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salwi and Booru.
His (aer Performance as MIagow
IT at Is "aid or His
KlW Yo, April 29. The second
verformamce ol (MMIo, with Btlvini
and Boib in tha principal role, a'
the Academy of Music last night, was
anything bat a treat presentation, ow
ing to the urjfortaaate condition of
the Ameiican actor. From the very
fint Booth appeared to be in very
poor form. Ilia reading of the lines
waa nneyen, and there were instances
where he loet the thread of hie line.
As the play continued bia walk waa nn
graceful and positively unsteady. It
waa not, however, until the third act,
in the great acene with "Othello,"
that the growing apprehension of the
audience waa completely confirmed.
After "Othello" (Silvini) bad thrown
"Iajro" to the ground in hla bnrat of
wrath, be asaisled Booth to his fset
agaia without diaturbiDg, apparently,
the ranril conre of action.
Ai Booth reaslned hia feet, Salvini
ktgohA hold, and the American
actor lost bia balance, itaggered back
ward Ma tqnatted down in the foot
light rail. A few of the audience
nearest the stags jumped forward, as
it seemed the actor waa abont to fall
lot j the orchestra. He recovered hit
self-possession wonderfully and con
tinued throughout the act. His con
duct called forth some hissing, but
tho audience, pained ai it no doubt
waa, seemed to extend their aympa-
thiea by encoring him as usual. His
entrances and exita irom tnis point
were timid and made with a perccp
tably luwitaiitttep. Jim great ecene
where "Koderijio" la killed waa plsyed
with Croat force, and he waa warmly
called before the curtain. He Beamed
to have recovered attain, but in the
latt act he weakened, and his closing
oae waa ex rsuoely wtnk, and with
hia bands tied behind his back, bii
condltioa was too painfully apparent
to even aa ordinary obssrtcr.
, The .actors of the Salvini-Booth
combinition, who were assembled at
the Academy of Music for this iuorn-
. lug's rebdarta1, dlscusso! with much
interest Mr." Booth's sadden manifoj.
tatlon cl dlaalneia laat evening. Mr.
Iboth reached the Academy a few
minutea after 11 o'clock, lie sal i he
had been affected by an attack of ver
tigo. "Similar attacks have troubled
me olien before," he added, as he
rawed ia. "Yesterday it wai caused,
I think, by bilious attack." Sal
yini'a attention was absorbed in an
enoriDona paper cigarette. "Ha have
trouble is aee head," he said, between
the pufla, indicating Mr. Booth. "It
was see nervousness, you see, nodding
bat, but see rush of blood to fee tee
what jeu call ? brain."
The Aetlen or Their Representatives
Approved by the Pon-ror
claw Mlerrllany.
. ' Athrns, April 80. The Minister cf
War has resign1). Bis resignation is
due to the fact that be did not coin
cide with the action taken by his col
leagues during bis absence at the
front. The powers have approved the
action of their representatives here in
presenting the ultimatum to the Greek
The Official Journal tayi that if the
' powers will recognixe the agreement
between Greece and France and re
move their display of force to compel
Greece to submit to their . views
Greece will act in consonance with
the datiea inspired by her national
Interests and the honor ol the State.
Count de Money, tho French Am
bassador, baa been Instructed by his
governsaent to make fieeh representa
tions to Greece, with a view to effect
ing a peaceable settlement with Tur-
Lou doh, April 2i. Baton Headley
has been declared a bankrupt.
London, April 29. The Semiru vol
cano in the island of Java is in a state
of eruption.
Lohpoh, April 29. Wilkinson's
mills at Beeetoo, Nottinghamshire,
together with many adjoining houses,
have been destroyed by Are. The lota
is $750,000. One thousand persons are
deprived of employment by the burn
ing of the mills,
ffrBAeeotRo, April 29. A French
oflicer, attired in uniform, was married
here yesterday to an Alsatian lady.
After the ceremony a crowd of 3iiO
perssni f illowed the ollicer shouting
"Vive la France," and displaying grent
enthusiasm. The police dispersed the
Mapbbs, April I. There is serious
dissension, in the Cabinet, The fric
tion is doe to tho refusil of the ether
Ministers ti yield to the demands of
Honor Camtnacho, the Minister of
Finance, f t economy in the budget,
which he insist! is neccstary. A crisis
is Impending.
YAira, Crimia, April 29. Euhem
racha, the special Turkish envoy, has
arrived here, and bes had an audience
with the Ccr, to whom he preuintud
an autograph Utter irom the Sultan.
Edbem Pacha afterword visited M.
De Giere, the Russian Foreign Minis
ter. The Turkish envoy wai received
with cordiality by both the Cur and
his Minister. After the interviews he
, dined at the Imperial table.
