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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 30, 1886, Image 7

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tottjn Firm JKdiJIIntv
SaIm Yesterday, 1JM
7 8c-
Tlie money market remains quiet
at 3 per cent for bankable paper. Lo
cal securities steady. The cotton mar
ket closed firm ; sales, 1200 bales. The
New York spot market closed firm
and 1-16 higher, middling 9 516c.
The course of the future market is
thus described by Greene & Co.'a re
port: "A very light day iu every re-sjx-ct,
with the market little better
than nominal. Fairly encouraging
reports from Liverpool, with some
local demand on export account, how
ever, appeared to neutralize a further
Might shading on silver, and prices
were increased 35?4 points, closing
with indicatiens of steadiness. "
At New Orleans spots closed very
firm, middling 8jc; futures firm
anil 3 to 4 points higher, Slay 8.89
S9!c. The Liverpool spot market
was reported fim and in better
demand, middling Jijd; futures quiet
and steady and l-l(5d higher, April
5.05(1. Receipts hero yesterday, 345
bales; total this season 528,(117 bales,
aiwinst 421, COO for same period hist
year. Stock, 159,010 bales.
Iu the general market eges ate in
faii r demand at lie. Potatoes firm at
fig-'. Onions f.rm at $2 7533..
Three thousand bu corn. 4 curs seed-
cotton, 84 sks cotton-seed, 7i nkira dry
iriods. Sokes em's. 450 brU flour, 4(H)
bales kuy, COOO ft lumber, 15 brls
meal, 1 car pork sides and 270 brls
The following shows the amount of
(rrain received, withdrawn and in store
hr reeular elevators, as reported to tho
Merchants' Exchange today: Wheat
received, none; withdrawn, none;
in store, none. Corn received,
two bushels; withdrawn, 842S bush
els; in slcro, 101,470 bushels. Oats
received, none ; withdrawn, 80 bush'
e!n ; in storo, 1488 bushels.
9 Madison St., Sempfals, Tenn.,
rCtrrmpondrBtc ollclted. InTor
nation ebrwrfalte- furnlehrd. -
Money in cood demand at 8 per cent
The Ciearini-Honse report is aa fol
Thnrida7, April 29th, f 110,987 71
thus tar ttnu week, ;ii0j,220 IU; same
, lime last weak, $S48,653 70; same time
in 18Sj, S(i.yevj bi ; same time in ism
f 7-'3.254 83.
Thuisdny, April 29'.h, f47,728 03
thus far this week, $191,205 12; same
time last wek, $183,999 90; same time
' in l8S5,$208,r01 89; same time in 1884
lo2,760 07.
Ntw York sight on all points. p
hnvintr. i premium Belling; JNew
Eneland demand, 1 discount buying
New Eoslnnd sialit, J discount; New
Orleans, i amount buying, par selling,
Bank of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
First National 145 bid, 15 asked
German B mk 192J bid,200atked
Htats National 145 bid, 1H) asked
Union and Plnnters..l48 bid, 150 asked
Mercantile Back... 135 bid, 137) asked
ilome 70 bid, 75 asked
Bluff Oitv 100 bid, ... ssied
..80 bid, 824 asked
P solera
Memphis City..
Hernando. ...
" Factors .. -....
....101 bid, 105afked
....-98 bid. 100 asked
....102 bid, 104 asked
22 bid, 24 atked
100 bid. ... asked
30 bid, 35 asked
20 asked
M. snd C. consls, 7. ..115 bid, ...asked
M. & L. R. Ibc m.8'..l03 bid, 1 12 1 Hied
M ibs. & T R. R. ts, A , 1 21 bid, 122 at-ke-d
Miss&T.Ii. li.cc,B, 104 bid, 106 J asked
Tenn. wt ser. C 97 bid, 98J sskeJ
Hhelbv bonds... 1C0J bid 1071 asku
Tax. Diet. 4, 6k. 9:iJ bid, 94 asked
"Tax. Diet ft IOi J bid, 102 asked
Mem. fitor. Uom.Uo.109l bid, 111a ked
Mem. Gas stcek 75 bid, 774 aiked
Mem. Gas bends. 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds-... 90 bid, ... asked
HanantrOil Works... bid. 50 nominal
Nkw Yomt, April 29. Money on call
easy at- aW per cent, rnnie mer
otutile paper, 4(15. Sterling exchange
dull but firm at 487 for CO days and
4H8 J for demand.
Bonus wovvrninent bonus were
dull and steady. State bonds were
quiet but steady. Railroad bonds
were less active; sales, $1,214,000, of
which Krie second consols contributed
1405.000. Pne closed lower in
majority of cases, but chiefly for small
nercntacee. '
Stocks flUxis were somewhat more
active, bnt prices were again weak
most of the av. There was no im
xrtant news this morning, hut the
far or f urther trouble wim labor or-
iranizations. and the repeated state
ments that s general strike is likely to
take place about the 1st ot May, nave
probably led to some S"lling during
the past two days The short interest
was also inoreasod, especially in some
of the more active shares. There was
a very good business in Lackawanna
which opened 1 lower, at 125, ami
before midday sold nt 1244. Later
it yielded to 121i(, was qniti
feverish in the last hour, but
clced stcadv at 124!. Delaware
and Hudson is down 1, at 97 Con
solidated (las ws decidedlv weak in
view of adverse legislation at Albany
and decline 4 percent, there ws
a!) considerable weakness in some of
the low priced fancies. Peoria. Ieca
tur and Hvansvllle lost 1, Manitoba
li.amiKno rrelerrcu 2. the othe
declines are only fractions. Western
Union was an exception, closing with
gain of t. The lowest prices were
irenerallv made about 1 o'clock. Later
there was a rally made for fractional
amount, followed bv renewed weak
ness in the last hour. But the mar
ket closed firm, generally to 8 higher
than tho lowest prices reached. Tho
oulv unfavorable report of the after
mniii of importance related to the
alleLvd cut bv the erancer roads be
tween Chicago and Omaha.
