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At the Executive Mansion at Jackson,
Mit. Tiie Male Hoard of
rerccuL to thi irrtAL.I
Jackson, Miss, April 20. There
was a brilliant wedding; at the Execu
tive Masuion at 8 o'clock lo night.
Miss Eif-iie Li wry, daughter ot Gov.
Robert Lowry, waa married to Gen.
James L. Harris of B:ownswcod,Tex.,
recently of this city. The ceremony
waa performed by toe Rev. Dr. 0. G.
Andrews, iiastir of the Methoriiit
churst. The att?ndauta were: Dr.
Rjtrert Lory, brother of the brid",
with Mim Fcnnie Chalmers of Jack
Bon; Mr. W. tX George of Ltflore
coniitv. with Oilie Arnold of Colnm
bus.; M J. W. Bailey of Ttx, W'rh
Mi.'s 'ia Beettie of Jackson; Mr.
Fred Hnit'born, with Mies Ida
Mitrh 1, both of Jacktcm ; Mr. C M.
Williuroson of Raymcni, with Mies
Mamin RibinRon of Jackaon; Mr.
John BuRh of Utica with Miss Annie
Right of Vicksburg.
niftt here to-day in regular annual
session, Dr. B. F. Kitirill of Carroll
county. President, and Dr. Robert
Kerts of Jackson, Secretry pro tern.
The Board ia composed of fifteen
roemberc, eleven of whom wtra pres
ent. A romipnuication was read from
Dr. I. F. Edvutrdi". Secretary of the
National 8ar.it ry Convention, invit
ing this Hard to send a representa
tive to and participate in said Nfltonal
Convention, whiub. meeta in Phila
delphia, Pa, on the 12tb, 13tb, 14th
and 15th of May next. Toe invitation
was accepted, and Dr. V. F. Hyer of
Holiy Spring, a dietingu shed prac
titioner uf medicine, was elected as a
deltgiitt from this board to said Na
tional Sanitery Convention.
Orders were made and all necessary
steps taken tbat were deemed expedi
ent looking to the eauitbtion and
hea th of ti e Slate,
At tbig meeling the county health
officers will b.: appointed. BufficiuLt
appropriations were made to the sea
coaat cunn'its to enable tbetn lo main
tain an i ffici'tt maritime quarantine.
Tlim b aid hea an annual appropna
tioc ol $15,000 at its dipusal.
The argument before the Supreme
Court was c included to dy in the
drummer's privilege tax case. A de
cision therein will probably be ren
dered next Monday.
who jumped from the third story of
the govtrnment building yesterday in
attempting to eBcrpa from the United
Matnn Mms'iai, only Had an arm
broken end one bip dislocated.
Brrewtens Forming an A.sioclnllon
and lo HT( a Show.
Atlanta, Ga., April Id. A large
number of prominent poult' y breeders
from the Mates ot Indiana, Illinois,
Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama, South
Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia
assembled at the Department of Agri
culture and organized a body to be
known as the National Poultry and
Breeders' Association, to advance the
poultry, pet stock and pigeon inter
ests, and to hold exhibitions. The
officers elected were: President, H. W
Grady of Atlanta ; Vice-President, R.
D. Lock of Snvannah: Secretary, R. J.
Fisher of Athens. Tenn. : Treasurer,
Clark Grier of Macon. The first an
nual show will be held In Atlanta from
January 15th to 22d next.
Mr. Conger, the most famous breeder
in the country, says that ''what South
ern breeders want is an exhibition for
. for the South that will be to this sec
tion what the Madison Square Garden
exhibition is in the North. Every
breeder in America watches the re
ports of that show, and every breeder
who takes a prise mates his own price
for ins chickens, lbe Indianapolis
show sets the standard for I he West,
and the Atlanta show will do the same
for the Fouth. Mr. Pierce, the select
ed judge, is considered the best in
America. There is not a breeder who
will not show with confidence under
Piorce'e inspection, and his derision
will carry as much weight as that of
any man in the country.
Islsusaalnfartton Over the Br.w Fence
HUfl Slock Law.
Baloil, Mibs., April 19. People in
this noighbo hood do not approve of
our new lence and stock law; the
same I hear from Lewisburgh and
Cockrum and will pay no attention to
ii. opposition meetings to uie new
law are being arranged and the people
will resort to boycotting anyone trying
to enforce it.
The Legislature omitted to provide
for the building of fences around the
county and the Supervisors have no
power to levy additional taxes to build
them, hence the failure.
There was no time given to prepare
lots for hogs and sheep, as the law
was approved March 15th and went
into effect April 1st. It only suits a
very few interested parties. I hear
that many renters and share-workers
are preparing to leave, and will, if
said law should be enforced.
Toe Chicago City Printing.
Chicago, III., April JO. A short
time ago the contract for printing the
city dei art merit reports was let to
Cameron, Amberg & Co., their bid
being the lowest. Their printers,
however, are non-union men, and, at
the request of the Trade and Labor
Assembly, the Council directed the
Comptroller to give the work to Jef
frey A Co., who have a union office,
though their bid was tl25 higher.
Came -on, Amberg & Co. thereupon
applied for an injunction, which has
now been i-sued, the Court saying
that the Council had no right to disre
gard the city charter, which requires
contracts to be award d to the lowest
bidder, the fact that the employes of
a firm are union met; or non-union
men cutting no figure.
