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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 05, 1886, Image 2

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Ibe Southwestern ert!on ot the
lily lUM With Alarm-Number
ofPernuns lijareil.
Riotous Demonn'ratloni at Kllwau
kee Labor Dixtnrbnucet at
Ya -loan Points.
Bt. Loiis, Mo., Jlsy 4 Martin
lions, liy whom the Gould South
western railroad gvatem strike wh
crJered, when isked what tfltct he
anticipated the method of ending the
trouble would have upon the Knighta
of Labor, laid: "We -were fighting for
no ignition and we got it from Coa
grefp, mh Vi represents all ri.iisns of
the United f-'tites. Is not that a com
plete enough reesgni'ion? Our order
wilt grow at erttii', even more rapidly
than it hasdurion the past few weeks,
when app'u nti jns for charten were bo
numerr.ua that we could scarcely find
time to consider tliero."
Id rdlilion to the ciiculnr -Kiied
lust nij'lit ly tlio General Kxeuiitiva
Its: rd f t tl'.e Knighte of I.a'ior, order
ing the, nienibisra of D.i trii t A:w m
blie" 17,t) end 101 to apply to t':e
railroad rompnnii s f :r the poMtioiis
vacated hy them when the Hirlktt seat
commenced, in Older win t:ei t lo His
Master Wo'kni.'n f f each Irwul a'perni
idy iiiliinnii g t hcti) tl a' the a'liko lian
ieia fl.'i l.iri il ill unci r,rcier'r: them
ti notify ail tln-ir iufi to make n.n'H
ca'ion lor wmk lo-day. Tina odor
anpiiea t'i t'i KnihiH emrilnyt 1 in
Kit St. J.nuic. Tliti'it men it'in k
under peculiar ciriu nMiinciH. i'tiev
wen, out both to at h", llie i;' ril; r- rf
tlia r-'otnlnreaieru B. H -m iiml liecitiiHt
tliey lii'd grievain'i h ot their own. V
-W4B ill i'tiat t'niliu it HihI. nil iici" unt of
tin Infer fa :t ilm M-he oi!il con
tinue iu K. h'. St I.oum, l.ir. Master.
Workui'iii Kill ivAii if ttui Kilt St
Linda (iin'rict i-Hiit fiit ti e Ui.iiithI
fxee'ltive lloa'd Iiml ordered ttiein
back t woik ami tVc? would gi. Tina
xrorning a", 7 oVliiiik, tin) limii a'
which t tit day Inrce of ftwitclitneti,
Ireiuht-liaiidl 'is, it', (.'o to work,
lurjiH nrinlietri applied Inr pordtioiH
at I'ih iiea!iiit h of the vifii ua
eoinpatiii's, and ll.o mines (( m.ii y
werj iininediHt'ily pliietd on tlio pay
Tin la. Surr:!' f-w, reo: gii:.'d in limn"
who I nl oiniimilted donna'a iona up
on the, coriipiniiV pr,i( i"ly, wi r- (In
nied r'-enipleyn cii1. Mirny Imd lot
been iiifontic I 1 f the rnl.tr in timn t
make iipplieUiona t i i - incriiiiijr. and
will rsk for their tild pomtitmn in
dividually end n it in a li.vly. Tint
lieal f good liimuT prtvnilfii in l'mt
Hi. LtmiH, and ilJiniigli iheciiiiipamei
tliuro hnvn hm-u doing all tint Innlncfia
rfi)uind of them eince tin mil. t'ft il"
rived, the y.iriii hih! fruiijlit depi ti
prearrtan iinnnully hiiay u"ie 'I tl.U
mnrLi'ig, and the nianilmtt urn a-dtiem
ol the hwt month hi s entirely dintip
rcared. It is exp.c id tiiat the mili
tia will be wit!nian tn-r.ight : to
morrow. Tne liic.il riinuniHee of the
Kniuhta of Labor, whieh on'ered the
I'inplovcs of the At'Haouri U.ir and
Foui.tlry Cimpnny 'o itr ki bccinite
the latter furuiBlinl tint Mmioiiri l',t
e:lic (Jiimpany with re n r mutriiil,
inf irmi'd the men that Un-yio'ild rif
por; fi.rdnty iu ell (tia'tmuatt ol tlie
worka to d.iy. 'i'lila morning thnne
who had benii on the ainko applied
for ih air old po-itlona and were takun
back ahiiMt without t-xeeptii n.
The ipn Fllon whicti ia occupying
thellioughta ol all ii.t iri'H'ul in t'.e
end of tlie sn-At S intliwehtirn alrika
in not, ai it wni whni tlio Ktiihta
wcreoiilerrd bai k t i work directly
niter t' u noted U.iulU l owtlir.y tutor
,viow, " vV ili Uenuu rwtuiu to woik''
hut uro there any vacancies for t!iu
. KtiighHii fill?" The railrcad toni
pnn b have u'niniiid for fome wteka
tbat they were doing nil tin bua ncaa
ifl'.Ttid, mii Hut tlio ri'huniptiun of
tralllo waj romiihtif. It ia known,
liowBVcr, that employea hiva been
working ovor tluin i n iheroa lc, and
tlia'. iu tlio inaclnne and rcpiir a hops
the tiuuiber of Bkilled mcciin lies lift)
been iiiHUtli:uciit to kei p tbe rjllinK
stcck ill perfect repair Let tlie
pies-lit lionis ol labor of tl'e preHent
employes be redueed lo their u?nnl
lencth ami enniiitti vacancies, would
remilt to Iilriiinh employment UT fully
one fturib of the Ktnlicra; let tlio
fangi ot ronliniii be amrmenteil to
their former a zc, lliia would efter po
ailionB to many mure ; let the uiacbino
ahnpi roHnme uompleiely and a lame
number of tlie rtumitrng nu n, mho
are now on' of wm k, would tlml em
ployment. Tlui", it la seen, that vu
.inri' a enoiigh lotild be made, or do
icaMy exist, io rivo eninlryineut 1 1 a
JiKwo proportion of t!ut e'rike'B. Tim
rtliiiials of tho railroad eompaniea,
lmwevrr, plate thnt II cy liecil
no mure than li I pt r cent, i (
thopo mplycd revioiiH ti tlie
etiike, aid racnot tut refme give em
plnMui'tit to !l apilci.nlH. The
Knib'B c.f Lnh:r have generally
o-ncil the rxmttiw ordar to r 'tiuu
to wiiil:, und inaov Hfiplhd i ltlioMif
man l'ac fl i in J I -on Aloui.t lio lieml
pnit r far ti e r ftirmcr po i ions 'Ilia
morning. Those who ) ii't cipatd in
ac a ot vioVnus lua'.i.ut the railroad
coaitiiuiis' prcpeity wore informel
that thir eervlcca im u t metled;
others wero told tlnl tlu ir pi s'tionst
were already cccit ;ie.i, !,;1h o bcis,
and the Uier pnn oni 'ii, wnn le
enip'ovfd. The caiif 1 1 f tUpAilint n's
liava binn initractid t employ mdy
ttlioient men, when re d-d. anil thna
no geuerul rt-'in;)!. ym t.; of ficetrik
era in a body will ot cur, at d the li 1
iiiB of the .vat am i 8 be grMhul
aud will occupy a :m tin e
TEE KK.llr ltd-1! ASIMTI N,
ft w.jr il ti jpli1. t'ie !)!. t-hoa" n;i
t .tion int ii"ti'y had i x, cn.lid i;i'ilf
on the ti-H' three days ot Hio moi t ',
hat 'l..vt i: imi"i.t3 tC thiy ffmw th..t it
is not jet t n 'he ware, 'ihiity cm
ji'.t ycs of tl e L.uu.iiie Sl.o Cumpsuy
etiiii k thi8 liioii fi.r ten l-tnns'p-.y
far civ'i.t hi ii' .' w.rk. About -Ki
men aitd kj h in t'.e t-niploy ft the St.
