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Aa Interesting Debate, ToTerinff a
Valcty if Sul'jects Bautiue
Basiuu.iu liotU House;.
WsaisfiTOX, April 30. Smatf. On
motion of Senator Vance the Senate
took up the President's veto of the
bill "To prevent the desecration of
graves." The bill r hites to the Dis-U-ii
t of Columbia and provides that
the unclaimed bodies of deceased
paupers, now required by law to be
buried at the public eiperse, might
be turned over to the medical colleges
of the I) strict of Columbia. Tho
President deel ncd to approve the bill
wt the ground tliat certain of ita pro
visions were indefinite and did not
supply uffjeient safeguards.
After a short debate the Senate re
fused to pass tho bill over the Presi
dent's veto yeas, 6; nays, 48.
The conference report on tho Indian
appropriation bill was submitted by
nator Davis and conenrrrd, in by
the iSsnate. Unanimous consent hav
ing been giren on the request of Sen
ator Pike that private claims on the
calendar shotjld bo considered this
morning that order was entered upon,
not, however, without a mild protest
from Senator Plumb in the interest of
the postoffice appropriation bill.
Alter tome further debate, fenator
Plumb secured sn uuderetanciD that
at 4 o'clock on Monday general debate
on tbe bill should c ow. The Senate
then adjonrwd nntil Monday.
Tb. Htiw.
Mr. Hatch Mo , on behalf of the
the Committee on Agriculture, called
up a resolution setting; apart the 13th
of May for the consideration of busi
ness presented by the committee Mr.
Hatch staled that the measure upon
which action would be asked was the
oleomargarine bill. In response to
questions he stated that though this
bill was a revenue bill, theCommit ee
on Agriculture would attempt to con
tine the amendments to the subject
matter of tho measure, and not allow
them to extend to the tax on spirits
and tobacco. Tho resolution was
adopted. ,
Mr. Hatch also called up the bill
creating the Department of Agricult
ure, and the House proceeded to Ita
ronsideration in committee of tho
whole, but the morning hour expired
pending a controversy as to the limita
tion to be pieced on the debate.
The Houso then went into commit
tee of tho whole (Mr. Mills Tex in
the chair) on the river and harbor
appropriation bill.
Mr. Warner O offered aa tmend
meot providing tbt tho appropnadon
tor the improvement of the Mississippi
shall be expended nnder the direction
of the Secretary of War, instead cf the
Mississippi River Commission, and
providing for a Congressional Cim
mhtee lo Invebiigata the woik of the
MiasiBnippi K'verCommiseion.
Mr. Dunn Ark defended the plan
f the commiadnn.
Mr. Hepburn la thought that the
Mississippi Rivtr Citnmisdon had
waited enough money, and it wai cow
time for Consivui to retiace its steps.
Mr. KiogLi. appiovad the plan
of tbe commisfion, end defended the
members oi the commission fiom the
chaiga of wastefulness.
Mr. Culchins Misa hvcrtd the
Mr. Hepbnrn declared .that the
plans of tbe cominieeion had proved
Mr. Ho!man find. cflered sn
amendment provioing teat tbe money
appropriated for the tower Mississippi
shall be expended in a continuance
and completion of the work on the
Plum Point and Lake Providence
Mr. Butterworth O maintained
that the eyetem of levees was not
necetaary to the improvement of
navigation. He did net believe even
that the system tended materially to
iiui ovo tho navigation, but made
that improvtmont incidental to the
work of protecting tbe lands along the
Mr. King La advocated the levee
ays m.
Mr. IBuirowe Mich. tbouglt that
the real friends of-thu improvement
of tbe MifS'ftippi riv.r ought to sup
port the einendinent cflered by the
gentleman frcm Indiana (Mr. Hoi'
Mr. Henderson I!l had confidence
in the members tt tno commission,
but would prear to see the work of
improveraf m directed by the Bicre
tarv of War. '
Mr. Rawell til. thought the appro
pria'tan for the lower Mississippi was
a fraud n(.on the people.
