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-O ,
Tendered te
f Laubrie's TWtor.
Thursday. X .
a which aoeaaloB will be presented the
eomio ewera.
1 tea 1MIM erf Alfaalairsa,
ioketi on Mle t Malfard'i. UtueJ price
of adiaiseioa.
Half Fare on all Railroad Leading to
At ESTIVA L PARK, MemphU. Tenn.,
Woctiaeadayi IVTavy O
At 8 p.m i nnder the auspices of the
Bfeiii3hl4 TmicleiV Clnb.
Prof. II. ARNOLD. Mosleal Piree'or, as
listed hy (! Fail 0-"horra.o uiihined
with thit of Prof. ElUUliOKN
Audi Ilia CVIebrnled Wrrhfatra,
From Louisville. Ky.
75 VOU'Kh IN' rttK 'IIORCN,
Under th len '''. lp f TrS.C.T.
Admit .imio, M oO-No cbDive fur Re
serve 1 Sett..
Arter the exMliiiii Raceof tha d iy. vict
ors wiil fin- ifcia a uiHenilicfnt wind-m. of
the d.n j'Moent. s tho erf..r'i.n' ee nil)
c-X'JubUE with a muyp u- p.
15 1 31 S3
atay-lrcs pnnnlar pl're of amncenunt Is
NUW nPfcN. urder the nianaaeineLt of
Pro!. C. A.D J.NALDoOX.
BXTNuw Attractions and tpocialtiea w 11 be
pre.'er.ted each week.
e)""n Siturd-y Afternoon nf each week,
I1AI.F KATES lor School Childion.
aar We inti nd tn make thia place o1 amo'e
rrent a ipeeinl attraotioo for Ladies and
their Families.
At the SKATING RINK. Positively the
' last of the season, on
ireo by the Knights of the Turf. Come
vie, Cnane a' 1 1 .
TO 1.0 X.
!Onnn TO 100 to loon in sums to
sB) VJ JJ sui' parties having note ell
indorsed, rent note', chattel mortgage! or
r ot her rehab le oc n ri t . 1 r. ii iri a t
BOH (Tom RuySura avenue, April 28th,
a 'etter dog, 12 iuo' ths old; white, with
blackhead, h'nek spots on body, l.ght t,o
jaw.', small tun spot over ono try: had on
leather collar wi'b b'uss knobs. Answers ti
nume of 'Stoi." Liheral reward for return
to u JLPMiiL3 ."lii1-
f) WHITH COWS-One with ropo around
4 head. $f reward for th'ir return to H.
B. HA RTON. near Cnrve, Her' ando rna-I.
Rfi. COLSTON will learn of nomethin
to hi adyantac liy snaiog his ad-
a. u , or Appeal.
CISTERNB-Built and repaired and war.
ranted. Inventor o' the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pomp. Contractor and brick
layer. Telaphnct 8811. T HOB. CUBBIN8.
LAW. harin aadCoinmercial Notary
Pnblie, Ooinniissloner of Deeds and II, n.
CeuimiMioBer, at the old office, No. 3 Madi
VA Vf.lt.
BOY-Wh'.tecBi ch'v.
W. W. BK'QKa. 2" Main
MAS Taluk an office and 'cprotcnt a
ninn :fiictnr.-: f MI per (ok ; aiunli enp
liil rcmir'.d. AdJr3, with stamp, Box 7u,
Wi-st ... t-m. "is.
OFMCE BOY-Ilcferrnces required.
iJ. 13. BOUU'Sj a CO ,
No. 2 ifnwil'-d VlOW.
MAN COOK Vu.t enmo wo'.l r:com
mended. :it llaleiah p'princ Hotsl.
IflVEflYBODY-Ti-call and see thecelo
U brated Jyp?y Clairvoyant, at 177 Third,
atrcetf near f i'l jr.
rpwo YOUNU MFV-70 Tjflftia in ft private
1 (arn'ly,wi;;.irfl cla'S convenient
i,o ounu2, Adaross litl tiarfierv
moX'lSN I wI2,r(l w"$l",0l.,lix months;
X. good colla'vrau.
L.,?"'8 Main street.
M10 ItENT-ilouse with tl to 8 rooms, on
X strc t car line, trom 1MB oi June or isi
of July. Address
1.. E., this cflice.
LADIES and yonng men to decorate Birth
day ,and Kaswr Noveltios. Easily
learned t good prospects for steady employ
ment and fair waires. Material Inrnistied,
and all work mailed postpaid. For fu'l in
formation address Dswoaativa A it' Woais. 7
ganajPJaj.jyton, jtasa. P.O.box nll8.
I ADY ABENTS-or Mrt. Campbell's
la New " 'filter "a Tlltar, Bnnle, Uoop
atirt and Dndersklrt combined, lloopsean
hi resBO'adan skirt laundried. Adjnsta
hi to ay sis. Ve y farhionaass, and selU
tort2to every well-drassed ldy as soon as
-ahown. Acoota doable their money. Al;o,
loll Kn f aew farnlahlng goods for ladies
v and ohJldrea. Address, with sump, B. H.
OAMPBBU. A CO . Ne. t Waat Randolph
erM. Chleaaw. III.
LI) SOLD A BILVatR For oaOi orei-
ohanga. Buyrutnii .leweier, ma n.
ri9HS4Teash tciesw paid for eld and saw
VKATHERri at 44 Main street.
SnUATION Wfth soma rellakle Brm as
Mooantaat 4r-travelinaT salesman for
erri ory of Arkansas: u latter preienea,
'ad In.nwarTjiaainotliqaors): best rtf
-ereBoee given, tot particulars, address
V. L. BfcLOTYNaahTille.TtnB
fTK ADVANCE MONEY Ob household
Ja. properly wunoui reeanvat. ."t"?.",.
P. v. BOA lo
-kaTleasand '
i WEN-Tha St. Louis, Arkansas
' and tiu itv.. in missoari. Ar-
-kaTleasand Texas, want 2M0 white and col
mA t&knrira mi MMHinn aork. train, eto
"Waa as, II HI te tl ' per day, paid promptly
very aaaath. Transportation free Iroui
Memphis totna wotk to n who mean busi
.seas, For further Information, appis to
4. B CHAI'LlNBS, M Fnint street,
(jeenia street. Fort Piokering; good
waves ; eeere"ees rotnired.
fTH) BUY One mre mulo, medium sixet
X. also, a diror pirot theoi. Apply to
loom it), Mo.o4 Ma-i ann street
Xi UHSE UIRL-Whilennrs-girl.
iN Apply 't 1116 Adauis street.
n .VxK.iik.ivilKIl AhKNTS And eorre
Xl4 epondents for new business. Positions
nermaiiant. Salari or oomuiisslon. Write
to-day. address . . ..
SoT.OKRn'MAN To work In houe.
J Apply at 72 Madison street.
IATJIES and Oenilemen, in city or coun
J try, to take light work at t eir hemes ;
1 In t3 r a -aai mail; Work Sent bf
Biail: no canvassing. Ws haven good de
saaod lor our w,.rk, and furnish steady m
plovmenr. AddTess. vltn stamp, CROW W
M'F'ta C0,,W4Vne st.,C noiunati.JJhio.
WHITE WO'e AN -To learn" new shirt
A (IKNTS With email en 1U1. We hnve
X- some'hing new, no risk, large profiu,
Bof f inl :MI-duy nfTer, wite at ' e.
!; PI" F. CO.. 3-d Canal 'treat.
