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Markets If bterdaj Tlie llaaaner
Oil Deal A Lint or 1 bo-e Who
Are Left ia tbe CulJ.
The money market ytU;nlay was
quiet and featureless. Owing to the
dulluut in trade consequent upon the
observance of Good Friday at New
York, Liverpool, Chicago, New Or
lesng and other centers of commerce,
little businetM of any kind was trans
acted yesterday. The deal in the
alms-en of the llanauer Oil Company
referred to yee'erday has been con
uuiuiated, and a majority of the
stock to the amount of 1104,800 hag
been transferred to J. L. Macauley,
trustee, for the American Cotton Oil
Trukt. The price received was
75 per share cash, and among those
who disposed of the hulk of their
stock are the following named share
holders and directors, whose stock
is represented by the amount opposite
their names:
8cboolfield, Ifananer & Co $51,XK)
. I-ewis Hanauer 7,000
Milburi Gin and Macliine Co .. l(i,O0O
W. H. Brace 8.000
liin. James :!,0iM)
Jiu. K. Speed 5,000
Napoleon Hill 7,0n0
Tlie reporter has been unable to
learn who represents the other J7N0O
disosed of. Mr, J. K. Speed retained
tW O of hiH stock, Mr. Napoleon Hill
$1000 and Mi. W. R Bruce $1000.
The following is a list of the share
holders who were left out of the deal
referred to above :
W. C. Pearce... J9.500
H. Wetter 3.000
Fader, Frank A Co 8 500
Nhk Hoolh 2,000
8. H. Dunscomb 3,000
Gocdlett&Co... 10,000
W.8. Bmce 1,000
S. H. Coward 5,5r0
"W. H. Seabroolr. 5,500
D. H. Poeton 6,000
A. B. Duncan 6,000
J. K. Speed 3,000
Henry James 2,000
Napoleon Hill 1,000
Mrs. Julia Mofiutr 7,500
Albert Miller 5,500
L. B. Sui gs 1,500
11. Benfdojf 2,500
Ham Del New I,0o0
Mrs. Flora Fader 1,000
K. Des Jardines 4 000
A. (John 3,70)
E. Lowenetein 2,000
Cliontean, Hamson A Valley
Iron Co 2,500
Adolph lltfes- 1,010
Total $94,200
There is considerable growling on
the part of the minority, who are left
out in tlie cold, but they have de
clared thnir determination to invoke
tlie aid of the liw, and prevent, if
possible, any attempt on the part of
the American Cotton Oil 'Trust to
get its clutches on the Hummer Oil
Works. The issue is awaited with
much interest in commercial circles,
and the minority are loud in their
complaints that they have been be
trayed. The Cotton Exchange was
closed yesterday and. no business
transacted; A similar condition of
things prevailed at the Merchants' Ex
change. The following is the daily
. Mrarata, April . IMS.
rttock Sept I,' 1885...... 1,392
Received to day 332
Received . pr6v:ou8ly...526,903 528,627
Shipped to-day 2,000
Shipped previously-... 450,148 452,154
Stock, running account 76,473
Thus far thw week 2,635
Thus far last week 2,404
Sence 6epteuber 1st 627,235
M.andC. II. K
M. and T. R. K
L. and N. R. R
M. and L. K. R .
C, O. and H. W.
R. K.
and H.KK
Wagons autl other sources..
Total ,
TIiub" far thie week
Thus far last week
Since September ijt
M. and C. K. K
Steamers noitb
,. 12,308
.. 10,831
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
r('wrrNMulrne aollcUtxt, lafor
mittloa efaerfiilly faralnhed.-v
Money it: goad demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing-House report is as fol
. , (XEABINOa. ,
Friday, April 23d. $239,543 80; thus
lar trim week, Jl.( 8.S,f.Mi 93; tamo time
last week, $1,248,557 64; same time
in 1885, $744,047 13 ; same time in 1S84,
Friday, April 23.1, $67,772 83; thus
far this week, $251,772 73; same time
lent WW8., I2S5.163 (9; esine time in
188.5, $i88,M 88; same time in 1SS4,
514,13 U7.
Nbw York, April 23. Although
not a legal holiday, the day has been
observed by a larger number of people
than ever before. Business was sus
pended at all the exchanges and trade
in dry goods was very limited.
Receipt? cf caitie the pest week
have been lijjht. Trices were firm at
last qnolations. To-day the market is
very lightly tujiplied. Demand for ali
kinds, especially choice butchers'
s eers, very good. Prices strorg as
quoted. Prospects for the rear future
very favorable. Hogs in linht receipt.
Mnrket about bare. Draacd quite
good. Piicea firm. Full supply oi
sheep on sale. Demand moderate.
Prices firm. Quotations:
Cattip Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1060pinndp,4)43c; good, 3 J'
4c; chrice grass-fed, 3i3 3fe; good,
33Jc; fair to medium, 2ii;ae; com
mon, lj(32e.
Hooe-Choice, 3Jlc; gco', 3J3
3Jc; common, 3f?3
SHKkP-Choice, 4'o4?; medium, 3
3Jc; common, 50.
Chicago, III., April 23 The Drov
er' Juurnal rept.rU: Colli receipt,
7600 head; socmen's. 4000 head;
market slow, 10c loer; shipping
steer, 9.50 to 1500 lbs, U 25(a,5 80;
stockers and ffedem, i 70(?-4 70;
enws, bulls ai d mixed, $4(a)4 75.
Hogs receipts, 15,000 bead; shlo
ments, 4000 htal; market slow, 5c
lower; rough nd mind, $3 504 10;
packing and shipping, $i(a.4 35: lieht
weights, $3 504 16; fkipe, $2 60
3 40. Sheep receipt', 3600 head ; ship
ments, 600 head; market slow and
weak ;native, fig 5 60.
Kansas Citt, Mo., April 23. The
Liv Slock Indicator reports: Ca'tle
receipts, 1191 head; shipments, 930
bead ; market for butchers' and ship
ping steers doll and lower, buyers
holding ofl ; some demand for feeders;
natives, good to choice, $4 5005;
common to medium, 1404 45; feed
erf, jf 4634 40 ; cows, 33 75, Hojs
receipts, 5239 head; shipments, 4050
head; market weak and lower; choice
tnd lights, $3 904 05; mixed pack
ers, $3 6003 85. Sheep-rceipts, 131
head; shipments, 100 head; market
dull and weak, 25050c bwer.
