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VOI XLVI 0. !M5.
OOclitl Atinouttccmeat of the Objec
tions of Ihe American
Vbiladki.pbia, 3a.. April 22. The
.American Iron end Steel Association
-officially Anitouacea its objections to
t' e tariff biil now before Ckmgress as
Vat--On acoount of the uncon
cealed offer of assistance to the
Schem'M of foreign producers to ob
tain a larger share of the markets of
. this c jfmntry than they now possess.
Snr 0nd. because of the entire ab
K'nc of principle which characterizes
its yrnnpotriticn.
1 Turd. Because of the implication
in the proposed repeal of the duties
on . such raw materials as lumber, salt,
w ool, hemp and flax, and in the pro
P seed maintenance of existing duties
o n many manufactured products, that
Jte interests of American manufactur
ers are more to be onsidered in the
framing of a tariff bill than the inter
ests cf other American products
Jfyurlh. Because of the absence of
sa single provision for a correction of
fcany of the grave errors aflecting du
ties which are embodied in the pres
ent tariff.
fifth. Bccautte its introduction is a
wholly unfieeesFarv desturbance of
"business; because It moots no want
and removes no grievance of any
American industry; because its en
actment would be followed by ruinous
conseqnen' es; because it responds t
no patriotic impulse; because its
spirit and provisions are thoroughly
British and essentially un-American.
It is a nuasureof the crudest statesman
ship. Kocruder tariff measure has ever
emanated from a Wavs and Means
Committee, lleyon j the advance to
ward free trade, which is noticeable
in its proposed additio 6 to ihefreo
list, it simplifies nothing in the present
tariff, but, on the contrary, further
complicates the levying and collection
of duties and increases the opportuni
ties for frauds on the revenue by sub
stituting ad valorem for spec fic
duties in many instances. The bill
is framed in utter disregard of the
. promise contained in the Chicago
platform of 1884, upon which the
present administration came into
power; that it is not proposed to in-
. jure any domestic industries, but
rather to p-omote thei' healthy
growth. It is not entitled to the re
spect of the American people, and we
trust that it will not receive the ap
proval of your body.
Between Mlnrra nnl Hnndllaln I ho
Male or tiarvn Lou.
8ah Atoxio, Ttx., April 22. In
formation reached here to-day of a
fight wh'ch occurred a few nights ago
at the Dolores silver mine, in the Slate
of Nuevo Leon. Tho Dolores mining
camp lies a short distance, from
the town of Vallecili, ofl the line of
the Mcxi. Bn National road. A large
and desperate band of mountain ban
dits attac-ed the camp f r the purpose
of robbery about 1 o'clock on the
morning. The camp is protected by a
heavy adobe wall, whicl the bandits
era ed. It J,Bogif!i, stip'Tintendent
of4iw Mtni'V snd-W. 6. ivol, engi
neers, both American', rallied a hun
dred or more Mexican miners and
charged the bandits, but were re
peat' dly driven back. The battle
lasted one hour. The camp was finally
saved by the arrival of Alcalde Gar
cia, with a poss of fifty citizens
from Vallecili, at 'whose approach
the bandits retreated to the moun
tains, having failed to secure the ex
pected 1 ooty. Five dead bandits and
eleven wounded were h ft behind. On
the side of the miners none were
killed, but a down or more seriously
wounded, some fatally. Capt. Tool,
the engin- er who participated in tho
battle, arrived here this evening, di
rect from the scene. ' The wounded
bandits were carried to Vallecili,
where they will be executed.
The) Htmwj of Ham Aahmo'l
Dktkoit, Mich., April 22. A varied
criminal cxreer ha? been that ef (Sam
Ashman during tho lar. few years.
He was sent to Ionia for burglary, be
ing at the ime time undur indictment
for robbety latt year with several
. others. He broke jail r.nd escaped to
Canada. He wag extradited on-the
charge of robbnry nd has bad two
trials, the jury disagreeing both times.
While awmtiDg trial ha perjured him
self by claiming to have committed a big
diamond robbery in Bufldb, the -object
of the confession being to secure
' the releare of a friend under arrest for
- that crinta. Beings prisoner heroutd
not be held responsible for pcijury,
. and having bson ext-adited for rnb
' berv, be could not be sent bark to fia
i ish his term i r burg'ary. The evi- -dence
in the robbery cae beirg weak,
the prosecuting attorney withdrew it
and Ashman ws given one hour to
leave the cour try. He wentti Wind
eor. Out, whtra he spent Tuesday
niyhc at the house of Michael Rwilly,
who-reeies there, for fear of United
titates rfQ.'ers, tnd-wbo wss i)cent y
treled, cra'gsd with wife-murder.
