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Cotton Quiet Middling, 8 7 Sc
Sales Yesterday, 1500
The money market is quiet and
featureless. Local securities are dull
but steady, except Hanauer Oil Com-1
pany shares, which have barely a
nominal value in view of the reported
transfer of a controlling interest to
the America' Cotton Oil Company.
The cotton market yesterday was
quiet; sales, If 00 bales. At New
York spota closed quiet; middling,
9e. Of the future market, C. L.
tim,-tf A Co.'a cotton report says:
"tt J otnsiness was done under con
M pla unloading of 'long' cotton,
eW H(Jy for Miy, carrying prices
dwr mi to 6 points. The offering,
hiwJl.nl was met and in a measure
luiraed by 'shorts' covering, and
thk ijiise brought partial recovery,
witti'a steadier tone." At New Or
leans spots closed quiet, middling
8 13-loc; futures dull and 5 to 7
points lower than Wednesday, May
8.78 8.79c. The Liverpool spot mar
ket was reported quiet, mod
erate inquiry, middling 5 l-16d;
futures dull and l-64d lower than
Wednesday, April 5.0 Id. Receipts at
this port yesterday, 578 bales ; total
this season, 526,9 3 bales, against 40,
910 bales saute time last year. In the
general market eggs are easy at 14c.
Sugar firm and advancing; Louisiana
w. c. sugar, 7c. Other articles un
changed. IMPORTS.
Ten pkgs bacon, 459 bu corn, 208
sks coflee, 76 Bks cotton seed, 22 pkgs
dry goods, 12 pkgs eggs, 676 brU
flour, 4 pgs hats, iO hd hogs, 52 hd
rattle. Ki hd horses and mules, 5 pkgs
lard, 72..O0 ft lumber, 10 pkgs
liquors, 8.0 bu oats, 20 Oris potatoes
and 125 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to the
Mwrnhnnte' Exchange to-dav; Wheat,
none received or withdrawn ; in store,
3057 bushels. Corn received, 28(11
bushels; withdrawn, 4772 bushels; in
store, 112.H21 bushels. Oats received,
none; withdrawn, 49(1 bushels; in
More, 2648 bushels.
and Duluth is down 1), at 60. The
btock Exchange will be closed to
morrow. The tot -1 sales of stocks Uwlay were
148.V13 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 12,000;
Erie, 4001); Lake Shore. 15,4 5;
Northwestern, 4H22; Pacific Mail.
509 "; St. Paul, 21,4iO; St. Paul and
Omaha, 3181; Union Pa. itic, 32,415;
Western Union, 72 0; Oregon Trans
continental, 337'. The closing quo
tations were as follows:
it c i. liv: hul. New 4s.
4Ha,coup. L!o. Pacific beol 16,127.
Louisiana oona.. &. M tssouri m, 101H.
Teon. tie, old, fS Tenn. 8s. new, na.
r.nt. Pac.lsts. 115. In. i AM. 1st. 123.
DenAK.U.W.lsU, TO nriy seconds, im.
M.K.AT..Uen.oe.7. r. a. v,. isu, iw
N. y. A. U 2di, 94S. N. Western con.,
N. Weft. deb.Ss.U)SSi.L 8. Hen M,llWV
bt. Paul, eon . Sl P.i". P. 1U.121.
V. P. first, 117. Wast bbore, 1U2)4.
Nashville C..45S.
N J. Central, 60.
Nor. ndW.,pfd.
Northern Pac. 2
Northern P .pfd. 67X.
N.Y.C. 4 St. L., .
N.Y.C.ASt.L .p., -.
Adams Exprau.14).
Allegheny Cen., .
Alton T. H., 37.
A 4. T. U .pfd ,90,
American Ex., 105.
B. .C. K.4N..C0.
Canada Pae.,64.
Canada 8ou.,i.
Central Pacific. 41.
Chei neakeiO ,10.
O. A 0.. 1st ptd. lb.
C 4 0.. 2d I'M., 11.
C. 4 A..
C. 4 A., P'd. 155.
C. B. 4 y., 1.
7poicUlower. !-ale,20,2iJ bale?, fee
closing quotations we re as follows:
Yes'er.lav. Wednesday.
8.7 n.-.m.
..8 S i, 8.7.1
...9.iM'i 9.05
..9 0S 9.10
8 87(S 8.88
..s77h 8.78
8 73 ?) 8 71
..8 7ir 8 7f
..8 87(.ii 8.88
..8 89 & 9 01
...12 9 14
Octobr ....
January ....
Kbrua-y .
8 81 no'iil.
81M 8.84
8 9't 8.H7
9 10 .7 9 11
9.15 i 9 18
8 91(.i) 8.9t
8 KM 8 84
8 79,'.J 8. SO
8 821) 8.83
8 9'4 8 9ti
ROoil 9 08
C. St. L. 4 P.. W.
C.St.L. P.,p.,0.
u., s. a. i., ai.
Jk C..S1.
Del. 4 Uad.,100"4.
itoi.. u. 4 vv., m'i
ln. & Ko U.,
rie. 247'.
Erie, ild., 58.
KmitTenn., lr.
Kut Tenn., I'lil, 4.
nrt niivne. 14i.
Hannihnl 4 nt. Jo, C
4 St. Jo. nid.
llnrlcm, 214.
Houston 4 I.. 2iV.
hnois ten ,1Ja.
Ind . H. 4 W.. -H'-i.
Lake K 4 W.. 1RJ.
ako Hhnre,l .
Lou. 4 Nash..
Lou. 4 N. A., 3.
M. 4 0., 1st pfd,
M. 4 C.,2d pfd. -Mem.
4 Char, 31-
Mich. Centra', bo.
Min. 4 8t. L., 2 'A-
9 Madison St., Xemvliis, Tenn.,
as- itrrcHDondence allelld. lufol
nntlon rlinorfally farBlaliel.-
Money in gond demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing-House report is as ioi
Thufadav. Aoiil 22d, fl96J31 26
thus far this week, $848,r53 76 ; fame
time last week, 91,011.965 32; same
time in 188, 9635,84 50; same time
in 1884, $780,647 80. -
Thuradav. April 22.1, 9437 796 83
thas far this week, 9184 999 90; same
time last, week, J2l3,4f0 77; same
timia 188-5. 1165,568 25; same time
in 1884, 9176.592 75.
