :08
over a fairly good track, bus four
P mt ds over Inn weight, he giving
Freeliud three pounds, and giving
such a horse as Trc uhiulour ten
nouiiils. KoHciutdto se.veu pounds, and
many o:herB that have uhown ti be
much better horses than he has, he
aIbo gives weight to, and, ai cme
gi nt'eman remarked, 'Can it bo pos
sible liiat any sane man, who 1" at all
posted in the weighting of horses and
haB a grain of boaealy, could he have
carefully looktd over those weights
and said to himself they am reasona
bly fair?' 'No,' said another.
"Mr. Corrigan is so much pleased
with Memphis (hat he has con
cluded to make it his winter
ciusrters for a good share of bis
horses. He is having built a model
B'able, M)i2 0 feet, and it will be a
model of convenience and comfort in
eveiy respect. Several other turfmen
are building itabUs; also avenues nre
beiDg laid out. bordered with ehaile
trees, and tbe gtounds plowed up and
sown down in blue grass and clover.
"A gentleman who recently saw
Freelaud work at Memphis with
Swiney saya he did nothii g very faut
until the finish. On adjourning to his
stable he found the conqueror of Miss
Woodford with his legs in the inevi
table tub of hot water, while he all
oi.H torn the hand of one of his
visit )rs. Mr. Corrigan, it wouhl ap
pear from this, still chugs to Ihe hot
water tteatment."
riral Isny of Ihe Mobile KHoea.
Me bilk, Ala., April 13. The spring
... t. , T . ... .
I meeting ol tne tiascomoe jucaey v.mu
opniied to-day nnder the mt st lavor
j able auspice. The wea'her was line,
the track in Aral-class t c.nd.ti'ni and
the attendance good. Tlea following
! is a summary cf the day's races,:
' Fimt AW-Club purse, $200; $150
to fltst und $50 to fe :ond ; for all ages.
Three-quarter mile dinh. miners:
Spalding, Waukesha, Fletch Taylor,
Nonagi, Peacock, Hub Swim, Vaulle-,
Co1. Montgomery Bnd Mobile. Spald
ing won by two lengths; Waukesha
second, Fletch Taylor (th favorit-)
third. Time 1:17J. McEwen tods
the winner, Spalding.
Betting: 7 to 5 F.etch Taylor, 2 to 1
Soaldins-, 7 to I Bob Swim, 7 to 1
Waukesha, 10 to 1 Col. Montgomery,
4 to 1 Peacock, 8 to 1 Nonage, 10 t 1
Secotuiltacf.. -Maury Stakes.for three-year-olds
: $25 entrance, p. p., $-500 ad
ded by James M. Maury, $100 to
second, third to Bave stake. Those
that have not won a stake allowed
three pounds, maidens five pounds.
Ono mile eliah. Starters: Kirkman,
Luna Brown, John Morris, Wahoo,
Asco'a, Red Girl, Buaie Ft rbes. Leo
nora and I-saqtisna. Kirkman, the
favorite, won by three leng'.hB; Luna
Brown second, John Morris third.
Time 1:45. Betting: 2 to 5 Kirkman,
5 to 1 Wahoo, 10 to 1 each of the other
five at the s art. Withers lode the
Third iW. Club puree; for two
year olds, $150; $125 to tint, $25 to
second; half mil" dash. Starlets:
Florimore, St. Valentine, Merilee,
Endie Mills. F'iorimore, the favorite,
won by three lengths; St. Valentine)
second, Merilee third. Time 51
secondB. Stoval rode the winner.
Hetting: 8 to 1 Endie Mills, 2 to 1
Mer.lee, 3 to 5 Florimore, 10 to 1 St.
Firt Race. Mile and a sixteenth, for
four-year-olds: maiden allowances.
Spaulding (117), $20; Waukesha (117),
$11; Vaulter (117), $10; Topsy. (107),
$10; Annie Woodcock (102), $10.
.Vt-i.nd Rare. Seven furlongs ; selling
rac". Kico (100), $15; Tom Barlow
(105), 5; Aleck Ament (111), $4;
Nellie Henry (1C0), $1 ; Kerahaw (08),
Third Rare. Three-quartera of a
mile; selling race. Bob Lockwood
(110) and Tim Flaherty (105), $5: Col.
Montgomery (108), $3; Josh Billings
With S-lf-Meurin Curd", sent by mail on application. You c j have a pew set of Shirtf
made bysendii.v u- an "Id one to .usanire l,y. WRITE 1TK ot R PRICES.
