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w Uilf Fare on all Railroads Leading to
.' . Memphis,
v At ESTIVAL PARK, Memphis, Tenn.,
Weduoaday, jXr.y O
1 At 8 p.tn , under the auspices of the
Kern phis) Traielorb' Club.
I; Prof. H. ARNOLD, Musical Director, a-
sistedfry his Kali Orchc.tra.cimbined
: wtcn. that of Prof. ElCatiORN
And Ule Crlekrated Orchestra,
From Louisville, Ey.
Uader thi leadership of Pro'. C. P.
; Admittance, SI No chare for Re
served Seats.
After th exciting Races of the day. visit
ers will find this a agnitcent wind-up of
1 Uk daj'seninytnant. ids Performance will
Advance Assembly No. 5794,
K. OF L.
Honday Eve,, Way 3
Arnold's Full Land Engaged.
trTb Proceeds of this Picnic will bo for
warded to fit. Louis, for the benefit of the
Gould Strikers.
rTrekcts,80 t'rati. I ad lea free.
aw Tire bent ol order will be enforced, as
tin iflair Is in the hands of a competent
committee, a.td no expense will be spared to
(nafce it (rend euccess.
V Intoxicating liquors will ptsitlrely be
-This ponntar place of amusement is
NOV I'PKN, und-r tbe manaaeiuent of
'Prof. C. A. D j.N ALDSUN.
"New Attractions and tpecialties w'H be
presented each woek.
OnrSturdy Afternoon of each week,
H ALF HATES tor School Childien.
We intt nd tnniake tbis place of amuae
leer.t a special attraction for Ladies and
'their- Fatnrliee.
IT JesTcrson street, un-stairs.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
Jayer. Telephone KS. THOB. CtlBBINB.
lv,.LAW, Marine andCommeroinl Notary
'Public, Commissioner of Deeds and U. H.
""Commissioner, at the old office. No. H Msdi--aaon
.ADVANCE MONEY On household
property without rer-ynl. Addre-e
r. t. iiva in.
O- (Ct MEN-The St. Louis, Arkansas
j Zr.VJUU nd Ts.as Rv., in Missouri, Ar
laansasand Texas, want 200(1 while and ool
Jored Inhered on eolioo work, trains, etc.
I Wases, f 1 10 to tl per day, paid proeat'tiy
sverv month. TtvLtisuortation free from
I jnemrhts to the worn to m-n wbo meaa busi
ness, for further Information. appJr lo
J. D CUAPLtNES, 21 Front treet,
Memphis. Teun.
ITTANDS Per .rliberers wanting to m ak
.' JL-L inotton and eeri eroris. eall to-ieav write.
jnorrow at W A. Wage A Co.'s. t ' ont n,
EVERYBODY-fo eall and see the cele
brated Uyne-Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
, street, near Poptar.
03D M AN-Wo understands garaWing,
Adilre'S tl,. tnis omce.
7V0VN4 Wonmc. Oerman or Irish, 'to do
Y L. t ii t ; I - .,a-i uHlk...M,..i
J Uesratia satoi t. Fort ficaerinf ; ooa
"wares: refereoestr.nired.
MANAGKtt-Br the oldest Collating
Arenryia Asaeriea, a M.nacer lor a
Branch OrBoa at Meunhis. He need not ha
, u UlDTllirilliV
. Smin LaSaliaetreot. Chicsro.
who ur sae suiuiure hufbibv w wiiv,
ea ton MAUAiuu t-ti
, 17 iVffc -non street, ap-stahyi
APY AE2fTfr-For Mrs. Oamphell'.
J-i- ew " Tilter"-a llitr, Batte, nop
akirtand Undenskfrt combined. Hoops can
be ramoved and afriorl lanndried. Adjusta
ble to. any site. Ve.jr fsshionaoie, and sells
lorllto every weUc.'eed ltdyae aoon as
mown. ARenin ovniuo iuir oiwwt, ii'u,
a tulMine of new furnishing; goods for laufr-s
and el tmira. Aetuross, wun sui-mn, iv. n.
CAMPBELL A CO .Mc. 4K4 West Randolph
trcet,'UhtnasTQ llu
tTO iBUY One issrre mule, mediae sirs
, L all ), a (Veer or tL' ol them. Aoply to
loons ,.lo. at Madvsnn street
rXTUBSE ULRL-Whitennrs-airl
Apaiiy t 106 Adams etreat.
LA fliSB and yonnscs n to decorate Birth
djry and r anker Novelties. Easily
le.r&a.i! rood .nroouaats for steady amnlny.
i.diebtaad fair wreri. 'Material farritfcbed.
.and alljiork saailed aioeUpaid. For full in
7ormatia addnjas DanoitiTiVI Akt Wkb. 7
Mxi-hyre 1'laoo, Bo-tr.m. Mass. P.O.Isox 518.
JDj spun lents (or new business. Peoi'ions
ixrman4Ct. Salary or asoiuiission. Write
-o-day. address
-4 rn SALARY
JAtrtHJ dre.F at soae. DR. 6COTJ
LkCTRMI GOODS. U-sJroadway.
ark, i Ibe only ten nine.
SITUATION Br a toum lady as tea-tier
J in bvuias or private school. Best reier
oomiven. Addr , .
A. M. T., JKgnphis. Tena.
00 D COCK Msvt be vwUraoom mended.
A piuy t this attice.
OU'RED MAN To work.ia house.
, Apply at 72 Wdion street.
LADIES aetd Genrl?mer,i Ityorcoun
trj, to t e lirhUirork at t',eir ht mes;
II to H a oar easily made; work sent by
maL: ne canvassing. We have a good de
mand for our work, and furnM: steady ni
plovaient. ddress, aatb stasnp. ChOHN
M'F'U '(K) , 2K4-V ne at., Cincinnati. Ohio.
1 1ll.-f or general iSoupewas; white
Pffrlarxod. quire et IW Hetn.nni si.
OSITION-As Stcnorrsipher and Type
writer: tenn.re.soniit lo. A. w s orhoe.
AGENTS With small capital. .'e have
soithing new., no nai, I urge profits,
special 3s-toy ofler, a rite at oi co.
EMi'jHS CO., A l Cant) street, v. Y.
WHITE WOMAN To learn now shirt
ironinf. MKM?!IIS ht.KA.VJ LAUN
DRY jA ND JH IRT FACTuHY.rit Second.
