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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 28, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Firm Klddling-, S 7 Sc
Sales Yestcrdij, 2250
The money market remains quiet
at 8 per cent for bankable paper. Lo
cal securities steady all through the
list, but Mississippi and Tennessee
railroad aharea excited and advancing,
on rumors of the sale of the road to a
powerful corporation. The cotton mar
ket was firm ; sales, 22oO bales. The
New York spot market closed steady,
middling 9c. Of the future market
C L. Greene & Co.'s report on cotton
says: "Futures were not essentially
changed. Swapping May into later
months constituted about the entire
business, the noticeable feature of the
situation being the absence of news
paper speculation deals. Some cover
ing, however, took place, and the
shorts were a 1 ttle nervous over the
-steadiness at Liverpool and the possi
ble influence of the overflows reported
from the Mississippi.
At New Orleans snots closed firm
and l-l(ie higher, middling 8Jc; fut
ures steady and 2 to 3 'points higher,
May 8 82(58.84c. The Liverpool spot
tnarket was reported steady and in
fair demand, middling 5 1-ltld ; futures
steady and l-10d higher, April 5.5d.
Receipts here yesterday, 155 bales;
total this season 528,015 bales, atiainst
421 ,44:5 forsame period last year. .Stock,
74,389 bales. In the general market
egjs are easier and selling at 10llc.
No other features of note.
One hundred and twenty f ks bran,
54 pkgs butU;r, 47 pkgsbaeon, 41 pkgs
boots and shoes, 1 pkg cheese, 1 cur
cotton seed, 1 48 Bks cotton-seed, lO.'t
pkgs dry goods, 45 pkps eggs, 747
brU flour, 15 pi'gs hats, 2U hd horses
and mules, 3'))ks lard, 18,000 ft lum
ber, 74 pkgs liquors, 25 brls meal, 8
brls mola'ses, ftl br s sugar, and 80
pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange to day : Wheat,
none received withdrawn, 9!0 bush
els: in store, none. Corn received,
2535 bushels; "withdrawn, 5951 bush
els; in store, 10,0.0 bushels. Oats
received, nne; withdrawn, US8 bush
els; in store,' 1568 bushels.
Madison tit, Memphis, Tenn.,
av'orrrpn1rnre (elicited. Iaftir
MintloH cheerfully rnrnlhHt.-
Money in goid demand at 8 per cnt
Th Clearing-House report is as fol
lows: t CLEARING,
Tuesday, A piil 27ih, f 100 09155;
thus far tais wfek, f 417,510 9 J; some
timsluft wk. $447,692 60; same t;me
in 188-, $276,280 44 ; same time iu 1884,
$308,C0j b2. .
Tufsdny. Apiil 27r, !3!) 991 43;
thus far this week, $102,558 00; same
tiui lust week, 199,055 2d; same time
in 1885, $rG,200 07; same time in 1884,
100,509 71.
New 'York eight on til points, par
buying, premium Belling; New
England demand, discount buying;
New Eoiflsnd sight, discount; New
Orleans, discount buying, par selling.
Bank ofConimerce... 148 bid, 10 asked
First Ma'lonal 145 bid, 15i asked
German&jnk 192 bid, 2fK)arked
Wats National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and PlanturF-148 bid, 15it a iked
Mercantile Bank... IS j bid, 137 aiked
Bluff Citv
...70 bid, 75 aked
..100 bid, ... asked
..80 bid, 82 asked
Pbcenix .
Memphis City.
Iifinando.-.. ,
101 bid.lOnaiked
..98 bid, 100 asked
102 hid, 104akpd
...22 bid, 24 a-ked
..100 h'd. ... atkeH
..30 bid. 35skid
20 asked
M. andC console, 7t...U5 hid, ...asked
M. & L. K 1st m.8..'0S bid, ir.'rs'ed
Mies, it T R.R.cs.A, 121 bid, 122 aekod
Mies&T.R.!R.c,B, 104 bid, lORJaoked
Tenn. w's.ser. 0 97 bid.flSjtsVei
Hbtdhv Cj. bonds... Uti bid 107 askel
Tax. Diar. 4, 6e 93 bid, 94 asked
Tax. Pist.ei 10 i bid, 102askfd
Mem. sjtor. Oom.Co.109 bid, 1 1 1 a ksr
Mem. Gas stcck 75 b d, 77 ailed
Mem. Gaebin s 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bond-. ..96 bid, ... sked
Hanaocr Oil Works... bid. 5J nominal
New Vork, Aril 27. Money on call
easy at l(t$2 per cent. Prime mer
cantilo paper, 4o. Sterling exchange
dull but steady at 4S6J fortO days and
488 fordemand.
Bonds Governme t bonds were
quiet but steady, f tnte bonds were
neglected and heavy. Railroad bonds
were in fair demand. Sales, 11,292,
0X0. la most cases moderate ad
vances were established.
Stocks IThe only prtunineut fea ure
to the stock market is the indisposi
tion on the, part of operators to trade.
The business to-day was smulktr than
at any time since the early part of last
July, nnd the onlv semblance of ac
tivity was displayed in Reading, wh eh
sold down to 281 without the align
ment of any special reaon. It rallic
however, in the last hoar and closed
at 201, a net loss of 1J. Some idea of
the condition of the. market mar bl
obtained by the stateniect that the
extreme fluctuation of near! j all stocks
on the list was only J to J. Sucfc
storks as St.Paul fluctuated 1 and Lack
awnna J. La'.e Shore sold between M
and 80 I, and closed at 81, a ntt loss ot
over J. Tr ere was a decided weakness
in Pacific Mail this morning on the
announcement that one of its wttamers
liiicl been lost, but the stock recovered
and dosed at 54, a net loss of ;.
Western Union is down 5, nnd t'nion
Pacific 3. The activity iu Union Pa
cific has been due in part to repoir.s
from Washington respecting antici
pated government action regarding
the company's oliligatiuiis. The other
unges are generally J to . 'iho
111a ket was firm in the lust hour and
closed very dull and steady.
The tot 1 sales of stop s to-day were
12,100 shares, including Delaware,
l.ickawanna and Western, 10,"00;
Krie, CS20; Lake Shore, 9210 ; North
western, 5140: Pacific Mail,
fielding, 22,3J; St. Paul, ; 170 j Union
Pacific. 14,545; Western Union, 12,3t!2.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows :
V. 6. 3s, 101. New 4f, 1124.
coup. USH. Pacific m at 1 r, 127',.
La, itimr?. 4, MiouriS, 101';.
Tenn. , oM, 67. Tenn.'i', no,
Cnt. Pac.lu. 115S. In. k K.U.l.-t?. ir'i.
leniK.tl.W,l!t,7;!,Eri fecund, li 1.
M.K.4 1.,Gon.ti. M -.P. A. C. lit. .
N. . A C iJ, V4'4. N. Vettern c .t., 144.
N. West. deb.jj.lUii h'.l, S.F -n M.KU'U
fct. Pul,eun . IM yt.P.,:. IP. Uh.iji.
T. P. l.tntl rant,37Jj T. P.,R.U.rx i-..u.61.
U. P. Ertls, 117!. West Shore, l''.
Adam! Exrea,146. Murri M E . of J. 142.
Allonheny Cen.. . N-hill C, 4"S.