New York sight on all pjints.jr
nilvlDl?. X UIQUilUUl acinus , a-u TT
Knpland demand, i discount buying
New Englnnd sight, discount; New
Orleans, 1 discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 bid, 1 50 asked
First National 14o btd, 15iasked
German B.tnk 192 bidiOOaf-kod
Rtntn National 14o bil, loU asked
Union and Plantrs..l48 bid, 150aked
Mercantile Bsuk...l3) bid, 1st j anei
jlome 70 bid, 75 asked
HlutT Citv 100 bid, BRkfd
Peoplf s..". 80 1 id. 82j acked
pia')tre 101 bid, 105arked
PhieniTc 9S bid. 100 atked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 asktd
Vanderbilt 16 bid, 19 a ked
Hernando 100 bid, ... aked
Arlipgton 30 bid, 35 asked
Factors asktd
M. and C. consj, 7s. ..115 bid,... asked
M. & L. R Is: m.Si..l08 bid, 112i'.sked
Miss. R. R. t-9, A , 1 21 bid, 122 askad
Miee&T.R. R.cp.B, 104 bid, 10K asked
Tenn. wt. ser. C 97 bid, 98 esked
Shelby Cj. bond? ..U6l bid 107J askel
Tax. Diar. 4, 6s 93 bid, 94 asked
Tax. Dint. 6' ..10. J bid, 102 asked
Mem.Htor C-)m.Co..l09 bid, 110 a kerl
Mem. Gas sreck 75 bid, 77 a?ked
Mem. Grtsb n 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonde 96 bid, ... asked
HanaufrOil Works... bid. 50 nominal
City Oil Works bid, 45 asked
PioceerCotien Mil!... 17 bid, 20 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 29 bid, 31 atktd
Mem. City Cy. bonds bid, ... asi ed
New York, April 22. -Money on call
continues abundant at 23 per cent.
Trime mercantile paper, 4(W5. Ster-
ling exchange dull but steady at 4K6
forliO days and 48SJ for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
very dull and steady. State bonds
were active and firm. Railroad bonds
were duller than yesterday, notwith
standing the activity in East Tennes
see in.omes, the trading in which
amounted to f.o4,l"00, out of a total
business of t 1 ,0.J ,UOi). The rest of the
list was quid and steady, clo-ing
prices showing unimportant changes.
Stocks Stot ks were extremely dull.
Prices were about steady during the
forenoon, yieldine slightly after mid
day on a little increase in business,
and utmiii bec.an;? steady late in the
day, and closed very dull, J to 5 lower
than last evening. A
feat ure
was the
IS1 to &.!$. It. remained steady during
the rest oi the day at 50 .yj-VU, and
closed at 50;. The trailing in Lae
Shore amounted, to 1 ss than 15,."tV'
shares, and the price is uncliangei
notwithstanuiiiif nearly all the news
received here during the day having a
tendency to indcence values was from
Chicago, an.j related to the strike
among the employes of that company.
The news was of a rather unfavorable
character, but it was somewhat con
flicting. 1 ouisville, New Albany and
Chicago opened i higher, at ;i7?, and
r si- to 89i, bu closed -it 3 St. Paul
n. k N. W..11I7V4.
C.4 N. W., ptd 138.
N. Y.. Central. 102.
Oh-o Central, iH.
Ohio 4 Miu., t?A
0. 4 Mi.i.. pfd., 9".
Ontario 4 West. 1T4.
Oreiro U r.,m
Oret on Tram 21.'
Oreiion 1'np., 21.
Paoifio Mail, 54.
l'an:iuiu, W).
Hei'ria. D. 4 E., it'i.
P ttsburir, ISO.
Pullmuu P. C, ISt.
Keadiiu, Z.
Hoi k l.-lnn.i, 12.
St. u. S. F., ID.
8 L. A S. K., p., 40.
St.L. 4 S.F.Ut P HJ.
C. M 4 8f. P..K7V4.
M. A St. P..n.,UVa
St. P. M. 4 M.. n.
Ht. P. 4 Omaha, 41.
Ft. Paul 4 O.,pfd,103'4
Texaa Paofic, 1U.
Union Pac fio, SOjfl.
V. S. ExpreM.UIK.
W., St. L.4 P.,7.
W. St. L. 4 P. P., WA
W. A F. Ex., 120.
W. U.Tel , 64'4.
Colorado Coa'.MK-llome-t:ike,
Iron Silver. 150.
Quicksilver 3.
M. 4 8t. L., pM,4i Quicksilver , pfd, 20.
Mis. Pac, 10IH. houth Caoifio,
Mobile 4 O., US Kutro, 16.
Morrii 4 E , offd, 140.
London, April 22. Consols, 100 1-16
for Loth money and the account.
United States bonds, 4s, 128 ; do 4s,
1144. The amount of bullion with
drawn from the Bank of England on
balance to-day is 25,0 0. The bul
lion in the .Bank ot fcngiana uecreasea
251,087 during the past week. The
proportion of the bonds reserve to
liability is now 41 3 16 per cent
Paris April 21. Three per cent.
rentes, 80f. 95c. for the account. The
weekly statement ot the lianlc ol
France shows an increase of 7,267,000
f. in gold and 3,511,003 f. in silver.
New Yoke, April 22. Exchanges,
90,481,-177 j balances, 14,184,515.
Baltimore. Mn., April 22. Clear
ings, $1,484,993; balances, $238,887.
Boston. Mass., April 22. Ex
changes, 1 1,493,962; balances, 91,588,-877.
St. Lor is. Mo ,. April 22. Bank
clearings, J2,474,9i0; balances, 1-554,-
rmL'OELPBiA, Pa., April 22
Clearings, 99,0-0,679; balances, l,
Chkaoo. III.. April 22. The
associated bank clearings to-day were
The local cotlon market opened
quiet and clcssd quiet; middling,
8 Jo. Sale, 1500 bale, of which 1100
were to exporters and 400 to spin
ners. . i .-
Yesterday. Wednesday,
N Orleans.
New York
Boston ...
St. Louis.
2,990 8 13-16
65 8 13-16
969 8J
1,306 815-16
9 7-16
37 3 4
296 810
6 310
Receipts at ports, this day, 18,86. 7,9 rt
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 1,583
consolidated statement.
R'ts U. S.
Ex. Gr. V
R'ts Sept.l
For'gn K
37,3911 14 1041 15,09
;'4,II62 l'ft.2(' 10 VMI
729,6)1 1 53,710 58,843
4,992,317 4,639 9 4'4 683,324
3ll,9!ii) 3.4t-r 40.r)!3,441,t13.)
Increase of receipts this jear.,.352,353
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was ieportel quiot, moderate inquiry.
Sales. 8000 hales, of which American
7000 bales Receipts, S000 bales, of
which 3000 were American.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 Id good ordi
nary, 4 ll-10d; low middling, 4Jd;
gooil middling, 6 5-1 fid; middling up
lands, 5 116d; middling Orleans, 5Jd.
Theprke art aitw iti fne and Wtli,
thus: 4 63 means 4 63 64d, and 5 01
means 5 l-64i.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. ' Quotations were as follows:
April, ; Apru-iuav,o oiu; may-juuc,
5 025 01d; June-July, 5 03d ; July-
Auctist. S05fnV5 04d; Atigust-fepiem-
ber, 5 075 Otid ; September October,
04d; uctofoer-JNovemDer, ; Sep
tember, .
At 1 p.m. (the close! : laverpooi i in
ures were dull and l-64d to 2 64d lower
than Wednesday: April, 5 Old buyers;
Annl-Mav. 5 Old buyers; way-June,
5 Old buyers; June-July, 5 03d sellers;
July-August, 6 04d buyers; August-
September. OOOU Diiyers; oepiemDer
October, 5 04d sellers; October-November,
5 Old sellers; September,
5 07d buyers.