BLACKMITH-Aco! I la-lu.mith ta run
a country op JlB.t also be a t wd
wood erorkman. Uood wise. pnW. CnU on
or address D. J. aLLKN A CO..
A ustnrlyi, .Miss.
rasn to ronrcsent a laroe, resr,(.rj..ibi.i
Barclnjr -troet ho jsa in bis cw a Iccili'y id
outeids lnrse cities. A roinunerctive salary
to ridlil patty. Kerernnces excliarsed- A i
dress BAKCLAV. Bji 1, N Y
EVERT ONE-In reed of a hard, smooth,
durable and wnteroroof n-,veuicot or
i mr, examine WATSON'S BIIUMEiJ COX
c'REIK. Telephone W.
flAP7ll!!l At 140 Vailison : nice rooms.
7) ro'-d frc; transients acotntao'-fttel.
AOEKTS In every sccticn of the cenntry
for two Now Dooks, just rcvlr. Srxt al
1sril9 to men of experience capable of til 1
fn a lutce territory. Stuto ex;:pr:cnco. are
sind ttfitory H.nnted. CASSKLL i Co.
iliraiu!. t : Grkd-ay, N. ., aud U) Dear
borns' revN Cliiciro.
OAl.EijMKN In ercS'ste in the Ucjon
1NG i:sTs.ULISUIKM bir.vt several
t-rscu i.T 'aa tbnti.-e popular and aay teii
inr. Ca be bnaicd slune or in con 'aecti' D
with nl,r .i,is. Add'S'sTilE W !. D.
.Hire M-i;u'y. cy ati!ok, d.
A action Sale of Saddlery arid Harare.
Whirs, Collars, Blanket, Bridles of all
kinds, Wagon and Cart Durness, Piow
Dear, Track Heme's, Buggy H-rness, Li
tre's Harness, Coach Harness, all bind uf
caddie, Lallan aod Wants', at J. W. Pe
ters Co. '. '."9 Secnd street, commenc
ing TUESDAY, A.-l 27th.
AM . STO llinnn, Anc't"Wr.
Jsnlff) of Ilia rrubala Conn.
WE are authorised to announce J. P.
Vtil'NiS as aeindidate for the efli a
of Jadre of tbe Probata t ourt, subject to the
ac tie not tne vounty Democratic onvcoiun.
for Traaiee.
WE are authrird to announce JOIIX
M. BKAOLEY as a candidate lor
Trustee of Shelby county at the ensuing
Angust election, subiect to tue acuon oi me
Democratic Convention.
WK are antbirised to announce AX
ItkFW J. HAKKTSas a candidate fur
re-election to the office of County Traitee,
subiect to the aotion ot tbe Democratic Con
Far Atlamey-Gesieral.
WE are authorised to announce GKORG B
B. PETERS, Jr.. sa a candidate for
the effioa of Attorney-General, sabiect to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
Far HeiatT.
TIIE nndersigned announces that be Is
candidate lor Register, and asks tbe
support ot tbe voters of Shelby county. If
eleoted, win enoeavor to rive saiisiiciiun in
the discharge of the duties of the office, and
El aces bis claims subject to the action of the
ounty Democratic Convention
Memphis, March 2S 1830.
SA. DOUGLAS, of KeTrvilVo, Tern., Is a
. candidate for RKHIsTKH. subiect to the
action of the Democratio Convention.
WE are authorised to announce E. A.
E'M(lNui:ON as a candidate for
County Rerer. subject to the aotion of the
Democratic Ounvent on.
Jndtreorthe Cirenlt Court.
"We ere authorised to nrmonnce that JOHN
JOllNsluW is a cand dale for Judite of the
Circuit t ourt of bheltiy County, subject to
action of the lemocrat;c Convention.
We ere authorised to run on nee L H. ES
TE4, JK., as a candidate for Judye of .he
Circuit Cou-t, subject to the ao ion cf the
Pemocrtitlc Oonveotion
BICYCLE LAMPIn front or my office, :
Ur ion atrset. Finder il' nle.se rtnra
SE BAY HOKSE-Rerurn to
Linkliauer A Lehman. 1 main St.
OWE DARK RED COW-With biased
face; oiehoro erooked; riving about
gallons of -mil k; left my lace on 8un
day.tAprtl 2Cith. Mill pay a lioeral reward
oa htr deliverv to ne.
' W. H. BODBBY. Vnlentinc avenue.
O WHITE COWS-One with rope aronnd
u head. $5 reward for tb.ir return to R.
B. BARTON, nesr Onrve. Her'sndo rosl.
T .ARGE airv room and private bosrd can
lai baobiainedby gentleman and wife, or
to gentlemen, In suburbs, ny addressing,
with relerancss, H. D. , care this urtce.
ROOMS AND BOARD Nowly furnished,
at 49 M arket streets
00M Furniihed room, with or without
board, at Hi) Court stret.
BOARDERS wishing comfortable homed
with excelcnt table accommodation
Will find it greatly to feir advantage to
come to the Polk House, 30ri Second street
tr ansients will be-veil cared for at less than
one-half theuiual eotrl pr res.
M. W. POLK, Manager.
."OOOMS AND BOARD Desirable rooaw
J-V and i.oard at 72 M niiron street.
Jl. JAMES UOUSE--Cor.Becond and Ad
7 ams srs. Room and board to ner week.
Tiv boarders wanted.
OARD With excellent room,
5 NICK Koouiti VurniNhed ur nnturnUbeilt
with or without bowd, nt 137 Mini. hot, at.
IWU thri;e uniurnirhotl ruoius, witu or
. withnut board, at 69 MadisoD f treet, oor
nr Third.
O 2-STORY HOCSES.SoTenthand Carolina,
7 rooms. Dr. L'orence. 'IVIepbone 7C.
OOMS Nice fuinished rooms,
At 70 Second street.
NEW COTTAGE All modern Improve
ments i five rooms, bath and pantry;
430 Lauderdale, avcys next door.
CIOTTAGE-Four rores,6S Auction street.
J Apply at 83 Third st,
BOOSE No. 7f' Adams street, on eoraor
Third: three stories ; good rpair; from
July 1,1886. dCUN W. CURRIN.
30S Second street.
