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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 20, 1886, Image 8

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H-rtrn;r,!lw Orleans and Tm B'j
In FSeet Nnrembet O, IS.
- kxi alAlL rSoaih. I North.
lernpfc :
.ml.. B
,)! d ... -
' iekabsrs.-. ...U.
umM. g
linei... J
leton .-" S""
i M p.m
: p.m
t:ifi p.m
110 .m
1:42 e.u
6i28 e-m
6:21 e.ni
9: 30 p.m
11 : e.s
8:4 a. a
6:W B.n
:U8 a.o
12:16 a.n
:3u nn
1:42 p.i
S:no p i
i ff, n.i
Lola.. .. . -
I'll i
11:10 a.n
7:30 e.l
7:1ft P.m
-Withal! 1 i ti tr i o M ph ! -
Willi H. A N. W n. " """" .
0 For UreeBvills and Uantiniton, and all
WrriVd'V. S. A P. Railroad.
J-Witb N.. J. C. K- K. for etehei and
JaxksOB. ,
1 For Points om tbe Branch.
-With steamers lor Bayou Sara.
B With railroadi diverging for Florida and
Coast point ....
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Carton all trains.
J AS. M.KDWaKDS.V. P.andO..M.
M. BUHKK, General 6up U
ewport Mew.aad "-'J ' y,":
Isf. Irains mot a tollows: No. (last
Una daily) leave, at U: a.m. No. 2 loaves
it 11:40 pi... d.ily. St. Lonls fast ns
lesvss dally at :!" ,in
daily) arrives at 1:80 p.m. Mail and ax
Sreas arrives daily at 8:lf.am. St. Louis
nut lina arrival daily at :ff.a.m.
Isalealppl and Tennessee. - Fast
ail train leaves daily U:p. i arrives
at 9-46 a.m. Local frVirht loaves at 6:40
Tm.! arrival at 4:S(rp.ui. Freight trains
So.. and 6 raa tft vtakly. No. 6 leaves
Memphis Mimday, Wednesday and Friday.
Memphis nnoVXlilla Mnek. Trains
may ai follow (aantral lUnd rd time):
No. lleeeadaUy at 6:25 i.m.t arrival at
p in. No. Heaves at 6:fif. a.m. j arrives
at I SO a in No 5 (freight! leaves Hopeneld
daily (except fcund,iy at 6:0U a.m.: arrival
1 .Ul n.
HeanpMs' and fbnrlrninn Tralna
mnvs aa ro'lowa: Through fipraaa leaves
daily at :) p.m. Mail anil iirwl leave
sauy at :i" " i.u . . - .
tion lajjai diilv. airwpt humlny. at 4
,m. Throuifh npr arrivn o my
Hull and r ipri"i ar ivop iiany i
Sm. Homervme MimminiHiip rnw
'.it. ,ut .SunJur. at 8:.l .IU.
Ivulxlllo Hit i'ill Truiun
fovaaa tol'owa: al mail arriva dui.v at
DlSa.m.: laato" at 10:1 I p. in mini Ikjvc.
'ily at 8:i' a.m. Itrown-villa iin.unro
datiom laavsi Juily. nri'. bumi1, at 6:K)
p.m.; uiil arrival dul'v at 6:0i p.m.
Brawntvilla recominoilit'inn arrivfia ditilva
xoaptBundac, at 8 40 a. in (ftanJarJ tinit).
rmphK, Ulrtf.lfahMin and Ain.
tie Iloll'' Bi'rinaa Ki'Uta-'fraint mora aa
follow! : No 1 leavaa Meini hla diiily atS:45
p m.; ariittaat Holly hpringa at flilKI p.m. :
No. 1 loawaa IWWir uriiiki. ili-'ly at VM
a.m.! arnvoa at Mi niphii at Irlfia.m.: No.
leavej Menrphiii daily l 7 :H0 p.m.. arrival
t Ilolnl Sitimuji at ll.fiH p. in.; N. 6 'aavaa
HiaSr Hnrinra daily at Sx'.W a.m., arrival at
Minrhia al8::Ua.m.
Hair fontf (Uaaaaa 'lty, UlirlnaT
Hln itnOMrntphlal Tralna laava.M. and
T. dapat fol awa: No. 4, Kana ity ax
praai, larvaa at 10:45 a.m. t No. 8, Kanii
City axi'am, arrival at 8:!VI p.m. No. 2,
Kaaiaa City mail. Ifavra at (1:01) p.m. I No. 1,
Kanaan City mail, arrival at a:4 a.m. No.
S, Kt. Laull and Chira.o etira I. aavel at
6:00 p.m. No 1, HI. Louil and Chlcauoax-
Xra,arr vn at8:45a.m. In effeot Sunday.
WinmnoTo, D.C.,1
1 a.m., April 19, 1HMI.
Ind'atirna for Mfnipiiis anil violn
My! Fair weath t, Rlationpry teuipor
latuid. Blue cn-wimt, rod star.
Ft A' Ohio VnVry and Ttnnntre:
lait wrnlker, Kirluinnry temperature;
vtuj gnieral'y nnrthrmrifrly.
fialNiraloalMl rort.
MMFHia. Tbhh.. April 1.
Tune. I Uur. T
Wind: Wilier
N.K Kair
y. Clear
N W. r Vir
N.K. Clear
1 N E. Clear
7:00 a.m.
