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Day Taken Up In the House
With tff.rtg to ObUlu
Special Orders.
Washington, April 19. Senate The
Chair laid before the Senate a letter
from the Secretary of War, tians
mittiDK. in compliance with a Senate
resolution, a report ef the Adjutant
General, relating to post bands in the
army. Laid on the table.
The Chair also laid before the Pen
ate) a memorial consisting of resolu
tions ol the United Labor Lascne of
America, tendering the thanks of that
organiza'ion io the Hon. W. E. Glad
stone for his Iiish home rule measure
and urging the United States Senate
to pat's vote of thanks to him. Re
ferred. Sonater Vest, from the Committee
on Public Buildings and Gronnde, re
ported favorably the bill to provide for
tbe erection of a fireproof hall of rec
ords in Washington. On his motion
the bill was passed.
It is the same bill that has twice al
ready passed the Senate, in accord
ance, Senator Vest (aid, with the rec
ommendations of Fres:dents Arthur
and Cleveland.
Senator Hoar inquired whether the
hall was for keeping of the "private"
papers of the President. I Lauatiter. I
Senator Vett replied tnat it was for
the keeping of the legislative, execu
tive and judicial r. apsrs of the Unittd
Mates government.
On motion of Senator Frye, tbe
Serrate, at 12 :41 p.m., went into execu
tive seesiou.
When tbe doors reopened the Sen
ate adjourned.
The Senate remained in secret ses
sion about three hnnrs and a half,
considering the Weil and La Abra
Mexican treaty, and adjourned with
the understanding that toe vote shall
be taken to-mono w.
Ibe Ilouir.
Under the call of States a number
of bills and reeo'utions were intro
duced and referred.
Mr. Herbert, Ala., from the Com
mittee on Naval Affaire, moved to sus
pend the rules and adopt a resolution
making the bill to increase the naval
establishment a continuing special
order from Thursday, the 23d of
April, until Tnesdsy tbe 27th of Apiil,
on which latter day the previous
Suestion stall be considered as or
ered. It excepts, however, appropri
ation bills, prior special orders, public
land bills and private bills on Friday,
which shall not be antagonized.
Mr. Herbert aj pfal'jd for a consid
eration by tbe House of the great
question involved in the resolution.
Our cities by the eea, he said, were
absolutely at tbe mercy of any foreign
power. Brazil could successfully bom
bard any city on the Atlantic coast,
while Chili could successfully bom
bard San Francisco. Both parties were
committed to an increase of the naval
establishment, and on no pretense
cculd the bill be allowed to fail.
Mr. Morrison III. opposed the reso
lution, on the ground that as the bill
would be crowded out by the excepted
measures cntil the 27th the House
would be called upon to vote on a
measure which involved the exp ndi
ture of millions of dollars after but a
Short dftbaks.
Mr. Hoi man Ind. objected to the
naval ttablishniett bill, bteauee il
would displace' measures of greater
Enblic interest the land forfeiture
A'r. Bayne Pa. was willing to se
cure a navy whether after a long or
short debate.
Mr. Hewitt N. Y. said that in re
fusing to give a day to the considers'
tion of the naval establishment bill the
House wonld be trifling with a grave
and important question. The country
was lamentably deficient in means of
defense, and it was a grave question
. to-day in tbe negotiations with foreign
countries whether the United States
could take the stand on public ques
tions which the interest and dignity
of a great country demand.
'1 Demotion to suspend the rules and
adopt the resolutions was lost yeas,
119; mys, 104, not two-thirls voting
in the affirmative.
Ou motion of Mr. Dockery Mo.,
from tbe Committee on Poatollicea and
Postroads, the rales wore suspended
and a bill was passed to extend the
immediate delivery service. It pro
vides for thin service within the car
rier delivery limit of any free delivery
office, and within one mile of any
other pottoffioe, which the Postmaster
General may designate.
On motion of Mr. McRae TArk.,
from the Committee on Public Lands,
the rules were suspended and a bill
passed providing for tbe sle of tbo
Cherokee reservation in the State of
On motion of Mr. Hill 0., from the
Committee on Territories, the rules
were suspended and a resolution was
adopted setting apart the 1st aad 8th
of May for the consideration of busi
ness repotted by tbe committee. (This
business will include the Oklahoma,
but not the Dakota bill.)
Mx. Murphy la., from the Commit
tee on Commerce, moved to suspend
the rules and adopt a resolution mak
ing the Hennei in canal bill a continu
ing special ordr for May 6th.
Mr. Browne End. opposed the res
olution because Le opposed tbe canal
bill. It onuht not to pass the House.
It was the inauguration of a system
which would lead ta profligate ex
penditure,' an inauguration of class
legislation, which was in the face of
the constitution.
Mr. Hatch Ma. objected to tho
resolution for the reason that under
it the caual bill would be taken out of
t.e committee of the whole and con
sidered in tho House, where the pre
vious question conld be ordered at
any time. There was no more merit
in the bill than in other canal bills,
and there w&e no reason why it should
be given precedence.
