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iaoakxTllt.Kew (irleiaaii'aBd Tnaa K'v
IimI iCn llui HSC, passenier trains on
tin rca-i will run as fo.lo. s :
Sou.h. Korth.
4 :) .ni! :l a.u
: p.ml 7:i!l a. in
10 :M p.m; 4 :' 7 .ni
1 Hit a.ui 1 :11 a.m
2:t a.m 11:16 I'. PI
6:: J a.ml ' p.ta
(1:14 a.ml "'I p.ta
:'U a. n I 5:ii p.ni
Memphis .............
Lu,a B
Lai.nd C
Vickiburg; D....
UAruoa K
m ..F
X .h-i.-n- H ....
A With all ltnei entering Memphle.
B-With M. N. W. K. K. lor Ileiena.
C for Greenville and Huntington, and all
Arkansas point".
V-With V. M. and V 8. k P. Railroada.
K-Wiib N., J. C. B. R. for Aatch.a end
Jaokaoa. .
S far Pmbu as tba Branca.
With auaiaara (or Bayoa Sara.
1 Wk r-ilroedi diverging for Florida,
Txee acd Coast pointa.
JA8. M. KDWARDS, V. P.andG. M.
M. BURKE, General Sup't.
A. J.iLN A PP. B. P. A.
Ittwrllitliul llaalnpl ,.,
ley. Trnini move aa Mlowi: No. I (tut
Una dally) leave at 10:00 a.m. No. 2 leavea
at UMfm. daily, tit. Lonii fajt lina
leave daily at 6:3U p.m. An. 7 (last Una
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m. Mail and ai-
K arrival daily at Ktlna.m. Bt. Louii
t Una arrive, aaily at 8:00 a.m.
lolavlll. aod PJaahvlll. Train
neve a follows t Fat mail arrival daily at
fctlna-o).: leaves at 10:10 p.m. t mail leaves
i-lly a 10:M a.m.; arrive at t:00 p m.
Browaiville aacninirniatiom laavai daily1
ioait Sunday, at 5:00 p.m.; arrival dul y.
sc.pt Bnadat , at 8 a) a.m. titandard tiina).
laaaaslppl oad Tinamwl, Fat
mat) train loavrs daily at 4 :1I0 p m. t arrival
at 0:46 a.m. Local freight leaves at A:40
a.m.; arrival at 4:80 p.m. Freight trnin
ria. h and run tri wiekly. o. ti leaves
Memphis Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
atrrnpbl itinl Little Kock Trains
move ai follow (central itandird time):
Ho. 1 leave daily nt A:& I'.ro,; arrive at
VM p.m. Mi. S leave ut ft;,V, a.m. : arrive
at 'M a la. No. 5 Ureiidit) leaves lloiH-rinld
daily (moeptbaadiy) ul ti. 00 a.m.; arrive
at 7:10 p.m.
J1tiuplifa und 4'liDrloalnn Trains
move a follow'1: Thr"UKh epren k ivr
duly at wrJi p.m. Mull unl cxito. loi.vcs
dairy at 9:10 a m. l-o.nt-rville a iuiii.o.I.i-
ttoTi level daily, eii-ept r-uniiiiy, ut 4:'I0
p.m. I hronafi mx rreF arrive timiv ki n
a.m. M ill and exin afire iltiily nil :.kj
.ai. btMnerviikt afotunHi'intiun iirriva
n'T. ex'-eel Hun Jifcv, nl h -i 't . in.
tvnM Hoiiiev (Uniiatta liy, niirlnir.
flcl.l atiil ilcmixiii.) J rain lonva M. und
T. depot n tul oh: No. 4, Kiima I ity r
preii, leavej at 10:4A a.m.; No. 3, Kunx'i
tJity eitrn4. arrive ut 3:-4i p.m. No, 'J,
Kn5a Oiiy ini learei utrt:(m p.m. No. 1,
Hannti Oily mail, urr.ve ut H:i!t a. in. X.'o.
a. rt . Li'ui in'! Oliirrmo fitTe". leave at
Attn p.m.; No 1, M. l.oul und Chii'inoex
pea, arrive at8.4'ia.iu. In effc t hundiiy.
April U.IMI.
Memiaihle, ftlnnlniclinni ami Allnli
HoIIv Hprinri Kmile-Train move a
follow: No. 1 leave .Mrinrhi daily at S:4.'i
p m. ; uriire nll'iilly tiirinm at 6:30 p.m. :
No. 2 travel lfaly Sprint: dully at 0:10
a.m., arnv t Memphi at II :1!p a.ui. I No.
olnftvwa Akoiphii daily ut 7 : ) p.m., arrive!
at Holly Hpriuir at 11 :W P. in.; No. ti leave
liialy riprinr daily at 3:30 a.m.', arrival at
lampbl( at Hi'l") a.m.
Fur Wtiirtn Flmidii, Alahamn, Mittin
mppt, lA)uiima und li'xiu, fair
itnafur, tiatiimary Umprutmr; wind
tar Arkatm Fair uxnthcT,ftlhiivl
ty local mint. No decided chmg in U rn
perntwr; tWi gmerall: xmthi'il;.
For Ttnntmrt, fair wither, idnlionarg
Ufirattirt; mind jeiura,lti mlhirly.
Hterlna;lrHl Hrpnrl.
MraFHia. Tm., May 4,
liar. I Tlicr. rwimriMt'liior
7:00 a. in
11:00 Km
8:00 p.m
V:00 p.m
10:00 jvm
til .0
78 0
70 0
Oud r
2" l)-4."
Maximum UimwrHtum. 79.0,
Minlmnm tmtx;rntiirc, fill.O.
Kainfall, .00.
Oconn, 11 m., 1.
All olwHrvatioiiB ro Uktn on 75'
meiriilian ti mo, which iunnti hour iiHtcr
ud focal time.
la lb 'lioa KiIob,
HjttHAk Bkutici, U. 8. AitMT,
Mat 4. 1880-5 D m. I
Di flHron ol teUinrauu and tppotU (or
tba beneilt ( commerce and aRrionl
tartv. Cotton rugion bulletin lor t ha
twentr-Ionr boora bdiIIuj May 4tb, 5
rinra p.HV
a s?h a Ho p.
