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whether wild or dome-tit' .
health y ud Tiforotir , free fr 1jLBeae
wbeaUrin'inpaiiaorin -Aflrtl
Bat when fa.ddled to- r. wT.
nnmbera Nature's U
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J. M.
WEUXi:Sl)AV, J I I MAV 5, 1S0
III'. Hill' KAY.
Th: i IVrl.y lay-tlio best in
the Memphis racing calendar. It bus
in previous yearn called out immense,
crowds to the rare", mid thin yt'lir
will prove no exception. Ii.decd,
muli a irmilt in already assured since
many el our loading mercantile
houses have agreed to dose their
places of ImsincsB Add ir,ivc
M.eir eiupl yes a hulf holiday that
they may attend tlio races and enjoy
tho superb programme of the Jockey
Club. Let tia bono that not many,
but all cur merchants and manufactu
rers will close their ftores and work
at np and that all classes of the peo
ple who dcNire to may have on oppnr
(unity of enjoy ing the races (o-doy.
MR llltD Tiur tMi 114. 1 Klil l i:
Tin linmo rule bill of Mr. Glad
htono will (0:ne up in tho lloine
of Commons to morrow on its third
renitinK- Tho chances are that not
withstanding the opposition of Ilnrt
ington, (Sosthen and Chitmher'uin
and that of the Tories, it will pass and
go X the Hoiifo of Irils with tho
indorsement of a fair majority. There
It Will of ronroo Ijo defeatod
on the second, if not tho lirst
reading. This will neces itato its
introtliietlon next HeHnioii, by which
time,, jnilpng by the rapid changes
that have already Uikvn place in Kng
bind, public opinion will compel it
)iasHitge. Tht ro can he no steps back
ward. The plain avowal by Mr. Cilad
Htono that a majority of the Imh ieo
do deuiaml home rule, and that for
that reason it should be granted, is of
Itfielf nn argument that cannot be
HuecoKHiiiiiy rciuUMi. nui wln-n
bo supplements tlim with (he
long licit of urievanecH tlmt
make Inline role a uccccnity
o( IriNh progress and lor pearo
for the emiiire he makes a plea that
cannot heaiiHWcred have by thcconccH
hIoii that O'Connell hiborud for and
I'arnell has insisted tion for years,
As the Ai'i'f Ai, has already declared,
borne rule for Ireland is assured, if
not this year, thou certainly next.
thtre It a
a t That of IniomniabMiS-
4rming proponioss. iv
mm, moc Insanity, inicide, dli-
and death than anro'-ber ore
. It ia stated that onc-tbiid of
Jb population ot Boston is more
or leea (Ulic'.ed with ios)mnia.
So general ia this disea that
it baa beea made fie eubject
of lectnrea by aclentiets. These lect
ures have been published and they all
attribute the growth of this ailment
to the want of rest, that rm! necessary
to repair inucul.ir x'jsnst on and
tin Derva tistu93. Mr. Walter Ciase,
in 1 is lec'.uiB lo'o-o ths I'Jiker Me
morial Kcience, touk tho p-witioa thFt
tbero i aa be to hf alb to e.lher bedy
or mind un ess every p irt ol tin bedy
ale' p ; that the inleivuls botween the
nn'tiatiina cf the hart fin u it in trie
rpgrtgi'e to a reit of tiht hour,
duiirg fio t city four lours, and
without this ref t the heart won'd sun
wiorout. 1I accoaijti f;r tlie prev
ail i;to c f inn.irauin in Huton t such
a-i ilumii.g fxlent on the ground
Latai aulimd of liigU nervous forco
txf n Is uio'O nervous fjroe than
onn tf slower nervous orginizition
andnijuires more rctt to repair the
wa9te, aid rs the people of Bastoncx
pend much high mental and nervous
foite during the day they reqairo
a whole nlght'i rest to repair the
ftaale, whlcb if tiny 111 to gal wreck
both mind aid body. Mr. Crins in hia
interesting lettire toutbtd upon sleep
and dreams, elating th.t one-third
of life ia passed in sleeping, and thtn
was much dnaming, he took ih
poiition that in dVoams we never seem
tj be acybodybut ouraBlves; that a
mnu was never ktown to dream of
being a WdniitJ 6f- Anotliur man.
Nearly half tho word is suuering mr
the want ol Bleep, imi
sweet restoier, ani without it either
bad health or insanity Will fo'io.
I; Is now ttoogM by many
that even vcg tible matter ro
q ires eleop. After careful obs rva
tlon'botiniets have discovered that
many p'aits sleep from sundown to
nnrlee. It is said that the leaves ol
the fern In daytime tr upright, but
as eton aa the un disappears they
droop, bo fswt to Bleep, and when the
tu a Tinea on eut as fresh aa singing
birds. In the daytime tbeleavtsol
. wood sorrel are spread r,', but
wbon the sun goes down each leaf re
tires for the night and sleeps on the
foot stalk. Ho it seems vegetable mt
ter requires retl, and it Is ahcolntuly
Indiiponsable to the existence ol am
nial lifo. Inromnla wes unkn wn
bull a century agi, because tbeie was
nnihlna to disturb the repoae, the
t'uniulillty and the equnilmityof
ppoplx who bed regular hours tor
sl'-'ep, and any disturbance of which
produ ed a week's j irring bke the
breaking of a c(g in the wheel. In
1Mb tuft ago tho nervous and muReular
fo'ces are rapidly i xpended a'id ex
hausted, and as tlm waite iitotrtj
paired by sleep tfcp reeult is invmniB,
ineanity aad tlrf-
DlMM8lBg Ue Xoraea O.oestloa
Tke Free Delivery hystem-Trant-portatloa
ef Lire Stock.