Liais (.' ioier.i;:; t'cicja iy th msntUd
eipht h.mi V woik ::cii r.o re hn.tion in
pjy. am', h .-in j it fus.-tl, a!tid oat (if
t!i s'lup". ti 'e liumlrtd ineu work-ir-L'
fir the Soul liciu VVlibe Load
, .-, h I'l tn 'i-.l a rednc'ii n td honra
aad the c ii iif.nntion of il.e old ra'eol
.i:i". Tina he ng rt-fn;ed tho men
B'tu t-. T.-ie eixtv coal heavers in the
emp.o -o! the Hi. Louis Uae light Coni
pnyAe struck, being iril.ied tm
hr.K X kr eiiiht houri Kuril.
1 that ab lit :kM.O man
idle in this ci'y, Ihnir
the.r euiploVeia for the
adoption et the lisht-hour yetem !
having beaa refuse t.
The MrCArmlrk Hrnprr orlia e
Cuicaoo, li t., May 4.-Tbe McCor
miik Reaper-Wo'ka openKl ai caaal
Ibis morning, fully r n s-l a'f t be work -men
returning to the factory, d."fpi e
the intimidation and bloolthed of
yesterday aftei noon. A Bpecial force
of police waa on duty totrolectthe
m;n on their way to work, b it their
service!, apparently, were net re
quired, a? tne anarchists and their l.d
lowers of the djy preceding wita col
to bo aeea. Several crowtls were re
ported to be gathering in the lumber
district, from whenri tlie mob of yes
terday proeltd, hut i hi police have
no alvicM of atiy troob e from any
qnatter thin mntDieg. A itinng detail
cf police ii on-duty a" the Uentral
stat ot, the mm ae yeterdajr, and
the en Jre force is helti in Teerve for
any sudden call for their bervicea.
A Mon DisrKBuci) i:v Tim roLicn.
A crowd cl Bohemiara, Poles atd
Germaua began ti assemble oa the
prairie on the tonih western portion of
tberitvtbii morniiiiz. where the in
cendiary hatwngues of yealerday mure
ntteted whicti provoked the riot
liter on, hut the police raided ard
eCuHmllv acattered them, wilhrut
making any atresia, howevtr. Two
hundred policemen Lave been g a
tioiad in tl eviiiEity of yeit'.rday's
dialurbaiic;-s. C'jpt. Hathaway, with
a crowd ot fifty p di'-o, put In bu nn-
xiiicte.il enr mraiiio Kt ''Cioose I al
and" at U o'c'o k this morning, wher
soii.e dtirnog occurretl yeftrdy with
the MiiwiuKpe ami St J'ntil i m ircal
properly. A c:ord of 2( 0 idleis wero
fiiiind ynardii t tho switches and a
email railway ergiut'-hoiiae. Tiie vo
lice dHpceiiiled rn the crowd, c.aiitur-
iug Hire, win went put nndor anvrt,
an I diapetfl d the remainder. Tho
SA-itihm. n on it I tho railroad:! are
wo king Ibis morning, but It ih bt .tail
that the Milv.-uiken and St. Pmil
switchman will gi out at SoVoelt iliia
Hi crco in for a working day o: eight
biinnt' and to cid the fieijtln h ndlers'
in their itrike. All I ho raiiwav a are
cuiii gfir about ail the freigl-1 which
ia being rlloM'd. The new ineu i f the
H. l'a il rcn'1 aie at work ai unial thin
nicrning. The rtiikera retnuiii in the
vi'iinity of the yaul, and bnvo been
ii'.ietiipiiug thin morning ti itthice
teainalers having loailacd mttrchamlino
fur the freight houBes to tiirn buck
with their loada, lining ilircntn a',
t uns A number of the. iMtnitern
were iinluced loiurn back with their
(OMrKtl.KI) TJ HUH' Willi K.
At 11 o'clock this morning w hen 000
B'lik'lig employ tH ol thi new gi'a nm
iwny ni irchcd 1 1 the center ol the eily
from tlie din clion of the S.iiith Si le,
at Ila'riaoii a rte'and Wiibadi avemio
they arlit up in two sanj.", one goii'g
to t'iO North S de. 'J he Bccond Ol e,
numborinir fully '.00 men, proceeded
1 1 the err tier of Adams stiei t end Wa
badi hvi uue, where a largo U r.'o were
ing.igedin 1 yitig tracks for tin Or, i-tn-ga
City Hunger rail way. Thagw
ireu compel ul t'iu tracklnyi r to
tl r w n down thuir tools, )iul on f ioir
cents and hats, and etop w rk. After
th s the crowd went lo the Kxpos:t on
biid iirg, when) another iiang was al
woik f jr the compauy, for the purpose
ol iuiliicing il (o quit woik.
