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-4 ;
'AttM Qlet Middling, 8 7 Be
half! Yesterday, 1000
I Money in fair demand at 8 percent,
.ocal securities quiet but steady.
The cotton market yesterday was quiet,
fcles bere ICOO bales. At New York
ot closed quiet, middling pc
Tie course of yesterday's future mar-
kt in New York is thus reported
bj Greene A Co. : "Room traders in
duced In a little scalping, cloai" the
mrket about 1 point lower. The lees
chrful accounts from abroad had
ratler a weakening influence. There
was really no market however, and
the tatire position can only be con
sidecd in a nominal light, At New
Orlems sjx)to closed quiet and BtoaJj,
midding 8 13-16c; futures quiet and
,. .- iia f- .A ,4
futures aulet. and l'0i4&
er than Monday, Aonl 5.01d. lie
ceipto at ths port yesterday, 321 bales;
total this season, 625,88(1 bales, against
420, 48 hftlei same time last year. Egg
firm at ' 13 centa. the upward torn
being due partly to increased demand
for Eaiter necessities and partly tn a
lull in receipts. Other markets un
changed. IMPORTS.
Fifteen brls apples, 100 sks bran, 2
pkgs batter, 17U pkgs bacon, 4t pkgs
boots and shoes, 6U brls cotton seed
oil, 93 pkgs dry goods, 425 brls fionr.
20 bales hay, 35 pfcgs hate, 240 hd
sheep, 5 hd horses, 44,501) ft lumber,
20 pkgs liquors, 60 brls meal, 30 brls
potatoes, 1G3 pkga tobacco. .
The following shows the amount 'of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
bv regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange to-day : Wheat,
none received or withdrawu ; in store,
3057 bushels. Corn received, 10,767
bushels ; withdrawn, 5204 bushels ; in
store, 117,273 bushels. Oats received,
none; withdrawn, 200 bushels; in
Store, 3304 bushels.
V Madison St.. Xemnhlg, Tenn.,
artorreipeBdcnce aellcltml. Ifof
matloo ebeerfally famlahied.-tta
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Ctearing-IJouse report is as fol
Tuesday, April 20th, $220,331 83;
thus far this week, $447,592 00; came
time last week. 1532,121 41; same
time in 1885, $390,887 88; same time
in 1884, $3C9,115 71.
Tuesday, April ' 2 )tb, $43,428 66;
thus far this week, $94,555 20; same
' time last week, $135,308 97; same
time in 1885, $100,853 02; same time
in 1884, $115,012, 14.,
New York sight on all points, pjr
buying, t premium selling; New
England demand, i discount buying;
. New England sight, 1 discount ; New
Orleans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 bid, 150 asked
First National 145 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 200 aeked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters..l48 bid, 150 asked
Mercantile Bank...l3 bid, 137 J akeJ
Home -70 bid, 75 akpd
Bluff Oity- 100 hid. ... asked
Peoples ..80 bid, 82 asked
Planters 101 bid, 105ai-k9d
Phmoix 98 bid, 100 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 aaked
; Vanderbilt- 10 bid, 19 a-ked
:: Hernando 100 hid, ... aeked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. console, 7s...ll5 bid, ...asked
M.AL. R. 1nt m.8.4.108 bid, 112s'!ecl
Miss.&T.R.R.c9,A,121 bid, 122R8k,!d
Mies&T.R. R.c.B, 104 bid, 106 asked
Teen. wts. ser. C 97 bid, 98 naked
Shelby C.).bonda...lt)fi bid 107J asked
Tax. Disf. 4, 6s 93 bid, 94 aeked
Tax. Dist. 6i 10! bid, 102 asked
Mem. btor. Uom. U0..109 bid, 1 10 a keif
Mem. Gas stock.; 75 b!d, 77a?ked
Mem. Oasbamls 105 bid, u. asked
Mem. Water brndt 90 bid, ... asked
flunanerUU Works... bid. 51) nominal
City Oil Works bid. 45 asked
Pioi.eftrCotlea Mills... 17 bid, 20 asked
A id. Co W Oil trusts 29 bid, 31 aeked
Mam. City Cy. bonds bid, ... asked
New York, April 20. Money on call
easy at 24 per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper, 4(3V. Sterling exchange
unchanged ; 480J for t0 days and 488
ior demand.
ixmtiB uovernment bonds were
dull and steady. Ptate bonds were
quiet and yieldinr. In railroad bonds
r.ric inn, cuiihoih, snow a net loss oi j
with sales of $604,000 out of a totAl
sale ol si,ft82.O00. Amonir the d.
clines are Uounton and Texas (is Bj at
oi, ana uecainr and tvansville in
comes 3 at 67. Winona and Ht. Peter
Stocks This was the dullest day in
hiockb since ma uog aays ot lout year.
But while the market is intensely doll
it is also strong. There was a down
ward tendency after - midday for a
time, but in the hist hour all previous
losses were recovered, and the market
closed extremely dull and strong at or
near tne ne-t ngures ot the day. rue
dullness is directly traceable to the
strikes now in progress in different
pans of the country, and the threat
ened extension ; and the easy money
market, with the stocks rinnly held
by strong parties, is the main cause
for the strength displayed, the general
flentimfnt being that the troubles will
lie settled soon. The most active
.stocks were Lackawanna, Erie, St.
1'anl, Western L'nion and Lake Shore.
The totl sales of stocks to-day were
146,440 shares, including Delaware,
1-ackiiwanua and Western, 2.1,400;
Erie, 19,610; Lake Shore, 5130; North
western. 3320; New Jersey Central,
tMK); Pacific Mail, 3450; Reading.
4700; St. Paul, 14,750; St. Paul and
Omaha, 8310; Union Pacific, 8S35;
Western Union, 13,170; Oregon and
steam inj ,1 v to i i t dok k k inwrtr i
than WnihHayHsiiliel Ailf
Liveriof pote wrd eyS fjtJi, fait1 t
dnmann.f no l.TKii aama ill
' lo2.
TnHconUnenMl, 14,235. The closinj
q uotiions were as follows :
V. s... ions,
Louisiana w.'Hl
i Missouri 61, 1U1H.
Ta.h. new. ft.
ent. Pao"- 1'
DenAK lA .'
