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Tri Hrfrkfd by MrUrrt In Tum
The t hirtg Kwitcbmm'a Sti Ike
Labor Trouble.
r. Lnr, Mo., t rrtl 22 Another
tap Id tht hcksivb war'rq ol lhi
trikinc Ki.-i t o( Labor Upon tbe
Miaeourl ir ti-i railroad WM taken
this morning 10 oM wk, when ih
6K) eaip!r.yB ol tiie Missouri Car nl
t onodry Ounipany atopped work and
jiimd thett-iktfin olii"dincn 'o bu
order of MUrict Af8?ml)ly No. 17.
This move hud benn c utmp!lpd
ever eiiue the Knigl U lonnd tbat the
eomp nwere empllrr ropair mi
terial lo ttie Mi&souil IViifio tind Iron
Mountain ahnpi. where, it is claimed
by the strikore. the new men sre n t
snfficiently skilled to meVe tbe'r ina
terial. A cnmmittee Irom toe K uiirhts
called u ott the vlce-preeideut ol t ie
comptiK rrd t-'ormd l.im that no
taw he ctata-d lurniatiirg repair n a
terial to the Mhwonri Po 6u ud Iron
Udoon'aln i ompanieu their men aould
be- ordr.d out. The ticepreai-
rinnt rrnlied thlt tbeae two COH-
paniee were among their beit
cnnotii8ra and that they would
coitnue as long as they were
able 1 1 fill all ol their ord-rs. The
comncit'ee then retired and i sued an
order in iIih K.uights ol Lalmr em
ployed ty the company ti quit w irk
this moiiiiiig. lha cder ai hler
wrd ant 1 1 the Kiecuti ve B mrd, who
indoraed it, end the nieu etrmk.
Trenid' nt McMilli u was seen l.y a re-
rorter, and in reply lo a qoistion aato
is finite pNiiH said: "Wesall try
to ran our w.,ila Willi a r'( a fo'ue t
men, lint il we l. ill, we si al len our
woms a' Uamliridirr, . w itioli have
been v UJ'.-d fr Home tune II b
can't ril'i "or httsinesK 4lirH rs we sm!
fil, we s mil KO out o( the business a -togttner.
I woulil. ri'her s-e the
works idle for Ovo yfa e tlmti toarcule
to any demands lik Jh.'ee luadd by
the Ko g'iti ol Lulior."
Tb Wear Turk ' ara' ftlrlkti
NlW Yoim, April 22 All tie greet
sngsr renin rue in Wi liauiburg i.inl
Green Point, with two exce) t ona,
were Ircked up this morniug and the
workmen weut on a strike. Tne own
ers say they fisve a large quantity ol
uipr on tvsyid and profets to rriirard
the siiuahnn with tquaniniity. The
men wmr'strark have bum rceiviug
1 3 i purlay and aaked II 76.
HuNTkR's IVimt, L. I.April 22
Aboa J;.'W ,'i ni. he strikers at the
Havrmeyergiipar K tilling Compmy'a
worke'Kl draeu Puiut bean noting
The polif" fere railed out In f 1 Inrre
and a Urkpd the etrikero, nsmg their
club fret If; but the strikers on'num
bered and.' overpowered the olflireiii,
attackingAhem with tiVfS aul brick
bats. Three p iliceiuen ne t ae'f nit'v
irjured Aud removed 'o the lioiitol.
One ttr er wan nerioiit-ly injured ahuui
the htyrd by the clnbii of tin p 'lire,
and wh al o removed t ) t'i hoKpl'al.
Peve'al pc t il elu'ti were ti eil, iiut n 1
one Wijm ti jured by the IiiiIihim, ao (r
etiktownitt this time. At er driving
the poliee f Oin tl e works the Htruere
captured snveinl anus lid dwith
sngKr, aid ilinupcil the eontei.ti on
the Birtet. The rio'ing nil ! u in
ties. The nlltinire mreel-i'ar Nlrllin.
Bai.tim.ks, Mo., Api-I 22. The
strike ol Mr divera w B lirnkinto
day, Slid ah t'leM.t iipliiira had t ieir
cars running. On POn" 'of the I n
the full nnn.b r of iars I ave n it yet
been sent nut, hut it In expec.teit that
all of them w II run f'lll to nn rn.
