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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 21, 1886, Image 8

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Liaiillr,V w Orleann and Teiaa R'j
MiwiirriiLiT iuiik.
In ftrri NnrerrbT K, IS.
tlbt -aIL. I Sooih. I North.
IKsO p.ru
S:4i p. in
vttt P. ni
1:( a. id
2:42 a. ir
5:liB a.m
8:21 a.m
11:110 a.m
B :4 a.m
5:W a.m
S:tfl a m
12:16 a.m
9: Vi p'm
:4J p. in
aaiL-T.!. J1'.0..L
ft kbnr D
H tnvoi K ....
b heL. . .. .- - F -
Sttol Hoava....... I-...
w Otlaaet.. H--
M.mre : a.m 5:l p s.
Lale. )12;nino'rl 1:45 p.m
Llaad ,1 S:fi p.milltlO a.m
v'ckfbgra-.. 7:15 p.ml 7:' a.m
A-With all HnM entering Memphis.
8 -With H. N. K H. R. for Ilelena.
-For Greenville and Huntingtoa, and all
Arkansas point.
D-With V. a m. end Vu B. k P. Railroads.
I-With N., J. ICR. R. for Jtatchea and
Jekaoa. .
F-For Patau ob la Breach.
With steamer tor Baroa flare.
A With railroads diverging for Florida and
Pallxaa Bufot Bleeping Cartoa all tralni.
JAH M. VDWHUH, V. P.endG..M.
H. Bl'RKK, General Bap't.
A. J- m M'P. . P. A-
Baaaeatbewsaasl Mlaiaalial Ta.
r. Traiee move M tnllows: No. ( (lajt
line 4eM Iiiim at II : a.m. No t IliM
at 11:40 em. dally. Bt. Loaia fast lint
leaves daily at No. 7 'lest lin
dally) arrives at 1:30 p.m. Mall and ox
m uniH dally at :is a.m. St. Louis
fast line arrives dnily at 9:0a a.m.
ajianlMlyatl mm Teaaraaee. Fast
nail train leave rtaily at 4:30 P m. ; arrives
at :en a.m. Lool freight leavre at 6:40
a.m.; arrives at 4:30 p.m. Fraiiht train
No. 5 and 4 raa tri wresly. No. 6 leaves
Mamphit Mesdai, Wednesday and Fridat .
MeeapMa aael LI I tie Rwh Trelos
ainv as fallows 'central stand rd time):
No. I leavee dailf at 5: p.m.tarrt at
rAp.es. No. 3 leaves at6:&6 a.m.: arrival
at3:.r4)a.m No h (freight) leaves Iioperield
dally (ernaet tiunday) at 8:00 a.m.; arrival
aasasba Mud (harleelea Trains
wove aa fa'low"! Through aipreas Iaavs
daily at 1:'.1 a.m Mall and aipreas leaves
dally at 9:10 a m. hoaiervi'le eooommod
tinn )vae dailv, except Honday, at 4 :S0
p.m. Through eipress arrives daily at 5 2f
a.m. M ill and express ar-yi daily at 4 :M
J oi. Harvill accommodation arrive
ally, exaeat Sunday, at 4:30 a.m.
l.eBietll ana) sjaabvllle Trains
nor aa follows; Fa-t mail arilTM daily at
I To.in.: aaa at 10:111 p.m : mall leave,
a lly at 9:lki a m. Brownrvll'a aornni'in-
dttiom ! daily, aiomt Sandxy. at 6:14)
a m.t mail arrival daily at ft :0 1 n.iu.
lirnwa'villii rooomoiodaiun arrival dai yi
inapt Suadav, it H 4U a.m. (itandard tima).
Mlmphlp, HlranlnplliMni arnal tiffl
4lo llo'l- (jirlnvi Konta-Traini mova ai
toi'owi: No 1 laivni Memnhii dally at 3:45
Rm.i riivoul Molly r prion at 8:30 p m r
o. Iraviia Ikniy -i.rin .1 ly ai 9:00
a.m., arrival M Mnmphil at 1:15a. in. i Nu.
8 lanvo Mumphl daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
a' llnl'y Kprinn it 11 :f9 p.m. i No. 6 nival
M aiy Kpriniri dally at 1:30 a.m., arrival at
ympHi at n:a.m.
4Jif riinlr-IUamai 4'lly, ftprlata.
f-lai mm Mxmithta) Traim leava M. ind
T. drpot fol i: N. 4, Kama i'v tx-
Frail, Irivna it 10:4f a m i No. S, Kani i
itr aii"ai, ar-ivai at 3:30 p.m. No. 2,
t'amaa City mal, Iravri it 6:00 p.m. t No. 1,
Kaaia City mill, arrive! at 9:4. a.m. No.
t, Nt. Laali anl Chira.o Hi re' l. aavai at
. :00 p.m. Na 1, t. bouii and China oal
or.i , arr vn at 1:46 a.m. In aBeot Bonday,
WaaniiiOTn(, T.0.,1
1a.m., April 20. 1S I
Iml'oHona for Memphis nl vlrln
ity: Fiair weitlh ir, nUtlonary t mpcr
turc. Itliit- rrcncfliit, rod star.