In the) Dear Old Bay.
Wo differ in creed aud polities, but
we are a unit ail tha mrae on the de
sirableness of a fine head rt hair. If
you a. on in the loss of this Messina
and omiimetit. a bottle or two of
Parkei 'b Hair Bxltaui will moke you
look as y.m did in thi dear Id days.
It is wo th trying. The only standHrd
50 cents arlit fe for the hair.
Moving; far Milton Wraloa'a Pardon
New York, April 20. A special
from HatTiburc, Pa., savs : Thomas
M. Marshall of Pittsl urg, and Maj. J.
M. Boardaly of Chicago, have arrived
here to as the State Board of Pardons
(or favorable action on the application
of Milton Weston for the remission of
the remainder of his sentence for
manslaughter. The conviction of
Weston grew out ot a death resulting
from an armed effort to prevent valua
ble natural ga propvrtv from falling
kito the hands of a rival claimant I
Letters from Gov. Oglesbv, United
States Senators Lopin and Cullom of
Illinois. McDonald of Indiana, and all
the Congressmen of Illinois ami rr any
other prominent men are tiled with
the board, supplemented with peti
tions from nearly every oWeial in
Allegheny county, in w hich Weston
was convicted. The board will be
told to day that had the law permit
ting defendants to testify in criminal
cases been in force when Weston was
tried he would not have been con
victed. "THE YAXOEKbILT IlINir.'
Another Great t.llt to lbs t'olleao
ot Pbjalclana nnd anra;eon.
New York Herald: Another munifi
cent gift las been made by the Van-
derbilt laauly to the College ot riivsi-
ciaus and Surgeons. The object of the
donors is best told in the words of Dr.
James W. MeLane of the college fac
ulty, who sa d to a Herald reporter last
"The third benefaction of the Van
derbilt family to the College of Physi
cians and Surgeons can now be mnde
public. This consists of a gift by Mr.
Vanderbilt's four sons - Cornelius,
William K., Fiederick W. and George
W. who have each contributed the
sum of 162,500, making a total of j'-ViO,-000,
with which they projmso the
erection of a building on the grounds
on the corner of Sixtieth street and
Tenth avenue-given the college by
their father to be known as the
Vanderbilt Clinic of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons. The build
ing, which the sons intend to bo a
memorial to their father, will be used
for the purpose of clinical teaching
exclusively. 11 the clinical lectures
now given in the college building will
be delivered there, and a number of
small rooms will be provided for pri
vate clinical instruction to students."
The building will be under the con
trol of a board of managers composed
of Mr. Frederick W. Vanderbilt,
representing the donors; Dr. John C.
Dalton, president of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons; Dr. V. II.
Draper, representing the trustees of
the college; Dr. Henry if Sands and
Dr. James W. McLnne, representing
the faculty. This board of managers
will also be the building committee
and w 11 look after the erection and
equipment of the building They
will also be the trustees of the endow
ment fund, the income from which
will bo devoted to the paving of the
expenses of the institution. There
will at a.l times be a bureau of medi
cal and surgical supplies in the build
ing, so that patients may not only re
ceive advice from the doctors, but
will be furnished with necessary medi
cines. It will be, in fact, a.Iarge dis
1 he building will be 75 feet by 10q
teet, and the style of architecture will
conform with that of the new college"
and the new Sloan Mate' nity build
ings, all of which will be on the
ground presented by Mr. William II.
Vanderbilt to the college. The new
college structure will be 140 feet long
by l.i2 feet deep, and the cornerstone
of this building w 11 he laid hut mliiv,
the 24th instant, at 3 o'cl ck p.m., by
Mr. Ueorge, w. vanderbilt, and an
address delive ed bv Mr. Cliauneev M.
Depow. The Sloan Maternity building
will be of the same dimensions as are
proposed for the Vanderbilt Clinic
that is, 7.1 feet by iOU teet.
The clinical teachings that will bo
given in the new building will em
brace surgical, d seascs of the throat,
skin, eye and ear, of women and chi
dren, of the nervous system and all
diseases requiring special li struction
It is designed as a charity upon the
most liberal 8C'le, as the poor who
cannot afford the expense of private
treatment may for nothing receive the
best attention at the building about to
be erected, and, in addition, be fur
nished what medicine they desire
without cost.
A Widower Eloplnic With Ilia Si I ah.
bor'a Wife.
Haverstraw, N. Y., April 18. An
elopement of a well-known man an
woman from this neighborhood has
caused a sensation among the people
here. Kid ward Tremper, a widower
about fifty-five yenrs old, and having
a family of three boys, is a well to do
farmer who, through his industry and
frugality, has accumulated a verv neat
fortune upon which to live comforta
bly, tiis borne is at feuigg s Corners.
near this place, and nothing is lacking
in it to inane n pleasant, ior the in
mates. Some dis anco from Mr.