.j . stl.ii:. ill rft.hVl.-, Ait
ttJl )) t ,ire at once. I)rt SCOTT'S
KijH li'Hi 4UOtSi, Ma isroadaay, iw
,'!lt. 'i'hq otilyen ino.
". !;v'itS !n every socti n ol the enontrv
fVrtwo New lools, jnt re.idi'. Sphimal
r ' I't Men or' exi-t'! u'oro entialle ol fill
!!) .. I.ir.-re tcr. itory. Stiito exi'onence, stc
a; o ti-rr'tory noted. i..-t-hr.l.' A t'O.
(i.i. i'''i), K"- firo'dwjy. ., aud 40 Deur
i: :.i f'r'i. hjt'"'!.'
l. : u . t cverv to in the ' loo
, tore rwt i I'.'.IN''' M NUFACTl'It
J . Ft'Al;l.l'HVBNT hnv dc eoverai
i.Tivt th'tire popiitur snd esse i-ell-iii.'.
Liio he hunoivd nlotie ur in connect!' n
wi. i '-t'.icr pels. Addre
i- -; ' i r 'i in
Vti rn.. HALT! VOHir. Mo.
T LAClo.Vlll 'l-Agood . la ksuiirh to run
Jit a country shop Must also be a good
W'S'-t w(,rr:uian
tar a-Juross
lr 'O-1 waires tuna, inn oo
D. J. iLLKN CO.,
Australia, M'SS.
A'N ISTELLIOEM, Earnest CaihoHo
X.V tnaa to raoreaent a large, responsible
Barclay -treat heure iu bia own Joeaiity and
outaide lare oities. A roanunerativa aalary
t riant party- Reference xheea. Ao-
Absolute! Pure.
Tint pfiwlrr t,ver T'Arioa. A rcurvel vi
l-ur.;i. arm -th nnti hol:;inm(nss. Mora
tjCf'0'.nm.-Ki tl-rtti tbe iirdi'TMT; kiri". nd
c-nrut b .1 f ?'u i"tiri( n w!;h tbe
iiiuitituil't ol low tent, hiiort wt-bt iiIuip or
l!'0;'h:i!f pow i-r-. i"1i o'l';- ifaa), AL
TterT'-r. f,tvrev i 'n 1iW U'e,'.' Vsr"lr,
Mmw C tfos, PixtnreH, (Jtmiec'.iou-
rrl-. r.le.,nt So. 8.10 Mnlis street,
hatns-tlni , Miy 1, lsso.nt lOo'rlork
a in.
'A. M. STolTAVT. netieneer.
IjIN A Kuld bar pin. pointed on the ends.
I Knderw'll he rewurded by leaving at
141 Wadiiion street.
4 LAMBS Owner can have by proving
proper. y and paying ataric, at
tliH WM'TH KT.
t) M1LK8 -i n- a dark bay ware mule,
Zl about 1 lunds high, 10 years old; small
wa ts on prl. e'es. en ' a small white stripe
above hook. The other a sorrel mare mule.
about 14 hands hiuh, o l earn old; notli striped
Return to in ami act your rewiud ot
M. H. I.KK, Inni.'S K'ntion, Mim.
I0()M Three or I rooms or liaht house
V koei inn. Unfcrenoes. REN'T, Api ed.
DWEI.LIJJtl-IIOltgE-Twostory dwell-inK-houre,
b rooms, wita knehen and
servants' hv.u-o. oorucr Seventh andtlrr.on
law. chehca. tlond water. All in lirst'Olasa
condition. Rent 25 per month
A. U. HVVYNNE.rm Front ."t
TJOliSE On Uayburn avenue, 8 rooms,
I t. excellent water, garden and fruit
o.ire at WMlayburn avenae.
FnrniKhed, with or without boaid.
I V 8o- ther- exnoaue
114 court.
STORB-HOlJjE-At Hall's Station on tha
C. 0 and rj. W. R. It., 22 -c front er 72
deep, includins; ware-room in rear attaccat
to main building.
uo. at tne store, or to i'. . rorsjtti at uaa
ton'i Hotel, this city. Possession Juna l't.
rIOTTAQE 4tJt Poplsrttreet. ? rooms.
Rooms-Two front rooms, furnished, at
No 114 Court street.
HOUSE A now dotib'e tenement house, 4
rooms on each side; nicely finished;
large yard; in f'ict, all ronreoiences. on
hoes avenue. 0"d cihtetn. Apply to Mrs.
E. (juinlsn, l' Maniu-.'as t.
11 0'M Kicoly furnished front rooxs, ut
i iVI Monroe street.
6 ROOM CoMAuii,
S72 AdjiniMdrect
ROOMS N be hr nithed roims,
At 711 Second strcot.
HOUSE No. 7o Adnms street, on corner
Thi d: thro stories; good r pair; Iroiu
.'u'y 1, Wi. JOHN W. CURIUM,
roi Senond ;f(e'
NICK RESIDEN'.'.jrOlV t?rl,ii.s street,
just siutli of Vani ("V, ths teir stroet
car Una) I house In f.Ciu tei lr. App y to
. H. W UXllitlS, 8t Front st.
OVli tt) s.cry frn:ic, .".5 Murlio' st. s
11 T; w'i.h nil nio 'crn Inprovcmcnu.
Aptlylo Lt TUTZ, 1 '1 Main St.
TTtUhNISUED UOOMH-Focet-U and lor
V hr'inekeening. at litl Court mreet.
TWO elcgnnt front rooms, furnished or
unfurnished. Apply at 89 Adams st.
RoOMo Furnished or nnturnished, at 113
r-ceonil street. Keferonces required.
L10TTAOK Three rooms, cistern, at ii
lleorgin street.AjpJynext room.
Ctoi'iAyiC No. 4H Luuierdale, 7 rooms
In good repair, good cistern; 125 per
nonth. apply io wo. ;t.t wair srreet.
HOLBE ANB LOT-ft") Lindea.
Apply on tha promises.
time and low rata of (uteres, the two
oottswea aad lots, northeast corner Lauder
dale and Broa-way stroots, on uaim one
of ears, Nos. &r8 and AtM; can be stea any
day axoatit Sunday. For Ursa, apply at
(S Madlsoa street.
Corner of Banle and Laaderlale streets, will
ba offer J to the puhlie for sale, on Wbuns-
naT, May aim, at 1 o cioea, nn ioe iram
ises, at adctios. For information, with re-a-ard
to tha sire of tho lata and plat, (squire
of W. A. Wbeatly, 2S1 Main atreot, or 40
Wm. . irarnngton. i-"
SSI Main street.
"7EWbPAPKR-0na of the best equipped
newspape s in North Misdssippi. Pub
lished In atairivinr town aad county site,
and fine section of iioontry. Wood job offloe.
Heneral outfit varied and in axoeilent condi
tion. Thi only paper published In the town.
Address K. rl. B Appeal office
REFRIQERATOR At S74 Mississ'ppi ate.
Refrigerator, Patent Rocker Crib, with
hair mattress, baby cerrinite.eto. AH new.
PZfl CORDS WOOn-To arrive Tia the
tJyjyt CO. andb. w. it. n
( 1HBAP A pair nf large, fine, gentle cat-
riate ponies.
L.. 3S8 ain street.
PIAfiOS A large assonment of econd
hand pianos, some as good as new,
among them two Knabe and one Hteinw.y.
WILL BUY a new bnsineis for
h . turn of leonessee. Ala
bama, Miisouri or Louisiana, to make la no
cash profita atones; a monopoly fully pro
tected. Par ies w'shio a good business ad
dres. MA I'FAfTI'H- .this pBvc.
