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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 23, 1886, Image 8

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LoifTlll,Vw Orleans bbI TeTasR'v
In KSert KcnW 12, lWfi.
Tist MaIL.
bouiIi. North.
m n mill tin
:4rt p.mi 0:41 a.m
L.id':-..n c
Yirksbsrr D...
B utuol .i ii mi' -
taol. r.
to a Roae. ..-..
jwWMM H-
ft .-m
bout. Morlh.
oavhil , .
Lole. . .
Lelad .
Vickibirg r
:40 a.m
8:45 p.m
7:15 p.m
6:00 m
1:45 .
11:10 em
7:.V a.m
A-Wlth ll lines enterinr Memrnli.
S-Witb M. AN. W. R. R. lor Helena.
O For Mreeaville end Huntington, and all
Artanrai pcinu.
D-With V. k M nd V,. 8. It P. Rallroadi.
1 With N.. J. A C. R. R. for Match and
P For Poiau en tba Bran oh.
0 With rteamen for Bayou Sara,
it With railroad! diverging lor Florid aad
Cout MlnU
Pallmao Buffet Sleeping Canon all traini.
JA8 M. KDWR1S. V. P. and(i..M.
U. BUKKK, General bup't.
. A. J. K.M APP. . P. A.
ewporl Hews and MixiHlaal Val
ley. Iraini move a tollowi: No. I (tail
las daily) le ivr at 11 :! a.m. No. 2 leav.i
at 11:40 r si. daily. 6t. Loaii fait liaa
leave! dally at :! P m. No. T (leit line
daily) arrive at l:SU p.m. Mail and ei
.rea arrival dailf at H:l'a.m. Bt. Loull
feat Una arrival daily at :05 a.m.
laataatpnj and Tennessee. Kant
Bail train lesvel daily at 4 :JU p m. t arrive!
at :& a.m. Local freight leavaa at C:40
a.m.) arrirai at 4:80 p.m. Freight traini
Hoi. S and A ran tri weakly. No. S leave!
Memphis Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Memphis mm Lull Stock. Traini
move a' follow! (oaatral lUnd rd tima):
No. 1 leavaa daily at :', i.m,i arrl'ei at
tiM p.m. ho. i leave! at (l:.V a.m. ; srrivai
at":M)am. No 6 Creiiht) leave! Hopelleld
daily (oioapl bndy) at 6:00 a.m.; arrival
at 7: 1(1 p.m.
Memphis and Charleston Traini
Kiev ai fo'lowi: Thraih expreii leav.i
daily at 10:21) p.m Mail and eipreu laavel
daily at 9:la m. PooirrvtHe Mmmnd
tien l.v.i li'iily, escept Hunilay, at 4 :-!
p.m. TbriuKh nire arrivni duly at S 2"i
a.m. Mil and Mpre"! ar ivei ilaily at 4 :W
S.ro. Bonierrilla acrommfi'tntion mrriff
ally, ei"rt Sunday, at H:M a.m.
Itnlavllltt and alilll Traini
rara a S'llown: Ka-t mail ariivaa daily at
a.m.: laaa at 10 : Hi p.m ' mull Iravr.
d 'ily a :!! a.m. ll'own vll a aoroiii" o
datiom loi"i iliily, aimnt Sund"y. at 6:(HI
p.m. I mil arrirai ilnl'y at RiOl P.m.
BmwnKrill i cfxiin mod' ion arri'r" nui'yi
inapt Hundai-, at H .40 a. m I'Uuilard tiinal.
Hrmalili, Mlrailailiaia mid Allan
tl lloil" riprin Ronta-Traini more
fi.llowi: Na 1 lHva ilaim lil" daily at .1:45
Rm.i iriiveint Holly rprio lU fl;MI P ni :
0. 2 Irarai llrJiy j.rinvii .!ly at tf:00
a.m., arriveii t M..m.lii t '1-15 a.m. i No.
a. leT Memphin dully 1:M p.in.. arrlrei
at llol'y Sprlnn at 11:' P.m.: No. 6 leave
Solly Siirinn daily at ;i::Kl a.m., arrival at
omphla at 8 :. a.m.
Wwir Fm (If awaiie I'lly, Nprlwa
(Irld mm Hrmphlil-Traim leave M . and
T. d pat fal in: No. 4. tyama ' ity i
nreaa, laavat at 10:46 a.m.: No. 3, Kanim
rli nraa. ar'ival at 8:ft0 p.m. No. 2.
Ranaaa City mall, laavea atn:(KI p.m.i No. 1,
Kaniaa Oily mall, arrival at 8:45 a.m. No.
