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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 22, 1886, Image 8

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Ljil(iTlHf 'w Origan and Tarn R'j
MUMUtAirri Li..y koitk.
In Wt Knn-hf 27. 1J.
:' p.m
5:fi p.ni
9: p. in
Hi a.m
3:42 a.m
i'l a.m
:21 a.m
:) p. ill
HMO a.m
:4a a.m
5 :'2U a. m
2:U3 s m
12:16 a.m
:) p-m
:U p.n
North. "
:if p.m
11:10 e.ru
7. Si a.m
I land C....
Vi'l'i'Kfv P
ft irrion ...... -K
Jfnel....... ....F...
cw Urenai H
Lvlend M
Vlrsihnra .
9:n a.m
.. I2:li2nu'n
3:4.' i.bi
T:1S p. hi
A-With ll lines enterin.Mempbla.
B-Witb M. 1 N. W K. R. Inr Helena.
0 For Hreenvllle and Hunting ton, and all
Arkansas point.
DWith V. A M. and V., 8. P. Railroads.
It H uh N., J. C. R. K. for .Natobat and
For I'amu on tha Branch.
4i-With.Uasa.rs lor Bevou Sara.
A-Witb railroad! diverging for Florida and
OeeMeeint. ....
Pallmea RarTet Sleeping Canon all tralni.
JAH . KDWAHDK. V. P. andU..il.
M. BU RK K, Oanaral Bup't.
A.J.I. A ''P. P- A.
Sew atari Ktwiand MlaeleslBpl Val
ley. Traiao move tallows: No. I (taat
Uaa daily) laarat at 11 :ft a.m. No. leaves
at Ll.-Msa. daily. BU Louis fait Una
leaves daaly at o:S0 p.m. No. 7 (last Ima
daily) imiM at 1:30 p.m. Mall and ex
press arrives daily at S:l'a.m. 6t. Louis
fatt Hae arrive, dally at :()& a.m.
Mlaasaalpnl and Tfamawa. Faat
ail train leave daily at 4 :) p m. arrival
at (:4o a.m. Local freight leaves at 6:40
a.a.l arrive, at 4:90 p.m. Freight train!
tin. I and run tr w.ekly. No. t leaves
Mamphia Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
eaaphls anit Mule Keek Trains
moTa as follow! (central stand rd tlraa):
ho. 1 laavaa daily at 5:'5 ..ro,; arries at
t:S p.m. ho. S learn at d.oB a.m. I arrival
aU ."ee No 6 (freight) leaves llopefleld
daily (eiarpt bonday) at 6:0) a.m.; arrival
at 7:10 p.m.
Memphis aad Charleston Train!
Biore aa foMown Thrnugh ,i press learri
daily at M:M p.m Mail and express leave!
daily at ff:l(la ra. how.rvl'le aooommoiia
lion Ir.ve. daily, aioapt Sunday, at4:W
p.m. Through eipreia arrive! d.ily at 5:24
a.m. M iil and MK''i ar-ivn daily el 4:Vi
S.ro. SomervillK accommodation arrive
ally, aiorpt Bvnday, al;;W a.m.
learn, ill and lHIi Train!
move ai foll.ws: Fait mail arrival daily at
;li.a.: 'eares al Id: HI i.m i mail leave,
i'ily at !: a.m. H'own-ville aoooino'O
datlow leavni daily, aniiit hundy. al i:U
fi.m.t mail arrival dai'y at f:0l p.m.
Irownnvilla aorommoda'fon arrival dal'va
einept Hundav, at 8:4(1 a.m. standard time).
nimp)itla, litrnilnaham Mitel iln
lf HoH Hnrinvi Kiuile-Traini move al
tolloai: No 1 leavei Memi bii daily at 9:45
m. : nrrivel it llnlly t-prinici at 6:3(1 p m i
No. 2 leavei Iftrihy -4rriiiK'' dily at 9:(ti
a.m., arriwta at Meniiihti at '1 :1& a.m. i No.
( leave' Memphli daily l 7: p.m., arrival
a' II l y Hprinur nil) .Ml p.m. i ho. A 'ami
V JlT Kirinr daily at a.m., arrival at
Memr-iili at H:;fia.m.
Clair Paale-IUanuia 4'lly, nprlna--
rMand Hlrmplil) Train leave M.and
,T. dapat ai fol own No. 4, Kama i'r i-
reia, leave! t li :.' a.ro ! No. a, haoi'i
Up aip'a.a. ar-tvea al 3: mi p.m. rn. a,
aaiaa Oil mail. Iravc at fi :1a) ii.tn. l No. 1.
Kaaiai Uity tnall, btttui at a:V a.m. No.
t, Ht. Loaif and Chi hi o eira . eavei at
6:00 p.ai. Na t,K. liouii aad Chioaoei
rira', arr voa atH:4.ta.m. la elect Sunday,
AVIU 1, inmimmmmm an aa as
YViamiinTo, T.C,,l
I a.m., April 22, 1V4
iDilfettloni for Mnmpliis 111(1 vicin
ity: Fair wrath sr, Htalionary temprr
Bture, Ulua crmwnt, red star.