Wedufedsy morning sb man returned
to the house after Rsilly had gone and
criminally ussau'ted Keilly's tin year-
cm nHUKMsr, wti039 condition whs
kept quiet till last negbt, by which
.time Atiiman had roturi.ei lo De rjit.
His present abiding place ia unknown.
' ixie cnua may recover.
Womea'a BilaaloM.
Jmdiahapolis, Ind., Aptil 22. The
'morning session of the Presbyterian
Women's Board of Mistions of the
North wst was opened with a devo
tional meeting, led by Mrs. H. D.
JRenfield. Mott of the moining was
pent in reading reports by the secre
taries of synodica! auxiliaries. These
howed a general increate of collec
tions, memberships and socitties.
The "Qneetiou Drawer" was ron
d acted by Mrs. O. H. Lafl n of Chi
cago, and proved a very interesting
The report of the treasurer, Mrs. C.
B. Farwe 1 of CLi- , sl osred a bl
anceon band April 12, 1885, of 1'I5;
receipts cleiine Annl 2 188d, 6,779 ,
totVi r-cei t', (0,834; disousmHntt',
' 6.196: balance on hand April 20,
1886, i,097.
Colored M'tliodlit t onrrrricr.
Richmond, Va , Apiil 20. The fea
tme c f tne proceedings o' the Colored
Methodist Conference io-day a re
port touching the laSnr qaeetinn sub-
mitted by the Com or .ii tee ou the State
of thi Country. T bis report reviewed
fie pre;ent kbit titai..a, and con
cludes by tx ;re'Mrj! the hops
tint "the Lord wrmli bri.ig good out
of evil, and t. u blesic g of peace
w.inld ' oi Save in stay ?er the
country." In referring to this re
p rt, B':i oo? Turner, presidirg cvpt
the Conference, rxprvfsed his regret
that tha commit!' Kad nc t caid mme-tfr-i
iw i.ct1 to rbe Supreme Court
of the Ceiled fctitee and "their shorn
niable dcu-tion which has robbed the
race of til civil rights. Immigrants
aa come htr from all per; of the
wor'd, even frim Chaa. and enj y
civilities tnat we, who are born here,
ranoot enjoy, eimplf because a
Republican Supreme Court, male
op of second, third and fourth
class lawyers, did not understand the
first principles of constitutional law,
which it It nt guaranteed civil right,
to those under it." The Bishop, who
is a tall, portly mulatto about fifty
yean old, and a native cf Newbtrry,
8. C, declared (hit he was neither a
Republican nor Democrat; the only
party he claimed alliauoe to, be said,
was that of the Prohibitionists. Dur
irg the day the Boliop said this was
t'ie moit tilkaiite Bid loquacious
conference he ever presided over.
traimu r-hhf-rd frxtlflra Hl
Owu Ilrhnll.
New Okibanh, La , April 22. Tho
case of tho United Hates against
John II. Aufdeniorte and Knistus
Shcphard, charged with conspirac'y to
defraud the government, was closed
to-dny. The jury found a verdict of
guilty. Aufdeniorte was convicted
about a month ago of rmbeziling
$25,000 of government money, and
was sentenced to five years in the
penitentiary. Mie.phanl was with
Aufdeniorte in Mexico when arrested.
and had a portion of the stolen money
in his possession which he had re
ceived from Aufdeniorte. Tho pris
oners were remanded for sentence
Erasmus Shepherd, convicted to day
of ronsnirimr with AnMcmnrta tn de
fraud tfie government, testitied in his
own behalf. He made a statement in
regard to his early life, substantially
as follows: "When I was 12 ye rs of
age I was employed In a counterfeiting
establishment which was owned and
operated amone others bv Chns. H
Ieonard, recently Mayor of Galveston.
Texas, and at present one of the most
prominent citizens of that city. In
terested with h m inithis business were
the Mayor of Ne J Orleans, city offi
cials, chief of police, judge and limbs
of the law Then tjie judge of tho
Criminal Curt for Hie pariah of Or
leans was a partner in the establish
ment, also a prominent lawyer who
now occumcR a iinliKliin in Tin hi.
more. These people were engaged in
counterfeiting Mexican coin, United
States bills and money of every de
scription ine Mexican money was
manuiactureil down stairs, and the
United States notes, etc., were
turned ont up stairs. Viy post
tion was tha of messenger for
the establishment, and as such I de
livered the counterfeit money to the
ban's of t'-e city and the cit v officials.