11:00 avm.
8:00 p.m.
7 :taj p. id
10:i p.m
W.24H M).0
:12 8 74.0
W.m 74."
.170l 7.0
I.10.1HH .').()
Maximum toiniRiraluro, 80.0.
- Minimum lemjHTature, 6U.0.
Kainfail, .00.
Oiom II a m , 2.
All obHervationa are taken on 75
meridian Uniu.wliich is one hour faator
than Vocal time. ,
la Onliai Hraloa.
Bmral 8aK?ica, U. H. Abmt,
AnrlMO, 18KH 5 p ni.
WTrflioii nl t-l-aiami and r, p ti fur
thetreneQi. ot comimron "d aRrienl
inn. Oi.t'O-i rion bulletin for tlm
twenty-f ur honm ""ditiu April l()th,
d n'ri rlt n.m.
IfUIPHlR DIB- 5-5 t
TRirr 3 9 i 5 ? g
: E 1 e f"
Memplni H hi .00
NhTilie 80 Mt .('0
Grand Joi.ct on... 77 5li 00
Corinth... SO 4'l .00
Trmcumbia 7H 52
Decntiu- 81 fO .00
Bcoltslioro 7H 4! .01)
BtU-bvill" 7H 63 .00
Hernando.. 711 Ml .(0
Grenada:... 78 60 .00
Arlington 7 62 .00
Browaitille 78 6:1 .00
Milan 8i 64 .00
Pixie.- 81 40
CoTintton 70 f6 .00
Dyprebu'R 8:1 61 .00
Boli 78 65 .00
Holly Spring 77 f, q,)
Oxford 78 68 .00
Buira. 1448 W .00
Mean..,... 79 62 00
iS?2. I
3 B B a B ? c-
J o J ' a
76 6.1 01
7:t 68 01
75 67
7i 41 01
75 6 00
1h f6
78 66
o 10 02
7(1 01 00
79 hil 02
7 57
7'J 5!
i W!0 (MiS .070
l77 60 .01
WiltreMin ,
ChailM on
Aci)i t
Bavanna 1 . ....
MontgnrriKiB .
Mol ii
New O'leu t"..
Utile K 1 ....
Memp'i a
SOU'S ,. ..
Mm 1
ci rr news.
The oak fl Hiring for the Citisens'
vonripany is slow in arriving.
-The Hcs-idn S rial Club will have
picnic at Kstiviil Park 011 M y 4th.
The Helping Hand Society will
rive an enti-rtHiiuni-nt '0-11 glit at the
Tlie total city tax last rear was
100, cnuty tax -1 14. Tliis year
the fonu. r is H I'd and tlielatu-r 1 25.
The laxt car on the Vance street
line ol the Memphis City Company
now rcat'hetthehtaiili-s at '2:4 . o'clock
m. m.
Kni!s ill wiii be piaccd on the
Yasoo Imiiieh of the 1 linois (Central
from Vh City tj the Yalobusha
H'f! old i-t.ri'i t-i ,ir riiuipiiny has
six J ir vi rs an-i runs six mules' to a
car. The n w compai y lias I'ourtet-n,
with tij.'lit l'' a. ear
Jlarlha CoiiHii, colored, swore out
a warrant afrairiHt T. F.Camell" yester
day, rliarying him with having ap
plied a vile epithet to her.
The members of the Chickanaw
(iuariln are requtwted to be at their
armory to-night at 8 o'clock to decide
the future course 01 tne company.
A. P. Merriam and Mm. Henrietta
Williams veHtenlav entered suit in
the Circuit Court apiinHt the Iuis-
ville and N-ahville Kailroad tximpsny
for f 2OC0.
The Independent Order of Odd
Fellows will have a pund celebration
.... . w 1
on tlie t'tn anniverHary, nmnuay,
April 2Gth, at the First ISaptmt
The nuniher of inmates at the
County Poor-House haw been steadily
reduced since the spring weather set
in. There are now about 175 at that
institution, including the insane.
Wm. Geno was put on trial in the
Ci iniinul Court yesterday for killing
In s n in-law, Walter Wells, at
Kaleigh. The argument was ieard
and court adjourned until to-day.
The Citizens' Street Car Company
had its two new, summer cars out
yesterday. They are novel and hand
some bin it will Uike a little time for
the public to get tiwd to them.
Dick lHmefe, a; jockey who hails
from Parsons, Kaa., yesterday com
mitted w hat is reckoned a high crime
and misdemeanor in turf circle. He
turned the flyer Boatman loose on the
track after exercising him, instead of
hi nketing him mid taking him to the
Cant. O'l later yestcrduy arrested
Isnuc II. 'incon,at thecornerof Main
and Court street, on a telegram charg
ing him with having robbed the post
office at Hnpkiiuiville, Ky. Vincon says
he has not been in the employ of tjio
postollice since hut Noveniher, is in
nocent and had no idea he was even
suspected of theft.
The county at present bus but one
inin bridge that over Noucoiiniih
creek on the Cow Island road, it
needs painting badlv, and if the Mis-
' siMippi contiiines to cut the bank it
I will ho swept entirely away. For
t hehe reasons, and on account of tho
fact that the briilgo is on a private
road anyway, icveral members of the
court are considering the propriety of
removing it.