Ia. R.U, latt.122,
trie seconds, KAI1
Ji.k.A f Uen.ns.si
P. A. C. lit
N K jb?0 2dt, m i. 5. Western eoe., 14-'
N. We deb.M. W 8i.L b.F f '4
pX eon . 1.1 8t.H., AP. lt- ,
g-pXad grant, T. P..R.J. ,
'ami. 117. etOuore,
AeVnt Express, ltt. ;'"" ,v:
eneny tn.. . v" "i, " '
too T. O.. . j!or-"" ' i j f
C. 0., !t I'ld.lb.
CAO.,2 i i'ld., 11,
C. A A si.
Ohio A Mi"';.
C. AA.Vf. 14.
Unco 1
. A... "T-UIS. 29..
0.. tit., i.1 P.,
,10i. Ores-- Jf-J
pr ...
n a l n
X-1 r .V
L4fSJI at Pile
: K a. n
Y fttsbura. 160,
yjTim, is. n.,
lal. t UiSl. l""7i. . - n
2fa4lL,i St. L. 8. F., 18.
. ii" i " - . - - i r i -
oi. r. Ai. a m.,
HI. P. A Omaha, 40'..
ft. Paul A O.,fd,103X
Teiai Paofic, 10.
Union Fac fie,
V. S. Expreao, 62.
W., Ht. L. it P., TX.
W. St. L. AP.o.,15
W. 4 . E., lliO.
W. U. Tel ,
Colorado Coal, 24.
llometake, 18.
Iron Silvi-r, 160.
Ontario. H
t4;Vi ltlMv:f
s in . .
re. 8
N A . !Ct
f0., ltpfd,-
M..f C.,2d pfd.
MeiV. A Char, 31.
Minh. Central, ft).
Min. A Kt. L., 204. Quicki
M . A hL. . nia.t'.a UUlOK
illur, pid, l'-a.
Mif8 1'ac, nil. outll faeinc,
Mobile AO., 12 Sutro, 17.
Morrii A K , offd. 141).
Londou, April 20. Consols, 100 7-18
for moniy and 1C0 9-10 for the ac
count. United States bonds,' 4s, 128J ;
do. 4s, 11-tJ. The amount of bullion
gone into te Bank of England on
balance to-diy is 25,000.
Paris April 20. Three per cent,
rentes, 80f. 85c. for the account
Havana, April 20. Spanmh gold,
New Orleans, L., April 20. Bank
clearings, $1,470,885.
New York, April 20. Exchanges,
$02,630,435; balunces, $4,294,420.
Baltimore, Md., April 20. Clear
ings, $2,090,485; balances, $227,270.
St. Louis, Mo , April 20. Bank
clearings, $2,607,217; balances, $481,
732. Philadelphia, Pa., April 20.
Clearings, $9,341,514; balances, fl,
115,217. Chicago, 111., April 20. The
associated bank clearings to-day were
Boston, Mass., April 20. Clear
ings, $12,127,818 ; balances, $1,723,203 ;
money, 5 per cent.
The local cotiou market opened
steady and closad quiet; middliug,
8Jc Bale", 1000 bales, of which 400
were to exporters and 600 to npin
. Yesterday.
Ordinary 7
Good orditary 7J
Low middling 8
Middling 81
Good middling 9
Middling fair.. 9J
Fair...., L..1, Nom.
Dusty 6($8
Stains, tiugei 78
91 '
, - , : Mempbis, April 20, 1886 .
Stock 8epL 1,1885 1,392
Received today... 321
Received preyiouely... 525,566 527,279
Shipped to-day........
Shipped proviooily-
.. 2,646
..443,950 446,602
Stock, running account
Thus far this week 1,287
Thus far last week 1,442
Sence September 1st 525,887
M. and C R. R
M. and T. R. R.
L.and N. R. H
L., N. O. and T. R. K.
M , S. and B. R. R
Steamers ,.
Waxons and other nrces..
Total s .1 321
, Export.
Thus far this week 5,808
Thus far last week 5,804
Since Septsmber 1st 446,60 i
M. and C R. R 404
M. and T. R. R 50
L and N. R. R 1 197
C, 0.& 8. W.R. B, 349
L., N. O. and T. R. R 209
Steamers north 1,437
Total '. 2,646
New York spots opened quiet and
Closed quiet, sales, hub Dales, lino
tations were as follows :
Ordinary 6j
Good ordinary. 8
Low middling. 8 1316
Middling ....mm H
Good mid Uing 9 11 16
Middling fair..l0 11-16
Fair, 11 ,
8 13 16
9 11-16
10 11-16
New York futures opened steady and
closed dull and 1 to 2 points lower than
Monday. Quotations unchanged, Bales,
40,800 hales. The closing quotations
were as ioiiowh: , . ,
April 9.15 917
May 9.20,.a 9.21
Juoe .31t 9.32
July 9 411 9.42
August- 9 51 9.52
9.12(4 9.15
9.210 9.22
9.43(4 ...
9.52W 9.63
September...9.3ttf;4 9.3?
9.3M 9.38
9.22(3) 9.23
October 9.20 9.21
November ...9.184 9.19
Dacember....9 22(i) 9.23
January 9 31( 9.32
February 9 41 9.43
9.19( 9 20
9.3Ua 9 32
9.41 9.42
The New Orleans spot market opened
.quiet, and closed quiet and steady.
Sales, 2000 bales. ,
Yest'irday. Monday.
Ordinary 71 "J
Good ordinary... 7 15-19 - 7 15-16
Low middling . 8 5 IS 8 5-16
Middling 8 1316 8 13-16
Good middling... 9J 1 . j 9
The New Orleans fuinre market
opened steady, ami tllosed qniet and
steady and 1 to 3 points lower. Sales,
18,500 bale. The cUsing quotations
were as follows :
. . Yesterday,
April 8 80 noml. t
May..., 88K4 8.82'.
June 8.94' 8 95 '
July 9.08 0.09
August 9 12(4 0-13
Stptember....8 9(n 8.92
October 8.81 8.82
November..8 77 & 8.78
8.80 nom".
8 82(
6.W.) 8.97
9.11 9.12
8.15(5) 9.17
8.t2 8.94
8 82( 8 84
8.79 8.80
8 83 8.84
8 94;4 8 95
S.05( 9.07
December ...8 8O4 8.81
January 8 92$ 8.93
February...9.043 9.06
B., C R. A .N.0. N. C-.S "-.
Canada Pa.,o4. - 5' !. ? If
I Tone.1 Rec. iPriceel Stock.
Gal m ton
' Orleans.
New Yort
PhiM a
St aiuia...
270IS 15 16
0 7-161
Receipts at ports, this day, 1SS6. 8,0 . 0
Receipts at ports, this day, 1S85. 3,40j
R'ts U. S.