Alton T. 11.. 3y. N J. Central,
A- A.T. H pid , S0. Nor. and W., pld. Zfli
Amerirui Ex., 105. Northers Pho ,2 .
B. . C. K. k S.. 65. Northern P . pfd.
Csntds Pac.fiS. N. Y. C. 4 St. L., 6.
Cnl8on.,.!-;. N.Y.C. 4 sit. L.,p.. 1$.
Central PciCc. 41. O. k N. W., If,
Chee-peake k 0 t. ('.ft N. W., Md., W.
C. ft O.. lKt v'd. !'. N. Y.j Central.
C ft O., 2d lid., 11. Ohio Central, l'.
C. ft A., 1. Ohio ft Mill., 2..
C. ft A., old, 1M. O. ft Mill., ufd., V.
C. B. ft Q., ma. Ontrio ft Ww, ITU.
C, St. L. ft N. O., - 'ireto NT.,
C, tit. L. ft P., lo4. Orei on Tram
C..8. fte .llO.
.oi.t4. r-,p.,ju. urca:on iiip., i.
t'aoinc Juan, MS.
Panamn. VS.
Penria, D. ft E , 2S.
P ttjburi. 150.
Del. ft llod.,9.
Del., L. ft W ).
Dm. ft KioU., lti'i.
Erie, 24 '4.
Kasttenn., IS
Eat Tenn., I'ld.
Pullman P. C , la.
Readmf, LV4.
Hock Inland. 12S.
St. L.. ftS. V.. tM.
8 h. 4 8. F.. p., 4(1.
8t.L. ft S. P int n. M4.
rort warne, iiii
Hannibal ft ot. Jo, C. M. ft 8t. P., S7V
H. ft fit. Jo. pfd, C. M. ft St. P..p ,W
Harlem, 213. St. P. M. ft M , Wi.
Houston ft r., 2H. bu P. ft Omaha, 4'i.
Illinois lTl ,liS!. St. Paul ft 0., pfd, 103
Ind , B. 4 W..24. Texas Pacfif. 10'i.
Kim(0 ft T.. Z. Vnion Pao.tic, ftl.
Lake K ft W., ll'i. IT. 6. Eiprr, 62
Lake Shnre, 81. W., St. L. 4 P., 7'1.
Lou. ft Nash.. W. St. L. ft P, o , IVi
Lob. ft N. A., 30. W. A F. Ex., 'il.
M. ft f!., 1st .M,- W. U. lei , m.
M. ft C. 21 pfd. - Colorado Coa . W.;.
Mem. ft Char, 31 llome-ulit, 1H.
Mich, ' entr .Iifi1,. Iron Silv-r, lfO.
Min. ft St. L., 21. Ontari o, 21
M. ft St. L., pfd,45!i Uiiu'ksilverO.
Mtsa Pap , ltd. (Jaickjiivnr, pfd, 20'i.
Mobile ft U., 11. -nuth 'ncilio,
Mil 1 L. 8 A W , 41 Suuo, 13.
A1..L. 8.4 W.,i. 77.
Los don', April 27. Consols.lOO 13-10
for money and 1001 for the ac
count United States bonds, 4s, 128 ;
do h, 1141. The amount of bullion
gone into the liank of Kngland on
balance to-day is C70,000 sterling.
Paris April 27. Three per cent,
rentes, 81f. 70c. for the account.
New Ohi.kahs, April 27. Bai.k clear
ings $l,10l,067.
ChicaoOj Iix., April 27. Associated
hank clearings, $H,.r)")(J,000.
New York, April 27. -Exchanges,
180,443,422; balances, 4,.')8!,027.
Baltimore, Mo., April 27. Clear
ings, 1,G28,097.; balances, $223,844.
St. Louis, Mo, April 27. Bank
clearings, 42,574,4X7; balances, $088,
108. Boston, Ma?s., April 27. Kx
changes, 12,2ii3,(!,J9; balances,
Pirn. Wiki.phia, Pa., April 27.
Clearings, $S,5oy,4Mi; balances, J1,
412,570. tmmmmmmmmmmm
The locl cotton tnaiket opened
firm and cl sd firm; middling, 8ju.
bi'e", 2250 brtles, of which MOD were
to expritrs and 850 to spinners.
tiood ordinary....
L iw middling ....
Good middling...
Middling lair
Fair ,
Stains, tinif
Norn. Norn.
7j8J 71(o,8j
Mxmi-bih, April 27, 1880.
S'oek Sept. 1, 1835 1,302
R-otived to-dsy 155
Keesived previouely... 527,860 529 407
Shipped to-day 4,132
Shipped previously-...45t,8ti3 458 905
Stock, running account
Tbns far this ween
Tnus far last week ,
Sence September 1st.
M.andO. R. R ,
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. H
C, O. and 8. W. R. R
L , N. O. and T. R. R
M , S. and B. R. R
Wagons and oiber suurces...
.. 1,287
..528 015
. (1841
.. 5.808
Thus far this week
Tbns far last week
Since September 1st
M. and O. R. R
M.bduT.R. K
L and N. R. K
41., OAS. W. R R
L., N. O. andT. H..11
Sieamers noitn...
Total 4,132
New York spots opened steady and
closed steady. Siles, 68G balef. Q io
tationa were as 'jilows:
OrJinary ..'6,
Good ordinary, (i
Low middling--8 13.13
Middling '9t
Good middling 0 11 10
Middling fair-10 11-10
Fair U
8 13 16
9 11-16
10 11-16
New York futures opene J quiet and
firm and closed fiim. and 1 to 3
points higher than Monday. Sales,
07,400 bales. Tl,e cltsing quotations
were as follows:
Arril 9 20 9 23
May 9 23 a 9 24
Juue 9.35
July 9.44i,'i) 9 47
Angus:- 9 50 0.57
8eptnnber...9.42fn 9.43
October 9.2ti6 9.27
Novembrr...9.v3rfi 9.24
Dicember ...9 27 9 28
Januarv 0.3 9-3S
February ...0 45Q$ 9 47
9.17 9.18
9.0v 9.21
9 33fo)
9 44
9o4(5) 9.fi5
9.4U 9.42
9.250 9.20
9.21(a) 9.23
9 20'i) 9 27
9 33 rt 9 35
9.4:1 9.45
The New O-han' si ot market opeued
qniet, and c'o.cJ fiim. -Siles, 2500
Ye t'-rddv.
7 15-16
8 5-10
8 13-10
Ordlna-y - 7 5-10
G od onliniry... S
Low middlit.'i: ... hi
Middlme 8;
Good middling... 0 Il-W
The New O'lcsns future
npnd steady aod c:of-ed sfrarly and
1 o 3 point j higher. Sales, 21,5t'0 rialrfs.
The cloiiug quotations were as fell iwa :
Yos'tr.'av. Monday.
Aoril 8 SO nomi
1!Y 8.8tt'i) 8 67 8 8:i'-tt 8.
Jnie 8 080 8 9V iJ.IW
July 911'i 9.12 9 0). 9.10
Auinsf 9 lr 9 17 9.13 (U 9 14
Sep embe-....8 8.97 8 03 8.9 1
O-uober 8 b ) 8 SO 8 KHm 8 81
Novemher....8fil(5) 8 92 8 7! 8.S0
D.ccmter ...S 85 8.80 8 84 8.S.5
Jabcar' 8 95 a S 97 8 93 8 91
The Liverpool spit market at noon
was icpotted steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, ot which American
8")00 baits. Receipts, 15,000 bales, of
which 74O0 were American.