K. I'AHPHfl.l..
Jlllaa KOlr.K.
lor.. j
Memphis Steam,Laundry,
W. hav. tbe Lat.t tun roved Truy Laundry C..:L ny's Machinery.
('OI.MVltS Cl'FFN anil MI I HI'S l.aiimtrlc.l I'qiml lo ew.
( 1 02 1, 13: J C. Cu-t-r ("'.), $'-; Fat'.. ei
John (UK)), $.. Prospects good.
tin m 1. 1 on I'yrllaf lis St hi a
Mr. L. l Mm j,'-r, a well known
whec linaii cf lMri.it. Mas., has bi
iu the city oii-co f md iy, ,n.d an Ac i
PKai. mail wt oheo A la k wi ll hi:u
l.ist nigl i f.miid b .ii Jel yh'id with
t .ebo.sp.i.l ' V .f '.(a1 cjc l s. th,1 tin I
rordri and tin- p-MFpt-cis lor '. .erpcrt
! in the future, Mr. M linger :s a' out
! iw.'iily-toree yeara c f age, h.:a a tal1. 1
j mbl tie llg'jre ard has made wotul. i j
j fnl progi "is ilnrmg tl . to eti i 1.0
, l a c been riding, llnhasiireu in Ne ' j
Orleans severil weeks, and io ti e1
i li t er par; of March br ike the twenty 4,
j live lU'le road record, ii.akit.g the lim i
! in one hour, I wentv-foor niitiilles and,
thirty-two retonda, about len minuua
In ter than tbe previous record. The
New t'tleatti i'iuiyunr if April 4th
I Inn tint f illowioi; abou' bis breaking .
the lifty mile record: For the last;;1
f -w daH it has been K no A u tl at 1.. D
Munger of Hitioit, the on.!erfnl (
young au.atimr long dibtaiue wheeUj
man. would at'emp" to break the.
te.ord for fifty tinhc:. He is in i x :el
lent co-dit o:i, his line lifty-seven
inches Apollo bicycle in working wH,
and he finds tho aqihalt pavement o.i
St. CI ati.ia avenue one of tho linel
roads in the country for cycling. 11
succeeded in lowemg tbe twenty live
milts record recently, and yetterday
tbe llfiy miles record wes broken with
similar ease. Tlrs road records, accord
ing to the New York Clipper .Inriim.
" American - 3:32:20 2-5. W. .V,
I.M.r.Ooa nil,,n SlltMlllllHr 20. lS.I,
Kiiirllab-3:05:34 S Holder, Sri.J
tt'inber 20. 18S5 I
Murders lime yesterday was .1:0-' -'4 j
llie lAi'iuy nvr- Kit. c- ,,,. .,..-
fioiii the L Cir
Ih to Carro'lloil aniti1
lo'tirn, and onc:e m th Extmeit cri
and rid urn. Yeslercbiy he tnade ttii!-
trip twice. His time was as follows:
tl miles :ti:l.'.
li nine. :tn.:m Is miles. .
7 miles 24:112 5 25 miles
(1 miles ,:il -.40 2 5 14 miles..
(I miles H III :i 5 I I miles
7 miles 27 ; II 15 VI milos .
. 1 rial f.
. 1 -- 17 1
..I :.'Hi:5S
. 2::M - '.'.I .'1
. ;l:t:.1l
(.inite ii number of people witms e 1 (
tbe feat. Cnpt. A. M. Hill and E. II.-
Foote, n Mast a'jbusetts wheslimt'i.,
were the liiners, C. M. Fairchild atnl
E. A. Shii l.li the ci.eokeis, stationed
it' the Exposition and Ctrrollt u, nnd
W. J . Hiigli-s unci U. P. KiniUll Ibe j
I'reil Lugger 4 iiiicliiclea HI" . 1
Ion - lh OiiIIihiU. I
Pi of. O to Lugger, sent us a special
ist bom Washington to invehligsij
the builAlo gt ir, and with whom at
interview was published in tbe Ait.
I'kal soma two weeks ago, Ins cot
eluded his work, nnd passed throng!)
the city yesterday on his way back to
Washington. Hh waa seen by an Ac
I'KAL man, who inquired if he half
made any tiitth "r discoveries of inter'
est. -'Well, yen." he laid, "I have
fonnd that overflow, initea l of breed
ing the gnats, boa had a contrary ef
fect, and this year a great numlier of
their imiiuitiiro Inrvie win cleetrov.eri
by 1 ti"k waler in the various streathH
All indications pi int. to the be'ief that
biillalo gluts wi'l be exceedingly
scarce for the next three years, anil
tho few locitl RwnriiiH which will ap
pesr will niit be rntiermis enough to
do nny damage!." .