Having hi on driven fr imthtt pruirie
this morning, the idlers antl Ptrikuia,
incited by leiadms, prccieiicd Bi.utli
ecrtt, pnwntiy f irming a co'nmn
three or four thoiiiand atrnng. They
ilirctd their march toward a hi'gu
gliiu faclcry near thu crosing of Hie
river at Thin v-llttli atreit, with the
Inlenlion ittii'o'Wg down t'nn wotki.
A la gi forco of police an i veil ami
arroaied nine (d tlie rimduadtri umI
oveiawud tho croAil, which moved oft
without making on ut'empt lo reacue
their felloKJt. Tin) size ol the i r nvd
was Biicti that the chief of police
directed a r -lnlorcuineiil of tin clli :i ri
on duty in tlut district. The liimwl
edjn that such n liuyu gntheriug wa4
being kept together aud appaiimtly
uried on Ky leaders lo acts of violence
canard mote thorough pieparittlonM to
be la'icn to guard a iIiihI trouble.
The commaudera ot several htnti
ipgimrnts have la'ge'y rrlnf ireed tho
guards at the armories without speoilie.
orderr, buloimply .aa a picrautiuiiary
measure. ,
A crowd of a'rikeis attempted an
astault ou tho Milwaukee and St. Paul
shops st tVos'ern avenue this h;re
noan, but werj driven fruu the pcene
by a f ircn of pnliee Uisjuitohed thero
by (Jhitf Kherto'.d. ;
Threo hundred men of the Tim' In
fa itry and ol)0 men of tlio Kirut riv
alry ure on duty at their reapootive
armories. The regiments were, asf em
bled in accordance with an iniitnntios
fioin tlia city int'joritii'ii that a large
body of Blrikeia were a wiim biing in
the so ithwaet in porli ui of t'je cl v.
'lhitioops ha7a received ni speutic
orilers horn the State authorities.
KKI'TShll TJ ri'BM TOR 6WITl llt.S.
2:10 ' .V.-Tho Fo t Waynu switch
tinilirs hnve refund lo turn the
BwitthtM for fin llur'i'iutoii cars which
1 ave been loiul'd w-i'h freight by noil
union men. Tho J'-ai inioo awitch
men aie sliH on duty, mt na t.ho ihir
lii'Rl'in imvt the l''ort Wuvoo trucks
for a cons-.ili iahle diatii-.t e it in block
ing the bes ness of the ro.uls aurioii .ly.
Hie ppeeia' ci.iiinitlenof the lumber
men, to whom wns referred the de
mand cf the ineu f ir eight hotiu'
wo'k at t"il houri,' pay, have prepared
Barifuliy written nnener which wi.l
be given it tho girl tiers' rrni'iiit ;"i n!
It o 'click t iU fif eiro in. The iinmvi r
stales tl at the lumber uwtie i t Diiiia
go casictit meet tho u ea'a wL-hep, and
ri views at leiisj'b the ci utli'.ioa i f lu
tholrailo lioie, showirg t int tho vol
llT.it of hiisi'ie t bs t t -aiSi !y dpi rraa ,
since J SSI , nnd thai wjgea hero and
t!iHgno;nl .piiaeof handling lum
ber ia much pi -aier ihan a. co:n;:i ting
A NOT!' Kit SKr.Iors HlilT.
3 PM "lhe toutuw sell E'ctioa
o! the t ty Will th s efte-in'ori the
nee, e of a e!" r ro . T.; r 1 i":.r,i a
crowd of t'tiart hij;a a id 111 "r f i ll 's
KMf'i:lili d cu t' e corat rul K g itt- mil
B'i. i!irg.i n'r.'i'ia f r I'.-.u pn-p i e of
bo'.lii g ii m lie .'. Il W's el.-o Fiiid
ih.-.Mhty i d.'il to renew lh nt
M 't op Mi l.'ormii lt! ii.n r V.'orVs.
'1 hi' j'ol'c.', w !
t n' 1 t'a r, kc,'i
Pl-H'f-' r 1 1 I -g 1.
at L':.'!d oVi-i. k
cani'i-t he le c
l ot cf net c K
o 1 a ! i'fiii iiolifi '.1 c f
: cif e w.ilch tii.:n tne
11 'l iliiit s c:tir.m 't c.-.l
, j'i.t in wt i'.'. 1111 ,11, r
II. d lit I'll "(Hit. A llllill-
-, 'n fir ;i n'a rlollu a,
mix.'d w i ll li.e ( r ivid, vl i.'h Una
heir iniiiih. th maiv 111':) ie-!'ii.
D.ili't'tivo Mike ti runner, i f ih l et;
I; a' S'ati in, n.tt mptitl tn n-rest one of
the diio.nh r'y n.e:i. T, e doteotivo
waa inimediit lv net upon hy the
howiilg n.oh. U-.-forj he cor. I J eaci9
he was etruek in the fori he id hy a
hrick, knocked aeiiBfleEB and ery
had'y inj'iie I. Then revolvers were
drawn and liidiBcriiiiinateahoctiru bc
jtkii. diimiK which Ollhter John Stroi g
of iliuman Strost Stition waa shot iu
tbe hand. A nnmler of the riotous
pereor a were also i n j ared. Tbe pol it e
chargtd the crowd and made sevin ar
rests, capturing the man who threw
tbe br ck at Granger. At i'-' o'clock
tho entire snnth western district ff
tne riiy waa wild with alarm. Details
cf police were awaiting orders at the
Tweif ih and Hinman street sta'iona.
The Arbei'.er Zitimig, a German
paper edited by Spies, the Socialist,
who was cm of the ip:akere alio in
cited yeeterday's riot at McCcradck's.
sin ounces this afternoon that a . r '
mtc'ing of ''the people" wi:l be hel.l
to night at Desplaines etre t, and
"wt oever condemns the borribie bru
tdily of yeoterday mnit be there."