Tlr.' following iir.' th? closing ouo-
tations: Onlinary, 4Jtl: goo.1 ordi
nary, 4 ll-10d; ltw middling, 4jl;
i m n: c k i.M . ti: ....
KtJWtl Uiltltlllll, V , UlltlMUlJg tlf-
Ltnds, 5 l-10d; tnidtlling Orleans, 6Jd.
Manchester cloths quiet and un
changed ; yarns firm, light demand.
Theprices artgirtn in ptnet and HUht,
tiiut: 4 03 Wiim 4 ti3-04(, uni 5 01
mrai. 5 l-04f.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
steady. Quotations were as follows:
April, ; April-Mav, ; Mav-June,
5 03(t5 04d; June-July, 5 01.1"; July
August, 5 tXK 5 07d; August-September,
5 08(5.5 09J ; Soptfiuber October,
; October-November, ; Si'ptetii
ber, 5 09d.
At 2 p.m. Liverpool futures were
steady. April, 5 Old value; April-May,
5 04f value; May-June, 5 04 buyers;
June-July, 5 COd Bellers; July-August,
5 6Sd sellers; August -September,
5 1 9d buyers ; Septeuiber-Oi tolicr,
5 07d buvers; Octolier-Xovemlier,
6 04tl sellers; September, 5 lOd
At 6 p.m. Liverpool futures were
steady and 1-16.1 higher than Thurs
day. April, 5 05d sellers; April-May,
5 05d sellers; May June, 5 05d sellers;
June-July, 5 06d sellers; July-August,
5 08d Bellers; August-September,
5 lOd sellers; September-October,
5 07d buyers; October-November,
5 Old sellers; September, 5 lid selle s.
Tone, litre. jPricesj Stock.
Galveston qniet. 308 9 34 808
N Orleans, q Jilm 4020 813-16 193,743
Mobile...- at'dy. 181 8 13-10 29,741
Savannah, sfdy. 1970 8J 32 915
Charl'ston s'.'dy. 353:! 28835
Wilm'ton. firm. 10,9 3,550
Norfolk.... ei'dy. 10tM9 38 311
Baltimore quiet. 13 9j 29,700
New York it'dv. '25 tU 3ti6,341
Boston qni-tt. 2013 93(3MH 0 310
Philad'a... dull. 7 9 7-10 1921
St. Lonis... firm. 3S1 8j 67,089
Augusta. . quit 50 8J
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880.10,732
lUceipts at ports, this day, 1885. 3,910
R'tS I'. S.
Sfi.OOSi 8,13-. 11480
27,9't 14,116 11,337
720,455 600 387 508,821
5,023,0119 4,GM. 418 4,700,0 !1
3,549,78l!3 400,207 3 401,757
Kx. Gr. Br
Increase of receipts this year. ..372,221
ft' t"UKF. KALM.
Tkto following is the rtcortl of the
bids and offers at the Call lioard of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2 white, April, 38c bid, 40c
asked; M y, 40c asked; No. 2 spot,
37c bid, 39c asked; April, 37c
bid, 39c asked: May, 3!ljc asked;
June, 2 cars sold at 39 Jo o. t.
No. 2 spot, 3c asked; April, 35c
asked; May, 31c a:ked.
Bit AX.
May, $14 asked ; June, 114 asked.
Corn White, 47c; miked, 40c, from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 42c ; in sacks, 111 .round lots,
white, 42c; mixed, 40e.
Hay Choice, from store,85c ; prime,
7o'80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, t'414 50;
prime, $13'o)13 50; prairie, $S(8 50.
Oats White. 40c; mixed, 3SJc,
from store; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked. 35 i c.
Bran From store, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
. Beans -Navy, fl 75:32: medium,
$1 001 75; German millet, 1 2J(t
1 40.
Corn meal Standard, $2 15.52 25;
pearl, 3'a3 25 from store ; 5c cheaper
Iroin mill, levee or track.
Rick Louisiana, 40c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $32)3 25
from store.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 5'J from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra, $3
(3)3 50; triple extra, 13 05:a)3 75; fami
ly. 3 760iU; choice, $4 25(5,4 35:
fancy, $4 5 )4 70; extra fancy, $4 90
(ajd: patents, J ) uo ; irom Btore,
family, $4 a 4 25 ; choice, 4 254 40 ;
lancy, J4 uo4 Hit; extra lancy, 0(o)
5 25 ; patents, $5 506 25.
Hominy and Grits From store, $3
3 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda.
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, ic; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c ; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansa8City, Mo., Apiil 27. What
ac'iveand lower; No. 2 red, cash, 02Jc;
May, 62i(?'y03Jc; June, 07c bid. U'rn
active and lower: No. 2, cash, 27c;
May, 27c; June, 27, 28c. Oats no
St. Lctis, Mo., April 27. Flour
very quiet; XXX, I3(o3 10; family.
13 15(3 25 ; choice, $3 75 ; fancy, $4 15
4 30: extra fancy, $t 45(a4 70; pt
ents,4 90(5 5 25. Wheat cctive and
lower; tbe market opened easy and
prices fell ctf J(3j". and continued
weak until near the close when vtluss
strengthened, finishing jjc lower
than yesterday; No. 2 red, esb, 87Jc;
May. 8(l'o 87 J -, clodDV at 87jc; Jnoe,
8787Jc7cIositgt 871c; July, 83J(a
83 J c, rinsing at 83 J B nominal; Au
gutt, 82ira8.'Jc, cl sng at 2J828.
Corn dull ana lower, closing Jc uneer
yes'e'day; No. 2mix)d, cash, 29Jc;
'ay, 3232i, closing nominally at
3215 ; June, 3'Jio ; July, 85c Oa's
more active but tasicr, closing s low
er tban yesterday; No. 2 led, cch,
29, c; May, 29Jc: June, 21c. Rye
easier; OJc bid. Ba'lev no market.
Hay quiet: prairie. ?0 8557 90; timo
thy, $1113 75. Flaxseed fitm, $1 05.
Bran fl'insr, 54 i55c. Oornnial stead,
SI 75(l 85. RsceipU Flour, 4000
bile ; wheit, 14,000 bu; corn, 51,000
bn; oats, 10 000 bn; rye, 3000 bu;
barley, fcCO) bu. ShipmectJ Fionr,
4000 brls; wheat, none; corn, 5,(X)J
bu; oats, 1000 bu; rye, 4.0Jbu; bar
ley. 2000 bn.
Afternoon Jlxtrd. Wheat weak and
'a js lower, '.urn u ichauged. Oais
Jc lower.
Chicago, III , April 27. The whfar
n arket nil-id quite Bteudi;y downward
dcr ng the et t re sss:on to-day, lally
irg several times from inside quota
tions. The cables wera very de
pvewed in tone, ar d the weather was
generally repcirtKl fiio for the grow
irgtvp. June began st f 0 j broke
fff to 79r, rallied to SHJ.i a- d lioally
clieed on tho regular boer 1 at 81 7-;0,-,
anii in the a tjrnr,oa closed h fraction
easier. Corn and outs also ru'ed easy,
and closed a flighl fraction lower.