, Ht. Laaii and. Chioan ati re-l. aavel at
trOO p.m.! Na 1, St. Loull and Chloavoai
pra, arr'vn at 11.15 a.m. Id alleot Sunday,
April 1. W i
.' a.m., April 23, 1H'.
lnlcti.iri8 (nr M mnhU anil vinln
ity: Fair wcnihir, nlntionury tHmpcr
ttarv. U!a crtwcnt, roil ftr.
Far Tinware and ihr Ohio Valley:
fair wniMer; nifirv tVtinrmry lemfiera
ture; wind genera ly Mfl 'tny to mulherly.
3lri4frotia;lml Mfporl.
UrapHlK. Tr April tl, lMil.
:i ' a:aj a.m
1:0U a.ar IMS a.m
2:42 a..l!l:16 am
liar, j Tlmr. Viiul. Wilier
IIH 7!l' d'.'.O K.K. 'T.r
ItOl'KM 7H.0 K Clour
v.dlil :(. w iitr
.fl'JJ 80.0 N.W. OWr
liO.lO'J 70.0 K.W. Clrar
7:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m
3:00 p.m
7:u0 p.m
Maximtitn tompnrnltiro, 81.0.
Minimum tmii)H-rattirc, fi!.().
Rain lull, .00.
Oron, 1 1 h m , 1.
All oWrvatiotm arn taken on 75
meridian timo, which i.ionii hour faHter
than local tlnio.
la lh 4'olioa Hoalon.
Signal Skiivicb. U. H Abut,
April 22, lfitki-5 pm.
'Xv'sion t l t'llograiii' and r p iiti lor
tin benefit ol rotnimro' and agrlenl
turf, Oi't on romon Imllntln lor th
twenty. four honrn fn liiiR April 2-M,
6 o'rl ii k p.m.
MftVPiKB D18- i g p I I B
THICT. 3 B 2 ? Z
Mpmpli'B 84 50 .00
Haahvillf 1 f'O .(0
GrandJuuction... M 55 00
Corinth 84 th .00
Tuacumbia 83 53 00
Decatur 84 M .00
Bcottiiboro 8-2 40 .01
BatesTillf 85 f5 .00
Hernando.. 65 52 ."'0
Grenada. 84 51 .00
ArliDRton 87 61 .00
Brownsville 84 65 .00
Milan 85 f-2 .00
Parian 84 39 -
Dyerabarg 85 63 .00
Bolivar . 8(1 53 .00
Holly Fpringe 83 62 ,00
Oxford . 84 55 .00
Suit....... 1514 800
Meana 84 48
WHT..OT S e g.
' S B
Wilm'r.g i n 80 50
ChaileMoti 7fl M
Aonmt K0 01
tSaviinna'i 81 6
Atlanta ... 70 M 11
MontRometT H2 68 00
Mo)ili Hi 65 (0
New OileyB I-K 57
G1vim!ou 82 57 00
Vicksbn'ir 87 5
Mttle lt k 8 i rg ro
Mmph M 44
Bnme 1)8! 641 .12
Mmii 83 ' 6
"Inaprrilili" '
Good Friday.
Grand Jury meetsto-day.
j Soaf Buhble fof te last time to-
1 The Easter bortnet will be ready
to pull Hunuay. tr
The designs ot Fjuiter cards this
, a. year are lovener man ever oeiore.
, Robinson's how appears in the
BluH the same day the races tiegin.
Merchants and Others will be
urged to give- their employes a half
holiday one day durinir race week.
J. W. James, for attenypting to
ill T. w. Huberts, will b p t on
trial in the Criminal Court t ilsy
Judge Howell E Jaifwni will
preeiiie t )lh Juile lIniond at
Jackson, it-s., next Moinla-V About
ICO liqoor enses an: to be trii
The Cooki and Iiakers'I Benefit
Association will hold a un-e'Jig next
Satunlay night at Otner' Hall,
near Cochran Hotel, at 8 :30 o'clock.
License to marry wore iaa ied
yentcrday to Jamca Sawyer and fran
m Joni, J. 8. lfcibbina and Allie J.
Webber, W. W. iinmiiH'r and Katie
Tlie lalis and p-ntletncn rom
)OHing tbe caat of the Dxior of Alcan
tara, whk'h i Ui Ixf given for TreaA
urer Green's Ix'ni'lit May 4th, promise
to give it in their very best style.
Korre on near the corner of
Shelby and Vim streets liaa an air
gun ami is in the habit of firing about
promiwuoiiHly, several windows re
cently having lieen broken. The at
tention of the jMiliee in called to the
All the wholenali men, proprio-
tors and aalinmen, are invited to at-
lenil a meeting rSatnriiHV n gin ai b
o'clock at the Travelers' Club to com
plete the organ ir.at ion of the State
division of the Travelers' Protective
A party of young men from
Henry Welter's store treated the Ap
peal to a delightful serenade Wednes
day night. Tbe following gentlemen
composed the party: 11. 1- Fields,
II B. Umb, E C. Jones jr., A. R.