Tlie tot'' fci!e oi stocks to-day were
309,303 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 43.107;
Delaware and Hudson, 3n:;0: Erie,
'0.G75; Lake Shore, 41,30; Louisville
and Nashville, 2.4,030; Northwestern,
(i'JlO; Jersev Central, i"75; New York
Central, 7!s0; Paeilic Mail, !I57!; Read
ing lO.OJO: St. Paul, 40,000; St. Paul
and Omaha, t245 ; Texas and Pacific,
bbO; Union Pacific. 1 !,'., 0; Western
Union, 1 1,100; rortleui fa the pre
ferred, 4451 ; Oregon and Transcon
tinental, tiUoti. The closing quota
tions were as follows:
U.S. 3i,101. New 4j. 112?;.
44l, eoup. lioS. Paoifionsof U",27!i.
t. at-mpe. t, T-.
Miaaouri 6a, 101'.
Tenn.tia, new, 67.
ttta. k R.O.l.tn. I22!i.
ana. be. old. 67
lent. Pac.lata. 116.
trie aeoonde, !S4.
A. . i)U, mj
H. A. U. 2d i, V". Pi. vtettern eon., Hi
Vut. deb.Sa.lO. Bt.L.S.F Wen.M.KHl
Ht. Pol. eon . 133 St.P., O. IP. Uu.12!.
T. P.landrnnf,85KT. P.,R..ex eon.ai'K
V. bnu, 11, n mi enure, nay,.
Aduni Bzprau.lU.
Allachaaj On.. .
Morrla E , offd. 142.
Naehville C.,U.
N.J. Central, 8.
Nor. and W., pfi. 28.
Northern Pao.,2t.
Northern P., pfd. iV,.
h. Y. C. k St. L.i 6.
Altos k T. H., 36.
A. . X. H..pld ,
American Ex., 105,
R..C. R. AN. .65.
Canada Pae.,64'v
tanaaaooo., Jivit. n.i.v-.Jt.ll. L.
Cantral Paeins. 0Vi. C. k N. W.. 106.
Ci.X.V.kSt. L.,p., 12.
Chei-peak, k 0 ,t. U.k N. W., pfd., 13TH
C. k 0.. lt pfd, li. N.Y., Central. 101',..
C AO., 2d pfd., 10. Ohio Central, l.
A., 1W. Ohio x Miai., 22.
k A., pia, iw. o. k Mn., pw., w,
C.,8t. L. k N. V.. -'reBoNT.,97S
C, 8U L. A P., W-'i.
Orei on Tram. 2X'i
U.,Bt.li. f .,p.,X!.
C.,8. kC., M.
Oreiron Imp., 21.
Panama, Vs.
Peoria, I). A E., 21.
P ttfburtr, ISO.
Pollwan P. C.,133.
Kooklnluod. 12r.
St. L. A 8. F 18.
S. L. AS. P.. i).. X.
Del. A Hud.. '.W.
Pel., L. A W., m.
Dan. A Rio Q., IV,.
Kne, zy-i.
Erie, pld., 50.
Bast Tenn., 1,.
Katt Tenn., td,3Vj,
rort Wayne, 110,
8t.L. A S.K.Hi p. (W.
Hannibal A M. Jo, C. M. A St. P., so.
A St. Jo. ufd.
CM. A St. P.,p.,llS
Houston A I., 26.
Illinois Cell ,i:)'i
lnd , B. A Vi.. 22.
Katmi! AT..2iiH.
Lake K. A W., 1U.
Lake Shore. W
Lou. A Nun., lio7.
M. r. M. A M.t VI.
Ht. P. A Omaha, Si'i.
t-t. Paul AO.,ifd,10l
Texat Paofic. 7'i
Union Pacific, l:f''.
U. 8. ElprrM, (il'-,.
W.,8t. L.AI., 7.
W. Ht. L. A P. o.,15i
W. A F. Kx., ll'O.
W. U.Tel , 6V
Colorado Coal, iili
llomentake, 1!.
Iron Silv-r, 175.
I.ou. AN. A., ZS'i.
M. AC, lit pfd, -M.
AC, 2d pfd. -Mem.
A Char, 31.
Mich. Centra1, 66.
Min. A St. L.. IV.
M.ASt. L lM,4r,
Mill. Pac. mf i.
unturin, a
(Juioksilver 6.
Quiukailrer, pfd, X)
Mobile A 0., 1 1 i- houth MuciQo.
Mil., L. B. A ., 47 Butro, 10,
M.. L. & A W.,p, 76.
LoxDON, April 2!. Consols.100 15-16
for both money and tho account-
Bar silver, 48 l-10d per ounce. The
amount of bullion gone into tho Bank
of Lncrland on balance t ''-day is
000. The bullion in the Bank of
England decreased (ii',145 during
the past week. Tho proportion of
the Bank of England reserve to lia
bility is 41 7-10 per cent.
Paris April 29. Three per cent,
rentes, 81f. t)71c. for tho account. Tho
weekly statement of tho Bank at
France shows an increase of 7,540,OOOf.
gold and 2,388,C00f. silver.
New OitLEAi!.s,April 29. Bai.k clear
ings $700,102.
CnicAoo.Iix., April 29. Aasociated
bank clearings, 50,868,000,
New Your. April 29. Exchanges
f 00,958,920 ; balances, 0,4o4,520.
Baltimohr, Md., April 29 Clear
ings, $1,705,120; balances, '.m.uiij.
St. Louis, Mo, April 29. Bank
clearings, j2,19o,;so; balances, joiiv
Philadelphia. Pa., April 29.
Clearings, $7,473,076; balances, Jl,
Boston, Mass., April 29. Kx
changes, $12,078,850; balances,
440,274. Money i per cent.
The loctd cotton market opened
firm and cicssd firm; middling, 8Je.
Silos, 120 bales, of which 7.50 were
to exporters and 450 to spinners.
Yesterday. Wednesday.
Ordinary ,
Good ordinary.
Low middling..,
Good middling
Middling fair 9j
Fair Norn.
Dusty 6i(o8
Stains, tinges 7J8
MIMPBI3, April , 1886.
Stock Sept. 1. 1885 1,392
Received to-day 345
Received previously...528,272 530,009
Shipped to-day 1,308
Shipped previously-. ..459,691
Stock, running account
Thm far this week 1,382
Thus far last week 2,303
Sence September 1st 528 617
M.andC. R.R. 77
M. and T. R. R 11
L. and N. R. H 49
O., O. and 8. W. R. R 22
L., N. O. and T. R. R 5
K. C , S. & M. R. R 11
M , S. and B. R. R 46
Steamers 119
Wagons and other sources. 5
Thus far this week
Thus tar last week
Since September 1st
M. and C. R. R.
L. and N. R. R
,. 8,845
.. 10,302
New York spots opened Quiet and
closed firm and l-10c higher. Sales,
297 bales. Quotations were as f jllows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
Ordinary 6 1M6 6
Good ordinary. 8 1-16 8
Low middling. 8i . 8 1316
Middling .9 5-18 9
Good middling 9J 9 11-16
Middling fair-lOj 10 11-16
Fair 11 U0 11
New York futures opened steady and
closed firm, and 2 to 4 points higher
than Weduesday. Sales, 63,000 bales.
