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Thursday and friday Nighti and Satorday
Matinee, Aiill 15-J-I7.
Kew attraotlrns added lo thia already pow
KANKIN organisation.
The Lemons, the latent and bet of Euro
pe in Novelties.
Burleseui on the MIKADO.
April M-21-!-BAKER AND FA ROW.
it-u D tily fru 1 to 10 p m.
at Oirl.aged 1 jeara, weUha over MO
V1SS H.VLL1E DuGKRRT, FireQaoen.
MAZEPPA 1VANH0FF, the Turoo Bu
ehra B-autv.
C. W. WILLIAMS, Premier Ventriloquist.
MISS fcELLE TIIORNTON. the Great Serio-
Tirst appearanoe of THE MARQUES.
Charles Robert, Benjamin. Hoy and
Frank Juvenile Musical Wonders.
MR. HANK. NORTH, Sketch Artist and
Musical Genius. .
Re-enaament and an entire change of the
TON PERFORMANCE. eO in number.
Only Family Resort la lbs City.
School children admitted on Saturdays
from 10 a.m. toft p.m. or. See amall bills.
3TOKK Ho USE, ETC. At Shelby btation.
lissi, store nouee. saloon, names auu
BOTRI. rkadt FURNisHKn. r or iiiriner rar-
ticulars ipply to
Concordia, Miss.
2 WHITE COWS-ilne with rope around
head. 15 reward for their return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve, Herrsndo roat.
who reveal the past., present and future
brinss the separated t nether, and causes
imaiI- mftrrinirflS : can be oonsulted
in riud n- living friand or enemies.
DIES IN TROUBLE CALL. 'Having-all my
Gypsy powers by inheritance and tradition,
never tail to give saiisiacuon. tan
REV. G. L. KNIGHT, Healing Evangel
ist, 117 Court at. Office hours, 10 a.m.
to3p m. Come and get oared of you so
oal'c) incurable diseases.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone m. THOS. CUBBINS.
LAW, .Marine and Commercial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Deeds and U. S.
Commissioner, at the old office. No. 3 Madi
NICELY Furnished Rooms,
At 00 Monroe street.
HOUSE No. 75 Adams street, on earner
Tlii'd: threelstories : good repair; from
Julyl.1880. J011M w. lunnid,
301 Second stree..
NICE RESIDENCE 377 Orleans street,
just south of Vance (on the new street
ear line); house in good repair. App y to
R. W. HARRIS. 300 Front st.
Corner of Dunlap and Bass avenue. In
quire at 37Poj)larjitreet. t
rOUSE Two story frame, 35 Marke' St.. i
new. with all modern Improvements.
A pply to L. FRITZ, 11 Main St.
hou'eki eping, at 116 Court street.
rpWO elegant front rooms, furnished
X unfurnished. Apply at t
JL uil lUruiBunu. n f.i'i l n un u..
. : i i . . ui t ,i . .. ,
Seoon Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
Second street. Keferenoes required
X1 117 C(J
C10TTAGE Three rooms, cistern, at 2f7
J Georgia street. A' ply next mom.
ClOTlAGE-No. 414 Lau lerdiile, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good cistern ; $25 per
month. Apply to No. 394 Main street.
2ROOMa En suite, Lee Block, third floor
front. Apply at No. 4 Mmlison st.
. wTmts. "
A A HITS GIRL To do general housework.
VV Apply at 107 Washington strtet.
r OOD COOK Must be well recommended.
OT Apply at this office.
TTTHITE WOM"AN-For general house-
YY worn, i
, at 9-3 Madison street.
First-class dresmkers and
X. assittantt, at Mr. S. .1. BOW EN'S,
93 Madison street.
JXi By a young man with $1500 to Invest in
some good paying business. Address
m KKLLOQG, this office.
rAIST-HAND A first-class waist-hand.
also, a skirt-bana Mpd two apiiren-
tioes, one for milrnery and one lor dross
making, at Mrs. SLOAN'S.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
-For Southern States, experi-
Oenoe l in selling bar fixtures.
, beer coolers.
mnat-houRes. druggist, office and bank fix
tures Will pay a good salary, or 'alary and
commission. Address, stating experience.
K. K01UOl.Ull.U B SUINS,
Cincinnati, VI, w.
COLORED MAN To work ia house.
Apply at 72 Madison street.
COTTAGE With about 6 rooms and con
venient to street car". AdJre.n
GOOD TENANT, Appeal office.
LADIES and Gentlemen, In city or coun
try, to take light work at t eir hemes ;
II to 3 a cay eiseily made; wxirk sent by
mail: no canvassing. We have a good de
mand for our work, and furnish steady m-
K'oyment. Address, ItD stamp, CROWN
'F'G CO., 294 V no St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
GIRL For general housework; white
pre ferred. Inquire at K8 Hernando st.
PARTIES Who wish to learn Stenogra
phy to eall at 608 bhelby strset. on
LADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell's
New "Tiller" filter, bustle, hoop
skirt and underskirt comb ned. Hoops can
be removed and skirt Iaundried Adjusta
ble to any siie. Very fashionable, and sells
for 12 to every well-dressed lady as soon as
shown. Agents dooble their money. Also
a full line of sew furnishing goods for ladios
and children. Address, with stamp, E H.
