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Or I)l8cn8ion In Foreign Diplomatic
Circles Ttie Position or
Pabih, April 2S. Mspatclies re-
ceiveil here to-day from Athens state
that tireece will not disarm unless the
ultiiuat'im Bent to her by the powers
ih withdrawn. It is also said that
King (.ieorjtfi threatens that he will
abdicate unless the ultimatum be
Iht AliftorbliiK Topic In Ianton.
Losdox, April 28. M. (ienndios,
tiie urtek Minister, bad a lonir inter
view to-day with Lord Kosebery,
Minister lor foreign Anairs
Th Greek d llieulty has become the
ahsoroing topic at the foi-etirn Ulltee,
The snbmiss on of M. Delyannis, the
Greek Prime Minister, to the ultima
tum of lte powers is expected to be
received at any hour. The temper of
the population ot Athens is causing
alarm. Jt is understood that the show
ot resistance by the Greek govern
ment lias been prolonged with a view
to appeasing the national pride.
A dispatch received from Athens
this evening says that the Greek gov
ernment insists upon the withdrawal
of the ultimatum. If it is main
tained the Ministry will resign its a
protest acainst the independence of
Greece implied by the ultimatum of
the powers.
At Athena.
Athens, April 2S.-Tho Greek Gov
ernment has telegraphed to all its
representatives abroad that the assur
ances Greece has given to France
about keeping the peace ami d sunn
ing orght to sutiice wit out more
being demanded by the powers
It is believed here that the Min
istry will resign unless the powers
withdraw their ultimatum.
The citizens of Athens, in a public
meeting at the Town Hall to-day,
adopted resolutions strongly denounc
ing the action of the powers in bring
ing pressure to bear upon Greece to
eompel her to desist from attacking
Turkey. The meeting appointed a
deputation to present n copy of the
. resolutions to M Delyannis.
A Second Attack o lha Measure by
Jeaae 4 oI1iuk.
Losdov, April 28. Mr. Jes9e Col
lings, the unseated Liberal member
for Ipswich, publishes a second attack
on Mr. Gladstone's home rule bill.
Mr. Collings now declares that the
scheme is but a "thinly veiled meas
ure of separation;" that the so-called
safeguards of the integr ty of the
Kinpire and of the Protestant and
loyal minorities are "both ridiculous
and untenable, and capable of being
maintained by armed force only "
He also advocates the retention " of
Irish representatives at Westminister,
while favoring the establishment of an
Irish National assembly to sit at Dub
lin and manage the domestic afliiirs of
Vba Rec'lvi-! l'ny From the State
and ttie Lw of the I'enl-
niinry Too.
Nashville Banner: The I'nion, in ex
plaining its failure to publish the facts
in the Warden Harris aflair simulta
neously with the American, states that
it had'fnll possession of all the facts,
but withheld their i ublication at Mr.
Harris's request upon the understand
ing that the American would withhold
publication, and with the hope "that
the matter might be bridged over and
a scandal avoided, and perhaps a
mail's reputat on saved." Without
discussing the issue between the
Amrricm and Union, or questioning
the I'tiitm't motives, we may venture
to ask: In what possible way could
the matter have been properly bridged
over and a scan ial avoided? All of
the facts were known, as the L'ni'.n
admits, and the only fact not accom
plished was the formal acceptance by
the Governor of a resignation ho had
directed to be sent in. ' How could a
scandal have been avoided unless it
were contemplated to suppress the
publication of the facts altogether?
Even had the Governor concluded at
the eleventh hour to retain Warden
Harris in ollice something he could
not have lawfullydono -the withhold
ing of the facts m the case from the
public would have been wrong.
But aside from this question we
must refer to ano'her phrase of the
Vnion't explanation. Not content
with giving as the reason for its delay
in publishing the facts a charitable
consideration for a man in distress -a
reason which, if the true one, is com
mendable the Union goes on and de
fends the retiring warden and en
deavors in a manne- to justify his
conduct. Th s effort is certainly in
discreet and improper, viewed from
the standpoint either of a judicious
friendship or of public policy. In the
first place, it must necessa ily provoke
a discussion and invite a more se
verely critical examination of official
dereliction which n ay not be to ad
vantage to the party defended. In
the second place, no' journal, with a
proper regard for the public interests,
tr-n afford to lower the standard of
ollicial propriety and responsibility by
excusing tit" nns.onduct of an officer
and condoning a palpable violation of
the law We need rather the eleva
tion of the standard, and a nior
scrupulous view of ollicial propriety.
We not only have not sought to
magnify Warden Harris's offense, but
we ch erfully accord to him whatever
of palliation may justly come from
the fact that he was following a pre
cedenta custom, however, which
would have b en infini ely more hon
ored in the breach than the obser
vance. We do not seek to underrate
any mitigating circumstance, and we
even urge the public to take the most
charitable view of his case. Vet, as a
public journal, we muBt protest
against the attempt made to justify
his acceptance asafitite officer of a
silary from the private concern which
has a mercenary interest in the prison
labor, or the effort made to hold him
up as a martyr, slaughtered, as the
i'nion puts it, "for the sins of his
predecessors more tv.an himself."
