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An Eloqarct Address of IVflcomf hj
the Tresldeat, iltorgt lUnrruit,
the llUtori.n.
Washikotox, April 27. The firwt
session of the tbiril anuriai meeting of
the Ampritan Historical Association
tu held in the lecta.v halt of the
Columbia 1'oiversiiT this morning.
PreeidiLt George liinmf:, the etut
riant American historian, delivered
the adilrfee of welcome. Mr. Benaoft
poke is follow :
Brothri of the AmcrinD Hutoriel A
cittioa: 1 welcome Ton to tbia third anai-
verearv of vour n s nee. Yoo who
in our uaivoraitiea inttruct thecozuec
jrerermtion in th hiatory of their rae;
yon who break from datiee in charvb
or in state to show your lore for your
fellow-mtn by your i?al in the ttady
of their progrces; yon who for a mo -
ment throw aside the carea of the
ptese, the toil of antborebip or the de-
liuhta of etudv in retirement, in tbe
name of tbe exiaiioa I bid )oi a'.l
joy at yonr renewed presence with one
auot'jer. The object of oar parsait
is one of the graedts. that solicits tbe
attention of man. The movement cf
mighty States over the scene of ever
succeeding action is like the march cf
so many armies with their vtthnt
civllimious for their banners;
they tbaniselves have faded away;
their career, their enduring contribu
tions to tbe earn of human knowl
edge, their men of trinecendent gen
ius, such s are vo irlifaleU to the racj
at great intervals ol curituries, all
come within tbe laoge rf onr pur
suits. Moreover, we are nearest of
kio to the etudecti of moral philoso
phy. The movemonts of humanity
re governed bylaw. It ia true Hint
tbe eparrow. when the tune comes for
its f a! I to tbe ground, obeys a law that
pervaded tbe koamoi; and it is equally
trne thu'. every hair in the bead of a
human being ia numbered. Tbe
growth and decay of empire, tUe
nirrning luster nf a dynanty and Its
fall from the sky before nconday j the
11 rut turning of a city tj the footsteps
ot a traveler suaichins lor its i ace.
which time baa hidden, nil proceed as
it ia ordered. The character ot science
attaches to our pursuits. The dilil
cnlty ot discerning the presence ol
law in the actions of rational being!
grows oat ol tbe infinite variety ot
lue movements ol the tinman will
nd of the motives by which it may be
wayeu. iu mo department ot tils tor y
the difficulty of judgment is dimin
ished, lor history deals with Ilia
past which is beyond the reach of
change. The dimemlng statesman
may forecast tbe character of coming
events, and form a plan of action with
a reaeonahle confidence in its wisdom ;
but the critic, who does not bring with
him tbe spirit of ciudid Inquiry, can
not comprehend the institutions that
lire forming themselves before his
eyes, lu all antiquity no true democ
racy exlhted a a government; yet our
national organization accepted ele
ments from the political organimtion
of tbe Gretks. It counts Christianity
among its sonrco?. It profited by the
experience of the Roman empire in
eetabl suing inter cit zsnship and do
mestic free trade. It ws essentially
imbnod with ttie spirit ( I tbe reforma
tion which rose op in Germany with
Lather, und was developed by Calvin
in France and in bwlf aoriand. It drew
from Knglaad ideas of personal liberty
nd elements suited to tbe form of
fovernment which it had to frame,
n its co'onlal period it derived from
its own experienco an opulence of
forms of representative government.
The American people have cause
t) be grateful to preceding generations
lor thsir Iara inheritances. Here is
no rale ol "the many;" it is tbe gov
ernment by the people, the govern
ment by ail. Were individuals or a
class to set themselves apart here
they would constitute only a sect. A
government that is leas than the gov
ernment by the entire people is a gov
ernment which the legislation will by
its very nature incline to the benefit
of claasoi. Tbe government of our
"new nation" is riuhtly described by
one of its greatest exponents rs
'gjvernment of tbe noople by the
people for the people." The singular
combination of tbe best elements of
the pftst in our institutions favored
our increase of territory. Our f itbors
eiprefgjd their vast aspirations in the
articles ot confederation. We never
extended our limits in the direction
which they pointed out; bat it was
not long bclcr we reached the Uull
of Mexii:o. When a foothold was of
fered to the United States in tbe Weet
Iadia Islands they, niter reflection, re
fused to plant their feet on the
richest of them all, and have
nevnr departed from the decision
not to enter the tropics. The complete
ness of the country was net established
till President of tbe United Slates
snccoeded by one treaty Tvlth Great
Britain and another with Mexleo to
enter into the peaceful possession of
the continent for sixteen degrees on
tbe Pacific. It was this settlement
which perfected the Union. From that
mo'iient its majesty and sglely rested
on the line of List and West ; and as
f r as the human eye can see we may,
in consequence, hold our Union in per
petuity. In the lint Congress slavery
bron r lit danger to the Union. Under
tbe Presidency of John Adams it tcok
steps f.ir an early dissolution; it was
quieted for awhile by Jefferson and
bis immediate successors, hut from the
moment that the country bad its vast
f tab inhnient on tho Pacific the dis
solution nf the Union became impos
sible. The will tf the people was
able ' to exact Us preservation,
but wlint an infinity cf p, wer
was necefsary to carry out thit will.
