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Die Present Status or the Strike
The Lake Shore Settlement
Mr. noxle's Reports.
Ei miba, N. Y., April 26. Vice
President Hoxie of the Missouri Pa
cific has written a letter to the Klmira
Iiivision, Order of Railway Conduc
tors, thanking them for their recent
resolutions condemning strikes, and
approving the course of the conduc
tors npon the lines of the A'issouri
Pacific system in connection with the
recent labor troubles. He says: "1
am glad to be able to state that sev
eral associations of skilled labor upon
these roads, among them the railway
conductors, have proved their loyalty
to this company and their regard for
principles of right and justiie, and,
such having been their record, their
organizations are entitled to the re
spect and confidence of rai.way man
Jay ttonlrt on Iht Prfi'nt Mntoa of
A Hairs lloxle'a Krporl.
New York, April 20. Mr. Jay
Gould was called upon at his home by
a Triiune reporter yesterday after
noon. In reply to inquiries concern
ing the present condition of afinirs in
the Southwest, Mr. Gould said: "It
is so quiet that we hardly know there
lias been a strito. The strikers con
sole themselves with the thought that
we are not doing any business, but we
are doing a largo busiiros, a larger
amount than we were doing beforo
the strike. I have received this dis
patch from Mr. Hoxie: 'The thrd
week's earnings will not be ready to
lny, lut the auditor estimates that
they will show an increase of about
flOO.OOO compared with last year.
It is hard to get away from such facts
I think the imp'ovenient would have
been very marked but for these labor
troubles. Public opinion has rifcen up
and asserted itself about this matter,
and the formation of law and order
leagues in the Southwest has exerted
a great moral influence and ellect,
destroyed the organization of the
Knights of Labor. In fact, to be a
Knight of Labor out thcra now is
about syncnymous with being called
a c-iminal. Of course there is some
bushwhacking and occasional at
tempts to throw trains otf the track,
but the tract's are crefully guarded,
and the result is that everything is
going along nicely.
Mr. Gould was thf n asked what he
thought of the threats made against
the Wabash ra lrond system in the
event of his obtaining control of it at
the sale. He replied: "The Wabash
will be sold under a foreclosure, and
it will be bought in by the bondhold
ers. The majority of them are in Scot
land and England, and the rest are
scattered about the country."
The following telegrams were re
ceived at the olliee'of the Missouri
Pacific IJailroad Company this morn
ing: St. Louts, Mo., April 2d, 1S8S.
Three hundred ami four freight
trains, containing 5('0 loaded cars,
ran over the system Saturday, an in
crease of 89 trains and 1S.S3 L ails over
the same day last year; 2S3 freight
trains, consisting of 4548 loaded cars,
ran over the system yesterday, an in
crease of 81 trains and 1288 cars over
the same day last year. At 3 :150
o'dok this morning freight train No.
38 was ditched east of Wyandotte,
Kas., by spikes being pulled out of
the tics and fish plates takon off tle
rails. Fireman Ben llorton and
B iikemnn George Carlisle were in
stantly killed, and Engineer J. H.
Fowler seriously injured. Have of
feree! $25(10 reward for the parties who
caused the wreck. n. u. home.
The) I oc,oini,ly Knjcinccr.
H'Iartford, Conn., April 20. Since
ottturday even'n; every train brought
locomotive engineers from all the New
England States, New York, New Jer
sey and Pennsylvania to this city.
Special trains were run over various
roads in this State, yesterday to accom
modate those who could not get hero
the night beforo, and at 10 a.m., w hen
the scpsion of the International
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
was called to order in Allyn Hall by
Cfcief Arthur, 800 engineers were
present. What was done at tho meet
ing could not bo learned. Chief Ar
thur when approached was non-committal
concerning the attitude of tho
brotherhrod toward the strike in the
Southwest. It is learned on good
authority that the assemblage passed
a vote sustaining Chief Arthur's
course. Id the afternoon the visitors
were shown about the city and among
other places visited the Capitol. In
the evening a public meeting was
held at ' Allyn Hall. The plat
form was occupied by Chief
Brennan of the Hartford
division; 'Chief Arther; Temperance
Advocate McCarthy of Providence;
Grand Chaplain Everett of Philadel
phia, and Grand Assistant George H.
Van Tassen, of New York ; Itailroad
Commissioner Everett Stevens of
Massachusetts and Patrick Fennell
(Shandy Maguire), tho poet of the
Brotherhood. Chief Brennan made
an address and then called upon the
chaplain to rpen the meeting with
praver. Chief Arthur was then in
troduced. He made a long and inter
esting address, reviewing the history
of the order from its inception at De
troit, Mich., twenty-three years ago,
to tho present time.. Ho was followed
by other speakers. At the close of the
meeting most of the engineers left
the city last night on a special train.
The Nfw York Street-Car Strike.
New York, April 20. The strike on
the Third Avenue Surface railroad
still continues unchanged. Sixty cars
are running to-day.
Tho General Sessions Court grand
jury met earlier to-day, and had be
fore them the eases of the men who
ordered the general "tie up" on all
the surface railroads here last week.
Oliioers and directors of the Third
Avenue road, as well as officers, were 1
xamincd as witnesses. The counsel
lor the strikers visited the District At
torney's office during the day and
made arrangements for giving bail
in ease any of their associates were
The Lake Shore) Strike.