CAMPBELL A CO , 484 West Randolph
street, Chicago. III.
POSITION-As Stenographer, and Type
Writcr; terms reasonable. X, this office.
WHITE WOMAN-To learn new shirt
DRY ASD SillhT FACTORY, 224 Second.
BLACKSMITH-A good I lasksmith to run
a country shop. Must also be a good
wood workman. Good wages paid. Call on
or addresa D. J. aLLK.N A CO.,
Australia, Miss.
dimni i salary
lOlvuv; dress at
onne. UK. SCU11 a
KLKt lKKi UOODS, 842 Broadway, New
York. The only gen uine.
AN INTELLIGENT, Earnest Catholic
man to represent a large, responsible
Barclay ttreet ho-ise in his own locality and
outside large cities. A remunerative salary
to right party. References exchanged. Ad
dress li A h,C LA y. Box Rio, N
AGENTS With small capital. We have
something new, no risk, large profits,
gpeoisl 30-dny offer, write at or oe.
EM PJHB CO.. m Canal street. K. Y.
HIGH K-T cash prieos paid for old and new
FEATHERS at 48 Main street.
EVERY ONB-In need of a hard, saiooth,
durable and waterproof pavement or
floor, examica WATSON 8 BITUMEN CONCRETE.-
Telephone HBH.
ALL THOSE having damp, unwholeauin
cellars to'taleph- ne 938.
BOAJtDERS At 140 Madison ; nice rooms,
good fare: transients accommodated.
AGENTS In every section of the country
for two New Books, just ready. Sfscul
Txaaato men of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. State extierience, age
and territory wanted. CASSELL A CO.
(limited), 822 Broadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear
born srreet, Chicago.
SALESMEN In every State in the 0 inn
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
Srinui.TiRS teatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connects n
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
. fROYALttWijl
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never Tories. A marvel ol
parity, strength and whnlesomeneas. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
cannot be sold in eonipetition wi.h the
multitude oi low test, short weight aluir or
phosphate powders. Sold only weans. Rot at
fc.iMSO Piuwi C. , 1lX W.ll .) W.wVcrb.
Aft NOl'NCi.M I'.
For Allorssej-ttrneral.
WE are authorised to announce GE0ROE
B. PET hits, Jr., bs a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subiect to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
For Krlpr.
THE undersigned announces that he Is a
candidate lor Register, and asks the
support ot the v..tors of Shelby oounty. It
elected, will endeavor to give satisfaction in
the discharge of the duties of the office, and
places bis claims -ubjsct to me action oi mo
County Democrat o Convention
Memphis, March is, 18Si.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Kerrville, Tens., is a
. candidate for REGISTER subject tothe
act on oi the Democratic Convention.
Jmlareor the 1'lrrnlt f'onrl.
We are authored to annonnce that JOHN
JOHNSTON is aeand date forjudge of the
Circuit Court Shelby County, subject to
action of the Democratic Convention.
We are authorised to nnnrunco L H. F.B
TE, JR., as a rindidata forjudge of the
'Circuit Cou't, n.bject to the ac'.lon of the
Democratic Convention.
ri.OtlW A .NO KOAKJr
BOARDERS wshing comfortable homes
with excellent table accommodation
will find It greatly to their advantage to
come to the Polk House, S Second street.
Transients will bt well oared for at less than
one half the uiual hotel pros.
M. W. P0LK, Manager
ROOMS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
and i.oard at72 Mndison street.
wl. jAMKS ULL'SK--Oor. SeoondandAd
1 aruasts, Rooa and board 15 per week.
Dayboarders wsnted.
OARD Withexcelleut room,
in AllAIHS ciir.
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or withoit board, at 137 Madison st.
TWO large unturnished rooms, with or
witheut boar, at 69 Madison street, cor
ner Third
t'Oii SALE.
dT0 BijILDIN J LOTS Selling raoidly : no
? il conditions : a lot SOxtKl lor two dollars.
C ill at 27S Main sttont (basement) and learn
lull pnrticnlar n'd see jaaps,eto.
fJoUUvvj buy a very fine plant tion of
800 acios, pea' Had Punks, on the railroid in
Marshall county, Miss.: has largo brick
mansion house: plenty ot tenant houses,
large proport on of 'he lai d rich crock bot
tnm. i,rintrfl of un'ailing ccol water, neigh
borhood nnd health eiecl'-nt; No. 1 j'laue'
tor stocK Apply If) .nuuin ranftun ur
A. J. MARTIN. fflUMnin street.
. remodeling our siore, v,e will sell our
entire flitures, consisting of o very fine wal
nut upright caae, silv.r-plat.d showcases,
oounters, desk, etc.. at a great bargain.
LSAMELSON A CO., 110 Main st.
BARBER CH AIRS-To'or three. Apply
at 112 Main st. H. C. l.IePwLD.
