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Cotton Steady Middling-,
Sales Yesterday, 1200
Oe -
The money market continues firm.
Local securities quiet but steady. Ti.e
cotton market closed steady, mid
dling 0c. Sales l-'OO bales. The
New York spot market yesterday
closed quiet; middling "Jc The course
of yesterday's future market in New
York is thus described inGreene's re
port: "An easier tone of Liverpool
and Manchester, superfhduced by a
decline ol silver, found prompt re
flection here, and the tone was weak
all day, with 9ffil0 points lost. The
aborts appeared to have recovered
from their nervousness, and some re
cent purchases were unloaded. The
close stood about steady at the lowest
point." At New Orleans spots closed
quiet and firm, middling 8 13-16c;
futures barely steady and 5 to 9
points lower, May 8.858.86c. At
Livernool the spot market was re
ported steady, fair demand, middling
5id ; futures quiet and steady and 1-04
to 2-64d lower than Tuesday, April
5 Olid. Receipts at this port yes
terday were 351 bales; total this
season, 523,899 bales, against 419,1(10
bales same time last 'year. In the
general market eggs are easy at 10c
per dozen; chickens dull at $2 503
per dozen.
Twenty brls beans, 10 pkgs butter,
129 pkps bacon, 1453 pkgs boots and
shoes, 500 bu corn, 22 pkgs cheese, 228
sks co(Iee,l car cotton-seed, 300 sks
cotton-seed, 128 pkgs dry goods, 500
brls flour, 350 bales hay, 10 pkgs hats,
17 hd cattle, 5 hd horses and mules,
60 pkgs lard, 64,000 ft lumber, 11
pkgs liquors, 251 brls meal, 25 kegs
nails, 800 bn oats, 45 brls potatoes, i
cars pork sides, 13 brls sugar and 813
pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange to day : Wheat,
none received or discharged j in store,
3057 bushels. . Corn received, 1002
bushels; withdrawn, 4217 bushels; in
store, 96,842 bushels. Oats received,
none; withdrawn, none; in store, 2448
9 Madison St. Memphis, Tenn.,
-Correspondence solicited. Infos
matioo cheerfully fnrBlbet.-
Money in poid demand at 8 percent
The Clearing-House report is as fol- i
lows: I
Wedneslay, Aptil 14th.2til 001 10;
thus far thh week, $793,722 67; same
time last week, $1,033,459 87; s-me
timein 1885. $588,574 40; same time in
1884, $049,700 88.
Wednesday, April 14, $21,013 99;
thusfai tbia week, $150,352 90; same
,tim last week, $244,654 87 ; same time
in 1885,$146,353 03; tame time in 1884,
$101,711 10.
New York sight on all paints, pir
buyiDg, J premium eellins; New
England demand, discount buying;
New Eaeland sight, J discount; New
Orleans, discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 b'd, 150 asked
First National 145 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 182 bid, 200 atked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantera..l48 bid, 150a?ked
Mercan ile Bank. ..135 bid, 137 a-ikeJ
Home. 70 bid, 75 asktd
Bluff Citv
....100 hid, ... tsked
Memphis City
80 bid. 82 asked
...101 bid, 105 atked
98 bid, 100 asked
...102 bid, 104 asked
16 bid, 19a?ked
100 b'd ... afked
30 bid, 35 ssktd
20 asked
M. and C. consil", 7s. ..115 bid, ...asked
M. & L R 1st m.8'..P2 bid, 112rs'red
Mies. AT R.R.cs,A, 122 bid, 122J BBked
Mies&T.R. R cs,B, 104 bid, 10i asked
Tenn. wts. ser. C 97 bid, 98J t skc:l
Shelbv Co. bonds 105 bid ... asked
Tax. i)is. 4, 6s 92J bid, 93 asked
Tax. Dist. 6 ...10l bid, 102 aokf d
Mem.Stor. Com. Co.. 109 bid, 110a ked
Mem. Gas stcck 75 b d, 77J aiked
Mem. GssbondB 06 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 90 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works... bid. 59 nominal
City Oil Works b d, 45 asked
Pioneer Gotten Mills bid
Am. Cot Oil trusts 25 bid, ... aikul
Mem. City Cy. bonds bid, ... aal ed
Nkw York, April 14. Money on call
easy at 1 J2 per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper, 4()5. Sterling exchange
dull but steady at 486 j for 10 days and
488J for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady. State bonds were
neglected. Rai road bonds were dull,
with sal s of $1,154,000. Prices in the
morning were strong, but showed a
disposition after midday to yield
slightly. Indiana, Bloouiington and
Western ' da are up 2to87 ; Milwaukee,
Lake Shore and Western lsts, 2 to 120,
and Wabash Trusts, 3 to 561.
Stocks Stocks were very dull and
generally firm except after midday,
when a raid was made on a few stocks,
including Union Pacific. Pacific Mail
and Western Union. The attack had
no effect upon the rest of the list, and
biter in the day a Prt of the losses
established after midday in the stocks
mentioned were recovered. The raid
was unaccompanied by anv news of a
character to affect the price of thos.?
stocks except in the case of Western
Union, regarding which there was a
report that the company hud been
served with a protest against the pay
ment of a scrip dividend to-morrow.
Pacific Mail fell from 53 to 55J, and
rallied in the last hour to hH. The
market was particularly dull late in the
afternoon, and closed dnll and from to
1 different from last evening s close,
. - , i; . f. f x-. . i
Exceptions are a decline of 111 North-
western and 1 in Pacific Mail. New
York Central and Reading are up j
each, and Union Pacific j. The low
jiriced stocks came in for mure, than
their usual share of attention. Min
neapolis and St. Ixmis rose from 20 to
22) in the forenoon and was steady
thereafter, closing at 22). The pre
ferred advanced H.
The tot 1 sales of ntoc'n to-day were
223,316 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, Hi,775;
Erie, 01-."; Kansas and Texas,
4:150; Lake Shore, 12,'JVi; Luis
ville and N:i'i villi-, 31C0; North
western, It'.StiO; New Jersey
Central, 37Sti; New York Central,
4000; I'aciric Mail, lt,S7; St. I'nul,
32,550; St. l'.tul and Omaha, 4250;
Union Pacific, 23,230; Western Union, I
7750; Northern IVitic preferred, 3025; j
Oregon ami Transcontinental, 4270 H
The closing .iiotatioiis were as fob.
lows: I
novum UTS.
II 8. Si. IiSI1.,. New 4s.
New 4V4, HJJi. Pacific i)t 16, V-T',.
Louisiana cons., 85. Missouri ti, 1U1H.
Tenn. 6. old, MJ. Tenn. ', new, t-8.
Cent. 1'ac.liilB. Wi. Den. k R.(l, lsts.l:.
Den4K.I.W,lft,77. Erie seconds, l(r".