The closing quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Wednesday.
April 9 20 9.2 9.18 9.?0
May 9.22W 9.23 9 10(i 9 20
June 9 35( 9 36 9 31f) 9.32
July 9jyv 9.47 9 43
August - 9 5a 9.57 9 53$
September... 9 42 9.43 9.39(3 9.40
October 9.26S 9.27 9.23S 9.24
Noveinber....9 23(J 9.24 9.20(4 9.21
Dscember-...9 27 9.2S 9.248 9 2
January 9.34(3 9 3 (5)
February ...,9 44 9.48
The New Orleans srot market opened
quiet, and cloeed very firm. Sales, 2200
Yesterday. Wednesday.
Ordinaiy 7 5-10 7 5-16
Good ordinary...8 8
Low middling ...8 hi
Middling- 8( 8j
Good middling...9 11-10 9 11-16
The' New Orleans future market
opened quiet, and closed fl m and 3
to 4 points higher. Sales, 14,2'K) balec.
The cloiing quotations were as follows:
Yes'erJav. Wednesday.
April nominal. SSlncn'!.
May 8 8tvi) 6.91 8 83 8.84
June -9.00 it 9 01 8.9 " 8.97
July 9.14' 9 15 9.10 o 9.11
AUast V 1Sii .li 9.14 A 9 15
Kp'PniborM8 97(3 8 !W 8 93 S.9I
Ooiober 8 M a 8 87 8 82 8 84
November.. 82 i 8 83 8.7;"3 S.Stl
Dceaiber ...8 Sii'a) 8.87 8 82 i) 8.84
Jnnuary 8 978.99 8 93 8 94
llec. j Prices
qui hi.
12H 9 31,4 8
S2i8; 188,101
4l.4; 29,733
6598j 3,3i
697j9 28,bV8
210 9 3,s)4
l,7oti 9 39,501
448 91 28,298
5919 5-10 310,338
1,930 9 1 6,310
3 9 7-16 13,970
100 81 64,642
77 8 -
N Orleans.
New York
Boston ....
St. Louis..
Augusta. ,
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880. 7,194
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 905
R'ts U. S.
38,242 11,93 10,520
tx. ur. ir
41,474 19,644 13,235
720,911 558,017 559,971
li'ts Sent.l
00,522.3 49,830;3 467,4IUi
For'gn Ex.
Increase of receipts this year... 380,037
Ihi Liverpool spot market at noon
was leporteil lirni, better demand.
y,.l..u 1') Allil l,nl..o Af n l,;l, Inw.rw.u,!
9500 bales. Receipts, none.
Tho following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-10d; good
ordinary, 4d; low middling, 4 15-10d;
good middling, 5d; middling up
lands, Sd middling Orleans, 5 3-HhI.
1 1 lie prices are given tn nenet and b'i,
thin: 4 03 meant 4 03 04i, and 5 01
means 5 l-04d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm. Quotations were as follows:
April, : April-Mav, 5 05d; Mav-
J one, 5 05d; June-July, 5 OOd; July-
August, 5 Oitl; Augiist-Septouiber,
5 095 lOd; Seitember October,
5 Old; October-November, ; Sep
tember, .
At 2 P.m. Javerpool futures were
steady. April, 504d buyers; April-May,
5 04d buyers; May-June, 5 04d buyers;
June-July, 5 06d buyers; Julv-August,
Odl buyers; August-heptomber,
COd buyers ; September-October,
5 07d
5 Old
sellers: September, 5 10il
At 5 P.m. Liverpool futures were
steady and 1-Old higher han Wednes
day. April, o ujil sellers; April-may,
5 Ood sellers; May June, i Ond sellers
June-July. 5 OOd sellers ; J uly-AuKiist
5 07d buyers ; August-September,
5 09d buyers; Septuiuber-October,
6 Oiu sellers; October-jNovember,
5 03d value ; September, 5 lOd buy
The following is the record of tho
bids and offers at tho Call Board of
tho Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
' No. 2 white, spot, 39 Jc askel ; April,
,'l!ijc asked; May, 39Jc asked; June,
41c asked ; No. 2 spot, 38c o. t. bid ;
April, 37c bid, May, 30lc bid; June,
39c asked.
No. 2 while, ppct, 33Jc bid, 35c
a3ked; April, 33 Jc b"d, 35c asked;
May, 33c bid, 34Jc a'ked; June, 35c
asked; No. 2, April, 32c bid; May,
32Jc bid, 34c naked ; June, 34c asked,
April, $13 75 asked; May, $13 75
asked ; June, $13 75 asked.;
Spot, $l" 95 asked; April, $1 95
asked; May, $1 87 J bid, $1 95 asked;
June, $1 9o asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44 c ;
mixed, 42c ; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c ; prime,
75'80c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $I414 50;
prime, $13(W)1S 50; prairie, $3(i8 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38Jc,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35c. 'Z , VXSZil
Bi:an From Btore, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7i15 per
Brass Navy, $1 75!32; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
Cornmkal Standard, $2 15(32 25;
pearl, $33 25 from store ; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Ricr Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 59 from store.
Flocr In car lots, double extra, $3
($3 50; triple extra, 13 653 75: fami
ly, 13 75(4; choice, $4 254 35:
fancy, $4 604 70; extra fancy, $4 90
(3)5 ; patents, $5 255 65 ; from store,
family, $434 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 654 90; extra fancy, $5
5 25 ; patents, $5 506 25.
Hominy and Grits From store, 3
3 25. -
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4tc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; "lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., April 29. Wheat
dull and firm; No. 2 red, April, 63o
bid; May, 6464Jc; June, 67, s bid.
Corn market steady: No. 2, April,
27e bid; May, 2727Jc; Jone, 28c.
Oits no quotations.
