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maa axd coamct
Cotton Steady MidJHn?, 8 7-Sc
hales Yesterday, 1300
Money in fair demand at 8 percent.
Local securities quiet but steady, ex
cept for Hanauer Oil Company shares,
which are flat in view of apparently
well founded reports that the Ameri
can Cotton Oil Company had secured
a controlling interest in the mill.
American Oil Trusts are held at 29
bid. 31 asked. The holders of com
press stock are asking better prices,
but a lot of $2000 found no purchaser
yesterday at 110. The cotton market
yesterday was steady but inactive,
Bales here 1300 bales. At New York
spots closed steady, middling 9Jc.
The course of yesterday's future mar
ket in New York is thus reported
by Greene & Co. : "Trading has been
kept alive solely by local deals, and it
was a flat, nominal market through
out. Cost averaged a fraction below
Saturday evening." At New Orleans
spots closed firm, middling 8 13-10c ;
futures barely steady and 1 to 2
points lower, May 8.828.84. At
Liverpool a good business was re
ported in spots at hardening rates,
Middling, 5 1-Kid; futures dull but
l-32i higher than .Saturday. Receipt!)
at this port yesterday, 678 bales; total
this season, 025,566 bales, against 42l,
101 bales same time lust year. In the
general market business is somewhat
retarded by the high water, jabbers in
dry goods, clothing and shoes respect
ively find their country customers re
luctant to purchase until the 'danger
f i overflow has' disappeared. Eggs
advanced 2 cents yesterday and are
steady at 12 cento, tbe upward turn
being due partly to increased demand
for Easter necessities and partly to a
lull in receipts consequent upon high
water impediments to transportation.
Two hundred and thirty-one sks
beans and peas, 6 pkgs butter, 137
pkgs bacon, 10 pkgs boots and shoes,
15,fi85 bu corn, 1 sks coflee, 3900 sks
cotton seed, 47 pkgs dry goods, 22
pkgs eggs, 1200 oris flour, 765 bales
nay, 11 pkgs hats, 67 hd hogs, 133 hd
cattle, 1 horse, 433 pkgs lard, 24,
000 ft lumber, 09 pkgs liquors, 120
brls uieal, 00 brls molasses, 70 kgs
nails, 16 0 bu oats, 90 brls potatoes,
5 ears pork sides, 25 brls pork, 319
brls sugar and 627 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
frain received, withdrawn and in store
y regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchango to day : Wheat,
none received or withdrawn ; in store,
3067 bushels. Corn received, 5402
bushels; withdrawn, 2090 bushels; in
store, 111,720 bushels. Oats none re
ceived or withdrawn ; in store, 3564
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
tvCorrmpond f nee aollclted. Infor
matlom cheerfully fnraUhed.-ci
Money in go id demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing-Uouse report is as fol
lows: CLSAB1NGS.
Monday, April 19th, $221,200 77;
tame day last week, $277-,675 26: sime
day in 1885,8180,407 28; same day in
1884, $269,143 42.
Monday. April 19th, J5C.126 70;
same day last week, $59,026 45; Nine
day in 18S5, $410,057 ; fame day in 1884,
$7i,o:;o 37.
New York sight on ell psiuts. prr
buying, premium Belling; New
England demand, J discount buying;
New England sight, J discount; New
Orleans, disrounl buying, par celling.
Bank of Commerce.. 1-18 bid, HO asked
First Na'ionnl 145 bid, 15) asked
German Biuk 192 hid, 200ai-ked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plant9rs..l48 bid, 1!Qaked
Mercan'ile Bank... 135 bid, 137 J asked
Home 70 bid, 75 ack(d
JBtutt Uity..
Memphis City.
Arlington ,
Factors -...v.- ...
100 hid. ... fslted
80 bid. 82J asked
101 bid, 105 asked
08 bid, JOOanked
102 bid, 104 asked
16 bid, locked
100 bid. ... atked
, 30 bid, M5 Baked
20 asked
M. and C. consjl?, 7a.. .115 bid, ...asked
M. & L. R 1st m.8?..l08 bid, U2tsted
Miss. & T R R. cs, A , 1 21 bid, 122 J ankad
Mies fc T. It. K.cc.B, 104 bid, 10HJ asked
Tenn. wta. ser. C 97 bid, 98 eske 1
Shelby C. bonds. ..1C6J bid 107 1 askel
Tax. Disr. 4, 6b 9;!J bid,94 asked
Tax. Dist. 6 10: 3 bid, 102J asked
Metu.Stor.Cuu).Oo..l09 bid, 110 a kerf
Mem. Gas sicck 75 b:d, 77Jaik(d
Mem. Gaebons 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water boudr 96 bid, ... asked
HanaufrOii Works... bid. 5J nominal
City Oil Work? b d, 45 asked
PiOLeerCoUen Mills ... 17 hid, 20 asked
Am. Cot. Oil fusts 29 bid,31a;krd
Mem. Ciiy Cy. bonds bid, ... asi e l
New York, April 19. .Money on call
easy at ll(j'3 per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper, -)('. Sterling exchange
dull but steady at 4S''ijj for tO days and
488.1 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady. -State bonds were
very dull, but tirin. Railroad bonds
were dull, except pome speculative
trailing: in Kast Tennessee incomes
and West r-hore 4s. Sales, l,.V'Mt0.
Stocks Stocks were without feat
tire, everything waiting for some defi
nite news regarding the strike in this
city and elsewhere. Reports from the
West were unfavorable, showing that
the Mrikewas extending in certain
directions, but. prices yielding moder
ately. The extreme fluctuations for
tbe day were generally within a range
of 1 per cent, and the c'osing prices
show losses of J to A as a rule, though
Pacific .Mail, Jersey Central and St.
Paul and Jmluth'are down I each.
Lackawanna in unchanged. AVestern
Union sold us low as 6:5 on confirma
tory statements regarding the cut in
cable rates, snd closed with a net loss
of at 63.
The tot-1 sales of stocXs to-day were
213.94 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 36,400;
Delaware and Hudson, 320"i; Erie, 11,
395; Lake Shore. 2ti,3il ; Northwest
ern, 10,120; New Jersey Central, 8800;
New York Central, 4750: Reading,
38 0; St. Paul, 27,710 St. Paul and
Omaha. 360;); Union Pacific. 10,180;
Western Union, 2- 717; Oregon and
Transcontinental,l"289. The closing
quotations were as follows:
I'. 6. Si. New4. 112'4.