Mr. B aoctmrd La approved the
resirictive prcj-CHuiun.
Mr. Holman's amendrEwnt wa n
jecled 71 to 81 hut it was egreed
that there should ha a yea and nay
vcta upon it ii the Houe.
Mr. Warner'a amendment wai also
Mr.Andcrfon Ka. movfid tostrike
out the clause authorising the build
ing of levees if, in the opinion of the
committee, it etannld be done as part
of the plan to effordase and safety
to navigation. Lost 33 to 12!).
Various other amendments . were
offered and ejected.
A number of amendments were
agreed to increasing; the number of
places where preliminary surveys may
be made, and then Mr. La Fo'lette
Wis. moved to strike oat the entire
set ion Laving reference to this sub
ject. ..'
No quorum voting, the committee
lose and the Hoiibb adjonraed.
In Ibe taraualltee Booms. .
Tbe House Committee on Labor to
day beard Representative Springer in
support of the labor arhitia'ion bill
introduced by him la Monday, and
which is in general in accordance with
tbe mseage of tbe President en the
aubject. The members of the com
mittee seemed favorable to a perma
nent arbitration - commission, bnt tbe
matter did not go fir enough to indi
cate what action woald be taken. Tbe
' opinion was exnreesed by tbe commit
' tee that the principal features of the
Springer hill would be incorporated
in tbe bill now on the House calendar,
' to provide for the establishment of a
department rf tgricnlture and labor.
Petitions for sTIab'a Pardon.
Nbw York, April 30. A petition is
in circulation in tnii city asking lor
Hie pardon of James D. Fisb. Tbe
petition is said to be signed by over
' 300 depositors in the Marine Bank and
by runny officers ef banks in this city
r and throughout the country.
Hitngea nimecir lo Ills Cell.
Hupson, N. Y., April 30 Guiseppe
- Scoma, the Italian convicted yester
day of the murder of Antonio Rocco
at the Jones quarry, this city, and
sentenced to be executed on June 4th
next, committed suicide in li is cell at
10 o'clock last nijiht by strangula
tion. When conducted from the
son was) found upon his person con
cealed in a pajer of emoking tobacco.
Four hours afterwa is ho was found
banging in hiB cell dead. Ho uacd a
small cord which lie had worn about
his waist to hold bis trousers up. He
bad threatened self-destruction fre
qtieutly. Scotua was a nati"e of foni
buca, 6 cily, where his parents and
widow now leside. He was thirty
four years old, and bad been in this
country ten years.
Edwin Boolu'a Qonf Acting All Ibe
Talk in New York.
New York, April 30. The fall of
Edwin B;o;h on the stage of the
Academy of Moaic on Wednesday,
and bis peculiar conduct during the
performance, were much talked about
around ibe theaters yesterday. Sev
eral people who attended tbe psr
foimante lay that Mr. BoUh'e actions
weie wonderfully like tbore of a
drunken man, and that tbe otbera on
the stage bid Booth as much as they
could during tbe last act. Many of
the actors who itaod around Four
teenth street aod Union (rqnare pro
fessed lo know that Mr. Booth bat be
come a heavy drinker of Ute, and
thtt bis peiformances bave been
marred before. Bnt Mr. T Days'.
Booth's manner, said: "Booth baa
not been drinking. It wat an attack
of vertigo, which nnfiited him for
work the rent cf the performance.
He went through it as well as a sick
m in could.
Mr Cbiti la, Sal vlni's manager, said
that Boo h'e fad was pinly Silvini's
fault. "Booth bad not been feeling
well all d.y," be raid," "bnt he bad
worked bard. I was with h!m moat
of the day, and I know he bed not
b?en drinking. He told me after the
p'ay he bad been so dizzy at times in
the last act that h 4 could not see."