To r xprrt s ir, I adopt the worda ol an
Eogluth writer, who is a master ol his
own nol llar guaiP, thorough scholar
and honored as a hie:oi ian in both hem
ispheres: ' There are certain things,"
he tays, "which only deiaocia'y cn
execu'e. No monarch or privileged
order could have dared to take the
measures necessary to maintain the
Am.T.cvn Union. They would inlalli
blv have wrecked themselves in the
tffjit."- (Oceana, by James A. Froud,
rP. m 2.)
. We may ask, What is tbe spirit o!
government which saved i'B l (o by
its ir cm parable energy? D.!cauie
the United BUtss knew their constitu
tion ti be for them tbe ripened frnit
cf ti'tft tbey have never been propi.-
j,a..ii:H'. Washington, in tbe letter in
wliii:!i be declare in favor of republi
can government f -r the United NUt a,
iviu :.j his reafaou th".t no ether g!v-tra-neiit
is sui'od to their toc;l and
rini! I'.sl coud tion. The United
pft'ri h ive never impertutu d or er
courgyed others to adopt their pr-m j.
jlt o( : ivernment prematurely. Wt a
ol-if r trait-i belong to government by
the people ? Mont'iquie, ti e upr gt
miviir!', who, living undur tti
tlei-'-'iic ra'e, neveituilets-iueisUid
that by the e n tuition of France its
nrn vca not iuiuit, wnugut id trie
rcccrJa of hia'.orjr to eiircein the ten
dency of each great form of govern
ment, and he baa left his tiatinioriy
that "the spirit of monarchy is ar
and RsranJiz-ment; tlie fnirit of
a republic it peace and mod
eration," Ti:e nec-BBry cmiii
turns of the American Union consist
in lolut f ;u il t of rijihta anion?
the Sta'p. lc vai linr.1 for some cf
the original tliiit-tn to think that
Territories far in tl.einterir r should be
aVoiuie y filial wit'i the original
thirteen, and to te center cf power
w'll be u!;iuii:e!; tmm'erred to the
Wee', which wis then a wilderness:
bat the voice of dr,m and the
coacaela cf Inpe tireveited, and when
theoaly irresutd'.e cause of blIik
ooUm in car (OJtttty was removed,
there cmmJ j t any cause f ir dis
ect between the North and Sonth.
There aner aa and there never can
he a coil oa teteo the Wejt aod
the Kji-t. for thrr both alike wish
tbe btchari bteen the octane
' he fre, aoJ cy on.vereal content for
Uie lafcatunta from the retnottat
j point wbr Vltinc loaches Canada to
the tout sweaters lines of Ca'ifnrnia,
! from the cracM grove of Florida to
1 ie t:a t where the Pacific oean
dnnee :t deep tides ewiftly bftween
i iu w al! 4 bu'.t. there ia the one
aimpj riv ol inter-cmrership and
oiv-I ::m trade under a govern
rceat o! tae ptople by tbe people.
The peorxe ol the United Mates era
the nice conservative in tho world.
frr they cherish self government a4
the moot precious of pnsstsuons. They
make law deliberately, only alter
long r Section, and they only make
laws within lbs limit of their confuta
tion. From end to end of tbe
I nited states two houses of legislation
exist as the rule, and the Executive
possesses a veto. A constitution may
be charged only u'ter reference in
some term to every individual in the
community. If the question mty be
flaked, doea a king r a people
give tue most honest euppcr.
t) the institution which they
both have accepted, we tnuBt
turn to France for a reply. Once, in a
reconstruction of its government, a
Bourbon wra enthroned In France as
a constitutional king. The first i-u :
cesror to the throne, conspired ogtiiuot
the constitution and was driven into
exile, all the world pronouncing the
judgmont he Justly left, Nextcamelho
house ol Orltans, holding up the II ig
of monarchy that should be the bint
of republics. Its king, in many thinjig
a wise and faithful mun, yet made tl e
interests of his family paramount to
the interests of tbe nation, and in leg
islation obstinatuly refuted to extend
the f uUrage so as to conform it to the
principle on which he received tbe
crown, and he, to), having been false
to tbe principle on which he accepted
powor, provokrd an insurrection, and
on tbe fudirmentof mankind h dm-.
ly fell. A member of another
oynasty beinir called to thn
Presidency of the French re
public, reached at tbe Imnerinl crown
and carried France into an unequal
war with its neighbor, brincine utter
oeieat on nimseii and the heavier sor
rows and le ases on a generous land
which he had ruled. The form nf a
government of "the new nation" seems
to tho world to be but of yesterday;
and it is so; yet that this government
by the people, for the poople, is the
oldemt form of government now exist
ing in tbe civilized world this side of
the empire of tbe Cxars. Hince the
inauguration of Washington Poitugal
aud Bpain bnve pastel from iirespon
s bio monarchy to constitutional rule.
The republic of Holland has disap
peared. In France government by
tbe people exists by the deliberate
choice o! the nation. Germany, which
in the midJIo ot the latt century was
divided into hundreds of sovereign
tins, has formed itself into one con
solidated government with a Par
liament by universal suffrage. The
republic of Kosciusko has ntterly
perished. Switzerland has thrown
aside its medieval form of confede
iacy, and ia now a true government
by the people. It would be bard to
count the revolutions which the
Grand Ducby cf Austria has under-
?one within the last ninety-six years,
taly, thank God, has become one.
The United Kingdom Is revolution
ized. The caeeol England is simply
this: Its King and its church long
time ago brnko from the Roman Stw.
