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agil BADLY CRiriLtO.
o hnnff ia Ue Chicago SwIUk
u eu'n Mrlke Hew Tot k Mreet
Ur DrUrrs Still Out.
St. Loom. Mo., April 21. When
the prfMit rike first comniBDnpd the
whole lone cl initchmeu rd jard
nipn rinp'avrd upon the (J.ibgns
road, which runs between Kant Hf.
lxmiB ard Carondelet, went oat. and
th ionl w powerjees to use a wheel.
On trveral diflVent occsnions they
hate brongUtineD in from other piinla
dc pot them to work for a d-w days,
ad were thai enabled to do iime
Wui-inww. Put the Knwbta of Labor
"peraaaaica" committee always got
held ol tf ee new men and induced
them to aj'iit. The tame old perform
ance waa gone through with on the
Cologne road yesterday, when the
"pen aaaiou" commi'.lee inteiviewed
ait of lb small force of switchmen
inw at work there and induced them
in jni, tad the road la again badly
Late last night a Cairo Shoit Line
'freight brain - made op in the rail
roa ' yards in Kvt St. Louis and had
jn curded on i s way out if the city
beyond the la t line of sentries when
it was boarded by a number of strikers
who a iaed ene of the brkemen and
dratgwl him to the ground, where
they administered to him a severe
beating before the military guard
pou Id reepnud to his crks for help.
The brakeman Is in a critical conuit on.
triT woiik.
8ivhiI of the ruon emnloved by the
Cl irnpo, limliiu ton and Qaincy and
the L nisvllle and Nailiville railioa Is
to fl 1 the planes of t ')0 i tr kerg, quit
work this morning, giving ns'h dr rea
son that they were af a d of violence
from the linkers should they roti'lnne
longer in the companies' employ. Not
enn.gh of these man a'opped work,
however, to erlou.nly interfere smli
the rnr a n of tralua, and the com
panies' bj iieas continues uninter
rupted. ,
lh' York Nlrert-rnr Nlrlke,
Saw York, April 21. The stiikerx
held a mating last ni(r,h; at which it
waa tnn ituiced that a piMtli m nt wai
xp oted this morning. The Italian
CoibiI was no;iU"d hy the strikers
Urn Iialians were at work in the ata-
bier, aid s-ked to lave them wiih-
. . . ,
urawu. ji i (Hioiuud, m case a
favo'able answitr was given the piopo
Billon. (I lat night, to return to work
fa-dry. The sinkers wore to aseemhla
headquarters at 8 o'clock a.m. t
ay,ar d at 10 o'clock, if their proprsl
tione were ssiiepted, to return to wi rk
at 10 e'cl'nk. The men early this
morulas; art) mmed t get tome rest.
Ttiny marched down Thir l avenne in
a bo ly. Around the s'ables at Kixiy.
flft'i Hunt only a lew men w re seen
from 3 to 7 o'clock.
About 6 e'tl ck Fred Magtheo, a
non-rtnioii driver, in g ing to work
waa ntertwrred with by John Allig n,
a union driver. Magihes drew a re
volver. Ho b were a r etid a.id takTi
ti the F f y-ninth street station. The
revi lvnr was found not loaded and
also- troen ft to I e use lees. JJ.ih
pnsonere wi i o,t drought in conrt to
day. At 7 a in. the police bu to
assemble at the '.tQces to prepare for
we cay a open.tionrt. At 7:15 am.
Imp ciora Bteors and Byine arrived
and begun t arrange the r nit n Five
bundi. were on the ground and ills.
pi a a nr in me earns po.iilnn m yes-
i. V a Wa8 " 'tJd out
with Driver aid Conduct, r
in -ii j in onarge ol loiir policemen,
rr ra Una tin the cars tt,rt d out on
uve miuU'es Headway. By 12 o'clock
nwentycare wore running tilpsf om
Uity Hall tt Harlem. All wan quiet
j ,u' Bioixrv-mcn street.
The oWc'ora of the Third Avenue
. mis aiiernoon nnm im.m.i.
n'ed resolutions refusing to el.B(!a
"ivof thH dimndsof thestiikers
frn ne wn it shall or shall
ploy, and refusing to discharge
1 v.on-unlon men o to take back
i r kers who den: roved property,
v b nkera who have Incited oth
' stroy property. The direcors
id to brirg the win l.i power i f
aw 'o bear avainat ti
; 1 to run their cars at all I rutrds
c r have been ordeied out and
t': police noiifled of the intention of
tlx. coopany. The strikers seem to
Iee.1 v. r hifer ovr the acUn of the
oompuny s directors and trou'dn is ex-
r"" o-aj or to-morrow at (he lt-
the mob. For this reason it cannot
be trns'ed to mnintain the laws. It
would be folly, criminal folly, to trust
the detente cf Iaw and order to the
local police."
