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Tfce Chlfjo Swltrhmei'i Mrlke Be
comlnf Seriooa IMbllnf
the Can and Entrlne.
St. Lows, Ma.. April 20 It is K-n
rally couched hr tbat the Kr.inhta
of Ibora like, o far a the biiinei
of tbearlooi read eenUricn: in thin
ciiy and Ks 6t. Louia ia concerned,
is (triduaUjr loarnir ita effuct. The Mia
Boori Pacific and Iron Mountain rail
roads have fully resumed traffic, ac
cording to the statements of the offl
Ciala of those icaita, and the roads
which enter Ksst St. Lonis are doirjR
11 the btifinets required of them and
re bandiiDg promptly all fre;ht
Two eentinela patrollinK the rail
road yards in Eaat St. Louis were fired
Upon before daylight this morning by
tome persons as yet nnkoown. Neither
of them were bit. They returned the
fire, but .iroTrd as bad marksmen as
their a-mi;nte, who eecsped.
Rrsaaraoel hj eM.
Kt. Lome, Mo., Atril 20. A special
from L'lilu Ilock, Ark., to the Po4
IKmiUh assies that Deputy Sheriff
Williauie, who was a 'faulted and bad
ly beaten by a'rikers while he was
guarding the Iron Mountain railroa 1
prcpei ty, haa received a check for
500 from Jy Gould.
Aid for Ibe olt Mne ftlrlkrrs.
Chicaoo, III, April 20 -The Execu
tive Board of District Awmbly No.
24, Knights of Labor, tie s sent out an
apiwal, which is addr-sed to Kniti-lita
of Labor, trades nnioiw and t he pub
lic generally, unkiujc for Unsocial c.ui
trihutiuns to aid the Btriktra on tlie
Southwestern loa.ls. A regn'iir com
mittee lias b3f n aproluted n head
quarters to receive oH'tirings.
The t'hlraco Nwllebroea'a Mrlke.
Chicaoo, III., April 20 A morn
ing paper nava: Sevtr.il switchmen iu
the serviie cif the Kock Inland road
were in conference with the commit
tee of the Lake Shoie switchmen last
night. There are eevfr il non-unionists
working in the Kock Island yards
and union switchmen say it ia their
Intention to have them removed.
They are Riving the Lake Shore men
11 the aid possible, in toe nope oi see
ing a settlement of the strike in favor
oi the Bwitubm'.in. In tbat event their
task will be all the taiier. They say
that if the Lake) Shore Company con
tinues to support the non-unionists
nd the latter refuse to resign, it is al
most certain that within the next two
days the switchmen on the Kock Inl
and roid will strike. This morning at
daylight (Superintendent Ameden and
General Freight Agent illoduettof the
Lake Shore road wra prjmHcading
.the tracks in the vicinity of Polk
street When asked about the pros
pects of resuming business tilay Mr.
Amsden said: "I do not think that
we will try to-do anything to-day.
There ia no use in trying to get a traiu
pa Kofly-flrtt street."
In the yards this morning there was
no change in the Mate of B flairs. The
north branch of the stock-yards "Y"
ia still obstructed with the train
witched there yeetatday, and the
stock jari'a dummy consumes from
five to ten minutes more than usual
in making trip, m it has to run to
Root street and back out to the yards.
The Unt attempt of the company to
.enlist now, men ended las', night in
At 8:30 o'clock englue No. 5.12, in
charge of Engineer Weaver and Fire
man Merkle moved out of the round
house into the yards. General-Superintendent
Wright and Yardmaeter
Jonee and General Freight Agent
Blodgett were on the engine. As the
engine moved InUi the yards one of
the strikers approached the engineer,
who only shook his head in reply to
questions pat to him. The engine
then proceeded south toward , where
the train which was attempted to be
moved yesterday was standing, t
Forty-fourth street. The cars which
were standing there wore surrounded
by orowd of Btritera, who remove 1
the draw bar keys, completely dis
abling the cai. The engine stopped
north of Foity-third street and was
backed on another trsin of cars stand
ing on side track. While the attempt
was being made to reach the side
track coupling pins and o:her obstruc
tions were put in front of the wheels.
These were removed by the police,
but jusf. as the engine was crowing
the switch some onetriedto throw the
swiich betweentheengine and tender.