The County Court took' an im
portant step yesterday in the direction
of reform.. Two iron bridges wore
ordered and a special bridge tux of
10 cents was ordered to pay for them.
The county has a right to levy abridge
tax to the amount of 30 cents and
heretofore has been paying 110,000 to
2(',000 out of the general fund for
that t urpose, depreciating the value
ot county warrants.
The Ari'KAL hi received from
Mm. J. J. Huiley of Hailev .Station a
specimen of hu tcr which will com
pare favorably with the best Western
creamery. It was made from feeding
on the n tive May grass which grows
on farms in this section at this season
of the year, and which gives a lich
loloring and fine flavor to the butter.
There is no reason why the dairy in
terests of this end of the State fdiould
not prosper, when such a superior
article ran be produced.
Yesterday afternoon a paper de
manding $2 for twelve hours' work
and signed "Drivers" was handed
President Kniyser'and Superintendent
liarcttol the emplus i;ity luulwny
Company. They wanted to know tho
names ol the u ivers, w hich were not
given, ami the company does not be
lieve that more than two or three
drivers have hinted nt any such price,
w hich is in violation of the contract
providing for th" payment of i:!J centa
after a years' contract. What the de
velopments will be cannot be said, but
the compati) declines to pay $2.
There was a large and enthusiastic
attendnnce at the rehearsal 1 f the
ilikado last evening at Witziniinn'a
Hall. Tho chorus has been consider
ably enlarged aud strengthened, and
will very soon be singing without look
ing on the books The cast is in every
way an admirab'e one, and every de
tail will he carried out to the fullest in
order to secure the success of the en
tertainment. The rehearsals will
occur regulnrly on Monday, Wcdnes
day and Friday evenings, and partici
pants are. particularly requestea to bo
promptly on hanik at 8 o clock.
Sole Agents foi Urn ace ft. Kelly &
ii.'s Key Wot t igars.
Tho trade supplied at Now York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled hv MR- (Inviulo Hnt.tl uianA
Peabody Hotel stand and 010 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. 1. bamkisqn a 00.
Mas. L. V. Vkkdknhuhoi! of New
Albany, is visiting her father, 515
Shelby Btreet.
PaoMiNRNT arrivals at tho Gay
oso: Auditor State of Indiana Jas.
H. Rice. Ira E. Bride, the well known
pool seller; Sabin Robbins of Cincin
nati, Jas A. Urundy of Nashville,
Jesse Watson of New York, Col. Jno
K Brannou of Iouisvillo, Capt. Geo.
M. Buchanan of Holly Springs, Dr. T.
P. Col man of Oxford, Hon James
Fontress of Tennessee, I II. Doty of
New Orleans.
A. J. Cook of Raleigh, N. C, and
oe of the proprietors of the Atlantic
Hotel, Morehead City, N. C, is in the
city, stopping at the Peabody Hotel.
This resort is growing in popularity
each season, and is patronised by the
best people in the land. It is the
nearest coast resort to Memphis, and
in reaching it von traverse a country
abounding with the most picturesque
scenery t be found in the Uni ed
E. W. Brtx.ks and wife to W. 11.
Wood, cast half of the west alf of lot
12, north side Madison street, S7,xl4Ki
feet, for4.V 0.
C. E. Smith, chairman, to D. M.
Scales a d J. L Mmo-, north half of
lot 45, west side Lauderdale street, for
Ixwis Fritx and wife to H. Bens
dorf, trustee, to secure the German
American Building and Loan Asso
ciation n the sum of 1100 , lot on the
south side Market street, east of Main
74x29 feet
Omci or Dnxai dkoi'i Pihi Muiioa
k 1 a it. ALPSl 1 aor. bd Van
Klarain, lisi., Airil ltt, 18h,
Not wi! hiiK to ink Dy nii-ripre-fet
t t oiib to the pair .ni of the Ma-st-nm
I kei tciiKwd kt g'eat sacrifice
"' rt y. The Ms'q'iet. the niusiCHl
woi d 1 , weie eide-'r kd nesr St.
K'Hieif liver on account nf wash' Ut
01 ile Kitti-HS O'tv lalnal. The
ji I. iii It, P. r. Bnrrintn's caiinllv.l,
weie 11. n i ed hy nii "do co'iiltiioiis
(Iwirn 1' h at'rtc tw w II posi
tives t e I, hi- 'o-ui y 'j. :inic for Open
11 g 1 1 1 i in. V list I ilve'ii. I shew.
m it ' i r th and tit n -si dealing.
I will mi hum1 1. k vr deceive the peo
ple. Veiy lenpt-cttoliy,
Ski ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
April Fashion Sheets, 44 N. Court.
KALSOatiMMO telephone 609, A. Mc
Neil. Lemons and Banaui a specialty.
MimphuStaikid Glass Wobks, 236
Third atreht Call and see.
Ssnd postal to the Memphis Collar
nd Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your launcry.
H aho-pairtkd Easter eggs and cards
at the Woman's Exchange. Home
made bread and cakes. Desserts of all
Have yon damp, unhealthy cel
lar? Wat'on's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wholesome. Tele
phone 938.
Tin stockholders cf the Natatorium
will hold an adiourncd meeting at the
building at 8 o clock this evening. A
general attendance is requested.
