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Ob the Itooaul rcI0r, as Told Be
fore the llotibo Labor Investigat
ing Committee.
What He Claims To JUre a14 0"
Ttat Occsaioo lbs Only
' ProailMS (iiui.
Whintom, April 22.-A bar erect
d sciom the corridor ind soversl
watchmen excluded the aeneral pub
lic from the room occupied by the
.i . ..mmittoa (nvrntiiratine the
labor troubles in the Sootbweat. The
adoption ol tbis precsuiiou ou u"u
' . i (ha limit! arromroo ia-
.r.,iawi h theamall room and
UUilD awa , .
the lre crowd of carious spectators
Ai-a AllJ lha Mnill VPibtdalV.
Mr Jay Gould wan in attendance
about kal! an hour before the cpm-
A L Hopkins, vice-president of the
Missouri l'atitic Railroad Uuropany,
1 W.. l ion llllVM. it I DCIlHOl.
,mlu.u: j--.--- .t.:..u
The retolution unucr mnuu
committee is nrocei diriR ai read to
Mr Oould, anl lie was invited to Rive
ilia views u on the sul jftt of strikes.
In a rather low voiie Mr. ttould rad
g'ateuient, thowii'K in dttail the
numbirof ineu i mployed by the Mis
souri Pacific syaUni. He said he wai
twav on a Wett Indian crmsewhen
' the strike occurred, and such informa
tion be had had reached b ra through
oflidal n-poits. He would be K ad to
tell the committee every thin he knew,
but deemed it proper to say that the
futa were not within bis twn kuol
edfre. He went on to recite the story
of his interview with Mr. Powdmly
and the committee prior to the West
Indian cruise, during which be said
the KniRht declared that the Mis
souri Pacific bad lived up to Us agree
ment, and agreed nut to strike ig un,
but to corte to him "wan las.iiou to
. tattle env iuiure grit.vaiu.es they might
have. Then the strike came alter hia
. t 1 W-S'. l.! (mS
derarture: yei, saiu .nr. uuuiu,
men told Mr. Hoiie that they bad no
grievances- and were told to etrike.
. IU then produced and read the tele-
irraniS passing, oeiweeu .uoi. i v
A i 11... ia. ami Hfinkinn.
A mitt nt tlm Htrika he had
14,315 employes, while the strikers
numbered only 3717 meu, principally
employed in the machine-shops a'ong
the tiack and generally in the lower
branches. , ,
uch.t (nilnKH.I HtrikeT" asked
Mr. Uonld, siiowlng signa of dep
.... - .- 1 CI. I L'.n
teellllg; lUOy SIMI-JU Ul. buuir, nun-
sas Oily, Hudalla, Texarkaua and our
i.mlnl fumlifim: thnv lojk DOSSSS-
sion and said, 'No man shall run a
train over that roan,' tuai is wok
they aaid," exclaimed Mr. Uould in a
voice exhibiting traces of str.irig agi
tation.' "Our loyal employes could
not run a train, and were deprived of
the power to earn their wage. That
was what followed the strike forcible
. possession.. I can't call it anything
Ise; something the Cr of Kuss a
would hesitate to do with bis millions
of soldiers behind him."
Mr. Uoiio's statement ol tbe posi
tion assumed by the Missouri Paiifl",
in which it is stated that the strike
had grown out of the discharge f Hall
by the receiver of the Texas Pacific,
was read by lien. Swayne.
The chairman Inquired why Hall
bad been discharged; be would like
to know what the man had done.
In answer Mr. Gould requoeUd Gen.
Swayne to read Receiver Brown's
statement to the effect that liall bad
been guilty of abseoling himself from
4uty without leave.
The letters of Govs. Marmaduke and
Martin 'Were also read.
Mr. Gould interrupted the reading
. , .m..b tVii hn thnnoht the correv
spondeno showed pieuy olearly that
they bad led the nurses up to the wa
tering trough but could not make
them drink ; that tuestiops were open
knt (Kb mAit iitfiiFad la aa to work.
He said that when ha returned to New
York he had sgreed to meet Meson.
rowileriy and aicuowo i aa inuivm
sls. "My motive was to brace him
rtr," raid the witmw, "because the
tentiuienu which ho (Powderly) ex
stregaed in his circular were so differ
ent from the ants if the arsocta
tion that I thought he needed
bracing nit." "Mr. Pwil rly," he
aaid, I ad told him that the men
were iu rebellion uga'.iiht the order;
that they bad struck without cause,
and ho had it in contemplation to vin
dicate himself by takinu away their
charier. As he w'siitd t ) be fqually
lrauk, witttKtiehad hUoru Mr. Powder
ly tue diepktcii he intended to 8i.ii J
to Mr. lluxi rifxt uioiniiig, in whlth
lie stated iii sw no objection to arbi
tratioa. lie dtc ared tbut Mwsie.
Powdrrly ami MclHiwell had no richt
to make' public ihat diepuUb. Yet
they bad cbautted their plans upon
aueiug ti e teleanr.a, mid in the morn
ing it had been published broadcast
that Gould hail Tormented to their
Powderly an.t .Mciuweirt) plan oi
arbitration. This wai untrue, utterly
untme, said the witufs". The quos
ti .n of arbitration had been broached
before that, hu raid, and hnd always
be: n a sort of hobby with him.