CtHEAP FOR CASH The two-story Brick
J !-to'ehose. No. 11 Be.ile street, juat
aw-t 0' Dosoto; lot 21x75; will take A4l.
OKO T. VACK. Cltitens' St. R H. effiee
G10OD sooond-hand BliOUY, lull leather
r top, for tVS. at Usll's stable. SM jaion.
new two story house and lot. IthxIO,
adj'dning Plate Female College. Also, lot.
5'xl70, tieorgia stret, one 'dock west or
M on street Addtrss T. A. Lamb or J. H.
Burton, 10 Madison ureet.
tlll'lll Allt . LutAiUAiw '
J ret for ehihlreu. Al.ply st 17 JtlTers.n
g'rert. iio-'tnri.
. I I I t A U.
, iirtin ic
IT wito ease l'iio l. iljl'cK'a MIJ-
.tP Mil n roreet.
i i t '1 I I X. I.T, ) l - I I'. I. K I' II
luivJMdi -
V 7 rooms, Al order, lir.-t-c i,ss ueith-
i r" o:irtr n
. till A V A l
d .-ii'm ,iiaiii. hi'vnnr too
V I hanks of kf ), '.:4 sv,i,a. snl Di et iva
t oil . I nns."
at Sei'oli I l'r teneo cniiren,
A iilrc-a k. w 1 1 , a uo.
t'!V nikf-vi. fr .vits. .-tiEAP-
J ca-lots. bUlNKLEi LUMUEU CO.,
Til .Ie0ers'n street
IS. PAY IN4I ll'irfcL lil'-'lShseeit-
uate 1 in one o' tne nv st towns n ine
rroulh. lns a businens of over il per
month. Bar can be added io the business,
if desired. For lo'ms, address
J. 6. W..l!oi ISfj;Merjdla.MI'.
"A-T"NKWPoRT NEWS, V A.-1'JU hits.f-sl
J. faet waxor fro t, il feet deep. For lull
tnlermation address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lexington street. Baltimore. Md
u awtvaSi and all rloea to tha
Etalav OVXaUOS.. wLOHVaOiOfU
second oil's mm.
Three tf the FiToritra Succeasfwl
B3Prl Jeialacs Lf The
F Ti-dj.
Tbpte wai d tided incrcaw in tbe
tie ndanee yesterday at the new Mem-
phis Jockey Clnb f rounrs, tbe second
day of tie apriog meetill(r Tbe
webtlier yii t r gbt and beauti ol, end
though the Wind CiUellt np the dllM'
and toyeiei tho fece o! n-ture with it,
.he day w-.aton, (or lovere o-
ili"Strirf. Kvary tram, end they wtra
a I l.'DB oner, WH8 Well fi ldd, continu-
nug line of vehiclts tovcrfd the rike
I,din)Itu- fr,m tlied-y.aDd th, r, '
was til t a toantry IOid It-aJlCK to tl,.- (
toume M'hich did' n it b8"')me a hor-
n.l,U,J nr., r.'..l..a-
I -i.er, the bell ranc for tbeflrnt a!
if 1 Af. nt mn i.'v'a ta'lv-ho it lii'tv
, I. .,M-,ntinn.c"y 8 i.iy-ro rs lo ty
, t p crnwilrd with 1k1u: anil ce:jt!- !
! lUfli. bilgli rrt i:t liVt'ty art OUticit;f i s
I r-tt.-in, rent-, cnat-l a eonsut ... I
wl. n it b'HT f .l r) tt 1
i o'clock from ttf clilh'g i.Vadun- r
t..w on M.iaon etmt. At the
tat it everything w r Xv'.temt'i.t, uo
' bet iag Htnud in tisfly p iekt J nf-A t ir
I luffi , la: i tii-s, le mill mid folnit',
muiiiiitf tiij tt)K clink ot d-illam
mi'.dw swfitt nnnic for tbi amy ol clJ
pp rls wbt) wt-'ie ill attend irrs. Kvcry
oue nf the live events wi8 hotly pnu
ttiottd, aod iLero w. re en many to -d
ones at the post cu.'.h time that t'nt
bookruakers h.td tht'lr hands I'll; mak
ing alntre and nmiu'a'uiri; a balnt c..
Mutt of the be t;ng was done oa utiort
horsw, where big odds were given
Three of the favorites won, two being
TBK KIRST liars.
The fiiBt event was a mile dusb, the
etartots bning Roy Boy, Mar E lie,
Wicklof and W.vM'ow. The favorite
waa Wick It f, the poet odds beiog even
rn him, :i 'o 1 against TV is and War
fel ow. Toe (tut wa4 easily made,
Maty Kllia leading at the tiret jnru-.
Boy Lii y mado a bold dafh of it, and
preis'd tbe leader hard as they awtpt
a'oiiml the turn, but f 11 tack to lau-t
(.ldcolit;' I'cfne leichiDg ttie fiii1-. of
the Lid. Widtlpf h st vary hnlBMiiu
in heading oil' the ti l','aid utili
lull mile wh running w 1 in h:'.nl,
Wafellow upon Lie qnnrlcr. Atlhti
htalcf the eiiit'ch n etrngglt be(,i
hittween Mary E Iwatiil Watiedow for
a piece, and the race to a 11 ieh wao
very prc'ly, Wicklof winning, Mai y
Kllie whipping in a gocd Bt;oni.', War
fel.'ow th rd.
There weie ten starters iu this raf,
three-fonrths of a mile daih, for the
LneLrminn Belling purse of JMflO
Wueen Kither, Teffock, Jim Nave,
McBowliD?, Koger Eaatman. K-wierre,
F.va K., Kevcke, Bine Won a ana
Rowdy Boy. A dehy of twenty min
utes was caused by the s!onn:i of
Jiml?6eia ccmirg to the 9cr?kJ;,
and a d;'sbcirt-ing number of fa'sfl
rtsrts were made beforo they fitally
got away. McBt.winji iiot ajraywell
in the leada-.d climbed the hill so
easily that hi wm put down as ta u
wint er. Peacock pressed him hard
as ha rt aiued the level,' at d
thjcce to :L8 tutn ttcy were all
j ckso toxit'.er Ua1 :t wr.s
almoa. ioipospiblt; 1o sty wl.ich one
v.te iu advance. Ao ttcy swfi't into
,hs tt c.ch, hDv;evrr, .MvU
femed to be !o?iug srouui', with Eva
llDV.'eVfr, MvB Tflinj-J
K. gaining tt?i;di!y, anrt lHvoktt
doirir foe of the prettiest running
lltii JiO-. ut,b"i ie lj c.'t vim ui iiw
buucb, niid 1'caciick, who htd made
to good a e art, waa bidly t c.tten.
Rvnka ctuin in undt-r the string a
wiiiuor by a lenglh, E.a K getting
eeitond oy a neck, McBowHug
Yh Pnhidv Hotol hnJU'tp for all
ages, a mile and a eixtettub, had e'gbt
tut ten, Kfitor, Bwhdki, Lingview,
Hettte Carlisle, J em Jennings rnu
ej, l'hillip 8. aud I'btl iwi'. Pat
SUet-iy w:ts wratched. Ttte favorits
was Pec rl Jennings, but Klitor was
heavily backed to win and for place.
I.moview had a eool many believer,
and HnUie Carlisle wa backed for a
conaidtrable sum. F-ditor took the
drum at ita tap, with Pearl Jeuninw
i low upon her quarter. They all
dashed by the stand neck-und-aeck,
Phillip 8. doing some beautiful work
at tbe Ume. If could not hold oat,
however, wad Pearl Jennings moved
to the f toot Atth8thr-qaariirpole
there was a general shaking np. and
in some unacconntable way riitor
managed to cnt ahead of Oonigan's
game lftte anare, winning by a coopl
i f length, LrnijTlew (teiiiog eecoad
tiac- ; l- ...
