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I'M El) TO A lUl'NW
Vbite WomJn by a Xogrn Barlrr-
Barflar Shot The Itroadiraj
FrautbNe Stml.
ISPtCUL To TBI arrxau!
HiKMiNdFliM, Ala, April 14 A
rbt-claHS wnwitiuii wan created on the
reets late this aftenionn by the
liecky proposal of a bi(r mulatto bar
er nanieil Ed Frazier, to a Miss
iyneR, clerk in a dry goods store He
alked into the store and handed her
paper on which she read:
"Will you oblige me by your com
iny for a rarriajre ride this evening?
lesse answer and oblige. Yours,
1 Frazier."
The young lady burst into tears,
id calling one of the clerks handed
in the paper No sooner had he
ail it than lie made lor the negro,
notber clerk came to his assistance
th a chair, and the negro was
aten out of the house and around
lie street, witli some uglv bruises.
nil leaving li in hat he then took to
is heels, and stopping at his shop
ng enough to get another hat, broke
the woods and escaped. A num-
r of anktry citizens have cone in
irsuit of him, anil it will doubtless
hard with him if he is caught. It
ems he has known Miss Hynes
nm her childhood,
(ieorge Ta lor, a yonng clerk in the
ire of the Southern Pacific TV a
impany, is missing and wanted. He
as hired rnly ar out a month ago.
b )Ut a wek ago the r roprietor left
in in charge of the store for a few
ivs. ilo ttisappeareii last nun', mM
was ascertained this morning that
is f ome 40 ahead of the house.
Knllroitil Tlt'krl Tlitvf t'.pturefl.
I!lhimin(iton, III,., April 14.-. T. L
i'gs, a clerk in the auditos ottice of
e ljike Erie and Western road was
estei". to-dav on his return from
indiisky, (). His house had been
arched uunni; Ins ulisence ami a lot
0 J missing tickets were found there.
be company claim to have had stolen
nil them Jts) Lalilornia ami other
stern tickets, worth from foOOO to
0,000, together with an oilieial staini).
was charged that Iliggs had sold
I'Tity-five tickets to Kansas City and
. Ixmis scalpers, and that lie was
r'pivint' registered lelters uniliT the
9 imp of "I,. James." He lias a wife
id two rhildrci. He was formerly
II clerk for the same company at
..storia, O., and prior to that was in
e employ of the Missouri Pacific
itiirtrlnr Nbnt.
Cincinnati, O., April 14. Alonzo
L Kendall, living with his wife in a
ittage at Looklnd, () , shot and
lied a burglar who, w ith two others,
is ente ing Ins room shortly alter
idiiiglit last night. Mr. Kendall
ike twice to the man, asking what
wanted, and was answered with an
th. When the burglar, already in
kle the window, attempted to draw a
Uapon. .Mr. Kendall shot him in the
ail with a shotgun, kil ing him in-
intlv. Mr. Kendall iB over seventy
jrsuid. The mavor will not arrest
nr. 1111 Kelmapd.
I'lTTsin Hd, Pa., April 14. Through
i' efforts of Dr. Mary Walker, Dr.
. H. Hall of Washington, D. C ,
to was. held here on a charge of
aspiring to delrauil creilitors, waa
iseil this morning, lim creditors
ing agre.eu to accept notes at
enty and sixty days for the amounts
them. Dr. Hall left for home this
inottier New York Alderman lr
Nbw Yokk, April 14. F.x-Alderman
Larlcs H. Keilly was arrested at 7
clock this morning.
Col. George Bliss w as at the District-
ttomey's ollice to-day, and it was
ited that he made the remark that
would not be surprised if Jacob
iarp was arrested. The grand jury
in session, and it is presumed is con
lering the case of tne sixteen men
iteide of the 1HH4 A ldennen whom
i; District-Attorney said were con
Tted with the Broadway railroad
al as bribe fivers.
I-me I Aronnd World on a Toar
fir luvraliKallon.
Cnn Aio, III , Apr 1 14. The Hon.
L. an Deruye, who for the past
entv vears has lieen a member of
e Colonial Government of the Cape
uooii Hope, was in the city yester
y. He is making a trip around the
rld to investigate the systems of
riculture and the diseases of fruit
J stock. He has already traveled
,000 miles of territory in tiie English
ssessions in Australia, and, after his
Uvels in this country, will return
inie by way of England and the con
tent. Mr. Van Derbye said thepop-
ation of the colony of the Cape of
1 Hope was about 7o0,Hi0 huro-
iis and 1,200,000 black people. The
t i , i . i i . ? .
oi oraii'iy ana oiner intoxicants.
said, was fast ridding the country
the objectionable Boers and Ma
nors. He left for New York last
,'lit. .