Liverpool weekly statement for tha
week ended April 22, 18H0: sales,
45.0C0 bales; American, 34,000; spec
ulators took 1 100; exporter's tok
1700; forwarded from ships side, di
r;ct to spinners, 79110; actual expe rt",
38'0:t:t:l Imports, 57.000; Amfrxan,
40 0): totil ft ck,634 000; Amerisan,
400,000; total srloit, 240,000; Ameri
can, 151,01 0.
wue.t, KW hu: torn, i"mii bu;
osts, II.OijO b i; rye, 1UOJ l a; Imrley,
Aflernom Buahi. Wheat tirm snd Jo
hijitier. Com esy and 1 1 -! r. Oitts
Jc lower.
CuictQ'i, April 22. Holde b of wheat
b- gart niii i-.ding grat q'i'i' t: les on
the ronrk t early in the "-'f oil to-day.
Ta ttt'liog prirn ws 8 'Je 'or Mav,
from wlt'di it 'idled )o8!;-im t'e
connna.i n of the f-Ti'irrt war ru
nt vs. end tien bwkwen io,'-ln
const q'lerce o' coi.tl c!:rg rmners ra
specting the stiike o the LtkeSheie
lailroad in inia city, i oe msrin again
became tt'adicr, ralhing jc, atd ttual
ly clod at 1 o'clock lo under yes r
day. In the alternoon tbs feeling was
s euHy unfe tloil, nui uw ranrnei
closed jc higher. There wai very lii-
t e doing in corn, ana vne leeiing was
weak, elosiDg shade lower. The.ata
market rule firm sod a shade higher.
Fl.Htr quiet and firm. Wtett active
and nervous and unsettled, closing
lo nnder veetsiday. Silrs isDged:
April 79 79 J c, closed at 79s; May,
79J8 Jc, dosed at 80c; Juni-, 8Hfi
823c; No. 2 spring. 79791c; No. 3
spring, 68(70o. Corn shade weak
er; cash, 3iii'a37Jc: April, 3(a37Jc,
Closed at 3lifl; Msy, 37 13-l(i38ic,
closed at 37 13-16o; June, 38 3-10$
38c, cloted at 38 3-16c. O.ta firm,
closing Jc hinher; cush, 29i30c:
Amil.SHiv. May. 30(3530 3-10e, closed
at i0 316c; June. 30 7-1630Sc,
elnnod at :UUr!. Rre Quiet ; No. 2. lc.
BaiIcv dell: No 2, 9. Flaxseed
steulv;No. 1,H 05. Receipts Flour,
21 COO brls; wliem. 10 0th) bu ; cern,
31,100 bu; oats, 94,000 bu; rye, 1000
bu; barley, 21,000 bu. Shipments
Flntr, OtVH) bris; when'. 163.IXX) bu;
c tn, 242 0 10 hu : oats, 63,1 IK) bu ; rye,
none; barley, 11,00 ) bu.
Afhnuxni liMnl w I e it ntmHr;
M.iy, 8 i! (.uru and one were un-
Ordinary 7J
Good ordinary 7J
Mmiphis, April 22, 1M86.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 1,392
Received to-day 678
Received previously... 520,325 528,295
Low middling
Good middling.
Middling fair....
Stains, tinges.....
Shipped to-day 2 039
Shipped previously-... 448,109 450,148
Stock, running account 78,147
Thus far thiH week 2,303
Thus far hist week 2,099
Sence September 1st S2H,SKW
M. ami C. R. R 197
M. and T. R. R 31
L. and N. R. R 174
M. and L. R. R 31
C, O. nud S. W. R. R 33
L, N. O. and T. R. R 10
M.,8 and B. R R 15
Slcuuers , 76
Wagi-ms and other sources. 5
Total 578
Tims If.r this week
Thus far last week
Since Ssplsmber 1st
M. and C. R. R
M. and T.R- R
O., O & S. W. R R
L., N.O.andT. R R
New York spots opened quiet and
closed quiet. Siles, 238 bales. Quo
tatioos were as fallows:
Ordinary 65
Good ordinary, c
Low middling.. 8 13-18
Middling 9
Good mid 'ling 9 11-16
Middling fair..l( 11-lli
Fair 11
. 10,302
,. 9,290
8 13 16
9 11-16
10 11-16
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday
No. 2 white, spot. 40c asked ; April,
40c asked: M y, 41c asked; June,
421c asked: No. 2 spot, 37c bid
April, 37 Jc bid; May, 37Jebid; June
40c asked.
No. 2 white, spot. 2 cars sold at
35c; April, 34jcbid; May, 34jc bid
No. 2, spot, 33jc bid; Annl, 33Jc bid
May, 33Jc bid, 34jc a-ked ; June, 34Ji
Snot. 114 asked; April, f 13 75
April, J 2 asked; May, 1 95 asked
June, 1 vt asteu.
BKKansrvf'f m.
Corn White, 47c; miked, 46c, from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c
!.. i : i. l I 1,
mixeu, ic; in wtuaa, in iiuiiu
white, 42c ; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c ; prime.
75'a80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, i4(i)n ou
prime, f 13(13 50: prairie, f8f48 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38Sc
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed
sacked, 3iic.
Bran From store, 8.re per cwt.;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans -Navy, Jl 75"e2; medium,
$1 GO'o-1 75; iennnn millet, l 2.iroV
1 4'1.
CoiiNMKAi. Standard. $2 l"if32 25;
pearl, i:i($l 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 4ft),6c; Carolina,
'Oatmeal In half-barrels, f:l3 25
from store.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 5J from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra, $3
(S)3 50 ; triple extra, t3 65(i3 76 ; fami
ly, J3 7,')(o4; choice, ft 25034 35;
fancy, $4 5J(S4 70; extra fancy, ft 90
()5; patents, $5 255 65; from store,
family, $4C!4 25; choice, U 254 40;
fancy, $4C54 90; extra fancy, $5
5 25; patents, f5 50(5W 25.
Hom-inv and Grits From store, 3
3 25.
CRAiKEHS-Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 Jc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., April 22. Wheat
dull and lifeless; No. 2 red, cash,
64Je bid ; April, 01 jlc hid ; May, 6njc
bid, 661c asked; June, 698c. Corn
dull and stronger: No. 2, cash, 27j i;
Mav, 281c b'd, 28 Jc asked; J one, 29c
bid,' 29 asked. Oats no quotations.
I St. Lm-i. Mo., April 22. Flour
BiTTTER-Creamery, 3H:1"h!; dairy,
16T20c; butterine, i3()H; country,
12(o)lsc, according to comiiuon.
Cheese Prime Hats, ic, ew iors
factory, 8c; full cream, 12jej Y , A.