For thf Ohio Vallry anil Tennntt:
Fairmnlkn; tiaiionary ttmjtrraturt; light
mriabU windt.
MrlrornliiaTloxl Krpnrl.
Mririu, Tarnt., April 21, ISK.
Timo. Kir. Tliur. Wind. VFthZr
7:00 a.m. 10 Vr' 57.0 N W OiiT"
11 :00 a.m. :) 1211 72.0 N.W. Clear
:00 p.m. f'.OM Rl." N.W. (Uar
T:tn) p.m. W( RO.O N.K. Clear
10:1)0 p.m. i0.0;W 711.0 N.K. Clear
Maxtmnm tempprfii'iro, fl J.0.
Miniimim toiniiurature, 50.0.
Rainlail, .00.
Oaonc, II a m , 2,
A.II otwirfations are taken on 75"
cnorldian timn.wltioh la one hoar (aator
than local time.
la Iba t'oltaa Kealoa.
April 21, 1880-6 p m.
Division cf UO. nram! and n p rti for
iheni-at nf coinmtrcn and agilcol
t 0'ifon rion bnllBlin for the
: t-fonr honra ending April 21th,
! rk p.m.
tkkt a B B a S E s-
? " ? ' F
' mpli'a 82 HI .00
"hvillH 70 54 .(0
- anil Junut ou... 8! 5,'i .00
Curinili 82 1)0 .00
Tnarninbia H:i 61 00
pHCatnr 84 f-0 .(HI
llcoitslioro 82 4!l .01
BatvilU Hi 6a .00
Hernando. . 82 60 .)
tireovd 83 41) .00
ArllDtiton 82 6n .00
BtowubviIIh 81 63 .thl
Milau 8J 52 .00
Puria 78 30 .00
Covlnmon 2 63 .(Ml
Dyerabu'R... 82 63 .00
Bolivar R3 f-j ,(io
BollJ Sp iiiK" 81 65 .OH
Oxford 83 66 .10
Antra. .. .. 1655 91& .00
Mono 826 .00
1 1 c i ' e
' E B
Wilnimit'i n 8 4tl 10
Cliailioi 77 37 Oil
Adru t 711 54 01
Hpvanim'i.. 81 f4 18
Allania SO 5 00
MonlnniTfi v 8:1 5ti
MolilK 84 5ft ro
New Oi'eauH 511
t.HlvH'OQ Rt 6H IH)
Vickab'i-g 81 67
Little II . 84 50 00
Wttupli a 82 1 2 tH)
Rums HR! 0 0 .30
... 82 6.1 .02
Th(( O'-no j ry la slid hung.
Delicior.H i e-rrram and sherbet
at the Wot:ien'a Kxcliango to- ay
'1 he houaci) w hich oneo stood on
Ho; HcM poi.it arc whirling about in
the r.teds.
The Citizen's Ptreel IlaiUay Com
pany dpi tK'd up its Madimin Ktreet
line vi otenby and it was well patron
id.) ' fVilioii for divorce was filed in
the CJin.ivy t ourt yehterday by
An:,a nviiir.hu Irenr.o iKiw The
usuii! n 'l i t tlriinkeiiiieKM and
crunty i i mlviiiiw d.
Vi iuu BVti ui', paved frtnn the
tity ' t , j rU I nisi) o K''e," is 1 1 it" lnt
),; Ko 1 ,, , m, .!.r in ti c riitinty About
:!':.'I'bI' ' ,'"11 .-llbClibi'i! lo I Xl 'lul
il to 11 o rri" tiK'.k, ml tl.uti-uii ihin
aitl.c il v .
Mi'V "ib I'll" bi "n wlei '.v'd by
Treaanrer Green an the date for bin
benetiL I le deaerve a big houae A
more dtwrvedly popular young man
never occupied 'the diHagreeable poai
tion of treasurer of the M nipbia
Cbarlea Mitchell, an iron-monlder
from ItiirTalo, N. Y., was arrested by
dipt. Huckctt anil I'atrolnian Jackson
yesterdny, on a telegram accusing him
of having piuwcd counterfeit nionevon
re i Iron. I bunds at Iycxington, Ji'm.
lie bad $li in genuine lulls on big
jM-nxin when arrected, and aaya he
was innocent of any intention to do
wrong. The tolice ln-lieve in his in
nocence. The ftinnicht Kcandal of the season,
a fine obi bow d'ye do, comes from
South Memphis. A few nights since
a gi'iillemnn whose mili'ary experi
ence gained him courage and a title,
left bis wife's bedroom to lay for a
burglar. He remarked that he in
tended to catch him if it took all sum
mer and begged her not to be dis
turbed if be should be absent for any
length of time, hbortly afUr he stole
out, pistol in hand, die concluded it
would be wise to warn a young lady
guest not to be alarmed if she heard a
shot, and. gliding noiselessly to the
door of her room, opened it. The
young lady departed for home very
early tho next mominit.
