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Cottai Qaiet Middling-, 8 7 Sc
raps Yesterday, 1?00
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent.
Local securities quiet but steady.
The cotton market yesterday was dull,
Bale here 1700 bales. At New York
poU closed steady, middling 9Jc.
The course of yesterday's futare mar
ket in New York is thus reported
by C. L. Greene 4 Co.: "Gaining 45
points and settling back 1(22 points
ver last evening, the market closed
nominally steady." At New Orleans
pots closed steady, middling 8 13-16c ;
futures dull but 2 to 4 points higher
than Tuesday, May 8.838.8kc. Liv
erpool reported good businees in spots
quotations unchanged, middling 5 1
lSd; futures quiet and l-4d higher,
April 5.021. Keseipts at this port
yesterday, 438 bales; total this season,
o26,5 bales, against '420,418 bales
same time last year. - In the general
market eggs are steady at 14c, and
advancing. Sugar Arm and )c higher;
Louisiana w. c sustar; 0Affi6ic. Other
articles unchanged.
Fifty brls apples, 40 brls beans, 13
t pkgs bacon, 363 pkgs doom anu snoes,
' Z'M) sks colTee, tt i . pkgs dry gixxls, 57
likes wich. 761 Mi Hour. 9 pltus hats.
lOiid horses ami mules, 4o,00j ft lum
ber, 5 pkgs liquors, 250 kgs nnils, 70
brls potatoes, l brl sugar and 170 pkgs
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Kxchange to-day : Wheat,
none received or withdrawo; in store,
8057 bushels. Corn received, 10,767
bushels; withdrawn, 5204 bushels ; in
store, 117,273 bushels. Oats received,
none; witHdrawn, ZUU bUBtiels; in
store, 33d4 twsnelB.
9 Madifton St, Mempkig, Term.,
art'orrcapoBdenee lollclted. Iaafor
nation etamrfalljr rnrsatabed.-
Money in goid demand at 8 per cnt
The Clearing-House report is as fol
lows :
We.lnesday.Apiil 21st, $204,826 90
thus far this wetk, $1552.419 50; mine
time last week, f 703,722 67; same
time in 188 , $538,571 71; same time
in 1884, JU1&.747 54. ,
Wednesday, April 21sL, $40,64 ' 81 ;
thus far this week, $140,203 07 ; same
time last week, $156,H52 96; same
time in 1885, $149 911 93; same time
in 1884, 138,161 41
New York sight on all paints, pu
buying, t premium selling; Hew
England demand, i discount buying:
New England sight, 1 discount; New
Orleans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 bid, ISO asked
First National 145 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192) bid, 200 at ked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere.,148 bid, 150 aked
Mercantile Bank. ..13 bid, 137J aikeJ
Home 70 bid, 75 asked
Uluff Uity- 100 bid, ... asked
Peoples.. ...80 bid. 82 asked
Planters 101 bid, KteaBkdd
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 aeked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 asked
Vanderbilt.. 10 bid, 19 atked
Hernando 100 bid, ... aeked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 eskt d
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. consols, 7s. ..115 bid,. ..asked
M. & L. K. 1st m.8..!03 bid, 112 f sited
Mks. At T.R.R. cs.A, 121 bid, 122 asked
Mies & T.R. R.c(,B, 104 bid, lOKjaoked
lenn.ww.ser. C 9 bid, US J salted
Khelby Ca. bonds... 100 bid 107 asked
Tai. Dim. 4, 6s 93 bid, 94 asked
Tx. Dist.6; lOlf bid, 102 asked
Mera.t?tor.Uom.Uo..l09 bid, 110a ked
Mem. Gas stcck 75 bid, 77 asked
Mem. Gust fine's 105 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Water bonop 96 bid, ... aked
Hanauer Oil Works... bid. 50 nominal
City Oil Works b d. 45 asked
Pioneer Cotl an Mills... 17 bid, 20 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 29 bid, 31 aikc d
Mem. City ty. bonds bid, ... asied
New York; April 21. Money on call
easy at 13 per cent. Frinie mercan
tile paper, 4(S)5. Sterling exchange
dull Dill steady at 4S6 lorbU days and
4i ior uumanu.
liondB uovernment bonds were
ouiet but firm, excent the currency
(is, which were heavy. State bonds
were dull and steady. There was a
fair business in railroad bonds, but
the trading was generally of a retail
character. Louisville, New Albany
and Chi ago firsts rose from 10 to
112 on moderate trading ; Louisville
and NaRbville, St Louis division, sec
onils are down 5, at 51, and Waba-h
and Chicago division 5s, 2, at 87, and
Wabash firsts, extended, 2, at 1 13.
Stocks There was a Itetter business
in stocks, although the trading is still
very dull. There was a strong open
ing, and during the afternoon the gen
eral list showed some feverishncss,
moving up and lown within a ranjjie
of fractions, while Pacific Mai! devel
oped decided wtakness. After open
ing at 55 it broke to 53-J on a seuii
oihcial statement that no dividend
would be declared. Thu statement
wa.1 later confirmed, and the directors
decided to pass the dividend for the
conrng quarter owing to the fight ex
isting between the company and the
Pacific roads regard ng freight nrtes.
After midday the stock rallied to 53J
and clcMed at 53J, a loss of percent.
It is the only live stock that shcivs a
decline. After midday the active list
was livtfly, and closed generally a
shade belaw the best figures of the
day. Union Pacific made a net gain
of ' 2 and 1'hicngo, Burlington and
Quincy 1. Among the low-priced
fancies, Louisville, New Albany and
Chicago advanced 3 to 36ij. The news
of the day was cnimportant.
The tot'd sales of stocks to-day were
243,000 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Weslern, 52,570;
Delaware and Hudson, 3705; F.rie,
8855; Lake Shore, 30,Uri: North
western, 375; Xft IVrJ ,
5400; New York Central, 8523; "Pacific
Mail, 19,405; St. Paul, 23,610; St. Paul
and Omaha, 7370; Union P.icific. 22,
65; Western Union, f005-; Northern
Pacific preferred, 71s ). The closing
quotations were as folio s:
V. S. Si. lore, bid. cw 4, ll?i.
rcw 4, li?i.
Pacific A-ol Is. 127.
Loajiiianacnns., FS. Mitt ori 6, 104.
Teao. Ha, old, 58 Tenn. is, new, rwi,
('rat. Pac.lsts. 116. Wn. t K.li, Into. 122.
UenAK.U.W.liiU, 77 trio en,li, I'U'V
M.K.4T.,Oe!i.68.K n. 1'. A. C. 1U, 114
N. f. A. U. di, SM"i. N. Wo-tern eon., 14-
N. Wut. deb.ds.Hn't Sc.L S.F llti M, lilt
St. Paul, cod .13;'. St P..O. IP. Uu.U
T. P. lHDdiranti.ati X. P.,K.ii.x sa.5lS
IJ. P. firau, IK. Wetlhure, ltx..