M.K.T.,Uen.Hs, -';,. H. A.C. lsts, m
M. V. A. U. Ui, N. Western con., 141.
N. West. deb.6s.Mist. 8t.L S.K (Jen M, Ktt'i
tit. Paul, con . IM St P.,0. JtP. lsts.l'ilH
T. P. landrants,38'T. P.,R.U.cI coo.61Ji
U. P. finis. UT. Weft Mire, 1027a.
Adams Express, 115.
Allegheny Cen., .
Alton T. II., 40'.;.
A k. T. 11. .pfd , s.
American Ex., li"H
B..C R. 4N.,io.
Canada PaceV,,.
Canada Sou., 40' .
Nashville A C, 45.
N- J. Central, 53i.
Nor. andW., pfd. 3(1'
Northern Fac.ai'i.
, Northern P., pfd. 67.
N. Y.C. iSt. L..-.
N.Y.C. ASt. ..., -.
C. A N.W.,1117-',.
C. k N. W., i.td., 140.
Ceo trul Facitlc. iz
Chesapeake ii 0 , 11. N. V.. Central. llrfa.
P. & 0., 1st ptd. H'. Oh'o Central,
C k 0..2d Pfd., l;i. Ohio 4 Miss., i'4.
O. k A., 141. O.IJt Mirs.. pfd., Wl.
0. 4 A., td, 1W. Ontario k West, IS.
C. II. k Q.,i: 're.i llnv., W-h.
C, St. L. 4 N. O., - Ore on Truns 3ft1,.
C. St. h. k P., U'4. dreg-on Imp., Zi'.i.
C.St.L.A P.,p.,Jtl. Pacific .Mail.W.
C.,8. k C, 31. Panama, IM.
C i C. hlK. Peoria, D. k E., J.P4.
Del. 4 UuJ.. 101 -i. P ttshurg, 150.
Del.. Li. 4 VV., 127'. Pullnuin f. C, 134.
Den 4 Kio (1., U,',,. Reailinn, S4V.
Krie, 2t5'4. Hock Island, 13ii.
Krie, j.td., !''. St. L.. 4 8. F., IS.
KastTenn., 2. S L. 4 S. F., p., 43.
Kuot Tenn., td, 3. Rt.L. 4 S.F.lst p.lUl.
Fort Wayne, 11.. C. M. k 8t. P.. S7'.
Ilunnitial 4 St. Jo, u. M. St. r.,p.,n.
II 4 St. Jo. ni l.
Bt. r. m. in.
St. P. I Omaha, 41Vi.
St. Paul 4 0., pfd,10.r ,
! Harlem, 215.
llouiititn 4 1., -n.
Illinois Cen.,1 s).
lnd B. 4 W.. U'i
Kiinras 4 T., 2i
LakeK 4 W.. 12.
l ake Shore, 82' .
Lou. & Nash..
Lou. 4 N. A., A.
M.4C, lstpfu,
M. k C, 2d pfd.
Mem. k Char,
Mich. Central. "8.
Texas raenc w
Union Phpioc,
I . b. hxiirei"., (
H'., St. L. 4 P., SMi.
W. St. L. 4 P. p., lfi.
W. 4 F. Ex., 120.
W. V. Tel , oMW.
Colorado Con1, '24 .
Iron Silver, 150.
Ontario, 23
Uuickflilvar 7.
Min. tst. L.. 13
M. 4 St. h., tifu.49 Quick.ilver, pfd, 2o.
Miss Pac.,10'. bouth finiac,
Mobile AO., 11 Sutro, 17.
Morris k E , offl, 140.
London, Ajiril 14. Consols, 100 7-1 ti
for money aid 100 for the it-count.
Bar silver, 4li 10d per ounce.
Paris April 14. Three per cent,
rentes, 80f 92 Ja for the account.
Havana, April 14. -Spanish gold,
238239. 'Etchaneea steady.
Chicago, III., April 14. l5ank
clearings, 7,'-89,000.
New Orleans. La., April 14. Clear
ings of the banks, $1,108,370.
New Yohk April 14. Exchanges,
$90,412,323 ; bilances, f 4,907,321.
Baltimokk, Md., April 14. Clear
ings, $2,232,22!; balances, $331,1(10.
Boston, Miss., April 14. Clear
ings, $' 4,803.1)33 ; balances, $1,807,
381. Pmil'Dei.i'iiia, Ta., April 14.
Clearances, 8,728,410; balances, $1,
(K19,110. St. T.ouis, Mo, Atiril 14. Hunk
clea in.-s, 12,327,197; balances, $539,
080. Ivxchange on Nov York, 25(ji;,r)0c
The loc-1 cot'on maket opened
steady and closed steady; middlint?,
9a Sa'es, 1200 bales, o' which 700
were to expottjrs and .i00 to spin
Yesterday. Ttissday.
Ordinary 7 7
Good ordinary 7 7
Low middling S.J 8J
Middling 9 9
Good middling 9 9j
Middling fair 10 10
Fair Nom. Nom.
Dusty 61(58 !8
Staina, tinges 7J8J 7i8J
Mkmpbi.i, April 14, SKi
Stock S-pt. 1. 1885 1,392
Received to-day 351
Received previously. ..521,348 K5 291
Shipped to-day
Shipped previously-
,. 1,925
.434,879 430,804
Stock, running account 88,487
Thus far this week 1,793
Thus far last week 2,5?6
Sence September 1st 'r3..
M. and C. R. R 58
M.andT. R. R : 18
L. and N. R. R 52
M. and L. R. R. R 35
C..O. andS. W. R R 91
L., N. O. and T. R. R... 21
K. (5 , S. & M. R. R 7
M , 8. and B. R. R "j
Ste imers.- "
Wagons and other sources. "
Total 351
Thus far this weak 7,789
Thus far last week i 7 009
Since Septamber 1st 436804
M. and C. R. R 4l
L and N. R. R 564
C..O AS. W.R. R 531
Steamers notth 180
Totil L925
New York spots ooened steady and
closed quiet. Siles, 380 bals. Quota
tions were as follows :
Ordinary tig
Good ordinary. H
'S i
8 i
S 13 lti i
i 1
) 11-16 !
10 11-1(1 I
Low middling. 8 13 16
Middling 9J
Good mid 'ling 9 11-16
Middling fair..l0 ll:16
Fair 11
New York futures opened
closed steady and 4 to fl points lower
Quotations unchanged. Jialeii, 6(1,100
bales. The clising quotations were
ga tallows:
,.().14fi, 9.15
.9.25 9.26
,.9 3($5 9.:i7
,.9.45, 9.4S
9.22 9 54
9 3-' 4 9.33
9.44 9.45
9.54 dH 9.55
9 t3"? 9.(i4
9.47(. 9.4S
9.32( 9.33
1I.28M) 9.29
9 32(.A 9 ."4
9 40 .1) 9 41
V.m 9.52
Septembw...9.40,a 9.41
October 9.2.5(a) 9.2(i
November ...9.22 9.23
Dwember ...9.27() 9 2H
January 9 34(3) 9.36
February 9 44 9.46
The New Orlean si ot market opened
quiet, and c'osed quiet and lirm.