Ci.BVKLNn, O., April 23. Petro
leum, quiet; s.w., 110 , "je.
To all who are suffering from the error; and
indiscretions of youth nervous weakness,
early decay, lot of manhood, etc., I will
lend a recipe that will curr yoa, FUEE OF
CHARGK. Thil great remedy wai dinover
ed br a missionary in South America. Send
elf-addreed envelop to the Re". J.nars
mm 3 .SS.-gS5g
Xoa-Kesldent .Notice.
No. 6107, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tenn. State of Tenner
tee VI. Mary A. Brown et al.
It appearing from alienations of the bill in
thie cause, which ifl ewoin to. that the de
fendant, 13 M DuUute, John liid'ilerton,
Win P Barton, Warren Truss, W J Phillips,
are non-residents oi the Stale of Tennessee ;
and that the I lace of residence of A T Uar-
nor and wife, Oaynor, is unknown and
cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry
It is therefore ordered, Taut they mske
their Biiearunce herein, at the Cimrt-Uou-e
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn , on or
before the first Monday in June, A I)., lrfKti,
nnd pie id, answer or daiuurtt roinnliiinant'e
bill, or the lame will be taken for oonfessed
as to them anil sot for hearing ex parte) and
tbat a copy of this order be published once a
week for four successive weeks in the Mem
phis Appeal. This 2d day of April, 1H8A.
A oopv Attest :
S. I. McDUWELL. Clerk and Master.
Ry II. F.Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
John Johnstan, Sol, for coiiipl'nt. sat
'on-Kesi3ent Notice.
No. et'80, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
bhelby county, Tenn. State ot Tennessee
vs. Taylor Abernathy et al.
It appearing- from alienations of the bill
in this cause, which is sworn to, that the de
fendant!, Mrs W F liardin and Willidin
Iiardin.ET Brochus. Harriet Bell. Susan
W Cheek. William K Flowers, Jane J Lam
beraon, David McKay, Miles M Robinson,
Wm J Robinson, Susan W Robinson, 8 D
Rossell and wife, Ophelia Rossell, Winfinld
Stokes, Helen Schmeiler, John Story, airs
Sarah Tighe and Miss Sarah Turbo, places ot
residenee are unknown to eomplainsnt and
eannot be ascertained upon dilltrent inquiry
made, and that the Metropolitan National
Bank of ''aw York is a non-resident ot the
State ot Tennesiee;
It is therefore ordered, That they make
tVeir appearance herein, at the Court-House
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in June, A.D., JHW,
and plead, answer or demur to complain
ant's bill, or the same will be taken tor oon
fessed as to them and set for hearing el
rune ; and that a copy of this order be pun
ished once a week for four sucoessivu weelu
in the Memphis Appeal. This 2d dsy ol
April, 1880.
A oopv Attest :
S. I. MrDOWELL. Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
John Johnston, Sol, for compl'nt. sat
(f) s fw 1
ZlO iiissijis
on-Kesident Not ice.
No. 4'Uf, R.D.-In the Chancery Court of
Shelby county. Tenn. State of Tennessee
et al. vs. Martha M. Parker et al.
It appearing from the sworn amended e
tition in this cau that the dt-fendsnts, the
heirs of Angela Ovctto, are unknown and
their n:imes and nlacc of residence cannot
be ascertained after dilitfont inquiry; they
Are the owners of part of block 3, Butler ad
dition, foet, south side of Butlor Htreet,
Mi lcot eaft of Tennesson street, on which
tixefl are due L. Lamb, receiver of the old
city of Memphis, and they are made parties
defendants to this proceeding for tho collec
tion 01 delinquent due said receiver,
because of their interest in said property
It if therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the courthiure
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tonn., on or
before the first Monday in May, IMS, and
plead, nnswer or demur to the petition and
amendment" thereto of M. Meriwether and
L. L id b. receivers of the old city of Mem
phis, orthe tfiine will be taken for conlessed
as to them an1 set for hearing ex parte: and
tout a copy of this order be pul lilied once a
weok. for four successive weeks, in the Mem
phis Apieal. This h day of March, leM
A copy attest :
S. I. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master
Bv II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master
Metcalf, Sol, for compln't. 1st
Non-Besldent Xutice.
No. ti42., R. D. In tho Chincery Court of
Shelby county. Tennessee. State of Ten
nessee vs. E. J. Wendle et al.
It appearing from the bill which is sworn
to in this oiuse that the defendant' S. S.
Reuibott, jr., is a resident of the State of
Mississippi, and M. L. Brown of the State
of Kansits, and both non-residtnts of the
State of Tennessee, and that the residenoos
of the heirs of . H. La (iuoree, deensed;
of the heirs of R. L. Steel, doeea'ed : of De
Witt S. Smith; of the heirs of Kl'en F.
Hoist, doeeascd; of Chits. Obeinino: of John
B. Taylor; of Vary C. Ward nnd T. M.
Ward, her husband; of J. F. Wolf, Chas B.
Wolf, Henry Williams, and of tho heirs of
C. A. Young, decea-ed, are unknown and
cannot be ascertained after dilu-ent inquiry.
This bill i filed to collect taxes due the
State and county on various lots owned by
above named parties and oilier parties.
It is, therefore, ordered that they make
their appearance herein, at the Court-House
o Shelby county, in Ycmphls, Tenn., on
or I etore the first Monday in May, If, and
plead, answer or deiur to complainant bill,
orthe same will be taken for confessed as to
them and set for hearing parte; and that
a copy ot thin order be published enre a
week tor our successive weeks in the Ap
peal. This list day of March, lSn.
A copy Mt- st :
S 1- MrDOw KM, Clerk and Mmter.
Tly U. F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M. ,
Loc Thornton, solicitor for complainant.
.Nnn-Iicsltlent Notice.
