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fotton Steady Middling,
Sales Yesterday, 30
Bait g.
9c -
The luoney market continues tirm.
local securities (juiet but steady. Ti.e
cotton market closed steady, mid
dling 9c. Sales MO bales. The
New York spot market yesterday
closed easy middling 9e. The course
of yesterday's future market in 'ew
York is thus described in Greene's re
port : "A very dull market prevailed,
and no quotable change was made in
prices. The large plantation move
ment creates caution on the bull side
without incitine any positive action
among the bears, and, all things con
sidered, the position was fairly
sternly." At New Orleans spots closed
quiet, middling 8 13-16c ; futures dull
but steady, May, 8.808.81c. At Liv
erpool the spot market was re
ported qu'et, fair inquiry, middlings
1-16.1 lower, 5 M6d ; futures quiet
and steady, April 5 Old. Receipts at
this port yesterday were 395 bales; total
thisseason.524,600 bales, against 419,620
bales same time last year. In the
general market eggs are firmer at 10c
per dozen ; chickens steady at f2 7")3
per doen.
Two hundred and two brls apples,
26 brls beans, 4 pkgs butter, 65 pkgs
.' bacon. 289 pkgs boots and shofs, 6500
bu corn, 174 sks coflee, 4 cars cotton
seed, 84 sks cotton-seed, 149 pkgs dry
' goods, 22 pkgs eggs, 1205 brls flour, 16
pkgs hats, 28 hd hors 8 and mules, 263
pkgs lard, 92,000 ft lumber, 6 brls
meals, 4 brls molasses, 124 brls pota
toes, 3 cars pork sides, 69 brls sugar
and 441 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange to day : Wheat,
none received or withdrawn ; in store,
3057 bushels. Corn received, 2982
bushels i withdrawn, 6661 bushels ; in
store, 79,031 bushels. Oats received,
none ; withdrawn, none ; in store, 3228
bushels. . ; ,
291,912 snares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 40.6;
Erie, 9600; Lake Shore, 43,110;
Louisville and Nashville, 31C0;
Northwestern, 25.065; New Jersey
Central, 7S00; New York Central,
10, '52; Pacific Mail, S350; St. Paul,
27,55 J; .St. Paul and Omaha, 3spJ;
Union Pacific, 23,320: Western Unifcn,
35.4ii0 ;Northern Pacific prvurrvd.5-K ;
Oregon and Transcontinental. 30 ;
Reading, 3350. 'the closing q liga
tions were as follows: I
l'. S. 3. Jiwe;. New 4(. 12 . '
New 4Xe, Weific "'t H,127:i
Louinianaconi.. 85. Missouri Hi, lolH. ;
Tenn. old,5T. Tann. h. new. h7.
lent. Pao.lsts. U9i- Ben. k K.I., lata.ULX
T.-.Lu il W 1... 77V:Krii IMIVIII'Ir. till ,
M.K.AT.,'Oeg.6.Ml P; A- C. l.ti. ll.
r. f. A. O 2di, Wi. N. Wettern for., ,C
ti.Weit. deb.5.1084 8t.L B.F Jeo M.llMJi
bt.P.al. con . 131. St P..J3. AP.
T. P. land (rants ,39, T. P..R.U. el ro.51?
U. P. firsts, 112. Wet bhure, IVM.
Adami ExpreM,144. NMhyille C,
Allegheny Can..-. N J. Central, Sl.
Alton A T. U.. 39K. Nor. and W., pfd. 29.
A- k. T. H..pfd., 93. Northern He., 2
American Ex., 105. Northern Ppi-
B. , C R. k N..6&. N. Y. C. 4St. L.. .
Canada Pae.,6t!4. N.Y.C. kH. L.,i., -.
Canada Son.. MV 0. N. W., 1U6V
C. "ra PaSioe. llK.C. N. W.. Md.. ISM
Chesapeake 4 0 ,10. N. Y., Central. 101.
C. k O., 1st pld, 17. Oh'o Centnl, I hi.
C A0..2di.fd., 12. Ohio Mils., tRi.
C. k A., 140. O. k Mira. pfd., 90.
C. 4 A., ptd, 155. Ontario 4 Vest, V.
C. B. 4 (,.,132)4. Ortso Ut.,9sS
0., St. L. A N. 0., - Orei on Tram. 2.1)4.
r n. T B- I. till t.mnn Tmn
C.!st.h.A P..p.,294.Pacific Mail.M,
C..8. 4C .31.
C 4 C, 4'f
Del. 4Uud.,:i0f. 'j;.
Del., Ia. A .. la.
Den. 4 RioG.,M.
Krie, iY.'i
Erie, pld
East Tenn
Po ria, D. E.
V.ttMhnrir. Wl.
Pnllman C.C., VS.
M.mllnir. 2 ...
Kock inland, 125.
Ul I. A S. V.. 1S-
H. L. AS. v..vsy
East Tcnn'.! pW, f. J;t.L-. 4 S.K 1st p.lUO
I ann.hftl A si. Jo,-u. m. a di. r-.i-."'
II h St. Jo. ofd.
Harlem, 214.
Houston A T., 2fi.
Illinois Con.,13S'.
Ind , U. 4 W., Zi.
Kansas A T.,2714.
Lake K & W., 1W.
Lake Shore, 8
Lou. 4 Nash., M.
Lou. 4 H, A., 32)4.
M. 4 C, lrtpfd,
M. 4 C, 2d pfd. -Mem.
A Char, 32.
Mich. Centra', 66H.
St. P. M. 4M..1'5
Ht.Paul A0..pld,102
Texas raciw, lu'-i.
llni..n Vo Hi.. 4H'i.
U. b. txpifs", oiu.
W.t rit. L. X r.,
W. St. L. P, p. ,1(5,
W. A F. Et., 120.
W. V. 'I el , bw
Colorado Coal, -MS-
llometii), ii4.
Iron Silvr, 150.
Untarm, z'
... . ... T A Jl7 Inl.niln..
HUB. Dl. li.l 4-TH., H'".l"l
M. 4 St. L., pfd,46) Quioksilvw, pfd, 20M.
! Madinon St, Memphis, Teuu.,
avCorroNposidrnce'tollcllcel. Isifof
nintlon clierfnlly farnlnhel.-
Money in goad demand at 8 per cent
The C!earing-House report is as fol
ThursJav, Apiil 16th, 23li,r.02 32;
thus far toil week, $1,248,507 64; same
time last wefk, $1,484,448 87: sime
time in 185, $800,351 62 ; same time in
1S84, $1,170,593 44.
Thumday, April 16b, 171,702 80;
thus far tbu weak, 1285,153 57; same
time last week, $374,043 40 ; same time
in 1885, $236,213 32; tame time in 1884,
$281,504 07.
New York
buying, I
Miss. Pae.,102. houth Hno fio,
Mobil. A 0., 12. butro, 17
U.m!i U . off.l. 142.