' The fourth rare, one mile and ooe-
eiijhth, wes oonreded to L'wie Dwyer
from tne liret, tfca other untries te ug
HopeJale, Leroy and Woidcraft,
against whom 60 to 1 waa oflered with
an army of taken. Lizzie Dwver was
known to beoneot tne best in Cor
rigan' stable, and as he always rous
to win, it wa slow work get ing bvts
against her. It was a walkover for
the mare at the lump, and at the half
mile she was half a dozen lengths in
tbe lead, Hopeda'e second, aud leioy
half alenfh brhlni. Woodcraft was
Uhable t makes respectable Hhowing,
hnr at the head of the Htretrn Hope-
dale and Leiov ma le a hemic eflbrtto
overtake the leader, anj considerah y
diminished the intervening strt at of
daylight. Pwyer woo, with 1r y
Becoul and Uopedale a fpoJ thiid.
A hurdle race c'oied the day's sport,
una it wuS au exciting finish, to. Thu
distance was one mile and one-eighth,
over Ave hurd'es, and theentiis were
Judge Jackson, Bocephalif, flop
fciiog and Claude Branncn. Tne
favoritts were Ja-kson and Bucepns
las, odds of 4 ti 1 being givu againet
BrenuoD, and 10 to 1 ageinet the
i nm per with the heathen name. Tney
took the first bnrd.e ait )gethr, and
aft.r naaainc the second e'raoif tint.
ore close upon t e htls o! the .tbr,
I . . .. ... ii l ..:r..ttM ;n
ttkmg ire nuiuina iwiujiuuj vmu
Claude Brinuon In
the l?ad, then
Jiuig9 .1-ickion, Bnctptialua and Hop
Sing. Brannon'a bo totn give out in
theii'at thrue quatterH, however, and
Biiri-ph.-.'na moved to the front, w n-
noutalv atlll Jlllffrt J.ICKRO'l SCC
ond. Hop ring tnird, Braniiori four ti.
New Ycuiphia Jockey Club lirouads, Muy
I, lsiv'.. ."ood day.
Jmlw-N ip. I 'oii lliil, John Overton, jr.,
y, i. W ard, l.u I" Hook.
Turn rt Chailtstitetn, R. Itochoaud A. L.
Trea Iwoll.
ti ii-in A. D. liibson.
yiBRT KA'ra
Lee Line purse, :!; all agls, .r which
iM 'o fceimrl. One mile.
J. B. Oray A Co.'s 0 c W uklof, 3 yrs.tlli:),
Reroli Mnggie Weid 1
Wm Mcliuican's b f Mary Ellis, 3rs. .).
L laps Sallia Howard 2
C. B. Long's b e Warlellow, i yrs, (H)
Lnngfollow-Warover 3
C. aVeattterford'iche Hoy Boy, 8 yrs,(lH2),
Uuirtormaster Alfredo 4
Pott (Mds.-Roy boy, i lo 1- Mary Ellis, 3
tel: Wii'Tlof, 4 to il W.irfi llow, i to 1.
Preneh wintaals. trlht. psid 17 10; plaee,
Mary K:li., 17; Wicklot. M.
Henry Laehrmann'e solin are, (KM;
of which t- somad ; horses anUrtd to be
sold for KW'; to carry woifht lor Me: I
poand allowed for ea.'h ll' ) down to
tlh then 1 pounds for each fltO leas. Ihree-
qaartora o a sail.
K (' P.l.'s e h lUroka. artil. (1011. Hen-
rr O TaJloo-S.llle 1'otweil. I
J. J. Ma.oa t Sou's h ta Eva K , and,
IIUH, J as atnraan-rJlie uuaweii z
Lomasney's tilk e McllowliDf, t yrs (ltC,
Tom Bowlinc-Lorenta.M. 9
C. 11 Petienaiil's eh in t.'uen K-ther,
smd. tt"3. Ituuillon Ulendallr 9
0. n. Bracaett's j t r.aock. 4 it' dim.
wik.; "
Lo-ifVr-iini:er l'ap o
Wy .po 'a b ( hoer t,siman. 4yr .si)
P;Corrian'. b mKosVeVriTS yrs i . " 0
K. f. rrin'a c lliue.t.ue,)rso'li,(ilca
A'hoi Uaneva .... o
p.i ;.-0.ueen l'.-ther, it to: lVavck,
ltftoi: JmiN.te, lnio 1; v-Hoiiti, s to
l XI, u"ti'"
i , i ; Kowdy Boy, ti 1. Kren. li muimtia
tr:ltt paii : ii; plai , Eva K., u l'is
ilci oaiiua, fit
, , ... T,".IR1)1ACK:.11 ,, , ,
IVahody.!!' tel tmndciip. ,'J)a.l!.di for
aa lian,i, . awUepstikr. j iei. h.
h:ilf torlV.i-, n. il it ' di clured ; we Vh' t.. h
Mnnoun, I'd Mur. h l dh . and de.-l.i' .l ot to
- tld" w " d'-ah".;
money : j7ll d i -d l.v the I r M loi" i ot 'He
l'i"""dy II nil : lie fcim .1 i" rc, ne -I'l,
and lite lii'rd O; ivtlu.era ot miy r:n o
th' i'.i lie of .-il'i or iipaiirJ, ill vr .h i
' , ,"'V, ':""r ; ''V !
p iirnm-e ot :ho wcilit-i, ro i-.irr, je i '.HiUkl-i
cxira. .U.lo iir.d one ix'.conlh,
R. C. l'atrs. ic, K.lit'.r. 5 yir . ilir,.
Kneiir r .Aliro Mirphy- 1
1). l.eiu.io'y'i'. b h, Lo-.airieH, ' t.irc.
Mini, L'niate.low-Aunio Mnloiu. 2
I'hi' Lew iii. 'I
.1. .1. CtiriiilyN e u a. llona".!. I aiira,
Hi). Joe llu ier M illie Hl-n. 0
Ed Corn-Tin's h I, II iii'e i ailil. , 1 years,
Cv'd. I. nalellow- o "turi II
Kit 0. riiten's b in, I'e.irl Jonntni.., 5
yeirs, UU'. I.i lai s-Alary How ird 0
J. K. lUi'helor's b iu, Princess. S ycira.Uoo)
Princeton Kx "ina 0
It. J. Lucas' h h, Puilio S, 4 years. (110),
Leinster Lithe Simpson 0
Time 1 :6t.
Pt,.i J('. Editor, fi to 1; Bnnnnsa. r to
1; 1,'inaview, In to 1; llattie Carlisle. 4 to 1 :
Pearl Jennings, 1 to 1 ; Princess, 12 to 1:
1'hiiipS., !.tol: Phil Lowe, 20 to 1.
Purse, 1100; ol'whi.'h81iltosoond; weight
for age; winner lourth race lirat day tocarry
h pounds extra. One mile and ao eixhih.