No. 610S, R. D - In the Chunccrv Court oi
She'by county, Tenn. State of Tennossee
vs. J. F. Anthony et al
It appearing from allegations of the 1 ill in
this cause, which is sworn to, that defend
ants Benjaimn V Ilarrell and tireen KeJdit
are non-re.iident? of the Stare of Tennessee,
and residents ol Texis;
It is therefore ord red, That they make
the:r appearance herein, at the Court-11 juse
of Shelby countv, in Memphis, Tenn., on ot
boforo th- first Monday in June. A.D.,
and plead, an4wr or demur to complain
ant's bill, or the s:tme will be taken tor oon
fessed a to them and ret for bearin.- ei
psrte: sed that a copy of this order be pub
lishfd oncea week for foursuccossive week:
in the Memphis Appeal This 2d day oi
April, W.
A copy Attet :
S. I. M. liOWEI.L, Clerk and Master.
liv II. K. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Juhn Johnston, Sol. tor compl'ut. sat
White River .. .Fsiddii Rubio,5 p.m. j
Msdison.... ....Coahoma, t p.m.
Cincinnati..... . .Golds Clown, 5 p.m.
St. Louis. ......Citt or Victsii'io.o p.m.
New Orleans Citt or Nitchki, 4 p.m.
Yicksburg AxiAxVag Citt, 6 p. m.
Osceola.... . DiiK Adivs, 10a.m.
Friars Point. . ..Dsix Adius, S p.m.
Arkansas City Kati Adams, 5 p.m.
Tiptonville Gatoro, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati ...........Ohio, 5 p.m.
St. Francis River .-Rim Mackiadt, 5 s. m.
Arkansas Rlver Jul Pmu, 5 p. m.
Arrivnh. Thos. Sherlock, Cincin
nati ; Eene Macready, St. Francis
river; E. W. Cole, Madison; Belle
Memphis, St. Louis.
Departure. Thos. Sherlock, Kew
Orleans; E. W. Cole, Madison. ; Belle
Memphis, Vicksbu-g.
Boat in Port. Freddie Robinson
and Rene Macready.
Bwitt Lhtt Vovm. Arkansas City and
City of Natchei.
Boat Dut. Up. Coahoma, Golden
Crown and City of Vicksburg.
Herrlpis Yeaterday.
Rene Macready 42 bales cot'on,
!80 sks seed and 30 pkgs sundries.
Tbb Joe Peters. Cant. E. B. Smith,
is the Tuesday packet for all points on
Arkansas river.
This Rene Muereadv, Cnpt. O. K.
Joplin, goes' out Tuesday evening for
M. I rancis river.
Th it Dean Adams' will pass down
Monday eveni i g at 5 o'clock for Hel
ena, Friars Point and all way land
ings. The Gayoso, Cant. V. P. Hall, is
the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clock for Ti tonville and the upper
Thk Coahoma, Capt Thos. Claggett,
is the Memphis and Little Rock Rail
road boat this eveirng at 5 o'clock
for Madison.
Tun Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is the
packet Monday evening at 6 o'clock
lor Cincinnati and all way points on
the Ohio river.
The Arkansas City, Capt. II. W.
llrohtski, is the Anchor Line packet
for Vicksburg and the bends. Win.
H. Pritchartt is her clerk.
Thk City of Vicksburg, Capt. l'nn
Able( is the Anchor Line packet this
evening at 5 o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. Geo. Walton is her clerk.
Thk Dean Adams. Capt. Henry
Cooper, is the packet this morning at
10 o clock for Osceola and the upper
Al:it i..i.fA..l lir:n u..ii.
uvuuq. ff ill iniuuiu mm it in 'uimi-
er are her clerks.
The City of Natchez. Cant. II K
Bixby, is the Anchor Line packet this
evening at 4 o'clock for Kew Orleans
and all intermediate points. H. K.
Coibyn is her clerk.
The Kate Adams, Capt. Mark Ii
Cheek, is the United States mad
packet Monday ev. ning at 5 o'clock
lor Helena, Arkansas city and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker is in her
' Till." (1. I. in. utiomiitr (bullion Prnu-n
Capt. Frank .1. O kes, will pass up
this evening at 5 o'clock for Cairo,
Louisville, Cincinnati and all inter
mediate points on the Ohio river.
Till Strider is in her ollice.
Tub Freddie Robinson, Capt Milt.
Ii. Hurry, in place of the DeHmet, is
the packet to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock for all points' on White river
going through to Newport and making
connections with packets for upper
White and Black rivers. Albert Mc
Ghee has charge of her office, assisted
by Hugh Smith.
Bi'sinesn quiet,
Weatreb clear end pleasant.
The railroad boat, E. W. Cole, was
in and out on time yesterday.
Receipts by river yesterday, 42
bales of cotton and 980 sacks of seed.
The Thomas Sherlock, from Cincin
nati, passed down yesterday morning
for New Orleans without landing, with
a good trip. (
The Belle Memphis passed down at
an early hour this morning for Vicks
burg. She discharged here 75 tons of
freight and added here 30 tons.
The Rne Macready arrived yester
day morning from St. Francis river
with 42 bales of cotton and 9f0 sacks
of seed, and goes back Tuesday
Oi fice Signal Service, U.'S. A., 1
Memphis, April ti, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOths
49 1 8
7 A 4
H) 5 15
9 7 2
11 8 5 -
7 7 11 ,
12 - 2
45 3 ........
11 8 3
10 1 5
!l 4 "
85 6
9 1 13
"-7 8 T"
4 2 2
22 8 6
ti 4 2
10 7 1
42 1 1
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
Dsnjfr Line Feet and tenths of a foot
above seroof gange:
Cairo. 4 foet.
( hattanooga, Si feat.
Davenport, 15.
Fortbmith, 22.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20.
Louisville, 25.
New Orleans, 13.2.
Pitt-burg, 22.
Cincinnati. 5t'.
I'ubuijue, lii.
Keokuk, 14.
La Crosse, 24.
Little Rock, 21.
Memphis, 'M.
Kabville, 40.
Ouiaha, 18.
Louis, .12.
bhreveport, 2H.
t. haul, 7
Vicksburg, 41.
Yankton, 21.