Many men of the people accepted the
reformation. Englishmen, including
dissenters, were driven, through a se
ries of conflicts, to the attempt to
found a giveroniont of the people by
tho people. The attempt was prema
ture, and fulled. Tbe court again con
spired against the rights of English
men. The people, especially the die- j
eentere, kept themselves in the back
ground, and in intrnrted tbe
conduct of a new British revo
lution to the aristocracy. The
price taken by their aristocia-y
for success was tbeir own
nil but absolute rule of Great Britain.
Tho House ol Commons became mas
ter ol the king, and that master of the
king was elected chietly on the dicta
tion of tho majority of the landowners.
Tbe system was secure'd by bringing
in a new dynasty, which bad only a
parliamentary title to the crown.
This wiw the resolution of
l!!8. The aristocracy of England
Seemed to have founded its (.ower
upon an everlas'ing rock; but tbe
great expansion of industry and com
merce and the subsequent accumula
tion of wealth Boon compelled them to
mnke a place by their side for tbe
moneted centers. Commerce and
industry went on; in due timo
tbe example of tho Unite States had
its influence in the world. France ex
cited rivalry by once more entering
upon tbe career of a free S ate. At
last tb reform of the British Home
ol CommoiiR tiegun. the next the corn
laws wore reenled ; then science, by
its BUcce'ssful inventions, almost anni
hilated tho cost of transportation of
articles wheat among the rest - from
c 'ntinent to continent, so that land in
England lost its high value, the value
bosiB rn which tbe rule of the British
landholders rested began to totter,
and now, in the fullness of lime, the
llouso ol Commons, which is the
ruler ot the United Kingdom,
him taVen itself out of the hands of
the landowners, and placed itself in
tho keeping of the British and Irish
people. The United Kingdom, with a
.Ministry dependent for its existence
on tho House Commons, is cboscn by
the people, nnd Britain approaches
more nnd more nearly to government
by the people, for the people. Tho
United tStulcs of to-day nrv. now the
chief home of tho English-speaking
population of the world, for in nil
their English is tho language of the
people of l0 OlHOi 0. Canada stivtchi-s
along their border; a straight line from
England to Australia would cross their
domain; Newfoundland, New Bruns
wick ami Nova Scotia Hank them on
the east; the Bermudas mid Bahamas
are anchored near tlcir doors A gen
'ral representation of all who speak
the English tonnue would find in the
United States the central place most
convenient for their meeting
At the conclusion of the address the
following letter was read from Leopold
Von Banke, tbe venerable historian
of Berlin, in reply to a letter from
President George Bancroft a.-king him
to consent to become an honorary
member of the Association :
To tho Prcnident ot I lie Ame'io'ii Hi'l'.ric!
A-fociation, Mr. lieore Uaocrult, in
In reply to your kind communica
tion, 1 gratefully accei t the jxsition
of an honorarp nu'inber in the useocia
tion to which 1 have liee-U elected. It
gives me great satisfaction to belong
to a society mirsuinir the same aim
beyond tbe ocean that we on this side
aro striving to achieve. Such un ty
ol studies binds together people wide
ly set united, yet allied by ancient
kinship It filla me with especial joy
to s-e Mr. George Bancroft, one; of tho
masters in our science, extending bis
hand to me from afar i
limn who, during his resi
donee in Berlin, bound me
to himself by ties of reverential
friendship. Accept my hearty senti
ments of respect and honor,
BKiti.iif, February 14, 1881.
After the rcadini; of several inter
esting papers tbe meeting adjourned
until evening, when several interest
ing papers were read.
Tbe Closing Out Sale of B.
Lowenstein & Bros.' Shoe De
partment is attracting large
Attempted Mtarder and Halelde.
Nkw YonK, April 27. A (mortal to
the llnrM from Galveston says:
About 5 o'clock last evening two
brothers, John and Edward Burke,
proprietors of a grocery he-re. became
engaged in a quarri'l about a liorso, in
tho course of which John drove his
knife into the left side of Edward's
throat, severing v ins and arteries,
ami indicting a wound of about two
inohi's in length. John, realizing the
fearful crime he had committed,
rushed into the 'store, picked up a
derringer, planed tbe muzzle over his
right eye, pulled tho trigger nn.l sent
a bullet crashing into his bruin, in
flicting a wound from which Im is
now dying. Edward's wound, while
regarded us extremely dangerous, it is
bejievod will not provo fatal.
In Hie Wear Old ln.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all tho Fame on the de
sirableness of a fine head rf hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
nnd ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Bib am will make you
look as you did in the dear dd days.
It ia worth trvinir. Thn nnlv ntnrwim-ri
50 cents article for the bair.
Produce Exports al Mew Yei at.
Nkw York, April 27. The total ex
ports of produce from this port elurinir
tho post week nre valued at Jt),5(i8,(i8i!.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never Turlei. A marvel ot
rorliv, itrenith and wholinomeneit. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be (old In eompolitlon w!.h tbe
multitade ol low teit, nbuii wciehtsluip or
tihoii'hate powilen. Sold only imcani. Km At
Uiimo Pnwnaa On., left Wofl .t .N.wYrrk.
Forty l'carg a SnlTerer from
" FOR FORTY YKARS I have been a vic
tim to CATARKU-thrno-fourtxii of the time
TRIL3. Tbe diacbargos were to offensive
that I heallate to mention it. exneot inr the
aood it mar do aome other aufierer. I have
spent a roun fortune from inj earninaa
OQrinf mr fort? rears or ruoerins to obtain
roliaf I rota the dootors. I hao tried pa'ent
aiadlxlnea-everr one I could learn of Irom
the foar eornart of the eaith, witi no relief.