St. Levis, Mo., April 29. Flonr
quiet and510c lower; XXX, $2 90
3 ;family, 13 10(3)3 20 ; choice, $3 60
3 70; fancy. $4 104 20 j extra fancy,
$( 40 $4 70; patents, $4 905 25.
Wheat active, closing lower. The mar
ket opened firm and ata small advance
over laet night's close, later eased oft
and doclined I:, c'oiing JSo low
er tbsn yesterday; No. 2 red, cash,
80c bid; May, sol's 863c, closing at
86c; June, 87JS Jc, closing at87Jc;
July, 82,83c, closing at 62;c asked ;
August, 821 'fi 825c, cl ang at 82Jc.
Corn very dull and steady at abont
yesterday 'a fignrei; No. 2 mixid.caah,
32Jc: May, 32J32fc, closinf at 32j
32, c; June, 3,'Uo bid; July, 34jc. Oats
dull and steady ; No. 2 mixed, cash, 29
fi29Jc; May, 29129J(N Rye firmer,
591c Barley no market. Hay dull
and steady; prairie, $5 707 85; timo
thy, $1114. Flaxseed firmer, $1 10.
Bran firm, 5354c. Cornmeal steady,
$1 751 85. Receipts Flonr, 2000
brls; wheat, 9000 bu; corn, 41,000 bn;
oats, 19,000 bu; rye, none; barley,
10T01V.1, Khinmonll Vlnnr 1(1 IVWI
i.,VVJ f . u ...... u ... v,uuv
brls; wheat, 1000 bu; corn, C6.000 bn
oats, 70UU du; rye, none; nartey,
100 1 bu.
Afttrnvon Board, Wheat firm and c
tetter. Corn Jc higher. Oats un-
Chicaoo, III , April 29. There wis
a show ot "trergth in the epe -u'itive
articles this morning wbn husioe'8
opened on'Changn, but it til not re
main on the ma-ket ai lot,x aa bul
would 1 ksta l ae had it. B-.sed on
ytterdjy's cliwirg prices, openirg
q iotatinas were from i to jj higher
tor Jim wl.e', r.d tin eauy inane'
as favored with more hnyirj; ordeis.
CtUed when iu fir itq'iiry, steady
and B'm. Thev bo roaje a showing
nl 249,0 )0 bnsifis iiiirers in whetit
on pvsAg Ij the continent. Brokers
of a.l riei 8t'aiea t) I'" sur-pl ed with
buying onieir, the fillirx of which
made prices considerably ttrongr.
Around 8:U fir Jane Coonselman
took abont 200.000 bnnh', but whn
the big )nt' rests had filled themselves
pre ty well tip there ws a reaction tn
80Jc. Later it g Untouched 80,?, and
once more backed down to Mlc,wheie
it stood at noon. Free selling then
raaeed a break to 79c,at about which
0nre the market retted at 1 o clock.
In lbs afternoon a little moradrerg h
was shown, and June delivery rallied,
and ckstKl at 80 3 16c There was
only a slight movement in the other
speculative niirkets, and the c'.oiog
fiorei for corn, oats and Uiar qutet
and unchanged. Wheat opened stronger
but closed gne'llv easier. Salts
reneed: April, 774(78J closed at
77c ; May.7715-ltiC'i8e, ulosml at 78 3 ;
June, 79j80e, close 1 at 7913 16c;
No. 2 spring, 77. lo. C irn quiet aril
steady: ca4i, 3tlJ;l8ic; April, :K)
Mi closed aiwtjc; May, ;j(i:wjc,
closed at 3((ll lu; Junv, 37,3713.
clospd at 3"Jc. Oit qnift: cash, 29
(29Jc; April. 29u; May, 29J(M29 5 10c,
dosed at 29J is; June, 19,(529,0,
cloed nt Il'Jc. Rye quiet; No. 2,
02c. Barley dull; No. 2, 693.
Flaxseed, No. 1, on. truck, fl 04.
Receipts Flour, 24 000 brig; wheat,
12,00(1 bu; ctrn, 127,000 bu; ot,
110,000 bu; barlev, 13,000 bu. Ship-
ments Hour, OOlHl hria; whea',
22,000 bu;orn, 500DO bu; oats, 04,
000 bu; barlev, 11,000 bn.
Afternoon Board. W heat firmer:
Jnue, 81) 3-16c. Corn steady; Jnne,
37 ic.
Butter Creamery, 3034c; dairy,
15(20c; butterino, 1315; country,
1218c, according to condition.
Cheese Primo flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.
12. .
Mass Pome Old, $9 7510 per bar
rel ; new, $10 7511 per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, 9j10c; break
fast bacon, 8(s9c ; clear rib bacon, 6J
Bulk Tork Clear sides, 5J(36c;
clear rib sides, 6SSe; long clear,
5i(i55c: Bhouldew, 4(a,41c.
Lakd Tierces, 6fa6Jc; half-barrels,
610Jc; kegs, 0j(ijc; buckets, 6J '
65c; half-buckets, 6j'Jci 5-,l) tin8
6;0!c; 20-lbtins,6l(i!c; 10-lhtins,
0j0Jc; 5-lbtins. 6J(aUi'c; 3-lb tins,
6ii0jc; choice kettle, tierces, 0J
Fuesii Mkth Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, Ojo; mutton, 8 J
9c ; lambs, 10c ; pork, 0c.
St. Louis, Mo , April 29. Provisions
very dull and about unchanged. Pork
steady, $9 50. Lard firm, 53 Bulk
meatd steady looie lots long clear,
5c;short "rihe, 5 35o; short clear, 5Jc;
boxed lots steady long clear, i).3l)c;
rhoit ril)3, 5.35c; short clear, 5Jo.
Bacon firm; ling clear, 635.80a;
short ribs, 5.80.i51s; short clear, (lc
Hams steady and unchanged. Butter
quiet and easy; choice to faucy cream
ery, 21833; choice to fancy dairy, 10
18:. Egs active and lower, 8c.
Chicaoo. III.. April 29. Mess pnrk
irregular; prices declined 5$7Jc,
bnt rallied and ruled steadier; cash,
$8 87J8 9.1; May, $8 88 92J, closed
at $8 8748 90; June, J9(a)9 07i, closed
at $99 0JJ. Lard steady: cash and
May, 6,(35.900; June, 5 95V97Jc,
Boxed meats steady: dry salted shoul
ders, 44.10c; short rib sidfs, 6 20
5.22.1c ; short clear sides, o.oo(u)5 60c.