Mwnphha 70 R .00
HaehTlDo 82 52 .00
Grand Junction 81 52 .00
OoriatB 83 47 .00
TuBcrvmbia 80 50 .00
Decatar ........ 80 50 .00
ioolteboro 81 .46 .00
EiteeTlUf...... 84 M .00
Hernando 80 50 .00
U re njida. ..... 80 4U ,(X)
Arlinirton 82 47 .CO
Hrownsvillu......... 8t 51 .(0
Milan ................ 85 51 .O)
laris ..... 82 51 .00
CoTiiiRton..M,m. 83 52 '00
Dyemburg 84 49 .00
Bolivar 82 50 .00
UnUySprijiKS-.-. 81 56 .00
Uaai5 82 65 .00
Horn ........ 1550. TO8 ,0t)
MfaM)H 82 51 .00
lHirby Diiy at tho ract'R.
- Prnntumin' concert and hop to-
Tim wluilo town t'Hik in the rarori
BuHimwa virtually suHpt'tidcd at
tile Court How).
Tba Ptiaaid t Club had a pionic nt
ExtivaJ Hitrk limt nij-ht.
The Catholic Kninhto will Imva a
grand baaquot at MeiHtiT's to-night.
St aw hUi arc ripe, but, souieliww
or anotUrr, are not nonnrally phickcd
ao far.
It ti ixinmioiily reported that
Robinson's c.tivuii took ilP.Ootl from
Uio city.
Spring' dulijfhtx, whifh are now
rcvivinp, incltulo he ftiiry airy mos
quito wh'ch is maling itwlf felt in
many leil roonis.
YenU'rday was a great and niiHu
eioiis day for tho hook-ninkem "Kv
ery doj? '.is bin day" though these
are not d. tltiyH.
The river is divlininu at the rate
of an inch tin hour. At this rate
Hopi'lit-liI l'.iint will come the top
in about, .'(ibt tlay.
The tondiii') i of Mine. I.on, the
trupe.i pi t.'. inner w ho wtm njuivd nt
the ei rents .M unliiy niaht, wan reported
mora favn.'ii'jle I a.-1 nilit
Tho nnnual ret-eption at fho
Jlit'.reh Orphuiis' Home - ill he held
lhi ttfteriiojii nt 4 o'eloek. All
friends ar.' cordially invited.
Tim odors liivvailini; tiround town
nre not tt'lof 'Anil v the blent." They
allni'd tjr.t'- opjiorttniitieN f r 7,'al oa
the purl i tho utiiUny ullieens.
The ft 1 ptrv.idinjr dust h.ts made
its apier.'net! with vlie llowi-K tlntt
bloom in lltu tptiiiL, aud, like tin in,
nu dri eitlii raui.lJi.il or an urtiiirial
Ono of the liiwea of No. 1 ui;,'!ne,
fnlbnn Ht tho corner ol 'uin ant
Union rtle ts en route, to tho lire ie j
; terduy niornini;, broke the tongue of
the engine. The engine won hauled
' to the tire hvhnnd.
The Catholic Knights of Amer
fea, who are in aorwion at their hall,
corner of tSei'ond and JctTeraon istreeU,
took a ride around town last evening,
tibing ill tho vehicle not occupied
by tho racing fraternity.
Prof. LtigriT, tho goveniment ex-lM-rt
sent here to invt-Hlignte the hitf
IhIo gnat i uihanecwas away oIMn hiH
caleulationH The pent haa aHsumed
alarming proMirtion during the pant
few day, heveral nheep have In-en
killed and lrorxea and cattle have Ken
auflerino; fearfully.
Tim following mamago lieenwa
were itwpeil hv the County Court Clerk
yesterday: Lesley Dickason and
Maggie Suiilh, (ieorge Lilly and Klla
Thoniion, lr. Chaae C G. Taylor
and Martlia (4. Hopkins, John Clarke
and llattie Powell, 1-ouis Hijuare and
Mi.sg (Vlitt McCarthy, Joe Porter and
Hnrah Carr.
The PralHtrpcl Agency reports 172
failun in the Cuited fStatej during
the week ending Atiril :0, 1886, against
175 in tho preceiling week, and 167,
151, ):i2and 1(15 in the eorrtuponding
weeks of l88'i, 1884, IN S3 and 1882 re
sjsictively. Middle States, 4!); New
Knglnnd ritutes, 2'! ; Southern States,
3d ; Western SUtes, 4(1 ; Pacitln StnUs
and TerrituricH, 19; C'unnda. 27. Total
ia the I'nited States and Canada, 109.
The (bounty Court met jOHterdny
witlb Juhlicu Slaughter prenidln
Tho nnlv businei-M of importance
transacted was the granting of the
right of way to the Citizens Kaitway
company to exteml its tracks tin
sipiares out on the New liuleigh and
Kandolph roads beyond the city
limits, the Mime to belaid in sniha
manner an not to inti ifere villi the
roads for driving and hauling pur
poes. One hundred mid tweidv-!vo
dollars wa.i aUo apjirojiriateii (or
fnrnihlu'og a in" jition room nl the
Poor Ilonee. Altera tiaiiBiirlion of
some routine business the court ad
journed to meet nest Monday morn
ing lit o c oca.
Thn cotton-teed crushers met in
convention yesterday ut Mozart Hall;
nnd( niter clli'cting it temporary or
ganization, adjourned until this morn
ing, when a business meeting will be
held, .lot- Allison occupied the chair,
while Joseph II. lhignn of New Or
leans ollieiiiu-d as secretary. The fol
lowing crushers, brokers anil dealers
nre in the city: N. Sheldon, Provi
dence; Arthur Hunt, I-ondon, Eng
land;.!. 11 Maginuis and J. II. Ken
dall, New Orleans; l'ramis Kendall,
Providc ce; .1. 1!. Kalz, H. A. Pencil,
Harry Marx and J. H Jugan, New
Orleans; Joe Stack, SI Louis; Lou's
Situer, Vicksburg.
l Sardis, Miss., IbporUr: ' Trade is
concentrating in Memphis. All tho
f;roeeries and heavy goods brought
nto this section are Isiught in Mem
phis, and south of us many, If not all,
of these are bought in New Orleans.