4;,i,coup. L.'oJ. Paoilio fi. o! 1275-i.
Louisiana com., 85. Midsouri 69, I0V4.
Tenn. tin, old, 68 Tenn.'U, new, oi.
Cent. Pae.lU. IK'i. len. A K.l), lstd.lZlV,
DeniK.tl.W,ljU,77 Erie teounili.
M.K.r.,t)en.6a,l . P. A. C. lt.
N. P. A. C 2di, IMS- N. We-tern oo., 142,
N. Wot. deb.5.108tf St.L.K.F.Oea M, KH'J
Bt. Paul, con . 132 St. P., C. IP. 1U,12J
T. P. lnndgrnt,38'4 T P.,R.(l.ei oos.olV,
L. P. firm, 117S- Wot Shore, Si'4.
Adame Eipreas,145. Nadhville C , 45)4.
Allegheny Ceo.. . N. J. Central, 50.
Alton T. II., 37. Nor. and W., pfd. 29
A- A. T. 11.. Pfd., 93. Northern Pao., 2i.
American Ex., 105. Northern P.. pfd. 06.
B. .C.R. N..ft5. N. Y.C. 4 St.
Canada Pae., 64-. N.Y.C. 4 St. L.P., -.
Canada Sou., SS. C. 4 N "W., 106.
Central Pacific. i. C.4 N. W., nfd., 138'
Ched-peake 4 O ,10. N. Y., Central, 101 'i.
C. 4 0., 1st pld, IT. Oh o Central, lK.
C 4 0..2d pfd.. 11. Ohio 4 Mm., 22.
C. 4 A., 140. 0. 4 !., pfd., .
C. 4 A., pld. 1r. Ontario 4 Went, ITi.
C. B. 4 Q , l:. Oreo liT., HS-
C, St. L. N. 0., - Orel on Tran Zf'i.
C, St. L. 4 P., 11. ' Oreuon Imp., 22.,
C.,St.L.4P.,p.,2H.1,.Pcitiu Miil.M'.
C. S. 4 C , SI. Panama, M.
C 4 C, i&'i. Peoria. D. 4 E , Ki,
Del. 4 !lmf.. 100. P ttebuif, 150.
Del., l. 4 W., rth. Pullman f. C, 1:11.
Den. 4 Kio !., li;. ReHdin.
Erie, 21',. Kock l.-l.ind. 1.
Erie, pld., .W-i. St. U. 4 S. F., 18.
Kut Tenn., 2. H L. 4 S. F., p., 4-.
Kiiat Tenn.. pfd, 5. St.L. 4 S.F lat p. W.
Fort Wayne, 147. C. M. 4 St. P., M.
Hannihul 4 at. Jo, C. M. & St. P.,p.,lM
11. 4 St. Jo. pfd, - St. P. M. 4 M., V2.
Harlem, 214. St. P. 4 Omaha, 40.
Houston 4 X., 2li. St. Paul 4 0., pfd.102'-,
Illinois Ces ,i: Texaa Pacflc, 10 v..
Ind , B. A W.. n. Union I'ac.fio,
Kantns 4 T.. V. 8. Expro,
Lake E 4 W., US. W., St. L. 4 P., "!
Lake Shore, 8 . W. St. L. 4 P. 0., 15,
Lou. 4 Naeh.. 3!i. W. 4 P. Ex.. 120.
Lou. 4 N. A., 31. W. V. Tel , 61'-.
M.AC., 1st pfd,- Colorado Coa, 24. .
M. 4 C.,2d pfd. Homeiuke, 17Va.
Mom. 4 Char. 32 Iron Silver, 150.
Mich. Central, 65. Ontario, 2
Min. 4 St. L., 2)'i. Quicksilver 7.
M. 4 St. L.. pfd, 15!-, Quicksilver, pfd, 21.
Mis. Pae, lttl. Mouth Paoiflo,
Mobile 4 0., 11. Sutro, 18.
Morris 4 E , offd, 140.
Boston, April 6. The following
table, compiled from special dispatch
es to the Post from managers of the
leading clearing-houses in the United
States,shows the gross bank exchanges
at each point for the week ending
April 17th, in comparison with the
corresponding week in 1885:
New York, Jo93,0J7,448;inc, 21.4
Boston, I83,i:i0 031 ; inc., 15 5.
Philadelphia, $54,497,915; inc., 20 2.
Chicago, 147,559,000; inc., 3.1.
8t. Louis, $14,9139,210; dee., 5 6.
Baltimore, $11,9113,540; inc , 5 4.
Cincinnati, $19,750,000; inc., 5 6.
San Francisco, $11,200,0(10; dec.,12 1.
Pittsburg, 7,ti70 771 ; inc., 3.4.
Louisville, $4,100,463; d c, 0 7.
Milwaukee, $3,192,000; inc., 4.1.
Kansas Citv, $5,671,730; inc., 22 9.
Providence, $4,578,800; de ! , 1 7.
Nw Orleans, $7,167,900; inc., 12.1.
Minneapolis, $2,279,488; inc., 12 5.
Denver, $2 997,798.
Omaha, S2,(133,708; inc., 3 7.
Detroit, $2,843 124 ; inc., 18.3.
Galveston, $1,413,892.
Cleveland, 42,349,277; inc., 17 9
Indianapolis, $1,147,795; doi?., 6 6.
Columbus, $1,151,945; inc., 5.5.
Memphis, 1$ 1,482,224; inc.. 40 4.
Hartford, $1,674 2 9; inc., 15 00
New Haven, $1,141 613; it c, 3.5.
Peoria, $00 V213 1 h'C., 23 5.
Portland, 1950.000; inc., 8 9.
Worcester, $909,909; inc., 12 8.
St. Joseph, $i48,000; inc., 11 7.
Springfield, $840,014 ; inc., 27.7.
Syracuse, $616,084; ice , 2.3.
Lowell, $508,588; inc., 29 8
Total, J 881.526,084 J iDC , 17 6.
Outside New York, $286,498,636;
inc., 10 1.
Not included in totals.
Bkki.in, Aprd 19. The statement of
the Imperial Bank of Germany shows
an increase in specie of 6,220,000
London, April 19. Consols, 100 7-16
for money and 1C0 9-10 for the ac
count Paris April 19. Three per cent,
rentes, 80f 92Jc for the account.
New Orleans, Lk., April 19. Bank
clearings, $1,3(13,218.