Flour q.uitt aad unchanged. Wleit
eatier. iVilts langed: April. 77Jf)
78J3, cl'.snd at 78Jc; May, 77;j7si-,
closed at 7'.c; Juno, 79 jfaSOv1, cloed
at 80 7-J; No. 2 upriotr. 7sjc; No.
3 spring, t' l'. C-irn PKO'ly; rash,
36,S;37c; A ril, ((S30,c, closud ai
30 o-16s; Mr 'fil'lWb; tl'ed at
37 3 lt; Jun--, 37j o.37 j ckad at
37 0-lOe. O.ts qnift: cash, 20';
Apr.l, 29ic; 'a7,y'i'i30-,cl'.Bed at
29jc; June, i".i;ff 30 S 16c, clced at
30c. Rye quiet; No. 2, 61c Hirly
dull ; No. 2, 59.;. Finifced quiet ; N .
1, $1 05. ReceipU-FJcu-, 14,00) brls;
whea. 12 0Wbu; corn. 93,000
oats. 133,000 bu ; rye, it3d ba ; barley,
18,000 bu. Shipments Flour, 70tKJ
brls; whta 55,000 bu; cjrn. MO O
hu: oats. It 8,000 bu; rye, 1000 bu;
barley, 23.000 bu.
Afttntoun Uxurd. Wheat iaier;
June, Si jc. Other niarkfts uncharged.
BfTTF.R-Creamery, 30c; dairy. 2tV;
butterine, I3(.i l0; country, V-i lc,
according to condition.
Ciieemk Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 80; full cream, 12Jc; Y. A.
Mess Pork-OIJ, $9 75(10 per bar
rel; new, 10 75(a-11 per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, 9J(tlPc; break
fast bacon, 890 ; clear rib bacon, 0J
Bt'i.K Pork Clear sides, 5,S0c;
clear rib sides, 68(3)5 jc; long clear,
5j(?5c; shoulders, 4fil4Jc.
Lard Tierces, 6,ar0Jc; half-barrels,
GJ0,c; kegs, 00Jc; bucket, 6J(?)
OJc; half-buckets, 0K"Jc; W-lb tins,
6jS(S)0Jc; 2lVlbtins,(iiKljc JO-lbtins,
OJOJc; 5-lbtins. 6j(6icj 3-lb tins,
0i0,o; choice kettle, tierces, OJQi)
0c. 1
Fresh Mets Eeef Gootl Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7tt.7Jc;
cows and heifers, Vc; mutton, 8
9c; lambs, lOc; pork, 0c.
CmcAQ d. III.. Anrll 27. Mess pork
cash, April a-id May, $8 lJtSO; Jnnn,
907Jg9 12J. cloeodat DjO(9 12.
Ltrds edy; cash, April and May,
5.903 : June, 5 945 97 Jc. Boxed meats
Steady; dry salted shoulders, 4(A 10c;
short rib stilts, 5c; shott clear
aidia, 5 bo0i)5 (iOo. Bu;tr easy; cream
ery, 15,;20i!; dairy, ll()l-3. Kggs,
10 J J.
St. IJttis, Mo., April 27. ProviioDB
very dull and genetaliy easy. Pork
ab3utateady,i95i). Latdersy,5J Hu k
meatstteady ; Icoie lots long clear.Slc;
short ribs, 5 35:; shott clear, 5 Ji :
boxed Iota foog clea', 5.30c; thoit
rib, 5 35c; shoit cba', 5Jo. Bacon
weak; ling clear. 5t; short ribs,
5.85c; short clear, 0a. Hams, Oiti. But-
tsr dull eay ; choice to fancy cream
ery. ll(3233; fair to fancy dairy, 12
(Al'Jc. K jgs quiet at 8(1.
Apples Apples, $1502 50 from
store; $1 25(3)2 per car-load fron leves
or depot. Dr.td appl s, 3W4s pr
pound fr m ctore. Dried peaches, 3J
(it) 4c fioin etorn.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1 752 ?5 from
store; $1 50(51 75 per car load from
leyee or depot. Sweet prt itnee scarce,
$2 753 per brl. Peas, $1 601 75 per
Veqetatilks Onions, $2 75GD3 25
from store : $2 50(3)2 60 from levee or
dep-jr. Cabbage, $2 75'i3 25 1 f r crate.
Kraut, barrels, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garho. 4O00c per 100.
Turnips, 50a per bushel.
Fruit OtaogrB, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, 13 5(5 psr
box; Imperia's, $55 50 per box.
Lemons, $50 per box. Bananas,
$l(o2 50 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 per 100. Peanuta Virginia. 7:;
Tennesste, farmers' etocK, 3i'.;
rnai-t'd, 2Jo higher; shelled, 10c. Al-
mo'ids, 18.'0c.
PiCKLKS In jars, pints, 95s; quart',
$1 50; balf-fc-alloiie, $2 75; gallons,
S3 75 ; lo se, birrels, $0: half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrel', $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walndts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Greffobler, 15c. Filberts. 12c.
Cider Missouri, $7fa)7 50 per bar
ri 1 and $14 50 par half -barrel ; Vine
gar. llgjlOj par gilloa.
Poultry f nrkeys, per dozen, $12
18 ; cbiekens,$2 753 ; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 5(18c per pound.
Pecans Texai, 8(ai0c for small to
medium, 1014o f or iai ge ; Arkansas,
Fisn Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 ; No. 2, $3 25 : No. 3. $2 75 ; 10-lb
kit, No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70:; 15-lb, No.
3,60c. Dry herrin-B, family, 30c per
G ami Venison, whole, 3(55c; ad
dlfs, 6?c; bear, 08c; wild tnrkeys,
6075c; ducks, $3)4; iquirrels, 75c;
quails, $75cEl; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, 11 012c.
Coffee Common 88Jc; ordinaty,
99Jc; prime Km, 11c; choice to fan
cy, Ilj(ail3ji3: old government, 23
35e; Cejlon, 20j.
Soap -3(35 Jo per pound.
Sugab Pore white, 7c; off white,
0J(S6jc; yellow, Ojs; opn kpttle,
5J(3i0j; refined A, 7c; granulated, 7J
7Jc; powderedJJs; cut leaf, 7ij8c.
Salt $1 20(al 30 per bxrrel; lacks,
fine, $1 50; ecaie, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 2J a!7c; car loids from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molaspes Louisiana, common to
fair, 20(?3 tc; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 20(n)40c; common to fair, 20(a)
25c; prime to choicet3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; tther grades and styles, 25C 28a.
Snuff GatrrU's, $10 83 per rasa;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, all aiz s, in boxes,
paila and barrels, 7$(38c.
Candlbs-FuII weight, 10JIOJ(!.
Canned Good, Etc. Priest per tier
en: Pineapples, 1 35'n l 65; peaches,
21b, standard, $1 35(2)1 50; seconds,
fl 15(5)1 25; tomatoes, 2 lb, standard,
$1 10; 31b, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
Oil 00; raspberries, $1 151 25; black
berries, $11 15; greengagtB, $1 60(3)
1 75; peare, $22 25; plums, $1 CO
1 70: aparagus, $2 60S 4; green corn.