The scene on the Lake Shore road
at Forty first street at 6 o'clock this
morning was devoid of interest. II ill
a drxea sleepy policemen rubbed their
ey. s and tried to keep up a conversa
tion with half a dozen just as sleepy
st'ikera, who were cn guard nominal
ly for the 1 1 ii r pone of a-sting the po
lice to look after the property of the
ctmpany in cue of emergency, but at
the sime time keeping a sharp I03U
ont on the engines in the round
houses. A system of signals, it is
claimed, Las betn devised by the
tt ikerB, which, in case any at'erupt ia
n a le by the company to move freight
nnder cover of the Ja kness, will call
them cut in full force. By 7 o'clock
tbesriktrd began to assemble on the
corners, and. while it was not general
ly supposed that the company will
take any forcible measures to-day, the
strikers decliro they are ready for any
thing. If the worst comes to the worst,
raid one of the men, and the militia
are called out, and we are forced to
leave the yards, we wi 1 still have the
bnlge on the company, for they can't
get a car moved cn any outside road.
(Sheriff Ifanchett said tt ia forenoon
that be had nnt sworn in any deputies
as yet, but that he had a list of men
s letted, which he would use if neces
sary. It waa bis opinion, however,
from what he bad heaid that there
would be no necessity for it, as he bad
heard that the strike would be settled.
The Lake Hhore cars, the majority
cf which are bound for Chicago, are
side-tracked eact of South Chicago.
'aoy of tli "ae cars contain bonded
ojds, which are in a measure under
the protection of the Uuited Status
Government. It ia thought that an
attempt will be made to bring; them In
over tue M icnigan Ontral n ad.
Ia consequence of the luck of busi
ness caused by the Like (Shore strike,
about fifty freight handlers employed
by the K jck Inland lo.ul at F.nglewood
1 ave been discharged.
The inbound trains on the Lake
Hhore road brought fl't icn to twenty
switchmen to Chicago to day. They
t ame rnost'y from Toledo and Oleve
ltud In r sponge to orders from head
quartern here for men to take the
. laces of the strikers. The union in
shi rt time had corrmlltees circulating
throughout various hotels, arguing
w tti ti e men and indncing them to
give up ijjeir n.tantion of llllirgthe
vat ancles. In many cues they were
successful, and by diul of promises
anu argument thev clnun to have won
o-er neatly all tho arrivals. Nearly
me men seeiiieu io nave a miflan
prehension of the state of uffivrri here
and to have come on v with the Mm
ol ouoying orders and getting work.
One man from Toledo sava h was tol.l
by Hiipt. Cuitls there thst if he did not
go to work in Chicagi, he ould not
wora anywhere else on the Lake Shore.
The strikers are confident that they
can prevent any switching being dune
uereauer wimoui aiiempling violence.
lunnd Over to t'oarl-Daraaare Halt
oinpromlard-Wenther and
The Appropriation for the Galveston
H trbur Another Short Day
la Ike Senate.
1 1
a 1
t '
r, ,
TbehleaaNwltchMa'a Ktrike.
nioao, Ilu, April 21. It ia now
-undent o I that today will be the
Pivotal dav In the Lake Bhore strike.
The switchmen will resist all a' temple
made to move ears. The In'entions of
the eonpany are not poeiiivel;
known, but it ia certain they will not
remain m iii.e.
The iiohuaen at a s "asion late lait
kigiit ccnadered the queation of tha
digreasioa of freight Iroru the Ike
.' BUotc to other roads. I: was reported
that the Late Shore was eni'eivoring
to do beaines through other reals,
and kf'er a i"ral tx( reseion of opin
ion aa to what should b done, it was
reei'ved to prevent it if possible.
Wii'tihey oropored to do was made
perlec ly la'p, aal this w ta oio of
the echiii-a which the men freely
Cnverari aooiu alter the meeting.
Any f eigl t which the Lake S. ore
bad iu i a haid at the time of the
Blr ke, or may liave coiitrct-il lor
aiijce, is int Inded in the order. Fifty
men Bre to watch for it, aid wnen
ft.nnd on any tther r d Miey are t
request t in em rtloyee of llii.t rnnd to
sot handle It. In this way they hope
to prevent t'm take Bhortt doing bun
reaa over o her r -ads. Th poeibi!
ity of an la- tt ike ou tse Mich
igan 0ntrl, the K ck Maud and
Alton rail oa 's Wi-s tallied over, but
th impreeao i te raid 'o be that
nothing would be atiempto t on tbese
roa Is until the strike waa ended.