That he Buffers for doing what others
did with impunity i'b true. Yet this
comparative injustice, while it may
give ground for sympathy, does not
make the surrender of his office too
severe a pet alty in his case. When
it comes to arguing that he did no
wrong, and that he has been sinne l
against rather than having sinned, it
is only necessary to stop all argument
bv ouoting from the oath ot otliee,
Holemnly subscribed to, which dis
tinctly and positively obligates the
warden to "accept no bribe or com
pensation other than that allowed by
Th f" '" r'c-lo-r.- tvt l i
f wardens receiving salaries from the
lessees, largely in excels of the salary
provided by law from the State, was
never sdv secret, and that it was
known to the Governors and Superin
tendents. It declares that these sala
ries from the lessees were drawn ojn'n
!y from the time of the lease under
Gov. Brown. We do not know how
many of the Governors were cognizant
of this practice, but we hope none of
them were, and that none of them
approved it. We sav here that if
either Gov. Brown, or Gov. Po ter, or
Gov. Marks, or Gov. Hawkins, or Gov.
Bate, at any time w inked a' and con
doned tho custom, he lowered the
oincioi standard and encouraged a
practice whim is opposed to every
correct view of ollicial responsibility,
and which is subversive of the public
welfare. We are discussing this mat
ter from the standpoint of right prin
ciple, and we have no man to pursue
and none to shield.
We deny that the practice of tho
paying of a salary by the lessees to a
high State penitentiary official was
done openly and above board. There
is no law to sanction it. The pub ic
never heard of it before the recent de
velopments. There nev r was a hint
of it injlegislative discussions of peni
tentiary matters. On the other hand,
the State Board of Prison Inspectors
declare in their report to Gov. Bate
that when the Legislative Invest gat
ing Committee was investigating peni
tentiary affairs in February, 1S!5,
Harris executed notes for tho salary
he had drawn from the lessees to
cover up the.transaction. The Inves
tigating Committee did not know that
the warden was in the pay of tho les
see?. At least it never mentioned it
or made a whisper about it. If it had
been known the fact would have
been used with signal advantage
by the defendants in a notable trial
in the Criminal Court about that
time. If it t ad been an open ami
above board transaction, there would
have been no effort at concealment
when a committee was looking into
aHairs. If it were right, there would
be no need now of explanation. It
was wrcng, radically wrong.
We have endeavored to take a plain,
common-sense view of the matter.
We have sedulously refrained from
any effort at exaggeration, and have
simply tried to be just. We have not
eten criticised the warden's explana
tion, which is vunerable enough. We
would have been content to leave the
case with tho public had not a miblic
journal undertaken a justiticati n of
official indirection, when everv con
sideration of the public welfare de
mands a jealous regard for tho hiihest
and most delicate sen e of ollicial pro
The Hamilton County Nenatorlnl
luvcat '-ca.loua.
Columbus, 0., April 28 Tho reiiorts
of the invesdatiiig committje in ihu
Uaca lton ccuaty Senators! contests
have been completed, and au apref
ment entered into by (he psity sec
tions of the committee that insty shall
be submitted to the Senate tmorrow,
be printed and come up for final tc'.ioa
next week. The confidence of the
committee has been abused and tae
leading points of the reports hava al
ready leaked out. The Republican
members review the f-auds in Hamil
ton county in ceneial and concentrate
oa trie specific frauds cUim-d to have
hiD shown it Fourth VVatd A, Six'h
Wa-d D and G and Ninth Watd F.
Thesrt Rive tha Democrats 185S and tho
Republicans 19 vrt9$. The ropo't
mows, by an accumulation of ivi
dence, that tho r turns fiom these nre-
ciuc:s were so permehttd by fraud as
to be wholly wjnhlo'r, and recom
mends that under the flint proportion
of the f gree:nenr, cf the comoii'te of
six, which provided that the loninit-
tea ehauld throw out the whole vole
of precincts where there was
evidently frmi by tho cfli::ers of
election, ths- entire vote f
those fonr precincta be thrown
out, thus cutting down the vo'e of lha
Democratic candidates 185", atd of tho
Rapubliraa candidates 179, aad elect
ing all the Republican Senators or
Senatorial Candida ei. The repoit of
iqb ftmocra'ic meoinprs claims that
there wtrs both Republican and
Democratic fraudc, uud spates that
under the eecood proptsitien adopted
by the committee of six. which pro
vided tbat in precincts where fraudi
were committed by otheis than the
t ffieeni of election the committee
shotrd ascertain the extent of such
fraud and eliminate them. Fraudu
lent votes returrod in four Democratic
precincts, including the notorious Pre'
'inctA, rourtn ward, and in nine
Republican precinct, should be
thrown out. Throwing out these
thirteen precincts, a m jority of about
into is given lor the JJ-m catic sit
ting members. They find, therefore,
that the Democratic sitting members
are entitled to the seat?. The reports
agree in some respects as to precincts
which shall be thrown out under tho
(;en. butler dead.