Tbe mo'ion to suspend the rules and
adopt the rewiution was lost yeas,
112; nays, 103 -not the necessary two
thirds in t'.e affirmative.
Mr. Dibble 3. C, from the Com
mittee on Pur lie Buil lings and
Grounds, moved o suspend the rules
and adopt a relation setting apart
the 6th of May and succeeding
days for the consideration of public,
building mi.auires Mr. Dibble ex
plained tlift these measures involved
an expenditure of about $4,000,000.
Mr. Bloant, Ga, earnestly op.
posed the resolution because it set
apart an unlimited time to tbe con
sideration of an unlimited number of
bil's. It was the inauguration of a
march on the trepsnry such as no
Congress had ever tjlerated before.
Mr. Dibble inquiied whether the
gentiem in Lad not supported a propo
sition as broad ai the pending one at
the last cession ot Congress.
Mr. Blount replied that there bad
been no each proposition presented.
Ihe proposition then had been to fix
rno day for trie consiJera ion ot the
bilis, while the proposition to-day wai
fiat public bus: "eta should be sus
pended to allow Congress to go on ap-p-opra'ing
for any pnb'ic bnildirg
tfcst tnyboi!y waited.
Mr. Dibble said that the gentleman
misapprehended the character of the
resolution adopted at the last Con
gress. He q'Juted from the Record to
show tr at that reec lution made public
building bills a contiTiLg special
uidar, aud remarked: "The queetion
was taken by yeas and rays, ard
(earcustiea'ly) by some accident I sup
pcs, the nvue of the gent emn from
Georgia Mr. Blonnt is rero'ded in
the alfimmtiva." Lanntitir.
Mr. McMillin, Tenn decla.ed that
only three or four bills tiad passed Uie
Hoase by virtue of tint resolution.
and that then the ord-r had broken
down nnder the we:ght of its own
Mr. Dibble replied that the order
had broken down because a small mi
nority cf the House had filibustered
against its execution. He asserted
that it would be in the interest cf the
public business to have the resolution
adopted, as it would prevent a recur
rence of the practice of pawing public
building measures during the expir
ing hours of a Congress, whether
recommended by a committee or not.
Was the House afraid of itself T Were
the gentlemen afraid that the House
wculd rnn away with the treasury on
it back?
Mr. Bayne Pa. was in favor of the
resolution, on the ground that- the
time would be less harmfully occupied
by the public building measures tbnn
by the taritt bill, ine House, how
ever, was rather inconsistent in refns
irg to consider the naval establish
ment bill and thus voting a want of
coi C lence in the Secretary of the
Navy and t'. en ca6tii;g a vote of coufi
darcj in itself in regard to public
Mr Blonnt Ga. pointed out that
tbe resolution lor wtiich he had vo ed
during the la t Ct ngre-si was cot simi
lar to the one now under corsiilera
tion. The former had had reference
to bills then inromtnhte?of tbe whole
or on tbe Spt k-r's table, while the
latter refe-rre 1 to any bill the) commit
tee nuht report in tie futuie.
The m iticn to snape; d the ru'es
and adopt the resoluti ui was lost
yeas, 143; nays, 78; rot tvo-thirds
voting in the nfli native.
Mr. Richardson Twin ., from the
Committee on Pa itic Railroads, moved
to suspend the rules and pars a bdl're
quiring tbe Northern Pacific Railroad
Company to pay the cost cf locating
and surveying tbe lands granted to
that railroad.
Pnd!ng action, the. House ad
journed. How to Slake Money While Doing;
The many visitors to the city of New
Orleans during tho past winter months
have frequently, both in their letters
home and th ir recounting the inci
dents of their travels, dwelt upon the
celebrated Charity Hospital, which
has been a refuge for many years to
the sick and injured, and which is sus
tained by the Louisiuna State Lottery,
about which and its Monthly Grand
Distributions of fortunes, any one can
lenrn more on an application to M. A.
Dauphin, Now Orleans, l.a. Here is
a rare case where a person in ly make
much money bij doing good to grangers..
4'rpinntioci nl Itnllalo.
Bi'fkai.o, N. Y., April 10. - When
Buffalo's crematory was finished it
was tested' with an unknown body
and was found to be perfect in all its
operations. 'Phe first cremation of a
body at the request of the friends of a
deceased person took place to-night,
the corpse being that of Dr. Ben'amin
Rudolph Eevtitiiann of Detroit, aged
seventy-six years, and for many years
a prominent pliysiciun of that city.
lie uieu last rmiiiy oi senile ueoniiy.
Tho funeral service's were held in De
troit and this evening the body ar
rivoil here. It was taken immediately
to hn. crematory. Accompany ipg it
were Dr. Chas. Eggemann, a son of the
deceased, and a personal friend, Dr.
Hugo Erick on; the latter mado a
brief eulogistic address. The body,
which weighed 135 pounds, was placed
in the retort at 10:7 o'clock and in an
hour the. incineration was complete,
about Ave pounds of ashes remaining.
The incineration was perfect, with no
odor or offensive circumstances what
A Lovely Complexion.