Tliia aoiinn at dntermined noon for
anot'ier r a o i for their belief tla
tiie M chigm Ceirral and Nickel P et'
liies ih' q-ueil? taiig ont iha
freight or g tol y ae'gned to th t L'fke
Shore mat. A all ihweroedi bcloeg
to the VnderhiltMB em, 'he swttoh
men concluded that the Lake Shore
oonld n it be mda t fed a aufQiienl
ioi r-jr the pre"e it fiht.
UptoOi'c1 ck this morning there
1 ad hoe n no trotib e at fie Lake blnie
freight, ynrdt, and the pe d t'rt thti
tni Mihian C ntral and N i k -P .te
. aci'chirieti WoUlU 1 0 oi.t baa ai yet
piovil pniu. The noiMnti of the
iriHibli-i ng'tdtd wiih s riin.s ai
i'.r -ha aiuii' by the b miures men id
ti. i! town. Tub TVmaiMirges that ihe
mi'itiu be ihIvo nut wnout Iinlur
Vrv, i nd fiyg the OoVi or u'it
to bri rriln to know tl at'. jcnal
I'l'u e rir.i.i t Id truk ed o (VhI
on"' -r, ei cy i in1, tl ri-iUt a tho jj -i
!.. ;! .(I tird -r, "im, lo J' po!.ln
' ' 'yi Ii ;.tt!Va h ia syn.) puily i K
looaaiapoaDaaoa or raa arraAL.I
Mwbkhn, Tbnm, April 21. John
Rliw, the parly of whom I snnkeln
my lastcommuuicatiopas having been
i arrweu lorafflaint anil D ittnrv, was
trteii Dblnre Juslicea lirown and Ila'l
and bound over to court
Henry Woud, a ginger cake colored
none, swore out a warrant f r nnn
I aye tie Haskins. colored, yesterday,
and he was tried before O. J. Radford.
After hearing the evidence the court
c include! that it was somewhat a case
of ill-will on th part of Henry Wood
and not fear, and hence the defendant
waa not required to give a bond to
keep tne peace.
The case of A. R. Paoe, cattle deal
er, who was Injured in a wreck in
January wnue en route to Louisville.
was compromised yesterday evening
ny mo irauroaa agreeing to pay Dim
tne sum ot sumju and all expenses in
cuirrfd during his sickness. Thl !
considered a most liberal compromise
on mo pari oi mr. race, out he did
rot desire to enter suit if the railroad
would pay him anything like a reason
able sum.
Mr. Davie had three horses killed
by the north-bound local between
here and Dyersburg on the 10th in-
elant. Mr. Davis is a very poor man,
and to have his stock killed juet at
this season is indeed quite a misfor
tune for him.
Kxteniiive preparation are being
made by some of the churches here to
o'iserve Kater. The Sunday-schools
and ehnrches both expect to have ex
en ies suited to such occasions.
the Independent Order of Odd.
Fllowe will observe the anniversary
of the order ou the 20th. All th
lodgesof this jurisdiction have been
invitedU Join in with them, and a
nvvt pleaeant time is antiitnt.l
8. verel prominent speakers have ben
invreu to be present.
the Women a Christian TVmnor.
a ice Union County Convention will
tie held here in a few days, and much
preparation has been made for the
oucaaion. The notod temperance
workers, Mrs. Meriwether and Saxon
will be in attendance. The temner.
aucerause ia on a firm baois in tLis
farmers say wheat ia lookino- b.
t'emrly well. The rains have made
He farmers a little backward with
their crops.
The merchants all look hannv. as
tta i has been unusually good for the
laai lew uays.
A young man by the name of John
ston killed a tine deer, justafew mi lee
weet oi no re, Monday evening. He
killed tilm with ro. 6 squirrel shot,
it ia supported tho high waters ran it
out of the bottom. i. w. b.
Jfwaie Festival at IadUnalia.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 21. The
new Assembly Hall, erected by this
i'y f.-om the bequest of Wnphen D.
To nlinson, and to seat 4000 people,
will be opened the flrat week in June
with a Urand Army of the Ripublio
mtiaic festival and reunion, the pro
ceeds to b ned for the benefit of the
Sia'e soldiers' monument fund. The
piima donra will be Lille Lehman,
and Carl Barns, as musical director, is
ph-Braing a chorua and orchestra
n (inhering about 1000. Wednesday
f the fustival week a Grand Armv of
the Republic camp will be addressed
hy Lew Wallace, Otns. Shermin,
8ch field, Ben Harrison, W. T. Oib
ann, Dan Macauley and Commander-iii-Chief
Burdette. Oen Logan and
ti-'n. bheridan are alrio likely to be
Mtlloa Wmioi'i 'ium.