Nole Agents for H orace B. Kelly A
t'tj.'s Kry Wext Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
price A full assortment constantly
on bit nil at, the following stands con
trolled 1)V us: Oayoso Hotel Bland,
1'eabody 114'1 stand and 310 Main
street. Freajj shipments received
i. hamkijon t co.
Jl'DOlt i-)HIKNTI4 WaITK of Holly
Sjirings, Miss., is in tlio city.
Mims ('.MdiiK Sen er is still absent,
visiting Miss McKuight of l'udurah.
Tub New Y' rk Cotton Kxchange
will be clowd Kridav and Saturday,
April 2!!l and 24th.
Ci-osino prices of May options at
Chicago yesterdny : l'ork, Jll 05 ; lard,
5l)(lc; clear rib sides, 5 Jc; forn,
:( ; wheat, 81 Jc ; outs, 30jc.
Visitops on 'Change yesteiduy: C.
1' Aligell, (ialviston; Milton Nbsig,
Toronto; K. T. Norris, Baltimore; A.
Ringer, Ht. fxHiig; T. llriinnn and IV,
W. Clark, Cantuii, Oh o.
Sr. liOi'ls Rif)iibluiin: It is alleged
on excellent aiilUrity that .licmphis
has been given a l'.l eenta cut on hust
bound rates. Th.iSt. 1iuis tariil' was
held lirm, of course Jet tho cotton
men jiroU'st loudly.
Armruir 4 Co liave r lowed the can
ning branch of their business in Chi
cago until Texas grass cattle begin to
come. I-atcly they have slaughtered
2( 0 to 3' 0 cattle daily for canning pur
poses, but, aa stilled, will remain
closed for at leas one month. The
reasnna assigned nr. that they have on
hand more than enough canned goods
to (ill all pruHcut rders and at the
present high.priccsW canning cattle
and the prion for 0ods, there is no
d oncv in yiaking eontrucU for the
near future.
-r r ?
Yrraaarer irrrua Ben.BI.
The tint" for the prpBui'ation of the
Doctor of .4cnnfarn by local art iets, for
trieb -nfl ol TicRsnrer Giejn of the
Munpblit Ttieater, baa been fix-'d for
Mi.? 4lh. All arrang. nicnts have
ben made for the euccesnfel preaonta
t tori of ilist charming operetta, a':d a
crowded house may be predicted.
Baker and t'arroa.
The Soap HuliliU was presented by
the D.ker and Farron company to
(air audience, who were quite liberal
with their (slighter and applause,
me o ao, p rhaps, than the meaita of
the oiei e d aerve. The comnan v nns-
seesea a ressorahle amonnt of talent
that wou'd donbtlesa rh )w to good ad
vantsgx in a batter play, if the term
p'aviaibe jtiHtly applied to such
j'iiiilil-B ol (1 seonnr cted nonsenfe.
inenMiieil the author is omitted
fr m the bill, donblb at f.ir the reason
that no tane man la willing to father
i'. Tho pingirs of Messrs. Baker.
Farron, Kiel) and Mack ia
one (t the redeeming features
nf t'te performance, the latter two gen
tleu an bsvii g noticeably good voices.
To the Invent of a knock-down and
drag o'lt kind of a farce, interspersed
here a id thern wlib varietv businesa
nf a I cr quality, the Soap Utibblt will
rloubt'css prove attractiva. It will he
rppealod tc night and tn-mnrrow night.
No matinee Saturday, and purchasers
of matinee tickets will have their
money le'unded
4'lrralt 4'ourl Plrrre, Jadfa.
No jury calendar for to-day. The
court will bear any non-jury cases
that are ready.
J. W Vernon and wife to Malnne
A Kobinson, lot 15, block 35, South
Memphis for 2000.
l'eter Lynch to Patrick Carlin. in
U'rest in lot No. 3, Woodruff's subdi
vision, fronting 4!) feet on Johnson
avenue, for MOO.
Thoa. Connors to Tat Carlin, inter
est in lot !4, Woodruff's subdivision,
Minting 4lJ feet on JohiiHon avenue,
v apea aatt 1 arrlacm at W, at. Ed
ward! Bra. Nlahle ta only
li la ! city that baa ttarm.
frlrphona Ordrra promptly attend
rd la. Tvlrhonra Maa 6 and7SS.
Wkra He Talka, He Talk a 110,000.
John Robinson "thniws down the
gau tlet" of tlO.OtX), open to every
ntanAtrcr in the world, to comiiete witii
bis Mammoth Snow in magnitude and
merit. Not one of them has thus far
"knocked tho chip" from tho old vet
erans lUty-iiiner's bat. Some of you
smart showmen, come up to the front
and put up your bunds. Kobinson'a
show will t e here May 3.
