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Discusjion of tie River and Harbor
Bill tuntiuaed in the
Washikotox, April 27. .Vim to.
Tho Cua.r laid before ihe Senate a
communiratiou frim lhetUrkof ihe
lioiiHB of KopresentativcS of the Statu
of Obio, transmitting a tiansi'ript of
teaucuony taken by a committee cf
that House and tne report of the
seme committee cn tbe eubjoct of
charges againet the ttlkial integiity of
certain memtieiB of it at IIoubb in
I'onnec'ion with tho eltction rf the
Hon. Henry B. Peyne as United
States Senator.
r?enat-r Payne at once rose and
said: Mr. Chtirmarj No formal mo
tion is reqnireJ, I believe, to send
these papers to the Committee on
" Privileges and Elections. I desire to
be considered as muting such a mo
tion if it is rrqnired, and to couple
with it tbe request that tbe mimrjty
report may take the ssine routs, a
copy of which I Bubrait. With this
formal disposition of tne rraticr I fern
at preeent content, but desire to make
a short 8tttment to accompany tbe
papers into tbe hendsof the commit
tee. A Democrat caucus for th" nom
ination of a candidate for United
State Senator wts convened at Co
lumbus en Jannary 8, 1884. I was not
in ai tendance, but without doubt tbe
contest was heated and bitter. The
result of tbe first ballot was as fol
low: Bcclb, 1; IVndletcn, 15; Ward,
17 ; Payne, 4f, being a majority for the
euccdatful candidate of 13 over all.
The papers submitted embody the re
su't of aa investixa irm Into this can
Vtss conducted sscrtt'y f ?r more than
tbr,:e months by a committee of tbe
House of Itef resentatives of the Stale
of Ohio. He taen read the resolution
under which the committee was tp
pointed, and continued: The scope
of investigation m actually conducted
by the committee ia itited in tbe ma
jority lepon as fjllown: Whenever
-a'.tention was. called ti anything
which indicated the probable employ
ment of irrproper meats to pain sup
port we foil iwfd the clews presented
on ihe theory that we were not only
authorized, but in duty bound to pur
sue any matter that promirod even
remotely to show the use cf such
mtaos in connection with the elec
tion, because the discovery of one
important fait, though having
no immediate bearing upon the
charge against tbe persona named
in tne resolution niighr, lead to
a dieeovery having; such bearing. And
furthermore, and npon the same
theory, our inquiries were not con
fined to technical rules of legal pi oof,
but tbe committee availed itself of any
source of information, admitted heat
say s'atements, and even the opinion
of witnesses. I had huped that the
request put forward by the minority
members of the committee thct the
pro :eedicgs should be open and pub
lic would have been a ceded to, and
that I might have been spared the
mipiepresentatioa or mierepnsenta
tions of ttie testimony which for three
mon:hj has been so assiduously cir
culated, and aga'njt which I have cf
course no defense. The resul's of the
.investigation aie nowhere embodied
in the majority an 1 tbe minority re
port: , .t. -
Firt No mention whatever is made
in the majority report of Mr. Dona
vin, but in the report of the minority
ia found the following: after wesks
of delay Mr. Danavin appeared be
fore tbe committee and toft fled that
theknew of no fact of bribery or no
act on tbe part of any person
toward any other pereon,either diieclly
or indiiectly, to improperly influence
tbe members of tbe Sixty a'xth Gen
eral Assembly in their support of Mr
Henry B. Payne. He knew of him
self of no acts upon which he based said
article, but gave as his principal au
thm.ty one Wilihm Taylor, who testi
fied when called that he had no
knowledge of any act of any person
toward any mf ruber of the House or
of the Senate of the Six y sixth Uen
eral Aeeembly of biibery or corrup
tion used to induce that person or
perfons to give their support to Henry
B. Payne fcr United States Senator.
Thus fell all that the investigation was
originally based upon.
Second Tbe report specifically in
terms exonerates fully and completely
the four members named in the reso
lution under which the conirnUtJe
was appointed.
Third As to myself, the record is
one of absolute and specific exonera
tion. Immediately upon tbe appoint
ment of the committee I addressed a
ietter to the chairman containing the
followingrequtfet: "For myself, I in
vite and challenge tbe most thorough
and rigid scrutiny; my private
correspondent:; and books of account
will be cheerfully submitted to your
inspection if you desire them. I only
insist that in case that any testimony
is given which in tbe slightest degree
inculpates me I be afforded an oppor
tunity of appearing before the com
mittee." To which in due time I ro
ceived a reply containing the following
promise on the part of the committee:
"If in the prosecution of this irquiry
any testimony tending (o inculpate
you in any degree with any qneetion
able transaction be received, I assure,
you that your reqnest to appear b
tore the committee in such event will
be moit cordhllv and fully acceded to.
As the comroiitee have never noti
fied or requested me to appear before
them, nor gent for my books or pri
vate correspondence, the result of the
inveet'ga'ion, except upon the hy
pothesis that the committee are des
. titu'.e of truth and honor, must be, as
to myself, absolute exoneration. I
refrain from aay comment upon the
facts, slated in'tbe minority report,
that the witneises desired by the mi
nority wers not subpa'aacd; that the
respectable persons whose names bad
been by somegosjip implicated in the
alleged scandal were refused an oppor
tunity cf testifying, and further that
tbe majority refused to meet as a com
mittee f.rthe purpose of discussing
the evidence, or applying any rol-j to
the same, whereby a unanimous re
port could be reached.