On the Produce Exchange: Bult?r
ruled quiet and s'eady ; creameiy, 15
rjj; dairy, liwi'ii). i!.ggs, lu.tiUijo.
Apples Apples, $1 50 3 from
store ; $1 252 per car-load from levet
or depot. Dried apples, 34o per
pound from (tore. Dried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $l2 from
store. Sweet potatoes scarce, $2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1 501 15 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753
from store; $2 5C 2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 753 per crate.
Kraut, barrel?, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 763. Garlic, 4060o per 100.
Tnrnips, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, $3 505 per
box; Imperia's, $55 50 per box.
Lemons, $56 per box. Bananas,
$!2 60 per bunch. Cocoannts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7c;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34s;
routed, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820c.
Picklks In jar?, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $3 76; gallons,
$3 75 ; loiee, barrels, $6 ; half-barrels,
13 50 ; m!x(d, barrels, $10 50 ; mixed,
hall-barrels, $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walnuts French, 12; Naplea,15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cidbb Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, ll10c per gallon.
Poblmy forkeys, per dozen, $12
15; chickens, $2 753.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5; No. 2, $3 25: No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit. No. 1,80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3, 60c. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Gamb Venison, whole, 35c ; sad
dles, 08c; bear, 68c; wild turkeys,
6075c; ducks, $34; squirrels, 75c;
quails, $75cH ; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, ll12c
Eoos 11c, fair demand.
CorKtE Common, 88Jc; ordinary,
99te; prime Rio, 11c; choice to fan
cy, iljwlSJo; old givernment, 23
35c; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3j5Jc per pound.
Suoab Pure white, 7c; off white,
OjffiOJc; vellow, tijs; open kettle,
5i0c; refined A, 7c; granulated, 7J
7Jc; powdered,7Jc; cot loaf, 78c.
Salt $1 20l 30 per barrel; racks,
fine, $1 50; cease, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 2J547c ; cir loads from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molassks Louisiana, common to
fair, 2030c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2040c; comaion to fair, 20
25c ; prime to choice, 3033c ; ceatrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobaqco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; ctber grades and styles, 25(28c.
Bnnff Garrett's, $10 85 per cass;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case ; B, R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7i()8ic
Candles-Full weight, 10J10ic.
Cannkd Goods, Etc. Prices perdos
en: Pineapples, 1 3.V51 65; peaches,
21b, staadard, $1 3?l 50; seconds,
APRIL 30. lShQ.
l 15(S.l 25; tomatoes, 21b, sian lard,
$1 10; 3 lb, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
(,il 60; ra'Pierriee,$l 151 25; black
berries, $11 IS" rengKes, fl 60
1 75; pears, $2j-2 -5; plums, $1 t0
1 70: aparsgns, $2 60v.i 4 ; green corn,
$!l 35; green peas, $!2 2i; cove
oybiers, full weight, l ib. $lin 1 10;
cove oysters, fall weight, 2-lh, Jl 75
1 85; cove oys'ets, ligl-t weiglit, 1-lb,
("ic; cove oybtrrs. iil.t weight, 2-lb,
fl; condensed iniik-Crown, $5 9J;
K.g!e,$7 75; Swie,0.
Havana, April 29 Sugar quiet btt
flrm-.eeutrlfagal, 97$J 10 gold per
Baltimore, Md., April 29. Coffee
higher; Rio, cargoes, ordinary to fair,
New Orleans La., April 29 Sugar
dull and drooping ; centrifugal, off
wbie,616,o; choice yellow clarified,
6J(iMl 5-10 3 ; prime, 6 116e; seconds,
5(11,5,3. Molasses open kettle, prim
to airictly prime, 32o ; prime, 2022e ;
centrifugal, prime to ttticlly prime, 16
New York, A pril 29 Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, 8a9c; options a shade
easier and fairly active; rales, 29,260
bun; April-May, 7.457J"!; Jnne,
7.357.40c; Jiiiy-August, 7J7.30c;
September to January, 7.30c. Sugar
dull; refined dull and easier; C, 6
6i; ex'raC, 66Je; white extra 0,61
6Jc; yellow, 5i5,oj mould A. 74
7Je; uff A. 65(" (ljc; powdered. 7)o;
granulated, 7Jc; cubes, 7Je. Molasses
dull and weak; '.)19jc for 60 test.
Rice steady and iu fair demand.
t'UTrwN.MIEU OIL, Kir.
Seep Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), 10; wagon at mills, J8. Mbal
Prime (f. o. b.), $16 per ton. Lees than
car-load lots, 1 10. r rom store, 90o per
su'k. Cake nominal; $16 per ton,
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude O.
S. oil, 2U22c: prime summer yel
low, "6V'i)27c; off-summer yellow, 25 J
2iijc; miners', ; choice cooking
eumiuer yellow, 2o(t;.K)c.
HORK9 AND Ml) I.Kit.
Horses Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, $110(4:10,); plugs, $35
8U; good mares, JM'X'rtl lO.
Mules 14J to 15, $U0135: 15 to
15J, fI2X'i)140; 15J to 10, $150175.
Good demand; supply lair.
Hipki Dry flint, 12!10(j; dry salt.
1012e; green ealt, tifarfc; green. 51
6c; deer skins, 1617; wildcat, 20
40s; fox, 2'75c; skunk, 2575o.
lieeswax, I82lc; tallow, ;i;)Jc.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour-
non, i tuiyjo ; rye, i vot) ; domestic,
WC(ii)J1 ou.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, lie per gallon.
Cleveland. O.. April 29. Petro-
leum quiet; s. w. 110 , 7Jc.
Pitthhuro. Pa.. April 29. Petro
leum dull but steady ; National Transit
certificates opened at 72jc ; closed at
723c; highest, 73c; lowest, 72j.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
0R0 to 1050 pounds. 44 Jo; BOod,3,a
4ri: choice grass-let), 3J(;T3ito; good,
33ic; fair to medium, 2J2Jo; com
mon, 1J 2c.
Hons Choice, 83lc; goo.l, 3i
3Jc;' common, 331c
SiiEBP-Choice, 44Ja; medium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 50.