V9 Jeffenon street.
NITURE With sing e warorobc, plato
glass door. Price 10O-eost J250. Apply at
MY Cottage Residence: 7 rooms: 5HI Lau
derdale st.jjarge lot. JJLEROK.
Inquire at 77 Hill stret.
PIANCS-A large assortment of secind
hand Pianos, some as good as lew.
Prices from (5' uoward. A Chickiring
Grand, cheap for c.sh.wmMANN40o
ORGAN A good pipe organ, havinf two
banks of keys, 24 stops, and 1 wtave
pedal baas, at Second PreiMterian church,
Mem phis Address E. VtlTZM ANN t CO.
elOTTAd E Nice cottage, with al im-
provements; oul-huildings; on paved
street. Part cash. Address, care ol Appeal,
A. K.
GS Pure Plymouth Rock and lirewn
Leghorn eggs, at $1 for lo.
JOHNSON uuiJt.i, zozrronr.
121 Jefferson street.
A LaBaMA SPLl i COAL In any o,uan-
P. M.
liiGGS for UATUHIMG rrou pure b'eeu
P i Partridge Oocnin, Brown Lefhorn, Black
Snanixh and Piyinouttt Hock stoik Address
RATI'S Fountains, gcientor, etc, at
L HARPMANNA BRO.'S, 216 Main St.
in one ol the llvcst tawns in the
uth. Does a business of ovr JK100 per
month. Bar can be added lo tke business.
If desired. For terms, addresa
J. 8. M., Box liri, Merillni, Mis,
AT NEWPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 lots, ntk)
feet water fro t, 4L feet deep. For full
inlormation address WJ1. A. DEAN,
47 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md.
He eelva n9 v and alt dns to the
fstaea OVUhTOV rtBnVII!1n
Mtirs, Fla., September 20,'.18K2.
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Real Estate Dealers
Offlee 264 Second Street.
. Oetr.
Bki4 an. attftwre.
Taxes ?aid. KenU Collected, etc.. oa
IN order to protect the Retail Grocers of the
eity, we will discontinue selling to city
consumers from this date.
Memphis, April U, lad-i.
t.rheailng Woman in Closet,
An Indiscreet Yonnf Man
I'Lder the Bed.
Sfnsa'iorjB thin spring Jo not appear
to come singly but in gtonps. It mast
be ic tbe ttmoBphere. Not a z?phyi
j fans tbe cheek but it whispers a
scandal in the ear, some youDg, some
old and others in full bloom. Tbe
la a t morsel which Dame (Jow ip baa
rolled under her tongue must have
! been an unusually sweet one, as she
: kept it Sfcurely hidden t here for (our
I whole rays and night. It was an
I affair exactly in line with the fashiona
! ble err zo for tbe Japanese a per
! verted sort of Wtadu with new
and livelier music, and a cast
including a philosophical Koko,
a Ro-as-vou-please Kanki-Pooh, and
a Katieha whose very elboT mn
go miles to see. And while there wai
no boiling oil in tbe last act of all there
was at least one scene in which tbe
entire company was in hot water.
There are more acta in it than in the
f-teorotyped Mikado, and the epilogue
is yet to be played. To tut it plainly
there has been a scandal which prom
ises to end with a suit for divorce.
On Saturday last Mr Robert A.
Young, who has resided n Memphis
all his life and is pretty veil known,
followed his wife to a house of unsavory
reputation, and, entering, discovered
her and Mr.W. J. fcteple hidden there,
in full drass, insepaiate r.Jotrs, and yet
under circumstances which demanded
au explanation. Criminations acd
recriminations were indulged in, no
bloo i was shed, and the putties in in
ters went their several wiyj. How
it tirtt got out cannot be ssid, but it
became the town talk yesterday, and
there was nothing to be di ne except
to gt the facts aud K'vetliem. An Ap
peal reporter, during tbe course of
the day, called upon all the parties
affected and gives each the bene lit ol a
Mr. R. A.
"The all air has completely crushed
me," raid Mr. Young. I luve done
all any man could do f r bis wife, and
though I have frequently suspected
her, have fried to believe that I did
her an injustice. I believe 1 ran
truthfully say she baa bad nothing to
complain of in tbe eight years we
have been married. Four or five
years ago I found two letters in tbe
hem of her dress, which caused
trouble between n". We separated,
but I went back to live with her again,
still hoping that there had been noth
ing rially criminal. For some time I
have beard or seen nothing which
caused me to suspect her, 1 ot lately a
great many anonymous letters have
been sent me. Last Saturday I learned
that Steele had made an tppointment
through the telephone in my own
house to meet my wifetbat evening.
I went borne to dinner, and found her
dressed to go out. She said she in
tended to pay a visit to a relative on
Court street, and I offered to walk up
town with her. At the corner of
Madison and Second Btreets we sera
rated. It wag drizzling rain, and I
gave her the umbrella. She went on
up Second street, and I went down
into tbe telegraph office, but im
mediately came out aa;ain and
watched htr until she turned
into Court street, then I followed.