Wamhisgtok, Mar 4-("li..:
Morrison was Instructed by the Uonsa
Committee on Ways and Means to
day to report favorably to aicnd tho
laws i" relation to the immediate
transportation of dutiable goods It
proposes to allow merchandise liable
to specific, rates of duty ouiy to be en
tred for imm-diate transportation
without appraisement to any ports
wh'ch ' tho laws apply, although the
same may not nppar'by the invoice,
bill of lading, or manifest of the im
porting vessel to be consigned to or
destined to other said porta where the
consignee ot lirst arrival shall make
application therefor to the collector of
customs. Tho committee alsoordeicil
a favorable report on the bill intro
duced by Kepresciitative Anderson of
Ohio, to amend the laws relatimr to
eiitry of distilled spirits in distillery
and Kiieeial bonded warehouses, the
withdrawal of the sumo therefrom a' d
the payment of tux thereon. Theesen- ;
tial feat iro of the bill, as explained by
ill author, is that it will 'ullow din
tilled spirits to remain in the ware,
house, without tha payment of ntaxj
as long as the ovhh-;' desires, instead;
of the payment liein made compul
sory at the expiration of three years
as now provided by law. A lavoniine
report was tlso ordered on the bill in
troduced by ltepresentativo Morrison
to repeal nil pr .visions of the law
which give commission to collectors
of into mil revenue on the tuxes col
lected by them on distilled spirit.".
Trankportnlioa of Lire HtneW!
Wahhinotox, May 4. Tin Houss
Comroittco on Commerce to-day
aareed to report favorably the resolu
tion introduced by Ifepn'sentntive
Dorsey instructing the committee to
investigate charge that tho present
system of iransportating live stock by
railronl companies is uarnirous nun
lestriiciivo. iiint tins system cwusen
at annual iws ol iit,(tnu,( txi ny
shrinkage in 'he weight of tb animals
transported; that alonusof $i.r) per
car load is given by a system of favor-
it sin to w hat is known us tho "Assoc -ntion
of J'.vrner J'' ?""lto inquirj into
allegations that the laws of Congress
reciilating transpoita ion of Cattle uro
biibitua ly violated. T-c .Semi'.e Com
mittce on l''inancu to-duy fiidorcd a
favorable report, without amendment,
on (lie bi'l to tax the fractional rart.s
of gallon whisky. The committee
also eomidercd the bill for tho retire
ment of tho trade dollar, but reached
no conclusion.
rat of confirmed lnbrietr, and in
voted bis assistance, which was cheer
fully rendered. An Appeal reporter
MW Mr. Jackson yesterday, who de
clare himself completely cured after
two weeks' treatment. He said:
From the day I went under treat
ment the craving for Uquor left me,
and now, for the first time in four
years, I can handle a whisky bottle
without experiencing an uncontrol
lable desire .o guln down, its contents
Three week ago I would have Uicfl
tho shirt off my ht.-V for a drink;1
in. w I wouldn't tuu. n it ior any con-
hideration. I have often gone with
out eating to satisfy my thirst for
li.pior, and have not hesitated
to beg on the streets for
the price of a drink. I
fed like a new man, and
hav gained ten iiounds in tlesh since
quit drinking.
The Women's Christian Temperance
Union, wlic hold prayer meetings ut
the j:iil evtt'7 funday, became inter
ested in Mr. Jackson's ca.so some time
iijro, and it ia largely to their e(Ibrtn
that bis roJeiiiption'is due, for it was
upon tlttlr urgent request that the
authorities permitted tho experiment
above recorded to he made. The la-die.-!
are justly proud of their succe-'a,
and are tukiiig steis loo1- ing to the
permanent employmeir of !r. Jac
seti in some iHofnl o 'cupation.
Pofh Whist Off the Tble aid Xo
sopol tea Attentloa Krerjwkere
-Huw It Is I'lajed.
na.4MotiHt:n in iiiitiuii,
Trw bloody riot that disgraced Chi
cago yestenky must not be set down
to the account of the laboring classiw.
It in the work of so-called Communists,
who cannot understand any right
but their own, and am cp
porel to any and all restraint
of gvrnmpnl. IlitUerto they
bave beu pi'nnitted to speak as often
tu U7 desired, and to say anything
they wimted to. The authoritle of
?hkage bave very aensibly ntrded
(Ke epofchoe of the enuy cmuka an so
Biacb gas which, jermitted to
eacape in Uiat way, , did no
ne any barm and kuved . the
rity 1mm Just such Becuen aa thrte of
yeeter-lay. Your bowliug Coinmu-
alMit never dangtrous; the morose
mm) aiViat one ia a plotter, and is us
inuoh to be shunned as slumbering
lrnuili. Up to almost the close of
the Hswting thia was the pol
ley -ttnued by the polifo, who
thus acted wimty and discreetly,
But in an indiscreet moment Capt.
BonCcld changed thia policy, and or
dered Oie dispersal of the mouthing
idioto, who, it seems, were furbished
with bnnibs and at once mado an at
tack in the Klicc, their (Ire being
r .-turned with falnl effect. Had the
police acted as a corps of observation
ready to move in caseof nno tort art by
the Communist the chances are that
tho riot would have been avoided and
the meeting bave dispersed quietly.
It ia an unfortunate all'uir from any
po'nt of view. It is another memory
t be treasured by the wretchedly
mistaken creatures who Hock as Conv
munists and cannot understand liberty
regalated by law. It will furnish
them with additional arguments as to
the disposition of the poliro b
abridgo the right of free speech
mid with the unthinking rabble of
Chicago will make for them and
against the municipal authorities. It
requires a cool bead and firm hand to
deal with this das, a hen 1 cool
nOirh to count the conscqucnc-s of
aa encounter and a hand linn enough
to act eiliciently and Minimality if an
encninUT is forced. In such a ca-e
as (hit of )vt-rday pat i' nee is a
virtue. m-mmmmmmmmmm
Kev diseases make tbeirrppeuia .ch
ia the saaie proportion tlmt the world
inureasei in population. This is a
cribel to nturtl lawr, a wire provi
Wan oi the prt of n tare to rid itself
Lw by fire, IIXM). overcd b. la.
anranr t'oniMltr Iami.