Thousands and thousands of dollars of
this money was manufactured and cir
culated here and elsewhere through
out this country and Mexico. It was
while in the employ of this establish
nient that I became acquainted with
tho art of counterfeiting money. Of
I thd persons ermmyi in the business of
i. Jr.. ii tU'a lltlu MtC tUlH3.l WIIIL'll
J allude, many nave IcU behind them
sons and daughters who movo
in the highest social circles of- the
Crescent City ladies and gentlemen
oi prominence ana tlie greatest re
spectability. For this reason I do not
rro. ose to ma' e known the names of
the persons for whom I first worked
in the counterfeiting business. All
my life it has been my misfortune to
sutler for and bear the brunt of other
persons' misdeeds. My whole life has
een one of continued sacrifice."
Shephard is now sixty-two yea s of
HUM .(M r, TrAN.
Druioetitlle Convrnilop to H Held
at ItfUfyiK Joa lid.
Humboldt, Tknv., April 22. The
Chairmen of the Democratic Execu
tive Committee and of the counties
composing the Twelfth Judicial and
the Tenth Chancery Division met
here to-day to consider the calling of
a convention. A. G. Trevathan of
Henry was elected Chairman of the
Judicial Committee and W. II. Gard
ner of Obion, Secretary. A conven
tion was called to meet at McKenrie
June 2d to nominate candidates for
both Circuit Judge and Attorney
General. J. W. Lauderdale of Dyer
was chosen Chairman of tho Chancery
Committee. It was decided not to
hold a convention for Chancellor at
present, at least, there being but two
candidates in the field, Chancellors
So triers and Livingston.
ipi ed AUHlBt.i or a Touac
JHercamot ttj a Negro.
PinbBlcfp, Am, ipril 22. Phil.
Of x, a popular youuf merchant l
E b R iy, in this couiity, last n'gbt,
while quietly tl- eping in hed with aj
othtr yniiKg mitn, .wag fired on
tbr ugh the window by a net r cwshs
sin and a shower t f qn rol slot
loOged in the fleshv putt of bit body.
The a sasnn is well known, acd a
par'y of mounted men, wiih b O 'd
hounds, etaiti d in pnruit of him in
an hour or tw tf er the tragejy.
They will be sure to capture him.
Death of
lh Poet Frleat
Booth "
of tho
Louisvillk, Ky., April 22. Father
Abrshau J. Ryar, "h pott priest of
the South," died heie to-night af ,er a
brief illness from nra:n fever.
Tove Tesaa and r- Ifle BeorcanlBa
ttoa. Philadvlp jiia, Pa., April 22.-Gen.
Wistar, Chairman of the Texas and
Pacific Reorganization Committee, in
view of the fact that the committee
yesterday failed to reach an agree
ment, has announced his intention to
call a meeting of the Eastern Division
bondholders. Meanwhile the con
solidated mortgage bondholders are
considering other p opositions, among
which is one from ihe Iron Mountain
railroad. The latter company pro
poses to exrh n.e for Texas Pacilic
consnMated bonds a bond of its own
ec ured y the additional collateral of
a deposit jn a trust company of all as
senting consolidated bonds. This pro
posal seems to be tavorably received.
A Great Liberal Sans Bertlag at
London Conflict Betwtea Tar
key and (ireece.
London, April 22. The Irish land
purchase bill, which the House of
Commons last Friday night gave Mr.
Gladstone permission to introduce,
was issued to day. It covers twenty
six pages. The bill is divided into
five parts. There are fifty-two clauses
and lour schedules. The b 11 provides
that a landlord who is desirous to sell
his property Bhali apply to the State
authority. The latter snail refer the
application thus made to a Land Com
mission, whii h, after ma' in an in
quiry, shall fix a price at which the
firoperty shall be sold, unless the
andlords and the State authority have
previously come to an agreement. If
the landlord objects to the price fixed
by the Commission he may withdraw
his application on paying the costs
When a sale of property has been
effected the commission shall pav the
creditor before making any other dis
tribution of the purchase money.
Certain rent charges may bo bought
outright by the State authority, or
payment may bo continued from the
tenant's repayments. In case of
property whe eon there is reasonable
cause to suppose that valu Me min
erals exist the commission shall add to
the purclutse money a fair sum there
for, and the minerals realized from
said pro- erty shall be vested in the
State authority or such local body as
the Irish Legislature may provide.