Thf Alnihan Fever In Michigan.
XuuAiNEit, Mien., April 14. The
askan fever, into which a good
Mire of Upper Peninsula mining men
ive neon thrown by Gov. pwinetoni a
Hers to a mining journal describing
laska's boundless mineral wealth
,d inexhauible resources, shows no
us of disappearance. A dozen or
of Upper Peninsula mining ex
rts an 1 capitalists are in Alaska
.w, and several hundred more are
vaiting a few further particulars from
e Governor before starting for Sitka.
ie Alaskan steamship service, bag
en made better, especially for the
poctcd immigration to the new El-
i-ado of the North, and the iron
;d copper mining districts of Michi
,n are preparing for an exodus of
iners and speculators.
The unroll Church Trouhlpn.
Chicago, III., April 14. A special
spatch from Detroit, Mich., says
at it is feared that the Polish
nibles are to be resumed. Much
ritement prevailed among th9 Poles
-it evening when thev learned that
piases had been issuetf for the arrest
ten of the prominent leaders of the
o'litisinsi- i faction, uho persons
ainst whom they are directed are
anred with iniuringchurch proiierty
id w ith c eating a irsturbance at last
idav s me ting of Poles in iedro
.ill. Thev are the chief members of
e parish. On learning of the action
uch was taken at the instance oi
e Bishop, representative Poles be
lli to arm ineinseivcs to oeicnu uieir
aders. and serious trouble is teared.
I he nilaanfcrr r.lertlou I'randa.
Mil wai'kfk, Wis., Anril 14. The
citenient over the election took a
ry sensational turn last night by
e arrest of H. J. tirogau. Alderman- i
c from the Kourth Ward. Grotran
charge 1 with having assi-ted differ
t persons in illegal vot nu. The
asm ire nil rontiruil to the Fourth ! II D 1)1 IfT'O TV I If I V I TIAY
Uar.l. 4.rvan-i ft wwil-hy ,liry- jlU.l)L.lllV O LA.l.UI.1.1 1
iiiun uii'l ili'fniti'il his Reiiulilican up
1 ponent bv a lariii' majoritv. He wax
' Heawe.1.
A Mother and Hrr Llllle hlld
BuraeJ to Dotlb.
Little Urn k, Ark., April H. Par
ticulars liave reached here from Para-'
gould, (Jreene courrfv, Ark., of the!
burning to death of a lady named
Mrs Thorp and a little daughter, who 1
lived about six miles from the above
place. The woman and daughter '
were burning stalks in a field when j
the clothing of tine little girl caught :
lire, soon enveloping her in tlaincs.
Her screams attracted the mother's
attention, w ho ran to her child's re
lief, but th grass was also on fin',
and before Mrs. Thorp reached the i
child her own clothing caught and I
she, too, was soon wraped jn riatncN. I
Both were burned to a crisp. .
Hilled by l.lgbtaiBK.
Little Rotk, Ark., April 14. j
News has just reached Itere from Izara j
county, Ark., that Mrs. A. M. Vail j
and her two children were killed by
lightning during a storm on Saturday I
last. The lightning Btruck the house, i
and, passing down the chimnev,
killed Mrs. Vail instantly. The chil
dren survived but a hor't time. J
A mlfis,
A kins, I
Was rt but infatuation? j
Or love's sweet intoxica'ion?
Surely none can tell, ,
Were 'hey married Wall?
No, for on deliberation.
They agreed on separation, I
And this.
Their Hiss.
Fluttered from in elevation j
Kight beneath oar observation.
Sd i it to teU,
But the fact ii well.
There waa qu te a ne ir relation, i
And he yielded to temptation,
To ki,s,
A miss.
Jackson Tribune: It is very cer
tain that the intelligent people of the
United States can aduist their domes
tic troubles without a standing army
Nashvii.i.b American: Mr. Gould
himself is so well fortified against
grocery bill troubles that he can con
temnlnte with comnlacenev the effect
of the grocery bill thumb screw upon
his neigh Dors.
BoLlVAU Bulletin: We have seen an
account of the Cai lollton outrage in a
,'.; : . it , , v.