The man was driven away and the en
gine was attached ti the trsin. About
this time the crowd at Forty-fourth
street havinn. succeeded in disabling
the cara up there attempted to run the
caboose which was Kit ached to the
train, in which the conductor and two
brakeraen were, on to a side track.
lh conductor and brakemen rushed
on to tLe platform and warned the
crowd away. One ol the men picked
np a coupling and was about to throw
it at the brakemen when the con
ductor .drew a revolver. The crowd
rushed at the brakeman and hustled
him away, and some ons bit him cm
the head, knocking him senelers.
i At this time the crowd left the ca
boose end went; up to Forty-filth
street, where two cars standing on the
sidetrack were moved down and de
railed in froLtoI the engine at Forty
third street. Gennral Superintendent
Wright gave up the aMempt to move
the train. The crowd gave a cheer,
lifted tha car ou the track, and moved
it back to its former onition, repaired
several awitcbes which had been
broken and then moved back intotho
Gov. Og!esby has been in consulta
tion all day with Sheriff Hanchett
and the officials of the Lake Shore
road. I he Supervisor o the Town nf
Lake, said he was unable to afford the
railroad any protection agaiuat the
mobs which bad colle ted. It appears
ttat the Sheriff will be called upon to
orgaoire posse as the next move he-
lore calling on the troops. The offi
cials consulud appear to regard seri
ous troub.e aa verv tin Tllinant 4no
Oglaaby declared this afternoin that
ue woniu not interfere nntll the Sher
iff bad exhausted all his powers.
The New York fstrt-('.r Mrlke.
New York, April 20. The "tie tip"
en the street-car lines has been partly
unloosed to-day, and the cars on all
the roads are runnim. nil hut il,..
Third Avenue read sending out their
regular nnmoer oi cars with new
drivers and cnn-im-tnra i,ni n,.. i
and platform of these cars were filled
with police officers. All along the
route the new drivers and conductor
and police were saluted by the jeers
and yells of the crowd which collected
at different points. At Park Fow, the
end of the journey.the sidewalks were
lined with crowds of people, but no
one interfered to oppose the progress
of the cars. The Kailroaa lyominiB
aioners were at the Murray Hill Hotel
this morning. At noon they went
into session to consider the caeeoi trie
Third A verm? railroad.
Commiisioner.O'Donnell said he
was tild that tbe Third Avenne Com
pany was running twenty-five cars
to-uav. lie also atatod that Director
Lai-.rrbach, of that road, was willingto
ni'imit the matter to arbiirition, and
it was thought tbat this would lead to
nettlement of tbe dilhculty, and mat
.he cr of the company wonld all be
ruoning before nightfall. The officials
of the real rtfureto bother with any
mors conferonci'f before the Railroad
Commissioners t They ray they will
fight to tbe bitter end co . The men
are becoming exasperated, but hope
tbat the Kiilrcai Commissioners will
be able to arbitrate. They say the
struggle ia for life or death now, and
they are ready for peace or war.
The Klarht-Hoar Aa-ltatloa t Mll
waakM. MiLWAoaaa, Wia, April 20. Some
weeks ago committee appointed by
the workmen at the shops of the St.
Paul Railway Company called npon
General Manager Miller with re
quest that tbe eight-hour eyatem be
established in the shops, the wages to
remain as at present Mr. Miller has
replied to trie request, stating tbat
the company cannot grant what ia
asked. To-day tbe committee wilt
make their report to the workmen,
snd Mr. Miller has given tbe men a
half day in order that all mar get to
gether and hear the report. There is
little likelihood of a strike.
The 200 emplnvea of the Wisconsin
Ma'leable I on Company have made
a formal demand for the regulation
eight hoar system and fin semi
monthly payments. They have given
the oriiu eny till May 1st to say
whether they will accede to the da
nni dv
The workmen at K. P. Allis's shops
have mpudiaied the settlement made
by their committee with Mr. Allis a
week a:o, and now it looks as though
a strike would result.
Colore laulnbla ! Labor.
Galvest-in, Tm., April 20. A spe
cial to the Newt from Texarkana Bays:
It has been discovered at within the
past three weeks the Knights of Labor
have organ 'r id several colored assem
blies in the vicinity of Texarkana,
both in Arkansas and Texas. The
movement ia regarded with apprehen
rioo. Tbe Locomotive riroaaea.
Parsons, Kab., April 20. About
sixty dolegatea are here to-day to at
tend tbe uuion meeting of the Grand
Lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Firemen. The meeting will con
vene at 4 o'clock, and in the meantime
much log-rolling ia being done to en
deavor to persuade tbe firemen and
engineers to take sides with the
KmghtH of Labor in their strike, but
it is genraliv conceded that their ef
forts will be without avail. Barry,
the agitator, will present tbe case of
the Knights to the meeting in session.
The Brotherhood of Firemen have
grievances against the Missouri Pacific
Railroad Cjmpany, but it is predicted
that they wdl be settled amicably and
satisfactorily to all concerned.
IheMlnsalitr 'aanor Mra. KlUabelb
Lamberl of I'hleniro.
Chicaqo. 111.. April 1!. Judae Col-
linn will to-day bear petition for a
writ oi 1 aueas corpus, bled by counsel
for Mr'. FMikbi'th Lambert, at present
an Inmate of the county 1ml. The
circumstances of tbe case are peculiar,
Ou May 9, 1A85, Charles Wilthshire se
cured a judgment for 5P00 HRsinst
Mr.'. L'mb' rt, who is hti mother-ir-law,
for making slanderous statements
about him. The Sheriff baa been un
able to satisfy ' the judgment, and
w utnsiiire nassince been paying board
for Mrs. Lambert at the county jail.