Baltimore, Md., April 19. Bank
clearings, ,34a,rdi.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 19.
JSank clearings, $!),4.U,H.i; balances,
Boston', Mass., April 19. Clearing-house
statement: Exchanges, $12,
6.4,987; balances, $1,278,778.
New Yoi:k, April 19. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $114,
415,633; balances, $4,570,5i7.
St. Loi'is, Mo , April 19. Bank
clearings, $2 (107,217; balances, $481,
732. Exchange oa New York firm, 25
50c discount.
The loc 1 cottoa maiket opened
steady and closed steady; middling:,
8Jb. Sales 1300 bales, of which 800
were to export jra and 500 tO' spin
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 7J 7
Good ordinary 7j 71
Low middling 8:i 8g
Middling fi 8
Good middling 9; 9
Middling fair.. 9J 9
Fhir Nom. Nom.
Dusty 6J8 6J8
Slains, tinges 7J8J 7J8J
Mkvphis. April 19, 1S.
Stock Sspt. 1, 1835 1,392
Received to-day 678
Rscejved previously. ..524,888 526958
Shipped to-day. 1,758
Shipped previously-. ..442,198 443,956
Stock, running account 83,002
Thus far this week 966
Tnus far last week 1,249
Sence September let r'Vll
M. and 0. R. R
M. and T. R. R :
L. and N. R. i
f. and L. R. R. K
C, O. and S. W. R. R
L , N. O and T. R. R
K. C, S. & M. R. K
M , S. and B. R. R
. Pi
Wazons and other sources....
Total ,
Thus ff.r this wek
Tnus fur last wi'ek
Since Sjptjmber 1st...;.
M. and C. R. R
L and N. R. R
O., O & S. W. R. R
Steamers nortu
. 4,110
,. 4,172
Totd 1,758
New York spots opened quiet and
closed steady. SVs, 989 bale. O, o
tations were u follows:
Yestfrday. Fa'urday.
OrJinary tjj t
Goo J ordinary. 8
Lowmiddlinij.. 8 1318 8 13 16
Middling ....... 9J 9J
G od mid Ming 9 11-16 9 11-16
MidJling fair-10 11-16 10 11-16
Fair 11 11
New York fiitnres opore 1 quiet aud
closed dull and 2 to 3 points lower than
Saturday. (Quotations nnclmnged.
Sales, 35,503 la'es. The cksing quo
tations ware as foil jws:
Yesterday. Saturday
April 9.14' 9 16
May :23'a 9 24
June 9.120 9.15 9.35 9.36
July... 9.(a) 9 22 9 45 9.46
August -. 9 33(4 9 34 9 54 9.55
Sept mber...9.43 9.40(4 9.41
October 9.52 9.53 9.25(4 9.26
November ...9.37(4 9 38 9.22(4
Dacember ...9.22 9.23 9 2(K4 9.27
January 9.19;4 9.20 9 33 4 9 34
February ....9.23 9 24 9.4: 9.44
The New Orleans bi ot market opened
quiet, and c'o.ed firm. Sales, 3500
Ye tsrday. Saturday.
Ordinary 7J 7j
Good ordinary... 7 15-16 7 1516
Low middlit g ... 8 5 16 8 5-16
Middling. 8 13 16 8 13-16
Good middling... 9$ 9J
The New Orleans future market
opened barely stwdy, and closed
steady aud 1 to 2 p jintj lower. Sales,
15,f03 balen. The clo-ticg quotations
were as follows:
Yes'trJay. Saturday.
April 8.80 Bom). 8 79
Mav 8 82: 8 84'4 8.85
June 8 96 8.97 8.98:4 8 99
Julv 9.1ba 9.12 8.12 S.13
Auiust 9.15 4 9.17 817(.i 8.18
September... 8 92 8 94 8 93 8.94
Oetobsr 8 82(4 8 84 8 83 8.84
November.... 8.79 8.80 8 80 8 81
Dtcember ... 8 83 8.84 8 83(4 8 84
January 8 94'4 8 95 8 94 8.96
February 9.03 9 07
Tone! Rec. iPricesI Stock.
N Orleans.
New York
Boston ....
St. Louis...
8 13-16
9 3 16
9 7-16
Receipts at ports,
Receipts at ports,
this day, 1886.11,549
this day, 1885. 2.828
1886. 1885.
R'ts V. S.
5,16) 6,311
Ex. Gr. Br
8,231! 8,120
For'gn Ex.
601,r.l!(l .596,846
4,(i:;i, 023 4,674,540
3,490,068 3.443 72! ',425,073
Increase of receipts this year. ..341,614
The Liverpool 8t market at noon
was reported good business, rates
hardening. Sales, 12,000 bales,
of which American 9200 bales. Re
ceipts, 11,000 hales, of which S800
were American.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-16d good or
dinary, 4 ll-16d; low middling, 4d;
good middling, 6 5-10d ; middling up
lands, 5 l-16d; middling Orleans, 5jd.
Tliepricet are given in pew and 64w,
thus : 4 63 meant 4 63-64i, and 5 01
meant 5 l-64rf.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm. Quotations were as follows:
April, 5 02d; AprilMav, ; Mav
June, 5 02(45 03d; June-July, 5 04
5 05d; July-August, 5 045 05d; August-September,
6 085 09d ; Sep
tember October, 5 OOd; October-November,
; September, . '
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
ouiet; April, ' 5 03d sellers; April
May, 5 03a sellers; , May-June, 5 03d
sellers; June-July, 6 05d sellers;
July-August, 5 07d sellers ; August
September, 5 OOd sollers ; September
October, ' 5 OOd buyers ; October-No-vembor,
5 03d sellers; September,
5 lOd sellers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futu-es were
dull and l-32d higher than Saturday:
April, 5 03d sellers; April-May, 5 03d
sellers; May-June, 6 03d sellers ; June
July, 5 05d sellers; July-August, 5 07d
sellers; August-September, 5 0yd sell
ers; September-October, 5 OOd sellers;
October-November, 5 03d sellers ; Oc
tober, 5 lOd sellers.
t in it 1: EAI.M.
The following is the record of the
bids and offers nt the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchango yesterday:
No. 2 white, spot, 41c asked; April,
41c ashed; May, 39c bid; June, 39jc
bid ; No. 2 spot, 38c bid ; April, 37 jc
bid, May, 37ic bid; June, 38ic bid, 40
asked- ! ,1 t
OATS. 1 '. '
No. 2 spot, 33Jcbid; April, 33Jc bid,
34Jc asked ; May, 34c bid, 34Jc asked ;
June, 33 bid, 34Jc asked.