Habrinbuhg, Tk.. April 21. The
nr 'Pcipal case considered by the Board
f Pardons last evening wai that of
VJil on Weston, the Chicago million
tire, crnvicted in Allegheny county
tf voluntary manslaughter and sen-
. io iced to hve years in the peniten
tiary. The case waa presented by
Hen. T. M. Marshall. Decision was
tf served.
VV ahinoton, April 21. Senate
ihe chair laid befare the Senate the
tetters trom the Secretary of the In
tel ior transmitting information as to
land grant wagon roads in Oregon snd
a copy oi me session laws of the Ter
ritory of Wvomini. Referred.
A resolution was offered by Senator
Gomun directing the Committee on
the Library to consider the subject of
a Centennial celebration in 1H! of
the centennial annlvenary of the
formation of the government, and in
1892 the four bunurelh anniversary of
tne uiscovery oi America. Thia s
lutlon, He nator Gormen said, was in
place of that already submitted by
uim wmcn caneaior a special commit
Senator Call offered a resolution
which, on his motion, was re furred to
tne Judiciary Committee, directing
that a committee to inquire whether
any legislation was necessary, and if
so what, t3 require the United States
Courts when tney take posset sion of
railroad properfy in any State to carry
lum vueui me uungauons ox ine cnar
ter of incorporation granted by such
State and to prevent violations of the
same by such courts and the officers
thereof, and the waste and wrongful
appiopriation of the assets and re
ceipts of such corporations in Ihe in
teres's of individuals. In offering the
resolution Senator Call referred (o bis
recent speech on Florida land grant',
epfcally In connection with the
norma Kailroad Company, in which
speech he had commented on the
course puremed by the United Sia'.es
Court and the conduct of the receiver
appointed by it.
AH the priva'.e pension bill on the
calendar, with the exception of a half
a ar zoo, paesed.
A Lumber of bills were passed,
among which were the following: A
bill granting to the citv nf ( limit.
nonga, ienn., a strip of ground
through the government reservation
in that city for purposes of a public
street. A bill authoring the Post
master General to credit Mies Rosa
Wallace, PostmiHtrt ss at, Washington,
Ark., with tho sum of $381, being an
amount 1 st by robbery of the mail at
or near nope, Art. A House hill to
prjtect homestead settlers within rail
way limits. It provides that home'
stead settle ra on public lands within
railway limits, who are restricted to
less than 100 acres, who have hereto-
lore muiie or who may hereafter make
the additional entry allowed them by
the act of March 3, 187!), or of July 1,
1879, alter having made final nml nf
aeiueineni snu cultivation under the
original entry, shall be entitled to have
tne lands covered by the additional
entry patented without any further
con or prooi of settlement or cultiva
After an executive session tlmSi.nnia
The Hon.
Mr. Hatch TMo.l. from llm fWimSe.
tee on Agriculture, reported a resulu
lion calling on the Commissioner of
Agriculture tor Informa' ou aa rn hn
amount of wheat and corn on hand in
this country, where It is loca'ed, the
numoerot acres of winter and spring
wiiBtn nuw in me cronnn. the amount
likely to be required for exportation
mm umer iniormaiion on tne subject.
Air. iownshend nil I from tim
Comraitt"e on Patcnta, reported a bill
to limit the luriediction of United
States Courts in patent cases and to
protect persons who, without notice.
sre bona fide manufacturers, pur
chasers, vendors, or users of articles
lor tne exclusive use or sale of which
a patent has been granted. liouie
Mr. Morrill f KaO. from the Com.
mlttee on Invalid Donsions. renortnd
a bill to pension soldiers who were
i . , . ,, . .
prisoners oi war uurins ine la'e war.
. . ... ... -i - -
committee of the Whole.
Mr. Singleton f Miss.1. from the Com
mittee on the Litirarv. retorted a hill
lor the erection of a monument over
the grave of Gen. Daniel Morgan.
Committee of the Whole.
Mr. Worth nurton flll.1. from the
Committee onJforeign A flairs, re
ported resolution calling ou the Sec
retary of Stale for conies of the norra-
spondence between the State Depart
ment and representatives ol the French
and Cbinesn governments relative to
the good offices of the United States
to bring about an amicable arrange
ment of the questions lately la dispute
between those countries.
Id the morning hour the House re
sumed consideration of the bill for the
relief of the Alabama flood sufferers,
and it was supported by Mr. Can
non 111.
The morning hour exnired without
action being taken on the bill, which
resuntM its place on tho calendar.
The House then went into commit
tee of the whole (.Mr. Hammond Ga.
in the chair) on the river and1 harbor
appropriation bill.
Mr. Hepburn Iowa moved tosfrike
out the paragraph appropriating $400,
(00 for the Improvement of Galveston
harbor. Ho could see no material dif
ference between the pro,ioaed plan of
improvement and that which had
been denounced by the Galveston
Rt'preapntntive (Mr. Ochiltreel dnrino
lent Congress.