Adami Eii.rei,145. Na.hrllle i C , 45.
AiKuhary no., . a- Uentrtl, se".
Alton T. H.. 35. Nor. ri W., pfd. 3H
A A. T. H .pfd ,90. Nortrtern Pae .2 .?,.
Amariran Ei lin. isuriuern P , vfd. ti.
B..C K. k N..60. N. Y.C. 4 St. L..6V,.
Canada P N. .0. 4 St. L..p.,H'i
Canada Sou.. . C. k N. W., 107'.
Central Pacific 41. C.Jt N. W., idd., X
Chea-iwak4 0 N.Y., Central, 1U2!.
u. X o., 1st ptd, 17. uo UentrU, c'i.
C k 0.,2d pfd., US. Ohio 4 Mita., 21 ;i.
C. A., 140. O. k Mita., pfd., .
C. A., ptd, 1. OnUrio k Went. 17Vi.
C. B. k Q..133M. "ren Hav.. tW.
C..6t. L. i N.U., -rei on Tram. 'JM.
C, 8t- L. k P., 10V Orn Imp., 22.
C.St.L.A P.,p.,S.Pc.tic .Mail, 544.
k c, si. rumt. sm.
C k 0., 51. Peoria, 0. k K., Zi.
Pel. k Hud., WIS. P.ttt.ar, 150.
Del., L. k W., VS. PelLnan r. C, 133S.
Ven. Klo U., lu. 1'auint, ZfA.
nuoa uiana. i.
Erie, pld., 58. St. ii. k S. F., W.
Gaat Tenn.. Vi. 6 L. 4 8. t.. u. . 40.
Kaat Tenn., pfd, i. HI.L. k S.P.lut P.W-i.
U.-a nr 1 l - n aj .n. wa u 1
run vr ayuct 11 . -v. m. dl. r, M
HaDDihitl A tit. Jot C. M. k bt. P..p..ll4
il. k St. Jo. pfd, PC P. M. k M., Wi.
Harlem. 214. St. P. k. Onihn.
Houston k T., St. Pan k O., if'd,lttV
lllinuie CeTi ,Uh'-,- Teaai Paeto, In1,
lnd . U. 4 W.. 24. Union Pacific. 4
Kaotaii k T., 2TSt. V. 8. KipreM, Wi.
Lake K k W., li W., St. L. k P.,
Lake Shore, W. St. L. k P, o., 15!,
Lou. k Nanh.. 3S. W. k 1 . K., I J).
Lou. k N. A., :!. W. U. Tel , 64.
M. k C, lut pfd, Colon io Coe', 34.
M. k C.,2d pfd. - Honia' lake, 17'i.
Mem. k Char, 31. Iron f-ilr-r, 150.
Mich. Central, f.. Ontario. 21.
Min. k St. L., 21. Qumkr Iver ti.
M. k St. L., lif.l,4i?; Quioke i er, pfd, 20.
Mi. Pac, l(Ha-. outl i aoifie,
Mobile k O., 12S- Satro, 16.
Morrii k , ofld, 140.
London, April 21. Co.isoIb, 100 7-10
for money and 1C0J for the a' count.
United States bonda, 4s, 128J ; do. 4 Js,
Paris. April 21. Three per cent,
rentes, 80f. 7Jc. for the account.
Chicago, III., April 21. Bank
clearings to-day i7,20i,(00.
New Yot.k, April 21. Exchanges,
101,212,030; balances, J5,8i7,379.
Bai.timoke, Md., April 21. Clear
intrs. J 1.749.643 : balances. $205,300.
St. Louis, Mo , April 21. Bank
Clearings, .hh,3w ; balances, joaf,
Boston, Mass., April 21. Ex
changes, jl 2,703,099; balances, f 1,021,
PHIL4DELPHIA, Pa., April 21.
Clearings, $8,989,720; balances, 1
Tae locil colton natkflt( opened
quilt and clcsad quiet; middling,
8ia. Silej, 17C0 bblss, of which 003
were to expoiti-rs and 1100 to epin-
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7 7$
Good ordinary 7 7j
Low middling Kg 8 J
Middling 8J 8J
Good middling ttj 9j
Middling fair 9J 9J
Fhir Nom. Norn.
Dusty..-...., 6(3)8 6J8
Stains, tinges 7J8J 7jrj;8j
Mmpuis, April 21, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,1885.,
. 1,392
Keceiyed to-day
Received previously.
Shipped to-day
Shipped previously-..
.525,887 527,717
. I.fi07
.44(i,G02 448,109
Stock, running account
Thus far this week 1,725
Thus far last week 1,793
Senco September Ut 526,35
M. and O. R. R...
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. H
M. and L. R. R
O., O. and S. W. R. R
L , N. O. and T. R. R
K. C , S. & M. R. R
Wagons and other sources..
Thus fur this week 8,203
Thus far last week 7,789
Since SaptMnher lat 448,109
M. and C. R. R
L and N. R. R
O., 0.& S. W. R. R
Total 1,507
New Yo k spots opened steady and
closed steady. Sales, 385 bales. "Quo
tations were as f ollows :
Yesterday. Tuesday.
OrJinaty Og ti
Gcod ordinary. 8 8
Low middling.. 8 13 18 8 13 16
Middling 0J 9
Good middling 9 11 16 9 11.-16
Middling fair..l0 11-16 10 11-10
Fair 11 11
New York futures opened Btea Jy and
closed quiet and '1 to 2 points higher
than Tue'day. Quotations unchanged.
Sales, 50,200 bales. The clc sing quo
tations were as follows :
Yesterday. Tuesday.
April .S.1U 9.18 9.15 9 J 7
May 9.21 9.22 9.20(.a 9.21
June 9 33 9 34 8.31( 9.32
July 9.43 9.44 9 41 9 42
August- 9.53 9.M 9 51 9.52
September... 9.3SM 9.39 9.3IW.H 9.37
October 9.23 9.24 9.20 9.21
November ...9.19 9 20 9.18 9.19
December.. ..9.23.i 9 24 9 22 9.23
January 9 32'ii 9 33 9 31( 9.32
February 9.42 9.43 .9 41 9.43
The New Orleans bi ot market opened
quiet, and closed steady. Sales, 37cO
Ye.trday. Tuesday.
Ordinary - 7 7j
Good ordinary... 7 15-16 7 15-16
Low middlirg ... 8 5 16 8 5-lfS
Middling 8 13-18 8 13-16
Good middling... 9J 9J
The New Orleans future market
opened firm, and cloeed dull but steady
and 2 to 3 points higher. Sales, 14,700
bales. The closing quotations were at
YesterJay. Tuesday.
AprilM.'.- 880noml. 8.80 aomi.
