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Ttiareilay and Friday K labia.
He Matinee will be fivea.
Owing to eireomstances tbe are unavoii
erle, BAKER A ARhON will out fir a
Mslir.ce duru c th I engagement.
e- Peats at Mniford'a.
i' ance Assembly No. 5794,
l) K. OF L.
ntnday Eve., May 3
Arnold's Full Band Emazed.
arTlie Proceeds of thii Picnin will b for
warded to Bt. Loaii for the benefit of the
Oould Striken.
4-Ttrkrts, 50 Vent. Ladle free.
mr Tbe beat ol order will be enforced, as
the sflair is in the bandi of a oompetent
eorauiitteu, ard no expense will be nared to
make it grand success.
ajar This popular place of amusement ia
NOW UPKN, under the management of
Prof. C. A. 0 KNALDSON.
Mr .New Atiraetions and tpeoialties will be
prevented each week.
M0n H i turd r Afternoon of eaoh week,
H AI.K HATES lor School Children.
arWt ink nd t. make thia plaoe uf amuse
ment a special attraction for Ladiea and
their Families.
00M Furnt'hed room, with or without
bf ard, at liacoart str-et.
BOARDERS wishing comfortable homea
with excellent table aeoommodation
will find It greatly to their advantage to
eonie to the Polk House, 306 Second street.
Transients will be well cared for at less than
ne-half the uiual hotel pr cm.
M. W. POLK, Manager.
00 MS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
ana i. oard at 11 M i disoa street.
Ol. ."AMISS UOUHK-Uor. Second and Ad
t J eras ata. Room and board 15 per week.
Day hoarders wnted.
OARD With excellent room,
' NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison St.
TWO large unfurnished rooms, with or
without board, at 6S Madison street, cor
ner Third.
ROOMS Two very dos'rable rooms, first
floor, at 182 Desoto street, second door
south of Linden street.
NEW OOTTAGK-AII modern improve
ments) Ire rooms, bath and pantry;
430 Lauderda'e. Keys next door.
lOTTAGK-Fenr rooms, 69 Auction street.
Arpiy at: a iiiird at.
COTTAOB Four rooms at 49 Mosby st.
Apply at 47 Mosby street.
HOUSES-STORE-No. 151 Mosby street,
containing 9 ronms: house No. llM
Mosby street, oer mining 4 rooms. Store and
fixtures at Noa. 147H and 149 Poplar street.
For terms apply to
HOUSE 'Ne. 74 Adams street, on corner
Third; three stories : good r-pairi from
Jly 1, 1886., JOHN W . CURKIN,
808 Second street.
NICE RKSIDENCK-377 Orleans street,
just south of Vance (on the new street
ear line) ; bouse in coed repair. A pp y to
K. W. HARRIS, 800 Front at.
HOUSE Two story frame, 85 Marke at. ;
new, with all modern improvements.
Apply to L. FRITZ, 1 1 Main st.
"EMJRNIBHKD ROOMS-For gents and for
"WO elegant front rooms, furnished or
nniurmaneq. ippiyacpy nautDB sr
ROOMS Furniehed or unfurnished, at 118
Second street. H efercnoes required.
TTWRNimiEn rooms .
a-1 117 COURT ST.
10TTAE Three rooms, cistern, at 257
teorgia street. Arpiy next room.
C10TIAUK-.No. 414 LauJerdale, 7 rooms
In good repair, good cistern; 125 per
month. Apply to No. oV4 Main street.
ROOMa Kn suite, Lee Block, third floor
front. Apply at No. 4 Madison st.
TjtXPERIKNCKD AGENT On liberal com--EJ
mission. Address, with reference1., T.
KLLWOOD ZELL. Publisher, 47 North 13th
street, Philadelphia.
V4"AN To sot as yard and shipping clerks
-LVL one who unrle stanu the lumber busi
ness. AdrirofS stating s,ary expected, to
FRANK MKKIOOLD, Mcrigold, Miss.
MAN To run a gn'g-cdier and planing
machine; also, several good sawmill
rod yard hands Address or ai ply to
Merignld Station, Holivar count;, Miss.
STRIPER One good striper for pumps.
, Apply at. once to NATIONAL PUMP CO.,
Hickman, Ky.
rlro's at once. DR. 8(!0TT'8
GOlirm. Hit rtrnirlw.i,. N-
lorn. i ue only gen mne.
TWO good Coatmnkem and one Busheler.
Apply atlSI Mninstroit.
EVEKYRODY To call and see the eele
bratod Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near poplar.
("1 UN A good second-hand SHOIGUN.
X breech-loader, standard make, pistol
grip, 32 inoh, 12 gango, about 74 pounds.
Apply at room 3, Cotton Exchange.
SITUATION-By a young lady as teacher
in public or private school. Best refer
ence given. Adores
A. M. 1., Memphis, Tenn.
OOD COOK Must be well recommended.
Apply at this office.
COLORED MAN To work in house.
Apply at 72 Madison street.
LADIES and Gentlemen, in city or coan
try, to take light work at their hr-tnes;
11 to S3 a day easily made; work sent by
mail; no canvassing. We have a good de
mand fur our w.-.rk. and furnish ateadv m-
lovment. ArltresB, altn stamp, unuwa
". " " ' ne St., t incinnati, Uhio.
llRL Fir general housework; white
preferred. Inquire at 158 Hernando st.
P0SIT10N-Ab Stenographer and Type-
Writer; terms reasonable. X, this office.