Paris, April 29,-It is stated that
the Pope, in the event of establishing
diplomatic relations with China, which
is probable, will appoint a prelate of
French nativitr to be the papal nuoc o
at Pekin. This step will be takeu by
his holiness, it is said, to show Francs
that the Vatican entertains no inten
tion cf depriving her of the privilege
of which she now enjoys as protector
t the Catholic missions in China.
The lryamy Caaee Before the Ba.
"Wabttif gtox, April 28. Argument
waa beirun in the Supreme Court of
the United States in the cane of Lo
renao Snow vs. the United Statos.ln
error to the Hopreme Court of the
Territory of Utah. Snow was prose
cuted in tho District Court of the
First Judicial Dihtrict of Utuli under
the Edmunds act for unlawful (hab
itation with seven women. He waa
convicted and given the highest pun
ishment nnder tho law, ami is under
going imprisonment in tho penit n
tiary. There wero three indietments
a.-iinRt hiin chnrrjng him with com
mission of the crime during the veara
lH?3-8t and during the (irst efeven
months of 1S8 lepettively, anil on
each he was convicted. On app al to
the fc'ui re i.e Court of the Territory
the judgment of the District Court
waa atlinned. Tho questions in the
rae before this court involved the
construction and effect of the third
section of the Edmunds act, and what
constitutes an ofl'ense under it; also,
the evidence admissible to prove it,
George lickcor Curtis and Franklin
8. liisliards are counsel lor Snow. Mr.
Richards opened the argument for a
siau'inont it the points involved in
the ciiae.
A Memory for All Who Participated
la the Beaatlfal aervleea.
louaaMroaDixcs or thi areaaL.t
Mohtsaolx. Tasw., April 27. Sun
rise eervice at the chapel of the Holy
Comforter, at Montfavle, on Faster
morning, was worthy of a notice. The
carolr, decorations and lovely morn
ing conspiring to produce an imtrer
ion which ia weakened by attempted
description, ine church, ot native
aandstoDe, stands within the inclosure
cf Fairmonnt College for ycuog ladies,
neing Indeed bmlt upon a l"t given by
me cnapiain, ins Key. w. r. uauoae,
to toe parish ont ol the domain
Careful practice, sustained by a SU'
perlor musical department, made the
id uslo excellent. A procession formed
aa toe immense due ol the crimson
son appeared above the horizon ol
forest trees. Music in the open air is
ever thrilling. Inside the chapel the
carol singers stood in two long
lines ia the center aisle. The
ladies' voices were sustained and
aided by a quartette of gentlemen
from tba University of the South at
Sewaoee. The chancel is very beau
tiful with the work of Mr. Silas Mc
Bee's hands, altar, credence fable and
bishop s chair being exciuisituly enrvod
in nsk irom original designs of Mis
and Mr. Mc lise. Tho center chancel
window is the gift of two firmer pu
pile of Fairmount, the Misses Kate
and Mamie Thompson of Memphis.
The design, ''Jeauu blessing the chil
dren," is very beautiful andchaite,
The white hangings are a gift of Mrs
C. Brown, matron of the cchool. .The
embroidery is exquisite. Our moun
tain is glorious with floweis in end
leia variety. The triliums, or three
leaved lilies, maesed in the font, I have
never seen equaled in eflecL Dig
wood bloom is aldo very beautiful;
nraya of this were on the brackets.
Heavy spraysof snowball weregrouped
on the crinieon chancel carpet.
Some exquisite Marecbal Neil
roses, tulips and other flowers, sent by
Mr. Bingham of Memphis, were on
the altar and at tho base of the read
ing desk. During the offertory Mrs.
Mc Bee's voluntary, "Not a Sparrow
Fal eth," was sung in a manner be
yond description and praise. Ture,
clear, restful, with peilect pronuncia
tion, it was something to be remem
bered and to be grateful for.
Dr. Du Bote's formon upon the
"Certainty of Oar Hope" was atton
clvely listened to. Dr. DuBose has
been chaplain of the University of the
South for years. He is now at the
Theological Hall (St. Lake's), it is a
great privilege to have services every
Tuesday conducted by one so gifted
and so trained to impart. This is the
first Easter service in our parish
church, and was naturally more than
ordinarilly interesting to those who
have waited long for it. This point is
rapidly becoming a point of observa
tion for Christians of all denomina
tions and creeds ai the ideal summer
ing place of thousands.
Eitlev Nam: From a private letter
we learn that the Hon. P. T. Glass is
laboring hard to secure the passage of
a bill to enlarge the powers and duties
of tho Department of Agriculture.
Jackson Tribune on Congresi: Tbo
business-like methods that should
characterise that body are sadly lack
ing, and too much importance is at
tacned to pet measures and too much
time spont in their consideration.
J. W. PuaviANca of the Turdy Imle
ptndcnt speaks out with spirit, and
tays: Those who owe must pay up.
Those who do not nant the paper
need not take it, but if they are in ar
rears aiust pay. 1 know the value the
paper is to the county.