"Wl at a lovely complexion," we
often hear persons say. "I wonder
what she does for it?" In every case
the purity and real loveliness of the
complexion depends upon the blood.
Those who have sallow, blotchy faces
may make their skin smooth and
healthy by taking enomrh of Dr
Piece s "Golden Medical Discovery"
to drive out the humors lurking in the
Noa-SrctArlaa Christiana.
' Pittsburg, Pa., April 19. The an
nual meeting of the non-sectarian and
non-denominational Christians began
in Alleeheney Uity yesterday morn
ing. About HO.) delegates were pre-ent
t . L. ir l rr W 1 J
irum viuu, new, Virginia, jnaryianu,
New York, Pennsylvania and Canada.
The object of the gathering is the cele
bration of the passover. Addresses
were mado by J D. Adamson of New
York, F. L. Morris of West Virginia
and C. S Russell of this city. In the
course of his remarks Mr. Morris said
he believed the end of the world was
near at hand. It was to be preceded
by a season of anarchy, and he looked
on the present laior troubles as the
first step.
t!unoreriry Violence,
For which outfaced nature exaot heivypen
altiee, it done to the bowel" br person won,
with uraetie, dreurbing purgat v make war
on tbo e ore-an in or.le: to relieve tfaeir con
striction. Constipution ia nut one of thoe
d- srerate dUetees that regui-e deeperate
rmnedii-i. In f ct. it ii not a dice Be at all,
but the inoonuIetedi' harce of a function, to
the beilthiul renwal ot which lloautter'a
htomich Hilterfl ii lar hotter adapted thn
drug, whose action if exce-f ive. aiid conse
quently debilitatin t and injurious. ln r
der of the liver, contamination of the blood
with bile, sick htMdehe and dyspeti .-fiyajp-tom
ara tho attondnBta of oostivenefiB, and
ire likeai e remod.ei by the Ct'eri It
action i not limited to relieving 'he bowels
natura'ly and w.thut rain, tin d with per
iteni, aod as directed, it perpetuates rea
oiarity in the bahit of bdy, and in the oper
ra ions of the diffetiie orgam nd liver.
Ferer and ague, rhsumat cm and kidney
troublei are prevented aad cured by it.
OntJnon of an Aprnrhfiis; Out
break of nolra.
C Cleveland, Of April 19. Many
residents of this city are much
alarmed over the appearance, for sev
eral months past, of a thick b uish
fog, which appears to issue from the
earth. Its presence is regarded by
persons conversant with its previous
appe-arance here as ominous of an
approaching epidemic of cholera. It
is awingular fact, cited by those who
went through the cholera plagues of
lftiti and earlier years, that this same
bluish fog has always preceded an
outbreak of the dreaded scourge, and
that it has not been seen in this city
until this week s nee the last cholera
epidemic. tViemtista here whose at
tention has been called to the fact
btdieve that conditions favorable ti
the creation of this fog are favorable
to the spread of cholera contnirion.
Alii) jilt illliaN.
Tbe Oatlook la All Other States Ten
KiiCtiiimgiiiir Tfce Spring'
Cmeaoo, III., April 1!. The fol
lowing crop summary will appear in
the Farmer' Reritw this week: The
chief feature of the crop returns up to
t ne close oi tne we? is c inuuniii in
the closest uniformly glotimy tenor of
the returns from Kansas. The reports
from Kansas for the past six wee'ks
have indicated only partial crops, but
the latest bulletins predict an almost
total failure in a number ol counties,
while at the best t';ere is the promise
of not to exceed one-third an average
yield f r the entire Htate. The reports
from Mcl'herson County are that the
prospect is the poorest ever known,
and that the yield will not pay for the
cutting. The ou U k in Neosha
County is very little, and alroa 'y many
fields arc bekg plowed under. In Ot
tawa County fully fifty per cent. of the
crop is reported' t te winter killed,
while in Sedgwick County tho out
look is slightly more favorable, but a
bountiful yield doe's not seem promis
ing in any portion of the State.
The prospect in Michigan shows no
improvement and in many of the
counties wheat is reported to be going
backward on account of the re'eent
dry and freezing we'ather. In some of
the counties a great deal of wheat is
reported lying on ton of ground. In
lA'iiawee and two other eountiea indi
cations of the Hessian fly are reported.
Except in these two States tbe out
look continues not only good, but in
ninny tv.e prospects are blattering for
winter w heat.
In some porli ns of Oh'o the recent
storms have left the ground full of
water, which, with the accompanying
cold weather, has threatened the
growing plant, lmt as a rule the re
ports are very favorable.
Throughout all of Southern Indiana
the fields are green and the plant
hea'tliy. The fields on somo of the
highlands do not nnpetir at the best,
and some look badly, but they are the
In Missouri some of the upland
wheat is looking poorly, lmt on the
lowlands the prospect could hardly be
In some of the counties in Ten
ne'sse'e the plant has already attained
the growth of twelve inches, and the
general prospect is encouraging.
In the spring wheat area Dakota ap
pears to be in tho le d, and fine
weather for seeding and plenty of
moisture. In three of the counties
reporting there will be a large in
crease in the acreage.