Tremper's property is the farm of
Meniamin uurnee, who is also in
good cirenmstances. Mr. Gurnee has
a w f e about forty-five years old, lie
b ing a little her senior. They have
a daughter about eighteen years old,
quite attractive in appearance; be
sides two smaller children. Some
months ago Widower Tremper began
making friendly visits at Mr. Gurnee's
home, and those visiti r. cently be
coming more frequent, it was thought
and publicly hinted that the man
came t pay attention to the eighteen-year-old
miss, and his calls were not
looked upon at all unfavorably. A
short time ago, however, a revelation
was made. It was seen that Farmer
Tremper was paying more attention
to Mrs. Gurnee than to her daughter,
and strange and unpleasant rumors
became rife in the neighborhood. A
few days ago it was noticed that Mr.
Tremper was making extra efforts to
collect some outstanding bills frona
several debtors, and ho succeeded in
gettiiig about SliOOO in cash, which he
kept in his own personal possession.
The other day Mrs. Gurnee told her
husband and daughter tha she
was going to visit some friends
at Stonv Point, and, taking
her two little chi dren with
her, she wen1, to the st tion of the
Wes Shore railroad at West Haver
straw to wait for a train. Very strange
ly, Mr. Tremper the same morning got
his son to drive him to the same sta
tion, and then sent him away with
he horse as rapidly as he could, which
was something very unusual for him
to do. He purchased tickets for him
self and the woman and her children
for Chicago, and they were soon mov
ing away at a rapid ra'e. Toe fact of
their having gone off together was not
made known for some time, when it
was found too late to intercept them.
Nothing has been heard from either of
them since.
Another Libel Holt at Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., April 20. Last
week suit for 5lt,0:0 damages was
brought by Miss Helena Hull against
her sister, Mrs. A. J. Spiers, relict of
C. R. Mabley. The local papers ub
lithed an interv ew with all the per
sons directly interested, and Miss Hull
now claims that statements publisned
in an interview in the Evtning Journal
were libelous, and brings suit against
Mrs. Spiers for f 20 000 and against
Rev W.J. Spiers for 10,0iO, the al
leged improper statements being cred
ited to them.
A I zrs 'vr-T t cf rrrcMn'Mt-e !
Awa ill g Miipim lit tu the iut
The irliis Oullnok.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 20. A
large amount of merchandise is piled
up in New York, Philadelphia, Balti
more and some few interior cities,
waiting sl inment to points through
out the West and Southwest, ihe
volume of spring business was clipped
r ther short by the strike in the South
west. On this a count anticipations
are indulged in by jobbers and manu
facturers that an early settl-ment of it
will bring some delayed demand.
Prices in all branches ot trade are
held verv firmly. If anv reac ion is to
take place, it is the policy of the
manufacturing and jobbing interests
to delay it as long as jtossible. A
year ago competition was more sevre
and greater anxiety was felt to share
the limited volume of business. The
larger volume this year, with an in
creased pr ce of material, has exer
cised a conservative inlluence in trade
and industrial channels generally.
The iron trade is holding, its own.
The producti n has increased 30,1 00
tons in pic iron within a year, sev
eral new blast furnaces are to be built.
Rolling-mill capacity is to be increased
to a small extent. Lower iron and
steel quotations are improbable. Nails
are f 2.2 to f 2.50 and demand active.
Wrought iron pipe mills are oversold.
Steel rail mills are booking orders for
the fall at 353ti. But little foreign
iron is arriving. Contracts were placed
this week for 30,000 tons of foreign
The active season among clothing
manufacturers, hosiery and dress
Siods manufacturers is about over,
ut all mills are running fu 1 time, in
tending to stock up goods for the fall
trade, which every one in New York
and Philadelphia seems to think will
open tip sooner than usual. The con
sumptive capacity of the country has
increased largely within six mouths.
The strikes are no' lessening it, as the
lubor of the country is nearly all ab
sorbed at good wages, and an improv
ing demand is counted on by all deal
ers and manufacturers.
Wool is declining in p'ice, and but
little is selling in Eastern markets.
Western holders are not crowding in
stocks. Larue arrivals of foreign wool
yarn and woolen products are helping
to prepare the way ior a ucpression in
The carriage and wagon manufact
urers of the New England ami Middle
States are busier than they have been
for three years. The demand for all
kinds of machinery for the West and
South is heavy, and machine shops
are making full time, though in very
few cases are their enters for delivery
bevond sixty days
Heav' receipts of lumber have ar
rived at Boston, New Y rk, Philadel
phia and Baltimore ports this week,
mostly of white and yellow pine
Prices hold firm. Building demand is
extraordin ruv heavy.
The str kes throughout the New
England and M lddle States are prac
tically over. A great many petty dis
putes are constantly arising. I ut the
bulk of labor is sotistied with wages
and Bhortcr hours of labor to go into
effect May 1st. The bituminous strike
will continue for some weeks and ere
ato a greate' scarcity of coal in Eastern
uiarke 8. The anthracite production
is 1 2(i,lKH) tons ol coal per day.
In spite of the dullness in tho iron
trade a great deul of capacity is to be
constructed this year. Thres ar four
blast furnaces, embodying all the latest
improvements, will bo erectcl, and in
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois roll
ing-mill capacity will bo increased in
view of what manufacturers are in
clined to predict the coming of a
heavier demand. The Western and
Southern markets are enlarging. A
g eat deal of machinery is under con
tract for delivery in these sections
and their purchasing power is gaining
lasted Its Dtor.