Mess 1'ohk )lil, V or -ilU per par
rel: new. 10 75m 11 per barrel; sugar-
cured hams, packed, 9K"Wc; breat-
. , A, .... .1 1 Hi
last uacon, B,ne; cienr nu uw-uii, u
Bulk Pork -Clear sides, Si'SiU-;
clear rib sides, 5s(a)6J; long clear,
5J5jc; shoulders, 4(i4ic
Lard -Tierces, 66Jc: half-barrels,
663c; kegs, 6,fn6ic; buckets, 6
68c; half-buckets, 66Oje; 5U-lb tins,
KIMO c: 20-1 ) tins. MC'jnac iu-iuuhb,
6J(iiic; 5-lb tins,. 6J(0! 3-lb tins,
6?G)ic; choice kettle, tierces, Blfn)
Fhksii Mktk Ueef Good Kansas
(litv steers, heavy. 8c : light, 7()7J'
cows and heifers, 6:1c; mutton, 8i
9c; lambs, 10c; pork, tie.
rins-KEKT lil'IS, J!W -u; iiau-iiris,
I3&3 25.
St. Louis. Mo, April 22. Pro
visions dull and prices (tent r by easier,
Pmk weak. 9 60. Lard tasr, 5.70c.
Bulk meats about tteady; leose lots
long clear, 5jc; short ribs, 5 35c ; shoit
clear, 5Jr: boxed lc!-lorg clear,
5.30c: t hoitribs. oao; Biioti citar, ojc
Bacon raw, ling clear, 5 80 v. short
ribs, B85(55Jc; short clear, liuoc.
Hanis,5(($lHC. Jjutierannanu weanj
choice o fancy creamery, 2426c;
dairy, 1722i:. Kggswrak,9c
CnicAQf, III., April 22. Mens pork
easisr and 2J5't lower; cafh, $8 95(
9 ; Mav, J8 97j9 021. cbwed at f 8 971
(5),9; June. $9 070 124 closed at
$9 071(59 10. Lard quiet; ch,-U snd
May, 5i5 93c; June, 5 92j5 95c.
Rmnd meats steady, dry salted shoul
ders, 4(5V4 10c ; short rib sidfs, 6.22Jr;
short clear sides, 5.605 65c. On
the Prrduce Ex-bange the bn'Ur
market wss very sick ; creamery, 16()
22je; dairy, 14fl7c. Egw, 105(1 lc.
Afternoon Board. Pork firmer; May,
J9 02. Lard unchanned.
1 75; pearr, 122 25: ) 1 irrg, 1 600
1 70 : apargus, 92 (H) j 4 ; grwn corn,
f!l 35; green peas, f (,f,2 2i; cove
ovsiers, full we:ght, l ib. fl il 10;
cove evsters, full wemhf, 2-11), fl 75(.i)
1 85; cove oys'ors, ligl t weight, 1-lb,
rric; cov oyft'rs, li)ilit weiglit, 2-lh,
l; condensed mi k-Crowu, f.r 90;
Eagle, 7 75; Www, $(.
Nsw YfBK, April 22 Coffee sro'
fair Rio firm at KifSic: options mod-
eratelv active ; soles, 2i tXXl baei ; A pril
to May, 7.30c; June, 7.15(.7 20c; Jnly
to November, 7 15c; January, 7 20c.
Supar quiet and firm ; refined dull and
noin'ra'. Molat sjs steady ; rales at 20c
for 50" test. Rice in moderate demand
and A m.
New Obleans, La., April 22 Sugar
s'long and higher; open kettle, prime,
5 516c; fir to fully fair, 5K5!c;
centrifugal?, cboije whi e, 6J(Jc;
off white, 6c; yellow clarified, lij o
6 3-16?; prime yellow c'a.vtied, 6j
6 816o; seconds, 4j(n5Jc. Molassea
open kettle, prime to strictly prime,
32j ; prime, 20(322e; centrifugal, prime
to itiictly prime, 1620c.
VOTrVH-BECD Oil, Krt'.
Siid Eelivered at depot and wbarf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
hoai ),!; wagon at mills, J8 Meal
Prime (f. o. b.), tlSoerton. Less than
car-load lots, 1 16. From store, 1H)c per
sack. Cake Nominal; $16 per ton.
Oil I:i car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 2.2-j(rt;23c: prime summer yel
low, "6l'nC7c; off-suuitner yellow, 25
i26te; miners , ; choice cooking
summer yel'ow, 203l)c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
hits, 11c pT gallon.
Cleveland, ., April 22. Petro
leum -8.W., 110, 7ic.
PnTsiu'Rd. Ta.. April 22. Petro
leum dull but steady ; National Tran
sit certificates opened at 7oc, and
losed at 76c; highest, tije; lowest,
v 1 (-' ' Ir-nTSt
I, II 600 I llllL..-.
Til 19 DAY.
MaJiton E. W. Col, f.,.m.
Oin.innnti ...Ooi.dbh Canw . f. p.m.
8t. Louis fiTTnr St. L.h ik, 6 p.m.
Whita Rixr Fannnia Ruhinsi.j. 5 r m.
Onroola Iai Abi. 10 a.m.
Vi.-kulmrj AkM"s fi rv, S r. m.
Nci Orlcani Citt or N' iik, 4 .in.
Cincinnati ..Ohiii.6 P-ra.
.4rnmf. Otrahoma, Vadi.nm; Kat
Adams, Arkansas City; l'an AiUiiih,
4s-ela; Freddie Robins.iii, Little
Rtx k ; Gavoso, Tiptonville.
irjarlurf. Coahoma, Madison ;
Kate Adiims, Arkansas City; Demi
Adams, Kri ra Point ; Gayoso, TipUm
ville; James W. Gall", Cincinnati.
Boaltin Port. Freddie Kobinsnn.
i.'ofij fiMi iot. Belle Minnphis.
ifixiM lnr lv. City of Caho, K. W.
Cole, Rene Mtteready, City of St.
IOiim and Guidon Crown.
rrclpia Yeatrnlnr.
Detiii Adams 1 bale cottnu and 14
pkgs sundries.
Gayoso-153 sks corn, 12 lid stock
and 73 tikes sundries,
V . l;jtv - .l uipliid, . .. aaoarR,
mi l .iii'. i; City of Proviit-; re, St.
lyiiur, 8am.; Thomas Sherlock, New
Orli"a, 10 am.
Mirien to siiiir:HS.
a0ira to the hiah water tha learner
DEAN ADAMS will It a' fnr Helena anl
Friar. Point every MUMMY and THURS
DAY at 5 o'clock p.m., an l lor Oaoaula aad
Uold Dutt ererr WEDSKSDAY and SAT
UKDAY at 10 o'clock a.m., uatll (arthar
notiif. JAH. l.KK. Bnp't.
Special Notice For Marion.
Th Ferrjboat
John Orerton, zfT
Will lea?e tha lout of Jefferaea atrsei lor
Mtrien. at S a.m. and p.m.
rat. I.onla and Nf Itrlmaa AurtfW
City of Natchez, jkvsr
Will leaia the ElaTator SAIUKUAi . April
Ml", at 4 p.m. l"or IVeiKht orpaaaaaa apply
C. I.. Hi,i Pa. Art, Al KfiiKM. SapX
Kate Adams -71 bales cotton.
sks seed and 170 pkgs sundries.
