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Tbnrsiay n4 Friday Nirhti and Saturday
Matinee. April !-! 17.
Haw attractions added to thii already row
KANKIS organisation.
Tta Lentoni, the lateit and best of Ear
pe n Novelties.
Burlefsjui on the MIKADO.
April 20-21 '.O-BAKKR AND FA h ROW.
Ope Dally 'ram 1 to 10 p m.
et Wirl, Med 1 years, weuhs over 300
MISs"? ALLTB DtOKflRT, Fire Queen.
MAZKPPA 1VANH0FF, th Tareo Rus-
C.vWH.LiAM.S, Premier Ventriloquist.
MISS fcELLE THORNTON, the Great Berto-
rSr'appeeranee of THE MARQUES,
Charlen, Robert, Benjamin, Roy and
Frank Jnvenile Musical Wonders.
MR. HANK NOKTU, Sketch Artiit and
Musical Oenius.
Re-enaarement and an entire chanie of the
TON PKuFORMANCB. 40 in number.
aly Family Reart let the City.
6chool children admitted on Satnrdari
from 10 a.m. toft p.m. Be. Bee small bills.
rk WHTTR ntlWfi (In.
with rope around
n head. 15 reward for th ir return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve. Hen anHo roal
who rerenls the past, present and future
brin.a th separated t aether, and cause,
aneed'marriares: can be consulted in regard
to dead o- livine friend" or enemies. LA
Gypsy powers by inheritance aod trad tion,
never Ian io.give ssusTacuon. tan i.
REV. G. L. KNIGHT, Healing Evangel
ist. 117 Court st. Office hours. 10 a.m.
to 3 p ro. Come and get cured of you- so-
oared Incnrab e diseases.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pomp. Contractor and brick-
layer. Telephone 8X8. THUS. CUBBIHM
. LAW, Marine andCommeroial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Deeds and ll. o.
n i ... .. .U. M nffin. V n ' M O rl i
ujui m iBBivnni, . .110 u,u vui w, ... u - .
nnmnKIlH winhin. comfortable homes
D with exoellent table accommodation
will Cnd it greatly to their advantage to
h Pnlk Kaiim. 3116 Reoond street.
Transients will be well cared for at less than
one-half the uiual notel prices.
M. W. POLK, Manager.
00MS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
and i.oard at Ti Midison street.
oi, JAMKH HOUSE Cor. Second and Ad
O ettssts, Room and board 16 per week,
Day boarders wanted.
BOARD With excellent room,
NICE Rooms, furnifthed or unfurnished,
J with or without board, at isi waaison si
TWO large unfurnished rooms, with or
without board, at 60 Madison street, cor-
ner Third.
Of S2 Monroe street, nntnrnisnea.
ICELY Furnished Rooms,
At uu Monroe atreoi.
HOUSE No. 75 Adams street, on corner
Third: three stories : good r-rair; from
Jnly 1, 1886. JOHN W . CURRIN,
Wi Second strict.
NICE RESIDENCE-377 Orleans street,
just south of Vance (on the new street
car line)-: houso in rood repair. App y to
RJiV. HARRIS, 300 Front sU
HOUSE Two story frawe, 35 Marke St. :
new. with all modern improvements.
Apply to L. FRITZ. 11 Main st.
FUllNIBUKD ROOMS-Forgentg and for
housekeeping, at 116 Court street.
TWO elegant front rooms, furnished or
nn furnriihed. Apply at 89 Adams st
ROOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
Scoond street. Heferenoo required.
X' 117
f COTTAGE Three rooms, cistern, at 257
Georgia street. Arply next room.
No. 414 Lau terdale, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good oistern; 125 per
Apply to No. 394 Main street.
2 ROOM 3 En suite, Lee Block, third Boor
front. Apply at No. 4 Madison st.
TO PURCHASE Counter and Shelving.
Call at 374 Pop'ar street.
OCCUPANTS For handsom-ly furnished
room, in private family, first floor, cod
ven ient to business. N . . Appeal jimoe.
"IOOD COOK For a small family: white
VT preferred; good wa;es paid. Apply st
179 Carroll avenue.
WHITE IRL To do general housework,
Apply at 107 Washington street.
GOOD COOK Must be well reoommended,
Apply at this office.
JjJ By a young man with 81500 to Invest In
gome good paying business. Address
KKLLOQU.this office,
TTWERYBODY-To call and see the ccle
XlJ brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, noar ropiar.
QALESMAN For Southern States, eipert
ence 1 in selling barfiztoTes. beerooolers.
meat-houses, druggist, office and bank fix
tures W ill pay a good salary, or 'alary and
commission. Address, stRhng experience
Cincinnati, Ohio.
C COLORED MAN To work in house.
J Apply at 72 Madison street.
C COTTAGE With about 8 rooms and con
J venient to street earn. Address
GOOD TfcNANT, Appeal office.
T AniRH anil ftnntlemen . In eilv or coun
Li trv. to take lieht work at t-.eir hemes:
11 to $3 a cay easily made; work sent by
mail: no canvassing. We have a good de
mand for our work, and furnish steady 'm
vlovment. Address. ith stamp, CROWN
M'F'G CO., 294 V ne St.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
iMIRL For general housework; white
VjT preferred. Inquire at 158 Hernando at.
TDARTIES Who wish to learn Stenogra'
JL pny to call at WS fchelbv street, on
X0S1T10N-As Stenographer and Type-
JL W nter ; terms reaaomble. X, this oilic
irHlTE WOviAN-To learn new shirt
"DLACKSMITH A good I larksmith to run
-lj a country snop. Must also be a goo
wood workman. Uood wages paid, tall on
or address D. J. ALLEN A CO.,
Australia, Miss.
d?-! ffi SALARY
&xyjJ' drens at once
1,U CrVTT'fl
ELhtTKlU GOODS, 842 Broadway, New
I ork. j The only gen uine.
AN INTELLIGENT, Earnest Catholic
man to represent a large, responsible
Barclay ttroet house in his own locality and
outside lame cities. A remunerative salary
to right pa: ty. neterences exchanged. Ad
dress BARCLAY, Ik 1 15S5, N. Y.
