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VOL. XLVI NO. 108.
'o TuiproTemeat lu tk Labor Situ
ation at Clnclnuatl-The Car-
t!a Committee at fcdalla.
Ctic-iwi, III , May 6 3:30 p n.
SiM-iouB t.oable is ri oit?l tbis altei
noon ia the town o( Like, il pcrte
KcsiveJ- y that ft body U atiiwa
moved on ilia t.uc'i . i-i . Toil
"V)Be us. 1 lit Fcr:ilh !rtt. Ttiey
p.e d obelructiors on' trie track, ted
related ti let any train more.' Tois
a ta d tg ba true ntt oaly of rebt
but ol pBStoneer trains Abe town
cf Lake Dulice irer snannoned, but
up to 3:30o'clok jkip. bad not bean
aiie to disperse tha crow-is.
4 P. M.lt is now ta!ei that tbe
crowd mentioned fa a ftrtuer dispatch
collected at Ear.'jr-tRirJ street aod
stooped (rains n thy Wabash road,
including a passenger' train brlnriaa.
the Detroit baseball 'dab ta'thad'
which was compelled to take carNafa
to res eh tbe city. The detai's are
merger and de'ailed Information ia
difficult to obtain.
Labor Tronblea at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, May 6 The return of
the freight handlers to work has had
bnt little perceptible effect unon other
cliuises of strikers. 'While here and
there men are returning to work,
others are striking. Three carriage
factories have granted the demands of
their men for eight hours and 20 per
cent, advance. Another has made
an offer which all bnt the- black
smiths accept While as a rule
all Anarchist methods are most bit
terly denounced by the s'likers. They
do not hesi ate to stop men from
working by means akin to for.e. La
borers on the street railroads and
others working for the city water
works wera compelled to s op work
to-day. The Mayor has appointed a
large special po'iee force, and to-night
citizens' organizations weie made all
over the city.
Tbe Cnrtln Committee at Sedalla.
Skdalu, Mo , May 6. The Cortin
Committee began takicg testimony
here this a'terncon. The chairman,
uov. iumn, J. u. carles and Uov.
S:ewart were present. The first wit
nt si was Maj. Gentry, who outlined
the effect ot the strike, and said the
business of this city was very much
affected. E. W. Sleven, Mayor of the
city, testified that business here was
p acL-allyat a standstill, andtbata
Law and Order Leagae was foimed
for the purpose of preventing violence
on the part of the striken. I. W.
Hnsdale, live stock merchant, testi
fied that he was on the committee to
go and see the Knightsjof Labor, and
in his interview with them was told
that if the railroad company did not
concede to the demand to reinstate
Hall at Marshall, Tex , no traim cnild
be run. Stvfril ether prominent citi
zens of this place testified to the in
jury the itrike had done to business
and said come of their wholesale trade
was about ru ned.
Col. E. K. fcib'.er. late superintend
ent of a large pai tot thegiaHwestenrf
system, gave a de tilled statement ot
his connection with the road tince the
contract of March 15, lb85, was in
force. He bad a tboroujh knowledge
of every detail of bis depaitment, and
recited case after caie of patty griev
ance thtt had come under tiis observa
tion, and s&id in every instance the
demaudsof the Knights were con
ceded, lie (aid tbe oonttact did not
require the company to give thirty
days' notico before discharging a man,
but they were required to d' so in
changing wages. He endeavored to
yield as much as ,'poftible to the
demand! of the men, ' in order
to avoid .'Btrikrp, and in reference
to the preaent strika ha said bo had
conceded to the demands made upon
hiia by Jnrtin Iron, which was net
to handlo 'fexai Iicifls cars, and he
did this hut a day or two before the
strike and at a time when they were
ahnr; of br x cars.
The committee held a night ses
sion, when twenty-live Knights of
Labor, some of them strikers, vera
examined. , The committee expect to
tinish their labors here to-night and
ji to St. Louis to-morrow.
den. LoBgatreet, lit Ml. dnjr Ill
form, 11 re eU nc Jefferson Davl.
'Frank Burr's Atlanta dispatch in
New York IForW: Gen. Lorgstreet
was clad in the full uniform of a Con
federate officii-. Next to Mr. Davis,
the most conspicuous figure of a very
notable event indeed, over and above
all else Gen. Loogetreat's appearance
here illustrates the spirit of this ova
tion to the Confederate ex-Pre'ident.