Ex. Or. Br
25.761: 8 659
23,90 15,220
For'gn Ex.
747,143 6(Hj,576
4,980.68714,63 1,619
3,496,30313.451 .01 8j 3,420,996
Increase of receipts this year. ..340,168
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was steady, fair demand, rates
hardening. Sales, 10,000 bales,
of which American 8600 bales. Re
ceipts, 19,000 bales, of which 14,400
were American.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 6-10d- good or
dinary, 4 11-lCkl; low middling, 4jd;
good middling, 6 5-llid; middling up
lands, 5 l-16d; middling Orleans, 6d.
Manchester cloths quiet, rather
easier; yarns dull, little doing.
Thtjtrictt art given in pence and Qltli,
thus: 4 63 mtant 4 63 64d, and 5 01
meant 5 l-04f.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull at decline.' Quotations were as
follows: April, ; April-May, 502d;
May-J une, 5 02d; June-July, o
03d: July-August, ; Augutst-
Septcmbcr, 5 07d; September-October,
5 05d; October-November, ;
September, .
At 2 p.m.: .Liverpool lutures were
dull; April, 6 Old buyers; Aprjl-
May, 5 Old buyers; .May-June, 6 Old
buyers; June-July, 5 03d buyers;
July-August, 5 05d buyers; August
September, 5 07d buyers ; September
October, 5 05d sellers; October-November,
5 0?d sellers; September,
5 08d buyers.
At 4 cm. : Livernool futures were
quiet and l-04(rt2-64u higher than Mon
day; April, 5 Old buyers; April-May,
601d buyers; May-June, 5 Old buyers;
June-July, 5 03d buyers; July-AugURt.
OOnd buyers; August-September, 5 0U
value ; September-October, 5 05d sell
ers; October-November, 5 02d sellers;
September, 5 OSd value.
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2 white, spot, 40c asked; My,
41c asked ; June, 42c asked ; No. 2
spot, 37c bid; May, 37jc bid; June,
38c bid.
No. 2 snot, 331c bid ; April, 33Jc bid ;
May, 34 jc o t. bid, 34 Jc ot.' asked;
June, 33 bid.
April, $14 25. asked ; May, $14
asked ; June, 713 asked.
Spot,$l 95 asked; April,?l 92 asked;
May, $1 80 bid, U 05 asked ; June, $2
Corn White, 47c; miked, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
If ay Choice, from store,85c ; prime,
75(a;80c ; prairie, 50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $14 14 50;
prime, $13 13 50; prairie, $88 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38c,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 jc.
Bran irom store, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans -Navy, $1 75(32; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
Cornmeal Standard. $2 1502 25;
pearl, $33 25 from Btore ; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rick Louisiana, 40c ; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackeh Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra, $3
3 50 ; triple extra, 13 653 75 ; fami
ly, S3 754; choice, $4 254 35;
fancy, $4 5J4 70; extra fancy, $4 90
5 ; patents, $5 255 05 ; from store,
family, $4 4 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 654 93; extra fancy, $5
5 25; patents, $5 608 25.
Hominy and Grits From store, $3
3 25. ,
Crackers Soda, . extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger simps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c. '
Kansas City, Mo., April 20. Wheat
easy, weak and unsettled ; No. 2 red,
April, 63cbid, 04c asked; May, 64c
bid, 64 jc asked; June, 67 jc bid, 67c
asked. Corn dull, but strong; No. 2,
cash, 271c bid, 27 la asked; May, 28c
bid, 281c asked ; June, 28 Jc. Oats no
St. Lobis, Mo., April 20. Flour
mote quiet and active, firm but un
changed. Wheat fairly active and un
settled ; the markat opened firm and
lJc higher, but eoon weakened and
tell off lc ; prices strengthened again
and advaaced iJc, closing lc
lower than yesterday ; No. 2 red, cosh,
89c; May, SslBSJe, closing at &8c;
June, a8j89lc, closing at 89jj ; July,
841843c, closing at 84go bid ; August,
83fa83jc, cl s ng at 83Jc. Corn very
dull and weak.closing lc lower than
yeeterday; No. 2 mixad, cash, 33jjc;
May, 3333c, closing at 33 Jc; June,
341c; July, 3fa. Oats very quie'aod
easier; No. 2 mixed, cwh, 29 jc; May,
30c Rye neglected. Barley, no sales.
Hay fairly active and steady; prairie,
15 JS7 75; timothy, $1113 85. Flax
seed eisy, $1 03. Bran steady, 6857c.
Cornmeal steady, $1 75. Receipts
Flour, 3O00 brls ; wheat.l' ',000 bu ; corn,
74,000 bo ; oats, 23,000 bu ; rye, 4000
bu; barley, 400!) bu. Shipments
Flour, 5000 brls; wheat, 3000 bu;
corn, 11,000 bu ; oate, none ; rye, none ;
barley, none.
AfUnuon Board. Wheat strong and
jj$c hither. Corn firm and jc higher.
Oats easy and jc lower.
Chicago, April 20. During the bulk
of to-day's morning session prices re
mained very steadily around opening
prices, and were rather firm than oth
erwise. Bullish news was received
from the East at the opening, many
telegrams hinting at a corner in wheat
at Buffalo, and possibly another in
New York, both markets being report
ed as large.y oversold Baltimore more
so than Ntw York. TaJk of this kind
set large operators to buying quite
freely, ''hey found plenty wheat,
however,ind could do do better than
keep prices no aronn J opening quota
tions, which were 791c for May. By 10
o'clock everything areakenrd off on
dispatches laying that exporters were
resell ng. This changed the tone of
local operators entirely for litt'e
while, and male an active clmrs' a
wer.k market, Miv declining to 78j:
Ir rallied to 7;Uc at the clote of tne
iegular board and became very s'rong
in the a'tarnoon again. May advanc
ing to 80 jc and do ing at 80c bid.