The paper fuittiir tays: Wcrking-
nnTh. lio(il vtrtli..a VfntArtllttf
mmdered four cf lour bro'.beis and 1
wruided perhaps twenty-five more at
McCormick'o factory. Had your
brothers, who bad nithirg but stones
to defend theaiselves, Imen armed
with goad weapons and a ten dyna
mite bombs, none of tbe mnrderars
would have eecaped bis we'l dc.erved
Up to 2 o'clock p m. the situation in
Ih9railr)ad yaitUwas piajticdly nn-
chauged. The men arrested yestar
day afcerno n at McConnick's Reaper i crowds o! itlli men numbming into
Works for participating in the riot i ta. ijundrhda are n'Seu.bleti at v..rioiiH
were arraUw d in Jtn'iuu Irgsrsoll's pointi, but it ie beli.iei that tioublc
court this nn rni''g The police were ! v,i;i t a.' r'ed. Sevnial maanf :ulur
not ready to pr s cn'e, and tho caes j jng ea'a!li--'iu.eiit8 lave lejn vieiteil
wire continued t II May 1.' h. ,y rtuim I tfci t f . ii-ktra ami oidfieil
'lliep' lice Liife suine,ded in dia-! t i clo?" co vn a-el a number of pro
Deraing tho crowd whiuli oppoHnl lliem i oii-'.,iiii b-.ve d m n ied. Tl e ditlmeet
in llii lumber (l attice, i-ulien rrowori
b ill remain iu f it nt-ihl o-bood, b::t
the 1 Aran detail f po'n:now on the
ground is cohsideied mlli :ient toque 1
any new h ;riainn m that vic.nity.
at m: vork.
A llcllcr Iffllittf I'rpynilluK Aiuti i
llltt .lttIOJ t TN.
New Yobk, Mi y A Emp'over" n-e
much relieve! hi. having f a eedit'e
fiat feiv days cf May with to lit'lo
tronble, as waa eUt-d in those tlia
palches litt-1 uiht. N ) ginna! and
uni'ed demand wan niin!i aud lo
great sliike cceuried. Tle-c were,
indeed, Ft rikra in various h iH and
lactorii a, hat the niuu who left work
numbered only a few tbonyatid. It in
believed by nary thtt before the
we.etk is over lunel o' tne trouble will
bisel'.led by iirhi iiitiou md mutual
confeeBKutt. in some of tie fctnkm
the quenlion ( f wiwt a wai Dot tailed
utah, the (rgii:i . ilUins umiely w's'j
ing to o tiblisti the m.oit hour system.
A wnl -known workinarnati Fid yea-
firday that it was theiopinioiiof a jreet
ininy toilera thiit it woull boa mie
inl;e to a; k for ight licma' work a , ti n
i urs' pay. The liumbcrof men on' j
ol work "yoslerday wes notbicg, lie j
said, to wh.tt it vv: a expected t. he j
s itiiii timo aajo. Thero were j ist i
enough men on b! i ke.! 1 1 cauae a rip- j
pie on tl e am face. Ho thought l! at,
even il nil the d 'iiiniid.i I al been r- ,
Ins'i', Ilia w ikirii'iiieu Mould lulve j
loiit let'hi.ig, for S'.ie'i iruivomeoti hud j
the efl.-rt ( I ediiciiting ihd wi riling- -ii
tin ar.i Ihey would ho piicte-il'ul .
Homo time iu t in future. I
KMlUTA 01' I Alllllt AND '1 1 J li I AT ! l.ll
( lilllll ll.
A special lioin iVTi iul rf h! hup:
Francis A. i liu, member of the bar
hern aud leg.il aovi-er t.f lint Kuighia
rf l.ttl or, haa been instructed hy tilt)
Kxecuiive C'ommiHce of trial body t
wait upon Mo. tog'ior Fa' i re, bishop of
tho dioci ee, end ni'onii him Ih it any
siiieiiilmenU ha limy ncnniiler tuei
pray in their voiw'i utiou will be maile.
Tho biuhop bai lixed ua curly date f ir
tho conference, hut it, is known in
cieiit'al circlea fiat l.e has lif t thi
power (oiuakn any chaugi-H, ro that
Cardinal 'iiiaihiie'i'i Use- pro nun net d
on ilio nibj ct Th (irand Vi;ar
Marshal ol t:io llit'lioit'n pahict hernia
anthoti'y f r th .tati'iueiit il a' fio
ttu shfiiy in Juno next, t ) be held in
Iiouiit. the r.iiie will i.s,ne a bull ah-
iii'iitely c nilerj i ii'g and extottimuui
rating all Ihe hn'gbt-t of Libor. The I
Uitt'io viuiriA one 01 i'ie nei in-
fo-n'ed men in tin priviucn on wlo t j
is geing on ia K iiiio, at d na ho 19 nn i
intimate fiieiel id tho Ca dlnalV,-1
gieai weight ii giv-n 10 bis uttir
nucee. I ho ef) Ct of the Caldii':il'R I
mnndtui.-n.t, b'g.iVr with tnit nt er- j
annuo of Archhiat on Lvneh oi T - j
ronto, Is l ting 1 1 'eitdy felt here, end !
innnv leading mown among the j
French lodges have signitlid their in- j
leiition ( having tiie r.nhr. Tbe i
Kre.nch Caoadiiin pnepie and tiUlip;3
are orpos'.d to i h t older, but the L ish
prietita, while thMy do nut uphold i'
nrenly, n o iv J .ri t 1 y well d. sp ued
towaid it. m
The l'lirrleet Mini Piuiiti. tlitUern.
The striking furiiers behl a meet
ing to day a 'id relumed f.ia employeia'
dtinaud t ti a' ' III fie a'lop (hdu
gHtes holding that i he em plovers
limit nice'.' tho union direct. They
claim eight nho,is iiave given i an
increase of lour nvcr j e-t.odiiy.
The j:ani:-nakiBcU;m t but twenty
thine s njpn have accei'oj !o the ile
111 and In r right houir, bavicg :h r'y
ehops atill lioldinif out, of wlri h S e u
wavitCo. and lKtki'r liros. a e liie
principal llrma.
- ...
AT vaiii.(;tii..
Kn ,iiiirlntf 4'-inim In fl)t i;i.n
erAl l.itbur Mititidmi.