Ua has been a Republican ever since
tha war, constantly fillirg more or lees
distinguished positions under its dif
ferent national administrations. Ever
since the surrender at Appomattox he
baa been againet tha methods of his
old-time Confederate associates. For
this he has been ostracized by ths
people for which he fought so well and
sacrificed so much. Therefore his ap
pearance to-day at tbe care-many was
the moit significant feature, not only
of iti proceedings, but of the past and
future welcome to M'. Davis.
At Montgomery among the nance!
of the honored Confederate soldiers
which sra read upon flas and em
bUzoned upon mot oes that of James
Loogstreet, or "0!d Pitar," as he was
familiarly known among his soldiers,
did not appear. At every turn I could
hear the oil soldiers, who for the mo
ment had forgotten the animosities
which politics bad bred, ask for Gen.
Locgtreet. But the mansgars had
left li a name out of the long list of
honorad Confederate gonecals every
where dieplayed. Whether this
desire of the veterans to see
their old co-ps conmander or some
other motive diet ite d lis invitation to
this day's event is nut ceitvn. Hewas
here and he was looking almost as he
did when he directed Pickett's fa'eful
charge at Gettysburg, struck Warren
in the Wilderness or threw his bat'ai
ions with irre'istble force against
RoeecransatCDickamauga. He seemed
also to enjoy wearing his ol i uniform
again, and the veteran's eye would
brighten at the cheers of the old eo1
dieis and the roval welcome the cowd
gave him. At first he simply rode in
the procession hie any of the other
dis'ioguiehe'd visitors, but he was the
most s'riking figure present. When ht
arrived at tne grand stand and took
h a nlace en th r.utstde, be wase3coit-
ed to the puaurm and to the side cf
Jefferson Davis. This was the mrst
touching incident of the occasion. Air.
iDavs arose and the two men we: e
fairly elaeped in each CWi arms
For the moment all theirold aiimcsV
ties were forgotten and tier spin re
membered toe days of thtatrif Thus
they spoke f jr the first time siice the
war. A'tr this ecene thy toor. sea'e
side by side. Each hur.elljaked
after trusTtrrr'o hptfth t wauiiy as
if t:e cruel diflerencei clxid otueen
them by the reconstructioj perid had
never existed. It wai a a nnuls stebt
and tbe ptople enjoyed aidappautled
TM'-pnt !.: ir;c:dnut'of the rnioi.
.. fUMrtha eereuioay- wai couiiided
Gpu. L'.p iert said to rue: t'Tbis
occasion id a revival of a (iarmi but
beautiful seotixect. Thiolcl sidiers
wanted to tet tneether artin. rrl thie
waj perhr-pi the best ocra!orfcr a
me:etirg J ; nictjmscodiarjspeclioany
other sactiori or, the ontlry, kor is
there aft evidence of d sUva'trm the
Ji plv ,We all reocg'iie irat the
war ia ' ofer, and tlat al toe
questions then su'unit d fj de
eiion to the sword are Cot ver vttled.
Mr. Divis, growing old, the people
were anxious to se-e him onceagtiin,
and this was the best tiue t it.
l'robably. it is his lust appearance
among us. That is all thit demonstra
tion pieans, and the right this cele
bration by both the youig and the
ol't.jvill everywhere lu atnowl
edgea. It means nothini. more than
axe-rmion of old comral s ar.d the
rprival of never-fading nemries."
There is much more Jhatis interest
ing and pathetic in Gen. Ltngstreet's
appearance and utterance upon this
occasion. It is the on n-w and sig
nificant phase of all this relcome to
Mr. Davis. Much as Gen.Longstreet
has suffered in a hundrel ways at
the hands of the people for wliom
he fought so ardently he firgot it all
to-day in the common respct for the
civil head of the great revdution, in
which he was a commanier set ond
only to Lee. It mattered lot to him
that he had been shot out of their
homes ' and had been nedected and
despised He only sawthi approach
of the final wind-un of the olif Con
fenderate cause in the meetng of the
soldiers who wore Ihs gny. So he
took down the old uniform le has not
worn since the surrender at Appo
mattox, put it on and a r wared here
to-day in the very likeneesof himself
twenty years go. ! ' "
As A(MlCapleCoBvlt4aad Will
Kad Tblr Uvea la Piisob.