Tho Irish Receiver-General and
deputies, Mho are to execute tho
financial part of the act, shall be ap
pointed to hold office as permanent
civil servants, subject to the authority
of tho Treasury. They shall bo paid
from the Imperial Exchequer, but the
Irish government shall appoint the
actual collectors. If the Receiver
General or any of his deputies shall
be guilty of malfeasance, the culprit
shall forfeit the sums so lost and also
shall be subject to a fine of 500.
The measure empowers the Treas
ury to ( reate three classes of perma
nent annuities, bearing interest, re
spectively, at 8. 2 and 2J per cent.,
and which shall be charged to the
imperial consolidated fund Strict
rules are provi-'ed by the bill, which
forbid the subdividing or subletting
of a holding so long as it is subject to
any State charge ; but tlie State au
thority is empowered to relax these
rules where he may think it advisa
ble. The other points of the bi'l were
covered by Mr Gladstone's speech of
Friday evening last.
A great mass mee'int of Liberals
a"d K-td'c.i's was held at R'. J.nies
Ha l this evpiing Mr. Ia'iom lieie
preridriil, supported by Mes?ri. Brsd
Imigl, Lawfon, HoeU and Piiker
skiH, members of Parlsnwu', and
oi hers. Thousands were unaM ; to
tain admitiai.ee to lbs hidl.
Mr. Lahoucher, slludieg to the re
cent ' Coiutrvi t vi -Liberal homn
rule meetirg, said that Lrd Hp j
ton was an honeptmnn, Mr. (J.ischt
noble and Mr.Ky'am's ao flluint ma i,
but that tbey had no more rijtbt t
fi'ii . ii no .' Uia pe pie f
England than the three tailors of
Tooley street. At lo-night's meeting.be
continued, tbereweie no peets decor
ated with orders on tle stxge and
no f-isLiorable beaa iet in ths boxes,
but there were present laborers from
the fi-ld aud from the workshops,who
had nitt to raiaa their voicen in sup
port of Mr. Gladstone's effiris to pass
tha bill gian'ing home rule to Ire
land. If lie f 11 be woald fa 1 with
the demrcracy of the three kingdoms
around him. Msny who row refused
t) (iive back Inland her Parliament
were descendants of the E ana who,
in their Parliament, sold their birth
right fo paeiairts.
Mr. Hjwell proposed a rfEO'ulion
congratulating Mr. U'aitoi;e on his
endeavor to secure the permanent
union of Eogluiid and Irelxiid, and
n pressing the hope that the home
rule bill w u d become a law hfter be
ing so mi d fid as tn barmonixj with
the desires of the Radicals.
The resolution wai seconded by Mr.
Leicester, member of Parliament,! ind
supported by Mr. Lawson, and was
carried unanimous'y, as was also a
resolution authorizing thechaiman
to sign a pel it on to the House of
Commons in favor of the bill.
At a crowded meeting of Liberals
and Conservatives ia tbe Chamber of
Commerce at Belfast ti day, resolu
tions were pissed vio'ettly condemn-
tng tbe mees'ire propoiod by Mr.
Gladstone for the future government
of Ireltnd.
woman known as "fanny,
who is merit nned in connection with
the Crawford-Dilke divorce case, is in
London, aid will testify at tbe new
trial of tne Urawt rd divorce case.
Conflict Between ine Foreea of the
two fowrra
ArnENs, Arril 22. Tuesday night
tbe Tur ish advanced posts at'empted
to surprise the Greeks who had been
engaged the previous day in erecting
ea thworks within what is alleged to
be the neutral line Their effort, how
ever, was not successful, they being
smartly repulsed by tne Ure k
ks, who
pursued the Turks and capt red two
of their guns. Tne Greeks then occu
pied tlu-ee positions within Turkish
territory, which the Greek Govern
ment has ordered them to eva.uate.
France aud Urrnuf.
Bxrmn, April 22 Tbe North Ger
man O azette (Prince Bistrarck'a organ),
i t a further an fele on the possibility
of w-r between France and Germany,
save it has no doi'ibt tba' F.anee won a
take tbe first enii'able opportunity to
declare war Kgainki-Germany.
The GaieUt rema rks, however, that
if Germany remain- calm it has no
Idnr for tbe result, ai t bough it recog
nise that the French are a brave and
dangerous enemy, and tint thi-y have
male great strides in military strength
since the revintiwi
Franco Will not 'vr Coercion.
Pabis, Ap'il 2.'. It is Sf nw'-t flic ally
si a ed that France will r 'fuse to join
the otherpowera in the plan proposed
hy Ens;lai d to coerce Gitece into dis
So Harm on Kitbrr Hide.