For th Ohio Vattrg and Trnnnurt:
i air wnllur, (oUontd hy Hcrtatiiig chmtli
nra and liglU local thundfr-ttormr; vnria
lie wind; tfationary temprratutf; falling
M aimroioaicHl Hrpnrt
M.iir-Hia, Tana., April 0. 1IW.
1 Time. lr. Tlmr. Wind W'tlior
T:00 i.tn. W 211 5V0 N. n'.r
11:00 .ni.:W 217 71.0 N. CWr
00 p.m. 8 W. !.ar
f :tnl p.m. WW). 70.0 N W 01r
10:iH p.m. :10.1I fln.0 N.W. Cloar
Maximtnn Umiporaturo, 80.0.
Minimum UMiijioratiire, 6J.0.
Kaii (hi I, .00.
Ownx, 1 1 a in , 1.
All obmtrvatiorta are taken on 75
2sri(iian timu.wliich ii one boar (aster
than local time.
I in 4itta claa.
April 20, 1888- 6 pm.
vision i ( tnl-iana4 and p t for
I'tni-flt of (Oiomirca and ag icnl.
0 -t on rcion bulletin Inr hr
y-..or hour ending April 20th,
I rh n m
jKHPn'a Dia-
u.V niolig
(jrnnil Junut 0'i.
Decatur ,
tco'tiborii ,
Arlington ,
HoHy Bp'itna,,
M ana ,
61 '
2 f " 2 !? -
DUTBicra. j5gr 5.
-i c 3 r 5.
E B "
Wilm rg i n 80 4S 10
Cbailwoi 78 5! Oi
into U H) 62 0i)
Mnvnnaii 79 67
A lama 80 2
Montipitri-iv 80 6
Moi" 82 55 10
New O le.i.n K2 67
firlvi-auiD 82 61 10
Vk'fBbrl'K 81 64 '
Little K K HI 5H 0J
Mmpii a 82 M
feuns 970 CIS ,M
M- 8i .64 .01
Grand jury met yea orday.
James F. Ki'ad and Mis Lima (S.
Tri Wfr litfiiaed to marry yr.U;r
day. In tbe rmbate Court yosti'rday
Julia A 1 :i vi huh wns RipoiiiU;d ad-H'-iniutratDr
of II F Duvidson
A hi'iiiitiiul orjtan has junt arrived
from Kur..in fur St. Josi iili's t-liurcli
and wil ulmrt.y liu ready for utm.
-'flip Old Time onti'itainnicnt ia
wild t l ine nnted about ffc4, al-thou-'
'II rilniiiK are not yet in
and pawnjrcr traino on
' ' t railroad lias been re-
''i fame thro gb yea-
. FnrriH v the
I Coniauy, for
)illin stork, vu henrc! ypsterday in
the C'irt-uit Court
1'oiino f.aiir' Journal, New York
Fanhion I'xwir, Rtiirw Ik La Mode for
May, and the Dudiewt new novel, A
Ucwnl Struggle, for cale at Mansford'a.
The Chancery Court is still en-
pagetl in trvinjt tin cae oi m. i.
1'earco vh. r-ti'p A I'ettit Tbe caw;
is likely to consume the balance of the
Tho Citizens' Street Car Company
announce that on and after to-niht,
after 9 o'clock, their cars will run
Btrainht through Second street with
out any transfer ut Maaison.
The police have received a letter
from Mra. Miuy Walleh ry inquiring
for her husband, Win. Wullelery, who
belonged to the Thirteenth Oluo and
haa not leen at hoe for thirti-en
The water in tluvSlwvou near John
son avenue, where Hanry Moore drove
big WBK'on in to wash it off yest4-rday
morning, waadeoiier tlian lie tlioiiKtit.
It waa twenty fetit and he had to
swim out. The horso waa drowned.
The Woman's Exchange is be
coming an attractive resort lor lovers
of ice-cream and light home-made
cakes. Why not patronize the Ki-
i hange when by ho doing you can
combine the gratification of self with
the doing of good to others.
fit. Klmo Commandery No. 15, K.
T. elected tho following officers last
night: N. W. Sneers, K C; K. A.
Keeling, J j Keller Anderson, C. G. ;
B. F. Halier, P.; W. It. Hi ma, H. W.j
I C. Shivier, J. W.; Fred T. Harting
ton, treasurer: James 8. Mahaffy, re
Henrietta Harris (colored), who
livea in the rear of Avery Chapel, took
sixty grains of tnoiphme yesterday
and was pumped out by Dr. Graves.
fSlie will recover. The cause is un
known. Mrs. liahlcr, who lives in
Jefferson near Front, has almost re
covered from tho effect of five grains
she took last Sunday.
There will be a meeting of the
Woman's Christian Temperance
Union to-dav at 3 o'clock p.m. at their
room, No 273 Main street All inter-
ete i fn tho cause of tein iterance are
cordially invited to attend and listen
to tho gifU'd Elizabeth Avery Meri
wether of St. Louis, Mo , who will be
present and tell us of tho progress of
the goo i cause in that city.