London, April 16. Consuls, 100 9-16
for both money ana uie accouni.
Parts Anril 16. Three per cent.
rentes. 80f 97.1c for the account.
Havana, April 10.. Spiniata gold,
23823H J. Eicnanges nru
BANK clearings
Chicago. III.. April 10. Bank
clearines. 47.447.000.
Nbw Orleans, La., April 10. Clear
inm of the banks, 1,128,3(9.
New York, April 10. Exchanges,
$92,315,150: balances, $4,(14,030.
Baltimore. Md.. April 10 Clear
ings. $1,775,876; balances, 1235,039
TWv Mash. Anril HI. Clear
inira.' $13,235,802; balancjs. $1,942,-
Puti.t mti.pniA. Pa.'. April 10
Clearances, $9,517,982; balances, $1,
St. Louis, Mo, April 10. Bank
clca intrs. 42,677,221 ; balances, $002,-
189. Exchange on New York easy at
25c premium
The. locl cotton market opened
ntaa.lv and clraurl rIprcIv: middlino.
8ia. Sale.". 650 bales, of which 300
were to expoitara and 350 to spin
ba'es. The closing qaoUtiona were
as follows:
Yeterdav. Thnra'a'1.
April 9.KV, 9.14 9.1 13
Way 9 "i2 9.20 9 21
June 9 9 33 9.3-' 9.3:!
July 9 ,42 9.43 9 420 9.43
August- 9 51(o 9..'2 9 510 9.52
Septimber...9.37(4 9 .3S 9.3ti'i 9.37
October 9.210 9.23 9.2i0 9.22
Knr.mWr fll'O 9 19'ot
December. ...9 23 .. 9 24 9 230 9 24
Jsnuarv 9 3 '0 9.32 9 3H 9 33
February ...9 40$ 9.42 9.410 9.43
The following ia the cotton com
parative statement for the weekend
ing Fridav, April 10, 1880: Net re
ceipts at all United States parts dnr
ing the week. 59 332 bale ; tame week
last year. 22.798 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4.939 675 bales ; same date last
year, - 4 594,443 bales. Exports for
the week, 81.H21 bales; same week
last year, 83,352 balm. Total exports
to this date, 3,439 438 bales; same
date )a?t year. 3.400,561 bales. Stock
at all United States porta, 756.903
bales; same time last year, 610,960
bales. Stock at all interior towns,
1X5 104 bales; same time last year,
59 710 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
030,000 bales; same time last year,
1,024 000 bales. Stock of Amerb an
afloat for Great Britain, 145,000 bales;
same time last year, 100,000 bales.
The New Orleans spot market opened
otiiet. and c'.o;ed quiet. Sales, 2500
Ye'twlay. ThursJay.
Ordina'y 7J 7J
Good oidinary... 7 15-16 7 1516
Low middling ... 8 5 10 8 5-16
Middling- l.l id o i.viu
Good middling... 9 H
The New Orlenns future market
optnfil steady, una cioseu uuu uui
Di.d I Kalni 1 S 70fl Vmlei. The clo-:-
ing quotations wire as follows:
YesVr.'av. lliureaay.
April 8.75 bid. 8 75 nom.
Mav 8 80-il 8 81 8 810 8.82
June - 8 94 0 8.95 8 95 0 8 96
July 9.09 ok 9.10 9 090 9 111
Auziist V.Id a) H.U V l.r.o w.n
Sep ember.... 8 89 8 90 : 8.890 8.90
October 8 790 8 80 8.790 8.80
November.... 8 76 8.77 8 760 8 77
December ... 8 79 8.80 8 790 8 80
January 8 90 8 92 8 90 8.91
N Orleans.
Mobile ...J
New York
Boston ...
St. Louis
Kec. Prices Stock.
96 9 40,513
1059 813-16 219,014
9 8 13-10 30,760
945 Sj 81,983
448 9 33,234
222 8S 4,359
1114 9 37,571
2019 310 29,400
94 9 J 303,231
448 95 0 310
9 7-10 16 310
205 8 1 j 79,050
74 Si 24,505
Ti.intflat. nnrts. this (lav. 1SS0. 9,223
Keceipts at ports, mis uay, joo.i. o,un
756.9:. 0 0.9(W
14.931 .91 8 4.625.800
13,401,500 3.429,310
61 ",539
Ordinary 7J
Good ordinary 71
Low middling 8jj
Middling 8!
... (innd mirtillinff Vi
k sight on , P0ts. par Middlin fair 9j
nynininm hi-iiiiiv: .it.w i n .
UUJU'fc, 1 K.w..- -r, , H klf
England demand, discount ouying;
New Wngiano signr, t aiscouni; new
Orleans, i discount buying, par selling.
H.nk nf nnmmnrA...148 hid. 150 asked
First National 145 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192J bid, 200 asked
State National 145bid, 150 asked
Union and Planteis148 bid, 150 asked
Mercunme liana-... iaj uia, ltii asaea
Jiouie 70 bid,75apked
B!un Ultv iw oio, ... sssea
Peoples... 80 bid, 82J asked
Planters 101 bid, 105 af ked
Phoenix 9S bid, 100 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 asked
Vanrirhilt 10 bid. 19 afked
lleinando 100 bid, ... arked
Arlinglou 30 bid, 35 sfktd
Factors 20asksd
KM,. Nom. Norn.
Stains, tinges. 7J8J 7111
MaarHia, April 16, 18S6
Stock S?pt. 1, 1885 1,392
T, irral tn.Aatr 395
Received previouely...524,20 525.992
Ul.av.narl f- flair
Shipped previously 438,305 439,846
M. sii.l C. consal?, 7f ...115 bid,. ..nuked
M. & L. H )sf.m.8?..112 bid, U21rskcd
Mies. &T.R.H.CP.A, J22 bid, 122 apkd
MifB ct T.R. R c?,B, 104 bid, 10(iJ asked
Tenn. wlH.eer. C 97 bid, OSjrskeJ
Shelby Co. bund 105 bid ... aakei
Tax. Pis'. 4, 6s 92J bid,93 asked
Tax. DiuL 6.: 10! bid,102asktd
Mem.Stor. Com.Oo..l09 bid, 110a ked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bul, 77J a?ked
Mem. Gas barn's 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. "Water bondp 90 bid, ... aked
HanaiurOil Works... bid. 50nnminal
City Oil Works bid, 45 asked
Pior-et-rCnttou Millp bid,
Am.Cct Oil tmsts...... 28 bid, ;.. aiktd
Mem. City Cy. bonds bid, ... asFed
New York, April 10. Money on call
easy at 22J per cent. Prime mercan
tile" paper, 45. Sterling exchange
dull but steady at 4802 for t'O days and
48SJ for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull but firm, State bonds were quiet
and steady, railroad b: nds were very
quiet. Sales, S93C.OOO. The changes
are unimportant.