There was Very little interest dis
played in the remainder of the specu
lative list, ant pricei ruUd a h:tle
easier, but closed at shout the
tame prices as vest "day. Flour qniet
and unchanged. Wheat moderately
active, closing about ljc highertlian
yesteriiay; sales ranged: Aoril, 77
78jr clwed at 78;; Mav, 78J7!jf,
cloted at 79lc; June, 80jfo;8lc,
cloed at 81c; No. 2 soring, 78
78lc; Na. 3 spring, 68(i;oyc. Corn
quiet and eair; cash, 3637c;
Aorf, 336jj. closed at36o; May,
3737jc, clos'd at 37 Jo; Jane, 37 15
ltk)38lc, cloeed at 38 l-16c. Oota quiet
and slow; cash, 2929s; Mav, 2uJ
30c, closed at 29 jc; June. 30130jl-,
closed at 30jc. Bye doll but steady ;
No. 2, 60c. Barley nominal; No. 2,
69c. Flaxseed steady: No. 1, $1 05
Receipts Flour. 10,000 brls; wheal.
7000 bu ; corn, 71,000 bu ; oats, 156 000
bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 21,000 bu.
Shipments Flour, 6000 brls; wheat,
2'8,000 bu; orn, 71,030 bu; oats,
98,000 bu; rye, 4000 bu; barley, 16,000
Afternoon Board -Wbeit stronger,
jo hiplier, May closing at 80s. Cora
stronger; May, 37jc.
Butter Creamery, 3435e; dairy,
l(K")2Uc; butterine, I3iu; country,
1218c, according to condition.
Cheese Prime Hats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12je; Y. A.
Mens Pork Old, $9 76 10 per bar
rel; now, $10 7511 per barrel; sugar
cured hams, packed, 910c; break
fast bacon, 85iOc; clear rib bacon, 6J
Bi'i.K Porbv Clear sides, 6J6c;
clear rib sides, 6J5jc; long clear,
55c; shoulders, 4ui)4Jc.
Laud Tierces, OS'tiJc; half-barrels,
01(8c; kegs, (j6Jc; buckets, 6J
OSc; half-buckets, 6S6jc ; 60-lb tins,
6i6jc; 20-lbtins,liJc; 10-lbtins,
686jc; 6-lbtins, 6t!c; 3-lb tins,
6j6jc; choice kettlo, tierces, Cj
Fresh Meats Beef Good Kansas
Cty steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77c;
cows and heifers, 6c; mutton, 8
9c : lambs, 10c ; pork, 6c
- rios-KSET Brls, 88 50; half-brls,
$33 25.
St. Louis, Mo., April 20. Pro
visions quiet and abont nncbanged.
Pork steady, $9 60. Lard firm, 6.80c.
Bulk meats etaady) looae lota
clear, 61c; short ribs, 5 35a;
ahott clear, 5c; boxed lota
lorg clear, $ 256 30; short
ribs, $6 35 : short clear, $5 60. Bacon
firm; ling clear, 6.805.85?: short
ribs, 5.855.0e; short clear, 6.t'5o.
Hams unchanged. Bui tr dull; cream
ery, 530c; dairy, 1825i. Eggg
firm, 10c.
Chicago, III.. April 20. Mess pork
trading light and feeling easier;
prices declined 57o:an.i closed at in
aide prices; cash, $0 06910; May,
$9 109 17, closed at $9 109 12 ;
June, 49 179 25, closed at $917
9 20. Lird dull but steady ; cash, 6 60u;
May, 5 90c; Jnne, 6 95c. Boxed meats
st iady; dry salted shoulders, 44 10c;
short rib sides, 6.225c; short clear
sides, 65 55c. Butter quiet and
easy; craamery, 2025c; dairy, 15
190. Kggt,lvmVic-
Cofpee Oorrtraon 88o ; ordinary,
09n; prime Rio, 11c; (h .109 to fan
cy. llj13a; old gjvdrrunuut, 23
ioc; ueyion, -uj.
Soap 35c per pound.
Scoab Pure w, c. white, 86Ja;
off white, 6ro)68o; yellow, 616c;
oten kettle, 4i5a; refined A. 61
6c; granulated, 6j7c; powdered,
73; cut loaf, 7c.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; racks,
fine, $1 60; cease, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2)7c; carloads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
' Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 2030c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
svrup, 2040c ; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; other grades and styles, 25 28c.
Snuff Gairett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
paila and barrels, 7j8c.
Candles Full weight, 1010jc.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, $1 351 65 ; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 60; seconds,
$1 151 25; tomatoes, 21b, standard,
$1 10; 3 lb, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
1 00 ; ra-pberrios, $1 151 25 : black
berries, $11 15; greengages,! 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70; aparagua, $2 604; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb. $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, I'gH weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swlw, $6.
Havana, April 20. Centrifugal 9(1
polarlzition, $1 17 per quintal.
New Orleans, La., April 20. Stiiar
strong and higher; strictly prime,
6 6-16c; : prime, 6'c; fully fair,
5 l-lOo; centrifugal choice white, die;
off white, 6 3-168 4 16c; prime yel
low clarified, 6c.
New York, April 20. Coffee spot
fair Rio qniet at 83c; options sttady;
sales, 21,250 bags; April to May, 7.20c;
June 7.15c; November to December.
7.10c. Sugar strong but quiet; refined
strong C, 5j5c; mould A, 6jc;
off A, 61jc; standard A, CJIijV,
cut louf and crushed, 7c; powdered,
granulated and cubes. 0J7. Molas
ses steady. Rice steady.
Apples Apples, $1502 50 from
store; 1 252 per car-load fronn levee
or depot. Dried apples, 34c per
ponnd from .tire. Dried peaches, 3
(a)4c from store.
Potatoes Potitoes,$l 752 25 from
store; $1 50 1 75 per car load from
levee or depot. 8weet pr.tatoee scarce,
$2 753 por brl. Peas, $1 601 75 per
Vegetables Onions, $2 753 25
from store ; $2 5C2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75f5i3 25 perorate.
Kraut, barrels, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Tnrnipe, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, $3 606 per
box; Imperials, $55 50 per box.
Lemons, $4 50 per box. Banana,
$12 50 per bunch. Cocoannts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 71c;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c ;
roasted, 2c higher; shelled, 10c Al
monds, 1820c.
Pickles In jarc, pints, 95c; quart1?,
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75; loise, barrels, $6: half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrele, $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay-
era, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenoblee, 15c Fiibrts. 12c.
Cideb Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rtl and $44 50 per half ba-rel ; Vine
gar, lll0c per gdlon.
Tocltby lnraeys, per acten,l2fn
18; rhii'kn 12 75(d3 : dressed turkers.
scarce, 15(il8c per pound.
Pecans Texai, 6Xi)iuc lor small to
medium. 1014cfor laiee; Arkansas.
3 5c.
risH Mackerel, nau-oarreis, n.i. 1,
$5; No. 2. $3 25: No. 3, $2 75; 1Mb
kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70.-; 15-lb, No.