Kingston, Ont., May 3, 1886. A
thii lint case has just bee a concluded
in conrt at Btl eville. Thomai Pell,
aged 70 years, and Mrs. Pell, aged 60
years, with excellent reputations, were
charged before Chief Justice Cameron
with arson, for tha purpose of
securing the insurance tnonev. The
goods were all removed' before
the fire occurred, and af.erward Mis.
Pell circulated the story that the scorm
doors cf the House had been barri
caded, as if for the purpose of destroy
ing the inmates. Letters of warning
were a'so shown which threatened to
bain them out. So many of these
stories were told that suspicions of a
"put up job" were engendered. Their
adopted daughter was aDDroached. and
she fioally confessed and became the
chief witner-s against the pair.
ill, u ' 7 uiiui aoiw 'itnOf
of Dbinng an address from a woman
in court Mrs. Pell. She Broke for
over half an hour in defense of her
self and huebaod. She walked fjebly
to tbe lawyer'a desk and began her
address in a mild tone, but as she pro
ceeded grew warm and animated, and
denounced the Chief of Police and
otbrjf s in strong language. She pleaded
for flnerry, and wept bittirly as she
extolled me merits of her life partner
and told of her love for him. Pell
burst into tears several times when
bit wi!e was pleading.
1 tie jury brought in a verdict of
guilty cgamst the wifo, and not guilty
against the husband. Mrs. Pell was
terribly aflfcetsd by the finding, but
she kiesed her husband, and was then
taken buck to the jii).
Ttie husband was then tried and
fnund guilty of perjury in swearing to
ths etat?ment of l.sses for payment by
tne insurance companies. -C0XFEDER1TE
Interesting Kellc. or the Cnnfwlera
rj In Talladega,
Talladega, Ala., May 4. The Ad
vance will contain an article to-morrow
stating that the papers getting up
the Davis editions failed to have the
history of the old Confederate Treas
urer's safe, and the original articles of
confederation as diawn up and signed
by tha members present. The old
safe is now in possession of Mr. Arthur
Bingham.ex State Treasurer. The safe
ia an o'd style one, with clasp and pad
lock fastenings.
It hts a (ingle vault, with two de
partments inside, and in this vault tbe
first Confederate money was placed,
as it was at that time the property of
tbe State of Alabama. Mr. Bingham
says whea he became Treasurer of the
St Ue be purchased a new cafe and
sold lh:s one to Marvin A Co. He
afterward bought it from them and
sold it to O, to Stolker, Montgomery,
Ala. Again it was bought by him
from btolker, and remained in his
poesesfiun ever since. When he first
took charge of the Treasurer's office
eorae of the bonds tbe papers are
talking about Gov. Walts signing
were in there, a'so some money be
longing to John Gill Shorter.
The original articles of confedera
tion as drawn np by the first Confed
erate Assembly are in possefsion of
Mr. Nance of thia plase. When the
pnpers were taken from the archives
at the Capitol and burned, Mr. Nance
was there and saved this memento of
the occasion. It is drawn up on
parchment paper, and one end is bed
ly scorched and another burned.
Tbeie are only iwo copies of these ar
licles. One is framed and used to
hang up in tha Cipitol a', Mont
gomery, the other Mr. Nance has in
Eii poeeeision. Tbe original auto
giaphs are very much faded, being
written ia different colored inkp, but
the manuscript has been well pre
Movement to Meet tne KxpeBseaof
the General Confereac.
Rn rmond, Va., May C The Gen
eral Conference of " the Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, to-day, after
the transaction of routine busines",
called the delegates by Conferences
for the introduction of resolutions. A
resolution was adopted for the ap
pointment of a committee to devise a
plan by which the entire church can
be called on to contribute to the ex
penses oi the General Conference,
Bill for the lollectlim of War
Claim Nominations South
ern IWal Cliauge.
Washington, May 6. Congressman
Zae( Tiivlor introduced ymtcrday a
petition of the Merchants'' Echuiiu
of Memphis, asking for the abolition
of tax on trave ing salesmen.
At its evening session last night, the
House passed the bill authorizing the
construction of a road to the National
Cemetery at Knox ville; also, a simi
lar bill fur a load from the city of Nat
chez, Miss., to the National Cemetery
near that city.
has introduced a bill in the Senate to
extend fur one year from the passage
of the act, the right of action in the
court of claims, under the provisions
of the captured and abandoned prop
erty acts, including all cases of seizures
made either before or after June 30,
1865, without regard to any statute of
limitation, and where documentary
proof has been presented in cases anil
the witnesses are dead or cannot be
foil ml, such evidence sha'l be used.