A GENTS With small cupitnl. We have
il something new, no risk, large profits,
specinl ttr-day oiler, write at oi ce.
K yi fj n cv.. JPi uansi street. . i.
IGH K-Tcash prices paid for old andnv
FKATtiEKe at 44 aiain street.
rvEltl uA in neea oi a uru, smoina
ij durable and waterD.oof pavement or
flo r. examin W ATSON'd BITUMEN CON
Chblb. ielepnoneKso.
LL THOSE having damp, unwholesome
eel lars to teleph' ne We.
tjl ARDERS At 140 Madison ; nice rooms,
XJ rood fare; transients accommonated
A GENTS In every section of the country
r f..rtwn New Books, iust ready. Kpioul
Taansto men of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. But experience, age
and .tecritory wanted. lArxbLl, m. CO.
(limited). 822 Broadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear
born stret, Chicago.
Ll A L
D torenrorent a PAINT MANUFACTUM-
TNG ESTABLISHMENT having several
SficiaLTIM Uiatn-r Kipular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in oonrecims
with other g)iK.. Address TltE WM. B.
Absolutely Pure.
Til. n..., ..rle. I marvel 01
nnrtu. ttrenirth and wbolesomewss. More
economical than the ordinary nds. and
cannot b sold tn ooinpeiiuor w'..n vam
multitude of low test, short weirht alum or
phosphate powders. o only . iwi ai.
Bmo Pnwnitv Co.. VI" .NewVrer,
for Attornoy-Urnrril.
WE are authorised to announo) G EOKU K
B. PETKRS, J.,s aruididate for
the office of Attorney-ueaerui, susieoi wi mo
action of the Democratic Convenion.
For BeiBlatcr.
THE nndertigned announces fcat he is a
candidate lor Regiter, anl afks the
support ot he voters of Shelby county. II
elected, will endeavor to give s jsf -ction in
th ti..tiTiA nf thti flutiea of tta nflice. and
places his claims subject to the action of the
County Democratic Convention
Memphis, March 28, 1880.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Ker'villc, Tenn., is a
. candidate for HKGIsTtSR lubjecttothe
act on of the Democratic Oonveilion.
Jads;e of the t'lrrult Court.
W re anthoriaed to annonnc, that JOHN
JOHNSTON is a oanii date for Judge of the
Circuit fourt of Shelliv Count), subject to
gCilon 01 toe lemucrai o vuuvuiuun.
Vfm ...iliAvUttil fn Ahtlr.unta L H. ES-
TES, JR., as a candidate forjudge ofihe
Circuit Court, subject to the sc ion ot the
Democratic Convention.
2T0RK HolISE, ETO.-At Shilhy Station
Miaa .iiApe hooBe. saloon, stanles an(
sn.,1 Biih, vnaWIHHRD
For ftarther par-
.i.,l.r. .,,lr to J. H. STAFFORD.
Conco?dia, Miss
Tnfl Ttlanlr an rt tan answiri to nam
iJ "Jim," A liberal rewart for his re
turn to 17 Monroe street.
"10W On Monday. April 12. a brlndle
w oow: medium sisei dry; bad on a bell.
A liberal reward for her return to
W. Z. MITCHELL. 171 Fourth it., Chelsea
TpILE OF PAPERS From Shelby Chan
others against Edmonds and th,e"--.A"X
ner.nn returning sa i to HOljMatS CUflt-
MINS will be rewarded.
I ..liln. r.,.i,llv &t 27H Main si. (basemen tl
C-ll and learn full particulars; noiniog line
this sale ever offered belore.
VV 7 rooms, Al order, nrai-c aas unigu
borhood; preat bargain
M. 15 CO.NAWAl gv main ii.
N TUESDAY, Anril 20, 1886, I wi'I offer
for sale my Bar, Bar futures an,
Urm .tnnlr nf Kailflinr and KlttlOl
Houscho Id f urniture, at ruuLiiv sli,
n HiN .t in nVI,.,-u a.m. Mi s will beak
for the who e lot, or in any quantity loauu
purchasers Bona fide -ale.
Onnn EAsif PAYMENTS-Will
fftUUVJU buy a very fine plant tionpf
I0 acres, near Red f anks, on iherailroiilin
Marsball county, miss.; nai mn
mansion house; plenty of tenant houfis,
Urge proportion of the land rich creek bit
tom, springs of un'ailing oool water, ne'ph
borhood and health excellent! No. 1 plrce
for stock. Annly to iiiintirAao.iiaor
A. J. MARTIN. 289 Main street.
AT A GRE AT 8ACRIF1CK As we intend
remodeling our store, we will sell our
entire fixturof, consisting of a very nne wil
nut apright oase. silver-plated showcases,
counters, desk, etc., at a great bargain. I
1. PAMbboua J lu.t aiu mam i.
BARBER CHUIRS-T'O or three. Asply
at 112 Main st. H. OLIPPOLD.
NITURE With sing e wardrobe, plate
lata door. Price lH0-cost f2i0. Apply at
BUTTKNBKRd'B. 281 Second IU
MY Cottage Residence; 7 rooms; WJl""
derdale st.; large lot. J O.PIERCK.
MULES-40 mules, 4 to 5 years old.
Inquire at 77 Hill street.
A large assortment of secund-
X hand
Pianos. some as good as lew.
Prices from $Sj upward. A Chickering
Urand, cheap for "K;wmMASS A f0.
A pnml nine organ, having two
konlia nf Vv. 24 stnna. and V. octave
edal bass i at Second Pro-Ttorian chtrch,
empnis. Adaross a. miflini a w.
tOTTASE Nice cottage,
ith all im
W 1
provements; out-buildings; on laved
street. Part oash. Address, care ol Appeal,
A. IV.
tUGS Pure Plymouth Rock and Brewn
ijj Legho'-n eires, at $1 for IS.
DRY BARREL ST W Kit, i : 11 E A P -1 n
12 Jefferson street.
A LBAMASPLlISl'COAL inanyiuan-
. titv.