Scnd lo Memphis Floral Company
for lis: and price-current o' plant.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and see for yourself. Sooth gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitnmen Concrete," for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
table floois, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, and proof
against dsmpne-s and seepage. Tele
phone 938.
Thi Herbal Chill Care, the best
tonioand antl-parlodio known. A oertnin
aud aora oura lor phillf Prioatl por but
tle. Sand itinii a for circular!. Any ro
aranre a-ixen. addrava John C. Ituckei.
Ijynitblwia. Va.
W. E. Euwaki;s & Buo.'s ttible is
the only place in the city whre
coupes can be furnished fur ladies
culling either sinitle and double. Alio
a nice line cf liuht livery at reason
bli rates. Orders by telephone
promptly a'.tendedto. Telephone Nos.
(19 nd 753.
Tub new firm of Day, Horton &
Bailey will in a few days open at 300
and 'Mi'2 Front street, and will com
mence business with a new stock of
groceries and provisions Ixmiht for pot
catli, and they will bo pleased to hear
from their many friends. Capt. Tom
Day continuis with the new tirm and
will moke his usual "pastoral" visits
among his Arkansas friends.
One solid gold, fly back, stop-watch
1-5 seconds, only o(); 1 18-karat solid
gold Geneva watch, weighs 52 dwt.,
.t'iO; 1 14-karat solid gold Elgin watch,
$ '6; 1 18 karat heavy and very fine
Waltham watch, $50; 1 box-case,
solid gold, 10-karat Elgin watch, 125;
other solid gold watches from 8 to
t40; solid silver watches, in good or
der, from i'i to $15; solid gold rings
from $1 up; genuine, diamond rings,
$5 up; 8-day clocks, warranted one
vear. at $3 apiece; 1 very fine 61-
karat old mine diamond, free of flaws,
only $500 this stouo cost $1300; 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel, pearl and
solid gold set bracelet and necklace,
cost before the war $300, will be sold
for 35. All goods will be sold on ap
proval and money refunded if not
74 and 70 Bealo street
J. B. UOTl'IiELP, Manager.
Fine Watrli rf pairing ot .Mulford's.
IfJCllIK 1111(1 derailing.
L-ulies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, !so kid gloves,
ostrich feuthe's mid lace curtains by
Louis Keifi'l. ri8 Jeft'ersor. street, v-ern
phis, Tenn. Goods mro'im! hv .'Xpreiw.
Ortlvr Iflerfnirtat Mulforil'H.
ThiU'H M hat'si llio Illor.
Tho best phvsicians of Memphis
gav that a great many persons are
atllicted with a morbid condition of
the liver, and yet do not know what
is the mutter with them, from the
fact that the sluggish Action of this
gland is not attended with any local
pain or sor ness. The distinguishing
charnrtcristie of a Torpid condition of
tho Liver is usually to he found in the
sallowness of the complexion, which
clearly shows that the biliary matter
has not been properly secreted from
the blood, owing to the inactivity of
tna Liiver, nut lias peen retained in
tho circulation, and absorbed by the
various tissues; thus showing itself
by the yello 1 ness of tho skin and
by ti
whites ot the eyei
oning the whole system,
plaint is usually at ended
tins com
with great
depression ol spirits, "the blues, in
activity, drowsiness, sick headache,
costiveness and indigestion.
The direct action if Dr. Fanford's
Iilvor liivlKorafor upon this
gland makes it clicctual in treating all
abnormal conditions of the Liver,
Monogram itanglem Mnlforcl.
Ilig Day.
The opening of Specnt's Ice-Cream
I'arlors, April 24th, 37 Madison street.
Solid Silverware at Mulford'n
Notice to Travelers and Shippers.
Hiarais, Tins., April 16, 1S66.
Until further notice trains between
Memphis and Madison will be discon
tinned. Steamers w ll leave dai'y from
foot of Poplar street at 6 o'clock p.m..
connecting at Madison with tra ns for
Little Hock and all points West.
Freight for Madison and points beyond
mils', be delivered at wharfhoat, at
foot of Poplar street, before 2 o'clock
p.m. Steamer Coahoma will leave
ibis evening, and s earner E. W. Oole
to-morrow evening, rudolph fink,
Oenvral Manager.
. Pure Cream.
We not only say, but can substanti
ate our claim of having and making
the best Ice-Cream 111 the city
challenge competition.
Mnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main,
loclts nrOers from the count rj.
.John Walsh, Undertaker,
308 Second, near corner Monroe.
Hat le Mfinrt'l" Uorail (ompaar
lor alnla naiti pirnij ol inrm.
Kxeellenee and C anli
Are the eetrefs of Mulford's cuccees.
Wo to RnllrdaT l.acomaraloo for
rear Plombloai " a-Hltl.
In order to Introduce the Alabama
Splint Oral in this market, it wid be
deliverrd at 36o per barrel in city Iim
its. It has no superior.
Telephone 559.
Nrmahla Vloi-nl f o. haul Ibe loraxoal
alorU of ttlMiiia In tana.
Have Yonr Freiu li C'loclaai
Put in order at Mulh td's, 2t4 Main.'
HDilMarwaa AMtoaunraloo'io do
your fiaamhine;
Old Gold nimI h'lier
Taken as cash, MalfoidV 294 Main.
Peabody Hotl.