The hardware, dry goods, clothing,
shoe and but trade of Memphis have
grown to an immense magnitude, and
hardly a brunch of business can be
mentioned that has not within the
past few years grown and increased in
that city with wonderful rapidity.
We doubt if there is any city on the
continent that has as bright a future
to-day as Memphis. She haa worked
for and earned her success anil we
are glnd to seo her reaping it. and
trust alio will continue to do so to a
still larger degree.
Treasurer (ireen'e benefit, which
is to take place Maytlthat U'tibrlo's
llic ulor, is progressing successfully,
and there promises to bo a crowded
hous. jteserved scata were put on
sale Tuesday morning, and they were
taken very rapidly by a crowd who
were there awaiting tho opening of
the box-ollice. Tho comic epera,
Voelor of Alranlnra, will be pre
sented by fino original talent of this
city, who gave the opera three months
afio,nt the Young Men's Hebrew Asso
ciation Hall, und since then there has
teen quito a demand for its repetition
by the amii'ement-loving publiu of
Memphis. Tho treasurer would be
delighted to greet a crowded house,
and a 1 those who havo received ne
commodatlons at his bands should
assist him with appreciations and
their presence.
Tho undersigned merchants and
others agree to clone their houses and
offices and give their employes a hlf
holiday on Wednesday, May 5, 1886:
Johnston A Vance, Fader, Frank A
Co, Speed Phillips, Hill, Fontaine
Co, Dil aril A Coffin, Porter & Macrae,
Zacobs AOarrett, Taylor, Puffin A Co,
Fulmer, Thornton A Co, Orgill Pros A
Co, Simon Feucht, Ike A I base,
Marks A Forsdiek, Pen Bingham,
Linkhauer A 1-chnmn, 11 J Scmiuea A
Co, L 8 Lake, M C Pea ne A Co,
iHmelson, Williams A Co, Hunseomb
Pros, Jus Jay Smith A Co, J V Frank
A Co, A Vncearo A Co, Johnson A
Webb, Watson A Hill. K. AVood, Fur
stenho in A Wellfiml, Toof, McOowan
A Co., Kekcrly, Stone A Co., George B
Rteu-all, Stlggs A fottit, Scrtoolllelrt.
Hanauer A Co, Martin Wolfe, C W
Gover A Ct, Ashhrook A White, O
T Mays A Co, Geo Arnold A Co, T 11
Sims A Co, Fly, Horron A llohson,
Sledge A Norlleet, Krh A Co, Kirk
Allen A Co, Carter A Blessing, Ed F.
Becker. S crnberg A von, G 11 Florbcrs
A Co, Wstts Bros, Ijiwhorn A New
soni, K S Taylor, A Co.John A Denier,
Stewart, G Wynne A C ', Day, Hortou
A Bailey, 11 Dow, Cooper A Co, J 8
Drake A Co, John Ueid, Brooks.
Neely A Co, Dos Jardines, Miller A
Bootes, Goodbar, love A Co, W 11
Berry A Co, Van Vleet A Co, W N
Wilk'erson A Co, Graham, Cousins A
Co, J A Austin A C , C N Erich,
Goodbar A Co, J Baxter, C npp A
Taylor, Mitchell A Bryson, Charles
Herzog A Bro.
Sole Ag-cula for Horace R. Kelly ft
to.' Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. samki.son a co.
.Memphis and Charleston Railroad.
MiurHis, May 3, lsst!.
On ia"h day rf raco week t'sius will
h'iivi tne Memphis and ( htrleton
dcpi.t for ho wti track a' 10 a.m , 12
n 'n, 12:30 p ru , 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m.ai.d
P 'u. U til meg, trie trams will
it avs race track nt eloip of rc-"8.
Kiuntl-tru lickt-ta (gord os day of
rabi only) will bs sold nl Kj 27S Muiu
ttreet and at ttevo' a'. 2 rai ts a -h.
No t ckets will bs s' 1,1 at Vatio
sttiet e. ofsieg, t or will trains Btop
M O'e 'or pits ii H-rr.
JiaMS rett r.iiea lrn trar;lt will.
however, tt p at Va ics street to let eff
piiS'ei rs.
1 h i lines ol atre-n rsrs (r tl Unsncl
rw J.t snia' line) run tju'ween the
Meuiph s and Cnarleston a, ot aud
tl e vinous qnsr frs nf t1" cv
V A. IICIMISf i nn,
Al'tatit llrnir'ii Ta a er A lent.
leniahi Hrl n rm tba larceal
iwa wi plHaia lu toaru.
ii. lowknsti:i . at imos
E X T E 5 D
A coid.'al iDviUt oo to all
Strangers to visit their rtore
dariDR Bscs Week and see
Of' everything that apper
tains to first-class Dry
Goods Establishment .Oar
uertmeat is simply bewild
ering, Yoa can lordly form
an idea ef the magnitude of
onr Blocks and the extreme
That prevail throngbout
every department It will
require a personal examina
tion to form a correct esti
mate. Call and Convince Yoiirsclvis
Our Ureal ,'.olua Hula
Of Lmlies', MifssVand Cbildren'd
Nsw Clioice QioJs, it Lea lima
Manula'.urei'd Cost.
t'onpra mil I'tirrlnara at V. E,
lidwiirda V Itroa.' Mable the only
plnve In Ilia elljr Hint liua lliem
Trlcpliona Unlrra pruniptljr nlteuil
ed lu. 'Irleiihoiiea IHo. 60 and 753.
Fine Watcu repairing at MulforU'g.
ICooiuh FrcH;ocl
from 0 upwords in the latest ntylcs
H II. Meyer, No. 2-7 Second street.
Call at once or send postal for designs.
Sal Rnlladaaat Lagsmaraliia t da
j mar Vlaaaiblasr.
Notice to Travelers and Shippers.