In her petition she says that she is
lllicted with heart-disease and rheu
matism, and that tbe only properly
she has is worth but $1400. Mrs. Lam
bert claims that the judgment wns ob
tained by fruid and perjury. It ap
pears that Wilthahire intends to keep
her in Jail during, (he remainder of
her life. If ao, tbe petition states tbat
tbe punishment is a penally dispro
portionate to the offense, and ia there
fore unconstitutional and void. Mrs.
Lambert is now fifty years of age and
the mother of twenty children, six of
whom are still living.,
A Kamor Tbnt Iho President Will
Ask 'na;rea lo Interfere.
New York. April 19. A special
from Washington, D. 0 to the Herald
says: There la a rntuor that the
President has been making one of
three careful and laborious studies to
which he is given of the public land
question, and that he has become so
thoroughly convinced of the va-itnesa
of the land frau U, and the misuse of
the present land laws fur land-grabbing
by syndicates and corporations
and of the necessity of a thorough re
form of both the land laws and tbe
land administrate , that he will
presently send a special mtaaaga to
Congress urging its immediate action
In the way of reform and repeal of
bsd lawa to help bim in saving the
still remaining publio lands for houie
Bteads for the people.
NmI bjr Ilia It rot her. ,
Pitwiu'ro, Pa., April 20. Abner
and Leavitt Simpkins are brothers, re
aiding at Orangevilie, O., five miles
from Sharon, Pa. They respectively,
own large tracts ol land, and in a dis
pute Leavitt broke some of bis
brother's ribs and nisi struck him en
the bead with heavy weapon. At
the time Abner was not thought to be
eriouB'y hurt, but shortly afterward
grew rapidly worse, and is now be
lieved by his physician to he bevond
recovery. Leavitt douies that he had
any murderous intentions, snd gives a
very dillerent version of the affair. He
has not yet been arretted.
The First Hewiemer Nteel Converted
lu Ibe Honib.
Chattanooga, Tknm., April 20.
The first Bessemer steel convertel in
the South was made here vesterdav
by the South Tredegar Works. The
experimental cat,t of two gross tons
proved excellent etce! on the rolls and
under all teti applied. The material
used was pig iron from Cranberry
ores, North Carolina, and shows tlmt
ore to be excellent sttol material. The
plant I as a rapacity of eighty-five
tons per day. The success of this ex
periment has cauwd much gratifica
tion among Southern ironmasters.
Double Tra(el, .t New Tork.
Nbw ohk, April 20 Francis M.
Wilson, lawyer, twenty-one vearsold,
went to the house No. 144 West Six
teenth street to see a young woman
named Emma Adams, with whom he
bad been intimate and who hud de
serted him. After n quarrel he drew
a revolver and shot her behind the
left ear, inflicting a dangerous wound.
He then shot binnelf in the right tem
t. HU wound is thought to be fata!.
Reports of Committees The Day
Mpeat by tbe Senate la Exee
tire Keseloa.
Washikgtoh, April 20. 6.ntU The
unair laid Deiore the Senate commu
nication from the Secretary of the In
tenor, transmitting, in compliance
with recent resolution cf the Sen
ate, detailed Information relatirg to
tue tanas oi tee Northern Pacific Kail
road Company, tbe number of acres
surveyed, patented, etc.
Senator Gibson gave notice that
iter morning business to-morrow he
would ask unanimous consent ti oc
cupy tbe attention of the Senate for
twenty minutes in some remarks on
tLe qnestion of open executive ses
sions. At 12:45 p.m., Senator Frye moved
an executive session, and. the motion
being agree! to, tbe Senate galleries
were cleared and the doors cloaed.
When the door j reopened the Senate
The Hmh,
Tbe galleries of tbe House this
morning were enlivened by the uni
forms of membi rj of tbe Seventh
Regiment of New Ycrk, who were
taking cdvacbga of their ccjonrn in
Waehington to visit the Capitol and
view the law-makers in session.
. Mr. Re?d Me., addressing his re
marks to Mr. Tucker Vs., inquired
when the Utah bid was to be reported
by the Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Tucker replied that tbe bill was
being considered by tbe committee.
When a di termination l ai been ar
rived at the bill would be reported ad
versely or favorably.
Mr. Kiel suggested that the till lull
been in committee a long time, and it
was a measure in which the country
was much interested. Could the gen
tleman give no other answer?
Mr. Tucker (dryly) No other an
swer. Mr. Red (with equal dryness) I
am sorry for it.
Mr. Mills Tex , f om the Commit
tee on Waya and Means, reported
joint resolution to give notice to ter
minate the convention of June 3, 1875,
with His Majesty, the King of the
Haiwaiian Islands. Committee of the
Mr. Breckinridge Ky. filed a ma
jority report.
Mr. Colling Mars., from tbe Com
mitiee on the Judiciary, repoited
bill fixing tbe salaries of the United
8lates District Judges at $5,000.