A coniderKb e number of the Id
drivers have hint their emnl ymei,t
the company running to ili-iniim those
who aided ill im in tlieir neceani y.
Naw YoHK, April 22 Mer were
qu e a the uill -es ol the Till d Ave
i.uu railroad fiiB morning Die I'ars
In gin rnonii.g at 7A o'clokam,
aud NO -olice wei oil hand. There
are a (' w nirke's areund. They ta'k
with great h ttemens agatnat fie com
pany. Bid d-rlare tl at the tr.uh'i'
will no tke a imre eerloua aipwt.
The etr'keis are to hold u meeti- f to
day to I er trip rt from thir Kx (
ntive 0 iiinnt'K . It iri evdmitnat
th relea d'Veiei y of opinion is to
the .riper io huh io pumne,
Trala Hre krl bj mrlkera.
Fort Wobth, Tsx.. April 22.-A
MiBaonri l'a:tii f iht tram w s
wrecked some diatance blo v the c ty
yesterdHV. Twortila lal he-n I m
ep and the ei gine and mr iar left
the t'a 'k, going over an enibankmei-t
eighteen Iret hinh, he'ng c imnlettly
demolished. Ro'iett Bam t , tie en-ginre-,
bad no i :ed ko ueihuw wroi g
on the track, hot, could n t t P tSe
taln In-t me. Hi r versed time- g n ,
and tbe crah fain-, b'akihi tile
ann and burning him liaHly. The 8'e
nno, J ho Borne, in the fall we
caught txtwen the cab of the engine
and tho lei der.bia bgs being fanned
as in a grip, and it wai somn time tie
fore h- io lid be released, w en it wai
fourjd he had lwt ah on' re I over hia
lowr limi-s, and amj u atmo ner t ie
trunk wi I he nepHry. Mis chiif
lor lilt are rlim. 8am O !, b-
bead b'akt-m n,wt- alwb d'y o u a.d
and sevritlv s iaken iau r.-i y. The
men bve at DeKlann, whre they
were 'attu It i known positively
1hat I.. or tueu left Alvarartu befnie
the diat r and htva im t b-'Omili
since T. e tite has i 6 -ied a aid
-ol 00 f r t'ie arrihtof any man en
gaged in tne -trd!y woik 1 he ia i
road c mrey siipih-mentHd u,i nv
ofleril g J 000 I r each man c hk'.i wtio
had a bai.U in t It ia o ind tiy
many that strike b had a I a .d i i tar
Tka 4'klrac Seilrhaifa'a Nirlke
Cnicio , III, Aonl 2J -Tn aoin
tojiic nl cMiiveuation at trie yard
tbe Lale Sloe ralod early fun
morning a- the probahiu'y ol an at
tempt tiij made hy U.i C'rti f
witb th kiMtie a ce if sd, r 0 Ha -chetf,
to m ive t ie fre ght wi ic i
blinking i tie ytr'B. The f-w
strikeis w; o were B'onnd a an 'ly
hour dad not much to a o r po I
ere, but whispered c-av. rti n
among thruiMlvee wenttos'iow that
tiiey epp e :laed hef.,a ir !-)
luigbl bm g on a d' t ini'ne.1 t -nvgU .
As Ijng aa ro (oic s br-nght ol
but that if ihe rh-rifl, vert.ii,a
iusy be n.i dnc'el pt-ac a'dy, but ih
in roduc i n I I'uiker'on n en, t i
lainied. m y he the signhl ,r hriind
rl e l. Tne ui -n i-liin in havrf an a .
by lor tlda (! n( met , oi'v t
tt Upeneme . t Mc On-rnii kVeud iii
other I ! etn thrmiK in )
county, bhortiy hefur. 7 o'el ik he
ewitchllieu on g 'd tt n e . r kiiir
were reheveil f ( 111 u v, , ii I o n
that tin - i n 'h ill' n Iv. tn i, . it.
Ills a i end Hi F.lriv inirrt Am- e
lbeiti--ra wore nii e a ninTh-i.
ver, i.l wn'('x press im npinioi a
to tb- t"ir; a d evnuV of in dt.
A.1 7:30 o'clock, b. jwever) (verttung
was as qniet as heretofore, and no re
I able inf irmatir n was obuinsble as
to the Tieit of the sheriff snd his dep
uties. ...