Very little seeding has been done
wither in Wisconsin, Minnesota Iowa
or Nebraskn, and in tho two las
named Statx'8 seeding threat -ns to be
delayed twenty to thirty days.
In many portions of Nebraska t' e
season is already becoming so far ad
vance I that large tracts will be seeded
to flax."
lunnnl Council ol Hie F.)Nrnl
IMixete nl (lie Niiiic The
lr'il'y l'ne.
Pink Ki.ukp, Ark., April 1!.- On the
7tli, Sth and 0th of May the an trim!
council of the Episcopal Diocese of
Arkansas convenes here. The Bishop
wil' be hero, and a good attendance! of
clergy and laity. Many matters of
importance will come before the coun
cil. The proposed Hook will make their
report, and questions concerning a re
vision of tho liturgy will arise and
elicit interesting d scussion.
The case of O E. Presley, charged
with the murder of Frank Hrigham,
has occupied the attention of the
court for the past ten days, much of
tho time having been occupied in
selecting a jury. It will be recollected
that, on the loth of February, ltrig
hnm, a rank stranger from Cedar
Creek, N. Y., put in an appearance
and stopped Ht the Magnolia House,
cf which Presley was proprietor. The
unfortunate stranger was drunk, and
obtruded himself on the hospitality
of the landlord. He had been told to
leave the house, but instead of that
he locked himself in a room where
there were several beds, and other
guests desirous of lrxlging. The land
lord had to for" an entrance. A
scuttle then ensued, in which
Brigham was killed, Presley hav
ing fired several shots, llrigham
was unarmed, and threw up
his hands and exclaimed: "Don t
shoot, you have the drop on me."
'I he testimony before the Examining
Court was damaging to Presley and
creatd much prejudice against him.
At the trial yesterday there was de
veloped testimony that mitigated, if
it did not justify, the offense. It was
shown in evidence that deceased mado
improper advances to the landlord's
wife and that she was s en in tears
and remarked to her husband : "You
have a villain in the house." That
the landlord allowed something for
the drunkenne-88 of the guest and per
emptorily ordered him from the
house. He was aiso coarse and vulgar
at the table. Forbearance ceased to
be a virtue with the landlord and he
resorted to the most violent means
to wdiove himself of the nuisance.
Presley is a qnie-t, unobtru-ive man,
and though he lues been here
several years this is his first difficulty.
The case was submitted to the jury
last night, and after c nsidcring of
their verdict all night have not yet
reached a conclusion. The prisoner
was most ably represented iy Col.
Nell and Gen. White. Mr. John
Elliott, for the State, supported the
indictment with more vigor and abil
ty than was ever witne-ssed from a
State's Attorney.
Annua) I of Frnat of ManiaphaH'. tla
Newiu'hyport, Mass., April 19. The
annual love feast in connection with
the New England Methodist Episcopal
Conference was held here yesterday.
This evening the missionary anniver
sary was celebrated. The general mis
sionary society has seven'een stations
in the foreign field to which are as
signed llli missionaries and 140 auxil
iaries, besides native and other help
ers, aggregating fully 2000. The church
property is rated at 11,0(17,455 and the
average attendance at Sabbath wor
ship 55,420, almost entirely in bun Is
having no Sabbath.
Mrs. IIkmry Ward Bxechsr uses
and gives away over 300 Allcock's Po
rous Pluskrs ev ry year. She writes
that she has fount! them a "genuine
relief for most of the aches and pains
which Mesh is heir to." Tho lion.
Samuel J. Randall s id that they cured
him of inflammation of the kidneys
when everything else failed, and cored
him of a severe cold that threate-ed
to run into pneumonia. The Hon.
James W. Husted writes that they
cured his son of chronic rheumatism
and relieved him of serious pulmo
nary troubles.
!Mk.jl " f"
fiirt nt monfret Natural Fmtt Flavor.
YahiIU. Lemon, eimige, Almnn.l, krxe. tc.v
fk.vw at delicately and naturally as tlie ffuiu
i:iITJIK X.10MA !
For seven years I suffered with a cancer on
my lace. All the fiinpie remedies were ap
plied to ellevUle Ihe pain, but the plane
continued to giow. finally extemlint into
my nose, frntn which came a yeliowixh dis
charge, very oBenie 10 character. Itwas
ipo luonuieu, and annurou me a freai ueau
About eiaht months nan I was in ALUnta. at
the h"U"e of a friend, who so mrnnilv rec
ommended the use of Swi t's Specific that I
determined to make an effort ti procure it.
In this I was succenatul. and heirnn lu m
The influence of the medicine at firrt was to
somewhat atmravste the sore: tut toon the
inflammation was allayed, and Leitan to im-
rove after the firm few bottles. My irener!
ealth has arcllr iinnrnved. I atn nlmnirAr.
and able to do any hind of work. The can
cer cn my tace began to decretse and the
ulcer to hrnl, until there la not a vevtue of
it left only a little s ar marks the plnoe
where it bml been. I am ready to answer
al questions relative to this cure.