Mny 8&3;S) 8.84 8 81 8.82
June 8.96 6.07 8.94 8 95
July 9.10 9.11 9.08 9.09
August 9.15 9.16 9.12 9.13
Sop'ember....8.91 8.93 8 90 8.92
October 8 82 8 84 8.81 8.82
Xovember..,.8.7! 8.80 8 77 8 78
December ...8 2 8.83 8 80 8.81
January 8 94 8 96 8 92 8.93
February 9.06 9.08 9 049.0'i
The Liverpool sjv t market at noon
ti r--p.-ricd "v'wil Imsiness," fair de
m:. Lardt-n:.!. Sales, 12,000
' .. of firl '.,. ,n,M) bjllCS.
Receipts, 18,000 bak, of which 7600
were American.
The following ure the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4jd: gool ordi
nary, 4 11-1SJ; low middling, 4Jd;
good middliir, 5 5-ltVl; middling up
lands, 5 1-lbd; middling Orleans, 5Jd.
I 1 Mpncti art gum ii pence am bith.
that: 4 63 mtan$ 4 63 64d, and 5 01
meant a 1 -old. 1
At neon: Liverpool futuivs were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
April, -; April-Slav, .; vav-June,
5 0:i5 01; June-July, 5 04d'; Ju!y-
Augt?st, 5 Otd; August-N-pU'inlK-r,
5 O-Sl; September OrtolnT, ; tkto-ber-"Noveuiber,
ft 02d ; September, .
At 2 p.m.: Ijverpool tutu res were
qciet and steady ; April, 5 02d buy
ers; April-May, 5 02d buyers; May
June, 6 02d buyers; June-July, 5 Old
value; July-August, 6 -Jati sellers;
Auirust-Jiwember, ooad sellers; tvp-
tcmber-tK-toher, 5 01 sellers; Octo-ler-November,
5 O-'d value; Sep
tember, 5 09d sellers.
At 4 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
auiet and 1-641 higher than Tues
ay: April, 5 02d Jbuyen; April-May,
50:'d buvers; May-June, 5 02d buyers;
June-July, 5 04d Bcllers; July-Angust.
6 05d buyers ; August -September, 6 07d
buyers; Septeniber-Ortober, 5 0.5d
value; October-November, 5 02d sell
ers ; September, 5 09d sellers.
Tone. Iiec. Prices Stock.
Galveston fi m. 91 il 4i,2S8
N Orleans, firm. 814 813-16 200,578
Mobile...- sl'dv. 1478 13-16 31,017
Savannah, quiet. 920!Sj 32,469
Charl'ston tt'dy. 26-59 . 29,255
Wilm'ton. firm. 2 SJ 4,519
Norfolk.... HtYy 907 815-10 4' 516
Baltimore nom 9 29,112
New York 8 'dir. 9191 3J1.0SO
Boston...- q'liet. 3-M'J 6,310
Philad'a... ;.uli. 5 9 7-16 15,043
St. Louis... tt'dy. 21 HI 74,138
Augusta I
Receipts at ports, this day, 18S6. 3, 76
lieceijits at ports, this day, 18S5. 3,86.1
R'U U. S.
:x. Gr. Br
251,337 12521
16 0S8
4 681,087
28,66 1 18,148
737,3-8i 592.H32
R'ts Sept.l
4 984,263j4,638,381
Por gnbx
3,''03 84(i,3,4ua.65:'
Increase of receipts this jear ...345,882
The following is tho record of the
bids and offers at the Cull Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2 white, spot, 2 cars sold at 39c
o. t. : April, 40c asked ; My, 40Jc
asked; June, 42c asked; No. 2
spot, 37 Jc o.t bid ; May, 38c o. t. ; June,
39c O. t. bid, 39jc o. t. asked.
No. 2 spot, 34c o. t. bid, 35c o. t.
asked; April, 35c a ked; May, 331c
bill, 34jc asked; June, 33c bid, 3bc
Spot, J14 asked; April, $14 asked;
May, If 13 75 asked.
Spot,ll 95 asked ; April.'J 1 95 nskod ;
May, Jl 97 J as-ed; June, Ifl 90 bill,
f 1 9i asked.
lsKi;isri t .
Corn White, 47c ; miked, 4tic, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c ; prime,
75(a80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $I414 50;
prime, $1313 50; prairie, $88 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38Jc,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 851c
Bhan From store, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans -Navy, $1 75(32 ; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, 20
1 4.
Cornmkal Standard. $2 1 of12 25;
pearl, J3(i!3 25 from storo ; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barreis, $33 25
from store.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra, $3
3 50; triple extra, 3 653 75; fami
ly, 13 75 4; choice, $4 254 35;
fancy, $4 514 70; extra fancy, 4 90
5 ; patents, $5 255 65 ; from Btore,
family, 14 rf4 25; choice, J4 254 40;
fancy, J4 654 90; extra fancy, $5
5 25; patents, f5 506 25.
Hominy and Guits From store, J3
3 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 Jc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, oxtra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., April 21. Wheat
strong and higher; No. 2 red, cash,
66c bid, 67c asxed; May, 68c; June,
7lj711c. Corn strong and higher;
No. 2, cash, 27, : May, 28c bid, 28jc
asked; June, 2829e. Oats no
St. Lt.ui8, Mo., April 21. Flour
active, and strong; XXX, 33 10;
family, f4 15fS3 25; choice, if 3 75;
fancy, $4 154 30; extra fancy, tt 45
4 70; Patents, J4 905 25. Wheat
active and irregular; the market
opened firm, but soon eased off, ad
vanced sharply on war news, fell off
again, and cloeed Ettady at ic high
er than yesterday; No. 2 red, C2sh,
89i'a90c; Mav, 88 90c, ci0aing at
S9c;June, 89j90Jc, closing at 896;
July, 844ebid; August, 8.1Ca 84jjc, clos
ng at 83.183;e. Corn quiet and
weak early in the session, prices re
covering la'er snd advanced i3c,
closing J J higher than yeHdrdny;
No. 2 mix id, cash, 33Jc; May, 33j
33jc, closing at S3ijc ; June, 34 5 c.
Oats very dull but steady; No. 2
mixed, cash, 29c; May, 30c. Rye
neglected. Barley, no market. Hay
quiet; prairie, $5 757 75; timothy,
$1113 85. Flaxseed easy, $1 04.
Bran easy, 5.i Cornmeal steadv,
1 751 85. Receipts Flour, 1000
brls; wheat, 14,000 bu; corn, 47,
000 bu ; oais, 31,000- bu ; rye, 1000
bu; barlev, 1C0J bu. Shipments
Flour, 5000 brla; wheat, 3000 bu;
corn, 16,000 bu; oais, 6000 bu; rye,
100 bu; barley, 1000 bu.
Afrntyn Board. Wheat strong and
iJe higher. Corn jJc lower.
Oats ic lower.