Tho threatened strike of street-car
drivers was averted yesterday morn
ing by the agreement on the part of
tho company to pay 13J cents an hour,
tho same as the new company pays,
and to allow half an hour for dinner.
This amounts to about SI 05, instead
of tho 2 demanded. The cars were
about half an hour late. The drivers
were in council until 3 o'clock this
morning withfiujierintendent Barrett.
Tbe Hradstroot Agency reports 159
failure in the United Hates during
the week ending April 10, 188o.
against 141 in the preceding week and
HKI.I55, 100 and 111 In the corres
ponding weeks of 18H5, 1884, 1883 and
i8f2 respectively, Viddlo Wales 43,
New England KtaU li), Southern
(StjtU'o 31. Western KUtes 4(1, Pacific
Klatiyi and Territories 20, Canada 23.
Total in the United States and Canada
The failure of Treasurer Green of
tho emphis Theater to secure a com
pany of professionals for the benefit
which Ins friends propose to give him,
will not be regretted when it is stated
that he has made arrangou onts to pre
sent the Ihctor of Alcantara race week,
most of those who took part in the
original presentation having already
volunteered their services It is an
operetta of tho most delightful nature
and is sure to draw a good bouse.
Tho argument IntheWm. Geno
case occupied all tho morning in tho
Criminal Court. The jury failed to
aureo upon a verdict up to tho hour
of adjournment. Judge Douglass
charged the iury that if they belioved
Geno as aultod Wells and stabbed
him, and that this waa not done in
self-defe se and that afterwards Wells
died, and they do not believe he died
from the effect of said wound, that
they might return a verdict of guilty
of an assault to murder.
Sole Acenli for Horace R. Kelly A
4 .'s Key West Cl(rar.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by ua: Gayoso Hotel stand,
J'eabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. rambi-son a oo.
J. F. DtNiiiciKRK left for San Fran
cisco last evening.
Vks. J. H. Pbrry, formerly of Mem
phis, diud at Indiana, Pa., April 15th.
I). J. Ai.i.kn, a prosperous young
merchant of Australia, Miss., is in tho
Johkimi Am.KR, with DanhciHcr
Rros. A Co., will spend a few days in
the city.
Edward C. Jomks, architoct, is now
convalescent and hopes to be out in a
few days.
F. J. Mayiii'uy, traveling passenger
agvnt of the Grand Kapidsand Indiana
railroad, is in the city.
Tiik Kev. Dr. Patorson will preach
at Immanuel Church on Third street,
between Court and Jefferson streets,
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock p. m.
All are invited to come and hear him.
At an adjourned meeting of Typo
graphical Union No. 11, last1 Sunday,
Mr. Jame 11. llamner, a worthy mom
lerofthat organization and an old
and respected attacho of tho Appral
ollice, was elected president for the
ensuing year.
VrHrn H Talha, II a Talha lO.OOO.
John Robinson "throws down tho
gau tlet" of $10,000, open to every
manager in tho world, to compete with
his Mammoth Snow in magnitude and
merit. Not ono of them has thus far
"knocked the chip" from the old vet
erans fifty-niner's hat, Rome of you
smart showmen, come np to tho front
and put up your bands. Robinson's
show will t e here May 3.
4)rI r MerfalH tit Mullord'n.
X. th e to Travelers and Shippers.
Mmrms, Tikr., April 16, 1HS6.
Until further notice trains between
Vemphis and Madison will be discon
tinued. Steamers will leave dai y from
foot of Poplar street, at 6 o'clock p.m.,
conne ting at Madison with tra na for
Little Kock and all points West.
Freight for Vadison and point beyond
mus 1ms delivered at wharfboat. at
foot of Poplar street, before 2 o'clock
p m. Si earner Coahoma will leave
this evening, and 8 earner E. W. Cole
to-morrow evening. arnoi.rH fink,
Genaral Manager.
MtMMKrHiii ItanKlfwi MnlforiL
Un in ftfni-Ma tlikral 4'obiiiiij
for iilauln nun plrntj il ibin.
Oltl (.old mii1 Kllvcr
F&ken as v.h, Mu'.fordV' 294 Main.
A PBiDicnon by a ominent cotton
spfculator: That middling will sell
for 10 centa in New York inside of
sixty days.
Closing prices of Mar options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork,$25. Lard,
owe. Ulepr rib Bide, 5i. Uorn,
37Jc. Wbeat, 80o. Oat, 29,c
TB(?i2htning calculators who argued
9 plausibly tl at the crop would not
exceed 6,250,000 ba'es have thrown np
tne sponge. The favorite dirure now
is 6.600,O(J0.
Visitors on 'Changs yciterday: C.
E. Angelj, Galveston, Ttx.; Milton
Stovey, Toronto, Canada; W. N.
Young, Galloway, Ark. ; Miss Minnie
Brooks, city; Mra. W. L. Harvey,
Whiter?, Tenn.