M'AMiiNHT.tN, May 4 fher.j h
been no iir.pottatit cli,iii;."t in the n;u
ntinii tine1.' yesler.'ay. Probably not
iiio'e than (HO i.ie'i aie a I u ully locked
out. M riy have be"ii die for I'ume
timn lt ii'.i- of the inciiliieieiit topp'y
of brick ; 1 tis t.s in tali y tin ca o in
the rouelruc ion i ! tho new Me l'c l
Mnsoiitn 1 ni 1 -i i r.v.', w here nothing hss
been d too l, r Mine weeks, 'i'hte?
liundivil in bvli'V il In bu a c ii-t rv.i
t i v . estimate i J ;h" i u uber I c.ine.n
tera iiciu.il y 1 k -it out. Viio other
lilH) includes nil of tho other trades.
The workmen iveimgiilr.p. of surcoita,
an I my tw a I t , n of the cird syc
tim hy fll tint tu-.i ding trddes jire
v us a.y ct tie -AOknie:! f'O.uic
ceptinn e'ltploy e.ieiit, evctiut.d'r t'ie
right-hour rn.e, wheio tbeio n-e
'aia'jt'' cnipui.ve l in any i:i:ii'i y.
Tho utmost Komi l-'el'rg p.cva.b.
AT n T.:tir.
Nln.ietl J.n.ty IrmM tV.trk I.ir I'eai-
I IV.n: Mu-H , M.-.y -1 -X
j ployeto: tin .v.i.-aijj.Mi C.r s:i
l no i t 1111 10 n oi U lhii lo .rn;
I few ot s u! to ito a.i hut l'lirt
j.--? d-d
1 i-
I lone.", 'i'h 1 it-ik, is lif e i-.h'e 1 in a'l
! Oion 1 't and i ctv.t'd to a loipk'tf
i i pi'.', h.'-'. i'U r v. h e i a committee waa
j nip .mil tl i'.i i.t '; ili 'ir enniloy.rj' f ti'
j loi li- n i s '.:iv :n- linn: liOlrs wots
lui'lal.'i p. i (.i,;. ad.Tii-n-. Ana'
e:'." nil '.;-"r ii in "veil liy Suneri' -t'liden
51' liii'u ii a nl tiio men ij tit t'y
li .tpt it-i'.l hi tiieir h nncs afit-r di'Cid-
i inirtiii a liis'n-ireii'.nn il.is hltrtiocn.
Ih y fay they w;il i ot ni a iy vio'ent
noaiii to na n their eudr. Ilia other
B'.riKcs a'.Kiiv mi e'-ifino to-day.
o lilirtvrnirnt In ih Nllunllou
Auiiiuk I lie sirlkrra.
Cincisxaii, O, May 4 The fili
ation here do 3D not inipiove. Tbe
lieight hatidlets
do not accpt the
terms i flared by the njaraier yee'fr
day, and, while una of the Ire ght
boueea vn open, the baainemi done is
merely forn al. Ail H e men in the
iron manufactoriea wt nt oat tc-day,
numbering aout 500. The cartmen
engrged in eireot rjfairs have ell
stiiicic, and pia txally put an end to
woik. As tie ci'y ia laying new
pr.tnite lavements ex'euaivtly, tt,is
will cause soiimj t-ouble. An (Ho t
was nitda lo compel ore contractoi'a
I mi n to stop wr it, imt me ponce ir.ier
' tn i-i frd pre-op - t "-. It is H'.li
iii... ci thai 10 Uki imfnufB are cow
i on a strike lime. A prtcss-ion of
; frfeight bard'e-s i mtving through
j ih j ttreeta, Leideti by a drum band,
j They are very quief.
A !H In Piloti f HV V I wr -1b
Mllllory ill Oat.
Mii.wavkbe, W'ih , May 4. A report
ernes frr m Hay Vu w that a mob hag
a if einbled at that place and ia a;ont to
asrailttbe work". Fighting has ot
cmed, but nofdab have been re
ceived. The l.Uht Ilorso tqu.;dron
are now assemb.iiig at their armoiy to
nroceed to the s-ni. Gov. liaaa is
alto on hind to direct ma'teif.
1 A )l - Gepti 1 1 lr m the coufiern
lim.tn of the citv show that eever.il
lotnwiriie? ot thu F urth baita.i hi a e
I i'ov iutviib'el il ti.e-r rei-ji -cl:v
i a'o o'le?, reedy to .novo itin o:;i -Kt'a
I ll'.tCtl. C.OV'.' Unit's 1-HH B'M) O tl-Mlli
I the tloiCTOi'rj (t-rirdn, Mad s u, and
: f.e Vi ttit jn (jiMniit, Watertowo, to
the c iv, rri'.l th.-y n o now on ibo w.iy
i bvip.iini ti-iiitt." tV'i-h ihi-fo to npi-
r i a. added to tl.; 1 mil niHitia I ir.-e
upon the li hi, il ia h'-lev.d tint tiie
crowds I nil n.en vil think neifr j
( I iheir ii-t ! lir.lon fo n.du'g-t in rii.t-'
ona iKicti-cing'", aid that quiet will
a o i li restored mid pieaer cd.
liepi rls Irom 1 uv View areot a ino'e
iciioivt n til''', a '1 Htnieur.cn the
gathering of idle workingrncn to the
nlilllber l-eveli i.reij.lit t.H U 'l'.Ml.
Uu h iai mi iti.i rnmpiiiiies ' tl'"
Shi r.:;:n Uuardii nnd L'i co:;i i':a ti
hitvo l i en lett o Hay View by ti.iin,
imd th" Liidil li ib' Siiitdnin, my.iy
ntioig wi.l d.tiut iu a ve.y f w
Upon r.q'i'.i.t of Mayor Vn'allbsr,
t'tiiv Km k 'i is i no d i n i r !r io tho
foilnwilu Coin p "ti t" ot Hie li :tngl
iiici t lo reuuit it Milvtii.il"e at me
eailiitt liiom-i.il : Jat(fV,!h', (two),
Jiiclo.e,(.wn), Mti tri'C.li-loit, ll-hivin,
Wlii cw.'tor, l-amngiou and .Midisoa.