NICE RESIDENOE-377 Orleans street,
just south oP ance (on the new atraet
oar line); houar ingoud repair. Appyto
R. W. HARRIS, 300 Front St.
LT-TOUSE Two gtory frame, 35 Mark st.i
I. X 1- new, wiva afta utrvnern iibiiiit,huii
Apply to L. FRITZ, lil Main st.
IpDhNISUEB RoOMS-For gents and for
' homtkeeinng, at 16 Court street.
WO alerant -front rooms.
furnished -QT
unfurnished. .Apply at 89 Adams st
jttjOMo Furnished or unfurnished, atrd.8
. XV beoond stroet. .Keference. rcMireq.
,'TjiUWlSHEB ROOMfr-Aoply t
ii? 117 COURT 6T.
i 10TTAGE Three rooms, cistern, at 7
Georgia street.. A"l'y next room.
CtUi'iAUa-No. 414 Lauierdale, 7 rooms
' in good reaair, rood cistern; (25 ier
tronth. Apply to No. t4 Main street.
mn SALE.
Fr.TRNITCRE On sccount of leavter the
cits, ia lot. W. su.it, furniture, ait ffX
Mississippi avenue-
SWiTET Pctato Plaat.
rloy. Ivoor. JJunlap and H
CIUEAP FOR CASU Ts two-story Uric:
J rtorehoasa, No. K'l esle stressU just
easto' Disote: lot 21x7.it will tske ffioxO.
GKO. T. VANCE, Citiscns' St. R.lt. oflico.
G100D teeendaa DU6 JY. full teather
T top, fotya. at Hall's pj able.-tt Irrion.
iBiw two ssory bouse sind lot, 146s VM,'
adjoining State Foroile Colette. Alea,lot.
0k170, Georgia street, one block wast uf
M.in street. Address T. Al. .amb or J. H.
tiurton. 10 Madiaon street.
net-vor chtlaren. Apply at 17 Jenera
OVITaR-oneS 6. .Vartiq Co gui'sr.
with case. P.ieo t. llyUCK'S
iC STOI K, m Main street .
ElilNuToN eTkEKT Kk-lUttftCii -
7 rooms. Al rdor. firiUclass neigh-
borbood : rreot. bargain
41. E. CON A WAY. 2ff. Main St..
a. 4 Y Cottage Kenidenot; 7 rooms ifxiti Lau
iVl derdale st. ; largelot. J H.PIERUK.
PIANCS- A large assortment f second
hand fisnos, some as good as new.
Prices from t-'l uowart. A (legering
taranJ, obesr for eaih.
S. WITT-MAS !( A CO. .
OB5AN A rood pipe organ, hM'ng two
hanks of. keys, 24 stops, and lit octavo
redal bass, atSecont Prrsl,trian , hurch,
llem pkis A d Iress E. W JX"-2MANN. Jt CD.
ijGUS Pure Plymouth Rork and"iiren
Lesho-n erss, t, $1 for 14.
M H N S A i AG tl N K JiEjji'S Facnt.
cn-lots. liRINKLEV LUMBER sCO.,
l'l Jctforr on street. ,
L? AilA Sfiitf.! COAL Lo any -
P.ji. PATTrRON & CO,. A rente ,
X" luitel in one of the livrst towns in tie
rAOUtb. loe a burinefs of ovor IlilOO ptr
rLOnth. Ear can bo added o the ausiness,
if desired. Fr te'nw, addjesg
J. S. M Boa 1P2, Meridu-n.Mi...
T NkW?7,RT NliVS, VA.-luwu.tf.Jud
feet wator fro t, tl ( ot deep. For lull
intoruintion aidress WM. A. DEAN,
47 leKinrton stra-t, Baltimore, Mdj
ft oelvst-1 and ail fines to tha
... fivHWS OPii'SVS.t.oll
j'loiioisls-lmprovnnnil or Hot
bprinua Keaertatiou, Ark.
DKriaTHttxT or run IxTttRtna, )
VBrh'nr.tm, Aj.ril 6, lMitj. f
SEALED PROPOSALS -ill be ree,jvcrl Rt
this I'eptrt'nent until 12 o'clock m., Fri
day, Asril 40, lSrii'i, for furnifhin.t the mite-rin-1
and labor renuircd in corop etirctho ctil
vert, rfecaring hot water springs snd li'yin?
certain injn pipe, in the irrprsoent ol
Hot Spriugs Reservation, at Ho: Springs,
lilunk fi-rvs of pmposs', sp'cifl.'ations
and insvrucii u s to bid io j will e (urn j bed
upon application to tbis Deri'iTtment. or to
the " tnoer nten'Ior.t of lt dp:iu ja Hs.tr
Vi'tipr.'' RT J.'j' fc'tif".
' U. h. VCLDROW,
iZ-pUrgie it-arj.
RpU Construction of the Blrinlnj
nam Liue Ramorrtt Sale of tbe
Mipshrlppl bbiI Tcuuesxte.
Mnj. R. II. TempV, eliief engineer
of the Memphis, 11 riniiisham an.l
Atlutitic railroail, who has just re
turned from a trip over the line, was
sern at the t lliee of the conirany yes
terday hy a representative of the Ae
PKAi,to ' vi horn he expressed hircself
ns greatly enrourajrei W the prore?
now (toinj! fortvard and the outlook
for the future Between 2000 and 2500
men are now at work on the sixty-mile
extension from HollySprings t Tupelo.
Spring! to Tupelo under construction,
A contract l as been clotied for GOOD
tons of sixtv p und steel rails from
the Edgar Thompson steel-works, to
be delivered in June and July. Track
1 tying will commence at Tupe'o in
June, and the road will be completed
and in operation from Memphis to
Tupelo, 105 miles, by September 1,
18S0. Vice-President taake is now
in New York, contracting for rolling
stock to be delivered in August and
September, so as to bring next h a
son's cotton crop from that territory
to Memphis, and Alabama splint coal
from the mines ou the Western Di
vision of the Georgia Pac lio to Mem-
fihifl. It is expected that the whole
ine from Memphis to llirmvnghnm,
250 miles, will be in operation by lo
rember, 1SS7. Two engineering par
ties are in the tield one locatiiift a
line between Fulton and the Ala
bama State line, the other party locat
ing over in Alabama.
"Ho you her anylhingof the Kansas
City scheme down' in that pnit of the
country'.'" wa1 asked.
"Oh, ves," Maj Temple rep'ied ' I
do not doubt that they are in earnest,
but there is plenty of room for us.