Mrmphla Floral aa tbc lararaat
alork al itlaaia la Una,
Pare C'renm.
We not only say, but can aulwtanti
ate our claim of having and making
the best Ice-Cream iu the city. We
challenge competition.
Conn. a aad Carrlacra at W. B.
Krtwftrd Broa.' Mablr tb aoly
B'nw ! I he rlly tbat baa tbrm.
1, ! phon tlrdrra pramplly attrad-
rd la. i i-le-hona Naa. and 7ria
IryfiiiK and (louiilug.
Lm'.ih' and gents' clothes cleaned
ot dvi d in any color, also kid glovee,
( strict. 't-Hthera and lace curtains by
Heii.el 58 Jefferson street, Mem
pl,Tei.u. (joourciribyeipt-8.
Clrcat llarxalna) In Nllkn.
We offer
25 pea Raye Glace Summer Silks
at 22 Jc a yard.
50 pes Black and Gray and B ack
and White Tlaid, Check and
Striped bummer Bilks at 30c a
yard. Considered cheap at 50c.
10 pes 24-inch Heavy Black Gros
Grain Drees Silk for 85c a yard,
worth 1 35.
15 pes All Pure Silk Satin Tricot
(black) for 72Jc a yard. Sold
everywhere at SI.
Illm-li Dri'MM (oox1m.
Immense Bargains.
15 pieces Black Albatross, full 42
inches wide, onr price bra been
40c a yard. Tc-day we offer tbis
lot at 27 Jc
25 pieces Black Albatross, full 42
inches wide, guaranteed all wool
and well worth 00c a yatd. We
now offer them to close at 40c,
20 pieces Black Nun's Veiling, 40
inches wide, sold throughout
the seaion at 60; a yard. You
can buy them to-day, and as
long as they last at 35c a yard.
Embroidery Department.
Special Drives.
500 pea Mull Embroidery, from 2
to 5 inches wide, fresh, clean
goods. This entire (line we offer
at 25s a yard.
50 dos Ladies' Colored Striped Col
hrd and Cufli at 15c a set.
f O des Ladies' Whits Linen C iffs
at 10c a pair.
Ski ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kamomininq telephone 009, A. Mc
Neil. Lemons and Bananas a specialty.
J0UNS0N A GUINNK, f2 Front.
Memphis Stainkd Glass Wobks, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Bind a pos'al to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Hahd-painthd Easter eggs and cards
at the Woman's Exchange. Home
made bread and cakee. Desserts of all
IIavi yon a damp, unhealthy cel
lar? Watson's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wholesome. Tele
phone 938.
Send to Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current o' plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and aee for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete," for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
rtable floors, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, and proof
against dampness and seepage. Tele
phone 038.
Ths Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioand anti-periodic known. A eertnin
and iur. oure tor chill" Hri"e 11 per boK
tie. Send atauii I lot circular.. Any rof-
arenr. (iien. M ireiu John C. ttnnker.
Lrnotib.rg, va.
W. E. Edwards A Bbo.'s stable is
the only place in the city where
coupes can be furnished for ladies
calling either single and double. Alto
a nice line ol light livery at reasona
ble rates. Orders by telephone
promptly attended to. Telephone Noa,
00 and 753.
One solid gold, fly back, stop-watch.
1-5 seconds, only (oO; 1 18-karat solid
gold Geneva watch, weighs 62 dwt,
(K); 1 14-karat solid gold Elgin watch,
$:5: 1 18 karat heavy and very fine
Waltham watch, $50; 1 box-case,
solid gold, 10-karat Elgin watch, 25 ;
other solid gold watches from J8 to
$40; solid ail ver watches, in good or
der, from 12 to $15; solid gold rings
from $1 up ; genuine diamond rings,
$5 up; 8-ttay clocks, warranted one
year, at $3 apiece; 1 very fine 6J
karat old mine diamond, free of flaws,
only $500 this stone cost $1300; 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel, pearl and
solid gold set bracelet and necklace,
cost before the war $300. will bo sold
for $35. All goods will be sold on approval-
and money refunded if not
74 and 76 Beale street,
J. B. HOTTllFl.y. Manager.
Flae Watch repairing at Mnlford'a.
llltr !.
The owning of Smn-rit's Ice-Cream
Parlors, April 24th, 37 Madison street.
Order Mi1r1ii at Mulford'a.
In order to introduce the Alabama
Splint Coal In this market, it will be
delivered at 36c per barrol in city lim
its. It has no superior.
P. at. PATTERSON A 00.
Telephone 559.
Monogram llanKlettt Mnlfbrd.
John Walsh, Undertaker,
308 Second, near cornor Monroe.
Solid .Silverware at Mul ford's
Watkw's Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof againHt dampness, seepage
ami rats. Telephone w;k.