Pittsbubo, April 23 Noon River 4
feet on the gauge and filling. Weather
clear and warm.
Whkeltng, W.Va., April 23. Noon
Rivet tt feet 11 incbts on the gauge
ant) failing. Weather clear and pleas
ant. Cincinnati, April 23. Noon Rivej
(a'ii.ig. niih I!) feel 8 incheB on the
vnhp. Weather clear; thermometer
F,VANhViu.a, Apiil 23. Noon Rivtr
fa'.linc, wi'h 3J het on the gauge, and
Zi feet under the Handersnn bridge.
Weathtrclparand warm. Packets on
IjC-uisvillb, April 23 Noon River
fa'line, with 8 ft et 3 inches in the canal
and ti feet 2 inchesou the falls. Weath
er warm. Businefs good. Departed:
Charles Morgan, Cincinnati.
Cairo, April 23 Noon Rivet U'teet
3 foetus on the gauge and falling, j
Weatt er cloudy and warm. Arrived:
Harrv Brown and barges, Nhw Orleans1.
6 p.m : City of Natchei, St. Ixnis. 5
am. Nj departures of retiuV acket'.
mr Owing to the hifh water the steamer
DEAN ADAMS will have for Helena and
Friara Point every MONDAY andTUl'RS
DAY at 5 o'clock p.m., and lor Osceola and
Hold Dust every WEDNESDAY and SAT
URDAY at 10 o'clock a.m., until (nrlher
notice. JA3. I.KK, Snn't.
Special Notice For Marion.
The Ferryboat
Johii Overton, AfTt
Capt. Fogelmaa. mi i J
Will leave the loot of Jefferson street lor
Ml Lwla aad Nw rlran Aarber
l.lsaw V. H. Mali CAIRO k GT. LOU Id.
City of Yick$burg,r!5i.
Able.--. master. Ssjbi3
Will leave the KleTtor THIS DA i, April
24th. at & p.aa. For freicht or paasaxe appl
C. L. H ?.!.. Pass. Art. ADSToRM. Won't.
st. Lonls anil New SSrlrnua aarhoi
City of Natchez,
H. E. llixby - ma-ter.HMewTaV
Will leave the Klevator SATUKDAV, April
24tn, at 4 p.m. For freight or passane apply
0. t. H I'sss. Aa. AISToHM, Suo't.
HI. I.oiiU and Kew Orlenn Anrhni
l.lue I'.N. MnllFUH VK'KSUUKU.
Arkansas City, vSmi-
Brolaskl... master. ss9Jwv
Will leave the Klevator BATl'KDAV, April
24th, at S p.m. Kor freiht or passane apply
0. U. Hi.i . tn. Art. A D STnH VI -tnn't
Southern Transportation Co.-O. Line Kor
Cairo Louisville and Cincinnati Str.
Golden thrown, r
Frank J. Okes, master Til trteid. clerk
Will leave THIS DA V, April -4th, at.S p m.
For freight or passes apply to 0. II RPK
BELL, Akent, 12 Madison at. Telephone 227.
Jasaa B. Fatnai.m, Passenger Agent
Memphlg and t'inciunali Packet t.
Mir. OHIO, tTt
M. M. Deem, master, SfSwsSrSSsV
Will leave MUNDAV, April Will, ai 6 p.m.
For In islit or onasare apply to 0. B. Rl!8
StiLL. Agent, No. 12 Madison St. Telephons
No. 227. JOHN OARR. Passenger Agent.
BteamerBUCKKYK KTATK follows, leav
ing Thurfdiv. April Etfth.
For Osceola, Unlns Point. CarotheriTllle,
ttayoso d Tiinoovtlle Tho new stiamoi
W. P. ri'.H mr. jtr ! J. T. Fuller clerk,
will ljuvu s abi-ve, and ail way polu'a.
KVtUV MtiAV and Iiil,,it.il)AY at f
V m lTr frfle nr niumwt. ntii'I on board
Ml 171 HAIlIii'S
Memphis, White & lihick Ki er Puck el
For Uelena, DeValls bluff. 1'os Des Au
gusta, Newport and Batosville. The new
and elegant sidewheel passenger stunner
Freddie Robinson. .-iQ
Milt Harrv master
Will leave EVERY SATIIKKAV atoo'oloek
p.m. Tbrouith rates to nil noints. Freiiht
consigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
be promptly lorwardcd. W.J. P DoVLli.
Office 12 Madison en Telephone 227.
JartHB B. FKAgSLIS, Passenger Agent. Tel
ephone Memphis and Vlcksbur? Packet Cora
pan j U. S. Mail Line.
Kor Helena, t'onenrdia, Terrene and Arkan
gas '!itv The elerant piitsenaor tjun e
M. R. Cheek... master I W. 0. Blanaer...olerk
Leavea Memphis
p.m., reserving the right topasi all lundingi
the captain may deem unsafe. For general
information apply at office, No, 4 Madiaos
traet. K. WALWOKTb. Agent,
JOHN OA BR. Pass'r Aaent. Teleiihnne 2SH.
Arkansas ItlYcr Tk't Co.
E. B. Smith.... master. ,-
Leaves Memphis Every TU KKDAV, at o p.m
, 11. C. t.OWK, Agent,
Memphis & M bite Blrrr 1'ktCo
V. 8. MAIL. JLIAE. ,
I. C. Postal... master I 0. M.!-osul.......oierl
'lnriirton, (XvHlla Win IT, la Are
.iicnal, JiM'bunr4 ! ttfiarvv.
atRp.m. TUrouch rates to all pointi.
Fre glir consigned to " Memphis and Wht't
Kier l-Vtket 0 mpany" wil beforwardad
promptly C LOWR, Agent,
N. 3 M-d1nn . Tdeiiho- m No. TO.
Tim S. Frauds River 'l'rau;.riatlor
Co.'s Vno fi'do-W heal tt. B. Mail Htem.
Re se Macready, ,if
0. K. Jorltn ....waster.
wii.i. uavi mr.yn'utm v.r.Rt
at fi o'elock, for Marianna, the Oat-Off, an?