Silee, -;UO bales.
Ordina'y TJ
Good ordinary... 7 15-16
7 1516
8 5-1(1
8 13-li
Low raiddlirg.... 8 5 1(1
Middling 8 1.5 K
I Good middling... 9J
The New Orleans future
opened steady, and closed
sttajy and 5 to 9 points lower,
16,000 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows:
YesttrJay. Tuesday.
April Nom. Siktrjom.
Miv 8S."va 8 Mi 8 92'i 8.93
June 8 SC.A S.ll'J 9 ('t,rt 9 l7
July 9.13 a. 9.14 9:M(.i 9 22
Aiii' 9.17i5i 9.1S 9 2tki 9.27
Sep embe-.... 8 9 8 94 9 0H& 9.02
October 8 79.il 8 81) 8 IHM 8.91
November.... S.S.l.'.Tl 8 8'i('t 8 S"
Du eiuber ... 8 95 "bid. 8.90,.$ 8 91
Jiriuar 9 07 bid. 9 01(a) 9 02
February ("N 9.12(;f.. 9.14
Uvc. Prices I Stock
N trleans.
New York
Boston ....
St. lxuis...
Augusta. .
102.". 813-lli;
:r. in
30 890
109.; 8j
785 9
219 8;
2580 9
30 9 3 18;
213 9
170 9
1 1 9 7-18
quit 1. 1
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880. 7,ti2S
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 2,878
1 4S5.
R'ts U. S.
Kx. tir. ili
Stock U'ts S'ht.l
39 727 10,376 19,837
29,S t! 17,403 10,747
785,09V 014,805! (12,(i23
4,912.313 4,019,33814,t57.481
3,423,079 3,418.t-8-:,405,P37
ForVn Kx.
! Increase of nwittts this year. ..292 875
i The Liverpool spot market at noon
, was reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 hales, ol vl ii h American
78(H) bales. Receipts, P,'00 bales. .f
i which 10,20(1 were Aiuericiin.
The following aiv the cosiug iuota-
lions: (Inlinary, 4 5-lOd gixnl ordi-
nary, 4 11-lOd; low mitldliui;, 4;d;
good middling, 5 "i-llid; inidillinjr up
l lands, old; middling Orleans, 5 3-ilc.
1 1 iifpruYf areijntn in nnu ihiu,
Ihiu: 4 03 muni 4 03 04i, and 5 01
nvaim 5 l-04d. 1
At noon: l.ivi'i-pool fitures were
quiet. (Quotations were us follows:
April, ; April-May, 5 03d; May
June, 5 Old; June-July, J Otid ; Julv
August, 5 0S1 ; Augus.-Septeinher,
5 Hid; October-November, 5 () d ; Sep
tember, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool liilnres were
Mat; April, 5 02d buyers; April-May,
5 02d buvers ; May-June, 5 D2d buyers ;
June-July, 5 05d 'sellers4 Jilv-Augitst,
5 07d sellers; August-Scptem1)er,5 09d
buyers; Septeinber-Octobei, 507d sell
ers ; October-November, 5 Md sellers;
September, 5 lid sellers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool fi lu es were
quiet and steadyand 1 ti4o 2-04 low
er than Tuesday; April, 6 02d value;
April-Mav, 5 02d value; May-June,
5 04d buyers; June-July, 5 04(1
buyers; July-August, 5 OkI buyers;
August -September, 5 08d buyers; Hep.
tetuber-October, 5 Otid buyers; October-November,
5 0:!d buyers; Septem
ber, ." lOd sellers.
n riKi; diai.n.
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Hoard of
the Merchants' Kxclange yesterday:
No. 2 white, spot, 39c o. t bid, 39tc
asked; April, 39.1c asked ; May, 40c
asked; June, 41 Ac asked; No. 2 spot,
371c o. t. bid; May, 39c asked; June,
3SV bid, 39c o. t. asked.
No. 2, spot, 34 jc asked; April, 34c
asked; May, 3Uc asked
nit an.
April, $14 asked; Mav. $14 asked-,
June, $13 25 bid, i 13 75 asked.
Ai-ril, $190 asked; May, K2 asked;
Jnne, 100 barrels Sold at it 9.
CVikx White, 47c ; miked, 4Gc, from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 4''c; in sacks, in round lote,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store, S5c; prime,
75 " 80c; prairie, 50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $'414 50;
prime, $1313 50; prairie, ISO'S .50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 88jc,
from store; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35Jc.
Bhan From store, 85c per cwt. ;
round lota from levee, $14 7515 per
llKANs-Navy, $1752; medium,
fl (M)1 75; German millet, JT2J(
1 4 .
OoitNMKAi.--Standard, 2 l"ffi2 25;
pearl, 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Kick Louisiana, 4tc; Carolina,
Pai'mkl In half-barrels, S3j 3 25
from store.
C'hm kko AVhkat-Iii half-barrels,
$3 ) fnnn store.
FlouhIu ciu- lot. double extra, 13
f? 3 60; triple exlra,!i3 tK(4" 75; fami
lv, 76(4; choice, ft 2i(54 35:
fiincy, J4 5)4 70; extra fancy, $4 90
fn),5: patents, 25f$ -5 Cm ; from store,
I'amilv, f l a 4 25; choice, J4 2ry("A 40;
fancy, 4 0."(iiN I 90 ; extra fancy, 5(-i
5 25; patents, $5 50(6 25.
Hominy axi G kits- From store, 3
(A3 25.
C'KAi-KBiis-Njila, extra, -ic; soon,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, cj as
sorted jumbles, !)c.
Kansas City, Mo., Apiil 14. Wheat
weak; cash, tile bid. 02c asked ; May,
02, c; June, 05Jc bid, OOs askd. Corn
stadv; cash, 26jc bid, 271c aked;
May, 28c; June zn,e Dm, ar.uo tseo.
Oats nominal ; May, 28c bid, 29c asked.
St. Lntis, Mo., April 14. Flour
dnll and easier; XXX,$3f3)3 10;fm
ily, 13 15d3 25; choice, $3 60rA3 75;
fancv. H 104 25: extra fancy, f 4 40
(a 4 70; patents, f4 55ci5 25. Wneat
qnet and higher; the market opened
eaBier. and iSc lower under
the influence of dull ca -ies, nne
weather and weaker markets else
wbere; later, however, prices straight
ened aud closed Jc h-gher than
vesterday; No. ) red, cash, toj
(5.85 c: Mav, 851855, cloeiDg at
85 j85Sc bid ; Jane, 80(5.8tli-, doling
at Stijc bid; July, 83j(rtj832c, fl s og
83;c bid. Corn very dull, but firm,
and lc bef.er; N. 2 mixd, cash,
s-'ln hid: Mav. 33J(a331c. closing at
33Jc bid; June, 33, f, nominal; July,
Misiffhid. Oata almist entirely neg
lected; prices nomir all firm ; No. 2
mixed, cash, :l0ic bid ; May, 29c bid.