WH 1TB WOMAN-To learn new shirt
DRYA N D S1I flvT FACloItY, Jjecond
BLACKSMITH-A good I lacksmith to "run
a country shop. Must also be a good
wood workman. Good waacs paid. Call on
or address D. J. aLLKN A CO.,
. Australia, Miss.
AN INTELLIGENT, Earnest Caiholic
man to roortsect a large, responsible
Barclay treet rose in his own locality and
outside lare cities. A remunerative salary
to right pa: ty. References exchanged. Ad
dress BARCLAY. Box 15S5, N
AGENTS Wilh small cipitnl. We have
somethiog new, no risk, large profits,
iiecil VMay nfl'er, write at or re.
EMPIRE Ci).. :81 Canal street, N. Y.
"fu ll E -Tciish' ipri'es paid for old andnew
r CATUf.tta at 14!" .Mam street.
EVERY' ONE In need of a hard, smooth,
durablo and wnleroroof pavement or
floor, examine WA'l SON'S BITUMEN COX
CKKIK. Telephone iUv
ALL THOSE having damp, unwholesome
cellars to teicph ne HJA
BOAKT ER At HO Madison ; nice rooms,
koim! fire: tnn.ients acconuuoated.
AGETT;j iu every section of the country
for two NfW Uooks, just ready. Spiimal
TaitHS to men ef eierience cnpable of fill
ing a larre territory. Sute experience, sue
and territcry wanted. CASsfcLL A CO.
(limited), 8.-2 T3roadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear
born s'ret. Chicago.
SALiESMEN In every Slate in the I' ion
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SrtcULTiga thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handlod alone or in connection
with other goods. AddrejsTIIK WM. B.
For Traeirr.
WE are anthoriid to announce JOHN
M. ttHAuLKY as a candidate lor
Trutee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subiect tu the action uf the
Eeiuocr.tttc Convention.
For Att.rne-yHJrsieral.
WE are authorised to announce GRORGE
B. K hit ItS. Jr.,s a candidate tor
the cflice of Attorncy-Getirral. sub ect totue
action of the I'enocra'ic Co ivenlion.
For Kcgrlxlir.
THE undersigned announces that he Is a
candidate tor Kegi'ter, and asks the
support ot the voters of Shtlby county. It
elected, will endeavor to sue satisfaction in
the discharge ol the duties of the office, and
Blaoes hia claims subject to the aotion of the
ounty Democrat'C Convention
Memphis, March 2H, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Rerrville, Tenn., is a
. candidate for RKGIsTKR. subject t the
act on of the Democratic Convention.
JdKr lh C'lreail Court.
We are authorised to announce that JOHN
JOHNSTuN is a cand'daie for Judge of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, subject to
action of the Democrat'C Convention.
We are authorised to announce L II. ES
TKS, JR., as a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Cou't, subject to the aciion of the
Pemofiitjo. Convention.
I) WHITE COWS tine with rope around
it head. 15 reward for th-ir return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve, llerrando roal.
QTORE HuUSE, ETC. At Shelby Station.
O Miss., store honse. saloon, staMes ana
BOTgL giiDT riiKNiBngi). for further par
ticulars apply to J. U. bTAKEOHD,
Concordia, Mi...
Pioru Lucv Station, on the Chesaeake,
Ohio and Southwestern Kailroad, on the
nishtof the 19th of April, one bav horse,
about 'eur een and a half hnda high, e!sht
fears old; pcs under sadd'e; branded on
eft shou'der O; one white hind loot: both
eyes wesk. Liberal reward will be paid for
his return to W. 11. BOLTO,,
Lucy, Tenn
who reveals the paat, present and future
bynss the seearated together, and causes
speedy marriages; ean be consulted in regard
to dead o- living friend" or enemies. LA
Gypsy powers by inheritance and tradition,
never fail to give satisfaction. Call at
Dr. HUNiER, 117 Court St., removes
Cancers, Turners, Ulcers and Skin Diseases,
without the knife. Consu tation free.
Maternal Diseases, liS'j Main st eet.
REV. Q. L. KNIGHT. Healing Evangel
ist, 117 Court at. Office hours, 10 a.m.
to3p.ni. Come and get cured of your so
cal'ed Inenrab e diseases,
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contraotor and brick
layer. Telephone 888. TU08. CUBBINS.
LAWs.liarine andCommercial Notary
Publio, Commissioner of Deeds and U. H.
Commissioner, at the old office. No. 3 Madi
BC) BUILDING LOTS This sale positive
i It ends Saturday, 24th : no such chance
ever again ; no condition; taxes paidt leitit
imata every way ; 278 Main St. (basemonf.
new two story bouse and lot, 146x168,
adjoining State Female College. Also, lot.
5oxl70, Georgia street, one Mock west of
Min street Address T. A. Lamb or J. H.
Burton, 10 Madison street.
OTfifi CASH ValuaHe roiHenoe lot
rZ 1UU on KAYB11KN AVE., west
side; 88 faet front by 226 feet deep, begin
ning 80 feet north ot Georgia st. Address
. L. L. PKINCK. St. Louis.
J net for children. Apply at 17 Jefferien
street, up-stairs.
Ad dross P. M., at Bailey Sta.. Tenn.
FARM A Great Bargain 326 aores 100
acres partly oleared. in Dallas Co.. Ark.
Fine timber, pure water, fine stock range,
winter and summer; will sell or exchange.
For particulars apply at Appeal. J. M. G.