Soan sf er 7 a.m. vett wday, thescci-
dentd exploelonof a kerosene !anp
csusol a roPtUgraHon In the LnlgT
building, Ho. 17 Union street. Ti.o
Blaini was given uy Mr. L tias. j.ocae,
the book-keeper, to tho Babcork en-glne-boohs,
and it speedily broiuht
them, with other engi nes, 1 1 the ecene.
For ahotrt one hour the engines kept
a steady atream upon the burning pa
per and other printing roaienai, which
waa finally extingniBtied, but not nn
tilaOottrell cylinder pica had been
ruined. The loss ia estimated at about
HOOa, fialljr Mvered by insurance in
-arioM corapinies. intk. papar ap
peared, however, as uanaJ. I'ur-
jng toe' progreae w.w. u.
Mr. Uoorge M. l.auaui oi me niuuuif
TiiM. in waJking oat ol me doorway
fell through a hole in the pavement,
made by the removal of an iron grat
ing, and, lauding in the cellar below,
a distance o Ufen or twenty feet,
broke one rib and iliwotaleu two
other. ln. l.wriis and I.ippincott
attended his lojurloa, which though
punliM, are not aenmia. i p i laie
boar last night Mr. 1-andli was resting
quleily, aad it is believed tlutt hie
complete recovery is oaly a qneetion
of time.
The Lrifyr appeared on time yett?r
day aJternnon, but only half the eie.
It made up in brilliance what it lacked
In dimension. Mr. Whitmore baa the
sympathy of the ArrxAU
Tkrjr Ikwllne to Wsrk Ium 'Ittitn
Hih Hnr lr Trm llanra Pay.
Til IklacM Bill..
WisnixtiTOM, May 4. The House
Committeo on Foreign Aflairs to-day
decided to call up in turn llio ('hinerte
indemnity bill and the Morrow Chi
nese restriction bill when the com
mKtoe is next ca led by the Speaier.
111. Moriiiuu 4(urllin,
WAswiNtiTo.v, May 4. The bearing
on the Mormon ipiest'iou was reniimeii
by the subcommittee of the Mouse
Committee on the Judiciary to-day.
Miss Knte Field and a number of la
dles were, present. Mr. West, n mem
ber of the I'liili Legislature, iimlJlele
gate I'am made addresses; opposing
the l'.ilmuuds lull.
FsJrn.lnti of ! I'ro.t Iti liti-rj .
Washington, vay I. The lloine
Committee on I'o-t lliccH ami I'ost
roads In i iiv instiucted Uciire i-nta-
tivo Hockery to reooit favorably u bill
to extend the free delivery system to
all towns enutaiuiio! Hi.tK'U inhabi
tants, w hose gross postal revenues for
tho preceding year were !tlt),(H(l or
more. The bill also provides tor three
grades of letter earn rs, who are to
receive a compensation of til Oil, 5-sU O
and $J0l) per mnuiii re spectively.
AM for the Nalmi-UHnr. f tlnnr
nalt r.
WihiiiN,r.)N, May 4. In order tu
assist, the local authorities in the
niittntenuntc of quarantine iiguinsl
the Introduction of infectious dLs
oases, the President ' hit" deterinined
toes ablisJi by mentis of the vessels of
tho revenue iWine, uatioiud jwtrol
of tho coast of the I'niUsi etatus so
far aa it may ! practicable under ex
isting laws and consistent with tho
nprfornuinco of the other duties con
fided tu that Bcrvl.-o.
Asotkvr BrMae 4 Mi.
WAStiiajTjK, May 4. Representa
tive (ilover, Mr. Oorth-il, u Hvit
engineer, and seve-ul other gentlt
nien, appi-ored liofore ,1ho House
Comiii IUh on Commerce to-dny in
behalf of te bill introducer by Mr.
Glover to authorize the erection of a
bridgo over the Miasisaippi ltlver at
8t. Louie, ltepriscntutivos 1 lender
aon of lowit, and Price f Winconsin,
and several representatives of the
lumber interests, opposed the bill on
the ground that tho bridge) would bo
no low as to interfere with the luin
Imt business
I A(.'!tA;iv, T. 5X.
t iiinll.lfilr for Itm-l.-r - PropOHrtl
nU.lr.T h.y Hi- 16 ..l. ;. it.
Mm nlou
Laoiiam.k, Tb.n.v.. Mav 4 O irenn
dniu e for Kugiatfer, Mr. (!. M-Srephin-s
Hi, I a i K')ii ti Aikaisas .Siring'.
ll i:iiiC liiei ofhc'nl career s d'iputy
.hir tra-id uniiittm'ii bo l.i.su.al.i
frmi di everywhere, mil we feel ab.-io-litely
certaifj that l.e wM carry the
Liirrauno b' .v olid. We kcow him
to noEeess Ibe hiahi bt sense of honor
aud integrity aa wall as the ciiacity
to dircba-ge the duties pertaining to
liic cili" to the MiHre i a it fiction cf
Mi-s LidJllick? b7 been visiting
he'e from ."tantou.
Dr. Joues was called to Grand
Jnnction to visit Mr. Frnk Pjedgf,
who has been very ill, but is erm
betti r tx'ay.
Mr. CniiEOi is vf-ry ill.
'Ihc Hon. C. B. H men'on wi:l de
liver tU t&Liul a-'d c-s of the V. M.
Coliegs hr in Ju :o.
Misi tkipbio H:J.man und Mr.
Giiflii were man lad t Lonoke, Atk.,
1 tst Thun d if. Tf e Urido wa-i foruiti
ly of our tow n. The couple h ive cur
b't-.t woahes i.r thc:r fmur? happiness
B.n l B o.r.cj't'.
What me tec tigus svUto t0 yoiitg
ni;a are frequently iem promenading,
n.-.di with an arm claaped aro'ind his
companion? If this wi 1 help solve
the probUm ore of the young m.
has U pretty sister.
OiowdH of people from Ligrange will
attend the races Ibis week.
The streets and wa'ks are loakirg
nice under the management of our
city fathers.