Mr. Gould next, read Mr. Powder
ly's dispatch on anuouming that Mr.
Gould had reeoiin r.ed him ofllcially as
Gr.nd Master Workman, and saying
it was a pleatant termiuatian of an
unpleasant business. That bail been
telegraphed to bun by Mr. Hoxie.ai d
be had received it when be got down
town in the urnmiug. Naturally be
twitnesp) waa "uind" when he taw
tlaU Taking up the ft. nocraphic rr
!..! nf hin tp.UnAirttc u it'i Mr. lknv-
durly Mr. Gould read thnt gcntlerran'a
deninl when vhatged ith the publica
tion. He nb'o read the ciicn'ar order
ing tlie resumption of work and re
luuiked, "That wa t ue addrers llicy
issued whtn evirylblrg peemed to be
lovely, RU'! it Wiih 1 ' ilii'wed 1 y this
prcnunniaiaeuto on April l
li a treinulor oh t b ;i rhnwii g
aympiuma of iudignatiun. ;;nd em-
i! a'Z ng sum jiasfiaK'-t' t viomo
. M ; n iwti r a i nui rui
ployea of mannfactoring cmpanlea
ortbore njazed in any
ness. He had always clam-d that
i-very employe from the President
down rb'fel bimH wi'h certain
public duties, and it was his duty t-
j ki. f -.-.,1 r,et ira the roso.
He (Sir. Gou'd) f miid that he bad
enougn 13 no to ma se " "
racific, bnt bis fiiend ihers ( lr. I ow
derly) nndertoolt a g't deal more;
he Btiemp'ed to regu'rte all the rail-
rORCS, hll tne SDoemaaerr,
That was tMJ
brrif d iboulrJered, and be did not
wonder tn.l bis menu nau u.u
j... rlilir.tion. be
be ieved that' volut.Ury arbitration
would be tietter rat ra aounui. mi
than enmputoery arbitration.
Mr. uurna remarea tnai vim tuiuu
tary conferance between the witness
u, p.,.Hul lirl nnt resulted in
an arbitration, or at least that the wit-,
ness' viewa did not seem to have been
executed in Bt Louis.
Witness replied that en the con
trary the companv waa alwayi ready
for arntna'ioo. tne pom w
thev refused to recoeuiae the Knlgbti
of Labor. There were 10.000 men em
ployed on the Miseoori racine wno
did not belong to that order.
Mr. Burts asked if witness knew of
tbe isane ol the order of tbe road
master lorblddlrg the employment of
Knighta of Labor? Was that not a
recognition 01 tne oraer, ne bbu, huu
it in. whv no recoemie them for pur-
pnnos ol erbitrationT
Mr. Gould replied tnai n waa ras
ter of precau inn, and with those
taniiitif'ni out. he did
not WOnuer nai wir. huid uau
the precaution; it was hi" ditty.
m itrnl) it nnt think the an
swer wis responsive, but would not
prers the quest on.
At tills point a receee wan i.
Tbe Rill Farther ConRidered In the
llonre-IIiIU and Reflations
Senate Proceedings.
aptir aat'ias.
A Iiaiwmu th innnlrv waa resumed'
and Mr. Outbwaite inquired: Then
1. , . i . i .. . . l,--..
yen ilia not inenu nr ui iu uo
anv arbitration or rffirt to settle any
.um..li:i.. llh Ihm K niohU nt I.hf r.
who bad struck, or were out of your
employment at the time, wse the un
derstanding T
Mr. Gould That la it distinctly.
jf flitvna InnnirArl JI i. thn rpla-
ail . . " " , ..... - -
tinnn ol tbe Miseourl Pacific with the
other railroads now lncorpoiated in
theeyttem, as to the amount of slocks
and bonds issued, and as tl other
matters connected with the company,
... . . . i.
wliir.n lniormaimn mr, uomu prum
iaerl to furnish bert after.
Mr. Hures also Inquired as to tbe
general edsct of tbe pooling system,
and Mr. Gould replied that its general
effect was beneficial to tbe public be
cause without It moat, if notall, of the
railroads would be in the hands of re
ceivers. Mr. Burns Why would that be the
Mr. Gould Bee mi w of low rates
from exeesive competition.
Mr. Hums Then competition ia not
the life of trade?
Mr. Gould No, air; and the result
u-Aiilil ItAthnt uraivnji WAllM hava in hn
n if n "I '' " n.n'ii .. .......
Mi,t rtAsn Tifl nar oMtit. Y.a)inr in A VArv
lnrKe element in railroad expenses
(lirocuy; it amounts io uju, uu pec
cnnt .to say nqthing of the expenses in
etoel rails and nthtr railrrad materisl.