Ant AT LAST (f7 rear ef an) have met
with a retne r that baa cured me entirely
made me a new man. I writhed lt pounds,
and now waif h ltd. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and tbe onlj regret 1 have
la. that beina in the humble wa'ks of liio I
mar not hate influence to preTail on all ca
tarrh aullercrs to use what has cnied me
Gnlna's Pioneer Blood Kenewer.
" No. 267 Eeoond street, Macon, U."
" Mr. Ilenrr Cheves. the wrller of the
aSoTe, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Micuo, (la., merit the confidence of ail ia
UreiUdln caurrh. w. A 11' KK,
" Ki-Mayor of Slaoon."
Ualan's Pioneer Itlood Eenewer.
Cures alt Blood and Pkln Diseases. Rhouma-t-iiti,
Hirrotula, Old Bores. A perfeol spring
If not in your market, it will be forwarded
on receiptor prioe. bmall bottles, tl, large,
II 5
Essay on Blood and Skin Direatei mailed
Macon, Wear. let.
praoua seeking; Government Em
rloyment la any ot the department kl
nuhlngton, or any other petitions nndt
theUorernment, I will send full Instruction
at to how to lroreHl to obtain the same,
and Blank rnrma of Application on
receipt ol One Dollar. AUOroaa JOHN
IV KIIKUit. jMk.kw sua i-t.,-
m m vaH
.,DyAh,..nitf It Ciimt in .'KMoiO-i.t
liv I)r Ii..m. l-.i Kl.iriu4ii' t 'u.
IICTniM ttllnnlHlnVIV 1.1 .-.Ul
a" othf r. lS-rt-rt Rrl..iH-r. wont niflM or
Ai,'lyilhfiw Ai-otntort Curviin.rarmulr J.
lllll..lll N V indhiilH.l.niUM ls....n from
MAChttlO ttS.TllU.'gC0.3l2 N. 6th st SSLeunu
WftfaTTn AQKNTS.Menand Womet
BIDLK " Introduction by Rev. J. ti. Vit
cent, D.D. One nt has sold rVS in a towi
ot ti74 people; ono7J in avillare ol 794; ont
new agent do In It) days i one ttvl in sucoea
aiTe weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two diLorant
times. Eiperience not necessnrv Address
CASSKLh A 00. (L't'd),
10 Pearbora street Cuicaio.
Wholesale Dealer and Pnblishers,
Bole AxenU fcllow'ni Virtt-CIasi ImtramtnUi
Write for fVloimi. ow. 223 nnd aa KF:rM NT.. tfF.Hr PHI'
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. 303 Main Street, Gayoaa mock.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompaiw,
MEMPHIS HRANf!TT omc" bohiis; work.8iociio
JliO -UXfcAU Depotaud IcubuDM, curtain A Aaein
S. ROESCHtR. Agent, Memphis, Tens.
itiilee In 1883, SttO.OOO Rarrrls Nnl of NxraphU Branch, 100,000 Hei;.
Waloe In lti. Snet.OOO KHrmU.
tin nni ini a
Siocessors to POKTER, TAILOR t CO,
wiioidESAiiij osoemxes.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission erchanU
TSTo. 11G Monlli Slain St.. St. JCnnL-
And Commission Llerchants,
20 and 2C2 Front St.. Memphis. Tenn.
L. D. MULLIS8, ot laU J. B. Godwin k Co. JAS. YONQK. laU of J, W. Caldwell k Ot
Cotton Factors & Com mission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Row. Cor. Front and Union. Hemphls.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
yo. 306 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
STEii, mm & go,,
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
Oils e&3 HXTX"v-o,l Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Term,
CO.,261 ST
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas 83.00 Calf Shoos
In Button, Lace and Congress.
Illnttrated Catalogue and Price-Lift
Mailed Froe on aiiplioation.K
U. 17. MACKAK.
j tenors
,oi.-I?er.lil-nt Kotlee.
No. 82I9 la the Chancery Court of
Irbeloy county. Tenn. state ot Tcnr.efsce
Uit the of the city ol Memphis va. W.
E. Butler i al.
It appearing in ra h amended hill (W-d in
this cauhe Ihnr (lot'-n(i-nis, the ht-.rs of Cnrrie
N. Wood.dee'd; " I W. K. K iio:t. dee'd : of
Angelo tinhrino, dc'd ; of Or.i-s. Karwickle,
dee'd; otJubn -lork. den'd; ot Aogut L-e-br,
des'd; 01 M rr I.'niirl, d;'d: ol krl
tie llruncr, (!-M; ol llrid.ct O'Xeil. ..ee'd;
ot i-'red J,Jn:er, d-e'd : of Itoiicrt foro?-gin.dt-cd;
11. T B. It-jnol-l, di-c'd: 1 1 u.
il. Cow. n. dre'd: of KM" n IVul.h, dee'd: of
A. t'ohn, dee'd ; ol Ann M. lUldwiu, doe'd ;
ot J l'uci Al-xauder. di-c'd; ot" laledoni.-i
JJrown, dee'd ; of P. J Murray, dee d : of
r.liit'e h C. Ilirrid. dee'd: o1 Win, I'olii,
dee'd; ol i:-rtha I'crry. dee'd; ot ri. 11.
iiIdrtR, J. c'.i : and of A. V an Drork'yn,
ana or r . I. Ilu'-n, nci I'ett-r lieonard.
and Mrs. h. lit wiiiun, ate un
known, and whu-o nnmes( ard places
of roiidenc. ennnitt ba aecertained nnon dil
igent inquiry wide; and that the placet of
re4idcnc. of A. n llrucklyn. r. 1'. Dunn,
Mrs. u. late Wilnn, i'eu-r Leonard, Angelo
Oabrino, L'hif. Karwinkle, John, Andrew,
Mary and Margaret C'urrell, Jihn Hock,
Mary Leonard, Untie liruner. Joseph Mit
Icr, A. W. Miller, Thos. and R. (i. Miller,
Nancy J. Alexander, Bridget 0' Veil, Fred S.