Mr. William bisham published a
card in the Tribune this morning stat
ing that he was with Mr. Booth all
Wednesday evening and during tbe
perioral ance ai in Mr. Booth's dress
it g room. He denied most emphat
ically that Mr. Booth bad been drink
in?, but elates that Ibe great actor was
suffering fom a severe biiir.ui attack,
and had been all day ; and ttiat it was
only his grjat s;nee tf his responsi
bility to the public that made him at
tempt tn part.
In ibeTawa of Colllerville, Tenn.
No. R12, It. D. John Longue.Publle Ailmin
istratorof Shelby oounly. and as such Ad
ministrator of Mra. B- M. Bleokloy, de
ceaied, ra. Mle A. Brennan at al.
BY virtue of deoraa for ale entered bar
in, April 2", 18(!6, I will otter for aale,
at rnbllo auotion, at C0LL1ERV1LLK,
Batnrdaj, Hay 30, 188.
within leinl houra, the followiat daaeribtd
real estate, to-wit:
I. A eertAln lot eonta'nlne tbrea d one-
half (SS) aoraa in the Tenth (J vil Dintriet
ot Hfaelby oonoty. lean., in the neinhbor
ft ij . .i . H...J.J n . v. .
nortm dv the tnte-line roadi on the aonth
by the M. and C. Knilroad: on the eact by
tne Unda of P. M. Ward, and on the weft by
the lnd or K. Keaa.
Ant the following lota In the town of Col
lierville, Bbelby county, Tenn. :
II. ATaoimtltt iron tins on the woft aide
ol the public park.fouth ol the lot owned by
T. Morrit. and beiDt one hundred
fe-t by depth of one hundred and twenty
''ilil'A vaoantlot on the aonth aide of Front
alreet, beginning about one hundred and
forty (1401 feet wen of tho intersection ot
Front atreat with the opening west of the
publio square, baring a front ol one hun
dred and aerenty-four fret by a depth of
about twe bundr-d and -twenty (220) feet.
IV. A raoant lot on the eaat aide of Mala
alrtot, thilty by aixty (30x60) fee', lying- be
tween the property of Geo. i). Blair and P.
L. Urey.
V. A vacant lot on the Trent aide of Main
atrect, beginning about one hundred and
fifty-eight (lftH) feet north of the into aection
of Front and Main atraeta; thenoe Berth
twenty (20) teat, with depth of one hun
dred and aixty (16)1 feet, running aouth at
right angles with the aouth line of laid lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of the beginning, point, a distance
of fifU-eieht (f8) feet, until it joina with lot
No four (4). fronting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commencing on the
northwest oorner of J. W. and VI. I). Koen's
lot, in the town of Collierrille, deeded to
them by Leake and Irbyj running thence
north thirty (30) feel to a stake i thence east
aixty (611) feet to a stake; thence aouth thir
ty (30 1 feet to a stnke to the northweat cor
nerot said lot of Kotn's; tbence we t aixty
(60. feet to tbe beginning point.
Book 3', page 136.
VII. A lot tnown as the Orchard lot, de
scribed aa: Beginning at the northeast oor
ner ot tot No 6, on a range of lots north of
KuWio square and ogposite the M. and C.
,.K.; ther.ee north two tunnredand teren
feet six (f)7K inches to a s ake; tieneowest
two hundred and twenty (220) foot in J. K.
Wadding'a eaU boundary; thence sooth
two bundrei and aeven tost six (207 inches
to a suse, which is the northwest corner of
John Lynch'a lot No. 11; thence eist two
hundred and twenty (.20) leet to the begin
ning, containing, by eatimation, alittle ovtr
one aire. Book 72, page 642.
VIIi tot Mo. one (1), torty IK) f.etby
one hundred (100) foot, in a range ot lots
Nos. I to 11, on tbe north side of the pui lie
squire or pnrk. purchased from V. Leake
September 24, 1867, nd re cord td in Regis
ter's oHico of Shelby county, in Book Ho. 62,
panel 203, VA.
IX. Lottie 2, firty (40) by one hundred
(lUO) feet, in a range of lots Nos. 1 to 11 on
tbe north side of the public square or pars',
purchased from V. Leake, December, 1867,
and recorded in the register's office of tthel
by county, in book No. bo, pnge 476.