Hong bs -Good driving, $150(225;
good saddle, $1KX'W;); plugs,
80; good marea, 8,i(iM4ii.
MuLE8-14ttolft, UO(i)iao; io w
15), 12 (iiH0; 15J to 16, fl50Ci)175.
Good tljmand; supply lair.
Wuikkv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, 1 606; rye, $ 1 75a6; domestic,
90c()l 50.
Ciiicauo, April 22. Whisky steady
atfl 16.
8t. Ixiuis, April 22. Whisky firm
at $1 10.
Cincinnati, O., April 21. Whisky
ouiet at $1 10. Hales of 406 barrels of
ut evening. A eonspieuous , s ,7nbHr
of U,e n.orn.ngs operations 0t'toVr ...
! advau' i- in l nion Pacific from I v..m,,.
New York futures opened dull and j quiet; -n"'
I 4 30; extra funer. f 4 45t 70; Patents,
' f 1 HiV-i 5 25. Wheat faiily sclive, but
easier. The market opened ra'y and
irregular and so continued for the
irrester na t of tno session, rues
i tlu"tivi1ed within a rung" of JCAJ.!,
and eloped j liwer tl.in yKter
tlav; No. 2 re t, eas'i, ,'jc; May, 8!) :
S!3c;, June. sOfe.S'.IJu,
Juiy, .8 85 ;c, el Kdng
! a! 8-e hij; Augu-t, h:;ivh4;c, ii SUB
! at 83iWS:iic. Cora very dutl and
closed omet and steady and 2 to -j
points lower than Wednesday. S.tles,
61,600 ba'es. The cksing quotations
were as to. laws:
,..9.i:; 9 15
...9.16 i 9.17
...9.21 9.-10
9 S!l, !.40
9 40 9.5(1
9.:!5;n) 9.36
9.201) 9.21
November ...9.17fn 9.18
December.. ..9.20f 9.21
9.16(A 9.18
9.21(a) 9.'.:2
9 33fii 9:lt
S!cio,i..gKt 89,;
January 9 2SW, 9.29
February 9.38 9. 10
9.3S;a 9 39
9.2:?f 9.24
9.191 r) 9.20
9.2:! V. 9 24
9.32. 9 .'Vi
9.42fi 9.43
t j The New Oilcans st otinarket opened
quiet, an t c.o.-eu ouiet. -Hiee, -wai
! bales'.
Ye .tarda v. Wedntsi'ay.
Ordinary - 7 7j
I Good ordinnrv... 7 15-.16 7 15-16
I Low middling ... 8 516 8 5-1U
Middling 8 13-li 8 13-16
Good middling... 9S 95
I The New Orleans future uiark-t
opt ned steady, and closed dull and 5 to j
wes-.ker, eloping
No. 2 nrx 'if, t
33 j :,clo-it)B .it at
34in bid ; July,
nndi-r yet-tsiday ;
i-.sli, 33-; May,
33j:' bid ; June, if I i '-i,
I'iI'J bid. Oats very
du 1 and lower to s?d; No. 2 roixsi',
etth, 29.1t bid; May. Siljc bid. Rve
! tiomi ally firmer at 59.;. IJariay nomi
j nat.. Hav tanw and ea-iy; piairie,
! f saf'i 7 75; timotbv, $10 bOti'13 75.
i H.ixseed eaiiy, fl 03. Bran flnmr,
56 ' 5c. cnruuua! fteadv. 1
1 85. Receipts Flour, 2000 brls;
wi-eit, 9000 bu; eotn, 77,010 hu; oats,
21.000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley, H 0J
bu. Shipmeuti Flour, 7000 lirla;
A pi'Lbs Apples, 1 5012 50 from
store; 1 252 per car-load fro n levee
or depot pffd appl s, 34c per
pound from ttore. Dried peaches, 3J
4c from store.
Potatobs Potitoes.fl 752 25 from
store; $1 501 75 per car Toad from
levee or depot. Sweet peUtoes scarce,
2 753 per brl. Peas, f 1 601 75 per
Viubtablks Onions, $2 753 25
from storo; $2 5!'()2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 753 25 r'er crate.
Kreut, barrels, $505 50; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garlic, 4U60c per 100.
Turnip", 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Mos-ina, 3 5l'5 per
bux; Iinperials, $5(3)5 50 per hoi.
Lemons, $1 50 per box. Baaanae,
$1(52 50 pw bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 "per 1G0. Peanut? Virginia, 7c;
Tennesst e, fanners' s',?ck, 3(i)4c;
roahtFil, 2ie higher; shelled, 10c. Al
moudp, I8.(k:.
Picklks In jar, pints, 95c; quartj,
$1 50; balf-gallou", $2 75; gallons,
$3 75 ; lo ise, btrreis, f 6 ; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
Raisins London layers, .j w; lay
ers, $275; California. ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walntts Freneh, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenobies, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
CiDER-AIissiuri, $7(317 .50 per bar
nl and $44 50 par half-ba-rel ; Vine
gitr, ll16c per gll0a."
Poultry Turkeys, per doien,$12fr)
18 ; chickens,$2 75(3 ; drensed turkeys,
scarce, 1518c per pound.
Pkcaks Texas, 8g fOa lor small to
medium, 1014c fo- la-ge; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5; No. 2,$3S5; No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70;;; 1 5-lb, No.
3, 60c. Dry her.-injo, family, 30c per
Gam a Venison, whole, 3e5c; sad
dbs, Oic; bnar, V(,Hc; wild turkeys,
50(75e; ducks, $34; Bimlrrels, 75c;
quails, $75cn ; prairie chickens, $5;
game lieu, ll(;12e.
Fxmis easy at I4c.
Cofbk -Common 88Jn; crdina-y,
!l(ir.9j'; prima En, Uc; i h ace to f n
cy; HJW3J ;: oil grvernm-iat, 23(a)
35 ;; Crl ni. 20 j.
Kmap- 3Af 5Ai; per pound.
HtioAR-Pure white, 7c; off while,
Ol'.KJi:; ytlliw, 6J;; open ketMe,
5J6-; refined A, 7c; granuUted, 71
74e; powdered," '; cut leaf, 7j'jhc.
Salt-$1 20' 1 30 l,Hr barrel; cacke,
fine, $1 50; case, fl 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j'i7i-, car-load from levee
or ilovot, 5c cheaper.
Moi,.u:-Ei Lt.iiiRiana, c- onnon to
f.iir, 20(3 ic; ptime to choice, .;'r49c;
svrup, 20f.V,IOi;; inaiou to fair, 20f
25c; irrimtocL )i''e13,J(,i3;-; cectrif
ngal, fancv, 3-j,:.
Tobacco din, no::, ll-iuct, 27(i
3oi. : other giad-? and s'yie:., 25!:2Hc.
Snuff Gan-et'V. 10 85 uer fas;
Ralph's, f 10 25 ;-r case; It. R., J9 50.