MK3. Jilh.'IK A. Mi DONALD.
Atlanta, eia., August 11, 1SV.
I have hud a ennrer on my fa-e for some
years, encoding from ono i-heck liune across
the me to the other, it has (riven me a
irreat deal of pain, at limes burnirir and
i t i'h i ri a to nidi an extent thxt il was Hlino.t
unl.ettrnMc. 1 ctitumenred using Swift's Sre
citln in M .v. lhv and liHVe uved eiRht bot
tlt.s. It hiis piven the frei'.test relief by re
moving the inflammation and restoring my
general hnlth. W. I1AKNK.S.
Knuxville, Iowa, Sept. 8, 1SM.
Fer ninny years I was a sufferer with can
cer of the nope, ard having been curcil by
the ue of 8 8. K., I feel constrained by a
sor se of duty to suffering humanity to make
this stuten ent of my case. With the four
teenth bottle the cancer began to heal rii
idly and soon ditapearad. and for soveral
months thore has been no appearance of a
sore of any kind on lay nose or lace, neither
is my none at all tender to the touch. I
have taken about twodoscn bottles of S. S. 8.
I am soundly cured, and i know that 8 8.. S.
effected tbe cure after every known remedy
was tried and bad tailed.
Fort Haines, Ga., May 1, 188A
I had heard ot the wonderful cures of
Swift's Specific, nnd re'olved to try it. I
commenced taking it in April, 1KH4 My
general health was much improved, but the
oancer which was in my bren t continued to
grow slowly but surely. The bunch grew
and became quite heavy. I felt that I must
either have it out or die. but it commenced
discharging quantities of almost black,
thick blood, it oontinued healing around
the edges until February, when It was en
tirely healed up and well.
Cochesett, Plymouth Co., Mass., July 13,
Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable, and .
seems to cure cancers by forcing out the im
purities from tne blood.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
Th fcwirT SrHdifto Co., Drawer 3, At
lunta, (la. N. V., 157 W. Twenty-third st
Thii tu mom remedy most haii)ilv meets
thftdv uiami of tbe aire for woman i ieuliar
a leL
fini nmlhform
It ia
fr WOMAN OVLV.anii for one KrKolAL
CLASS of her diteawoH
It is a uneoifio for
curtain difteased couuittong of the womb,
and proponed to po control the Menntrunl
Function m to re it u lute nil the (iorunge
mo n In and irregularities of Worn an
Its proprietors claim for it no other medical
proi-crty; and to doubt tho faoi that thii
medicine does positively pout ess such eon
trolling and rennlatinir powers Is dimply
to discredit the voluntary lonti i,ony of thou
sands ot Itvinjr witnosnps who are to-day
exulting in the restoration to sound health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
is Ktriotly a Tevetable compound, and Is the
product of medical science and praotical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
It is tho studied prescription of a learned
physician, whose specialty was WOMAN,
aud wtmtio fame became enviable and bound
lens bocause ol his wondorful huocoms in the
treatment and cure of female complaints.
Kh.Mfa.DY known, and richly deserves its
Because it controls a class of functions the
various derangements ol whioh cause more
ill health than all other eauses combined,
and thus rescues her trom a long train of
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what,
multitude of living witnesses ean testify to
its charming effects I Wiima, take to your
confidence thie
It will relieve you of nearly all th corn
plain's peculiar to your sex. Rely upon it
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
long life.
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ise on the Health and Happiness of Woman,
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. Box 2, Atlanta. Oa.
Ill 3?
C7 Q.S?
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ditione have been isscid. bent, postpaid.
to any address mr ten cn t.
A 111!
ip to u
VEHTI8INU BUREAt'.W -prueest. (Print-
In Hon.e rorjsr , New Yorg.
P. 1. STAffLEY,
, .. - , if'
85 jfsMlfasMs llrel. JI emfihls, True)
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arrui t
f Tpii7rn a rtrTTl A ooult of 1IX) pages.
r it contains lists of
NoavKesUfut Kotice.
No. tW, B. D.-In th. fhsncery Court of
fneiDy vouoiy, loon.- state n Tennes
see, tor ite own use, eto., vs. Laura T.
Moor.et al.
It npprsring Vo-n bill w'ir1! is ;w.,rn to 'n
thl- ciue tint the I I. n.l.miB, i,orph II.
Hill, is a tesident of Iowa; that Kenjamin
Mrrritt, executor of II. P. Topping, .1
caed. Is a resident of New ork; that
Iavid P. Mavis , Victoria J. Burrows, (I. r.
Birrows, Julio A. and Annie K Ki-I.v ara
residents ot wimissippi; iha' Wm. S. Har
rison and J. l. Lole are rcsi.lenta of Kea
tucky; that Alfred l. I.indfsy is a res dent
of Missouri; thai Tlui'i as Allan i a
re-ide. t of Trim; that J. W. and II. W.
Jr linn arc residents of Louisiana; that (leur
giaand Kraut as Hc.nlan are residents of
Arkai.tas, and all non-resident of the Mate
of Tennessee; and that Jennie and Cbarlee
Jones ar non-residents of lennesee. and
thiit the places of sesideuce of l.aura T.