Jones, George Andrews and M, Mitch
ell. - An important meeting of the
Board of Managcra of the Woman's
Kxchange will bo held Saturday morn
ing at 10 o'clock, at 273 Main street.
It, is hoped that every member of the
Board will be present promptly, as
hiiHiness of importance will be trans
acted. The suit involving Mr. 1'earce's
interest in the old linn of I'earce,
Suggs A Pettit was on trial in the
Chancery Court yesterday, Vnj Pettit
being on the stond the entire day.
The jury whm discharged until Mon
day. Today in motion day before
Chancellor Mclovell.
- The partncndiip which has exist
ed for a number of years between the
cutiieiliaiiM Maker and Farron will close
tiHiiight. when A .vm ItnlMr will be
repeated at the Memphis Theater. It
is also the lait performance of tbe
Hi iiHi in. The th ater will be closed to
professionals until next fall.
- In the Criminal Court yesterday
J. W. (ireer was sentenced to three
months f r stealing. William Irwin
was sentenced to asma- y years for
obtaining money under false pretenses,
and James Martin was deel red not
guilty. Tho indictment against T. B.
lluvis for perjury was mil. pros'd.
The Board of F.x porta for exami
nati n and funding Hank of Tennessee
money will meet at the -tate Treas
urer's ollico Muv 3d and sit six days
only. Those who have notes of the
Bank of Tennessee should send same
to the Comptroller or Treasurer be
fore that time. No fractional currency
(notes less tliAtifl) received, where
the amount to be funded is less than
$5 or multiples of live. Balance must
be paid in currency.
T. J. Wyatt, Sheriff of Holmes
county, came in yesterday after Chita,
v itehell.tlio counterfeit money passer.
He passed a 150 counterfeit on an old
woman at Lexington, Miss., receiving
"47 in good money in change. Sheriff
Wyatt left, with his prisoner yester
ilny. Mitchell had been in the em
ploy of the company for some time.
It is said that he and others knew the
bill to be counterfeit, but ho denies
all knowleilg' of that fact.
Sole AkoiiIs for II n..ce II. Kelly &
o.'s Key IV est igur.
Tho trade supplied at New York
prices. A full asMortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by uh: (iayoso Hotel stand,
l'eabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. samkixon a co.
J. H. DomiiKS And Miss Allie J
Webber of IVsoto county, Misa., were
married at the Gayoso Hotel y sterility
morning, the Rev. Ii. F. Gnllin, also
of Desoto county, oflicinting. The
ccreuio y was private, only a few
friends of the bride and groom being
Phominbat arrivals at the New Gay
oso: George II Nettleton, president
of the Kansas City, Springfield and
Memphis railroad: G. W. Horton,
Springllcld, Mo.: II C. Sprague, Kan
ass Citv; Judge II. W. McCorry, Jack
son; Col. T. W. Wlrte, Hernando T.
C. Barnes, agent Pepper whisky, Lou
isville; John (iillian, (JIucRgo; lien.
B. 8. Kicks. Yaaoo C ty ; Charles T
Case, New Yorx ; Judge John J. Hor
ner, Arkansas
mm: MiiNi.iiM,
EouMllMOU,it am Iaj,
A beautiful hand palntod Easter Egg
will be given FRKK to each child or
nt nnlinlar nf anv school that will
visit the Museum on Saturday, April
I0-O Aiinniwun. " wmw.
Poors open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m,
To rnpply th wsnli of ita enstnm
era in eve-y detail make the fol
lowing AKHOUtil BNENTi
Our to du ate U in.
Our s ock and awoitment the meet
Our tyletl.e liandscmeet you ever
Our fit and mateiials equal to mer-
thtnt tailor.
Our p'ices ow r thtn ever before.
Men's and yontlis' I usinets suits.
Men's and ynu'ba' fl is cais suits,
Oee ai d fonr-buttou cutaway fiocs
S rig' t and cutaway rack suits.
Fine dress Prince Albert salts.
Re'o-e purchsHii g elsewhere it is
your own intf rnel to examine our
Boys' long pants suits, 4 60 and up
ward. CLi den's knee pants suits, 12 50
and upward.
To a"h of which we give away
barbll and bat, walking cane,
Webster's Dictionary.
One Price ( lotting House,
231 Mil st , opr. OJd Fellows' Hall
t0L HALLE, Proprietor.
Eastb Card, nnfrlnired, Jut re
ceived it E. K. Wills A Co. Very
Leuons and Bananas a specialty.