1'iof. Lugger will return id t ibr,
with a view of mapping "id 'he
calities In which tbe lnilbilo go.it
isi.ikf. ;
Kansas City, Mo., Apri
I'lii-ilio M nt mil telegraph
t noli., in number, eiiil'l
iiyccl nens.
mi it.- in a request for extra pay for
Sunday work.
Cleveland, (., April 13.-It. S. D.y
forest, a prominent city architect,
dropped dead to-night of heart disease
while discussing plans of a house with
a lady customer. t.
Peoria, III., April 13. -The Peoria'
City Council this evening adopted
the et c? it-hour HVStem lor street wins.
Pay at tho rate of $1 50 per man
:i per team is to be allowed.
and !
lltien. N. Y.. At.ril 13. A dispat
received hero from the- Oneida Com
..,.,;iv this even i nif announces tin
death of John W. Noycs, the founder
of that body, at his home in Niagara
Falls, hit., to-day.
Elkhorn, Wis., April 13. Hy an
explosion oi the centripel.il cream
Dn,.r..liir ill the Hii? Foot Creamery,
James Peterson was killed, a boy fa
tally injured, and several men cut
an.f bruised by Hying fragment. '
Luiuiug, Miidi , Aptil 13. The
Gr eiibaekora rf this S a e held a con
ference in thin city to day. Tha Ex
ecutive Comiuiltse of the Slabs Cen
tral Committee waa reorgni?il, and
and resolutions were otrcred and
adopted inviiiiwthe laboring men to
unite with them.
Minneapolis, Minn., April 13.
Mayor elect Amea took the oath of
olliie this sf'ernewn. In bis message
he fan! he considered the demands o!
organizer! labor in a great iteASUrei
just, and recommends that the Council
pmc an ordinance making eight bourn
a day's work f r city employes.
John Ovaaros, Ja. C. N. OaosvxsoR.
Real Estate Dealers
4UTN a BKOKIlfflS,
Office, 204 Second Street.
m. . for. K-evsiDtf aaid Ooas-a,
Taxes Pail, Enu C(liUd. .10.. oa
Cc mruiasrwii
.'Ml!. KOK
?2 i st-COXD ST.
lent Notice.
l.l IS.
II, v C
It. H
In the Chntie.rv Curt ot
unlv, 1,-nn.- Lite ot 1 t'nnooe,
v. 1 horntoti et nl.
1 It :ii,i,e:irJir Iron, the hill sw HI to in this
I i. in-.. Ili.it no .1. f. t.. hints, Samli Martin, is
I .i n.'M r'sidflit ot 'lenncr.ee, all-l a rwient
, ,. Mom mi (u. ' lid tl. at tl.e n.iii.e and I'Ui-e
I ..I -- - i . 1 - l.rv ot llie heir, of W. . Kinvdon
i mi. i 1.. I.ee, ti'iide parlo'" o.' .i. net of
I tb, ir inter. ..t mi I. 'I . coot i 'i liar emhl
:i I.', i.l the 1 olirt" ruth t'nil lll-tri.'t ot
Sh' lo C .ii.iv. . ut!i .pie l ini.ti nveliile,
. l.t' iik' p irt . t ihe . I-. liter M . White 1 k" a.-rc.
:ll.' mi k ii. vc It ;.'id ciiii'.kI lie acertiiltied
I ti : tor di . i.-t. t it.Milirv 1'his In' tig a -Hit lo
, enfor. e t:i lins .i ir -1 ti-1 ald Li's.
I t is therefore oi.ieri'd. Ihut they niuUo
t' ! i.... ..r:lll.,i he .'.ti, :it lb. C'ourt. lli,.l..e
..f S' ell'i t'.t.intv, in .Mi'inpliir. Tern , on or
I .'lore the tirrt '..nilnv in Mnv. 1 KHi , and
. ,ii .,,1 , i,i.wet or demur t r..ti.. ainant hilt
an. I p.-litiotu. r tho raire will h-, fjkmi for
I ciitif.-si.ed a. to them . n.l tet for hearing ex
. .trie . and th'.t ll cpv ot this roller tie pub
li.l'e l on.'.' ii week, for four euooe.isive
o k', in the Aim'vii.. This :tlt d.y ot
Mnr.'h, I-1.'.
, cpv Mle.t :
S 1. M. IMIIS i 1,1., Clerk and Mneter.