Have Your French flocks
Put in order at Mulford's, 294 Main.
Tka Krw Uayaaa.
Ratal, t2 M t 14 per d-r, according to loea-
tiuB of room..
E J 0"C.BBr. Mi) M C McOhe. Ill
J F B'im.,Tann J W Muaii ber, Pa
F M Ov.noa, Tenn KHUerndua.Oa
AM Vtaioa. Ill S J Hutrheron, Ky
I. K Itunrh, Mo CFracrk, La
11 Bfiiorkwell, K T Mm M Vocum Ao. Mo
V H Wilooi, Ohio J HUid-isburo. Va
L U Atwwd, Ky MnT White. Idioi
Mr. McUonneil, Ala J M Preatriil.a, Ala
K 11 Moore, Mai! L R Atwood, Ohio
M Pc inter, J A Qtllnway, Mini
H A Iloniap, Tenn W 11 llud-i.n, Tana
TiJ Allen, Mi Pr J W Off man, Ark
C II Poan., Mo J C N.ih, Mo
C II Foote, Mm T J C'auH.b.ll, Mil.
M Miliar, MY Ll William., Ala
H titewart, Ala 8 11 Boyd, Mill
E L PnarioD, Aiim H ii (iray. Mini
T JMnniiotnerr.TeDnB J Cowan, T.nn
C Srnber, 111 P 8 Archibald, T.na
T I Williami Aw, ArkV O t ook Aw, Mil.
W(l Kobin.oa Aw.AlaN C Yeamani, Mi..
K A Ray, Mira C M Parker, Mini
KPWiitre. Mii R II Payre Aw, Pa
J J Tevlnr Aw, Ohio T M King, Alt
1 Lea, Ala T N Fiti.eraM, Ark
WO Ilarriioa Aw, Mini) K Smith, Mill
II T Noonn, Tenn W T Snyder Aw, Tens
K 8 Bond, Tenn K W Harriott, N Y
L M Cole, NY I C Hill, N Y
bakib and faa.og Taoura.
PJ Baker Aw
Mim (i Kmmett
T K Prry
U W Rick
E II Mack
U Coma
T f V
Mim M Wantworth
W T Dobton
U I) RawliDl
J A Ryan
K Uarriiua.
tVaaloa'a flolrl.
W. II. BINOII AM Maaaota.
European plan, b'nlarved and refurniihed.
Price! according to ii. and loca
tion of room..
I. T W.llii, Tenn J Mull, Ark
W A Kobardi. Mo T Or.ham. Tenn
R R Foote, Mia. Mim Ella Font., Hill
C A Peter on, Neb J L Onlloy, Tenn
T Boyd, Tenn J 8 Dobbini, Milt
Mir. A Webber, Mill K II Bone, Tenn
K Mflluire, III W K Fulrell, Mill
8 L I)avii, Tenn J W Terry, Mill
J I, Adam!, Tenn (1 W Smith, Tox
J U Miller, Kr K H Becker, Ky
E J Horner, Tenn J T Bruntiey, Tenn
P Bit urn NY J B llr.hain.Tenn
0 11 Roger., Mil! J T (liiodyear, Mill
Jl'Hall, Mii W B Viinkick. Mo
JFEI.ii. Tenn 7. T Collier, Ohio
J M Muthgate. Kr F 8 Kavanaugh, Ky
(1 K Rudiiill, Tenn K Roll, Tenn
Miia M Roll, Ton U A W Chninblim, Tenn
P Tracy , oily TR Wallii Aw, Tenn
Pea body Hotel
C. B. OALUlWAi A CO Pbomiitob.
Ratei ti 6U and t'l per duy, aomir. ing to
lin and location of room Special
ralei made.
J O Leach, Mil 0 B Vanoa, Mil!
J f llu ton, Slim 8 Swiininn, Ark
J II Maddux, Mm L II Lnnier, Tenn
W N 8ievcti, Ark W I) Jonei. Ark
J Ii L. now, Ark W II Chadilock, III
II K In ii, La 1) Davenport, Tenn
V II Mntthewr, P K L Norri-, Jr, lnd
W M t litrke, Ohio C F 8iiumoni, Mo
J W Diivid, N Y T lliirtuian, Ark
L A Weakley, Ky T H Jarkion, Tenn
W A Wiili.inifon, tenn C II Ockloy, Ohio
U Sutherland, Mo W M Cook, Mm
M V Htillman, Mill C 8tinn.ii, Mo
0 T Rockwell, Mo T J Reid, Tenn
K M Swearinger, Mill J Y Parkor, Mo
J W Woolilridge, Mo Mn Ynrum Ad, Mo
L Wi l-e, Ky K L Beach, Mo
CC IIII. Ill UORichardann.Ark
Mi l Richatdion.Ark J A t'ooptr, Mill
C liurrii. NY T 8 (loodall. Tenn
W J Kobinion. Ky W P McF.wcn, Tenn
8 B Samuel! Aw, Ala J M Boyd, Tenn
J 1! Saini klni, Tenn S L Gilbert, Mo
(1 Meimion, Parii A L'ayron, Parii
OJ Ing noil, Mo II C Kuihtnn, Pa
S Parehall, Ala Mill L Panhnll, Ala
I, Human, Ky C B Reavii, Mo
W M Howell, Mo J (Jritnei, Ala
J Miller, Via C Bcihandoi, Fla
E J Scunlan, Ark J M Oreavci, N Y
K Bonner, N J SSSimmi, NO
I, liroddy, Tenn M Levy Aw, Ark
J P MuDouald. Mill Mn McDonald, Mill
S N Lee, Min.