('ANDIKS rjtii SS, all Si7. 8, ill boX--8,
pails and barn-', "j(jSJc.
Casdles-FhII weigiit, lOJ'lOjc.
CasnkoGhoi", Ktc. J'ricaa perdcr
en: Pineaiipl'M, 11 351 tj'i; peacbes,
2-lb. atamUrd, il 3"(il 50; seconds,
fl l.Vl 25: Lm.tOR?, 2 lb, Btan tarn
tl 10 3 lh 11 35: strawberries, $1
Gl 60; ra pljcrries, $1 151 25; black
finished goods on this basis.
Himsi Dry flint, ISOTklOo; dry salt,
n12c; green salt, 7(f,8o: green, 5(,n)
6c; deer skins, 16l8e; hunter-ban.
died toon skins, each, 2050c ; country
coon skina, 1030c; mink, 10(:K)c;
mni-krat, 510j: otter, $167)5; bear,
J1M5; beaver, Mir$4; wildcat, 20(4
40j; fox, 2V75c; akunk, 275c.
Ileeswax, 1821o; tallow, 4(iJ5c.
Cattlk Choice to extra corn-fed,
9C0 to 1050 pounds, 4(ii)4c: B0od,3jrii
4n; chrice grass-led, 31(3)3,1!; good,
33c; fair to medium, 21t2c; com
m m, lJO'TJc.
Hons Choice, 3jtc; good, 31(3)
3Jc; common, 33c.
Sukbi' - Choice, 4(a la; madiuin, 3
3c; common, $11 50.
Kansas City, Mo., April 22. The
Lire .S'loc indicator reports: Ca' tie-
receipts, 1581 head; (hipments, 1608
head ; market was slow, weak and 10c
lower on shipping vades; butcbera'
Btuff was dull and 6()10c lower; ffed
ers were selling a shade lower. Hng
receipts, 7046 head ; ehipmenta, 3439
bctd. The msrket opened about
steady on choice lo'g, closing with a
decline of 6c; choice, $3 OiKSH 10;
mixed, $3 653 85. ( ,
Chicago, III., April 22. The Lot
m' Journal reports: Cattle receipt,
8500 hrad; shipment, 2100 head;
market slow, lOOftloc lower; shipping
steers, 950 to 1560 lbs., $4 20(i)5 90;
Btockers aim ffedern, $2 7ft(o4 75;
cos, hull ar,d mixtd, $1 75(4 25;
bnlk, $2 7O(.'3 10; through Texfs cat
tle, $4 405. Hogs receipta, 16,000
head; Bhipmnnts, 3000 head; maiket
very slow, 10(n)15c lower; rough snd
mixed, $3 754 15; packing and ship
ping, $4(a)4 36; liifht weights, $3 60(-i)
4 20; skins, $2 75S3 40 Sheep re
cnipt, 3000 head; aliiptnents, 500
head; maiket dull; ra'ives, $2fa550.
.i:w y oku iktjoois n ukki.
Nkw York, April 22. The mai net
was quiet i i al! dspHrtmerns wil 'ia
liulit. volume of tin lo in movement.
Ilil Hi: MOW. EST.
Tmk Pean Adams will pass down
Monday evening for Friars Point.
TiikCUv. of C-ir was due up last
evening dir St. Iaiuih, and Helle Jlem
phis for Vicksburg.
Tua Anchor Line packets to-morrow
evening are the C ity of Natchez
for New Orleans, and Arkansas City
for Viekslmrg.
Thk K. W. Cole, Cant. Kd. Nowlutul,
is the Memphis and Little lioek llail
wav passenger boat this evening at 6
o'clock for Madison.
Thk Anchor Lino steamer City of
St. Louis, Capt. James O'Neal, will
pass up this evening at 6 o'clock for
Cairo and St. Louis.- Owen G. Cutes
is her clerk.
Tm a IWii Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, will pass up to-morrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock for Osceola and the
upper bends. Will Asliford and Will
Sniither are her clerks.
Tus O. Line steamer Golden Crow n,
Capt. Frank .1. O kes, will pass up
this evening at. 5 o'clock for Cairo,
Ixmisville, Cincinnati and all inter
mediate points on the Ohio river.
TillHtrider is in her olliee.
Tm Freddie Robinson, Cant Milt.
K Hnrrv. in nliice of the l'cHinot, is
the naeket to-morrow evening at
o'clock for all points on White river
coino through to Newport and making
connections with packets for upper
While and Black rivers. Albert Mc-
Ghee and Hugh Smith are her clerks.
RimiNKss fair.
Weatiikr clear and pleasant.
Rkckiits by river yesterday 72
bales cotton and 129 seed cotton,
Tint Henry Ixmery and barges passed
up yesterday morning for St. 1,ouih.
Timtowboat Hoax passed up lignt
(or the Ohio river yesterday at noon.
Thk John A. Wood w th a tow coal
passed dow n la4 evening for New Or
leans. Tmk Tom Reel with a tow coal
passed down yesterday morning for
Tiixtowboat W. F. Friable arrived
from Cairo esterday and returned
again with a barge oi lumber.
Tna Jaines W. Oall departed yes
terday evonbiff for Cincinnati with
1250 bales cotton, 30 bales rags, 1200
sacks oil and 50 tons sundries.
Nl. I.onla and New 0rlaraa Aaatea
i.lnr fU.fe. III-C.AIU0 k 0T. LU01B.
City of St. Louis, rfZS
Jan. O'Neal , matter. -TSairi
Will leave tha KleTatur THIS UAV, Aerd
11, at ti i. m. i"or freiaht or paaaace apply
II I,. II i i , l'r. Aat. MSTi'H Sii'l,
yillt VICKSKl'KU.
Nt. I.onla nuil Nrw ,plou inrlior
i.inf-ti.N. .viwii-Kuii viaamiii i.
Arkansas City,
llr.ilxWl miliar. jS,'iLi
Will IniiT the Klevator SATl'KDA I , April
24th, at ii p.m. Kor freight or iiiMnaHe apply
,. II ' . : . . A T. II I ' I 'I . ill"
Southern Trannportiilion Oo.-O. Line Kor
t;nin Louierilln ana uinainnau ntr
(iJwldcn Crown,jvai
Frank J. Oke. maater Til -IrieUr. clora
Win leave THIS UAV, April it I, al ,5 p to.
For Irelaht or numi apply i O. B. K118-
8KI.L, Awent, U Mailmnn at. TolapDon 2.T.
Jaaia p. ranai.iN( raener aiiiiii
.Heinphia and ( lnclunali Packet Co.
row i.oVihville nxiiKRtn,
M. M. Dee-n, maater, SCt
Will loava MONDAY, April iih. .i 6 p.u
For u-eiiriit or "amate aepir lo u. u. rijs
BKLL, Aaent. No. VI Vadium at. Telepttooe
No. ttl. JOHN CAHK, I'aMenaar Aieat.
Kteainer UliCltRVB STATB lollowa, leav-
ni1hnrilaT AnrQ IHIh.