1 We are having dolifih'ful weather
now, aa the cold snap has ps'sd r 11
The tave ol IlearU.wbich his ren
dered whist out of p!ac and hrs
compelled tbe uia ardicg cf poker, ie
UBt making its way into popu'ar i&voi
in this city, where it was introduced
ly (Jul. M. J. U Brin, tuperlntendent
ol ibe bo:tuern Express company.
Whkt it is an a pms aid tow it is
played may 1 e learned from the fol
low r,g very s,')ir t-d e.nd spicy article
from the pen if "II. G. O." in the
N'aw Orleius Sinks, who tclld ho in
Hint c;ty
In a c rtain c'ub in Hit- ci'y, white
name it pit-ares me in t to hy, bin
who-o liciio is not 1UK) miltu firm
Urtiiphiue ur.il Caul h-ie-tc, ror:b
i; .', a ! ev (la-l o 1" !Hiie ( f H4'tS
mh ii.tri'ir.ci-d a fw- lights a oh.'
i-er'aiu i -'ip?t i-c 'j ly g ol f l-illA-,"
!io, f ii t ,i ci huh i.!cri!, wi.l
r-3iu;r. i, to lo.n i. -.' t.o wra ;i th;.'
i. i- i out , l o lai g 1 Di tiien lYi" sum
i' t,i. i.f ill bis iliicrwiflj ulii.ir.-.hlr
r- t
CecauV ierika aa iamale af ftls Ltrra. fjeA aa4
VajleA Spring aai Satamar tUck atiitM
f rSfoiipiGcTptm VroTtteH Caaisacrea lai'SijUlfV
epnrigiti)e.Lataal vcugaa aa risen imi.
w'Sunjl aaA Pricet ea appUcatioa te tkota
vke kara left mures.
!. expiH S ase'.t of the fc;
Kiwbt llln Kitcci.,
N ASHviLi.it, Tknn., May 4. This wsb
the last day ot the Bpring meeting.
The weather was chu.- and phntant
mid attendance large. The beninc
vtn' brinlr.nd f" revs wllcou't'it e.d.
FirI y.'tci. Ton Clifl" Lwa Binkes
for two-ynur-o us, hvo-eigtiths ol n
mile. larteTs: Peadburp, Poteen,
U,mu.'i, U nby. Oaii'inan took t'i
If:..! Hiid hel l il uuiil the biai of ilm
h r)tch, whrn i'o.een went Xi the
(rout, mid won in a muter by f nir
l-'ncihs. O'ninni second, liivbv third.
TiuiHl :IKV,. The bet ing: B'-dnnin,
5 'o 1 an,ont; Petuun. 7 to 10, O r?
msn, to 1; IJisbv.-S to 1.
.SWviiii Hurt. - I't.e K:x;k I'iiy Ktakf s,
f r n I ages. Ouo mile and a nunrTMr.
stiuiem: Aretino, Fsbino ami Hate
I ii. Fubina foo off ii frm', ami
held tho lead ny three bnutiiB for
ttiree-quartt-rs ri a mile, when Aretino
ctiuonpotnl w'u by half a JertrMi;
Frtbiiis eHioud, Harefoot third. Time
Bettina: Thirty to 5 against
Aretino, 15 to 1 ajaics; Fabiue, even
money on Harefoot.
Third Vk'.ice. Purse; one "ii'e. Sort
er : BteUnte, Hager, Joseph R., Glen
Bin, Siurie Forben and Laflitr-. Lufitie
took tho lead and was never beaded,
and moa after a dr.ving llnUib: 8nie
Forbes second, Baft aute third. Time
1:41)1. Raoe be'ting: Baatate 5tol
agai&ef, Fger 4 to 1, Joseph R. 6 to 1,
Glen Ban IK to 1, Muaie Forbes 5 to 1,
ibirrA AVc fcUlling ; seven fur
longs. Htarters: Poet, John Davie,
Archbishop, Ale Ament, Kershaw,
KUeen, lUooand Aitiban. Rcowent
off in front. At the head ef the stretch
il were kuDched. John Davie won
hf a length; Ariiban eeoOAd, Rico
I lrd.. TLme-l:S2
Hw Jkllcr irfiwltiM RaciaJiM
raflraB4 larkrlat.
Forty li vo mnu employed by the Cote
Manufacturing Oomptny went oat on
a strike at 10 o'c ock ynlerday morc
ing. Thirty days since the v(iou.
bowes ol ihe city were notiiifd that
the rarpanters won'd demand ten
hours' pur (iM for nine hoars' work,
aud would inst-it upon the adoption of
those hour. Mondar night a number
of the contractors wtr tepreeented at
a uuct'Dg he'd by the Buildeis' V.x
chanire, aud Mr. Aldler, rerrewnting
the Cols Manufatturinr Cnnpp.ny,
sdd he wail williug to tay
len bourn' wagua fcr nine
Inn-' work, provided tho carpenteia
would agree t- work annt'it r hour for
au ii.ldiii Jiiai I'.) c. uta. lis object was
nrttiin ilii:-to nou-union men,
w ho lint d p tho u.n,:hineiy, nt woik
t -n hours. Tin r.irpcn'c!S d c i ic.l
ti work m'.r 1 ...n liii u .u:iui at miy
p:ieo and ) ir i.;i nor t-o- cl. Tho
ihi'Uics, an o !ur.i w 1 l'-ii:g in o'her
; arta ( I the mill, who h :t prefy mm h
Hie fimn -, went out with 'b'tn.
At Tt o'ik'c'i. t!in men wen ja'iu rcd
ioKKicr du : n a1 ti e mi l mid ln
rrti, am d. bill ii.seted iipin tl.eii tWs!
plop isiii 'l', i ll others who emi.'oy
cirn-iiters liuviii nr.'td to it. N'l
ea'isa tny aureemcut wai teaclud,
and t'ie strike wai reeumed.