The Last of a f amous Bone In HI
NkwYobk. Apiil 28. The follow
ing letter was yesterday received by
the Clerk of the Bureau of Vital Sta
tistics: Deab Sir If you can help the
bearer, Chaj. Ltvinus, to get a psrrois
to bury Gen. Butler nn his farm you
will greatly oblige. Ynnra. truly.
Gen. Butler is a dead her-e that lies
in Levinus's stables, on Eirt Ono
Hundred aad Twenty-fifth street. He
died at the age of thirty yearp, and
was in his day one of the most famous
trotiers in the country. He took pert
in many notable contests asairst such
fivers as Lady Tborne and Geo. M.
Patent n, and, at Chicago Sept. 21, 1803,
was the contending horse agii istthe
Western erf ck Cooiey, wten Geo. Mc
Keever, his driver, was murdertd in
the gathering shadows of the back
stretch by tome ens who had pools on
the other horse, and who shoved a
board over the fence m McKeever
passed, crushing bbi skull.
The Terrible Keanlt r a Mother'
Thai nab tleanneaa.
Erik, Pa., April 28. A frightful
holocaust occurred last evening as the
result of tbe thoughtlessness of a
mother, Mrs. Epheim Lawson. Prior
to going out shopping Mrs. Liwson
lreked her three children in a room.
The bouse look fire, and before the
alarm was given the children were
imprisoned by the fUmes. The fire
men rescued two of the children alivo,
bnt tbey will hardiy survive. The
bahy was forgotten and was consumed
with the boose. Several of the fire
men were badly burned.
vrr and Acne.
C. Vreelnnd, HackensacV, N. J.,
February 25, 188 writes that he has
been troubled with fever and ague for
over two years. Quinine would not
cure him, though taken in very large
doses. By taking five Bram'lre h's
Pills a riiht for two weeks bo was
T do tint believe that
Ayer's SaiKaparilla lilts
nil ciial as a coiimmIv
fur Scrofulous Jlii
nioM. It is pleawnt
to take, gives MrviurtU
and vigurto the hody
ami produces a more
pormnucnt, lusting, re
sult tlmn nnv medicine
I ever used.
Haines, No. Liiulule.U.
I have used Avcr's
SaiNapnrllla.in my fam
ily, for Scrofula', and
know. If it is taken
faithfully, It will
thoroughly eradicate
this teri ilile disease.
W. K. Fowler, Al. D.,
(.Jrwnvlllc, Tenn.
For forty years I
have suffered with V.r'
miel.in. 1 have tried
all tiorts of remedies
for my complaint, hut
found no relief until I
commenced using
AVer's 8arnupnrilla.
After taking ten hot
ties of this medicine (
am completely cured.
Jlary C. Amesbury,
Itockport, Me. "
I have Miffrrcd, for
years, from Cularrh,
which was so severe
that it destroyed my
appetite uud weakened
nn system. After trv
iuir other remedies,
ami gelling no relief, (
hegun to take Ayer's
tsursaparilla, and, in a
few mouths, was eureU
Susan L. Cook, H09
Albany at., Boston
Highlands, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsapnrllla
Is superior to any blood
purilier that 1' have
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
ever tried. I have
taken It for Scrofula.
Canker, and Salt-
(Ileum, mid received
much henelit from it.
It Is good. also, for a
weak stomach. Mililo
Jane Pelree, South
Bradford, Mass.
Ayer's S a rsap ari 1 1 a ,
Prepared by Dr. J.C.AyerfcCo., Lowell, Mass.
Price 81; six bottles, SB.
Diseases are
all over tbe
I am a native of Fnaland, and while I
was in that country I contracted a terrible
blood roison, and tor two years was under
treatment as an out-donr eutitnt at Notting
ham Hospital, Kniiland, but was not cured.
I suffered the most asenitini nains n mj
bones, and was covered with sores all over
my bndy and limbs I had vxrtico and deaf
nets, with partial loss oi sight, severe pains
in my bead and eyes, etc, which nearly ran
me crazy I lost all hope in that country,
and sailed for America, and was treated at
Koosevelt in this city, as well as by a prom
inent physician in New York having no oon
ne"tion with the hospitsls.
I saw the advertisement of Swift's Specific,
and I deiermined to live it a trial as a last
resort. I had given np all h"le of being
cored, as I had gone through the hands ot
the best medical men in Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of S. K. 8.,
and I can say with groat joy that they have
cured me entirely. I am as sound and veil
as I ever was in my lito.
New York City, June 12,18itt.
Ts the life, and he Is wise who remembers it.
ISut in March of Isst year (1884), I contracted
blood poinon.and being in Savannah, (In.,
at the time, 1 went into the hospital there
for trentment. I tuffsred vtry much lrom
rheumatism at the same tiin. 1 did not
ret wall under the treatment there, nor was
1 cured by any of the usual menns. I have
now taken seven bott es of bwiil's Specific
and am sound and wel'. ltdrovo the po son
out through boils on lha skin.