GUITAR PneS S.Martin A Co guitar,
with case. P. ice Ho. UOUCK'S MU
B1C STORE, 389 Main street
ROCKAWAY Good iccond-hand rocka
way, cheap. App'y to Wood k Swoope.
7 rooms, Al order, first-class neigh
borhood ; treat bargain
M. E. CONAWAY. 285 Main at.
Y Cottage Residence ; 7 rooms ; 500 Lau-
deraaie st. i large lot, j o. rm.ii.iK.
PIANOS A large assortment of second
hand Pianos, some as good as new.
Prices from $5) upward. A Chickering
Grand, cheip for cash.
ORGAN A good ripe organ, having two
banks of koys, 24 stops, and 1 octave
pedal bass, at Seoond Prcskvterian church,
Memphis. Addrosa E. WITZM ANN A CO.
CtOTTAOK Nice cottage, with all im
provemenls: out-buildings; on paved
street. Part cash. Addrsss, care of Appeal,
A. K.
pG(iSPure Plymouth Rock and Brewn
liegho'n eeas, at si tor is.
ca lots, b KIN KLEi LUMBER CO.,
121 Jefferson street.
L BAM A SPLINT COAL In any quan-
P. 'A. PATTERSON It CO., Agents.
IjTGGd for HATCUIiG From pure b'eod
JJJ Partridge Cochin, Brown Leghorn, Black
Spanish and Plymouth Hock stock- Addroas
uated in one o the livest towns in the
bouth, Doos a business of over $1000 per
month. Bar oan be added to the business,
if desired. For tot me, address
J. S. M., Box 102, Meridian, Miss.
AT NK WPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 lou, 5(l
feet water fro t, 4t feet deep. For full
information address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md.
Kk ceiv.n. e and all dees to the
Choice Timothy, $U.50 a ton.
From One Ton to Ten Cars.
284 Front Street.
For Sales Liow.
rpiIE family residence of the late Maj. A.
A. N. McKay, cor. Lauderdale and Jessa
mine sts. ; in excellent repair. Furnituro
will be so d with the house if desired. For
information, apply to A. N. MoCoLLUM,
a gect, VanVlcct A Co.'s drug store.
Board of Underwriters
Mrui-ma. Tsxs., April 14, 1886.
WE, tho undersigned Agents and Secre
taries of the various Fire Insurance
Companies, doing ominous in Memphis,
Tnn., hereby uree to close our respective
otlices at 5 o'clock p.m., between the d:itrs of
A.iril '9, 18S6. and September 1, 18H6, as has
hertof re hcon our ct'toui J
Ml 11P1IY A MU -'PHY. Asents.
C. Al AS'iN A SONS. Agents.
W. II. KKMNEDAY.Sern.tary.
W. U. M"0KK, Kecretary.
J F. I'l N-CO 1 B, Secretary.
T. II RIi'E A C".
PEOPLES INS. CO., Memphis, Tenn.,
Vt . L. fsrker. Secretary and Agent,
JAMl'S E. BKASLEV, Secr:tary.
WRKFN A HK.ASi.KY, Agents.
IV! U. HULL EN A CO.. Ag.-nts.
Tbe ( balD-Uane Rosg VTr1by and a
Put rtl man Mni Moral
"II this tliicn keeps on much long
er it won't be reeeary to kefp ny
bsoka," remarked tbe genial Sjlt
mareb, clerk at tbe SUtion-Ucuse,
"And wby not?" inquired an Ar
pkal man.
"We have a Police Judge tow who
goei in he'7 lor moral suasion," be
said. "I don't viunk I have bad half
a doc?n mittimuees In is many dayf.
Capt. Lee, wbo baa been acting in
President Hadden's place ever since
bit depatture lor Biloxt, lets tHera o&
with m lecture for liuht and 11 ret of
fenses, but when they tome back a
second time, or when the prisoner at
tbe bar is charged with any offense
which really repreheistble, he Rives
it to him from the shonlder.
Clerk McNulty, who keeps the
docket in tbe Police Court, said the
receipts were dropping oft considera
bly. The foi felts wore scooped in
regnlarly, but Capt. Lee thought a
good deal and a long time btf are be
imposed a fine, but when he did, be
paid, it was usually a good one. Mr.
McNulty complimented the Jug,
however, upon bis eloquence and'
thought tbat the scamp who trans
gretsid again after one of (.'apt. Lee's
eloquent speeches from the bench he
must be a reprobate indeed.
rf the chain gang, who dropped into
the Station lloute while Judge Lee
was being discussed, broke in on the
conversation by bringing down his
great palm upon the deek with a force
which jarred tbe ink out of the bot
tles. "This thing is getting seriou,"
he declared. "The weather is pretty
and we ought to be doirg lots of work
on tbe streets. There is plenty of it
to do, and we ought to be making a
show. The police have done their
duty. They have brought in a lot of
big, strong fellows, who would have
helped thing! along mightily. But
Capt. Lft don't seem to grasp the situ
ation. He lectures 'em and leta 'em
go, when they might just as well be
fixing np the streets." Foreman Jewel
refused to look at the matter any
other way. He wanted men; he
couldn't hire them in the nature of
things, and he wanted the Police
Judge to turn them over to him.
A patrollman, who shall be nameless,
threw up botn hands and declared in
accents of despair tbat the town would
eurely go to the bow-wows if "this
thing" was nit stopped. ' I don't see
auy use in bringing anbody in, I
don't," be declared. "Catch me pick
ing a galoot out of the gutter and lug
ging him a mile or two through the
streets only to have him turned loose
on a defem-eltsj c .immunity next
morning. What do they care fcr
lectures 7 Why, they go oil to the
nearest saloon, take another drink
and have a good laugh at our expense.