In the trial of the cases no person
shall be exe'uded as a witness because
he is a party to or interesed in the
of the Washington bar, one of the
government's counsel in the suits to
test the validity of the Bell telephone
patent", has been here taking from
the dockets of the Circuit Court the
records of all suits brought by or
against the Bell Company here. He
said that the government suit in
Columbus would not come to a hear
ing for several months yet. He be
lieved that the Bell Company would
file a demurrer, and ask that the caee
be transferred from Ohio to Ma sa
chusctts. 1)00 OWENS,
formerly a clerk in the Surgeon
General's office, and who graduated
from the National Law School here of
the class of 1884, has received the Re
publican nomination for Attorney
General from the Third Judicial Cir
cuit of Tennessee.
A favorable report has been made
on the bill to credit W. J. Smith, late
Collector of Customs at Memphis, on
the books of the accounting officials
of the Treasury Department with
J2500 for the embezzlement of that
sum by his chief deputy, N. D.
The bill for the repair and pref erva
tioa of the road leading fiom Vicis
burg, Miss., to the National Cemetery,
and appropriating (10,000 for that pur
pose, oas been favorably repoted from
the House Committee on Military
New postmaetsrs and pfljsea: Jobn,
Gaylor, Arthur, "OOnway oonnty,
Ark.; L. Eaton McLain, Welcome,
Clark county, Ark.; poetofuca at Rig
gins, Montgomery county, Tenn.,
changed to a point ona mile south.
Star service chinges: Tennessee
Dowelltown to Pokin, from May 17tb,
to embrace Carding, between Dowell
town and Temperance Hall, increas
ing the distance one mile; Brady ville
to Murfreeshoro. from May 17, increase
service to three times a week.
Mail mf singer s rvics ettiblisl e 1 :
Alabama University, Tuscaloota coun
ty, from Tuscaloosa ftr all service re
qoired from May 10:h.
Special service riiteontinued: Ala
bama University, Tuscaloosa, i cm
Tusculnosa from -Viay 9tb, supplied by
mail infor'gt'r srwi 'e. A'ka'va---Pugot,
C'ny county, frcm Novrmhi r
l), supplied by mail msbtongnr ser
vice TcMieva'.' rapling, 1 Kaib
county, from May H'h.
FouTt'vc'as! pntni?eis commis
s'onen: P.icV'ard R. Highinwer, York
tyation, Ah.: John S. Cooper, Kr-
toiae, Am.; oaire n. ujmmii, (i r-
net, Ark ; Zechnriah Collins, Palmyra,
Ark,; Baker W. Harris. Ballwood,
lenn.; lienry jj. rord, riney, lenn.
Washington, May 6. The Presi
dent to-day sent the following nomi
nations to the ten ate : James 11. Ale
Leary of Texas, to be Associate Jus
tice of the Supreme Court of the Ter
ritory ol Montana.
O'Neill'. Ulnd.toae Reaolatle.
Washington, May 6. The House
Committee on Foreign Affairs to-day
bad tne reiolution introduced rjy lte
presentative O'Neill of Missouri,
thanking Gladstone for his efforts to
secure home rule for Ireland, under
discussion. No action was taken, and
the discumion indicated a disposition
on the part of the committee to allow
the resolution to lis on the table in
the committee-room.
Unit Pny the Doty. .
Washinotow, May 6. The Mayor
of New Orleans made application to
the Treasury Department for the free
entry of certain blocks of Mexican
marble which weie presented to the
city by the Mexican Government, and
which are intended for the deco
ration of the city park. He was in
formed in reply that the only articles
wtiich are exempt from du'y when
imported for presentation to munici
pal corporations, are specified in the
tariff act as "paintings, s'atuarv, foun
tains, and other works of art, and as
the blocks of marble in question are
not embraced in the list mentioned,
the department is uuablo to grant the
Tbe I.alMr
1 abiuet.
lirfore the
Washington, May 6. Tbe existing
labor troubles was a topic of discus
sion at tbe Cabinet meeting to-day, in
the course of which the riots in Chi
cago and Milwaukee and elsewhere
were referred t with a view to taking
such precautionary measures for tbe
protection of government propery as
msy be found necesiary.
the Pan-r.leolrle Investigation.