Chicaoo, April 21. The bnll temper
was ok the wheat market again to
ay and closing lignrca in the after
noon were about the highest of the
day, showing an advance of nearly 5c
from the lowest price current a week
ago. The fitst cables quoted Liverpool
wheat turn dearer, end ebowedtome
peculiar conditions a reduction of
fcbO.OuO busiiels in imports and ah in
creese of 245.OC0 quait?rs, almost 2,
OO.l,(X" bushels, in wheat on passage.
AliocctVr the effect was streegthon-iL-,
H:.d May opened at the open
board price, JsOJc, advatced ta 80.J
hick to 80c, and then quite eteadfly up
to 8 lie Political news was threaten
ing, though nothing of a dtfhite char
acter W8s received. The market fell
off toward 1 o'clock to SCJc, but ral
lied in the afterncon quite sharply,
closirgat MJc. Cora and oata both
ruled strong and in sympathy, and
closed fia 'tionally higher. Fiour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat nervous
and unsettltd btt gentraily strong
er, closing js big'ier than yes
terday; aalei ranged : April,
7Sj80e, closed at 79.-; May. f
811o, closed at 80c; Juue, 8UJttot
closed at 8:'l:i; No. 2 spring, 79;
No. 3 spring, 6S70Jc. Cirn stronger,
clojing He higher; caeh, 37C37Jc;
April, 3ij;.i37Jc, closed at 37c; May,
37 131638c, closed at 3Se; June,
3SJ38K doted at 3S 5-16c. Oata
firmer, JWJc hiuher; cash, 291f3.30c;
April, 29jo; May, 29 l.i(K.30je.
closed at 30c; June, 30;:k)Jr-, closed
at 30 7 16c. Rve quiet; No. 2, OOJe.
Bariey dull; No 2, 69c. Flaxseed
quiet; No. 1,1106. Receipts Flour,
16.000 brla; wheat. 10,000 bu; corn,
86,000 bu ; oats. 122.000 bu ; rye, 1000
bu; barlev, 21,000 bu. Shipments
Flour, in.600 br.'sj whea 360,000 bu;
orn, 371 0.M) bu : oats, 63,000 bu ; rye,
4000 bo ; barley, 18,000 bu.
Aflertwon Board Wheat stronger,
jc higher; May cloeed at 81 j 3. Corn
firmer; May, 38 3 16c. Oats ateadv;
May, 30Jc.
Butter Creamery, 3435c; dairy,
16(i,20c; butterine, 13 16; country,
12K'ile. according to condition.
Cheese IVime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 2Jc; Y. A.
Mens Poke Old, $9 7510 per bar
rel; new, J 10 75 11 per barrel; sugar
cured hams, packed, 9Jl('c; break
fast bacon, 8(2,!ic ; clear rib bacon, 6
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 5J(.6c;
clear rib sides, 5j5e; long clear,
5J5jc; shoulders, 44Jc.
Lard Tierces, Oritije; half-barrels,
6j63c; kegs, 6jW6c; buckets, 6J
6Sc; halMiueketa, 66jc; 50-11) tins,
6Jlilc; 20-lb tins, l6jc; 10-lbtins,
(iifii.tilc; 5-lb tins. 6J6c; 3-lb tins,
titetijc; choice kettle, tierces, 6J
Frkhu Meats Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 771c;
cows and heifers, tijc; mutton, 8J
9c ; lambs, 10c ; pork, 6c.
I kis-keet Brls, f88 50; half-brls,
f33 25.
St. Louis, Mo, April 21. Pro
visions quiet and gentrally steady.
Pork Bteady. fi) 60. Lard firm. 5.80c.
Bu'k meats steady; loose lota long
clear, 51c; short ribs, 5 35:; short
clear, 5c; boxed lota long clear,
5.30c; ehoit ribs, 5jn; abort clear, 5ic.
Bacon easy; long clear, 5 80c; short
ribs. 5 85c: short clear. 66.l5c. Hams,
5lljc. Buttsr steady ; creamery, 25
30c; dairy, 1825o. f.ggs weak-, 9jc,
Chicago. III.. April 21. Mess pork
irregular, declined ljc, rallied 7J10o
and elosod s'eady ; casli,lri9 U ; May,
8 9o9 12J, closed at f!l 02j9 05 j
June, VJ 07J9 20, closed at $9 10
9 12 J. Lsrd quiet and steady; cash
snd Mav. 5I(S5 9Jc : J nne. 0 92i((t;.r) Uoo,
Boxed meats quiet; dry salted Bhoul
dere, 44 10c; short rih eiiks, 5.22J
bic : short clear sidi s, f)5 (o :. uut
ter lower; creamery, 1721c; dairy,
12M10C. EstW. ll(i)12i;.
Afternoon Board. Paryi quiet; May,
J9 0j. Lard uuchanged.
Apples Annies, fl 502 50 from
store; II 252 per car-load fro n levee
or denot. lined amirs, J4c per
pound from etoro. Dried peaches, ii
OMo from storo.
Potatoes Pot to8B,$l 75225 from
Btore ; $1 60 1 75 per car Toad from
levee or depot. Sweet pc tjtoes Bcarce,
$2 753 per brl. Peas, $1 501 75 per
Vegetables Omorip, J2 ii3 25
from store ; $2 502 60 (rma levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75Q3 25 f er crate.
Kraut, barrels, $.55 60 ; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garlic, 4000c per 100.
Turnips, 50b per bushel.
Fruit OratigfS, Louisiana, none;
Cali'orniu, $4; Messina, 13 505 per
box; Imperials, $55 50 per box.
Lemons, $4 50 per box. Bananas,
$12 50 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7c;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roattpil, 2e higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820c.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarti,
$150; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75 ; lo ise, barrels, $6 ; balf-barrele,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrel?, $6.
Raisins lxindon layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walnuts Freneh, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rel and $44 50 pir half -ha-rel ; Vino
gar, ll16c psr gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per dozen, $12
18; chickenB,J2.7C3 ; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 1518c per pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for Binall to
medium, 1014c for la:ge; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1,
$5; No. 2, $3 25: No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3,60c. Dry herrings, .'amily, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 35c; sad
dles, 6 3c; bear, tiSc; wild turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $34; squirrols, 75c;
quails, J75C!1! ; pra:rie chickens, $5;
game iish, li12:.
Eaos Eteady, 14c.
Cokfek Comm3n,88 Jc ; ordinary,
99$c; prime Bio, 11c; choice to fan
ey, llj13c; oil government, 23
35s; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3$5Jc per pound.
Sugab Pore white, 6c; off white,
6 J 68c; yellow, 6gri 6 jc; opn keUle,
rV5jc; refined A, 6jc; granulated, 7
7e; powdered,7jc; cut loaf, 77c.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; tacks,
fine, $1 50; cease, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 27c; car loads from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 203 )c; prime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 2040c ; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; rthr grades and styles, 25:a.28c.