Uiurail, TiMW., April 16, 18S6.
Until further notice trains between
Memphis and Madison will be discon
tinued. Steamers will leave dai'y from
foot of Poplar street, at 0 o'clock p.m.,
connecting at Madison with tra ns for
Little Rock and all points West.
Freight for Madison and points beyond
mtiBt be delivered at wharfhoat, at
foot of Poplar street, before 2 o'clock
p m. Steamer Coahoma will leave
this evening, and s earner E. W. Cole
to-morrow evening, iicdolph fink,
General Manager.
Order 'nHllorit Made MetfaW'
tin lo nemtihl Floral Company
for plnnta aud plenty or thena.
lllK nnrjaln Week.
Ladies' Ready-made Drcsws.
Millinery and Paraeols.
Gents Clothipg and Hats.
Gents' Shim and Furnishings.
$2 60 will bny a Genu $6 Casei-
mere Hat.
14 50 will buv a pair of Men's
Hand sewed, Low-cat French
Calf Shoes.
$1 wilt buy the best Shirt thit ia
Baa ad. of Memphis Stoam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kalsomihino telephone 000, A. Mc
Neil. "CALimupns" and copying, 4-t
North Court street.
Lkuons and Bananas a specialty.
JOUNeON A OUINNK, 25i lTront.
Memphis Rtainko Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Goodyiab bat and bonnet bleach
ing, 44 N. rin Court street.
Ladirs can have spring sewing done
satisfactorily and reasonably at 260
Bealo street.
Bind a aoa'al to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
II. H. Meyer is now fully prepared
to beautify your rooms with the latvst
styles of frescos, No. 227 Second Btreet.
Bind to Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current o' plants.
Have largest stock I n to wn. Come out
aad see for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
Thi Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tools and antl-perlodie known. A ear tain
and lore ourefor ohllli. Price II per bot
tle. 8an itamii for eireulari. Any ref
erenre riien. Addren John 0. Kaokar.
Leebbar, Va.
Tna Southern Express Company
continues to make the quickest time
between St. Louis and Memphis via
Illinois Central railroad and Chesa
peake, Ohio and f-outhwestern rail
road. Express leaves each terminus
after close of business, and reaches
destination by the opening of businoaa
next morning.
NoIM SlUerw Hre Ht BlnHord'e)
o lo Rnlle1e A l.iemnlie ffir
your I'luiublua ail UM.nua,
Parlor and Bed Loom Suite,
ABE, BfitTlIE CO.,
Moiioitrttui liMiisIm MaUonl.
rLOnas cbati-id, cur ed and dyed,
44 Noun, O.iurt stroet, (Jjltrei to
match any sample.
t7aal'i'a Hotel.
W. H. BINU1UM Masarkb.
Euroi-ean plan. KnlarKed and n.-furatthed
11 ice ace'-rdioy to tiie and loca
tion of rooma.
J W Caufmin, .MifJ H L Davii, Tortn
K ompiun, Tenu J W W alker, Ala
8 M llreeuleew,NCT IS Itavis N V
J W Bvlt'-n, la L dorian, Tenn
J II Kerndlx. 'lenn 1'. , Irton, M:n
J K brum, Ti nn W B S'karrio, Tenn
S K Ei-holi. Tenn J VV Nayli.r. Ti-nn
K li Hell. Teun I. Bcrn.n. Teun
J K k'diriid. Ii I ft .Hclton.lYnil
C t "tlirriaeib.r. VIiMr Moody, Ttnn
Mri K J ofarjMtiui.M iea J lie w berry, Tcnn
Mr H Snilivan, Mm Mii-i rullivan, Uiel
K William. .Tnn K K Tnlhe. M..
a A'ary, 111
P C Kuaa, Ark
J Ilulvin, Ark
O W ouall, Ark
8 M Dabney, 1 enn
J A Murnbf. La
B (i Webb. Tenn
J FaMuhar. Tenn
C K Prie.t, Mo
W Cattleman, Tenn
8 Kiel. Ark
y PWalone, Tinn
W Wel.b, 2liaa
J K McOlarty. Teun
J F l.aventer. Mill
JO Huntar. Miii
P Little. Mill
W A Uuinn, Ark
h TBtann,Ark
U H Buwan, Ark.
J K Mil ar, Ark
J W hchubler. Tana
W 8 t-runn, Te
KC Miller, Teen
W P William, Tenn
PT FnrTilie. O
'1 Y ."'"u.
J Libiw. Teno
W Rainwater. Hill
B Fv.ii, Tenn
E W Hall, Mi
K W Bailey, Mill
b K Davii, Ark
HUB rail, Mo
W II Wrifht. Ark
B MoOuira, III
J Maraball, Ml.
J Rtiraen.Tenn
M h iowiiieD.1. Ark
1 J Allen. Ml
W K Faitrill, Mii
Mi I. Uiin.ton. Ala W J (iatlin. lenn
J o Weir, Tenn
J atelntira.Tann
OS J. tie. Tenn
N A T.ylor,
U K Heory, Tenn
J UCrilei Tenn
J U Pare, Tenn
W Mulden.Icnn
Knee, La
Lr Benton, Tenn
Win Palmer. Mi.
W II Una, Mil
W T MinuD.li. Ark T W K.linuniln. Ark
W W Jaineaon, '1 enn M erriwotber, Mill
H C W 11-ii.in., Mi- W p Siatualtnr. iMl"l
lu .lonea, Mo E T Di-i bnr, La
.1 P llnere, Miu MriJ Maicolm, la
W K llaien, Mi.i K II 11 1 n, Mi l
II M Shelby Aw. MiiJ L Hawkius Aw, Mini
W DeuUen A". Tuuo J A Morten, Tenu
Mr L.vy, . Mii-s (ten L llnrily, Alo
.1 M VicDlnoylii, Mo J A Ri-oit, i'enn
.1 II l.eihe, T-iin K M J,,ne. 'Jctiti
J W Ta'e, Ti- 'ii J l Milliain, iii
II N' Ki-hiili. il'i. I.' P lliirn.-r ir, Misi
A Ii Ki-ririi-ni,, .trk J lio.-euilnl, N V
J T lluu'lor-en A w, Ark.