Knowillk Tribune: The despotism
of kings and itanding armies would
be a mercy compared with that bell
which would be teen and felt if the
wage-workers of America should ever,
in their blindness and desperation,
forget their fealty to law.
. Nashvillk American: The great dan
grr to be considered in our electoral
syttera is that of disputed Presidential
elections. There is no constitutional
mode of deciding a contested election
of President and Vice-President, It is
a serious constitutional defect.
Cclumiiia Umikl: Other cities in
Tennessee have fixed places for their
postoilices built by the government,
and yet Columbia's poetcflice location
is made annually the subject of con
tention and wire-pulling instead of be
ing owned by the government.
Jack!on VhjHih-h: From all parts of
the county come the most encouraging
accounts of the wheat crop. Neither
tho extremely severe winter nor the
recent heavy rains injured the wheat
in the least, and the plant is in finer
condition thau for several years at thia
time of the year.
Cn attancooa 7Vm: Our pinns
contemporary need not hope the Re
publicans are to be gratified by a let
down of severity on bif amy and kin
dred mimes in Uth. it would be a
big thing for the Republicans, but it
ennes too high ; can't be afforded.
Mnrmotism must go.
Ripliy Enttrjtrite on the Blair bill:
"Nil one at all couveraant with affairs
in the South needs to be told that the
snccecs of this bill would be the de
struction of our present ichool system,
the nece?sary mingling of the black
and white raes, with the consequent
demoralization of the latter."
Brownsviu. Jh-iiuuTat on the pri
maries, says the count'es will not
"adopt the weak and hnriful policy of
divided delegation. The history of
the last convention Is a sufficient con
demnation of that policy. The beat
results are secured by recognising the
right of the majority in each county to
co A ol the delegation."
Cbattanoooa Timet: We are not
quite "dead sure" that it will bs in
order for ths representatives of 161
electoral votes in the 8outh to say in
1883 to the delegates from the North:
"Select such of your men as can carry
the neees-ary number of your States
to elect, and we will deliver our votes
for them in November," Changes are
taking place, and we cannot tail what
two years will bring forth.
yeterlana and ratal Disease.
PnTsnuitn, PA.,April 29. A Rowlcs
burg (W. Vn.) special says: A mys
terious and fatal disease has broken
out in this place, and physicians are
powerless sir far to eavo the lives of
any attacked. Tho victims are first
eeiied with a severe ain in the head,
and are corpses within twelve bourn.
AJter death the bodice become spotted.
rri-rwirwl with ipoclnl n-ipiM to taealU).
f..) Aminonlu, Ltmo or Aliiu.
Forty f ears a Sufferer from
"FOR FOKTY YEARS I hav been a ris-
tim to UATAKRU-thrKc-rourth. of the tiro.
rnftarer from KXI i: AT Nil PAINS
TKILB. Tba diichnrne. were no oflenie
thai 1 bevit ate to mention tt.ricebt lor the
aood It may ilu tome other uOerer. I have
pent a jounc fortune from raj earninci
aurinf my forty yeari of 'uflurlng to obtain
relief from the doctors. I have tried patent
memomea-every one 1 could learn ol Irom
the our corner! of th eatth. witi no relief.
And AT LAST (67 yeara i.f me) hnve met
with a remedy that baa cured mo entirely-
made me a new man. 1 weighed li oanda.
and now weigh Hit. I used thirteen bott'ea
of the tnedicice, and the only regret 1 hav
la, that beins in the bumble wa kl of lite I
may not have Influence to orevuil on all ca
tarrh lufloron to una whut hai oured me
U ii Inn' l'foneer Blood Uenewer.
"No. 207 Second afreet, Macon, tia."
Mr. llenrv Chav.a. th wrltnp nf thm
aSove, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, (ja,, merita tha confidence or ail lu
ll rented in catarrh. H. A. II' FF,
" Ex-Mayor of Macon."
A HUlF.ltll
Onlan's Pioneer Blood Kenerrcr.
Cure) all Blood and Skin Dlnoaien, Rhenma
t'tm, Scrofula, Old Sorei. A perfeot burin
If not in vonr market. It will he forwarded
onracaiDtof uriaa. Small hnttlM. SI. Imrn.
Kiaay on Blood and Kkln IJIi Aajtea mallari
sTavobi hebigihb mmvAnr.
Macen, tleorgla.