Snuff Garrett's, 110 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, all sizrs, in boxes,
pails and barrel?, 7jfc81c.
Candlks-FuII weight, 10J10e.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, 1 35 'Til 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 3il 60; seconds,
$1 151 25; tomatoee, 2 lb, standard,
$1 10; 31b, $1 a5; strewberries, $1 40
1 60; rapherries, $1 151 25 ; black
berries, $11 15; greengages, $1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70: asparagus, $2 OOl; green corn,
$ll 35; green peas, $!2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove eysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oyBters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 93;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss. $6.
New York, April 21. Coffee spot
fair Rio firm at Hie; options a shade
hiaher; sales, 10,-500 bags; April to
May, 71c ; June to December, 7.15c.
Sugar firm; refined etrong and qaie.
Mniaiaea steady ; sales at 20f5201c for
50" teat. Kice steady.
Nw Om.iaN8, La., April 21 Coffee
steady; Rio, 69jc. Rica quint but
eteady. Sugar in fair demand and
firm; open leme, strictly prime,
5 &-16e; prime, 51c; fully fair, 5 l-16c;
centrifuKals, plantation granulated.6 jc ;
choice while, 6Jc; choice yellow clari
fied. 6'i 3-loc; seconds, 45jc.
Uolasaea eteady; open kettle, prima
to strictly prime, 32j; prime. 2tK.i,22c:
centrifugal, prime to ttiictly prime, 16
roTrwsj ar.i:u oil. Ere.
Skid Delivered at deprt and wharf.
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
rvoal), 16; wagon at mills, IS. Mial
Prime (f. 0. b.), $16 per ton. Less than
oar-load lots, tl6. From store, 90; per
sick. Cake Nominal; $16 per ton.
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 22!23c; prima aummer yel
low, 2627c; off-summer yellow. 25)
2ajc; miners', ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2630c.
New Orleans, La., April 21. Cot
ton-seed products dull and drooping;
prima crude nit, L0j2iac; summer
ve low. 26i27ic; cake and mea'.
$18 50,19.
Coal Oil Prima white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., April 21. Petro
leum steady; s.w., 110 , 73u
Horses Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, $H0 M()J; plugs, fo,"
80; good mares, $8b140.
Mules 14J to 15, U0135; 15 to
15J, J12N1I0; 15J to 16, $150175.
Goud demand; supply fair.
Hii)E Dry flint, 1316j; dry salt,
1012c; green salt, 7(i 8c; green. 6
6c; deer skins, 1018;; hunter-hau-dled
com ekins, each, 20G'50c ; country
coon skins, 1030c; uink, 1030e;
niUfkrat, 510j; otter, $K'ft5; bear,
$l(i'5; beaver, f0,tl; wildcat, 20
40j; fox, 2i75e; skunk, 2"i75c.
Beeswax, 18',a;21c; tallow, 45c.
Wuiisky Straight Kentucky Bour
hon, 1 606; rye,$l 7o6 ; domestic,
90ctl 50.
Chicago, April 21. Whisky steady
at ft 16.
St. Louis, April 21. Whisky firm
at$i 10.
Cincinnati, O., April 21. Whisky
weak at $t 10. Sales of 4"5 barrels of
finished goods on this basis.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
000 to 1050 pounds. 4J 4jc; good,3jri
41c; choice grass-fed, 3J3jc; good,
331c; fair to medium, 2J2ic; com
mon, lt2t!.
HoGS-Choipe, 33lc; good, 3j
3Jc; common, 33Je.
Sheep Choice, 44c; medium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 50.
Kansas City, Mo., April 21. The
Live slock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 2822 head; chipments, 870
head; market opened s eady, but fell
off 5c before noon, closing weak;
choice t3 fancy, $5 10(i5 30; fair to
good. J4 f 05; common to medium,
44 50; fee lers, $3 75(n)l 40; cows,
$2 753 50. Hogs receipts, 11,851
head; liurkot weiik, slow and 5c
lower; gord to choice, $3 9()4 10;
mixed packer', $3 00g3 85. Sheep
r.'coipts, 1257 head; shipments,
22)1 head; market quid, gi.d to
choii-e, $45; common to medium, f2
3 50.
Chicago, III., April 21. Tho ii
er' Journal reports: Cattle receipts,
6500 iual; shipments, 2000 head;
market slow ; common Hlc lower; Blitp
Dine Bteerf. 950 to 1500 lbs., $4 25
6; stockera and feeders, $2 754 7(1;
cows, bulls mid mixed, $t 50 4 20;
bulk, $2 O03 20; through Texas cat
tie, $4 40515. Hogs receipts, 1200
bead; shipments, 4000 head; market
wtak, closed 5c lower; rough and
mixsd, $44.5I); paakinu and ship
ping, $4 104 50; light, $3 604 30;
skips. $2 753 60. Sheep rtcBipts,
3000 head ; shipments, 500 head ; mar
ket slow aid weak na!ives,$2505 75;
shorn Tex ans, $1 602 60.
New York, April 21. There has
bean some improvement in the de
mand at jobhing hands, but of agents
the request has been very moderate,
tnougn continued deliveries on orders,
the daily sales are of good total.
Jiou-Kenldeut Notice.
No. MHO, R. D. In the Channerr I'nurt vl
Hht-lly Ciiuaty, Tonn. 8tate of Teuaefl
ee, for ltd own upo, etc., vs. K. M, Appur
ron et al.
It aiimiring from bill which ia nworn to in
thin cauiia that tha doffltiilantN, M. A. anil
V W. Chancellor, aro rcnidonu of tho .Slum
of Varylitml ; that JoRoph Mcux in a reditlfliit
of California; that Mumarat J. (iomlhiio
anil Win. II. Stovull uro roflidnntu ut the
htala of MixiisKinpi ; that Chorion (J liilil
win, David C lliililwin, ."oyinour W.
lliililwin nntl Thcofiohl Unman ura
romilenMi of Arkiiniua; t.lmt II K Scn
teny anil wife, Mary . Mill Hentnny,
anil Josti'li A juione are renitlonlff of Ken
tucky anil all noo-reriilenlH of TonnocMie :
and that J A lluyii and wife, Margaret 11
ilayx. Mm J J hours and 1)11 .Hcurt are all
non-rcflidontA of the Htate of Tonneftftoe:
that the namei1 and plucea of residence of
the heirs of Ilannnh 1tiudee and of Fred
erick Caudee, and of flhiifl N Caudec, and of
M L Jonca, und of Alexander KeirHey, and
of John .anone, mvde pariieR on aocountof
tholr intereiit in lot In block IVI, (luyoao
fttreet, 42x1 HI feet, Iota HI and 2, Flippin
aul)divinion. lot ft) llorlnnd avenue, UiilVtl
feet, lot f:I, Sutelte street, and other orop
erty mentioned and described in the bill, are
all unknown and cannot lie ascertained
after dilixent inquiry, this boinj i fuit tu
enforce tax lienn;
It in there!'.. re ordrrcd, That all laid mr
tieeandtaid unknown heira make their ap-
fiearnnce herein at the Court-Uoune of
ihulby county, in MemphU,Tenn., on or be
fore the firnt Monday in May, lSHo, and
tlead, aniwor or demur to complainant'
ill, or the raine will be taken lor eonfemied
ai to tbeui and net for bea-inf ex parte; and
that a copy of thia order be puldubed once a
week for four succcmiive weeka in the Mem
phis Appeal. Thia Hint day of March, 1HM.