Baker aad rarroa.
At the Memphis Theater to-night
Baker and Farroo appf ar in a comedy
called Soap Bubble, which is said to be
excruciatingly fanny. The Chatta
nooga Commercial Bays: "These favor
ite comedians present d their laugh
able farce, A Soap Bubble, to a large
andience at James Hall last night.
The entertainment was one of tbe
most thoroughly enjoyable of the en
tire season, and the popular comedians
won a warm p'ace in tbe heart of
Chattanooga theater-goers. The play
is very noneer steal and abounds in
ridiculous and absurd Bituationr.which
kept the audience in accnatant roar of
laughter. Mies Grade Emmett, by her
clever ringing and splendid acting,
captivated every one and was raptu
rously applauded. Tbe entire support
wai fine.
Vrlnalaal Ceort Donglaaa, Jade.
The following calendar is eet for to
morrow : Noe. 154 Jamea Riley; 150
end 151, James Martin eta!; 152, J.
W. Green.
rirenll 4'oarl rinreo, Jartca.
Calendar for to-day: Nos 8623, Don
nelly A Co. va Louisville, New Orleans
and Texai Railroad Company; 8030,
A. If. Kortrecht et al vs 11. M. Schrey
er; 8042, J. P. Carv vs Elmwood Cem
etery et al: 8003, J. T. Breen vs D. D.
Thcmas; 86(11, A. Whalen vs Mem
phis Fert lizieg Company, 8080, D. C.
Collier vs Memphis and Charleston
Railrcad Company.
4'lrcnll 4'oarl Pierce, Jadge.
Calendar for to-day: Nos. 8t?3,
Donnelly A Co vs. L. N. O. & T. Ii. R.
Co.; 8030, A. II. Kortrecht vs. II. M.
Schreyer; 8043, J. P. Carey vs. Elm
wood Cemtery, et al ; 853, J. T.
Broen vs. D. D. Thomus; 8(161, A.
Whalen vs. Memphis Fertilizer
Co. ; 8089, D. C. Collier vs. M. A 0. R.
R. Co.
Charles S. Ward to W. J. Chaw. 304
acres land in Third Civil District, for
8u ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
April Fashion Sheets, 44 N. Court.
Kalsominino telephone 600. A. Mc
LitMONs nnd Bananas a specialty.
MbmphisStainkd Glass Works. 236
Third street. Call and see.
Sbnd a pos'al to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
II akd-paintro Easter eggs and cards
at the Woman's Exchange. Home
made bread and cakes. Desserts of all
Havb you a damp, unhealthy cel
lar T Watson's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wholesome. Tele
phone 938.
Sind to Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current of plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and see for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete," for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
ratable floors, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, Bmooth and durable, and proof
against dampness and seepage. Tele
phone 938.
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioand intt-i'erlo'lii. known. A oartvn
ana lurasurp lor chilli Fri.-e SI par bot
tle. Snml itiiDiii for flmulni-e. Any ref
erence lilen. Mdrnra John C. IUokar,
Ijvnnhbam, Va.
W. E. EnwARPS & Bao.'s f table is
the only place in the city whore
coupes can be furnished for ladies
calling either single and donble. Also
a nice line of light livery at reasona
ble rates. Orders by telephone
promptly attended to. Telephone Nos.
60 and 753.
Tub new firm of Day, Horton A
Bailey will in a few days open at 360
and 362 Front street, and will com
mence business with a new stock of
groceries and provisions bouyhl for upot
eaih, and they will be pleased to hear
from their many friends. Capt. Tom
Day continues with the new firm and
will make bis usual "pastoral" visits
among his Arkansas friends.
Oni solid gold, fly back, stop-watch,
1-8 seconds, only $50; 1 18-karat solid
gold Geneva watch, weighs 62 dwt.,
W); 1 14-karat solid gold Elgin watch,
t'5: 1 18 karat heavy and very fine
Wattham watch, $50; 1 box-case,
solid gold, 10-karat Elgin watch, $25;
other solid gold watches from 8 to
40 ; solid silver watches, In good or
der, from i 2 to $15; Bohd gold rings
from $1 up ; genuino diamond rings,
$5 up; 8-day clocks, warranted one
year, at $3 apiece; 1 very fine 6
karat old mine diamond, free of flaws,
only $500 this stone cost $1300; 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel, pearl and
solid gold set bracelet and necklace,
cost Indoro the war $300, will be sold
for $35. All goods will be sold on ap
proval and money refunded if not
74 and 76 Beale street.
J. B. UOTTHKLF. Mannar.
Hare Yoor French Ctoclia
Put in order at Mul ford's, 294 Main.
4)t Ratleita; at LtMraxamralna lad
veer Planablna;.
In order to introduce the Alabama
Splint Coal in this market, it will be
deliver d at 36c per barrel in city lim
its. It has no sn peri or.
Telephone 6-59.
Exrelleuce and Caah
Are the secrets of Mulford'B sncceea.
Sa la RnilrdB at Lmininlii far
vevr rianihlaa; aad Una-rillla(.