Fourth The committee, after hav
ing exoneratt d, as it was obliged to
do, all persons charged in the resolu
tion and myself, transmitted the hun
dreds of pages of gossip to the Senate
without making any request nf this
bfdy. The resolution says: "For the
information of the bedy of which
Senator Payne is a member and for
such action as it may deem advisa
ble." Of course I have no knowledge
of the contents of th testimony. The
members cf the Houce who voted
to send it here had no knowledge, it
. having all been taken in secret session
by the committee and tbe House
having vo'ed dawn the reeoluiion to
have it printed or re.td. It must, how
ever, ba snpposcd to be fairly repre
sented by the contents of the majority
rerort, which I have read; nJ
iudgirg fnm tbaf, I characters
tbe proceeding t:;e tianmiaion of
tbe testimony her aa an attempt
to circnlat? and give currency to base
less gossip and tcindil after every
thing eubftint'al :n the way of a
charge has fieen discredited acd dis
proved. I a'n co itent to leave the
matter with the t'ommitt e on Privi
leges r-nl Elections for such diopoei
tion cf if as tuey nay find to be in 82
coiaace with digt i:yand justice. I
trunt that it will receive early atten
tion and cctbn.
Tteniejoritv and minoiity reports
were referred ti the Conmittje on
Privileges and l'.icc iocr.
Senator Whiltbornn wal appointed
memhsr of tbe followirg commit
tees: Ua Claiirjp, on Pensiors and on
the Tenth Census, tl.o on Nival Af
faire, during the temporary absence cf
Senator Jotics Fia
Toe bill providing for en f x ension
of the executive nunsion was pissed.
It appropria'es JJOO.O 0 for the pur
pose. A bill was pesjed to provide
for the allotment of lands in seveialty
to the Indians d Round Valley Reser
vation, California.
A bill was pawed providing for the
addition cf a third story to the public
building at Dallas, Tex , and appro
p riot it g $25,0C0 for tbe purpose.
The following bills authorizing the
construction ot bridges, repcrted fa
vo'able from the Committee on Com
merce, were passed : A railroad bridge
across the Minouri river at or near
Kansas City, Mo. ; a railroad bridge
cross tbe Micsiuri river at or near
Council .Bluffs, Ia ; a railroad bridge
acres the Miteouri river on tbe 1 no
cf railroad between either Clay or
Jackson counties, Mistonri, and the
county of Wyandotte, Kaueas; a
bridge acrofs the Missouri river rear
Atchison, Kae. ; a railroad bridgo
across the Missouri river at or near
Saline City, Mo.; a railroad biiilge
across the Missouri river near the
city of St. Charles, Mo. ; a ra lroad
bridge at or near tbe city of St. Joseph,
Mo. : a railroid bridge across the Mis
souri river near Chamberlain, Dak.
The interstate con me roe Kill was
then taken up. Tne pending question
wns on Srmisor Camden's pioposed
amendment to stride out the words
"from the name point ot departure"
from the keg and alien haul clause
of the bill.
Senator Cull ora d.f?nded the bill.
The committee bad given the subject
of long trd short hauls a good deal of
consideration, and bad not felt it stfe
to go further than the ttrte of Massa
chusetts had gone in that matter. No
countiy in the wjild had tb'olute
long and ebo't haul laws for railroads.
There was in this country a belief
that the sho t haul people were
swindled in orJer to make up for lessee
on the long haul. The committee
had endeavored, by this bill, to pre
vent the possibility of the railrrals
recouping themselves out of the short
haul people for loses on tbe long
haul. The committee, he said, had
not been able to bring their judgment
to the conclunion that it would be
wiec to insist that there should never
be a grea'er charge for a shorter than
for a longer haul. He wiBhed such a
law could wieelv be passed, but it
passed rb things were, such a law
would be greatly injurious to tbe Dim
r o:s of the country.
Sena'or Sherrx au could not see how
the committee having recognized tin
long and short haul priuiiple could
rett the amendment pioposed by
S nator Camden, without that amend
ment double the rate Irom Chicago
to New York might be charged from
Pittsburg to New Vork.- That would
be a great injustice to Pittsburg. It
was impcB3ibid to slop stiort ot extend'
iog tbe long and short haul principle
to interior points on railroads, if it
was to be applied to great terminal
points on the same railroadp. If thera
was any justice controlling railroad
rates to extreme point9, tbe principle
must be extended to intermediate
points. But it was (aid it sometimes
co:t mora for a short haul than a long
one. That was not co ; it could not be
so. It bad never been shown to be
so. There was no ground of equity
for a larger charge on a short haul
than a longer one. If we were
ta make a rule about it
at all, we could not escape
going the whole way. Any other rule
would utterly destroy all the interme
diate towns snd cities. One of the
great evils of our time was the concen
tration in our cities the result of rail
road arrangements at th expense of
1c cal communities. The weight on tbe
few words which Senttir Camden ta J
moved to strike out (from the same
point of departure) showed that the
object was to keep up the privilege of
ranking heavy charges from local
points in Ohio, Indiana and West Vir
ginia, and all intermediate points.
Seca'or Miller opposed the amend
ment, and Senators Harris and Beck
advocated it.