Willi a mmport, Pa-, April 20. The
City National Hans of Williamsport
closed its doors this morning. A
statement was displayed on the door
which soid thit an examination of
the affairs of the bank will bo made,
and a statement of its condition pub
lished in a few days. The original
cause of the banks trouble is said to
be defalcations amounting to about
J20,n00, together with a number of
heavy losses. The stockholders are
perfectly responsible persons, and
they say that tho depositors will be
Caid in full. The president of the
ank is Rodo Otto, and the cashier B.
C. Caldwell.
Fallnrr at hleagn.
Chicago, III , April 20. Tho failure
of the Beaver, Wight A Wetmoro Co.,
dealers in gas fixtures, No. 215 SUite
street is announced. The house was
closed by the Sheriff, who levied exe
cutions upon the stock from confessed
judgments. When the deed of as
signment was filed, it was claimed
that the assets were f 20,010 and the
liabilities 122,000.
Slim Moroni u I to be Treated by
Nsw York, April 20. Miss Amelia
Morosini, the fourteen year old daugh
ter of Broker Q. P. Morosini, who was
bitten in the face by a dog on Wed
nesday last, lias since heen under
treatment by Dr. Bulk ley of this city.
No symptoms have developed them
selves w hich would confirm suspicions
as to the presence of hydrophobia, but
Mr. Morosini has concluded, acting
under the advice of Dr. Bulkley, to
take his daughter to Paris and place
her under treatment by Dr. Pasteur.
Mr. and J1 ss Morosini will leave by
the French steamship Labrador at
7:30 to-morrow morning for Havre.
The three dogs who were also bitten
on Wednesday have been looked up
and carefully watched since, but no
symptoms of rabies have shown them
selves. Dr. Bulkley said lost evening
that the tnp to lr. 1 asteur Is being
made merely as a precautionary meas
ure. The young lady and her father
will return as soon as Dr. Pasteur has
been consulted and the treatment un
dergone he cor aiders necessary. m
(M-ott'a Kmnlnlon of Pnre
Cod Liver Oil, wiih HypopbcpLites,
inPuln otiary Affections ard Scrofu
lous Dif eases. Dr. Ira M. Lang, New
York, says: ,-I huve prescribed Scott's
Emulsion and used it in my family
and tm greatly pleased with it. Have
fonrd it very f-erviceable in (-crolulous
( "leijaisss and Pulmonary affections."
Ordered Out or lbe Ration.
Kansas City, Mo., Arril 20. A
private telegram rec-ived in this city
to-day, says all persons owning catile
in the Chickasaw Nation have been
ordered out. This applies only to
aliens and not to natives of the Nation.
Purrt and Himrat Nainrat Fmtt flavor
VanilU. Lemon. raoc. Alnu-nd. Ko. :.,
fi..vor delicately and naiur.illy llio UluU
ok suisi i:k.
For fcvao years I nutTitred wiih a enn.-er on
mr 'ace. Ad tin limplo reiueuiot were ap
pliei to alleviate the in, but the la
continued to iow. finally etlenilina- into
my noe, from which oauio a yi liuwib dia
charee, very offenfive in eharaMor. It we)
also inflamed, end anntited me a great deal.
Aboutetgbt monina k i wa in Aiixma, ai
the hnu-e of a friend, who o ttronily rec
ommended the ue ot hwi t's Hpeciflo that I
determined to make an etlo't to procure It
In this I waa tucceaslul, and beiran iu ue.
The influence of the medicine at Imt waa to
luinewhat aravato the lore; hut toon Ihe
inflammation waa allayed, an-l 1 iirim lo nn-
tmve after the Drat few bottles. My eeneral
ealth haa (really improved. I am trontrer,
and able to dnany kind ot work. The can
cr tn my face began to decrexge and the
ulcer to heal, until there ia not veatue of
it led only a little a-ar marKi tne place
where it had been. I am ready to unawor
aW uueitionK relative to tbit euro.
Atlunta, Oa., Augunt 11, IMi.
I have had a cancer on my fa-e U tome
Tears, extending trout one heek bono acroit
the note to the other- It haa given ine a
not deal of pain, at times burning and
itching to such an extent that it was alnioit
unhearahie. 1 roiumeiii-cu ucing cwin ioih-
in Uu Iktlir. an. I h... oia.I ivht hnl.
ties. It has given the, greatest relief by re
moving the iiinammniion ana reion"g my
general health. W. llAHNEd.
Knuxville, Iowa.Sopt. 8,
Fermanyyeara I was a sufferer with can
cer of the nose, and having been cured by
the uje of S. 8. 8 , I feel constrained by a
sei se of duty to suffering humanity to make
this statement of my cine. With the four
teenth bottle ihe cancer began to heal rap
idly and soon disappeared, and for several
months there hat been no appearance of a
sore of any kind on my nuse or face, neither
is my nose ut all tender to the touch. . I
have taken about two dor. on hollies ol S. 8. 8.
1 am soundly cured, and 1 know that S S.. S.
e fleeted the cure after every known remedy
was tried and had failed.