Chicago, III., April 20. Since tho
Lake Shore switchmen's strike came
to a sudden termination,- there has
been a great deal of speculation as to
the fate awaiting the objectionable
men. The company's olficials say that
they maintaintd their position and
made no agreement whatever as to
the disposal of the eight men, nor
had they authorized anyonoto sign
the paper exhibited by Mr. Stahl.
The latter still insists that tho eight
men w 11 be removed within 6ixty
days, and tho agreement to that effect
was signed by some one authorized by
the company to do so. He refuses
still to divulge the name of the per
son. As nearly as can be ascertained,
the facts are that the company made
no agreement whatever whereby the
eight men's status was changed in the
least. Tlis JkiLij Au say, from all
it can learn, the supposed agreement
is signed by Sheriff Hanchett, and
that that official relied on the promise
that several business men would
place such tempting offers, both
in the wav of posi ion and bonus, be
fore the eight men ttat their refusal of
them would be next to impossible,
and that he, relying on that being
done, signed the guaranty. The sup
position at the time by tho strikers
was that Sheriff Hand a tt was, in a
way at lecst, acting for the company.
The same paper says: "Thougb the
strikers may nave been decived in
that respect, it is not believed a dis
covery of the fact will reopen the
trouble. Webster and Clmfee, two of
the eight men, say that no proposition
to work els-where has been made to
them, and that they expect to con
tinue work for the company." Three
of the city dailies print "interviews
with seven of 'the eight men, one be
ing absent on sick leave, and they all
agree in asserting that they have had
no offers to leave, the company, and
that it is their intention to remain in
the railroad's employ. The railway
officials reiterate their original state
ment that the men are not to be dis
charged anil are to remain as long as
they choose.
Simply Took ike Strike Fever.
St. Lot-is, Mo , April 20. Forty-five
boys employed as helpers by the
Great Western Glass Company, struck
for higher wages to-day, throwing out
of work seventy-five men, dependent
in performing their duties upon the
services of the boys. The latter have
no real grievances against their nu
ployers and it is supposed they have
simply got thestrike fever and will re
turn to work soon, reing informed
that if they do not, others will be en
gaged to fill their places.
Tbe New Haven Carriage Makrr's
New Haves, Conh., April 20. The
carriage shops here have notified tin ir
striking body-makers to return to work
to-day or remove their tools. Other
shops have also agreed to do the same.
The carriage workmen's union has re
taliated by ordering out the p inters,
blacksmiths and trimmers. The pro
prietors are fully organized and say
they will close down entirely as this
year's trade has already been ruined.
The men are prepared for a fight.
Ihe Mlasonrl Car Company's
St Loci.s, Mo., April 20. Two hun
dred of the stria ng employes of the
Missouri Car and Foundry" Company
held a meeting yesterday to hear the
report of their committee appointed
the day before to call upon President
McMillan and persuade him to accede
to their demand that the company
oeaso furnishing repair material to the
Missouri Pacific railroad The com
mittee reported that they had called
upon Mr. McMillan, but could obtain
no assurance from him that their de
mands would bo complied with. The
meeting then adopted resolutions Kt
ting forth that their reasons for strik
ing were justifiable, and that they
would not return to work until their
demands were granted. All of the
strikers, however, were not present,
and those who were absent, not being
bound by the action of tho meeting,
r. turned to their old places at the
works this morning. Several new
tnen also applied for places, and there
are now at work about 25 ) men in all.
President McMillan says that the
management of the company will take
back all of the old employes who
apply for work to-day, and "will cm
ploy all efficient now men who desire
to enter the company's service. Ho
says the works will bo in full opera
tion by the end of the week.
An English View or Ihe Situation.
London, April 20. Tho Standard,
comment ng on the strikes in tho
I'nited States, says that they "will
strain the resources of American
statesmanship, as they have only once
been tried since the war of independ
ence to keep tho conflict within tfce
bounds of legality and constitutional
order.J! Republican institutions are
still on their trial. It looks as if tho
social difficulty would become their
severest test yet."
Know, snow, down from tho apple-trees,
Pink find whito dr-ftine; of petals sweot !
Kia her nnd crown her our Lady of Blos
soming, There as. she sits on the applo-tree snoot I
Has she not gathered the summer shout her?
See how it laughs from herlips and her eyos 1
Think yon the sun (hero would thine on
without liery
Nay ! 'T is her smile keeps tbe gray from the
tkies !
Fire of the rose, and snow of the jessamine,
Gold of the lily-di:st hid in her hair;
Day holds h s breath and Night cornea up to
look at her.
Leaving their strife for a vision so rare.
Snow, snow, down from the app'e-trecs,
Pink and white drifting of potals sweet I
Kiss hor, and crown her, and flutter adown
And or pot the ground for her dear little
Laura E. Jiichardi in St. Ninholatfor May,
"Ihe Proper Study of Mankind la
says the illustrious Pope. If he had
included woman in the list he would
have been nearer the truth, if not so
poetical. Dr. K. V. Piorco nai made
them both a life study, especially
woman, and the peculiar derange
ments to which her delicate system is
liable. Many women in the land who
are acquainted with Dr. Pierce only
through his "Favorite Prescription, '
bless him with all their hearts, for ho
has brought them the panacea for all
those chronic ailments peculiar to
their sex, such as leucorrhiea, prolap
sus and other displacement ulcera
tion, "internal fever," bloating, ten
dency to internal cancer, and other
ailments. Price reduced to fl. By
r.ndlnn Outrages) In Arlaena.