Senator Conger aiso favored it. The
people cf Michigan, he said, had f or
years been suffering extortion from
railroad overcharges. The bill, as it
stood now, was in favor of the great
cities and against small towns and
rural districts. He ridiculed the idea
that the general provision of the bill
relating to extortionate charges was of
any use against corpora'ions. If the
railroad managers ot the United States
had come together they could not have
gotten up a bill better calculated to
serve their interests against tbe water
routes than this bill would serve them.
If the bill passed, there would be no
further need of improving our water
communications the railroads would
have the water courses absolutely un
der their control.
After an executive Ee3sioa the Sen
ate adjourned.
Tbe Home.
A Senate bill passed cxtenrliog for
two months from April 30, 1880. the
dut'ee of the clerk of the late Court
cf Commissioners of Alabama Claims.
Mr. Beale H. 0., from the Commit
tee on the Judiciary, reported sdveise
ly a bill to prohibit aliens from ac
quiring titles to or owning lands with
in the United States. House calendar.
The House was then kept amused
for' nearly an honr by a personal ex
planation bv Mr. Foran O.J, followed
by a similar explanation by Mr.
O'Neill Mo., all hinging on a re
mark attributed by the latter gentle
man to tbe former that the labor
tronbles Bboald be settled by blood.
Mr. Foran denied with much warmth
tbat he had ever made any such state
ment, and during the course of his
remarks eaid that Mr. Crain Tex.,
and not Mr. O'Neill, was tbe author '
of tbe arbitration bill.
Mr. O'Neill replied that ever since
he had been Chairman of the Commit
tee on Lsbor he had been fretted and
worried by tbe eorebead gentleman
from Ohio. The trouble with the arbi
tration bill was that his (Mr. O'Neill's)
name was connected with it. If it bad
been a failure the gentleman from
Obio would have been glsd enough to
have charged it to "hia humble ser
vant." A number cf committee reporU
were pres anted, and then the hill to
establish a Sub-Treasury at Louisville,
Ky., was called up
Mr. Morriscn 111 and Mr. DIngley
Me. opposed it, and. after further
discussion, the conei tera'ion of tbe
bill was postponed uatii May -o:h.
Th Har.89 then wtit into cr-mmit-tee
cf the whole-, Mr. Weil born l ex
in the cha:r, cn the liver ai.d tarhoi
Tae pmgraph accepting from the
S:ate of Oaio t:ie Mufkincum river
improvement gave rise to nnic'i oppo
sition, and Mr. Kan Tex moved
to strike it fern tbe il!.
Mr. Hewitt X. Y. supported the
mot oa. The government, he said,
wss the coming dumping ground cf
'1 the unprofitable enlei prises of the
several States. The States were trying
to shift the cost of the maintenance of
local enterprises to tbe broad shoul
ders of the people of tie country. He
was utterly oppo-ed to bucq a proposi
Mr. Willie Ky. sa'd that the ques
tion of free transportation was the
question of tbe hour, end if by any
ppropnat on ot .U,UUU tne United
States could free the commerce of the
Muskingum river he could not see the
dreadful results.
Mr. Henderson rili,l opposed the
motion to strike one.
Mr. Anderson IKae. spoke in favor
of an amendment (which was ruled
out on a point of order 1 looking to the
acquisition by the United Mates ot the
Erie canal.
Mr. Breckenridge fArk 1 agreed
with Mr. Hewitt in Buying that ell
taxes were burdens on ihe people.
But the tax on tbe productions of ihe
people, which supplied the coffers o(
tbe Federal Government was no more
a burden than the tax on their com
merce. It tbe $300,000,(100 men
gathered from them to support tbe
government wss a uurcen, how great
must be the burden ol jtU0 ,OU0,CUO
which they paid to ccrrorations.
Mr. Hepburn flowal thought that
the appropriations in tne pending bill
would have little ellei t in hnngirg dis
tress to an end or re'ief to the coun'ry.
One of the causes for the distress wum
the fact that the people were afraid
of those wno were cow in authority.
There had been to much of rrornis.
so little of paf: .nuance, on the art rf
the Democratic paity that the people
looked to the future with d etrust. To
enumerate a few of ita pledges: The
people had been ro'd, especially by
his colleague (Mr. Weaver), that here
tofore the government had been run
in the interest of men of wealth and
grea corporations, but that no wealthy
people were to be conserved in tbe in
terests. As proo? of this thegenlleman
he.d called attention to the fact that the
President sympathized with the set
tlers on the fron'ier who wre stand
ing around the'fenitory of Ok'ahotna ;
that tbe monopolies were in there
under ihe rule of the Republican
party, and that now they were to be
turned out and the settlers were to go
in. A few days aqo his colleague hal
been compelled to say, with humilie
tion in his manner, that all of those
loud sounding promises bad bean un
true: that tbe settlers were still stand
ing outside, lcoking to the land of
promise irom which the Peeiden 'a
electors prevented their entering, ihe
people bed been told tbat the volume
of currency was to be eolirged, but
instead ot that, beiore tne fresutent
had taken bis seat, he had recom-
ment'el that the ei'v;r branch cf the
currency should ba stricken down
Not content with that, in the very
first report made by the Secretary of
the Treasury, that cfllcei had recom
mended that all the greenbacks should
be destroyed. Immediately a'tar tbat
tbe gentleman t om Illinois ( Mr. olor
rison) had come in with a proposition
to disturb all of the labor interests
of the country. No man knew where
that would end. No man could tell
where the disturbance was to cease.