They cannot cut us off from the coal
field's. When the line is built we will
have a haul of only 175 miles from the
nearest mine. It has not been fully
tested yet, but it is believed to be of
ample capacity. Should the vein at
thut point, however, prove to bo
too thin to be profitably mined, it is
but twenty-five miles further to
ample fields, where there are now no
less than eight mines in operation, so
that coal can bo slunp tl at once, in
:any!desire l quantity, as soon as the
road is built. 1 have looked tuxtn
Memphis as a key t the southwestern
situation for some years, aud rcrpcm
ber to have written a letter in 1S84,
urging upon the Georgia Pacilic, bv
which company I was then employed,
the necessity for coming into Mem
phis." The letter referred to is copied
below as mi evidence of the strength
of Mai, Temple's position, which has
been fully borne out by subsevmo'U
Atlanta, Ga , March 17. At Tour
request I have prepared a map (which
I send by express) of the Georgia Pa
cific railway, with existing and pro
posed connections. The proposed
road from Tuscumbia to Ilpiarlield,
crossing the Georgia P cilic near Jas
per, is simply d awn be' ween those
points to show that the line connects
tbe Memphis and Charleston avith the
Selma, Komo and Pulton, passing
through the coal field in itl ngest
direction Tbeir ultimato location I
do not know, but I am told t'mt l'.ir
mingham is one of the points named
in its charter.
I have inarkel the Memphis and
Holly Springs road as completed.
This is, 1 believe, not the met, but I
understand enough work ihas been
done to insure its corapletism. I havo
nut down al1 the roads corttering at
Memphis, and they speak for them
selves by a g ance at the mnn. In ad
dition there are the following packet
lines: Memphis and Arkansas river.
Memphis and Cincinnati, Memphis
and Ohio river, Memphis ana icks
burg and Memphis and Wltite river.
The map shows that the foot bills
of the Yazoo Delta do not approach
the Mississippi river between Mem
phis and Vicksburg. Memphis owes
its importance to the fact that it i
situated on the Chickasaw Itlull's
at the lowest point where they are
touched bv the river. Mykapression
is that the first bridge r uilt over the
Mississippi river south of St. Louis
will be at M inphis or near it. Mem
phis is below the ice line, namely;
Any impediment to rtavigttion iiy
reason ol ice.
If I am correct in the opinion (and
this is my opinion) thut the Georgia
Pacific should go to Memphis, 1 hone
the map will aid you in dumming the
. The East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia people have already occupied
the ground via Tuscumiiin. -We cer
tainly cannot alio d to give th em coal
destined for Memphis at thej .junction
near Jasper, I tase it fo'grautcd that
sooner or later the ear Between Hir-
i mingham and Columbus will .be filled,
4 and t'mt we cannot s on at' Columbus.
' Til 1 1 . . . 1
uiy cuoice womu oe u ti -oouirot oi
the rol irom uolumous to vtarkviuc,
via Artesia and the road irom Grena-
to Memphis and fill the gap be
ttween Starkville and Grenada, b it I
presume this to be out of tho question.
(Hie next would be to jrntoontro! of
the Mewihis and Holly Spricgs road,
gj 1 fill tl e gp tetween Holly Springs
and Colcmbus via West ilPoint, at
.which pi e we cross both the Mobile
and Ohio and Illinois Central roads.
'1 leave j-u to count the nuinber cf
-roais the Goorgia Pacific wi 1 crots
between, ad connect witu, at Atlanta
and- Mempt. s. Very rectfully ani
truly your, a. u. ixi'i.r..
The Mlaslaaatrtpl -STes.sstaaeer,ro.b-ibty
Pugifcarl' nce a month for the
paet throe yt-A s tliere has Iseen ru
mor of tt'te sale of the Missuippi and
Teonessoe rail'oad t 'be Illinois
Central nip:iy, and yesWilay it
again olriained currency, liailroad
ollicials, .who Jveve on former occa
sions been re;uly with a prompt de
nial, were .mum ts oysters, declining
to say anytking ose way or the other.
Put it niay.be as rtcd, nevertheless,
that there "is nothing in tho rtitnor ho
far as tho Jliinoi Central is con
cerned. That comjicny a! ready lias a
line of its own to n point only twenty
.five uiili n west of I'rtna'Ia.and is now
,in a posilkm to run in'o Memphis t
anytime. And it nisv be a-rted,
wjth almost e-iual corttinty, that tha
(ieorgia Pacilic has now, or will in a
few days coiisumttato tbe purchase.
That company, whu-h declined to ac
cept the ooi'it-liisions contained in
.Maj. Temple's letter, printed above,
fit tie tiuio, has now leased
the Sine from Ptarkvilic, its
prv.'ent terminu", to Artesia,
and is preparing to h'l ld from Arte
sia to Grenada a distance of ftboi:
fifty-live juilcs through a line coun
try. Natural!' the purchao of the
Mispiseippi 'id Tciinejsseo is the
proper thing, at it will give the Geor
gia lV.fiii' a .o::.ni:ir.'i:t line froy;
fuxm n( the t'onnmiiiit
This will pive Meni'hn tlirve lines t
the toal fu'iila ol Alalmiaa.
Tha Water l'alllasr.
The water on the line of the GnU
road is falling rapidly anil the train
on this line are running on their reg
ular schedule. The tr-in that was re
ported detained at West Vomphis
yesterday, arrived in Kansas City thi
inorning onc hour late. The trouble
was owing to some rei airs being made
to a bridge a short distance out. The
track is perfectly safe, otherwise the
management would not attempt to
run trains.
The irkaaaas aud leias Railroad.
Mr. J. B. Chaplin, agent of the
above railroad, is ia tne r.ty, anxious
toeigaje 200J men, to be employnl
in changing tbe pauga Irom oair Jr to
broad gauge.
Boiler That Be Bssa Di parted for St.
Le-la Wlthant kellllatf
The sudden disappearance of Hohert
Holmes, book-keeper of tho Bell Tele
phone Company, was reported to the
police yest rday niornitw, and a strict
search "was at once made, but no tra e
of him could be found. Mr. Holmes
was a man of perhaps fortv-five years
of age, and had no family living here,
though he is said to have a wife and
two children in St Louis. Ho was
not in the habit f f gambling, and is
not known to have had any bad habits
except an occasional disposition to
drink too freely. He , has never had
any trouble w ith this maunder, Mr.