She turned nortl' when she
reached Fourth street, uni I bad to
double up to keep from being discov
ered I met a gantleman friend who
spoke to me, and whom, as I aftei ward
learned, carelessly told my wife when
be passed her that be bad just seen
me. Bat she seems to have been
blind to the warcing and went on out
J flerson to Charleston avenue, turned
back into Court and walked back up
Court street. I had to run to keep up
with ber, and noticed teat she ap
peared to be a little anxious,
fieuuently turning half round
an proceeding very slowly
She finally darted into one of the
heusea on the nortL aide of the street,
bnt I could not determine with cer
tainty which one it was. I aikt d a
darky if he knew who lived about
tbere. and he said be knew none ex
cept o!d Aunt Easter Mosby, the
keeper of an assignation-house, which
be pointeJ out to me. At this mo
ment Deputy-Sheriff Taylor passed,
and I stopped him. I wanted bitn to
go in with me, telling him I had seen
my wife go in there, but he said he
could do nothing without papers and
left me. As ha went away tbe old
woman approached with some kindling
wood in her hand. I asked her if Bhe
knew who was in the bouse and she
said she did not. but airreed to eo in
with me. I had nothing in my hand
bnt my umbrella, and wanting notn
ing elbe, but I walked in, opened i
door at the lower end of tbe 'a'
tice porch and found a woman
dretssd in mourning, lying on a bcj.
I raited up tbe cover which hung
down over the footboard, and on the
floor lyirg at full length discovered a
man. He did not move or Bpeak.and
I did not aik his name nor see his
face, out passed on into the front
room through a communicating door.
Tbere I saw my wife's umbrella and
hand bag on a chair. I imme
diately went to the closet door, opened
it and pushing atide a lot of women's
clothes, which bung on the wall, dis
covered Laura standing there. I at
once walked back into the other room
and snapping my fingers, called to the
man under tbe bed to come out. He
was out, had bis hat tin and stood be
fore me before I recognized him.
"Steele," I said, "what have I ever
done to you. and Laura, what com-
plair.t have you against me, that yon
should ruin my happiness in this
way. They couldn't say beans. I
talked to them some time, and Steele
at last asked me what I proposed to do
abent ic. I didn't know, and asked
him if he could not suggest some
thing He said he could not, and ad
ded, that the affair might forever re
main a secret if I desired it. He left
the houte and I followed with my
wife. That is the whole story. I
have not seen her since, but I bear
that she talks of going to a convent. I
will place ber in one if she desires it,
but must insist upon having the
Ira. Young's Hiatement.
Daring the evening a visit waa paid
to tbe residence of Mr. Young, No. 33
Avery street, modest two Btorjr
brick. Mrs. Yourg was at home, and
ushered th-reporter into a well-furnished
parlor. She was neatly dressed
m D'ain black, and though perfectly
calm Bee toed to have been shedding
"I suppose you are aware that your
name is being rather freely used," tbe
recorter said.
"No, but I can guess what they sre
talking about. I have nothing to say
against Mr. Yonng cr anybody else.
1 am willing to give bim my propert
and tbe children end re'ire to a con-
vent. If nothing interferes I shall
lea-e Saturday night."
"Still you do not denv having met
Mr Steele?"
"No. I tf Wrphed him last Satur
day, and met him that evening at a
place tf ilUtcputc on Court Tet, but
am as pure a) I was l et 're I went
tf ere."
"Why did yon go?"
"Mt nsme has been coupled with
his a great deal, and my husband baa
a'.wa)s been suspicious of him. 1
wanted t) ta'k matters over with him
and put a stop t it. That wa all. I
did not know tho character of the
place to which he took top, or I would
never have gone. I snppoce be most
have intended to ruin rat reputation."
ll.iw did Mr. Young find it cut?"
"lie hires a negto woman here to
attend to all the housekeeping who
does not like me. She told him, and
be followed me."
"How long bad yon been in the
house when he entered '"
"Not five minutes. I waa sittirg
talking to Mr. Steele, ith my bat on
and bag in my band, when Mr. Steele
grabbed me, told me to stay where I
wrsand ran. I M od still, and Mr.
Yonng came in. I would have gone
to meet him if I had kroar i be was in
tbe bouse."
"What passed alter be discovered
you and Mr. Steele?''
' Very tit le was said, I knew that
appearances weie against me, and did
not try to explain. I simply told him
I was as pure as when I entered the
hoube, ai d Mr. Steele told him the
tame thing."
"And you say you vere never at
the house before?
"And yn did not rlsit a similar
house on Ht, Martin stiet about a year
"Did you know your lame wat con
nected with those i f a roien or more
men about town?"
"No. They are all liffl."
Mrs. Young d'ttplnyttl no sign of
excitement and said good evening a
coldly as though she was anything
except tbe heroine of a rather ugly
utr. sileele Npsaka.
The unwilling htro, Mr. Will J.
Steele, was found, coatnas, up to his
elbows in cotton eamplei at his place
of business. It was plait that he felt
keenly annoyed by tbe unpleasant
position in wnicb he had been place j.