3, 60c, Dry herrings, family, 30c per
(3 .111 Yuninnn. whole. 3t2i5c: sad
dles, 6Sc; bea-, 6Sc; wild tnrkeys,
6075c; duck, $34; squirrela, 75c;
quails, $7&cM ; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish. ll12c.
fcuoa-nrm, l.ic.
limn Dr flint. ISCTUti.i: dry aalL
6c; deer akins, 1618c; hunter han
dled coon skins, each, 2050c ; country
coon skins, 1030c; mink, 1030c;
mnekrat. 610c: otter. $l(.i)5; bear,
$15; beaver, 60c$4; wildcat, 20
40c; fox, 2575c; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, 1821c; tallow, 45c.
Wbihky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. Jl 606: rve.$l 756: domestic.
90ctl 60.
St. Lotus, April 20. Vhisky firm
at $1 10.
Ciiicaqo. April 20. Whisky steady
at$l 16.
Cincinnati, O., April 20. Whisky
quiet at $1 10. Sales of 520 barrels of
finished goods on this hams.
Seed Lelivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per trD ; on. bank of river (f. o. b.
hoar), J6; wagon at mills, 48. Meal
Prime (f. o. b.). $15 oer ton. Less than
car-load lots, 1 16. From store, 90e per
suck. Cake Nominal; $10 per tun.
Oil la cur-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 2j23c: prime sunimur yel
low, 'J6'i27c ; off aummer yellow. 25
2'ic; minera', ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2630c.
New Orleans, La., April 20. Cot
ton seed cake and mea1, $18 5019.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c por gallon.
Cleveland. O.. April 20. Petro
leum quiet; s.w., 110, 7Jc.
PiTTBBCRO, Pa., April 20. Petro
leum active and firmer ; National Tran
sit certifiates opened at 76jc, and
closed at 7ti Jc; highest, 77jc; lowest,
Horses Good driving, $160225;
good saddle, $140300; plugs, $35
80; good mares, 85140.
Mules-14 to 15, $110135; 15 to
15, $12i140; 15 to 16, $150176.
Good demand ; supply fair.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed.
900 to 1050 pounds, 414jc; good,3jr-u
4jn; choice grass-led, 3j:fgc; good,
3(:iic; lair to medium, 22Jo; com'
iiiod, ll2u.
Hoos-Choice, 3jfc; good, 3J
3jc; common, 331c
SiiEEP-Choice, 4rt14o; medium, 3
(ir)3jc; common, 11 60.
Kanbas City, Mo., April 20. The
Live Stock lndicniur reports: Ca tie
receipts, 1298 head; shipments, 1189
head ; market strong, higher for choice ;
shippers' and butchers choice tj
fancy, $4 755 25; common ti me
dium, $3 904 60; Btockersand foed
ers, J3 504 40; cows, $34 75,
Hogs receipts, 0923; head: ship
merits, 7367 head; market active
and 610c higher; good to choice,
$44 15; common to mtdium,
$3 603 90; ekips and pigs. $33 60,
Sheep receipts,1952 head ; shipments,
2023 head ; market Bteady ; good Ui
choice, 4o; common to medium, j:
3 60.
Chicaoo. Ill- April 20. Toe Drov-
eri' Journal reports: Cattle receipt,
6200 heal; shipments, 2000 head;
mirke' steady; shipping steers, 950
to iouu r , vi oori)5 uo; stockers
and hedH.'H, $2 C04 60; cows, bulls
and mix, d, $1 601 10; bulk, $2 00
3 75; through Texas cattle, corn fed,
$440495. Hogs receipts, 7700 head;
shipments, 3800 head; market active
and 10c higher; rough and mixed,
$3 5n4 30: packing and shippiug,
$4 304 60; light, $3 754 30; skips,
$33 76. Sheep riceipU, 2400 bead ;
shipments, 1000 head; market slow
ard weak natives, $2 605 80;Texans,
New York, April 20. The exports
of domestic cottons for the past week
have been 2818 packages, uud for the
expired portion of the year 67,734
packages, against 57,491 packages the
same time last year. The market was
quiet and the chief business with
agents reached through do'iveries in
the execution of orders.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 1X122, R. D. fn the Chancury Court of
Shelby county, Teun. tiUiia of Ton ?!
vh, W. J. Antlerton.
Haiiiiaarina Iron bill (worn to In thla
cuu.'o tnat the dnfendant, Mra M II Crockett
and huabnnd, K 11 Crockett, John W
Croekott, Wm Price, Hallie L Price, Mabel
Prioe, Mark Price, Cecil Prioe, Herbert
Price and Jlyron Price, t M Lewie, jr. lien
iamin f Farabee, C C Crewa, Anna Jonci,
J L Lt Cavuibell and huflbnnd, Campbell,
J tinea 11 Kltonbead, j L Wylle, Annie Mo
Lauirblin and W T McLaunhlin.are non
reaidenta of the Htute of Tenneeare, aod that
tbep'ace of renidenca of tbe defendant,
Andereon Washinxton, Minerva A Boyd,
and Lucy J Fink, it unknown and tannot be
ascertained alter diligent inquiry :
And tnat the Damon and place of residence
of the heiri of J W Gillespie made partus on
Occount of thein tnuireit In 474 aoree of limd
aiijoininf Walborn, in the Eiahlb Civil Dis
trict of bhelby county. The heirs of J M
Thompson made parties on accoont of InUr
est in about twelve aares of land, range '),
section 3, Eleventh Surveyor's DUtrict,
Kighth Civil District of Shelby canty, are
unknown and cannot be ascertained after
diligont inquiry, This being a suit to en
force liens for tales against said land.
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at tbe Court-House
ol Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, Poui, and
tlead, auawer or demur to romplainaut's
ill, or the same will be taken for ronfeoed
as to them, and lot for hearing ex nsrte: and
that s coby of this order be published once a
week, for four succesaive weeks, in the Ap
peal. This 31st day of March, 1SW.
A copy nttat :
S I. Mr DOWKLL. Clerk and Master.
Itf II. F. Walsh, DeputyClerk and Matter.
K. II. AC W. Ueiskell, Bolt, for com
plainant. thq
T JVefef- jit J-WAlm utrlv rum) in ;1M WMsv
jirV " "J lit I irrr-r i bji nnnni. a-,
?7,icTniM WarnvntrvloNI.Y l.'l.nTKK)
iVv TKfHsi in wrirld Knltrfry dittVrt-tit fr-.m
t m 'Ahn IVrfsvt R4 tairvrr ; worti nunt or
fi with MM It comfort i"iirlthirBinniii Irr J.