Mr. ilurns If pooling is beneficial
ti the railroad companies it ia also
beneficial ti the people?
nir. uuuiu i luina u is. cue pub
lic is Interested in having strong, able
ronds, well equipped. I have always
found that real estate sails higher, and
the people would rather live on tbe
lineaot railroads mat are nnanciany
Mr. liiirns inquired as to toe sen-
logs and through earnings of railrra is;
nut mr. uouiu ueciaruu uiuiaeu uu
ablr. to Rive informa'.iou on that point.
The chairman remarked that be
wonld be very glad to have the acope
if the committee'! examinaton en
larged bo ai to extend it to the min
eral regions, because if the committee
meant anything, it meant to quiet the
unrest in the conntry and te provide
remedy lor iu
Mr. Gould (good humoredly I
eball be vert glad to read the opinion
of the committee wben a formal re
port is arrived at; and I will keep any
tnveatmcnta 1 may bave to make in
abeyance until then.
Tlia niioirman I hur.tlv think ion
will do that if you get a fair rppor
tnnity to bave a shy at Wall itreet,
end I would like to be in partuerabip
with you.
This cloned Mr. Gould's examina
tion, which extended ever four hou'a.
He gave his testimony very briefly
Mid in a low tone ol voice, and did
bnt volunteer anv auuumeni. conna-
ily to answering the
W'aeHiNOTOa, April 22. iienalt. A
lirite number of petitions were pre
b nted frm local aesembliea of the
Knights of Labor in opposition to
what ia known ai the "fre ship bill-To-morrow
being Good Friday the
Beia'e, on motion of Senator Kd
mnnds, agreed that wben itaiijonrned
to day it be till Monday.
A bill appropriating f 15,000 in aid
of a national monnment at Plymouth,
. i
benator Morgan renorted from tbe
Foeivn Relations Committee bill to
indemnify the Chinee who auflered
hy tbe recent outbreak at Rock
Springe, Wy. T. Senator Morgtn said
he would call the bill np for consider-
IIah fat an Aarlv flatai
Unn.tr w n incur from tha CViramittee
bn7..BW.' W " ft , . - -
VII vwuiw-'w) . . , ... , -
bill to establish a lighthouse at bault
Croix, Mich. It waa piissed.
Ssiator McMillan, from tbe Com
mitt'e en C mmrce, reported favor
..i.i. Kill, aihlnh hasai lrpailv catsed
ri'ij , r
rinnaa in nthnr xa lh eonstruu-
tiinof bridges, as f rllowa: Across the
Missiesippl at itea vvina, minn., i
Minn and at K Hithahnr. III. :
across tbe Llinois river, at Lacon, III.,
tnd the Desmoinea river at any noint
In lias that the a I or auu Vyourv
. :i (Tj Pailmas Pnmnanv mav de
III Uluu. ' ' r J '
Kmu tlm MiBPOiiri river at
Pierre, Ualr., and at a pmm in inn
.Unitoni chumtinrliiin. Dak.: across
the tit Croix river at a point between
Piecott, Wis., and Tsylor'a Falls,
Minn. ; aero the Tennessee river a a
pc int in the counties of Perry and De
catur, in Tennessee, and tvi the
Yellowstone river near Nibs City,
Tbe bill to provide fir the taxation
of rat road grant lanua waa iaacu up.
Bena'or Van Wyck aaid the people
bad given desp consideration to this
subject, and there was much mystery
auioag them aa to why railroad com
paniea should bold undisputed title to
millions of acres of lands and vet be
exempted from Sta'e and local taxa
tion. Not only, indeed, were the
roads not subject to taxation for these
lands, but the fact that the exemption
was to continue for some years waa
used by the companies in selling lands
in secure to themselves a better price.
The bill would overcome tbe difficulty
involved in State", countioa and com
munities by tbe exemption complained
of. It was only applying the same
rule to corporate property that was
applied to the property of private citi-
Senator Blair would like to know
l ... n n nr 1 n VP TT1 11 I'll 1 II nil TI 11 -
IIUW luawl ' ' " . I 1
latnra would find it to their advantage
' . ... j m i .in , 1
to see tnis mil paspea. xne um umu
not be for the interest of the people
at large unless it waa materially
Tt,. Kill a'unl nvor and tlm inter
state commerce bill was placed before
the Senate.
Senator Sewell offered an amend
ment covering a number of point),
one of which was to subject to tne
provisions of the bill tbe Canadian
roacls having through traffic from
coin's in the United States to the sea
board; also roads running through
onlv one State in competition with
roads that run through aeveral Statoa
to the same points ; that persons or
corporations engaging in interstate
commerce shall first get a license fiom
tbe Kt i road Commissioners, the li
cence to be revocable for breach of
During the debate on the amend
ment a message from the President re
lating to the labor trouble waa laid bs
fore the Sooate. When it had been
read question arose ai to the com
mittee to which it could most appro
priately bs referred to, whether the
Judiciary Committee or the Commit
tee on Education and Labor. It was
finally ordered printed, and the ques
tion of reference allowed to remain in
The Senate then went into execu
tive session, and, when the doors re
opened, adj turned until Monday.
atr.tment yesterday and getting Lis
RfavTina a that aioPH raid to the
workers in these cal fields, he wss
interrupted by Mr. Hewitt with the
question, "Are they satiefi-d now?"