The points of difference between the
wo plans were detailed bv Menem.
Stewart, Reagan and Crain of Texas,
who also pointed out the great impor
tance of Galveston harbor to the com
merce ot tne country.
Mr. Crain inquired whether there
was any appropriation in the bill for
the district represented by the gentle
man from Iowa, and Mr. Hepburn re
plied in the negative, s'ating that
there were no navigable rivers in Io wa.
Mr. u an regarded that fact as the
milk in the cocoanut." If the ueniln.
man bad a share of pork he would not
have made any complaint.
Mr. Hepburn suggested that the
gentleman's remark seemed to imply
that no one had a right to talk about
the bill except those who had some
pork in the barrel.
The motion to strike out was loet
33 to 82 but it was agreed that a vote
should be taken upon it in the House.
On motion of Mr. Markham lCal.1
the appropiation for the survev of
San Francisco harl:or. San Pablo bar.
Suisin bay and the mouths of th San
Joaquin and Sacramento rivers was
reduced from IJ0.000 to $ll,000t This
was done in accordance with the rec
ommendation of a supplementary re
port of the Chief of Engineers.
Mr. Negley Pa. taiaed a point of
order sgainst the clause of the bill
which directs the Secretary ol War to
negotiate for the purchase of the
works of the Monongihela Naviga
tion Company, the value ot the works
to be ascertained by a commiwdoji of
three engineers cf the Engineer IJorps,
If the company refiro to sell itn-worki
or damands a price deemed by the
hecretarv to be excesiive, the Secre
tary is direct-d to acquire the works
ov conaemnatir.il, or, in the exercise
of Lis discretion, to take possession cf
the works. Mr. Negley regarded the
clause as extrco'dinary, unconstitu
tional and without precedent. It pro
posed to conftr on an executive officer
cf the government the power to seix
priva'.e franchie.es and private rights
without due process of law.
The Chair (Mr. Wellborn) Tex
ruled that the point wes not well
taken, as the re, a mi given in support
went entirely ti the question of the
expediency of the legislation.
Mr. Resgan lex. then moved lo
strike out the clause declaring that it
was a plain proposition to confitcale
the property cf the company and to
ignore its charter rights.
Mr. Bay ne Pa said that the Mo
nongahela river was a national high
way, and in euprort of that proposi
tion declared that the tonnage ol that
river was greater than that of any
other river In the country cr of the
harbor of New York. All this tona'ge
would hve to pay tribute to corpora
tions it the clause were stricken from
the bill. T he ccal Und lying adjacent
to the liver wes worth not leas ttan
$00,000,000,000 and the tax paid by
every sore of that Und to a private
corporation amounted lo an average
of $250. Here wai a nuisance that
ought to be, and could be, aba'ed.
The company claimed that it bad
male the Mononguhela river naviga
ble. It had been a navigable river
before the company located there, be
caure the tonnage cf the river bad
gone out on the high freshets at the
very time that the tonnage of the
Olio river went out, and that com
merce would have gone out if the
Navigation Company had never
piece ! a lock or dam on the) river.
Mr. Blanchsrd La defeod d the
Mr. Kellev TPa.l thMieU rh
Bition embodied in the bill was little
short of infamous, it was a nronoi
tiou ti dispose of the individual right?
oi me cmzns oi i . ni:f.yivania by
town meeting. To adopt it would
show that 1ln dictrines of socialism
controlled C mgrese uud that the righ's
of individuals were no longer to be
held Bai rdd.
Mr. Hewitt 8. Y.l concurred with
Mr. Keney in regard to the prinosi
tion m nn e xlraonlinary tne. It was
the application of a colossal mendicant
who caiua herp aod aked Coueresi lo
a iu to ins couere, already ovei flow
ing, mere it was ttiat the labor trou.
Dies eli minated. It was the owners
of these coalfields who were unwilling
io py orumrry decent wigs to labor
er, it Wi s by those that Huoparians
anu roies ana itfli una were emiil iveil.
and yet theso men, reveling ia their
great wealth, came here and asked to
he a. owed to put their hands into the
Treasury. Hepio'etted sgainst it in
Denaii oi me tax-pjycrj of the country.
Alter turiner debate, on motion of
Mr. Willis Ky.l, that portion of the
clause was stricken out which g'ves
the Secretary of War digretionaiy
power to eena iue w.irnn oi tne .Nave
gation Company.
rending further Action the commit
t e rose and the Hr use a Mourned.
In lite t'oiniulilee KHnis.