Moore, Louisa M. Anderson, Edward Fa
gius, Louis (Iree'v, Nancy Jeter, Wui.8.
Cation and Joseph Brooks, trustre, are un
known and cannot he ascertainrd alter diii
gent i nuiry ; and that the names in.l placea
of residence of the heirs of James U. Kag
land, deceased, maite parties on account of
tbeir interest in lot 2, R.mluuil tract, Duolap
avenue; and that th. names and place of
residence of ttie h:ira ol Anna iiell, de
ceased, made parlies on account of their In
terest in lot 4:', Borland subdivision; and
th .tthe names and places of residence ef
the heirs ot John Bell, Jr., deceased, made
parties on account of interest la south half
lots 8 and tf, Phillips subdivision; and that
tbe names and places of resident of th
heirs of Joseph J. Davis, deceased, insde
parties cn account of interest in lot 42, smith
I de of Kerr avenue ; and that the names
and places of roMdcnce of the heire ot Ash
burry Warren, deceased, mad parties on
account of inter, st in lot :', Cooper subdi
vision, are all unknown and cannot be
eeriained after diligent inquiry, this being a
suit to enforce tax liens ;
It is therefor ordered, That said parties
make tbeir aiipearauc herein, at the Couit
lloue of Mielby county, in Memphis, Tenn.,
on or before the first Monday in May. 1HX6,
and plead, answer or demur to complainant'
bill, or the same wilt be tsken for oonleased
as to them ami set for hearing ex parte; and
that a copy of this order be published ence .
week for four successive weeks in the Min
phis Apperl. This 3lt day of March, lHKti.
A copy-Attest :
S. I. Mi linWKI.L, Clerk and Master.
Br J. M . B adley, Deputy O. and M
llci'kcll A Jorduu, .Solicitor for com
pliinaiit. th
N'oii-Ut'rlilrtit Notlji".
No. 6041, 11. D.-In the Chancery Court ol
the by nullity, lYnn. -The Stat of Ten
necsce and county of bbelby vs. Win.
Ileckard ot al.
It appearing trom fie bill which is awirn
to in this cno that the defendant Win
M or.'hiiin, her of J J northam, deceased:
KHaynerandW B Orceulaw. rcai.leii'S ol
the State oi iexas; Caroline W Hebrart. a
resident of the Mute ol Ohio; W W O'Ncll,
S I' Lurge nnd J N Ltirgc, iiwidcnts of tho
.tate ot I'ennsvlvnn'ti ; Minor Moriwother,
a rosidnnt ot the Siale t Missouri, iiml all
lloli.re-.i(lents ol t .a ltte of i'tinrsres:
tlmt the residences tif the nnknnwo lioitnof
lli'inrt 0 Ad'tms, doccHStd. Wn Ji;io
watcr. Win Moore, llodorick K.1I0 mer. ,loio
mieb, lliinnuh and A len McSinilh, J Oli
ver McSiiiuh, Oliver J McSnilth, of tlic un
known boirs of Henry ll'uckwnoil ; iV.i sM.iry
Mit 'hell, t e unkn' wn heirs ot .1
f.. .. II .1 I. I I. f: .1 ..II
tin,.,,, uvint ei i, . .ill ii.vil,
John M Thompson, J M Die son, J J
Pleasant, Ucitruidine NcS, of tho unknown
heirs of T U Knslman and of Joliu Sorrolls,
deceased; Hoiiert V. Dickens, of the ropro
sentutives ol the Bank of Meint his, of the
unknown he rs of Allen Camp ell anil Sr. lb
J. vtautiuii; .Mury B Anilersnn. lilnnha C.
Ssundor-. th heirs of J M Williams, de
ceased : J W Curry, the unknown heirs of
J II MeClure, deceased, and of II J I'osry,
deceaacd; of M J Archurd, de(eased;of
tlen D ckson, decea'ed; Agnes A Pntterron,
Kohert Craig, VT lluvia. l ewis Creig.trunteo,
heirsofSF Low; of Jehu II Flrtcher.oi
William A Hall, deceased, of R II Brcuks,
decenved, of Alfred and llenrv Howard, of
W D Powel, trustee, and Mrs N J Hubbiird.nro
unknown and cannot be ascertained alter
diligint inuuiry. This bill is tiled t. eoll, ct
Stale aud county taxes duo on various lots
owned by tho aliove-numed parties and
other parties.
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance heroin, at the Court llouse
of ,sheltiy county, in Memphis, Tenn., on
or bclore the first Monday in May, lMfci, and
plead, answer or demur to eoini luinunt's
bill, or ths smite wi I be t.kcn f, r coMovHtui
as (' them nnd mt for neuritis: ex partni ujid
that a copy of this order be published onro a
week, for fiur successive wcoks. in the
Memphis Appeal. Tliis illal day of Miirch,
IHHti. A ciipv-oitlcst.
S. . MiilltlW KLL, Clerk and Mntnr.
By II. F. Wiilfti, Depulyt.lcrk null Muster.