C. B. 0 ALLOW A V A CO Peopito.
Ratea 2 ') and 13 per day, accrr ing to
isa and location of room Special
ratal made.
A J Vineent. Ind
J W Vincent, Ind
VY C 1 'tinman, N Y
i W Uuerant, Ark
1 David. Ky
W Kuaenbu'ger, N Y
B R Muih, N 0
C T Sanf rd Aw, N T
S N Lee, Miaa
F Pierce Aw, III
M J Kelley, N V
M-i H V Roberta, Ky
J Wall, Miaa
W II Hancoi-k, Tenn
M A Lowe, Tenn
W. Phillip, Tenn
L. Human, Ky
J W Nowlio, Mo
A Forbei. Ill
A L K'ewron, Ind
J W Wooldmtge.Ky
i Miller, N Y
J C Pavia, Hy
R II Uav ea. Ala
J Sw pe. Ohio
T A I eddin, Tenn
W A Burnerd. Tenn
A Anderaun. Miai
(1 A Dairy, Tenn
M il V Mill. Ky
A Davia, Mini
8 I Stronr, Mill
J Wine, Ohio
V. A Kosa. Ky
J D Fulmar, Tenn
J K Ktory, Canada
II Wiliink, Miai
J S Montgomery, III
C V Keynolda, Mo
jotin Biiopaon, Ala
S Marlmham. N V
I, White,
K L MrKeNar, lenn J 11 'iiei. iaa
Louia Kohhert. M m Tom B. Joyce, Ky
L l)Hckr, Tenn W C Swoope, Tenn
ZT W hite, Miaa W K Wilson, Miai
.1 it L . kJ v A V . . ; 1 I T
D 1. vuium maa f n .o.if.u,, s. a
J II Reea, Pa J Pugh, N Y
0 11 Hradtord, ,Vo K brm', Ky
W J Rniney Aa, Ohio W hoenherger, N Y
Wl) Warner. NY II II Bardine, N C
S R Helm. N Y M Hiinimutt, Ark
W T Wood, on Ark J N Woooaon, Ark
N D Wilkini, Ark S E "hac-kleford, Mill
F Frechling, Tenn K J mark, I enn
C Fiahel. NY J A Fau.t. N Y
If I McCracken.Miai (I Kan, Paria
J F Harrell. Ky E (1 Neild, Ky
J McDonald, o t Parahall, Ala
A J Cooke, N U Mra Clarke, lenn
Mill Clarke, Tenn W Hobertioi. Va
R J llervey, NY S M Payne. Tenn
Mri 1) T Cbilii, hio Mi M .Shaw, Ohio
C J Hammond. NY CE Angell, Tex
C V Reynolds, Ky J H Scte, Ky
Ki'llnmer, Ark w bevy, Arg
K E llullington.Tenn Dr J W Peeta, Fla
tol W n Carroll, nainmgion, u u.
The New Uayatko.
Ratea, 12 SO to M per d iy, according to loca
tion ol rooina.
0 Fr. Me, Ind M A Ilenderaon, Ind
C A Wheeler, III M A Montgomery.N 1
S K Krans. Ohio
J It Alcio er, Mo
C M Hn'ik u. Bolton
Mn J M Conrtney.NY
W J 'h.iae. Mich
(I D Evnna, Mall
11 0 Lewis. Tenn
T Ii Miteh-ll, Ark
J 'I' Hogg, Tnn
I J Allen, Mill
J W Mum tic, l'enn
Capt Lea-h. Tm
lrr M l.ws. lenn
Mis. Lewis, Tenn
M Merrowc'.her.Teon J B Wel'ber, J enn
J W ApperdOD, 1 oi.li 11 f 1 nomas. Mm
R T Harris. Mi.
1 J AU'itii, lonn
W H Hcrkini. Misa
W II D.ivii, Sr., Mill
J I' M L ws, Miss
A Armis ad, Ark
( It Ri. g. luy, Viii
JS Miirtin, N Y
R J Mnr an. 'I'nnn
J C Wright, Misi
U W Allon, tiisi
(i (! Currv. Icni
J C fritchtt', MiM
J I' Kelley, T nn
(J II l'ooto, Ma
1'JI tlivon, Ky
S lilancliinl Aw,MiiS I Cook, (la
(1 A Page. Misa
J 3 m-HiiKe,
C L llirria, M sa
II .1 Hicks, hy
.1 11 Woolen. Misi
.1 C Daviii, Tenn
It I Kirkpatrick. N Y
M A .aiti-holl. Mo
Misa I Moreho.d, N Y
II HJobiisin. Ky
C D Mimuing.M Y
I Westnureland, Ala
Subine P.obnini, Ohio
J ' RccU Ark
E (lieen, Ohio
N N Muigl. Mis.
R Brown. Mus
U Winston, Miss
J II Web er, Tenn
C 1) Whee or, 'lean
A J lti.y J, Ohio
A C bhoemaker, N Y
1) W Aleiuniior, Ky
H Kursner. Misi
j lirundy, Tenn
1 V, Kulhc. Ark
J Wation ir, N Y
I IN Hunch. ArK
K PTalmailge, N J
0 Rockwell, hana
Jiia Frentreaa. Tenn
B w Hedliird At, Tenn
J E Bride, La J K Bran n in, Ky
A A Hunt. iMan I V C Ionian. Mill
CautliBtichanan.MiasSusie Dean, Miai
Kmnia Deen, Mill S K Husliy, Tenn
A M West, Mill W H Pullen, Tenn
W C Love, Tonn A K Durham, Mo
B I'arahiill, Ala K J McDonald, Tenn
MKoentork&w,Mii Mrs II 11 Peters, Mill
F 0 I'avis, Misi II T Rockwell, Mo
FAMontoniery,jr,M K M Stmclifor, Mill
11 Avery, Cal J II Rice, Ind
M Woodward, Ohio G It Wilber, Ohio
1 y.