JUdN&ON A UU1.NNK, Front.
Men, women and children de
l:l(ht in making this a season of joy
and gladness. From time imme
morial it I ai been the cottim to
welcome Eistar in a spank new
outfit. This rale is Hill ol served,
not only by the ladies, hat by the
sterner sex also. To-day we offer
both special inducements to honor
the time, in tbe old way, by dis
carding tbeir winter gsrmecti and
encasing themselves in the bright
livery of spring.
We offer tday at special prices:
250 ready-mads suits for ladies and
children clotb, silk, white lawn
and mall actually lor the cost
cf materials.
60 beautiful spring wraps at exceed
ingly low prices.
600 jerseys, frcm 75c to (12 60.
No matter what other garment
msy for any reason be ignored, la
dies, you cannot ignore tbe posi
tive law requiring yon to wear
We have made preparations and
have just wha,t you want. We a'ss
have received
In tan and other spring shades. We
am sole agentn for Foster's genuine
kid gloves in Memphis. No nimt-r
what ia said, we are the sole and
only agents in Memphis. Proof
stiown at kid-glove counter. We
nisi jiifit received
Ask l ,r genuine Fotter and look
closely at fac-aimile on inside of
To-day we show our entire Im
portation of
Boys four to twelve years. Many
srs our own designs, which enn
nat be seen elsewhere. Look at the
100 dot. percale shirt waists, plaited
buck and front, at 60o each.
25 dm. (only) fnll regular made
.colored hulf lio'e, colored silk
clocks, woith 60c a pair, to-day
28,; a pair only, or
$1 6 a box of ha'f a dciinn.
EOdox. new lisls a .d balliriigan
uiidi-rwesrs lits. plain and f tney,
a i'i to 45 a suit
25dis new spiing scarfs, 60c to
$1 50 each.
1000 i'H. men's hsnd-sewrd French
calf low cut slim a, evety pair
warranted, at $4 60 a pair, value,
all know, $7.
Pkb ad. of Memphis Ptcani Hhlrt
Factory and Lanndry on fifth pago.
Kalbomininq telephone 609, A. Mo
Neil. VaMruihSTAiNBD Glass Wores, 2:ifl
Third street. Call mid see.
Send a pos'al to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your laumiry.
8sa advertisement in another col
umn of a picnic to be given by the
Advance Assembly K. of L., Monday,
May 3d.
H and-painted Easter egjrs and cards
at the Woman's Exchange. Home
made bread and cakes. Deeserta of all
Havb yon a damp, unhealthy cel
lar T W axon's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wbohsome. Tele
phone 938.
Sknd to Memphis Foral Company
f r lis', and price-current o' plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come nut
and see for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery. '
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete," for
;hf paving of cellar, Warehouse and
itable floors, driveways, walks, etc.
Haid, smooth and tumble, and proof
against dnnipne, aiidstepage. Tele
phone 938.
' na Herbal Ohfif Curw, 'hi- imst
tonleaDil ntl ier!0c Vnnwn. A certain
ana Miia-Mir i.-r rtoillr Price II ver bot
t'e. iM Ht iM.ll 'or circn' T- Any rel
i'. (ixen. '.'Himi i, li, '. Ko-Ur,
i.vncbbera. Va., ,
W. E. Edwahi A Bbo.'s ruble is
the otilv place in the citv whre
connes can be furnished for lsdiea
calling either sinirlo and double. Alio
a nice lins ot 1'aht livery st reasons-
bl-i rte. Orders hv telephone
pmmp'lv a'.iendedto. Telephone Nos.
69 and 753.
Onb solid cold, flr back. stoD-wstch
1-6 seconds, onlv $50 ; 1 18-karat solid
gold Geneva watch, weighs 62 dwt,
t0; 1 14 karat solid gold Elgin watch,
I 6: 1 18farat heavy and very fine
Waltham watch, 50; 1 box-case,
solid Bold. 10-karat Elgin waUh, 125:
other solid gold watches from )8 to
4"i; solid silver watches, in goo I or
der, from -2 to f 15; solid gold rings
from 11 up; genuine diamond rings,
$5 up; 8-day chn-ks, warranted one
year, at $3 apiece; 1 .very fine 6J-
karat old mine diamond, tree ol naws,
only MH1 this stone cost J13I0; 1
old-fashioned, blue enamel, pearl and
II 1 II . I 1... n.u.llrtd
millil giiivl W'l iiraix-iev nun iiniimr,
i'ost before the w r :J00. will be sold
for Ii5. All lwiIs will be sold on ap
proval and money refunded if not
71 and 7rt Beale street,
rmmhmj BmM.