Intt tii'iMiiutn !cndinrou bt. 1'ranois river
The ctutn leaerves tbe rigl t to pass a! i
landimts'.n I'rcnisu'lSiilo. JAM. l,W, Jr..
Kn WF;..n.-,.i tlHici.. No. 4 VlnHismi st
t ook' i:curi!o Parlloa leave in
April, May, Juno am. July. Send for Pro-
'"uUi'ldnnl TotirlM I'lrkpta for travel
In Kumie and all parts of the globe. I'M
mc Tifkm by all lines of steamers.
I wk's Envuralonlat, with mans, pub
liehed monthly, by mail for T Cvrs.
IHth.lO'iK M.
Prnndw.iT, New York.
fflPPlI Hi
rrg'ii'ai ImrHr-fic f,li-
ftrranlptl itrVt V kl.rlUftO
"' i nr'i"p mi wviria i.tsin-iy .lineiiflii limn
! luthi'N h rtiv-t Hi-til i iii-r. worn inshtur
!' Miiima.of N V l htimlrifJi iitiit-ra. PttinD. from
MAQNfcTIQ fcLAS. I w0hv0e 313 Ti. Pin bt.LouK.
Electric Belt Free
TO introduce it snd obtain agents we wil
for the next liaty days give away, free
of charge, in end county in the II. ft. a lim
ited number ol our 0tsiisii t.lsvlroUiel
vasiie ntnry Ht-lla. Prim tf:i
positive and anfniling cure for Nervous Us
bility, VanooceN, Duiiesions, Impotenc
etn. ri.U) Rewird paid if every Belt ft
manu acture doei not generate a genulr
eleotrio current. Addrcaa at once KLK(
TRIC UKi-T Att.NCV. P. 0. Box li
Brooklyn, N Y.
PrsKMl leroveirinl of II ol
kisrlOKN Kiarrvaillosi, Ark.
Dkpakdkxt or th Intxriok, I
Wn-iingion, April 5, 1HN6. I
SEALKI) PROi'ii-Al.S will be received at
this Depirtmenluntil 12 o'clock m., Fri
day, April 30, lHii, nr furnishing the mate
rial and labor requited in ooiup!eting the nul
vert, securing hot water springs and laying
certain iron pie, in the improvement of
Uot Hprings Ho.rTation. at llo. Mringf,
hlnk forma sf pmposHl, spscificntions
and instruct! jnsto iiil lors will lie furnished
upon applinatio to tbis Departniont, or to
tbe ''rluperintcidint of Uot SpriuKS lie er
vation," at llotbiirinss.
ail. I. MliLDROW,
. 'Acting .e.retiu-y.
MevnbncKl, Ao., bavin tnf1 In Ttin ry ktxrwa
wlij. h fa". I! r i h i K Uhi fBliow-ifTr'rr-a,
-de ti Iliti, t . V fca. i5 OUwUiW bWJ Vorfc
"o wlio mn dt -i twent-ei,iht year
''.fii'iJ ' r most ot Lhe noted icia,.)
t tj y with Til bemtit. Ccrrd HlMrivti.r. i
htr4 months, hd I idc t'len banditti 01
othi by u me pri -1 A rlftiu.flimtleKsd
lafstal hnir.A freitmnt, "(I'lr)! T. ti
fiiapood Restored
Uumm 1 "Mmattri rm Wat. narTona Ilhiiitv IsfiM
FOUMsHV & MAC1UXK DKrT,lGOtol74 Adams St., Meniiihi?
rlal- Nlllw,
www r
I ntHl. A V
Rritlra. J7r;iS;
1 .V '""ir4 Wbe
(Sui-cessore in this lc purtnient to JOMN M AnUilllh.)
n-Wr'ic '"r it.f.ir'iitin tV 'I H 1NO in either line.
J. ii, BAILEY & CO,.
3P ILb "O" 3B333E
.KSG Second Slrccl, MemikliiM.
M-iterinl.. I'limo', Dnve Wll. Iron, l.en.1 snd tone PiW,Oi Hxtures, Ulor.es. Ktn
Harness, SailtUos, Aprk-ultural Iniplpmonts and Machinory.
uEoitui i ctihi.ui cwrroar axu cons -plasitku.
a 13 eossnil Klref. Homphlw. Tfim.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton ttOtOYtB,
ISo.800 Frou. tttvwt. t 11wi.Ii.n. Tn,
"Crab Orchard Water
lotnnln.rmbOn lmrtl Rn1t In ni-nloil puckfiift'imt HiHn.f: ii. No ii"iuilMtwiH mAA In lntlk.1
i itiT Ud.. Trop
JleraplilM, Tenn.
imr f'nxli AiliTHiHfa to Hf ert'liHiifw ikiitl I'lHiifersi.
HAW AWM fl.ArXIH4J.HIHX, AiAVr. 3 out.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding. Lumber,
Latit ami MiJiii'lP", Floorliff, iieUiup 'i ti-thir J'trntn.
Anions tlie Northern Lakes
of WUcoii'Mnt Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of delightful places wliele one cn ias
the suinui'-r months in quiet rest nnd eiijuy
ment, and return borne at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Kaoh
recurring senson brings to Oeonomowoc,
Waukeidia, Heaver Dinn, Frontcnac, Uko
boji, Minneloiika, W hite Hear, and innu
merable othor charming localities with ro
mantic niiioi s, thousands of our best people
whose wiu'er homes are on either side ot Ma
son and Dixon's line. Klegsnce and coin
fort, at a moderate cost, ran be readily ob
tained. A list ol summer homes, with all
necessary Informa Ion pertaining thereto, is
being distributed by the Ohio.iki, MilWjiii
eki and ot. Paul. Ran war, and will be sent
tree ui-nn npplicati n by letter to A. V. II.
Carpenter, General Pafset ger Agent, Mil
waukee, Wis.
KAl.Tlllst .AI.I H.-Lis. E. 0.
H'r.'T . NKHVg AND llRAlK 1 SriTllSST.