X. Lot No. 4 (and pari of lot 3), forty (41)
by one hundred (100) feet, and part of lot 3,
eight (Si by one hundred COO) leet, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a range of Iota
No. 1 till, on the north side or the publio
park or squ ire. On this lot, 4Hj100 feet, are
two brick stoiehouses, on which there is a
trust deed ef record. (Sale subject to the
rihts of the mortgagee.)
XL Lot No. 5, forty (40) by one hundred
(liO) leet west at snd a joining lot No. 4,
above described, and fourteon (14) feet six
(6) inches of lot No. 6. west of aad adjoining
lot No. 5. This is the lot on which Mrs. K.
M. Bleckley res ded at tbe time of her death,
being hf y-four feet six inches by one
hundrtd (100) feet. I One-story frame and
improvementa. Book 83, psge 2'6. , ,
XII. Lot No. 9, forty (40) by one hundred
(100) fsat, in a range of lota on the north aide
of the pnblio park or square, record book
No. 59, part 2, pagos 4f7-. A lot fronting
the west fide of the publio park, beginning
forty-eight (49) feel soulh of Front street,
lying between the lot of J. K. Waddy on tho
north and T. J. Morris on the south, being
fortj -eight by one hundred and twenty 48x
120) feet, haying two (2) two-story brick im
provements and also one (1) small tenement
of wood. Upon this lot there is a trust deed
ot record. 6a!e (abject to the rights of the
"as per'aaid decree, I will first sell said un
improved property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary lor the payment of the
debts and cha ges, and fctate, county and
municipal taxes against said estate: and in
the event laid unimproved property dots
not realise sufficient, then I will offer said
improved property for sale for the payment
of the remainder of said debts, , ousts,
charges and taxes. This decree is made
without prejudice to the claims of creditors
secured by mortgsge or trust deed, and the
right ef the estate in property embraced in
such mortgage or treat deeds shall be last
sold in ease sale thereof beoomea neces
sary to pay the debu allowed.
At the time of the sale the guardian. At.
flavin, may direct the order in which the
different lot or tracts may be sold, eioept
that the mortgaged property is to be laat sold
as above stated. . .
Terms of Bale-One-fonrth PO eash. one
fonrth (S) on December 27, 18, and one
half (U) on December 27, 1887; purchaser to
esei-ute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid I arahase money, and
lien retained on the property 'nseenre the
deferred payments. This Anril 28, 18H6.
HUGH B. CuLLKN. Clerk.
By O. L. McDonald, Depnty Clerk.
John League, W. U. Wilkerson, H. C.
VVarTiner and Albert Suggs, solicitors.
Admlulxlrator's Notice.
Office Public Admintotrator, Shelby Connty
nnnrthmirn. M.mnhis. Tans. . Anril 15. 188(1.
rpilK undersigned hav ngbeon appointed
L end quatiflet adirinistrator of the estate
of liunry F. Arnold, do'eued, notice is
hereby given to all persons indebted to said
estate to come forward and settle; and to
those to whom said e.-tate is indebted 'o n e
tbeir cliims wiih me, duly prohattd, within
the 'ime proscribed by l"w, or the nun wul
be forever birred. JOHN L0AOL1K,
Publ'u Administrator.
tlTholeaTe Dealers nod Pablittlier,
ISCE-o-Slo IESotolss
bole Aents foiiowing First-Class Insuastenu:
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amccesaors to PORTER, TAILOR ft CO.,
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Cotton Factors, Commission erchanb
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And Commission ierchanis,
QVi? hju 202 Front St.. MempliU. Tenv.
L. D. JTtJLLINS, of late J. K, Godwin A Co. JAS. TONOK, laU olJ. W. CaldweU Or
Cotton Factors SCommission Oerchant3
No. 1 Ifoward'H Row, Cor. Front and Union. MemphlK.