.tussisNipm paper puiuisiieu in the
neighborhood of Carrollton, but fail
to find in it anything which would
tend to excuse tin outrage.
Nahiivillb Bamier't Chattanootra
correspondent: Ee storms like wild
deluge come, let pestilence ride the
air in all the horrid paintings of IVilie
miacs, Chttanooga can smile at all
their rage and gen ly raise a syndicate!
Chattanooi.a Times: The whole
civilized world thinks that robbery of
the government is no crime. Every
body wants to put the expense of pro
tecting his property ard person on his
neighbor. We ard nearly all a set of
shirks in both peace and war.
Jasper Sun: The whole force of
able-bodied convicts could be em
ployed with great and permanent
benefit to the State, and without
detriment to any special interests of
I labor, upon improving and construct-
ill); iimwn, wuuiwiis, onuses lino
Mokristown Gazel'e on Senator
Piumb's opposition to the Blair bill:
We are not surprised at Mr. Plumb's
opposition. It is because his people
do not get the lion's share. Or it may
be that he does not believe the theory
of the bill, that illiteracy is dangerous
to the public good, is correct.
Jackson- Tribune: If West Tennes
see is to have the Governor, the Blade
is for a man who combines enterprise
with politics, thought and informa
tion with power of expression, thought
with enthusiasm and capacity for
practical work. We believe such a
man is to be found in Mr. Robert
Gates of this city.
Plbdy Democrat on the Blair bill:
Should this bill become a law, it will
inevitably result in a conflict of au
thority. The general government will
be necessarily compelled to see that
the money furnished from the United
States Treasury is properly appropri
ated, and not misplaced.
Union City Anchor: We are more
than willing to have high license in
our town if it can be got, and we are
glad that several saloon men here fa
vor the idea. We are for high license
to reduce the number of saloons, but
at the same time we must press for
ward with an eye single to constitu
tional prohibition.
Amkhican Farmer: It is a matter of
considerable in'erest what will be the
fu'tire of dairying in the Southern
State'. They already have the cattle,
both blooded and native, 'he grasses
are being rapidly introduced whe e
they have n t sprung up so spontane
ously. The crucial test wid center
around the question of temperature.
Chattanooga Times on asking Con
gressional help for flood sufferers: Lot
us take care of ourselves. Let us
show them of the North that we are
able to stand alone. Le' usbe up to
our vauntjngs of accumulated riches,
and prove that we have hearts to
sympathize with unfortunate neigh
bors, and are not going to send them
to a United States Commissary.
American Fishery Society.
CiiK Aiio, III., April 14. The follow
ing officers were elected for the ensu
ing year at the meeting of the Ameri
can fishery Society to-day : President,
W. M. Hudson, Hartford, Conn. ; Vice
President, W. L. May, Eremont, Neb. ;
Treasurer, E. C. Blackfors, New York;
Recording Secretary, F. Mather, New
York; Corresponding Secretary, W. A.
Butler, Detroit. William Frederick
Mather read a paper on "Oyster Cult
ure." The paper was based on experi
ments of his own at Cold Springs
Harhor, N. Y. The other papers rt'ad
were as follows: "The Michigan
Grayling," by Herschel Whitaker of
Detroit; "History of the Iced Fish
and the Frozen Fish Trade of the
United Suites," by Commissioner A.
H.Clark of Washington ; "The Dis
tribution of Species," by Dr. R. E. C.
Stearns of Washington"; "Transporta
tion of Fish in the British Isles," by
W. V. Cox of Washington.
Western Si nil Awoclntlon.
Wheklino, W. Va., April 14. The
Western Nail Association's annual
meeting here to-day was largely at
tended. The memliers refuse to say
what was done concernim: the com
promise with locked-out workmen.
No change was made in the sel ing
card of nails. Officers were elected as
follows: President, J. N. Vance,
Wheeling; First Vice-President. C.
Fit.hni'h, Pittsburg; Second Vice
President, W. H. Wallace, Steuben
ville, O. : Secretary and Treasurer,
George Ware, Wheeling. The mem
bers indulged in a banquet at Hie
McChire House alter the meeting.
A Smjilclonn Tne I),vrb ert, but
Nothing Proven Several
W arm loutroTf rie.
Washington, April 14.-The Sen
ate Committee on the Expenditure
of Public Moneys, resumed the exami
nation of Commissioner Black to-day.