P. M.
I .-UJftQ ll A Tl , It K
Pi Partridge Cochin, Brown Leghorn, Blaok
Spanifh and Plymoutli Kock stock. Addresi
RATUS Fountains, get erator, etc, at
HARPMANN A BRO.'S, 2S6 Mam st.
JJ uated in one of the livst towns in toe
booth. Does a business of over 81000 per
month. Bar can be added lo the business,
If desired. For terms, address
J. 8. M., Bog 1112, Meridian, Miss.
TNKWPORT NEWS, VA. 1000 lots, WO
feet water fro t, 41 feet deep. For full
information address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Leiington street, Baltimore, Md.
I eetva1-' and all fine to the
It la
T. "the Banau" ohoe
O will pi-ove aatismcwry to
CO awry gentleman who wunts a
Ji perfect article. Wo axe pvtt ng lulo lk
manutaotuiw of these shoes. O-.o retults of 30
Z yeare ejcpo lct.ee and aturty. of what will
pleoae. srlve comfort aid
Z .faithfully. Try them.
1-vca-y tr-.-cUae
IN order to rro'ect the Retail Grocers of the
city, we nil discontinue selling to city
consumers from this date.
Jlecrhil, Aprrl 12,3Ni.
Sty. ?
f HAiN'AM) I j'; ( !
list i(Jiirs qcuxr i de-
LlGHIFl'L EN 1 EKrllNSt I.
Sweet Memories of Aultl Lang Sjne
RerUed The Affair a Grand
If gatheringH in "ye (jocxl oMon
tvnies were half as dolilitlul as tt at
at the Bethel Uuildine last niirht un
der the auspice and for the benefit of .
the Women a Chnntian Assoeiation,
r.mAna f'li wioti art 1 oarvtiatllttl 1
it is no longer a matter of wonder that
our granilpas anu gratniuames are
continually contrasting the goodness
of the days when they were young
with the present At 8 ocloci,
the wide pavement in front was
crowded- with fashionable equip
ages, anil from their cushioned
seats, from the less comiortaoie street
cars, and from the pavements, a
solid stream of people poured in at
the doors of the building, which was
rilhant v liehted from pit to ilome.
The style of its architecture and the
glare of the gas jete were the only
things Ot mouern type auouv wie
building, except in some cases where
the men "wore the conventional panta
loons and open-behind shirts of to
day, few of the ladies appearing in
modern areas, ine nrst iigunj urun
which the eye rested upon entenng
carried the inind back hulf a century
or more an usher in knee breeches.
black silk Blockings, buckled shoes? a
Prince Albert coat, with white
lace cull's, a eorircously tuttled
shirt front, powdered wig and rib
boned queue. ith the grace ol a
courtier he bowed the guests in, the
older ladies and gentlenlen passing
into the reception room on the rigiit,
the remainder upstairs into the main
apartment. At 9 o'clock the crowd
was at its greatest, anil mere was noi
an inch of space to Bpare. Yet eo per
fect were the arronireinents, ami so
admirably did the various committees
perform their duties, mat everytiung
run nil inerrilv as a marriage bell.
The scene was positively bewildering,
and there were few husbands or
sweethearts who did not wish tbe
modern Dame Fashion dethroned aa
thev looked upon the bright faces
. r i tL nr..-.!.., w-.nl,
WU1CU BlUMCU iruui -iiuilliu h aouiug-
ton caps, beamed from the depths of
scoop bonnets or looked cheerfu'lv
out of the littlo starched linen head
dresses which took the places
of the mansard-roof hats
and the four story bonneta
which their wives, daughters and sis
ters now consider themselves obliged
to wear and which they are making
such great preparations to bring ont
in new gorgeousness at church on
Kastermorn. In many instances tin
usual taste was displayed, and the
tongue of many a sappy dude clung
to the roof of his mouth, and the silly
clatter which he Beeksto impress upon
his sweetheart as wit and wisdom
ho 'ed down ceased to flow as he found
himself facing his young lady mends,
IU, iirouuo,
younger and fresher than he had ever
belore Deneia tuem m trie biiiipio,
sweet garb of his grandmother in the
ninture on the Darlor wall at home.
And it was not in dress alone that ye
olden tyme was suggested. All of the
surroundings were i" harmony with
the happy idea au idea the happiest
tfPT fonri.-'lved bv the ladies of Mem
phis, fertile though they have been In
conceiving novel ana au active euitr
Ou a table in ILe reception room lay
a register, in which some twenty-nve
of tbe oldest preient had inscribed
thfir names in trembling and uncer
lain hand. The following nanus
wrva rnnii'il from the book :
Miss Mary Ballard, born in eouin
Carolina in 1813.
John H. l'riddy, birn in uanover
nonntv. Va . 1811.
Mrs. U. Jewell, born in i-Duieiana in
Mrr. L. D. Watts, born In Living
Htnn nonntv. Kv . in 1812
Mrs. O. Willis, born at 1-b.iiadeipma
April, 1807.
Mrs. E. L. Wright, born 1816.
F. M. White, born in Jones county,
Ga., December, 1810.
Mrs. O. G. White, born In AugutU,
Ga., 1821.
Harriett Forsdick, born at Hadlegh,
Suffolk countv, fcugland, in lSiu.
Mir. V. A. Schooilield. born 1809.
Mrs. O. Kreightnn. born in Ireland
In 1804.
Stml. Wataon, born in Maryland in
181 1.
Mrs. M. L. Anderson, born in Vir-
oinin in 1816.
Mrs. H. B. Theobold, born 1780, the
o'dest peraon present.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, born in 18 6
O. II. Couriney. born in Louisiana
in 1811.
Mrs. J. B. Taylor, torn in Missis
ninrii in 1807.
Mrs. J. B. Kirkland, born in Man
cheater, Vs., in 1814.
Mrs. J. G. Bailey, Memphis.
Eli Ravrer, bom in Bertie county,
N. C. in 1815.
J. T.Trezvant,born in Sumexcouc
t.v. Vh.. 1814.