Cook, and always H'rfornied his duties
in a manner satisfactory to tne com
pany. A short time since the mana
ger asked the company whether he
should retain a sullicient amount to
pay taxes, about $:150, out of cash col
lections, or turn the whole amount
into bank and wait for tho company
to pay it by chef r. The main office
advised lu'm to keep the amount
necessary out of bank, and
he so notified the book-keeper.
Nothing more w as thought of tho mat
ter, but when Mr. Holmes handed in
his weekly statement and his atten
tion was called to a clerical error, he
became confused, but corrected it.
Monday morning, a little before 9
o'clock, ho nicked up his hat, saying
he might not be back again, and left
the olllce. His conduct was regarded
as a little strange, but was soon for
gotten; but Manager Cook liecame
seriously alarmed when he failed to
return at mo exnnuuou oi ci-m-ihi
hours, and he thought it possible he
miL'lit liavo committed suicide. The
dav nassed and nothing was heard
fiom him. The books were examined
and found to be correct, but it was
tliscovcred that the 1350 held out to
nav taxes had not been paid for tha,
porposo. Then, for the first time, he
betran to suspect that a railroad train
and not the turbid waters of Unyou
Gavoso, had borne away his book
keeper. The investigation of tho po
lice took a new turn, which led to tho
belief, on their part, that ho had emi
grated to St. Louis.
TaJfssi Fontaine.
One of the largts', gud ences which
ever assembled st Calvary church waj
prjsent last evening to witness lb"
wedding of Dr W. W. Taylor and
Miss Mollis Fonttine. Thope who
-tra present were in eveiy instance
personal friends, end a more fashion
abla or cultivated torong has rarely
asrembUd ia th s city. Every avail
able inch of space was filled long be
fore tbe hour announced for
the carcmony to begin, and
the line of carriages without extended
for m arly a block on Adams and Sec
ond streets. A little after 8 o'clock the
bridal party made its npparance, Miss
FoDtaiue entering the cHrch upon
tharm cf ler fathtr Exquisitely
dressed In a costume of whUi moire
antique silk, trimmed with pesrl
beads, the soft folds of her veil sweep
ing the floor, and a bunch of lilies on
her hed, no bride was ever lov
lisr. Advancing to the foot of the
altar from one of the rooms
upon the side, the Rroom took bis
place by the side of the bride, his best
man, Mr. M. A. Cochran, standing at
his left. A troop of lovely brides
maid, all in wbiie, with baskets of
flowers npon I heir arms, and as many
groomsmen, who had performed tbe
duties of usberp, supported the cen
tral couple. The ceremonv was con
ducted by the Rev. Davis tiesaums ac
cording to tbe beautiful custom of the
Episcopal Church, and when the last
word had be m spoken which jt ioed
man and wife the groom departed
with bis prize up in bis arm.
followed by tue bride's father and the
groom's best man and tbeir attendants
in llis fol'owing crjr:
C. A. Cojursn aud Miss Emma Fon
taine. Branch Martin and Miss Anra Polk.
John McKeynolda and Mils Pearl
Lunar Cluppel and Miss Pe', Gallo
way. Sam Papper and M!bs Eva L'gbt-bu-ne.
Will Brown and Msa Ida Bruce.
Lewis Stark and Miss Blanche
Richard Morris and Miss Sadie
Dr. J. L. Minor and Miss Fannie
The reception afterward given at tbe
residence of the bride's father was at
tended bv the wedding perty and rela
lives. For thtir delectation a delight
ful lepast was spread, tbe drizzling ar
ray of gifls, which were ditplayed in
.an ante-to mi, attract ng rn small de
gree of altualion and Kdrnlratiou.
Daring tbe evening a p um, dedicated
to tie li-'e by Jndgt J. F. rsim
monr, was rcd o tbe com
pany, a copy, printeJ upon blue
satin, being presfnted to members
of both fau'Jios. At 10 o'clock the
newly ma rled pair left f r the Ea!t
on a bridal taur. Dr. Taylor ie a rising
young pbys'cian nf Memphis, und en
joys the rt gird and co:.fi lento of nil
who kow bin. His br:de, a daugh
ter rf Mr. JJoUtd Fortune, one of the
leading tnercliRtiis and mot-t er,tarpris
inirmencf Mepbif, H beloved for
her misny woanly qnalitie", amiabil
ity cf temper, fast i rmtioi: of monnar,
-id mind ir lined and cul ivaled to
a degree uuusual in th s aupeifiv ul
P. LwENtrtEiNit Y-vS'S. offer
Lc dies', Mifses' an! Clii
drsn'a Shoes at Mana'ac
lurci'sto.t, ot Mimphisccit.
Mcm-hl I- loral t o. In" (tie llirfci'Kl
gloru tit lnul lo tuwu.
Yesterday Lively Slngglnr on Ih.th
Sides Uanif i LIsc
where. Menu, his beat Charleston yesterday
1V a score of 9 to S, but there is noth
ing in the victory to tie particularly
proud of. It does not, by any means,
stablish Her superiority as a emu
even over so poor a nine as t naries
ton's. They won the game w ith the
assistance of an alleged pitcher named
Clark, who was put in the hot by
Charleston, and who has been
pounded out of his boots by every
club that came along. He was hit fcr
seventeen bases by Memphis yester
day, and even then the latter club
barely escaped defeat in the ninth
inning by a scratch.
K noun's pitching for Memphis was
a disappointment to bis admirers, and
Broughton t catching shows no signs
of improvement, three passed balls
being charged to him. Mangel, the
new left neliler, mutied a imii in tne
left field that let in two runs For
some unexplained reason Black
played in right held. To-day O Leary
will probably be put in to pitch. He
has up to this period done the best
work of any of her pitchers, but in the
light of recent events it would be
hazardous to predict just what kind of a
game Memphis will play. The chances
are that if Weyhing and ljtnner
hold the points for Charleston, Sneei's
n ne will have to bust e to win.
Minimis. K. d ii. r o. a. g.