Senator Plumb called up the case of
Lieut. Jesse Eastwood, I'M Kentucky
Gen. Black, having examined the
papers, said, in reply to Senator
Plumb, that the claimant's regiment
wa mustered in for thirty days' ser
vice. Twenty days later claimant
w as allowed to go home on account of
illness, where he remained until
mustered out. He was never in action,
never in the presence of the enemy
and never slept out of doors but one
night. The records of the Adjutant
General and Surgeon General's ollices
showed no record of any disability.
The claim was not tiled lint 1 lssi).
The evidence secured In a subsequent
examination of the case showed that
the man had rheumatism before he
entered the service; that in lN5b he
cut himself severely with an adze, and
that later be fell from a house and
injured himself permanently. The
case was allowed by Commissioner
Clark, after the present administra
tion came into power, and the man
received as arrears of pensions
110,150. Among the papers in the case
was a letter written by a man named
Ewing of Catlettsburg, Ky., to Gen.
J. S. Villiauis, then a Senator, urging
speedy action on the case. The letter
concluded: "By giving him this as
sistance you will favor one of your
warmest friends in past contests."
Gen. Williams indorsed the letter:
''I hope the Commissioner of Pen
sions will make this a special case."
-en. Black stated that there was
absolutely no valid evidence in sup
port of the claim, and that the $10,
000 might as well have been allowed
for any other character of fraud. He
stated his understanding that Euing
was a strong partisan, but in reply to
a series of searching questions Ly
8etiator Plumb said that there was
nothing in the record to show whether
Ewing and the claimants were Repub
licans or Democrats, or that the
knowledge of their politics ever
reached the Pension Otlice, nor was
there any evidence that the letter of
Ewing, w ith lien. Williams's indorse
ment, ever got beyond the mail di
vision of the Pension Office, or that
it influenced the decision upon the
During the progress of the inquiry
there were several controversies be
tween the members of the committed
as to the scope and cause of the iul
vestigation. The majority of the
members maintain that the proceed
ings should be confined to an exam
ination of the records until they were
lisposed of, while the minority main
ained that Gen. Black ought to be
illowed to bring in such outside mat
ers as had led to or assisted him to
the formation of his opinion that the
ollice under his predecessors was man
aged as a political machine. What
these outside matters are has not
transpired. The committee w ill prob
able inent again on Saturday and will
try to bring the examination of the
record cases submitted by Gen. Black
to an end very soon.
Mla KolHoua of Balfl the Fori a.
nnle Young I.adr
New Yoaf, April 14.--An Albany
special to th Tribune sas: Assembly
man John "I. Piatt returned from
Buffalo yesterday, w here he has been
at the head of an investigating com
mittee. Last night he said : "While
in Buffalo a leading lawyer said to me:
'I have just received a letter jn which
you. as a newspaper man, may have
an interest.' I took the letter. It
was from Mrs Folsoin, wife of Presi
dent Cleveland's law partner. In this
letter, which was tinted at Genoa,
Italy, she snid that l.er daughter. Miss
Folsom, would be narried to Presi
dent Cleveland next summer." Mr.
Piatt wou'd not nvenl the name of
the lawyer who showed him Mrs.
Folsom's letter, bu; it is understood
it was Henry W. Fax, the counsel of
Mrs. Folsom. The marriage, It is ru
mored, will take place during the
President's vacation next summer.
Smnllpox In llllnol.
Si'RiNGKiELD. III., April 14. Tlmro
is a serious outbreak of Fmallpox at
Carmi, in White county. The disease
was introduced by a tramp who ap
peared in the town early in March.
The character of the illness was not
recognized and no precautions were
taken until several other cases had
occurred. The Stato Board of Health
sent a physician to the locality to de
cide as to the nature of the cases.
They were at once pronounced to bo
smallpox, and all nece'snry preventive
measures have been instituted. Sup-
ilies of vac ine have been furnished
y the board, and general vaccination
is being enforced. Three deaths have
thus far occurred. One new case was
reported yesterday, and it is feared
that there are others in the surround
ing country.