Tomisstone, Ariz , April 20. A re
port from Magdalena, Sonora, an
nounces that the Apaches attacked
Bado Sees Sancha, twenty-five miles
southeast of Magdalena. killed three
men, two women and destroyed a
quantity of property. It is also re
ported that the Indians are believed
to be a portion of Geronimo's band,
attacked a ranch near Santa Cruz,
and killed a number of ranchers.
Fever ana Agae.
C. Vreeland, Hackensack, N. J.,
February 25, 1885, writes that he has
been troubled with fever and ague for
over two years. Quinine would not
cure him, though taken in very large
doses. By taking five Brandre h s
Pills a night for two weeks he was
restored to perfect health.
A long; Bicycle Trip.
Nw Orleans, April 20. A. M.
Hill, A. S. Fairchild and Harry Fair
fax left here yesterday morning on
their bicycles for Boston. The time to
bo occupied by the trip is limited to
thirty days and the three bicyclists
expect to arrive at Boston in time to
attend the annual meeting of the
League ol Wheelmen.
Coward! Outrage on Temperance
Lecturer-Killed AbmtaUlrl
Connterfelter Captured.
Jcbsiy City, N. J., April 86. Jan.eg
Forrester, an engiceer on one of the
Anchor Line s'ranierv, whi'e riding on
a street car last evening offered his
seat to lady, but before tbe lajy
could take the wat an Ittlian named
Cerevaseo aeated himself in it. For
rester txpofctnlaled without avail, and
finally took the man br the collar to
pnt him out, wLea the Italian drew a
knife a fo it long and tlnnufd it into
Frreftei's baik, inflicting a fatal
wound. Th Italian wei nested.
Fatal Fight Between School Roya,
Indiasapolm, I.nd , April 20. Tbe
Journal' i Danville, lad., ppenial re
ports that daring a flrfht between boys
la it night Terry O' Donald was f.tslljr
shot by J. R. Miller, a sixteen vear
old student of the Normal school.
Miller surrendered bimstlf to the
Sheriff, and is held to await the result
of O'Douald's injuries.
Counterfeiter Captured.
St. Iocis, Mo., April 20. An Italian
name! Loreizo Cpona wai arrested
here last night by Cupt, Hall and Mr.
Shaw o! tfce United Slates s rrt serv
ice for shoving counterfeit $2 note.
Ilia housi wai search) d and $250 in
courjtaifait hills were found. He will
be tskf n before a United Stiles Co-n-missionttr
to rnoi-to for examination.
Cpt. Ha l has also lodged in jail here
Thoe. Cnsnce, wbo was be d by tho
United States ComriiHsioner at IUti
nibl, Mo., for circulating bogus silver
Billed About aUirl,
Omaha, Nkb., April 25. Geo. Divir,
a W)U honsn in the yardticf the Omni a
Lumber Oom;-any, was shot yester
day by William Ctti l,n, another watch
man, and luMt wounded. On fc
count cf a girl, whim both had been
courting, tliey had eupngod in a bitter
quarrel. IVivis knocked Carlin down
with hie revolver and fired two slinti
at him while he lav on tie ground,
but neither took i ff ct. Then Carlin
drew a weapon and sent two balle into
Davie's body, tolh producing moitil
wounds. Carlin turrendered himself
to tae pjlice
A Cowardly Ootrnare.
fT. Lcuis, Mo., April 2(1 A specinl
from Benton, Mo , to the Post Dispatch
st ires tbat tbe Kev. Benjamin Dtrring
o! S:. Louis has been f jr some days
past holding a series of tempeiante
revival meetings which have betn
wonderfully successful. Last night
some one as ytt unknown placed in
the p'teherof wabr which the reviv
als bad plece.l upon the i!e?k fr.-m
which be was spe iking a large quan
tity of crotoa oil. Several peraons
draftik of the w-iter bf jie the services
began and became deathly sick, but
not kncwkit the ciuse of their lllni ss
fd'et to warn Mr. D.rring not t;
drink fiom the pitcher. Thejatt'r,
during bi discourse, drank a glass of
the 'vater nnd wi8 itnmod;afely taken
Nick. All who tasted the water are to
day in a precarious condition. Two
ealoor-ketpers have boeu arrrbted on
Biisoicioii, Bi-.d it is thrught thr.t they
poisoned the water in order to end the
services, which wtre having em li a
depressing ell'.-ot upon their business.