The consideration of the Sonata bill
for tue ad M.ssiou of D.tl:ota into the
Union of Stifna was reenraed bv the
House t'oinmit'eo on Territories to
day. Rcprereitative Bilker ot New
York pr.-bcntcd amenments proposing
tonunmit tne question of division to
to the people of the whole Territory
ami the question if a.lmittiug the
southern hit f under the qneHtirn ol
rPHcly fixed to the people cf that por
tion. R 'piesantative C inner of Ohio
said tho amendment t seemed to meet
all the objection!) which had been
raised, and advocated their adoption
and the bill thuB amended be reported
favorably. Pending action the corx-
mittee adjourned.
rona ors Beck and Blackburn were
before the Senate Committee on Post
offices and Poetroads this morning to
advocate and oppose respectively the
nomination of Mrs. Thompson to be
postmistress at Louisville.
Sulfide In a Disreputable Honne.
Milwaukbi, Wis.. April 21. Gus-
tave Meiii!ilehn, a general salesman
fer the wholeaale dry goods house of
aiarstiaii t iein a uo., unicitgo.created
a great sensation by committing sui
cide in a diHreputuble house here this
morning. The tragedy occurred in
tho looru ot Camille Btauhray, an in
mate of the house, who came from
Montraal, and with whom the sales
man was infatunted, It issnid that he
talked of suicide all day yesterday.
and wrote farewell letters to the giri,
to his wile and to M trt hall Field.
The Appetite
Mar be inrreaiied, the Digestive organs
ttri'nthcni-d, and the Bowels regulated,
by taking Arer'i Pilla. These Pills are
purely vegetable in their compoaitlon.
They contuin neither calomel uor any other
daiif,'Tuun drug, and may be taken with
perfect safety by persona of all ages. ,
I wa a great iuftVrcr from Dyspepsia
and Conciliation. 1 bad no appetite,
became preatly debilitated, and waa con
stantly alllii'ted with Headache and DlizU
oeK. 1 eoiiKiilted our family doctor, who
prencribed for me, at varioua timed, with
out affording more than temporary relief.
I filially commenced taking Aver 1'llla.
In a short time my digestion and appetite
my bnwels were rermlated, and, br the
time I finihlieil two boxes of thine I'lfla my
tendency to headaches had disappeared,
and I became strong and well. Darius
M. Logan, Wilmington, Del.
I waa troubled, for over a year, with
Losa of Appelile, and General Iiehility.
I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and, be
fore Onixtiing half a box of this meiliclne.
tny appetite and strength were restored.
C. O. Clurk, Daubury, Conu.
Ayer's Pills are the best medicine
known to me for regulatini: the bowels.
and for all diseases caused by a disordered
Stomach and Liver. I suffered for over
three years with Headache, Indigestion,
and CoiiHtlpution. 1 had no appetite, ana
Was weak and nervous most of the time.
three boxes of Ayer's Tills, and, at the
same thus dieting myself, I wus com
pletely cured. My digestive orguns are
bow In good order, and I am In perfect
ktalth. l'lilllp Lockwood,Topeka, Kans.
Avcr'sTllls have benefited ire wonder
fully. For months I suffered irom Indi
gestion and Headache, was restless at
night, and bad a bad taste, In my mouth
every morning. After taking one box of
Ayer's Pills, all these troubles disap
peared, my food digested well, and my
Sleep was refreshlne. Henry C. Hem-
hipnvat' T?,t..L tiirt Mnua
; I was cured of the Dies by the use of
Ayer'a Pills. They not only relieved me
Of Unit painful disorder, but gave me In
treiwed vigor, and restored my health.
John Lazarus, St. John, N. B.
Ayer's Pills,
frrpared by TV. J.C. Ayer k Co., LowpII, Mum.
sold ly all lruKtf UU wid lelt'r iu Mt'tliclue.
OfXmi Md. bet ssldam anwad utarfiOainyi T- l -1 ....... .. .i,.j..fc.
Bead what an nawnl phymician u U aay upn tin tutLett
ta-oit, b, iMTBonUaj .1 a. mi lata. ?2iJl ut23
&.r,h.t A. A. MELLIER. Sole PropV.09 2EZi2X5!A"'
Forty Years a Sufferer from
" FOR FORTY YEARS I have bean a vlo
tim to CATARRU-thrnn-focrths nf the time
a Furterer from EX'-RIII'I ATINrt PAINS
TRILS. The disohursos wore so offensive
that 1 hesi'.ate to uioniion it.Kxeept ior the
Rood it may do son:e other sufferer. 1 have
Hunt a young: (ortuno from my earnings
aurina my forty ye irs of -uflcrina to obtain
relief from the dot'tum. I hato tried patent
medioines-evnry nt.e I could loam of iroru
the four oornorn of the eaith, witH no rolief.