Spot, 14 50 asked; April, $14 50
asked ; May, $14 50 asked.
Spot, $1 95 asked ; April, $1 95 asked;
Mav, $1 90 bid, 12 asked; June, $1 85
bid", $2 asked;
Corn White, 47c ; miked, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c ; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c ; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c; prime,
75'a80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $i414 50;
prime, $1313 50; prairie, $S(a;8 50.
Oats White, 40e; mixed, 38Jc,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35jc.
Bran From store, 85o per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Brans - Navy, 1 75 ?2; medium,
$1 60 1 75; German millet, U 20
1 4
Cornmeal Standard. $2 1-V5-2 25;
pearl, f3'3 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 40e; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, 33 25
from store.
Crackix) Wheat -In halt-barrels,
$3 5.) from store.
Fioi R In car lots, double extra, $3
3 50 ; triple extra, 3 65't 3 75; fami
ly, r.i 75(44; choice, $4 25(44 35;
fancy, $4 5 '4 70; extra fancy, $4 90
ft: 5:" patents, $5 25fi5 65 ; from store,
family, $4 j 4 25; choice, 14 25 4 40;
fancy, $4 05(.? 1 91; extra fancy, $5
5 25 ; patents, $5 500 25.
Hominy and Grits From store, $3
3 5.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 41c; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9i.
Nkw Orleans, La., April 1; Flour
drmer, lu' not quo a'dy higher. Corn
meal quiet but firm, 12 05.
Kansas Cjty, Mo., Apiil 19. Wheat
hiylier; No. 2 red, April, Mo bid,
64ics-ked . Mav, 05J6iJ June, (ISJc
tiiii, liSj.i a-kid Cru higher, but nut
Ftrouu; N" 2 mixed, tah and April,
27c bid, 27 1 tkd; May, 2SJfi2Sjc;
June, bid, 29s isked. Oats uo
Sr. L'ris, Mt., Aprd lti. Fl.iur
firm but nncliacged. WheHt a tive
and uua t in.l; tbe marke' opened
tinn, sold ud au taled (ei1y for a
time, but later declined sharply 4
He; b-c4me unsettled and finally
eaed ell lc more, closing weak, J
(a lowtr luau Sa'urday; No. 3 red,
csrt, bSJc ked May, SSj'S !0jlc,
clojing at 88ic; June, 89(9 Jo,
closing 89J bid; JoW, 84iS.5c, clos
ing at 84 J; Augutt. 83jr 84go, cl s ng
S3Jc. Corn ftirly active and steady,
closing dlc higher than Situiday;
No. 2 mlxd, cash, Xijc bid; May,
33;34i, closing at 33234c; June,
34jc; July,3.'jc Oats very dull and
barely steady; No. 2 mixed, cash,
29jc; May, 30Jo bid. Rye nominally
easier at 5Djc. Barley, no market. Hay
dull and ancbauged. Flaxseed dull and
easj$l 03. Bran doll,5657c.Uornmeal
steady, $1 80l 85. Receipts Flour,
2000 brls; wheat, 16,000 bu; corn,
135,000 bu; oats, 41,000 bu; rye, 2000
bu; barley, 1C0J bu. Shipment
Flour, 14,000 brls; wheat, 1000 bu;
corn, 211.00J bu ; oats, 102,000 bu ; rye,
1100 bu; barley, 2000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat JJn
lower. Corn l2o lower. Oata un
changed. Chicago, III., April 19. Firmer
cablegrams ruade a hightr opening
ma kt-t for whiat to day, which wa
helped momentarily by some gold
buying orders from the country, My
opening at HOjc, and tol.l up to 80Jc
in the Hist nun ite, but a large army
rf eca'pers, backed by a few loDge,
took tbe occasion to unload at the ad
vance, and the market responded by
dropping down several notches, May
wheit sold down to 79 2 by 11 o'clock.
Here the receipt of another batch of
country orde s cerved to help tbe
market back loword higher price,
and the inevitable scalper again came
to the front and bought lor a turn.
The besrr, who were such free salltrj
early, al to took hold of the break, aud
brought the market back from 79c to
80Jc. Ue.eit remained for a wnil,
butfiaally broke, on tbe news of a
strike among the Lake Shore switch
men, and sarged back to 792c. Corn
opened at 37 jc for May, bat under the
influence of string cables went up to
38J ', but receded again under the
hea soiling which followed. In oata
there was a firm market, cansed at the
start from the strength ul thu other
grains, but it ftiled to lose much
of its strength when the others
wAakjEed. Eiour quiet a ad steady.
Wheat-sales ranged: April. 77,
891c, closed at 78s j May, 78J80o,
slosed at 80c bid; June, S'dc,
closed 'at 82Jc; No. 3 eprirg, 68
70c. Corn, ssles ranged: Apri', nom
inally t 3631Jc, closd at 36jc:
May, 37338ir, closad at 37i(37Jc;
June, 38iHjo, clored at 38l38Jo;
July, 3039f". O.I ts firm ; s dus langwl :
April, 283255o, closed sellers at28ijc;
May, 29 jc, tlosad at 29(429Jc; June,
204;0Jc. cosed at 30i30c; July,
3( s30j. cosed at 3UJo. Rye dull;
No. 2, 60s Barley steady; No. 2,
69a. Fiaxsied, No. 1, $1 05. Re
ceipts Floir, 17,000 brls; wheat,
9000 bu ; ctra, 51,000 bu ; oaw, 137,000
bu; rye, none; barley, 34,000 bu.
Shipments Flour, 9000 brls; whea1-,
1,021,028 bn; orn, 235,640 bu; oats,
89,000 bujrye, 8,000 buj barley, 1000
bu. i
Aflernom Ihard -Wliett was weak
and.lower, 77Jo April; 78e May; 80Jc
June. Curn easier; 37 jc May. Oats
steady, f
Butter Creamery, 3435c; dairy,
1620c; butterine, I316; country,
12418c, according to condition.
Cheese Prime flats, 7c; New York
fafttory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.
Mess PtinK Old, $9 7510 per bar
rel; new, 110 75ftll per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, 9J10c; break
fast bacon, 89c; clear rib bacon, 6J
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 556c;
clear rib sides, 5jj5jcj long clear,
5J5c; shoulders, 4ft41c.