Fort Guinea, Ga., Kay 1, 18S.V
I had heard ot the wonderful cures of
Swill's Specific, and reolvrd to try it, I
commenced taking it in April, ISM My
general health waa much Improved, but Ihe
cancer which was in my brea t cnutinued to
grow slowly but surely. The bunch grew
and became quite heavy. I foil that I must
either have it out or die. Hut It commenced
discharging quantities of almost black,
thick blood. It onntinued healing around
the tildes until February, when It was en-
iirn'v riAnlnd nil and Well.
Coohesott, Plymouth To., Mass., July 1:1,
(Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable, and
seems to cure cancers by forcing out the im
purities from tbe blood.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Disoasot
mailed tree.
Thr Swirx Bi-gcrvrc Co., Drawer 3, At
lanta, (la. N. Y.. 157 W. Twenty-third st
Nmi-lteHiib'ut Notice.
No. 3299 (134). In the Chancery Court of
Shel'iy county, Tenn. Slate of Tennossce
lor the use of the city of Memphis vs. YV.
E. Butler et a). ....,
H appearing Irnm the amended bill filed in
this cause that delondimts. the heirs of Carrie
N. Wood, deo'd; of W. K Kiliott, dec'di of
Angelo Uuhrino, decd: of Ci as. Knrwinkle,
dec. d; of John Hock, dae'd; of August L e
ber, deo'd; of Mary Lronard, dee'd; of Bot
tle Bruner, dec'di of Brid.ot O'Neil, eo'd ;
ot Fred 8, Palmer, dec'di of llnnert Scnig
gin, deo'd; ot T. B. Reynolds, deo'd; ol U.
11. Cowan, deo'd: of KNen Walsh, deo'd; of
A. Cohn, deo'd ; of Ann IU. Baldwin, dee'd ;
ot James Alexander, doe'd; of Caledonia
Brown, dee'd; of P. J. Murruy. dee d; of
Kliiabelh 0. Harris, dee'd: o' Win. Polk,
deo'd; ot Martha Kerry, dee'd; ol K. 11,
Ctiildress, deo'd; and of A. Van Brocklyn,
and of V. P. Dunn, and Peter Leonard,
and Mrs. L. Tate Wilson, are un
known, and whoso names and places
of residence cannot be ascertained upon dil
igent inquiry made; and that the placea of
residence of A. Van Brocklyn, V. P. Dunn,
Mrs. Li. Tate Wilson, Peter Leonard, Angelo
Oabrino, Chut. Karwinkle, John, Andrew,
Mary and Margaret Currell, John Hock,
Mary Leonard, Bettie Brunor, Joseph MiJ
ler, A. W. Miller. Thoa. and R. U. Miller,
Nancy J. Alexander, Bridget O'Neil, Fred 8.
Palmer. Kobert Scroggin. T. B. Reynolds,
11. 11. Cowan, Ann M., Alt F., til'ft Louise,
Joe and Virginia Hough, Ellen Walsh, A.
t'ohn, Ann M. Baldwin, Jamea Alexander,
Caledonia Brown, P. J. Murray, Kliiabeth
C. Harris, Win. Po'k and Martha Berry, are
unknown:and)oannot be ascertained upon dil
igent inquiry; and Ibis suit ia brought to en
force k lien for taxoi due the city of Mem
phis on tbe following panels of ground in
said city, in which said parlies or their heirs
are Interested or own, in the orders in which
they are named shovel Lota 89,411 and 41
in block 10:; lota 111 and 11 in block 37; lot 37
in block 11; lot IS in block 07, Dototo street;
jot 37, block lr, Orleans St.; part lot 2 ip
block t'-, on KUiott st i part lot 4"2, Uiyoso
St., 2118 feet east of Desoto St.; lot 24, in
block lu, Mississippi av. ; lots 3 and 4, iu
block Id, Carolina et.: lot 2, in block 4i,
Himn st ; lota .w ana ,n, rort nckering;
lot32,in blook 9, Fort Pickering; purt oo.
lot 491, at intersection Old and New Madi
son; lots 4 and A, in block 107, Kavburn " v. ;
lots 34 and 35, in block 11, Fort Pickering;
lot 20, in block 13, Jackson si-1 lot 9, block
2!, Fort Pickering; lot 21. In block IV,
Broadway St. ; lots 23, 24 and 25, in block 7,
Fort Pickering; and that Franois White,
Martin Uriffin and Clara t'ordesand W. If.
Brown, are non-residenta of the Bato of
Tennessee :
It is therefore ordered. That they make
their appearance herein, at the oourthouae
ol Mielby county, in Memphis. Tenn., on or
before tbe first Monday in May, 1KHH, and
plead, answer or demur to cotnpUinabt's
amended bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed as to them and set for bearing ex
rart; and that a copy of this order be pub
isbed i nee a w eh, f(-r four su'eosive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. This loth
day of March, lwri. A copy attent:
. i. Mnuuvt ftbii, U'cm ami sier.
B. J. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
Met alf A Walker, Hols, fur conipl'nt. wed
'onlti-HiuVut Notice.
No. 6095, R. D.-In the Chanoery Court ol
Shelby county, lonp. Mate ol lennea
fee, for its own use, etc., vs. W. A. Collior
et al.