AmiNs, April 2 IheGrek and
Turkish outpos's exchanged shog for
hall An hnnr lisr. evnlnc. n hrkn
wai dons on eimer nae. Tbe Turks
ittired, hut were a'terward
invited to
loa, V. Uing
Pabis, April 22 Saa1! Bernhardt
li fc Paris last night I ir Liudon.
Vibnna, Anril 22. The valuable
ant quities s'jilen from the museum in
th e city have been recovered and the
thief ane-tt-d.
Paris, April 22 Gen. de Cnnrcey,
formerly commander cf the French
femes in Anam, will probuhly be ap
poittsd AniHai-eadir at ;t. IVtersberg,
iu p'a e of Gen. Appsrt, ruta'lid.
Dcblin, April 22. A sheriff accm
paou'd by an armed pe-sd attempted
latt sight to tvict snme tt-nantafiom
a house on Mr. Wilo Gun's estate
near Littowel. Cinotr Kerry. Ihs
rioting of bells aod the blowiog of
horns eoon brought Ume and aDgry
mob to the spot. The officers deemed
it wise to sus;end tbe eviction for the
time being. Tbe sheriff will obttin
the aid of tbe military and try attain
to expel the dtl aqnvnt tei unts.
Manch rstxb. April 22 The ''uird
inn, in its corrim reil ait'cle, layt iha
market ia qui-'t. Order for Ind a
atiiples, bssed on former prim a, are in
band to a fair e x eDt, but the fall in
FXi'hauir renders it impn'Mihle t'i ti l
them. Thrn is bu; li t b-isiuer- for
C: i' a. A f-w I :ig- or:tcrs bav- been
exwtred 'or piiu uig d t is. I'r c s
aresita y. Hpinnera a:e suffering on
secouaf if '.lie li nines' of c itton,
wt il- die tPixl:iey (if ir.i i'ii i a in
:B ta"1?! i r. dn r a. '
In One nf the Principal lliloiiies
ItlorkN ef Sew York.
Nkw Youk, April 22 - A few min
utes before J o'clock thin morning a
lire broke out in the apper tloor of
the six story brick build ng rimming
from No. 58 to No. t;6 Crosby street,
and fr m 512 to 516 Broudway. This
is a new bu lding, and k erected on
the site of llunigan A Hart's ohl
Theater Comique.-wliieU was burned
some time Rgo. The firs broke out on
the upper floor of No. 00 T he build
ing is occupied by Aug'lst Bernheim,
Bauer A Co. .wholesale dealers in cloth
ing, and J. W. Goddard & Sons, im
porters. Three alarms -vero sent out,
and the losses, it is exj ectcd, will be
Aalcr. The fire threatened one of
the most valuable business blocks in
the city. So fiercely anil rapidly did
the flames gain headway that three
alarms were sent out. These were
supplemented by several special sig
nals. The building was provided with
a brick roof, and before this could be
broken thiough to allow the firemen
to get at tho fire, the flames broke cut
on the Broadway front, bus getting a
good draft. '1 he fire lit Veil up every
thing before it. The firemen battered
in the roof and walls, a id succeeded
in directing a strenta of water on the
l lazing mass. An opening once made,
scores of strenniB began , o play upon
tho roaring flames, and in less limn
an hour the firemen had gained the
upper hand of the flumes. The build
ing is "I'O feet in eUlent, running
from Broadway to Crosby street,
and is practically a double building.
The ground floor on the south side is
occupied by A Laufer fe Co., import
ers and dealers in bats. Planeky &
Simon, manufacturers of neckwear,
occupy the first lloor. iignst Bros.,
manufacturers of hoys' clothing, oc
copied the remainder of tt is end of
the bull 'Jug. front ami back. The
north end of the building accommo
dates only two firms. J. VV. Goddard
& Sons, importers of silks and con
verters of cotton goods, have the
ground floors and cellars, aud Messrs.
August Bernheim, Bauer & Co. occu-
Iiied tho remainder of this part of the
milding. As the spring trade stock
I ad all been receiv d by each one of
tbeso firms, tho aggiegnte loss is esti
mated at t750,i00. The three upper
floors only are burned out, but the
entire building was flooded with
water. Messrs. Goddard A (Sons car
ried a stock valued at 1500,(100, and
August Bernheim, Bauer & Co. car
ried a line of like value. August
Bros, estimate the value of their stock
at 5 ',000, while the stocks of Planch y
& Simon and A. Laufer & Co. are
placed at f 3 ,000 more. The origin
of the fire is unknown.
Latest It is estimated that tne
damage by the fire will not exceed
1 100,000.