I'm plum disgusted, I am." This
was not tbe general view, bow
evr, the police taking aides some
with freemen t Hadden, others witb
Vicp-President Lee, but they all agreed
that the absent Judge would not be
benefited ny tbe sea air to any appre
ciable extent if ha knew how many
good $2 bills were slipping by and not
a band reached out lor them.
How Good Frldiiy Will Be Obacrvesl
st Ibe L!Moyn Normal
The telegraph has lately given ac
counts of strikes on the part of some
of the pupils in some of tbe Eastern
schools, but it remains for a colored
normal school in Memphis to discount
tbem all in that line.
Yesterday tbe students in tbe nor
mal Department of LeMoyne Normal
Institute elected an entire faculty of
twelve teachers from their own num
ber wbo to-day are to assume the man
agement of the school in all its depart
ment) and clauses.
This is an observanre kept up in the
above institution on one day ot eai:h
year, and Good Fiiday is tbe day
choat-u lo accommodate these who
may desire to vit-it from other institu
tion not in region on tbat day.
Tbe fact tha' und r this arrange
ment, the regular tcncliKrs seldom go
ing into the bnildirg at all, the
work of the school all goes on quietly
and as successfully as on other days,
speaks not a little in praise of tbe eat
nestnesscf tbe pup la and tbe com
pleteness of the dnclipine they are
under. The practice is one to he com
mended, as showing these results and
as cultivating a spirit and habit of fclf
control ou the part of young people in
The following students were elected
to ant as a student faculty:
President and teacher of natural
science, M. W, Lawson.
Preceptress and teacher of grammar
and literature, Mis? Georgie Anderson.
Teacher of history and geography,
Mif s Alice Jones.
Teacher of mathematics, Moses II.
Teacber of music, Miss L!zz:e Boyd.
Teacher in grammar department, M.
II. Black well.
Teacher in intermediate department,
Edward Graves.
Teacher in second primary depart
mnnt, Miss Sarah Marcus.
Teacher in first primary department,
Mil 8 Mattie Ooper.
Instructor in mechanics, Thomas
Instructor in girls' industrial depart
ment, Miss Mattie Cowan.
Tbe Situation About leh awd
Cipt. C. B. Sears, who reiently left
Memphis to inspect the caving levees
about Salem, near Raleigh landing,
cays that while there is no immediate
cause for alarm, thsre is tn encroach
ment steadily in progress, though he
does not think the levee will cave in
until the water falls within the banks,
when it will surely cave in. How
ever, to make sty a surety, he au
thoriasd Mr. Robert Nicholson, a
planter at that place, ti construct a
rtinaround levee far enough back to
stiml. He author'ied work to he
done to tha amouut of JUOOO. This
piece of levee was constructed by the
government and is under the super
vision of the government engineer in
charge of tbe district.
Mr. James Murphy wrote a day or
two fince to Maj. H. B. Richardson of
New Orleans as follows:
Deab Sib Knowing the interest
you feel in the condition of the Opoe
sum Fork levee, in Desha county.
Arkansas, I take pleasure in inform
ing you that it ia in perfect condition
and apparently fully able tn resist tbe
d ;od now passing down. I eeud you
by tbts mail a copy oi our kvai pa-
.. nlir'lti. u t ii r I .Ira. nn Hia .1 i - f
, ttn us op; ' i .ia u... v..
its isue, the Kith inBtr.nt. As o-ar
tevee is iui.y sixteen imvnea a nova ex-
tiAma liioh v.tjr mar'j M 1K.(
- - " - - , .uu no
the White and Arrunsai rivers a-e
If . at . I at 1 . I
"smuTtS snf.
UAfl.VU f 1.4 11 THE alDKEROF
Hit irr.
Ho Aaba Ibe I'oeirl lo l.raat Ulna
H Olvoree Nabalanr or
Isaac Smith, who killed his wife's
paramour last August, josterday en
tered suit for divorce in tbe Circuit
Cooit. Tbe bill states that Isaac and
hia wife Martha were married in Tip
ton county in 1873, and lived together
upon amicable terms until last spring,
when he bad good reason to believe
her unfaithful. OneObas.Crizer was
in tbe bahit of visiting his home dur
ing hia absence, and frequently re
mained I hers alone with his wif until
a late hour. Tbe intimacy between
tbem was subject of gossip in the
neighborhood in which they residod,
( nd he at last obtained pr jof of it bv
obtaiLiug a letter full of the most
amorous sentences and plainly show-
in? an improper connection between
them. 1 he letter watt written by
Cr'zer to Mr. Sonilb, and he ha i some
d flicully in obtaining it from her.
Tbat furnished tbe first positive
evideuce a;aiunt ber, though be ha I
good reason to suspect her before, one
of the causes being her coldness to
him immediately f:er one of C izct's
visits. His situation became t last
intolerable, and he slew the det trover
of his peace and happinees, believing
he had a right to do s before God and
man. For this crime he was tried
nd acquitted. Since the fatal day
he has ceased to live with her or to
have any dealings whatsoever with
her, but she bas been comforted by
the embraces of a number of other
men, wboie names relator declares
himself ready to give if required.