Weekly Review of the Condition of
the Cirowlna; Crop,
Chicago, III., April 20 The
Far men' Review will to-morrow print
tho following crop review, bused in its
returns from correspondents up to
last night:
"The weather has been exception
ally favorable during the past ten
duys for spring wheat Bocding, and
has been improved to tho utmost in
Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minne
sota nnd Dakota. Fully one-half to
two thirds of the entire aereago in
Dakota and Minnesota has already
been seeded, and under conditions
which could hardly have been ex
celled. Seeding is progressing favor
ably in Wisconsin and Iowa, but in
Nebraska complaint of wet weather
still continues, nnd considerable hind
which would otherwise havo been de
voted to wheat has gone to flax and
"While the reports are'not'yet com
plete, the indications nre for slightly
decreased acreage in Wisconsin and
Minnesota, nnd a considerable in
crease in Dakota. Tho reports from
the winter wheat States show
little variation from thoso of
the preceding two weeks. The Kansas
bulletins do not indicate anv improve
ment. Tho outlook at the best is
that the yield will not exceed one
third to one half an average crop. In
Dickinson and other counties the fail
ure is almost total and fields havo
been plowed Under and devoted to
oats and other grains. Tho reports
from Michigan also show very little
or no improvement. The prosp-cts
are for from 05 to 85 per cent of an
avi rage crop in the different counties.
Reports of damage from tho Hessian
ily come from three Michigan counties
and from Roanoke county in Indiana,
but the injury reported thus far is not
serious. 'I he generality of the reports
from Indiana and Ohio are very fav
orable, while the reports from Mis
souri and Tennessee continue very
flattering, the weather of the past
two weeks proving extremely favor
able. With theexception of onecounty
in Kentucky (Johnson) where ther
is the promise of not exceeding half
a crop, to returns continue very
The Stomach aa a Gaaometer.
In tbe dytpeptio stomach Impure faaei are
generated, after meala. that ditend and dis
tress it, aa well aa the bowol. The best car
minative for orampa, colicky paint and
heartDorn or bilious eructation, ii Uoitrt
ter'a Htomach iiittera. Carbonate ol aoda
and effervescing aperients are far inferior to
it In efficacy, and as phrsicians now under
atand, impair tbe tone of the stomach. Co
pious libations of anr sort are injurious to
the stomach, and to dilute its Juice) ia cer
tainly not the way to increase their di-tive
usnfulnesa. Aided by the Bitters, the diges
tive organs, when enfeebled and disordered,
regain their lost tone and regularity, not, of
course, immediately, but with a degree of
rapidity highly indioatire of the excellence
of the remedy. It has the further effect of
regulating the bowels and liver, protecting
the system against malaria, relieving rheu
matism and neuralgia, and increasing con
ttitntioaal vigor.
Kale of the Wabaab.
St. Loi-ik, Mo., April 2G. United
States Commissioner Edmund T. Al
len sold under the foreclosure of
mortgage, at public auction, at noon
to-day, the Wabash, St. Louis and Pa
cific railway, the total price paid for
the entire property being $;2,001.
The committee appointed by the stock
and bond holders to look after their
interests were the only bidders, and
the whole system excepting the St.
Joseph and St. Louis branch was pur
chased by them. W. F. Nesbitt, it
president, purchased the latter road
for $1.1
I do not h, lie vo that
Ayi r'a Sar.iarill h:ia
ail eqiiul a a n-medy
for bcrufiiluuH IIih
mora. It m plca-snnt
to lake, givi s ! reutt b.
and vigor to the body,
and Broduc-a a mora
(M-rinaiieiit. Ialintr. re
sult than any iiii tlicine
I ever iim.I. K.
Halne", No. l.indalr.O.
I have usiil Aycr'i
llv, for Scrofula, and
kiiow, if it ii taken
faitafully, it will
tlioruiik'lilv irmlliate
this terrible tliaoaae.
W. r. Fowler. M. D.,
Greenville, Trim.
For forty year I
havoMifltTeil vviih Fry.
vli)elH. I iae tried
all aorta of remedlcl
for my complaint, lint
found no relief utitil I
co mine need using
A vet-' a Saranparilla.
After Inking ten bot.
Ilea of llili medicine I
am eonipletely cured.
Mary V, A ineabury,
Korkport, Mo. '
I havo sufferr-il, for
yean, from Cutarili,
whkii waa ao severe
ihat It destroyed my
appetite aud weakened
niysjateni. After try.
lug other remedies,
and getMtig no relief, t
bcfian to take Ayer'l
Siiinaparlllu, and, in a
few nionthi, waacureik
Susan L. t'ook, IH1U
Allmny at., Huston
llililiiiuls, Masa.
Ayer'a Parsiipnrilla
Is superior lo any blood
purifier that I buva
ever tried. 1 have,
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, nml halt
Rheum, ami received
much lienelit from it.
It la good, uUo, for a
weak stomach. Milllo
June Peiree, South
Bradford, .Muss.
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer k Co., Lowell, Mass.
Price l ; six bottles, SS.
Diseases are Prevalent all over the
I am a native of Fnajianil, and whi'e I
was in that country I contracted a terrihle
blood poifon, and for two years wav under
treatment as an out-door patient at Notting
ham llospitnl, Holland, but was not cured.
I suffered the most aaomaina pains n my
bones, and waa covered with sorea all over
my bedy and limba 1 had vertigo and deaf
neas, with partial lots oi light, severe Paina
in my head and eyes, etc., which nearly ran
me erasy 1 lout all hope in that country,
and aailod for America, and was treated at
Roosevelt in thia city, aa well ss by a prom
inent physician in New York haviug no con
nection with tbe hospital.