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Piiii
nesi. Convulsion's, Fits, Nervous Neural
gia, Headache, Nervr Prstration, caused
By the use of alcohol or t.hacco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Ho'tenlng of the
Bruin, resulting In insanity and le i Ing to
misery, decay and death; Premature
Age, Itarrenness, Loss ol Power in either
. - Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, oa-.. by over-exertion of the brain,
elt-abuse or o.erlndulgence. Kach bog con
tains one moot treatment. II a bol, oi
fix boies for tp., sent h mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. We guarantee Six JJoxes
to cure any case, n Itb each order received
by os foe six boxes, accompanied witi
we wil send tbe purchaser our written
guars; to. iu refund the money if the treat
ment doe ot effect a cure. Uuarantees
iasned only I- A RKNKKRf.4 '.. Drus
gists. Memphis. 1...
A louik of 1ISI r.nf
I h. Kn.t hofik lor
anatlve- liserto con
sult, lie he eM eri-
enceu or oinorwi.e
11 .(.nr.lni li.t. ni
newrpaper" and estimates o ine ooi ul -Vertismg.
The advortiser who want" to spend
one dollar, hods In it the inlornmtion tie re
quires, while tor him who wil Invest one
k... .I..J .l.Au..n.l rlnllnr. In aovertijiiri.. a
l f.l . i: ...I U;..k Mill tnumt hi.
Wlieiut, i.i y ih-bio-i ...... .... ....... .....
every rciulMiiient, or csn be uisde to do so
by BlIKht i-li.il.f" easily arriveu v ur nri.
. .i 1. .. .. .1 .n. I Hlt.-ll.paa
sponunnce. uno ,n,o.n., ...-....u..
editions have been issued. Sent, postpaid.
10 Soy U'ltire- ,(ir ICII Win- n i .v
VK.RI'ISINU BlIKl'AI'.l'ln-rucost. (Print
ing Hons. Squ ire . New York.
5)11. C.VA1,
Zltt'' has been in tb's city i years, lrent-
: II A. .n. ,.t ,1. . Uuilnrn B Kl.ecilll.
1st with uniform eucoess, without the u e oi
the knite or ligature, uitesses ireanu
ConstpatJon, Iiiiammation, PiIof, lloct-i
Vleers, Fistulas, Fissures, Polypi, Tntarrh
tricture. Kicrescence' around the. Rectum
Ptouil"ul, Pruitis, Hemorrhage, Spn'm o!
the Sphinctus, Chronic Diarrhea andbruniv.
diseosei generally.
Call and see testimonials.
Consultation free. At borne the second
and fou".h wekB of a -h aui.th.
Tomlis & Eenjes,
179 Mnn SI., Mrnipliix.
I ff-r 'iecial Inducement. In Ot r n Rmglel
ot ur own m.ike. at T p Huvgie ot
our uwn make. I1-1- All work war-
riinird. Call b -loie i u buy.
mr Having li.po.ed of our entire stock ol
Vehicles and the Manufacturing Depart
ment to Messrs. TO.ML1N Jk UKNJkN we
bsieak for them a eoiitiunince of the
pa-rtinage so tone extended to us.
Kar Irwis.
Boiler lrea
C a4
JJSberi lra.
DEPT, 220 and '2'iS Sprond St.
(1. K. WITT.
Consupalion. I
A It.-ineilv tor nil Pisceses of tlx- llrst, KI ,
sirya, s)iamrb soil llowrla, A pHiltlve
i-iii.i (or ISyeurlwlB. sslrk lla-aalaraits
g'osialllinlluis. How, I to 1 toaspoolitula. I
ohikI I't-lN. No K.-iiilliie salt, rioni in uitis
NIV1IIN N. JIISfH, MVr, lml.vllle. Ill
, et.-uli r t "i.iratNl nit l"H.U'- HnHtrlt plijai- it s.rj.1 It
... . i.a. nf-ll. hl rttt' WiP ITItif
ctoi .fram"s!triLv
Spenufttf.rrhea aa Imputenoy.
tr fjf fi-wiitl rf 4rif-RfUt ! ftii. (Xftl fSIXrWS In Bt
itn trim oritsl u4 iii-du In, miuu M
i trie v - ii' NsTrdiiiM Fir.lntl t cnl'itout i-.ti
j u- i'- .trs-jiool, Itiuu- if ItcUhUif H- tt .'lit
.1 ... i-i -'a, I'ltuj l, r'n, AxtAK motft-y trf Kmii'M
.tifid-0 f .'4r. I.'1! ' ttt-ml ttt. tr.. Vt.4--. i
fi-'ijtt,-t nt)Ht st nr jrt'.ti'pr, UbuniualiTi rt fjmi
tiiit ."tf-i. sypHlLlS "" y aJt
-"-j 'rJ rVni ii.- .-., Gonorrhfift.
CJLEET "trkti.i, (irckltte, rt, Kuiytun
il "t prlf 1r itjanira ij'tkilj curtxt
It ;-f.cil.i t.l thl( t llf iClftOWtxi TII-MHtUat1Lalt
w sgOsT'WIl rji.M Of 'll-eftattra, irtUU tb'VMI. ftUMl,
tilt-. i -.1'iiifi ttri-at ikill. I'l vi:la k(iittii ihU fact ofvt
ft m. u. .srf.ua u, m uar- Utt tlla linwn i .ifni v
iVl 'il r- i.raafltii iil, riS,1d Oftl ho ilil ptlrau-i.
iff :tli lij iitH ar rtfjirMa atuyahar
dvsvn Goavrantn1 la rn.ll Cmnmm
-uitainL.n imik.iijh r b tt-uar rnn nA tfifht
'lai.f. -ruuf.lip ftu.1 'irrMpuiiitaca airtou I'fl'JaisUftt
f -Cry prfra, to mny 'tf uriy a-ls-l, tw 'Jn.
nil u StifiW lf ail'trvM a tiKi't
',) im ''. V. wdye r '
T'. ii. '& TAN L E Y ,
.. .i
66 Mndlnon Hlrrvi. .rf mlil. Trim
A KILL stock ol Wooden aa-1 UeUlll
.. Cases and Cnfkets. Hurial Rooes. etc..
always on Bund. Orders by Telegraph or Tel
ephone I'romntly q;irded to
rHOWJtni'ft Mt.N, young or old,
raNicst'.T-o'id the Klertrio
1 v:T.rr's.-'" .,' "niei.i anu t-uspenso-
yjjre s. Sexual System.