Lately she removed to Arkansas, tak
ing with her their two children,
Junie, aged, ten j ears, and Eva, a zed
seven ywr. He does not think it is
proper that she should bave ttm cus
tody of the children, aud asks the
court to give them to him.
Elarnt Itnbswll) 4'b.lldrtia rouud l.iv
Ids Witb Their Father In
Penney Insula.
Fhiladki phia, Pa., Aptil 2u Tbe
most pitishle case lb it t as yet come
under tbe notice of thp Liu a -y Com
mittee was discovered hut wek in
F.iun'eindale, Adams comity. Jacob
Miller, a wealthy farmer, wi- found
living vrithbis eight indocile Mldren.
The mother of this miherhbl) fam
ily lnd died several yurs ago
insane. Tbe poor woman had given
birth to eleven children bi tween 1 8(10
and 1874, and not one of her numer
ous offspring wbs poee.'Sfcdof a sound
mind. Nine children are still living,
one daughter possessed of a limited
amouut of intelligence having bten
married. The remaining eight are
card for by their, fntbet in 11b hbusn,
which was in a most deplorable
condition when Secretary Ourt
and a member of the c.nomi'tie
visited tbe place. Five of the children
are driveling Idiots past all hope of im
provement, while tbe other three are
somewhat bright. The eldrst child
is the woret of all, scarcely possessing
the instinctt of an animal, lie aits at
the window all day long, and from the
constant swaying of his body bas
worn a bole in tbe window-sill
where his head touches the wood
work. Mr. Miller expressed a deep af
fection for his unfortunate children.
He said that they were well fed and
aeemed bappy, though he was not
able lo keep them well clothed on ac
count of their filthy habits. It was
learned tbat Mr. and Mrs. Miller were
blood cousins of the first degree, and
to this fact alone the members of the
committee attributed the imbecility of
their offspring. The father, however,
had no explanation for the matter,
and be looked upo i the allltction as a
stroke of Providence. A singular
phase nf the affair is that the commit
tee can find no legal way of reaching
the rase. Two daughters, twelve and
fourteen year J cf vge respectively, and
one of thesons are capable rf improve
ment if placed in a proper iuetltut'on,
but as Mr Miller is well-to-do, own
ing 200 acres c f land, and the children
not insine, the committee cannot in
voke the iuHanity laws nor make the
children a f-'tate charge.
'I lie Annnnl MVpilnar or Ibe lUreel-nr-f.inrer
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Mercantile Bank, held
Tuesday, April I'Oth, the following
gentlemen were re-elected directors:
W. 8. Bruce, P. M Nelson,
J.M.Smith, W. N. Wilkerson,
John Armislvad, J. M. Gnoilbar,
M. Oavin, T. H. Sims,
Charles Kney, R. T. Coop- r,
C.K.Bryan, J. R. Godwin,
J. W. Falls, W. P. Dnnavant.
R. J. Black. H. E. Collin,
A. W. Newsom.
Mr. T. B. Turley was aluo elected a
director, to fill the place made vacant
by the resignation of Dr. 1). T. Porter.
At a meeting of the directors, held the
same day, the following oflicerg were
re-elected: J. R. Godwin, president;
J. M. Goodbar, vice-pres dent; C. H
Haine, cashier.
No cotton market here to dy.
Tdkrr will he no session of the Chi
cago Board of Trade to-day. ,
No session of the Call Board of tbe
Merchant V Exchange to-day. .
Mxmiikrs of the MercbaitV Ex
change citn procure copies uf the en
nual repor: by noplicauon to the sec
retary. Cmminu pri.'Pfl of Mav options at
Ohirag J yesterd ly: P.org, Jt) OL'i ; lard,
6J :; ciesr rib side?, 5 22c; corn, 37Jc;
wheat, 8fi5:; oats, 30 Jc. ;
No I iveki' iol m -r'in: Tues
day. New York Ctton Exchange
to-Jay and to morrow. New Orieans
to day end af r 1 o'tlick p m. lo nor
row. Witori on 'Chanae ye.,teidat :
John VV. Small, Btrtlett, Tenn.; C. G.
1 1 at. hiriHOo, Cintini at!, O; F. L.
Miluiiel , Helena, Ark.; A. M L Was
s n, Cincinnati O.j L N. B'irk,
Wynne, Ark.; 14. H. Crawford, C ill 'UH
(irove; r. M. D.irrowa, fori wor.n,
Tex.; B. ii itton, Giand June ioJ,
Tenn.; L F. Frleton, Nfw Orieaiia,
La ; John W. Brovn, Brownsville,
Have tried Tongiiline in two very
obstinaU cass of neuralgia. I am
highly pleascu with the effects. Think
it far superior to the old remedies.
J. P. PIKE, M D , West Louisville, Ky.
Brilliant Tlctory of the Memphis
Jilne Over the Crack Sa
vannah Club.
Tennessee got cn top of Georgia
yesterday, and pvo her a dose of (he
medicine ihs administered to us last
week. All the Tennessee clubs won
in well fought and stubbornly con
tented fanes, the vutory of Memphis
being particularly creditable, having
been won from the hitherto invinci
ble Savannahs in the best-played game
of the championship series. It is to
be hoped that the funny fellows, who
bave been exercising tbe dull edges of
their wit at the expense of the local
clnb, and satirically inquiring, "Why
don't Memphis get a baseball club T '
wil' content themselves with the an
swer given yesterday, and ask no
more tsbsurd questions. When the
Memphis Club can win as she did yes
terday, handicapped as she was by
playing half of ber men out of posi
tion, the fiierds ot the home nine
need have no fears as to her ultimate
rink in the League.