Kansas City, Mo., April 29. The
Liu Stock Indicator reports: Caltle
roceipts, 1813 head; (hlpmeuts 1108
head; the recepts were mostly com
mon; the market was dull; shippers'
slow and luc lower; butchers' only a
ehade lower; good cows scarce and
etoady ; choice to fancy steeis,$5i 30;
cows, $3 254. How receipts, 8908
nead; soipments, aiix Head ; tne mar
ket slow acd lUo lower; ccarce heav
ies, in cases, 15c lower; skips and
pigs, $3 303 65. Sheep Receipts,
613 nead; snipmeme, 2l'l0 heal;
market active and stronger prices.
Chicago, III., April 29. The Drov
ert' Journal reports: Cattle reeipK
5200 head : shipmenis, 1800 head ; mar
ket steadier; snipping steers, 950 to
1500 pounds, f l 20(5 75; stockorsand
feeders, $2 754 85; cows, bulls and
mixed, $24 10; bulk, $2 703 20;
through Texas cattle, corn-fed, $4 156j)
4 75. Hogs receipts. 20,500 head;
sninments, uuuu ueaa: market slow
and 50?, 10a lower; rough SHd mixed,
M outai-i iu; packing and snipping,
JvlHOW-r-W; light weiiitita. S3 50(it4 15;
skips. $2C03 25. fiheep receipt",
law neau; sinpmenis, 4uu nead; mar
ket stronger; nutlves, $4(a5 75.
Nkw York, April 29. The market
has been quiet in all depaitment. with
only small new demands for current
Cor. Hecoud and Monroe SU.,
Weald eall attention of hli frlanda
and patrooi to hia
Oomprlilnc the aholeaat aid laUat da
aiana of ruraiia Uooda in tha market.
Haiint taken apenlal care In their eelee
tlon, I am pleaaed toaartoarooatoaera
and pjablio who favor me with a aall, to
ahow eu.m linaa ot aooda only found la
leadins noaaea.
. ijmmmmmmimmmm
a-lle sldeat notice.
No. 6!00, R. D In tha Chenearf Court of
nnemy uooniy, icon. state el Tenneinae,
fur use, ato., r. A. A. Lawrence et al.
It appearing from lha bill which in aworn
to io this eaase that tha dsfandanlH, Jacub
and Iiiadiire Kaufman, minors, and Simon
Ktern. raiidcntaof the 8uu of Ohio; Manila
and Minnie Kaufman, rnaidenti of Dakota
Territory Mra Beanie H bitfield, widow,
and one minor non whoae naoia in unknown,
heir of T K W hit Hold, lr, daceiKed. rei
dentaof the Sta'e of Mlisiminiil ; 01io and
Mary Latham, rcaidnntu of the mate of In
diana) Mra Klieita McKay, reiiilent of the
r-Ute of Alabama; Beverly D William,
Mary E and William M Siilel, mluom, mi
denta of the Ktnta of Arkanaiui; J J Berry
man, K J Berrymna, Braddni Berryman,
Will 11 Parkin, J.Oemon K Cola and wile
and Colo, rcnidcnU of the Slate of Tex-
aai M T Ryder, truitee, Ben May, truatee.
and Edward Walih, reiidnnta ot the State oi
Miaaourii Caroline M Haaamora, a renitlent
of the Stute of Indiana: DM Vlournoy, a
reaident of the tittc of Kentucky, and
Brown Ayrca and F W Ruiitb, executor ot
the eatate of il ii dmlth, decaaaed, reaidente
of the S ata of Louiniaua, and all non-r al
den'a of the otate ofTcnneaaee, and that
the re'ideneea nf An P Mint, J H Kaaton
head, Michael Flynn and J D Danberry are
unknown, and cannot be a'oerlained afler
dilircnt inquiry, and that the nainea and
reaidaneea of the helra of Rufoa K lurnaae,
M L blunders, J 1 Davia, trualee, Waalon
White and Aanei Nnrvell, deceaaed, are un
known, and cannot be ascertained after
diluent liiiulry i tbia bill waj filed toeollaot
State and oounty and taiea on certain Iota
owned by the above nartiea and other partioa.
It la therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the Court-llouae
of Shelby county, in Memphie, Tenn., on or
before tne Oral Monday In May, 181, end
plead, anawer or demur to complainant hill,
or the eame will be taken for oonfoiaed aa to
them, and aet for hearing eopartei and
that a copy nf thie order be publialied mice a
week, for four aticccaniv week, in the
Memphia ArriaL. Tbia 2d day oi April,
A Copy A Meat:
S 1. McDOWELL, Clerk and MaUr.
By H. r. Walah. Deputy Clerk and M.
Lee Thornton and K. D. Jurdau, twlioitcn
fr QpJaiaaat. (at
.Coion. K '. in.
.-.FKDniiltoiii.(is(,5 i.m.
..CiTYorriT. LuiiM, 12m.
White Rivar
Ht Orlfani
Vii-kbur ...Citt or Vii-kiii Ro, p.m.
Ft. Loui C'r oir PKonisr, 6p.m
0cula... ........DaaK An, lUa.to.
NOVEVKNti ai thi: i.cvr.c.
Arrival. Kate Adams, Arkansas
Citv; Keno Macready, St. Krancis
river; Belle Memphis, Yicksbnrg;
Dean Adams, Osceola ; Gayoso, Tip
tonville; lluckeyo State, Cincinnati ;
w. cole, maimon.
Orparture. Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; lH-un Adams, Friars Point; K
W. Cole, Madison ; (iayoso, Tipton-
ille: Belle Memphis, ot. ioiiis; Buck-
eve State, Cincinnati.
Boat Due Joien. City of ( airo.
Rialt Dm I'd Arkansas Citv. Coa
homa and Freddie Robinson.
tcmlatia Yesterday
Hurkpve State 160 tons miscellane
ous freiglit.
Dean Adams I hales cotton and l)
pkgs suinlries.
Gaycso I bale cotton, 7 ltd hogs,
7000 ft lumber and 16 pkgs sundries.
Kate Adams-116 bales cotton, 2S8
sks seed, 1 horse and 78 pkgs sundries.
The O. Lino steamer V. P. Schenck,
Capt. J. L. Carter, is due up bound
for Cincinnati.
Thk O. Lino steamer New Mary
Houston, Capt. 1-ew Kates, is duo
down bound for New Orleans.
The Coahoma, dipt. Titos. Clnggett,
is the Memphis and Little Rock rail
road bout this evening at 6 o'clock for
Thk Ienn Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, will pans up to-morrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock for Osceola and tho
upper bends.