$11 35; green peas, $1(3)2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1 -lb, $1(3)1 10;
cove oysters, fall weigh', 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light woigbt, 1-lh,
65c; core oyttsrs, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk-Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
New Orleans, La.. April 27. Mar
kets dull. Sngar fi'in; rentrifugHl?,
p'aitatiou granulated, 7(i7i3: cholje
whi e, OJc; choice yelio c'Mrified.Oj'!;
nrimH yrho c'aili;d, OJc; strconds,
55it. Molasses open kettle, prime
to ai.ii.Hly prime, 32 ; ; prime, 20(22i ;
cfntrifugal, prime to it icily prime, 10
It I !!. A Nil Pil.tltV.
Hide i Dry flint, 12!'- 10;;dry salt,
1'YrMi;; green fait. O 't 7c; green, B-J(W)
0c; dt-er skins, (i0l"c, wildcat, 20(3
40:; frx, 2i(3,75c; i-kiiiik, 2'y75o.
t. il:. i.ti. . .. 'j'n.-t
ijeeHax, in'i .iu; tui uw,
WllllkKT, WISiliS, KKtl ORV, ETC.
W'm-KV S:raight K 'niuoky Bour-
bon, fl O"06; rye, $1 70ii; domestic,
OJcfeH 50.
Ciiicaoo, April 27. Whisky steady
at$l J I.
St. Lons, Atril 27. Whisky firm
atil 10.
Cincinnati, 0., April 27. Whisky
ntiiet at SI 10. Salt ;' "f 5:'2 barrels
of finished goods on this h;wis.
'OTrivn:t;ii :!.. Kir.
Skkd Belivered at (H p: t amf liar',
SH per ton ; cn buck "f r ver (f. c. b.
hoA' ), JO; waznn at n!i!'.J, 8 Keal
Prime (f. 0. b.), ?'.5 ctr os. Les than
APRIL 2$, 1SSC,.
oar-load lota, $18. From store, kv per
sck. Caki Nominal; $10 per tm.
Oil la car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil, 2IJf3,22c: priaie tunimor yel
low, :6J'.'"27ei cff-aumnier yelbw2'tj
(rf2ijc; miners', : choice cuokirg
summer yellow. 2(':3'30c.
Hobieb Good driving, $1M;72?5,
good aadd'e, $140;a:'0); pings,
M); good mares, $85(3)140.
MuLsa-141 15, $110(31;;5: 15 to
15, $12'e2-HO; 15J to 10. $15Jy 175.
Good demand; supply fair.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
ClEVELANI), O., Ap-il 27. IVtro
louru qu et; a. w. 110, 7Jo.
Piitsbcro, Ta., April 20. Petro
leum dull, and closed firtut-r; Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
73Jc, and closed at 7cc; highest, 73ic;
lowest, 7I,c.
Cattli Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050pounds.4)C3)4c: rod,3J(i
4e: choice grase-led, 3j(3K!)f; gtKd,
33tc; fair to medium, "l(o2Jc ; com
mon, lj2a.
HooB-Choice, 3Jlc: gco., 3
3Jc; common, 3aJ3ic.
SHEEP-Cboice, 4Co)4)n; medium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 50.
Kansas City, Mo., April 27. Tho
Live Stock Indicator reports: Ca' tie
receipts, 1104 bead; ihipments 047
head; theuinrkt wai strong am! ac
tive, shipping steers selling at firm
yetttrday's prices; feedo s anil Block
ers in dfinaud to the extent tf the
sn pplv at li m r r c ?r. Ho s recei pts,
5944 head; shipments, 845 beid; the
mirket wai attve.thoice lots selling
610a higher than yesterday; choiett
and rorted, $1 05(3)4 15; paofcei', $3 !K)
(33 95. Sheep rceip'8, 1303 Head ;
shipm: n s, 509 htad; market tteady
oa choice, and weak on common.
Chicaoo. III., April 27 Ttie Dmr
ert' Journal leporta: Cattle receipt,
tiOOO brad ; shipmen's, 1090 head ; mir
ket dud and 10(a)i5j Ijwer; Bltip
pine steer?, 1)50 to 1500 pounds. $4 40(h)
5 05; stocksrsand ftedere, $2 8X'i)4 75;
cows, hulls ard mixrd, $1 75(3)4 20;
bulk, $2 75563 3 J; thioughTex ans,$l 10
4 75. Hogs receipts, 15,000 bead:
shtpments, 3200 hi ai ; market dull and
a shade lower; rjughsnd mixd,$3 00
(3)4 25; packing and shipping, $1(3)
4 35; liirht we:gbts, $3 00(3)4 30; skins,
$2 75(33 40 Sheep ric?ipt', 000
head; shipments, 200 head; market
strong and 25o higher; ra ivoc, $! 2t
C5 75; th'rj, $2(4 80; Tcxans, $2 50
(3,4 33.
New York, April 27. Tbe exports
of Uomaxtiu cottons the naet week
were 3039 packages ml for tbe ex
pired ortoo of the yiar 71,373
packajts, aaainst (il,r01 paiikages tbe
same time last yi a'. For a ra uy Tues
day the demand has been of moderate
proportions, and, as ti ml, contl ed
to the requirements uf the current
Cor. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Would call attention of hit frlenda
and iiat-oni to fail
Comiirlntni ttt chrlraH and lataat da
ftivnit of Kraiicn Uoodi tn tha tuarkat,
Mavinv takan aoaoial oara In thair aaleo
tion , 1 am oleaaad to aar to my suataraari
and piinlic who fvor ma with a call, to
bow uiom inaa 01 a-oode only founa In
laadint huuaei.
Mou-Kesldeut Notice.
No. OII22. R. D. In the Thanoery Court of
Shelby c ninty, Tenn. stale of Tenneitaee
va. W. J. Amlerton.
It annearlna troln bill aworn to tn thla
oauite Unit the defendant, Mra M II Crorkett
nnd huabnnd, K II Urookett, John W
1 1 I . . 11 r . J D11 T li-! .i L. .. I
lrticKeti, it iu 1 ritte, rniiie u rriu. miuvi
frire, Mack Prina, Cecil I'rloe, Herbert
Price and llyron I'riee, tt M Lewia, Jr. Ban
jamin K Farabee, O C Crewa, Anna Jona
J L L Catniibell and hii'bond, Cam.hnll
Jatnea II Kilonhead, J L Wylle, Annie Me
Lauirhlin and W T M(1i,ai,ahiin.ftra non-
reaiuenta of the htate of Xcnneaaee, and that
the u aoa 'or reaidenfte ot tbe defendanta
Anderaon Waahlnston. Minerva A Uuyd,
and Lucy J Fink, ia unknown and oannot be
aat'ortained altar dilisnt intiiiiry:
And tnat the names and place of reaidenoe
of tbe beira of J Wtiillenie made partus on
Uttitount of the'i interest in 474 Keren of land
adjolninc Welborn, in tho Kiideh Civil 0i
trict of rtholhy county. The boira of J M
Thoinpaon made partiea on aooount of Inter
eat in about twelve aerea of land, ranged,
aeit'ion .1, eleventh purveyor i Dlttrlct,
Kmhth Civil Uiatnct of Shelby county, are
unknown andcan"tthe aaoertainod aflur
dihg-nt Imiuiry, ibia belnc aauit to en
fore ticna I'nr raxea airninat aaid land.