It Uclaim-d by tbe strikers that lew
ol the Imported saiUhmen will be
wi.ling td go to worx to nay.
The Kherifl had not commenced to
master bis men op to o cl'ck this
Hhoitiy sfifrOo'-'o-k this morning
a Ic r i f twenty five regular Deputy
Pnr ffi as e-nblfd undrr orJers st the
HheriB s offic. They were wa ting
for the word to march to the sctn- I
the trouble at Forty first fctreet. The
spr-cial deputict diil tot show up at
ihe office, but were asemb el at veri
oua deteciive ffli-ef. A member of
the Sitcfcmn's Brjtbuibuod tailed
a' the Sheriffs nice morning aod
skd t be sworn in ss a deputy.
The men who are pu ling pins and
thrown sithei al Forty-thiid
reei," I e said, "t-M doing us a great
deal of barm, and tbe organis tiou bai
o sympathy f,.r them. They are
men who bars hung around the p'acs
f ir years and who are always ready
for a fiht with, anybody and every
body. Tin to 11 o'clock thf re were no new
developments at Forty fl rat s'reet. The
groups nf men, compiled ol strikers,
tht Ir svmnittrx'rs. idle men and b y,
and cariodty seeker J, t od discuis ng
ttie s Walton ami wondering wnai was
going to be the n xt move on the part
nf the raihoad olhViaK "When will
the depnties come?" was the bnrden
of the talk. The lat er were expected
bv 10 o'ch t k. but did not ehow up.
The Lake Klioro Kailtoad Company
fi'.ed a bill in the Kuperior Court this
d rauoou. ciliuc that the company
owns certain lands, tracks and termi
nal fa :il ties in thu county which sr
roar being treai-ased upon by Bixty
ni"n not no in it employ, limning
the sir kir-g switi'hini'ii.
Tlie b ll recih'S thit these men are
in'crlerinir wi'.b the movement ol the
ml road companies and a e in (itlu r
ways trevpaeaers, aud praying lor an
ii junction to prevent lher further in-
tenereni:e wiiti the operations nf the
company. Judg-1 (.imiett ispih d wntu
of ii juni tinn aifninet the men this
I ireuorn ami at li.vi o c oca p.m. a
tiain loaded with 2(H) deputy shi r fl-i
left the L.ku Hhnredcprt forttiescene
of the strike to arrest these men and
tiling them into i o ut.
At 1 1 n'clock Deputy Sherifl Mor
gan reci ivi'd his tl.ial iiiKtructioiis
from Mr. lliinchi tt and etait d for the
Lake Hhore vards at Forty-thud street
The denudes have all Quietly gone in
small squads to the cceue of the
trouble. The 1'inkirmn uttecive
Agency has detailed 100 men in civil
ai dress to ss I't ttie sheriffs and
Moorey and B land have furnished
ah nit 100 more. A telegiam Irom
Knglewo id st 12:30 o'clock p.m. re
ports thut evoiy thing hai temained
qu'et rp t ) that hour.
On board the same train carrying
the denuiy sherimi were sixty switch
men who hsd been emp.oyed to take
the places ol the strikers. The depu
te i all armed with hickory clubs, dis
playing no Are suns. Thn new switch
iiiou IimI alio been sworu ia as depu
ties. In sldiiiin to the nga'ar
di-u lo there were fori y men from
I'u keit n's Agency and b ml, six'y
men from threw otlier doleitive
agencies. A tquad of twenty live
p lice were taken Irjni Tweuty-eecoud
ntreet Ptittion aud posted along the
t'a k for tome diHtance noitli of
rhifty-t.iuili street, witliib thocl.y
Wloti the train arrivnl st Forty
liiid Htrei-t the olfi ters bi gan a: once
t s-rve writs ou tho commit eo and
the ha ling men of ti e strikers, waul
ing t em not to interfere with t1 e
i-nnipany's pto, eity. Tliia proctsi was
gone thiotigli w.th very qnt-t!. The
airikers did not e in hinprind, and
ai cented the papers from thu hands of
the deputies without, a word and put
I hem m tlieir pockets. Then the
di piities stood aro.ind and walched
the criwd.