Clarendon Hotel.
Noi. Ill and 63 Madiion itreet.
BOWLES A LF.AKU Proi-kixtoxs.
Ratal 1& I er uay, day board 120 per
W J llarttell. Tenn W Akin. La
J F Hamlin, tenn L W Huffman, N Y
W Al Crone, city I. B Latter. Mini
T (iarchet, P 0 N .Sparki, Toun
J M Collin", Mill II I) Mury, Tenn
Li M Admon, 111 V B t rench, Tenn
M Thompinn, Fla CK Tanner, Mo
B N Kinell, Tenn 0 C C aster, Mill
FManinn, NY II M Howling, Ky
b Cannon, Ala M LWelliugton.Tenn.
Dully 'a European Hotel,
Corner of Adami and Main iireoti. Roomi,
oue, locana .1 per uay: American flan,
$2 per dny.
Flnt-olail Reltuurant in the TTotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yearn with Pea'ioiy Hotel)
C II Farrell, Tenn Mn W EvercttAc Ala
W K McUuire, Tenn B A Joisol, N Y f -
Jahn Harvey, Tenn WP Day, Tens'
MnWatinibrAcMi.l J Unean Aw Mo
Jno Smith, Tenn J P Hoylo, Tenn
A H Hutchmion.Mlli O W McDowell, Mill
L it Campbell, lenn J l Mcrunney, lenn
P M Morrii, Ark J Smoot, Tenn
F Clark, Tenn J L McFarland, Mo
Meath, Tenn R M Parham, Tena
Iliekl. Tenn I) 8 Wolf. Mn
R Brantl.y, Tena R Wa'laoe, Mo
Carroll. Tenn
I) O Wheeler, Tenn
W B Pope, Tenn
F Johnion, Ark
T Taher, Mill
F M Ward, Kama.
T II Wiie, Ark
JTWillinmi, Tenn
L P W Miami. Tenn
J C Kelli, Miei
J R Miller, Tenn
A A Martin, Ky
D D Kami. Mo
(1 Z Taylor, Kama.
nil vvauon, Kaniaa
II Browa, Ark
w U Bolton. T.nn
P L Uarrir, Ky
i C Bweiny, Tenn.
Excellence and Cash
Are the secrets of Mulford's success.
Notice to Travelers and Shippers,
li.araia. Tax., April 16, 1886.
Until further notice trains between
Memphis and Madison will be discon
tinued. Steamers w. 11 leave dai'y from
foot of Poplar street, at 6 o'clock p.m.,
connecting at Madison with tra ns for
Little Kock and all points West.
Freight for Madison and points beyond
must be delivered at wharfboat. at
foot of Poplar street, before 2 o'clock
p.m. Steamer Coahoma will leave
this evening, and s earner . W. Cole
to-morrow evening, huuolph pink,
ueneral manager.
tin to Rnllertare at Ijtaonaaralaa for
yai.r Plnmblnar aad Una-r tttlue;.
Old Gold and Silver
Taken as cah, Mulford's' 294 Main.
a .
Wei ttaderiae at Latemanlae to d
year flaaablaa;.
Mulford, Jeweler. 804 Main, so
loclta orders from the roautry.
He to Matmiata Floral Ceaaaa?
for tvlaula aad plenty of then..
AmrnoNAL fiveks.
KvaNsviLLi, April 21. Night Rivef
falling, with 35 feet on the gauge.
vveitttier clvar and waiin. Busiue
quii t
Cairo, April 21. Night River 50
feet 4 inches on the gauge and falling.
No arrivals or departures of regular
Nw OaLKA.-is, April 21. Night-
Arrived: Annie P Silver, St. Louis.
Departed : Future City and barges, St.
Lou-jbvilli. ADril 21. Niaht FJver
falling, with 10 feet in the canal and 7
feet i inches on the falls. Business
fair. Weather clear and pleasant.
CiacirtitATi. April 21. Niaht River
22 feet 8 inches on the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear and warm. De
parted: Ohio. Memphis; Paris C.
Brown, New Orleans.