Mr. KOjie i nope so, uecaoiw i b-o
that the operator have voluntarily
niaoB ai increaea in iunr
Mr ItpujlitJlna, loosr were thev
out before they got the advance?
Mr. Biyle I am nc-t aure. Not
1 nner than tbe car-drivera in the city
oi new tori.
Mr. Ueitt About fonr month.
n Mtlnn ,! m r Williai flCvl in
amendment waa ad l ted providing
the machinery for the condemnaiion
Un mo'ion oi Mr. uyn Lr"-J
proviso was agreed to, that no title ti
.k. i.l.ii.ii.n n.r.niarl v ahall Ht in
,uo ifir j .. . . . . .
the United State, ncr shall tbe Umt?d
... . . . ' .i i.... a
Mates DO tionna to pay cue value uitu
.:i !. li a fn mlumnitinn
auiu iu" mpuii. ui
proceedings haa been made to and ap-
provea Dy vngrens.
1 n M P.unn rTur l an
vu inn n ui ,. l 'ji -
amendment wsa adopted, by a vote of
9 to 21, providing tnai me money
nereor appropriated rn" n m
wAaA am ih Mtf.r nntil tha navlara-
IfCUUCM .fU .HO " " o
' . , I, 1 . t .-.l l
iion ansu do maoe iree hi wo uso ui
,11 people.
Mr. UlDSOn l". aj inquireu
whether it wonl i be in order f ir him
nffur an Imuirmiint t(l tllfl bill DfO-
viding that no moixty should be used
for the improvement of Galverton
harbor until tue wnan vouipaoy iv
linquisbed its fiancbise and ceased to
cliHigs a toil on commerce.
The Chair ( Mr. Hammond) Ga.
stat' A that be w ould entertain the
motion if made tj tbe proper portion
of the bill.
Mr. Hewitt then moved to strike
out tbe w hole of the clause under con
s deration, with the exception of the
appropriation and tbe restriction upon
iia Meu Anai'lt to !)7 ta 69.
tMJ IS 1 "
Then amendment alter amendment
Tta,t anii ninviaoN wera adODted
only to be stricken out in a few mo
ments, until members were unable to
determine exactly wnat eacn araei a
A, A MtiiA n at mnan. Aa finallv
U1CUV VJ ... 'w w . j
agreed to by the committee tbe clause
appropriates 9 .zi.zuu i r tne improve
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
T A ,w,fr irt'licr that
Ay rH SarsaparillaniM
an C'iihI ik a remedy
for tHTofllloUl Itu-
inurs. It u iiioiuutnt
to take, given htn-niitU
and viitorto the body,
and produces a niore
liirni:ini'nt. lu-tiii!r, ro
null tliiui any medicine
I ever u e d . K.
HHines.No. Umlalc.O.
I Unve uwmI Ayer's
Saraparilla,in my fam
ily, lor M-roiiiia, anu
know, if It ia taken
f.lthfnllv. it will
thoroughly eradicate
tills U?rrllie cunease.
W. V. Yaw er. AI. !..
Ijireentille, Tenn.
For forty years I
bave miflered with Kry
ipelaa. I nave tried
all aorta of remediel
for mv complaint, bin
found' no relief until I
commenced uing
Ayer's Sainaparilla.
After taking ten bot.
tlei of thin loedtclue I
am completely cured,
Mary C. Amesbury,
Bockport, Me. '
I have suffered, fof
yearn, from Catarrh,
tviilnh wu an anvera
that It destroyed my
appetite anu weaaeneq
my ayatem. After try
ing otniT remeuies,
aiiil irnttltio tin Tflil'f. I
begun to take Ayer's
Ciamaparuia, ana, hi a
ti'w mniitlia. wiia rure(L
Suaan L. took, 809
Albany si., lSotiton
llighlttiuls, Mush.
Ayer's Saranpnrllla
lamiperior to any blood
purifier that I have
ever tried. 1 have
taken it for Scrofula,
Canker, and Salt
Itbeiim, and received
much benefit from it.
It la good, also, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane Pclrce, South
Bradford, Mann
UHbluremiily by tbu natives. aMU.-ai. WaLxmtoiaui, U.U., 1st. i-.ma. Ha.
ative pwiiertlea have becu ilmMinliiy uUiL u. H. uthasdi M. 1.. l''Mrt. H
NWrvrvYlYXO ta aken UUenilllly, nnii pro- ..M TovoOJvk in Nannlxn ami Indaat
VVAVVt ductn no UUiU'Hsallt enLtta. auKO UlKlUbatiaiu. itb tbnvfry h.-at nw&lla.
It contains no Opium or Morphine J " m. u .ndouuii.H
A A. WELLIER Sola PropnK-. 7 ami 711 W.BHINHTON AVKNUK KT TrtTDl
thi'ii iiiit fifiu! is ilnnnnx ever tho
fTf,ve3 of ntv. older ami the ruins of
our homes.'' Mr. Oonld n-ad Mtutiii
Irons's c';ru!iirdui)Ui)CHi him to ti e
,voikn;er. of tne world. TLa'. is the
rc-ponte of the Ivuililx of Labor
uiSileto t ie cotitimiiim l oin! of d ';
low:ih:p we r.r.d beld out.