A 1 :3 I o'clock the crowd a Root
street hud inrrense 1 to f illy 600. It
sui rounded ihe car in which the new
sl chmen were and the strikeis
pleadea with them to leave. One of
lie 'a'ter responded and left the car.
H wis gnettd with diners and homo
away on the shoulders o' the strikers.
A 2 o'clock the t rod in the yarns
a K irty tiiird street bad swelled to
20 0 men. wtdch ttie dt-pution at tiiii
our are trying t i drive away from
t e yards preparatory 1 1 i-tarilng oat
a i r hi n.
At 2:40 o'clock p.ra the crowd in
the Lake Hhore yards is growing
a- e , and the d pot:es anpo tr tu be
o hkiiig Vi-ry ht lo headway, A col
lision is lea- ed if an ath'mpt ie actually
mad to n ave a tiain
2 0PM.n eng ne loaded with
deputies and o ire was run out nf the
roni d house, but hef re it reai b-d the
ma n trsi k it mat surrounded with
iuoii, and one of ttie t ikers i-poke to
the et gino- He immedinti ly re-Vi-r
ed hia engine and ran it ha k to
' he roui d hou-e, amid tb y 1- of tbe
inonadng thiol g of oilookira and
s inpa'h i-ra. Another at.empt t)
tteri a train ill be mi(e shur.ly.
Biirnek lor Mighrr aM,
Cjncisnati.O., Apr-I 22 Ahont 100
employes (f ne Itiuiswick A Btlke
nfartiuing O niipanv, engtaed In
mk ig bditard ia ilea, struck today
lor 20 pi r cn. tnen ae In wages.
IH'! IIM, HI-8.
Edliar II irbHa u the Moaal
Meiuve.) next in. Hilled.
laricui to raa rraL.
GaiNAOA, l i a , Apiil 22 Mr. J.
. bind scan, editor and prcpr et ir
f the Sentinel, whs stiii ken laet Friday
ai h ceietiero ppuiai meniugitis end
lias hsd a veiv severe sii II Hia
Heath wa a' miH timt constd' el in
evitable, and hi relations weie te'e
tiia ni lor. Py the ex -rctse nf the
b sJt medical a t nt on, rendered by
l, J. B and J J ti.gr, he IS DO
on' ot dangi r, , u In, recovery is only
- qe. sl ion . f lime. Hi- s afer. MrH.
N il e WiP am of W,Mdvi Ie, snd hie
!- r. m. tjicliaia-, ol the
(Jreenvi'l- Timtt, ciu- 'n r-ponse to
' 1 -gruin-i to a 1 in . ii i tor to the wai tsof
111- an'Cheu h-oher.
A mul dg i r- ated cotn-idorahle ex
ci' mr-nt Oil our at eeta thin nek, and
h t a 11 Ie son f Capt. K. N. Hall be
I .re he a-i killed. Heals.) bk a noiu
he' nf d g", and ourti'.y authorities
In is. u H en ordiiia .i Ivvcottiig
all d"as n ler penal y of deet I.
C p'. HU i rec-ivu.g the coufia ti
I t" io.ot hi. in. ny fritnda on hic..t..
fl n at on b, the Senate an postAiae
t r
L- ctl pol tics are getting very warm.
Ttn-re ie nut n.m-h doubt of tbe
"if e 8 f Ihe enl.re D miK-ra'ic ticket,
h - d t) bv B. f. Adan'B, jr., oueid our
ntileat and in- a popular youn attor
l evr.
Kalntal .mi nt P.llbr.
riTTSiii'iio, Pa., April 22. Since the
intiodiu'tion of natural gas into this
citv the output ol the nulls and fnc-loiii-a
)jh bet'ii increnwd 20 kt
rent. A large number of now plant
have leen erected and nearly Ii'jO.O
additional aica given employment
Message to roag rets, and Horsefting
the Appointment of a National
Arbitration Comml-tsloa.