Sneed, a s 2 0 0 0 0
Mansel, 1. f 110 0 1
Andreas, 1st b 2 2 11 2 1
B a?k, r. f 1 2 2 0 0
Lavin, c. f 2 2 2 1 0
I'hnlttn, 21 b 1 1 1 II 1
Whitehead, 3d b ... 0 2 0 0 2
Pr iughton, c 0 1 11 2 0
Knouff, p 0 1 0 12 0
Tttal 9 11 27 20 5
Sav, s s - 1 2 4 4 2
G ltnan.r. f 10 10 0
Gardner, 1. 1 .... 1 0 0
Crowley, c f 12 10 0
RrosnsD, 2i b - 0 1 " 4 0
Powell, 1st b 0 2 10 0 1
Holland, 3d b 0 0 0 1 I
Conway, c - 1 0 2 0 1
Clark, p 2 1 0 3 0
Total 8 10 21 12 5
IoninBS.1 23 4 50789
Memphir,.0 3 1 0 4 1 0 0 0-9
Charl't0D..2 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 2-
Snmrrarv: Three base hits Black,
1. Two bao hits Livin, Phelan, Say,
Gardner, Powell and Clark. Miruck
ntPy Knnnff, 9; by Clark, 1
Passed balls llrougliton, 5.
t'oliiass'a llrnellt,
A game of baseball for tho benefit
of Coliran. tho disabled catcher, will
be nlaved at the ixtrk at 3 o'clock,
sharp. Fridav. Tho positions will bit
as lollown
Iiivff dim.
Brady, p.
Taylor, c.
Collins, M b.
Gibson, 1st b.
Hill, 3d b.
Kichanls, s. s.
Vaccaro, 1. f.
.(ones, r. f.
Muntlinger, c, f.
Campbell, 3d b,
Wood, 1st b.
Mhson, 2tl b.
Vaughn, p.
firahnm, c
Nceley, c. f.
I' I learn, s s.
Maury, 1 f.
Wilson, r. f.
A In-l'taat taaaega,
lariouL to thi arriaL.l
AtiousTA. Ga., April 27. Augusta
bad McCaffrey in the box to-day, and
be wis batted so. bard in the first,
feoood and third Innings that not
withstanding superb fie'ding at the
time, and hard work with the bat and
on tbe diamond afterward, Augusta
cnnld not lead tbe visitors. Features
of tbe game wai the htavy batting by
both tram, the intense excitement of
the crowd, and home rocs by KappMI,
Manning and Phillips. Tbe scorer did
not allow but one home ran, that of
Kappell,M he thought the others were
made ou the fit ldt-rs' errors.
Baaeball Xaira,
Tub Lonisvilles put in Sullivan, their
new pitcher, yesterday. He miido a
good -showing, but Cross was so dis
abled that lie could not catch him
Cook was seriously hurt by Smith,
who ran into him at first. The fca
lures of the game were home runs by
Mann and Smith. Score: Lonisvilles,
3; Pittsburg, 8.
Tiik Hullirnore home club defeated
the Athletics yettarday in one of the
mnt interesting games ever played in
tost city. Sharp Holding on both sides
kept the score dotvo, and the daring
base running of Hinck and Simmers
g.ve the game to Baltimore. Hender
son pitched In L ii old form ,nd the vis
itors would have t enn shut out but for
Hooveie muffing a fly ball in the first
inning. Scoit made a magnificent
double play unassisted in the thiid,
and Sotnmers male a splendid throw
home Irom lefc field, which saved a
run in thi ninth. Scare: Balti
mores, 2; Athletics, 1.
A tri.kgbam to the Nesbville Union
from Chariest n Monday evening uou
cndns as follows: "The game was re
markabl only for the heavy hitting
of tne Charleston t'nm nd tbeir
splsndid fielding acd the maay muH's
t f tbe visitors, uoae nf whom seemed
able to bold a fly. Ihs Memphis men,
however, U,ok tbeir deft at veiy phil
osophically." Of ecu te they took it
philofophfcally. What de they care
whether they win or not? Thtir pay
goes nn all tne stme. It would be in
tereelirg ti know whether Black
i hired in tbe philosophic frame of
A dp-patch from St. LouiB says:
"The most r markablo batting ever
witnessed in this city was m mIo by
t)u' St. Louis tint afternoon, and their
record of forty-one bases has only
been excelled once or twice by any
club. They earned K out of "their
2ii runs. The Ciucinnatis gave a
spleudiil exhibition of tieltling in the
face of the tremendous battery of
their opponents, but it availed noth
ing O'Neill's batting wasthe feature,
hit making two triplets, a double and
it single. Miillanc; w ill pitch for Cin
cinnati to-morrow, notwithstanding
nn injunction stands against him here.
Ho will undoubtedly be arrested and
the matter tested in court. Score:
St. Louis, 20; Cincinnati, 3."
Am'ino th rameteristic fettiies of
the Orrrlnnil M'irittihj a-e: Strong pi
pits upon to ia', industrial, h stori
cul and enenomic on t j otn ; g'-oit
stareirf chttscter and sdventnre
new wri cm witb iomRtLi;:g to sy;
ou -tl ior stu'lieo, hie zy and pictur
eqic: r'''oeer retninisi-eiicoi anil
t.'l-ianf tlie mining camps; seriil sn
rusof Ciiiinia and Mex'co, dur ni
tha current yea'; the best tho jgbt o'
run n m n
- u ru y
With fcelf-Meaeurins Cards, sent by mail on application. You oan have a rew set oflShlrt
made by sending us an old one to measure by, WRll lS lOll OUH PRICES.
F. CAHP-WLU Troprla-I
JllLaa HWAlaK, Iwra. f
Memphis Steam Laundry,
We have tha Lattit Improved Troy Laundry Company's Machinery.
C OI.I.AKV, CUFFS and SIIIHTS I.mandrlel Equal ! New.
the literary and political leaders of
the far Went.
The Mav number of the fhvrmntf
Monthlu will con'ain an unusual num
ber of high-class stor ei and sketches).
Out) is an impressive and fantastic
story, "In Fav Pa," by a new writer.
There Is also "liiscat '.e mil, a sioty
of tbe Antlee, by Sybil M. Bognc, a
favor. te contributor ti the first series
nf the Overland; a story of the "Fruit
Vale Camp-Met tn;s," by Mn'yii rat
ion: and several other Pdti tlj coas'
stories, making oni nf tbe moit reada
ble nuaibirj ever issueti.