Lee Thornton, t-o. lor coino'itiii'itit.
Noii-Ki'Nitlent Nollcr.
No. 4MI. R. 11. In tho Chancery Court ol
Sholby county, Tenn, Hnto o Tennessee
vb. ti. F. Jones et al.
It i ie.irirg trout the sworn amended po
titioti in this ciuHe tht. tho dcluiitlniits,
FaontoJ. Oreonl w, W. B. Oreenlaw, Sa lio
J. Ouvis, V. M. Davis, Anna Ureonlaw and
Katie Bell Uteunlaw, are re'idente of tho
btnte of Texas :
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance heroin, at lite oourthoute
of Shelby county. In Moiniihls, Tenn .on or
before the first Mondtiy In Mitv, IHHU, and
plead answer or demur to complainant!
bill, or th . same will be taken for ouitfessed
as to them and set for hearing ex parte ; and
that a copy of this order be published once a
weea; lor lour successive weeks, In the
Memphis Appeal. TbisXJIh duy of March,
ikbo. a copy attest:
H. I. Mi llOWKI.L. Clerk and Maalor
By il. F. Wnlrh, Deputy t.lerk and Maet.r.
Mctoalf A Walker and L. Liimb, So's. lor
com plai nau t. lues
Nou-Rcslilpiit Notice.
No. 5!, R.D. Tn tbe Chanecry Court of
Shelby county. Tann.- State ol Tennesseo,
use, eto , vs. II. W. Brook s et al.
It npiiearing from amended letition of
I,. Lan.b, receiver, in this onuse that the de
fendants. Kl sabelll L. Toon, ia n reHiilcTit ot
St. Louis, Mo. . and a non-resident of the
State of Tennessee, and II. W. Brooks U a
non-resident of ttie Mate of lennesa. e;
1. is thorofore ortlerod, That tlioy nuke
thoir aiipearance heroin, at the court-house
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before Ihe lirst Monday in May, 1HHA, and
plund, answer or demur to oomplninaiits'
I ill, or the same will b taksn for onf seed
as to them and set for hearing ex parte ; and
that a copy of this order b published oneo a
week, for four sncces-iv weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal. TbieAnb day ef March, IHWt.
A copy Attest:
S. I. Mi'DOWFLL, Clerk and Master.
By U F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M. sa
Metcalf A Walker and H. M. Heath, sols,
for complainants.
Nora-Ret-Ment Notice.
No. 888 (1), R D.-In th Chancery C.urt ol
Shelby county, Tenn. B. P. Anderson,
Commfspicaer, vi. benry O. Hraith t al.
It appearing from the petition which i
sworn to in thie oaufl that th defend uts,
Fred W. Smith, 1 a resident o Louisiana;
Mrs. Harriet K. Smith, Louisa Ion and Ml
len F.Nooe arelresidenta of Kentucky ; Ashbel
S. Kittrediie is aresident of Oaltforeia, and
Caroline Kiltredg is a restd-nt of Cottaect
Icnt, and all ar non-reeidents el the KtaU
It is therefor ordered. That they Bask
their appearance herein, at the courthouse
of Shelby o unty, in Memphis, Tenn.. on or
before the first Monday ' in May, I4H0, and
plead, arswer or demur to the petition of L,
Lamb herein filed, or the sam will be taken
for cuntessed as to tbem and set tnr bearing
ex parte: and that a copy of this order be
published onoe a week, for foar sossiv
weo8, in th Memphis Appeal. 1 his auh
day of March, lKHrt. A copy attest:
S. I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Maa'er.
Bv II. f. Walsh. Deputy Clerk and Master
Metcalf A Wall er and L. Lamb, Bo.s for
complainant. tne
oii-lt'Hlili'itt NolUif.
No. M27, R.D. In th Chancery Court ol
Shelby com ty, Tenn. State el Tonnesse
vs. A. Stein et al.
It appearing from the bill which is sworn
to in this cause, that the residence of the de
fendants, SarshL. Laird sad Chas. McOhee,
is unknown, and oannot be ssoertiiii ed af
tor diluentinqiiirv; and that Joseph Flau
nery is a res dent o I the Statu of Tennessee :
ai is u-reinre oruereu, tun (iter roaae
their aoiearano herein, at the courthous
or nneior county, in aiempnis, ienn., on or
before th Irst Mon lay in May, 1HHB, and
Llead, answer r demur to Ike pet ti n of L.
amb filed herein, or the same will be taken
x parte; and that a cony of this erdcr be
published once a woek, for four ceersiv
weeks, in the Memakif Aureal. Thii 4Uh
day of March, lHafl A eopy-a tst :
H i MnUOvTKI.L, Clerk and Master.
By II. 9. Walsh, Depaty Clerk and Matter.
Metcali A Walker aud L Lamb. Sels fer
omplainant. tuet
Ron-ReMlleut Notice.