C'ciilral .nrnory,
H'.l Market street. Telephone 717. Re
duction of jrc; for la'aaie tf the
Mr. Waller Lawless, the lioiuilar
jailer of this countv, is one of the
biggenl ltcarted men In tho Hate and
d.icaa world f charity in a quiet
way that hoIkxIv ever bears anything
of.'for Mr. LawieHs is a modest niiin,
and does not parade his good deeds
with nn electric light and a brass
band as home other philanthropists
are in the habit of doing. A recent
kindness of his to an unfortunato fellow-creature
that caino to tho knowl
idgoof nn Appeal reporter yes crday
deserves public mention. Since last
September there bos been a man in
this city named John Jackson, better
known as "Tom" Jackson, who has
been oscillatinsr between tho County
Jail and the Police rtation on the
charge of habitual inebriety ever
since bo landed in tho city. He is a
s'lip carpenter by trade, abou' forty
liv years ot age, a traveled nurti,
speaks i evcinl languages, is well in
formed mid above the average in in
teliigi'tiee. His pitiable condition and
apparently de--jeinto (ate attracted the
sympathy .of Mr. Lawless, who deter
mined, it lossible, to cure him of his
intemperate proclivities With this
end in view, he obtained permission
to keep him in custody until bis cure
wai assured, I lie toitowim; is a copy
of a h iter imtlioriziiig him to do so:
Vkn.mus, Tksi., Aerit 1H, IS C.
Mr. John Jackson will be turned
over to Mr. UiwUss, custodian ut the
jail, for the purpose of trea nient, on
condition that t-aid treatment and ex
pense incident thereto shall not be
chargeable to Ihc Taxing District.
J A M r s I KK.
Acting l'rtuKlrot of l.iiui; li-tnct.
Mr. lawless bad heard reports that
Mr. J. 13. liotthelf of lioale street was
pos.seJ of an infallible renxxly for
Hlklaa Imci.
BkiohtiS Bcacb, N. Y., May 4.
Woatiier dondy and cool, and track
Urt Rirrc.Fv maiden three-year-oldi
ard unwards: tive-einbtha of a
mile, tjiieen of Hears won by fonr
lengths; Ganley eeeotd, John MuUius
third. Time 1 :04J.
S.rtmJ Jlact tilling allowances;
tbree-onaitani of a mile. G tliad won
by halt a length; Binioneetond, Witch
tnir. Time 1:15
Third AW Handicap; one ml
Jacobin won bv time lune'hs; Wood-
flower second, Bahama third. Time
Fourth iiav Handicap; one mile.
Lord Beacumfijld won by a length;
Petersburg recond, B'ack Jack th rj.
Time 1 :40.
Fifth Race For three-year o'ds and
npwa'ds; icven-eluhths of a mile.
Singerly won by a length; Prti-kski I
s.cmd, Joliu Carlisle third. Time
1 ::.
latrlta anil Pool, far the Fli.l lnr
al l.ralnatoa.
4. F",n tries,
Lixisotox, Kv , May
weights and betting on
races :
Firnt R,u - Test (113), The slash
er ;u:i, vav udy (t'-'l.
.svcoiiff Km-v. - Irish Put (USl.Tvrant
(113). Irv Wavward iltl.s).
JViinf .',. -. Sum Walton (!"7), Lead
(t)"i), Adonis (llOi.
'on -lit .' i-,. - Laura O. (107). Annie
T. t 071, Midair (10"), Ar aline ( 107 1,
rioiimore 1 107), Alberta il(,7). Lady
Mae 1 1' 7 1. Woerastimitor illdi,
L- ter 11 ilu. l, Ban XX. t tivn.
No bctlin on first race.
,Sr,w,. .'..- Tyrant, UV5; 1 ri sh
Pat. 4 ; I .ulv Wlivw aid. "Jl
3 bird ...(".-Adonis, SX$ Lea',
$.8: Sam Walton. d-
Vuii th l: i.y, - Florimore, ? OH; Ar
ralin , s"il: proenilin;itor. ? 0; Lil
tcrcll, t:'0. Kan XX., s-0; field, T-).
Washin.ton, May 4. All thecxe
cutiw de.-.irtmeiits w-ere reiux-seiited
at the Cabinet meeting to day. Among
the questions considered was the pio
prietv of calling social session of
Ihe I'toh legislature andtherropriety
of acnin urging Congressional a-tim
tin the Weil Li Abra cUiiiu.
.ViifC.l.ie', av, tiiit verv ertrii hiiiiftl:
" That il" rrnt'er bofiire i II upor
Hi.- icrturlcil Auul unl duiiiucU
c. u'd n t tuwe act.ievel a g cat-r fn-nu-n
a'ioti (.-f t'au'j.eK, a iiiiatiotis and
ml nccliaiituljl ue-t a u.ir,gtht whilom
icnviiand reverend aeniorr, who bad
heietofore nigUly mot ii peace and
peifeit diiilne, with n uedrowiy r.--css-ies
dI th ir club.
D.d you never p'aj Uirla? ILaria
is a tp'ciea (f wLi5t, and I bavo rea
vn to believe it was invented by an
. zpeit at that solemn amusement who
h.d always managed to cat in with a
vilUinone partner, and fli&liy invented
tie art t for pariotea of tevenge. In
h b'. I bave noticed tl a, experi p'.ay
.r. are always uiartyiel by tneir part-
Wbfst is perfunctory in rx?vrmeit.