1p Kf liable rUnirxly lor Llr CnniptontU nru tlUomae
by adcnuMrtnl or torpid oundititm uf Die Liver, u l)ri
PTMlit O nial i put fori, HiIiuuaiH'M, Jaiindu-fl, Hi'iuli
lint swim. Khfluiiiaitiam. nln. It nuf ulutata tha km.l. ,
Ifn the h'wdt if rninrihoiiaj the nt-tfni, ii"fi ditmMiiJt
thousandsof leBtlmontafn prove Itamert.
a fwuuuui w nit a awuij au j 11 JUbl'llTATlUN '
Thii famoni remedy moat happily meet!
thedemand of the aia for woman a peculiar
and multiform afniollona. It ia a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for ona SftiOlAL
CLASS of her difeaaei. Itia a Btieoifio for
certain diteaeed condltlona of tne womb,
fnd propoaei to ao control the Menatrunl
unction aa to revulute all the derange
ments and irroiularitiea of Woman'a
Ita proprietor! claim for it no other medical
property; and to doubt tba fact that thii
medicine doea positively poaieaa luch con
trolling and reaulatina powera ia limply
todlacredit the voluntary toatinony of thou
aanda of living witneeeu who are to-dav
xultlna In the reitoratioo to aound health
and happineaa.
Female Regulator
Ii itrlctly a vegetable compound, and la tha
product of medical aclence and practical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
NurrEKisa woman:
It la tba itudled prescription of a lenrned
physician, whose specialty waa WOMAN,
ana wboae fame became envlableand bound
leas because ol hia wonderful success in the
treatment and cure of leinale coniplninta.
KKMEDy known, and riohlr deserves ita
Because It control! a class nf function! the
various dernnirementa oi which cause more
111 health than all other oauaea oouibined.
and thui rercuei her from a long train of
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what a
multitude of livina witnesses can testify to
ita charminir effectal Wouaa, take to your
confidence Una
It will relieve yon of nearly all the com
plain'! peculiar to your aex. Kely upon it
as your sateguard for health, happiness and
lona life.
Sold by all drniwlsta. Bend for oor treat
ise on the Health and Happiness of Woman,
mailed free, which give, all particulars.
I lili KADFlKil RKlll'LATult CO ,
tlog , Atlant. .
W carttiny Nrtnan4
n . n n to u. Cot Oaeoi ilua
an.t ijlr.
WchMve aett coa.ktas.
atk, and In t kjm
htftte Mtitictka.
Aleata Uak,
. OlnifaneH,ty M
Hudaw. H. f.
Jion Resident Notice.
No. R109, R. n. Tn the Chancery Court of
cot my oonniy. irnn. ciiate ol
use, etc., va. Mary Adams t aJ
Mate of ti
tapn.arint from allegation! of the bill
irn to in thia caase that the delendanu.
Mall Amn and wile, ltclla V Arvin, J R
Chalmers and wife. Kebeoa Chalmers, are
resident! of the Mate of MiaaiMippl; and 11
B ClaSin, Ra-hel II Menken, Cornelia A
Menken are residents of New York State: that
Andrew Wallace and wl e, Pttie Wallace,
are resident! of the State 0' Colorado! and
that all ot aaid dofendantaare non-resident!
ol the 6 late of Tennessee; and that the place
of residence of the following named defend
ants are unknown to complainant and cannot
be ascertained upon diligent inquiry made,
to-wit: K H Adama and wiTe, Ida Adams. W
B Adair, Jesse Arnot. Kliiabeth Dualap,
Ann J Dnnlap, Letitia Dunlap, and the he ri
of Kuced Borland, whee names are un
known and cannot be ascertained upon dill
lent inquirv made;
li ia therefore ordered, That they make
their apprarane herein, at the Comt-Houie
of hnelbv county, in Memphis, Tcn., cn or
before the first Monday in June, A.D., 1HH6,
and plead, ar.wer or demur to complain
aut a bill, or theaame w. h taken for con
fe sedas t.itliem and se' fur hearing ex parte:
and thst a copy of this order be published
once a week lur f iur mcces-ive weeks in the
Memphis Appeal. Thi! 24 day of April.
A copy-Atfe t:
BI.,bM2- 0EI.L,nerkand Master.
Itr H F- alsh, Depaty C. and M.
John Johnsu.n, 6ol. lor compl'nt. at
F f I to a u.ra.Vj
( I e.w.airuun. "
ExarcTTTg Orfict, NaaaTiLLB, Tixa,
TXT II E REAR. The Kortv-Fonrth ll.n.r.
VV As'emblv of the K'ata of Tanne..,..
at iU regular les ion of l8i, and on the 'liHh
u.j fi, iusreo, i', 97 m joint reoluti
uich was a. reed to by both tha .n.i .n
the lloufe of Ke resentativea; did propose
-iiiviivmeni l mo vmHlllllllOD Ol tn
nia-r: anu stneress, ine uonmtution. Art
cle XI, section i, require! aaid nruDo.
amendment to be referred to the lieoeral
as einujy next to be rtioren, by which Ui o
eral Assembly itthall be agreed to by two
tbirds of all the members e'ected to eacl
house, before being submitted to a direut
vote ot the irple; and whereai, it is re-
quirea oy law that s iu proposed amrndmen
shall be published for liz months rreviou
to the t.me of msking such choice o the
next General Atrrmbly;
New therefore. I, Wm. B. Bale. Governor
01 mediate of Tennessee, do hereby eigne
to be publihed the aaid proposed emend-
ment to the Constitution of the Stole of
senneasee. which is as loiiowa: "la add as
Section (18) eighteen. Article (11) eleven, of
suiu vou.uiuiton, loe loiiowmg:
"6xc. 8. Ko person shall manufacture
lor sale, or eell, or keep for sale, si a bev
er.ine. any intoxii-atinc liquors whatever
inciuuirg wine, ale, aoa Deer. The Uenera
ASsemniy snail by law prescribe regulation
lor tue eniorcemontor ine ironibition acre
contain d. and thah theroby provide suita
ble penalties for the violation ot tbo pro
visions hereof."