HimiiiiJif N T. arKlhiiiKirefia- litiunL Patann. frrm
A Valuable Patent.
Dttnr'a (Herts) ora and Prn Plaa
ler. HAVlNOjrecUdiny invention. I wish
1 pi ioe it before the 1'Ol'lic, etpeeially
m mnliflturors. As a Corn Planter, it is
perteet 'ncoett opens the drill, dirtributa
tbe seed accurately, aniniured, and oorer
the tame, thereby one uiun performing the
work of three. Tbe have been oMd in
this section tor over a doaen years with per
fect satisfaction, ban five retpociibl tetti
moniaJt. Address
JOHN 11. DANCY.Daneyvilla,
t'aywood eoooty, Tens.
Dun Aoma, 10 a.m.
....Ciiiciai. 5 p ut.
K. W. Coli, (p.m.
Kate Adihs, S p-m.
...Dia Adamr, 6 p.m.
Jun W. Oarr, S p.m.
Gayoso', 6 p.m.
, B.lli Micarnis, 6 p ui.
Citt orCiiao, 6 p.m.
Whita River .,
Arkaniai City
Frian Point...,
St. Louil
i4rrtitis. City of. Vicksbtirg, 8:.
Ixiuis; City of New Oilcans, St. Louis;
Coahoma, Madison. tr
Drparturet City OL- ickBburg,
Vickuhiinr- Cilv i if Nhs Orleans. New
Orleans; Coulioma, Madisou ; ltene
Macreadv. 8t. rntncis ner; joe re-
ters, Arkansas river.
Hoait in Port. Chickasaw.
Boat But Bourn. Jaiuea V. Gaff.
Boat But f'o. lVan Adami and E.
firrelpia Yralerdny.
City of New Orleans 500 sks bran.
Titv of Virkshnrir 15tV) nkua mer
Th E. W. CoU. Capt. Ed Nowlaml,
is th Little Hock railroad boat this
evening at 8 o'uhvk for Afmliwui.
Tub Iean Adams is the Iee Line
packet Thursday evening for Helena,
Friars l'oint and all way Uinilings.
Thk Anchor Line packets to-morrow
evening are the IMW Memphis for
ickshiirg ami City ot Cairo lor M
JiOiiis. '" . '
Tub Chickasaw, dipt. E.G. Postal.
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for White IJiver, O. M. rostal is in
her ollice.
TimC.ayos Capt. W. V. Hull, is
the packet to-moirow evening at 6
o'clock for Hale's l'oint, TiptouviUe
and all way landings. Jesse P. Walt
is her clerk,
Tna I lean Adams, Capt. Henrv
Cooper, is the pttckct this niorulng at
10 o clock for Osceola and the tipper
bends. Will Ashford and Will Smith
are her chirks, i 1
The Kale Adams, Capt. Mark R
Cheek, is the United Stnles mail
packet Thursday evennig at & o clock
nr Htilimn. Ar.nniHiiH (!itv and all
way landings. W. C.' Hlanker has
charge of her ollice.
Thk James W.Uair. Capt. John S.
Jones, is the packet to-uiorrow even.
ing at 6 o clock for Cairo, l.miiHVille,
Cincinnati and all way landings. 11. 0.
Mruce and l-cw liriggs aro her clerks.
The Uair will give cheap rates to all
points rsorth and 1'jihI. .
IU'hinkkm fair, ''"
WgATiiKK clear and pleasant.
No cotton rectdved by river yester
day. Tub railroad boat Coahoma cleared
on time last evening for Madison
Tub City of VicKsburg puhhciI down
yesterday morning for Vickslmrg. fihe
discharged here 15(H) packages freight
ami Bdiloil lorty tons.
Thk Cltv of New Orleans passed
down Inst evening for New Orlenns
loaded flat. She discharged here ()00
sacks hriti) and added here lifly tons
sunilries, anil will nilil at Jlelenuaev
euty-tlve tons oil cake.
Tim river at this point iuarka34 feet
and 3 tenths by the gauge, or 35 feet
4 tenths above low wutttr mark, a rise
of 1 tcutliB of a foot in 24 hours. The
river is now L foot and 4 tenths ubovo
the danger line mid 0 mirths of a foot
1. .1 1 !..L .. . I. .,... '
iii'iovt ingii wilier iiiara oi in-)..
Thk license of Charles C. Hirod, en
gineer, has been revked by Inspectors
lounghioou aim u msiiiy , lor gross
negligence and inattention to his
duties in allowing the water to fall too
low in tlio boiler ol the steamer ike
Itonliain, causing an explosion.
Office Signal Skkvick, U, 8. A,, 1
Memphis, April 20, 1 p.m. . J
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which Is one hour (aster than
Memphis tune:
Ab've Low
Water, Change.
' Rise Fall
Km t. lOths lOths lOths
Cairo.... 50 7' 3
Chattanooga... 8 '3 ........ 2
(Cincinnati 25 8' ........ 32
Davenport 11 4 3
I)uhu(UO 1(! 6 3
Fort Smith 11 3 Ml
Keokuk II . 4
Helena 41 2 2 ........
La Crosse 10 :t 1 7-
Leavenworth... 11 8 .......
Little Rrxk J3
Ixiuisvillu j'! 8 10
MemphlH 85 4 1
Nashville 13 15
New Orleans... 13 '5
Omaha 7 ' M 2
Pittsburg 5 ' 2 0
St. Loui 23 " 11
St. Paul tl 2
Shrevcport Mi 5 1
Vickslmrg 41 ft 2 '
Isanarr l.lnew Keel and Itil'ba of a foot
above sero of gauge :
Cairo, 4) feet. t'liatumixita, US feet,
Cincinnati, 50. Daveuport, 14.
Dubmiue, 16. Furthunth, 2i.
Keekuk, 14. .Helena,-.
a Crosse, 24. ' leaven worth, 20.
ittleHock.Zt. Louisville. 25.
Memphis, M. Mew Orleant, 13.2.
Naibville, 40. . Pittsburg, 22.
Umaha, 18. Kit. Paul, 7.
S'. Louis, 32. Vinktburg, 41.
bhreveport, 28 Yaukloa, 24.
Pittsb0RCI, Ai".:.1 20 Kotiu Rivr 6
feet 2 inches on tlie gunge Mod fitlling.