A iiH'.-ao lias j nt. been lo.-i ivnl
by tio. Unak Im ui Pay View, saying
lliit liu sukiri ato in ..Tenting in
iiiiinb ii ui'd 1't.vi ..i .vanned inci the
rt Ling mill: , but t-n jet na con U 'tanas
oi;euir..d. ihe tin -ni.c J ! the
milith tl'.-re, it .-1 thought, I1 remit
in ditO'i -iiiig 1:0 crowds. 'I
I Krs v.iM:o tlu.troa ' ave I ee.-i oide'cd
out and ni o now ou ttt'ir wi y 1 1 Rav
j Vit. 'i he Bliiv.ti el ih" li Vi:r:i"l'
i (iiiardr, ?,:adif-m, a id Li.it uteiiovn
Li ii aids lb nii'tn. at.i. Uv expect. hi.
I Knar in I ma i Oiii,i 'iii"ti .no iniw sla
! ti wed at liny ViK,n..d aia r. s oriug
q-.i'rl t'.'e.e. Upiii,l:io apiuteiaiieeol
t ie s ihiieri. t! i'f w re. stoned by the
mob, and reveia! men we'e a ii:1 tly
iiiji r d. .'a;it. lSmhurill of tl.c K )b
ciugii (iciinla s etruek wi'.ii a
bruk, wherci'.p m he ordmed hit n e i
to lif t ciui rcnud into f air. Nnpt.
t'aik-a 1U1 idtd lo ck'se ;hc l.ny View
ltt.hiiig-a2ii:c, which i:Lo had a t i d
e ;cv t) ii'ii"! th" crowd. Cioi era'
ulnnH'ter Mil'crol lh vtil waukee) and
Si. Piil nl way iil.i-ined SmoiU
I'aith-u tia, mo ik.st.'iicMon l Inn
ni.; p.ir.y'a ireigbt boil e is th. e f. n -d,
and urfked that r teTion be ello-dcii.
I nr. Seciuid and Unurne M..,
WtiUld cull attonti'to "f his friends
itiid pnt'on to bin
Oumiirislni.- t'.o chflceit anil latest 1I11
.tijiiit ot rnreiirn tiu'id in thi tn .i rhet .
Unvote taken fee.-iitl farn in Ihfir nilen-
tiun, 1 n ni pti'imeit to liny tu my cuniomem b
iiml 1 11 ili't who faint mo m b a cull, to 1
jiiiuvv luom itirs 01 tffio.l.' only Iouiia ia a
l-iit.ling huuteii. I
1.Ti'wi--yiitr-tw'l'I.J' ttytoJCT'W f'WI .Mril
I'lirtiirrnlilp ImwoUi(1ii.
MtiMi'HH, April is, IH!.
"rilW fo piiilciKhip liiTo'olora ixiadnir
1 uiiilcr liie iiaiiio ol il. r.avl sn ii Lo. ii
llii.t iIjv d:"lvnl bv imilu.d c nifciit.
K I,. TOP!.
MI!K. M. u. BAYL1SH.
11. It. IlitKCllK.!. " " M. Ii. I'AVI.ISS.
Cottot; nuyora,
are I'ronl Klreei. lcliilittlt.
ifc & K)
r k w ti !
TJc. UX-a B-trtlxx Fit.,
Has just r-ci'ived n lurno s'ock of tho
i.itiid aryit'ii ol
CA' i.tlf.!ti:S AXI iVOUM KIlS
fur INnti, wirch vewlt innlic to order nt
iinn-h h a Ihnn tho usual pru'o. o fi-l
miiko iruoii all-tvo-il van's lur SI Cull
atid ev iiiiin our o 'd '. Aliu. t cranlcto
lino id I. i:lV 11 ti N I -lilA'U liOill.iS
lur tha ct.uiir.g pcuso't at our utniul low
,v. iiLx;j.t:,.o. ni main' st.
... :j
''.ti n '-.lE'cel. .1, etiiT!H
-i. rl; of tVui"!.7i nn I
'f era
. ' ., t ni-iti i'
' a- !. tl.-tiertl t
-..- ot"-'
r.i-.i''i ii-.,
Ic.i ,i"l: "T -.l I -
,:....i;.. IL.
: ,1
.. r .'I Nl it. Ill
i i.L.'O.l l.ilT.irv
,0 .
V Ses'iic, Table', Cnairj,
-. r Bccic C.-.38S, i'tmscj,
$ I.ettcrFrcfSfs.Cabiurn
ti Ir!'a' aVary Desks. 4a
e ir.ci i ,tti i i.ii.l x'.-t
rri.'t ii i,u iinwil. Oi fl..iti
ITtH i tis'.ucii Jv. O nonTiu
BtH live
m m
TOlttfo,! c it and cbni'n ccopl wevi'.l
lor the nut sixty day nie unity, tree
ol cha'a-c. in cn'h county in the , ft lim
iiod number .1 our M-i" KlPt-irw IJal
anir iiteiiory llell'. trice i a
poiti and untailin euro fi.r Ncrvoti l'e
liilitj. Varcicoli!, liminions, liniiolcncj',
ie. tVM.tii Howard paid it ererr lio It we
inanu actum does not penerate a fcnuii e
el.cirio current. Adilr at once KLKO
TIUO BKLT AGWCi'. F. 0. U, i . 1T.
l'l.-itlyn, .N. V.
And Etery fc pectcH oritohlcg;
uud Ituruins Ii.enN'M
Cuird by C'liiicura.
I ECZEMA, or Sit r.ht-am, with Hi anoint-
in itcliinf antl bun-iti. injiantl r
hcTed bja wiiriu bath with Cl'tu i ka bote,
and nintle api-ltrativa of Cctktsa, the
rrcut bkin Cum Tb retod nil, w.th
Iwonrtbrrs lio'rt (if CuTiegli A KK-nI.vit.T,
I Im New Wood l'ur'flor, to kfeii the blot d
r.ml. Ih ler'pTiition (ure ami t.r.irritai in,
tho liown's nfen, ilia hvrrand kidney net
iva, will f rue lily cura Eoiiiii", l'n'ter, Kin
wurin, Pm-i-vot, Li-hen. PrurituJ, S-nld
Head, I'nndruU. end evprr ieieJ of lleta
ing. Sc.ly and Piu.plv Hiiniora ot the 'all'
and hkin, wnrn lh best .hn-iitDi and nil
known remediec tail.
will nrifoaniu, 2 lairnon Firvct,
Chiejco, triitofolljr aekniw,ed.-i a cure i f
hciuma. or .Salt hbtuin, on bead, neck,
arms nnd lcir fur rcTeinaen jenn; nut able
to walkexocpt on hanits and knre. lor one
year, not able to help bimtclt fur rmht year.';
tiiod bundredi of remedifi docto t lro
nounced hii cafe hnpeles; iiermanent 7
rurcd br Curiou KtanLHHT (i.lnod euri
tier) internally, and Ci'TK ta andCcnccaA
r-oip iuie grout tain cur'i) exturn.lly.