The witaiM. titer t.'ma'king the.t
the bu?iu'Jf of ll.e Misnoori i'ii. itic
tiu'i been fully rrsr.nud, said that for
tL.ut reason it did not atem to him
that tho ii-iOiHtii i un.Ur vbiiU ,.ln
invetig tion is l-:"jj uu.k apj lied to
x lie Hii.-ou-! l m: tic
rt answer to Mr. i.oniu, Vr. (iould
raid that hi.i te'iraiu to Mr. llnxiu
ref rrirgU ari'itrut.on was t:t.t even
lidvitory in its natuie; he meant to
luive the entiie nia'.ivr in Mr. 11 xie'e
bands and ho'd him n f j.oi::b:e for
t':h If.-llU. I'. ' !'' '' 11 t'1'1"
ji'ovis of a tau.- a l tompsr y us bf-irg
ina mfti nitirelv
iU"Pt.ons asked him.
MR. HorxiNH,
ti, ...iMuliUnt if the MiflAomi Ta-
ciflc, was then sworn and examined.
He corroborated Mr. liould s account
of the inlsrvii ws with Mr. Towderlv
at which he was present, lie had al
ways believed in aibitratior. ti a
meu. oi setUement, and be saw no
objection even to compu'sory arbitra
tion, provided u was mane corapui
eory on both sides, but such arbitra
tion would bave to be between the
employes themselves (actually at
woik) and the company, mat
h an tn nnint in this whole
matter. Railroad emnloyes bad no
tietter inemis tnau me miuiKvii
the ro.id. There were no antagonize
Interests between them. The man
agers wanted to accomplish tbe beet
reeulls, and in order to do so they
should have good men, and should be
In accord with their men and on
IrienJly relations with them, lie
ilmnnlil if cltnnl1 lia niait a criminal
pfTenf-c to bave a drikeon a railroad. It
befi.re the days of railroads, tnere
waa a alviWA nf ataamhnat tianda
on the Mi.sissippi river, and the
etril'om aneuipti'd 10 prevent me
pwange rf boate, surely that would be
I anph a raqn nf intArferencp with inter
jtUe crmnierce that the governmeut
irrtu iiiannmA ins ftr ri r nrsi n i aa v
that frf!io must not be interfered
w tMi J iicre was no oniertinn to men
qui'ti-r; work, and if in the pieient
cam the Htrikers had t outiued theni-
ikIvij t' that the ompauy wouo
iti'Vm'l' . n afi-irvti.nl mnniiid trnlnR
... . . . .. . v rvv,.rl. .-p. .....
H i wa' asked as to whether be had
anv I'r.oaledk'e of Wall stn et s iecnla-
l '.l u It. fmtr ai I ..n i t V. fV.a afvilin
I. .. r it. uuiKni am wiiii viit. d...bv,
lint i ll thht l.o knew on that point
waJ l.c had been itifoimeJ that per-
t ( iia c n nnt -hi witu the Mn'H ol
lt-.-- .l 1 . 1. , I
j.auur i. no uecn ii'i.iceu ui on arr
lilies. Hit. proiinceJ to give the
nan'f." lit i-nrh p - ms had been
mentioned to him in tiia' tonnection,
lie rli-i il hv paying n, high rompli'
uiei:t to Mi. Ht'xie ( ir ihe ui.inner in
which he ha-.l ail.iiioi'.tc ed tne aflaira
i f ', t cou -pay.
The iTiiri-ittee a1 'i M o'clock ad
jonn ei! ! lil II o'lhvk to-morrow.
I'mlii r l) In n I rliirnl onilltliin
1. l if-v-.i i k. Kv , April Father
AIuhiuJ. Uvan. the -l',nt Trieet of
the S..u'.h," lyina cr.t:ra'.ly ill with
biain fev r, at M. l-oni'ace church, iu
lUk c'tv.
SuUotriUc I'wr tlic" Ai-Hla"
Ike Hoase.
The 8enats elec!oral count bill, with
t T a .. an amaniliillinll. VU. flfl motllin
AlViiino BUIVU.....W.. "l - ,
of Mr. Caldwell Tenn., madeacon-
t',.,..iriT anarlal nrdnr for Mav (lib.
Mr. Wellborn lex., from the Com
mittee on Indisn Affairs, reported
back the Indian appropruuiou om,
with Senate amendments, with a rec
ommendation that some of the
amendments be agreed to and ethers
non-concurred in.
The recoroniendiition was agreed to,
end Mesirs. Wellborn, Pell and Per
kins appointed ai a committee of con
frirence. Adverse reporta were presented
i.nm i h Jmlicinrr Committee bv Mr.
Tucker Va , on a joint resolution
proposing aconsiliutionai auienuiumiv
civiPtr the President power to veto
apeci6c items in appropriation bills,
and on a bill to prevetit the adultera
tion of food, and tney were una upuu
the tahie.