Kd Cotrigaii'a ohm l.iMle Dwver, 1 yrs,
U S, King Alphonso Lillre Duke 1
llopcdalc Stab bg llopedale, 4 yis, lir,
llnrrah-S.Unee -
J. S-CamplieU's b a Leroy, aged, US, Allen
Pinkerlon-Sou.- Heait 3
W. Maddux's be Wo. derail, 3 yrs, in.', Fcl-
loworali 1'oloma 0
lime 2:til'-
To t Odds.-Lerov, 7 I" 1 : Ho d le, 7 to
1; LUaiu Dwyer, I to : 'codcrll, Wto 1.
l'orso, s.' II; ol which i''l to fi c .nd; over
five Inn die- : three horse of dill'orf nt o vl'"S
to iturt or nc race; iihoul one milo oni one
sixteenth. . ,
J. J. TompVins A Co.'s h a 11 iceihnhu,
5 yrs HIT'. War Danex-IS'nst ok 1
Pullord Jt Troy's o g Judge Jackson, aged
il4Vt. Uiickden-.M-agie 2
Jon tinker's hi ' lloj fcinu, 4 yrs U4i'o,
Virgil-Martin , . . -
Falls CitrMnble'a b g Clsude Braniiou,
uned (117) llifken-Magnolia 0
Time ;iH,
taiifs Faraphalni.C too; Judira daok
loa.tito oi Hop Sing, 1(1 to 1; Ulaude llrun
non, 4 to 1.
TavUav's Kvfule.
I'.M Haw One-hall mile. Belle
Ilroeok, $in; Tlavthlng, tf7t Zorn,
,onV Ao" tine mile and one-sixteenth.
Modesty. "; Punka, I7; Top'oy, I0; Col
eridge,.; It'd 13u-k,lMi Oirotto, 2; J. C.
Ouster, tJ; Myitle, l.
THrH : . Uerhy, one tnila and a half.
Jim Hray, ll; J, II. l'enlon, Ml; Punnins,
i'u'irll ffo.v Three-4 .arter mile heatl.
Phil Lewi", Dili; Ligun, l 'i Pnrton, M5;
Iini'k,M'; Mordaunt, S2.
J-illh : Purie r?ir0; of which J'nl to
fecond; seliine allowances, b'.r-o ent.rod
to be sold for til ': to esrrv weight li.mee:
1 pound allowed 1 ir.iich (Hi tu jlissi, then :(
pounds lor e di ;iito ifliKi; usual soiling
co'.ilitioi.s. Scvoi furloni'S
Eiitiiei will clnieat ! o clock t til - m-rn-Insr.
nt the tr ick, and nn'ls will be sold at
the umihI hour nt the traci on tint riiT.ns
'JTrnc.'i t nth
Triis id Dct'ov Duy. "
Tue dust w at terrible.
A ico i i jwJ yesterday.
Tiik trains w.rj on tim",
Tns"t;ay U!i0t" fjvjt there.
F.-ee'a- il won't rnu ibis nirfeling.
Fnrn.EKN boor.makors at $100
Rowv Coy was UO lo I, with ftw
SiloriT horsts were extsns voly
The St. LouiB crow J backed E lit .r
This French piails dldts't Uke well
WiCatujK won easily. It was a
piatty racnu
A mw etifl iios would do the
fockeys good.
Thb bookmakers are howling about
the hqjb prices. '
Him Uonnoba, Uie tuiddle-weig'it,
took in tha apott.
CoaatoAN took Pearl Jennings's ile
feat very ronch to tMtsvrt,
Caff. BiiWt:M, wautel to bat ou
"afenpl-haee" yesterday.
Ol Zaa Wabo if Little Rck was
io th, jaJgsw' t!l yaatffiday.
(Jot. NAWLiort Hill latklexl the
eandwich connter for half ai hour
Chaiksaji Si.AfurrraKwaslhijre.bnt
eiys he never bet a cent eicep. on
A iKDiors stun worries and disttitsts
the crowd more than aaything e se
even losing.
Nsvatoh Gamvin and Gen. Qoiglf y
shu np shop both daya, They kept
bo'h eyes ou the string.
Thk mici ar two high, The
crowd wou'd be innch gnver if they
were half the present tanO
lir.y John Hcott of the L'lilev'Ue
and Nmoville says his Ligbinlng Ex
priaas ip a falter and surer thing than
Maj. O. M. Puck et j lyed the lux
nrv rt wetrinirtie onlv ilo'thle-hriasi-
ed, fly-back duster on the ground. He
kept it bnt'oneu over nis vest pc-caem,
TnHhB will b at extr rAt:o on the
programme to-diy, a s li ng purse of
eeveti furlong', lh e .triwe to which
will close this morning at 1) s.'u. at th i
It is sold that Princess will not eat
mu vital nnless fed by her trainer.
Should be leive her for a night she
pares Ut r stable like a caned bird un
til his reuira.
Clkspkhniso would mAke a bat foil
sMllitnf tios II its piedictions nr out
i fJnnd, v n-irht wnte all verified Mon-
I ',y. h-ig the at 'i t of ibe A'sositt-d
j r(bhg an I knows his hii-oncm.
j . . .
- ' "I a....
Two ear load
lioru.is at i
of ex
A F ut
:a rji'i e1 mil
:' M a c l.V.
V, ri'-.e s'r.ct.
Mrs. Wni'li'v
iii. mid always n
are cutting teoih
siiUerers at once
s Sinitliiiio; Syrup
used when cbiMrcn
It relieves the little
: it. 'produces nctiira!,
lelieviti'' the child
I the little chortili
quiet sleep by
Irom rain, an
awakes ns "briitht as a button. H is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best know n remedy
for diarrho'8, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
fivf cent a lotfle.
Soleaa Blfk at St. Petei'e
CoatBiltteet App dated-t.rand
Basqaet fo-JilthU
The delegates. neti and Memphis
bTiLcheaXoe. 28, 35, 177 and 4'VJ,
Catholic Knighte of America, met at
the Knights of lot isfail Hall yester
day morning at ! o'clock and pnsed
an hoar pleasantly in conversation, in
troductions and listening to recita
tions snd mmlc by pupils nf tha Chii?
ttan Bmthor' College. At 10 o't l x'k
a m. tht y marrlifd in proce.-wion to
Su Ptt r's Chutchi where t siIhuip.
hiuh mas4 was stiiitj by Urv.
Ft'hers Nioomen, asaiHtrd by Ki-v
Father F;ojd and A'oraa bh t'ea
con and enlil'a on, alter whic:i
the P.'V. Fat lif r Lilly aiM e'.'ed
the Knights t some leeg'h en the
r.rjjct of Catholic Kuightl.o .-d, its
ivrtngi s and rcnu ruiiciit;'. S;.
P. Wi'h choir, P. of. Wink or musical
director sn l ntginie, ri-mli :i d the
trraia in b i n'iful r-tyln.
TliH C'tnncil C iniititMicril work al
1'2::0 o'clock p.m., epp intnl Cm
mitten n Crmieii'iu'a Ii!!ovt:
ilt-mra. T. J. SI i '. th K-v. T. C.
MiDoll and I.. K"l'.tniiti, tl.fil gd-
j 'urn:d nst I '.' o'clock p.m.
Th"C. uutil tint a'. 2 p.m., uln.tp,
a ol tl r prnyar p.otteeded to tutsinei-M.
r'll'enll ami "r -ailing r.f iiiiuules of l.it-t
C uiui'.aiUr which lo tern of re, re, rt
nat being able to be prene't,
were read irom the lit Ksv. Biehoo
Kidemncher and the Hon. Wm. h.
Klae!l, supreme preeidint. The re
poil of Slate Pros'dint W. J. Condon,
was then rea l aud adopted. Reports
8'ate (Secretary and Treasurer John
e,nard were read and refeired to tbe
Audiiing Committee. Standing com
miit es fjr the ensuing year were
then appointed by the Sine
PrwtidiMir, after which tie
Conncil adjourned io meet this mo r
iig at 8 o'clock. The chairman of
Reteptton and Invitation, C. John
son, then announced that canines
were in wnititig t c nduct the dele
iritps slnut ti e cify. The gno' ti wore
drivoit tJ points of itttnieet and
etmptid aining nil er pljCA at the Ten-n-wieo
Brewnrv, a id Mt t'ie houses of
Ui s-n. M. (javiu icid M. Ke ly ; at eat h
of tifse resiili nufi elepant iepuH
w-re PTVi'd, acoiupaui,d by liquids
of the finest otder.