Thk Anchor Line pm-kcts to-mor
row evening are tho City of Vlcks-
burg for Vicksburg and the City of
Providence for St. lxiuis.
The Anchor Line steamer City of
St. I-ouis, Capt. James O'Neal, will
pass down to-morrow at 12 o'clock
lor Now Orleans anil all intermediate
points. Owen G. Ciites is her clerk.
Tn a Freddie Robinson, Capt. Milt
R. Harry, is the packet to-morrow
evening at 5 o'clock for all points
on White river, going through to
Newport and making connections
with packets for upper White and
Black rivers. Albert Met Shoe and
Hugh Smith are her clerks,
Bi'siness fair.
Weatiur clear and pleasant.
Tub railroad boat K. W. Cole was in
and out on time yesterday.
The Belle Memphis passed up yes-
tcrdav evening for St. Urn is.
The river here is on a stand, with
35 feet and 7 tenths on tho gnuge.
Kkceicts by river yo tertlay, 119
baits of cotton and 22tt sacks of seed.
Tn k Gayoso arrived yesterday morn
ing from Tiptonville with a fair trip,
and returned nga n lust evening.
Tim lH un Adams piissed down yos-
terday evening for l-riar's Point, nnd
will liiiNH tip to-morrow
morning for
Tim Kato Ailunm, arrivcil venter-
day itioriil nur irom ArkaiiNim Citv with
1 1(1 bali'8 cotton, -"-'X riks m-cil, 7t nkirH
siiuclrii-s, iiinl ri-tuiiH'il atruin hurt
t-vcniiiK willi a fair trip.
TnK liiickoye Htnto arrived Wednes
day iiiulit from Ciiicinnati with Hit)
toiiH tn-iKht for this place, and returned
anain limt cvenini; w ith iHH) lutlt-g cot
ton, 11:1 Liu oil and a big lot of sun
dries. Holly Rpkikun lirnortrr, April Ltlth:
Capt. John C'owden In bollioriii(J Con-(rn-tw
ngain with LIh outlet ei-home for
the improvement of tho MiseiBsippi
river. If Conirreiw could only find an
outlet for Cowden I
Tim river at thia point is stationary,
marking 34 feet H Inches by the guago,
or 85 feet 7 tenths above low water
mark. The river ii now 1 foot 7
tentha alwve the danger line and 3
truths below high water of 1882.
Vickhiu'wi llerald, April 211th: Tho
John A. Wood, which punned down
Monday evening with a big tow of
coal, broke aome of lior miicninery at
Point Plengant Tuesday morning. It
was hauled up In a wagon to Warren
ton, The tug Joo Sea brought it np
from there. It will probably bo re
paired In time to be taken down this
morning. .
Okkick Bional Hkrvick, TJ. S. A.,
Mkmi'iiih, April 1!!), 1 p.m.
The following observations aro taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
ttTVnoNs. 1
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOtlie lOtha
Cairej 34 7 30
Chattanooga ... tt 1 3
Cincinnati 13 6 6
Davenport. 11 9 7
Dnbuque 15 4 2 ........
Fortfmith 10 8 7 -
Keoknk 12 6 1 -
Helena 48 0 1
La Creese 10 tt 2
Leavenworth... 10 3 6 -
Little Rock
Louisville...;.... 6 tt
Memphis 85 7 -
Nashville 3 3
New Orleans... 14 1 2
Pittsburg 3 4 1
Ht. Louis....;.... 21 1 3
Ht. Paul 0 6 5
Bhrovoport 18 3 3
Vicksburg 4.1 6 2
Dancer 1.1 no Feet and tenihi of afoot
above toroof fauna:
Cairo, U foet . Chattanonf a, S3 feet.
Cincinnati, 60. Iavenxirtf 14.
Dubuque. 111. Kort Smith, 'il.
Keokuk, 14. Helena, .
La Croiae, 24. Leavenworth, 3D.
Little Koclcm. Louivville.
Memphia, 34. New Urleana, 13.2.
Nuhville, 40. Pitubnrej, 22.
Omaha, lo. Ht. Paul, 7.
St. Loula,32. Vlekabur.41.
Shreveport, 38. Yankton, 24.
Pittsbobo, April 20. Noon RiverS
foet 4 Inches on the gauge and station
ary. Weather clear and warm.
OmciNifiTi, April 20. Noon Rivei
falling, with 13 feet 7 Inches on tha
range. Weather fair; thermometer
Evaksvillc. April 2t. Noon Rlvr
falling, with 15 feet on the gang. De
parted: Golden Crown, Cincinnati,
WiiaKLiKG, W.Va., April 20. Noon
River 5 feet 0 inches on the gange
and stationary. Weather clear and
LonrnviLLK. Anril 2)). Noon River
falling, with 6 feet 10 inches in the
canal and 4 feet 9 inches on the falls.
Business fair. Weather cloudy, with
alight rain.
Cauw, April 29-Nooa Rivet 35. feet
5 inches on the gangs and falling.
Weather clear and mild. Arrived:
tit? of Cairo, St. Lonis, midnight;
Annie P. Silver. New Orleans, f a.m. :
S. L. Woid and bargee, New Orleans,
6 am. Departed: City of Cairo, Vicks-
hurg,2 a-m.; AnHie P. Silver,8t. Lonis,
6 a.m. ; Mary Houston, New Orleans.
10 a.m. '
NOTICE TO smiTflits.:
r-0wlD( to tha hlh watar tb lUaaar
DEAN AUA.Md will l.ar. for Ueleaa aa4
Frian Point avarr MONDAY aadTBURS
DAT at 5 o'clock p.m., aod for Uaeaola aa4
Gold Duit arary WKDNKMDAY aad SAT
URDAY at 10 o'clock a.m., antll furthar
Bot'i-a. JA8. LKK. Bap't. t
Memphis & Cincinnati Pkt. Co.
Bxouralou XI.sa.teai X
If a The Boiant
iBL HiMtaara
aajr lit.
Barkeje State, Oklo A Jas. T.att.
e-Ttiii Coapaay wilt aall IOUWD TRIP
TICKKTH n-oaa Monphla ta lakvtlla,
CiBclnaati. and all KaaUra Uitwa, a
I raatly Kaduoad RaUI.