Pure Oeain.
Wo not only say, but can substanti
ate our claim of having and making
the lHt Ice-Cream io the city. We
challenge competition.
foa'a Halcl.
W. H. BINGHAM ..Maiuoib.
European plan. Knlarired and re fur oil bed.
Piioei aoenrdinc to lite and loca
tion of roonii.
H K Btockwell, Ark J Daer, Col
W II Wright, Ark W ri Moore. Tenn
J A Hrown, lean J R Wallace, Tenn
1T liooiton, MiM B T Barkett, Mim
tin M Kamiet.Teno J P Hackle, Ark
Mm J J Keich, Mn M lli.ldrn. Mi a
0 D Shandi 4w, Mill J W Brown, Trim
T Hhwkioi, Ala P O'Lau.hlin, Ark
Mn. Nealer, Tenn W H Winfurdk ,Tena
A M Mitxbuin. Mul Mn (J Crocker, Ark
R M Barnei, Mill Mn C K Menard, Tena
J M UuKbn, Ark J W Tburinan, Ark
C II llaylord, Ark S A Riohanlion, Ark
J B Bethel, Ark P tl Uanin, Mo
J D Austin, Mo J l Anthony, Mill
W M Hililreth, Trnn P W Pitman, Ua
W I) McDowell, Mm II C llew.lt, Mn
A Ilatohinion, 'isi W Darrifb, Ark
J g Kawlini, Ohio.
Peabody Half I.
C. B. OALhOWAY k CO .PanriTo.
Ratal 12 5u and $3 er day, aornr. int to
lie and location of room Special
ratal made.
W T McCracken.Ohio J W Wooldridre. Ky
J W Aloorn, Mini Mill A Alcorn, Mill
Chai A Clarkr, Mill J U Tucker, Mill
A W Ketcbum.Tenn J K Boiwell, Tenn
I. Human, Ky M J Ijleninir. Tenu
W A Toole, Ohio J 0 Hooper, Tenn
C A McKenr.'e, Tonn J W Maxwell, lnd
A Warren, N J A H Unndeni, N If
O McCarthy, NY J It Albriirht, Cal
Mill K Heron, III Mn M Mitchell, III
Mi l 8 b-nher, III F M Odena, Tex
IT Johnion iw.Ark ETComtr, Oa
T 1) Flippin, Tenn ! Hwope, Ohio
I R Runell, Mo W K Ouberr, Kv
T S Mayi.wAi, Min
F J Maybury, M ch
Mill C Barnes, Min
B B Kaion, Min
i 0 Leach. Mill
T Rtl. Tann
J W tieorie, N Y
Mra L l Alcorn, Mill
V D .n, Min
W V Loojai, Tenn
M Stone, Canada
J K Uarrett ki, Mill
P llanrv. Mi
J L Cocke, Tenn
K J Carrinaton.Tenn A G Kinclair. Tann
M Hamraett, Ark R V Manton, Mill
Mm J N Nolan, Tonn Mn M J BleiiiDK.Tena
L Benton, Ohio 0 Williemion, Tenn
J RMurrell.Tenn L Human, Mo
TH Jackion.Tenn E 8 Caule, Mo
A 1) Griffin, Mo.
Tbe Hew Uayaao.
Ratal, t2 50 to tt per day, acoordini to loca
tion of roomi.
T J CBmpbell, Mill A Singer, Mo
J J Brifriri, Tenn I Dbvii, Ohio
J CUavii, Ohio D C Co nimham. La
M A Overman, Mich M A Fletcher, Ark
S B Crauie, Iml J Dunoan, Ky
A C Hicki Aw, Ky K A Foster Aw, Ohio
Mill M Foitcr, On io I) Foster, Ohio
J M Siirafm iw, M Y J R Bird, w.n.Ae, N Y
TW White, Min RWineburg, 111
J C Meeley, Tenn Mri Malone, Tenn
W D Roberta, Tenn J S 8encer, III
LW Wolf.Kv 8 W Mullini, Mill
W N K! . A n A A drear. Mn
R T llnrrii. Min J J Horner, Ark
A PTnlmade, N J WM Akin, Min
L C Scheffey, NY W G Van Hook, Tonn
J 11 Freeman, Tenn II Lawrence, Ark
WbBoyd.Kv BFIIicki.ky
K HCollini. Miu W II Grider, Ky
J E Naah, Khs 0 II Forte, Ma
J 8 Rawlini, Tenn J M Hughe', Ark
T Urabain.Tenn J C Pavn, Tenn
C L Junes, Tenn S J Smith, Tonn
R b Dawion, Mill HJ Johnion, Ala
I'TPerkini, All F B feimpion Aw, N Y
Mill 8 Himpion, N Y H G Clyae, Ky
C B Pearoo, Tenn 8 P Honit, Tenn
DB'i European Hotel,
Corner of Adama and Main Kreeti. Roomi,
Wo, 75o and tl per day: American Plan,
ti per day.
, J,ir,"t:C.,ftP.' Re"taurnt in the Hotel.