4 lin. llunchton, Kaq . lawyer, 24
S'nte itrfel, tioston, roriorU a ce til En
Ktna under hi obnerentiuo fur ten yenn,
which o.iver the patient's body nnd 1 i ui t ,
und lo winch all anown nitthodi of trent
11, out had btvn applied wnhuut benelil,
which waa conn loiely cured so ely by tho
Ci.'ticura Paaiioit'S, leaving a cleun and
bealiby tic n.
nr. John 'IliH'1, W ilkchnrrc. Pa.,
wriresi "I bavo suffered from eu!t Klinuui
for nvtreicht year, at time o had lhatl
could not mieni m iny biiitmim fur week at
a tin. e. 'J hroe boxe cl Ccni l'H 1 nd t.air
bol let i.l jtt.sni.VKST have euliicly t 'urcd
u.o til Ibi drciidlu' duenna."
I- liy- n .k lrii 11m I liem I hnve
r 'it h in r but the biirhti" pruino for the TeMili
iilnaitii'l Pom ytmr t'CTtuH.t Kkii:M(s, t
wli 1 h 1 buvo to d more tbnn ol all "ihert of
tioKiid- M'lMO'K IIO.SP, Mil ,
iAON. liiiiid.Sf.., I'kiU'ldliihia, fa.
f-'olil bv nil ilruirri-ts. Price: Ci ticcha.50
c-nts; 11 Ktin. v i- n r, Sl.l'i; 1.111, 'Mi cfii'i..
Prewired by 1 he I'nri 1 K l'uco a so I in MlCAb
Co.. lii. iiui. vu.-. hend tor riimphiet.
pic-hioti mid . k:ii i,y
Tli'I'lt tMt.
llll I I ' !', l.t 111
lilt-. ( ! YtlC. Sudd.-n, Mnirp,
nn I Ncrv.ri' l'.'iot n- lun ly 11 1.
niiul i'i-iI by tint U TICCKA AM
I e 1 y Pi.v-vm:, 11 purlict imteluin
11 oiiti Udd itlll I'liinilliull. Kew,
inf.'ill'b'c. A t ilrn.riii"'.
Di.tdwea are lVcvfdnt nil over the
1 am 11 r.-tivo of Fticlnnd, imd w-t-Pn 1
wa in Ihnt cuuntiy I cohtractt-tl a lerri'-le
bl'iuii poiiuli, ami I t iwu jenrs v;m unUT
t rout tn 011 1 ii it 1111 out-door p-''. lent nt TVi'ttiin;
li'toi lhi'il 1, I'ni.land, Oul wan not cured.
1 mi'ftrod tho mo.t uron'tinrf enin 11 niy
tiones. mid wna covered w il b soicii nil over
iny b"ily and lindH 1 bad v -rtiK" mid deai-nn.-a,
with iKirii.il lorn 01 tvbt, nuvcro eauu
in my bend an t ey... etc., v bich no,irl.i van
1110 rrnry I lent all hope in thai country,
and nailed for iVuifric.n, ami wjs fent.'d tit
liooevlt in thi- city, 1 well liy by a pio.i
incnt ibyi'-imi in Now Vorli bavihg no con-no-'tioii
with ih honpitala.
I miw thoa Ivcrnsemont of Swift aSpeeiW,
an'i 1 dceruiin.-"! to uive it a trial 11? a ln-t
romirt. I had cii-en up ail h P9 of hmnn
ruicl, ns I I'Hd on lliroinrh the hnr.dol
the bust n odicO man in Noitinuhinii and
Kew lork. 1 t-ck .in bndli-a of S. S S.,
and! enn n:ty wlh i;rat j'iy that t'.ov h iv,i
cured me entiro'-y. L aui as Hound and noil
Now York City, Juna 12. ltS.
T the lifo, nnd he in wio who romooiher it.
Hut. in .Miin u ot I istjcnr (l"tli, 1 cotn.nictcd
liiiimi luvsiiii. 11 nil Iii"i;l- in iSni'Hti nb. tia..
lit tint time,! went into t.ho lion'tnl thro
rr uciitnicnt. J mifltsred virv ui'idi iroiii
rhouinttirm at the natna tiroo, I tint not
nut well limlcr thi iioutmcnt tlicro, nor was
I euroil by iiny t f the uiiuitl incur,;!. 1 have
now taken rntven b ut es of rnvitt'" Spocilit
ami am tound and wtil!. lt.drovuiho po.iion
oat tbruUiib boils on the skin.
i. I1LAU1.
.lerfoy City, y.,T.. Aiign't 7, 18.-D.
Two year ngo I contraded blood poison.
Aticr taking prescrip ioo Irom tho beet
phvsichitm here and at Uilhet, I concluded
to vl'it Hot SprirntK, and on ru-chinir Tcar
kna a duittur reouiincriiicii ino to tf y Swilt ft
cipe. ili", iifnurini? inei'i.'it if. wou'd ben'tlt
Uie mora tbnn Hot i- prints, Anbotn-U tlio
hud rrodu'ed prrent hole in n.y back nnd
e o", and bud removed nil 'he hair olT my
head, tet 1 licir.n to nupruvo in a weok'11
time, and tbe iturcs betun to heah and were
entirclv i.oiie ir.inln of (vpnt week".
WILL ,10,Ni;s, Porfcr I nion Pasa, Depot.
1: nen, Texas, -Inly W. tahT.
Treatise on Uloodnnd .Skin Disenfes mailed
free. Tuku'ot SeKciKin Co.,
liraworS. Atl-nta Ua.. N. Y- 17 U'. ti'l St.
Bur''I A I. Vi:'l.K, 7.1.tioo.-s
'1'lekela .inly 8.v sluueii 1i
! VvK aJm w&
Louisiana Stato Lottery Co.