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be affixed tba great
leal of be State of Tennoseee.
Hone at the city of Neibville, thii 2tth
nay oi April, in the year ot our Lord on
thousand eight hundred and eighty-six. o
the Independence o' the United b tales the
one ounureu and tenia,
f ) WM. B. BATE,
- 8IAL. J- Govern, r of Tennessee
Secretary of etate
Xon-IieBldent Ifotice.
Fo. tm, R. D. In tba Chancery Court ol
Shelby county, Tenn. State ot Tennessee
vi. j. u. lilackwell et al.
It appearing from the amended bill In thi
cause that the defendants. Joaenhina (Intjieh
is a non-resident o' Tennessee, and that the
names of her children and the children
heirs and devisees of Ueorge M Uotroa are
unknown and cannot be aioertained alter
diligent inquiry, and that tbey are non-rosi
uenri oi uie btate ot lennesfee, and are
made parlies to tins suit to enlorce tug litns
on account of their Interest in lot 24. county
loi oio, norm siue oi .nam street. 7naJ teet:
It ia therefore ordered, Toat tbey make
their appearance herein, at the Court-lloufe
of hbelby county, in Memphis. Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, 18W, and
plead, answer or demur to oomulainant'e
amended bill and tho petitions heroin, or
ine game will be taken lor oonfessed aa to
mem and set tor hearing ei parte; and tha
a copy of thia order ba published once a wm I
for four iucoiishvo weeks In the ftloniphii
Appeal, inn 2ii nay oi April, loo.
A copy kites' !
S I MoDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
Vi II. F. Walsh. Lenu'vC. and M.
F. 1J. and C. W. HeUkell. riolieitnra fne
comptainaut. .at
In ttieTawn f Colliery llle?, Tenn.
No. 512, R.D.-John Loagne.PubliB Admin
isiraiorni enemy county, and u snob. Ad
miniatrator of Mrs. E. M. Ulecklny, de-
rcaseu. va. muss a a. nrennan mt . I
BY virtue of decree for s ilo ent red here
in. April 27. lb t6. I will offer for ail.
at nubile auotion. at COI.l.l KRVfl.I.R.
xcivi., on
Mulnrday, May 29, 1886.
within legal hours, the following daieribed
real estate, to-wlt:
1. A certain lot containing three ard one-
half (3S) acre! in the Tenth 0 vil District
oi eneinv eountv. I enn.. in the n
hood of Bray a Station) Bounded on the
by the M. and 0. R.ilrnad: on tha an.t. bv
ti.a land! of P, M. Ward, and on the west by
lueianiisot a. neau.
And the followlna lots in the town (.ffTAl
lierville. Shelby oountv. Tenn. ;
II. A vacnntlct itont:ng on the west lida
ot the public park.routh ot tho lot owned by
T. J: Morris, and being one hundred (llfi)
feet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(12nl ltct.
III. A vacant lot on Ihe lonth side ol Front
street, beginning about one hundred and
flirty (Hn) foot wcit of the intersection ot
Front street with the opening west of the
publio square, having a front ol one hun
dred and seventy-four fret by a depth of
anoui two nunurea anu twenty uni) leot.
IV. A vaoant lot on the east side of Main
itreet, thirty by sixty (3Ui60) feei. lying be
tween the property of Ueo. iJ. Blair and F,
L. Grav.
V. A vacant lot on tne -rest slilenf Main
treet, beginning about one hundred and
fmy-eigut due) feet north of the inte iection
of Front aad Main streets; thence nerth
twenty vim teet. with a denth nf ona bun
dred and sixty (l(V)l feet, runniua1 south at
right angles with tha mulh line of said lot
irom a point one hundred and twenty Uli)
feet west of the beginning point, a distance
of fifty-eight (r8) feet, until it joint with lot
fin tour 14). tront ngon Front street.
vi. A oertain lot commencing on the
notthwost corner of J. W. and W, 1). Koen'i
lot, in the town of Collierville, deoded to
them by Leake and Irby; running thence
north thirty (.10) foet to aatakc; thence east
sixty (HO) feet to a s'akc; thence south thir
ty (30) feat to a stake to the northwest cor
rerot said lot of Koen'i; thence we. t lixty
Itxii teet to ine beginning point.
noon page l u.