Comaanclor May 18th, to Rd laalwlre,
with Faitlval Chorat ef
OO Travlaied Valeee a4 )vekeani
r Over 100 Arllata.
Durint tha enTiai 90 daya Cioolaaatl wlM
b rarf attractlTa ta vialtara.
arTlckaU inoluda Maala and titato-rooaa.-Haturn
tickata tood anr aoal la tha line.
Kaoa boat oarrias a KiDe titrtng Baa 4.
Moiidajs and TUursdajs at ( P.M.
Fur infurmallon Inqntre of O. . RU9
SKLli, Aaant, i MaJlion it'oat, Moaiphla,
Tann. K. W. WlaK. Bup't.
Special Notice For Marion.
Tho F.rnrboat
-loll if Overton,
ft.-. V
Will loave the loot of Jeferaoa alreat tor
Marten, at S a.m. and S p.m.
Ht. lrfnia atiad New Orleitae AaMihot
Llwo-V. N. Dfatl FUrlNKW OltLHANB.
City of St Louis, aB,
Jaa. O'Neal... maater.
Will leave the Elevator SATURDAY, May
l . in i? r, : . w ,
l.i. ai W. Bur ihili ift pn.i.n biiim
C L. Hai.l,, Paaa. At. A P RTOKM, Snp't.
Ml. Itala ainrl New Orloataa Aaetiat
City of Vicksburg, aTn
) Able maater, Tftt
Wltl leave the Elevator tATlJKBAT, May
lit. at p.m. For freight or muih apply
C. 1,. Hai.l,. Pa. Art. AD HTttKM. Bup't,
nt. I.nta and New Orleiane Anchor
City of Providence,
fleo. Carvel I... . maater.
Will leave the Kiev a tor SATURDAY, May
lat,at6 p.m. For frelint or paaaate apply
O.li. HM.. Pa. At. A O HTOH M. Hop't.
FOR 1 X) U 18 V I LLK A 01 Nt JIN N ATI
Southern Tranaportatina Co. O. Line For
t'nlro, Loniavilla and Cincinnati Sir.
U. P. Schenck. R.
J. L. Carter. ..maater, eaUjaaitvl1 ih
Will leave K HI DAI, April 3llh.alpm.
For freight or paaaaie apply te 0. U. HUH
SKLL, Anent, li Mailaon at. Telephone 227.
.lama II. Fh i wa i.in , Painenier Aircat.
Kor Oao.ola, llalea Point. Caratheraville,
Uayoan and Tintonvllle The new atewner
W. P. Uall maater I J. D. Taller. olerk
will leave aa above, and all way pointf.
n m. Ynr freight nf r-iMaarw apply nn hoard .
MeMplil",VYhlie Black River Packet
For ll.lena, DeValli Bluff. Dee Pea :Ae
auita, Newport and BaUivllle. The saw
and elecant aidawhael paaaeaier ateaner
Freddie Robinson,
Milt Harry j,. .....!,,.. maater
Will leave KVKRY SATURDAY at5o'oo
p.m. Throne-h ratea to all oolata. rrelaha
oonilned to Milt llarryLlne, Meraphli, will
be promptly lorwardad. W.J. P DOILJI.
Olnce 12 Mailiaoa at. Telephone T7. .,
Jaaaa B. Vuiklis, Paaaancer AaenC Tel-
Mempbli and Vickubirg Packet Co-
pany U 8. Mali Line. . , ,
Tor Helena, Concordia. Terrene aai rka.
aaa uiiT ine eiatant pnaenget atearcer
R. ChMk... maater I W. 0, Blenaar,..
aval Hemphla
?.ai.,reaervlnc the rlaht to paaa alllandlnae
ba eaptam may deem nniale. Tor ceneraj
Inloruiatloa apply at offlc, No, 4 kfadlaoa
atreet, K. VYALWUKTU, Aaect.
lireei, a. vrAl.n
JOHN CAKR, Paaa'r Aaent
it. Telepho
Arkansas Hirer Pk't Co.
K. B. Smith.... maiUr.
Leavei Memphia hivery TUKriDAI, ato p. an
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aoa -Clau-eaxfoa,
Dovatlle Blair, Deal Are),
LAwanalia, Jratawn port and Hoatroy,
at 5 p.m. Throuah ratea to all pointa.
Frolaht eonilf n.d to alemphla end Whit
tttver Paekat Company" will eeforwariWd
promptly , U. 0. L0W. Aaent.
No. n Madiaon at. TalenhoTie No. W.
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The HUFraacla River Trauportatieoj
Oe.'a Fine Blde-W keel V. B. MeU BtaantM
Rene Macready,
0. K. Jnpltn. Barter,
at 8 e'tleek, for Maxlanaa, the Oet-Off, aad
Intermediate landinai on St. TrMeU livea-.
The eapUIn reeervea the riaht to paea all
laadlaga he deeaaa anaafe. AS. tBH, Jr..
Hnn.Hetjmil.aa. 0.. v.. 4 MadtMin at
ravek'a Kxeara'.ea raurtfea leave ra -April,
May, Jnne and July. Band lor rre-
Inatelaloal Tmrl(lT1eUhfa rer travel
In Kurnpe and all parte ef the (Mm. ra
akaie Tlrkeie by all linee ef lUum.
aah'i Eaeamleiatal,-wlth aaapa, pah
llibed monthly, by mall tor Tan Cwrre.
TllOa. (tMU aft aaM,
21 Broadway, Hew York. '
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BMUfrui,-A nctlm of jonthb
rwtim of jontiufnJ iawrdmacm
Doj. Karroo PtMiti, Laii
nc tnd lo wmm wry Yatmm
bK4l btfW.ll Mr J V HK rfc tob flloaaDffna(ar2
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers
31 Main SU. HempliU, Tena
WUhlaar to liUra Irnaa BaelaMea '
We Oder aaeir (oat I re
KJI, youna or eld.
And the Eiaotrie
Shield and 8upene
ry our. every a tare ef
Weakaeaa of thVKieV
ne a, Sexeal Sritem.
Varicocele and 1 oat or
enfeebled eowera.
Money refatMied If
not aa represented.
Price and apward.
Pamnhlot free. All
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ordcra mnat be aent to A amerteaiai del ' aim
le ta.,70e; areaaaar. new , aa
ll our Weiteru officea are eltcmtaaa
Manhood Restored

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