1'ei boily jhulel.
C. 1). G ATd.'itt A CM Fb-ipriktor.
t . ii t-i- n -l iur il.iy, in-." r. i:iif to
til. uui ion utiuii of routa SKiai
rali-ii miide.
P 11 Fooe. Tetm L l.nlnnin. Tenn
KS .. Aik W X 'Imi.ble, i bio
Ulih well, Ky H K Hullniir;i.n, lenn
.1 W l'...iU, 1-1,-. C W liohrrty. Tenn
II Pi -her, Ky Ii loMleiiinit, A' Y
A J Kviinr, Ohio I! W Knll, Ulim
J Ii linnutt, Iiv.n J A Iliiitera, Tuiin
J O lirm-y. Aik ii Li'tiiimn, K
11 II Miitliimly, Ky I h W'idkar, Ky
Ii Willii.u.H ii-., Teun PP Valli,Tcnn
M H lion. 'I'eim T ,1 Slowrty. 'I o::
1'iHily, Tonn J Akilionry, Ttrnn
'! K lluikr, Mi-D J II l'uii. Alii
L l.i-rina", A lit A P lljiiiilton, Ala
il Ii HiinMiii, nn 1 V riimiell, Tei.n
W IJ "iVilioa, Ti.iin J W Co Pnj.Tenn
M J 0 Dricn. 'Icon P F:omiui(, Tonn
J A II"biiii, Tenri T I) Flippin, Tenn
X Will
H 11 II rr. Aik W C MrPnuo. 'lenn
J Id n'oih il, X V V Or em. ,v Y
K litii.nl, Ml TP Sullivan. Mo
J II lock, Mo J I' l'oorr, Mo
I. I Knide. Mo (1 l Ueed.N V
II H Huwiar.d, Tux (! Wullure, Ark
LN Block. Ark PHMi choll.Mo
J P Shend.in. Mo f! H llindnkoff, N Y
D V Lake, NY J Mat hew, La
Kil Z-b Ward, Ark 0 Mann, Mini
A P Bauer, ii J Holloway Mlri
llt'Uoiklci.Tex W P Mi l ath. Tenn
C RCnrrinaton.TennR M Btrother, Mo
W E Phelpi, N Y U UilliliRily 1, Mill
Mn khield. Mii Mr Campbell. Mtri
Mri W Pollock, Mill Mn (Jraen, Mini
J A Peaea, Min K R Wortbam, Mln
A A Bryant, Mil W 0 rhaiilolfurd, Mill
O II Galvin Aw, MiM T U Taylor, Misa
U II Trimble. Mill J W Lym-h, Ala
JKtysicr, Ala H A Irvine. Ala
W T Robimon, Ala II J Busby, Ala
B D Weill, Ky J MoD-mald,
0 V Reynoldi, Mo K K.iobb ma, Ark
t Dollpayer, Mo SK-eh, Ky
II F.okert, Ky Max .oiler, Kr
JFredrirki, Ky 11 v arnciike, Ky
M Hkiloi,Ttnn LUuinn,Mo
J M Brown A w. Tonn J W roflraa- . Ark
Min AiPer y, Ark Ad Dunn, Mo
UWCurtii.Mo SSiin, P
W A Johtiion, Ala J ti Fairly, HO
R A MoMithon, X Y .Ini Mca , N Y
J B June, Ark Wm Anileron, N Y
A M B aoK. Ohio a M Jonniim, Ohio
J B Stylo. NY II C Ctmny, Ohin
A B Chandler, Ohio John Jono, Ohio
Kd Scale, Ark J W Patterson, Ark
II V I)uno"n, Ia Mn II W D'mean, la
ii riiiiuim an, ini i 11 "urnr, 11 1
A O Lane Ab, 1)0 H Fnliler, Pa
.1 1, Loiier, Pa O W lluiibird, N Y
J V 11 a-kU rd, Mail M M U eton. Man
It Love-. Nov W .1 Eviim, N Y
J N K il J, N J TS Purd e, 10
W W ChambMn, Va II link, Me
J 0 Ilmkoll, Va It Finlay Aw.Va
Min Wintnri, Md W N Pur ow. Md
0 Newntiyor, Mail J T Oownn, Va
J J. lord to, N Y TMttehell, NY
J F MeAdoo. NY RB Wade, NY
T II Stuart, M WHFlnn. Ky
J B Sainpion, Ky A B Siminon, Ala
J B Dowdy, AI- J Murchinion, Ala
J M Kennedy. Pa M Hellenor, Ky
P R Fowler, Mill J I Lee, Mill
It P i.ee, Mill R W Telford, Mini
B J Siml At, N Y J II John-on, Mill
a A Alexander, Oa Mr .1 B Johninn, Mil
11 B Craix Aw, Ala B Duncan Aw, Ua
BODudeon Ao. Ia J R Davidion, Va
P M Mlchell, Ark.
The Hew Uayeaa.
Rataa, 2 SO to 14 par Vy, aooordiot to loca
tion of moms.