Stocks Stocks continue dull and
drooping. The market opened i to J
lower and further declined to I, but
the extreme fluctuations were general
ly within 1 per cent On a slignt rally
during the forenoon the highert prices
were reached, and the lowest quota
tions were mado generally in the last
hour, from which there was a small
leaction and again a downward tend
ency at tho closo. Jersey Central was
an exception to tins general rule by
opening at 61J and selling 51 4, de
clined to 50 but cloBod ; higher with a
net lose of 1. It in understood that
the Chancellor ol New Jersey lias
ordered the immediate sale of
the Reading seenrities . held by
the Jersey Central, and at to-days
meeting of tho directors, Ptpsideut
Litt'e was ordered to wll the bonds at
once. Northwes em declined to lCKiJ
on reports that the company was to
issue f2P ,000,000 adilit'onal bonds for
the purpose of extending its lines. It
is stated that three banking houses of
this city have already taken 15,000,000
of tho issue, and that the remainder
will be sold an the money is needed.
St. j'aul and Duluth is li, and Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chi
cago is ?J higher. The general weak
nets of the market if attributed to the
unsettled condition of railroad trafhc,
growing out of tho strikes already in
existence, and truw1 '.hat are threat
ened. The totil salea 0 stocks to-day were
Stock, running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Hence September 1st
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. H
M. and L. K. R. R
C. O. and S. W. R.
L,N. O feT. R. R
K. C , S. & M. R. R
M , S. and B. R. It.....
Wagons and other sources..
Thus fr this weak
Thus far last wi;ek
Siuce September 1st
M. and C. R. R
L and N. R. R
C, O A S. W. R R
11 207
. 439,858
M & T R It.
Miss, river ...
Whito river.
St. Fran river
rk'sas river
Wagons, etc
M & T R R...
L & N R R...
M. B & A R K
Steam's n'rth
Steam a s uth
Week end
ing April Since Sep
10, 1S86. tcmber 1st.
This Last This Last
Year Year Yeaf Year
575 393 73921 77788
228 101 57831 45357
318 231 41879 45448
187 101 78312 71429
275 192 23727 24004
127 117 35130 1301U
73 61 18970 19639
154 10872 37
307 220 87738 04119
54 19 20554 10370
9 3 7243 3178
157 10918 4471
30 IK) 51499 34029
I ' ' ' "
R'ts IT. S
ports.7 dys
Ex. Gr. Br
For'gn Ex.
Increase of receipts this year...o0t,0)8
The Liverpool spot market at noon
w.,na .t.r,M.tiwi .iiiiut. iiiir lTimurv.
nao hi" .1 v. u ,--
(j-ioa 10 non Lnlnn nf winch American
8000 bales. Receipts, 2000 bales, ol
-l.tl. illlil wniw American.
At. 2 n.m. : Middling had advanced
l-16dto 51-lfld. The , loliowing are
tho closiniz quotations: Ordinary,
a 1(1.1 ihuJ firilinnrv. 4 11-10d: low
nAi.Lllinir 4M- tron.l middlinc. 5 5-10d:
middling upianus, oi-iou; uiiuuuiig
Orleans, eja.
Mam.Vioutir pliithfi nuipt and un
changed. Yarns steady, but little do
The prim art given in pence ana wnx,
. - . .. a i r nil J c l
than- tiiii miana 4 o-oia. uthi o ui
. K 1 11 A J 1 .
Af nnnrt! Tjvernool lutures were
nniot. Ouottttions were aa lollows:
a 1 t . AA
.Tnnn.'r OlTn'Sil :June-Julv. 5 0405 03d ;
Julv-August, o uoiao uou; Augusi-
ct,.ml.i.r fi CiRtaiZ 07(1 : Scntcmber
nctnber. 5 05d: Octobor-November,
K O'M Montamlwr.
Atvrm i.ivpmnoi intureM were
easy; April, fid value; April-may,
OU V Willi- , miw-w ultv, ,v. ..u,
r.,rn..Iiilv'. K OL'ilbnvers: Julv-Auiiust
k m.l l.,.imM. A MiTiiof-Kiknfimlinlv Ji (Vlil
buyers; Septemuer-uciouer, o w imy-
ers; Uctouer-isoveinuer, oumsenein;
Senteinber, 5 0d buyers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futu es wero
quiet and steady; April, 5 Old sellers;
April-May, n Uhi seners; :uay-juiii-.
5 Old sellers; June-July, b tl.fd
sellers: July-August, 5 05d sellers;
August-SepUMiiber, 5 07d sellers; Sep
IS 04d bu vers: Oeto
her November, 5 Old value; Septem
ber. 5 08d sellers.
Liverpool wekly slatemnt for tlu
week ended Aptu n, ioso:
Wecklv stiles.
( ittwhi'rli American
. . .m .. ...
Tni lnilinc forexnort
Incl'g for spec lation
Fonv'd fin shin side
Tnhll ulni'k.
Of which American
Week's reeeints.
ft At'hw.li mrii'nn.
To'l rec.sinceSep.l..2,083,100 2,593,900
OI which American. i,4i,uu -,uiu,tiii
Actual week's exp t. o,'""
Stock afloat 234,000 104,000
Of which American. 145,000 100.000
pearl, 3'53 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Ru e Louisiana, 400c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, J3'3 25
from store.
4'racked WiiKAT-In halt-barrels,
$3 5 J from store.
Floch In car lots, double extra, f3
03 50; triple extra, 13 65:3 75; f:imi
lv, -A 7j(i4; choice, f4 25f..V ;!":
hmcv, f4 5 04 70; extra fancy, il 90
U 5 :' patents, i5 25i 5 tCi ; from store,
familv, f 4 n 4 25 ; choice, ii 2 K 4 40 ;
fancy, 14 050 4 9.1; extra fancy, $5
5 25 ; patents, 5 5tK.',6 25.
Hominy and Gkits From store, $3
03 25.
CRACEERs-Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 tc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, SH
Kansas City, Mo.. April 16. Wheat
unsettled; cash, 61 Jc bid, 63c aked;
May, 6263c; June, 5c bid, Otic
aiked. Corn quiet; cash, 27 Jc askwl;
May, 27 Jc bid, 281 c asked; Jnne, 281c
bid, 28jc fBked. Oats May, 29c
New Orleans, La., April 16 Floor
quiet bat stsdy; choice, f4 25; fancy,
44 60; extra fancy, $4 85; Minneot
and winter wheRt patents, J5 40.
Corn nnwitled but genially higher;
i i: ill.. ...II.
mix"n, 4ic; wniie, i)i"im-; jkiuh,
47048. Oats quiet but steady ; choice
Western, 39c. Hay, f 17019.
St. Lcbih, Mo., April 16. Flour
Omi. hnt nnchanopd. Wheat a tivo
and strong ; the market open d easi"r
and declined 4(Se, but lecoveredard
advanced 1K")1 more, and nited
firm mvtil the close, flnii-liing at prices
1J01JC higher than yesterday ; No.