fa H arts a nun ia c'.aays biO.;aii)g
ar.iuud for fcub'e, and g terally go p
it. In whis' jo3 It a-. o:it an t r with
ihe olui fearie-ereM with vhfdi a
Sew Orb-ana editor w l! wills a ld-;
i'i the II jndr.rsa !:i5i:!-.rifi tr d ', bis in
Uvar'B vcur l.ivje cmdi are rp. to g?',
y..ii inro 1 "ig t:u--. In T'jlat a ruK-A
u.vn?rirs for lihk, &'uu ile mo.-etrickB
he Ukfs tha bttur he l-.kes ,t. In
t bio ft'.wfi tho acquirement of ttr:e or
f ut tiicka well buttered with hta ts
wi',1 o.'ton make yon with yoj hai
never been b?rn. In whist it is tie
liuhtful to uniold a hendfal if aces
stiatifisd with smiling kings and
knock kneed iacks. bit in licar'.a a
insn who knoas when he is well off
geta very disrral oa reviewing a pano
rama of leadeis, and when ytuse
him set his tectti and awear nnder nis
breath you know he is loaded wi h
big f.-lljws. Finally, in whibt von
knew you have two enemies, but in
Hear', when you bate a bd hand,
you find ont that all your frieni's rally
aad Ii 1 you up with
The object in this phi oiophiial pas
time ia to avo'd taking any heer't
yoaret-lf, and to un'oadihi se yon have
on vnur suppicioua neigbljO'S. 'iu
ionit (o'low suit, exact y ts in wtott,
tint there are no truriHu. , In a thre-
nandd g une the deuce ot diamonds
it removed ; in five handed on-, the
,teiv of biuioj s'fo" lu a liiiu
imr.ded oun t-io full pack is use.i), aud
IliirtKcn cr.J are dealt ei-ch payer,
Then ibe toatl begio?. Kich plsyt-r
hu-. s, f-ny, fifty chipset ldct n;s apbco,
mill tor ever heart ho lakoj witu a
t ic he pave, a chip ino the pool,
which the robbern who have unleaded
theirs rake in and divide.
L-it, us Biippoee ou the deal you find
thst to rum a has tvorud you in a lour
handed-uame with ace, kins, nine and
deuce of (liatuonds, nine, ten, iaib,
eisht of si aloe, itck and six of tints,
n J deuot , ix aud rc? of hearts. You
know yon ar in peril from the long
snsdt suit, and also that three beart
leads will fetch out vour a 're and mate
you unhappy.
to have a short enir of diamonds yon
may get in trouble. On the contrary,
yonr abort tuit of clubs may prove
vour salvation by enabling you ti
throw off one of the measly spadee on
tho third lead. These cbanmi pro and
con ociupy your mind affibly while
you so it jour cards, and then you
brace up and lead ont the j ick of cluba,
fondly hoping to bring a short auit
Inti rjlav at oace. It brines out the
king and qaeen, which the buccaneer
on vour riant raptnrea witn me ace,
The return lead is-a diamond. Yon
catch it with the ace and lead ont with
your Net club. Yon think this ia a
good pi ty, bat it isn't.
arqiired some horse senae at thia
gaiuM, and know that that second lead
of cluba signifies a short auit in your
band, and pleasantly rear o air. g that
von must nave a long ami einceateu
about yonr person, determine to lay
for on. Which is it? They will find
ont Yonr club is captured and
spade is lei back at yju. Ten throw
off your jask oa the ace, which aia
na'.bera in the king and queen. Th
a teoond spade, tbo eix, is led. Yoa
capture wi!n the t?o. Siow e'gLt
epaJt-s are burled, and OLly five are
nut, of wtticn yoa no:u(&o;wj :a g;.k.
Yon know tea' on the next spade lead
yoiarebiutd to catch a heart from
fomerclli n. So you boldly cane out
with the king of diamonds to throw
them off the temt. Yoa get four iia
mom's. Tteu jon lead the Line. The
siunercnthe lelt bIvm you the live,
his partner in crime f-ivoia you with
the fonr, and theu ? Why then
and makee you a present of a fat
cms eyed k.naof tuar stbat mikw
yonr hair rnr). Yon see be happen d,
ny a run of the crdi, to biat ebon
ot dianor.di as you weie of clubs
Cards will run thw wry Bimetioiia in
brt8 it is a pecu'ia bv tf the gam.
Well, von hav- h venr own rhaccj
of salvation, it id f . e r-ai devi ish,
nnl your oie ol j.-c lo 1 fe is t ) Let
SMliitbnd,- (-V.e in triuhle. o v u
lend oi 1 1 -' duce of hrait H.', ba!
Jincbodv 1 m pot i i ti.te i-. 'i'tu t .a
'ie if tl -'" in.j''ea t li.-sturB if a
iV.iiv. N: w, the r-al buiiui-ai ba
b-.-iUi, ami eve'ybedy puis on his
t!i::.kii-t;-oep ad iraim-rsei hims If in
a bicwii i-imly. lho t i-Uwatmaiiou
o:i vein riijtit f.uli p.trticuiai!y biuo,
a" wli c'j, tf course, you ar B-.c'etly
pies eed. tor vengc.ic is wht veu are
at ;:-. Wei1, tho tor.v:c: on joir bit,
afr eomti g hia wi's awhile, sur
pi synu by it-king the deuce will a
q-i-en." T e o'.hsr pickp.icke.t tbrjws
t IT a ten wi h a Bigb of relit f, and
with a j lyful whoop insert a Jck
right under it. Yoi ar.t foiled. Kow
the br.gtrd rn your let', who was
friendly before, bears yon a gicdge,
and proceeds to grt fy it by leading
yoa a ana 1 spade. Hia neighbor fol
io 8 puit, and then the ticket-: f leave
u:Mi oa vcur r'g'it ad.isn; w ioiiil- to
'.his previous iejury by giving you ai
other heart, for jou sro bound t ttkn
t. trick. Niw yea a -e indeed mad
Y u if asm t;.int the cards w; he i x
a :lly iJ.iviited aio.ind the 'able, bo jo i
iep f.:r your rt n,:a by 11 ing the six
I uta l.-'. Iiif n an o:i ji ur Ittt uivs
y-.: ice tray, fie i ext niuKfa ynu a
c'esi.r.t 1 1 UiB lour, a il tt crci:twvg
I n ycur r;g!ii, the very man jou wee
iiv, rlidci the five under 1'. Xu
you in r-auy for n ttrnt-j .cke.t, aid
v! af id wois yi.u don't tee how 'O i'
can hvoid gft'ing a few in: re. Yoi
v-Lt ir-j with tun iiei:cj of diamonds
You g;jt a bia-t in yenr las' diammd
tr ck, aad new eou.e r.ter friend will
have tj tjko one. Will be? Your
em my on the left takes it with the
qucrtn, bis r.O'g'il.or tl des in the fonr,
aud toe m-m yi u irijio gi:nning for,
who has t o diiimcur's, g vc him a
The rsnger ot ycur k-fr, whom you
antagonized tome time ago. comes
back at you with the eeven of beans
the lowest out. Tho next has the
e'ght, the man you were f er has
no! e. ar.J y.'.u a d Loacd t) tk the
trick witi ycur noguatdid ace. It's
con p'c'cs the hand, fjr all the bcr's
am.oi; joi av9 ni o r.nd ray f r
tiein; t';e kid-iap er oi your lf'.
cjw' : ' o i and pays for four, aud
you h-T.-Ihe c-tis'.-'iir cr -tvir gtht
b'-'etle-lr jed archile. t if dl yiii.