-nfeol.lod powers.
Money refunded il
not as repre 'ci. t :1.
Price aand ui-ward.
I Pninihlet. f-ee. All
d' rs must be sent to Asiifricnn ImIvmii.
t o , 7IU Hrimil wRjr, M-a link, a) ,
our We'torn emcss r tllciilniii
IVflrJTrn A'IKNTtJ.Yen and "'omor
UlIil.K " introdctina by Kev. J. 11. Vii
cent, l).b. Out Kent has sold In s towi
ot i-74 people; onu 7:1 In a village ol 7'.K;om
new aKBi.tH.') iu todays; one in I ucces
sive weeks ; one 40 in 3 days at two d't'eront
times. Ifixperitnee not necose-irr Address
C V-1'KLL k CO. tVt'd).
V) Dearborn street, '.'bicags.
nn- n
1 K -
v r- ,
- t isiirt
."Tin TsAuaia's Orrtoa. April 1, 1A.
To His Eicellency Wm. B. Bsto. tioveruor
of the tSUte ol Tennessee tilr : I herehy
ma. e to you my Quarterly Retort, aj m.v.
Trre.urer, from Janaary I, 1-. l Apul 1,
ltuvi I
Tot-i'ani e:n Treasury January 1,
Ive. $St.Kj a
To inuunt re-nived from
Trustees ; 41?,1sl 3
j CnuntrC. urt Cl-rkg ... SB.7 -.1 irt
Cir.-u t Court Clerks S 741
fitpri-u-e Court Clerks 7H)I iel
th ir.-ery Court ("lerks - l.l W
CriminalCiinrt Clerk. 67112
Law Court Clerks .... I -'4 H
Hevenne Collertors 1.71 M
Bank lal 4,ll 00
Mate Tea Insurance Companies... 21.7M1 M
Kedeniption ol land 1,7 4 t
Tax on Telegrai h Companies... 16
Supreme Court Ruporte M l.r4
Railroad Tag - 0.rr.t 3d
Lessees State Penitentiary .') 00
State Tax KipresConpaniee.... 00
KHSt7 :
Hy amount paid :
Int.-r.st on State debt .....
tffil.t7J TO
, ,4(7 .
. M.9I A
, W.;nl
. 2.'4S H
1.374 Vt
:o Ot
Interest on school fund
Mate prosecntions
tiilarles, Judicial
tialaries, executive
Salaries, omeera ef penitentiary. -
Salary of Adjutant tleneral..HMn.
t-alary. Sup't ot Capitol
Ur-, Sup't Hospital for Insane.
Middle Tennessee .
Salary, Sup't ol Publie Instruetien
Salary, Court of Referees . ....... ..
Salary, Att'y tlen. and Reporter...
Salary, Assistant Librarian .
r-slary. Librarian ....
Clerk hire by Secretary of Stater..
Clerk hire by Sup't Publ e Instruc
tion Cletk hire in tloverno-'a office ...
Clerk hire in Comptroller's ofVe...
Clerk hire in 'iTeiuiurer'. uttiiia....
1'4 00
4M U
v o
41 (M
IS ;ra
m 'J
in -.I
kieti.ool Capitol J,M rtl
Kxpeti-.e ol Supreme Court... 1,4' tJ
Kxiirnse of See'v uf State's offioe... Jo o0
Kxpi-iie o four! of Itef rees -'-7
rvi...nseef Kiiniiing Hoard .1,!l 75
Kxiienpe of Li'irarv 71 -I
Kp.-use of Kxeculiva 41 M
Kxiieiue ot I rea.orer's eflice Ill 'H)
Kipenne ot . omptro ler'e yffioe 7 0ft
Kxpense of public arms 7U 00
bspense of Itank ot Tennesree,
'new issue".-. i. 12-2 441
Fxpre.s charges v. 17tl Jft
Pen. Ion t. blind ,. I .1 "0
State penitentiary building re
paired, etc 4H tit
Ftule Hoard of Health OH 47
Publishing Ant 4ti 7
Hospital I r Insane, WeatTeaa.... 7.0JI 00
Hospital for Insane, Ka-t Tana.... SH.-.Mrt 't
HospiUl lor Insane, Middle Tenn.. 14,7'I 00
Railroad asseasuieut 40 00
Public printing 2'S 00
Refunded revenue 2m 07
SUte Normal Colli ge , SA'l 00
Pleuropneumonia IH4 M
Land sales , 41
Tan aggregates V'
Arre ting lugimet l.zin
llankol Tomies.ee new Isene ear
titloates canceled
Hunk of Tenn. old Issue canceled.
Treasury watrant canceled
Uu-ohu Ag'rStatistios and Mine...
Publi.hing (iov.r's proctamatiun...
Tenn. nohnol tor ltllna
Tenn. School for Deaf and Dnese.
14:1, Wl no
(Ml no
a.tw. no
4, on) oo
7t0 Ul
.111, t'3 4H
Ilslsnce in Treasury April 1, lMti.
1 ns anove Diuanee conM.is oi
Amount in bank, aa per Schedule
No. 1 71
Cs-h on hsnd ., 74
Showing Ealance In Bank Airll 1, IKhfl.