Mrs. E. L. Trezavant, born In Lees
hiiru. Va.. in 1821.
There were about thirty others,
aged between sixty and eighty, who
did not regittar.
Knnnpr waa announced at 8 o cloc
Sv the hlowinit of a horn, and the old
people, about, fifty in number, sat
down to tbe table, and aftr a bleHaing
had been asked by the Kev. feami.
Wfttoon enioved a feast consisting of
lightened cornbread and printed but
ter, ginger bread, pumpkin and apple
pies, old-fashioned fruit cake, hominy,
black coffee and other good, whole
some diBhes. ...
When thev had finished the table
was spread with the new fangled
flnintiftA of to-dav. and any who de-
eirjd were nrivileged to enter and be
waited about by damsels in quaint
fliweied dresses, three-cornered neck
orrhiefH and odd bead dreeaee. None
of the old chinaware sent in was
used on the table for fear it would be
broken, but a number of candles in
old-fashioned candlesticks wtre placed
in the center of the table, shielded
ftom the draft by enormous hanc"-
puinted globas.
Another door on the first noar
opened into the "Singing Skewl"
room, where Mr. F. Y. Anderson, in
an enormous powdered wig, knee
breeches, a ruttled shirt and Prince
Albert coat, presided as master, being
assisted by Mrs. Gibert Kaine. The
pitch was given with a tuning fork
and a number of songa, which woke
tender memories in the hearts of the
old people, were delightfully sung by
a bevy of young ladies in short
waisted frocks and hate with flaring
brims, and young gentlemen in
wigs, spike-tail coats and knee
breeches. The class was composed of
Mrs. G. H- Eaine, Mrs. Fitz Miller,
Miss Minnie Hunter, Misses
Bettie Gregory, Ellen Edmund
son, Cynthia Latting, Annie Porter,
Addie Fletcher, Laura Woodward,
Florence Acree, Messrs. G.L.Riopelle,
Clark Knowltou, O. E. Forsdick, Tal
bert Martin, C. Armstrong and J&s.
During the evening tbey sang
"Cousin Jedediab," 'Jertwalem. Mv
Glory's Home," "Yanke Doodle."
'Strike the CtrmbsK" "Old Folks at
Home" and "Anld Lan byne."
Vocfa ra tbe frat door on tne IHi led
into the room devoted to the Apple
Bee. Its windows weie bring with
cuttaina fifty yoarg old, acidtrpre;
stjod in the cornfr, k?i?cf tider near
It, and in the center a tame, about
wLioh a merry party oi qnainiuanirk;a
were gathered, buey paring apples,
pelting each other with the piet-ef,
telling foitunee with the Beeds and
throwing the ueelinira over their left
shoulder-, ti discover tbe init uls of
thencmeeof tuoie who lovea them
. 1
The rrom on tne oppoaue mue was
piled with corn in the shuck, and aa
red ear after red car wns found,
blnshe? f'or blushes mounted the
cheeks of tbe merry maidens wl o
held them in their fair bind.
On this fljor was the mam room,
one corner occupied ry qaming
party, makiog odd stitchis by the
light cl tai:ow Canutes, anu mopping
now and then to pick nut or munch
a few te'neis oi poppeu corn, in
another corner were eeveral spirning
vhnelg. two of them attended by Old
ladies, who twed their fingers andef'ly
as if they were still young, in ma
corners stood old lqure-pottcd
beds, with curtains, mountains of
feathers covered with tdd needle
work, dressing-cases With tad,
slender minore, over which
curtins were looped, grandfather'
cl cks and a world of oi l, priceltne
relics. r-belves filled with tare crock
ery dozens of years old, hnntinjxand
pswder-horus, muBkets, and portraits
of anciect ancfs'.ors were evsrywhore
to be seen on the wall?, arranged 'n
aa old-faHhioned ay.
Expressions ' I delight were heard
on verv hand and Hie entt-rtainmeDt
wi.l be repealed to night Oaly !!.'
rents will b cta-eed for supper and
children will ba aluiit'ed for l.a'f
nrice. The Association is anxious to
have al! the old workers return to
night and atks the publica'ioo id the
"In behalf of the msuagers a id
receotion commiitejs in the various
toom of the Old Times entertainment,
n wish it. nucleratood that admiFS'on
tickets will be furn shed to all of the
staff workers who will renew their
frvices to-i-dght.
Tiik dudes were dumbfounded.
Granpkatheb's clock was there.
Therk were perhaps 800 people in
the house during the evening.
A ohekn nnilt 115 vears old, belong
ing to Mrs. Knowlton, hung on the
Among other things was a fine por
trait of Andy Jackson, painicu on
A ponrrtAiT of Mrs. Farnsworlb s
grandmother hung in the Apple Bee
Tn mi it upre moro red ears in the
pile of corn than in any similar pile
100 years ago.
Mn AsimcBHOW took the part o:
-- .1. "... .l....i
singing master wan o u tn.vr B
"""""ki "
Modkbn English does not contain a
suitable vocabulary for the description
of the costumes ot the young huiicr.
Crystal front, illusion, dmmomlH. en
tra'in, none of these terms would do.
Thk liar ifliiss mlobefi over the can-
dlt s on Ihe dining-'ab'o were such as
were nied to keep the wind irom tx
tinguintiirg the lights when tlue old
fnllre nHPrt t-i eat in th" hallways.
They are the propeity if Mr. Jack
Mbs. Samuel Watson carried on her
arm a Dean rag roiiuuuiiiK umuy
babvcp. "This bag is fifty yearn
nl.l " aim rumarkt'd to ail APPEAL
mnn "anil tins cat) wits nimt; wuuu i
...... ? i i
was a baby. His ,lut you must
guess how old it is.
Among the articles contributed wore
spinning wheels, Curds, kitchen ciinirs,
infl1ntu, rims, handkerchiefs, bead
bags, candlesticks, watches, bedsteads,
chests ol drawers, quni, inunt-o,
fenders, andirons, gourds, clocks,
pictures, candle-moulds, powder
horns, etc. j
Tun. mnnt. Rtrikimr l-ature of the
decorations was the chimney-piece In
Un Uti-linn. which is said to do a re
production of the famous one at Mt
Vernon. Andirons, back-log, swing
ing kettle, pot hooks, tongs, strings of
red pepper. miisKet, powuor-iioni
gourd and all were there.