2 led, res ', S7Jc; Mav, 8SJ 87i
doling at 87J; Jane, 87j087ic,cloi
irgat87Jc; July, 8:!h4c, cbsng
at 81c bid. Corn fairly active and
firm, oloiina 10ic higher than yester
day; No. 2 mix id, cash, 33c; Way,
33J33s,cloema at 3.ijc;june,
34c; closing a: iiijoDiu; juiy, oin-y
glected, prices firmj'No. 2mixed,ch,
2tJ(jJ3lc; May, sujn. nye we,
Barley no market. Hav active and
unchanged. Flaxseed dull and weak.
$1 03. Bran weak, 57058c. Oornmeal
firmer $1 8001 00 Keceipts riour,
2000 brls; whet, 4,000 bu; corn,
88,000 bu; oats, io,uuu du: rye, iwu
bn; barley, none. Shipments
Flour, 0000 bu j wheat, 3000 bn;corn,
12,000 bu;oata, 2,000 bu; rye, none.
barley, none.
Afternoon Hoard. wueat s'eiuy ana
Je higher. Corn easy and Jc lower.
Oats unchanged.
Chicago, III., April 16. A firmer
feeling prevailed in tbe grain markets,
Wltn nigner prices igriimm.wuitu
weie moderately well maintained to
the close. Th9 cables were firmer,
while the export clearings from the
seaboard aggregated Jiia.uuu ouensis.
The market opened s shade lower, the
May optio' s ftarting at 765.1, but un
der good demand advanced quite
steadily to 78lc, and closed on the
regular board at 78c, with no change
in the afternoon. Shoria cavered freo-
ly throughout the ent re session. Lorn
unri nuta iinrn rn n HrrniiirHr. u nviu-
pathy wuh wheat, and ciod a snane
en: Pineapples, tl 351 OS; peaches,
2-lh. standard, 1 3:01 50; seconds,
Jl 1501 25: tcmntoe", 2 Ih, s'an Unl,
1 10; 31b, II 35; s'rwbtrriHf, II 40
01 00; ra pterriM, $1 15(.V 1 25; bUck
herries, 11 1: green gsges, II OOci)
t 75; pears, 22 25: pinnies, It OOQft
1 70; asparagus, 2 00 i 4; grwn corn,
1101 35; green peas, (ij2 2; cove
oyaiers, full weight, Mb. ft'.. 1 10;
cove eysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 750
1 85; cove oys'ets, light weight, 1-lb,
6"c; cove oyVtrs, li;ht weight, 2-lb,
II; condensed milk-Crown, J5 5W;
Eigle, 17 75; Swiss, 16. ,
Baitihobe, Md., April 10. Coffee
quiet; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair,
llirim Anril Hi Snoilr in fiiir (1a-
mand and firm. At MaWnzts tday
16,000 bags centrifugal, 96 degrees po
lr Eitioo, were told at .) 26 kold per
Vnf Vni Anril lii. fJofla on.
steady ; salea, 17,000 bags; April 7 10c;
... . .T l
Mav, Y.llitjQ.lic; junp, io Kovemotir,
7.05c; December, 7 10c. Sugar quiet
but firm, refined steady ; white extra
O.6J05;e; yellow, 41041c. Mohuss
steady. Rice quiet and firm.
New Orleans, La., April 16 Cof
fee quiet and weak; Rio, 609c. Su
gar strong and higher; open ksttle,
prime. 6Jc; fnllv fair, 605 l-16c; fair,
4S04Jc; centrifugals, choice whits,
ec; eff white, 6 l-lti0OJc; prime yel
low clarified, 6J05J.t; second?, 45c.
Molasses quiet but steady; open ket
tle, good prime to strictly prime, 32c;
piirae, 20022a; centrifugals, prime to
s'rictlv prime, 10020c; fair to gooil
la'r, lio.
skips, rJ rO03 75. Bheep wcir.t',
2iHK hta.l; ehipmen'a, 500 head;
market steady and lather weak; ra
tives, f 2 25( 4.
Kansas Citt, Mo., April 16.-The
Live Shk Indicator reiwiits: Ca tie
reieipts, 2459 head; flrpments, 8i'0;
market active and 5010c lower ; choice
i fanrv, " 10,3 5 40; fair to good,
14 t5(.i 5"; common ti medium, 14diN
4 50; ot.Kkers and f elers, i 30(.,
4 20 ; cow, $2 600 3 40. ll.igi re
ceipts, 97S0 bead; shipments, 3:'i9
head; mnrktt slow and 5010c lower;
.! in . limpo t awl 15: common to
m-tlinm, 3 t"03 85; skips and pifs,
203 50. Sheep- receipts, 1841 head ;
.i.ilim.iiiB lil hA.il market .tndv:
good to ch'oine, 1404 55; common to
medium, j-ws ou.
New York, April 10. There lias
been bo life to tbe demand, which is
confined to such miscellaneous assort
ments as requiied by the daily wants
of the jobbing trade, which, in this
manner, is taking a goad quantity of
Special Notice For Marion.
Ttaa Fariyboat
John Overton, kfT
Cavt. Firlman, . 3?Msti
Will laav tha loot of Jetariou tlroat lor
Marlon, wf S n.m. n1 p.m.
61 ,000
3 30 1
:, 7,900
3 ',000
1630.000 1.024.009
; 408,000 797,000
' 45,000 53,000
43,000 40,000
2494 1558I524O0O
2051 '
.1 J
New York spots opened easv and
closed easy. Silf s, 408 ba'es. Quota
tions were as f lllowa:
Yestt-rday. Thursday.
Ordinary 0J ti'i
Good ordinary, k 8
Low middling.. 8 1316 8 13 10
Middling 91 H
Good mid Uing 9 11-10 9 11-10
Middling fair..l0 11-10 10.11-10
Fair 11 ' 11
New York futures opened quiet and
closed dull and 3 to 5 points lower
Quotations unchanged. Salea, 27,509
(tENEKAL tkade.
till IRE DKAI.M.
Tim followinir is the record' of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2 white, spot, 39jc asked ; April,
391c asked JjMay, 41c asked ;June, 41 1c
asked ; No. 2 spot, 37c bid ; April, 37c
bid, 38Jc asked ; May, 5 cars sold at
38c o. t.
May, 35c asked.
Spilt, 14 25 asked; April, 1 car sold
at 13 75 o. t.; May, 14 50 asked;
June, $14 aaked.
Snot. Jl K0 bid: Mav. 12 askel.
Cohn -White, 47c ; miked, 4i.r, from
Store ; from levee or derKit, white, 44c ;
mixed, 42c ; in sacks, in round lota,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
Hav -Choice, from store,85e ; prune,
75 a. 80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, .114014 59;
prime. fl3W.13 60; prairie, 1808 50.
Ot-rs Whito. 40c; mixed, 38jc,
from store; round lots from levee on
track - white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
parked, 35Jc.