,o:rjws gleefully rn-cel out tho pile
ffittl the butly cut-tbrra' ecrres the
I kv.o.v KO gme si Ci.lcula!oi ts
tipen a man for S i;t-.V prist n as
liearle. Ii will bnat up the fr, end
ship of yeaie in five mioutts, subdue
every fine inst nit, and taiisaeviry
unholy em ition to swell visibly.
I saw last night a man of command
ing presence, of a noble, thoughtful
niture.with allowing wbi'e bta-d.
which wnld have made the delight M
the old Italian tensers m a model for
a portia t of soa
tit down with a complacent smile ajd
a stack of calna with fonr men tm
measurably hia physical interim s, but
who knew the tame, in an nonr mey
had climbol a'l over him, and st
down on him, turned Liui wrong Bide
out, combed bis back hair and wal
lowed in bis salary tin ce was as ua
diirnili-id fb a wet hop. and cot Infuri
ated, a id made mistake?, and lott the
run ot tns ca-it', ami git aooiu tour
!.iuis as mtnv tiearts aa hi hand na-
ura lv ia led fur. Itawauotber mat
who is a great nu a'eur humoiist uit
down ut the pumand trv 10 be fonv
VVhen he happened fo hsveouoortwo
somll hearts hu wcr.l I U'h them at tho
bovH on tha first ha,, aod theti lay
back and chuckle over the troub
tbBt followed. It d da't work. The
hova cot, bact at him on suits, ant:
Ira led him up with hearts tdl bo
ejuldn't see. A'tor two orthre, hands
he ct a ed laashing;
then uraw melancholv. and ii-ally be-
esmo tha woret srowter f-t the isbie.
Then he stopped playing fur ih; fuu
of the thing, and rquared his ensreies
to get in some fiue revnge. Tbtt
didn't work either. The Hearts came
in thicker aud faster and more of
them: he woold catch them on the
Bicoud lead of a eu t and sometime a
on the first ; he got them in sorpriBimt
pumbere in unexpected places, until
finally he save up the game, and
understand ia now writing a tracedy
tt be called not Hmrto of Oak, bnt
Heart of isteO,
Ye, ilecrta ia a game o( itreat and
varied resources. I never aaw a loot
er-on wbo wam't Iraotlc to learn it
and I htve yet to ate an expert who
didn't pass through bankruptcy while
geiung mo NuciuoB,
A rhnmD mar have a run of unrosr
ions luck at psker which wiH make all
the long headed- boys sorry, bnt let
them get him at hearts and ee them
i kin him. It ie beautiful to see
champ who plays on bis luck get into
thia game and run foul of a abort salt
and gather nearts, eon be Hammered
tnd a-et to KiualiB. It takes the con
ot it out cf a man it it doea enlarge hia
profanity, and these exaeperaling
(cientifie whist players are ibe softest
meat onecau wih to Btr ke at nearts,
The enly way to do ie to strike right
and lett, gn Dtt ere a wn?n you can
heln it. aud then Iar for the mm tka
did the btt'ering, and get h'm iutotbs
co'ner and wax him. It ia give and
take. $?m' titnrB you wi1) get a band
full of big ones,
but if yu "ay low you can generally
laud some other feilowfora couple,
aud then parhapa lam everybody text
time. Wnen 8-v.rlof these ctn't
get away hands come in tucceteon
you think h -aitt a bathsome amuse
ment, wh eh no gentleman would
play, but a cauple of good deals giving
you opp' r unity to lay out your neigh
bors will bboit yon it has its redeem
ing point.
There is a member of tl at club, per
haps the Boiiury aw, who until lately
wa a member of the chnrt hand
Iways larghinn oi d never ewn?p,and
at happy and ; r.-Pierous, at d evrrv
botlyenvitd him, and tobrdy cot-Id
e or I e bad ever dop a fllnw-neiDg ai
ii j ny. Yea'eTlHV bo kicked b 8 do r,
rtia cdtogi to -h- uhnrrti f.ur 1 e-ci-ne
It wns t o d d cxp n iv, q nr
reled and is t gi to 1 iw w.ta f ui te -nonal
f.ien l , aa i his wile threa;e;is
to ei'e hiui 'or tl.vojc-C'O t1)-? pca of
brutal tria meat. ll bed lenrri i
Tho l.or .1 Optliin Elcetlua a fall
nrr - ( tniln uf llurilsro
Com itii, Mis-i,' Vay 1. -The b-e-tion
under the local option lc.w in
Alcorn county is a fuiluv.-. Tho cum
in ssioner of election fuil.id t i mase a
sworn return of thu r-suit in t'-n
days, ns the election laws require,
and the failure vitiates the eli!ct:on.
'iherc is fun abend, and lotn of it.
'ibis morning about. I o'clock two
burglars broke into a car on the .Mo
bile and Ohio railroad. They were in
the net of making away with 8cvcr.il
jugs of whisky when W;'.uv.man
Meeks dropped on them and ordered
them to halt, hut they slowed light
and several shots were exchanged,
and lie succeeded in inpturing bo'U
burglars ami the whisky.
1 he Ureal riiiad af 1SW0 a TItfMK r
tha P.O.