J. M. DUrt Y (10 year withFeabody Hotel)
T J Rrngan, Tenn
vr v uay, ienn
J Mnith, lenn
J P Iloyle, Tenn L II Campbell, Tenn
jnrn.iunejr, xenn a omooi, xenn
F Olark, Tonn R M Parham, Tonn
P J II I ell, Tenn 1) Carroll, Tenn
DO Wheeler, Tenn J R Miller, Tenn
Yj H Pope, Tenn A A Martin, Mo
F Johnion, Ark W G MoLowell, Miia
A Uutchnon. Min K H Armstead. Mo
L baton. Mill It KoheFnn, Ark
J L McFarland, Ark 1) L turhy, Mo
A D U I T T ' . r ...
n u tiownru, Aouu iiui urry, ienn
P (I Meath, Tenn A 8 Nowhv, Ohio
J Brey, Tenn 0 S Wolf. Mo
U McCain. Tann
II Parker jr, Tonn
II 11 Joirel. N Y
J W Collier. T.nn
H Levy, Tenn
W N Young, Ark
a a oiariin, ienn 1 Jonei, Oh 0
Clarendon Hotel.
Noi. 61 and ai MudUon itreet.
BOWLES k LKAKK Priiprixtobb.
Ratal 12 I er day, day board 120 per
D Herbort, Mill W J Smith, Mill
P SXmitb, Min Mini Leilie, Tenn
Min A. Allium, Tenn M A Thompion, Tenn
J A Forney, N C Mri Rannon, N C
Linna Kamion. N 0 Julia Fleming, N O
Ada Fleming, N O Mn Preitwood.io Cal
Joe Jelenaint, Ind Geo W Amei, Tenn
Jai i B Finley. city G G Adami. Col
W Y Hmlth, Mil. U N Lancaiter N Y
FCMaion.Tenn G G Kennedy, III
N B rJeward, Tenn A O Pritiman, Tonn
V,W',"!' JP Limmeni, Mill
J L McFarland, Mo EH Daly, Tenn
U Cone, Mo M Cope, Mo
H D Neibit, Mill N J Jackion, Mill
T Wllliami, Tea Min A Williami, Tei
M j Black, Ark R H Mullen, Ky
T J Nelien, N Y H Maloen. Ind
CLCheinut.NO J J Murphy, Mo
li J Petar, Ky C J Nevin, Min
Mehool Strike at Boatoa.
Boston, Mass., April 20. Sixty pa-
Sits of the South Biston Public
chool struck yeaUrJay for a single
session. They marched in procession
to the city propor, where they tried to
persuade the scholars of other schools
to join them. Failing in this, they
returned to Mouth Bobton, where they
had BBVfral banners painted. This
morning they again assembled, and,
standing in line Rcross the street,
prevented other boys from enteing
the school house. They were dis
persed by the police, but met an hour
later, and, with fligi and banners
flying, marched to the SemiDary and
Brimmer schco's, singing and yelling.
Before dispersing they opened the win
dows of tbe Brimmer school and
threw stonea at Mr. Mtson, the assist
ant teacher.
Havi used Tongaline extensively,
with satisfactory results. I am not
favorable to the practice of giving
laudatory notices to preparations oat
Bide of the U. 8. Pharmacopoeia.
Cleveland, Ohio.
r'lne Watch repairing at Mnlford'a.
mg Day.
The opening of 8pecht's Ice-Cream
Parlors, April 24th,37 Madison street.
Solid Mlverware at MulfbrtTa
Memphla Floral Va. haa the lararaat
Block el plaala la Iowa.
Molford, Jeweler, 294 Main,
imiw orders rrnm me eountrj.
John Walsh, Undertaker,
308 Second, near corner Monroe.
Vicksbpko, April 20. Night De
parted: Raymond Horner, Ohio river;
i ibof Ceiru, St. Louis.
Cincinnati, April 20. Night River
25 feet 4 inches on tbe gauge and fall
ing Weather clear and warm.
PrrwBUHM, April 20. Night River 4
feet II inches on tbe gauge and tailing.
Weather cloudy ind mild.
Ntw Orleans, April 20. Night
Arrived : Future City and barges, St.
Louis. Departed: City of St. Louis,
8L Louis.
Looisvan, April 20. Nigbt-River
falling, with 10 feet 6 inches in the
canal and 8 feet 4 inches on the falls.
Business good. Weather cloudy, in
dicating rain.
St. Loom, April 2a Night River
risen 13 inches, end now stands 23 feet
6 Inches cn the gauge. Weather clear
and narm. Arrived: Jay Gould and
barges, New Orleans. Departed: Belle
Memphis, Vicksbnrg.
CArao, April 20. Night River 60
feet 7 inches on the gauge and falling,
Arrived: W. W. O'Neill and tiw, Nea
Orleans, 2 p.m. ; James W. Ga. Cin
cinnati, 3 p.m. Departed: W. W.
O'Neill and tow, Ohio river, 3 p.m, J
Jamea W. Uaff, Memphis, 5 p.m.