I saw the advertisement of Swift's Specific,
and 1 doierniined to live it a ti ial as lu't
reaort. 1 had given up all h"pe of being
oured, as 1 had gone throuih the hand of
the best n edical men in Nottinaham and
New York. I took sil bottles of S. 8 S.,
and I can say with great joy that they have
curod me entirely. I am aa Bound and well
as 1 ever was in my 1 i to .
Now York City, June 12, lti.
Ts the life, and he is wiie who reneinl crs it.
But in March of lte r (IKS), 1 contracted
bl'od poison, and lieirig in .Suvarn-ah, Oa.,
at the time. I went tntivthf. hoHn'.tal thttre
tor treatment, i nift'tife.l vcrj much lrom
rheumatism at the same time. I did not
pet well under tho trout.iiulit thre. hit whs
I curo'l by any ef the vt 1 un-nns. 1 hnve
now taken sven bott es .f hwifl's Specific
i.nd am sound nnd wcl. It drove the po.son
oat throuvh boils on the skin.
Jorsoy City, N. J.. Aupiet 7, ISs-o.
Two vcars airo 1 Contracted blood no!son.
A Per tii king prescrip ions from the hest
physicians here and at Dnllns, I concluded
to visit Hot plprlngs, and on ro.tching IVxar
kaim a doctor recommended ilo t-i try S wilt's
Specific, asrurint o ethnt it wou'd benefit
mo more than Hot fcpriuKK. Although tho
had pTod'ed grant ho'e in my hnc and
(Vent, nnd bad ra moved nil the biuret, my
IiCJIU, Cl l nrtTKH m inij-itnu in ra tivuiv
titno, and the forrs brtrun to heal, and nora
WILL sIONKS. Vortiw luitn l'uis, Depot.
r.frno. Toxnu. July l--r
Troa'.ueun Ufomi and Skin TMojippji mulled
freft. Tiik fciwiKT HrxciFiP Co..
Drawer Atlnnta "a.. M. 157 W. aid t.
It Is
certnln that
Z "the Hanar." ehue
0 will prove satisfactory to
to every gentleman who wants a
perfect article. We are jmttlnn Into the
manufaotnro ol ih shoes, the mulU of 30
Z years' eiperlonee and study, of what will
C please, give comfbrt J wear
Z faithfully. Tr7 thorn.
- Every flrst-claes
1 toiler tans
65 If Adfon Street. Memphis. Tons
A FULL nook of Wooden nd MtUlH
Casei and Cukets. Burial Kobe, etc.,
alwayeon hand. Orders by Telecraph or Xel
nhnnn Promptly ittwwflwd
fH'offtiny rtranmtnt
rntir V Uie lnt remedy
ntran Wtatiof iaOMcitHca
We dave told WlltW
a'.lf, ami to evT cm
Aleett Uak.
Hsdsaa.ll. T.
pertous seeking Government Em
rloyment in any oi the departments tl
Washington, or any other positions and.
theUoveroment, I will send full instraction
aa to how to Brx-e-l to obtain the same.
and msaa jrnrinsof appneaiio
receipt of On. Dollar.
Manhood Rsstored
KiMUjr hUEK A victim of .iitl.ful lnier-Mlmce
eauKing rremstore Decay. Noi'o" Oclnliiv, Ixms
aianhood. Sr.. h&rlnv trim! id viiD everv snowa
remndy.Hae discovered a Hiru lc mvansof "wlf-corsu
wbieh h. w.ll i.r KKKK lubis fllow-iiriiw
AUdrMs. J.Ii.ai.tVtt.l3taikU,.iii(Jiew Vor
I'lI.PkJ Instant relief. Final ear.
aiJajOs ten daya, and never returns.
Nornrge, no salve, nosappoafory. Sufler
ers will learn of a simple remedy. Free, by
addrtailni Q.i.bUWH. 7awaa U, H.Y.
2- V.,jr
f lTOD4T.J
yOaftrmatt4 ot Wm
C bUbM airlctwt.
Erm Chtmlcal Oo.'
376-378-3S0-S-3J4-3,SG erond strcil, south ot (layoso.
Doors. Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilinp, Siding, Shingles
Mnnlrtlnar. l,th. -lr nwt Vtrri.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
S89 Front Street. ZoTempltla, Tenvu
Cotton consigned to a will have car careful attention. Weearry at all timet a well-
aolected stock o.
Staple & Fancy Groceries, W fnes, LiqucreJct&ci'o&Ciari
And will wll l.w si tsmrmt.
MfULLUN 111LL, rroeldciit. W. ft, Wll kKKMON, Vlre-l'rcsMfa
II. J. LYNN, ruHliini.
w i rt
J it aw u In o. I litrr I 'in II linn
a U l' HI I'D Xr I Ull
Luumuiuii uuj in u a uuu
ESsto,tolSLl3.oci I860.
25C and 258 Frout
i. n. mm & so,
Liter M il l'lii I
Ioors Niwh, KKittK MoulttliM:, tU himln ol Door ant:
Wtnint rrMiiH, Itntt'Ui t, N-voJ-WtSi. Konph and
lrHwa I.hiiiIkt, MjJiuU. I.iilSt". Vt'ofvr 'Djuukn.