Thk Hon. David A. Wells has a sec
ond article of his ''Economic Study of
M.xiao," iu the ityuor .Sew Month
ly for May, which is cbaracteri3'd.
like tbo provi ms one, by a fullness ot
now infurma'ion-the result tf a catc
fnl and intelligtnt s utly of Mexican
flitt s on a tide that l.ui before oeen
buttl gbily investigated and tbe clear
prest nistion of it.
Thi does are now bavi.ig their dtv
in St. A'tVAcItM, and this month 's batch
of "Dog Stories" contain anecdotes
hy E. P. U, John R. Coryell and
Charlotte M. Vaile. Then th"Brown-
ies' try rjller-ekallng; Mm Burnet
tells how "Little Lord Fanttleroy"
went to ihnreh; Horace E. Scnd.ier
tells how "'Grogi Wnshltigton" went
to tho first Continent il Oong'e's, and
Homy Kckford tells mote "Wonders
of the Alpt abeU" There are the usual
departments, and many ether bright
oruclea and pictures,
In the May number of the Mugtitlw
uf American Hittory there is a wed
writteu articln of iipwial Irr portance
to all historical ttndeDt ", "Tue Match
of tho Sraniards acroes Illinois," by
Edward G. Mnion of the Cuicngo
Histir!c4l Society. In the Civil War
btneies Gen. William Farrar Smith
concludes his critical papers on "Shi
lob," pointing out oharly where tbe
bUme aud the gloty ol that defeat
and victory renUil ;"Geu. Alfred E.
Loe writes charmingly of "Tho Buttle
of Cross Keys."
Tu Populau Ht:ia.Nt'K Monthly fjr
M iv con'Bii B oveiy able openinp ur
tii l'n hv Mr. Arthur T. Hadley of Yule
C.Hege on 'Too Ditlirtnlties tf Bail
road Krgilation." He points out
wbht tilings ra rtqtitred at a railroad
system, and then shows demonstrably
that those desirable ends are bo in con
flict with tach other that thoy can
only bo partially secured, and at the
expeuse of ono another. He deals
with railroad management ai a scien
tific problem, and his paper is both
very instructive anil hiphly important.
"Hawtborii's Piiito-oruv" Is the
article which will first ca'.ch tbe at'en
tion of many renders cf the May
Cftidtry, partly because his personality
is one of lasting interest, and also for
the reason that his son, who writes
the paper, h an intimate philosoph
ical way of appreciating tns elder's
genius. In tbo frontispiece portrait,
afier a daguerreotyps, we have the
novelist as he appeared, with clean
shaven face, in 1H4H, while he waa
surveyor in the Salem Cuetom-II juse.
With the article appears, also, a por
trait from a photograph taken about
Tub Ii.LUSTSATki) Graphic Nsws
will begin May with a brighter and
livelier issue than ever. Among the
attractive and interesting features of
this May 1st number will bs a new
spring heading for its spring overcoat
(colored covor) with a handsome
frontispiece. Tho title page will Ie
devotad to the "Entry of the Apache
Indians into F"t Marion, Fla.," as
prisoners of tho United States; a double-page
supplement "Opening of tbe
Circus Season," ami a! series of illus
trations showing the work of the ' Ter
rible Cyclone in Minnesota," which
laid waete two entire townr.
Im the May number of the Ctntury
special stress is placed en the profusely
illustrstid articles, which in their
order are an attractive chapter on
'American Country Dwellings," by
Mrs. Scttnyler van Retsselser; "J'he
Flonr-Miha of Minneapolis," by Eu
gene V. Smalleyj "A Californian's
Gift to Science," meaning tbe Lick
Observatory, by Talieain Evans; and
"The Brteding of Fancy Pigeons," by
E. 8. S:arr, which la quite remarkable,
both for the beauty of the engravings
and the special knuw'etlge of the
writer. With the illustrated papeis
should also be mentioned the chapters
on the war. which include General
McClellan'a last magazine article, with
a lac-simile, it ia supposed, of the very
lust paragraph written by him for
Ross Kinovi.rv opens the May
number of St. Mclu&i with an aeeonn'.
of the springtime ot a pot "When
Spakt apt are Was a lloy," in which she
has gathered Irom external sources
ami fr itn the internal evidence of his
writings all tho fuels and fancies Iha.
bttnr upon his hr.yhnnd.snd ran woven
them into a deligh'fnl skutih, bcauii
fully il'u t at-;d by A'i'ed P.trwms,
and hy Ln:m Woman's f o.ilispieuo.
Spring poetry, too, finds its place ia
the magrz'n?, as gocd spring poetry
should. end thme ronld be scarcely
anything fresher and t'liintier than
Helen Grsy Cone's "Sptjrg Ilmu.
tiee," William E Abhniall'a "Fatter
Otrnl," and tint "Mav So.ig," by Lmr
E. Richards, wi'h Lura U. Hill's
illustrations. Talss about 11 wcrs ate
certainly timely, and doubly intere t
iog when they tel wilh alvct t ire, a.1
well, and snob exoiics as the rnrions
"Lace-leaf," tbe auitming "taricaturo
Plant," ard tie tree that tears
Vegetable Olotbmn" all which are
cleverly depicted ly the brothers
llttard. And lint pa. tiia1. side of 'U
is nut iiHglot.t ,d. llHadcra with a
mechanical turn wi'l be esncc'a'l? in
terested In "Tbe Ilandiwrrk of Sunt.'
Clver School li iv," which waa t x
bibitcd at tb American Inttittl'.e
Fair, New York.
if tgt
Diseases arc Prevalent
all over th
I am a native of Kntland, ard whit. I
was in that country I contracted a terrible
blood poi.on, and tr two years was under
treatment as an out-door patient at Notting
ham llospitsl, England, but was not cured.
I suffered the mont agonising p -litis n my
bones, and was covered with sores all over
my body aud liuilis 1 had vertigo and deaf
ness, with pirlinl lixsoi siaht, severe pains
in my head and eym. etc., which nearly ran
me crasy. 1 lout all hope in that country,
and sailed for America, and was treated at
Koosevelt In this city, ss well ss by a prom
inent physieiiin In New York having no con
nection with the hospitals.
1 saw the advertisement of Swift 's.lpeciBe,
and (determined to tire It a trials, a last
resort, 1 hud given up all hope of being
cured, as I had gone through the hands of
the best medical men in Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of K. 8. 8.,
and I can say with great Joy that tbey have
cured me entirely. 1 am as sound and aell
New York City, Juns 12, ISA'S.