EfiV-Tha firm el HrtTinTJ T L rv v -
and Shoe Business, in connection
yanicooi vjiawaier, igg. nnderti,e,tTl a at ." vmnen,
in the paat and hope for a continnance
A. B. 4o-OIBAR,
LaUol Goodbar Ac .M.mnlila.
. .
Kate oi
jTH X dT. TP-, -rr-fe
307 & 3SSS
We are now receiving
Spring Trade
w Trvnr ttctve- i.i i
lowing lines r.I CUSTOM-MADE
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
George Hocker's celebrated Men's
Brady k Shortell's Boys'. Youths'.
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute 4 Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
tbe best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar & Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Ladies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, under the Factorv Brands.
By Order of the Court
of Common Sense
No. 1.
To All Goo1 Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Publio Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Common Sense No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
hereby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of this Court that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Seoond
street, have received an elegant stock
of New Spring Clothing, which is
being offered at remarkably low
As it is for the iutcrest of all good
citizens to get the most possible for
their money, I, Publio Opinion, do,
in my official capaoity, invite every
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, No. 262 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commenced, we state that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Seoond
street, ere selling fine Tailor-Made
Garments at one-half their real value,
I grant that place the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St, Memphis.
Opp. Court Square.
Judge of Common Sense Co art
No. 1, Memphis, Tenn.
Oprn EvalDK
ml II t
till 11.
! O'tilaek. Hainrtlaya
i I
Bemoan br, all alioratlstna la
Inaare a pvrlart Ut aloaa fraa el
ekarte ky a Brat-claaa tallar laeor
Parlora. .
Importers and dealers In A. ;
Itlasi and FtaOlaa Takl, itallalara'
HarelwrauMi, t-lacilrle Haila asad Aa
auBclatiara lor Hotel i and rUldeoa,aO
Bala aliraea, lieinpkla. Team, a'iastric
supplies i Jwaye oa hand. iRa pairing aaaUy
Frank Schuinanii,
llmpcrter and Dealer U
dm, rtahlBsr Tarkla aad Knarta.
SHaaaanpllt. aa- Spaoial attention
given to M ANUFAClUJUiili and Hi-
Pairing. -
413 Halo NUHempblft Tenn
with Mr. WK.it.V'.' rBori
ol their fawn "Ee ,ven Wow,
uaodbar k t a.. VI. v:.
T u w". w
m. w m.mm w av
offlW Streets,
wv:fT Xf oa VTnn
a large and Entirely Ai ii,f.,L
. of 1886, which w. offer at , Bt?L,
Eastern and
be made Wzi . Bol,?ln Prl4?4j
..v.t A ' lumHH matAt.
We also
Goods, all of whishl
own brand
Calf Boots.
Misses' and Chilrlmn'.
Bale 1
ha. X
,t J
in a vi
Of Bvwry Dworlptlon.
Jamea M. Goodbar Wm. i. Clarh Engena J. Carrlngtoa rraak G. Jan
iaattatoliaalioci. lOOO.l
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tonn.
WE offer to MERCHANTS ONLY tha largest ard bast stook of Boots and Shoes wa
havo evar brought to this market, and which cannot be lurpaniiedHo qualitv and
styles bran house in this or anr other oily.
made goods, Inolnding the CKL.KllKa.1 r.O UllOIIBAK at CO). BBOtltaN .we handle
a large and select stock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Misses and Children. Wa
earry a number of the best makes in tha country, in avert variety md st la, aad among
themltbe well known lien's Calf Boots and Shoes manufactured by Qao. Hooker for our
Spring Trade, a a also oarry a ehoioe line of Ladies' and Mioses' Custom Kid, (4oat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman at Co. We invite the trade t eiamina
our stock before buying elsewhere, and wa guarattee everything wa sell to give satisfaction.
XotKlthsfandln,- one of onr com-
Betitorg publlnhes a letter from WfO.
ocber slatins 'he bag not sold as
any calf boots for pprin trade,"
THE FACT IU, we have these goods
now in store, which we offer to the
trade at as low prices as ther can be
found elsewhere. We guarantee
them to be the iKUI3E fl". "Mfcer
boots, and adapted to the pretf"
son's trade. Kespectfnlly jouBS.'
Memphis, March 18. 1886.
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCARTHT, Propr's,
HO, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Honth, and tha only complete
Boiler and 8iot-Iroc Works In the oity.
Hanarnctnrera of heavy olale lroa
work or iwery daaerlptloa. Bpeoial
atrjtnHon r' wLwiatlotl work-
Kuntze Bros.,
120 Broadway New. York.
DBPOSIT acoounU received from bank
era, merchants and others, and inter
est allowed on Lalanoes.
Advanoes made to correspondents oa ap
aroved business paper or other good collateral
Letters of oredit issued. Collections made.
Government bonds and other saounties
omhi and sold on cowaiaslon.