No man could forecast the future.
The motion to strike out was lost
snd the committee lose, and the Hjuse
I do not believe, that
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for scroiuious till'
mors. It is pleasant
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nernmiieiit. Iitstmir. re.
suit tluiu imv medicine
I ever used, K.
Haines, No. Mudale,0.
I hnvo used Aver's
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lly, for Scrofula, nnd
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thoroughly eradicate
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Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
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Atlmlnlstrator'M Xolice.
Office Public Administrator Shelby connty.
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A). HUM. HA "
THE undersirn-d barinK boen appointed
and qu ified administrator i f t e es
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hereby (liven to all persons Indebted to said
estate to come torward and settle; and to
those to whom said estate is indebted to file
their claims with me, duly probated, within
the time prescribed by law, or th sum s will
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s i jpii 5 - I
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Ii 191
Non-Keslilnit utir.
N. m. It. D .-In th Chancery fmirt of
hhelby CountT, T.;nri. Stat i ..f Tennn
Meantl County ot S;,e!l'jr vh. l-'rauk. Mc
l,aut.bin rt hI.
Il mi p-nrin trum the h ll whirh is fiwnrn
to in this- t-Aiue Vl tin l Snl.iD ft, 0'nl
Jr O.t., firm, tin nu-P it n'lMtihcr unknown,
Kdunnl V LpImui.! . ft -. u:.t of the htMt
ot' l'tfiiiiFvlvuii : W tn H t onurii, Kitnn
lvuI'l u n J hu lHtni, J, It u W UutiJ. f-'iiirnts
of the Mmo f MiMM.ri : Miiu.iniiH Mili
um n, rti'lant of Itif Mnte of New York;
W H.tor It ll .l.lcin in. V,,m0 W atohinn.
Churlef W lluti ln . n. n minor, rcniiieii'ii
ot tut ttale ol Kful vy h. imnui Kuiu
hurt, Al l-uriiUion. Ih direjt, J C t'rpn
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the "tite Maryinnti; -Muttir u Nntt.to
end liuhnd. W ftl Sttnixmn, Moll e KJohn
pon and hultniui, M If Jtilintnti, rwidiniA ui
the Mate nf In tit ana ; the (irrinnn- An t-riri.ti
lUnk, hiivinff IU fituR in thu Mate of Orto;
WiliiHin KerK'tMon, Ann h imi.- ut, cunii
in. K Un or 0 Keruii-on, mii (r. Surah H.ikpr
nnd hun And, A H tkrr. Cfio Jaooby and
H S Jacohy, brr huKin.I, rf plrnH of the
(State ut Ohio, And all non-rt'n.ltn(ii of the
Sute nf Ten nrtteoc ; tha rohlrncon of the
hir of UarrtKon huuuhu, .lt)Tc-l, AW
Urown nd wile, firit naiue unknown, are
unknown and cannot he ancertiii?.ad alter
diliKont tn miry; thi bill in tiled to erlleft
htato end couutf tuxej on var ua lota
owned by above named i-arlki and other
It ia therefore ordered, Thnt they make
their artarence horein, at the Oouri-llouro
ol ."helhy county, in Mumi'lii., 'lenn , on or
before the ArtMoodiy in May, lHi, and
nlead, answer or tlmur to complainAnt'i
bill, or the aaine will b tnen lor contested
a;i to thoui and art lor hnruitc r irte ; and
thataooiyof thia nltr he iutli"hcd onra
a week for four auoepi ive week in tne Mem
idna AimwI. Thin:Upt dt of Marci,
A cop--' tTei r
S. I. Mi DOWKIaL.Cle-knn I Mrtitef,
By II. F. w nin, lei utyO. a d M.
Leo Thornton and K. D. Jut Inn, Soli 'lt-
oia for compuiant, th
No. ftlld, R. I) In the Channory Court ol
h hoi by tuuntr, lenn. -Mate o loin.esne
for un. and the i'ounty va. John iKmneliy
et al. of Mirlby foitnty.
It MituisHrinir inxu ttie bl'l. which la pworn
to in tuil cn use, that ihelotend int John 1.
Armour, rnatilont of (he K nte ot .MarvUn1 :
Htil'ie Trexevnnt and Hembert Trrxevant,
heiraof John I. Treievunt, retdonta ot the
State of houiniuna; Kx. Norton, a rei
dent of the St He of K entucky, all noi -resident
ot the Sfiitt' of ltiniivrtcfl ; Martin Lan
jran, Alice Thoinrmin, ponrenideiita of the
Mfv'e of I'ennesutee; th.it th ro.idneea of
Mry Ann llu.hvu. in. Morion, v. it.
lirmiiii. Murv VV oitdward. M;irv Fleti'hull
and huKhtnd, Martin Fletchall; I.aura and
hdwird l Murtin, John t nine, h. A. 11 1 jr
fiiifun, . it. ldirrn, i. ii uomi. .timno u.
Wntoii, Hobert Mooro, Miirota I, Fleece,
rut y Moithy ami Melon I'ope tiro unknown
and eanti' t he encertuined lifter diligent in
iuiry, and if any of tl.e.-e t irtien nro d ad
ttieT heirs or devitees whoi natne.i and
resident"1! are onknnwn and run not to un
eortuinpd utter diiikent inquiry, tins lull n
filed to collect t ises due the Siu'e and eotinty
on vuri 'im lots oa ned by the above imrtiel
ana othcrx.