I, Oinanli. Ilalaa I'oint. (JarulhemvUle,
tlavuen ami Tiptonville Tha Bw twainaf
W. P. Hall muter I J. t).Full
lllar olera.
will Ihv, aa above, and a 1 wav votnta.
m Kn, lrlffM KT BMWW Mint, nw nnwi-,1.
F0U WHlTli itlYEH;
HeuinhlH,Whlte& Uluek Itlver I'acket
For Ualena, DeValli DlatT, Ilea Dea A.
uimta, Newport and Datevlll. Tha new
and eleaant alilewhMl painener ateawaf
Freddie Robinson, tQ
Milt HarTT .maater
Will leave KVKRY SATURDAY atSe'oloek
p.m. 'thmuih ratet to alt oolnte. 'nnht
ooMliniul to Milt Uarri Una, Manphia. will
he nriMiiptly lurwarded. W, J. V UOILK.
OUloa 12 Ma llnn pi. Teleplrone W.
Jaaaa Fbamklin, Vaaaentar Amnt. TaU
ephone 27.
Thk (iayiwto arrived yesterday morn
ing from the upper fiends with lfi.'l
sacks corn, 12 head st ck, 73 patikages
sundries and returned last evening.
Tub Freddie Robinson, dipt. Milt.
Harry, arri ved Wednesday uigbt from
Little Rock, and leaves to-morrow
evening for all points on Whito river.
Thk Kate Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas. City with 71
hales of cotton. I ;l sacks of seed and
170 packages of sundries, and cleared
again last evening with a good trip.
Thk river at this point is stationary,
marking '.U feet 5 tenths by the gauge,
or X feet (1 inches above low water
mark. Tho river here is now 1 foot (1
teiitlin above the danger line, and 4
tcntlmof a foot below high water of
ni:ATH:K in Kit l.H.
Mkmi-iiis, April 21, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Among tho Northern Lnkt'S
of Wini'onnin, MlnnnmitB and Iowa, are hun
dreds ol (leliithtfiil place where ono can ima
the Buiunior inonthi in iiuiet rrU aad enjoy
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term onmiilete'y rojuvenaled. Lu nh
reourrin feanm briqtn to Ocunouiowoo,
WaukMhH, Heaver Dam, Frontonan, 0k
boji, .Miunetunka, White Bear, and inn u
oleralile diher rbarminir locahtiea with ro-niantii-
nnnin, thousands of our belt penele
whore win'er niiuiei are on either aide id Ma
nn and liixnn'a line. LlrRiuioe and com
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list ol Hummer home, whh all
neoeimry inlonaa ion pertainin liiereto, la
L.: J : . k. lh. futi,.,,,,. Mil WAIT.
na and r)T. Pun. Raii wit, and will bsent Helena.
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
free Hl.nn (Ui
Carpenter, (ieneral
waukre, Wu
plicati n by letter to A. V. II
raeiter Agent, .nil-
, i
UK ALT II in WKAI.TH. Da. E. 0.
WaT'. Nikva and liaiis TaairaaKT,
Ii t'rosse
Little Rock....
Louisville ,
New Orleans..
anafAlM. ItieiMTill tOf 11 V
llnnmlttnr,,. Fit. Nervui Neural
lit, Headache, Nvc - Proitration, enoned i
by tha in ( alcohol or tubacco: Wake- I
fulness. Mental Depression, Se'tonint of tha
Itrain. reiiullrna in insanity and leu ina to i
misery, . decay and death! Premature i Ht. Iiilia
Ana. Barrennnti, Losa oi Power in either I u. .
v Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, cai- i by over-eaertion "1 tna brain,
self-abuse or or. liodula-enoe. Kaon boi con
tains one menu'' treatmont. II a boi, ol
six holes lor lr, mm t mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We auan nlra BU Boiei
to cure any case. With each order roceived
by usforaix boxes, accompanied with -',
we will tend the purchaser our written
tuariu 10 refund the money if the treat
ment doe' in eflcct a cure. loaraiiier
Issued r.ni? b- A KKNM KktT, Du,
rists. VmnhU. Ti"
Ab'vo IjOW
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet, tilths lOths lOtlis
40 l 5
7 8 :l
21 21!
II 5
11 II 4
S 8 2
12 2 1
41 7 8
II 5 !)
III 9 5
(i 4 5
hi 4 -
IS 4 1
7 7
4 4 4
21 27
tl II 1
42 a
Memphis and Vicksburg PucketCoa
pany U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene nd Aikaa.
as 'iiv -The aleaant l (Senear tonn er
M. R. Cheek ...muter I W. 0, Blanaor,.levi
Leavea Merophli ,m v
P.ii.,reaervins the right to pans alllanilinis
tha eaplam may deem an, ate. Fin? feoeral
Inioruialiuo apply at odioe. N",4 Madisoa
street. K. W ALWOK I l, Aan.
liHIN flARR. Pass'f A rent. Toiephona-CT.
Arkansas Hirer I'k't Co.
- -7 II m'o 'I a
K. B. Smith... .masUr,1 "ti"--
Leaves Memphis Every JHRRllAyTat & p.al
11. Oi LOWB, Aent,
Mom pli Is & White Itiver PktCo
natai...... warl
K. C. frsial... master I ! .tl.l
!-utin, ivellil Wltiff. Ie Arm,
a. itnalrt, Jt,-kar,-rr nnt Nttnrejr,
Lrt VKS WKMflllH ! very WKDNKSPAT.
at p.m. Through rami to all points.
Fre Kb' nonsirned lo " Memphis and Wnita
PaeMni Crmpany " w-i' baiovw.rrtea
provif-M li. u I.OWH, Arent,
IM t M 'lllunn t. Tein.ha- No. M.
T'. i ''. Frant Is ItlTcr I ransportut !
Co.'s "na Hl.le-W heel I'. B. Mali !-.
Re e Macready,
il. K . lupin ..i.,ir,
wau.i, i.au: vci.'-Si'HIN KI'tHI
ii ovi, .mi , lor tfariur.n, ihi C-it-Ou . ;il
ii-i.:i.f..ji.viy iiiieiinhii i-ti ,'it. Kraniils river,
Tljo .'hi kn, twMnreii .-. rlpht tc tiut ail
jn!i.iin. . a (logins un u.iii. JAS. JiKK, Jr.,
.:..,.. ,, i. ,'..-. o. . MuH jw.'in .i
A book: of 100 pates.