C. B. O ALLOW A I A CO Panrairroa.
RaUa 12 Ml and $3 per day, ae.r iD. to
in and location of room tipeeieJ
ratoi mai.
C B Reavia. M
L Human, Mo
W K Cody, Mo
K U Moore, Mill
A Poij'leitoni, Wis
K J KranUn, Ark
Mim M Lane, Tenn
T W Plumb, N Y
A w !! ward, K
r m uonin. Ill
W OoodDaalurA.Ttivin J Oitranilar. Him
J Lanion, Ohio e Onernderfe, N Y
K A Hutehineon.Oliio J 11 Cr.iiheadAw.Ark
Til faulkne .Ark C f bimuinni, Mo
N Kaiier. NY L Hrd, N V
LAb'lei, NY J Iilo way. Ohio
H8Myr, t J W K Hunt, Mill
L N blank. Ark 0 N 6parki. Ark
FC Powell, (Jh o J B V-nlieoneter.Ohlo
II L Ilowar i, Mill Tbeo Freeman, Mill
W A binieli, Tann liuivt are, Ky
K S liubnoy, Miea F M Ward. Mil
Ed MeUuira, M'li V Zahine, Ark
I ke Hainelron, T-nn A Joseph. N Y
Mn J L Cocke, Tenn Mull Ompboll, Tenn
TWe.Uin, NY Mri J sto. ei. Mial
K Y Hubert '. Tinn 0 "'oilier Ai Ma
W M block iw Ark F Peaoock, N Y
T P Scully, N Y Mri F Manninf, Ark
H W Hiocklev, Tenn V Cavetl, Ky
I1EI1I ina, Ohio J C Park' r, N Y
W H Flroa Ky T H Maart, Mo
J K SoaUi, Tenn J .lonei. Mill
Mr-J Ailim, (ii J 11 Andrawi, Oa
I' K Boyer, Kv C K Morrow, Tenn
W II Uowoll. Ky W Ury, Ky
8 L M rrn, Ohio F Merigold, Mill
TSMarye, Mill G V Ta urn, Ky
W I. Dulin. Ohio.
Ike Blear Umymtm.
Katei, t2 50 to 14 per d y, aooording to loca
tion of roomi.
J Walt, Mill M Iiiinelmn, Mii
M A Mitch, II, Ark C BChamplin, N Y
J 11 Oliver, Mo SHVnli At, Ala
MC Caldwell, Kv A W Waterman, Ky
8 F Waterman, Ky C M Brown, I I
A Wbeeler. Mini M II Wood, Iod
II W McCorry, Tenn 0 W Uarretion Ohio
WNNmm, Mim W A t-pcaki, M
K I, Mitchell, Ark W H NVI-on, Ark
CTCme, NY J I) Hnbinmin Aw, Mill
Mr M 8 heed, Mim Mim M Cliinn, Mill
UVIIrown.NZ .1 oilliam, III
r K Kr 'inman, Mo J Heencl, 'lenn
JTNix.n, Ala 0 H Gilpin, Pa
Mn Ki inly, Te.in 11 B U,d Aw, N Y
M,n Untd, NY G A Walde'l, Mill
K mith.Tei'U T K K'chardi ,n. Mill
J M Herd, Miai II vtcCalcb, Mii
Dr Am itrnni Tenn J W Cnldwe,l, Tenn
K II Mitchell. Tenn Mra H.I Gnode A2c, Va
K I' G tie, Va J V .Morton, KniiUnd
J MI!,,t ,La -1 W Walton, Jena
.1 K'l-.d', NY K 8 Kinhi, Mini
G N i ouk rv, N 0 J T Xic(uB, N 0
T Whi e, Mii TI'U tnii.K'
K Hicks. Ky Juhn Gilliau, III
H A Anni ton. Ark J h Gunler, Ark
W W Cot hill. Tenn II Niilin, Tenn
G W ll ion. Mo II C Hit iiie. Mo
Geo 11 Nell ctiin, Mo r G lluldwin. Tenn
I 8 .-uiilh, Tenn V i'irion,Tenn
0 L Clink. Jeiin T G Waller Aw. Tenn
K P iobino'i, Mini K I P.,rke-, Mini
P U bwiit, Mill X G 8nupton, Mils
Chhiiiii's lllilel.
W. II. Ill N" 0) II M . MsnB.
Iuropeim plan. KnlnrRod and reltirniihed.
Piicoi aoonrdinff to olid and looa
tion ol roomi.