WasBiitaTOH. April 22 The Presi
dent to day sent the following mesraiie
to Congress on tne subject ot tne iko.m
To the PanaU and Hodm of BtprtMntativM :
The constitution imposes on tbe
President the doty cf recommending
the ronaideration nf Ooomess fr on
time lo time such mesnres astierhll
Judge need sary and expedient. I f.ra
. lf J :.UAl.Aln
so ueepiy impresseu wim mc iu pit
tance ol immediitelytnd ihriughtlully
meeting the problem which recent
events and the present cmd'.tion have
thrust upon ns, luvolvn g the settle
ment ol disputes arising between our
laboring mea and their employers,
that I am constrained to recommend
to Congress legislation upon the seri
ous aod pressing subject. Under o ir
iotm ol government tne value of I br
as an element f national prosperity
shou d be dirtinctly recognized, and
the welfare of tbe laboring man should
be regarded as especially entitled to
legislative care. lug com t'y which
nflers to all its cittx.ms tbe
highest attainment of social and
political dH'itution, its working
men cannot justly or safely be
considered es irrevoeiibly consigned to
the limits of a clai-s, aud entitled to nc
attention, and ailowed no pri taft
against neglect. 'Ihe labming man,
hearing in Lib baud au indispensable
contribution to our growth aud prog
ress, may well insist, with in inly
courage and as a right, upon the same
recognition fiom those who muks our
hiAsaiis accorded to any other citi
i n having a valuable ii. Wrest in
clarge; and bis real liable demand
eh u:d be lift in such a spirit ol p
preciH'ion aud fairruas un to induce a
contented and a'riotic cn operhti 'n
in the achlevemei t of a gia id nation
al destiny. While the leal inteitsta
of labor are not promoted by a lesoit
to Ihn ata and violent muniferUtions,
and while thoe who, under the pre
text of aa advocicy of the claims of
labor, wartouly attack the rights of
capittl, and forselflah purpesaor the
love of d order sow set da nf violence
and discontent, should neither be en
couraged or loiciliated. All leg'sls-
t c n on tbe sut j 'Ct s'louid ba calmly
and deliberately nndeitiken, wtb to
purpose of satisfying ui rdasonab'e de
mands or gaining parthaa advantage.
The present condition of the rela
tions between labor and capital are far
from sit (-factory. Tbe discontent i f
the employed is dut in a large delete
t the grasping and heedless exactions
of employers, and tbe alleged dii
criminstion in favor of capital is an
ohj -ct of governments! attention. It
mur-t fclao be ci n"'d id that the lnbor
ing men are nntalwaysctreful 'o avoid
tauselers and unjust fluo:t disturb
ance. Though the iuipoitance cf a
belter nccord bttwepn these intereals
is apparent, it mnt be borne in mind
that any ffort in tviat direction by the
frdeial Uovernu ur.t must lie greatly
limited by coustitiitional rest, ici ns.
There are many grievanceti which leg
islation by Congress cannot r-dnst,
and many conditions winch cannot by
mch ni ats he n firmed. I ;o iiiiis-
fled, however, tha. something msv he
done under Fede al authority to pri'
vent tin disturbances wtdch so
olleu arise fiom disputes between
employers and the emp'nyed
and wiiich at t ines re h uj'y
tlirestsn the bua n ns iuteresti
of the country, and in my opinion the
pioper theory upon which t proceed
ia fiat of voluntary arhitia'inn aa the
means, of Bittling then difliculties.
But I suggest that instead of arbitra
tors, chost-n in the best of coi.fl cling
c i mi, aud after each dispn'e shal
arise, there be created a couiinn-sion of
labor, consist ng nf three members,
who shall be rig liar t flitters of the
government, chergerl, among other
duties, with the consideration and set
tlement, wheu possible, of all cmitro
vernies between labor and capital. A
commission thus organixad would
havs the advantage of being a stable
body, aud its mi-mbers, as they gained
experience, woo'd constantly improve
in their ability to deal intell. gently
and usefuhy with the questions which
might be submitted to them. If arbi
trators arr ci'0en f r temporary far
vii e as eai h ess of dispute arises e x
perlence and lamiliarity with mnnh
that is involvd in the qurs ion will
bs lacking in extreme per hanship
a id bias will b' the q lal Q :at on
sonuht on eitl er B'de, and fr qnent
complaints of unfairness and par isl
tty will be Inevitable. The imposi
tion upon a Federde u;t rf a d iiy for
eign ii the judicial function, aa the
selec ion ol an a bitrator in such
iwais, is st least o; d mHtlnl pro, r eiy.