Wasuingto.t, May 6. The exami
nation of Mnj. Carle, the Tribune ccr
refpond.nt, wa3 continued before the
Telephone Investigating Committee
to-day. He enid be had called upon
the Attorney-General on October let
last, when he had returned to Wash
ington, and the resulting interviews
with him and the Solicitor-General he
had published in the Tribune of the
following day. The Attorney-General's
statement was on "a'l fours"
with his letter to the President, and,
as Mr.; Ranney, of the committee,
had expressed a desire to meet Mr.
Storrow, counsel ot tht Bell Com
pany, witiiees had brought them to
gether. The chairman wished to know if
the witne regarded it at a Itv.tiuia.'e
method cf ui Mining news In hue
statements from a secretary ca'ru!ated
to iejure his employer.
The witness replied tha'. he hsd bad
considerable newspaper rxp rier.ee,
and had never found any way of
g'Mt'rg Et a crocked tranrni-'ion ex
cept f'o:a peorilo who km w eve'T
tiiiug about it. Slid he: "If I thought
thp e?.pniy o' niar.kir.d La i u piecu of
news tut I could get au interview
with Lim I would do it."
Mr. Eden a k--d sirae qVs'ions to
arertiiotho witnegvs opir.'on touch
ing tin propriMy of the conduct of tbe
Pan-Elec'ric Bto.-khilderj, and his
Views ai to the value of the Bti ck.
Witness faid that he di 1 not be leve
the gentlemen had obtained their
stock improperly, but he retarded it
as about the snme as a mm "having a
deed to a qnt?r section of rucon
shine." Adjourned.
Tbe A par be awUon,
Washington, May 6. Senator Fair
cf Nevada has written the io lowing
letter to the Secretary o! the Interior,
setting forth a plan for the settlement
of the Apache queetion:
I'nitkd Stitir Kknatc, 1
Wahhinutoh, April 10, 1KBit. f
The lion. L. y. C. Lamar, SforeUry of tbe
Interior. '
Dear Sir -I inclose the pamphlet
of which I spoko to you yesterday.
By examining the map von will see
the exact position of the Santa
Carlina Island. ' It ia Isolated and
too far from tbe shore for any ordinary
boat to reach if. My idea is tbat
if the Apaches were put on this is
land, they would require no guards,
and all that would be needed would
be the small steam tender and crew
to run between the island and the
port of Wilmington for .the purpose
of communication and supply. This
would, in my opinion, set the Apache
question at rest forever, would save
the country many valuable bills and
the government millions of money.
The title to the island is
perfect. As near as I can
remember tbe price asked by the
owners as either 13 or tl per acre.
Owing to the location of the island
the climate is as mild and salubrious
as can be - found anywhere in the
world. ShouTd you look with favor
upon my suggestion, aa to the value
of this island for the purpose named,
I shall be glad at any time to go more
into detail with you upon the sub
ject. I am yours, very truly,
Senator Fair, when spoken to upon
the subject, stld that he really be
lieved the Indians would be pleased
with Santa Col i Da after they cot the re,
although they might possibly fuht
against going. The island is situated
in thi Pacific ocean, about
twenty-five miles southwnet of
Los Ange'e?. Tbe climate, ho said,
is deligh'ful end the fishing excellent.
Should this irland be pnrctiased and
the Indians placed thereon, it will for
ever put an end to the annual summer
raids of these Indiana on the unpro-Uc-ied
whitoaattlars and their fuiiiies.
and tha government sr lo'd-jr ni ie
steps in this direction looking to the
protection oi ita citizens.
Ibe Stearoablp Wyoming Nlrlhea a
Whale and Kllla It.
Qt'iEKSTOWN, Msy 3. "A prince of
whales in latitude 45 north and longi
tude 411 west much amused tho pas
sengers by the Onion steamer Wyom
ing mat arrived nere tw-iluy, said a
saloon passenger to me-Ins fiawt
question having been whether tho
cable had reported any m.ro labor
"1 was wat.ch:ng the ocean on V e
mo iling of thi 1'Dth of April whi n 1
no iced what seemed to lie two inon
strous porpoises, hut wlm-h turned
out lo be w luiles, sporting quite near
tho steamer. Our shouts somi hrou.ht
from tho saloon hoiiij of 'Wyoming's
fair daughters,' and enthusiasm was
running liign, with suggestions oi Inn
lioonsand revo vers, w hen these gave
way to thoughts of t ;e Oregm disas
ter, as n 'short, sharp shock' Wcs felt
throughout the ship, ns if lier bow
had s ruck a hidden icelmrg or rock.