Pa ruer. Kocert Scrozgin, T. B. Reynold,
tl. 11. Cowan, Ann M., Alt r., i-lia Louise,
Joe and Virginia llouah. Ellen Walsh. A.
t'ohn, Ann M. Baldwin, James Alexander,
Caledonia Brown, V. J. Murray, hliiabeth
C. Harris, Win. Po'k and Martha Berry, are
nnknownlandicannot be ascertained upon dil
igent inquiry: and this suit is brought to en
force a nen for taxes due tho city or Mem
Dhi on the lollnwinr Carroll of around ii
aid city, in which said parties or their heirs
are interested or own, in the orders in which
th.T are named above: Lots 311. 411 and 41
In block 10:; lot' 1U and 11 in block 37; lot 37
in oioca 11; 101 10 in oioca o,, jjomuo street;
lot .7, block 1'', Orleans n. ; part lot 2 In
block Id, on Elliott st. : part lot M, Onyoro
St., 200 feot east of Desoto at.; lot 24, in
block 1, setissiaaippi av. ; io's 3 ond 4, in
block Itf, Carolina St.; lor z. In Olock 41,
Ninth at.: lota 35 and 36, Fort Pickering;
lot 32. in block 0. Fort Pickerinr: Dirt co.
lot 4DI, at interie-tion Old and Kow Madi
son ; lots 4 and ti, in block 107, hay bum uv. ;
lots 31 and 35, in block II, rort Pickering;
lot SO. in block 13, Jackson St.: lot 9, block
2!, Fort Pickering; lot 21. to block in,
Broadway it.; lots 23, 21 anil 2), in block 7,
Fort Pickering; and that Francis White,
Martin Griffin and Clara t'ordes and W. 11.
Brown, are non-reeidenU of the S:ate of
lennessee :
It is therofo-e ordered. That they make
their appearance herein, at the courthouse
01 Mielliy county, in Memphis. Tenn., on or
Detore tbe drsl Alonday in illay, lfo, and
plead, answer or demur to conipUinaDt's
atnnndod bill, or tbe same will be taken for
confessed as to them and set for hearing ex
parte; ana mat a copyot ton order be pub
lished 1 nee a w on, f r lour eu-cssfive
week, in the Memphis Appeal, 'ihia 'Ma
day ot .March, lfWH. A copy atto't:
ti-1. MoDOWELL, U'erk and Mr-stor.
Br J. M- Hrdler. PeDuty 0. and M.
Met'-nlf A Walker, Ho'. for comi l'nt. wed
Kon.liPHltlPnt Koltcf.
No. COU'i, R. D. In tho Chancery Court ol
pneitiy county, Aonn. Mate or lennes
iio, for its own uo, etc., vs. W. A. Collier
et nl.
It ai-pearing from bill which i' sworn to in
this cuii-e that the defnnduutfi, W . U. Black,
in a Toiacnt ot l.ouiMHiia; thst hfill'e und
lieinbtrt irczevjnt are resident of Mifii--
aioni nnd eon-residonLs ot 'lonnoon! thur
Joseph 11. thoate is a Don-re.-nli nt of Ten
neHee: tnat ttie plnce ot residonce of (;. r
a dae & Co., or i he surviving pwrtnursof aid
firm are unknown nnrl CHnniH be aFcertitined
atter diligei t lnou ry: tint Jo-euh W ilde.
exocutor, and Caroline Wilde, executrix ol
J . M. Wilde, datura UoWit Wilde nnd Kobt.
L. Wilde. executors. Harriet R. Wilde, si.
eoulrix of Jas. Wilde, jr., nnd Joseph Wilde
are residents ot isew torK and non-rcsi-dents
of Tennessee; and that the names and
placos of residence of Frederick S. Kirt-
land s heirs, made parties on account ol
their interest in lota 41 and 42, Coopei subdi
vision, are unknown and cannot be ascer
tained after diligent inquiry: that James
Ddiris a resident ot Ohio; that W. T. Kd-
re on ds Is a rosident nf Arkansas; that Ber
tha. Augusta and F. E. Pleln ond J. :F.
Rodel are residents of Indiana: thatJ. T..
John and Lucy Oliver are residents of Mis
sissippi ; that Charles Wiley is a resident ol
Missouri; that the places of residence ot
Jonr,a Roe and the names and placea of resi
dence of the heirs of Jonas Roe are unknown
and cannot be ascertained alter diligent in
quiry, and are made defendants on account
ol their interest in lot 5 on Hernando road.
13x118 feot; tlit the place of r'Sidonce of
Lewis Scolt, Oaorsa IV. Neol and F. C.
blnughter are unknown and cannot be ascer
tained aftor diligent inquiry, and Mattie
Spain are all nnn-resldcnts of TcnnesFoe;
that F. P. liunn is a resident of Arkansas ;
that Klixibotb Van Broeklin is a resident ot
hew York, and all noa-residonts of tbe State
of Tennessee this being a suit to enforce
tax leina against said property:
It is therefore ordered. That all said par
ties make their apioarance ho-eir, at the
Court-House of Shelby countv, in Meuiphix,
Tenn., on or before the first Monday in May,
lKfeti, and plead, answer or demur to com
plainant's bill or the name will be taken for
con tossed as to them aod set for hearing ex-
riarte; and that a copy of this order be pun
ished once a woek for four successive weeks
In the Memphis Aopeal. This 31tt duy ot
jnarcn, 1000.