Lard Tienes, 63 (He; half-barrels,
66jjc; kegs, 6j(ljc; buckets, 6J
(ije; half-bucktts, 6S6jc; 50-lb tins,
040c; 20-lbtjn8,l68c; 10-lbtins,
fi'J6jc; 5-lbtins, 6j6jc; 3-lb tins,
6?6jc; choice kettlo, tierces, 6J
Fhksii Mbts Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, (life; mutton, 8
9c; lambs, 10c; pork, 6c.
Phis-fret Brls, $H8 50; half-brls,
$33 25.
St. Louis, Mo., April 19. Pro
visions firm but very dull. Pork
ttfady, $9 65. Lard .flrra, 6.80c.
Bulk meats firm and hivher; loo e
1 its long clear, !Je; short ribs,
5 35c; short clear, Ecj boxed Icto
unclmneed. Bacon arm; lung clear,
5 805.85c; short ribs, 6J5.Wc;
short clear, 6 C5c6.10c. Hams,
steady. Butter quiet and rasy;
creamery, S530c; dairy, 1825oj
Kggs strong, 10c.
Chicago, III., April 19. Pork
aales ranged: May, $9 159 25, closed
at $915ia9 17; June, $9 22J9 35,
closed at$9 22i9 25; Jnlv, $9 32J
9 45, closed at $3 32j9 35 Lard
sales ranged : May, 5.90(45.92c, closed
at 6.90c; Junft, 6.955je, closfd at
5 95; July, 66 02 Jo. Dry raited shoul
ders, 44J0c; short rib hides, 5.22J
51c; short clear sides, 6.606.65c. But
ter quiet; creamery, extra, 2526c;
fair to fine, 2026c. Eggs firm, 12
12Jr; ales Northern at 13c.
Afternoon Board York weak ; J 9 12
for April and May, $9 20 for June. Lard
dull and weak.
Atples Apples, $1 502 50 from
store; $1 252 prr car-load fro n lovea
or dooot. Dr'fd appl- s, 34c p r
pound from ttore. Dried peaches, 3
4e bom ttore.
Potatoes Potto?s,$l 752 clh from
store; $1 501 75 per car load from
levee or depot. Swnet potatoes sra'ce,
$2 753 per hrl. Peas, $1 501 75 per
Vegetables Onionp, $2 753 25
from itore ; $2 5! ("V2 60 fr-m levee or
depit. Cabbage, $2 75'43 25 i f r crate.
Krotit barreb, $55 60; half-barrelB,
$2 7"n'i3. Garlic, 4000c per 100.
Turnips, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana," none;
Culi ornia, $4; Mes-ina, J3 5('5 per
box; Imperials, $5(45 60 per box.
Ijemons, $4 50 per box. Bananas,
$12 50 per bunch. Cocoannts,
$4 "per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7?;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roaftpd, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
mond?, 18?0c.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quart',
$1 50; balf gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75 ; lo ise, burels, $6 ; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barre's, $10 50; mixed,
half-birreh, $6.
Raisins London layen', $3 40; lay-
APRIL 20, 1SS0.
era, $276; Cahforaia, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Wai nxtts French, 12c; Naplea,l6c;
Grenoblee, 15c. Fiiberta. 12c.
Cideb Missouri, $7i.J7 50 per bar
rel and $44 50 pr half barel; Vine
ga, ll16c psr gillon.
Popltrt Torkevs, pr doren,12
18; chickens.$2.751; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 15(418c per pound.
Pecans Texas 8l0c for small to
medium, 10.'i14c for laige; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, Nn. 1
$5; No. 2.$3'.'5: No. 3. $2 75; 10-lb
kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3, 60c. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
G ami Venison, whole, 3(45c; sad
dles, 6; bear, 8c; wild turkeys,
6075c; ducks, $34; tquirrels, 75c;
quails, $75cH ; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, ll(412e.
Faios Steady, 1212c.
Corna Common 88c; ordina'y,
99c; prime Rio, 11c; choice to fan
cy, ll(413Jc; old government, 23
35c j Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 35c per pound.
Sugar Pure w. c white, 6J6ej
off white, 6j(i0Jv. yellow, tJ6Jc;
open kettle, 4J58n; refined A. 61
6Jc; granulated, 6j7c; powdered,
7Jc; eut loaf, 7c.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; racks,
fine, $1 60; cease, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j'T,7c; car loids from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 20(43' V; pi ime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 20dV0c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c
ToBAt'c-o Common, 1 1-inch, 27
30c; ( tlier grades and styles, 25(a-28o.
Snuff Gairett's, 3 10 85 per rase;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
paila and barrels, 781c.
Candles Full weight, 10J10c.
Canned Good?, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, $1 35 '41 6 ; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 3ol 50; seconds,
tl 15(41 25; tomatoes, 2 lb, standard,
$1 10; 31b, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
1 60; rapberries, $1 151 25; black
berriei, $11 16; greengages, $1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 ; asparagus, $2 00$ 4 ; green corn,
$1(41 35; green peas, $l2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove oysters, fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65o; cove oyttors, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Santos, April 17. Coffee receipts
during the week, 25,000 bags; pur
chases for tbe United States, 8000
bags ; clearances for the United States,
18,000 bags; stock, 240,000 bags.
New Orleans, La., April 19. Sugar
geneially unchanged, but some sales
rather higher; open kettle, prime,
51c; centrifugal choice whits, 61c; off
white, 6J6 3-16c ; choice yellow clari
fied, 6.i ; prime yellow clarified, 5c;
secondp, 45Jc,
Rio db Janeiro, April 17. Coffee
regular flrat, 43,000 reis per 10
kilcs; good second, 3600 reis. Receipts
during tbe week, 29,000 bags; pur
chases for the United Stitts, 10,000
I ag; clearances for the United Blatep,
16,000 bags; auk, 280,000 bags.
New York, April 19 Coflee spot
fair Rio dull at 83c; options stialy;
sales, 27,000 bags; April, 7.20c; May,
7.15c; June to November, 7.10c. Sugar
quiet but firm; refined firmer and
quiet; C, 51(45, b; fx'ra O, 55Jc;
white extra C, 6 J5gc; yellow, 4i(4
54c ; off A, 6c; mould A, 6i6o; con
fectioners' A, 6Jc. Molaj-sea steady;
sales, 20120Jc for 50 test. Rice
8'cady and demand fair.