A copy Attest:
S. I. MrllUVVKLL, Clerk and Muster.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy 0. and M.
F. II. and C. W. lloirkell, Kolicitora t r
oomplainant th
Non-Ke-ddcnt Notice.
No mull, R. D.-In tho Chincery Court of
tihelhy county, Tenn. The K'ateofTon
neasie and County of riholby va. L. K.
Bnrksdale et al.
It apprarinx from the bill which is sworn
to in this caune that the defendants Husim t.
Kayner ii a rosidi-ntot Texaa; Ai.dmw Stew
art it a resident of Louisiana: T. I'. Cham
bers, truatev, a resident of Arkamoi; and
that they are all nou-residenta of thu Stale
of Tennessee; the residence ot the heira of
.Si. .1. Archard, deceased, of Joe Lowery, of
the heirs ol K. Kuynor, docfiis-d, or William
UriBin, of John T. (IrirBn, of John T. Hreir
oryand wife Marcilla, of lii-rnardine iNelT,
A. P. Fori, J P. Campbell, of tho widow
and heirs of E. Iiby, dei-eased : C. N. Miller,
trustee, Matsen Jones, A. J. Looney; of the
heiraof J. M. I). Miller, dece.iaed; John T.
Lee, Pierre Van Alstine; ot iha hoira of Mil
ton A. Kerr, deceased: of II. K. Winn, de
ceoaed; Martha J. McClolUnd, D. W. pon
cy, A. A. Bognrd and hit wile, Mr. Bo
ca rd, John S. K. Cowan ; of the heir of M.
I). L. Kankin, deceased, Mary T. Itankin,
Joacph C. Kankin, Matthew II Rankin, are
unknown and canuot be ascertained after
diliirent inquiry; this bill is filed to collect
taxes due tbe Mate and county on lots owned
by above named iiarliea and various other
parties ;
Il ia therefore ordered. That they iuike
their appearance herein, at the Court-House
of riholby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, Hy.. und
plead, answer or demur to oomplainant bill
or the same will be taken for conie-aed as to
tbeiu .nd -et for heating ex pxrte ; atd that
a copy of this order be published once a week,
for four successive weeks, in tbe Appeal.
This 'list day of March, l;.
A Copy Attest : thu
S. 1. McD'jWKM,, Clerk and M-irtor.
By II. F. Walsh. Deputy C. k M
tee Thvruivn. (olicitor tor Complainant,
Friars Point DKi Adu, 5 p.m.
Arkanaan City Kara Aoiaa, 5 p.m.
Madiaoo Coaboiu. p.m.
Vickaburc ....B LL Mnwrnis, 6 p ni.
St. Louis ... Citt orCiu. li p.m.
Cincinnati Jnw W. (ian, ! p.m.
Tiptonville 0too, 5 p.m.
White River ..Fbdim HiiHiao,5 p m.
Osceola Dia Amm, 10 a.m.
wuveaewTtj at tiii: i.h ic.
Arritnl. Pean Adams, I'riurs I'oint;
K. W. lde, Madison; City of i'nivi
deuce, Vicksburg; Jatiies V. Unit",
71i-imrtinr.-t-IVan Adams, Osceola;
K. W. (Vile, Madison; Cliickasaw,
White river; City of 1'rovidence, St.
Itoatf in Port. James W. lint!.
Bool lit Oown. I ean Adauw,
tiayoso and Belle Memphis.
BwUt Due f!p. Kate Adams, Coa
homa, Freddie ltobinson and City of
Rerrlfiia mtrritHr .
.lames W, liatl 200 tons niisivllune
ous freights.
Tin IVnn Adams will puss up
Siiturdiiy morning for Osceula and the
upper liends.
Tub Cnuhania. CDt. Tinas. CliiLirett.
is the Memphis ami Little UiH-k rail
road boat this evening at ti oYlncJt for
Tna City of C airo, Capt. Sbep.
Liglitner, is the Anchor Li ire packet
thiH evening at 0 o'clo; k fnf Cairo a' d
St. Louis. J. C. Klton is her clerk.
Thk Hello Meniphfii, dipt, (tenrge
Baker, is the Anchor Line iiirkct this
evening at 0 o'clnt-'k. forVirkslurganl
the bends. Al. Simpson is her clerk.
Tu a (iayin dipt, W. 1'. Hall, is
the packet to-morrow evening at ti
o'clock for Hale's I'oint, Tiptonville
and all way landings. Jesse I. Walt
is her clerk.
Tim Peiia Adams, Capt, Henry
Conner, is the nai'ki-t this ivi'ium. ot
5 o'clock for llelenn, Friiun I'oint and
all way landing. Will Ashford und
Will Sinithcr are her clerks.
Thk James W. (hifT, Capt. John
S. Joiich, is the packet this even
ing at ti o'clock for Cairo, Loumvillo,
Cincinnati and all way landing'. 11. C,
Itrtico and lw ltriggs urt her clerks.
The Gall' will give cheop rates to all
points North and F-ust.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt. Mark H
Cheek, is the I'niU'd States mail
packet Thursday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkaissas City and all
way landings. W. C. lllanker has
charge of her ollice, BHs'istcd by Uw
Price, Morris (iaiw and J. C. WycolT.
Tim Fn'ddie Kobinson, Capt Milt.
R. Harry, in pluct of the DeSini't, is
the packet Saturday evening ut 5
o'clock for nil ints on White river
going through to Newport and makinir
connections witli packets for upper
wi.:. i in.. ..i. ..' aii . i
i iiuu unit jihick rivers. Aiueri, mc
Ghee and Hugh Hmith are her clerks.
lll'NINRNS quiet,
Wkatiibh clour and )li-asunl.
'Fii k Chickasuvr cleared lust evening
f ir White river with a fair trip.
Tub railroad ' boat F. W. Cole
cleured last eveuing for Madison.
Cait. Mii.t ,'K, HaViiv's steamer
Freddie Kiiliinson in dun lo-day from
Little Uock. I
Tub City of Providenoe passed
up at an early hour yesterday morn
ing for St. I,ouis, and added a good lot
of way freight and sun Iries.