GM HIeax.Kv P Murphy, Ky
II Flini in, Ark F M llurrowi, Tex
8 ll-ja.-k Aw, Tenn P 1 Konyth, Ohio
II F Griflin, Min T A II ninit m, Mill
1) A Kich rdmin, Ark MiiKHio ardion,Ark
Mn 8 Iau(l.,ck, Ohio F M llamblett, Mii
W I) I'hii.m, Mill J 8 O. bbmi Aw, Mill
C YT hau, ben, Tenn J II C, flin Tenn
R F Crittenden, Ark J V Mct'iillum, Ark
M Meriwether, Tenn W F Siniih, Tenn
OBTatTany, Pa S 8 W-ed. Mini
A II Ihomai, 111 , H C Myer, Mim
F llariell. Mo E B Bradford Aw, Vt
Mil Pen in. Mill I) M Webb, Ga
W J Boon. Ga J W Byrd, Mim
Wit uckhulter,Mi C J llnuser, Mim
J F old Aw, la Vr. U a tiam, Tenn
Mi JG iffl hA2'.KtP Whitty.Ark
WF Kiinbruuh,Tenn I P Hall, Mi l
1 David, Tenn J U Oavii, lenn
A J Jo'lyn, Chlcnito R 8 Saunderd, D C
W M, nilomon, I h o T Goodmn, Ky
Mr K Go ilman, Ky J B P 'me, Mini
K Gun ry, Mm W P Hale, Ark
J h lii.n?, Tenn K P Kuwell, Ky.
(llarenilon Ilulrl.
Woi. lil and 61 M idiion 'treat.
BoWI.KS A LltAKK pRopRiaTOts.
11 tiu. ft! ler uay, day board fJU per
I, T Pride, Ala Mci Ellnn Clirk.Tenn
Mm S I'liiiirB!!, Term Mim . J i. Muie, Tenn
Mli' F llench, Tnn J A Knuen, T nn
John 1 Moore, Tex J I Craobe, Tex
G A Davia, Tmn
Wm Akin, city
V A Drydcn. oity
F P Forest, Tmn
II W l.eliind, Tenn
P Wool!', Ark
II r. June', Tenn
A F Co k, city
Jimei Scott, city
JEPnl-y, Tinn
PJ Wutkina.Ga
Henry Smith, Ark.
Dufly'a lnropi'ii-.i otvl,
Corner of Adutni and M.in alreeti. Roomi,
60o, 75o and II pit day : American Plan,
& per ilny.
Firat-ciam Restaurant in the flute!.
J. M. DUFFY Uu rear, with Poanody Hotel)
JTFowlkei, Tenn W C Allen, Tonn
G M Walk r, Kni W A McDowell, Mill
N Hutchinson, Mim w A Koberii, Ms
A A Mnrt'D Mim L P H i liami. jr, La
P G Veath. Ituu J L Tillcy, Tenn
D 8 Wolf, Mo DDKerner, o
K Wallace, Mo V m Hulle, N Y
ANorrii, Tenn G M Bake-, Ark
J Cinnelly, N am W L Duvii. Tenn
M Vi, pie-ton. Minn 8 I'uval ,tw, Tann
J Jh ridan Aw. Ark J 0 Pat", Ark
M t William i. Ark J M Milam, Mill
P N Andrion, G O Ilirriuia". Ark
CC Wildinan, Ky J 8 Ball. Mich '
JT Shaw. Tex MPfhiiw.Tex
J I'MoKiiy, N"l M J riouning Ohio
II C Lin ker. Mi - R C Gr iiaM &w. Ark
II i' Ke, db m, Kai Mra F Manninu, Ark
M A Lona. Tonn F Johnson, Ark
J P Slaugh. Ga M M Krancii, Minn
o G Scon, Ky P 0 Wyly. Kv
Y UIIalev.NU.
lime Your Freiii'li Clocks
Put in order a! Mulford's, 294 Main.
To order 'o introduce the Alabama
Splint Cea! In this market, it will be
delivered at 36a per barrel in city lim
it. It has ro snporinr.
Telephone 659.
Order ftle-'aNHt M ulford'aw
John Walsh. Undertaker,
308 Second, near corner Monroe.
Solid Silverware at Mulford's
Con pea anal Carriage at W. K.
Edwaidi at Broa Mlablw Iba
plane In the ely that baa them.
Telephone Ordera promptly attend
ed to. 1 elephnaiea Moa S9 and 70S.
MouoKraui Itauktlem Mulford.
W.fj, u'o nilnm.n flnnprnln in ariarw
lute proof seainst danipuess, seepage
and rats. Telephone 938.
Mullord, Jeweler, 2!) 4 Main, 80-
loclU orders fiom the country.
ItiX Hay.
The opening of Spec.it's Ice-Cream
Parlors, April 24th.37 Madison street.
Flue Watcli i eiairing Ml Hulford's.
o to Hrmi hla Floral 'nmYny
for piauii aau plenijr mew.