Havana, April 19. Owing to favor
able news received from foreign mar
kets during the past week sugar
buyers are offering better prices,
though not high euoiigh to indues
tome holders to toll. The sales, how
ever, were important. The markets
at Havana and the outporta closed
with a fair demand and firm' prices.
The rain'all has been small. Molasses
sugar, regular to good polaricrtion,
$2 122 bO gold per quintal; Musco
vado, fair to good rf fining, 85 to 90
polarization, $2 07(i2 43; centrifugal,
92 to OO1 polarization, in hogsheads
and boxes, $.'l3 18 j. Stocks in ware
houses at JlavH ia and Matanza, 23,
000 boxes, 664,000 hagsaod 15,500 hoge
headio. Receipts tor the week, 2500
boxes, 5502 bags and 1050 hogsheads.
Receipts for the week, 1300 boxes, 11,
5"0 bugs and 1250 hogsheads, inc'ud
ing 10,000 bags and 997 hogsheads to
the United Slates. '
HoRSES-Good driving, $150(4225;
good saddle, fl4030!); plugs, $35
80; good roares, $85 1-10.
Mules 14J to 15, $110135; 15 to
15, $12"i140; 15J to 16, $150(4175.
Good demand; supply fair.
Plows-J215; scrspere, $3 f.0
5; bull-tongue p'ows, $1 5'J3; plant
ers' handle lions, $46 perdczsn.
SEEDS-German millnt, $t 151 25
per bushel; stock peas, If 1 30(41 50
per buchel ; clover, $7 per bushel ; or
chard gras', $22 10; herd's gMBs, 60
70o. , . ,
The following are the wholesale
prices of lumber in this market:'
. Laths -Poplar, $1 60; cypress,! 2 50;
Popi.ar-1 in., 1st and 2d clear, $25 ;
l' and 2 in., 1st and 2d clear, $25;
common board, $1012 50; siding
strips, 11x6, face aieasnre, 1st and '2d,
$22 ; dressed, 1,1) and 2 in., Istand2il,
$:i(35; common dressed, 1 in., $14
Red Gums 21s, $1819, nominal;
common, $810.
Cottonw(h)I) 1 to 3 in. mill run,
culls ouf, $10:11.
Timrkk Poplar, $5(49; cypress, $5
9; cottonwood, $23; gum, $3f4
350; oak, 158; ash, $68; black
walnut, $20"i60.
Yellow Pine 1, 1) and 2 in., 1st
and 2d,$2024; dressed, $30; flooring,
Sand Min. ,$25; flooring, 3 and 4 in.,
27 50; 2d flooring, $22 50; heart step
lumber, $3040; j ceiling, $25; 8 ceil
ing, $2250; J ceiling, $211.
Ash 1st and 2d clear, 1 to 3 in.,
$20(423; common, $11(',I3 50.
Cvi'HHSs-l, 1J and 2 in., 1st and 2d
clear, $23(425; common, $15; fencing,
1x6, 16ft., $15. ,
Shingles - No. 1, sawed or shaved,
$ 1 25 sawed or shaved saps, $3.
Apollinaris, qt,i7"048;ptp,$ll 50;
eeltz r wa er, ips, 166 CO.
Wiiisey Straight Kentucky Hour
bon, 1 nr6; rve,$l 7fi(i6; domestic,
0cft;fl 50.
WiNE'Amerlcao fx'ra, q's, $7;
p!s, J8; Piper Ileidsieck, qtfi, i25; p;s,
fL7; Mumm's extra dry, q's, $28 50;
Pis, $:!0.r0; Riedorer, qts, $'J9, T'ts,
Ant . f rf-lll. I'll . nln
l's; Gatawua, sneet, v.h-i z pi r
gallon; Catawba, dry, fp'.tl 25 per
gHllon; Catawba, sweet, $1 .ro5 per
esse; Uatawna, dry, "o per esse;
Calilornia wines, $11 50 per gallon:
imparted port, $1606; importtd
fherry, $1 60(46 ; imported ale ( Bnrko's
bottlery), pis, il X; i's, I s Arms
tnra hitlers, pis, $16 5o; ctiauipiguu
cider, qts, $3 253 50.
Chicago, April 19. Whisky steady
at $114.
Sr. Urns, April 19. Whisky firm
at$l 10.
Cincinnati, O., April pt. Whisky
active at $1 10. Sales of 11 si barrels of
iinished goods on this basis.
hi nan an phihv.
Hidki Dry Hint, 13(416'; dry sbU,
1012c; green salt, 7('(8c; reeu, 5(ii)
6c; deer skins, 16lSc; hunter han
dled conn (kins, each, 20(4 iOe ; country
coon skins. 1030c; mink, 1030e";
muekrat, 510c: otter, $1(46; bea",
$15; beaver, 60cfl; wildcat, 20
40c; fox, 2.5a75c; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, 1821c; Ullow, 45c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., lApril 19. Petro
leum unchanged; s.w., 110, 7c.
Pittshirg, Pa., April 19. Petro
leum dull and heav; National Transit
certitiaU-s opened at 75jc, andclosed
at75ic; highest, 78Jc; lowest, 75 jc.
Seed Delivered ataepot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), 16; wagon at mills, IS. Meal
Prime ((. o. b.), $16 nerton. Less than
oar-load lots, t Id. From store, Wj per
sack. Cake Nominal; $16 per ton.
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 2!J23c; prime siiinne r yel
low, J6j'.i27c; off summer yellow, 25J
(426jc; miners', ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 26(430i!.
I.IK Kl tl H,
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 paunds, 41(44 jc j gnod,3j(iu
41c;chiii'e grass-fed, 33;fc.; good,
33Jc; fair to medium, 2J2Je; com
mon, ll2e.
HiMis-Choice, 3Jfc; goo.), 8J
3c; commnn, 33p.
Sheep -Choice. 44c; medium, 3
3Jc; cominoi, $I1 60.
Kansas City, Mo,, April 19 The
Live Stock IndiaUor reports: Ca' tie
receipts, 1319 head; shipments, 1575
head ; market slow and a shad s lower ;
native steers, 1098 to 1435Epourd','
$4 37J(45 10; bntchers',$3 60(.i)4 ; cows,
$33 75; butchers' choiea to fancy,
$.5 16540; fair to gnod,$4 S05 ; com
mon to medium, 44 60; stockers
and f.oders, $3 :K)4 20. Hngi re
ceipts, 0034 head ; shipments, 3379
head ; market weak and 5c lower ; ex
treme range, 33 60(44; bulk, $3 80
3 90; good to choice, $4(44 10; com
mon to m'dinm, $3 603 90; skips
and pigs, $23 60. Sheep receipts,
3762 head ; shipments, 541 head ; mar
ket (teady; good to choice, 4(45;
common to medium, $23 50.