Jersey City, K. J., August 7, l&tb.
Two years ago I contracted blood po'son.
After taking prescrip ions from the best
physicians here and at Dallas, 1 concluded
to visit Hot Springs, and on Touching Tcxar
kana a doctor recommended mo to try Swift's
Specific, assuring me that it would benefit
me more than Hot Sprints, Although the
had produced great boles In my back and
osest, and hftd removed all be hair off my
bead, set I begun to improve in a week's
time, and the sores began to heal, and weie
en'irolv sone tnBido ot eipbt weeks.
WILL JONES, Porter Union l'ass, Depot.
t.sco, Texas, July 13, 1.1K5
Treatise un Blood and Skin Diseases irmilod
free. Thb Swikt Speciimo Co.,
Drawer 3. Atlanta .. N. Y ., 1.S7 W. aid St.
It U
. certain tlit
Z "the Hatian" nbto
O will prove Batioiiclory to
(A every irentlexnoa who wnnti ft
Twrlbct ftrUcle. We are putting1 Into tha
manufacture of thote shoes, the reaulta of 30
Z you' experience and study, of v.-hat vlU
please, give comfort and waur
Z faithfully. Try thoia.
Every flr3t-clojs
X dctAer hne
CO., tolls what
he knows of
Vintersmith's Chill Cure.
Ovrici or thi CovRira-JocRSAL,
LouiaviLLS. Kv.
Dr. Wintmmith, Sir I waive a rule 1 have
observed for many years, the value of your
remedy prompting me to say, in reply to
your request, what 1 know of your Chill
Cure. Ibo private assuranoes of its efficacy
Ibad.aod the good results of its effects I
had observed on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen years, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to last it In
my family. The results have been entirely
satisfactory. The first ewe was of two
years' standing, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief tbe chills returning periodically
and with seemingly increased severity.
Y'our cure broke them at once, and there has
been no recurrence of them for moro thsn
six months. The other rase was ot a milder
form, and yielded mora readily to other
remedies; but the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, sine
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared, from the opportu
nity I nave had to judre, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable specific, and perlorms all you
promise lor it. Respectfully,
ville, Ky.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tti Orfsrlnnl mi1 Only bcnnlnt.
Bale and always Reliable. Bewareol worn,.
Imitations. Indispensable to l.tUIKS.
A-.' your l)is for ' lilrhf-mr'e
Kncli- "and take no other, or inclose e
(stamps) to us for particulars i larrss by
rrlara mall. -. laI'K. Cbi
rhMlrr laemlrnl Co.,
UH Mud I on hqt.r PhHsMln., -.
1 ttAufi supplied by OtO. C. U00DW13
z ...... . r
r HA NAN J ft
V7 J I
HUMILIATING EruptMf.. It-hlne and
Burning Skin 'torture Lathoiie
Sores, and every siciei li.hins, Scaly,
Hiuiplv, Inherited, Scroftili.us Kcd t'onta
gioiis DiFea.-e cl tbe lltoi',1. kin ai.d Scalp,
with Loss of Hair, front nt incy to old ge,
tositivcly ciird by Citiciki, tno greit Skin
Ture, and Cl t;ci si Soar, an ei.iuislie Skin
lleautificr, externally, and t'rru ru KtaoL
VINT, the ne lilood Purifier, internally.
'vi:itri wiiii mikin.
I heve been slH'ctc4 since Inst M-ch with
a Skin disease the dorter, ca'ted Kcsema.
Myfkcowa- covered with fcub and cores,
and the itching and burn er were almost
unbearable Seeing lour I'ithtsa I ras
nira so highly rccon ncntlt j, ronrliidtd to
give them a trial, usipg the Ct'TM't'aa and
Ccticisa Sotp exUirnally, and Hssolvsnt
internally, for four month. 1 oall mysolf
cured, in gratitude to.' which I wake this
lullio statemnt.
Broad Brook, Conn. '
M'AI.P, KM US AM) Ni:('K.
I wa sfflictc! with Krseina on th Pca'p,
Facv, Kara and Xeck, wbicti the drurgist,
where 1 got your remedies proLouncea one
of the w-rst rases that had cttuie un"er his
notice. 11a advised me to try vouf LL'TK'i a
Rkiiicoiks, and alter five days' uss my scalp
and par' of my faoe were entirely cu-ed, and
1 hope in another week to have my ears,
neck, and tbe other pa "f in (see cured.
120 E. Fourth street. New tork.
iTtiiixu nisjKASE i itri.
Citicvr stands at the lira I of its class,
specially is this the cm with the iJuTirraA
Soap. Have had an unusuall sood rale this
summer, owing to the ixevalenoeot n ag
gravated form o( Ircti througii sotre locali
ties in trc o. nntry. in which ths Cl'tirrsi
IlMtintH proved utirf rory.
W L. UAlilil it), Druggist,
Uniontown, Ky.