Neither side scored until the third
inning, when Murray of the Savan
nahs hit safe to left field for one baae,
stole to second, and went tn third and
borne on a pased ball. This looked
ta'.her blue for our side, but it seemed
to have a brncing effect on Fuseulbacb,
who allowed no mmc ba Is to pats
him after that. Cidlins struck out,
Moriarity likewise jO'Day went to first
oncalliid balls, advanced to second on
fumble of l'm-lan'p, but was left there
nn Strief's strike out. For Memphis
Phelan, Knoull end O'Leary struck
out in one, two, three order. Snarp
fielding on both sides waa now tbe
rule. In the fourth inning Fields got
to firit on safe grounder, Miller wmt
to first on called balls and Fields to
second, McLaughlin Hied out to cen
ter field, Neal hit a line fly to Phelan,
who caught it, and, touching bias be
fore Fields could reach it, made a bril
1 ant double play without assistance.
In the fifth inning Memphis made
her first run. Two men were out when
Phelan stepped up to the plate. Every
body expected him to saw out, as he
usually does, but the unexpected al
ways happens, (or Richard lifted that
ball out to center field for three bags
and scored on a pained ball, amid the
wildest enthusiam on the Terrace.
Goose eggs were chalkei up opprsite
the score of both sides until the
seven'h inning, when, by bunching
hits, Memph's made an ta'ned run.
Fuscelbach Hied out to right field,
Lsvin hit a hot grounder to center
field for one bag, Whitehead sent one
to left field with tbe same result,
Lavin advancing to second, Phelan
bit to short and retired at first. Knoull'
was tha next batter, and the crowd
held its breath, so internee wai the ex
citement. Click, click, click went the
wires, and before he could talk the
audience could tell from the broad
smile on Nat Graves's barometric face
that good news was coming, and
so it proved. Knouff hit safe tn tenter
field, Lavin scoring and Whitehead
going to third, and the cheers that
gree'ed the announcement might kave
been hea-d a mile off. Knouff stole
to second, but he and Whitehead were
both left on bases by O'Leary'a foul
tip to McLrtvihlin. This ended the
run getting aud Memphis won the
game by a score ot 2 lo 1, without find
ing it nececFary to play the ninth in
ning. The features of the game were
the brilliant base running ot Black,
theefleciive pitching of O'Leary and
tbe excellent work ot both catchers
behind tbe ba.
M KM THIN. R. B 11. P.O. A. K.
Sneed, 8. s 0 0 0 2 0
B ack, 1. t 0 2 10 0
Andrews, 1st b 0 0 11 0 0
Fusselbach.c 0 0 H 1 1
Lavin, c. f 11110
Whitehead.'Jd h 0 12 0 0
Pholan, 2.1 to 112 3 2
Knouff, r. f 0 12 0 0
O'Leary, p 0 0 0 10 0
Collins, r. f
Moriarty, 1. 1
O'Dny, c f
Strief, 2d b
Fields, lut b
Miller, s n
McLaughlin, c...
Neal, p
Murray, 3J b
6 27 17 3
H.H. P.O. A. K,
0 10
(I 2
Total 1 3 24 111 1
Inni-gf..l 2345678H
Mnmphi..0 000 1 0 I 0 2
Savannah 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Umpire Bre n nan.
Two base hits Black, Collins.
Three base hitH -Phelan. Kiirned
runs Memphis, 1. Passed bulls -FuHKflhnch,
2; Mclaughlin, 1.
Ntandtna or tbe Lraajaee.
Savannah o 1
Aiignata 6 2
Atlanta 4 3
Macon 4 3
Nashville 3 4
Memphis - ' 4
ChiitUinooLra 2 5
estin .
Baseball Norn.
At MneoV Ga. Nashville, ri; Ma
con, 3.
At AugusVi, (ia Augusta, 8; At
lanta, 4. V
At Philadelphia Philadelphia, 7;
Newer', 2.
At Washington - Nationals, ;
Rochester, 2.
At Charleston, 'if. C Chattanooga,
0; Charleston, 2.
Baseball at the new Park Sunday
evening by Athlft'd vs. Eckfords.
Look o it for'a'jjood game.
Tnit winning combination paid
119 50 for fl.and two of the tickets
were held by newspaper men.
Only three baae hits niadefiff O'Leary
and nine men s ra' k out, arid yet the
growlers any he is no pitcher.
Phelan mvlo two errors, but he
wiped thein ont with a tbree-batger
and a don'ulo pi :y. Richard is him
self apaiu.
The poFtpi.ntd game of Wednesday
w'll probahlv be played off to day, al
though nothing official to that efUct
has yet been received.
Black played in hard luck y ftur
day, getting left on third ha'e twice
afier the most daring and brilliant
base-run-iing of the season.
The Brooklyn and Baltimore clubs
oucred the championHhip seaaen In
Brooklyn yes'erday. Th home team
won ea ily. Score: Brooklyn, 0 ; Ba'ti
more, 3.
Weak batting toward the cIojo lost
the name to the home club at St. Louis
jestrdiy. Up to the ninth inning
St. Louis was ahead 1 to 1, but fiom
that time on Rimsey had things bis
own way, tieing the ecore in the ninth
With t-elf-Meaenrint Cards, sent by mail on application. Ton ean have a pew aet ofjShlrta
made bysou Jing us an old one to measure by. WRITE FOR OUR PRICES.
r. CAMS""!.!., rronrle-1
J Ut,a.a Hllllt H, li
Memphis Steam Laundry,
We have the Latest Improved Troy Laundry Company's Machinery.