Mr. tynus Co' from the Commit
tee on Mines and Mining, reported a
bill to fuither define the duties of the
director of geological survej. Com
miitee or tne wuoie.
in the mornicir hour tbe Judiciary
Cnmmillja tfllllt tllA flnf.
The" bill introduced by Mr. Adams
N. "X amondirg section 2805 of the
Hfafnfoa cm taken nn and
IWV.a-- - '
paused. It amends the section so as
to make it rad aa f illowa:
acrioa 2805. All oaths to be taken
upon making any of the reports or
ni.i am r.a ri-anpr l r L7 but in ilj auva
vui' 1 ' l' ' " r ' - - o - . ..
a.aijirna,! in thta r.iian'er. whether
by a rras'er of any vfsi.1 or the own
er or conmgtiee oi any mercnaiiuiBP,
i. in fa.-f ir nr iiiniil nr bv anv other
UID ' J -- J
narann ahall hn n (ministered bv the
collector orefficerto or with whom
the repart or entry is made, or oy
liiiblic end shall be re
duced to wr ting ana aurtfcnci-a oy
the peiaon taking and by the person
administering tho ontb.
Bills wrre also paoeed providing for
terms of court in l.t rarto, and charg
ing the K, s-em ai'd Northern Judicial
D;ft ids of Texas.
ti. umirntinii of the niorniru
I. !. tl.inca ai-piit into C-IlimittOtl
of the v hole (Mr. Wellborn Tex. in
tho cl-Mirl on the river aim uaunw i
pifiiriiition bill.
Tho d'putd Monongahela river
cUn-e w fill under diociisMOTi, and
. - i,....i i ii i ...ni;,l tn tin Htnct-
.lir. ioo-'t'n I icpti. v. - - -v
ur. a made u.ou it ywterday bT
Kei i t 'la. and nir. iibwiul--. --i
lie ileiiied melattei geiitleman'BstaU-tin-nt
ih.it Huiigar:a'is were employed
in the cva'. liclils of the MonoiiKahcla
"Wr. Hewitt replied that he had been
inloiini'd this morning by several
remiHylviinia goiulemen th
eUti iner t I ad been correct.
Mr. liovlo connu-nted on the pr
I imoty ol the ECtf.emnn uiakmu
apiuiiii - - - -" " ; 1
.nu.,l r.l tha Mnnnnuahela river, mo-
Tided tnat no cbaricee or tol a sha'i be
collided on any otner part ot tne
river on any commerce of said river
which originates above the works
herein sppiopriated i r.
In sp akin, ti a verbal amendment,
Mr. Lafollette Wis. criticised tbe
plan upon which ihe bill waa drawn,
viewing it aa a bad economic policy to
refuse an appropriation sufficient to
complete works already appioich
irg completion, tnd at the same time
In nivioiita fur tliR 1 11 B.n J 11 fltt i On of DeW
works. Such a policy hai fot its
object the securing of votes for tbe
kin ami Ha o fluff wh to Humoral a
the people and dull and blunt tbe
moral eeute oi oukbh.
appeared at tbe bar ol the House and
annonuced tbe pa8pae by tbe Senate
nan.trn hillo an annnnnRe-
nient which was received with loud
applause and li tighter.
Alter cone t iuing tne ccnsiuoia iuu
of twenty-e'ght of the aixty-three
paies of the bill the committee rose.
Mr.O'Neill Mo. again attempted to
ika adnlin i nf hta rMHnliitinn
O lIHD . . awwiz-ivi. --
doc'aring that the llonss sympathize
.. r. . ,1111: 1. illJ
Willi LUIi a. . . .........
Onna anrl hia nnonc' ntp in thnir efforts
to secure a fiee Parliiment for the
perple of Ireland, and congratulating
ik nannla nf thif. rminlrv i n the nrrm-
pect of an early and successful term-
tnr 1,,pa) aatf.i-nvprnmAnt. bnt
Mr. bwope Pa interpaed the fatal
objection, aua, tuougn ne suDBequouv-
1 .UhJM ir a rlamtinil fnt f lift naff-
ly niiuuivw 1 aa n
ular order prevented action on the
- f Dnmnfnn ff t.l mvil aa ad-
i lurnment over UooJ Friday, but his
.. 1 J 1 IV-A
motion Was VOIOU uowu, auu mru mo
. . - !l -1-1 1-
Uouse tooa a ' recess umu iiocioca
Train Wr'eked oo the Kat Trainea.
KCf, f irKiaia aawraiaaa.
Atlanta, Ga., April 22 A. wrecker
placed a cross-tie on the East Tennes
see track near (Silver Creek Tuesday
night, and then stepping ba: k in the
daik watched an approaching freight
train strike it and roll down a ten foat
bank. Une man was instantly killed
aad another . fetally wounded. The
man who waa killed was Thomas She
ban, wbo was firing for bis transpor
tation from Chattanooga to Atlanta.
He was crushed and cut to pieces.