St. Locis, April 21. Night River
risen 1 inch, and now stands 23 feet
7 inches on the gange. Weather clear
and warm. No arrivals or regular
packet. Departed : City of Natchez.
New Orleans.
To all who are laffering frcja the error! aad
Isdiicratlon! of youth narvoui weakaeu
early daeay, I oil of manhood, ate, I will
end a recipe that will ear yon, FREE OF
CHARGE. Thi. great remedy wa. discover
ed hr a miuicinary la South America. Send
elf-addreiiad envelop to the Kv. Jjtirs
T. Iasi'e, AWioa V, If ' i
The firm of GOODBA.R A CO. bas been dissolved, and we have reorganized our ictereet in the Wholee Bool
and Shoe Bnsinees, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, love A Co., St Lonis, Mo., and Mr. J. O.
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., under the style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends for their patronage
ia the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAI.
Lata of Ooodbar A Co., Memphli. Lata of Ooodbar A I o., Memphia. Late of Warren. Lot. k Co., St. Lunii. Lite of Cold waUr,
3G7 k 369 Main
We are now receiving large and Entirely New Stock of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Itcek Bottom Price,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of which we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady A Sbortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris A Co. 's Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nate & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co. line of Lidiaa' and
Miseos' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder tha Factory Brands.
By Order of the Court
of Common Sense
No. 1.
To All Good Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Publio Opinion, Judge of the Court
of Common Sense No. 1, for the City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
hereby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of this Court that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Second
streot, have received an elegant stock
of New Spring Clothing, which is
being offered at remarkably lew
As it is for the interest of all good
citisens to get the most possible for
their money, I, Publio Opinion, dor
in my official capacity, invite every
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, No; 262 Seoond street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commenced, wa state that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Seoond
street, are selling fine Tailor-Made
Qarments at ono-half their real value,
I grant that place the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second St, Memphis,
0pp. Court Square.
Judge of Common Sense Court
No. 1, Memphis, Tenn.
ftakM Kvnlaaa Bill 9
iBIiL.i O'efaek. Kalnrdaj. till 1.
; j leawaiarr, all aJtaratlaaa
Imore a perlewt at doae fr f
rharte by a Btrat-rlaea aatlar Id aeir
imponare aao aeaiara in m..-.
nlilaaaaa riablae; Taikli, Sallder.'
Hardwares t-lrvlrta Meilla aad A m
aaaelaaaralor Hotel, aad KeiMenpei.SaS
Mala ilnft, Mr hi evil la, Ta. Kleetrio
appltee alwaji on haadJARepairln: neatly
Frank Scliamann,
Umporter and Dealer la
deal, Ftahlaa; Tarale mn SaaHa.
uea-iaanalira. .r Sieoial atlantion
eiren to MANLFAcrURX.i and KB
PAIRISd. -aa
4ia Miala NtMetupblrTeun
rVs fT-TL 7
waoiiga T.n
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn,
officeno. 24 high street.
De maae Dy any competing market.
We also control
OF Every Doaiorlptlon.
James M. Goodbar Win. K,, Clark Eugene J. Carrlnittoa Frank Q.Ionet
IXXaatAbllaalxecl I860.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to ! ERCHiHTS OILY the largest ard beat itoek of Boot and Shoe, we
havo ever brought to taia market, and which cannot be lurpanedin quality and
tylei by any honie in thi. or any other city. In addition to a oomnlete lina of Eaatern
made goodi, ineladint tha 1'ELt.Baal KU OOOUBaK A CO. BKOUtlVS. wehandl.
a large and aeleot stock of Custom-made Goodi for Men, Women, Mines and Children. Wt
carry a number of the best makes in the eounlry, in arerv variety and style, aad amonf
them the well known Men's Calf Boot, and Shoes manufactured by Geo. Un.ker for onr
Spring Trija. We alio carry a choice line of Ladies' and Mines' Custom Kid. Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invito the trade to eiamine
our .tock before buying elsewhere, and wa guarantee everything we sell to give sauslaotion.
Boiler Works.
SHEA A McCAUTlIY.rropr'g,
140, 142, 1U Front, Memphis.
in the 800th, and the only eomplete
Boiler and 8ieet-Iroii Worki in tha city.
Hnanractnreri of btiavy plate lroa
work of ..try description. Speolal
attantloa m a nlaavatlon work.
Euutze Bros.,
120 Broadway, New
DEPOSIT account, received from bank
er, merchant, and others, and inter
est allowoii on Lalances.
Advance, made to correspondents on ap
proved business paper or other good collateral
Letters of or edit iasn.d. Collections made.
Government bonds and other securities
om hi aad sold on commission.
M Hadtnoa rUrt. ifemnbla, Tena
AfULL stock of Wooden and M eta Hi
Cases and Caskets, Burial Rooes, etc,
always on hand. Orders by Telegraph or Tel
ephone PvoniTy attnHad to.