It appearing from bill which ii sworn to in
this cause that tho defendants, W . ). Black,
is a resident of Louisiana; thst Ball-e and
Rembert I relevant are residents of Mii
sippi and non-resident of Tennessee; that
Joseph H. Choate is a Don-resident of Ten
nessee: tbat the place of residence of C. K.
dae & Co.. or the surviving partners of said
firm are unknown and CBnnnt be ascertained
after dilige- t inju ry; that Jorepb Wilde,
executor, and Caroline Wilde, executrix ol
J. S. Wilde, James DeWit Wilde and Rubt.
L. Wlld, executors. Harriot R. Wilde, ex
ecutrix of Jas. Wilde, jr., and Joseph Wilde
are re.idents of New York and non-residents
of Tennessee; and that the names and
places of residence of Frederick 8. Kirt
tand's heirs, made parties on account n
their interost in lots 41 and 42, Coopei subdi
vision, are unknown and cannot be ascer
tained after diligent inquiry; that James
lli.iris a resident or Ohio; that W. T. Kd
monds is a resident of Arkansas ; that Ber
tha, Augusta and F. E. I'leln and J. K.
Rodel are resi-'ents or Iodiana; that J. T.,
John and Lucy Oliver are residents of Mis
sissippi ; that Charles Wiley is a resident ol
Mmouri; that the places of resident oi
Jonr Koe and the names and places of resi
dence of the heirs of Jonas Roe are unknown
and cannot be ascertained after diligent in
quiry, and are made defendants on account
of their interest in lot 6 on Hernando road,
tilxHH feet; thst th place or rsidenc oi
Lewis Scott, Gorge W. Neel and F. C.
Slaughter areunknown and cannot be ascer
tained alter diligent inquiry, and Matti
Spain are all non-residents of Tennesee;
that F. P. Dunn is a resident of Arkansas;
that Elisabeth Van Brocklin is a reiilent ol
lew York, and all non-resident of tbe State
of Tennessee this being a suit io enforce
tax leins arainst said property :
It is therefore ordered. That all snid par
ties tnike their api oarancc bceic, at the
Cnurt-Uouse of Shelby cuuntv, in .Memi lii",
Tenn., on or bfforethe first Monday in May,
1KS6, and plead, answer or demur lo com
plainant's bill or the same will b taken for
confessed as to them and set tor heaniiB ex
parte; and that a copy or this order be pub
lished once a week for four s ucce-sive weoks
in the Metnph Appeal. This 3bt day ol
M"CB. V.'M'i-DOWELL, C'erk and Master.
By J. M Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
tieiskell k Jordan, Sulicitorss for com
plainant. 0
rutttt! :
Tickets only Hbaioa In
Pa portion.
Louisiana Stale Lottery Co.
rranotmtmts for all th JUvntkl unu Quur
tort JJratttnwa of tA Loktn.iM SlaH Loitr
(.owwn. awl in ptnon Mfinoy and oontnU
Iks i-Y-Wnp thrfrlx-t ami thai iks mm
or eonduaU- ' AotMty. fnirmm and tn
pood faith toirarW nil j rn. and author
th Oompnny ta n this oerfv it4. wuh jac
ismiUm of our tionnturM mtchmi in U mi-
VfV, tA haWernfiMnl, Hamkt nnd Bankm,
wiii pay all Z'risiw dmwn tn Th Louisiana
Stat Lotteries wkicX may 6 presented al.ewr
roe isters.
J. It tMsXKNBT.PrM. Nstl'l Batik.
J.W.KILHRKril.Prra.NtMtBliit'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, Proa. t. U. Hat. Bk.
Incorporated In IBM for twenty-fly years
by the Legislature for Educational and
Cnaritabl purposes with a capital of II,
t)i,00li to which a reserve fund of over $550,
USI has since been ad-led.
By ao overwhelming pooulat vote Its
franchise was made a part of tne present8tate
Constitution, adopted December 2d, A.D.
Th only .otlery ever eoleii oa and indorttti
by IA peep! of any Stat.
It skinw swi( or posfpoaes.
ta WrwtMl Nlnal Nniubrr llrawlags
lake pl-.ro monthly, ami lti li
tranrtllnarT ISrawlnsta resrnlarlr -
ery Ihrra siiomlta lniead of Nenil
annually aa herrlofare, belBMluB
Marrb, IMN.
May ll.laKtt -lWUrf Monthly Drawing.
CAPITAL rillZK. 75,M0.
I00.04HI Ticket at Five lollarKarii.
I'rartlona, In t'ltllie. In
I Capital priae I 75,0 0
1 Capital prise 25, II
t Capital i.rlso lo.it (I
2 PriiM of 'ii 12.i0
5 Pi-ites of 2000 10.IKO
M friios of 1000 li','"0
) Prises of Mm l."4l
1'KI Prises of 200 '.'
M Priios of 100 3".i0
50(1 Prises of 60 r,'0
I'.KW Prises of 2S Jf-.'t'O
sl Approximation prises ol 37: it' ',7'0
J Approximation pntes of toll t. -0
9 Approximation prises of 2T0 ,v0
1907 Prises, amounting to (.(',V0
Application fur rates to club-i should ba
tnsi' onlvtothe office of the Company in
New Orler.i:-,
For further information wnle clen-ly,
givir.; lull addro.s. VUHtH. ivwl'ki, Kx
pressMonoi Orders, or New York Kxchanse
in ordinary le'ter. Ourroncy by c.xiirens (all
sums of V and unward at nor nxuente),
addressed M. lAI;PH -.
rvew Orloiiim, ILa
Or I A nrPHIK,
WaHhlsitrton l '.,
or at Wcialt'onrlMt ., Minilsla, Tri
Make 1. 0. Hone? OrtlerH payal
ami addrPNH Koiriflerod l.ettemto
aiet cSrlomiN. s a.