Tbe establishment by Federal author
ity nf such bureau would he a just
and sensible receg' i ion of the Value
of Isbor asd of its riuht to be repre
sented in the departments of the gov
ernment. 8o far as lis conciliatory office shall
have relation loi isiurhau. e which in
te'fered wi'h trsnslt and Commerce be
tween the K ate, it existence would
be justiflnd under the provisions of
the constitu'ion, which gives to Con
gress Ihs power to retu'a'e commetce
with foreign nations; and BTiong the
several Htates, and In the frequent dis
putes beteeo th-labor ng men and
their employers nf less ext-nt, and the
c narqnences i f wid th ar confl.:ed
within Blste liiui s, and threaten do
mestic violetn-e, the interpi eiti m nf
smb commissi ni might be tendered
nion the appltcaticn of the LfgieU
Hire or execniive nf a IS' ate nnder the
constitutional prvis:on which re
quires the general government to
"protect each vt the K ates" againtt
domestic violence. If such a commis
sion were fa rly organis d, the r sk of
a lure of popular support and sympa
thy resulting from a refusal totubiuit
to so peaceful sn tin t tim-ntslity
wnnld constrain I oth p r:les "o such
dispi t-w to invoke 1's interference and
abide by i's decision, lbere wnnld
al obsgw d itaioo 1 1 hope that tbe
very ex ence of snch an agency
would invite snrliiat on to it lor ad
vice and rounsel, frtq iently resu tine
in the v ddance ol couteutioa atd
m siindtratanding.
II tbe usefnln 'a of snch a commis
si on is doob f il, b caure it migtit lack
power to enf r.te its decirio is, much
en oiragem nt is d' rived from the
i onitd d go 1 that hai been acenm-il;ih-d
by ihe railical commissions
wii ht aoe beenoganixd in many
of the Hats, which, hating little
more ttinn advi ory power, have
exerteal a most salutary ii flu- nee in
the S'ltleraeut of d sputes between
lO'fli'ting intereeta. In July, 1884,
by a lav (f t'onttn-s-i, a Bureau ot
Labor Was e-ttt'liht"d Slid d iced in
rharve of a Cummi ioiier nf I-abor,
who is riqni'edto 'collect informs
t on upon the snbj-cl of labor, its re
latious with espial, the boats of
A PPT! AT, 1?T??TAY,
labor, and the earnings of laborlr
men and women, and the means ( (
pr inioting their nn-te'ria', avcial, 'ei.
lec'ual and m r.d pn sperity "
Tne comm s i n mbich I gest
could e s.ly be "i fcrafted r,OI the
bnr-su thustl e:ily r.rga y,. t,y gn
addition ol t., m .re Cm n,,,, j ,nii
aod by suptl nientiiig xhc bos'nesa
now imposed vw s it hy
other powers an I f" -tious ss w ud
psrmit the C .iiidt 'oue,, to act aa
anilrators whe D(.rHW,ary Mifn
labor and capit goer snch limiU
tu n and n w,:i m:ti o..-i a-i ii.H aa
She Old be d pr H,l M fu.
Power stir n , ,i.(,nc v con
ferred Q'n tij ir. hartau to invn iga'e
tb- car M (ij H ,), ,t,.H ih, y occur,
wh't jr fcubiiii''e.i for arhitra ion or
J"!!. o that irfor nution mi.y always
a, baud to a 'l 1-gialatiou the
fOhjtct when necessity a-w) desirable.
ExiniTivs Maviiis. April 2Z, IfSb.
Absolutely Pure.
Thil powder nerer vric. A iuarval ol
rorlty, itreiiKth and whoioinenpf . More
aconoiuicul than tho ord-nur; kiuds, and
trnnnt he mil l in ooui.iuit)"ii wi.h tnn
oiultiludo ot Id let, lnri wptclit uluin or
ihonhntn powlt-rr. Viif " '.' iifnn. Ho-, at.