8. 1. McDOWELL, C'erk and Master.-
By J. M. Bradley. Deputy C. and M.
Heiskell & Jordan, tiolicitorss for com
plaicants. th
5on-Resltlent Notice.
No. 6100. In the Chancery Court of Phelhy
county, Tennessee The 8tte of Tennes
see and County of Shelby ts. A. A. Liu
renoe et al.
It appearing from the bill which is sworn
to in tms caue that the defendants, Jaoob
and Isadora Kaufman, rainori", and Simon
Stum, trustee, are residents of State of New
York; Mmie and Minnie Kaufman, minors,
residents of Dakota Territory; Mrs. Bessie
Whitfield, widow, and one minor son, name
unknown, heiri of F K. Wbitfteld, ir., de
ceased, residonts ot the State of Mississippi ;
Olive Latham and Mary Lathtm, residents
of the State of Indiana Mrs. Klspa McKay,
resident of the htate of Alabama: Beverly
D. William'. Mary E. and Wra. M. Sidel,
minors, residonts of the State of Arkansas)
J. J. Berry-in an, E. J. Herryman, liroaddus
Berryman. Will H. Perkins, JeBcrson K.
Cole and wife, Cole, residents of thn State
of Texas; M. T. Ryder, trustee, Bon May,
trustee, Edwnrd Walsh, residents of the Male
of Missouri; Caroline M.Pnsroore, a resident
of the btitte oi Indiana; 1. At. r-lournoy, a
resident of the Mat of Kentucky; Brown
Ayers, F. W. Sra th, execut-r of estate of
H. U. Hmith, decased, resident! of the
State of Lou:fiina, and all non-residents of
the State if Tennossee; the residences of
Anna P. Meux, J. IU hastonhead and Mi
chael Flynn and J. D. Oanburry are un
known, and cannot he ascertained alter dili
gent inquiry, and the names and residences
of thehoirs of Rufue K. Tnrnage, deceased;
M. L. Saunders, deoeased: J. D. Davs,
trustee, deceased: Weston White and Agnoi
Norvell, deceased, are unkn wn and can
not be ascertained after diligent inquiry.
Tbia bill .is filled to collect buck taxes due
the rotate and county on various lots owned
by the above parties and other parties.
It ia therefore ordered. That they make
their appearance herein at the Court-House
of Sholby Oiunty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, 188i, and
plead, answer or demur lo complainaat bill,
or the same wdl be taken tor con'essed as
to them and seb for hearing ex pirte; and
that a oopy of this order be published once
a week for four successive weevs in the Ap
peal. Thi' 31 t day ot March, 18S3.
A copy Attest:
S. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy 0. and M.
Lee Thorntoa and K. D. Jordan, aoliniton
for Complainant. thu.
luMelvent Notice.
No. 5479 R. (. State of Tennessee, 6helby
county, Untoe ot tovnly uourt uierK, mem
phis, Tennessee, March 20, 1836 To John
Loague, Pnblie Administrator, of Shelby
county, and as such Administrator ot the
estate nf W. T. Pryor, doceosed:
HAVIN& suageeted the Insolvency of the
estate of W. T. Prvor. deceased, you are
hereby ordered to give notice, by advertise
ment in some newspaper published within
the said State, and also at the Court-House
door ol Shelby county, for all persons having
claims against said estate, to appear and filt
the same, anthenticated in th manner pr
scribed by law, on or before the let day o.
July, lfMri. and any claim not filed on or bt
fore said day, or before an appropriation c
the funds of said estate is made, shall be for
ever barred, both in law and equity. Wit
ness my hand, at office, this 3nth dayi,
March, 1SS6. UCOH B. CULLKN, Clark.
U,- ti. i.. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
Notice is hereby givin as required by th
foregoing notice.
wed JOHN LOAOUE. Administrator.
fton-KeDident Notice.
No. 6M6, R. D. In th Chancory Court of
Shelby eoun y, Tenn. State of Tannessse,
etc, vs. Patrick Coonry tal.
It anpearing from bill sworn to in thia
cause that Ue names nnd place of residence
of th heirs it J. W. Wewott, made defen
danU on account of interest in lot46,east
side of Chickasaw street, 1st ward of city of
Memphis: and the heir of A. F. Sheldon
and of J. L. batTarans, made partie' on ac
count of interest in part." of lots 175 and 176,
between Mam and Second st'eets, 1st ward,
city of Memphis, are unknown and cannot
be ascertamea a'ter diligent inquiry; this
being; a suit to enforoe tax liens;
It is therefore ordered. That they mnke
their appearance herein, at the oourthouse
of Shelbv oninty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the Bt Monday in Ma,y, IKSti, and
plead, answer or dmur to complainant'
bill and petition, or the same will be taken
lor contossed as to them and se for hearing
ex parte: and that a copyot this order be
pab'irhed once a week, for four successive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. This 31st
day of March. 1 A oopy-attest:
S. I. McDdWELL, Cierk a d MaJteT.
2 H- il V'h Deputy Clerk and Ma. tor.
F. 11. k C. W. ileukell, Sols, for com
plainant, tha
Jion-Bt!dent KoUce.