For Scale Ijow.
TI1S family residence of the late Ha. A.
N. McKay, cor. Lauderdale and Jessa
aiine St.. t ia excellent repair. Furniture
will be sold with the house if desired. For
inlorraation. apply to A. N. MoCOLLUM,
agent. Van Vlect k Co.'s drng store.
Cr. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Woald call attention of bis friends
and patrons to ai.
Comprising tha ohricest and latest da
signs af Foreign Goods in the market.
Davie taken special care in their seleo
tion.I am pleased to say to my customera
and auhlio who favor me with a call, to
show th.m lines ol goods only found in
leading houees.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
SIS Main Kt., Memphis, Tenn
Wlahlaa; la HeUre Irnna Bnalaeas
We Oiler onr Entire
A Valuable Patent. 1
Daasy'a (Harse) Cera and Pea Plan.
wv. ...
HAVING perfected my invention, I wi.h
n pIiim it before the public, especially
m ..rntacturers. As a Corn Planter, it is
perlert pooeei. opens the drill, distribute
the seed acci r.tely, aniniared, and eover
the same, thereby one man performing the
work el three. Thev have been osed in
this section for over a dotcn years with per
fect satisfaction . tan give rwpoL sible testi
monials. ddreas
J0HH H. DANCT.Daneyville,
Haywood Bounty. Tenn-
; Subscribe for .taeuAppaV'
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for
on as liberal terms as can
the following Specialties under oar
own brands, vis :
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's' Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bala, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM.
MADE Bale, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 90 Shoes, g
Oar Ladies' $3 00 Shaes are made from the best se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
fn every resnect.
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
BrnOed Frnlt Pickled Orange),
Stalled Frnlt Flekled Cneumbera,
Staffed Frnlt Pickled Peppers,
bluffed Frnlt Pickled Mangoes,
Mixed Sweet Pick lea,
Croaa at Black welPa Chew-Chow aad
Mixed Plcklea,
Plain Cnenmber Plekles by tberall.
Other brands of Plain and Mixed
Plcklea In eiase and Olives.
Corner Sfcond and Beale 8ta.
fions, Ammnnltlon, Fishlnfr Tackle
and Uu8e-l(all Hoods.
! Main Street, Memphis. Tenn;
Manufacturing and Repairing of Guns a
Joan Oviaraw, Ja. 0. N. Gaosvaaoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Offloe,2G4 Seoond Street.
. K. Cor. and Oonrt,
Taxes Paid. Rent. Coliectad. a to., ea
No B14 XkXAlza. I
Has Just received a large stock of the
latest style, ol
for Pants, which w.wil' make to-order at
mucb les. than the usual prices. W. will
make a good all-wool pants for vS. Call
and examine our goods. Alio, a eomplete
lor the coming season at our nsual low
A. HEXTER, 0. 211 MAIN ST.
Among the Northern Laks
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of delightful places where one oaa past
the summer month, in quiet rest aad enjoy
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Eaoh
recurring season brings to Ooonomonoc.
Waukesha, Beaver Dam, Frontenac, Oko
boM, Minnetocka, White Bear, and lint
merabie other charming localities with ro
mantio names, thousands of our best people
whose winter hemes are aa either aids ol Ma
.on and Dixon', line. Kleganoe a d oem
fortt at a moderate oost, ean be readily ob
tained. A list ol summer home., with all
necessary inferma ion pertaining. Oaereto, ia
being distributed by the Caioiao, Mu.wao
im aim Ht. Picl Railwat, and w ill be sent
free upon epplicati. n by letter i.o A. V. 11.
Carpenter, General Passet gey 'Agent, MU
wankee. Wis.
WW, Nan vi Ann Bain Tr.atm.kt,
, a guaranteed speaino for Hy staria, Diasi-
c ness, vonvuision-e, tits, n erv.ios rieurai
' tie, Headache, Nerve ' Prostration, caused
I by tha use of alcohol or lobacoot Wake-
lulnaaa, Kentai IMprxsw. , Be!tnint of the
Braia, resultinc in insanl ty and leu. ing to
niiBery, 1 decay and deeAh; Premature 4
Age, Barrenaeaa, La, of Power in either
Involtuitaxy Lorse. and Spermator
rhea, can, i by ovar-uxertioa oi the brain,
aelf-abuse arorrindnlgenoe. Each box eon
tains one meriti.1 treatment. II a box, 01
six boxes for tS, .en: kv mail prepaid, on
receipt of prioe. We gnari-ntce Six Boxet
to onre any oaie. With eaoh order r.oeived
by ns for six boxes, accompanied with -r.
we will send the purchaser our written
guaractaa to refund the money if the treat
ment doe -ot effect a onre. Guarantee,
issued onlybv A. RBNKVHTJr m.. Droi
giiti, Memphis. T"T" -""y.Tr.J
a7ttvyia'niii'''r "nui1

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