COLLAHW, CUFFS and SIIIIlTf I.anndrled Eqnal tm Hew.
and winning in tho tenth score. S.
LouiH, f; Lnnisvillo, 0.
In the fourth inning of Wednesday's
game Richmond, center lie'dtr cf the
Charlestons, while being chased be
tween second and third bases, in fail
ing to slide, I'Toke his leg at the knee
and bad to be carried off tbe field. -
Houmkii'h wild pitching, Smith's
errois and lucky fielding by the home
team b ought them victory yesterday
at Cincinnati. Oienn made a line
running catch. Attendance 250(1
Scote Cincinnati, t; Pittsburg, 8.
The opening nf the championship
games on Staten Island tock place yes
terday between the Metropolitans and
Athletics. Attendsnce, 70,000. The
grounds and stand are admirably
adrpted, and are bo finest of the kind
in tue country. The game was closely
contested, but poorly plaved. Row
man was injured in the fifth inning
and C. K. Foster replaced him. The
Metropolitans had the lead until tbe
ninth inning, when errors by Nulson
and Foster, a base on balls by Cash
man and a hit by Matthews gavo the
Athletics two runs and the game.
Sccre Metropolitans, 6; Athletics, 7.
BitauoiiTON, the new catchs. ar
rived in Savannah yesterday, and Fus
aelhsch may now take a rest after
catching six sucessive games. He has
earned it nobly, and the suit of clothes
that ho will retelve In a few days will
convince him how bis faithful work
tins been spprsciated hero.
The Kelt pee makes.
Books on tho KcHho stakes at St.
ltiis have been opened and below
will bo found odds offered on tho
entries It will bo seen that accord
ng to this Kreolund is a favorite, with
Mihh Woodford very clot up, Kirk-
man next and Modesty and the Kditor
a tie at the 8 f. Lucky M., the old cup
racer, in the shortest hoi so in tho
Age. Weight.
If-1 Alta 4 U
151 Binnette 6 117
25-1 Clny Ptttt 4 11H
8-1 Kditor 4 no
2 J 1 Fret-land a 120
151 Freeiiiun 4 118
501 (irey Cloud.. ; 4 115
151 HiiJirus 4 115
201 Irish Put 4 115
501 John A 5 122
tl-1 Kirkman 3 101
75-1 Lucky It ' 123
3,1 Miss Woodford 0 118
8- 1 Modesty 5 U7
15 1 Monogram a 120
9- 1 Pontine f 122
35-1 Phillip S 5 122
20-1 Knpldo 4 115
15-1 Silver Cloud 3 101
35-1 Troubadour 4 118
30-1 W. R. Woodward... 5 118
10-1 Volant 4 118
As the majority of these horses are
enteted at Memphis this table will be
found especially useful.
Lonlavlllo Pool Prlllleaee.
LouwvnxE, Ky., April 22. The
pooling privileges of the Louisville
Jockey Club were let to diy to White
A Simmons of Lexingt in, Ky., tor
Turf Nwlea.
Isaac Murphy Is worth $100,000.
1 iu brood mare Helen Dance, 1873,
l y War Dnc-IIelen Douulass, by
O'Mttt'a,' in di'tid.
(tirr, a br.-.ol mtrf.s'x years old,
bv imp. Glnlyfin Hilda, by imp.
Kulipse, is deud.
Since lS70the hows sold as year
lings from the Woidhurn stud turn
have won $20,8011 49.
Tub?, Fiki.d ano Farm says it is in
a petition to alnti t'-at the trouble tit
Ban Fox is in his feet.
Ciiari.es Rebu'h brood mare Bettie
I, IS7ti, by Alarm-Ktt'e Mclonald, by
imp. Mickey Ftee, is dead.
Wary, the winnorof the Cotton Ex
change a Bke a . Mobl.'e, is described
as a grand two year-old liily.
It 1 liwinvvT T.evinaton Kv.. hua
putchssed the ch. m. Raindrop, four
years, by Ventilatot-Naptha, by Imp.
On Sonday last Cap!. Cottrill's
promiaing yearling colt, by Krden
beim Mary Clny, broke bis shoulder
and in usi-lcsf.
Thii-ti k's accident was a cut in the
nsar hind leg from a piuce of glass.
Lockjaw was threatened, but tbat
danger ia over.
The Woodhurn catalogue of this
year shows twenty-nine colts and
twenty-'wo liilies, mostly by King Al
fonso and Falsetto, though Pat Malloy
is credited with a fnr.
A New (Jklkans prssneoius received
yosli riliy siiow that, after all, racing
1). gins in the (Iresennt City on Satur
day. Th s'ake rac is the Hurst
bonriif, fr two year olds, halt a mile.
Notice to Travelers and Shippers.
MtarBia, Tint., April 16, 1Bm.
Until further notice trains between
Memphis and Madison will be discon
tinued. Steamers w. 11 leave dai y from
foot of Poplar street, at (i o'clock p.m.,
conne.ting st Madison with tra ns for
Little Ihsk and all points West.
Freight for Medison and point beyond
mas', he delivered at wharfboat. nt
foot of Poplar street, tiefore 2 o'clock
p m. Steamer Coahoma will leave
this evening, nud s earner K. W. Cole
to-umrrow evening, ni'hoi.ru fink,
(leneral Manager.