Mrs Ala Koait, Ky
L 11 Dity, La
K E Hnoter, Tenn
W W Wood, Ky
K 0 Wi.son, Alias
T R Johnson. Tex
J J Kenton. Ark
C Morriyother, Tenn
J X Kckitein, Tenn.
F A Read. Ky
Joe liner. Col
J M Itr.id, Miss
T J Camphell, Mill
W J Androws, Tex
A McL'nrty, Ala
W T t'enton. Ark
Wm Osborne, Tonn
GiMiun's lloKl.
W. II. BINGHAM Manaiihu.
Kuropemi plan. Enlarged ant refurnished,
l'lii'os iconrdinir to aiie 1(1 d loca
tion of rooms. 1
Miss J Kigan, Mo Miss C 0 llson, Mo
ilfrce. Tenn
J Kmtnatt. Arte
SM VV'Htion in, Mill
-I 11 Kitl-1. Ark
P R llrigl. Tenn
II L Hl.rd. Tenn
J T tiillsjuin. Tenn
(1 W Corh s. III
W E Hariifon, Mo
Tl Chiuiiura. Ark
F II Mcilntn, Misi
J T Hums N Y
L Bckel"S. Miss
J I roffoM, Torn
It II Klliutt, Tenn
.1 M Willis, Kv
T iti.ren.les. Ky
J B Homier. Ark
John Morgaf , Utnh
L D Cromwell, Utah
Jai ndfon, Ark
1) 0 TuyloT, Utah
E F Sonai n. Cal
V Llnd-ey, 1' 1) Lake
I N ThotnKson. Pnria 0 W Uwew. Misa
II M Litilejohn, Mill W A Meiuens, Mill
LD Blair, Ark E B Williuu.., Tenn
V P McKwen, Tenn Mrs T J Kuwoll, Mill
J P Nohoni, Misi J li Unroml, Misi
J T Duilony, Tenn PWhitly, Mi l
A Cooper, NO C L Jones Jcf, Mill
II 11 Smith, Ark 0 B Tilf.n v . Pa
K K .Lines. Miai D II Archibald, Mill
T ti Reynold Al.Teen fc' M Easiuan, III
N llftiglit, Ky II Dow, Tsrn
II 0 Lew 1, Tenn M Morrieether, Tann
J Skillinin, Ky Q 0 liowird, Tenn
M bell, Ti no M A Le y, Tenn
M-a E M Trow, Mo E U Sirith, Ark
T ( oiiag. Misi OKAngall.Tex
Biirllntt Vinoont.Mti Mi a N Unrkloo,Misl
.1 I Barkaloo, Misa Ilonrv Sherman, Mian
7. Ben. on 4w, Ohio M a. Nicholson, Ala
Mrs K Williauis, Ala G Nrhols, Am, N C
F Nichols Aw, N C J.ar'e i, NC
ii Laurence, N C J S Yates. N C
L F K"iiKn. N C 0 P Yalos, N C
Mrs Yii'i s, N 0 J H Cooper Aw, N C
Mis' .Miiry Cooi,er.,N C Wm Conp-r, N C
A C Terrell. Mo A M Lee. Tenn
J D Sunders, Tonn O T Wiilpole, Tenn
G K Hill. Vi
U W (-Tinrks, Miai
R (i Buchanan, Tenn
W R Ja' kson, N Y
J W Lett!, Ky
Andy Cobb. Tenn
J K Hor en A', Oa
J S Uant, Mi l
J P Vinson, Tonn
W A Fains. T. nn
W G Miillins, Tenn
P T Forsythe, Ohio
Mrs A C Harris, Misi Misi 0 Harris Mill
DnfTy'a Karopeian Wotel,
Corner of Adami and Main itroeti. Koomi,
6V0, 75a and 11 per day : American Plan,
12 per day.
First-clasi Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 year, with Peabody Hotel)
A A Martin, Mo W A Willi, Miai
W 8 Pipe, Tenn J R Miller, Tenn
Dan Carroll, Tenn P J Hieka, Tenn
R M Paiham, Tenn Fred Clark, Tenn
John Smoot, Tenn J T McKiuney, Tenn
L II Campbell, Tenn J P lloyle, Tenn
W P Day, Te- n W C McUuire, Tenn
T J Hrogan. Tenn L R Wiiliami, Mo
J Conner. Va f W Tucker, Va
J M Ma-shall. Ohio W T H. Hermann. Ohio
U C Anderaon, Tenn rri W Everett Ac, Ala
A Hutchinson, Mill W J McDowell, Mill
UC Fern 11, Tann T B Garrett, Ark
TWNeal.Tenn . J B Hoach, Miai
T B Baker. Mim Mn K A Sabin. Ark
P A Jeaaed, Ark J 0 Bricaey, Mo
J R Sherwi . Aw. Tenn J W Pewnell. Tonn
1 II Abel. Mna
r 11 Armsteaa, lenn
J B Campbel', Ohio
P M Morris, Tenn
R Kighter, Tonn
J M Carver, 'I enn
R D Bowen, Tenn
J M Andrews. N Y
G W Pulley, Mo
T J Meaki.Tenn
W MclUo.Can
Joe Young, Ark
W M Jackitt, lenn
L V atson, Ind
C L I bionut, N C
W J Adams. Ind
D D Kama. Mo
PT Fowlkei, Tenn
A J Wheeler. Tenn
D C Pirk, Ark
R B Dellay, Mo
W Jck.on, Misi
TL .Valine, Ark
(J K Steele. Tenn
M J Cope'an, Ky
R L Tatnul. Ind
M rttiur, Ind
W U Adams. Md
tiaremlnn llolrl.