Weather clear Hin1 r'ui. .
Cihcinnati, April 20 Noon vol
fnljiog. with 2ti left on the ganve.
Weather clea-'; tjjeru'iouieU'r 74,
EvANSViUJt, f-r.l 2Q, Noon--R:vr
fallinir, with 37 8-10 i'-ua the gant.
Weather chat ami warm. Arriv'i:
Thomas Hherliicr, 8 K. ..
LouisviLLit, tin'. 21. --Noon River
falling, with 10 Jir 2 itwlun in the
canal and 8 lif if tie tails. Wea'Kir
f-ur and wuriii. Iiepartd: Graiii'.B
State, Ciniiiuu.ti.
Caibo, April 20 oon Rlvei 50ltt
10 inches on tie pange and fallu it.
Weather cleat hi:2 vgric. Arrived:
Charles Morrun, "ew OrleariP, 10 n m.
Departed: Ci'y o! Sii Orleant, New
Orieane, miili'ii l t ; I'eese and t; ,
New Orleans, 3 ; CharleB Moryan,
Ciuciuuati, 11 i.,tri. ''
AdmiulHlrator'a o(lc.
Office Publio Admioistrktor Shelby county.
Court House ileuii tun, leunessee. U ir h
:, HUM.
FIMIK undersigned having oeen appoirtrd
X and nullified adunnittratur of t e o'
tata of W. T. l'-jur. deceased, nutioc I"
hereby given to all pertoua indebted to -hi-I
ettate to come lorward arid settle: ard '
those to whom sd estate is Indebted t i lc
their elaimtwilt duly probated, wiitii i
the time prescribed by law, or tht tatn l iil
be forever barred. JOHN LOAWUK.
wed Public Administrat ' .
W.EAriEsM-luCAl SKSanJ Cl,M.,c
-- coo who was deaf twenty-eight y ,u
'r'ated bv most ol the noted speoialin''
1-f d y with bo bebrtit. Clsao aiass ' i
thrte months, and Sii.ce then bundr,
others by same proocrt. A plain, simplex' I
aucccttful hoioe 'r5.iu.ent. Address '. . ?
PAO Jf , Utt AWt xJi St., Hew Yvt Ony.,;
sr Owing to the high water the steamer
DEAN ADAMS will 1 are for Helena an 4
Friars Point every MONDCf en THURS
DAY at 5 o'olock p.m., and ler UtoeoleMd
Gold Dutt every WEDNESDAY and 8AT
I'KDAY at 10 o'clock a.m., aatil tortber
notice. J. LKK. 8iip't.
Special Notice For Marioi.
The Ferryboat
John Overton, tTTt,
Capt. Fngelman, eftritfi3t
VPI leave the loot ot Jefferson streut tor
Varien. sf S e.m. a-! ti r.m.
Mt. Itvtle and Nw Orlrmste Anrher
l.ln-i.a). vs. i I -ca. HO k (JT. U'llilS.
Lightner master, vViiii3't
Will leave tbe Elevator THURSO I . Ai.nl
aid, at p.m. For freight or passage apply
O. L. It A 1. 1.. Hast. At. A.OSTOMV' Hnp'4.
HI. liuls aud Now Orltwatt uroiir ,
l.lne-ll.t. Nall-FOH VICK-'BIIKJ.
Belle Memphis, ifZE
Geo. Baker ...maUr,aa''itt0Maa
Will leave the Elevator TUUHmD A l . April
Sid, ai( p.m. For freight or passage apply
t:. l.. tl Ai.l., east. sirt. miupih ii r.
Memphis and Cincinnati l' kft Co.
at ku B.iiiiiMWii.i.sc aiitiiitiri
J a m oh IV. a a tr -xz
.liikn V .fntiaa m ataar
Will leave IHUKSDAY. April 21 at I p.m.
Vnr Irairhtor ni.... amiiv lu 1) U KllS-
SKLI,, Agent, No. lit Madison St. Teiei bona
No. 227. JOHN CAHK. faasenrer ,n,ni.
Steamer OHIO lollowt, leaving Monday.
April '.tllh
Heiiiplili anil Vickslmrg l'a l.-l 1 :::
puny U. N. Mall Mm-.
For llolene, t'oneordia, Torreue umi kn!1-
te "Itv I he elfint pstsenget s. , e-
V. K. Cheek... easier I V . t.. Iluun.-. .. inrk
Laaves Vemv'ua
KVKKY MUNljAV ud id rMiJ t R
i. i., reserving the right to past all iHiuiingt
thecapta;n maydeeiu unsato rur w ral
inioruialion apply at omen, Mc, 4 .liton
lllllN C.HrI, I'ii-s'v !-. T'r,n.,n .
V T (iteeola. Illj I'uii ,
tiayo.'o ar,l 'riptonvillt - The on- i r
Vf . 1. Ull mttter J. :. i uim
will leave ai above. ' ' o- "
'JVKt'V Mt):lAY and riir " 'M .. i
Arkauias Hiver Tk l
Leaves Memphis Bvyry TVKSIM I . ' v m
11. 0. LOWE, A.eut,
Office, No 'Maillton tt T-'e t, n. No. l.
t smmiin ninsair
M4jiiiihl8& White Mvpr VkiASo
(. N. fitAll MM..
0, foiial...mastsjr 1 1.. .Vi t-ik
riHrnttlrtn, lieiynlte Winer ve Aii
s, Hteln, Jni kionpoi.M'l KHrt' .
UltAVK.S MEMPHIS Kvery H'KliNs.- . If i
at ft p.m. Through rsn to ll i,i'tj
Fre tht oonttjne't to ' MrmpMt n V tile
.i- I'actut Oimpany" ' iriieo
provi'tlv ii. i. LOW K. Agent,
N- IMirlllonef T.ii... ,.
i .a
FOIt W111TK mhL
Miir ntitiiv .
Neuiplils.ti hititAltlaeb Km r f'.t. aet
For Helena, DaValls Ululf, le Una Arc
gusta, Newport and llaletvllla Hie ne
and elegaut sulewheel pasauoMr nteaiv .'
, lleMlfl
Milt Harry mtr
Will Insve KVEHY S AT1 RDAV etSo'olo,
p.m. i'hrough rales to all point. Krois ,
oonsigned to Milt Hurry Line, V.euiph..if
he promptly torwanld. w.J.P 1H)YL
OtSoe MaUsou st Telephone HW.