Mr. Caldwell 1'enn., from the Com
mittee on Commerce, reported bill
to regulate commercial Bales of goods
by camples, traveling salesmen, etc.,
between residents of tbe several States
and Territories. House calendar.
Mr. Wellborne ITex., from the
Committee on Indian A flairs, reported
a bill to create the ofliue ot Assistant
Commiesioner of Iudian Affairs. Com
mittee nf the whole.
Mr. Clardy Mo , from toe Commit
tee on Min.B and Mining, reported a
bill for the rt lief cf Wui. McG arraan.
Piivate celendar.
Mr. O'DoiuihII Mich from the
Committee ou Education, reported a
Serate bill to provide for the s'udy of
the nut n re of alcoholic drinks and
narcotics and their effdcU upon the
human syrm !n tho military rr.A
naval academies, and of the Indian
and public schools of ihe Territories
and of thu District of Columbia.
Hou-e calendar.
The report accomnariyinir the bill
states that nearly 2,000,000 men and
women have petitioned tbe Legisla
tures of the dillerent States forsimilar
laws, and up to the present year the
wishes of tbe people hive been com
p'ijd with in fourteen States. As an
evidence that the people earnestly de
Bire a law like the one suggested, the
committee point to the fact tbnt peti
tions bearing tbe names of 71,270 per
sona have been preceded to this Con
gress asking for its enactment. The
effect of similar lawa in the different
States where they are n fi roe ba-, in
tbe opinion cf the committee, proveu
most satisfactory. Such laws leed to
p.ogrj8 and reive to check a threat
ening evil to humanity and the gen
eral welfare. The report argues tbe
bill invades no right of self-government.
The measure had the v. till
merit of involving no political signifi
cance, but appealed to the veiy foun
dations npou which popular eolf gov
ernment noted the intelligence of
the people. It was difficult to see
bow many objections could be raised
to such a s'atule except by those who
feared to have the next generation ed
ucated upon a subject universally
recognized to be of the most vital im
portance to individual health and
social security.
Mr. Storm Pa.l, from the Commit
tee on Civil Service Reform, reported a
bill amending the elatutesso as to give
honorably disrharged soldiers and
sailors a preference in public appoint
ments. H iu e calendar.
The report says tbat the soldiers and
sailors of the country have fir years
demanded this change in the law, and
the committee tbiuks that the demand
is just and reasonable. A minority
report Is submitted by Mr. U emeus
and Mr. Blauebard La., in which the
argument is made that the amend
ments to the law rvould be a vio'a'ion
of the alleged fundamental principle,
ot the civil service law that appoint
ments should be made alone upon
merit, ascertained by competent ex
amination. Mr. Skinner N. C., from the Com
mittee on Indian Affaire, repeated
back tbe Senate bill to extend the laws
of the United Ptntes over the Indian
Territory. House calendar.
In the morning hour the House re
sumed the consideration of tbe joint
resolution for the appointment of a
commission to inquire into an! repot t
npon the condition of the Indians.
After an unsuccessful attempt by Mr.
Holman Ind to secure imme'diat-i
action on the measures its further con
sideration was postponed until May
The remainder of the morning hour
waB consumed in an ineffectual effort
on the part of Mr. F"orney Ala. toss
cure consideration of the bill tor the
relief of the Alabama flood sufferers,
and then the House went into commit
ter of the whole (Mr. Wellborn LTex.
in the chair) on the river and tiarbor
appropriation bill.
Smooth progress was made in the
bill until an ob tacle wss reached in a
proviso authorizing the Secretary of
War to awe pt for the United Stntea
fn in the Marine Hospital of Erie, Pc,
the title to the Peninsula cf Presque
Iele at Erie.
Against this proviso Mr. Hammond
Ga raised the point of order that it
tiad no place iu a river and harbor
Arguments in support of the point
were presented by Mr. Hewitt N. Y
and Mr. Springei 111., while Mr.
Rayne and Mr. Scott Pa took a dif
ferent view of the rase. This point
was finally overruled by tbe Chair,
who was saticfisd that tbe peeeeeion
of tbe peninsula by the United States
was an element in tbe work of im
proving tbe harbor of Erie, and mo
tion to strike ont this proviso was re
jected by tbe committee.
A number of amendments were
offered and rejected, and then the
cimmittse rose and tbe House ad
A )' la tMaluHeld. Who Woe
BIlBd, Telia How bbc
Wu Carta.
Piainfiald, N. J ha a eecsati n.
Mias Louisia Mann, af'er being toUlly
b ind lor twenty-two yearn, bas pud
denly regained her sight. The town
is not given to senea it ns. It grows
attenua'ed along the line cf the rail
road to the sonth until it becomes a
double row of frame houses on each
side of the ia Iroed track. One of
these is tbe abode nf tbe Manne, a
family which left Viiginia not many
years ago. Their faA-s show tbe dark
bne and the fervid religions tempera
ment of the South the very daik hue
of tbe extreme south of Africa.