J H 0 arret Te-a P II Athay, Ark
N 0 Mnndte, NY AG (lleaion, Miaa
J II Dare, Min F Clamant, Miii
V Warner, Ark BWHmilh, Ark
FO Hunter, Mill W J Hoian. Mil
J F Bhoemaker, N Y 8 B Brown. NO
M 0 Monro, N 0 X Wott. N Y
B S Davii, Fla i U Paebler, Ala
W P Lyrcb, N Y J R Kyiter, A la
WT Kobln oa, Ala JPUibion, Ala
FO'Bren, Va D N Ihompkin. Va
W M Tower. Oa M Ii Cleveland Aw, Tx
h T Pride, Ala A Lea. Ala
M R Bimmoni, Ala H D kin , Kr
J Mnrtin Aw, Ark h UreenSeid, Mo
J S friedman, Ky 11 1) Voore, Kai
T J Lamb Aw, Ark W Iiirdene. Ky
M Friedman, Mo J A I.an , N 0
Min Newbeyn. Mini Mn Nowbeyn, Min
J Newbeyn, Min K U BuDlett, JUiu
J B Johnmn, Tenn M My-n, Tenn
JH elrinrki, Mill Mn Btooaard.Min
miii rowikea, Mii vrJli Hobion, Una
Mill B Hobion, Mill R K River, N 0
C W Dudlev, Mi L Bebre, Mill
J M Prcatridg-. Mill 11 T Marion a!a, N 0
LP Provine, Misi M B oney, MiM
W T Wynn, Mita L N Ruder. Min
KK Dent. Ark J B Dent, Ark
I. Phillips, 111 J O Nuil, III
W 11 Pullcn. city N II Boi ui, Ala
K M I.iainit.Aw.Tonn A Li.'ro, Mini
W B Bnwen, Mil F M Nurtloet, city
J P Xnrllcet. Min Mn II O Kami, Mill
Mr Amierson, Mini D L Month, Mini
JT Carloi-k, Miai A K Dunham, Mo
P V I,.lie. M H M rhtilrey, Mm
J Romnthall, NY W Soott. N Y
B W llodlord. Miaa KDUIackburnAl.Tonn
DKinlen.A'k O S Dillon, Ark
Thoi D Kite, Tenn A 8 Mon'aomery, 8 C
Mr MontKimety,S 0 A Mar ie Aa, Ark
S A Dix n, Mo K A Kobinaon, Ark
H f Turner, Ark AMawyrr. Ark
W M G'lebur(, Ark Jno W Gully. Ark
A N Collier, Tuiin D M Btrele, Ky
RCHard-n.Ky J F 0'.- h .uaey, N 1
i V Lewii, Ohio A C Munroe, Ohio
J W 11. own w, Tcna W R Marsh, a-aai
0 11 Donne, La J D.tom, lenn
Wm Armatronr, NY Mr Arinitronc, N Y
J B Uilnon. Mi.M B F Ilicki, Ky
J K Robertaon, Ala R C Ilar-trr, Ala
T J Cole, Ohio J 0 K. ndrick. Mill
K 0- penheimer, Ky T U Tay or, Mm
J 0 Maesey, Min J I, Dnnlap, Mm
ODBIedae, Mm W W William, Misa
0 Johnioo, Miai J B Hunter, Mill
N N Post, Misa
Prlddj Hone.
(Formerly Commercial Ho'el.) Corner of
Front and JonVri p itree Tonus 1
TtanHient ratal, f- per day.
J. II. Patour tof Richmond, Va) SfKor
OWileon.bY KTnomey. NY
K I.ee, Ark I! J K Ilv. N Y
J K Tlner. Mo W ti ri,dy, Tenn
J A Sanavton, Tetin W T J rkon. Tonn
J K St. I i"K, lenn Mi G Ltub, Tenn
II vv Me d. Ark J It HVed. Ark
F U Brown, Ark 11 Mi a
J Johnson. Mii W F llee-. Ml
r 0 Wi.liim, Tonn J K K IwarJ. Misi
T J K.i an MiM I) II -I. an, Mini
Vr letiialer, Ala K B Hardy, III
ft Colours, Mo John Kenny, N Y
.1 I, .'dam A. Tenn Wm Hi'ii'liitunan, 0
Mr. liuliilr usni.vi. J K F lliivil, linn
S K ivrs-in. lenu J L i oupw, od. Tean
J Weir, Tenn
X v w ra, Ala
11 K We-t, Ar
J I- Willi. in., Mi,,
0 Rrown, Tcnn
J II I. -nn. Ala
.1 W llniuton, la
K Leaii t Aw, Ttnn
Mn- J tlici, Tenn
RSI hniui.. T.-itn
A ehh.iv. Ark
K w Maikew, Tcna
U FCrui. Ala
J H Neely. AU
J F Rug i lean
A " ore.. Mo
F Hifir n. Min
X W Bnchanna, Mill
U C Uowatd, Tenn
j w rnrneii, Tcnn
C i JbcV oh, ,iijj
Dnrlj'a t.u.uf.Miai olel,
Coraer of Adv-i and Main I'reet.. Rooms,
60o, I.Vauall lurday: America j Plan,
tl per oay.
Fir t cla Hetrar.l in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (In ye.r with Pea o,ty Uotal)
RAF -.tc-. Te-in A K "'r'ant. Tenn
H 8 i h..tiia, l,na II II None- Col
J M Jul, I, lih )i I' Uuruell, Tunn
at AbboU, Ti.na W llayuen, Neb
T be flrm ot GOODBAR A OO. baa
and Hboe Bnaineaa, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, lata of Warren, Lots 4 Co., Louis, Mo.,-and Mr. J. O
Callicott, ol Cold water, Miss., nnder the style of and firm name given below. Wa thank our friends for tbr patronags
in the past and hop for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GlX;PBAr..
Lata ol Goodbar A Co., Memphii. Lata of Goodbar ft l o., Memphis. Late ot Warren. Love A Co., St. Louii. Late ol Coldwater,
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are now receiving; a laree and En'lrHj Xew Nt'Tk of Eaatern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Jiftock Bottom Priceft,
V maHa hw anv oomnatine mrkt.
J D Lewi, Tenn
A 1 Wake, Ala
W J Kuit, Tena
A B t.ward. Tenn
J M Ftvaninn, Ark
II Folki. Ark
H J Bard, Aik
.1 B Moorr&d. Ark
W M Busier, Mi.
A Nlluitiwife. Mich
W H Oraff.Tc n
P W AuHio. Tenn
D Camj-liell, N O
.1 M Hunter, Mo
W KinKletiin, Mo
J Eaiter. Ti-nn
E C fock, lenn
K " Uueyer, Tonn
.1 T Vtirri. lenn
Mr Iluithei, Ark
J B White, Ky
A Jobnaon, Ark
P M Morria. Tenn
N D r-rn, Tcnn
J OBrokey.Tenn
W J MnKever. Ark
D C York, Ark
R W Hamner, Mil
J II Cron ptoa, Mill
.1 K'am, Tcnn
w n iintiertnon, a ra
il W Newborn, Tenn
J Dumas, N 0
J eney, Mn
.1 A liillini, Tenn
J Leonard, Tenn
W R Kuw. Ky
E M LrgLO t A w. Mill
F N Fletcher, Mo
Mrs Perkins, Ark
.1 W Batten, Ala
T II Bitten, Tvnn
I A hk.r.. MU.