Xon-KoHliletil Not lee.
No. O WI, R. D.-In the Chincery Cour of
Shelby County, Tenn.- State ef Tennes
see and Cuuntv of Snelby vs. Wulter Ennis
nnd Willi un t nnis et at.
It appearing from the bill which is sworn
to in Ibis ciuse that the defendants, Floy
Miller, mWoodard, jr, R Vaiillrocklin and
carnh K Van Brockliu, residents ot the State
ot New York; Kllcn 0 Oleiui, John Jones
and wife, .wusan Jonc, Chiirles B James and
wife. KM en J.nnes, lien biseman, rosiilenn
of the huto of M isouri; Hannah Larkin
John l.urkin nnd Kate Larkin. residents o
the State of Minnesota; Sallie E Tretovant,
Frank Kravser nnd wile. Florence Frayser,
and Theodore Ba- kson, residents "f the State
of Louisiana; J W Klilridve, J W Chalmers
and his wile. RebeocaChalniers, rcsi.ientsof
the State ot Mississippi; Joseph K Ml ler,
resident of the Slate of Arkansas; Frank
Benedict, resident of Ihe S'aln of Pennsyl
: .. . , , iu I I 11 11.
Vllllia; niri in " ri lier SHU liarr uiown.
residents of th Biate ol Texas; Marv W
l.ivinirslnn . a msidnnt of the State of Flori
da, and all non re-iiionts of the State of
Tennessee. This bill ia tiled to collect Stat
and county taxes oa various lots of land
owned by the above parties and other parlies'.
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the Court-House
of Shelby county, in Mem phi, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May. IHHti. and
nlnad. answer or demur to eoinulanani's bill.
or tbe sain will be taken for confessed as to
them and set for bearing el i-arie; and tbat
a coot of this order he uubllshed once a week
tor four successive weeks In the Memphis
Appeal. This 31st day or March, IHHtl.
A copy Attest :
8. 1. M.'DOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
T?v II. F. Walsh. Dennlv C. and M.
Lee Thornton and
ors for complainant.
it. U. Jordan, soncii-
lllHOlVt'Ilt JOllC'.
No. .5479 R. (H). -State of Tennessee, Shelby
county, Ouiee of County Court Clork, Mom
phis, Tennessoe, March 20, lKrtti To John
Loague, Publio Administrator, of Shelby
county, nnd ss such Administrator ol th
est ito of W. T. l'ryor, dece sed:
HAVING suggested the insolvency of th
estate of W. T. Pryor, deooased. yon ar
berehy ordered to give notice, ay advertise
ment In some newsimlifcr buulli-hed within
the said State, and also at tbe Court-llous
door ol Shelby coutity, lor all persons having
claims against said estate, to appear ana mr
the same, authenticated In the manner pr
scribed hy law, on or before the 1st day)
July, IHHri, and any claim not Bled on or bs
lore said day, or before an appropriation s
the funds of said estate Is made, shall be tor
ever barred, both in law and equity. Wil
ness my hand, at oflioe, thia 30th day i
Maroh, 1886. HUGH B. CULLEN. Clerk.
II.- G. L. McDonald. Deouty Clerk.
Notice is hereby riven a required by th
foregoing notice,
wed JOHN LOAGUE. Administrator.
Noil ltallrnt Notice.
No. 6119, R. ft -In the Chancery Court ol
Shelby County, Tenn. State of Tennessee
for ue, and the County vs. John Donnelly
et al. of -Shelby coutity.
It appoaring I mm the hi I, which is sworn
to in tbisoause, that ihedefendant John D.
Armour, resident of ihe S ate ot Maryland!
Sallie Tresevant ind Rembert Tretevant,
heirs of John P. Tresevant, residents ol th
State of Louisiana; Ex, Norton, a resi
dent of the State of Kentucky, all non-residents
of the State of Tennessee; Martin Lan
aan, Alice Thompson, eon-residents of the
Sta'eof Tennessee; tbat the residence ol
Mary Ann tlu.hcs, W m. Norion. C. II.
Braum, Mary Woodward, Mary Fletchall
and husband, Martin Fletc' a l; Laura nnd
Edw rd II. Martin, John Cannes, K. A. 11 ig
ginson, W. B. Dnicb.L. II Oorch.Mollie L.
Benton, Robert Moore, Maroia 1. Floece,
Pat-y Mosby and Helen Pope are ui. known
and canni't be ascertained after diligent in
quiry, and :f any of thus parties are di ad
thoir heirs or devisees, whose names and
residences are unknown and cannot ne as
certained alter diligent inquiry, this bill is
filed to collect Lies due the aiato and county
on vari us lots owned by tbe above parties
and others.