The gneittnra highly pl-asod with
the boipiialiiy extcr.tlt'd by the
Memphis Knights.
The Council w ill allnud a rc()iiiem
maw for their late secretary, M. S.
tJme, at Ht. Peter's church, at 10
o'c'onk this morning, will wmk the
remainder of the day and to-night will
inert at tbe Merchant's Exchange and
at ! o'clock Vo to Meister'a to a general
lejtilon and banquet. Members ot
the order holding ticket! will present
,aTie at the door.
JntWi mi.v, F.-n , nn.l Capl. Pick
Tru'v of Virksliiir are hi re in attend-
nnee on the racen.
Mav Movsk. E-i., ii Ari'oln, uinl
Col. Joe Wilczmeki' ot 'ireenville,
Minn., are here to see Hm flyoi'fl.
( I no. ;i: A. V.SU AsDi.kw lliM'K.iii' ii
of IImm eit;; nre iiliniit In leave f"r
lliazil, ''rtVinu' received Infornmtioti of
tl", tleatli of a relative, ho left tin
, lniiiii nse fortune.
I .1. 1'. FiNSiK and wife, iieeoimianied
I 1 v their ilaiiL'htetK, 1 1 1- Misses Ame in 1
la nl Annie Finnic, ii ! Mix Anna;
1 l'miices, will leave lo day lor a live;
months' t ur of Europe,'
Cait. .Iok Si.mk of Ml. Louis, one
of the pioneers nf Hie cotton-seed in
ilustrv, is ntteinling the Cotloii eel
CrusheiH' Convention. Mr. l.oui
S"auer of the Unfmre Mills of Virks
hnrjl is also lu re on the miibi- hie-i-nest
MlSSM CaHOI INA AMI Eld, 4 S'i'KA r-
M as have been selected to represent t he
May queen and Columbia at the Mai
l'est, and they have conseiilrd to acl,
Mi.una Annie s d V illie Schorr Wll
be. maids 'A li.mor. This bevy of
nn'tty nianletis will present a ciiarm
Ing sight.
Mw. . V. Habmisos (better known
ns Hunk Harriwrn) in niinouncod to
day as a candidate for Jteistrr. Ho
is a siicpejisiui mraier, who in wen uuu
favorably known to the people of
Shelby county. He is a man ol high
character and line hit iness catweity
and pleasing address, and, if elected,
will make a first class .lb!itcr in all
Tns Vmiilerliilt Jnnurjnre (kirn-
tiany will hold Its minimi election for
directors to-day. Tho following ticket
will prolmbly bo elected: John Over
ton ir . W. S. Brown K H. Vance,
W. IT. I lorton, F. M. Norfleet, 1). W,
Flv. A. S. Liverraoro. Thos. 11. (!hil-
tin. John W. Voeircll. W. B. Gales,
L Iawborn, Marcus Jones and Den
nis .Smith
Tit") following were regihtnrod at
tlm Travelers' tJltlb yesterday: Ed
KealM. Ark: DrtleoT Ellis, Mihri; W
O C Urea-ham, Mies; J H f.eway, Ala;
JW Houston, Ala fi F Craig, Ala:
M V. Dent. Misa: J N Jonos. Ark; J W
IVtit, Ark: J P. Monro, Ark; Miss
' -a lit I I . f A
Moo e, Arit; J w s.pi inni, a j ji
Morton. Tenn: W 11 (taruthers. Miss:
J 1. Sink, Miss; 11 B Turner, Miss;
Vallie Werner, Ark; ) H Hoberte,
Ark: Chas Wallace. Ark; J T Mer
ri"o, Tenn; Will Williams, Tenn;
K Honk, citv: A T llockle, city; A
LCrow, Mirs: W It Bowen, Mis; 11
lMils, Ky; .TMSiln, Tenn; W C
Hhttckleford. Miss; J M Calhoun, Miss;
Jno K Green. Tcnn;J W Brown,
To tin W W Schoolficld. Tenn ; J II
Parrish, Tenn : E A Dieksun, Ark ; R
A l.'ohins, Ark; M E Bunger, city
In order lo Introduce the Alabama
Splint Coal In tola market, It will be
delivered at .'105 pi'r barrel in city lim
itH, It has ro s'ip'i r
Cincinnati, M .iy 4 Xigl t -liivr
1?, f.c S in.rhi-s on the k'nig') end
tilnnt B!a:i'.nary, Weaiher j ear and
Saw OhLBANS, Miy 4 Nit'li'
Arnviii: . ' 1 1 v tlon-mM, Ci' ei' - i
T s.-jsiir t st : Ciiy of Biton R iii,-.e, c.
Cn:o, Mav 4 Night Ri'-er 2")
foei 7 inches rn di" k i.i'' a n' hdli 1 1-W'aa'i-'
t cloudy i ml wnrm. No arriv
als or dHiiatturei r 1 ro nl.r pa. ki-ls
l.oi vii.k. .M.iy 4. - NT;J t-Hivfr
f t 4 iuihes in Ibecsnal and in 11
ti e- 2 inches on the tang" and fdlliug.
BiuiiuB) fair. Weather clear and pleas
rn'. Kvansvillk. Mav 4. Night River
hvlini, i'b 10 feet 6 Inches on te
gang". Wfa'her warmer; tuermom
tar 45 t 57. Departed : Ohio, 1 p.m. ;
CoidingS ar, 3 p.m.
With telr-Measurlng Cards, sent ey mall on application, roti can nava a nw tor oigsnxrva i
madebysendlngiuanoldonetousaaureby. WRITaJ i'OR OUR PRICES. 1
F -a.1al1S,l.l.. Froprle-I
Jl Kt rt, Ins. J
iemphis Steam Laundry,
234 BilCJIVD STilEEr.
Wr have tha Litest Inn r o od Troy Laundry Com.iany's Machinery.
( OLLt!t i WI S atiil SHUVD'N Lumidriril l'.qttal to v.
Vl'illrhi aiirneilonn.
An n 'o ih . iii . ny iit'r.4c'inii!ii'llerit.l
al fi" M.i;l 't lint i. hietii' i; met
will ll.tiir in p i n .ii-ly. Tluro is
a hoy' e'iiN, u pii'i'' cl.'t", young
lsdiea' il si aul g-iitlfnij-n'si c'a ,
end tiie wiiitiem in cn'li cIb h will In
awai'detl hrfniUo'iie nnd co-i'ly irizea
SLallri. dntnhbclh', r'uhs. ho-:, mttil
ba", pHtallel bats, toe una I linrse and
big horse) will lie tistil, heeidw high
fare and s'nfl jtinipirg. The tier
mania Clnb tiat soveiai eicee llugly
active young men among Its member,
and their giacefnl end durin;; H'hletic
feats are ant in intereet a id please all
vitilo-s. Thi'Mi esticisnri will lave
place during tie a'tnrnoon and should
be favoied by v' Urea h Inndance.
TravrlrsKt Club t:nterlaliiiui'stf .
The llr-.t annual nnleiltioinetir of
the Memphis Travelers' Cmb will te ,
given at E tiv.-tl Pirk t'.tis i.veiinn.