Rye a m, 00c. Barler no market.
Hav quiet; prclrie, 168; timothy,
$1114. Flaxseed weak, $1 05 Bran
weak, 58r. Uornmal Bteadv. $ 1 85(2)
1 90. Receipts Flour, 1000 brls;
wheat, DlXW bu ; corn, h7,000 bu ; oats,
70U) bu; rye, 1000 bu; barlev, 7000
bu. Shipments Flour, 5000 bu;
wheat, none; corn, 5000 bu; oats,
3000 bu ; rye, none; barley, none.
Afternoon Hoard. Wheat strong and
Jftjo higher. Corn steady and un
changed. Oits unchanged.
Chicaoo, III, April 14. May wheat
touched 7i'.o several tiuifs during tbe
first hour to-ilsy, the !orst fig.ires
the prfsjnt crop year, and precisely
the lowest point t.inched for the May
option last year. Tr.e market slightly
rallied during the middle session on
fair buyinp, and t iward the close of
the regu'ar sess-nn became strong.
May advsncd to 77J. In the alW
noun May ndvancnd to 77jand closed
nesrly at out-i.e figures. The crop
r-pnts wir.' generally favorable,
'n le the Liyep:o! cable reported
wheat firmly ht-1 1. There was no fea
ture to the tra.lirig in corn and oils,
pit 1 price showed lit; le cluni:e. I'ro-vi-i
ids were quie; and averaged a
simile Hither than ths la'e prices of
yestenlRy. Hour Thire wa? a little
mo o inquiry, with prces showing no
change. W'htat epeied esy, but
el. sd tim er. Ssis ranged: April,
7-.'o 73c, closfl 72 15 10:: May, 7tij
77 rloeed 77 1-Hs; June,
78,78jc, clo-i-d "8 6-10;; No.
2 spring, 73(;i)7t..-; No. 3 spring, 00
(ajOSc. Corn quint but stea ly, c'oiing
jc higher; cash. 33)iil3Ac; April, 33J
C""33J-, closid at 33 7 10c; Mav, 37K
37Jc, closed at 37Je; June, 37 9-10(.i)
37 jo, clotei at 37r. Oats dull and
su-ady: cash. 2(i(.i)28jc; April, 20c;
Mav, 2929jc, cioeeil at 29Jc; June,
30i50J", ch.w-d at iOJc. Ryelirm;
No. 2. 5759?. Barley dnll; No 2,
00c. Flaxseed firm : No. 1, $1 00. Re
ceiptsFlour. 13,000 brls; wheat, 18,
000 ba;'ccrn, 16",0(i0 bu ; oats, 9(1,.
000 bu; rye, 3000 n ; barley, 25,000
bu. Shipments Khur, 7000 brls;
win a', 29,000 bn ; c irt, 47.(00 bu : oats,
44,(00 bu j rye, 4000 ba ; barley, 20.0(H)
Afternoon fcvml. Vheat stronger;
May, 77 5 16c. Tbeotker markets were
Bi ttkr Creamery, 3l(.i:!5c; dairy,
l(i(.f -JOc ; butterine, i3(.i 10; country,
12J(ii)I8c, according U condition.
C'iikksk I'lime flat, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cretin, 12b' ; Y. A.
Mkss 1ohk-Old, HO per barrel;
new, til per barrel ; sigar-cured hams,
jiacked, 9J(iH'c ; breiil'ast bacon, 8(.i
9c; clear rib bacon, ti,(a(ijc.
ISi'i.K PoltK Clear sides, tk-; clear
rib sides, 5jc; long clear, 5J5i(c;
shoulders, 4(a)4c.
Laud Tierces, (1:5 ijc; half-barrels,
(HfnHiJc; kegs, (ijblc; buckets, 0i(i
(ijc; half-buckets, iiSPtijc; 5D-Ib tins,
J(Vii0.1c; 2(-lbtins,tU0jiij(c; 10-lbtins,
(iif-itijc; 6-lbtins. OJtijc; 3-lb tins,
tiij(ii!lijc; choice kettle, tierces, tij(4
Kkksii Mkts Reel (Mid Kansas
City steers, heavy, 4c; larht, 7(i7e;
cows und heifers, 6jc; n uttoii, 8 j(i)
9c ; lambs, 10c ; pork, 0c.
l'iDS-FKBT-ltrls, $K)8 50; half-brls,
$33 25.
Havana, April 14. Sugar firm;
centrifugal 90 degreej polur zation, $3
kold per quintal; anall speculative
purchases of centrifmal, 92 to (Hi de
grees polarization, at 13 09.
St. Louis, Mo., ipril 14. pro.
viiionB dull and lepressed. Vik
weak, $9 00. Lard eaiy, 6j5.8()c.
Bulk meats about steady; lo.ise lots,
lnrg clear, 5 3(k! ; slort ribs, 5 40c;
Bhort clear. 5.55c; boxfd lots, long
clear. 5.30(?)5 35c: ihort ribs, 5.40r,
short clear, 55110. Iscon easy; ling
clear, 6 8O0'.5 .85c ; short ribs, 5V0c;
short clear. 6 I 5c. lams uochsnimd.
Butter ft-sily; crsamery, 2(l(.i;32fl;
dairy, 2t2Si. Eggs firm, 9J.
Chicaho, III., April 14. Macs
pork quiet, p'ie.ei averaging 5(jn7Jc
lower, but c'od Bipdy at outside
figures; cb'i,$9 OTri 9 10; Miy.$9 05M
9 121, clnserl at ill KKn.M l''J: June,
19 20, rliiBed at $9 17J(5t9 20.
Lard quiet: cah and May, 5.85(i5Jc,
June, SOIK'il'Jo. ltjxed meats
steady. Prv talted shoulders, 4($
4.10c; short rib hides, 5.20(Vc; short
clear aides, 6.ti0($i.5rt. Butter dn'l
and lower: creamery, 2028jc; dairy,
1220c. Engs, 10J101.
CoKi-KK-CommDn 88Jc; crdinu'y,
!K5i)9Jfi: prime Rin, 11c; clrjice to fan
cy, llKd13oi old givetnment, 230
353; Cijlon, 203.
Soa p - 3Jf?5 Jc per pound.
8uoAR-rure w. c. white, 61S6ic;
ofl" white, rCn: yellow, ertOJc;
onpn kettle, 4(er.1Sc; refined A, ti(f
tijc; granulated, 6l7c; powdered,
7 jc; cut loaf, 7 Jc.
Halt f I 20(i 30 per bsrrel; (sacks,
fine, $1 50: otaie, fl 10; pockets,
bleached, 217o; car loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
. Moi.assks Louisiana, common to
fair, 20(.i)3')c; prime to choice, 30(3)40c;
svrup, 2O(S)40c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugii, fancy, 33c.
TouAt-Ci Jomaion, 11 inch, 27(
30c; ( trier grades and styles, 25( 28c.
Knuff Garrett's, S 10 85 per cas;
Ralph's, f 10 25 per case; R. R., J9 50.