Bran' From store, 85c. per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, 14 75015 per
Beans -Navv, $1 755-2; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, Jl 200
1 40.
Cousmeal Standard, f2 152 25;
Flour quie1: and firm.
U'honr in i on irt dt niHiid and
stronger, closing lc higher. Sales
ranoed: April. lOiio-ioac, c:usu hi.
7(Se; May, 7678jc, eloeed at 78c;
Inns 7lf3lKflln. nloifid at 79 15-10t!:
No. z spring, voio; o. J npnug, in;y
09p. Corn firmer; 0 jc h'gher , cash,
Qai3mit3 An4! tlrii:t.'.'.(. elnnml at.
30ie; . May, 37i378c, cloied at closed
37 9 16s; June, 37 1M603e, ciofea
at 37 15160. Outs qiiet bnt firm;
cash and April, 28 jc; May, 29i029Jc,
closed at z,'c; June, ooje. nyv ,
o Rarlav dnll : No 2. 60c.
Flaxseed ouiet: No. 1,11051. , Re-
.ointa Finn. 21.000 brls: wheat
6000 bu; corn, 53,000 bu; oats, -',t.u
bu; rye, 2000 no; naney, ,uw on.
Shipments Flour, 5000 brls; wheat,
74,000 bu; corn, 34.C00 bu; oats, 52,
000 bu; rye, 4000 bu; barley, 16,
000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat, corn and
oats quiet and unchanged.
..Butter-Creamery, 31035c; dairy,
16020c; butterine, 13016; country,
12018c, according to condition.
Cheese Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; hill cream, 12Je; Y. A.
12:. ,
Mekm Pork Old, $10 per barrel;
new, tl 1 per barrel ; sugar-cured hams,
packed, 91010c; breakfast bacon, 80
9c; clear rib bacon, OJ06e.
Bi'i.K Pork Clear sides, 6c: clear
rib sides, 5Jc; long clear, 5g05ijc;
shoulders, 404c.
Lard Tierces, 06c; half-barrels,
60oje: kegs, O,06ji-; buckeU, 6J()
0c; half-buckets, OS0Oi!c; 50-11) tins,
6j0Oc; 20-lb tins, 6 106 Jo-! 10-lbtins,
6Itic; 5-lbtiiiH, O06c; 3-lh tins,
O!)0Oic; choice kettle, tierces, t$y
Frkhii Mkitk IVef -Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 707 je;
cows and heifers, 0:jc; mutton, 810
9C; lambs, 10c; pork, 6c.
Pkir-kbet Brls, J808 50; half-brls,
$3f(i!3 25.
.St. Louis, Mo., April 16. Pro
visions quiet. Pork blither. $9 60fl
9 05. Lard firmer, 6305 80c. Bulk
meats weak ; lonse lots lower ; long
clear, 5 20c; short ribs, 6.30c; short
clar, 6jc; boxed lota long clear,
5.3005 S5c; short) rits, 5.40j; short
clear, 6Jc. Bacon easier; long clear,
5.80 r. short rili", 5 Jc; short clear, 60
6.0 5s Hams, 99.c. Kutter dull and
easy; creamery, 25030s; dairy, 180
25c. Eggs firm and higher, 9Jc.
Chicago, III., April 10. .Men pork
opened 2J05c lower, rallied 121015c,
and closed" steady; cesb, $9 0V 9 10;
May, 19 02jr29 17 j; June, f910927j,
cosed at S9 2309 27j. Lard firmer
and 2Jo higher; cah, Jc: May, 5 850
5 90c, closed at 5 9.'c; June, 6 900
5.95c, cloned at 6.9O05.92jc. Boxed
meats steady. Drv saltad shoulders,
404.10c; short rib l.ides, 5.17j5.20cj
short clear sides,' o.roijtjo.ouc. omwi
dull and weak: creamery, 2125c;
dairy, 10022c. Kgn. 11011 Jc
Afternoon Boanil'ork firmer, 19 22 j.
Lard unchanged. '
iiuiKtuoi ii m rri.n.N.
Api'i ch AnnU'K. il 50:3-2 50 from
store; f 1 2502 pf r car-load fro n levea
or depot. Lined appi- s, o(...4c p r
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3j
04c fiom store.
PivriTniu Pnt itorts.tl 75(32 J5 from
itnra' il Mll 75 avr car load from
levee or depot. Sweet potatoes scarce,
12 7503 per brl. Peas, f 1 5001 75 per
VincTimn Onions. 12 75l3 25
from store ; $2 5f2 60 from levee or
dept. Cabbage, $2 75't3 2o f.ercraie.
K.rut. narreis, i.iwiaou; nu-urmiB,
2 7505. Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Turmns. 50c per ousnei.
r buit uraoges, i-ouiaiana, nonoi
Florida, cone ; Messina, 13 5004 per
box; imperials, oiao ou por uu
lAmnnH. f4 rO05 ner box. Bana
nu tl 7iWi:t nnr hunch. CocoanutS.
per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7Jo;
Tennesseo, larmers biock, oi-fi;,
rniutjid. "it-, hioher: she led. 1UC. ai
I'lrviNmmrp. ninis. iiiir : nuaii.
fl 60; half-gallons, fi 75; gallons,
rs. . Imofl Lai-ruin. U- hnlf-barrels.
$3 50; mixcd.barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrels, o.
V.i.iu. lytmlnn lnvers $3 40: lav
era, $2 75; California, i Imperial,
Walnuts renun. uc; iapiee,ioc
lirenoDies, lac. ruoerts, lie.
Oider Missouri, (( ou per dbt
rcl and $-104 50 per half-biurel ; Vine
b:: ". .. .o
iOULTBv inraeys, per uuzhii, f i-v
18; clncKens,-'.iO(aij; oresseu uirnejo,
scarce, lottic per pounu.
medium, 10014c for large; Arkansas,
Fiqii Mm-kprol. half-barrels. No. 1,
r. Nn. '3 25: No. 3. 12 75: 10-lb
ki Kn 1 HIW-- Nn. 2. 70c: 15-lb. No
3, 60c. Dry herrinas, family, 30c per
n.un V'aniunn wVinln. 'AM)C: sad
.il.. ii(,,r.. honr. f7iSc: wild tnrkevs.
60075c; ducks, t34; equirrels, 75c;
quails, $75c0ll ; prairie chickens, $5;
game nsn, ntrti-'Ci
Koos Dull, 10c. 1
For Cincinnati -O.-Llna Eicunion Staaraar
OIuin. Morgan S
U. W.ThrtniioTi. nuislar,
Will IfHvaSAlTltDAY, April 17th. t : I'.ui.
Kor treilit or .iai apply to 0. II. ltl't;-t-Kl.L.
Aii't, 12 MaUiion t. lelophona 22!.
Jaanii 11. rKNLiM. rannanaor cuni.
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co.