Thk lican Adams ptmsed uu yi'stcr
day morninir for Osceola, and will bo
found in port this morning and leavo
this evening nt o oclovk for Friars
Thk towhout Joseph II. Williams,
with a big tow of coal, arrived at thu
head ef the island lust evening, und
will leave at daylight this morning for
New Orlcairs.
Thk James W. (iull, Capt. John H.
Jones, arrived yesterday morning from
Cincinnati with 'M) ions of miscella
neous freight for this place, and re
turns this evening.
Tub river ut this point murks.') I feet
5 tenths by the gauge, or 115 (tt 6
tenths above low water murk, a rise
of 2 tenths in 21 hours. Tbe river is
now 1 foot (i lentlis above the danger
line, und 4 tenths he'ow high wuter
mark of 18H.
Okkick Signal Nkkvicb, U. H, A., 1
MuMi'ius, April 20, 1 ji.in.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster thun
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
W'atvr. (Jliange.
Rise Fall
Feet. UUliH iOths lUths
Cairo 50 4
Chuttunooga ... H 1 2
Cincinnati 2:1 :l 25
Have n port U U I
Dubuque 10 tl 3
Fort Smith It) i;l
Keokuk 12 1 2 -
Helena 41 4 2
La Crosse 10 0 3
lieavenworth... 11 4 4
Little Rock
Louisville V t) 9
Memphis U ii 2
New Orleans... 13 5
Ouiahu 7 7 - 1
Pittsburg 4 8 4
St. Louis 2Ii 7 1
St. Paul ti 7 I
ShreveKirt Iti l 1
VkkHhurg... 41 7 2 ....
llamer l.lao Keet and ten'hs of a foot
above aero of gnuKe:
('airo, 4 i feet. Chattanooara, M feet.
Cincinnati. SO. fiavenport, lo.
Duhuiiue, 16. Fo-t Mujilh, 22.
Keokuk, H. Helena, .
La Crosao. 24. Lniaveuworth, 20.
Little Kock, il. Louisville, 26.
Memphis, M. New Orleans, 11.2.
Niuhville, 40. I'ufhern. 22.
Omaha, IS. M. Paul, 7
H. Louis. :).'. Vick-hurK, 41.
Khreveport, 2. " lunkton, 2-1.
Kva.vsvillb, April 21. Noon Riv r
falling, with 7-10 f-et on the gangt .
Weather clear and warm.
Pittbbpbg, April 21 Noon Rivi r 5
feet 10 inches on the gauge aod station
ary. Weather clear and warm.
Wubki.inu, W.Va., April 21. Noon
River K feet nu the gauge and sta
tionary. Weather clear and pleasant.
Cihcinnati, April 21. JToon Rivei
falling, with 23 feel 5 inches on the
vauge. Weather clear; thermometer
71. Arrived: U ruche State, Memphis.
Louisville, April 21. 2oon River
falling, with U 'eel 7 inches in the
canal and 7 feet 4 inches on the fulln.
Weather fair and warm. Business
Oaibo, April 21 Noon Riyei 50 fei t
5 inches on the Kir'ge and filir
Weather clear and warm. Arrive :
J. A. Wood and tow. Ohio river, i"
p.m.; Dick Fulton fc.nl tow, Ohio rivi"
5 a.m.; Buckeye -at, Mr". !...
a.m.; Oakland -r y ;r-
leans, ID a m. Departed : J. A. Woo 4'
nd tow, New Orleans1. 10 p.m.; Dick
Fulton and tow, New Orleans, 6 m.;
Buckeye State, Cincinnati, 10 am.;
Oakland and bargee, St. Louis, 10 a.m.
erOwirg to the bisrh water tke steamer
DKAN ADAMS will bate fer Helena smc
Friars Poiut every MIND iT aoalTUUHi
DAY atS o'clock p.m., and fur Useeela anal
UnU Dust every W BUN USD AT and 8 A I'
ll K PAY at 10 o'clock a.m., uatil lurthar
notice. JAM. I.KE. Pop't.
Special Notice For Marion.
The Forrvboat
John Overton, a-zt
Capt. Fos;elDian. aaia?nwue
Will leave the loot of Jeffersea street tor
Marlen. at a a.m. sail H p m.
H1. Ii,la ataait Ww Orlexasiw Awrlior
l.lno-ll.M. Mnll-CAIKU UT. LulllH.
Liirhtnar master. wk.
Will leave tho Elevator TIIUKhDAV. ArrU
22U, at 6 p.m. for freifht or paesajre aeil
I) L. Hai.i.. Paaa. Art. ADSToHM, Hop't.
Ml. Irfiul ainl "Jew atrlauasaai Aiarsloa
l.lnr -ll.M. Mntli-FOll VlCKolllilt't.
Belle Memphis, 5
Oeo. linker master. "i!C36
Will leave the Kle'-amr THUK.RAi , April
22.1, at 6 p.m. Por freight or pasaane apply
C. I.. Mm.. )n Avi. At tTnH M, Suo't.
.Vrmplild and Clncliinati Puiktt t'o,
alamcM W. C-airjvSis
John K. Jonrp . tnnUir,
Will loiivn IHt KiAi , April 22. ut 5 i.m
Kor Iroiiclit or nt8t iiiy ic V. H KhtU
SV.L't Attnt, No. 12 Miulitmn ut. Teioiii1.it
Nn.2J7. JOHN rIUl.. Twn-ar A.-ent.
April -th
sin.r ii iititv'.s
WemiiliU,'lii!'-.V lllui k ttlior Tai l 1 1
For lUlen.i, Pe Valla lllurr, l)e Pri A
yuiia, Newpirt anj ll.iiesvilie. 1'be na w
aaii flleitatit ailewheel paeaenaor slo;'t ar
Freddie Robinson, jfuxst
Milt Harry ui.iioi
Will leave KV (.KV KAIl'KDAi at.o'.'oi-k
p.m. Ihronab rates to i II lolma (r i hi
.'oi aifn.'.il to Milt Uarrv Line. Wen. pi i- will
promptly lorwarile. w.J. DOUR.
Offlee 12 U llson ti. Telephone
Jaaaa U r'aaaaLia, Paasenger AaenU Tul-eph'-ne
ilcmphis and Vlckshnrg Packet Com
pany U. S. Mail Llue.
For Helena, Conoordia, Terrene anil Arkan
sar itliv The eleaant psssenirer ste' e
M. H.Oheek.. .master I W. t5. Bluuaei. let!
leaves Mempnia
KVKRY MONUAY anil TlU'.UKliHY, at 5
p. oi., reaervina! the right te eaas all lamllnsf
the capta a mar deem nnsato. For pt'erul
Inloriuatiou apply i oftii'e,Mo,4 MadaoB
street. K. ALWOH m, Aieot.
I'llllM CARR. Vnaa'r Atent.Te'nphone t.