"I do not claim to be an? better or
any worse tbaa other men of my age,"
said M '. 8teele. "I have been indis
creet. I have committed two siiia
one of them ia consenting to a c'an-
deatine meeting, the other in be
ing caught. On the whole, I
have good reason lo be heart
ily ashamed of nyself, but I
have determined to br it and hope
the affair will not ruin lie. Tha simple
truth is, that Mrs. Y)ung baa tele
phoned once or twice erery week, beg
gin me to tee her, and I have ro
tated on every occasion. Last Satur-
ay she telephoned tnstli 1 would see
er that evening Bhe would not trou
ble me again, and I yieldad. I don't
think I am doing the lady's reputation
any harm when I sny that she has
been in the habit ci meeting other
men than her husband. A few
minutes sft-r I entered the house
saw her hue-band nt the
sate and telling Mm Yomw to hide
herself, I made in efoit to get t ut ol
the WBy, as might have Deen expecou
under the circumstances. He dis
covered hp, but didn't seem oispoS"d
to do anything about it, and I left ihe
place. I know I will he censured, but
I shall take my medicine, bit'rr as it
is, with as good a grace as I can."
Old Allot KnMrr.
A dim light burned in a ba'.:k-rooin
wbeu the reporter knocked at the door
of the houfe on Court street. The old
woman sat in the room in which Mr.
StBrfle was discovered.
"Pretty dark pla e you have here,"
wa! remarked.
"Yes," she said, "I never care to see
the faces of the people who come
here. I make it a rule never t know
any more than I nan help. A great
many come In and go out and I never
know who they ate."
"But y n know who waa here last
"Oh yes sir. I am sarry that hap
pened in my bouse." '
"What occurred ?"
"Well, I went out and was gone
over half an hour aud when I came
back a gentleman was standing at the
gate. He asked me to come in with
him and I came. He found a man
under the bed there and bis wife hid
den in the closet. Thev talked awhile
and then went away. I didn't want
to hear what they said."
"Were either of them ever in your
house before?"
"1 ees .nearly all the men and I
know neither of them were here be
fore. I don't son any of the ladiea
who come here."
vVbnt I hey Are I.Ike.
Mrs. Young in about twen'y-six
years of eg", a pronounced brunette.
is lond ol .Dang?, nas ramer promi
nent eyes, a eqnare chin and large
rcqnth, and is about medium hig'iL
She has two children, boys, one about
tix, the other two years of age.
Mr. Steele is one of the moat pop
ular young men in the city, and en
joys the confidence and regard of his
employes to such an extent that they
declare their determination to stand
by him. He eDjnys a good salary,
and is a young man of
exceptional business habits. In all of
the local conceits and operat during
the last few years be has taken a
prominent part, his sweet tenor voice
being beard every Sunday in a lead
ing church choir. . He is about thirty
two years of age, quite handsome ami
has a host of wa-m friends, wbo insist
that the only thing tbut makes him
more to be censured than other young
men is bis being tungbt.
M. W. Hudnall to S. D. Weakley,
trustee, to secure Kate E. Logwood in
the sum of j27o, 3 tracts of land near
J. J. Silk and wile to A. Ilatchctt,
trustee, to secure T. B. Turley in the
sum of 2(K), west half of 1 A 10 on
the north side of Georgia street,
25x177 feet. ,. ,
. John T. Walsh and others to I-rank
Ostcrhout, lot 20x100 feet on Com
mon's and Main streetfl. for J')00.
L. W. Wells to Mollie F. Crafton,
lots 4 and 5, block 5), north side of
Linden street, 52x183 feet, for .?1750.
T I!. Turley to J. J. Silk, west half
of lot 10, Allen & j.oonf y buuuivihj,
nortl) sidn of Georgia street, 2-rxl77
feet, for $312 60.
And it stimulates and promotes the
growth of tbe hair.
Bnrnett's Flavoring Extci are tha
Nrmphls Florstl ( o baa Ihe- larval
lock of plant In town.
Ho lo RnllMiT l.naoniBsiIno for
jour fluuiblua' nnd Una-Minna.
APRIL 15, 18S0.
rnrts vfsiiituiv.
K tiliitlnus Adoptnl Call ng forler
tulti ft'i ec'iNarjr ( li.ingm in the
Hea'her llulletlii.-.
The M t-1 r il " i i ill Committees of
the Memphis Cotton and Merchants'
Kxehimp'S met ia joint session at 1 1
oYliM-k yesterday morning in the committee-room
of the Cotton Exchange.
Mr. M.tiavin was elected chairman
ami Mr. John .1. W idler secretary.
The chairman announced that the
object of the meet ng was for the pur
pose of taking into consideration the
proposed discontinuance of the weath
er bulletin issued by the signal ob
server in this citv at 5 o'clock p.m.
daily, as indicated by the communica
tion of Observer l. T. Klimnery here
with attached, and also for the pur
pose of discussing other matters.