SMmer.T horntoil Co
Cotton Factors, Vholesalo Grocers,
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Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
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and Boltllaiar Waraie.sl at ! Call
ibmS awa Ieltaaea,CMr.galsjk Assails.
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r Illustrated Catalogue and Price- List
Mailed Free on application. "f
n sTVl aWrTTOsl
IS I IVle al
Eiaci'Tivt t met, Nasatn.Li, Tasa.
WIIKRKAS, The Forty-Fourth (Irner.l
Aa'cuiily of the Mate f Tcnnefre,
at its rei ular e."!n f lsfii, rn t on tl.. ;lm!j
dy of March, 1"''. by a j.nut renluti e
hih was asreed lo by boih the (mate aud
the House ol" Kei rrsm'.ptivcs. did iimhi.
an amendment t ithe Cnn-utut ..n ol the
bia'e: and hrcss, ifce Coi.stiiution. Arti
cle XI. Section ,S, rf'iuire s said prupos d
auietidiiient to be referred tt the i.tieral
A ei'.bly net lo b.rhit n,by which Urn
ral Assembly it 1mII be agreed to by two
thirds ol all the uietuhtrs e'ected lo each
lintue, before being tuhti.ittrd to a direct
rote ot the pe tle; and whereas, it i re
quired by law ihut s id proposed amsn.tnieat
shall be published fur six months iravinus
to the time ot tusking such choioe Ol the
nrxtdeneral As-embly;
Now theretrra. I, Win. B. Bate, Governor
of the rotate of Tonnessee, do h.reby eteae
to be published the said proiios.d sm.nd
ment tit the Constitution of the State of
Tennessee, which is as follows: "Ta add aa
traction (It) eighteen. Article (11) eleven, of
said Constitution, the following:
"cite. In. No person shall taanefaeture
for sale, or sell, or keep for sale, sa a bev
erage, any intoxicating liquors whatever.
Including wine, ale, and beer, 'the lleneral
Assembly shall by law preseribe regulations
for the anforcsmcotof the prohibition herein
contained, end shall thereby provide suita
ble penalties fr the violation ol the tie
visions hereof."
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be affixed tbe great
seal of the ritate of Tennessee.
Done at the city of Nashville, this !lh
day of April, in the year of our Lord eae
thousand eight hundred and eighty-six, ef
the Independence of the I'aiud b teles the
one bunured and tenth.
I ) WM. B. BATS,
- agAL. Govern r of Tennessee.
ttereaary of bin to.
R. ftSCE,
f ni 15 yeait at IT Court Place, now at
4 f-4larlr 1arlM aad Ifeall, aHM rajWsua aag taS
,u.l ,u-t'Slul. sis w"
Onr;a aU forma
la ill
i(riuatorrhe and ImpoUnoy,
l (hr result Uf .r abUiat ! TOUIft, rlWaVl UKM Ml
Mn yran, or ntitay rmuansj, amt pnJBf mm I
to wm,t . Bo l KrviM:tQsX 8nilnl Kmliti.iM. .:iittia
! br drwrri). PlranMi of Ml It, UffV-Uvw Umt Thy
a tlhxy. i'ltmaMnn Atrc-n-a tohoewir ti ?tnare
Ttrnf iwl. of tirVL, f ttfMikl rwr. "n4ta
ui4rlitw lniit'"V r unh(Ti r UiorwuhU t4 "
ap-h T-'ii -icrfTTimiL- -t.i-m, Goiiorrhe.
GliKET, Strnlor Orviiiu., Btmia, vm MufMUW,
ntt'l i'turr pririw dlttftM quh-kty nrM
li it avlf Mi lrnl tint fti tWnniabo rarvMltrlttj
4 t1h of dlattiM, r1 UftUu tsVH.unli an
,;if, -mjuir- irMt WUL .'hTrtiUna fciaowlngUiU fMl
r-.iuiv'ii.i H'i.mt to taj V iwa It to Usttoattntrat h
I'-tUhf-ti to-irMtwont. asttUrtti eaa knaaai haM
t4i iu Ij by wail r ctirtju aajvbara-
(liivci Gnrauitoil in all Camhi
.imiuu'Uiu wriLinalrt tr t V-ttA (Hi an rmfil
)t,ai(f twuV caa rrvruosuo itrv' mt&laamk
jr ft ff . ..fil tn any WMM. MaffM W, tar tan
Ml .,iiu ShouM b. r.4 b, .U. Adln.u . .tM..