Jaaai B KsigiLia, Passenger Agent. Tek
e phone 2"7
Te St. Francis Klver I ranspoHatlo
Oo.'s ?lne 8Me-W heel H. H. Wall t"fut
Rene Macready, jL'.Sfi
0. K. Joplln i.'Mr.
at S o'olock, for Marianua, tbaOvi jl, ai
lniern:edinto IandlnHf '-o .'-i. t'lancts river.
The captain reserves the rln'it t- v n all
landtnir ha doemi unsaie . J A H bKs.ur.a
,,,.. . I T , 4 V, .,t-,..i f
J 3
T i:mioi-K!
4'eok'a Kaenraiwat isirllm leave la
April. May, Jane and July, tieud for Pro
gramme. uuivldnnl Toarlel Tleibi'ta for travel
In Europe and all parts of the globe.
tats Tirkt-tM by all lines ot summers.
a erne, 'a s.araarlttaal(, with inm, pub
llehed monthly, hv na I tor Tsm Ousts.
, JUOl. 4 .H V not,
2til Hrnsilwny, Nmw Y"rk.
Mon-Resident Ni'litt.
No. flllK) -In the Chancn-y C .urt f Sh,ilbf
ooui.ty, TennosHee. Tho St ito nl Tennes
see and County of Shelby vs. . A. Liiu
rnnceetal. It mipearing from the hill ahinh is tworn
to in this cau-e tuat Ihu dolen.iKnrs, .1 ,cob
ai.d Isndore Kaufman, iunor., and Himmi
Ktnrn, ti uslce, nr resident of ntnte of New
York; Minnie end Minu e K ,ulinan, minors,
residents of Dakota 'IVr, itoiy; Mrs. Uostla
Wtnttieid, widow, and one min.ir nuti. niune
unknown, bein of V K. W hittn l I, Ir., do
cotised. rctl'loots of the Htiite of MintitsipMit
Olive Latham and Mary Liitbitio. reidt-iitg
of the Stale of Indiana; Mr. KIhili McK .y,
rcHilxnt of the rtote of Alutituia; Devcrlw
D rtlllimn-. Mary K. and t in. M . Mtdel,
tuinors, n,sidents of the Htae of Arkntna
J. J . lierrytniin, K J. Ilerrymun. Itrotddug
llerryman. Will II. I'erki is, Jfler., n K.
Cole sn I wi'e, Cole, rosidenit ol the Hint
ot Texitt; M. T. Hyucr, truteo, Hen M iy,
trostre, Edward Wt i.ii, r, sidonit oT th r t i e
of Mist uri Carol. re M.l'si'tnore.ere ident
of the State ul lndion D M. Hourncv, a
rrsident of the StiHi ol Kontuukyi llros,a
Avert, F VI. rm th, rx cut r nf cstnlo of
II. (1. 'inith, lleecHtd rccidxnts of tha
State of Lou.shna, and ill on,i roide .u ot
the Mate of Tcnim-aee; I'm rwmtoi.o-s of
Anna I'. Veui. J. II. Iinsii.nbi ad s.d Mi
chael Flynn and J. D. i.nbu-ry kib at.
koowu, ari.i eanoot re ntCMrtii'ncd ultor dili
gent Irq'iiry. and the names aod residents
i f tht beirt of Rulu K. Tuioune, decasi-l I :
M. L, Saundors, ilcce'itod : .1. D. D.ivtg,
trusteh, deceased: Weston White and Ague
isorveil, deceased, are uimo wo and can
n t be ascerliiinel after diluent n nuuy.
lhia bill ill tiled to collect back tales due
tlie -tite and couoiy o:i v riuus lots ownodt
bv the eh,ve parties uud jt.i.,- priea.
It is thcrelore ordered, I hut they make
their ai oe irani-e herein. at tlie Court-llou e
nf Hbelbv o unty, in Mc "iiln. Teou., on or
befme ihe first. Mondnv in May, l"i. snil
ploml, ansur or deiuurtn cnuplain i.it b'll,
i.e the tauie will be taken !or em'esed t9
to them aod act for hear'tig eg p -r'e ; sn j
ihHtaoiipyot this order be publt.hi d once
a wees tor fcur succet.iH west in the Ap
peal. Thi" HI t day ol M ir. !i, ISA).
A fl( py--A ttctf :
8. I. McllOWELL. ( li t and VaUr.
By II. F. W,.rh, Deputy 1 tnd V. .
l.oe Thornton and K. l. Joriltn. -elioitora
for CouiiiliiiAiit ""t- -
Oli-Ri'sldent .N.i'.iDtt.
No l.'3. R. I) - Io the Ouncerv Court of
:;hell)' CeUiit , I'enn. 1 t ite ol ron-iecsee,
.to.. vsJoseib hcebf. etal.
It Hpi.earina I ' J" l t- tin
cnu-e lh.il theOc , ndunt-, .1 Miph he. ler
and wile, Damil.e h. I.-: ami Juha B.
Le. ch ere n "i rcsido' t-"I I - niieseeei
It it thoinfora ur i. rod. Ihl thrynciR
tl!eir tpponrtioce hor, i ..et lb oour huiide
i MialM' c u.n. io ,1''o I i't; 'l'"on .oe "J
beli. the tlr-t Mopuiy in May. litHn. anj
i, red, Hiier ami Ueinur to ooinplainant
Liii, o: ihe sa ne ill be t ikcn lor o . nle ted!
in tier, and sei tor bc.iriOK i-i i'tlj,
j id th it a c py ''I thisor.ir he pub isha
,,,,. Me.-k. tor f ur succ.i-f.ve tetVi.ia
the Arrgai.. This 3:st l I M.irob, .
e,ip M, st : ...
,.. M. DOWKI.I., Clerl- mt Vs-ter.
Ill II. F. W iih. D. pu' i ' anJ Ma b r.
' F II. A 0. W. llei-k -!!, m :-. t r o in-
,.i-,.n'. 'lU
ii . is re r::. :'.:. :.! r-. t
..-rM4t.lM H)1I1M!U 'JO', o-'l , it . :J
'a-'. m any o; !'. ' 4' '"oi,
I' ti.iintor, or m y ot,. .-.:i .:i. un.iv
ne UoveMioiPt, l wtil ' nj Ull! illrf.raclioa
to 'o k' ' tc ) '.r- -ai. e.
nod Mltl rtlr" ; f-,1iik, -.ti, n
i - ce'"' Hue I'.-H-e .1'. ,. JS-'1J
; a. sAjmu, i.i..i .- f"!

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