When Tint In Poalllve Agony,
The rheumat'C are seldom free from a certain
soreness or stiffoesa in the joints and iyus
oles, which serve a a constant reminder
that the virus oi.ly wnlt! an unfavorable
ohanire of weather, or the aid of a cold, to
emphasise ita prtxence with exoruoiatina
twinges. Tu reent the rerurrei ce anu
mitigate the pain, there is no finer or safer
sourre of rplie'' tian Hostetter's Htomarh
Bitten a medicine every wi prelerable to
the poisons repeated infinitesimal doea of
which are taken, to the prejudice of health
and Ihe jeopardy of life, and without a per
manently remedial effect. Sleep banished
by rheuinatio t nd leuralgic pain at nia t,
is restored by this bnono tnt soother of the
nervous system, ani the slumber which it
superinduces is far uorerofrishina and ben
eficial than the stupM- int which the brain
is thrown by a narcotic. Appetite and di
gestion, as well as shop, are improved by it,
and it is an adniiraUe regulator and tonie
for the bowels and kidnrya. Use it for rheu
mat sto before retirinr.
Jnmpid From s fleeond slory
Ciik aoo, III., April 14. Mi s Ada
Williams of Peorit, who occupied a
r.'om on the second floor of the Plant-
or'o II,, na,i aw?n f,.,,i li.ul tout niirlit
and breaking the window glass with j
her naked hands, jumped through the
sash into the street The glass cut
great gashes in her hamls and arms,
severing the arteries in a number of
places. For two we ks, Miss Will
iams has been ill with typhoid fever,
and was delirious wlion she jumped
from the window. '1 he doctor says
she cannot survive her injuries.
Mroll'n F.nmlnlon of Pats
Cod Liver Oil, wi-h Hypoplio'pbites,
in Pulmonary Affefti)i:s ami Scrofu
lous Diseases. Dr. Ira M. Li,ng, New
York, ssys: "I hsve prescribed Scott's
EmulBioh and nsed it in my family
and am greatly pleased with it. Have
found it very serviceable in Scrofulous
diseases and Pulmonary aQections."
APPEAL Till I l 81)
The First Sign
Of f iilincr health, whether In th" f"nn of
Nis-'l ?cau auj Mcrrouaucaa, or in a
a.'iic of General Weariness and Loss ol
A K-t Ite, ahould auggoit cbe use of Ayerl
SursapiriTa. T!d prcari:: ;n la piot:
effective for giving tone and strengtC
to the enfeebled lyati in, promoting tix
I digest loo and aniniilation of food, restor
ing the nervous forces to their norma
condition, and for purlflii, enriching,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years ago my health began to fall.
I was troubled with a dilrviiig CoogO,
Night Sweats, Weakness, hiu) Ncrvoaa
neaa. I tried various remedies prescribed
by different physicians, but became so
weak lliat I could not go tip stairs with
out stopping to rest. My friends recom
meiiileil n,c to try Ayiir's Saraiarlll,
w hieti 1 did, ami 1 urn now as health v and
strong as eirr.- Sirs. E. L. Williams,
Alexandria, Minn.
I have used A ver's Snrtaparllla, In my
family, f ir Scrofula, and kuow, If il la
taken faithfully, that It will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I have also
prescribed it a a tonie. si w ell as an alter- i
atlve, and must say thai I honest Ir believe I
It to be the tct blood medicine ever
compounded. W. K. Kuwler, I. D. S., ,
M. 1)., Greenville, Tenu.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be limiosslMe for me to do- '
scribe waat I suffered from Indigestion
and Healache up to the time 1 began
taking Arer's SaiMipnrills. I was under I
the care of various physicians and tried I
a great many kinds of medicines, but ,
never obtained more than tee orary re- ,
lief. After taking Aver's Sarparilla for
a short lime, my heV.da. he disappeared, j
ami my t )mscn nr formed ! l duties mora I
perfectly. To-day mv health is com
pletely restored. Mufy Hurley, Spring
field, Mxs,
I have been greatlv benefited bv the
prompt ui of Aver's Saisapiulllii. It
tones and lirignrates t he m i stem, regulates
the action of the digestive and assimilative,
orpins, iind i: ili.i s Ihe blond. It Is,
Without ilojlit, tho lie 'St reliable blood
purifier yet discovered. - II. 1). Johnson,
s Aimuiicuve., ltrookl; n, rs. t .