It is therefor ordered, that they a ake their
anricarance herein, at the Court-House ol
Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn. . on er
before the first Monday in May, 1HW, and
plead, a-.swer or demur to complainant s
bill, or the same will be taken for eonfeMed
as to them and set for hearing ex pane; and
that a copy ol this order be published once a
week, for four successive weeks, in tbe Ap
peal. This 31st day of Marrb, 16.
A Coiiy-Atte't: tbu,
8 1 McDOWELO, Clerk and Master.
By 11. F. Walsh. Detuty 0. Jt M.
Lee Thornton, solicitor for com plalnant.
.Noa-ltexidrnt Notice.
No. W:5, R. D. In the Chanoery Court ef
Shelby coon, y, Tenn. Suteof Tennee,
etc.. vs. Patrick Oooney ctal.
It appearing from bill sworn tn ia this
cause thtt U names and pi nee of residence
of Ihe heirs I J. W. Weseolt, made defen
dant on account of Interest in lot efi, east
side of Chickasaw street, 1st ward of city of
Memphis; and the heirs of A. P. Sheldon
and of J. L. Sa'arans, made partial on ac
count of interest in parts of lots 17& and ITS,
between Main and Second st'eets, 1st ward,
city of Memphis, are unknown and cannot
be ascertained a'ter diligent inquiry; this
being a suit to enforce tax hens ;
It it therefore ordered, Tbat they make
their appearance herein, at tbe courthouse
of Shelbv oonnty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, IHHrt, and
Elead, answer or demur to complainant's
ill and petition, or the same will be taken
ior conlessed as to them and so for hearing
ex parte: and that a copy ol this order be
published once a week, for four successive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. Thia 31st
day of March, 1-8". A copy attest :
S. I. MrDOWKLL, Cle'k a d M,ter.
By H. t. Walsh, Deputy Clerk ana Uas'er.
F. H. k C, W. Ueiskell, Sol,, for com
plainant. t
N '3 ig
5 -,mw-
m. Ew Xu.u:tt
376-37SS(rs.;ts4-:sii wo. t rvvl, m)Hth ot (layito.
Doors, Sash, Blinris Flooring, Cei.iiio, Siding, Shingles,
, T. mmm & go.
Whoiesak -Ureters
.t h'tt,
Cotton consigned to us will huve our careful
Staple & H r.'.. iVtneu, Uquors Jobacuo&Cioart,
No. 8! Mniis NJriPt, ttXeinpliI.
Pianos and Organs
at lo.vi;st i'umji'uii ctsu ou timi
NlWt Miism niul HooL'.
250 and 258 Front
Liter M and hi ill.
Ikowrta, MaHli, IIIIihIh, MouIiIIuk, nil ktntln ol Door and
Wlsilf FrnuitjM, llrackrlM, Nfroll-Hork, Koii(l aud
IrMsM4l liiiuiber, NhliiKlvia, I.Hllta, Water TankR. -All
kliitlss ul iVmmI Work lOxeouied at Nhort Aiotlce.
N8. 157 to 173 Washineton St. Memphis. Tmin.
HAVING withdrawn Irom the WoodrutT-OIIer Carriage and llardwar Oompany, w
h.v. accepted th. Ag.noy ot soin. of the Be. Jaoafaciln r. 1- - I Uad
Mate., and ar. now receiving a lull assortment nf. OA RM Ali . l-UV-'L i i S wf w aaHS8'
UAUN t!Sa and SADDLKRY also, a large slook of the Improved rKNN KrlSBK WAUON3.
All aoods ar new, and built expressly for thia market, and will by sold at very low prioes.
iini.. ami Muhmrouin. fio.iWi Ulnlu Blreit. Warehouse. .No.ausrrout Btreet.
A, WOlBt'ra".
j. k oi.ivm.
4trivill pay Oooil lrlcH for MOTKN, UlS FALL and
THANH Y COITON ol all demorlplloiiH. Neud for Vlrcnlar
aud l'rloen I'ald.
75 Vanrw Strftt, Mamphiw, Tenn.
McC. Fearcec& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Merch'ts,
HVtneWastinsr- w. waanfr)l.l'lirm'ii.
ov igrjra w" Youtt.
IIK IIA1II A. WcC'UBMY, t i i i : I'reMldent.
AKSETtt, x : : :
Harrender Talst Indorsed on Pollrlra. Mo rorfellas. ftkaaaMM
In the World.
so. 2 follon Fx oh Huge UnlltHitlf. Hf niplil.
Yazoo Hississippi
107 Miles from Mamphis, Tnn. 113 Miles from Viekaburg.ildiss.
: t&- ti2. so : peri:m.-i
.pi,.n-lon...4 Building L.mbor. ftaM
Biding, lepieonsiantiy on nana. vi
r. w.
CS-iraLiiDL Deaiar
te.vl rominiMloM Merchant. Uj, Cor Oate, Bran, fhoji Fee4, OU-MmI,
Liu. , Cement, Plaaler, Bnliaing and Tire Urir-k, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's llow, Siemphis,
R. E. LEK.
& Cotton Factors
WwmpiitM. Tend.
attention. We carry at all times a well-
stock o
Xiiw Pisuio for Ttoni
11. G. M1LLKK.
St., Memphis. Tenn.
: : 10,0,ouw
Oelta Timber Co.
. , " ,
h. h. hiukt.

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