"Almost as quickly as 1 te.l it tho
ship was stopjied by a signal !rom tho
bridge. As she fell off her course we
saw on the port Bide a monstrous
whale, with a huge gash in bin body,
alniOBt dividing it While tie whale
was lashing the blood-red waves, in
what turned out to be hisdving strug-
giea-Hsm a ibw uiinuees ne lay mo
tionless rejecting sentimental as well
as some business li- e suggestions from
the passengers to send a boat unci so
PlirA thtt trrmliv rtr Bnommnnl ft it
Capt. Kigby, after satisfying liimsoli
that no damage had been done to how
or keel, resumed full speed -aid here
we are."
New York, May 6. Tho groi? earn
ings of tne Louisville and Ntshville
ltailroad for tho month of Apiil were
$'.)(j(i,400, a decrease as compartd with
the same month last year of 1193,00.
Iio'ton, May 6. The second bill
allowing savings banks to invest in
Cincinnati bonds, was defeated in the
House to-day only by two votes, the
atlirmative being defeated.
Bost'in, May 6. The Rev. Phillips
Brooks, who is now in Chicago en-
route ior California, has telegraphed
to his parish that he will not leave
Boston to accept the bishopric for
which he has been nominated.
Boston, Mav (!. In tho tiia1 of Can-
tain Jefl'ery Gcrrior, for barratiy anj
scuttlingand casting away the schooner
Jiacer, the court tins morning cliatged
favorably for the defendant. Tho
jury rendered a verdict of acquittal
Columbus, 0., Mav (J. The State
Senate this morning authorized
the President, on motion, to lap
point several deputy sergeant! at--arms
to arrest and br ng j in
the absentees. The appointments
have been made and the deputies js ili
leave for other S ates to secure mhm
beis. New York, Mav 6. The sale of Gov.
Lcland Santtord s trotting stock i as
continued yesterday. .An average of
$S70 per hoa'd was received. A tnongfthe
highest prices were thes-: l'ninie,
b. in., JlOIKI; Mercedes, b m., $15;
St Just, b.c.flL'.M); Arg b. f., fM"';
Alniira, b. f.,L'L'.0; Linda, b. f ,?L'7.-).
The amount of the day's sale is 1(1,-
Solvation Oil Uthe greatest curt) on
eaith for pain. This invaluable rem
edy routs and banishes all bodily
pain instantly, and costs onlv '25 cents
a bottle.
Inlercstirp Mutinies Krad lirfore
the Mate Prtss As-otlulioa
liiiiquet to the Members.
Pink Pi.vkf, Ai:k., .Mav ti. I' .out
the iaier o" the icstoriim of the
Mate Press Association. It. W. I-cigh,
editor t f tho Morrilton ll,ml!niht, read
this evening, the f Mowing interesting
Statistics us gathered: lhei-e art
1M newspapers published in the
SUite, ns follows: Dailies 10, week
lies 144. s'tiil-weeKlie8 month
Yws 5. lu tho seventy-livo comities
of tho Stat, in ev. ry county except
Calhoun, Chicot, Crittenden, Uifayette
and Montgomery there ia a haper
published. During the year thirty
live paiHTH have beeu started and
thirty-two have suspended, allowing
an increiiHO of two papers. There has
lieen tifty seven c anges during the
year, editorially and othoi wise. 1 uree
ediUira liave died during iho year.
Tlieie are 4K5 type setters and printers
engaged on the papers and l-J.iini
has bee'ii paid them during the year
as wages, which uiakes an avert go of
$79 Ul per month for good, bad ind i'l-
(linerent. ine value oi ttio news
paper plants is f 2:13,8H0. The combined
weekly circula'ion ia 178.9H8 copies
and a grand total of tho year of 7,M4,
665 copies, or one paper each week to
every hve inhabitants, or one to every
voter. This is an increase over lait
year of 4ti,251 copies per week and for
the year 642,345 copies. Estiuiuting tho
average sie at leven columns it re
quires 502,178 pounds of white paper
to run the papers ot tho State, costing
$3,550,840. These figures might be
carried to an indefinite extent, (bow
ing the magnitude) of the newspaper
business in the State as a mechanical
enter pi ise.