Om the wall of the diuing-room
hung a man of the two hemispheres,
about five fset square, executed in the
highest stvle of the ri by Miss Mary
A. McLemore, who presented it to
Andrew Jackscn. It bears the in
scription: "Honor and gratitude to
the mn who filled the measure of his
country's glory. "
Miss Da Bb Voikk Wire l creem
rr.tr.rHil. floored silk, nit years old,
the wedding dres' of Mrs. Knowlton's
mother. It was tin (I iwere i pattern,
hnrt wainted. irthered in the back
with nKvon u'eaM on each Ride, imd
had seven small tucks in the skiit,
which tbi nut mere than I" yard 'in
width asd just tjuched tho floir. The
fine lues at the reck and sleeves was
as ierfect as if brand new.
The following persons contributed
relics: Mrs. George Vance, Mrs. Phe-
lan, Mrs. Chnssto, Mrs. Unas, fox
Mm Tonne Morrison. Mrs. Merriman
Mrs. Mason. Mrs. Shotwell. Mrs.
Hampton, Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Weaver,
Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Dr. Mitche'l, Mrs.
Falls, Mrs. Dr. Lipscomb, Mrs. Strat
ton, Mrs. Latting, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs.
Helen Adams, Mrs. B. J. Semmes,
Mrs.'N. Hill and Mrs. Jamison.
Hrellos: t'Hlled for Ihlis Arieraouai
nt tonr o'Ciuc-k.
The fallowing gentlemen and ethers
interefctad are invited to ms-t at Par
lor No. 1, IVabodv Hotel, at 4 n'cloc
pm. to-day (Friiiay), tbn
H'ant. to roosidr nieaiis for
Hitli 10-
to ibis cily the
ly cutnt'l-t'on of
the Mem,.hi!,
K'insHB and Western
W. D. Betholl,
N. M. Jones,
R. II. Snowilen,
J. (!. Neely,
ri. H. Ilunccombe,
J. M. Iloodliar,
J. K. Hull win,
lohn Overton, jr.,
II. A. MontKomery,
T. II. Milburn.
Dr. D. T. Porter,
J. K. Speed,
A. I). Uwynne,
J. W. Puliner,
H. M. Doak,
J. Harvey Mathes,
J. K. Menken,
J. K. Krenk,
K. J. 8emmes,
Henry Wetter,
Oeortie Arnold,
F. M. Norfleet,
K. H. Vanoe,
W. B. Mnllory,
Peter Mclntyre.
James Lee. )T.
K Lowenstein,
W. J. Chase,
J. S. Day,
A. B. liiverraore,
J. iv . Dillard,
Napoleon llill,
II. T. Lemon,
T. B. himt,
Hon. W. R. Moore,
D. P. Hadden, '
Frank White,
J. M. Crawford.
M. C. Gallaway,
J. M. Keatinir, I
8amuel Manstield,
J. E. Pettit, I
I N. Hnowden,
John Armistead,
Hauiuel Tate, jr.,
W. P. Dunavant,
11. M. Nealy,
K. Lunili-e,
W. N. Wilkerson,
J. N. Oliver,
Havb used Tongaline in neuralgia
nf lnnir otanilino-. After taUinc Tonga-
line, my patient has enjoyed perfect
Leodom irom her complaint. Am led
to believe that in some forms of neu
mlino. Tnntraline is as nearly a spe
cific an is auinino in intermittent
ED. J. K0WE, Qctitrjville, Mo
APRIL 10. 18SG.
Uood Work of the Flyers at th,
Track Sport on the Mobile
Co rue.
As the time of the opening rf the
spring races draws nearer, intenst in
crease, snd it becomes more likely
every day that the city will be crowded
with strangers during tne week, i ne
club-houne is in apple-pie ordor, and
a good deal nf interest is felt in the
bouse warming soon to take place.
At the track tbe scene is of the live
liest description. The latest hortes to
come in were M. E Clark's Fore t and
Rock, both in good condition. Sime
ot the performances on the track dur
ing the pan tew days wete exceeding
ly good. Pearl Jennings covered a
mile a day or two since in 1 :16J.
Jim Uray is said to be a bit rusty
by the Memphis quidnunc?s of rac
ing, bnt he is coming on nicely all the
same. Take his gallop of Moudaylaat
a a sample. The quarter, '.'8 seconds;
half, 6tiJ; three-quarters, 1 mile,
1:49; mil snl a quarter, 2:1SJ; mile
and a half, 2:47).
A hat With Orrlaan.
St. Louis Republican: Ed Corrigan
nrsied through fie city yesteiday cn
hia way from Memphis to Kama
City, where, however, he remains for
but a oriel stity, s ne is anxious to re
join his botses. He goes back by t' e
snort route, and we probably shah not
see him in St. Louis again Lefor.i our
Juno meeting. Mr. Coirgan is no
green racing hand who gives away
very much of the doings of bis stable,
but he always bas a bit of interesting
and fresh gitsip about it oultide of the
doing of its individual horses, and
now and again lie will even talk about
some of these, and on the occasion of
tl U visit there was no exception on
his part to this practice. He antici
pates a really great meeting st Mem
phis, where," he says, are collected a
lot of the best horses in America.
Never, savs Mr. Corrigan, haB be
seen, early in April, so many horsts
together whe could, and did, covtr
their miles, on any morning, in times
between 1 :48 and 1 :60. No cup horse
down South has, in M Coriigan's
opinion, done eo well aa Editor, who,
however, may perhaps be a trifle over
lorwa'd, ts he is tit to race for big
stakes to-day. If the gray is the washy
horse in hot weather that his detract
ors claim him to be he will stale be
fore he gets to business, bnt the Kan
sas Citv turfman evidently fancies
him vastly, even with that considera
tion thrown in. Many of the horses
now at Memphis are si far forward
that they could show a mile In 1:44
on a track like ours was last June.