Chicago, III., April 19 The Drov
erf' Journal reports: Cattle receipt,
7000 hf al ; shipments, 2500 head ; mar
ket slow, I'll' steady ; shipping steers,
950 to 1600 lbs., $4 20(44 85; stockers
and fteders, $2 C04 00; Cow?, hulls
and mind, $1 fiil4; bulk, $2 7P
3 10; through Texcs cattle, $ 16
4 75. Hogs receipts, 16,000 head;
shlnmeuts, 6000 brad; market s'eadv
anil firm; r.ug'i ami mUftl, $3 9:'(4
4 20; patkinir and shipping, $1 05
4 35; light, $3 r54 20; skips, $3
3 65 Sheep rt esipt", 4600 head ; ship
ments, EOO kend ; market weak arid
lower; ra'ives, $2 50(tf5 76. The
Pnivern' Journal' eible reports Liver
po il cattls market Jo l wer; best
American slerrj, 13c, Uressed.
New York, April 19. There was
a light business in nil departments of
trade, though the weather was nil thtit
could be wished.
81 and 819
t: louis.
N. Second 8t,
a. i iuaw';W'-i".'-" ' I ''
ujjrrTiCTrjRiu or
Electric Belt Free
TO Introduce it mel ahtain afinti frll
for the noit nixty lay aiva away, free
of charae, In ew-h fuunty lti the 11. H. a lim
ited nuuilierot aur JtTiiiiiii Ele(run
lt Nnxpi'iiHory Helix. Prio Dm
imnitive and unfiitlinir cure for Nerroun De
nility. Varicocele, Kinlmloni, Iinpntonc
etfl. iMl.m Reward imid If every llelt f I
Diaau antura, do put generate a (enuii
fileotrin rurront. Adilri1
ai onoe r.uivi
Dronklyn. N. Y. i ,
P. O. Box l'
'I-, I'fij u.
A Valuable Patent.
Datiwy'alHariMO I'era amd f
. .
HAVING perfected my Invention, I wlh
.1 rle it before tha iiahlio, eipeeially
nunntaetareri, . Aa a Corn Planter. It la
l.erteot ucoeii-oixnt the drill, diftrlbaU
tbe teed cvi rately, nnlniured, and eover
tbe lame, thereby one aian performlnc the
work ot three. Tbn have been ud in
tbil tection for over Amni year with per
fect at!afH4tion. can (ire retpoi tible teatl
monlali. Addreea , ; '
. . . ,'OUN it, DANCT.DancyTille,
HaTwnod noiintT. TeT
Pennyroyal Pills.
lh) rlKiu-l "' n7 4J-niiln.
Hale and alwayi lUH'ibla. bewareol worli..
i- liaitatione. Independable lo
your lriialit lor " lilt-hU-r'
I ntl and take no other, or inrlone 4c
(atatnpp) to ti for partieulurd is i.ttb by
r-liirn mini. I'aflH, III-
rbntrr lirmli'nl Co.,
u:tl'l sliMltaun NMnr, vhllmln ,
TKAUKdUi'i'lied br UKO. C. UOUUWIK
vahiilnanlf) Atc'"t". Ronton,
. iiii-Ki'Hldenl Xotiee.
No. 4'llit, R.l).-In the Ohnncery Court ol
Hholby ouunty. T:nn - Slnte ol reiitiemee
et al. v. Martha M. Parker et al.
H a rearing Into tbo nworn amended pe
tition in thu nu'fi that the Uefendantd, the
heird ol Anuela Ovitto, are ucknwn and
their n line and 1'liu'f if renidonce cannot
be nwerUtned aftr di'litnit inquiry; they
are tbe owneri of purt ol block t, llutler d
dit'i ti. 48H (eel, muttl dido ot llutler tret,
i:i Itet eat if 'renaccdee fttrtct.on which
tHxnd nre due L. l.ainb, receiver et the o!d
city of Momiiliu. und tbey nro inmle partiee
defcndautu to thin proceeding for thu collec
tion ol dclitj'Hioiit due eatd receiver.
becuuHe of their interostin nid properly
It id thcr-fore ordered, That they nia!e
their apptnranco herein, at tho courth. u-e
of Shelby county, iu Mompbin. Toi n., on or
b.iforo the frit vK.ndiiy in May. is and
p'ead, aiifwer or il-nnur to ttie petition and
amendment tliercto of M. Meriwether and
L. Lamb, receiver ' f old cityol Moin
phi, orlho -nino will be token for coalcu'ed
an to th m an 1 net tor hcnrinir ej pane; and
that a copy of tbid order he pat lihliediino a
week, for lour tuci'oive weoka. In tho Mcni
phia Appeal. Thi 2iitb day of .Marob, lHo
A p"lf M!IH)WeI.L, Clerk and Mndter
By 11. F. Walnh, Deputy Clerk and Mwter
Metcalf, Sohforoiiupln't. We
Arkanaaa Hiver.. Joi Pmaa, 6 p. m.
St. Franci Kier.Raw MiciaaDT, p. m,
Madidon CuiHOHa, t p.m.
St. Louie ..0'r or PaovtBaatm, 9a.
New Orleand Citt Ntw Oacaiad, 4 aa
Oaceola ..In! Adamu, 10 a.m.
White River Ciiintstw, i p.m.
Arkanaad City Ktr Adiur, S p.m.'
Friars Point l)ii Atiiua, R p.m.
Tiptonville Utvoao, 5 p.m.
.4 rt iwij Arlrnflimaflltw ViLaliMM .
Charles Morgan, New Orleans; Joe
Peters, Arkauww river; Cbiiikawaw,
White river; Kate Adauai. Ark
aiiaatt City; Pean Adamj, Friars
Point ; (iayiwo, Tiptonville; Backers
State, CinVinnati; City ot Cairo, St,
I-otiiH ; Coahoma, Madison ; K. W.
Cole, Madison.
Departures.. Arkanaaa City. Ht.
lx)tiia; Cliarlt Morgan, Ciaoiauati;
ituekeye State. Cineinnati ; Gavoso.
Tiptonville; City of Cairo Vicmiburg;
I'eiin Atlanta, fnara loint; K.at
Adama, Arkansas Citv; Oomhvma,
Mtdiaoii; K. W. Cole, MadiHoa.