K01. Kl and (W Madison street.
BOWLES A L - AKK Pn .fBiEToas.
R.Ud-tU ler uay. day board ti) per
W L Rogera, Tenn W A Ma.on, N 0
ALCark.M nn B McDowell, Tenn
CFltutler.Tcnn J J t'otwell. Ga
A G Allen, I enn 8 H Thompson, Tenn
T K I'avis, Misi G II Evans. Tenn
W Akin, Mis. R M Baiter, Mo
C F Adams Aw, Ark J Mex in.ler, Ark
Miaa Mi ian.ior.Aik Virs K Wo..Mk, Ark
Mi a K P.rker, Ark C K Merrill, Tenn
Mrs Everett, Ala J V Lee, Tenn
Jam. D. dson. Ark G II Ames, Tenn
T L Foe ick, Ark W' M f-oraan. Mo
ML Ingram, lex VraLInaram, Tex
11 8 Irg r m, Tex M L Inaram, Tex
MEIngram, lax P Inaram, Tex
B B Ing am, Tex Inaratn, lex
J D Srui'h, tenn F K Hoatford, Ala
M D Keilly, Miai G Temple, Ky
J B t-aander. Tanl
And it sumolates and promotes the
iirnwtL ..! the hair.
Pr rr-t' Mavnrtrir Fvivitj the
To all who are suffering from the arrori and
indiscretions of youth, nervnua weaknasi,
early decr.y, Inaa of manhood, ate,, I will
end a recipe that will cure ou, FHKKOF
CH ARUh. Ihia reat remedy waa diasover
ad bv a uiisatonary in bontb America. Send
elt addreasen envelop to tbe Rev. Jjtarl
T. 1k(V, MiaM it, or.
IcT'The firm of GOODBAR A CO. bas been dissolved, and we lave reorganised for tntereM in tho Wholes'. lijit .
and Shoo Bnninesr, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Lot A Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Air.. C
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., under the stvle of and firm name given below. We thank oar friends for their patronaft
in the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAZ.
Lata of Ooodbar A Co., Memphia. Lata of Goodbar k I o., MamphU.
367 & 369 3Iain
We are now receiving a large and Entirely New SOckof Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Itock Bottom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines rf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all ol whinh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hacker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shos
T. M. Harris A CVs Philadelphia made Children's 8hoes.
Also, L. W. Nuie & Co.'a Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the best Brogaos made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gi odbar dc Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co. line of Lndies and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Gooda EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder the Factory Brands.
Order of the Court
of Com mon Sense
No. 1.
To All Good Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Public Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Common Sense No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, Stato of Tennessee, do
hereby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of this Court that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Second
street, have received an elegant stook
of New Spring Clothiug, which is
being offered at remarkably low
As it is for the iuterest of all good
citizens to get the most possible 'for
their money, I, Publio Opinion, do,
in my official capacity, invite every
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, No. 262 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commenced, we state that the
Slisfit Clothing Parlors, 2C2 Second
street, are selling fine Tailor-Made
Garments at one-half their real value,
I grant that placo the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St, Memphia,
Opp. Court Square.
Judge ol Common Sense Court
No. 1, Memphis, Tenn.
!- Open Evnlnara nn'll
isiAL.j ovine inriaya sill 11.
j I Reinembi-r, all alaeraliuna to
Inanra n atenect HI enae tree f
rbarie bjr a ttral-clxaa tailor In onr
Importers and dealers In Baas, Amran.
nliletn and Pluhlnsr Taeble, Mntldera'
Hardware, e.lertrle Bella and An
nanelatetra for Hotels and Beidences.t8
Main street, Mempbia, Tenn. Ekeotrle
supplies always on hand.lfcRepaiHn neatly
Frank Schumann,
Kmporter and Dealer la
S9nna, riHlna Tackle and Mpartai
Bu.aa Knplir mr Si-eeial atientior
given to MAMJFAtTUKlM f"'
414 Mavlu hlMeuilil,Tenii
Latitat Warren, Love
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
officeno. 24 high street.
De made ny any competing market.
market of the fol.
We also control
own brands, viz :
Goodbar. Love
Of U-tT-ory Deaorlptlon.
We are J net la Receipt ot a Large rlblpment ef
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And a Complete Line or CAMP OUTFITS.
V.. o.,1 tlilV aTlflT'T M I' VS Iil. rl'l'V'VI1..l.''