Mr. Corrieau looks upon Jim Gray aa
perhaps tho most promising thre
vear-old at Men. phis, but he has no
Viioh nnininn of the voungsters of that
; . . . - " 1 - , .
aie down Hontn in general, inuaeu,
he claims to nave uiiea to cast eyes
upon anything quite np to trdinary
Derby form. He had a sneaking flec
tion some time since for hia brother
IVs cilt, Free Knight, ! r tne great
Kentucky atuir, nut a ensnge una
tome over ttio spirit oi mn urram
soet 0"g thi-t he has pi sssu tne con
over to the trnininj: charge of Henry
Avis. Free Knight ts t ig ana msty,
but is going thtougU by 1 .r too light
work forailerby preparation, ami u
is ftVKlPliI U;H'. HB ll-r as no is uuu-
cerned Mr.Conigau Is Gidlio-like, and
will bave none of him. This leaves
the green and whits with no Darbv
horse bnt the lolloping and untried J.
B. Ferguson and the fillies Hattie Car
lileand Mary Payne. The two yrar
nlda at Momnhts and Nashville are,
Mr. Coirlgsn thinks, more promising
tb .n their seniors of a year, snd quits
a uctt of them have shown quarlura
well ucder twenty-live. In rejaru to
hia own stab'e the victim of the Inter
view which furnished matter for thesj
no'es was most sensibly very oy. tar
like, and it requirad the fl ourishing of
twoletttrj Just receiver! irom oiera
nhiatoiret nim to acknowledge any
thing. However, he at last pleaded
uuiltv to the rreeland accusation
hurled at him. The great horse is not
la-nfl in the stitle-ioint. as stated in
yesterday's Mumvlix liefmblican, but
in the off hip. the seat of
pprinllN trouble with him last fall
The crack points the toe of tho off
hind foot as he pule it to tbe grouud
or as he stands in the stable and he
bears none of his weight on its frog or
heel. These symptoms read to the
writer more like hock than hip
trouble, but, whatever it may be, it
ilrten nnt. Ann nd like a uood start in
any preparation for a great race for
Freeland, Mr. CorriRan does not say
rh ahniit Mode tv or Poarl Jen
nines, both of whom may therefore be
lultrred to oe going ou uicoiy u i"'
ilue.l tliu rem rt of a salloo of tl.e hit
ter. derivsd from other sauces and
published elsewhere In this issue,
.hows her to be fl'tingfast. L'zzin
Dver's eu gives her owner great
.nrimv and. thniiith Mr. Corrigan
lna nnt think that her runaways did
her serious damage, yet the parboiling
of the big leg goes on nigra anu uay
and to be or not to be will be a burn
ing (or scaldim) question with her
until she has been taken charge of by
the starter for the Suburban.
Third Day of the Mobile Kara
Mobile. Ala.. April 15. Third day
nf th HKsenmhe Jockev Club racee,
Th weaiher and track were all that
conli be wished for, and the at'end
ance was the nest oi ine meeuug.
nf the dav's evetns:
Fimt Hace CoVoa Kxchange staae
fnr two vear olds: 110 entrance, p p
T.O. ai ded. S'iU to sei-onu : winner
of two year old purss three pounds
tra. Half milo dash. Starters
Wary, Oareraan, Bleise.d Haiuf, Valen
tine. F orimore and Myr'ie. wetting
k tn ft aix nst oarsman, a to i smup'
B'ewed. 10 to 1 axa:nsi Myrtie, u to o
against Wary, 10 to 1 aginst Hon-
more, 10 to 1 against fct. valentine.
Wary was tiret, witn uarsraan secoun,
from the start; Mvitle, Honmore snd
Blessed alternated. Their finish was
easv, Wary coming in three lengths in
froiir, with Oarsman second, hading
Blesied by two lengtns. Aime on
Stovall rede the winner.
&rS(f Rare. Parse, $175; $25 to
second. Brtven-eigum uiuo umu "i
all Bites. Starters: feacoclr, runnage,
Kent ington, Miss Brewster and Nellie
Harney. Betting: Ten to 1 against
Nellie Harney, 10 to 1 aainst Ken
sington, 5 to 2 against Miss Brewster,
3 to 1 against Peacock, 7 to 10 against
Nonage. Nonage led at the start, and
Peacock went to tbe front after fifty
yards and led the rest of the way,
wiih Nonage second and Miss Brew
ster third, keeping close. Mies Brew
ster dropped out In tbe last turn and
Nonage whipped home, but Peacock
won in iralloo bv two lengths, Non-
ii n a smcond bv three lengths. Kensing
ton third. Time 1:321. Withers
rode the winner.
Third Aw. Selling race, purse
$:000;$150 to first, $50 to second;
elf-Moasu-inif Cards, sent by mail on application. Ynu mn have a few nf Shirts
made by leading us an old one to msa'ure by. WRITE FOR (Jilt PHlCho.
V t'AWPBKI.I.. rrotrle-l
JllLu KOlirH, lora.
Memphis Steam Laundry,
We have the Latest Imi roved Troy Latndry Company's Machinery.
COLLAltv, FFM Had 8UIUTMI.Hiiiidr.e4l Kqual to Sew.
conditiors same as aelling race on sec
ond davj one mile. Starter: Ric,
Joh Billings, Tom Barlow, Little
Sullivan, Kersha-v and J. S. Custer.
Betting 10 to 1 againtt Little Sullivan,
5 to 1 againet. Tom Barlow, 7 to 1
against Kershaw, 10 to 1 attaint J. V.
Custer, 2 to 1 agaiDst. Josh Billings, 11
too Hgninst Kieo. i:uei-r stole tne
stf rtaiui led to the latt til'n, where
Billings wont to tie fni.t and kept
the lea 1 to iurt btdore the wire, when
Rico cume tip with a rush ami wou by
half a length; Jrsh Billings second,
two lengths ahead of Ti m Barlow,
third Tiine-1 :47J Godfrey rode the
firii Kdi-f. Seven futlonss, for th'ee
year olds: Luna Brown (108) iW,
Oeole (H0)f7; Bed Gill (10f))7.