Anrt AT LAST (57 yean of aita) have met
with a remedy that bus cured ido entirely
mailo tne s new mnn. I weighed 12HpouDds,
and now weiirh 14o. f uund thirtnnn Kottlft
of the medicine, arid the only reirret I have
is, that tioinit in the humble walks of lile I
luilT ni t have inflllenci to nrnvnil on all
Urrh sufferers to ute what has cured me
(Juinu'H Pioneer Blood Kenewer.
" No. iff! t'eeor.d street, Macon, Oa."
" Mr. Henry Chevrs. the writer nf the
arrive, formerly of Crawford county, Dow of
Macon, Gu.. niorits the confidence of al in
Urested in catarrh. . A II' FF,
Ex-Mayor of Macon."
A SlffcRH
(Jnlnn'a Pioneer Blood Renewer.
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, :ilillet,
Jtrinkley, Ark., Mannfkctarers of
Doors, Sah, BllniV, Dressed Floorlnir, (ellinur, Weather-Bording
Cypress ShlugleH, Latha, i:te,
" Oar facilities are nnsnrpossed by any fa w mill in the South for fit Inr orders promptly.
Floorinx, Oeilini, Siding, tjtep Lumber and Cypress Shinnies a specialty; also, Framln
Lumber of all dimensions. We make the Wholesale business a speoial feature. Orders
solicited and promptly filled.
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphis, TecT?.
1 ngineM, Boilers, Sawmills,
Bradford Corn and Wheat SSilJr.
Cotton Frens, Cotton iina,
Shall lug, I'nllejk, l;t i.
SPf.t'IAI. NOTICB We are prepared to fill orders,
nn sunt notice, for the cele. rated Mednrt Plsit
Wronidn fill ley. W e oarry in stook orer
Two Hundred Assorted Mtrs.
srSend for Cstaliirne and Price-list.
Cure! all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Scrotula, Old Sores. A perfeot Spring
If not in your market, it will be forwarded
en reeaint or urice. KmmllhnttlM.ai.lH.rM.
It 75
Assay on Blood and Skin Disoaaei mailed
Sfacop, trfeorailri.
OR. raoE,
SLEDGE BROS., of Como, Miss. F. M. XOBFLEET, Resident Partner,
385 Front Street MeTnuhlw1 Twwtj
M. Savla.
Jobai H. SalllTitn.
rnoa. Clark.
ML. J. Clara
Do you want a pun. bloom
lng Complexion I Jf so,
few applications of Hagan's
ify yon to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
lowncss, llwlncss, rimplcs,
Blotches, and all diseases ana
Imperfections of the skin. It
OTercomestho flushed appear
ence of heat, fatigue and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear bnt TWEN
TY ; and so natural, gradaal,
and perfect are its eiTocts.
that it is impossible to detect
Its application.
pitT.snrRN. pa.
rouaterfcits are made in bt. Louis, M.
Inr n ear m '; Coun place, now at
OS MarketStrr
"et. Third and Fourth
r-iiUrt Mue-tM mkI Irrilh (u)inrM utiTJlaU! mod tt
nil friniM nP PPTVATT?
periaatorrao mna lxupotenor
i Uiurciwlt of ilf-fttmt la yuth, ntxnat tionM tu m
i "Tittr.i, (t wiiMr cnyjo-u, mini prwiuotnt ntnroi i ro
hi olfcoli NeiTDuiMu. tkuitaal Kmlaaloii. Uultv
in hv tlrrarTMi, DlfniM'H of L'ttht. DrfMUrt Urat Ph-
t Ml ItM i , l'i(iiit ou face, A vtrU-m u Haanr oi 7tnat,
-t-f-it kn or Mt', icsm of Kxul Power, Ac. midi ing
l itt turf imirwr or nthii'pT, " tboroacMf ami pmn-1-31
lr rund. tSYPHIljlS P'urvlJ url am)
liT tt tHU'm- Qonorrhea.
C:i JXjA, Strtfttur, Orchltt Htrni r Rupuiiaj'.
' Mi.u.1t..(tifrrvMiU"itk qiil ourad.
U Uraplf-erHp.it that aphy ilcKawbofM-prtUUatlaft
wrto oJM of diMMei, nal trMiing thonuodi aoDu
; f, vtiiquirM nrotAiitt. Phj-alaira knowlai Uiia ret ofte
.-Mtimrinl pcctoDi to my carv Wbea U U UsoonnDteBt t
v.:ithrcltj fir utkatawnt, ndi4MoB bMAl ptttMeVy
mvI -r.ljr l- Bait or tprwu uywtMi.
Cv,n OntranW in all Cuev
v.'-ni(4tiin- prtMllT cn- b -ntr fWt anrt ft'!t
uour. rran . 4. M, I. , r. It
tf ktsi pun, ml to ny wvar.lv MM, for m
aWdyHo4r '
Public Adniinlrttrator'a Notice.