Jamn S.wHlbar Wn, Im. Clark Kageaifl J. Larrlnalon Frank U. Junea
Aioiiasia.ect iaeo.1
09TS and
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MEIM'H .4.SITN OILV the largest ard beat etoek of Root and Shoet we
have ever hrounht to thia market, and which cannot b-j mr paused in quality and
tyloa by ani hooe in this or any other oily. In addition to a oivnplete lioe of Kajtern
niaile Kuodi, loclud n tbe rtl.l BH Tr. UHIIIIHIH A-t'l. KHIMJ4NN, wehandla
a I ante and aelect atook of Cualom-made Goods for Men, Women, Minces and Children. We
oarry a number ol the beat makes in the oouniry, in ever, variety ud t le, aud among
tliein tho well known Men's Coif boots and Shoes manufn-turi'd hy Oeo. Hooker for onr
Hl.riDu True. Me also oarry a choice line of Lad ea' and Mirsea' Cuxtom Kid, iloat and
Calf iloods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade t examine
our Itook before buying elsewhere, and wa guarantee everything we SiU t rive satiefaotion.
aaMfaRAR A- CO.
No! wUlmtnndini; one of oar com-
relitors piiblirtlies a letter from Heo.
ockrr hlalinir "lie lias not Mild nn
any calf bonis for tprliiir trade,"
THE FACT IS, we have these goods
now Id Hture, which we offer to the
trade at an low prices an the; enn be
found elsewhere. We gnunmtee
them to be the VKUI5Eeo.Wf r
bootx, and adapted to th preJbt
HOii'slrado. KeHpectfnilr J0n1,'
Memphis March 18. 1B80.
Boiler Works.
SUE St MCCARTHY, rropr's,
140, 142, H4 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and the only oompleta
Boiler and Bjeet-Iroa Works in the city.
M anaratDrirv of heiavy Plata Iron
work of er7 atanrrlptlon. Bpeoial
attwntlow rlvww lawta'.ton work.
J. F. H0LST &RU0.,
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete stook of Wood and
Metallic Cases and Cankets, Cloth-Covered
Caakets and Banal Robes always n
hand. ".;sr Orders bf teleeraoh pro.nntly
Cor. Second and Monroe Ste.,
Would call attention of his friends
and patrons to his
Compr'alnr the ohrirest and" latest de
si. na ol r' reien Uooda in the market,
l-avmi takes ecp.l cars in their aeleo
tion. I aju pleased to say to my euatomer
and pailic who foor me with a call, to
show then inea o roods only founi in
leading houses.
Young & Brother,
Ikxikht llcrM and Stationers,
a IS .Main St., fiuphlH,Teun
WlHbtHaT in Hntre Iroan Bnslnsma
We n-r onr r.mlre
J. C. C A l.l.M'OTT,
k Co., Bt. Loaii. Lata of Coldwater,
Custom-Made Boota and Bhoee lor
on aa liberal terms as can
the following Specialties nnder oat
A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf
TOM-MADE Bala, Button and Congress.
Goolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' f 3 00 Bhoies are made from the best se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Solee
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
In every resnert.
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Hlnllrd Fralt Pickled Oraugei,
Stofltxt Kralt l-l-klml encumber.
NlnfffMl t'ralt Plrklrd Peppers,
KloMcl I'rnlt Pick led Hansioes,
nixed Mweet Plei.lra,
t'ro A HiiUhi'i CnawChow and
Mixed PlekleH,
Plain Cucumber Pickle by tbe Kali.
Other braitdN of Plain and Mixed
Picklea In WIhom and Olives.
Corner Krrnml and Iteale St ft.
Ammnnlllon, FUblns; Tackle
and Hage-uau Hoods.
aa Main Street, Mempbia, Tenn;
Mannfaoturing and Repairing of Guns m
No. 8X4 3VXa1xx t..
Baa just reoeived a large stook of the
latest style of
lot Pants, which wewil make to order at
' the usual prices. We will
, 1 wool van's for $9. Call
. Roods. Also, a complete
rice at our usual low
A. nrxTEu. m
Johh Ovkktok, Ja. C. N. GnosvKHoa..
Real Estate Dealers
Ji.yr, V liKUKEKN.
Offloe, 264 Second Street.
C. for. Heeesad and Oonra,
Taxes I ai . Rents Collect!, eto.. ea
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin. Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds ot deliithtinl p aces whe e one can pass
tbe summer mnntha ioqu etrett aad enjoy.
Bj.nl, a id return home at the end of the
heated term comil-te y tejuvenated. Each
recurrin season brinas t- Oeonomowoc,
Haukeha. hi-arer Dam. Fronton, Oko
boji, . i: n' tnnka, Wnite Bear, and innu
merable oiher cnarin ri l.eliliea with ro
mantic i. am a, tko iaund' "f our beat people
whuae win er htr are on eilher side ot Ma
s n and Dix-n'i 1 no. r. urtni-s and com
fort, at a nmilera e coat, can ba readily ob
tained. A iiat d uiumer h ; pea, with all
nec aearv in:orma inn i irni' i thereto, is
beinr rt jtnhute by the PHirnoo. Vawit'
li jkd T Part K111.W4T, and wi 1 be lent
tree mon aptnicaiKn y let-er to A. V. H.
tarpecte-. Utceral l'aitae;ier Agent, Mil
waukee, Wis.

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