A banquet was given tho Press As
sociation to-niulit, which, in the
splendor of all its appointments, sur
passed anything of the kind that ever
occurred here.
By the CnattanMaa "Tlmea" Heart.
II j Ina'oreed by the Hub.
villa 'Banner."
Niphville Jianner: The edition of
the Chattanooga Timet published yes
terday was one of the most note
worthy publications evor issued in the
South. It was a mammoth paper of
twenty-four pages and as good in all
of its departments as it was great in
size. It waa a spec al edition designed
to boom Chattanooga anil tho Sjiith,
and published with e-special reference
to the (reinvention of Northern citi
zens which met yesterday in Knox
ville The Tim management char
tered a special lightning train and de
livered tho paper in Knoxvillo, a dis
tance of 112 miles, at 8:30 o'clock
am., seven hous ahead of the regu
lar mail. Such euilorprise lt serves
the cordial recognition of tho press of
tho country, and the JSnmcr nuartily
congratuiaU-a the 1 uml not only upon
tlit) signal success it has achieved in
thia notable undertaking, but al o
upon the usual enterprise which is a
distinguishing characteristic of its
Nomination of OAleern for the En.
nlna; Year.
St. Louis, Mo., May 0 Tho third
ses-ion of the Convention of ttio
American Medical Aseociation met
hera today, ard immediately lifter
prnlimiiiary routine business ws dit
p 'Bed of tho itipoitof the Nominating
Committee was rni', which proposed
the following otlitierH for tbe n
piling year: Pioiidtuit, E. H.
Oregiry tf St. loni.; lirjt vice
f resident, J. II. Miller of
Siillws'er, Minn.; second vice presi
dent, W.McWlle, Conner ticnt J permp.
n3 secretary, Win. 15. Atkinton, Phila
delphia ; ss i 'tarn seen tary, J. NeviriH,
Hydo Prk, Chicago, 111.; tie -surer,
Kichard Dur g itou, Thiliidelphia, Pa.;
librarian, C 11. T. Khiiusubmidt,
Washiniiton, D. C. Member.t oi the
committees on the ttiteoi medicine
and necrology were also inminated,as
were the judicial council and trustees
of the aseociati n, Iho committee
recommended that Chicago be the
place aod June, 1887, the time for the
next meeting of tbo convention. Tha
adoption of the repoit was by a unan
imous vote, and was equivalent to tbe
election of tne gentlemen named, al
thongh a form of election mtiBt be
gone through with to-morrow.
MILLER COOK B May S. 1K6, at the
rit.iilnnfl nf the brida a narnntji. on UiRm
fippi avanue, Mr. J. J. Mili.iii to Miii
(Jladdr Vooki.
The oeremony being prer tlie rroom and
bride left for their future home In Marthall
county, Miminipl.
TlIE eopartnemhlp heretofore eilatlna be
tween O.C. UOW AM) and F. W.BhKH-KI1-L,
under tbe firm eiyleef 0. 0. UOW-
AHU a CU., is thia day diuolvad or mutual
agreement. Either parly a authoriied to
collert elaima doe them. All aecuunta owing
by thorn will bo lottledon preaenuiion.
(1. 0. HOWAKI).
Will continue the buninena of Co'ton Faotnn
and Oommiaiiun Merchant at
BHJ I'ront Rtaert, JHeuiuhla, Tenn,
Will rnndot the Cntt"n Coinrulaxinn buni-
nets at the eld ataud of (1. C. Howard 4 Co.,
a0 front Wtreet, ateinphln, Tenn.
W. II . B4TEH.
a. c. Toor,
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
New and Latest Sfjle Mock. Sew
Tiiie. Ney Woichlnerr.
Old Toint Cnnifort, Virtrlnia.
rpKKMS for tho learnn of beginnlr
X Juno lat, redil-eil if) to 10 per i-ent , but
the hiitheit itanJarJ of excellence main
tinned. , , , ...
Send for illuatrated deicr.ptive pamphlet
and term.. F. N. PIKE, Uaaaaer,
Hand Firo Extinguishers
7jc Each, ?S Per Doen.
Jti l'rnt Nlree.
U&U) lirjAL, I.KI8,1S'3.