It in there (ore ordered, thnt they trnke their
aiie!irii!H e heroin, at the ('ourt-Hiiuse "I
hlmlby connty, in Meuii'hii1, Tonn,. on or
before the flrat Momluy in Muy, Hsii, and
Llond. mnwor or demur to comnluinunt's
ill, or llio uiue will be taken for oinf"ied
an to them and Rot for hear in n ex pane ; and
that a nnfy ot thii order be tithinud oneo a
wok, for four Mueceiiiiive week, in the Ap
leal. '1 hia .Slat day of March, It-Xo.
AOnny-Atte-tt thu
H 1 ftirlK)VVKt.L, Clerk nnd Master.
By II F. VV alnh, ieuity 0. A M.
Leo Thornton, nolioitur tor nmplainant.
Non-Kfllont Kotlre.
N0.6W, U. P. In Hi. Chanoery Crrnr of
bholliy County, Tnn. filate of Tennes
si.e ami Cunts of Kliolby vs. Walter Knnii
andWillitm Knnlsetal.
It .I'l'surinit from tlie bill which Is sworn
to in this oiino thnt the delnndunts, Floy
Miller, WinWoodard,Jr, U Vanllroi'klin and
tarah K Vail llrcokliu, residents of the Ktute
ol New York 1 fcllnn 0 'llenn. .Inhn Jones
and wife, busan Jtinns, CharltM 11 James and
wife. Kllon Junies, Hen Kis.man, rsidni
nf the (St ilo nf Missouri; Iliiuniili Liirkin.
John Larkin nnd Kato Liirkin, rnsldents nt
the Mute of MiuiiKiutn; tinllie K Tretnvant,
Frank Fray.er nnd wllo, Flornnee Fraynir,
and Theodore Ihi'Uson, rsidontf th. State
ol Louisiana; J W Klilrldse, J W Chulmors
nil his wile, H.heoim Chalmers, ri-'iunnt nf
the State of Missiisipiii ; Joseph K Mi lor,
resident of the Hum nf Arknnsiisi Frank
Hon. dint, resiil-ntof Ihe H'ato of 1'enni.yl
vaulai Mrs M W Fl hur and Harry Urown.
residnnts of the Slate ot Texas: Mary W
I.ivimston, a rmiilriit of the Ktnto nf Flori
da, and all rmn-rei identa of the Btate of
lennensro. This hill is filed to eolluot State
androunlv tse. 0.1 various lots of land
owned by the above parties end other parties.
It is tliTefnre orilnrud, Thattbey niak.
thoir aiiiaranoe heroin, at the Court-IIous.
of Shelby county, in Moiuphis, Tenn., on or
before the II rat Monday in May. 1K(W, and
uleiid, answer or demurtooonilanani's bill",
or the same will be taken for oonlnsted as to
thorn and set lor henring el r.nei and that
aooiiv of thia order he published once a week
tor four suoiMissiv, weeks in the M-mpliH
A i pon I. Tbil Slki d iy vf Marub, U.
A .wllVf AtlfS' :
H. (. MrUOVVKLL, Clork and Master.
T) II. V. Walsh. Doniity U. and M.
Lee Thornton and II. 1). Jordan, 8ollr.it"
ors for complainant.
Non-IifftldADt Notice.
No. tiOiVI, R. 0.- In th. Chancery Court of
Sltelhy t;ntiniy, ienn, t lie state ol len
neasee and tho Ooutttyof She.by rs. I'carce,
Siiftas A Co. et al.
It appearinK from the bill which Is sworn
to in this i. iiio that the defemlents. J. R.
Chalmers and wile, llobecca Chnlmers, resl
denta of the Statu of Missis. iinl. C. W
Johnson, resident of the State of Colorado,
II. W. tir bcl. a ro'ldent of the State of Ar
kansas, II. II. Clnllin, a firm, names of mem
bers unknown, i;auioiiaanu ttncnni .woniten,
resi.lnnts ol the rtiit.ol New York, Airs. l,
V. Fruyier, a lesidoi.t of the State ol Texas
and all non-residents nf the State of rounes-
. .i i. t i i i
ri o. IUO ro-i.iiincen el II. ... n.rn, jr..
Joanna Corbilt, Ca'hnrln. Burns, Samuel
C'ovvnn, Anna Mnria Thoinn, Ann Kelly, l'at
U M alienor, i'.ilwnnl tiroican, iHathew Vin
cent and liis wife, Hurliria, John J . Reiliy,
Sarah Clillord, John and H.irah Connors,
llmlKct lloonoy, hoiuso r inior ami Dusiiand,
J. II. Fisher. IliHiina (loldcainp. Mrs. K.
Iliibn, M. II. McKmoavyand Nancy Hunter
rn unknown and cannot be ascertniuod
after dilitcent Imiuiry; and the names and
roHidencos of the heirs or davisco., if they
Ml a will, of John F'nx and J. . Finney
lio.'oiwrcl. uiso the resilience ana nrsl name
of Falls, a u.inor of one of Ihe heirs of II.