FOB I.OT1NVILLB nai'iraii
11. .1. vinion iuhiiii
Will MONDAY. Anril lCth. at 5 p.m.
For freight or paa( jll to 0. B. Rl)8
8ELL, Avant, No, IX mauiion ii. iaiainou
No. JIIIIM CAKIt, I'mnnwr nwrn.
Ht. I.nnla ! NdW Orlritna Anchor
l.luo-IUN. Mwll-CAIKU A Li. Wl'ia.
Arkansas City, S
Brola.kl...maiUr. ,'tti
ht or ii"af aiiif
AT NTHKM. Suii't.
jroiaai...maitr, - -Will
laava tha Klavator SATURDAY, AitII
I7h Mtan m. Knr traiffni or
V. L. il am, e. at.
Ml. ltnU anrl New Orln Anrnor
l.lat-li.S.nnu-ruK viUKBUunu.
Will laava tha Kiavator 6ATI HDAV, April
17th, at ti p.B. For frslght or paian applf
'. L. HUM.. rw. . ninn. 'i. nui
Cinoinoii... .I'BAaLU Muaaaa.ISp m.
Whita River PiSiiit, S p.m.
Virkahurg Citt or Cnao, 6 p.m.
Now Orlc.inn AKia P. 8iLTit, 4 p.m.
St. Louii AimHi C'nr, t p.m.
1'rinri Point .Ixctx Ants, 5 p.m.
Arkansas City KT Auma, S p.m.
Titonville (Utoko, 5 n.m.
Cincinnati - llrcaava brTg, J p.m.
Arkannaa Kiter.. Joi PgTgas. 5 p. m.
St. Franoif Kiver...Raxa Mtcanur. i p.m.
in'.wif. fAiiliiiiiiii Vriara Pnillt!
1 Van Adams, Osceola' Oity of IVovi-dfiii-e,
ft. liouis; Itello Memphis,
ickshurg; Kene Mac eady, M. rran-
cis river.
Vrjmrturet. llelle Memphw, Ht.
lxmis; City of Trovidence, V ickshurg;
Coahoma, Madison; Dean Adams,
Kriirs l'oint.
Jioatt in 'ort. Rene Macready.
Hunt Ihie 7 Aiirn.-City of Cairo,
Annie 1'. Silver and lhukeye fVate.
HiKitt Ihie Vp. DcSuit't, 0harle4
Morgan and Arkansas ('ity.
Krrelpia Yeaifraaiy.
Rclle Memphis-5 halt cotioa.
Cilv of Providence 100 tons mer
Coahoma 32 bales cotton, 2 hi
homes and 20 pkgs sundries.
Kene Maeready 0 hales cotton, 9
bgs s ed-cotton, 618 sks seed, 4'iiO
teet lumber and pkgs suiuines.
Tiik Uene Maeready, Ciipt. t. K.
Joplin, goes out Tuesday evening for
St. Franc s river.
Tiis City of Cairo, Capt. Shep Light
nr, is the Anchor Line iiacKCt this
evening at 6 o'clock for Vickaburg and
the Rends. J. C. Klton is her clerk.
Thk Arkansas City, Capt. W. II.
Rrolasii, is tho Anchor Lino packet
this evening at 6 o'clock for Cairo and
Kt. luis. Wui. U. Pritcliartt ia her
Tim (inyoso, Cuiit. W. P. Hall, is
the packet vomlay evening at 5
o'clock for Hales Point, TipUinvillo
and all way landings. J. P. Walt
Tub Annie P. Hilver, Capt. Wm.
Thompson, is tho Anchor Ij'uoi
this evening at 4 o'clock for Newj)
leans and all intermediate landings.
M. lA'limen ib tier clerk.
Tin Dean Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, is tho packet Monday even
., r. .,'..i....L (i..i '.:...
For Viokiburg, Natohea and New Orleans
1 ne emvani iteainor
Annie P. Silver.
win leave me mrnii"Mr"i
17th. at 4 p.m. For freight or pawiage api'ly
C. L. lUl.i.. HaM. Art. Alt Mumi, mi'ni.
Xemplils anil Vlrkgburg Packet Com-
naiiT L. 3. .nail Line.
For Helena, Oonoordla, Terrenaand Arkan-
lal i.uy i no oii-ritiiv -
M. K. L'twu. ...luaater 1 W. 0. Blauker...olark
....nil mxi I..V ..J 1'llllinriAV. ,1 K
ii.u.,reierving the right to pui all landing
thecaiiUin majMleein urrnafe. or goneral
nfnrniBtion aim V lit Mill's, 1111,1 ffmuipuii
treot. K. WALWOKTU. Agent.
JOHN flAHR. Piim'r Ant.Tolin'hnn
CerKaK-Commaii 88Jo; ordinary,
!0OJc; prime Rio, lie; choice to fn
cv. ll01;5ic; old government, 230
353; Cejlon, 20e.
H(ip-3(5)5ic per pound. ;
Hugab Pure w, c. white, 6JTn6c;
off white, 6(S08c: yellow, 6j06jc;
onen kettle, 4ife.r.gn; refined A, OJ0
tji: ; granulated, J07c; powdered,
7s; cot loaf, 71c. ,
fciALT il 2001 30 per barre.; racks,
tine, fl 60; erase, H 10: pockets,
bleached, 24"S7.:j cur lojds from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molarsks Lcnaians, com a. on ti
fair, 2003 c; pii:ne to choice. 30040c;
syrup, 20040c; common to (air, 200
2oc ; prime to choice, 3033c ; cenlnf-
.wnl l.nn. 'II,,
Tobacco Uommoa, n-incn, ty
30c; rtbor grades and styles, 23(.28c.
8nuff Gairttt's, 3 10 85 per cane ;
Ralph's, ilO 25 per cBe; R. R., l! 60.
Candies Sticks, all sig-s, in box':s,
pais and barrels, "i0Slc.
CiMni us-Fiill weight, lO101Oic.
i Canniu)Gooi)8,Etc. Priceeperdor-
l-nrrOM.BKKD OIL. ETC. 1
6sn delivered at depot and wharf,
h nor ton: nn Dana, tu river u. u. u.
hnail tit. waann ai ml lift. 18. MBAL
Prima 1 1 n h. V 1 5 nnr ton. Less than
oar-load lota. 10. From store, OOs per
sack. Cakb Nominal; 16 pel ton,
OiL-Iri car-load lots, prime, crade U,
u nil ooiro'4f- nrimn slimmer vel
low, 2OJ0-7c; off-summer yellow. 25 J
(ncoic: miners,; i-uuiir iouio
summer vollow, 20M.iuc. '
Nw Oui.cANB. La.1 April 18. Cot
ton seed products (juiet and weak;
crude oil. 2OJ02I Jc ( yellow, 26027j ;
cake anl mca', long, per iuh, i."v;
19 60.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c por gallon.