Canu'ks (Sticks, all siz s, in box s,
pails and barrel?, 7(M8lo.
CandIiKS-FiiII weight. 10J10ii(!.
CANNKiGono, Kto. Prices per dc
en: Pineaoples, l SSi 1 0 ; peaches,
21b. standard, 1 3 '0-l (; seconds,
1 15(id 25; toinatoes, 2 lb, slaniard,
tl 10;'3 1b,l 35; BtrwliMrrip, $1 40
0M (10: ra itlrriee. 1 ISfa-.l 25 ; hlncl.-
berriei, $11 15; greengniJS, f 1 00..)
1 75; pears, J2tji2 25: plums, 11 (VX)
1 70; asparagus, $2 00,4 , green corn,
f1.(,l 35; green peas, :f)2 2; cove
oysiers, lull weight, Mb. $1C'1 10;
cove oysters, fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75W)
1 85, cove oysseis, light weight, Mb,
65c; cove oyetcrs, light weight, 2-lb,
f 1 ; condensed milk-Crown, 15 90;
Eagle, J7 75; Swiss, f(l.
Baitimobe, Md., April 14. Coffee
dnll; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair,
New York, April 14 -Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, jc; sales, 4500 bags;
April and May, 7.15c; June, 7 10c;
July t j November, 7.057 10c. Sugar
firm, letined active and higher; C,
.Vatfilfi; extra C, b("Mc; yellow,
4S(4;c; off A, 5j5Jc; standard A,
6Jc; cut loaf and cruthed, Ojcj pow
dered, oJ(jjc ; Cubes, &-. Molasse
firm. Hice steady, demand lair.
Aimim Apples, $1 50(512 50 from
store ; tl 252 per car-load fro -a leves
or depot Dnd applfH, 3(Alc pt-r
pourd from dtore. Dried paches, 8J
&,4c from atore. " '
I'otatokj Pottosa,tl 75 2 ?5 from
store; $1 50(1 75 per cr load irom
lvt or depot. 8weet pctitnes scarce,
12 7 J3 per brl. Pea, f 1 501 75 per
Vi .etabi,es Onions, 1 753 25
from store ; $2 502 60 from levee or
dep it. Cabbage, $2 75ft3 25 r f r crate.
Krnt. barrels, $5($5fi0; half-barrels,
$2 7.i()3. Garlic, 4(Kiti0c per 100.
Turnips, 50c per bushel.
Fm'it OiaTgs, Louisiana, none;
Flo-ida, none; Messina, i l 00(4 per
K- Imnprialfl. 25(0,5 50 per box.
Lemons. $4 50(Si5 per box. iiuaa
nas, H 753 per bunch. Cocoanuta,
4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7c;
Tennesse, farmers' stock, 3M4c;
roaeted, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al-
naonds, 18(2)-'0c.
! Pickles In jars, pints, 0 c; quaiti,
fl 50; batf gallons, TZ gallons,
J3 75; lotse, brrels, 10: half-barrels,
J3 50; mix-d, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
ball-barrel", $J. , ,
RAisiNS-Londoc layers, j iu,
APRIL 15, 1SS0.
ere, $2 75; California ; Imperial,
$3 50(,H
WALM-Ts-French, 12o; Naples.lSo;
Grenobles, 15c. Kihwrta. 12c.
CiDKit-Mmprmri, $7t&7 50 per bar
rtl an. I tli.i.4 50 pur half ba-re! ; Vine
gar. 11 (.ill tic pur giliou.
Pol'i THV Turkeys, per di)ien,f 12rt
18; chickens, i3; o'ressed turkeys,
scarce, l,V.ijl8c tr pound.
Pkianh Tfxa, ti'.-iMOc for small to
medium, 10Hc for laie; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, N i. 1,
$5; No. 2, $3 25: No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2,70c; 15-lb, No.
3,60c. Pry herrin.'S, family, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 3(j5c; sad
dh s, (H.i) h; ; bta', t!(.j)Sc ; wild turkeys,
50(;i75c; dui ka, $3(..i 4; fquirrels, 75i';
quails, $75i-(iVl ; piu'rie chickens, $5;
game fith, ll(.i)12c.
Fxiua Dul'.lOc.
'OTro-M:r.u oii i:rc,
Skso Pelivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
hoal), 16; wagon at mills, i 8. Meal
Prime (f. o. b ), $15 ner ton. Ias than
oar-load lota, 1 16. From store, 90c per
sack. Cakk Nominal; $16 per ton.
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude V.
S. oil, 22)(u)23c; prime summer yel
low, 26J27c; off summer yellow, 25 J
(o26Jc; miners', ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 26(.30c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Ci.KVM.SNii, O., April 14 Petrole
um uuchanged s.w., 110, 7e.
PiiTsiii Ko, Pa., April 14. Petrole
um, quiet ; National Transitcertilicates
opened at 7(tJ and closed at 7( ; high
est, 77 J ; lowest, 75j.
Hoiisits Good driving, $150(225;
good saddle, $1 10(Ti30.); plugs, $3'i'1.i)
80; good mares, $8'i(nM40.
Mums-Mi to 15, $110(,?135; 15 to
15J, $12V,M0; 15J to 10, $1 50QIU75.
Good demand; supply fair.
I I !( AMI Fait t KV.
Hidki Dry flint, 13(1ftl0:; dry salt,
1012c; green salt, 7(a8c; green. 5(n)
6c;" deer skina, 10ti)t8; hunter-handled
co m f kins, each, 2O50c; countty
coon skins, l(K'D30c; mink, I0(30c;
nimkrat, 510j: otter, $l(iii5; bear,
$1(5; beaver, .r'0c$4; wildcat, 20('D
40e; fox, 25(375c; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, 18(j21c; tallow, 45c.
WHIMiT, WIWBN, l.mi OKt, ET(
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, 1 08; rye,$l 7506; domestic,
90c(.i fl 50.
CmcAdo, April 14. Whisky steady
at $114.
Sr. Louts, April 14. Whisky firm at
$1 10.
Cincinnati,!)., April II. Whisky
firm at$l 10. Sales of 683 barrels of
finished goods on this basis.
a.lfc htoi-k.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4 1 04 jc; good,;i,(u
4Je; choice grass-fed, 3J('i)3jc; good,
303c; fair to medium, 21(2Jo; com-m-in,
Hons Rsceip's light. Market bare
tt-dsy. Demand good. Prlcmt tlrm.
Ulmice, 3(iiHc; goo !, j'.y.ilc ; com
mon, 3(i3j.
Sukkp Market bare to-day. Pe
rn md lor best batchers grades very
ivmI- Prif.i.4 tlrm fHtntn kit. OnoVw,
r,4-; mediiiin, 3V(31c; commo'i, )
'I 50.