After a full and free discussion by
the committee the following resolu
tions were read and approved :
Ki'Ktlved, That, as the 5 o'clock p.m.
weather bulletin is not found to lie of
any practical advantage to the busi
ness men and planting community, we
recommend its discont nuance. He it
llrmlml. That the midnight weather
bulletin should contain a renort from
all stations :iow received nt o o'clock
p.m. lie it further
lli.ntltfd. That the newspapers be
requested to jeiblisb daily the mid
night bulletin, ami add to the river
report the danger line at the stations
given for the benefit of their patrons
it ii I the community. He it further
AV.toi" of, That a reiiuest he made by
the Cotton and Merchants' Exchanges
of our city of the otliciais of our sev
eral railroads that they display the
symbols indicating the. weather and
temperature signals on all pas enger
trains from the city in accniilance
with a circular issued by the Signal
Service War hepartmeut, under date
of March 17. lSSti.
The commit e, underdtanding the
present appropriation is not sullicieiit j
to enable tlie, Signal Service llepart
nient to seed out and display prompt-1
ly and systematically the railway,
weather and temperature (signals,
therefore recommend that the differ
ent exchange' throughout the United
Stat s take immcdiats action in this
impor ant matter, and request our
Kepresentativfs in Uong.esj to in
crease the appropriation, so as to ena
ble ths department to supply the rail
roads with tleir symbols, thereby
g;v ng the information ii a lotga
portion of the agricultural community,
who lira the most interested, ami to
an industry on which all other inter
ests depend for support.
There being ro further business,
the committee adjourned fine dn.
To t ome 1T Before tlie l.raialnlive
4 ouurll.
The gas question will come up be
f ire tlie Legislalive C.iuncil to-dnv.
In this connection it ih interottii g ti
iintt thst the same question ts agi- 1
tkting New York C;ty and that, the
liiw companies are now heinu investi- j
ghtod ly the State legislature. The I
NhW Y rk Umil'l nl M mdey, April j
111 h, asvs: Uen. Henry E. Trmnoine .
has been coiimed for two special Nun- i
pt couiinitiees which investigated I
these gns companies. He has reeent'y i
prepared an tmpo'taut statement ol I
V e situation in the shape of a letter
addressed to the Oas Consumers' Asso
ciation. This communieali in is being I
freely cnvnlated here. Ihe following
nr extract:
"Siuce the last session a second Sec-
uie lommkteH Iioh anppietiientcd the
expositions of the first committee. All
tbe transe.ctiois o' every gas company
in New Yurk, from the first, in 1H-3,
to the pressnt time have been ex
posed. It is shown that the inordi
nately excessive earnings have been
comparatively of late years, Extii
tionate charges have been continued
only by the help of recret and illegal
poole, or by charging prices sufficient
to pay dividends on 'Hal stock'.
Btock that represented no capita1, but
wai falsely called 'capital stock.' Con
sumers have hitherto believed their
bills ext irtionate, but until this year's
developments of pools, of llcticio'is
stock and of purchased legislation
they have never been able to prove
tbe facts. These facts are now laid
"Under the civer of qnestionnhKi
enactment, surrepliiionsly procured
:ll....l ..nl nl itLta Mninnnim
,ina:lu ..nmn.ititors. aii sciual can -
itul of f Il,2!5,:i00, watered up to $17,
000,000, has become a nominal Bhare
capital for the Consolidated Gas Com
pany of $l!l,( 78,0OO. This haB been
done under the prefers that i: was
'autboria-d bylaw. If so, Bitch a law
nod i's products should be expunged.
Gao consumers are charged prices suf
tieiout to pay dividends accordingly,
and investors are invited to buy the
ex ra shares of the old stockholders,
who in tnrn pocket the money. Over
$ .',000,000 of working capital was with
drawn in tha process of consolidation.
Not a new dollar is actually invested
in the gas company's baeinesa, and
purchasers for the past year have nec
essarily had their yes open to the
character of their iuvoetments; yet
tnose who are unloading their shares
are loud in protesting for the
perfection of Ihe 'new investors.
1 here are no new investors
In the capital cf tbe company. One- 1
seventh of the old sto.kholdera have
unloaded on the speculating public i
such stock as it would take (about I
15,000,000), have pocketed the money,
and now use the transaction as a j
screen from behind which they may i
deceiv3 the public. Consumers should
not pay dividenils on sucn stock, yn
the contrary, the essential fraud in- j
volved in the claim for such dividends
should result in annulling the organ
ization perpetrating it and so recon
rtruciiug the whole business ae to se
cure a charge for gas proportiona'e to
a fair cot.t and profit on its manufac
ture. If anything more than this is
claimed, the public in its own defense
should secure the abolition ol the
company claiming it,
Advice t Mother.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should alwavs be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and tbe little cherub
awakes as ''bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates tbe
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
Loalawille Oineol.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ngs subiect to overflow should be con
Btructed with LoniBvilleCeoient. It is
thf titandard.
ix oKHEK bv
jsyvxviFXLssa op fancy fcexxixxTiisrc.