Ci.kvki.hnI). (.. April 10. Petro
leuin steady; s.w., 110, 7,c.
TiTTuin im Pa.. Anril 10. Petro
leum dull but steady ; National Tran-
nii ...,rtiiw.uli.a nneiii'd at 7lc. and
i.l,.u(l Ht. 7."i3-10!: hiihest. 7')Ic; low
est, 7"ic.
Ilinitn.'v Hint. lSdillOj; dry salt,
1Y(iM2r: creen fait. 708.:; grt-en, 50
lin ilni.r L'L illH. Mrn.lSit: hunlerhau
died coin ekius, each, 20n0c ; country
rrinn Kleins. l(V3i30c: mink, 10030c;
...... i, i r.svui,;. nitor. flfiiS: hear.
UIIICAI HI, ' -, ' . iw
J105; boaver, .'Oi0tl; wildcat, 200
40J; fox, 2r07r)c; skunk, 25075c.
Boeswax, 1821c; tallow, 405c.
Houses Good driving, 11500225;
good saddle, $1400301); plugs, $350
80; good mares, $850140.
Min.R8-14tolf). $1100135) 16 to
16, $12'i014O; 15 to 10, $1500175.
Good demand; supply fair.
WII INK T, Wile EN. imi'OIW, ETC.
VVhiskv -Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, 1 0006; rye.fl 7506; domestic,
W)e0!l 50.
Chicaiio, April 16. Whisky steady
at$l 14.
St. Ixiuih, April 16. Whisky steady
at I 10.
Cincinnati, 0., April lO.-Whisky
firm at $1 10. Hah of 720 barrels of
finished goods on this basis.
Receipts of cattle the past eek
were aain very light. Prices were
strong at last week's quota'ioiis. To
day the market is about bare, and the
.ioian.1 f.ir all kinds vnrveood. Pros-
ptcts for the coming week very favor
able. Hog receiu , suu cuuuuuo
light. Mket bare to day. Demand
...... Pfi, firm. The market
ia turn o! sheeD to-day. Demand for
best butchirs' grades very good
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
000 to lO5Opound?,4104Jc; good,3joi
4Js; ent ice graas-iBo, ow-nc, nu.,
ZfaMa; fai to medium, 202jc; com-
H.'s-Choice. 3J04c: gco.l, 3
1!.. .,m.in Sf.f.Hr
Ki'ikkp-Choice 404 Jc; medium, 3
03c; common, ou. ,
n....nn lit. Anril 1(1 Tha 2roi
wnuiiw, .i.., - ,
en'Jrmrnal reports: Cattle receipt,
KJ00 brad ; shipments, 3000 head ; mar
u. . . i,,. a hn.1 lnwnr: shirtpmg
steerp, 950 to 1500 lbs., $4 3'.("i;
utockers and feeders, $2 7504 50 ;
cows, bulls ar.d mixed, 25c lower, H i)
rA. .Lrnnoh Tux cattle. $4 250.").
Hojjarpceipts, 18,000 heail; shto-
... a TiiiMi in nil ! miirKi l viuw nuu v
U1H1I1D, ( - ,
010c lower; closed weak; rough and
in xsd, $3 9 '04 25 ; packing and ship
ping, h 1004 35; light, $31004 30;
looh'a Eenr!o Prl leave in
oena icr rrv-
grauimn. a . .
laairiaaai iwnw . ... - -
na Tlrkrla by all line! of (teamerf
linhed monthly, b mall for Ti C.
ing at ft o clM:k lor Helena, Friar's
Point and all way landings. Will
A..i.r...l Win u :u i
nuiiiiii niiu tv in niuivuur irii ner
Tiik Kute Adams. CauL Murk R
Cheek, is the United Htatea mail
packet Monday evening at 6 o'clock
lor Helena, Ark annua City and all
way landings. W. C. liJanker is in
her ollice. i
Tub great exeiimion steamer Charles
Morgan, dipt. ). Wash Thompson, is
the O. Line packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Cairo, 1ouisvillo, Cincin
nati and all way landings on the Ohio
river. Charles Church baa charge of
ner oince, assisted by Harry Miller.
Tub DeSmet, Capt. Milt R. Harry,
is the packet this evening lit 6 o'clock
for all points on White river, going
11. 1. ... XT 1 1 I.J
uiiuiiKii in itewiuri. mill iiiua.uiK con
nections with packet for npiier White
and B ack rivers. Albert McOhee is
in charge, of her otlico, aasialed by
Hugh Smith. ,
Tub ltuckeye Htate, Cant. II. J,
April, May, June and July,
bi. vli- Vinton, Jh tho packet Monday even
lauierf. ing at b o'clock for, Cairo,,. Louisville,
main, pub- Cincinnati mid all wav Inndimni on
n i U.UI f.tnf h(.av11ia
ror upooib nmw W,UM.
Uayoto trifl TiitfnTlll-Tbt nw iftm'
v V: nll mtf I J. D.Fnller......o!er
will ov a aboye,' i
kVh.h.1 MOiNUAJ an
aa aboye,' and all wa polnta.
ia luu run L a i i-
. . l t .. Li ml rAinnmit. i
It 11 it .r.V'i. , it i i
D m. Kor'lre1irhtorraage aiilon board
jltfniplil',I'rlnrs Pol
lnlHad Htinlilt
For lieleea. Hlendala, Friar Point and r
tv kt UUHIIIir-liwtw
flmilioma. u!Q
X. Ti t''agett...niMter I Piatt Khuiie...ork
Will laflV Kt anflio nn ivrrr iiivi.yi..
W K W' KbWA x iBdinuiiA ohm a.
Fnr Randolnh. Fnlton. Oneola and Way
lianaiQt nieaioer
J. H. 0w.m.sur....J. W.Nm .
and J HID AY lit 5 f.ffl. Ike or ting
l3nu- rrirve tin Tiffin to ra ml 'landlnr;
ilmM :ln nifty iijtn unea.e. .j"i' .
Arkansas ttlvcr Tk't Co.
K. B. Hmlth....inaler, ,,uVli;
Leave. Meiunuu a,m y r.-.a ... . ...
riffi.. Nn S Mndipion t. Teloi'hona Nn. S2
Cincinnati mid all wav landings on
the Ohio river. ;(reo.' W. llendrick
son and Chan.. Vinton bre hor clerks.
The llnckeyo State will give cheap
rates to all points North and Kaat.
Busiaisa nuieL "'' ''
Ci'ivnr weather wltlj li(ht rins.
ivaiKii iH uy mm, yenmruay,
..i... i . . i it i i i
. and 018 sacks cf seed. .
. Tub City of Providence passed
down yesterday morning for Vicks
Kiir,. ui, .ii.i.i,..ni,.i l, ..... i nn
I ....... .'i.v umi umifiiu ti c u ivi iuui
of miscellaneous freight 'fcndadded 30
i"'"- i - . JTj.