Set Kwlleitr V Lmo nan rain to d
jronr FlanihliiK.
! Old Gold Hiid Silver
Taken as ca b, Vnlfnrd'a 294 Main.
C nnra anil Carrlaa at W. K. Kd
wntda at Br. l)le-ne only
ptscs ta tfca ,liy tbmt baa (beta,
TelnannnwOrdrra promptly laa
4 to. Trlrpbonea Noa aad TSS.
Exeelience and Cash
Are the Ferrets of Mnlfnrd's success,
i a
Iure Cream.
We not onlv hmv. but can substantl
ate our claim of having and making
the best lee-Cream lu the city. We
challenge competition.
Uo to KntliiKf er l.onnninralno for
your IMnniittiiK him iiiiub.
Ntw bit lint oow el, wi'b h an'i
ful iliir,i, (r, m Riinhsel Fuch A
Sjr.s, at E. F. Wills A Co.
Mrmfiri la 1 lorol t o. hoa th laroa
Blocks ol iilauia la
tfflTThe firm ot GOuUBAB A CO. bas been dissolved, and we rave reorgaeJaed onr tutermt in tbe WhoUmaJe Bool
and IShoe Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love dt Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., under the style of and firm narce given be ow. We thank our friends for their patronage
In the past and hope for continuance of their iavors. A. B. GOODBAi.
LaUof Ooedbar ACo.,Mmphii.
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are now receiving large and En'irely 2ew Si-ek of Eastern and
Spring Trade oi 1886, which we offer at itoek Bottom Prices,
We have EXCLTJ81VE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines r f CUSTOM-MADE Goods, ail of whish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
George Hncker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Bbortcll's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip 8bos
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute A Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Sboes
the best Brogans made in the Ucited States heretofore
handled by G oil bar & Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co line of Lidies" and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnrler the Factory- B'snrls.
The 'ater Exploding and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
JOT The sight of a river on fire has
not been seen is the vicinity of
Memphis, but it is certain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street. ,
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to the greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it the cheap
est? Where ought the greatest bar
gains to be obtained? These are
questions that should be considered
by every buyer.
Head the Answers In the Stars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors can
sell you Clothing ut Half CoBt, be
cause we buy Clothing at Half Prioe
The Misfit Clothing Parlors buy
nothica that they do not secure
at what represents a great sacrifice
to the tailors who made the gar
ments. Low buyiDg is the secret of
selling low. The Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
The Flowers that Bloom In the Spring
The spring flowers will soon be
here. Prepare to dress to reoeive
them. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
Stacks of New Suits,
Files ot Fastness Suits,
Tons ot New Pants,
Beautiful Spring Overcoats.
First in qutlity; lowest in prices;
nothing but real, reliable clothing;
every garment carefully made.
Opp. Court Square,
86TThe Wide-awake Great Low
Price Clothiers.
JeiT All alterations, to insure a per.
feet fit, made free of oharge, by a
First, el" Tailor."
Cincinnati, April 2?. Night River
20 leet 1 inch on the fange and fall
lnft. Weather clear and warm.
Oaibo, April S2.-Nio.ht River 49
feet 9 incbej on the ftatifte and falling.
Harry B-own and barires.New Orleans,
6 p.m. Departed: Hurry Biosrn and
tardea, Ouio river, 6 p.m.
Ht. Lodis, April 22.-Niffht-River
tell 4 iuehes, and now stands 23 let-t 3
inches rn the "unge. Weather clear
and im Noarriva'sol regula'rak
tt . Departed : Arkamai City, Vicks
burg. Ixcisviixb, April ?2 Nifttt-Kive-fa'linir,
vr'th 9 leet 6 inches In the
nonal an, I 7 ft... I A l,ilh nn the falU.
W eather clear and p'tart Bosinesn
Ann. Arriveo: n il u urowu,
Orleans; Ohio, Ciuciunati.
1. H. eaoDBiS, w. K. IOVI,
Late of Uoodbar k I o.. M.mphii. LaUol Warren. Lore
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis. Tenn,
De maue oy any competing market.
We also control
1 I- ! .
Of XTxriii-y Xeajorl ptlon.