: -r:.'"--'"f
' 1 " :"-a.Vti--a
i.aaai1-'-S.- -
fH Hadiaaa Btreat. Henithla, Tar
AJfULL stock of Wooden and Metalll
Cases and Caskets. Burial Ko'oas, ate.,
always on hand. Ordersby Telegraph oriel
anhono Promptly attowla4 o.
For Bale Xiow.
THB family residence of the lata Mj. A.
N. BloKay, cor. Laudtrdala and Jesa
minests. ; in sioellent repair. Furniture
will be sold with the house if danred. For
inlormation, apply to A. N. MoCuLLUM,
agent. Vanvlert k Co.'s drns store.
Cor. Second and Monroe SU.,
Wauld oall attention of kls friends
and patrons to his
Comprising the chrlcest and latest de
signs of Foreign Uoods In the market.
Having taken special care in tbeir seleo
tion, I am pleased to ity to my customers
and publio who favor me with a call, to
shew them lines ot gotds only found la
leading houses.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
218 Main St., Memphla, Tenn
Wlablns; to Ketlre from Bailaras
We OOrr oar Kuilre
and Mr..
fw WIJ
e thank our friends lor their p.tronage
A. n. liuiiu
J. H. GOODB 4.R-
t. C. CAa.E.Ir4TT,
mm w
Co.. bu lo.u.
tiata OI ueiawaier.
Memphis, Tenn
Cuatom-Made Boote aad Shoes for
m aa Uberal terms as can
the following Specialties under ur
& Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CU8-
Button and Congress. j
& Co.'s Men'a N.K. CJalf CUSTOM-
n and Congress.
1 -Vi. T A, TT! J - I PTTQ
Co., St Louis, Mo,
& CO,
LZaaAaaaaal mmW
MAB&nJ.liribte Polish end Button 3 00 8hoee. $
, "ur.Ii5!tfsTp 8he are made from the best
ieCteV . .-.jj J,l TlinmM i,w.l Otrlr mrA ),.B
Ooantera and Flei ble inner Hoi
nvKfe to fit and give perfect satisfaetUn
il i
In addition to a complete line of Eastern
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
BlatlPd Fruit Plekled Oranges,
Slalled Frnlt Pickled Caenmben,
Starred Frolt Pleklrd Peppers,
Minded Frnlt Plekled MsagMt,
Mixed Sweet Pleklea,
Croaa A Blaek well's Vnow-Cnow and
Mixed Pleklea,
Plain Caeamber Pleklea hj tbetraU.
Other brande of Plalss and Mixed
Pickles la lliua and OUret.
Torner Mecond and Beale Sts.
Hans, Ammonition, Fluhing; Tackle
and Base-Bait Hoods.
SCM nalss Street, Mesnpbls, Tessai
Manufacturing and Repairing of Guns a
Joan Otbbtok, Ja. 0. N. Grobvmo.
Real Estate Dealers
Offloe, 264 Second Street.
B. B. Oor. Keeorfd and VovrB,
Taxes Paid. Rants Colleotad. a to., oa
No. B14 ZWXaIx. I
Hag just received a larga stack of taa
latest styles of
for Pants, which wa wil' make to ordsr at
much le-s than the usual prises. Wa will
make a good sll-wool pan's for 0. Call
and ezamina our go dr. Alra.a complete
line of GENTs' 1 0 RNISBINQ O0O1JH
lor tha ooming season at our usual low
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin. Minnesota aad Iowa, are hun
dreds of delightiul places chore oae can pass
the summer months in qaiat rati and enjoy
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term campletaiy rejuvenated. Eaoh
recurring season brings to Ooonomowoc,
waukesha, Beaver Dam, Frontenao, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, Wmu Bear, and innu
merable other oharming localities wlah ro
mantic names, thousands of oar best people,
whose win'ar hemes are on either sidaof Ma
son and Dixon's lino. Kltgance and com
fort, at a moderate, ooit, eaa be readily ob
tained. A list of snmsier homes, with all
necessary informa ion pertaining thereto, is
being distributed ky the Ciiosoo. MiLwao
Kii AMD St. Paov RaiLwar, and will be sent
free upon applicati n by letter to A. V. H.
Carpenter, General Pastel gar Agent, Mil
wankte. Wis.
WatiT'. Nvn ad lla&iil TaaiTHKav..
a raarantead anacific for Hretaria. Dliii-
neaa, Convalsiorca , Fiu, Norv-us Neural
gia, Headache. Nerve"' Projtratioa, oausad
By tha ua or alcohol or tixbacoo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, 8e-ti ing of tha
Urain, resulting in insanity and Ion lag to
misery, , decay aad death; Premature m
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Losses and Spernator
rhea, esn- t by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse orovetindulgenoe. Each box con
tains one manti ' treatment. II a box, or
six boxes for 15, sent t mail prepaid, on
raoeipt of prion. We guari rt.-e Six Boxes
to our any case. With each order 1 eoeived
by us for six boxes, acoiimpasiod wito ,
we will sand tha purchaser our written
guarru. to refund the money If the treat,
sent doe ot effect a cure, unaranteos
leaned only bv K.KNKERI A CO., Pru
gists, Memphis, Tana,
' B

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