With telf- Me-isuring Cards, sent by mail on np'li'ti
miiie by sen lint; us an old one lo m'l.ure by.
r caupbi i.i,
J I'S.s.o KO.lrK,
Memphis Steam Laundry,
We have the Latent lini roved Troy Laiihdry Company's Machinery.
Ol.I. lIts, CTI-'FN and SI1IHT.N I.tamul) l?l F.qual lo w.
llllii UAILlltMin.
A New Rand lor Mausss (Hi.
Kansas City ,ioinoi : Olliceis ol
j the Kansas City and Southwestern
i railroad, familiarly known us "the
I'anla Itianch." were in the citv Satur
day for the purpose ol securing a
lio'inis of t'm'.Oi'hi from the business
n in of Kansas City to insure the
' building of theiyad.' The line is tiity
miles long, otie-liall ol' it being in
lsiiiisiis and oiie-lioli in Missouri. The
; cntin1 amount of aid asked is 1 100,
1 III I), it i'JOOl) per mile. At recent
elections in Kansas ownship bonds lo
! the amount of f;l'0 0 were voted.
' Tuesday next Aubrey tow nship,.lohu
i son county, will vote on a proposition
i to issue 1 l.0l)( worth of bonds, and
! no doubt is entertained that tbe prop
1 osition will be carried. This will
j nearly make up the quota asked I'roiii
Kansas, and as the rum I will oe ol
great advantage to Kansas City its
projectors think that the business men
here should be willing to rinse ti it
equal amount.
When aid was asked for the Veitli
gris Valley road from I.ptoy, the pres
ent southwest terminus of one line
from l'aolo, to the southern line of the
State, the people who were requested
to subscribe were promised that an
effort would be made to obtain a di
rect connoction with Knnsas City, for
which thev were solicitous. This con
nection would be afforded them by
the Kansas City and Southwestern.
If this road is built, an outlet to
Kansas City will be given to all the
present Missouri 1'acilie system in
Kansas and its extensions, some of
which, to be made this year, ate of
great importance, tbe Kansas and Col
orado especially, which will divide
with the I'liiou l'lii'ilic ami the Atchi
son, Topeka and Santa I'e not only
the traffic of Western Kansas, but
that of Colorado.
Iletweeu the Union Pacific and the
Atchison, Topeka mid Santa l e, west
nl' Mcl'lierson c unlv, is a large
stretch i f country comprising s me of
the finest lands mi Ihe Sta e, and now
wiihon' "l,'r, ,m ''icilities. Through
tins tract will run the Kuitkw ....
ivloiado, 'o which road, east of
Ncs county, aid has already been
..,,(..,1 to the amount oi f IIMMHMI, and
in Ness count v a procos tion is now
pending U carry the' road through
the countv. It will be completed
this vear to the east c unty line.
Froai' Council Urovo to Ottawa the
line is to be built this summer, and
when the road isjpntirolv built it will
le a trunk line from I'liola through to
Colorado. rv
This road inuHI take a Hhare of the
traffic which now falls to the roads
terminating ttt. Kansas City. If the
ling hetweon this citv and 1'aola in
constructed, the new line will bring
business here; otherwise the tendency
will be to take it to St. 1aiis.
The "business of Hush, Neal, Ijine
and Scott enmities may be made
tributary to Kansas Cit v by means of
this l'an'la connection, l'ilty thousand
dollars is asked of business men here
and the projectors of the Kansas City
and Southwestern think that it should
not be naked in vain.
IJalntMl llielr I'olm.
( 'n vita Noon a 7'ihm's, Kith: The
fruit growers have gained their point
at last and secured lower freight rates
to 'iucinmtti
Off cut notice lias neon
received that
1 '.. i , c, 11 V liovr rei
lured tin
rate Iro'ii
' this citv to ( incninati to S-l l-i, win n
will prove very acceptalile lo me
ul.i, I'm When it is known (hat
nearly one million pounds of straw- j
berries alone are shipped to Cincin
nati cwrv season, the reduct'on from
$1 :'.ri to $1 lL'J will prove a great
saving to "Hi" growers; it will uutke n
saving of tl2rit) to the shippers.
I'.fi.. IIakhy UtiiiiiKx' debut as a
bulldozer was a brilliant success.
Tiik work on the extension of tbe
Ya.ooHtid Mississippi Valley is pro
gressing favorably, and the laving of
the track will commence in a short
Coi. An. Kkbhv of Welliutfton,
Kan., who is here in the intcrWHt of
tb( Memphis, Kansas and Western
Itailway, Is greatly plcused with the
em riigement be has received hero.
Dyeing aud (ieualug.
Lsilies Bin) gents' clothes cleaned
or dved in any color, also kid glovee,
ostrich foatbe-s and lace curtains by
Louis Iiigl,K Jefferson street, Mem
phis. Twin. Goods r-.""'d hv exortvw.
Novelties oi the Season
at (ircatly llcducod
Mtir n".
i. Yon C'i hvp a new set of fcbirtf
YYKli'h. l Oli OL K I'kUOE.-i.