When lie Talk, lie Twlka 910.000.
John Robinson ' thr.iws down the
giitiLtlet" of $I0,1(X), open to every
manager in the world, tocompeto w ith
his Mammoth Snow in magnitude and
merit. Not one of them has thus fur
li..,l theeliin" from the old vet-
.... i1 . .
crans tilty-ntner s nut. svimu . you
smart show men, come up to tlvj front
and put up your hands. Rqrjinson'B
show will V here May 3.
The Rom Which Will Be Panne
Ueorgla Eulerprlaea Ura
eral Nalea.
A special to the Ari-xtu from Bir
mingham, published vtsterday morn
ing, gave the d tails of a trade forland
fur terminal facilities closed by the
Memphis and liitmingham Railroad
Company with the Klylon Land Com
pany nf that plaoe. The company will
build machine and car shops, freight
depots and grain eleva ors, where the
site has Ixmn bought. The road will
enter the efty on the Pratt Ot al and
Iron Company's road to Ninth ave
nue, where it. will curve around and
reach the machine shops and freight
depots at Nineteenth street. The pas
senger route will extend np Village
creek valley, through Avondale, along
Cedar brnnch, to tbe Mary Pratt fur
nace, to the Oeoriia Pacific railroad.
and along to the '.union passenger
depot. The sale ot real estate in the
vicinity ol the proposed location has
been enormous. FuRy $150,001 worth
has clmng-d hands isthe past week.
It Is authentically reptvted that tbe
Georgia Central road will Id begin at
once tn build its road froth Ooodwater
to Birmingham. .The information
came through prominent railroad
Teaaa and l.anla.
The Texas and St. touls Is making
arrangements to change to a gauge of
4 wHt 8i inches. Engineer are now
on the line and ever thing will soon
be in readiness. The eompaiiy has
Enrchasiid tidy now locomotives, and
es about 2000 freitiht cars upon
which the trucks will have to be
cbangid. Several thousand broad
gauiio ties have been put in and a
number cf broad gauge bridges bave
been built.
Tbretnah le Biranlusrhaag.
A railroad man, in a position to
know, says that the Central has posi
tively decided to extend the Columbus
and Western railroad to Birmingham.
The work will begin aboat the 1st of
Jane. This extension will prove a
great thing tor Columbus, as it will
give cheaiMjr c?al and cheap ir rates
on freight from the west.
kelaaa and Monlajaaaiir,
The co' atructlon forces on the road
to Selma are pushing along as rapidly
as prsilble, and traina will be running
by the first cf next week. Uenenu
Manager Uabhett says that the road
must be In good runidng order by the
27th, so that the people along the line
who want to see Mr. Davison the 28th
will have no trouble in getting to
Tbe Ending or a araaatloaa!
(In TraasMty.
Atlanta, Ua., April 20. To-day the
Supreme Court of Georgia affirmed
the veidjct which sends Kugene Beck
to the penitentiary for life. In the
fU of 188 the town ot O ayton was
shocked by the murder of Mrs. Klla
Bock and bnr' aister, Miss Ada
Bailey, at tho bauds ot husband
and brother-in-law. Beck year
before had married the handsome
daughter of Dr. Bailey of Cutnming.
At the time of the trngidyMisa Ada
Bailey was on a visit 10 her married
sister, previous to bur own marriage.
There she learned for tbe first time
that Mrs. Beca. was unhappy from her
husband's brutal and drunken habits.
It was agreed that Mrs. Beck should
return home to w'tnuss her sis er's
ruarriago, aud that she would not re
turn to her husbii'd until he gave
some substantial evidence of reforma
tion. Somehow he suspected this,
and borrowed revolver. He went to
bed until the women bad retired,
then jumping 'up on tbe bed he
filaced the revolver against the baseot
da wife's brain and fired twice.
Quickly withdrawing it he fired at
colored woman, who happened to be
passing tbe dot r. i He then placed the
revolver against the left breaet of Miss
Bailey, whom he held beneath his
knees, and sent a bullet through her
heart. Then began a di lb urate effort
to clear the murderer. He was ex
tensively related throughout tbe coun
try, having relatives in the Legislature
and various responsible positions.
Wlwn Dr. Bailey, tho f ither of the
murdered woman, reached Clayton,
every mouth was closed against giving
him information, while Kugene hsii
all the sympathy. There were those
opposed to Beck, but they stood in
fear of his reUtive. When the trial
came off the plea wa set np that Beck
was delirious with liquor, and should
be acquitted. The tried assumed a
notable shape, but it resulted in Beck's
conviction cf a lesser offense. Hia
friends then sought relief in the Su
preme Court, but that baa now been
refused, and the donhle mordtrer was
eav. d his life, but must spend it ia
;! Hon.
C. F Smith, trustee, et al, to Susan
D..,l,anf AaaT nAr." nf Ifi 4. lit
block 5 f, t tlx'JOO feet, on Vance street,
lor iu uuo.
O. V. Rambaut and wife to R. D.
Gordi n, trustee, to socure to C. E.
Smith, chairman aud tiastea of the
W. H Bolton e. tate, in the Bum ol
$10,000, latue protiviy ns above.
William aud fcopli Perry to John
and W. M. Lsonsrd, 5 It 100 cre in
Cortieliua Flynn ti Harriet K
Buihell, lets 4 and 5, b'oek 40, tear
the coiner ot Vanca and St, Mar;ir,
streets, for J 5000,

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