It ia therefore ortlered. That they make
their appeurance herein, at the Court-Home
ot Khell y county, in Mouiiibia, Tonn., on or
l-cliire the firat Monday in May, 1HW1, and
Cload, aawer or demur to cotnplainant'a
ill, or the name will he takes for confessed
aa 10 thcin, and ct for hcarintr ei narte; and
that a copy of this order be published om'e a
week, I'nr four aui'ceasivo wricks, in the Ap
peal. Thla .Hint dny ofMnrcb, lnsti,
A cop ntleat :
h i. MeDOVVKLL, Clerk and Ma'tcr.
By II. P. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
K. II. k C W.lieiikell, Sola, for coin
iduinant; thu
Mon-Kenident Notice.
No. fi041, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
fc'helby eounty, Tenn. State of Tennessee
and county of bhelby va. J. A. Andre wi
and wife et al.
It api'oarina from the bill which ia aworn to
in thia cause that the defendanta' residences
11I A. J. blunders, W. V, Cenper and the
heirs of W. A. Hall, deceaaed, aed if aaid
Eaunderi or Cooper are dead, of their
heira or devtaeea, are unknown and cannot
he a'oertainrd allor diluent inquiry. '1 his
bill it filed to collect taiee due tbe Slate and
county on lota owned by above named par
lies andolhor partite :
It ia therefore nrJered, That they make
thoir appearance herein, at the courthouse
of rihelby cmin'y, in Meinphi, Tenn., oa or
before the first Monday in May, ISHii, and
t'lead, answer or detnur to ontuplainant'a
Lilt, or the aame wiil be taken for confessed
as to them and set for hearint exnartel and
thato. ft- iiv of thia ordnr be nublihed once a
week, forfour 8'totessire weeks, in Ihe Metn
phia Appeal Thia Slst day oi March, lHStj.
A cipy attest:
8. . MnboWKLL, Clfrk and Master.
By U K. Walrh, I'epuiy t'lerk a-d Muster.
Loe Thornton rol. f' cmni In't. thn
Mon-lteslilent Kotfce.
No tVsit, R. D.- In the Ohawerv Court of
Middy County, Tctin.tt He of Tennessee,
etc., va Joseph Wheeler, etui.
It 1 pnearitiK from bill aworn to In thla
cutio ihiit the ileletiditnts, Joseph Wheeler
ami wile, iMmilia Wheeler end John 11.
botch are min-rosiilcnta of Tennessee:
It. is tlimel'ore onlrrod, Th t thry make
tVcir eppeiiriir.ce herein, at tho courihouso
ol Hhrltiy cniinty, io Memphis. Tnun , on or
ocf'Te the firnt .Mond.iy in Mny, !Hsi, and
picitd, ancwer anl Hemiir to cotfiplttitiant
hill, or the aaico e ill ho tjiken tor conlcsed
n. to theiu, otiil stt fur licuriMi ex psrte:
and tint a copy t f llits order l e ptih-Uhcd
onco a t;ck, lor f-or successive weeks, in
tho Ai'i'KAi.. This .list duy of Jrliirch, ,HMi.
A copy - attest :
,n. I. .Mi'DHWKbL, Clerk nnd Mnter.
pIHyll.F. WalOi. Deputv t'lork and Mattel
I'. II. k C. W. licickell, hula, for con
bioant. thu
Ml'. I. Ill IN WK4I.HI -In. e. 0.
Waft , Khv tun Ur.am lutiTviit,
0 ruaranteed speuiSo for hysteria, Dixai
nes, fnvuliios, Fita, Nervua Neural
eia, Headache, fiorvc Prostration, ciiusnd
by the use ol alcohol or tobacco; Wake
fulness, Slental Deprnsiion, Bo'tnnlnir of the
Ilrsin, reruiiina in insanity and In Ini to
Uii-e'y, decay and deaths l'remature
Are, Itarreiinoss, bosa ol Power in either
Inroiuntsry l,os.ies and Spermator
rhea, csi.- by over-eiertion of the brain,
aelt-abo.se or o 1 indulsBDce. kurb boi cun
u ins one tnnt.. treatioent. SI a box, 01
tlx l.nr, for Ij, '"tn 1. v uinil prepaid, on
receipt of price. We marrni.'o Six i!oiei
to cure auy cvs, With each order leoeivcd
1 y usiiriix boxes, accmipanied wite
we sv.t: oi.J the purchaser our written
eunriirt to rofnrid tbe money if the treat
incut doe' ot efisct a enre. OoursLteai
iss'n.,.1 "nlyh- A UKKKLKT Jt CO., iirua
xistf, Mou-phi, lean. .
Til 18 DAT.
Onccola.... ........l)iis Aoma, 10 a.m.
While Rivor CiucaAKtw, 5 p. m.
Mattiaon Coao, 6 p.m.
Arkanaaa City KiT Auias, 5 p.m.
Cinoinnnti... Bt'Ckrvi Stati, r p.m.
Vifkubdrt Citt or Caiko, r. i.ui.
St. Loai Bat. n MtMnua.ti i.m.
TiptoBTille Gyoo, S p.m.
Friar Point Dia Aim, 5 .ni.
.4rrinil.-rity of rrovidetiee and
City of ltaton Kouse, St. Louis; 1.. W.
Cole, Madison.
Departure City of ISaton Knuue,
New Orleans; K. W. Cole, Madison ;
City of Providence, Vicksbtfjr; Joe
Peters, Arkansas river; Kene Mu
creadv, St. Kraneis river.
Jioon in Vort. Chickasaw.
lloati Due Down. Paris C. l'.rown
antl liuekeye State.
Boat Due ('p. I Van Adams, Coa
homa and Annie P. Silver.
aterelptH Yewtersaar
City of Pmvidence 12.r) tons mer
chandise. riTl KK XOVEMKKTH.
Tits Anchor linera Thursday even
inn, are t'ity of Cairo for it kslturif
and tho JU ltd Memphis for St. Louis.
Tub Coahoma, dipt. Thoa. Cl.wtt,
is the Memphis and Little lu'ek rail
roatl boat this evening at 0 o'clock for
Tub lVan Atlams, Cat. Henry
Cooper, will pass down to-morrow
evening at fi o'eloek for Helena, I'riars
Point and all way laintni.
Tub Chickasaw. Cant. E. C. Postal,
is the packet this evening at ft o'eloek
for White river. C. M. Postal ami
John Childress are her clerks.
Tub (iiivoso, Cant. V. P. Hall, is
tho packet to-morrow evening at
o o'eloek for Tiplonville ntitl the up
per bends. J. P. Walt is 111 her
Thk lVan Adams, Capt. Ht'iuy
Cooper, will pass up this morning at
10 o cltx'k for Osceola ami the upper
hentls. Will Ash ford ami Will Smitlier
arc her clerks.
Tub Kate Atlams, Capt. Mark U.
Cheek, is the I'nited States mail
tucket to morrow evening at o o clock
or Helena, Arkansas City nnd all way
hindinp. W. C. Wanker is in charge
of her oflieo.
Tiir Buitkeye State, Capt. 11. J.