A)l JkliMl i ll'iMxl IVorli i's.,H-ii, ttt .Nboi't WotU-e.
Nos. 157 to 17.1 WftsW.utio.i St. Wc mphlH. Tois;.
wooBiufF & euviE. mmt
HAVINU wilhdr'twn lron the Woniriilt-Ulivnr (Jurrman mid iiaMwar. fompany. we
havo accepted the Aitency of aomo ol the Ural '"-J"!!; I'.'uM"
Mstn, and are now rccclvintf a full assortment ot C A K Rl AUKM. HII I'll KH, WA( ON r,
ii a liv u- nn,l
All goods aro now, and built itxprnitflv -
L)l)Lill,K.) t ' ''irn'.i
ye and Knit'sruuiu, an, w.t .Ttmu
a. woinmi'rr.
rtWIll pay CJood rrlct'n f'rj MOTEK, iiffl FALLS ant'.
Ti:ASSIY.I1'0 ,ot ull :tMvr.!ins.Kcnl lor I'lrCKlar
amllVlcwM raid
pa" "W. SJPESglESK., -Jr.
oO. Fearce & Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Fiierch'is,
oi1 Tumuv: T?"onic
RICIIAIID A.'.MeC'liI.MY, : t t : t IrrHilcn.
: : :
Hnrromlrr ValnM,Inilorml on Pollrlwi. ' H:Forrcltisre.tl Jlip
1st the Wurltl.
2vXjX3C. UnSKIlxrEM.D.. I I Hxamlnor
No, 2 Colfoii EK-lmnyw Itnllallmr. MirpIiiM.
Yazoo Mississippi JJelta Timber Co.
107 Miles from Memphis, Tenn. 113 Milea.from Vicktbara, Miss.
Will saw.to -order andjfurnlsh' tnod.merchautabl.
C vpr.ess XjUs.rx3.TDor,
t IN;CAR-L0AD.L0T8'P.-.0.:b.. CAR9 At TUEin MILLS, FOR:
:-$12.50: PER :M.-I
arDimentlons and Bulldlns; ILumber, C,pre, hlnle, Drexol Klonrln, f!jlinian
Hidins, keptoonsUntlyon band. Orders by mail rosentfully solicited. Addreaa
. w.
filSTON, ClOWffl & ISO,
And Commission Merchants. Uitj,Corn 0al,K:'i3, Chop FnwJ, Oil-Meal.
LJini , Cement, l'Lusler, BuiliUng an J I'Lra Krtcn, hie.
Cor. FrDt and Union, 1 Howard's Eow, Mompiils.
II. B. LKa.
11 KIN. R. A. PARKER. K. L. WOOl)t)0
r N . l
St., Memphis, Tcnn.
ttiia market, and will bo sol I nl very low prices.
stocK ol too unproved i n.i niwts n nui a
mitit, t .tktu .n-, niasmisiasi "t-
os.H.l - H. sr. ,, WIMIBll'lt .
: : $10f),tiOO,Ott
it. u. mvtti.
h GQi
State Treasurer's Keport
Stte Tm.i aii'a CVvsn s. Anril 1.
To His Kicellenrv Win. B. Date, tlovernor
ol the .Stat, ol Tennessee Mr: I hereby
make to vrnl mv On.rtnrlv Kel-art. as htata
Trra'arer, from January 1, Kn, to April I,
KHl t.lt IB.
To balance in Treasury January 1,
la .....lIW,tl ti
To amount rccei ed from
County Crurt ('I rks
Circuit Court Clerks .
Suprrlue Court Clerks
Chiecery t'oart Clerks
412.1H1 38
2.'d at
5 li
134 2t
1,74.1 V
4. Km u
Jl,7.'4 :u
1,7.4 44
1M K
I4.S7.I 2ii
t rmnnal Court ( lerks
Law (-oitrt Cleks
Vnvenue C.illecUirs
Bank 'I ax
Hate Til Insuranrs Companies...
Ke.leinption of land
Tax en Telegraph Companies .
Supreme Court Roports
Railroad Tai..
l.ehci-!i State Penitentiary
btate Is i KxpreasCoinpanies ..
.sr.(,'.i7 :
Ilv amount naid :
Interiston State debt
Interest on school ftind
State prosecutions
Salaries, judicial M.
Salaries, executive
.. ',';
.. M.!ll 21
22 .isi Hit
- aii
.. 1.S74 W
; ii W
Salaries, otiictrs ol penitentiary...
Salary of Acjuta-t !eueral....MM.
t-alary, Sup't ot Capiutl
Falary, Sup't Hospital lor Insane.
Middle Tennessee
Salary, Sup't el Fuhlie Instruction
Salary, Court of Referees
Salary, Atl'y lien, and Reporter...
Salary, Assistant Librarian.... .......
Salary, Librarian
Clerk hire by Secretary of State...
Clerk hire by Sup't I'ubl e Instrac
tion Clerk hire in tlovurnof's office....
Clerk hirn in Comptroller's oiio...
Clerk biro in Treasurer's offic.....
hxpen.e oi Caoiiol
KxpeiiKe of Supremo Court ...