IfU-ICUI. TO THB jrflil I
Bki.es a, Ark, Miy 4 The ieat
flood of 1880 's now a thing at the
past, that i., so f.tr te tbii feclion d
the country i onoerned. The river
continues to f ill at the ra'o of ou
Icrb an hour, and if it cjn'innPF at
this rate for the text ten deva ' he
pla deri in te overfliwed dihtricts
will beeralled to reeome cprra'iorie.
Mr.. I'.DWAiti) KnMr.v.-i, tbo fainnii
animal sculptor, is writina a aeries of
articles for 0Hnj, describing his ex-
penurices in minting who uuuuam
through the far '.Vest. The senen
will be profusely illustrated. By
special arrangein-nt eli ve received
the article ana :'.aiMn,iuiw i
vance publiealion.
C.kvT. M. F. Coi'i i t. tbo well-known
authority on yachting has prepared u
History 01 American iti'u"6.
which will api-ar in four installment
of Outing, beginning with the June
number, it w;u ue iuusiru.u uy
Cozzens. The iirrt article will appear,
with the illustruuons, in we ; ;
for MaySdliiiadvnnco of pubbeatiou
in the mngaxine, ty arrangciuui".
the publisiiers.
Ibe Bin ;? Bill.
Sr. Uu is (ilo-'i- Oemovtd: Tlie Hia:r
bill has been -o severely trimmea in
the House that it resftmbles a re: cntly
Hheared slieiqi. lho puriiose eyuieni-j
is to remove as many as possible of the
features that render it objectionable
to the Southern nomocracy, ami "s
these features were, liutiu roim, th-- re
duel ions in the bill wcro com spond
ii "ly great. The jn-ovi.-to to divide the
nii'uiey on the basis of illiteracy has,
it is said, been ibaiukmcd, to.cthei
wi li other imporUnt particulars, sti
thnt. neeording to comiiiou rumor, if '
the bill wereto pxvt in iU present
shape, it would iif. practically equiva
lent to dividing $75,UO V CO iuiiong thu
Stales, leaving it to bo spent pretty
n-ueh as they .le:ist The coneeauence
w ill probably n tho Liiluro of the bill ,
to pa.s ut all, Aiiich, under the cir
cumstances, will brt no calamity.
ItiiM-MAT s, aenralgfa and m-r-,
vous bt-adiu he are not easily ruri-!,
although they aro rommnn diseases.
At last, a rea.e,d' bus been found in
Tongiiline, wblcii is highly rorom
uu:iidod bv plijwinaa. J. 1.1. Oarvor,
M. I., I'uebl'j, 'Col., wrilt-s: Mm
idtastJ with Tongaline Hayo fre
quently prtscrbtfd it with entire sati
faction "
t'lacw t'r r.'iryca In Ihe Seooml
l.OEiiMii.itii lNir;ri.
Nsw-Oki.kans, May 4. A conven
tion of the P.lainc mid Logan Legion
section of the lit publican laity, held
in this city to-day. nominated Judge
Flag? of St. Charles parish for Cor
gress from tlie Sct-ond District.
The rcmilar lior-tiblican convention
was held yesterday and noininatcd
Capt, Henry Martin. It is believed
that the action of to-daj's convention,
in putting a second llepublican ticket
in tho field, will result in giving the
district to the Democrats,
A rkrtattaa tatail EarerlBu.
R.. n. ft. Lyiitfli. reUkaer of the Ak
buna ChiiitUu adranata, IUroiiaiSaia.
writer : 1 trar.l Kd over alia itata; mf
rrino. wy Ui.j- sad br. Ilnlar' LaoWi
Uisir a awl aicaUoot nadicio. My book
kaM!r and foreman both aaa it ia plica of
ca oioe(, plllt, -. . ,
: A rraaalaaat, Hlnlater Wrltaai
i Mr. M'-uIbj bar; AChr Un j'vu-l uf
Craai mifltr at fca latliiroiUon or Uritwjp-
a,' will) rj aaroiiB proHi.tim ao.l bU
iouia.M. Jirxra -i kiintu aud OLOtUpa
tion, I hav.K earoi o four bot .la.of
lour Laiuon i'-ixf. bb4 mu now a well rem.
?.BV. C. E. DAVLS,
Elder M. K. Cliarri. bojlb. N. SB TvmH
etreat, Allnata. ta.
bld by .Ir-n-uiui. 60 e.-ci nd K W par
bottl.. Pr.prc4 br Ut. U. iloi'ey. At
1 anta Unria. i
MorehearJ City, N. C.
Iminadiatalr oa tba Atlantis Ocean h-k! one
of th. most deli. htlil)
Summer ;BmoWh in Aint-r t-iu
The Ubl. tbebnit, and iniphd wit. eTorjr
d.lic..-v trom tb. Rt-a
mmrt kdiI oili.varalfr Bathtna na-
Irollini l'or Blo-S.h al fln.niih Mack
rel the bnest hi tne irorli.
A nmi ltiful beatib, an CKnt (h-r'ic'tri.
and rverr amnnment to I'i lennd at a hi
ror. No 0faide rasurr .n Ibe Atlantic eout hu
ninro natural aiv.ntvm tb.in Mori-brad
C'ly, im-l the ttnr mun -jtomnt ar deter-;
wined to uinUe it
i.v Tin: KiriT2i. i
B"For linn" an! ,i ill !.'!. i' i.l i.;i.-ui'blct
1 !"-''-.
.0 1 ii. n!,
i. :
1 '.'UTIStl." ;
The Of-lulii'l -l.y (ii'Diiiiif.
bato n.l nlwky. Ku i .I. e. r,- M i vrtl.
l, imioiti -i!'. Ind;'t., ii5:.'-!(-. t. ItlKN,
Tuur lrnrisi ;r iilelioner'.
Khitl, and nl;a 1:0 otVtr, or ineloge tl
(et.mii.) to ui for i-atticuliirs ih i.ctt.e hi
wirn mini. v . CAVKU. 1'bi
cfcMrt henilrnl '.,
tia Miwltaaa iiir, BMIwla., n.
TttAltKinppliei br tJ0. 0. OOOHWH
il '
Vhalaaalc atreaia, Hostta, Ma

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