Are fold hy a'l drugvla's. P ice: Ct'TiciKA,
M crnts: Itaeoi.VKXT, fl.P"; Sop, I'.'i cenUi.
Puttks I'lii'u axp Chkmta'. to., llo-ton.
Send fur How to Cure Skin Pueusca."
IIP nTIFY Complexion nnd Skin
iii-dlJ by ming p etHri'irrKAfMiAr
,1 M, ts tho rau.eol Uterine Pains a Ml
r. rj H C.KII.'fl r or villus Cl'it UIIU
IjfTt Back, Kidter Pains, Sciatica,
rsf -it . l i u i...- i i
jlhiivuti . fiviin'o. nun ill-
Bauiuintion, the li'Tiili'KA Anti-Pain Plah-
TSK is ill'Hlli l.'.
Jndlspuladlnlhe BROAD CLAIM of being flu
Mont Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
ItK-mphl", Tcusi.
"PAY STALLION, n.tr. lolt hind ankle
U and richt hiud hi cl white. Fouled May
0, 1SH1, by Ony er tsirc of Al.ath, three-year
old record. 2 :tiV.'.- Firit duin iuarciM S.. by
Will ams's .Manlriuo (sire of tho dam of
HjiitB-tliuis, i:u : second rtiofcod tdnm
of C'eniioio ., rcco d 2 : J -0 1 4 , Pos' Hoy
2:23'. A)i?n Slonur '2:l'i. bv Borllof lid-
win r orresi) 1 third dam by Mim.bripo Chief
(sire of Lady 1 horn, 2:lH'iM lourih uiun by
(Ircv Kiiulo: filth duin by Uolivsr; rtxthdam
by U'nckburn's Whip: seventh dm bv Comet
CUTallKUT if a iuuliuany by, V, Lands
high, and inugniliccMly prnfiirtinnpJ. He
his rover been haiollcl tor spvoil, but can
show n 2:10 not with wo mn in a bugy.
Was Ired and raised by .1. C. Mc'orran lt
Co-., 'ilcnvicw, near Louisville, Ky., and
sold fit a' two-yeir old for $J Ml. Cuihbert
will bii allutrcl to ivrve ' npprovad mures
this sohsjp. Srrviccc, tentv-five tiili) do -lars
c;ih Can bo rocn atour s able.
i'. A. JtiNrS CO.
M Mmllaon Streiot. .Hemplita, Train
A FULL stock of Wooden and Mat III
Casts and Caskets, llnrlal Robes, etc,
always on usnd. Orders nyTelegranh or 'Xel
ertlifiini Pron'ii'ly srtndAd to.
817 and 819 XJT Idlll
N. Second StvX Li Y ' dK
wood-work'vq MACHINERY
A Valuable Paten!.
Danjy'sj (Hons) Torn nod Pr plan.
HAVING perfaeUd my invention, I wish
o place it before) the pnbitc, especially
mcatacturera. As a Corn Planter, it is
pcrlect 'accais oixes tbe drill, dif tribute)
tbe seed acrirately, uniniured, and cover
tbe same, theroby on man performing the
work ot three. The' have been used in
this section tor over a dorcn years with per
fect satisfaction. Can give respoc sibla testi '
monlais. address
JOHN il. DANCr.DonoyTllIo,
tisvwnf.d cTnntv. teri.
aguarantrad specifio ( r bretcria. Dirti
ness. Convnlsion-r. Fits. crvin Konral-
aia. Headache, Nerve l'rot ration, cued
by tha nfe of alcohol or t 'hacoo: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Mi'taning of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lo. ing to
uue. ji uocay ana qoiin ' vm.iuro
Age, Xlarrenneo, Los of "wer in either
rhea. caa t by over-ei'ir'ioo of the brain,
selt-ahnsa orovcrindalpenre. bach box con-
. .. - .. . . .nr. HI s l... - .
six boxes for (j, sen: t mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. V gusr:-in-e Six ioxe
to euro any case. With esch orj -r received
f)j vsiiirsix DOXCS, H-"r.uirn wint ,
;il . ,1 nori.hiUflr finf r'll..
goarartrt to rcfnnd the money if the trcat-
n-.eot d-o rot aCc-t a c i. wnrnr,ts
B- .
HAiroTAOTtrmitg o ' iiji!.'
3F-5.. 3E3. TLJtJiliZ OO..
376-378.880-3.S3S4,SG hwoud street, Bouth ot lluyoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles
WowMlwf. l.wthn. OfMlwr liwi wml llrtti.
J7t. JPARQAa0N7J.AT HUNT. C. C. 11 EM. sKTa". rPAKKUK. K. L. W00lbO
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
ZS9 Frnnt Stroet, Memphla, Tent.
Cotton consigned to ns will have our careful attention. We carry at all times a wall
selected stock oi
Staple &. Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llq uorsjebacce & Clsan,
will awtl Law am stir lsrsias.