1 1. bent booK lor
anadVHi tisertoron
sult. be be eM-erl-
enoed or otberwi.e
It oori'aiD lisis ol
an,i jailmate o the cot of ad
vertising. The advertiser who wnl to spend
one dolUr. flnd in it tt.e lnloriuiitiuti he re
uuirei-.wbilo lor him who will invest one
huidred thousund dollars in adyortimnK, a
s-he:i.c ill ali'-ated which will met his
e-.c-y rc iuL-etuent, or can be mode to J so
by sliirht "haiif- easily arrived at by wrre
upon. I. dpo. lino hundred and Stir-three
editions t.nve b-cn i-.u-l. Sent, sl.a.d.
to anv adilr'isior ten ctJitc... ", I ; I',:
P. K').'. KLL A l.D.,..HM'il'f.f
VKKI ISI.Vf IlL'KEAli.lHi'fueosi. i!
ina II..os Mrs-. Maww'.:. .
on. v. '.sivAis
iii) hmneen in this city 2 years, treit
init all diess of tha Kocturn aa a t-.peoi.l
i,t with uuilorm suc-es, without the u-e o
the Kniie ur lidituro. Direiisos treat, d
Const.riatlon. I-.H nnmntion, Piles, Koctn
lUocr'. Fibulas, Fissures. Polypi. Ciitarrh
Uricture. E-resrenco around Ite.Kectain
Prolai.'us, Pruilis, llcmorrbiwre, hpafin o!
the Sphinctus, Chronic Diarrhea and cbrunl,
disnasei aenerally. .
"-ii . .. ,a.l imnnlals.
ConsolltioB tree. At home the second
tid fourth works of each too ittt.
Ht. Paul.
HhreveKrt ...
ISi.uich-Me- Pent and tenths of at foot
above tero of sumo :
Cairn, 4 feet
Cincinnati, on.
Ilubiniuo, lii.
Keokuk. II.
La crossc, 'IA.
Little Koek.i'i.
Meuiphis, ;tl.
Na bviile, 40.
Uiiuiba, 1H.
Louis, 'I.',
.'hreveport, at
Chattanooiia, t& feet
llaveniHirt, lo.
Kortnuiith, 'ii.
Helena, -.
Leavenworth, ttf).
Louisville. 2f.
' New Orleans, I t.'J.
Pitt hart. 'ti.
St. Paul.T.
I'rrrsiirju j, April 22-iNo jn-tiivtr 4
feet (1 inches un the gauge and station
ary. Weather c!nr ami warm.
Cincinnati. April 2 1. -Noon- Kivm
Soolt'a l.icor.
April, Vluv.June u
uiviillliil IVU
! er) leave i(
uid July. riorjd lor Pro-
with 21 feet 1 inch on the
Weather fair; lliern.oineti r
! f.tillM?
i can
. 70'.
: Whkki inu, W.Va., Apiil 22. N'onti
I Liver 7 feet.') inches on tlin gsn
,' a'nl falling. Weather c:t ar and pleiii'-
! Hilt.
1 KvamiVii.l.k, April 22. Smin- Kivi r
! fa li'ic, .'' 2-10 I.:t n the ttftirgf
j Wca'her c'.i a, and warm. Pai kttum
1 time.
! L iiisvu.i K, Alirii '22. Noon River
I la linp, vi: fi (I feet, jnti e caca! a-id 7
I feet oil the WU Wtatle-r v..inn. ihni
j ness gojil. li.-jirtd: Ohio, Memphis.
I Caiko, Ap ' 22 Soon- Kivm Wfect
1 on t!n t'tute and falling. Win'le'
j clat and warm. Arrive,! : Thftns
I Sberl'M k, i"i innati, 0 p.m. ; Ut ile
j Memphis, Ht, Louis, 10 p.m.; Joseph
U Flrtaela for travel
In Euroiieand all parts of the alobo. k'ntm
erne T.,ili.-i by all lines ot steamers.
s ouk'rt i:anuralolt, with maps, pab
lished monthly, by ran1 1 lor Taw CaKTH.
. issox. : H avN,
i Prmidwiiv, New York.
'on Iteslilent Xotlcj'.
Noiw;IR. D.-!n the Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tenn. -Slate of Tennessee
for its own use, etc., vs, Kuth Tlldsby,
et al.
Itappenrina fmui bill which tsawora to in
tlilsnuo Unit the defendants Jiuieih II.
Kuston and M l). Morriman, are resident
uf the State of Missouri: th-t Marian Still
man, the Metropolitan National Bank,
Joseph M. Myors and Die Aiuerian Mission
ary Assm'iiitiou are all residents of Hew
York; that Julia and W. II. P. Mattox are,
ro-idont of tim St. In of Arkansas; that
linvid and Ahruhain Mack, Joseph Bohn,
Ssm'l Flisliman, or the aurvivinf partners
of vla. k Urns, and Holm, are residents of
Ohio; Hint r-ina II, Pinson i resident ol the
llistni tol Columbia: that Annie K. and J.
A. Kirbv andJ. P. Thurroan are rrsidenU
of Mississippi, and that the Southern bp
tistTbeoliiaii iil Seminary is a resident of
Kentucky, and all non-residenu of thedtnte
of Teiineiec; and 1 hat Jennie A. Fi her,
l iriie Kislir. Knio P'shcr, Hurry Fisher,
Nellie l isi i-r, 'Ihniiins Fisher, Jen" ie rh
ar ami Maurice Fisher and Heo. T. Stull ara
I ..11 ...... ...;.la..tu tliuKiutA i.f Tt... np.sea.
nml ill it then on and pines of residence
of the heirs of I r.inci. Q. Suulliworth. inada
piriu-s 011 acii.nitit of inleicHl in west hair
lt 2ii, Cooper sub division: th.it the nnraea
and iiliic. . 01 r-idi n.-e ol iho hi-i a of Ish im
II r-oiir'-y. iniulc i-nrt-cs on account of inter
est in lots 1. 7 nod I s Klrod surf-division:
thiit iln- num.-" mi I p-ui'os t residence of
the he rs ol Andrew (irnira, ti iie-loe, and 01
ti e h-ir.- ol C.iulir o fUflo, made parlies on
rtf-i-ount if irrorc-t in pari tf lots 1 and I,
I. i.i'k 11. I '11 limy street, of the heirs of Joseph
IVe. el. i.-ii, luJ'le v rtiia on aecnum of
into et in I"! H,. I.loek V, norihwrst corner
i I In d h nd 1 'mill i n 'i stccts, tif the b-irs
nl It. C. Ilrundy. inile par 'ice on a-OHim of
in'ccit in lot .il!, llorl.ind sub ivisi.m, nra
II. 1 miknoivQT und cannot bo aseeil;iinot
alter ililit -til imiuiiy, ihis boinK a sail t
eiil'-n e lux linns :
Il is tlieridnre orrtcre.t, Th it mid parties
miio thcr nppt leiiin-e h- rein. at the eourt
boii'ii . I Sheibv com ty. in Moutphi;. Tenn ,
u ..r befor- tint lirl Monday 111 May. J,,
and plead, pswer or b:!iiur tu cunipli.iri'int
linl.erihe smi c will lot ken for confessed
as to ihnuar.d -et for btarius x pane; and
Ui?i a c.'py uf itiis or.lor be publisiiod onoe a
neok, lor lour turevs-ive weeks, in lb
Menu his Apieal. loif ;:Ut day of March,
A ixipr- stlcst:
S 1 M. H11WKLL, Clock and Mu.ter.
H- ,1. M Hr-i.U ev, Deputy C. and M.
K. II. and C. . Uviikell. SeliiiMrs foe

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