Cliiiaur. Ii.t ., VprO. 14 Trie )"
en' .hmrnnl repi ria: jKiiio--ii-.ilpt,
il ;ow lira 1 ; shipments, 8(10 head ; mar
ket steady ; shipping iteere, 950 to
l,i(IO lbs., f 4(5)5 90; cows, hulls and
mixid, fl 75W4; bulk,33 30. Hogs
receipts, 19,000 bead; shipments,
7000 ht a I ; market slow and 5e lower ;
r uigh and m'xad, (M 35; packing
and shipping, $ 25(,i)4 50; light, $3 90
(..4 411; skips $2 90(5)3 75. Sheep
rtceipt", 2000 head; shipments, 500
bead ; market steady ; i.a'ives, $250( ;
Texans, i2 5(K,4 25.
Kansas City. Mo., April 14. The
it .S'foct Indicator reports: Ca tie
receipts, 2603 head; shipments, 1317;
strong, active and a shade higher;
choice ti fancy, t5 205? 5 50; fair to
good, f4 605; common to medium,
i4(ii4 50; stackers and fieders, J3 30
Ci4 30; cows, $2 6003 40 Hogs-re-ceipta,
9224 head; shipments, 4(l5;
dull, weak and 6()10o lower; gocd to
boice, $4(4 20; common to nif diuin,
$3 7053 90; skips and pigs, $'i(.i3 (id.
Hieep- receipts, 363 head ; Bhipments,
110; weakt-r; good to choice, $4(c5;
common to medium, 2()3 50.
Nkw York, April It Willi jobbing
houses a better trade has been in p og
gresp, but of agents the demand has
been ictricted to rupiirements of the
trade on motion. l'rin:s are higher
and linn.
To all who are suBerlng from the errors and
Indiscretions of youth, nervous wenliness,
early decay, loss of manhood, etc., 1 "ill
send a recipe that will eure you, FRKBOF
CI! A RU K. This great remedy was disaovor
ed by a missionary In Houth America. Send
ell-addressed envelope to the Ke. J m?
T. Tkm-. A'fnltoa I'. A7 V'
Non-Kesldeut Notice.
No.H7, K. D.-In the Chancery fnuK of
Hhelby county, Tenn.-Slate of Jcnneisee,
it at,i.rinv from hill
swer to In this
cause lhat the defendants,
. v Hie r ueni
liattie Boon, J A Menken.
.ni Biseman,
Maria A Allen, Kacheel .,J," Ki.r(
t-tewart, Mollie. Btewan. Ade Icia Stewart
and Henry Stewart, J l.n l-annon, trus
le" , Win W Bwain. r" rah Swam' Ok de n, J
0don; Albert Il-J. u. -. , Mr A her
Heath, tiariow J "'" ' m" irJ w
Mrs James A Bwain. RnWt M Neeley. Wm
well and VTl." Mr. K M Ck.tw.ll. Il.rlow
W Vbeliwi, Mary A McAnalty, Lucy M New
kirk" Win Hebnnider Charles Schneider. L
X McKensie, Albert Thomas. Mary I n"ms.
Ra" h MoClary Fentu-on, Jane HtockeU. J
S Williams Ant.iiiietle Thomas. Haiti M
Boon. Hamuel Nuck.ls. Anni. Al..roui.
hie, A J MonHomery. Jeremiah Weldoh are
non-residents of lonnessee; iind that the
Same? and plc of residence r the heirs of
R.chard Weldon, mad. parties Mount
of their interest in 20 acres of land in the titn
Civil Distii'-lof tihlhyiunty. bounded on
th" north by iheL. and N. R.H..and on the
south by i be Old Raleigh road ; the heirs of
u i iiiichrist. mado uarties on account of
n..rp.t in 2 acre of land In Pope subdm
.Vnn. tarmville. 6th Civil llistncti
L.:.:f r,ti, i R. C ark.msils parlies on
Ucount of InUreitinlot 1. block K, Rul
.!,, Shelby eount' , Tenn: the heirs of
Frank Smith and M h Howard, made psrtios
nn arc ,ant of interest in lots . , KM .. U
andl:i.in all 14 47-llS) acres, Pope subdivi
sion. Faiinville, are unknown and cannot lie
as.-eria.ned alter diligent inquiry! this be
ing a suit to enforce las leins against said
'It'is therefore ordered. That they niske
their appearance herein, at th courthouse
of Bneloy county, in Memphis, Ten;, on or
before the 6rsl Monday in May, lHHh, and
. load, answer or demur to complainant s
bill, or the same will be takea for confes'ed
as to them and set for bering ei I'arUs and
tbut a copy of this o-der be publihod once
a week, lor four succes ve weeks, in the
Memphis Appeal. This :ilst day of March.
MSoWELL. Clerk and Master.
Bv 11. F. Walh, Deputy ulerk anil Master
V. U. 4 C. W. Heifkell, Hols
lor com-
ilMMTrn AOKNTS.Men and womet
B1HLK " introduction by Rsv. J. H. Vis
cent, U.O. On. sgent has sold 65 in a towi
ot hT4 people; onoTt in avillageol TA; om
cew anent K in 10 days; one M in ",fu",,
,ive weeks; one 40 in I days at two different
times. S-cCTt'd""
It) Doarborn street, Chicago.
Arkumai. City
St. Li uia
Til'ton villo .
Friars Point..
White IUver ..
K iric Adams. S i.
.... City oi Priiviiik'i
Hi i i.k Mkmi-his, I
it K .Wtl. ,1 ,.l.
C.llllilMA, - .lll.
Pki An.im, i p.
8 M l KDAV.
I'. Ill
.4m'ivi'. - Cnahoina, l'liai-s Point ;
City of Viekshurg. Vicksburg: fit of
St lAHlis, St l.mns.
Dipnrturtt. City ol Yicksbnrg, St.
Louis; City of St. Louis, New Oi
lcans; Coahoma, 1-iiars Point; Chick
asaw, White- river; Pean Adams. Os
cioIa; liranite Slate, Cincinnati.
liKiii Ihie lirn. (iayoso and City
of Providence.
i'ihis Ihie I p. Kate Adams and
Belle Me ophis.
KtpIi VrlortliT.
Pean Adams 9 pkgs merchandise.
City of Vicksburg -10 bales cotton.
City oft. Louis -r0 tons merchan
dise. Coahoma 10 bales cotton, 2ti sks
seeL 22 bd cattle and 71 pkgs sun
dries. it ri at: no t;iti: m.
Tim PeSmet, Ca,t. Milt R. Many,
is t' e Saturilav packet for all points
on Wn te and l.laek rivers.
Tiik Lee Line packets to-nionnw
evening are the Coahoma lor l-'.iais
Point, and Pean Adams for Osceola.
Tiik Belle Memphis, Cap'. le nge
Baker, is the Anchor Line packet (his
evening st o o'clock for Cair i and St.
I ami". Al Simpson is her cleik.
Tiik (iavnso, ('not. W. P. Hall, is the
packet this eviMiing at 5 o'clock
lor Hale's Point, Tipton villi- ami all
way points. Jesse V. Walt is in her
Tiik Citv of Providence, ('apt. Uco.