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, j
by I r. J. C. Ayr Si Co., Lowell, Mass.
lrk. l; six boll lea,
Scrofula of Luiirs Ite
licved. I am nopT fcrty-nine years old and huvs
sufforcd fr the liut fifteen yuan with a lung
trouble. Several mcuibeis uf the family on
ai 7 mother's si Je of the hcu. e had died with
consumption, and the ilowto. were all
asreed in ihir (pinion that I had oousump
tioa alno. I bid all the difltretttinit lyrap
tnois ot that terrible dice tne. I have spent
thousands of dollars to arrest the march o
this disease; I have employed all of the
Ufual method, Dot only in my own eae,
but in the treatment of other members o
my family, but temporary relief was al
that I obtained. I wad unfit for any manua
ldbnr for sove'al yearn. By chancel came
into pos.-tjision cf a pamphlet on " Blootl
and Skin IlsiTftsen,M from the nffine ot Swilt
H peri tie C-., Atlanta, Ua. A friend reo ...
mended t-te uo of hwilt's tMU, ?litiminu
that he himcelf had bren Kri'atly heneliU'd
by itn ant; in some luna trouble. ! resolved
to try it. About tour yearn ago I oomtnenre1
to take S. H. 8. afroniiDH to iliroHioni. I
found it an invicorat ine tunic, anil have used
about fifty bottle. Th re ulttt are mont re
markahle. My onuuh ban lott me, in v
stienath has rr-turiitxi, an t I weiKh -ixtv
pouniln more than I -ver did in my if '. It
has been three years pin re I Mopped the
ue of the medicine, but I have had no re
turn ot the dirato. and there are no pains
or weakness felt in my longn. I 'In the hard
et kind of mei-hiinical work, and k'ol as
well as I ever felt eiru-e 1 was a boy, T ce,
I now, are wonderful faieiuents tti make,
but I am honest when I y that I owe mv
existence and health to day to Hwitt'n Spe
cific. It is the only medicine that brought
me any permanent relef I do not fay that
Swift's Specific will do this inevurycane,
but most positively atlirm that it run done
this much for me, and I would be recreant
to the duty I owe to suffering humanity if 1
failed to Wear this cheerlul testimony to the
merits of this wondertu' medicine. I am
well known in the city of Montgomery, and
can refer to some of the best ritisens in the
city. T. J. H0L1
Montgomery, Ala. June 15 1KHT.
Sw.lt s tipeciuu is entirely regetable.
Treatiteon Blootl and Bkin IHneases mailed
I'rawerS, Atlanta. Ua. New York, lr7 W
jid street.
Manual of all liccaccs,
B;F. Ill SIHI1IIVH, n. p.
C I.OTH Hnd UOI.l)
Mnilnd Fr"
liKMfiM. (jnnffMiifm. niiHrarniiTinnsi.
Worrni. norm revor. WonuJno...e
Crvfna Co tic, orTftemtnyof Infanta.
lil ' l7..- JVisMhr e X...ll
Iuiitery, Clripiuj, bilkma Collo....
N liol'TB Morbiu, vomiting
4'OUSIia. KAtlil, J n-oncnii.il.
rurnlHln, lootnscne. rsoearnn.....
HradnAire, hick llwlaotm, V Tti go..
lllyspepMla. liilKuhtomcn....
Nnpireaa or I'alnfiil Prrlotu
?.'tf r.'rr y: '"'i " ru:
Croup. Uoash. DirHoult BrMthlnf ....
sall Hhrnm. r.rysipeis., r.ninuuua..
if...H a.iim. 1'lnlla.aliiAna..... J
HhnumallsiD. Kbonmauc l ame.,
I'llew, Klindor Bleedjnsr..... .......... ml
Catarrh. Inflnensa, Cold in the Heat mi
hooplnf C onahtViolent lVnh. J
General fVhlllty.Pbf.ioal WeakiNM .1
Kidney IHwbs .
eroua IN Iilllty.. .........1.1
I rlnry rsiinni,"oiiini ni...,
IM.cn-s of the Heart, 1'alpitation-l.l
(Sold hr Omiri'M"., or nnt potp"1 n reewtpt of
tirtoe. Hi PiiKi.s'li.litije,.iiriioeult.I-
Pree'ilent of the Great LOUISVILLE C0U-KIKK-JUI
RNAL CO., tells what
hs knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
OKnrit or Tin Coi airs-Joi RNAi.,
Loi'ihvilli, Kr.