VII. A lot known as the Orchard lot. de-
Scribed aa: Beainninv at the norlhaaat cor-
nor of lot No. 6, on a range of lots north of
iiniio square and ocno.ile tho M. and U
L.H.: thence north two hundred and raven
feet bii iw inches to as'nke; tt once west
tno hundred and twenty 1220) foot In J. K,
Wadding' east boundary: thence south
two hundred and seven leet six (2117 l Inches
to a st ike. which in tha northwest corner of
John Lynch lot Ho. 11; thenoe east two
hundred and twenty ('.2ii) leet to the begin
ning, containing, by estimation, a little over
one acre. Hoot tt,, page on.
V 11. Lot Ao. one 111. or v (Ml f,thv
one hundred (liK)) foet, in a range ot loti
Nov 1 to 11, on the north side ol the put lio
inutre or patk. purchased from V. Leake
beptember 24. IH07. and recorded in Items
ter'i office of Shelby county, in book No. 62,
pages an, it...
IX. Lot No. 2. fortv (40) bv one hundred
(10U) leet, in a range of loti Nos. 1 to 11 on
the north side of tba public square or park.
purchased from V. Leake, December, lSii7,
and recorded in the register's oflice of Shel
by county, in book No. in. page 470.
A Lot No. 4 (mid nart of lot Si. fortv (41)
l. .. 1 1 l Mi.ii j. . , . r t... o
vuv uuiiuiou ui'r iroi, kiiu purl, ui mi o.
eigin ii pj one nunureu liisjf icei, wcsl oi
anu atliolning lot An. z. tnmnni nl Iota
No. 1 ti 11, on the north side ol the publio
parg or squire, un inn lot, 4ixiuti loet, are
two brick itotchou.es, on which there is a
trust deed ef record. (Sale subject to the
riants of the mortgagee.)
Al. L't No. n. fortv (401 nv one hundred
(1 III fee, west ol and a joining lot No. 4.
above described, and (cartoon (14) feet six
(ii) inches of lot No. b. west of and adjoining
t o. n. 1 us ia the lot on which Mrs. K.
M. Bleckley res ded t the time ot her death.
boing fif y-fonr leet ail inches by one
nundrrd (imq icet.i lino-story trjme and
improvements. Book Si, pigc 2!6.
MI. Lot No. 9, forty (ii) by one hundred
(lou) feet, in a rango of lota on the north side
ef the I'ttblio park or square, record book
No. 59, part 2, pages 4o7-H. A lot fronting
the wet ide of the public park, beginning
forty-eight (W) feet south of Kront itreet,
lying between the lot of J. K. Waddy on tho
north and T. J. Morris on the south, being
forti-eight by one hundred and twenty 4Kx
Kit) feet, having two (2) twn-slory biick im
provements and also one (1) small tenement
of wood. 1'i'on this lot there is a trust deed
ol record. Sale lubjoot to the rights of the
As per said decree, I will first sell said un
improved property, or so much thereof hi
may be necessary lor the payment of the
debts and cba gos, and Mate, county and
municipal taxes aguinut laid estate; and ia
the event said unimproved property doea
n t realise sufficient, then I will ofior said
improved property for sule for the payment
of the remainder of laid debts, ousts,
charge! and taie". This dcoree ii made
without prejudice to the claims of creditor!
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and th
right ol the eui. in property embraced in
such mortgage or trust deeds shall be loet
aold in ease a sale thereof becomes neces
sary to pay the debt! allowed.
At the time of the sale the guardian, M.
flavin, may direct the order in which tha
different iota or tract! may be sold, eioei't
that the enortcatod prorerty ii to ba laat sold
as above stated.
Terms of Sa e One-fonHh 0,1 cash, one
fourth (S) on December 27,l!Mr, and one
half (VO on December 27. lK7i purchaser to
execute notea with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchase money, and a
lien retained on therroperty ' n seen re tha
deferred payment. Thia April 2H lsne.
lilitlU B. fuui,r.a.wii.
BvO. L. McDnn.lii. Depnty Clerk.
Jthn League, W. l. Wilkerson, H. C.
Warhner and Albert Suggs, solicitor!.
Electric Belt Free
TOIntrcdnceitand ebtaln agents we will
for the nest sixty dyi give away, frea
of rha-ge, in e,h county in th V. S. a lim
ited nujiherot or rria Kleotra
-asitei omw HnttrT Hrlla. l'rir g,
positive and un'.innr cure for Nervcis De
bility, Var cocelo, tuisioPi. luipotency,
eto. tWULtO Kexard paid if every Belt we
menu act are Cues not generate a gecnlr
I't rm current. Adrsl at once KLFO
Bioklyn,N. I.
Wholesale Dealers and Pablisheraii
Sole Agents following First-Claii Initnimantat
OllCrAWN-saes810311 WAttttK, H4.tv.iH WABBZ.X, CH
rmmm C'AW CO'l'l'AsaK OU4.AM.