.in... uui. fMs s a. au t, r. a.
4ijS(liai' '
TrnMtee'a Nalo.
BY virtue of the authority vested In me aa
trustee of the estala ol W. II. llolton, de
ceased, as the successor tn office ol O. K.
tiuiilh, trustee, bj decree of the bupr,ra.
Court of Tennessee In eaa. of L. A. Canneu
vs. K. M. Aipersen and olhara, I, David 0.
(slaughter, trustee as aforoa id, will off.r for
sale, at public oulcrr, at the eonrthouse
ilnnp. In th. citvnf Unmiihla. and Boll to the
highest and best bidder, commencing
iirouiplly at 13 o oloek m., on
Balacday, the 1st Day af May, MM,
th. fnllnwln. d.acrihad seal f slate, to-wltt
The east half of lot 6. in block 62, on tbe
plan of the citv of Memphis, on tne norm
want corner of Linden and Driver streets, ia
said city, bavins a Iront of HO leet, more er
less, on the north side of Linden street, and
running back between parallel lines about
sno f.wil. (h. fVrntnf the aaid lot balne 1IH)
(cat, less rne-half of Driver street, taken off
tue east side thereof, leaving about m feet
front, together wiih the Improvements, con
sisting of a two-stor, brick dwelling.
Th, storehouse now occupied by k. M Ap
nersnn k Co., No. Front street, and Ko.
8 Jefferson street, tenting lor tUW par. aa
hura. UoiidenceNo. 92 Conrt atreat, renting at
IT0 par mvo'b, having front of iu leat 4
Inches, by a depth nf W feet, fvruitrly ee
oupied by P. 0. Bethel, deceased.
liouse and lot rn north side ef Union
stieet, fronting X feet, and rnnning back to
Old Union street, known as No. 374 Union,
renting tor fc!0 per month.
House and lot en east side o( Orleans street,
52' feet front by HA leet deep, known aa lot
tto. 6 ol '. M. Tate's subdivision.
Also, lot No 7. same snbdlvislon, MVJxl.W.
Lot No' 3 of VV. R. Harris's subdivision,
on Cow Island road, containing 11 78-lw
Terms One-third rash, th, bslanaa in 13
months, with interest, secured by lion. The
titles are pcr eol, but I sell only as trustee.
Further information can be obtained from
the undersigned, D. 0. HLAUOHTBK,
Trustee estale W. U. Bolton, deo'd.
R. D. Jordan, Attorney.
Probate Court Sale If eal Estate.
No. 5U, R.D.-In the Probate Oourtol Rhl
by County, Tenn.-T. J O'Nail, adminis
trator, vs. Caih. Wlen O'Neil.
"T V virtue of a decree for sale, entered In
J this cause oa April 27, 1HMA, minute book
46, pases 4W, eto., I will sell to the highest
bidder, at publio auction, in front ol the
eoutt-hnuse door, on Main street, en
Hatardajr, May aa, NH,
within legal hours, the following described
real estate, to-wit: Acertain lien, or par
cel of land, situated in Memphis, Tenn.,
eotntnenoing on the west sidn of Main street,
and running theuce north 37'. feet; theno,
wet HM1 feet tn Center alley; thenra south
along said alley 37!. leat to a stake, nrnl
thence east NS! feet to the beginnirg. The
said I-1 is the south half of lot No. I S, and
is situated at the Intersection 0' tbe north
side of the first alley south of and parallel
with Overton street with Main street. The
said snle will be subject to right or home
stead ol Cath. Ellen O'Neil in said real as
tute. lcrnis ef Balo On a er Hit ol seven (7)
months; the purchaser to execute note with
surety, and alien will be retained to secure
unpaid purcte money. Kuuity of redemp
tion barred. Ibis April 27, In.