'oii( in rort. Jo l'etera. Ckieka-
niiw and lienn Maenady.
notit ihte iiovn. Vily ol Vickuburg
and City of Now Orleana.
Html Ihu Vp. Vitv ol Provielenea
ami Coahoma. -i
Mrrvlpia Vtalrrelaiy.
City of Cairo BO ina nitlHe.
Ituekeye State i;2U. toiiH uulae.
Chiekaruiw - bale rotton ami 135
pkrs iih1hi.
Pean Ailiitim af bales t'otton and 41
pkps sundries,
tiavowi 7 bales rotton, v VI aaeka
eorn and :l.r pks stintlricA. '
loo lVtem-ll bales cotton. 123
sacks weed, 2 lit ad otoek and V.7 nkira
Kto Adama 110 bale rotloa, 3
baM seed eotton, llrj sacks seed and
1(7 ykpt sundries.
Cliaa. Morgan -4(XX)iuu:kH wy,l. 125
brls sugar, 60 brls mnlassea, 211 bale
bags, 40 I ris sweet potatoes, 5 krbi aU
aiul HI brls dry peaches
Til it Uiinii Mucri'Hil v. ChdL (V K.
Joplin, is thu packet tins eveaing at
o'clock for St. Francis river.
Tim Chickasaw, Capt, Ed O. Postal,
is the packet to-morrow vonin(r for
White river. C. M. Postal U in her
TimCiayos, Capt. W. P, Hall, is
thu packet Thursday evoaiag at 5
o'clock for Tiptonville and Uie upper
bends. , "
Tn k Coahoma, Capt. Titos. Claggett,
is tho Meinphis and Utile Rock rail,
road boat this evening at ti o'clpck for
Tiik City of Providence, Capt.
Ueorgo Carvell, ia the Anchor Line
packet this! evening at fl o'clsrk for
Cairo and St. 1 ouis. Frank Perkins
is her clerk.
Thk Anchor Lino steamer City ot
New Orleans, Capt. A. J. Carter, will
nitsH down this evening at 4 o'clock
for New Orleans and all intermediate
landings. Archie Woods is bur clerk.
Tiik Kate AdaiiiN, Capt. Mark Ii.
Cheek, is tho United Slates mail
packet Thursday evening at 6 o'clock
fur Helena, Arkansas City and all
way landings. W. (A lliaakur baa
charge of her olliee. .tn
Tim Joe Petttrs, Capt. E. B. Rinith,
is tbe packet this evening ai 6 o'clock
for all points on tho Arkansas river,
going through to Pino lihiff. Charles
MufPirlinan has charge1 of her ctflce,
assisted by Klifus Foster.' . ''.: ...
Tiik IVan't Adams, 'Cast.. Henry
Cooper, will pass up to morrow mtsrn
ing at 10 o'clock for Osceola aid ithe
upper bends, and will pass dawn
Thursday evening at V o'clck . for
Helena, Friars Point' euid all way
lamlitlgs. Will Ashford aaa Will
Suiitlter are her clerks.
Kt'HiNEss fair. 1
Wkathbh clear and jilcamat. ',' ,
Oakland and barges passed rjr SuiV
tlay for St. Ixjuis
ltici'KiiTs by rivor yesterday 199
bales cotton, 8 bags sed cotton and
423H sacks seed.
Tin Oayoso arrived Sunday Irora
Tiptonville with a fair trija ami re
turned again last evening.
Tim U. P. Schenck from Cincisnari
passetl down yesterday morning with
out landing, lor New Orleans, loaded
Tiik river is now 1 foot ami 3 tenths
above the danger line, and 7 tenths of
a foot below high-water mark sf 1882..
The City of Cairo passed down Sun
day at noon for Viekshurir. Ske din
charged here !K) tons freight aud added
20 tons.
Cait. Mnr It. II a ititv will have the
Freddie Knhinson here Saturday to
take the place of the DeSntet is ths
White river trade. j
Cait. Ihwiw Pikian, Supervising In
spector for tho Sixth District, was in
ttie city Saturday on business con
nected with h's olliee,
Thk I lean Adams departed . last
evening for Friars Point with a fair
trip, t-he will pass up .Ixv-morrow
morning for Osceola.
Cait. Jamis Kikman left on tho
Kate Adams lst evening for th
month of White) river to bring the
Freddie Kohinses here.
Tub tow boats ioh n F. Walton, W.
W. O'Neal anil (Harry ilrowa with
tows empty coil's bargt-s passed np
yesterday for thejOhio river, 1
Tiik CliickasaW arrived early yester
day mon ing frsm White river with.
L'H' bales 'ttoit,7 packages sundiie
anil returns to-riilwrow evening.
Tub river atftlis point marks 34 feet
and v tenths y the gauge, or 35 feet
3 inches above low water mark, a rise
of 2 tentliB of- a fmt in L'4 hours. .
Tub Joe PetenJ," 'dipt K. 11. Smith,
arrived Sumlav j front Arkansas river
with 1! bales cotfon, 1-''-' sks seed, 2 hd
stock and lot sundries, and goes back
this evening at the usual honr. :
Tiik Kate Adams arrived Sunday
morning from Arkansas City with 110
h ies cotton. 8 bags seed-cotton, 118
sks seed and b'7; VkRH sundries, and
returned again last evening with a
fair trip.
Tmr Pin keye Stale Vroyd 'urtday
evening from Cincinnati with 220 tons
freight for this place and returned
again last evening with 1MB). bales cot
ton, 17( 0 sacks eotton seeiT .nal and
(il) tons sundries. ; i
Thk Chas. Morgan from h'tjw Or
leans passed up Sunday night kr Civ
cinnati wilh 7(H) tons freight for the
Ohio river and a good list of people.
She discharged here 4000 sacks seed.
12") barrels sugar. 50 barrels molasses
SI packages sundries, and added hen
112 bales cotton and 70 bales hay.
r 'to wtio wae deaf twenty-eight year
r-u'el Ivuioitol the aotcd aiiecialidt,,
t d w th is beni-6t Ccaan imiaaLy!
thre inonthd, and tinco then hundredi ol
otherd by same proce.u. A plain, dimple aad
ducocsdfal home trettcit. .idred . H.
PAl)K.UliataDthbt..New torkOitJ
a. -..u 1 . ' a PulrJ I "I'll' a

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