Writ fny Cataloimsw,
KiM.a2 and
rocers & Cotton Factors
Dio. 30a Bfaln Street, Garoa Itlack.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompaiw,
S. ROES CUE R, Agent, Memphis, Tenn.
Sale la 1883, BM.OQO Barrula .Sala of nampbla Brancb, 100,000 Ken
rwsi a aro,
wfroXf 8 ' r
8acees8ori to FOBTEB, TAYLOR A CO,
Cotton Factors and
SSS-SOS Front St., Memjslili, Tenia.
IlUilii UiUmi1. (LI
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchanh
ISfo. 11G South IXaln St.'. tit. Lonli.
And Commission filerchants.
SGStantl 288 JLTront
h. V. HULUNS, of lata 3. R. Godwin Co.
Cotton Facfors&Commission Kerchanta
No. 1 Howard' Row, Cor.
FuImer.xhorntoB & Go
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. 30G Front atrect, : Memphis., Tenn.
cotton factors and coxxission xeeciiants,
1VF.W nni.FalvR. InTfRIAlaJ.'
Oils cS3 'JSTsxxmlL Storeo
CHlce, 319 front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
am! atlkainj u
32 KVsTHwn NT.. MFJfPH
Ofllea aad Bottllna: Work, 1410 Unlo
JeHtBBdIeetaena,eurilala A Aacli,
nilr,IMrs arn r rIB.
CO., 261 EIM ST
Latest Novelties in Footwear
srPEitioB woRuiiAniiuir
W. L. Donglas (3.00 Calf Shoes
In Button, Lace and Congress.
Illuitrated Catalogue and Price-List
maiiea rree on application. -
Wholesale Grocers
ARO & Co
Rt.. MempliU. Tenr.
JAS. TONGE, laU ol J. W. Caldwell A Ot
Front and Union. Memphis.
MM. i CO.,
ax-"' PITA I. PRIZE, t7S.00a.-M.
Tlrkela aaly Htsagea la ,
Louisiana Stats Lottery Co..
" We do ltrrli crriify tnl x avjMreu' lk
mrraeittu Jur oil ia Movthly ssVosr.
lertv imu-mjio tkt Loitii S'.al Isxttry
towji nv..a pmon mimaf and tommi
tkt lim ing Ihrwitelm, and that lie sum
are eoa d . ( wiia mi, uinwas aiul t'a
foodtHth t. ici-d aUfitrtiM, and an auikori
tkt Ikmpant to km thit xru:iU, asira ot
'i f "" ngnatwrtt aitajud, in U ai
We, tin nndrrnanrd. Bank and Bnnitrt
Mali AU M1J 1 ' J - .--
JAate Lotttnct which atom U pnmttd al.ow
caiMtrrs. J. U.OLF.8BT,Pr.. I. K.i'l Bank..
Jt.W.KH.BREriI.PreawMlateNal'1 Baa
A. BALDWII, Frea. . o. Hal. Bk.
Iaeorporated la 186s for twenty-Ova yeara
by the Legislature or Kdaoatlonal and
Cnaritable rarposei with a capital of $1.-.
000,000 to wbioh a reserve fund of overfSft,
000 hai lino, been added.
By aa overwhelming popnlat vote ita .
franchise wai made a part ol toe present Stata -fionatitution,
adopud December ii, A.l.
Ths only Lattmrv mm nnUA am mA lAt.A
by Me veupU of any Slatm.
It aeeer aoate. or poniprmm.
II.ClrnsKlMlBHlr Nmubrr ISrnwtnca .
take pleea monthly, nxl llir i.n
traurdlunry UrawiiiKH regcalarly ri
rry Ibrra uioniti. Itiaiead ar hptol- -AnntiHlly
aa bcreUiiorv, bt-Klnnlna:
March. 1HHO.
a loaniinr, fiktu grano-
mmmj ii, iinv-ivjii jkLomniy vrnnmi.
lOO.OUOTIekataat Flvp Dnllure Eikets.
rraellena, in Flflba, In
1 Capital prir.o......... .. .......J Tr.,0Q
1 Capital prise... ....... 7..00O
1 Cauiui l.riio. ...... lO.fltd
2 Prtaei oiFi'HJO ......... ... lies
SPriieiof 2t ....,......... l'l.Ote
10 Priiei of 10"0 ln,(
20 Prixei of MO lO.OIW
li"J Priiei of 200 . ai.OOO
300 Priiei of 100 ..... :J,(K0
500 Priies of 80 2?.M
lOOOPrixeiof 25
Approximation priies oi (75ii f ,70
V Approximation priies of fiiW t.MO
9 Approximation prixea of K&0.
1967 Priies, amoantlnt to...... t2fi6,S00
Application lor ratea w elubs should ba
maae only to the office of the Company ia
New Orleans,
For further Information write rlearly,
firing fall addresi. POHTAI.MWTKM, Ex-
firess Money Orden, or New York Exchange
n ordinary letter. Curronoy byxprwt tat
onx.xp.ni.), addrested
Ml. A. RJA I 'fill IV,
aw Urlaana. I.