No. 32' (1 .10), P. D.-In the Chancery Court
of Sh Iby ecunty, Tenn. Stat of Tennes
see, etc., vs. W. it. Duller
It appearing from affidavit in this cans.
that the defendants, C. C. Clay, W. II fcto
vall, tius. A. Henry, K. T. Wilson, John H.
Leech, Spra ue Son1 A o., W. II. Ste
phen", M. II. Martin and Ma oellus fcDa
vitt, bxeoutorof K. MoDavitt, are nea resi
de te of the Stat, of Tennessee:
It is therefore ordered, Tkst they m ke
their appearance herein, at the oonrtheus
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on
or before the 6rst Monday in May, land, and
ple-d, anrwer or demur to complainant's
amended bill, or the s ime will b taken for
onfeFed as to them and set for bearing el
parte: and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, for Innr successive
weed's, in the Memphis Appesl 'i his ith
day of Marc-, IK 6. A copy-atUt :
S I. MoDOWKLl,, C'eek and Master.
By II. V Walsh. Deputy Clerk axd Master.
Smith A Collier and L. Lamb, Bo's, fer
complain.it.Ctrt',iEs?'.'.3itaf.1. .! tnet
1.. E3w XSEilSt OO..
37W78-38(-38s-;tS4-;tS twovi stnvl, nonth ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, ElinrJs. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles.
Mfslrtltitr. Ceslar Pol nl (t.ieS
J. T. FAMS81 1 00,
Cotton consigned to us will bav our direful
Staph & Far.r y Grccriftr, Wircb, Li;ta'n.,Tohftct;c & Cijjaj i,
tol tsk t4 ain s.
O.K. HOUOK & Co.
IV o :iH Jlnln htrn t, oiuIiIn.
Piaoc s and Organs
.muiiilliiifi jnwl I?ooLn. Xow Ijiiios fur Ilonl
Establislio cl
ullUUlil JMl),
i i
250 and 258 Front St., Mompliis, Tenn.
h. d. mm & co.
Her iiml il Piiii II
Itooris NttNli, Itl.aF.M, loiiltllnei, nil kliulit ol loor an J
it'liMlavn FruuioN, ltriM k'(m N rrll-Vork, ltoii((li and
liitHM'il liiiiiibur, NUIiikIvis I-hIIih, AViit?r ThiiUk.
All UUuU vt Wood tVork ExociUesl nt Short IVotlo
Nos. 157 t m Waslilnarl4n St. Memphis. T( .
HAVINU wlthilrawn from tbe Woodruff-Oliver Carriage and Hardware Company, r i
haveaccopted the Agency of come of th llxal viieiinlisclarerw la Ine I'elli I
miMl., and are now receiving a full atrsortment of OA Rill AO KS, IUIUI M. W AOON ,
II UN ESS and SA0DLKHY t also, largo stook of tho improved f KNNKSriKb. WAdONa.
All goods are new, and built expressly tor this market, and will be sold at very low prices.
OlUce ami Milottrotim, iN 0.201) Jlulu ntreot. iVarttlitiUHO, Nu.tftrSt nmt Htrenl.
(kTHUI py omI PrlM for MOTKN, UIX FALLS aud
THANH Y 'OIT ol all dcNrillonsi. Nond lor Circular
aud Irlei I'ald.
ISTs "V. S PEER.S, Jr.
?R Vancft Street. MpmnhN, Tonn. .
MC.Fearce& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Merch'ts,
rttMi-Waelianc- li l.eitia l'alin,Wlew
ox Tvnxxr Yonic.
KILIIAHH A. Mct'UHUV, : : t : : I'reMldonl.
turrrnder Valtica Indornrd n I'ollrlee. Ho rorfe-Kiire. . Chenpeat
la the H isrlil
A-XutHX.. HIX3IIlI3Vri3. IVI.XJ.. i i i Hxnmluor,
IV'o. 2 Cotton Km lmiitco Itulldliitr, Iiiifali.
Yazoo Mississippi
1W Miles from Memphis, Tenn.
WilUsawltoJorder andlfurnishugoodrmcrchantabl i
IN CAR-LOAD LOTS IT. 0.;u..CA tis, 111 u cini niL.L.8, run
l-tl2.50: PERIIM.-Xwa
T-Dlmen'lons and Building Lumber. Cipres Shingles, Dressed Flooring, Ceiling and
DIUlDg, aeP OODaUSUtiy OU nanU. UrilOIl
Fit rV H in K w mo r
g. M. JkVUTOV,
K. W. IRtlWKLI ,
ind Cmm!8ioB Merthant. H.ii,Corn Oaln, Hran, Chop Fr ed, Oil-.Mea!,
I,lui . t'ement. Piaster, HailtliDj and iire Itt lrk, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1
, iiKit SaViv
K. I. I.KK.
s & Cotton Factors,
attention. We carry at all times a well-
stock o,
.or t tint .AMf,
lilllmU ml
I Ol), 000,000
Delta Timber Co.
N. 0. & T. KM., J.1SSLSSIPPI.
113 Miles from Vicksburg, Miss.
UJ utnit iw.T",mi, ,,v.vu.
II. H. HAl't.-T.
Howard's Row, Memphis.

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