I'r f He-ntati ArviM, tnificsl ib
r clor. aA n ed liy hh lull i).!liwtra,
ei;niliiin d with t iat of Pro'. E Kiel
horn's nt L-minvi l'rt.f H Kieh
horn, cornet sil.it. Prof. t' i. Pit.
Winkler, lii'eeior f ehnrns. l i e In
dieo tf th" WiiuiHti'ji Chti t;.iu hi
cialion will m rve Htipt'f.s sn 1 refrenh
ments on ttie giennds duripg tho
ever ill'.
PAiir i.
Toucan Overture A. Nelhig
Sel,iei oox Oneen's La. e ll.iiuikeri'hiel
Willi the t"inpeat...Solo l'..r l!s- und Chorus
A Night In tlninadii Kreuter
Potpourri Mikado A. bullivau'.i Oieru
Cornet Solo Hoaaiahrauce o Hiiguu.. II . oil
Prof. 11. Ki hhorn.
Int.rval nf Ten Minutes.
Niagara Overture E. Boeltgar
Let Me Like a Soldier Full M allace
Vo. nl Solo Mr. H. 1). lliitton.
SoloclloB- I'rnui (he Merry War.
.loh. Strauss
All Hail Hie Nohlo Victor ..Auh.r
Urnod t hoin;i Iroui M.i-iaoii l'u.
Irlih Patrol Chf. Pueiuer
llrnud Nii'ioiinl Mnlody Potpourri
Iniro'iicing liixinunil Arsuusan 1'raveler.
To Conclude with llrnnd ll"p.
Hie Appinl I!IC.!Hi'mv' 1 e'IH'
t'o the K'lilorf oi the Ai'psiil :
CoiriMU. Ml M.iy il. The Ac
ne u bus iilwriys ilecliireil j'lohiliitniv
iiiiiiir laws to be uncuiistiluliiiniil
and niiili niociatii', luruuse they pl'o-po-oil
t i dii latot'i the l iti.cn cnll
erniiiL'what be shuuld, ol shouM
nut, cut an. I drink
Under the lic'iding of "Oleonuir-
jiiriiie and l!uf t'-r, the A Ti al uses
this liuiguage: I insiipui'ioiiHgiii mhui
should subject tlioM- wiio sell it to (he
pains mi. I penalties llial oiiglil to ue
iHileit upon all wlio impose iin
wh'ilesnnie food upon the public."
W the Afi'KAl. siule, lor tne
enlighteniiieiit of Ihe public, why a
cili.eit should he prevented from
biivieg oloomni'gariiie or any other
nasty food Hint dialcis ciin make
money by milling, any "'ore than
po sou w hisky and hoei V
Is leomarsuriiieany moreileis'ptivi'
as to its t'Uects for harm to the person
who eats it. than to the one who
ilrinkstho vile Htutl usiuilly sold over
the counter of a saloon ?
Dops the tra tic in olismutrifiu me
have so much greater demoralizing
effect upon society tlum the liquor
t rattle, thai dusters in it vbouui te
nnnlahcdbv law, while dealers in lmd
liquor aro protected by law-
Will the
Appeal give tiu unequivocal, logical
answer to theso quefrtions.
ri'he Apikal answers Mr. Xew-
comb that it la opiswiid to Uie eale of
oleomargarine an it wouiu lie oppoeeo
to the sale of iwltiltcnite-i B"ipir,
splees, flour, inenl or any other article
ol food. For the same reason It is
opposed to "tloctorad" whisky una
"cheap and nasty wines." P.os as-
Ci.onimo iiriees of Juno options ut
Chicago yesterday; Pork, $!i Kijlard,
5 Oft C. R. H .U'-'le, eoru, iicte;
wheat, 80J.CJ Oiits, ai'.c
VisiToii on ()hani;i yesterday: A
P. Hamilton, John II. )avis, I,. U-r
man, Athens, Ala.; E. It Hill, Mem
John Tavlor. Nashville; W. II,
Keruir'-M. Town Crees, Ala ; Dr. .1. .
Ellis, W. C. C. (jreshflin, It T,
WriKht, T II, Morton, Booneville,
visix ; Tims M. Ward. Hillshoro
At., .',,! I (' l-ruin Clnrendon.
Ark.; B IJ. Shore, tiiillnway, lenn.;
J. W. Tate, K. M. Jones, Bolivar,
Tenn.: W. A. McMuirav, Van liiiren
Ark.: Jno Clinton, .1. A. Morton,
Brownsville. Tenn.; W. I'. Temple-
N..U ork: J. II. ispeti'tr,
Martinsville. Va. ;
Jno. Lynch. Col
llorville. Tenn. : J
B. Moore, Green-
biinr, Ark.; E IL Sublet!. St. Louis,
Mo,; ('. E. r.illingsley, Gn-cneville,
M iss. .
Clintoii B. Sears and wife to' Kut.
P. Bowles, lots 1 1 and 1 1, Fieetiinn's
subdivision, north hide Mississippi
avenue, for ji '.
W. I. I'x'tlicl to V'lliliT I'lllker, lots
7 Mild S, block lis, Cau.'-ey street, for
ii;.") .it.
1 ia - T lil.ici's.
S. P. Wal. it i in! wife to Mint' r
Parker, rustre, to secure ih' ''to
I'.iiililiii'.' mi'l Loan A -validation in Hie
Mini of i ilKM, lot !, Smith it titiion's
subilivi.-ion, not lb ride Court street.
tM'orjm I. niice to l iiilev Cro-,
lot i , block IH, north side Chiipiii
avenue, for 1 1 0.
I. mint M Utiles i tnl to A. B. Hid,
I ru.,tee, to secure William E Allen in
thu sum of JiilslO, part of bloct li ,
west side Kansas avenue, H'Ox'-'oO feet.
Joo P. Carey ami w ife, and M s
Lizzie M Davids to Caroline Bauer,
parts of lots 7 and 8, block 10, Butler's
divi ion, for tiKXk
( .) PT RE VI Alt'"' V ill bo i il I for the r.i
O 'co.ery ot tho io 1 ol i-nc lieo. ,Me
Ktiiirht, win. Hi'l dioiv :e.l ' I illn trtro'i ail
ii-ai'.ri ui th -I . I'otevant street,
Jlond.i, Ai -il J ih.
I'll .1 "111.1,1'.":. n y!i.-n .
Ol i in A"o. "'-I SoeorJ itreet,
Memphis, lenn.,
OltVr far sula Ihe 'ollowinir ehoi-e property,
terms on which will he inado known at their
No. SS Msdis.m Street Kle -nni new tw
slo.y biick rvidrnc. Ld i7,l-,lH'll feat rm
aouiheast i ornet of M adison stret and fisn
ullev east id' Hi 1 d atrret. Kiaht la at
rooms and til modern improvcim nta. ReuUI
value, tl'Ki per month.
Price, ISMaJ.
Country Home - Well Itupniied. e'erea
acres land, hutise of a!x rooms, necessary
outoouses, orchaid, ' plendid well, bsautiful
lawn and lorn-t aroi e in Irootot heua; new
ma'adam road aliout CNCipli ti'il to the etir-
on north side ol I clou aven it, l' miles
vast of tho city
Price, Slot".
No. llTo lluale Stroet I'liri-.toiy frame
residmicti. lol t.ults loot, ten lurira rooms. In
good repair. Itcnnil value, n per month.
I'ti. o. $!''" '
No. 2-V1 Williiigloii Mn-et- Twn-s'orT
flame reddence, o po-i'0 W. I), llelhsll
r. riden. e, tl.ht rooms, in Rrs'-clasa rondl
lion nnd conionivn ly arranged ; lot tdxIT.i
1-r oe.JIJHl.