I'otty Your a Sufferer from
" FOB. FOilTY YKAHS I have wen a vie
ti ill toCAlAlilUI llirce-fourtos of the time ,
n Minnicr ir.mi r, i nui i 1 1
TKILS, the discharge wore i
that 1 her;ita lo incniion il.rv
minnrer fr-mi KM niu isii.ia riicia ;
.N!tNAi A.1 an nun-
so offensive -cent
tor the f
good it luusjo some other suffiirer. 1 have I
spent a y4iiig 'ortiinc from my earnings
during my mrty years of 'uttering to obtain
mlief tr.mi iic doctors I hae tried patent
me-ticines-iTvery or.e I could learn of from
the tour corners of tke earth, wit'' no relief.
And AT LAT (f7 years of age) have met .
with a renioitfthal has cured me entirely
made me now man. I weighed l'J8 pounds,
and now ty Hit. I used thirteen bottles
Of the uiedicu e, and the only regret 1 have s
is, that being In the humble walks of lile I
may lint have influence to prevail on all ca
tarrh sufferers to una what has cuted oi -;
Uainu'a I'ioneer Blood Uenewer,
: :... -.1 in .i.r,h w. A. IK Kr.
" Kx-Mayor ol Macon." j
;uUn IMoncer Itlood Kenewer.
(v.... .ii lli,.,l rtKUIn Dinoases. Ilhouma-
lisiii, Srroluta, Old Sores. A perfect Sprins
Mri'iiot'iii vour market, It will bo forwarded
on receipt o price, timall unities. H, large
81 KKSuy on Blood and Bkln Dieses maile.
f'1- ..Laaasa aU V
HAiO ,1 K is us re sv s . . ,Jh
Mt SM'OII , i S a "v
a-sisi i ph r.tirrsP"T..tlR-UW.J.Lai ;
Ladies !
D4 jou want apuro. bloom-1
I ni; Coiimloxionf If so,
few niipiinitioiiR of Hunan's 'A.
MA06l1A HALM willgrat-'
Ify jou to your heart's con- i
tuut. It docs away with Sol-
Iowhpss, Redness, Pimples.!
lUotchtw, and all diHoiw-s ana y
Imperfections of tho tAIn. It
OTercomestho fluHhed appetvr-j
ance of heat, fatlijuo anl ex
citoment. ltniakeHaladyofp
Till HTV AtvrMinr hut Tff EN-.
T Y ; and so natural, gradual, k
and perfect aro ifa effect,
that it Is impossible to detect
it application. '
v va A I i' UKlilTlsiTOk J
ij ijm.su M . . - - M
TbfJ-.i.uious remedy most happily me
the d. .uoini ol tho ane lor womau s peculfv
,,,l i,,uiiifriii afllictiiina. It is a rami
for WOM AN ONLY, and for one bPhol
CLASS! of ber diieasos. It is a specific
millions of ihe woi
ami nroiioswt to o control the .Menstres
Function as to regulate all tbe deranj
uiont ana irreguiann-. .
Its i ropnetoss claim for It no other niedi
io doubt the fact that t:
nifiilicine uoos positively possess such cw
in.llini and rnguiating powers is simx
leH'ClUtt tlMWI" v. . w. .
oiling aud rnguiating powers ii iiij'
.iiscredit tbe vyilnntary testimony of th"A
mds ol livinif witneseis who sire to- t
suiting in the rbiUiration to aound hea""
mil nappiness. a
FcMftlE Regulator
Is strictly a vegetable compound, and is 4
product of medical science and practical
perience directed toward the benoBt of I
It is tho studied prescription ofa lear-
pby.i ciaiii wiiose spooiauy. "rC Jt
and wboss tiiine became enviaoioii v"i
less beranso ut his wondorlul success in
trcatinontj,! cure oi '"'""VuTfcoi
Tin.- HiftrJlTO I ia the MRANDI
K1C.MUDV kown, and richly desorvenj
Must r rie:
He.-, use itiSuntrols a class ot junctions
various ib-(ingements oi which cause ;
ill hca.th thun all other oauses combr,
' i , i . . j k.. i,ni,i . bin tral'
afflictions which sorely embitter her life'
proinal.iroly end ber existence. Oh. wti
inultiiu Je of living witnesses can testit,"
iis cai.r.uini eQectst Woman, Wke so'
ratlllMn niTOi. w T" sp'
It wiU relieve you of nerly .l the cr
phi.tT pecnllar to your sea. H ly upA
us yooVsateguard for health, happines.-'j
'S,ld i by all druggists. Send forenrtf.
io o'i "io iieallh and Happiness of wot
m irrf.ir..o, which gives all partieulan-l
Bog , Atlantaf
ax. wailiaan gtreel. HsiaDhls, T
A KII1.L stock of Wooden and Mot
. Cas3 and Caskets, Burial Rooes
always on Hand. Orders by Telegraph
ephone Promptly attended to.
K. '
TV i m
" No. Secoud etreet, Macon, Ua. I
" Mr. Henry Cheves the writer of the I
above, f.irincrly of Crawford county, now or
M...,ui. Oa.. merits the confidence f all la-

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