Over One Ho nil red Convert at t'f
lumibua, minx.
laraoiAL to thi afpbil.I
Columbus, Miss., April 22. Sam
Jones preached a typical, that is, an
outrageously indecent sermon last
night to 3000 peopo.- 'Ihe sunrise
services were conducted to day by
Small. Jones preached at 10 o'clock
to ladies exclusively, at College
Chaoel. Sam Jones preaches to men
exclusively at the M thodist church.
There were over 100 converts last
night, including some very tough
specimens of citizenship. The college
and all the schools have been closed,
that the students may attend the re
ligious services. The city is thronged
with visitors. Two thousand visitors
are expected Sunday.
. oRivm, miss.
Harrlace of Mini W hi more and nr.
W. K. Turner.
laraouL to thr appbal.I
Coki.tii, Miss., April 22. There
was something of a ripple of excite
ment caused in society circles this
evening y the marriage at the Cox
Houseof r. W. E.Turner of Milan,
Tenn., and Miss Lorena Whitmore, a
p om nent society belle of this city.
The engagement had been l nown for
some time, but the date was antici
pated somewhat on account of busi
ness engagements of Mr. Turner in
Texas that required his immediate
and continued attention. No cards.
Circuit Conrt Flereo, Jndre.
Calendar for to-day: Nos. 8738, D.
H. Williams s Waddy Bros. ; 8755,
W. H. Pnllen v C B. Bryan ; 876H. U.
S. Emerson s C. B. Brynn; 8757,
Charles Maydwell vs O. B. Bryan;
8759, W. L. Crowson vs John B. H,ll;
8782, B, H. Welch tt a' vs Porter A
Macrea; 87tt9, Hnnter Bros, vs W. A.
Farres A Co. ; 8K0:' W. A. Smith v:
M. G. Darmoody A Co.: SHW. T J.
HnarrivsJ. O Mdit.vre 8K97; Eli
Greene vs Memphis and Cher ei-t-in
Riilrral Cou.pr,y; JS904, H. A.
Thorns vs J' h'i 8bwnhan.
"My son, when you gn to the c ty,
get you a bicycle, some tight pants,
some tooth-niek shoeii and a slender
cane, but with ail vttur gcttings don't
tail to get a bottio01 ""i "r
'pride (you knoirlgoetli Delorea fall.'
occ ipy tbwir f.irmar pr
in Turkish terriio .
The Woman Found Dead With a Bui
let la tier Bralu-l ke Xar
derer Arrektrd.
lanoui. to tu irrtL.
Birmingham, Ala., April 22. Tbe
last twenty-foar hoars is a time long
to be remembered in Btruiir ghaui Iir
i:s chapter of bloody ocenrrenors. Tbe
crowning sensation Is a horrible mur
der comtnitt'd just before midnight
!at night by lhomai W. Ellis, a
young man who has made himself uo
turious as tbe editor of a Bsrsatlonal
pfwapaper, the Hornet, which tbe
United States grand jury, some two
monihi ago, prjnouneed obecene lit
erature. Hia victim wai a woman
of th town, to whem he had
been devoting himself for the last
three months, Claia Ross by nnme.
About midnight he walked iut-j the
office of the Florence Hotel and asked
the night cltrk to send for a police
man, adding that he had kilUd a
woman, at bait triad his d di-st. to
do so Before an oflbvr could bs anin
moned, hnwovrr, b pulled his pistil
and tried ti shoot hira-etf. The c erk
mil another rain wrenched the
weapon from bis I a id put an f nir po
lieeme'i nit ?rd. He lo'd his story to
the clliccr-', and was taken to j.ii'.
'1 In wemm wns found under the ie;l
in her loom sti ne d a t with a b l i
bole in the back of her haii to-d-iy.
Sho and Ellis had ben qua red ug
fir several we k, jotlousy on one
tide or the ether beii g mudly the
canF-e. He esrera'ly le-enltd the at
tmtions ( f one certwln man to her.
Going tn see lit r ltst night he f.mud
her locked in her ruom.a idcoM lndi-d
that thl man w.is ith her. When
she Utihliy It t him in there wi.r no
one elie in 'ho room. A quarrel i n
sued, however, slid after a few mo
ments twi bistol shots were flrn',
only one nf which hit her. He
then waked tt) tbe hotel. Hn was
tkeii btf.iro a jiifct:re of the pence
for trial this morning, bu the
case was continued until next Tues
day. His 1 11 her has laid for uemn
time tha his mind was unsound, II
tried to kill himself some four years
ago. He is not quite twenty-one years
old yet. In his pmer he line alwajs
been especially severe on libsrtiniRtn,
and an article that he published in
this line lait fiiturlay about a well
known cit'ion I as bean tbe talk of
the town ever since.
negro molder nnmed Charles
Ma' thews cm. his
nigtit nnd escaped,
wiles throat list.