Is the life, and he Is wise who remembers it.
llut in March of last year (1KK4), I contracted
blond poison, and being in Karannah, Ua.,
at the titue.l went Into tbe hospital there
for treatment. 1 suffered very much Irom
rheumatism at the same time. I did not
rt well under the treatment there, nor was
cured by any of the usual mesna. I have
now tekon s.ven holt es nf bwitl hpecine
anil atu sound and wall. It drove lbs poison
outthroush "'"S1(BAUT.
Jersey City, N. J.. August 7, IHim.
Two years ago 1 contracted blood poison.
After tnklnr nresorin Ions from the best
phvsieliins here and at Dallas, I concluded
to visit Hot ripringa, and on reaching Jeaar
kana adootor recommended inetotrvHwIft a
rip.cillc, assuring me that it would benefit
me mure thau Hot Kprings, Although the
had produced great holes In my back and
cSiest, and bad removed all the hair off my
head, rot I begt.n to improve In a week s
time, and the sores began to hsal, and were
innmlv sono insula oi eiiim weoss.
WILL JONES, Porter lUiun Pass, Depot.
Cisco, Tesns. July :, HOW. v
Treuthcou Ulod imd Skin Discuses mailed
free. Thk bwisT Hrncmti Co.,
Drawers, Atlanta On., N. Y., If." W. UlldSt.'
Shooting Medals,
Itowlo? Medals,
Bicycle Medals.
AVVV'llh Inoreaaed facilities in oar mana-
faotory, we are prepared to All all orders for
above goods, AT LOWEST PRICES. De
signs and estimate! furnished free, oa ap
plication. G. L. BIRD & CO.,
Manufacturing J c welcrs,
Probate Court Sale Ileal Estate.
No. .W, R.D.-In th.Probete Court of Shel
by County, T.nn.-T. J O'Nsil, adminis
trator, vs. Oaih. Ellen O'N.II.
TV virtue of a drcree for sale, entered in
D this cnuse oa AprP 27, lHHtl, minute book
4(1, paieslul, otc , 1 will soil to the highest
b.ddsr, at publlo auction, in front of the
oouit-tinuse door, on Matu stre.t on
Nalnrdajr, Mny Bit, INNS,
within l.gal hours, the following described
real estate, to-w It : A certs in t ie-s or par
cel of land, sitiiatsd in Memi his. Tenn.,
couimenclng on the we.t side of Muio street,
and running tlotn-s north .'17 ' f"tt th.nc.
we,t lii'A foet to Center alley! thence south
along ssld alley ;I7' leet to a steke, and
thence east 1IS' feel to the beglnnicg. Tha
said I t ii the suutn half of lot No. K, and
is situated at the Inter, ection o' the north
side of the first alloy south of and pariillel
with Overton street wilh Mala sliest. The
said sal. will be subieot lo rlgl t of home
stead ol Cath. Ellen 0'Nell In said real es
ts'o. Terms of Hale On a cr-dlt of seven (7)
oinnihsi the purchaser to execute note with
surety, and alien will be retained to sooure
unpalit purchsse money. E'iuity of redemp
tion barred. This a prll 27. Wi.
II II. CULLRN7, Clerk.
Rv 0. L. McDonald, Deputy Ulo.k.
Wm, M. Rundnlph, Sulloitor.
PURSUANT to a decree rendered hv ths
Chancers Court at Na.hvlllr, st its Oc
tober term, 1 "', and entered of record at
page.1'iT, Minute Hook No. 22, in tbe esse of
Samuel Perkins vs John H. Clai irook and
others, notice is bereb. given that I will .X-
Rose to publio sale, at P e oourtboiMe do rat
leinpkls, Tennersas, upon tbe terms here
inafter set out, at 12 o'clock m. , on tbe
HVd day of May, ISIS.
the following described property, all situate
In tie Taitng District of bhtlby county.
Tennessee, to-wltt
Lot No, .''.", west side of Auction twiuara.
Lot No. I''", south si e of Auction Square,
Lot No. 4't Second street.
Lot No :wr, corner of Overton and Third,
14H feet iiuare,
South half lot't2 Second street.
Lot 141 and part lot II:), west side rf Mata
street, between Murketand Winrlicster sts.
terms pf Sii'e Onn-tmirth o fh, and the
li ilnnce on oredits ol li, 12, 1H and 24 months;
interest bearing notes required fur deterred
piiymonts, ana utu ro'niued. Hive frej (rota
redumption. bAMi. KL I'KHKINS,
Special Commissioner
Planters Fire and Harlnc liisur.nce
Compau; uf Mcmpliip.
tlKMrnis, Tknx , April 21, !4t.
TIIK annual t
of this comp
inectiiiir of iho Kto-k" oMors
puny will be cold at their of
fice, No. U JIadi'vn street, on
UnlucMlay, Mny 9. lssti.
fur the Bleotion of pirectors to rerve the en
suing jojr. J. II bMlTil, Secretory.
IiiHoltcul .olicf.
No fjl 'l (Si Stute of Tenno'se. Sbo'bv coun
tv Olfu-e C.'iitiiy t'ou't Clerk, Memphis,
Tenn., Apr.l LSI. IrSii T.i J din Lousuc,
Dublin Aoin ninirat. it-of Shlb county and
a. siii-h Adtiiliiisirator of .suto ot iioury
h' A,n.ilil. dooHI,eiJ !
At ! lusir'S'c'l the tnsolvcncr oi tne
et4.te ot Usury r. Arnold, iteccuiea,
you rifj ucreoy orucrt-u lo g.ie noiie. pjm
vrrtisoment in sums ue..piper published
within tho sui'l btaie,atel also nt tbo rourt
hou o liuur of S'.ie'by countv, fi r all persons
hiving claims atuinst raid otate to appear
and file iiesntne, mi.bsnti atcd in-be miin
ncr re criueo Py itiw.o or before tin- 27th day
Jul , IHfc.ii and any rluitn not filed ou or
b-t re uid d -y, or bctoio u iptToprition
of the fond- of tuid e tato is nd, shall be
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April. ISMi. HUill Ii 01 I.LEN. Cletk.
llv tl. L McDonald, Deputy i.ierk.
irnrNoiice invi-n a. requ'ret bv tlie .forvs.
iugorder. ItueJ JNO. LOAULB. A.t'r,

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