Some of tbe palings are gone from Ihe
fence about their docryard. The out
look is npon the romantic ex panas of
the gravel embankment for the rail
road. Tbe numerous children have
wc ra the paint off the veranda and tbe
grass off the soil. In the living-room
are a co k stove aad a sewing ma
chine. It ia to this ioom that the vis
itor, who wished to see the subject of
a "miraculous cure," was shown yes
Miss Louisa wai summoned from an
upper room and came down s'owly and
hesitatingly. Hur eyes blinked and
rolled, and ebe rolled her Leal on one
side in trying to uce them. I hey
eeemed to become weary with lime
nse. vrnen only sev.n years old,
Louisa frill downstairs aud in two duvs
"weiit blind," as her old rr.o'her ex
plained. She was in bed for three
months and after getting aoout a?ain
wassahjeut to occasional "verv bsd
spells," or epileptic 11 s. Her general
ueaitn continued to grow worse and
one phvsiciau, who examined ber
eyes in Virginia, sdd that ebe was ton
young to have them operated upon
and nothing further has ever been
done fo' them Seven vears aaa she
joined the Methodist Church and
since coming to Plainfield has at
tended the Baptist Chnrch. A vear
ago Mies Dunbar of Boston, who was
member of a Faith-Cure Congrega
tion, went to Plainfield and became
interested in the sufferer snd instruc
ted her in Ihe tenets of her own faitb,
to which she believed her own re
covery from an illlness to be due.
"She used to come and sit with me."
said Louisa, "and reed to me from the
Bible, and told me to truet in tbe
Lord and He'd make me well strain."
Louiea trusted for feveral months.
One night last Jane sie had four
"Bpclls" in oae day, aud has not had
any s'nee. Her general health has
been much improved since then. Mies
Dunbar told her to bo on trusting and
she would get back her eyeeivht. Her
cure ia thin described in ber o.vu
'Last Tue;div niirlit about 10 o'clo k
I was lying on the bed with my
mo I tier beside me praying as Imrd ua
I could, when I began to sse a light.
The room seemed fill d with it. I
could nee my mother, but I wouldn't
have kuowu h- r if I hadn't heard her
voice. I couldn't tay hnything for an
hour ix.'ept just to lliiuk, 'Blejoo the
L-ird! I'm cired '" On goirg about
next nay things were viiibielo her,
but in a strange, forgotten way. "It
appeared ai if there wasn't any top to
some ol toe trees in the yard," she
It seeiua that at timed dating the
laet fw mo hs she has been able to
distinguish light from darkness, and
evidently her B'glit is not in au en
tirely EO.-mii condition yet. She lies
bad no medical examination of her
eyes, eo no scientific opinion of the
cure could be bad.
iuvituer Mialrrloua ' Victim of
- Judge Lynch la Texas.
Navasota, Tax , April 20. Another
mysterious victim of Judge Lvnrh was
found nboire 'his city yettarday, near
tbe village nf Washington, on Bratos
river. A farmer named Wilson found
the body of a light ro ored mulatto
floating near the shore. He tied the
corpso to a tree snd notified the near
est justice of the peace, who held an
inquest on the body. The examina
tion, revealed adak blue murk around
the neck, which was broken. The
ankles of the mulatto alto bora marks
of tbe rope, indicating tbat weighis
bad been tied to his feel. Hia t-iiall
wai broken, as though from tbe b'ow
of a revolver handle, probably to st'fli
his cries. Who the deed mar, ie, or
what te-rible crime he committed
which brought ench fa al vei-eeanre,
in a profound mystery here. The
theory is that he wns swung from
some bridge acr )ss the Bvzoi many
miles above aud the rope afterward
cut in expectation thai the weights on
his ankles would cirry the boJy to the
bottom. '
How lo Make Money While Ilolna
Uootl. The many visitors to the city of New
Orleans during the pust winter months
have frequently, both in their letters
home and their recounting tlie inci
dents of their travels, dwelt upon the
celebrated Charity Hospital, which
has been n refuge" for many years to
the sick nml injured, and which is sus
tained by tho Louisiana State Lottery,
about which and ita Monthly Grand
Distributions of fortunes, any one can
learn more ou an application to M. A.
Dauphin, New Orleans, La. Here is
a rare case where a person may makt
much money by doing good to slrangert.
tint I re I'reluht Train Wrecked.
Pittsu'ru, Pa., April 20. A fast
freight train going eat over the Woet
Pennsylvania railroad ran into an
open switch near Iliirmarsvillc, Pa.,
twenty wiles eimt of this city, about
daylight this morning and was precip
itated over an embankment, lb1 en
tire1 train was wrecked, and tbe crew,
consisting of Eng-ner McFarland,
Fireman Kenmley, Brakeman Mat
thews, seriously and perhaps fatally
hurt. Their injuries were sustained
in jumping from the train. Medical
attendants were sent from this city.
Ihejr Are Mot Horry.