'Vtc itahwhy cfrt'fy that tor mitertw the
nrrann jiunJtr t!l at Jtoont,ily qnd C'rtr
terl Li tt triii!'! o tn Louisiana Stuto Ittttteri
( lift; it in ami iu pernoH tK'xnnfic. riiJ control
(jo i'rf ivtii tin 'f.em:, ttni thit the 10 in?
cr ctnt int .?,( hofinty9 liitK" and in
if--nhi fttitl tnht -ti tit't jr 'tirtA. tv.ni ice aiitr.orxzt
t Vn ptrnv to W.l vrti '.tic, ff ilk far.-uitiiitr-;
vf vur mientiturt atltithait v del-
IV.', 11.,' ua -trn'suM t, Wnn'.- ou'l R.7al;sri,
ici,'. j.., i u'l 'rttn rfentro ta 2lic uttl-iauo
,V(uV LitUeric icAicA aitin b prctrntcd ul out
J.ll )IJI.KIlV,rre-a. I.m. 5nfl llrtiih.
.1. W. HI I.KK I'll, Pren.K tale N:ll Ilk
II1.IH1, -'. in. O. Jul. Lit,
Incuritorstcrt in hemtor twonty-Sve yoarr
by the iio,t."uvturo It.r Kiluc.tri"nal find
0 larit.ihlo leiTi-iwee with a ciin'-nl of PI ,
Hi,iki t.i ivhicn a r.-tevva fund ol over I o'J,
li'.'ii lias tiiO'ie been ft f-Ont.
liv an nverwimhiiinir poniihil vol" ill
tVertchi-ewa Dii- ivapi:'! cl tl.n prrrr.!ii't'i:e
''.netitu'ooi., tiiopteti Itecmubor S.!, A.U.
3 hn nnly fatt'TV cto-r oo'.-il on aiei indo rwl
it n.t eu.- ii? or ttui ,nii.
It tidier .wtiV (ir otrc.a...
IIk lie i.(l slnlf NnittlK-r IVrnwiiiiri
1 tStx l ri' iiiitiilltly, anil tlie I s.
IriinrilHiiii'V lnriiwiiiiiH rrirnlnrlT '
rry Itir-.. iiimiili iiitHii ol' enil
AiiiuiullT lien lol. re, lit-jtiiiiiluii
11m t It, ISM1.
. M,f.i:.fl'13 (ipnUtTCXiTVTn
t A Hil'.lt sr.. l lt'TIl ORAXTl
MV ?.'.t;.-li!. KKW OKi-t.'.ANLS TD-..-I.IAV,
Slny II, SG-mail Alonthiy llrawinu.
l;o,iii;e r .etii'.'" Mr. iciiiinrs l.n. i..
A'ra eiii!'', In iliUiiN, ita
tr(i;Mrii H.
1.1.-.X o-' vhi;.i:;
I iv
1 t .
.ii i vir
.'m l V
J 7"
rt-cs. .
1.' J Vrl'
'. V.ATI
ctl I-'
on j...:
,i u in'.
') Al l .-.'XI!:.
i A; i v,. mi
o Aiii-r.nr.
j.1-7 r
ft. I.
';ro., n:ouiitit: If
c'nti ,'-ti'-iti'l Oa
ibo Coui-any in
io Ins i ; .
.cw j
fanbor inftTr.',i"n ter'.r clc.-r!y,
'a!i adii:."?. ' . Min. V l
o'icii lirdor, or I'.'cir VorV I'.v.'hsiiv.a
Te.'.t ;
in ii.'.i.M' i- uilcr. tu-roc.'j I-. r A- 1 ro" ti
our eimrii.), ddrcr .1
i.. a. A(''rnia,
Mw Jtrii'tiuu, k.
Or M. A. HArriilM,
WmttlinKfou I.
or at 8 Wfil t ourt St., .WeiupiiU, Tom
Jlafce 1'. o. Money Orders pajahle
and address Hetrislered Letters to
ae elrietiun, laa.
t v-rx
(iritrm J.
S ' -t
n FT, C5.3
2 tV? H
'Gottos Ffctors, Wholesale Giro
rdrr ra rssa
iCrab Orchard Waieri
llVI JLU Wi WIIVI W II mivi CtHi,tlMoil. 1H4, I to 2 ti'aitpuoiilDlrt. J
Oiolne Cnib Orchard U In I"J parkaCT. at len'i'l-'t t. f '',ib,It1J-?
U caH OKCHARD TiCO..erop'i. f "'- :.'''""' r-1
LOrii II AN At' KK,
T110MA3 BdVlK,
T. II. MIliliURN.
Km. Pnl.KMlN.
lepo?it9 received ID iua 01 ana opwara, u,JiUJ Un ...um rmi-
aa-W(lUbuv"nn.l noil local Investment Bond and SworltiM wnarally. toy !. acta,
trutteos, aod, in nneral, xatfuea any fiminoial business re'iuirms lo aau resmi,i;li,i
twais9u ilrnfli, in mm to miitpurchai;crs, on all pprts of Europe.
r-Wehaveacoini'u)il'OU Vault for tua depoait 01 valunblos, which i at the enrvica ol
ail rimtnm.ri'. k'rvi1 of 4:rmri;e.
l. P. HAD!), I'resitlt t.
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LJ3 isr;'' .!SwiS5'iAl-
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I L BAUBY &' 60
US f-3conl street, Jilcmp.ii'J.
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Oils3 dITo,! Stores
Ollifd, .14t Front
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L. P. KUl.Ll.N'S, of late J
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Cotton Factors &Co!HR.is
No. 1 Howard's How. for.
Cotton Factors,
No. 300 Front street, : 3Iemjj!il-, Teun.
A Rcuinlr fur all nidetm . of tb Llerr. HJri- ,
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11. W. TOMLIS.
T omlia & BsnfeSp
179 JI11S11 St., Kriupliia.
OSiT M'ecial liidecement i'i'ie;i I'.uiie
of our own makv. at ft-r'l X-e Cu ciei o!
our owu make, nt f all war
railed. Cull btfore ! buy.
cwtlavinir disposed of our e'lliro ftoi-k ot
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oil A s
Vrv.nt nnd f'ri
Wholesale Grocers,
.lVl'itl'. i'L,:'Js ? ..tl .

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