Wahor. (107) 7; Leonoia (UV) 14;
8u-ie Forhe-(10.r)f4; Mobile U7)l.
Srconif liiice. Battle House handi
cap, rifj mile and n-s xteeDth :
SpatiMlnir (107) 115; Am a Woodcock
(7)$:i; Fleich Taylor (107) ifi: Ltitle
Suliivsn (87) ii Bobwim (100) 2.
Thinl RaefOM mile, cons dation :
Rnh Rwim (1181 fit): Vanlter (117)
Nunnua (116) tb: John Moiris
(09) to; Jrwh Billings (118) $3; Tom
Barlow (118) $3; Kensington (114) f 1.
Prospects good.
Ptutbodjr Hotel
0. B. 0 ALLOW A A CO PaneKiattia
Hates 12 Ml and $3 ier day, aooor. in to
site and loeation of room Blieclal
rates made.
CP Oakley. Ohio
J N Ahou, Miss
II Maunders, Ark
.1 M liiivosiiie, Ark
II L Mcl'herson, Mo
i! nciow. in
A Friedman, Tent!
J 11 Kdilins. Miss
A PmUe, N Y
Ilali-lt, Ark
Snhwart. Mo
O Krenier. Ala
(1 Krkert, Ara
) a. timer, Tenn
C llersli in, N Y
J W KtiKland, N V
C K K.-kort, Ark
(I WiihIii.ii. Ky
M N Kleininit, Ha
T Kills, Tenu
.11 . ...Ill ... klta-
W K Poie, Jl isa
Jnn Htuart, to
1T A rilllllVI, mmr
k. i' t.iiieiuar. iviisi m unuiiiii.i
J L riuiitli, N i
u tl l.nfi..n ar .1 It Hart. Tenn
J W K Moore, To-n R J Kawlinss, lean
J 0 Wright, iViss w ii j:aie. Ara
W (1 Philips, Mo tl 1 nnoi'Kiey, mo
Mrs l H Krierson.Ala Mi" Krierson, Ala
Miss ni 1 uatiier, Aia u " nue. iouh
LAiii-arliorouiih.TennC C IJoan 4w Ark
M ll Jiinen. Ark A (1 1'mld. N
J 8 Cbriitouhel, Ind (I N Hearks Tenn
tleoree Wilson, Oar 1 ankin
liM Hull,
C V Loriiine,
tl dooilyeao
K ttasey,
0 Wayne,
C 0 Pearl,
John Senton,
Kildie Kox.
0 (I t'l.rroll.
A M lUHTOok,
Weo Philips,
(Jeo Chunih,
T 1) Hiiun,
Win Mank.
We Muldiion,
J limes Turner,
.lake Willy,
V Benton,
K lluesel,
Wm N Wood.
II I. Church,
K Brooks,
W H Hronson,
11 Whitnin.
James Martin,
Thai New 4yuo.
Rates, t2 60 to 4 per d .y, aneordins to looa-
lion oi riMMUB
J Marlin.Mii . w K';itms, io
C 1) Mitehell, HI ra nn'"a, "
8 t Harrison. N Y i A Ciiheu, Ark
C 11 Oliver, Mias M A Nolan, Mo
K A woods, unio a .i u"iio., ...
W I) Brown, N V M B Moore, La
Ilr 0 A Pulliain, Miss J V Mot . er, ,N
M...I WhiieheiLil.Ku Mastern hitehead.Kas
W 8 Cairns, Kmland 11 ' Hoxbury.bnuland
N Oleii-k, NY 1J 1) Hhaokelfiird, N I
ft A Warner Aw, Ark W W Lyles, ky
II Thompson, Miss
A M M,,ne. D U
KK lluti'hinson,
Tenn W A Uiluhnst, Tenn
A I) Wwviine. Tenn
11 lti,ra. N Y
J W Poters Ae, N Y
J 8 8- ued, Tenn
J W tlruhain, Tenn
M Love. Muss
W 11 Htono. Tenn
,1 C Kyle, Miss
J Kinney, Maes
T W White, Miss
U II Finite, Mo
R T Harris, Miss
D () Poprer Aw. Miss Mrs hlielby o, miss
A J llrown, Miss F Fu-kusoo, Mo
W Fursrusun. Tenn 0 If. Iiiriiian. N 0
J M Johnson, Miss W W Wood, Ky
W V Hull, Tenn Jt B Williaioa. Tenn
(1 R Pane, Tenn L B VV heeler, Tenu
R P Albrinlit, Ala Ihos J Hood, lei
W K Johnson. Ark Hon J T Schuioan, 8 0
John K Bowman, Va.
MoHSnn'a Hotel.
Kuropean plan. Knlarncd and refurnished.
Prieos aooordin to sue and loca
tion of rooms.
II W Piloher, Ky A Wrlnlit, Va
JM Wheeler! A?k W T MoCorinao, Miss
D W Allen, Tonn , R L unnh, Miss
W B (Iranberry, Ky P Harden, eity
Mllavin.eitv I Winters, city
W P Butler Aw.Tenn 0 8 Morse. Te
H K Powily. Tenn 8 Miirtin.li.lw, Ti-nn
U W Fenirofer, Tenn 8 A fcpperson, Tenn
J H Thompson, Tonn 0 Knell, Tenn
PA Miiynos, Miss R A Moysee, Tenn
F P Mol.eninre.Tonn k K oun, Ala
W F Hancock. Tonn lr .1 V feet. Ha
TPTurner, Tenn JV P Malone, Miss
J W Lowman, Miss J M House, 111
R W Buckle., Miss J I 'B'.aier, Mo
J W Little. Ky W R MoLaughlin, Ark
W A Davis, MiM J f. Vierson .a
WT Bush, Miss T H Modraw, Mins
W Morris, Tenn.
DnlTy'a EoropeaB) Itolel,
(1, rn.r nf Adams and Main streets. Booms,
50o, 75oandl per day : American Plan,
ti per day.
tr . .1... Clmrant in the llotol.