Letteis on his percon show that he
w aa a citizen of England. Jack Wright,
tbe engineer, was so badly injured
tbnt he will die. Mike Wrinkle, the
regular fireman, was asleep in tne ten
der, tie was not scrmcnea. use
engineer raw the obstruction just be
fore he struck- it, nut was not aoie io
stop the train. The wrecker has not
been caught.
Thrlr Hnd lea Cannot Be Recovered.
Wnrralllicil. Pa . A Ilril 22. All
iwi.ta. it mixiuAl-lilIf tlm llOilifiR (if tile
twenty-eix miners entoinbod at No.Jl
f-loe at JNanucoae nan now mcu
iveii up. A second oore-noie nas
.lrii'ti friiin thn t.nnnfl to the
main gangway, and it was discovered
iit fl.H billcr vciiH filled with
VII. J V.IUW ,..w
quicksand and water. This at once
put a Slop IO ail luiuro uinuuuuuo,
and it is now regarded as a certainty
that the men perished on the first
day of their 'imprisonment by being
cauulit in the mass of fnlling sand and
rocks, anu uiai men iwu ,
be recovered.
Tbe Heault or nnlprnrtlee.
Bbunswick, Mo., April 22. The
myRlery snrroundiag 'he death of
Laura Btorn, whose dead body wss
fjund near the tchool-honse in this
city Tuesday morning, has been
cleared away by the verdict of the cor
oner's jurv, who decided that the
girl's dtath resulted from criminal
malprscticB by Dr. J. L. Banning cf
Kul sburv, Mo. Dr. Banning was ar
rested fast night' at Salisbury, but
waived a preliminary exxuination.
fearing mob violence siionld be return
to B'linawirW.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prapand by Dr. J.C. Ayr fc Co.,Lowll, Mu.
Price ! : all bottlei, 5.
37"iolci I?W3 Wanted
Farmlne Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, '.Millet,
11. 6. CRAIfl & CO., MEMPHIS.
1.1.1,1a. talr Hffuiinniiiirorl Af
a wn tp a ITRI lr -
Doors, Sash, BliniV, Dressed Flooring, t elling, Weather-Boarding
Cypreas Sblngles, L.atbs, lute.
JTO., faci.iUa. ar, un.n,rp..d b, an, wUI In th. 8o.h tor
irbror'aifaiaTon?:: "tS: Kb a ;:.l f-tur.. Ord.ra
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
Forty Years a Sufferer from
aa vaii nr ,)TV V 7 1 D Q T V. Kan a via
tim to OArARRU-thrM-fourrhM.j the i tune
TR1L8. The di.chariiei were o uffonsive
that 1 heniiate to montiun it, eice.it mr Ihe
good it may do ome other sufferor. 1 have
lient a young loriuoo irum iny dtiimih-o
relief Iroui the doctors. I have tried tia'ont
meaioinei every una j. uuuni loiai u ?
the four eornera of the eatth, wit'' no reliel.
And AT LAST (57 year, of age) hye met
with a remedy thot ha eurod mo entirely
made me a new man. I wrighod 12H rounds,
and now weigh US. I used thirteen bott ea
of the medicine, and the only regret I havj
ia, that being in the humble waki of h'e I
may not have influence to iirevuil on all ca
tarrh lufiercrs to nee what hai cured me
(Juina's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
"H fannnd atreet. Macon. Ua.
"Mr. Henry Chovea. the writor of the
a'love. formerly l OtHwfoid county, now of
Maoon, (la., merits tbe cunfldonre of all ia
Ureatedin eatarih. A.
" E&Mayor.of Maoon."
Union's Pioneer llliiud Renewer.
Ouroi all Blood and Kltin Dlaeaaea, Rheuma-
I'aip. ncroiuia, uiu oore. n. iiici ui'"i
Medicine. 1 j
If not in your market, it will be forwarded
nn ran-iint of nrice. Small bottle. Hi large.
75 , II A
ttaaay on 0100a anu oain 1ievit.ca maun
Macon, .ffortl.
M Chickasaw Ironworks
Uv 98 Second St. Memphis, Ten-.
i linnets HoilerH, NawuiuiH,
Bradiorl Corn and Wheat 51I..j,
Cotton Vrem, Cotton uin
. Shaainff, 1'nlleyt, t.
HPKCIAL rOH:B-We are prepared to ftll erj,
on t(M.. notioe. forth, cele- rated silrt rittil
WrotVti. I-nlle. W carry in itook orer
Two Hundred Assorted macs.
aw-S.nil for C'alnlotne and TMce-H't.
REiE & warn
"si1EIGEBR0$.,of Como.MlsB. F. H. N0RFLEET, Resident Partner.
- -Ct5. rTlf RteSAt..'. MftTMTlTltw' Totittx
a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaa.
M. iln.
rnoa. clarK.
, J. Clt -
m 1 Mas ': iT?