Vinton, is tho packet to-morrow even
ing at 6 o'clock for Cairo, Louisville,
Cincinnati nnd nil way landings on
the Ohio river. Hen. S . llendi ii kson
and Chiis. Vinton are herelerks. Tho
lhiekeye State will i:ivo cheap rates to
nil poiiits north ami cant.
IIi'kiskhh quiet.
Wrathrk clear nnd pleasant.
No cotton received by river yester
day. Tub Uene Maereatly departed last
evening tor M. itiuicis river.
Tub railroad boat K W. Cole was
in and out yesterday on time.
Thk Joe Peters cleared last evniing
for Arkansas river with a fair trip.
Tiir A'ien lirown, with a big tow of
coal for ltrown A Jones, nrrived yes
terday niorniiiir from tho Ohio river.
, Tub City of Providence passed dow n
yesterday morning for Vicltshnrg. She
discharged hero 12ft tons of lie ght
anil added 20 tons.
Tun City ot Union Kongo passed
down yesterday evening for New Or
leans, loaded lint. She atldetl a lot
miscellaneous freights at the elevator.
Cait. W. P Hall, who purchased
the steamer Chesapeake at Jackson'
ville, Fla., last week, will bring her
1 . 1. .1-. ...I I.:.. . . . ...111 I...
Iiore Hiiomy, wnen 111s projei i will uti
Tub river at this point is stationary,
marking 34 feettl inches by thcgiiage,
or lift feet 7 tenths above low water
mark. The river is now I foot 7
tenths above tho danger line and 3
tenths below high water of 1882.
Tub John W. Cannon is coming up
the river bound for Jefl'ersonville,
where she will receive a new hull
About flftten feet of her chimneys
were taken off before leaving New
Orleans so she could pass under tbe
Henderson bridge
Okfick Hional Kkkvick, U. S. A., 1
Memphis, April 17, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75"- meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis tiino:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise! Foil
Feet, mths fOths lOths
Cairo 40 9 3t
Chattanooga ... 0 4 1
Cincinnati 14 ti 1
Davenport 10 4 2
Dubuque lf 0 ft
FortHmith 0 8 2
Keokuk 12 4
Helena 47 8 ' 5
La Crosse. 11 I 2
Leaven worth... 0 ! 1
Little Rock 8 0 S
Ixniisvillo 7 :i 4
Msinuhhi 81 7
Nashvillo 7 0 4
New Orleans... 13 8 1
Omaha 7 ti
Pittsburg 3 7 I
Nt. Louis 21 ft - 2
St. Paul ll 1
Shreveport 17 7 4
Vickshurg 43 1 2 .......
Dangrer l.lno Keot and tenths of a foot
above aero of gauge
("iiiro. 4 i feet.
Chattannocn, 11 feet.
Davenport, 15,
Fort hinith, 1.
Helena, .
Irfavenworlh, SI.
bnuisville, Ji.
New Orleans, III.'J.
1'itt huri:,
r'l. I'anl.T.
Vickburlt, 41.
Vuiiklon, :i.
Cincinnati, !M.
Dubutiue, Itt,
Keokuk, 14.
La Crosse. 'M.
butlo Hock, a.
Memphis, 34.
Na-hville. 4U.
Omaha, 1H.
Kt bou'S,4'.l!.
bhrevcrort, 2S.
PiTTfiniiiwi, April 117. Noon Rivr3
foct t) inches on the ganpe and station
ary. Weather clear and cool.
Wiiuki.ino, W.Va., April 27. Noon
River (i feet ou the gauce and et l-
t (inary. Weather clear and pic p ant.
Cincinnati. April 27. Noon Rivei
swe ling siow:y, witn 14 ieot n ineiies
on tbe nance. Weather clear; ther
mometer litj.
LnuiKViu.K, April 27 Noon River
fa'linsr, with 7 feet 2 iDchein the canal
and 5 feet on tho fulls. Weather fair.
BusinB9 guod.
EvANbvn.i.E, April 27. Noon P.!vr
falling. Arrived: Mary IIou'.cn, Nsw
Orleans. Departed: Uucieyo Slat1.',
Memphis, 4 a.m.
Oaiiio, April 27 Noon Rivet 41 feet
7 incliis ou the g.mite and U'iing.
Weather cloudy and mild. Arrived:
Jak Frost am) barges, 8t. Louie, 1
a.m.; W. W. 0'Niill nnd bnrgea, O.iio
river, 6 am. Depttrted: Jtck Frost
nnd barges, Now Orleans, 8 am.; W.
W. O'Neill and haes, Ntw Oleanr,
8 a.m.
erOwint to the hih water tbe ateamef
DEAN ADAMS will liave for Helena aad
j Friara Point every MONDAY and THURS
DAY at 5 o'clock p.m., and lor Osceola and
UoM Dust every WEDNESDAY and 8AT
I I'KDAY at M o'clock a.m., until further
I notice. J.. I.KK. Hne't.
Special Notice For Manor.
The Ferryboat
Join. Overton,
Cant. Foffplman.
Will lov tho fool of Jefferion tri luf
Nt. lMnle.aknl ?jw Orientals Anchor
1.Ih-i.n. UhII-l'AIKO k 0T. bOUlb.
Belle Memphis,
Oeo. ftaker master.1
Will leave the Elevator TUt KH1MI , Airll
IT.'th, at li a. in. If or freiiht or itaasace apply;
0. I.. H.I.I,. Pass. Alt. All STORM, Kup'l.
HI. Ianta atnrt Netw Orlrnitsi Aarkor
l.lue-U.N. JIll-FOH VlOUSbtlKH.
Cliy of Cairo, isrffla
Linhtner master, !riaaataMaa
Will leave the hlevator TIIUKDA 1 , April
S'lh, at p.m. For frainht or nwm apply
0. I.. Hsl.t., Ps. Act. At) STUHM. Suo't..
Memphis and Cincinnati racket to.
ISiic.fcjv Wtl epjejls
II. J. Vinton matter.
Will leave Till KM1AY, April 29. at S p.n..
Kor Ireiahtor naaaare apply to U. B. KUB
BKL1', Airont.No. 12 Mailiaon at. Telephone
Xo.17. JOHN CAHH, I'a-onver Aaant.
Ktoiiiner JAMKS W. AFF Mlowa, leaf
Init Votnlnv. Mkv ..
For Osceola, llalea Point. Caruthersvtlle,
Uayoo an I Ttptnnvllle The new aleamer
W. P. Hall master I J. D. Fuller clerk,
will leive aa above, and all way 1'oluU,
n Pr.f lri-K .v..t n
.neuiplil.H,H lute A Hlaek Kiver Packet
For Helena, DeValla Uluff, Di Dea :Au
(ttata, Newport and Ilatotville. The new
and eleaant eidowhee! passenirer atcataer
Freddie Robinson,
Milt llnrrv iiijstel
Will lenve l'.VKKY KATL'vtDAY etfto'clock
p.m. Thrmich ratna to all points. Freight
contlgntd to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
he promptly torwardod. W.J.P Dill LB.
OtBce Vi Marliaon al. Tolephone !7.
JxaaH H t RAVaLiM, t'aaaenser Asant. lel-
ei'hone '.t'.T.
Memphis and Vlckslinrg Packet Com
pany U.S. Mail Line.