For Oaeeola, Hales Polut. CarutbersviJie,
Uayoan and Tiptonville The now aleamar
W. P. Uall mater J. I. Fallot .....elera.,
will leave aa above, unt ail way poinlay
KVKt Y MONDAY ami Till! fiKi'AY at 1
Arkaiiias inver l'k't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, tfTif
K. II. Hmith ...master. 'm,JiZjk
Leaves Memphis tivery Tl FSIMY, al n p. a
11. 0. LUWK. Aiwnt,
Offlee, No Maillaont. Teleoli ne N. M.
emphlH& U hlte Hirer VkUVo
K. 0, Postal... niMtor I 0. M.leoaUl lork
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Ctnrenidoai, lvklla lllnir, IV- Arc,
Avsriiaitia, Jnnlieitit4iv H,'ar.
UlCAVES MKIVtl'UlS ivory 'Y i?lNKH." A Y,
.rrsi.utt iuruun rw u ki t:U9
fro.tftit connlkint.i to " Muijihf unci V nl f
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Co.'- lot BM-W hl n. H. Mftil f t'.mi
Re s Macready,
0. R. Joplln oiajiter,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, the Cat-Off. ant
Intermeiliale lanJinaou tit. Krauoia river.
The oaplain reserves the rti-hl to eaae all
lundniis he deems onsafe. JaR. I.KK, Jr.,
.i,ei.inl,.n'l tieirt Srt. 4 V.Hisoe t
TO uvnopui
4'OOk'M llfHIIiInll 4rliM UVf lf
Arril, May, Juue nl July, fc-'ard for Pro
grHuinm, ltilivllnnl Tourlil Tit-kr.N fnrtrrl
In Kuroiio und all vtib of tlm k'.
kti.t l 'rhtM by f,l linoa oi ttra'ueri.
O'lli'M l.rr.(oiiil, witb iiihi pnb
)trthel monthly, hy mu 1 lor Th Chutr.
Noii-Ki HhlfMil t-U-r.
No. fUt) R. D.-In tlio rhii.mry Court t
hln l'-y niuinly. T'ii -Th - oi l'eiv
PnB m hihI County of Hlinlby vi. rrual.
'it iiiinrriuiin ot hI.
It itfpnuriiiK fr'im he bill whii'h Kvrora
ti in (In rimnt ' hut th" tl (iMtiniiU. Corno
lii A Vltikn, Kurhnl J .Monkim a-. 4 U B
'Id fl i n A ii., aro rn iJeut ot tlm Htutu n
N w York; that Ht-nil) ri Trs nvftttt and
rinllio TreMBvnnt, hiim J H Tro Titiit, d
no.ns'i, nt rtnUieriXn of the State of l atr
ium.; t hat tj A He rut in, triiVn-, m ninulent
of thn H'fiU of K oridi. and th tt (hoy turf
nil norweali'iitu of ilia Stim o( Tu ni'Hnee.
And thu) tbi rc idowoott of Ilnd t'tlitrfey,
K utb ih rrhcle nitir, Mridft Hootie, Ajhis
Hcin, Hyphen Kino ll-. W ry Kioj, aib
erine 'lyunn, Klitahoth Qnlnl it, W II.
Mary r , .lohn 7, and ( harlrt t, K t, W II
t'wfn.Jrin iti hrttin, triMifn.Nu h 1 War
fielil, Mirhttttl Quinl m. Urmitci Kully. J.-ha
h Wiil tuiiri Hud V rWilliHihn. hi" wlo, An
nlf Love. H I Murr, Cth-rn n Kirm n i-nJ
buB'tno l, Kir'rmn. Mr II ltntt Kirhi-fa.
M.iry M htt". CrtiDliit A lUib r ud J U
Itj-rhotir, it tiutmi d, Chrin Morr. iip J
Vu.iy.M'ilJl l PoftAr. L K F-tinf, 1 1 rtiB.
MwrKrflt Carney, Mury A Nt)iiin. Jaima
II ilei n tt, Mary W I.-viniff 'mi nv4 cli ld
run, ohihh u n k now n i 'I hon i)'M I, t'il
II ny of tbe above panieti a?r iland thir
u1 knoan hf in or ti thih. r unknowa
an t rannot he anrertaioi H(ttr diligent
iti.'iiry And thu mtinoi end re idenoe t
tiiH heirn or dovihuet u! Win Jmer, de
peid, Martin W ti uv, el" K.llrn PiliMtrik,
deovaxa d. ot J W ,Mth:w, teiui(i, of I. T
lion, I runt e.dee'd, urn uihiowa ,nd rnn
not he n r. natned aftr di igaiit Inquiry.
Ihiihillis fitod to lie t Imh due be
MH'e and county on vur ouii lot le:oi.Riitt
to the Htiove P irtien ard to others.
it in lhere:re ordnrud, 'Ih.t thrmiV
tliotr atne ra. co herein, ttt tbe t'ou t lluas
l 8h'.H y founty, in Momiilnw, Hon . on or
1'U-nd, incwi-r rr dt-ui'irtortiintilmnai t bill,
or the nirne will e It ken ir t'entn i u to
thuai and cot f r he rinr t-i n .rio ; ..q J that
a ri'y of thin nnl.r be i-ubloh d ow a
week, 'tir ffmr .hi. i'u-i:ve w 1 ir. 'be Aa
t enl. T h if .tint day ot March, 1
A ftoi-y AMh.' i
8 I. Mcl V ;:!.!,, Ch-rk and T , t,r.
Ry H. F Wa t. i. i-uty 0 and M.
Lee Thornton, IS.' i r lr rmni'l-iiifnt.
r lt ov.n au n lima ;
new mier ind e'tim' te tba ch t ad
Tert'iiPof. The fldvertUfr w!;o w ni.i . l "j-onj
one dollar, flr tU in it toe intoriupt'oi. h re
quiret,wtile lor him who w i . ioTn-t ona
bui dred thou-' tnd dlt -rt In , , a
fheio ill ni'fatrd whtoh wtii u;oot bi
e7ry rri,ul.fueiit, or can he iiit,' :.i u i v
hy fliKhl fDnu-.. easily err v-.i lv- eve
iimnji nco. Una hut tlrt?d a" J n '. .
.lirionn tnve hen ifliiuo t. S it. t --d .:
to uny addrtD .at ten . A y tu v K' h
P. HO KI.L k t ".. SK.V i- a'M
VI'i'TiN i iil-.M:Al',l" i ; -i.v . tir. it.
r.AISiW 1 .J ( A : I i.'i .r,
r ' p i in i . . ' I i ..- i. f :-!-' .-
t'-.- d , ''.li u i t-T; tii I't .ti- m . t
I.i't'H l)-. Ut ! 8..Cf l.le.'ll Ji'J.l .i: j
itin-r-' l-c ;::i i r"i' A , j i. it . Hi t. .-.-i j
.-I, -f ,0I j. .. i;'.' Ifl U-Ui' ii- - itjr".M i . 4

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