Cnrvell, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 0 o clock lor icks
liurg and the bends. Frank Per
kins and Sid. Wheeler are her clerks.
Tiik Kate Adams, ('apt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the I'nited States mail
packet this evening at 5 o'clock
tor Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her ollice, assisted by l.en Price,
Morris Gans and J. V. Wvcutl'.
Ill sinksn quiet.
Wka i iiku cloudy with light rains.
Tiik Jay Gould and barges passed
up yesterday evening for St. Louis.
The Chickasaw departed last even
ing for Whit river with a fair trip.
The I-ee Line packets were in and
out on time yesterday with fair trips.
Ruckiitn by river yesterday were
50 bales of cotton and 2(Kt sacks of
Tiik river here stands 34 feet and
2 tenths on the guagi,a rise of 2 tenths
in tho last 24 hours.
The City of Vickslnng passed
Tuesday night, for St. lmis. She
charged here 40 bales mid a good lot.ol !
sundries. (
Tiik Granite State depailed lust I
evening for Cincinnati Willi (l'(i Imliw
of cotton, 50 bales of ih 30 tuna ;
I si-rnii trim, nn ViirrcV. id on, 'VM siv ks
j ol j-otton-socd unda good list of people.
Tub Tim'-' )'tnorrul, April 13th : The
Ulirbeo and Jackson Traiii.ii'tttti'm
j Coinpany'g tow I tout llenrv Miirx.J. P.
Jackson, master, arrived from Green
villi' with nine model barges continu
ing 03,01 sin ks cotton-seed consik-ncil
to the New Orleans Seed Company;
also seventy bales col ton mid 150
empty oil bnrielH, nuking in nil about
3200 tons. This is the largest amount
of cotton-seed cper brought to this
city by any one,,, tow. On previous
dips this Heasoivishiv brought at one
time 40,430 siujfFM, ond on another trip
41.3(H) sacka. . ,. v
WKAVTIIKK Al kivlkm.
OkkicH SkNAL Service, U. S. A,, t
MruiH, April 14, 1 ji.ni. f
The following observationa are taken
al all stnt ions nwuud at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Ab've Ixiw
llisn i Fall
101 ha lOt ha
Chattanooga ..
Dubuque ,
Kort Smith
Iji t'rosso
Ijeaveii worth..
Little Uock
Mi nil'1"
Nas -ill
He . Orleans..
( nahii
St. Louis
Ht. Paul
I'lTTHiiUBO, April 14 Noon Rivt-r 10
fePtT inches on the gauge and stati.in
ary. Weather clear and warm.
EvtNxviLi.B, April 14. Noon Rivtr
ttatiimiirv, with 43 :H0 feet on the
gauge. Weather clear and warm. Busi
ness .lull.
Caiho, April 14 Noon Rivet 50feet
on the gauge and rising. Weather mild
and cloudy-. No arrivals or departures
of re. l. r packet.
Cincinnati, April 14. Noon-Rive)
falling- with 50 feet 2 inches on the
Haute. Weather clear: thermometer
70. A 'lived: Jauiaa W. Uaff, Mem
phir, 'mt irght.
Lowisvili.b, April 14. Noon River
fa 'lit:, -with 31 feet 4 Inches in the
cans1 and J) feet 2 Inches on the falls.
bUHiiieas good. Wca'ner tair. ut
partfd: (4ol. ten Rule, Cincinnati, lsat
Hiivfiueeulsi ill Oeonu Nlesiur.
Habiiubo, Annl 14. Arriveu: nne
via, New Yulk.
qi iunbtowN, April 14. Anived:
-j i v o( Hichmond, New York.
Pennyroyal Pills.
l llll lirXllKN ENa.lMH
The Urlwtssal mat !
." . i.i -- 11.11. 1,1. lUaareol Wrlll-
Daie anu a,wj ,. ... Aitia'ja
.. m. Imitations. IndisMnsahle to l.a
. your lriiBBi"itor " Btr
t:sli "and take no other, or inclose 4c
(stamps) to us for particulars is '"""J
rrlnra insll. . ri"aa. -rhratrr
heimlcsil 'o., .
TKAISK supplied by UE0. C. UOODVi IN
Ablesl AesIl4l. "
J peraoua
a MWalUI uu'vih."
pioymeni in aoj " ... i-
Washington, or any otVer positions und
nT ol ID i iraw-'
theUovernment, 1 wilisena "".'V'""""
as to how to prosrs ltii obtain the same,
and Ill 'nU f orm. .1 A ppl ''
receiot ol On. Dollar. Al.lrM. J"
htk am boats.
Special Nciice For Marion.
The IWryboat
Johii Overton,
fa 1,1. Fi.rnlm.in.
n ill leave the loot of JetTerton treat tor
M :inrn , Ht w h . m . nii p.m. ?
Ht. Iiil iin.l Xfw SSrlisna Anrbtr
I lue I ... jimil-r'OK VICKbBURd.
City of Providence, rfSL.
Will lflttve the KleTtcr TH'KS1A . Ait.!
r th, t ti .iu- h': r frciicht or iPHg apply
K'. Is. II 1 1,1.. In. n.'t , t M ON VI . M
,,'r.V K
,OU18. 1
Auvhorl I
r. Lot is. I
M. I. on la aixl Orlrana Auvhor
I.1MC-I-. N. ttitll-CAlUO k oT. LOl 13.
Belle Memphis, .fSi,
(Ion. Baker roatr.9iai
Will laava the Ktovatnr TUUHMJAI, April
l 'lll, si a t'.i i Ftr Iraifbt nr rassan apul)
0. I.. H.
. P i Art. AO -1
I .tl cm phis and Cincinnati Packet Co.,J
roil Msl'INTILI.K l!iriXATI. J
I Buckeye NlaterVwt (
ll. J. Vlnk.n. .. .masUr. V
i "ill leave .Muni'Ai. April inn, ii 3
P.-r ireitht or raasnire apply to O. B. HUH
! KKLI.. Anent.No. 12 Ma J hob st. Telephon
i N.. fc'7. .IOIIN CAKK, 1'aswenrer Asant.
I V.ir Omeola, II alas Point. OarutheriTtlle
' tlaosn. mni 'rintnnvlllt The now stoamoi
W. P. Hall master I J. t. Fuller olerk
will le' as almve, ami all -ny iKiinti .