A very dtairahl" lioiise, corner cf Alal.niua
sirt-et and'l h .niton avenue, sn.4 of and ad
ji.iniinf the Wolior pla.n Two-'tory inline
rtidilotii'i, nine toouii', in good repair, two
Urge cIMorns; lot ennui i.i ahont ail acre of
Price.. H'aS).
Doub'e Tsutmenl Frame one Miry Hnaaa
Nos. :.7Saud Miu Vun.'e lrs-'t; -oren riwima
t-aeh, In good repair; lot olixttrt feet. Rental
vsluo, '' per manlh.
l'ri.-e, or J O'H) for either teaument.
The M.sliul.sr Pl.-e- North side of Fraaler
betweon Wellington and Lonlsrdale street a;
house of eight rooms, In gi,l repair; M
iMaW feet. , ,
Price. CKSO
Aa Elegaut Adams Strset Re'iJooe Nwar
Manai sas slrset.
No, !t12 Jeff rsnn Srreet, hclween Lauder
dale and tltliaus etiects Two story frame
re i.li'ii.'O. t. n roajns. iuirnod repair, all mod
ern iinproioineu ; lot .'17xllH foot. Keutat
value, f.l'i pot nionth.
Price. f-Vasi.
Four New Coltauoa Nim. 172, 174. I7H and
l,s tirleani street beiwcen Midlenn and
Monroe st erla, three rooms audi ; lotll'xliK)
feet; i . r ili sir.ih'i' lor iitcch iniea. Rental
vul u,i. air, (inch .
Pi li e, Jlixio. ach.
No, 71 Calhoun street, near Main -Frame
eotiage, ihe r .jins, buill la.'t year. Keulal
iiilii", i-Mi'i-r monih.
Price, t.'iisi.
Lot V.'i, on wen. solo ol Auction oquura,
.l.xoi f;et. Vri,.c. nnsi.
Lot liln, on outli sidiiol Auction Square,
:i7xT.r. lual.
Price, HU.
Soiilli hull of lot - 'J, on ot ide Second
sireer, betwei'ii Ovcr'on and Concord streets,
,ii'l4s lect, with "mull h.."-o.
Price, Sliasl.
Lol 7, III 1 lock 1.1, ou west side of Shelby
stri.'-l. lielivccn Linden and Ponto'oc slroats.
iiilii leet. this lot fronts on Shelby and
Clinton streets.
Price, .Mm.
No tl lb ward's row, or onion stroot, 2fxlisy
fest. tliVii slory brick storrhotiaa, in good
repair. lUnlul vn'iie, t per moniu.
i rice, aK..-'
laVi lots, each huiliig a front of no feet by
dtn. Ih of ITU l"t, frniitioR on Calhoun,
l lay, Webster and Heotgla streetji.
ITIce !' to S "I l'"r iron i"o.
-ji l.,.(w coilijl feet aaoh. frenttlitf oa Silf-
farans. Loonev, Ewing and Manss-asatreeta,
la Ninth ward. , . '. ,
ITIce, l-l TO io lir irunii'.o..
Lot Ml, on wost side of Maio street, 74x1411
lad, botween Winehoeter an.i aarasw
street. Will ba sold at a barrala.
Lot 4,'si, sonlhwest corner of eBj aad
Bycamoro streets. 148x14 fset.
I i .'a,, a' -'-
I .1 nsiR. aiartheast corner of OraHea aa
Third strceta, 14Sxl4H feet.
l-rin. S I"H .
U...U.1.A.... tit JaSeeaAa block, nil. ZsT-
Haoond ttreel, one of the t,k,,''"?J
tha cltyi I'Oir siories, irao uwu'., .i.iv
Ren.a lor II M ,.h.
rns eoe. . ,
RLnra IV, Raala slroeU lot U taot. rasa
deora aat from snutheaet eerncr al Beakt
and Desoto streola. twa-etory brink loojs
with hellebore. rtesUlvalue Jc aaoBta.
Dwelling-houa No 4fil Pontotoa atraetl
baa I rooaig In good repair, Ra oAaal wJw
Uii per moatu.
Price. tPkrl.
T. ,ii k-.u i..ih aid tlanvSraa Street.
Irst block eaatol Main street i 4 .pwaM assdl
k't. hens; can ba uaad as a deabla-Maeaets.
Rent 11? per mare n
Dwelling honsa No. 110 Alabweaa seei.
two-story Iratuat has v roaiw. ien ""tSi
leet, near oorner ol mil sinsei.
per month .
Price. fJ0. , ,
House of :i rooms, lot Mat1 feet, en Bort
side Broadway etroat. eest of Misauaipai
avonue. Ront 7pjr month.
Price . t.7.i.
Double leaemeot dwellin h","e. No. m
and 2.IS Llnd. n stroet. No, XiH h is 9 roosag
and house No 23" liar rl rooms In geod rapail.
Lut ;wl SI leet. Rents 4 per month.
Price, IVSW.
Brick store-hoase, and rooms sBitahla for
residenes on socotid floor. No 1M rieaa
aire. .1, .'i2 feet. Rent 3S per month.
Hood staid lor raia'l grocery store.
Price. I MK).
M lleaolil'ul Building Lots, of one and two
aire, en.'h, in Claibr ok -ubdu ision, onj
miles i-l of city, between I'nlon avenue and
Pupii" dreei . at Irom las) to V' 0 Kt acre.
Lot on sout iwesl conur of Adams ana
M.iiias streo s. mixl-'sl leet.
Price. $sl par font.
Lot on Puss aveiiB". in Dawson subdi
vision, all P r I t; and lot on Jeff rsoc
atiect. ifcinerof Wnnasa a, a' 125 per fool,
and in varluiia o'h r parts of the oil v.
Call anil ei'i ine ourlia s Weoltsr sorai
ptiecuil bnr.aina, and will tuke pleaaare II
shoe ing i ioporiy to parties wanting to boy
either lor building purpose or as intesi
gaauts. Title porioot. Abntrno furnished
;4 t'ro'itl wrrfwt
i vl'silt MILE I'l OVS AVP 11 'ARD
I V "'Vlwl.' . '. ' 4S '"
i . inti .i t. -i ue. tw' I'liii taa
und bo ird n par wxt
- 1 1 ,-- W il''
1 )i)ti'.
AM) in .W:i - Newly luinishod.
1.1 .Ma
1. ,,t st'e.'t
' -I l
i II
1 i'l
1 ro.
wii'l or without
,ri ":r
';. w ll lt,B ' omf rlrthlo hurtles
ill's Irt.l t 11 ? .ic.'oi'imo.liltioB
t irr ally to f eir a-,v.ii.ta;o to
I', Ik iioii-c. .Vsi Seen I street,
w.li l e iv 1 c.irc, for a. less th.irr
v 'th
n 1 1 1
T iiii-i- I I I
0' vll.it til
uruai le
I i.i
W. I'OLK, Vanagor;
t ii iims AMI 1,0 A nn ' cslrh e room
1 V and cur I a' "2 M ihson atteet.
1 'IAK0 W.th ox .el lent room,
l') l.'i adams STPryT.
ft NICE Hoioas, turnihedor nnturnished.
' w"l, or it'l"ilt b"a-d. ' I'W Vadison St.
'Kil I'.rgt) nn'urnl-hed roorvs, with or
a itri-ut buaid, al m .oaaiaoo suae I, oor
ner Tfcird
Htttl aVMM IO. t" IkNaa-d itiU-gi

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