N Al'OLLO.N HILL, frtsldonU W. . WIMi tltil', VIcp-ITcsiUpo
II. J. LYNN, r.hhlu.
MemgMs City Fire & GBn'l Ins. Co.
ti. MANHflKLD, U. K. MYblUS. W. D. BKXI1KLU.
1 1UU
25G and 2.r)8 Front
1. H. C00V1 & 80.
Liter M it Ptaii
Duoi-ia, fSiAli, BlIndH, WotiMiiiiv, nil Mm? ill Door nnd
ll'liidttis rrnmef, ItrHt ltt iM, Ncroli-lVorli, ICoticli and
Dresvacd LuiwIkt, Nhlnn-s, Iiiilh. tVuK-r Tunkru
Atl klndkt ol Vood Work KxtM'tucd at Nhort Mollis.
Nos. Ift7 to 173 Waslilnsrton St. Moiiipliin. Tflnn.
HAVING withdrawn from tha WodruH-lllvcr Oarriaae and llwlwaro Company, we
have accepted the Agency ol aomo ot tha H" asmsnlnsiliirrns In loo Unllsiti
K1H. and are now receiving a lull aasn'tiuont ol CAlUllAtlKS, IKItXilKS. WAUIN B,
HAKNK68 and SADDLKKV also, a lam stock ol the improved I'lCNNIiSSKh! WAOONH.
All goods are new, and built expresslv Itr 'hie niarket, nud will bn sold at vary low prices.
Ollice uiul Suli'hruDiii, Nu.i!UI) .nulu rtim;l. Wak t)Uv,;st, MiLUOI-'rout Htrct i.
a. woonHcrr. .. " n ti n v. i.. wonMnr.
iuarU'lll pny Hood J'rUcfx for, ItlOTKN. JI F ,4 I.I.N anl
TU4MI rr(. ol nil l M rltlouH.A Nt'iid lor ClnuUr
mid I'riccH I'tlld.
Cotton Factors & Commission Tilerch'is
iraitea'WBrsaaaiv -Km 'uu .iliiis.,l'.U,,.-
. ItI( II 4UI A. Mt C I K1)Y. ; 8 i : t VrVHlUvni.
ASHT.TH, :::::: $10!),MM,000
. Marrsisttter VnlnM.Indorard nn PoMclon. HoJI'orfcllurf ..I'hrnpeat
set luc warm,
AlsXia:. HnSltlNB, M.D.. XJxamlnor,
"So. 2 C'ollon Kx'limige Itiilldlng. Momplilx.
Yazoo Mississippi Delta Timber Co.
107 Miles from Memphis, Tenn. 113 Milea.from Vicksburg. Miss.
Saw ND Planin lEills
Will saw to order and furnish good merchantable
Cvpr ess Lumber,
$12.50 PER M.-a
IMT Dimensions and Building Lumber. Cvprnis Shinlei, Dressed Flooring, Ceilinglen
tiiding, kept eonstantly on hand. Orders by mail respocttully solicitod. Address:
r It 4 K M K K I U O M NIII'I'.M I wT I i:T-
And CcrB3iin?ion SJerchantH. Hny.Corn 0aLs,i1i i3, Clirp r:-.'I, i,M5-Scii!,
Llffit',4iBer.l, riarler, lialidln; ittttl tin i'!c.
K. K. LKrt.
U. !. fillliLKR.
St.. Mmnplils. Tenn.
olives, mm
Frtr i va .t r Court l1ar, now Xt
a f. !f!r MttiOMlHl fttiA srallT qitil1nd pitrsalrMal Md tlwt
kxt attiviMf(il. l".t i rwJtwp itl jtrnvr
t'r nil toraiw nf PRrVATE
Sprutatorrho And Ixupoteacj.
a ihf r.nll nf wif aliuM IB mU, arrtiii icrac , u,
Uisx (TJta tir-lhT cm lud 'tw1i,rlu( w,moi .1.. js
ot tat i tl' li S. t n.i.lH "t gVnilfiJtl t tu.tal.it. i.'jlaV
lit initnil, Ii.iuipm of it, -lit. IWtvtlr lire - . Tiif-
-1 1 1 1 t,i...lfun At.fw t hoctrtr a.' TrOii1,
VT,s,.ti nt :,ieA, I - of Mriai Pcww 4c. mid-nttf
triniti ttnv -r r .-n)),t't, rj lbtrtni(tlt ko4 jTnwav
Vntlt .rr.. SVPHllilS rU"
Zm" lr,,m u- Gonorrbe.
vi. n l .4ii. r pHrmU tiwr qut. Hly Mrjd.
It is- alf- t vut that pti lirUn ho rn wi1 att)
J ft CWMII f'x1 of tHweMjeu, AU ) If tin I Iti-iMMUitl l el
Hf n.S)utr t-mt aktll VtitaUHsiMi kiMkii ill ti fM Aa
.vi.i rut ixl irtou to mj Mr-. hc it U UtmarfNiirfM h
ih.- .-it f- tf "Invent, mMlrlrma bwawiu yrtrua
G llama tend im all Ctwt
't'uit.tr' i ii.inilT iw r MNP ftW ftfwl 1nUi4
'htajw -waatuiMt'lq au4 rtwtVMWlBBOg) LTWUf "T t"a"M.