Dr. Wintmmiih, Sir I waive a rule 1 hare
observed for many years, the value of your
remedy prompting- me to say, in reply to
your teiiuest, what I know of your Chill
Cure. Ihe private assurances of ita effii-aoy
I had, and the good results of ite effects I
had observed on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen years, had been fere
man of my oftii'e. induced me to test it in
my family. The re'ulls have been ent-rely
satisfaotory. The Brat ot.ro was of two
years' standins, in which I believe cvory
known remedy had been triei with tempo
rary relief the chills returning periodically
and with seemingly increased severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and thrro ha,
been no recurrence of tbem for morn than
six months. The other rase was ol a milder
form, ana yielded mors readily to other
rem. dies : but the chills would return ,1 in
tervals until your medicine waa used, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. I-'rom the opi"rtu
nily 1 have had tniudre. I do not heriuteto
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable speqific, anil ier,rorm, all you I
promise tor it. Respectfully,
ARTHUR PKTER i CO., Agents, Louis
ville, Ky.
Preposals-lmprnveinrnl of Hot
tiprlnga Rrservatlon, Ark.
Waehingion. April 5, lssn I
SEALED PROI'ufs-ALH will be receive I, at
this Depirtment until VI o'cloc k in., tri
day, April is', liwi, for furnishing the mate
rial and labor required in comp etinn the cul
vert, Sfcurinr hot water sprinas and laying
certain iron pipe, in the improveism.t ol
Hot Apring-a Ueservation at Uo. fsprings,
Blank fnrms of proposal, specifications
and iiistructi .ns to bidde-s will he furm bed
upon application to this Department, or to
the Suierintendent of Hot Springs lie er
Tation," at Hoi bp'ings.
311. L. MI'LPROW.
JActing be:retarf .
iiiipj, 1 '
AY, APRIL 15, lSSfi
Oeo.W.Tomlln. W.m. 13 o ax lee.
llMtf purchased the entire stuck of Vehi
cles and Ihe Manufacturing Department of the
Woodruff Oliver Carriage and Ilardware Co., we
I are bef.er prepared to meet the demands ot the
: trade it this line than an? house in the 8ath.
We occupy the old stand of the ooiiieanj. which
is the largest and int;st commodious Hepository
. in the country. M e offer special inducements
in UPKS HUGrtlKtf, of our own make, at .
; and TOP 1JUUUIES, of our own make, at SI
All won fully auaranteed. A full line of
Eastern Work daily expected and lawest p ripen.
Call Before Tou Buy
sr Havins disposed of our entire stock of Ve
hicles hnd the Manufacturing Llenartuient to
Messrs. ToMLIN A HKNJE.s, we bespeak (or
them a continuance of the patronage so Ions
extendi! to us.
LNTo. B14 JVInixx St.,
Has ust received a lame stock of the
latest styles of
for Punts, which we wip make to order at
much less than the usual prices. We will
make s iroud all-wool pants for SB Call
and examine our goods. Also, i eomplete
ol UK NTS' FlRM-ilIINd UouliM
f theeoming season at our usual low
I rices.
. 11EXTKI!, SO. 214 MAI ST.
For flfteenyears they have steadily gained
In lavor, and with sales constantly increas
ing bavr become the moot popular Corsets
thrnusfh-ut the United Hutes.
The U tjuality is wahkantro to'wkab twioi
ah l.oNti as ordinary 'i)Rtm. U' have
lately introduced the U ant K II tirades
with Kttha Loxo Waist, and can turnisb
them when preferred.
Highest awards from all the World's
ttrniit Fnirs. The last medal rtifeiviul is for
l-i hut litURRK ov Mfkit, from 'hi' Ute K i po
sition bald at New Orleans. While scores of
Pitent have been found worthless, the prin
ciple' of the tJlove-Kittitig have proved in
valiiabU. Hetuilvrs are authoriied ta refund money,
i'. ou sxauiination, the.e Cornets do not
pmve ropreHented. for hhI evrrj
4 IhIom ne free ou nupHrHlloii.
I hoii.Hon. liUiiKtion k ti., iw York
mm br .SmE--?
tr nanj
( or. Merond anil Monrno Mm.,
Would call attention of his friends
and oat-ons to his
xew siun rsroc'K.
Comprising the ohHcet und latest de
signs of Foreign tioods in the market.
Having taken special care in their selec
tion, 1 am pleased to say to my customers
and ptvlic who favor me with a nail, to
show them ines o. goods only fouo i in
leading houses.
J. F. H0LST &1M0.,
Funeral Director.
yo T.. MK.'HI'Mia.