There is one thing nobody ever re
grefs tbst ie, the day i'py ilrtt adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular fam
ily medicine. lis range is eo wide,
and ita good euVcta so sure, that noth
ing else, except good nursing, are
needed in a ereat majority of esses.
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will net
require any p'aisef rom us.
' t'nt Hla tbroat.
St. Louie, Mo., April 20 Antonio
Rphuioni, an iiienne patient at St.
Vincent's Hospital, committed suicide
t-vday, by cutting bis throat. He was
laboring under the delusion tbat he
w s the murdeier ot Ex-Mayor Bow
man, of Eaet St, Louis, who was as
sjsti Hated a few inootls ago, and that
he was being pursuit) by a uicb w hoce
lntntion it was to lynch him.
The Appetite
May be Increased, the Digestive organs
ltr n'tliem-d, and the Bowels reguluted,
by taking Ayer'a Pilla. These Pills are
purely vegetable In their composition.
Ihey contain neither calomel nor any other
dangerous drug, and way be taken with
perfect safety by persona of all ages.
I wn a ere-at aufferrr from Dyspepsia
and C'oustlintion. I had no appetite,
became greatly uVliilitau.il, and wns cud
ituntly alllicu-d Willi licadacbe and Dlzzi
oeu. I consulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at various times, with
out affording more than temporary relief.
I finally commenced taking Aver'a Pilla.
In a ihort time my digestion and appetite
my bowels were regulated, and, by tbe
time I finished two boxen of these Pilla my
tendency to headaches bad disappeared,
and I became strong and well. Darius
M. Logan, Wilmington, Del.
I waa troubled, for over a year, with
Loss of Appetite, and General ltebilily.
I commenced taking Ayer's Pilla, and, be
fore finishing half a box of this medicine,
my appetite and strength were restored.
C. U. Clark, Daubury, Conn.
Ayer's nits are the best medicine
known to nie for regulating the bowels,
and for all di waxes caused by a disordered
Stomach and Liver. I suffered for over
. 1 ,!.k II .1 .... V. , It ...I..
buret jcar tvhii Airnuncue, ujuiKvawuii.
and Constipation. I bad no appetite, and
was weak and nervous most of the time.
three boxes of Ayer's rills," and, at the
lame time dieting myself, I was com
pletely cured. My digestive organs are
bow In good order, and I am in perfect
liealtu. rnuip LckHhikici, 1 opens, hans.
Aj-cr's Pills have benefited ire wonder
fully. For months I sutl'ercd rroin ludi-
gestion aud Headache, waa restless at
oignt, ana naa a ouu lasrn in my niouin
every morning. After taking one box of
Ayer's Pills, all these troubles disap
peared, my food digested well, and my
sleep was refre.shinsr. Henry C. I lemon-u
way, Roekport, Mass.
. I was cured of the Tiles by the use of
Ayer'a Pills. They not only relieved me
Of that painful disorder, but gave me In
creased vigor, and restored my health.
John Laziuus, St. John, N. B.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. 3. C. Ayerfc Co., Lowell, Mus,
told by all Iiruggisui aud Dealers lu Mi-dlcioe.
Forty Yearn a SnfTeier from
" FOR FORTY YEARS I have been a vio-
tim toCAIAKKli-threa-fourthsof thetima
a suferer from EXOKUClATfNtJ PAINS
TRILS. Tha dieehsrires were so offensive
that ! hesitate to uieuiion it,ezoept lor tba
good it Uiliy do tame other sufferer. I bava
spent a .vouiik 'ortane from luy cirniniil
aurinr my forty yosra of 'uttering to obtain
relief lrou tbe doctors. I have tried patent
me-Muiiies- every -i-e i eouia learn oi irom
the four corner of the suth, srifi no relief.
An-l AT L.AS1 (57 years of age) have met
with a reiuejv tbat has cured mn entirntv
mad; me a new mm. I wt-lKhedl2S pounds,
and now weish 14H. I uied thirteen hntr'Ai
of tho medicine, and the only regret I have
is, that being in the humblo : kj of li'e I
may nut have innue-.c t provuil on all ea
tsrrh surTurers to u:e whit has oared me
Op!!!',' Plor.psr Blood Rencwcr.
" Nd. 267 .Kecopd street, Macon, Oa."
1 Mr. llenrv Cheves. the writer nf tbe
above, formerly of trawford county, now of
Maoon, Ga., merits the confidence of a-1 la
ureled in catarrh. w. A. H' FF,
Vfcx-.Mayorof Jlicon. '
Uniuu's Pioneer Wood Ilniiewer.
Curei all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Scrofula, Old Sores. A perfeot Spring
If not in your market, it will be forwarded
on receipt o: price. Small bottles, $1, large,
II 75
Essay on Blood and Skin Dieeotei mailed
maVwn urnfcixE ww.pait.
Macon, Weorgla.
Triitttee't) Sale.
BY virtue of the authority ve"t-d in me aa
trustee of the estate of W. II. Bolton, de
ceased, as the successor in office of V. K.