Kxpense of Sec'y ol State's ollic...
kxpcu.o of Court of Ref. roes
Kxpense of Kuimini Hoard
b xpaiito of Li'Tary
Kxpenso of Kxoculive
Kxpanro ol 'I rca.nrcr's office
Kipense of Coiniitro tor's otlic.
Kxpense of public arms
bisiense of Hank it Tennessee,
"new i4iio"
Fxprens chariros
1'i'iition to bliod
State peniteutlai-y buildiua r.
paired, etc
Ftule Moa-d of Health
Puhli-hma Act.
Hoipiial I r Imnui-, West Tonn....
Hospital for Insane, Kn-t 'lenii
Hospital lor Insane. Mid lie Tenn..
Haiiroud iissersiuuut
Public irintna
Refunded revenue
t-tntn Normal College
1'leuro pneumonia
Land rales
l'K) 00
2.l) Oil
7f" i
41 M
I!.' IS
:i '.ej
I,:il hi
l,4nf. V
Jf lJ
2T7 111
S.tHil 7S
71 21
4" VJ
1(1 0
70 tw
i:: 4.1
i'ii -j
1: i) U0
44 ii'2
( 47 '
4h 7S
7,mi ik)
.Hi,24 It!
n,7'i ui
40 IH)
'S ll
M 07
5. '"ii iO
211 .H
H .V)
'lax svarciriites.. ''
Arte tinv tualtives 1,. i
liiiBkol loniirs'fe uo isuo cer-
lincalcs cancvled
Rank of Tenn. old Wsic canceled.
Ireasllty Wllirallt canceled
llu ean A it'r Mat'siios at. d Minus,.
I'ubllahlnK tlnv.t'e prni'lamaUon...
Tenn. rehool for lliind Ju.
Tenn. School for Utaf and i)umli.
11.1,'Jll I1
a.v.i is i
1 IS)
S.iW is)
4,00" til
7 hi ml
afcM i:n-i
Khnwlng ruianoe In Bank A rll 1,
First National INnk, Nashville....! :W,"M
Fourth Nut onal Hank, Nu-hvillo.. !il
llank.f IL.rtHville 7l
Mechanics Hank ot Kn.'ivil ..... 1,141
Cleveland National Hunk
.'irrt Nntl'.nal Uunk, ChattanooK. 5.71:1
Union A Planters Hank, Memphis. ,'.
Hrownsvillo .?uvinua Hunk l.T'l
Slell.yville Snvluss lli.nk 'i.'""
Mn In N tlonal Hunk, Memphis.... :i,H70
Rank ol Sparta 2,4;'U
Franklin llaiik, Clarkvill 2,410
I'eople. Na" iin.nl lbink, I'ulaski... 1
Mercantile Hunk, .Venipliir I
Niiiionnl Hunk, liii..tol l,72i
SI ..lira liivo: iNaliuiial Hank, Mur-
Lookout. Hut k. Mur inLwu 7M
'auk of Sweetwater 1.4M
F.r-t Nation. il H'ek, Murlroerdioro l.tMi)
CoiiiniorcU l National Hunk, Niiah-
villo !.?
lli nsof Miid'-fon, Juck.on l. IVM
'I bird Nun. mill H'nk, Chntlanooira '""l
ii1i.clianlc4 JSiiit. H'.nk, Knoxvillo... 7,1
NMlional Uunk of Frsuklin
Sec.iid National Hank, Columbia.. 'l.MH
'Utik of Leliunon ,,'.l
I'coplcs Nationiil, McMi' nvillo. ... 1,1 'i
Kirsi Nation il Hunk, Tiill'ihoma.. T I
Commercial Han k of I'aris .'417
Scroll. I National lUnk. Lebanon... 3. la
lile4 Nulloiial llaiik, I'ulaskl li.-'OS
L.ist Ten no. ..see National Hunk,
Kunxviilo 2,r
National Hanl, Shelbyvill. ft.n'll
Iliwa. so Saving:1 Ass'n.l.'harloNton 1.W04
U lis in County Hunk, 'i renlon 71
It ii k ol Lowilmr 1 Mil
First Natiunal IS ink, Ath.ni" l."4
lfso.t-sri 4
Of the above the nniniint In th. Mechanlcg
Hank ol Knoxvlllc, .l 111 4i.ii. in suit. fh.
amount in r lielliy vlllo Havinas Hank,
H.'.tfi ml, not subinct to check, i snK havini
siinpeniliil, thus Inavlna balance in banks,
available uud subject to check, $1:H, HA) 47.
This is lo certify that I have compared 'li
iil.,ve statiiiuent ot the r.coipts and .lis
bur eiiicnts ol the T'ciisuicr's otHce lor tha
.luarter lioiiiinioa J.muiiry 1, IhmI, und eiid
inej April I, JH-Ki, with tho accounts iu my
own iHi .-o as C'oiuplrollcr, nnd find the f.iiii.
to ba coircct. t b.w-a cl.so examined tho
stiilaiitont.t rondcred by the dil'erent depos
itories of tho Slate, and llnd tlioir respect
ive stateinonts to imroo wiih tho amounts a,
rot iortli in tho apteidoJ sclie ule. 1 havo
also u:adu actual count of all cu.-ib on bund
in Ihe Treasurer's . I!i,-c, nn l Ar t hn
amounts to bo bs ruporied in tlio abovu uud
thst suid reitort is in nicy re'pect correct.