1 V!KWY vilSDAV and TIIDUSUAY at t
p a. Pur trniitht nr passaae apply on board
! -.-tiiv (,Vrtnr4 K'ntjkt su.i Mvuiiiiai!
t nli ..cla fiitikf S-tkinpfsui..
i Her Ualaii. llo!n)a!a, l'riars Print an J si
Coahoma, aKZZj
!.. t. Cl.iaeit...i;itr I I'ta'.i 1 ,.os. .o,.rl
I win ',) as i.t.cv. vory .V.oSuA'V,
i WSDMi,.yVand X H 1 1) A V , at f-o'olwk.i
Fir li imiilph, Kulf.in. Osooola nl Hi
! 'anair s rteiuuer
J. M. Cosper, mastor....J. W. tmttberi ,p!erf
l.ea.-' ory HON UAV, V KI.X lihUA
ii r'lilt) V av (l p.m. The bo.us at tbi 1
Una rrWrt tho r'mjt to puss ill landlnv f 1
tbn -.ai. -ja-i i.khp unsafe. Offii'e, No. I
V.'i.- - 'AW'N ,ln.,Sip'i 1 I
Arkansas Illver Pk't Co
Str. J01 PETERS, WR1
K. B. tSiatlh....ruaiiter1 WWVJ
Leaves Meuifiis Kvrry TIIKHPAY, atft p.o
U. 0. LUWK, Arent,
OW.-n, Nn. 1 Nsilsnn st. Telephone Ni. M
Memphis iV White lliwr PktlV
g. C. Postal. ..master I 0. iH.H,f,,al...oler
oa - -
t lsrradua, llaviUlH ItluCT. nm Am
Af anain, Jnchonirf mill Nfutrvy.
LkltVliS MKMl'lllH Kvery WKPNKSUAY
at 1 p.m. Throosh raUs to all iwlnts.
Freiuhl siasleiied to " Meoii.hls ol Wall
M.:ir l.-ket Oompany ' will be I'.irwird.
iromvtl. H. U LOW H, A tent, .
W.. 3 M iiHnori st. Teletihof. No. A3.
milt iiakuy'.
eniiiliia,WhllnincW RiverPackfl
Pur Ih ena. DeValls limn, pes iee Ar(
iiuiU, Newport and ltatesillo.-Tbe ne
uai nlogant sl.iewneei nassenter swinia
Miiaiarrv masier I
Will ,IATIIKDAY at&o'olc I
inn. lhroiiiOj rates' v .o JM,inli. fnitf
eonslnnsJ f Milt Harry LlM.ai.mphievlt:,
i OflJ... a K!t rt. n st Telephone
1 ; 'hi-i, Passener Aent. Te
j epnnnt. i1T .
I T'MSf.rfoarlti RlTor TranniMftas'bL.
Rerf fstacready, r.-Jl
I n K t,.,A i r ma ter I
TlirNISAT, . I
at 5 o'oloim.for Martanna, the f ut-0?-an
tntermeiHtli) lunilinxs ou at. Vranisll rlyef ' ,
The .netiir reserves tho rlti.t W Was a.
laniilnsv ii iooms iimafo. JAf. LEK, Jri-i,ri.'-i
om.-i. No. 4 Ms4ion st 1 f
. . . J.UI... - J .. I
Hempliis and Vicksburg I'acJttt Com j
1MB) U.N. Mail Line. or. I
Yor llbns, CWordla. Terrene aad Arkarf
an. ' Ay -The elesant rassenuei Iteaniejl
M. R. Jaee... taster I W. O. Blanker ...olerk
UaTM Memphis ; V
p. .,reserrln(therlitht to pass all landina
the eactaia may deem unsafe. Kor aeners
Information apply at oBoe, No. 4 Mad-iso;:
a. WAIitiusia, sisdi.
,1011V OARR
tiun'r Afont. Telephone W
I'aek's Etearsien Parllo leave ill
April, May, June and July. Hand for Pni
.rumniB. I
Individual Ton rial Tlrhel for travr-.
In Hut-ope and all parts of the globe. ' I
.l-i.-aosa by all lines of steamers. I
onk's KxeissralonlNt, with maps, puh t
lllhed month.y by mail for Tes Cunts. . I
s I mm eissrs, .
ff- Hrosilway, New York.
UrketStnxdJnnivTri pRl.
k. and ronrll.. UUU1U1 UUI,uj t
Ma as. ht o.t.ilii.,l ptoaictMsaaim
m ati" JC Z: of PRIV ATE,!
CASES. . .
.'. ieriuu.t0rr2ii stiin Impoleaur,
. nll al .bus m y-'MK, "..ml .u-m. lb ma
il. ..i.- T .uil L.U.1...H
1. ... i.v .1i. iil. P.anrti" r lUdiit, ih, m' -i ay-
. lift l..W.I-i:M, IV lll'it 1
H nl II' i .i . I iiiin.. v r.nK
'.iN.ii.l 'U ol ;n4. vt
flrMI8il Pir 4V. , "df i lOsJ I
"1, . ln' .tlT.T (rlrai.liw qtil-Hlj up
itaii1ir, afo Uiarkugtal, m rtQ- I
JMtf bum aw
rlvatUWBiW4 aukkljr 9unA,
.-ir fu,eTi Uiniiilir "iolAj) io p r 'rkal aWa-Osy
,i a nor lu -taa of itgMVM, anl fsaadt tnoo :
ai .ii.lrfa BTat BkUL Kltj'BliUni iniWOla fam oftrn
.vn.in.-n l pernor. U mj Whal Kwiwaitt-Bt u j
.'.iUfi - u fo- u-at-nt, iTia4Vieasi k attM prltajt i
nl . ,'jif tif wait a iiM saiiywW- J .
tPi.vrs OoM,tMd im U CftMlf
a.,;fe!tr" t- WW IN, jm
".ulil ..i.a Ws ejf
hi. -.in. Mbould ri by alU Sr il
t,',r. fci I4.S. to9 S.W. KWI"I
Electric Belt Frei
rr H) Introduce it and ebtain '" j
a. ir ins"'--v
ud uniny c-r. tor I
'Htyi..Vi.r.coc.l., Kmlj-lon. luipoi i
-a- .Mm il
ELC r - b
-not irenrtt
Aildritrti Ht oooe KL1
S-E Ii" ukiIt Afl'lfjy . 1. 0. Bo.
Brooklyn;; f:
w trmifSTTTI
BCR. young or
l.j the Klect
bhwlii ana "l"'
riRflure every staj
Weakness of the '
re s , osnal Sys
Varicoce'e and la
enteeblia po
Mieey refindeT
not as repreeeis!
PriMVisaua aim.
eamnniec i-ee.
orders mu.-t be sent to Asssrira wi j
...... .ii.w Maw boss
all ont Wetra offices aro Jlaraaltaj
Noth Is Hereby Wren,
rpilAT the sinoual meet ln of th s
and Southwestern Railroad
tor the election of 1
sui-h otlior business as may (
" .I-.. ..Ill i.- h.1.1 t
Company, In tie city of Memphis (call
Tuxine- Pl'trict ot Shelby Uuoly), 1
on the Bils Hiy of April, lssa.
-i..i..ir n.,nn tt iIav. and that th.
fr..m thatComp1y to the Newport New
mittedto the st.ickholde-s for their c.
li.iiBit Vn ley company win o
k.in n,l nnnroval thereof. VT
i.,v,k will be elosed from March t
April 6, ItWt. ., . it.
b ....I., nf the President and Bo
Directors. ISAAC K. (iATKS, Secret
Uirectore I
Mime befoif

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