Or H. A. narpnii,
Waahlngiou IS. C,
or at Weat Coart Nt., KotupiiU, Trc;
Mate P. 0. Moner Orders Dayaafi
and addroag Heiristired Letters w
nee ilrlwsna. la.
Son-Resident Notice.
No. 6077, R. D. In the Chaneery Court of
bnelny county, lean. Mate or Jennes
see, for it! own nse, etc, vs. 1'. II. Chilton
a'- al.
It aitoearing from bill which is sworn to in
this cause that the defendants, Caleb Cope
and Joseph 0 Wethertll, are residents of
Pennsylvania! taat Leonora P Williamson
is a resident ot Missouri; that J"?oph II Hill
is a resident of wa; that Wm Bnrbnur Is a
resident of Now York that Ruclid Borland
is a resident of Louisiana; that H 0 Will
iam! and Thomai J Hicks are residents of
Arkansas, and that all of the above, as well
as Christopher W McKissiok, ar. nnn-reii-denta
of tbe State ot' Tmnrgsee; that th.
places of residence of W W Walker and
Mary J, Parker are nnknowa and oannot bo
ascertained after diligent inquiry; and that
the name! and plaoes of residence of tbo
heinofAW Vanlier, deceafod, made par
tiea on arqoun'of interest in lou 31 and 32,
hloek 4, Pert Pickering, and of Ihe heirs of
Mary J Parker, made parties on accountof
the:r interest in lot 1, Unthank subdivision,
east side of Hernando road; thii being suit
to enforce tax liens.
It is therefore ordered. That they mag.
their appearance herein, at the Court-Ilous.
of Shelhy county, in Memphis. Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in May, 18S6, and
Clead, arswor or demur to complainant',
ill. or the lame will betaken lor oonfessed
aa to them and set for hearing ex parte; and
that a ennv ol this order be nubl'sbed once a
week for four succesfive weeks in the Mem
phis Appeal. Thii 1st day of April, 185.
A copy Attest:
S-1. McUOWELL, Clerk nnl Master.
By J. M. Brad'ev, Bounty C. and H.
F. Ii. and U. W. Ilciikell. Solicitor! far
complainant. fri
Non Resident Notice.
No. 60IV7, R. D. In the Chancery Court ef
enemy eountv, tonn. btate ol Tennes
see va. D. T. Waddy et al..
It anuearing from alleaHtrons of the bill
in toil cause, which is sworn to, that tho
place of residence of tho following named
defendant! arennknown tocomnlainant and
cannot be ascertained upon dilic.nt inquiry
made, to-wit: J A mown, n A Ilrown, L. u
Brown, Frank Random, J 11 Etratton, Mrg
K I Piitchard, W N btnlman ;
It ia therelor. ordered, that they mak.
their appearance herein, at the Crurt-linus.
of tihelby eounty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday ia June, A.D., 1X46,
and plead, answer or demur to complain
ant'i bill, or the same will be taken for con
fessed aito them and net for hearing ri
parte; and that a couyof this order ba pub
lished onr. a week for four successive week
in the Memphis Appeal. Thii 2d day uf
April, A.U.. im.
A copy Attest:
S. . M' UOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. f. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
John Johnston, Sol, for oomprnt. sat
Son-Resident Notice.
No. 6108, R. I). In the Chancery Court of.
Mietby county, lenn. state ot lennesiea
vi. J. F. Anthony ft al.
Tt annpaririff from allevaiiana of the till IB
this cause, which is iwnrn to. that defend
ant! Benjamin If Ilarrell and Green Reddit
are non-residents of the Stats of Tennessee,
and residents ol Texu;
It ! therefore ord.red. That they make
their appsaranro herein, at the Court-House
of helhy eountv, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before th first Monday in Jane. A.D., 1SH6,
and plead, answer or demur to oomplain
ant'a bill, or the same will be taken lor con
fessed as to them and set for heurins el
parte rami that a copv of this order be pub-
ishad on ce a woek lor lourrncces'ive week!
n the Memphil Appeul. Thii 2d da; oi
April, lsi.
A copy twst :
S. I. MnUOWELL, Clerk and Maitor.
By II. F. Walsh. Depnty C. and M.
John Johnston. Sol, for comprnt. sat
Do yon want a pore, bloom
ing Complexion I If so, ft
few Riwlieations nf llasnn's
ify you to your heart's con
tent. It docs away with Sal
lowness, ltedness, rimple
Blotches, and all diseases and
imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes the flashed appear
ance of heat, fatigue and ex
ritement. It makes a lady of
TlUItTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are its effects,
that it is impossible to detect
its application.

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