II v II. K. W.ibh, 1'i'i u'y Clerk and Ma-ti r.
K. II. n id ('. VV. Ileiikell, Sii'i.Mti.re lor
Co upiaitunt. th
Ntiii-Ki'siilcnl Notice.
N... it. HI, It. I) - In tho Cluiieery Cmir of
Shethy County. Tenn. - Suite of Tennes
see .....I t'oiiuly ol Suell.y vs. W. liter Ennis
and W illi mi K nnis et ill.
It iippein ing tri.ln Ihe lull which is sworn
to in Ihis c i use, that Ihe defendants, Floy
Miller, WniYY .todard, .ir, H YanUroekllll and
allh K Vun Pro . Wltu, rei.idoi.tr ..f the State
ot Nen Yo-k; rll.-n C Glenn. John .lone,
and wit... Stiriili Jolie-, IMiarles H .latne and
wife. Ellen .linnet, lion Kisetmin, residents
of the State of M.rsoiiri: Hannah Liirkin,
.lohn Lurkin and Kate Larkin, re.tdents ..f
theStutoot Milini'.ota, bailie K Treievanl,
Frnnk Krayrer mid wile, Florence Frayser,
and Theodore lln'kson, resident' of thaStaU
ot Loilisiiina : .1 W Kl.lri.lge, .1 W Chalmers
ami his wile. Kelieei'a Chalmers, resi tents of
theStale of Mississippi ; Joseph R Mi ler,
resident of the Si.ne of Arkansaa: Frank
Benedict, re.idMit of the S'ate of Pennsyl
inula: Mrs M IV Fi her and Harry Brown,
' residents of the Slate ot Texas; Marv W
Livingston, a resident ot tlie M ile ot non
da, and all nun re.idei.ta of the State of
If ntio..'0. This bill is tiled to collect Stale
. . .. ... ..........j ..r -,i
" 1 , . .! '"', . i' . , ,i
II . tl.rroloro ordered. Hull they make
thrir ni...:urance herein, at the Court House
of Slieibv couiitv. in .Memphis, Tonn.. on or
before the tir-l Moiiilav in May IhHii, and
pli .id, answer or . lemur to eompianaiii's bill,
or Ihe fame will he taken tor coliU'Ssr.l as to
ll u.,.l for h.o.rii.tf ex tare: and that
a.'oov of this oi der he .u l.li shed once a week f
lor I. tir .ii -ovn weoks in tho .Memphis
Appcl. Tin." :U"td iy ol .Miiriih, ismi.
A copy Mlt". i :
S. 1. M.'DDWKLL, Cler't and Muster.
I y II. F. WMt.il, Deputy C. and M.
Lee Thornton and 11.1). Jordan. Solicit
ors f. r c iiiipliiinaiit. th
nn-Ue-delcet Notice,
No. 'aivl, K. D.- In tho Clianee-v Court ol
::lii'll.y conn, y, Ionn. State of leuuessee,
.. ii. . v. Pi. trick llonnev etal.
ll uppeuring from bill sw.rn ti in this f
cause that t"e nuiiies und place of residence I
i.f the heirs el ,1. W. VVii.eott, made defen-
d. nils on accoiiiil of intnreaiin lot 4ti, east
siiluot Chickasaw street, 1st ward of city of (
Memphis; and the hoirs of A. P. Sheldon
andc.fJ.L, SafTuriins, made purtlo i on an i
count of interest in part, of lot. I7f and IVtl. ,
between Main and Remind streets, Isl ward, f
city of Memphis, are unknown and oannotT
be iiscortaincl a'ter diligent imi.iry: thirl
being a rtiit to enforce tax hens; I
It . therefore ordered. That they mahei
their appearance herein, at the oourthouse..
of Sbolbv county. In Meuinhi. lenu.. on or
l,..l..r ih. Aral Mi.ndav in May, lHJkl, and
plead, answer or dotuur to eoaiplainant'a
lull and lull it ion, or the same will be likeni
icir contosred as to thetu and e tor neuritis
ex parle; and that a copy ol this order ht.
published unit a week, lor four successive:
a, n the Memphis Appeal, inis
day of March, 1-sti. A copy-attest :
h 1 M. li.lU K.I.I.. Clerk a d Mutter.
By II. F Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Maa'.rl
t. II. 1 C. W. Ileiskoll, tols. Ir com
ilaiti'ii.t. lhu
Noil Itosi.li'iit No' Ice.
ifll1, It. D In the Chancery Court ot
Slllllliy UolllllV, ll'llll. 'line OI irnn . I
for use, and the t'oiiuly v.. John DonnollS 1
et al. ot Shelby county.