KiillN.ilnpeaseil. are nnknown and cannot be
ascertained after diliiient imiuiry. This bill
is filed to collect State nnd county taxes on
various lots ownod by the above parties and
other narties.
It is tho re ore ordered, That they mnke
their sppearance herein, at the Oourt-Hous.
ot Shelny County, in Memnnis, lenn., on or
before tho first Monday in May, IrtM, and
plead, answer or detuur to eomplainant bill,
or the some will be taken for confessed as
to tliem and set fur hoaring ex parte i aod
that a copy of this order be published once a
week, for four succe.sive weeks, in the Ar-
rL. mis ;iii uay ol Alurcn, into.
A oopy Attest:
H. I. M"lOWF,Lfi, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walih, Uep.ity Clork and Ma ter.
Le. Thornton, solicitor for Complainant.
Nou-lfonlilnnt Notice.
No. 612f, K. II. -In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tenn. Stale of Tennes
see, for its own use, etc , vs. J. II. Armour
It apnenrinf from bill which Is sworn to in
this cauio that the defnndsnt, II. (I. Trader,
is a resident of Mi.sissippi and non-re.ident
ol Tennessee; and that the planes of resi
dence of I.uiira 11 lluikle, John Connell,
(icnrite (loilioy and wile, A It (lodsey, Vir
ginia M Hardin,, Lies. T Johnson, John
Mitchell, J II Oliver, tru-tee, and W K Par
ham are all unknown and cannot be aioer
tain.d aftirdilisent inquiry;
It is therefore ordereu, Tnt they all make
rrcir apiiearunoe herein, at the Court-ilous.
os Shelby oounty, in Memphis, Tenn. .on or
beforo the first Monday in May, 1HH0, and
plead, amwer or demur to ooiipleinant'i
bill, or the same will b. Uken for confessed
ae to them and set for hearin, ex parte; and
thataocpy of this order be publishei once
a week lor lour innoessivo weeks in the
M-.Oji.uil Appeal. This 1st day of April.
A copy-Alt.'t!
H. I. MrUUWELL, Clerk and Master.
Ky J. M. llradlev, Deputy 0. and M.
J. bn Johnston Sol. for comr.l'nt. f rl
NoB-iteMdeut Notice.
No. 0118, R. I). In the Chancery Court nf
Shelby Cuunty, Tenn. -late of Tennessee,
rs. John J. Thornton et al.
It aimearina- from tho bill sworn tn in this
cause that tbe defendants, Sarah Martin, is
. non-resident ot Tennessee, and a resident
of Missi.sippi, and that tie name and pUce
of residence ol tne heirs of W. vV. Ktnudon
and Ii. 8. Lee, made parties on accouet of
their interest In lot 3, containing eight
acrns. in the Fourteenth Civil District of
Shtlby Ciunty, south side Union avenue,
being part of lb. James M. White lv acres,
av. unknown and cannot be ascertained
alter diluent inquiry. This being a suit to
enforce tux liens against said lot.-.
It is tberefur. ordered, That tley make
t' cir appeiirance he-ein, at the Curt llouve
of Nbelhv County, in Memphis. Tnn., od or
before tho first Vonday iu .May. Ive... and
plead, sn.si-r or demur to ro i p'aiuant hilt
and petitions, or the satno will be taken for
eonf. sed as to thorn ..nil -et for hearing ex
farte; aud thnt a copy of this older be pub
isbe 1 once a wek, for lour successive
wei ks, in th. Arric.l.. This 31st day ol
March, lKti.
A copv-Attest:
S. I. Mi DOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deiiuiy Clerk and Master,
r. H. and 0. W, UeitkeU, Solicitors for
CymplainaQt. (U
State Treasurer's Report
St.tk TaiUR'a Orrim. April 1,11.
T.t His Kicellenry Wm. II. Dale, Uoyernor
.1 ill.- State "t T.nn.ss. Sir: I hereby
make to y.iu my Qmriorly K.i ort, as Stat.
Trui'urer, from January 1, lvi, to April 1.
To hnlan-e in Treasury January 1,
I1IK.800 tt
To amount received frou.
Truslees .. 412.WI 38
I'ounty ('curt I'l rks W.7M OA
I'ir.-uit Court Clorks 3,742 2
Suprtir.e Court Clerks 72 W
t hanoery Court Cl.rks 2.21 M
Crimin.l Court CU-rks f)7S 12
l.w Curt Clerks. U 3D
Seieuue Culk-rtors 1.74S (0
Funk Ui . 4.im 0
MuteTai Insuranr. Companua... 21 .TSti M
' .. .eniptinn of Innd 1,7.4 49
'I -.a un Te'evrai-h Companies....". W IA
Supreme Court H.'porU I-'
u .. - i an 'nt i
lk..lIH,l .M. .. '-' '
I.tsri-s Stie Henit.ntiary 2f.2 t
Slate Tax pressCompani.a... 2.UH0 UU
HU,5fl7 33
Ily amount iwid !