Ti. 1I..I1.. M...t,.-J Jl7..1l ..
tlt 4 1 1 . ...l.lllf.llIB pivsioti up
Thursday night, for Ht. Iuis. tihe -
discbarged here 5 bales of cotton, and -.'
added here 500 beer kegs and a good
i.. . .. i .. i
iui in nuiiuriw.
, Tiik Ooahumi departed last ev.-ning
tr Madison, in the rtrvics of the
Memphis and Little Hock lU'lroid
oinpany, and the h. W. Cole will be
in lailioad boat this evening.
Tiik Joe Peters, Cj pi. E. II. .Smith,
lacket Tu 'sday evening at 5
MemphiH& White Kivcr I'kt.Co
w. a. I'Aii.l . m.iter I C. M.I,Jotal.. olrrl
. .... - mh i
l t.rinlJ., lirl Illnir, ! Ari
A jatiel,.'i'itiir'lirni" n" j.
alBn.m. Throoh rnte te a.ii l";inM
prOUlT"!.) ii , r M , R)
wri miripnn i. -
is the nacket Tu 'sdav evenina at 5
o i lock (or all pom's on Arkansas
river, going through to Pine . Bluff.
Charles Mussulman is hor cleik.
Tub Kene Maeready arrived yester
day morning from M. Fiancis river,
.:.i. it t..i.. . . . a i i . , . i . ..
Willi ir uuiva uuii.iu, :r UBn aenu-uinii'ii,
018 suck i seed, 4050 feit lumber, lot of
unuiiup, auu rmiirus nmuity evoii-
UlUeVO iuui itllMD R ry vuig uwiw ,
...rite... Mmln. ami Tl,..l7u. fr Ifal. 1
it5 p-m. Throorh mien to il pfilntg. " .A"".i""!' " "A ' ,
Ml MiEneiio"lslomrhli.nd Wbi-e knd Saturday for OJWjcU and Oold..-
,r Vtriot Cfmiiany'1;'!! hf.-wardtd lu3ti I ,
!..!.. .. LOWR, Agent. .....1..!V:. - . .,,1,1 .
til. UUUDl n.UDID r" II . I .AVI , V tm
I.Unmm vitaluvilav a.i nn.l neiniy thtk
t J I . . U ... IVUIVIU.; M.. ... ....... ..n - " "
collision of tbe steamer DeHuiet with
the railroail prldgeit Newport, Arc,
tearing awav her wbeel-honse, coik
houBe, guarde, and causing other dam
age. . Owmu to high water on the Arkan
sas side, the. Little Kock road will
tiutnofrtir traifnfnr fralcrrit. anil nannfln-
gers at this point, and, has arranged
wun inn r,. w . voih ana uoauouia w
make daily trips from here to Madi
son. . ! '
Thk river 'at this point marks 33
(... 7 lonilia hir tlm oanva. or 34 feet 8
Iiitoh . ... . j n n . , .
tenths aboVe low water mark, rise ol
2 tenths ol a loot in iwenty-iour uoum.
The river is now 8 tenths of a foot
above tbe danger line, snd I foot 3
tenths below high water of 1K82.
atlvvr Tliran.
D.,tnan Anril IA Noon River $
feet 2 Inches on the gange and station
ary. Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, April ie. oon Kivev
falling, with 41 feet , ou the gauge.
Weatner clear; uiersuwucwjr it .
ttr.,. IV Vi A nril lft Noon
It Hlhbl.il.', .... .
River 13 feet S inches on tha jauge
and falling, weatner ciearauu warm.
. .i . i, t?: nn
LoviavtLLa. April io. ,
falling rjipidly, and is iiow "Z Inches
below tne uanger iibb. v- v-
i -irtmi-j nd mild. Departed: U. r
Pchenck, New Orleans. ' .
Kvansvillb, April 16. Nfu Kiva
(n;,. iih 4 1 .10 (net on the aauire
iiriiut, ... - , , ... i "
Weather slightly coldi r, with bear .
rain since ii o cioca. Arrivcu
eye State, Cincinnati, 8 a.m.
Cairo, April 18 -a ooaKivei oy e
5 inches on the gauge anu rising.
Weather cold and raining. Amtaii;
Annie P. .Silver, New Orleans. 11 p.m.
No departures ol regular packets.
Memphis, White Black River I'ackcl
llgalana. IIAVftllH IllUlIa uvm n.
(auu wport ana cwviiio.
Mile llarrT i ,....nwter
Will leave K V E KAURDAY at 6 o'old,
li.m. llirnoKii rawiHjaii fih.
ronnigned to Mill Uarri Line. Merj.hi.H
ha nromiitiT iorwaro"u. 1 ."'""
J .. .4 ., .. . . r.-1 ., . uiui
IJBl(e i Alan moil ri iti,i.uu.....
.lamia H. VBinLII. ruHllKfr tn..
The St.Francla River Iransportatloii
C.,,.; Fin. 8ido-W heel 11. b. Mall bifjwoei
Rene wacreaay, - r -...e
0. K.Jwtdln.. . .. jrmjler ,
WIIyE. iit.a t K mvtiwwM-ammrw .'
.( r, 'io(..T(ir.'rina. tBavnv-uB.anq
inunneiiiate lundink-" f n ht. Francif rWer
Th. Mtiittin rnltarTlif ine rignt 11)
landings he deems untate. JAS. LKB. Jr.,
Knrlntrl lfi., No. 4 W(1inn l
, . i notice Is llerebi Ulten,
. . . .l ..ii.. .) Ih. alAnk.
k..u.r .ol tha Chenaiieake, Uhlo
and 8outhwetern Railroad Oompanf
t... .v.. aiMiitli.n ol utreoiori anu
luch other bulnom ' eonie before the
meeting, will be held at the otBee of .the
Coan.anr, in the citr of Meinphii (oallerl mi
Taiing Di.triot ol rihelbj County), lenn.
On the BIB UT 01 nyrii, -
o'clock noon of thfit day, and that the lenai
frmthatOouipafiTto the Newport Newi am
Mil'iMiiilii Vuller tODmanr win. vm
mittad to tha etockholderi for theirconeil
Mi..i..ii.iii Valla ComuanT will be auk
ut'tt miiir'i. ...
.lied Iroin .March 1'nh )
. T : .1- I ..J Tin aril t
ISAAC K, HATK8, SeiTetarr-B
i i, ami aiiiiroviu thereof. lranH
bonki will be cli
AprilS, 1KM.
Br orde
n" KAVti KNN-ltii CAHKK8 and CliHK.M
... . .. .... Kl vaitll
i.-i:.! i .mi nl the noted aoeoiallit'ol
j .. .nk. huniilt. Cvaao Hiuaai-ri I
three monthi. nd einoa then hundredi i
otnen o same pruu.. v,..ul -,--t,-......r.,t
knm, traatuMnt. AUuresa 1. O.
PAUK,liSKaitJtlibV,,Now YoriCitrJ

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