No. fiffT, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tenn.-State ot Ten Les
see, tor its own use, .to., vs. Laura T.
Moore et al.
It appearing from bill wrich is sworn to 'n
this enure that the d tendinis, Joseph II.
nil, is a resident of irwa: i hut Benjamin
Mcrritt, executor of H. F. 'lopping, de
ceased. i a reeident of lew lork; that
IinviuP. Davis, Victoria J. Burrows, 0. f.
Bu-rows, John A. ond Annio K. Kirny are
residents of if'unii pi ; iha' Km, S. Ilnr
ri.'oo and J. O. Cole lire rwi .'euts of Ken-tui-kv:
that Alfred D. Lindsay ie a res dent
nf Minouri; tha'. Tho i ns Alien is a
ro-tde. t of Texas; thr.t J. W. and II. W.
rliuu are residents of Louisiana; that Oeor
fi nnd truetus bn.nlan are residents of
Arkai.eas. and all non-rei'dents of the fctat.
oi lenoojsee; nnd thut Jennie and Chor es
Jones are ioa-re4'deits of 'leone'eea. and
th.t the i laces of rei-idcnce of Laura T.
Aloorc, Lnttiva V. Anderoon, Edward Fa
gius, Lnui84 Oree'y, h.ncy Jeter, Wm. S.
Catron and Joseph Brooks, trustee, are un
known and cannot be ascertained after di:i
centi'quiry; and that the names and place
j.f residence of tho heirs of Jams B. Rag
lund, (fecsased, made parties on account of
tbeir interest in lot 2, Rutland tract, Dunlap
avenue; and that tha names and places of
residence nf tbe heirs ot Anna Bell, de
ceased, made part-es on aceountof their in
terest in lot 42, BnrUnd aubdTi'ion; and
th tlhe names and plaoea of residence of
tbe heirs of John Bell, jr . deceased, made
parties on account of interest in south half
lots 8 and 9, 1'hilliiu subdivision; and that
the names and places of residence of the
heirs ot Joseph J. Davie, deceased, mads
parties jn account ot interest in lot 42, south,
s de of kerr avenue; and that the names
and places of residence nf the heiri of Ash
burry Warren, deceased, made parties oa
account of inter, t in lot 30, Cooper subdi
vision, are hII unknown and oannot be aa
eeriamed after diligent inquiry, this being a
suit to enforce tax liens ;
It is therefore ordered. That said partial
make tbeir appearance herein, at the Court-llou-e
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn.,
on or before the first Monday in Mny. lHmi,
and plead, answer or demur tocoraplainanl'a
bill, or (be same will betaken fir confessed
as to them and set for hearing ex pane; and
that a copy of this order be published oncea
week for tour successive weeks in the Mem
phis Apperl. This Slat day of March, lbUo.
A copy Attest:
S. 1. MoDOWEI.L. Clerk snd Master.
By J. M. Brudley, Deputy (I. and M.
llui-kell ilc Jordun, tolicrtors for com
plainant. th
Xon-ftet-lilr-iit Kuthe.
6041, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
She brtonnty, 1 nn. The Stite nf Ten-
nefsee nnd county oi Shelby vs. Win.
Becknrd et al.
It appearing Irom the bill which ia sworn
to in this causo thnt 'ho dofendiint Wm
Worshatn, heir nf J J W'orcbum, deceased:
K Ruyner and V B Greenlaw, residemsof
the State ot Texas; Caroline W Kolie.irt. a
resident of the State ot Ohio; W W O'Noil,
S P Large and J N Ltrge, lesidenti of tho
State ot rennsylvnniu; Minor Meriwether,
a rosidout of the Stale ot Missouri, and all
non-reidents of tie State of Tennessee:
that the residences of the unknown heirs of
Robert 0 Adams, deceased- Wm Bridge
water, Wm Moore, loderiok Falouer, Jore'
in i ii h, Himniib nnd A len Mo.Suiilh, J Oli
ver JlcMiilih, Olivor J Mor-niitli, of the un
known heirs of Henry Blackwood ; Mrs Mary
J Mitchell, t-e unknown heirs of J W
Cowg li, trustee, doco inpd ; Joseph Mitchell,
John M Thompson, J M Dickson, J J
Pleasant, Itenrnidine Ncff, nf the unknown
heirs of T C lJustnmn nnd of John Sorrells,
decriifed; Hubert F. Dickons, of the repre
sentatives ol the Bank of Mornphis of tho
unknown heTH oi Allen Camp ell and Seth
J. Wnfidoll : Mary E Andomon, Martha C.
Siiundor-, the heirs of J M Williams, de
ceased : J W Carry, the unknown heirs of
J H McClure, deceased, er.d of II J Posey,
deceased; of M J orchard, deceased; ef
teo D ckFon, decea'ed; Agnes A Paltereon,
Robert Craig, FT Davis, Lowi-i Craig, trustee,
heirs of SF Low; of John II Fletcher, of
William A Holl, oeceased. of K II Brooks,
deceased, of Alfred and Honr. Howard, of
W D Powel, trustee, and llr. N J Hubbard, are
unknown and cannot be asoertained after
diligint incuiry. This bill ia filed to collect
Slate and county taxos due on various lota
owned by the above-named parties and
other parties.
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the Court-IIous.
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on
or before tbe tirst Monday in May, 88o, and
Elead, answer or demur to complainant's
ill, or the same wi l be tiken fi r cooleseed
as t'l thein and set lor hearing ex parte: and
tnat a copy of this order be published once a
week, for four successive weeks, in the
Memphis Appeal. This 31st day of March,
18S6. A copy attest.