Inter, st on State debt 31I,f!72 SO
Interest on soho.il fund W,47 36
Stiilc iirosooutions M.MIl 21
Salaries, judicial 2U.isl (A
Salaries. execut.Te - 2,C4 ari
Siilarios. ollic.rs ul penitentiary... l,"l f
Salary of A.iiuta..t ileneral....Mn. :kl)00
Salary, Sup'l ot Capitol . ISO 00
Salary, Snp't Hospital lor Insane,
Middl. Tennessee fiO 00
Salary, Sup'l ot Public Instruotlon to M
Salary, Curt nf Keforecs 2,1X0 OC
Salary, Atl'y lien, and Reporter.. " 00
Salary, Assistant Librarian 41 nn)
Sslary, Librarian Kl 31
Clerk hire by Secretary of Stale... 333 32
Clerk hiiebybup'tl'uhl c Inslruo-
tion Ino o"
Clerk hire in Govcrno''. office. ... 1. I
Clerk hire in Comptroller's olBc.. ii W
Clerk hire in Treasurer' office.... :n W
KxiKin.e oi Capitol 2, 31 Si
F-xpence ol Supreme Court l,4rio Wl
Kxpeuse of Seo'y of Stale's office... V 00
Kxiwnr.of Court of Hrf.rees 2';7 00
Kxpunse of Funuini Hoard 3,fjl 7
Kxpen-e of Linrnry 71 21
Kxpriife of Kxecutive 4'.1 52
F.xpenre of 'IreiiMirer's .ifllc 10 M
F.xpens. of Comptro ler'a otlice 7 05
Kxpens. of public arms 70 UU
Kxpeuse nf Dank ot Tennossoe,
"new lsuo" 1'22 40
Vxpre.s characs 179 ilfc
lVnsion to blind 1M 00
Stale penil.nilary buildiui re
paired, etc 43 6a
S'tiile Hoard of Health 6M 47
I'ul.lishina Acts 4rt IS
llo.-pital ft Inrune, We.t Tonn.... 7,W1 00
Hospital for Insane, Ka t 'lenn XYMii IB
llospilnl for Insane, Middle Tenn.. 14,7'.0 00
lluilroad asscsFmeiit 40 (
I'ubltc prinlina 'iKi !l
Heluiidcd revenue m iM 07
Stnle Norinnl College f fMI (W
l'lcuro pneumonia 214 H4
Land sales 41 W
Tux aanreirales 21 V
Aire tins luiritives l.-lJ 30
ltnnk of Tennessee no isu. per- . 1
Ullciiles canceled 145..V11 00
Hunk of Tenn. old Usua canceled.
treasury wairant cancolcd.... 1 00
II u -ei.il Aa'rStatiitlcs ai d Minos., tfi'lfi 00
I'vikilickliiic llov.r's proclamation... 11 00
Tenn. sehoul lor lliind 4,H) fil
Tonu. School lor Deal an! Ilunih.. UU
Blance in Treasury April 1, lHsn...nm,t8 4
The above bulanc. oon.i'U ot
Amount in bank, as .r Schedule
No. 1 ",,R?'H?!M
Ciuh on hand - i.ori 74
SlOl.tHJU 4
8howln Balnnc. In Bank AiriM. IMA.
First National Hsnk. Na.hvllle....l 31,I'1S p
Fourth Natmnal Hank, Nashville. U1 IS
i. ......it Tun ha
liana i I ii.rmviiio....,
'Mechanics Dank ol knnivil .....
Cloyeland Notional Bank
First National Bank, Chattanoosia
Union Jk Planters Hank, Memphis.
Brownsville navlnas Hank
7110 Hft
21,141 41
WW 73
,71S 31
1,91) 01
1,104 87
3,201 M
3,670 Oft
2.4M 65
2,440 M
1,022 7S
3,711 W
'.-In.lnvville Navin.s Hank..
Stale National Bank, Memphis ...
Hank nf Sparta
Franklin Hunk, Clarksville
Peoples National Hank. Pulaski...
Mercantile Bank, Meliipb.il
National Batik, Bristol
Kt.,n. Itl.M. Ni.iioii.l Hank. Mur-
froeaborn J7R 44
Lookuui Bank, Mor:istown 7.tH m
"ank of Sweetwater l,4f4 4l
First National li'nk, Murlroesboro 1,000 00
Commercial National Bank, Nash-
villa (W
Bank of Madison, Jackson 1,322 04
Third National H'nk, Chattanooga, 5u0 2V
Mechanics Nat. Bank, Knoxvllle... 7,W1 W
National Bank ol Frsnkllu 8.51H 00
Second National Bank, Cohimbia. B.JKH 3
Hank of Lebanon I.AOO 00
Peoples NHti.iri.it, McMlmvlll..,,, 1,4.(2 00
First Nationnl Bank. Tullnhoma-. 701 20
Commercial Ban k of Pans H47 21
Second National Bank. Lebanon... 3,33 44
(lilei Nationnl Bank, Pulaski 6,000 4ft
East Tennosse, National Bank,
Knoxvlllo I.8W 73
National Bank, Shelby vill. 6.1 21
Il'wnsie Savings Ass'n .Cbarl.ston 1,004 m
Uihion County Bank, Trenton liij W
Bank of Lewisburg........ 1 iVaJ 00
First National Bnk, Alheni ,, jii. js-
I1&030 i
"Of th. abor. th. imonnt In th. Mechanic.
Bank oi Knoivllle. $21,141 41, is In suit. Tb.
amount In Sholbyville Hayings Bank.
tli.vOTi Ml, not sublect to obeek, tank having
suspended, thus leaving balanoe in banks,
available and subject to ohsok. 1134,823 47.