Smith, trustee by decree of the Supreme
Court of Tennessee in case of L. A. Cannon
vs. E. M. Apperson and others, I, David C.
Slaughter, trustee as afores id, will offer for
ale, at public ont-ry, at the courthouse
door, in the city of Me uphW, and sell trt the
highest and best bidder.- commencing
promptly at 12 o'clock m., on
Natnnlny, the list Day of May , 16,
'he following described real i state, to-wit:
The east half of lot ti in block. 51, on the
plan of the city of Memphis, on the north
west cornor ot' Linden atid Oliver s. reels, in
said city, havirga tront of 8(1 feet, more or
less, on the norlh - ide of Linden street, and
running hack between parallel lines about
4tM fool; the frrnt nf 'he snd lot being 100
leet, less r ne-hnlt of Ilrirer street, taken off
tne east side lb- roof, leaving about 80 feet
front, together wiih tbe improvements, con
sisting of a two-.story brick dwelling.
Tho storehouso now oceupiel by E. M Ap
person A Co., No. 23 Front street, and No.
6 Jefferson street, renting lor tiOOj per an
num. KoMdnnoe No. 92 Court street, r-nting at
$.tO per month, having - front of :i0 feet 4
laches, by s depth of 1 W( loot, formerly oc
cupied by P. C lietbe1, dareosed.
House and lot - n north side of Union
street, fronting .15 feet, and running back to
Old llniou street, known as No 374 Union,
renting tor l-'O per month.
House and lot on eAst side of Orleans street,
M'-j foet front by feet deep, known as lot
Ito. 6 ol (. M. Tata's subdivision.
Alo. lot No 7, same subdivision, 5'2V,xl5S.
Lot No' 3 nf W. R Harris's subdivision,
on e.'ow Island road, containing 11 78-100
Terms One-third caV, the balance in 12
months, witb interes', secured by lien. The
titles are per. en, but I sell only as trustee.
Further information oan be obtained from
tbe undersigned, 1. C SLAUGHTER,
Tru-tee estate W. 11. Bolton, doo'd.
R D. Jordan, Att-'rney.
"TfnTsesnii VRTH A D0,k ' 100 Pages.
r 'It contains lists ol
new papers and estimates o the cost of ad
vertising. The advertiser who warn- to spend
one dollar, finds in it the information he re
uuires.while lor him who will invest one
hut dred thousand dollars in advertising, a
arheii.e ill ndicated which will meet his
every requu'ement, or can be made to do so
by slight ohanco. easily arrived at by corre
spnndenre. One hundred and nftr-three
editions have been issusd. Sent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten wn J. A only to UbO.
VERTISING BURKAU.10 Spruce st. (Print
Ing House Square. . New York.
Non llBHident Notice.
No. 6118, R. D. In the Chancery Court nf
Shelby Caunty, Tenn. State of Tennessoe,
vs. John J. Thornton et al.
It appearing from the bill sworn to in this
cause that the defendants, Sarah Martin, is
a non-resident of Tennessee, and a resident
of .Missiisippi, and that the name and place
of residence of tbe heirs of W. W. Kingdon
and U. S. Lee, made parties on accouet of
their interest in lot 3, containing eight
acres, in the Fourteenth Civil District of
Shelby County, south side Union avenue,
being part of the James M. White 15ft acres,
are unknown and cannot be ascertained
alter diligent inquiry. This being a suit to
enforce tax liens against said lots.
It is therefore ordered, That thoy make
tcir appearance herein, at the Court-House
of Shelby County, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the Arsl Monday in May, 1&. and
plead, answer or demur to complainant bill
and petitions, or tha same will be taken for
oonftssed as to them and ret for hearisig el
parte; and thst a copy of this Older be pub
lished once a week, for four successive
weeks, in the ArpiL. This 31st day of
March. 188t.
A copy Attest :
S 1 Mi-UOWFLL, Clerk and Master.
Bv H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
F. II. and C. W. Ueitkell, Solicitors for
Cvmplainant, th
ill uiay U saJTuio proaa, to woman who are eabieot lo ivrr-wl m .-..n
There i relief for you rt hat been found in aN vArVVW
-iK .T min" Plyicimn Au av up Uu, nbji -s
th.ilT ??i S. yCTUr artiWng setdta from the as. of Toagali. to ewe. or PreawueMaea. la
. ""T 01 rtwomto eondition. and a enronie sofferar trim Uus dim 'V7TTliiT
aar promptly, and ebe hi puses tbe one. 4rdl nrioda with bat litu. iZZ?C??L.rI??El
other hMtsnme oi a euailar eharartar. bat Uus is
ar.l'BK A. A. MELLIER,
2T"iolcJ Peas WsLTXt&3.
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, .Millet,
BrMleyCarWortSi aifacftCo
Uriukler, Ark.,
Doore, Sash, Blind?, Dressed Flooring;, iliiiir, Weatlier-Boaraing-Cypress
NlilnIesi, Lathi, Etc
WW Onr facilities are unsurpassed by
flooring, (Jelling, biding, Btep L
Lumber of all dimensions. We
solicited anil
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis, Tennessee.