II II. ClILLKV, Clerk.
Tlv O. ti. McDnnnld, Deputy Cieik.
Win. M. Randolph, Solicitor.
PURSUANT to a decree rendered brlho
Chancer, Conrt at Nashville, at its Oc
tober term, lit'), and entered of record at
page .V, M inute Uook No. tl, In the case of
Samuel Perkins vs John H. Olajbronk and
others, notice is harebr given I hit 1 will ex-
Kos. to puhlio sale, at the courthouse do r at
emphis, Tennessee, ujion the terms here
inafter set out, at lo'olock m., on Ilia
U2l day of May, Itsiei.
the following described proporty, all siluat.
in tne Taxing District of bhtlby eounty,
Tonnessee, to-wltt
Lot No. W, west side of Auction Fduare,
Lot No. liHI, south si e of Auction Square,
Lot No. 4-MI Second street.
Lot No 3yf, corner of Overton and Third,
141 feet square,
South hall lot'2!i2 Beemd street.
Lot 144 and part lot 143, west aide cf Main
street, between Market and Winchester sts.
J eras of ba'e One-fourth essh, and the
balance on credit, of A, 12, IS and 24 months!
interest bearing notes required fur deferred
payments, and Uen retained, Hals free from
redemption. bAMUKL PERKINS,
ripecial Commissioner.
Koa-IteHldent Notice.
No. 6107, R. D. In the Chancery Oourtof
Khelby County, Tenn. .Stale of TenLM-
see vs. Mary A. Brown et al.
It appearing from allegations of th, bill in
this cause, which Is sworn to, that the de
fendants, D M DuBose, John Uidrilestoa,
Wm P Barton, Warren Truss. W J Phillips,
are non-reeidanU oi the State of Tennessee)
and that the place of residence of A I Oar
nor and wife, Oaynor, is unknown and
cannot be ascertained upon diligent inqeiry
made t
l, l. ik.MAtM k.H.r.il. That thee make
their appearance herein, at the Court-Home
of Khelby county, in Mempm,, l,un , on or
before tbe first Monday in Jane, A D., lnwi,
and plesd, answer or demur to complainant J
bill, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to theaa and set for hearing ex partel and
that a copy of this order be published once a
week fur four snccessive weeks in the Mem
phis Appeal. Thisid day of April, Wo.
A copy Attest:
S. I MnIOWELL, Clerk and Master.
"y H. P. Walsh, Deputy C. and M.
Juhn Johnston, Sol, for enmplDt. sat
InNolvnt .otlof.
No 54M (Mr State of Tenne"e. Sheibv eoun
ty Office Coenty Court Clerk, Memphis,
Tenn., April a"i, into To John Loae.e.
Public Adm nistrat ir of Sh'lov county aad
a, such Administrator of estate of lienry
P. Arnold, deceased ;
HaVINti suggrsied the Insolvcncv of the
estate of Deary F. Arnold, docased,
yon ar, hereby ordered tn give entice, by ad
vertisement in som, new. piper puolished
within thesaid Stale, and also at 'be court
home door of Btelhy eounty. for all persons
having claims agsinst said estate to spiar
and file i he same. auihenti aUd in li' man
ner pre'eribet bylaw.o or before! be 27th day
July, lf: and anyelniin not fiit l en or
bclme said day, orbelore rn epcrwtirlnt'on
ef th, funds of said (title is mad -, snail b,
forever barred, both in 'aw ai d equity.
Witnrss my band at ofBe, this 'JVh any o!
April, 111. 11UUI1 B. Ol lLKx deik.