AKI;LL mi oompiete sines o" Wood ani
w ullic Cases and Cst kets, Cloth-Coy-ered
Caskets and I nnal Rols always on
band. Mr'tl'in bv teler." promptly
.... . f '"'OlXliiij
wooovorkinq MACHINERY
Zl-t'J ha been In this city 2 years, treat
ing all diteascs of the Rectum as a r-pec la 1
ist with umlurm success, without the u sol
the kni'e of ligature. Diseases treated
Cont ation. InfiaininiUion, Piles, Recti
1 leer-, Kitala, tis-urei, Polypi, J atarrh
stricture. Kicre.'cences around the,Keclum
Pro'ap'us, 1'roitis, lleniorrhagc, rpani o.
the -i.hioctus. Chronic Dirrtea and ehrvBk
Ui.-c.4So generully.
Call and see testimonials.
Cncsulutioa free. At home tha second
and fourth weeks of sacb nior.th.
s m
t j
a In Ntreet, -Jlemplifn, 'Jn.
Use 4Ui
- JO.
JtlllN RKID.
X s ,-
Hi fi
w - . m ai m
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilinn, Siding, Shingles.
J. T. KAH'iAHUN. J. A. HUNT. C. C. IIKIN. K. A. PAKKKlt. K. L. WouUhuN
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors.
Set Front Street, Lttemphl., Tenn.
Cotton consigned to us will have our direful attention. We carry at all times a wall
selected stock o
Stapls & Fancy Groceries, wine, Llquors,Tod4ci;o&. Cirjan,
4ml will 1 1 w flt t.mmml.
o IIHU .tin I ii Ntrcct, itlempIilN.
Pianos and Organs
Shoot Mim. i' :u Uooln. Tow Vinosi for Ufint
Kstabllslied 186S.
S jH . . . j. h. R j J,
2,)() and 2'S Front
IjiiiiIiit H aid I'Uiiil IL
IMtorn, NHh, IIIIiiiIh, NoiildliiKM, nil klndsi of Ioor and
Usiitl.lv FrHinen, IlreM'kelsH Nrsll.Work, HohkIi and
IreMM4l Iiiimlser, NkliiKlera, LhIIih, Watr Tsnkn.
All kind of Wood Hork Kxeomed tt Nhort Nolloe.
Now. I57 to T. Washington St. Memphis. Trnm.
mm m
. ... . a . ID I... III:,,.. P,.U,.a sstlfl II saOsl SSfBCak Pfimiistn .
Offl'e .nd (sttlfHroom, o. 201) Malu Mi
M. 0. PEA&CK.
M. C. Pear ce & Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Llerch'is,
yKssos.-Wrtisi- -"- Mr""'H Jl'slea-wmwt
Manhood Restored
Himujt raaa. A viciim ol jmiihlal ln.r"lnoe
earning l'r.mlnr ltmMr, Is.rrous Ilelnlitl. lam
reme.lj.ha.'lnoovwsxl asliplin.an.i.lf-oti,
wl.lrh h. w.ll i ; rUV.lt t.hi.llowr7jrw
Add"a J.lLKhi V lso. U CWnam ba. J Vorfc
Young & Brother,
HookRHlern and Stationers,
2iH Mails St., Memphis, Tenu
Wlahlnic e,lr' ,r1,m Hnalam
Wo Otter war s.uilr
a i'
ZD t-
H. a. LKb.
C&3 OO..
St.. Mom phis, Tonn.
I. Warehoiwn, So. 2tt Front nlreet.
ii. ...' N..v. HaAis taaaTUIST.
.guaranteed specide for HytWrla, Diss -ness.
Convulsion... Kite. NV"a Neural
gia, lleaaaohe, Nerve 's Prostralion. caused
by the use ol alcohol or lbaeo; Wake
fulness, Mental Dosressn.n. 8e'tning of tbo
Drain, resulting in iiianiij and i Ing to
misery, , deoay aad deaias Preuinture
Age, llarrennesj. Loss 4 Power in either
Involuntary Losses and hherinator
rhea, oaus. I by over i.rtioo id the brain,
elf-abuse or overindulgence. Kach boi con
tains one n.i ti treatment. II a box, ol
six hoses fori., sen l. mail preuatd, oa
receipt of price. Wc guan ol. e Six Boxes
to cure any oase. W ith each order received
by us fur six boxes, acoimipant.d with s.
we will send the .urcha.r ur wtHUb
auar.li tat to refund the money If tns treat
ment doe -ol eu. UuMMlwsi
issusd osly b. A KKNK.KUT C0 Druo
gUU, M tot phis, tsiil.

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