M l.'tile, Ark
.1 H Whitnity, Mil"
.1 J Jnnos Jew. Miy
Mr Wnilnwtrth, Ala
.1 M Cop -land, Ark
FL Wutron.III
1! L M' ore. Tonn
B M Seward, Tonn
K J II nderson, Mis
0 W Noel. Mi
J II I'urrifh, Aik
0 DnviK, Arlt
J P Hume, lYiiss.
The Watsr Exploding and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
B&f Tho sight of a river on fire has
not boon seen in the vicinity of
Memphis, but it- is certain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second stroet.
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to the greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it the cheap
est? Where ought the greatest bar
gains to be obtained? These are
questions that should be considered
by every buyer.
Head the Answers in the Stars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors can
sell yoa Clothing at Half Cost, be
oause we buy Clothing at Half Price
The Misfit Clothing Parlors buy
nothioa that they do aot seoure
at what represents a great sacrifice
to the tailors who made the gar
ments. Low buying is the secret of
selling low. The Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring
The spring flowers will soon be
here. Prepare to dress to receive
them. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
Stacks of New Salts,
Piles ef Easiness Suits,
Tons of New rants,
Beautiful Spring Overcoats.
First in quality; lowest in prices;
nothing but real, reliable clothing;
every garment carefully made.
0pp. Court Square.
WThe Wide-awako Great Low
Price Clothiers.
AaTAU alterations, to injure a per
fect fit, made free of charge, by a
First-class Tailor.-tBa
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
31$ Main St., Memphis Tena
Wlahlnar to Hellre I roan BnaladM
(napri aimi l urrlncea nl W. K. Kd.
wartia A Uram. Mablr ibe only
ttla la Ibe rlty trill I baa Ihrm.
Telepkaae Order promr-lly extend.
d t. Trleathanea Ka an aud 73S.
Malford, Jeweler, 2U4 Main, 80
locita vrdera front the country.
been diaaolTed. and we) hava laonraaised onr intnnwt in the Wholele Boo
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tcnn.
rf t-v- Xeioriptioi.
Jiuf II. Oiio-limr Wm. I,. lurk
310 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offor to NKBriiaitT OM.Y the larg-eit ard bait itock ofBooti and Shtiea we
havo ever brought to thia market, and abioh eanoot be lun-aeaed in nuulity and
tyloa br any houre in thia or any other city. In addition to a com ilete line ol Eastern
made goodi, inolud-ni the 4'Ka.i BH a l e.o UUUIIHAK dc l. BUOWanM. we handle
a large and leleet itook of Caitom-made Qoodi for Idea, Women, Miuai and Children. Wa
carry a number of the belt makea in the country, in erer variety nd atj la, and among
them the well known Man'a Calf Boota and Shnei manofantured by Oao, Hooker for oar
Spring Trade. Ma alio oarry a ohoioe line of Ladiai' and Mlmei' Ouatom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. Wo invito tha trade to eiamina
our itook before baying elsewhere, and wc gaarautee everything weiell to give aaiialaotioa.
Clerai or Site I rlnalnal fjonrt.
WE aroauthu'lr.ed to announce DABEY
W. COli. IKK ai a candidate lor Clerk
of the Criminal Court ot Shelby county,
aubieot to tha Democratic Convention.
Judge of the i-rubute Conrl.
WE are authorlied to announce J. P.
YulJNH aiacmdtdate for the. Hie
of Judira ot the Probate I ourt, auhjeci to tha
action of the County Democratic Convention.
For Trustee.
WE are attthorii'd to announce JOHN
M. itKAULUY an a cm didate lor
Truiteo ot Sbeli-y county at the ensuing
Anguit election, lubicci lo the notion of tha
Ueuiocritio Convention.
WK are authoriied tn announce AN
OHhW J. llAKKIa-i a oandi-ato for
reeleciion to the odico of Oounty Trustee,
tub jeot to the ao:iou of the Democratic Con
vention. TIIE ' preal li authorized to announce M.
N F. LKMAmH ai a candidate lor
the office of Trustee of Khelby ooun'y, lub
jeot to the action ot the Democratic Conven
tion. For Atlorney-tlenernl.
WE are authoriied to announce GK0RGE
B. PET tltS, Jb.,i a candidate for
the office nf Attorney-General, lub ect to tne
action of tha Demooraiio Convention.
For Keeilaler.
WE are authoriied to annouece N. F.
(BUNK) UAKnISiiN aa a candidate
for ltegiter, lubjeot to the action of tha
Democratic County Convention.
THE Appeal Ia auihnr'ied to announce
JOHN V. UoCALLUM aa a candidate
tot Regiata", lu iect to tha aotioa of tha
Democratic Convention.
THE nnderaigned annaoncM that ha la a
candidate lor Register, and aika tha
npport ot tha votan of Shelby eonnty. If
elected, will endeavor to give.aitiifpotion in
the discharge of tha dutiea of tba oSea, and
B laces bia claimi aubjeot to tha action of tha
ounty Democrat-c Convention
Memphii, If aroh 28, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Ker-ville, Tenn., la a
. candidate for RrGIaTtR. aubject to tha
action of tha Democratic Convention.
WB are authoriied to announce K. A.
K'iMDNuiiOS a a randidato for
County Register, aubject to the action of tha
Democratic Convent on.
THE Appeal la authoriied to announce
J"HN W. GuULD a a candidate for
lha office of Begier, subject to tha action of
tha Democratic Convention.
Jwdaeiof aha Ulrenlt Conrt.
JAMKS L. G00DLOR will be a candidate,
be fire tha Uemncrati Convention, tor
nomination to the office of Jodxe of the Cir
cuit Count md, if defeated, will aupport
the auocer-sful nominoe.