J. M. DUFFY (10 years with Peabody Hotel)
f riipnemr.
M F Rose. Miss 11 W Thompson, Ala
(JO Tolly. NY OWfJrifflo. Ark
WP Cowan, Tonn 1) L Wolf, M;;
TJ Itronan, Tenn F Johnson, lenn
M Jiihnson, Mass W h""'' Ml"?.
I) I) Kern s. Mo R M Halmon, hy
T F DouKherty. Tenn A A Martin, lonn
. i, .. .... .. 'i-..nn II N I:..k.. Ark
J K Wrm H. Ara v " " -I?.' "
W II Harrison, Ark W C Chaiiiboiiin, Mi
A HiiiiilieiK, Ark
;i v if reen, , vu
K D Ilrauland, Miss
I' II Daly, Tenn
J M Hini'.h, Mo
.1 Cooper. Iowa
O Harrison. Tenn
P Mahan, Miss
L Ciirnpliell, Tenn
C PHwell, Ohio
A U Pavna. Miss
L llill, Tenn
II Sanders, Am
N J Jackson. Mis."
M Cooper, Ohio
11 Winters, Ohio
A f! AndeMon. Ark
J Younir, Miss
R Dunn, low
P L Wat-on. Ky ,
u l William-. Ark
J Hullivan. Tenn
1 1 ui...:.i.. A w.Tenn B I. Wane. Tenn
IK arro II. Tel n " n raiiiBej,
J Carwin. Tenn
Van liruokl n, Tenn
W T Lucss, Tenn
J Hoyle, Tenn
.1 4ka-.il. Tenn
C E Hichardson, Tenn
II A Place, Tena
W 8 Poie, Tenn
D Krans, Tenn
J T Carver. Miss
0 Nelson, Ky.
J U Kutleilte, Miss
riatrrsidoBi Hotel.
. al andA.1 Madison street
BOW1.KS A LKAKK..... .......P.Kc.KaisToia,
Ratas ti 1-er day, day board HJ per
J II Thomas, 8 C
R j) dlven, eit
W M Kelly. Tenn
8 D Flomons, Ala
J M Archsrw, Ark
Miss K Neeley. M s
C D Bwain. e;ty
J N Aben, Miss
J Howard, Mis
11 W Olass, lia
DT Powell, Mo
N B Caldwell. Cal
N V Knox, S C
W N Dryden, city
J O Mac uire, La
P F Conaway, Tenn
J P Johnson, Mist
T N Ournon, Tonn
orris, Tenu.
Josiah Moody and Min to R. W.
Mi'im, trnnte', to secure Armlstead it
Lnndee iuthe snm uf $'.!'24 75, 78 acree
of land in the F.leventh Civil District.
W. G. Wilkins et al to John k.
Speed, south 2Sxl00 font of lot 14,
mtk 11. west sine ot Mieiny street,
for 8()0.
T. N. H tubes ami wife M A. U.
Douglas.", lSt) acres In FirCivll Dis-
triit. for f 1S00. - , .
James Dully and wife to i-.iwaivj.
Kehne. nart of lot 71. K T. Keel s'
tibdivieion. Ninth Ward, fr$000. v.
Lulu M. BrMdHhaw to J. I . Hykes,
rt4 1-10 acres in Wxlh Civil District,
for f 'JtH).
Skk al. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and laundry on fifth page.
April Fashion Sheet, 44 N. Court.
Kawominino telephone 009, A. Mo-
GoLDHMiTti's embroidery sale this
Lemons and Bananas a specialty.
M eh puis Stain m Glass) Wonts, CM
Third street. Call and see.
8no a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Msln street, to
call for your laundry. I
Hav yon a damp, unhealthy cel
lar? Wabjon'a Bitumen Concrete will
make It dry and wholesoms. Tele
phone 038. 4
Th nerbal Chill Onre, '.he best
tonloand anti-perlodld known. A eertaia
and suie our lor eliills PrW l per ooi
tle. Send UuiS for elrculars. Any ref
erem e gixen. Address John 0. Booker.
Lynnhbera, Va.
Bhnu to Memphis Florid Company
f,ir lis: and price-current o' plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and see for yourself. Sonth gate Klm
wood Cemetery.
Watson's B'.timien Coueiete." for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
table lloorH, driveways, wains, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, snd proof
against dninpnens and seepage. Tele
phone tiitn.
One solid gold, fly lincfc, stop-watch,
-5 seconds, oulvfw; 1 18-karat solid
ild Geneva wiiltii, weighs oi uwt.,
1C0; 1 1 l-karat solid gold Klgiu watch,
$'5: I 18 karat heavy and very fine
Wiilthain watch, "; t Dox-caso,
solid gold, 10-karat Klgin watch, 26;
ther solid gold watches irom jb to
iili Hiilid silver watches, in goo l or-
er, from 2 to J15; stilid gold rings
from ifl ui; genuine diamond rings,
up; 8-duy clocks, warranted one
year, at a apiece; l very nne oj
kantt old mine diamond, frtio of Haws,
only $500 this stone cost J1300; 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel, pearl and
solid gold set bracelet and necklace.
cost lielore tho war Mtw, win do boiu
for f3T). All goods will lie sold on ap
proval and money refunded if not
74 and 70 Bcalo street.
J. B. (IOTTUKLF, Manaer.
ti,, -u'-m
Aovclties ot tho Season
at Greatly Reduced'
h. v xoor.
Bla.'.k Book Manufacturers.
No. 27i Socond Strtnt,
(Ayres Block)
w andLaUst styles Slock. New
Tjpe, 'ew Hachiuery.
Increwed laoIlitlkM Tor dclnr l
kinds Lithographing.
Prices as low as anywhere, Nortel
or East.
Jubh Ovirtok. Ji. C. N. OnosTHoa.
Real Fstato Dealers
Aoorr e imuLFiis,
OfHoe, 204 Second Street.
E. Cer. iv "! C3eiar,
Taiat Paid, Knts C?lieed, !. oa

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