This is to certify that I bar. compared th
above statement of th. receipts and dis
bursement ol th. Treasurer's office lor th.
quarter beiiinning January 1, IHKO, and end
ing April 1, lHKrl, with lb. accounts in my
own office as Comptrollor, and ilndthoram.
to be correct. I hav. also examined the)
statotnonts rendered by the (liferent depos
itories of the Stuto, and find their respect
ive stHtemonts tn avree wllh the amounts a.
set forth In the appended sche ule. 1 hav.
also made actual count of all caab on hand
In tho Treasurer's office, snd find tb.
amounts tu bo ss renorled in the above and
that said report U in evory respoot eorreet.
April 1, 1SH0. P. P. P1CKARD,
Kirittivii Orrirg, N.savj.i.a, April 1.
lHmi. ihe forego ng stntomrntof all money,
now in th. Treasury of the State of Tennes
see, and such aa have been received therein
and been disbursed therefrom tor th. retiod
set forth in said roport, it being from Janu
ary 1, lBflil, to At rll 1, InkiI, made by John VV.
Thomas, Treasurer, and certified by P. P.
Pickard, Comptroller, in conformity to re
quirements ol th. Legislative act passed
Ma-ch 22, loKl, has been examined by m.
and found correot; and tfiesam. U berttby
oer tilled and ordered published.
WM. B. BATK. Onvernor.
:. RICE,
Ftn 11 yeara at 37 Court Ilace, now at
1 rrviUiir Mttmatnt nit lutaliA"! pbrskttM utt UN
oa( ittotiwalul, ttW inut. will pnn
CrM all Wbm of PRWJTPK
SormatorrhoA na Impolano.ft
M tt rnult 9t elf-biM la ynaU, nual wimm te u
,urr rn-. or ntli)r ctUMa, ul pratatinc HMiii awM'
tiwins uiffMi NurTrm. StiattMl KinliakM, '.i tiiiies
lotii hj- itraatiii), Ultutitj of hit, lit, IMfi-ii, MW. . Tbf
it ()-, fiitij Imoo Fai)4L Afrr-nttj t HoatnT 9- Xwn1,
cuiifii-krii' of iJr-M, l-'ia ol HmI PrwT, 4o.. mUiiag
intrii-gi-lenijTot-'T or unririT, ftra ibonHitrhlr otwi pwmm
nruu, curf iSYPHIL IS fjfff
rriwJLtt ,r"n ll" M"i); Gonorrhea,
GLIICT Ptrictura), irvbitka, cruttw, i,w MuUin.
'-'I utlMT prlvftU 1I-mvi quk'klt eurwl.
It bM-lf-Hl.int ltlt . dolftH thu W pr-J1l WBtlM
tn (Mftilfi rlM of draatura, in1 Umliuc h"tMud Ui).
My. o.,-tlrt. rrvl ikiil. PhriU'len" km'wtmi U oft
1 o nruinfti.l ifrMni to mf eMr. U bum U U InooottoieBi t
ti'.illhi'Olly fa tra.ifnt, eindlilne. tM MM fdTftUiy
utl tiMf by mtnW r xsjm iut litrt.
tHnvefl Guaranteed ta all Cat,
OTiilnrinkoD. ,
0ii-uiul t. it-fllf t hr WIT tr mi tmtMk
Of Mi r.f w, wnl to .ny .W-M. MTCrMy tmr ftort,
' ruu. Mhnuld t'. si b. tL lddrM. a. -
'..no. (r. 9 a. at. t. r. k. iMmimr ,r
BAY STALLION, star, lelt hind ankl.
and right hind heel white. Foaled Mar
ri. KM, by Cuy er (sire of Algath, three-year
eld record, 2.-25S). Pirst dam Marcia S., by
Will ams's Mambrlno (sire of the dam of
Santa-Claus, 2: 1741; aecond dam Ned (dam
or Clemrni. it., reoo d 2:l.r, Post Boy
2:23'-.. Alice Stoner 2:2I, bv Berkley's Kd
win Korresilt third dam by Mambriuo Chief
(sire of Lady Thorn, 2.-181: fourth dam by
(Irev Kaglet filth dam by Bolivar: sixth danx
by B'ackhnrn't Whip: seventh dam bv Comet
CUTdBEKT Is a mahoianr bay. It' "a hand.
high, and magniflcently proimrtioned. ha
h.s never been handled for speed, but can
show a 2:40 ga.it with .wo men in a buggy.
Was bred aud raised by J. 0. McFerran Jt
Co.. Olenview, near Louisville, Ky., and
sold at a two-year old for H:oO. Cuthbert
will be allowed to serve 2fi approved mare,
this season. Services, twenty-five () do1-
ars cann. Ian be seen aiour S'aoie.
K. A. .luNti'S CO.
AUmlul-trator'a. Nmlce.
Office Publio Administrator, Shelby County
Courthcu'o. Meuiphi., Tenn., April 15, InSo.
Lilib. unilersticneil nav ng oeen appointed
and uuiilitie 1 adn-ioisiratur uf Din e.tAr.
of Henry F. Arnold, de 0110 J, notice ia
hereby given to all persons indebted to said
osti.te to com. forward and settle; and to
those ti whom saia e.-tate is indebted to 1 e
their claims with me, duly rohaled, within
th. time prescribed by I
w . or tho nam wiiA
be forever birred, JOUN LOAiU'H,
Publio Adtaiui'ttrator.

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