N April 13, 1886.
0TICK is bereh lire that I will, as ad
ministrator ol the .state of W. T. Pryor,
doasi, iU at publio aai-tinn, In the town
f LUCY, on tha 0. U. and S. W. Railroad,
all ot tha personal property belonging to de
oedent's estate, including several valuable
horses. Sale to commence at 10 o'olock a.m.
on FRIDAY, April 23, 1S8H.
I01IN LOAOUE. Hublio Administrator.
817 nnd 810
N. Second St
j t in.
aurrriCTTmiRS ot
.... IVih A t
wood-workinq MACHINERY
ProMl-ln,ritrniral r Hat
(prince Heeervallou, Ark.
!"n,ni'an, April 5. Ittti. I
KALJD PROPOSALS wiii be received at
this Depirtment until VI o'clook rn., Fri
day, April l, liWi, for furniihinir the mate
rial and labor required inooropietinsthe cul
vert, securing hot water springs and layias
certain iron pipe, in ihe improvement ol
Hot Springs Reservation, at Uoi Springs,
ltlrnk forms of proposal, ieciftations
and instructions tobid.le. s will he funihed
wn application to this Derartmeut, or to
the ' superintendent of llot .ipriags Ke'er
vatioa," at llot bprinrs.
. ... . .. ai. l, yrurow.
Wholesale Grocer, Cotton factors
And Commission Merchants.
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tom.
Mr. I. N. RAINEY devotas his whole time to the weighing and sa'a of all Cotton entrusted
to nnr charge. Ontlnn Wffrchon.e. 9S Wnnhlngtnn street.
:boaxx.x ox trubtb e3.
Deposits reoeived in sums of 91 and onward, and interest allowed on lama Beral-
We bay and sell local Investment Bonds and Securities roneroUy, pay taxes, aet as
trustees, and, in general, zeofite any financial business requiring a sale and responaibla
issue drafts. In sums to suit onrchasera. on all narts of Tnrooe.
S.er We have a commodious Vault for the deposit t valuables, which) if at tha service of
oar customers, a rem ea ajoierpjw.
I). F. HIDDEN, President. EWD. GOLDSMITH, Tioe-Presldent
NO. 8. T00F.
J. 6. MoTIQHB.
W. a. PATXE30N
toof. nn & co.,
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee and Railroad Supplies,
No. 274 Front Street -Memhii". TenTe?pf-
Mr WOODLAVTN is locate within foar miles of Court Square, Memphis, an J conUlns 14(V
acres asl acres In grass, all under good tenoe; aos lorue stables, good shade and running
water all th year round, aad will be devoted entirely to pasturing and seJIingetock el every
variety. I am now prepared to reoeive and sell on oammission all hands of blooded and
raded Stoak. Horses. Cntrle. Sheen. Und. Poultrv. etc. Those havlaff atoek for sale I shall
be glad to oorrepond with them. Those who desire to purchase, I will endaavor to ebtain
wh.t thev MMiuire. The fAllnwin Stallions will MtAnd th. ,.ini &t W rw.dl.wn
H AKakA WA I Dark brown .tallinn. 16 hands hub. bv Knamrar. dam Rnrioa bw HlMO.
Harkawsy won great Feet Stakes. St. t.onia. 1878, 2 mile heats, n 8:3and J:35, and the.
la aorse ot ana siyie
followinadav won the Oarnean Cbd. mile heats, in 1:43 ani 1:4k Vt.
anil inM foal retter.t P.a. t-iil.
uoa.T!-lSy Tritan (own brother to. Trinket- :M), dam Miaj Butler, dam of Mss4
Butler: breeder s eeriAta. 2 aa S tmh nld. Hnltnn. ia riW klAjkd bav. a veora old.
lft. 3 hish, level salted, and promises great speed. Fee, l
"" ) v uroce la a dart bay trotting ana pacin stamen, winner oi urn
Prlrs at Kerrville, 1 hands hih, siredby B.iy Dick, he by Leiivatoa. Fee.tli).
HIMK Klr.Ca-Regiatered A. I. C. C.Jersey Bull. Fee. tl CO.
FOit SALE One young Jersey Ball. Peacocks, I0 per psiri Orehonnd Paps, $10eoht
Nnwfoundland Pups, $10 eacht Black Breaated Red (same Kgfrs, H per dosen.
I). C. I). SM ITK . V.tArlnarv Hurir.nn. oan ha i(.naiiltaH at 1 n.l.wn Ottv Aaenta. JAB.
JAV SMITU ACV..2M Front. Adlre ! lott.rs
JtistrH m atT,w Frnnt street, fWemrnis, renn.
Cctloa Factors, TJholnals GreserS;

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