Sliikti the Iron While It's Hot
In order to mf.ve oT iir.mcnso !oek we
inulia tha fulliiwina offar:
Good S'ruw Ilntant 25c, .Tib 50c and V
Kx ra Kme Straw Hot at....Jl, II , H &. li
KiuhII Straw lionncta, all colors two
Kxtra Wide Brim HaU, for country 2'i
Beautilul Rofea, all oolora, per doaen 40o
Violet", tierdmon JJ
llutternuiia. per doien J110
Carnation I'iuka. per doaen ..IJ0
Elegant Bonrho- of Flowera o
Extra Fine Bunch'8 of Flowera
Impirted French Flora from.. 11 to
oairleU Ipa l tn bun. h) lor . ... S5o
Fruita, Leavea. btem. all kmda of ma
terial to make Artificial Howera.
ltritlal ami MonruiiiK Oulflls.
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS in the city.
Hal Koatinprd. lUi CleMm,
W)Mt rtud rarlrd.
UOLDEN UAIR WASH by the fmall or
large Quantity.
We Sake Speclallj of Millirierj,
Employing the beat handa in the city, aire
our whole attention to it, and w defy cora
petitinn in that line.
-c .-.v.
-tV V4T Jl JLC3 NtWMarf'v
And Coinplssion rSsrcnants
232 awl 234 Front St, lempMs, Tents
Mr. i. a. wniy Cot"" 'nt""U
virnnipr li A VT J. G. II ANDW RRKER,
L0U1-I HANAliKK, ?UH wn n ;n !J A M ES A. OMBEKG.
lDeriu. Reived U .... of I and upward, and intent allowed ,. ...m. S.-I-
XSS' ES 0L0ITB. Vice-President
STHAX. tVlilor.
a- a n ar .
UH & uU
1- H- V
l iiAirnai nmncTCR.
i -i C I
43 Mmllaoa trift. ,1fnphU, T.'j
AF1LU stocK of Wooden BJ VaUlli
C,.,a and OmI.ii, ISiiHal Kooef. atr.,
alw.iy? o:i aand. Orderaby relesrai'horlel
ai.hona "mnir'ly 'li'l'lad Io.
A Valuable Patent.
Iii.j "a illora") 'rn and Vvh Plau.
HAVING perfectrd my invention, I wish
ivee it before the public. e.'I orally
m ru'H.-tirtort. Aa a iVro. Planter. . '
Priii't fU.ic- in tn drill, dii-tribute
the a'i.e, laeretT one mmi perlorining tne
wnrk !( thre. hve ben nd n
Ihi. a.ctioo I"! over dorrti year, with per
led .' .'i.lactlon. van give r.-iHi atble teu-
Uftjwjodi countfi Toe.
Funorai Directors,
Fl'l.L an I f mrif Moek of of-da ,
1 A H.taUic C.e anJ 0nt, Cl.nh-toT-
;,rcd CaakeU.nd Burial iite f " I
r.md. aT-')r lra br ta!a.-tat-B p'oxi vy ,
' S'M. '
! rnbllf Adiiiiiilftralor'S Not ci'.
April 1 . 7Sb.
NOTICK hereby si tht I '. -n.initrtor
ol the astute of . T.Prr.
dec,,-!, eeli at public au.'tion, in he town
of LI OY, on tbe 0. O. nd h. W . .R-tilroad.
.11 of th.Veraon.l lln'''7BT.,,,,.te
cedrnt a eatate, tn.lu.liog " i. "J
homra. rle U) comuicnrai iv
Vholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
. . . v .a IldUrtuad rnnttliM,
And ueairrg iu " ' . . - .
No. 274 Front Street . -MemMw. Tenre
I acr.-a-arnin,ro5in gra.a, all ur ';d;,V,.y paatnring and aellingatock ef every
water all the year round, an, w. I be evotea comioi.i.ion ell kind ol blooded and
variety.. I mi ' fhl " u. Poultry, etc. Ihoae having; af ck for aale I ahali
rn,7wnnThV.r -' 1 is hor" of 4ne ,t,u
! and "lire f..ni gct,ern-'..FeV,'i'i l,r.,,.r tn Trinket -2 dam Mias Botler. dam ot Maud
HOKI-.K r Sk I t ' ivri . e n b. , , Ije,inct.,n. loe. U.
r A. 1. c: C. Jaraey Bull. Fee. ! So.
, ai r-:,,..1J.L
Oity igenta.JA.s.
.. ALEt.;"?"'!!!.' ilriR.jo.Ii.cE. trerdoten.
-r.'"lo',".""nJ,,.u,i";' ;,;.;, V0,..ei.ii be ensuttedat Woo.iW
JA SMlTil A CO.. 24 Fronu A.. Uviii:T.r4 Frt .treM. Men,bi., Tenn.
! Cotton Factors, Wiufesfe Uvutu,
! No. 11 Union Ntveet, : : '3ieinp5i! Tf.&s
ctl' 1-Nkv-Im C AI SK.S nd 0! TxK.t
a r-t wbo waa dent tvn,nty-tiht yci
1 . l tha Boir.1 ncialiatfOl
I t. 4,vw.ii.iw hnneiit. t-t'0,"1"?1'.'1
thrr. mou'.aa. ir. I ainca taen hund.e Jaj ol
!h--al, .imeproce-a. A pla:n. s-.mpleand
auc-r.tul hotve tre-tment. -idr
P.VlS.lKmSfcih it.,ew io:i t.ty I

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