Her recovery Is
a Lvmisvilli and Nashville switclimalt,
wai crushed but wei n curs that h' was
ennpl nsj in tho yard here lai.t night.
The doctois my there is a hare
el o'ice for him to get Well
A carpenter named Joe Wpfl.ird fdl
thirty-five feet fnirn tho s'uck of the
Williiiir.sin funiKCS yest.irilny i,f r
n'O'.i, crushing his head badly. lit)
died early this morning.
Two negro men, Billy Ball and Tom
M issengale, f -I' O'H ibil. fjw iinun
to-night ami Ball ttibbed Mnn rma'o
hoiribly in the li'-uk, but. Maha-. n-.l i
drHL'ged htm to tie city Jul, aiquare
distant, and gave hi in up.
'i he RivteTAr im.ENi.
A itlne oi i hree luebea In t'ie l.nat
'I urn ty-tour Hoard,
ISPtOIAL to thi aprtei i.-l
Hki.kna, Ark., April 2'-'. Tbe river
rose in the last 24 hours 3 inches
and now sum is on tlie gauge
44 feet 7 inches above low water, and
2 feet 15 inches below high water
mark. Tho St. Francis river at Mad
ison lias risen 2t inches in 15 hours
ending at 0 o'clock this morning. It
It is calculated that the volume of
water in the St. Francis river and
bottoms will begin to materially affect
the river here in the next 24 hours,
but we do not now, owing to the
large number of hands at work on tho
levees, apprehend any danger in this
immediate vicinity, though it may be
possible that the back water will af
fect us some, as it will bean utter im
possibility to save the levees in the
neighborhood of Modoc. Ark , as the
water is now within 8 Inches oi ex
trcmo high water mark and tlie levees
in poor condition. News has just
reached here that the levee has
broken fifteen miles below here, on
the Arkansas side, at the Castile plan
T3 AT BTALLIOV, mar, led hind ankle
I J and fight kind hel white, foaled Mr
ft. 1HHI, br Or er (tire of Alolh, three-year
nil reonrd. 2:'2l,U.). Firm (Um Manila ti.. br
Will amn'a Mambrlno (fire of tbe dam of
Banto-Claut, 2:17X)i ieeond dais Ned (dam
at Olaromie (i., reeo d 2:11, l'o' Dor
2:23',. AtioeHtoner bvBerklev'f Hl-
win l orreaiji third dam hj Miiiabrino Chief
(mre or Ldy I hum, : fuimo dam by
Orer Kaele; Althdain br Llolivart Math dam
byll'aekhnrn,iWhir:iiev.nthd''m hvt,'othet
uu i nunni I' a mDocany oy, 10-4 nai an
hiab, and mairnifloently tropnrtiiined. tie
hn never been handled fur (peed, but can
how a 2:40 (jot with wo man In a bunny.
Waa b'ed and r-ind by J. O. MoFerran A
Co.. lilenriew, n.ar LooifHe, Ky., nni
old at a two-year old for i (JO. Cuibbert
wtil be allowed 10 'erre 25 Approved mxree
thii eeaeon. terviea, twenty-Dre (110 do -larieaah.
Can be leen aloor ahle.
F. A. J0NRH k (X).
Money to Loan
Ou ImproTed plantation In
MlMMlitMippI and ArhauNan.
InHtallmeut plan -3, 5 or 10
yearn. Annual Interest, ut
In adranctB. No coinmlHHlonH.
cotton blpuienta. (heap
nt loan oflered.
Francis Smith Caldwall & Co.
256 Beoond St, Xertiphlg.
We nave no aicentM.
Aid Ice Cream Manufacturers.
M F. B A- I IjIPP,
French Chpmiciil Works
58 JeiTcrMon Ktrect.
iVL ff.A V'lhM. nich Ue oRnn at tha lo
price of '" aaoliiin, of any kind of
Siiror. Uoaliiy ai.d pur'tr rna'anterd. I e
:ra'i' nau'itaoturera will And allkln-laof
Kjtraola and trail C'olorltui at a very low
New Memphis Jsckgy Club
in added money, five races each day, including Steeplechases and Hurdles,
Over 300 horses to partioipato 10 to 20 starters in each race.
Races commence each day at 2 o'clock sharp.