.iraxi p.c.1. nt ta .n, .w-m, tMimnb Mtaj. s tawy
..,a Hhnuld b. IMl , ML iS4rM .. !..,
.WS... u;r. trvm A. M. to, f . a. 0Mdf S t. . 1' "
TriiNlcv'ai Mule.
BY rirtue of tha authority raited In me aa
trustee of the esuteot W. II. llolton.de
ceased, as tha successor in etnc of K.
Siuilli, trusU'c, by decree of the ttupram
Court of Tennessee in case of L. A. Cannon
vs. K. M. Appersan and others, I, I)arid C.
blaughter, trustee as stores id, will offer for
sale, at publio outcry, at tha courthouse
door, in the city of Memphis, and aell to tha
highest anJ best bidder, commencing
promptly at 12 o'clock tu., ou
Nalardny, Hie 1st Uay ef Hsy.lHM,
the following describsd real rstata, to-wltt
The east half ol lot It. in block 52, on tha
pian of lha ,-ityof Memphis, on tha north
west corner of Linden auJ lriver streets. In
said city, havina a trout of W) Icet, mora or
less, on the north ldnof Linden street, and
running tack between parallel lines about
4iK) toot; the fr nt of the said lot being lint
leet, less i ne-half of Ilriver street, taken off
tna eot side tliTeof, leaving about 80 feet
front, together with the Improvements, con
sisting of a two-story brick dwelling.
Tho storehouse now occupied by h. M Ap
person A Co., No. r'nint street, and Mo.
AJrOerson street, routing lor lltKHJ per, an
num. Korldonco No. t'l Court street, renting at
I'J) per month, havinn front of St) feat
liichrs, by a depth of IPt1 feet, formerly ee
ciipied by 1. U. ltothel, deceased.
Ilouso and lot n north side of Union
stieet. fronting Hi feet, ami runninir bark to
Old t nion stseet, known as Nu. JT1 t.nlon,
renting lor lA) per month.
Ilouso nnd lot on east side ol Orlrani street.
K feet trout bv ,' tcetdi cp, known as lot
o. tt ol .). M. Tata's subdivision.
Also, lot No 7, riimo subdivision, 5'2t,xlNl.
Lot No of W. K. tlarris't subdivlion,
on Cow Island road, contuming 11 7 H-1 1 0
acres. ' -
'forms One-third cash, the bilsnc, in Vi
months, with interest, senred by lien, Tha
titles are pored, but. I sell only aa tro.toa.
Fuither iufor mation can be obtained lrom
tho uodersignod. D.I!. Sl.At till 1 K,
Tru-toe estate W, ll.lloltun, doe'd.
R. D.jlordan, Attorney;
rrobato Court Sale Ifeal Estate.
No. KVt, R.I).-In the Probate Courtcf Shel
by County, Te- n.-T. J O'Ntiil, adminis
trator, vs. C'alh. Kllen O'Neil.
Y viriueofa decree for sale, entered in
) this cause ou April 'JT, Ittttl, minute book
4ii, panes 4tl, eto , 1 will sell to the highest
biildrr, at publio aui'tlon, in front of tha
eouit-tiouse door, on Mam street, on
Nnlnrdisjr, Way yil, IHH),
within legal hours, the following describe!
real estate, to-w it : Acertnin ideoa or par
oel of land, situated in Memphis Tenn.,
commencing nn thu west side of Main street,
and running t ieno, north H7'a feot, thenca
wot Mill, feet to Center alley) thenca south
along said alley :lT'n toot to a stake, and
thciHie ea-t H.H1, diet to the beginning, Tha
suit! I t is the s mm hall of lot No. 1 ., and
is situated at ibe Intersection o tha north
side of the llrst alley south of and parallel
with Overton strcotwith Mam street. Tha
said rale will lie subie-t to right ot homo
stead ot Caih. Kliou O'Neil iu said real es
tate. Tonus of Sale On a or dlt ot seven (7)
nioiiihst tha i ttrchaser to cxeute note with,
surety, and a linn will be retainud to seoura
unpaitl purchase monay. KonHy of redemp
tion buried. This April 1)7, In. I.
, CULLKV, Clerk,
Itv (1. h. McPonuld, Deputy Uloik.
r Win. M. Randolph, Solicitor. -
1311 RSI! A NT to a decree rendered by th
Chancer, Court at Nu-hvlllo, at Its Oc
tober term, and entered of record at
pagn IIVi, iVi iiiute Hook No. 2'Z, In the c is ol
Hainiiol l'crkins vs John H. Cla, brook and
others, notice is herebr given that 1 will ex
pos, to public sale, al t1 e coiirtbnuso il rat
Memphis, Tannosxnfl, uikhi the tertra hora
inalter sut out, at 12 u'cionk m. , on ilu
llJil lay r Mf, lHHfl.
the following ilesiTibed pri erty, all si'uate)
in tao 'I n li n it llislntil of tin lb oouuly,
Tcnnrsee, to-wit t
Lot No. ''!, wet side of Auction Pnuare,
Lot No. lint, south si e of Auction Buuare,
Lot No. 4.MI8ocond street.