Ry (1. L McDenalJ, Deputy v icrk.
rNottce given a reqirre I bv the forego
IniorHer, tue JSO. LOAUUE, Ailm r.
a-5 .V'
SL. !H3. LEE tSs OO.p
376-375WM-3.SJ-;i-s6 fcecond
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
MAfilrftnar. ,.tsH, f'Mar fNMif wml ltrli4tw.
J, T. rAHGASON. J. A. HUNT. 0. C.
Vholesalo Grocers
S8t Front Street, Memphin, Tenn.
CeUoa eenslgasd to as will hav. eur eareful attention. W carry at alt Uaaee a waU-
aelected stock oi
Staplo & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquors,Tobacc9 & Cljars,
4 not will snail aa
MAr0L0N U1LL, President,
iM'l TI'
Ofllce lf Mallinnf4tre?t, Memphlw. Tenn
EstabltstLed I860.
250 and 258 Front
H, n. coora & co,
Lito M ffld Ml 1.
Doora, fiali, lUiudit, IIouldluit, all klnda of Door aait
Wludoa Frame, llraokets, Scroll-Work, Boagh uud
lr3uMHl I,tiutbr, NklBRlost, Lalha, Water Tanka.
All kinds ol Wood Work Executed at Short Notlee.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington St. Memphlw. Tuna.
HA VINO withdrawn rom th Woodruff-Oliver Oarrlage and Hardwar. Ooaspanv. w
wi-LT-niail the Aaanov of aoma of th. B..I Mannlaeilnreir. In IBM Usslt.tf
jraTl.;:;nd ar. no. ,.n.,in, a lull assortment o OAKRUUKH.
IIAKN43S and SADDLKRYl also, a larg, stook ol the Improved 1KNNKHS K li WAtiOMlj.
All goods are new. and bailt expressly lor tuie aaarket, and will be sold at verr low prioaj.
Ofllce ntl Kaltmroom, 0. 2011 attld M.reet. n aneuouue, wo. wo rroui nu-ntju
a. woonwrrr.
.1. K. Sll.l.rK
KsTWlll pay Good Prlccsi for) BIOTKS, GIN FALLS aad
TIl.4SlIYt orrO. ol all ;deHorlitloiisi.tNeiid lor Circular
and Irlcw4 Paid.'
75 Vanro itreot. Mftivmhi". Tenn.
L Pearce
Cotton Factors & Commission Hercff ts,
M1atttm'WasMlsnas-. !. iasm.irsilass,aitps-
hkdil mm
or:iva wi itoxi a.
.BIL'IIARP A.'HtcCPBDY, : t t i I Prrnldeat.
ASSETS, : : : : : : $109,000,000
rremder TalawiIndorad oa Palieilsi. !o;r.rrllair..a.Caeg)B
la lb. World.
. Y.ra-TtL. 3Enn3U:i3JB, lvr.P.. I I I 33wa.lx.xr.
lJo. 3 Col Ion F-TQlmngo Itnlldlng, lvfinphls.
Yazoo Mississippi Delta Timber Co.
107.Mllai from Memphis, Tenn. 113 Mil,s;froai Vloksburg. Mlas.
Will saw to order aad furnish good merchantable
Cypress Lumtoer,
,in;car-load,lot8'I .:o.:b.. cars at tubm mills, for
tor $12.50 PER M."
xrDlm.Dslons and Building ILumber. Ovptess Shingles. Dressed VlMriai. peiliagja
Biding. gepteoosUullr on hand. Orders br mail respeotfullv tolmited. Addreaa.
p. a. ALUTOS,
B. W. I
And CommloftiOB Mercliaats. Hay,Ci)rn Oata,B: !ta, Chop Feed, OU-Meal,
L!m, Cement, Titter, BcUdlns and FIr rl, Etc
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Roy, Memphis
E. B. Llat.
street, aonth ot Uftyooo.
& Cotton Factors,
l.vr a. It, leeesl,
W. M. HILKERSO.l.Tlorreslilwi
rnve rjiiara
W. D. BaTUaLL.
St., MemphK Tenn.
I T 4Tt
GUI 111 !
court-room to bis cell a bottle of poi

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