April I, 1S.SU. 1'. 1'. ri'.'KAKl).
Htm:fTiv Orrtri, Nshhvii.i.k, April !,
1HH.1. Die toreeji na statciuentof all tnonoya
now In tho Treasury ol tbe Stao of Tennes
see, Hint such as have her n rei-olved therein
ati.i bee-i di. burred tlterolroin tor the p." ioil
let fori a iu Slid report, it being lrom Jut.ii
nry 1, IHJ-ii. to April 1, IhnI, ma.to by Johu W.
't'Uciiin.4, Treas.irer, and certilioii by P. P.
l'ii'kuril, Puuiiilriillur, in winlormity to re-
luireinenta of the Loo-islative act passed
Mu-ch 22. leKI, has been examined by ma
and found correct; and tho Hiiue ia hereby
oertifiud and ordered published.
W.V1. 11. UATK. (levcrnor.
',; Mm r!otS. ri-ct, Tfttiirallji i V
"ot llnr.1 and I oiirlb. UsJUlO J
si rriultrlT 1urt'-1 kni Irrnll itiajlHIrl yiif it'tnn tH '14
.(. tKOtrifal. B hU itffcil will i,rur.
Onrfw nil f'vi. VT?.TVAT??,
t-i-ioriuatorrhim na Impolenuf,
A tt 4 lit nl '"ir-ati'l-l III ffUlll, fStlHl OTt 111 (DtV
iiu't ytu , r t'lU'T cuh i:.l ('iixlif "timdi.t, fs
'o'tnn ii; -' -i ' 'i- h' iittl r nii!,'t.. . . ..'.
-Ihii, tir l.'i rli It. HI. ., ol l-'r-l.t.. l)r'-ll- -. . -.!
f Inuil- "n t at A v p -"ii l Ksil-
Vtifti-Litt f t i."Ji ul JScmial rcrr ' mi : .
jivin iKi iiiiiir . r r.r d;.'.fc'tr, art Un fi;hU mut ( nu-
1 J d 'l"',", p.Mi-iii: Conorrno(
(iLtljl, -al-a-i:-r. 'tulll.tl. " ''-'-,
t t. rnvi.'i-iU lh:tlnihr ilrUr. wlm ,yt w
A m (i':tlii f uf iI'-iiik . mil l-rs . :'i ' iln' ' l-f
I If , iiiqiiirr) grt l sbiU l':it il '!..), kulutt
i-.i If i.'H l tri'tatm-i't. t.ir-ii'in' en', '-'ti Uf.it if
L'i ftit.U nut 1 1 ti r-ii.ioT. ai unrrt
i i!.ui' til. : i T4.-inilT -r " (-it? Tt n1 t-' R.
itraiu i.M. wilt u ...v 4lj--, .r.ir tn, -n,
wi oiii eiuuia b t il x...ieM . .ft.,
si'. 'iuum rMi. s a. w. w P. at. iouiisg im: '
BAY STALLIl'V, star, Jolt hind snkl.
nn.l liitht hiud hrul white. Foaled May
0, laul, bv t'uv or (sire of Altratb, throo-year
old record, 2:iV,), First damMarcis S., by
Will hum's Maii'tir'no (sire of the dam of
bauta-Claus, 2:17J,Jl socoud dam Ned (.laiu
of Clemo'io t.. rtco d 2:1", Post Hoy
2:23:,, Alice Stonor 2:'JI'j, bv Uerkloy's K i
vtin Hnrresi); third dnin by Mambrioo Chief
(sire of LaJy Thorn, 2 : la1,) : fourth dnin by
(Jrev Eaal.i filthdsui by llolivar: sixth. lam
by H'nckbern's Whip; seventh dm bv Comet
CUTullKRT i a mihnvany by, lti handa
high, and niBanilicontly proportioned. Ho
h.s never been hiu'lleil lor speed, but can
showa2:4() sT'it with wo men in a bu(ty.
Waa b ed and r-i". .1 by J. C. Mc'e'raa X
Co.. (ilennew, nmr Loui'sv lie, hy.. nd
sold at a two-CHr n:d for J i'. I'liihbcrt
wi l ba sllonod 'a orv 2- apor.ived liinroa
this suhs.id. Fervicis, twenty-Hv. tii') do -Isrscuh.
Can bo seen at our s Bole.
F. A. Ji'N KS CO.
lul)llj Atlmiulitruttir'e t t'P.
At.ril 13,
"T0ncR ia he-eyiiivethat I w II, ; d-J-
iiiiiiirtiiUnr ol ti i. e-tKto of I. r.-yor,
de.'eHne.t el. at publio i.u ti- n, in the town
ol LliCY.on the 0 o. and S. W Railroad,
all of the pcr-oml protcrty t olonvinar to de
cedent's estute. iirlu.lii f a. veral valuable
hors s Sule to commence at 10 oMocs. a.m.
n l-HIIIAV. Anril 11.
Dlanee In Treasury April 1, lHHrt.ir.l',H
The above bulaiic. con-hta ot
Amount iu bank, us per Schedule A
No. 1 ,r,i-'-rU: ii
Ciuhonhand i.m A
f JOHN LOAtiUK, fublio Admlniatritor.

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