First National 11 ink, Nashville. ...t 3B,UI Ti
Fourth Nat onal Itank, Nashville.. (Ml la
llnnkif H irtHville 7V0
'.Mechanics Bank ol Knoxvil ... .1,141 41
r.i..i....i uu,;..n.i liunk yisi Ta
I First Nutii nal llsnk. Chatlanoilsra 6.7 1 '1 HI
Union k Planters Hank. Memphis. M'O ill
i)-ownsville ivings Hank 1,114 iff
Mi elliyvilli. Savings Hank
State Nilional Hank, Memphis .... IMTO
Itank of Spurts 11,4. U 115
Franklin Hunk, Olarksville 2,440 !tt
People. Na'i'iiial Hank. Pulaski... ML!. 7fi
Meicsnlile Hank, Memplii.- .TU Wl
Natiouiil II. ink, llristol 1,7 :M
Stones River lalional Dank, Mur-
frnesboro "75 44
Lookout Hunk, Monistown TW tW
Punk of Sweetwater MM 10
First National li nk, Murfreesbore l.tsW UD
Commercisl National bank, Nash
ville H.fMlM
Rsnkof Madison, Jackson l,.Hi H
Third National D nk, Chaltanooga nilsj 2
Mechanics Nat. Bank. Knoxville... 7.HM1 W
National Bank of Franklin 1.MH M
Second National Bank, Colimbla.. l.4 9ft
iiink of Lebanon S,f'' '
Peoples National, McMi- nvlll. ... 1,1 tt HO
kir.l N.tiotml ll.nk. Toll. ken. . Till Al
Commercial Itank of Paris H47 U
Second National Bank, Lebanon... 3. tat 4a
(liles National Bank, Pulaski ,ut
Bust Tennessee National Bank,
Knoxville H.WS 7J
National Hank, Sh.lbyvlll..... ft.MI H
Hiwa.se Savings Ase'n.Cbarlestoa l.OH M
Uilxon County Bank, Ireqtna , 7(1 M
Bsnk ofLewisbtirf .'....... 1 MM M
Fimt National Bank, Athens 1J)M SI
i: IU0.2HO 4
' Of the above the amount In the Meuhaniei
Bank ol Knoxville. r-1 141 It.is in euit. The
amount in Shelbyvllle Savings Bank,
H,.V W, not subject to check, Lank having
suspended, thus leaving balance In banks,
available nnd subject to check, IIM 17,
This Is to certify that I have compared th
Shove statement ol the receipts and dii
urreuienU ol the Treiuiurer's ofllo. lor th
quarter belnnlng January 1, 14, and end
ing April I, IK., with the eceoenta in my
own olni-e as (,'omptroller, and tnd tk same
to bs oorrect. 1 have also examined th.
statements rendered by the different depos
itories of the State, and find their rescool
ive statements to a iree l'h the amount, aw
: sot forth in theapiended fche nl. I have
also made actual count oT all cash en hind
In the TrriMurer's ollice. and And th.
amounts to be ss reporied in the nl ove anc
thai said report Is in ove.y resueol e-irreet.
April 1, 1HS0. P. P. PICK A hi),
Kikrt'Tiva Otrii'it. Nmiv l.i.a, April I,
law, I he fo-ego ng statf.in.ntof all aioneya
now in the Treasure ol ilie Mn'eof Tenoes
see, nlld socti a-i Ilineiieeli received therein
and been dirhtim-d Iherelroiii lor the re-iod
.et forih in s-itd report, it heiog rVom Janii
ty I, IHSii. to Ai ril I, mailo by John W.
Thoinas, Treasurer, ami cerlilion bv P P.
Pinkarii, Coiiiptrolier, it nturtnity to re
quirements ot the Legislative ant passed
Ma'ch ti. le.t'l, hii boon exami.uil by m.
and found correct; and theiaui. is horehy
certified and ordered publi.t-ed.
WM il. HATS. Hovwrnor
TriiMli''H Null'.
BV virtue of th. authority voUtd in me a
trustee uf the esteto ot W. 11. Holloa, de
ceased, as the ucce?or in office of t;. If.
Smith, trustee, by dectee of the Supreme
Court of Tennessee in ease ot L. A. Oannen
vs. K. M. Apper.an and other., I, Divid 0.
Slauahter. trustee a. afores id, will ofl.rfor
sale, at public outcry, at the eourthoua.
door, in the city of Memphis, and sell to the
highest and best biduer. cf.mment.inc
promptly at I'i o'clock m..un
Nam relay, the lal liny of Miajr, isisia,
the following described real estate, te-wlt:
The east half ol lot 6, In blook ii, on th.
plan of the .-it x of Memphis, on tb. north
west corner of Linden and Driver street., in
said oily, having a front of HII feet, more or
less, on tbe north lde of Linden street, and
running hang between paiallel lines about
4011 feel; the frentol 'he end lot being lis)
feet, loss i ne hulf of Driver street, taken of
the eai-t side Ihrreof, leaving nbout HO feet
from, together with tbe improvementa, oon
fitting ol a two-story hriek dwelling.
The storehouse now oecupiel hy h. M Ap
nersi.n .1 Co., No. Front street, and No.
n Jefferson street, renting lor IKKki per. an
num. Keiidenee No. 91 Court street, renting at
M per month, having a front of .a) feet 4
inches, by a depth "f llH1, fret, formerly eo
cupied by P. V. Bethel, deceased.
House and lot r, north side .f Union
stieet, fVonting :V feet, and running back to
Old IJtiion street, known aa No J7I Union,
renting lor SJO per month.
House and lot on east side ot Orleans street,
f2'. feel front by IV teet deep, known aa lot
No. ol J. M. Tate's subdivision.
Also, lot No 7, same subdivision, 52S)xl6.
Lot No 3 of vV. R Harris's subdivision,
on ('us Inland road, conuining 11 79-ioO
Terms One-third ens) , the bilance in U
iniihtlis, with InttreHt, secureil by lien. The.
tit'e. ii'e nr et, tut I sell nnlyas trustee.
I ui tlu-r in Cor mation can be "ht iined fruuk
tlie umlorsianod, D. ' Sl.AlHiirrr-ri,
Tru-ieo e'tn'e W. II. Ilolion, dee'd.
K I), .lordiin. Att-'rney.
T. ' . ai Ltt i-s rciiVi
ktitns.ii UttMiifUsMt'iibuA
rt It no tnf.f (wv xaV
l lean ii tv-t ttM
r(i uni t"-.! i.t (V
rant a.rt.iui
&nci Chur lc4 So.
uiaoianavu,-" .Jl
l4'itutii scAiuc tiovi.rament K 4
I'l'iyment ia any ol th dwwrttnent si
NVfjuOiingtou, or ny oibr iv-itioii tttiit
thaUuvernmeDt.l wilUt-nJ fall iMiruotiou
a to how to ia4arpl to obu'T. tbm.
and UIhuIk ioritm Of ...(ltealln on
rft-MJM't ni Oo Dollar. AUiri JOI1S
i r

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