SLEOttZ BK0S.,of Como, Miss,
o. 3B5 Frotit Street
n. Tlss. i , i , Jonvai S. MbIHtu.
Wholesale Grocers, Cottoik c1r
And CommissiGn ercttarit;
232 aEd 234 Front St.; Memphis, fern
BvnrwEKn adaxih axa ieffxrsoii.
Mr. I. N. RAISE? devotes hia whole time to the weighing and sale of all Cotton entrusted
to nn r eh area. Cotton WHreho'ise. 9o Wwshington street.
, .1 1.1, I..UF TI I.. KT I.' Vlil
An If rv Q IT Jiantioni.
r Deposit! reoeired In sums of and
. 1 1
-We bay and sell local Investment Bonds and Securities generally, pay taxes, acta
trustees, anu, in general, ,xmui u umu, whf.mvod iu-,-....., . .dkw..w.
eiw-Vtsstie drafts, In sains to sultpurchars, on all parts of Europe. . ,
0W We have a commodious Vault for the deposit ' valuables, which ia at the service of
our oustomers, "r of Charge.
D. P. 1IAI)1EX, President. EWD. GOLDSMITH, Vlre-Presldent
JAUES HATH AN. fanhlrr. . .
no. b. root.
K. L. MnftOWAN.
TDOF, nil & GO.,
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers) lu Levee
No. 274 Front Street
ar WOODLAWN it located within four miles of Court Squnra, Memphis, and contains 240
QrAg nj nores lu grass, ail unasr goou lenoe, um large siaoie,, goou hhihh nuu runuiu,
water all the year round, and will be devoted entirely to pasturing and selling stock ef every
variety I uj now prepared to receive and sell on oommiBsion all kinds of blooded and
graded ctoca. Morses, entile, once p. uogs. ruunry, etc. x uoi. uavin svuv. n,r e.ie m. .ui,
be glad to correspond with them. Thofe who desire to purchase, I will endeivor to obtain
what they reoiriro. The following Stallions will stand the siason at Woodlawn :
JH AKK vl'A T Dark brown stallion, 16 hands nich, by Enquirer, dam Kurica by Rurie.
ii i . .n ,m.i pn,i stjikn,. ht. I .onin. 1878. il mile heits. in and S:35. and the
f.,ll,.lnir itav won the Garnean Cup, mile
and sure foal getter. Fee,). ....,,, . ., , . ,
IHH.TO-lly Triton (own brother to Trinket 2:14), dam Miss Ttutler. dam of Maad
Butler; breeder's certificate, 2 :284, a 3 yeara old. llolton is rich blood bay, 3 years old,
1S.3 high, level gaited, and promises great, speed. Fee, IIS.
KiiuCHt BhIO Brace is a dark bay trotting and pacing stallion, winner of First
Prise at KerTville, l(i! hands hish, sired by Bny Dice, he by Letineton. Fee, f 10.
HI, 44 H FBI Registered A. I. C. C. Jersey Bull. Fee. 12 60.
KOH SALE One yonng Jersey Bull. Peacocks, f "0 per pairs OreyUound Pups, 110 each t
Newfoundland Pans, 110 each! Black Breasted Red liaine Eggs, 12 per doien.
Dr C. D. SMITH, Veterinary Surgeon, can he oonsultedat Woodlawn. City Agents, JAS.
JAY S.MITU A CO.. 284 Front. Addrcs ail letters
JIWnfH HI'KrV.W Front street, Memphis. Tenn.
A 0 TI
No. 11 Viiion Street,
a lemarksble
Soli PropV,'"a'a??fis-
T.t. FRaXB8.lt Bt
Maiiiiftu-lnrera ef
ted by any sawmill In the South for til. ing orders promptly.
Lumber and Cypress Shinnies a ipeoialty: also, Framtn g
e make the Wholesale Business a speoial feature. Orders
nromotlr filled
CMckasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphis. Tenn.
nslnes, Bellera, Mawmlllts,
Bradford Corn and Wheat AiUp,
Cotlou Presus, Cotton Oiri",
Shaaing, Pulleys, i-tt.
NPKCIAL, HOTICK-We are prepared to 111 orders,
on ..' notioe, for the oele rated Mcdart Paaessi
Wronghi- .,. folley. We oarry in stook over
Two Hundred Assorted biari.
wrSend for Catalosme and Prica-Hst.
F. M. NORFI.EET. ResWent Partner.
WemttWn1 TtTtTTPw
mo. Clark. at. J. .
e '
upward, and interest allowed on same fceml-
J. 8. MoTIGHIi.
and itatlroari Supplies),
SXemnhi TeniM.-
heats, in 1:43 and 1 :i4. Is horse of fine style
aV 5 .
sale Grocers,
l B S
KF Mi Ul t

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