Lot Nn :v.fi . corner of Ororton and Third,
1-ltkj lent iquare,
Houth hull lot 2ii2 Second street,
Lot 144 and pan lot 11:1, west side cf Main
street, between Market and Winchnstar sts,
I onus of Ha'e lliielourth c-rli.and tha
h i In n i ci on oictlits ol , 12, IH .nd 24 months
Interest bearing notes reguircd for deferrea
payments, anil lien retained. Sale froj lrom.
redemption. bAMl H. I'KHKINS,
spe,ial toiumiM.iioncr.
A bonk ol lW iAirf.
iltfl liflit bonk for
Htmiirnt tiaer tu eon-
htB hn e isfirlai
nnoetl or othorwiie.
flont&sDB hiti of
Dewf (iHj.er and oftltDninn o tha ount of au
vortimnu. Thehdverttierwhowtiui to n(
onuilullar, fin tin in tt tho inlorirmtinn U ro
qu.roit.wliila for him who will in Tent ont
qui droil thousand dttlUrfl In advortimnt, a
Hohox.it ill nllonlQd which will Dinet hit
very rjut.tinnt, or ou b uiwiU to do
by flight otiHniri an ily rnved at hy oorra
pontlrinoa. Ono bund red and fltty-thre
ilitionn rinva bon IafuoiI. Kent. ottjid,
to any H(llrrMMr tea Ai'ply to 0KO.
P. H()v'KLli A Co.. N KWSPAFKf4 A0
VKRTIKIN4 BUKKAlMinrupait. (PriDt
ing Hinin Hqtjn ri . Now Voi If.
3 Km$U
- y w ,
tui iii'sriiw
ui -" 'm I
Lr-t7 i
-i .BS,?sg
w So
Ailmlnl-tratiir'a Nulirn.
Office Public adiiiin'S'ritur, S i.M'V County
Courthou o. Meu.phl', Tenn.. April 3, lfW.
rpliK iinilcrsiBred hnv n, I eo i -ppointeil
I and iuniilit .ln i.,iir-t r of the entata.
of lli'ii'y V. A'tioM, ilo e e l, police ia
hercliy uiveii to i ll pr-op iiiileb'cd in sold
(oti.hj to i-omii t'orwstil son m't1!': and to
those f who'ii an iil e-tnie ii indebted t, tl a
their cl iuts with ipc, dulr . rohatsil, witliin
tbo time prex-ribe 1 oy I e or tbe ti:e will
be forcer bi-r,d. JOHN LOA'HIf,
Publl ' Aittit nit.itcv.
itl tr''.,'-,'-,!l tinf-t pvit print (, how
i. S?mf'-)''iA rBi-iwnlnova-r nit New, (!rlV
P ' v.nitl MiTl(vi,f i!ht- 4 I.tbrai-j
. DMki. Tablei. Chalra.
fel' -'y Ecok Cases, loungoa.
laeiicr rrpsses, unineu
Ladies' Fancy Dnki,4c
1 iliert (iOKlal KUU aUniawt
I"l iOKM (1 LUiriall UMHl . i MtaViUal
M "taviL.j
ttVA, iUlUH 4tO. JSO IDwQaiaV
Insolvent otlof
No M'.U (8) StHte of Tpuoew, Shp'b? coan
ty Oiiico County Court t'lifk, MAroihifi
Tonn . April lNt Tu J nb a Lu.u.
Publio A dm nt-trtjr of iShlhy county an a
a' fiirb Adiiiiuir-irator of mtate i ileury
K. A'i oIiI. (etrti-'4, :
HAV1N. nijftf"r'i I the itiHiiWrnr? of th
itle ot li uiry F. Am. ittl. deii hi1.
4.u nr hereby orilori-d to givo noli (ft by ad
ert.Mntrcr.t iiiii nvw-iH-r p'ltihed
w Kinn bo ;ut htri'c.nnd m I mi nt i ho urt
tioti'e door of iS'iethy count?, for all lersons
brtvine rliiiin a-uit mi J .-to to itpteaT
and fi'e hi? s.nuf, tinhmt at. tl in h m su
iter I ro- '!'' by !nw .o or lct'"re ilie -T'.ti duy
J ill i: aiid any ''iaua nut b.fii on or
b 1'tat-anl d y, f r btfit n i.rotriHt:on
f t no H':d I't t!Wl O tt I U)Ut.0, tt!Hll P9
j.tr.- ,.r brrv lv ' o'lk i mw hi d f 4-1 tty .
W ".;!' - ui i ( ni " 4. th:- 2 ' j:ty oj
Ai'iii.h'.i. Iilul li Cl i.l v. Uaik.
T an C r wi

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