It appearing ir the bi I, which iaawori:.-
to in thiscuu-o, thai the.lolen.l n.ts Johu 1 -At
uoiir, ronidi iit of 'he S oto ol Marylnn 1 ,
1 1 in 'I riwi.v., i.l and Itetiiliort l'reoviill'
I reeviinl, rt.M lotos ol in .
ll. 4..,-v- lV.,lwnr,l. Mart r cteDH I
ii n.l iiiirl.iind, .Murtiu Floiel 'Hi : loiura aim
Kd id 11 Martin. John fame., IV A Mil f
gin... n. W H. Doieh. I.. II lior.'l,, Mollie CV
llei.ton. Robert Moore, M.irc.u 1. I'lee.'fl
Pat y Ylii.l.v and Helen Pope are utiknnw t
and eann.'t bo ascertained alt-r diligent irf, I
.Hiiry, and 1 any of ll.e.o pirties are d I
Hie. r heirs or devisees, whose n one, a- I
reiden. -s are unknown and e.iunot tie Jk
certniueil alter diligent imiuiry. tin" bill fcl
filed .. collect tiJesduethe.Sii.ieHndcouiiJ.
on vuri us lots owned br the above parti I
nUi",tlhe.rr.jlore ordered, that they 'l akothij
ai'is aran. e herein, al the Court House . 1
r-hlhv county, in Mi ini'hl., Ttnn.. on '
helore tho first Monday in May, is., ai""
ideud, a .wer or demur' to cotnp ainai.rj
hill, or the same will be taken for eonfeJSn,
iu. to them and set f ir bearing ex pane; at )
tW a copv ..I this order be pul:stiet on.'.fa) ,
,.k, for four successive weess, hi xue ,
peal nils .n.l uuy oi .iiaruii, irw. (
S. I McDOWEI.L, Clerk and M.ister
By II F. Walsh, Deputy C. A M. I
Leo Thornton, solicitor for coiaphonantd
v. n.lroutileiit Nntlce.
... .. H
N.i. ouys. R D.- In the Chancery le'Uri,
nesree snd tho oiinty of Shelby vs. Pear I
. . L .... ... V
- "iiggs a c... r mi.. .
It appearing irum mo o... ,..'. , -
iu this c tee mat mo ana.n.c,.,.i
i ilmers und wife, Rebecca Chalmers, r.
tits of the Mate oi mien, .ri", v.
Johnson, resident of the Mate ol uiiora
IU W. Gr bcl, a roodenl ol me ci.no m
kjJisas. II. B. t'latlin, a (I'm, names of tr.
Is unknown, Catuoliaand Kachol ina
r..lents of the Mate ot New York, Mrs I
7i rayter, a tesidei t of tho S'ate ol Tf
aiiH all non-residents of the State of le t I
th residences of 11. J. rd,
J..na C.rl.itt, Cii'herin. Burn?. uai
Coau n, Anna Mnria Thoiiia, Anu belly,
0'.honey, Edward Urogan, Uthew V,
ceufand his wife. U.rnria, John J. Kei
SarSt. Clifford, John u'.d Sarah Conn
11. ,l...i e....n..v Louis.. Keherai dhusba
J. I ii Fisher, Diauna Goldcunp, Mrs .w
Hub M. II. McKinoavy ic d Nancr llui
are ajnknown and oannot he icerl(
alter diligent inuuiryi and the uauieM
resi.l..es of the heir, or di... G ,
left fiwill. if John Fox and J. c. Jul
decent d. also the residence and first nl
of e-i'alls, a iLinorof one of the heirs I
Fallj ioceased, are unknown and cann l
a.cefta'nied uftir diligent inquiry. IhiJI
...-.i ,.. ,.oiu.-t Stitte and county tax.-..
various lots owned oy tne aoove parue-
othir pities.
If is tkcre ore ordered. That they .
th.lr apiw ir.ince herein, at the Court-l
of Shell. yVouuty, in Memphis, Tonn. , .
V..A r. , 1. r.l Miindiv iu M .V. laSt
.lead, answer or demur to complainani
or the same win oe uiru u.r .um
lo inotll au.l re. lor ..vnitoK c
that a copy of this order be published
wV "jk, fo' four successive weeks, in tt.
sh. at.. Thi ;lljt day ot March, 1886.
rA copy Attest :
8. I. MclmWELL, Clerk and Mas
By II. F. W abh, Deputy Clerk and M
Lee Thornton, oolicitor for Cmuplai
M la O

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