Bltitn PinrnimCn.. H'"'1 VoV-V
WA5UTm AUHNTS.Msn and Wnmer
aAif I tU to noil "THK CHILI)'I
BIBLK " lDtroduiti(m br Kov. J. Ii. Vii
oont, 11.11. Una i.-r-nt hut told tV io a towi
ot H74 ioile; ono To 'n k v i 1 1 k ol 7iM ; odi
naw aaont Ki In t'1 rtnvM r.mr Y'.' in ucnei
iveweokii: ono a" o :a 'l n-i m 'i)dr:ornt
tilUAl. lixTioP", nit hr-'-ii.r- aiidrprtr
c. i -t-' .'. .1 'j'I'.ll,
FOUND HY it iilVrillNH l:rir'T"lC0 to 174 Adams Ht., Mempliic
Iron Hitft
aaT -
Uri-1- MIIlN
I rttnla A
iPuccoiuira in this Icpnrtment to JOHN VANOGUE.)
arWrltv n 'or i'lfor-enlinn aN'V 'I HINH in e't'icrlino
ililil NpcoihI street, Memplils.
Vaterinli 1'il'nn. Ilr ve IV -It.. Trnn. t.ea t an t -tone Pipe, H i' Myttt-aa. Olohe, Kte
Harness, Saddles, Agricultural Implements and Machinery.
SW2 ro'tll Mlr44(. HIHlll-. IV lltl.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
Wi. format f t ".t ! 3 th?j ili.
Icmpliin, lenn
tf fiaaih niva to
(k hi j. .'avWlCif.., .
aw ann anuhm-mii-I, sFvi.Tai,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
JUth and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling aad ij-aiar Uosts.
APlill. L:
an r i rm. m.m n svi u. -sr u,
r. .3 y'jri at ja Tairl Plac- f,w il
. .(,',.,fi Hii-lN sib4 ieU fj.alilj p4nVW kOd lha
t.. - hu rtfct 'ww wii ..
iei'matorrhen and Im potency t
tiU.rruli oflf-bfla Is youth, eioai Mcmnm ia am
uit rcan or obt eu. nS prwlix-inf wici to
fiwiarf a-rtft SerrrMiatM-'a S.mlual f roisaeiM - J
U l.oaiuM. Uimi.s t : irU. Irrfra-ute cr . Tt
at li vv I'lini'lwMU A n fc thoriT f-Dii't
BI!..IIU(H ,"-r or u iiib.-i-.
ir . r tl J rnm Uc -f
tsfxtu' it eurwo tou
m , : -.lt ria,M UMw quk klj etuwL
' wlf-ov1 lent thut iaT lHanb.' pajsirrtfclitWty
i in i-tj of dlattMt, ant umiiui taViMiadr am
tl'r f rt rttH Phirt mil ku'TW.rif ii.it fa- .-
- n lu !. ,HT!oO lo Uly lf Vk ti- U U IbOKOVeOi! t.
r ' it tne . A) fO UwB!tO"llt, BiMHtiil Cn V WtV. pHvW.i
i1 ; '.:.ly b uixil r t'rfa oTbTt.
aatlortaken. at . ,
.iia..iUtiotiS p-rsowsUlT or "MrT fm M 1tS
:Lara:j naiimaiilt mi oorrwpohdousj mvUy QBIn1nfls.ai
f nj rafcs, arnt t uy dd-s one a rely bW, fbr tfcTf
'rut. SlioulrJ le rd br '.. Idilret abo
Son-Krsideiit Notice.
No. IKI42., R. D In the Chancery Court of
Bhetbr county. Tonne tee. Bute ot Teo
neisee ra. K. J. t'endlf et al
It io earinc frnru the bill which ii (worn
to in thia oiune that the defendant! 8. 8.
Kemrie't, jr., i" a renidi-nt 1 the Stite of
Mirfiraipnl, and .VI. 1.. Brown of tbe Stite
of Kannaii. and both non-renid-nt of the
State of Tennenrce, and tbnt the retidencet
of the hein of (1. II. La Uuerue, decea'ed ;
of the heirn r.f K. L. Fleet, decea'ed: of lie
Witt S. Binith; ot ihe biirl of El en K.
Ilolat, deceated; of Chin. Ob- mino; of Joho
H. Tuylor: of Mary C. WaH and T. M.
XVard. her hunhnmi: of J. R. Wolf. !hal B.
Wolf, Henry Williams and of the hiirs of
C A. lounir, deceaea. are unauown ana
ennnot be nurertmned after dili.ent iniiuirv.
T lit h bill i Sod to collect linen due the
SlHto nrd rountyon varinua lo owned by
uhove niniAil t rtio and other li'irtieo.