HALF RATES on all Railroads. Arranjrcmeuts on the Ground for
accommodation of 10,000 people.
H. R. MflNTtinminf, Pen'y, TI. A MONTGOMERY, 1'resident.
" - J
rThe Orm of Mk IP l
W. II. 1MKT0N re irloa. K. R
iit -'r ii ii I tjuldiitioa.
IM'-H K, 1 I KNSK, Al il 21, 1 Kl).
El, '
i'r h fill
(MlIC. l'fSOBI Tl KKAt'llAM A ilOKIO.M
Old Stand, No. ) Union St., Mcmidiis.
J. N.
Hay Bon.
Lata of Meaoltain i Morton.
Lata of J.B.
Bay, Morton & Bailey.
360-302 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,0
J. U. (JOD WIS, IVva'L J. SI. fJOOllltAK, Vlcc-l'ren'U C. II. Uil M r
1; 4 t-rt at
W. p. itKlM'r., n. uavi.i,
K. M. NKI'iN, '1', H. SIMHj
JOHN ARMLVrHAO, 0. li. llllV'AN.
M-Ji l,uo(l y of "tin Mlnfo of Tanamwr, Traaivl
ry HPIUMU AND HUMMER HTOOK II now MimpInU, oonrti.
VI inirnf the 1-Lf.Ant and ohnlnnat defll.na In all the Nnvaltlaa
ft.r t.ltinmT in .irein market.
iiaro t.io-i,ta an I quality, In order to oner to tne publio the iateet
IVIlion.ible x-iodi at reaitnnaole price.. I wth lo make apeolal mea
'I in of in v nnlinll'in of a larve a-irlinnt of the mo.t eleeant da
ilj.a in 44 1. 1 4 II I'HdllNKMM, which are now ready lor the
tmpoouon oi my irionaa ana
!r. Heeand anil
Try Zellnor'
ZKMiff BR'S : '' l'), In all atyla., are the beat In the rl .
ZHl.LNKH'B wO '', In all ahapea anil atylea, are the no
bie t and bet in the United Hlalat.
?' PTTiZELLNKR'S i l.iidlfa' Hid Halloa MheMaa,
w' COl ILe with ailk wonted butt n holea, are the areaUat bar- -
arSand yoor order! or hum and iiin ni
BSxaxjiX4N"im oo
rtHntratod Oataloiroei'
IiIEiFvlO 1 & IllLl
Dry Goods, JJotions, Hosier
Nos. 320 and 328 Main
tti.it tH, w'lioh wo ofrnr t-) the Tr.ido uimn tie in-"t tarorable tor inn. Our vrUs.
will oompare favorably with thoae of any market in the United atani, We are Airocti for
TeHnflsHro Manafacturl rle Uo.'h IM.il
O.K. HOUCK & Co.
No, .189 Jtlalu Strict, Memphis.
Pianos and Organs
AT.ixwiyrr i'Hices
Shoot. Miivo ami TlnnV.
And Cominlasion Merchants,
om. :tl ail JJ 91alioii street, 1empi.li,
DU. 11. L LAtKl,
rbjilel.iiii SurtfiHin Hiiil Aefuai'lier,
313 Jlul ; MrH, .eur tlulou,
Telephone No.W."
HtHlTOf U thii dny diiolved by mutual agreement,
Mt'ACUAM will make aet'lrment of the old buntneai,
W. II. 1I0HT0N.
J. w. iitu.rt.
Late of ilnilry t Corinrtoa
1. R. to;
i. W. IfAl
W. P. W ,
R. J. PI.A-
li. it. cm
A. W.Ni.
Jr Tf-..'
i , t. f o 9i l.y - - - -
My aolonttuni are made witb treat
tu puonr, mi my oia .ia a,
Jdllerwoa Nla.
ZHLLNKH's lloya' Hhwmi are the beat that are made.
KKLLN KR'H I'bliarcn'a Nbooa will aare you money.
ZKLLN KR'H l.ill' Mkora nnd ML.tx-ra mn the band
oiueat, ahapelieat and moat atyli.h, and arw oheauar than any
mini yon hare eror eeea.
their trend aaortment ol rin a iwn,
boo jvia-xint t
Hnn reeon I1'L??1H!LI'!L
St.. Memphis, Tenn.
N, DrllN, Slioetlut?, Slilrtin?, Lie
T.nrvrTVTOTVr r-l ent-A.IjTJ.
ran casii ou tiwe.
XowPmno. for Itoni
llrt Iron le'iorj lo Pnrchaut
r, axvln 9 pr et. Wrlt
Monte rickens & Co., Memphis

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