For Helnna.Cnncordia, Terrene nnd Arkaa
aas'Mtv The eleaant psstenvor atenirer
M. R. Cheek. ..master I W. It. TUiiwer.,.olerk
Leave! Meinplila
KVKHY M0NiA V and THU HSr AY. at 5
p.m.,roservln( the right to paaa all landing!
thecaptain may doem unsiilo. For general
lntaruialioa apply at oltice, No, 4 Mailisoa
etreel. K. WALWOHT1I. Agent.
HlHN CART!. Pass'r Arent. Telephone ItW.
Arkanias lllvcr Tk't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, ju;7?CVj
K. V. Bmlth.... master, 4ii
Leavoi Meuiuhia Kiory TI'KSIIAY, at 6 p. to
11. C. LOW K, Agent,
Onica, No !t Madison st. Telephone No.
Momi)h!8& White IMvor PktCo
U. a. 1MAB. JL.IIi
U. C. i'oltal.maftar I 0. M.II'oltal...cleri
rinveiMlnn, lttvntlit niiiir, im Are,
. Aattrnaln, .1fM'ltanior null Kcnroy.
LKAVKtl U BMPlllri avery WKDNKHUMf.
at5p.ni. Through raiea to all rolnU.
Freight eonatgned to " Meinphla and W hite
Mirer Packet Company" will be forwarded
promptly. ti. v LOWB, Agent,
N v Msrftsnn st. Telephone No. SI.
Tbe Ml. Francis River Transportation
Co.'s Fin tjMo-W heel II. 8. Mall Steamaf
Rene Klacready, r KZ
0. K. Joplln master,
at 9 o'eloek, for Marianne, the Cut-Off. aid
Intermediate landing a ou Ht. Franeig river.
The captain reaervea the right to paae all
landings he deema unsafe. JAf. LEE, Jr.,
HonerlntAwSwwa Oltl).. Sn. 4 Mailiaon at
to kvuopjb: !
roek'a Esenra!oei fnrllea leave ia
April, Muy.Juue and July. Hend for Pro
gram ine.
InUlvlilnnl Tourlal Tlrhrle for Iravaj
InKuropeand all parte of the globe. l'ata
nu l icairia by all linea of steamera.
l uoli'a Kxrnralwiilal, with maps, puV
lished monthly, by mail for Tan Ognvs.
alio. lK at HUH,
l Ilroadwar, New York.
Mon-ltesident Jiotler.
No. IHI17, R. D.-In tho Chan.e-v Court of
tiliclhy county, Tonn. -State of Tennessee,
etc , va. Win. Uono et al.
It appearing from bill sworn tn in thia
cause lluit the dotondmls, Mollle P Uehn,
llutlle boon, J A M.nkcn, lien) Kiaeman,
Maria A Allen, Itmhael btewart. Luclnda
Btewurt, Mollle ritewiirt, Adullrl btewart
and Henry Ntewart. John II t'annon. trug
teu, Wm VV Hwain, rUrah bwain' Ogdan, J
O Ugden. Albert Ile'lh and wile, Mrs Albert
Heath, Harlow J Phelpa, h.'ii.-en Lovick,
Mrs Jiiinea A Hwain, Uobert M Neeley, Wm
McMurtry, trustee, (leorge M Rycrsuu, IJ W
nil M A Rone, W 11 Wellifi rd, F M Cog,
well and wile, Mrs F M O's.swnll, Hurlotr
W Phelin, Mary A MoAnully, Lriry M New
kirk, Win rtchneider. Charter Sohnnider. L
T McKcntie, Albert Thoiuus. Mary T bomaa,
Hurah McClitry Ferguson, Jane Stockell, J
8 Willlaina Antoinette Thomas, llattle M
Boone, Hainuel Nockela, Anni Aberorom
bie, A J Mjntgoinory, Jeremiah Wnldon aro
non-reiidntits of Tonnessaej and that the
namoa and place of resilience of t!.e heira of
Richard Weldon, male partiea on account
of their interest in 'M acres of tan 1 in the titJi
Civil Disttict of Hbolby eounty, bounded oa
the north by ihe L. and N. K.K., and on the
south by the Old Raleigh roadi the heirs ol'
M A Gilchrist, made parties on 4icouut of
interest In 2 acres of land in Pope subdivi
sion, rarmville, ti! h Civil IHstrHi; the
heirs of Francia K. Clark, mads parties oa
account of Internet in lot 1, block K.Ral
eigh, hhelby count', Tenn: the heira ot
frank (Smith and M h HowarU, nutde partiee
on arc tnnt of interest in lota H. it, HI. 1 1. IS
nnd I I, in all 14 47 lis) acres. Pi re subdivi
sion. Fin in vi o. arc unknown and eannotbo
aicerta'ned alter diligent inquiry: thia be-
ins a suit to onlorue lax loina nuainst lata
It is therefore ordered. That they mail
their appearance herein, at the courthouse
of Khaioy county, in Moiiipbis. Terip on or
bulore the first .Monday in Mar. .", and
t lend, answer or demur to cutnplninant'a
bill, or tiie same will be taken lor contee-ed
us to them nnd sor for he iring ei totrte; and
Hint a copy of this o 'dor be publ'shcd once
a week. lor four suc.-cua e weeks, in tiie
Meiuphia Api oul. Thia illst dur of SSarch,
liiWi. A eopy-atteai : ....
P. I. M. DOWKLL. Clerk and Mmtor.
Ry II. F. Walsh, poru'v Clerk iiid Manor.
F. II. C. W. lio'.-kell, S)l. tor c.,m
idainnut lou
iiii-ltoniiIciit Notice.
No. M'..'4 11. D. It the HnnceT Court of
elby county, Tenn Suite ol fouaes-
sre, ur etc , vs. John M h.meyet al.
It nt'pe"ritf fr tn ilie bill an t petition of
rcroivcr. wh ci is sworn to in this c ve that
the ib lu'iclnnf. Win. F, l'l-isley, is a rcii-ui-nt
of lioimvil'e. Stutc of Kentucky, at-d a
rou reilent of the Stale of Tonrr.see, and
Ihe unknown ! -in ol 'i'hos. I). Mauoncy,
deocii ed, who'o na tea and re' lnca can
not be ascrttinod a.tcr dili.rcnt imiuiry,
who uro nitureiMcd in iho ea.t ulf oi lot .4,
.1. D. A-ieour'a euhtlivision of country lot
p.sl, il iHS1; teet, south aide Madiron street;
It is therefore ordered, Ihut they initko
their iiiiieranoa horciu, at the rourthuuse
ofrthoiov oo-inly, iu Memphis, Tnn., on or
belore the flrat jlonilay in Muy, lss.!, and
pUnd, ansner or demur to complain.mt'a
bill t ud petit-on of t uurcnee Loihb.Keeoiver,
or the same will be taken for contested .
as to them and fet for hearing oi
ji irte ; ait 1 thiit a copy of this order be pub
lished i nee a week, for four siic-'cssivt
weeks, in tiie Mouiphie Appeal. Xuia iotk
day of iinrch, A npy atteat :
h. M fid A Kl.L, Clork and Muster.
Ry II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clorkand Hmhi,
.folia1' .V Walter ind L. La 1 1, i'i;nim
:cr ojitiamant. in ,

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