It in, thrroforo, ordered that they make
their aiioearHnce hernln, at the uourt-llnUKe
n Shfdhv coiirtv. in Voilinh'M. Tonn.. on
or I. dure the first Monday in May, IHSii, and
plei ti, answer or den ur to oonilainant bill,
or the name will be tnkon for confeaned a to
them and Hrt for hcarinaex lnotc; and that
a co.y ot thai order be putiliiihed once a
wet-k tr our succe-five wok" in the Ap
re.il. Thin Hi" duy "f Murch, 1".
A copy aitf pi :
K I Mcai.iu V i , Clork and Master.
Tty II F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Lee Thornton, moI eitor for complninftrit.
Proita ltiirt'eioent of Hot
siirluaM IteN'-rviiliatii, Ark.
Dkpabtwkxt of th Istrsiob, 1
Wii-l oor on, Ai ril 6, lKHti. f
CEALED PROI'.ALS -ill be received at
1 ' thin Ucp rt rent until 12 o'clock m., Fri
dny, A nrit ISSo, tor tiimithin the mate
rial and labor required in cump etinv the eul -vert,
feouring hot water uprinia and laying
cortain iron pipo. in ihe impr ivement ot
lint Sprinxa Heaervation, at lio. bpringa,
lil mk forma of prnpoaal, apuciBcatinns
and inatrunti na to bidde a will be furni bed
npon application to this Department, or 10
the' r-uper-ntend-oit of Hot Seringa Reser
vation," at IIo' hprinns.
3U. Ii. Mt LDROW,
' ctinff "e-re'nrv.
To ml it & Eenjes,
lTOMulu St., Mrmphla.
Offer rrocial Inducement!! in Oren Bucgioa
oi aur own mHke, at l5; T"P Bua ea ol
nur own make, at 22i. All w rk war
ranted. Cull bilore yoa buy.
ear Having dii-iiopeJ of ourenlire atoekof
Vehicloa and tbe M.-innlHcturms' Depart
ment to Mmmi TOMi.lN & BENJbS, we
bespeak tor tbem a cintinunnce of the
pa ronuue fn Ioiil- extended to ua.
On.- Iron,
Holler Iron
Ilnoii, Rand
, Jshfet Iron,
- M.iIh,
.0 i.l vet.
Va) Waahera,
Kte ,Ele.
Rnl I way
DKP'T, 220 and 228 Second St.
O. E. Will.
W. 0. 8W0UPK.
f t-hnnf wild rMnta'rs.
... .. :
wholesale (Jrocers, Cot. Factors
Oils tSo UNTctxrctl Stores
Offlce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenti.
h. D. MDLL1N8. ot UU 3. B. Gedwla k Co. JAB. Y0NSB, laU oi J. W. CaJdw.ll k Oo
Cotton Factors SCommission filerchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, M emphfo.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
And Commission Llerchan,
SOaiMl 2(12 Front Nt.. MnmnlilH. Teim.
datcewdora to POKTIIK, TAYL0C if Cj
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
.tt-8HS Front Ht., Ifeiupbii, Tran.
Cotton Factors, Commission gSerchanfo,
Mo. 11C South M Im m Hi. XiQi.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompao?,
Jllvbilll llliS lllAilVllJ DiiiaudleilMniMi,er.Malaiat Aaiutua
S. ROESCHi.R, Agent, MemDhis, Tenxu
Hala IB 1883. WHMMMt BrrU fin Ira ot Hoaaprila Brak, 1M,M Krca
. Iwi l.. aiSO.IMXI HaTrJln,
Idler bro.&co.,261mmn st
WAR R AN T pf 3
Lfi est TAN2r-f
Tfs 1
WboIMI Dealers and Pablbihera,
bolo Aranti lollowim Fint-CIaaa InatrnnanU:
Steinwav Klnatoe
WHto for rwirwnon. V-na.Vilt and 8'ifl iFrvn NT.. rHFUf PHI5
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
(o. 3va.5lHln Street, Uayora Jiloclu
1ST 13
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas 8J.O0 Calf Shoes
In ButtoDi Lan and Confraaa.
mr Illnatrated Caialnaua and Prioa- Liat
Mailrd Free nn api.lloiton.

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