We are authoriied to annennre that J0ITN
JOIINbTuN ia a cand date forjudge of tha
Circuit ourt of Sh'lby dmnty, aubjeot to
action of the Democrats Convention.
Wa are authoriied to anncunce L" II. F.S-TK-,
J R., as a candid it. for Judga of ihe
Circuit Cou t, subject to tha ao ion tf tha
Democratic Convennon.
KutrrfTivi Omen, NaaaviLLi, TtiN.
WilKKKAS, The Forty-Fonrth General
As embly of tha Stata of Tennei.ne,
at iti re-ular sen 'on of ll4, and on tha 3utn
dav of March. 18vi. by a joint re"oluli m
hich wa. aareed to by both tba r-tnate and I
tba ilouee or ttepreseutatives, did propose
an amendment to the Constitution ol tha
Stat: and wberoai, the Constitution, Arti
cle XI, Section 3, requires laid propoe d
amendment to be referred to tha General
As embly neit to be choMin, by which Gen
eral Airembly it shall be agreed to by to
thirds ot all the members elected to each
hou.e, before being lubn-itted to a diroct
vote st the peplc;and whereat, it i, re
quired by law that a id pri.po.ed amtnnment
shall be published for six raootln irevioui
to the t.ui. ol mtk ng such choice oi the
next General Asiemblyt
how therefore. I, Win. B. Bate. Governor
of the State of Tennessee, do hereby cuse
tolepubli hed the Mid prono.ed nnnd
meut to the i onstitution of the rtato of
Tennrsh.e. which i. ai follows: ''Toaddai
Section (IS) eisbuen, Ar'icie (11) eleven, of
said Contitutii.n, tl e foll-.winf;:
"mo. 1. No prr-on ihall manufacture
for sale, or sell, or Keep lor ra e, m a bev
eraie. any iuMuicating I quote whatever,
lnt-luil t g wine. nW. a o brer. The General
Assembly rbnll bv law nrccrire i sul:itien
for the n'orc.nentot the prohibition here n
rontaim d, and ,hiil thereby provide suita
ble ronaiii'i f.-r taa vio auun oi tbopio
visions hereot."
In tcst'inony whereof. I hnve hereunto let
my hand ai d rauMd to be affixed tha great
leal ot he Stat, of Te' nsee.
Done at 'he city of N'astivil'e, tii C6ih
day of April, in the y-ar of our Lord one
thousand eight hundr- d a"d eighty-six. of
the lndP"ndee u ihe I aiud States lha
one hueurod aad tenth.
( ) WM. B. BTK,
i Stii. r Govern r of Tenne'ree.
(. J JOHN AbLlMliN,
Secretary of tata.
rtnettl Knuim?r U'-Mort In Amfrica
JtliiMictoima lleaoh, nlun.
Offers ace mo odationsuaequal d br nyh"
tol n Ihe west. K t-a, 3 pr day: t 5 r
month Circulars and fa i pini, u a nt
fooii lyo" appication to Kil) Lb' JdtilL,
Manager, Sr. t-itt,, Miju.
Oustom-Made Boots and Shoes for
on aa liberal terms as can
IlnKeun J. liirrlntoc t'rHuli (. .!..
at. ' -
i.nia aa p.
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
Started Fruit Pickled Oranarew,
HlaiRed Frolt Pleklott Caeamken,
HtntTed Frolt Pleklrd Peppers,
In fled Fruit Pickled Hangoea,
nixed Rweet Plchlea,
Croaadc BirkwriraC'liow-t'hov end
Mixed Pleklea,
Plnlu Cnenmber Plcblm by the call.
Othr britiid nf Plfitn and Mlseet
PlcklvH lu (JlitNN Hutl Olive.
f'orner Seeitmi unit lienle S'.
John Overton, Ja. C. N. QBiiavi.toa.
Real Estate Dealars
AtaJbisii k v Hummus,
Omoe, 264 Second Street.
m. at. ejog.. en,ae ae evmra.
MOUfmiS, . . . r&'NNfcKkEX.
Taxaa Paid. Renta CvUaoUd. ato.. so
Importera and dealer! la CIsiBto. A nam,
aillloo) and FlaNlnaTakl Bailld.ro'
Maiwwara, ..aoalrlo Mela asaMl Aa
oiotorafor Hoteli and RatdoaeM,tM
Stain stroot, Il.niplala, Foaiai. Klaotrta
auppliot alwaya .a hand. .ReeaiHn ueaUy
Boiler Works.
SHEA, ft McABTUY,rroprJ8,
140, 142, 144 Frost, Memphis.
in tha rlontb, and tho only com plot.
Boiler and Btret-Iron Worka In tha oitjr.
laiAaajKwtDrrro of heavy tilnto iruia,
w.rfc of wry dewerlptlon. Special
attMitlnn nw Wiplaataiion work.
Gang, ImmoBltlon, Fiablnn; Tackle
And ttase-iiaii uooaa.
vM MoIbi tlrMt, Motnpbls, Tonw
Manufacturing and Repairtot of Guni a
Frank Scbumann.
Importer and Dealer la
8ia, FlablOK Titrklo onil Kpoeln.
no's(toiipliiw. oa-Special attention
iiven to W ANlTAcrURLNl and KK
413 ntRln St Womptil. Tenn
And Ice Cream Manufacturer-.
3Vt. If. 33 A I LIP r.
French Chemical Works
5$ JellVrHou Street.
L'L FLAViihS. which he tisri at the low
price ol 5 renin o xil.,e ol any kind of
flavor. Uualily and por t) gna-aateed. I '
t;-eam manulacturvn will find all kinds of
Extract and irui; Colurii.ga at a very low
Mrrchants totton rres & Morage ( o.
Mrrni, Ti., April , 18SS.
THE annu .1 meeting at the atockbolHera
ot thiseeiapany will be held at ita vffioe,
o. v jnadiron itreet, on
Wodnraeloy, Hay It, ISM,
from 11 m. ti3 n. m , f ir the parpo. of elect
ing .-van (7) Diro to i io aerve tha en-umg
year, a, R. itiOJuhUX, Stereiarj.

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