8. 1. MoDO W KLL, Clerk and Mn'tsr.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Lee Thornton, Sot, lor comp'ainnnt.
Aon-ttesidtmt Notice.
No. 45S, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tenn, state ot Teinesie.
vs. i. F.Jones etnl.
ltsppearing from tbe sworn amended na-
tilion in this cause that tho defendants,
Fannie J. (irnpnUw. W. Tt. tlrn.nlaw. Ki li
J. Davis,?. M, Davis, Anna Greenlaw and
Katie Bell Greenlaw, are residents of ih.
btate oi Texas:
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their aiinaarano. herein, at the cnnrlhou.A
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn on or
betore tbe flrst Monda In May, lHHei, and
Jlead, answer or demur to complainant's
ill, or th-. same will be taken fur confessed
as to tnem ana set lor Hearing ex parte; and
that a coar of this order be nublished ones a
week; far lour successive weeks, in th.
Memphis Appeal. This 29th day of March,
1886. A oopy attest:
0. I. McUOWKLii, Clerk and Master.
By H. Walsh, Depnty t.'lork nnd Master.
Motcalf k Walker and L. Lamb, Sols, for
complainant. tues
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 6293, R.D. Tn the Chancery Court of
Shelby county. Tenn. -btate of Tennessee,
use, eto , vs. li. W, Brooks et al.
It annaurinff frntn amended retltinn . of
L. Lambi receiver, in this eause that the de
fendants El tabeth L. Topp, is a resident ot
St. Louis, Mo., and a non-resident of the
State of Tennessee, and II. W. Brooks is a
non-resident of the State of Tennessee;
1'. is therefore ordered. That they make
their nriiearance horein. at the conrt-house
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the tirst Monday in May, 1&H6, and
pleadi answer or demur to complainants'
bill, or the same w il be taken for confessed
as to them and sel for hearing ex parte; and
that a copy of this order be published once a
week, for four succes-ivo weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal. This 20th day of March, 1886.
A copy Attest;
S. I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H F. Walsh, Deputy C. and M. a
lie teal f A Walker and R. M. Heath, soli.
for complainants. ,
Kon-Ret-ltlent Notice.
No. SPA (1), R. D In the Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tenn. B. P. Anderson,
Commissioner, vs. Henry li. Smith et al.
It appearing from the petition which is
sworn to in this cause that the defendants.
Fred W. Smith, is a resident of Louisiana;
Mr. Harriet E. Smith, Louise None and El
len F.Nooe areh-esidents of Kentucky ; Ashbel
S, Kititredir is .resident of California, and -Caroline
Kittredge is a resident of Connect
icut,, and all are non-residents ot the btate
of Tennessee:
It is therefor ordered. That they make
their appearance herein, at the courthouae
of Shelby c unty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the flrst Monday in May, 1SS6, and
LI. ad, answerer demnrtothe petition of L.
a rob herein filed, or the sanoe will be taken
lor oontessed as to them and set for hearing ,
ex parto; and that a copy of this order be
published nnoe a week, for foar successive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal, 'ihis&ltb.
day of March, 18H6. A copy attest:
S. I. MoDOWJELL, Cierk r.nd Mns'er.
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Metcalf A Walker and L, Lamb, Sols, for
oroplainant. tue
Non-Kegltlent Notice.
No. 5t27, R.D-In tho- Chanoery Court of
Shelby county, Teun. Stat ot Tennessee
vs. A. Stein et nl.
It appearing from the bill which is swora
to in this cause, that tee residence of the de
fendants. SarahL. Laird and Chaa. Mciihee.
ia unknown, and cannot bo sscertaioed al
ter diluent inouirv; and that Joseph Flan
nrry is a residentot the Stat- of Tennessee;
It is therefore ordered, Thit they toak.
their appearance herein, at the courteous,
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on r
before the first Monday in May, 1886, and
Elead, answer or demur to the paction of L.
amb filed herein, or tha same will be taken,
fur confessed as to them and set lor heariue;
ex parte; and that a cony of this order be
published once a week, for four successive
weeka, in the Memphis Appeal. This 2Sth
day ot March, lRHri A copy-a test:
S. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy dork and Matter.
Metoali A Walker and L. Lamb, Sols, for
oaplainant. tues
Kon-Ifesltlent Notice.
No. S2!9 (130), B. D. In the Chancery Court
of Shelby county. Tenn. State of Tennes
see, etc., rs. W. E. Bntler.
It appearing from affidavit in 'his cans,
that th defendants, C. C. Clay. W. H. bto
vall, Gus. A. ilenry. K. T. Wilson, John B.
Leech, Spramie Sou'e A fV., W. H. Ste
phens, M. H. Martin and Xia cellus McDa
Titt, Executor of E. McUavitt, are noa-resi-dents
of the State of Tennecsee:
It is therefore ordered, That they m-ka
their appearance herein, at the courthouse
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on
or before the first Monday m May, 1S.S6, and
le:d, answer or demur to complainant'
amended bill, or the Same will be taken for
oonfe-fod as to them and set lor bearing ax
f arte; and that a copy "f this order be pun
ished once a week, for tonr successive
weeks. In the Memphis Appeal. This 2Uth
day of Marc. HPS. A copy-attest ;
8. 1. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By U. F Walsh. Deputy Cle'k ard Master.
Smith A Collier and la. Lamb, Sols, for
eomplainfttt.k tael

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