James fl. Goodbar Wm. L. Clnrk Enaene J. CnrrlnKlon Frank ii. Jones
ISiaiiAiollaBliecA lOOO.l
319 Main Street, Mempliis, Tenn.
WE offer to MKKCH 4 NTH ONLY tba larseit and bait itook oCBootn and Shoei wi
havo ever broDiht to this market, and hi eta cannot be lureaeaed In quality and
tyloi b anj home in tbii or any other oity. In addition to a eomplete line of Eiutern
made goodi, inolud no th. ' l.i Bui r.O OIB,tK 4t Ci. HKIIUiH, wehandla
a larse and lelect itock ot Custom-made Ooodi for Men, Women, Mines and Children. Wa
carry a number of the be it wakes in the country, in ever, variety ml it le, aad amonf
theiu the well known Men's Calf Iiooti and Sb"ei tnanufaturod by (leo. Hocker for our
S,rin Tra'e. w e alio carry a choion line of Lad'ei' and Mines' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Hoods, manuiaciured by Krippendorf, Dittmnn A Co. We invite the trade t esamine
our stock before buini elBuwhere, and we (usrai.tee everything we sell to rive latisfactioa.
Shooting Medals,
Itowhjg Medals,
Bicycle Medals.
ar With In owned facilities in our mana
faoiory, we are prepa-ad to fill all orders for
above soods. AT LOWEST PRICES. De
signs and estimates furnished free, on ap
plication. C.L.BTRD&C0.,
Manufiicturins Jewelers,
Boiler Works.
SUEA & SIcCAlirilY.rropr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in tho South, and the only complete
Boiler and 8 .t-lroi. Worki In the oity.
Ilanaraetnrors of heavy olnte Iron,
work of every itenrrtptlon. Speoial
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Blockll
New and Latest Stjles Stock. Sew
Type, New Machinery.
Tnerewed faellltlag Tor doluir al
' tlnils Lithogranhlnfr.
Prices as low as anywhere, North
or East.
Cor. Second and Monroe 8ts.,
Would eall attention of his friends
and patiom to nil
Compriilni t"a ehrleeit and lateit de
iani of F,, reign tloods in the market.
HeviDi taken ipeeial ear in their leleo
tion, I am pleated to lay to my oustomari
and puMlo who favor me with a oall, to
how them inei 01 roods only found la
leading houiel.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
2 IS Main Si., KemplihsTenn
wfUhlna to Hetire Irom Bnalneas
We OOer liar Knilre
1)f Va! Inkiant rehe'. Final eure
A IJii''. t.n days, and never rturnl.
No purr, no salve, ooiuppoiitory. fcufler
art will learn ol a limple remedy, Free, by
adJreMin C.J.MAsOrt. TS.Nauaa it.. N.Y.
I ll u I w ww
k Co., St. Loaii. Lata af Coldwater.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoos for
on as liberal terms as can
, t .
the following Specialties un iVite
" " A
own Uranus, via: v V 1
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained CaLf ' "is,
TOM-MADE Bals, Button and Congress. '
-Goolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf Oil i tJJ
MADE Bats, Button and Congress. Lf;
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goa&j OJrt
TOM-MADE Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 ShaJittr g
Our Ladies' $3 00 Shaes are made from the beet se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
In evrv veanect.
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
8nf'rl Frnlt Pickled Ornnicea,
mailed f'ralt Plckleil Cncnuiben,
Nlaired Fralt Pleklnd Peppers,
MnsMfc Frnlt Pickled Vasooa,
Mixed listl Pick lea.
Croat Binekwell'a ('bow-Chow mm
M lsd Pic k lea.
Plain Cunsnber Plekloa by tbearnH.
Otber brands of Plain nnd Mixed
Pickle In eiaas and Olives.
Corner Neronrt and Keale Hts.
an us, Ammnnltion, Flsblng Tackle
and Uasc-Hall Unods.
4a Halo Street, Memphis, Tens;
Manufaoturinr and Repairing of Quni a
Jobb OVIITOB, Ja. 0. N. Okobvbbob.
Real Estate Dealers
Offioe, 264 Second Street.
. . Car. WecoaMl sua el Court,
Tales Paid. Kcnta Oollaotod. at.. oa
tTo. 13X4 XkTa4.xa at.,
Haa Just received a larrs itook of the
latustitylei ol
for Pants.whieh wewll' make to order at
mu'h le than tbe nsual pruei. We will
make a good all-wool oanu for. Call
and aiamin our ie di. Also, complete
"n" S f OENTn-luRNISlUNQ B00D8
tor the eoming seaaon atom aiual low
kaU7,'aa 1
. r i
Importers and deeJers la ISnns, Ammn
nltion and Flshlna Tackle, tinllders'
Hardware, kleclrle Bells and An
nnnclalora for Hotel! and Pildenoel,SS
Main street, Mempbla, Tenn. XkMtrie
mppliei alwayi on haod.ei Re pairing neatly
Frank Schwann.
Ilmportar and Dealer la
Dnni, rtahlnaT Tackle and pVaortaw
uea'aaui-iiliea. ar Special attention,
given to MANUFAOIUEIKii and RB
413 Main tn Jfemphls, Tenn
..... .. '

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