OuvMMI, f it tl h1ttai,rttiio(
OOhMb'rpTtMiwil. MtMuftrtt
ttm,tA4 iyiif CooouiUcil
with Hturvh, Arnruvt or Bugur,
fttttl Uietufurt ix moi tixMit
KuJa voatiui lt tun one ctnt i
tiii. It I iK'UcK'Ur, nourtnliint:,
ftn'iijrlhi'f.'iiff, itlly c!!ifwt"',I,
littil alintri)iy luiitpTtHi rnr ittrnl
IJh m well rm for vrwm (n hnl( h.
Sold by rotiri rywlifrt.
& CO., Borclicstcr, Mass.
Shooting Medal i , '
Kowlng Medals.
Bicycle Medals.
aav-Witalnoreaaoil (aollltlea la oar mans
faotory, we are prepared to All all ordera for
aboro aoodi, AT LOWKST PRICES. Do
igni and oatlmatea furnUhed Iroe, on ap.
Manufacturing J owelcrs,
J. F. HOLST &BI10.,
(bdoumbohi to a. h, bolbt a bro.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and onmpleU ftook of Wood and
M.talllo Caaea and Oiuhnla, Ololh-Cor-and
Uaaketa and Barlal Kobe alwaya 0
h&nd. Mr l)t.l.M hm L.Wm,li hMnnlli
it - K t1'
linn I if 1 1
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. It. 0DWIN, Prea't. J. W. MOUIIHAK, Vice-I'rraU. C. II. MAINE, Caahler
Boavrd of
T. II.
W. H.
J. M. (I00DBAR,
T 11 UI UU
F. M.
J, M.
W. N,
1, CI.'IH)
U. J. Utll
Ilepoallwrjr of Ihe Nlnte nf Tanaeo'iee. Trnnenele a tlrudnd Bankia
KamarM erlee Meeelal ailonllwa tn Si.tllAeft...'.-'.
J y HPIUMU AND HUMMKIlVniCK la now rcmu'ete, eonalst
iYX. inu of tho lutet and ohuiccnt doHlirna in all tho Novelties in-
trinluoed iri foroian luurkeU. My auloc'ions are made withgre.it
"ama too,, its and 'junlity, in order to niter tu the puhlic the luteal
litMhiimublo ir iodn at raaso nalile oriceq. I wlrh to mnke snecial men-
idiin of my ol'otion of a lurire
ilgns in hihuw iHuunnna, which are now roaily lorlhe
inspeotion of my friend) and the public, ut my old staud,
Dor, Heeoud ami Jelleraon Nta.
Jf Twr rnllnas.
iij uviaiiiui d
Kll'8 I nts'
KU'H a Wenla'
omoat, ahapolloat
awSand your orders or oome and evam'ne
HSULsXaMrn-Fi. oo boo tmain th.eix3T
. eartlln.tratAd OaUlorues Hn Free nn Arilicition.-n
ILIiiiiillf S lilll
Dry Goods,Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 328 and 32S Main St.. Memphis, Tenn.
UUtHtH, which w oiler to tho Tra.lo upon t" most (avoi-allo toruil. Our prices
will oomparo favoralily with those of any market in tbe L'nite l Minus. We are Ag.LU tor
Tennessee Jlannlaiturliih' Co.'a riuiilt, UrilU. Slicctln, Sliirliu;, hie.
No. 38! Mnln direct, Moiuphis.
Pianos and Org'aas
Sheet ?Ins?c nnl Uools.
ill lii OOOli
And Commission Merchants;
Joia, 31 and 3G 3Xadisoii Street, Hciupitta'
j. ftirthe Sorin If tits fcvt rrnte thtr
Hpift.rnnc, ami MiKIH ( Oil I lit
II , I I I It. hMi th LniK'"t Stark in ths
fity. They cumrrio All the l.tttcut Novel-tie.-.;
they ur of tha Iipt btuntlitnt llrantift
in nil om nnd kind, (rm tbe liM'e bahy'i
hut t tli oM nr iml it'-. Vuuiik tnen'! light
co.)rrl 1'tTt-yn fro-n 1 () up to V. o
sell Dorby fur 5 :K 'ulJ everywhere f T H.
A VI .VI Irrlif fur 9.1 00.
A n fid rrty for Hi no.
A rtd AO l.'hy rot 4 OO.
it umiif e-i'ffijtlly ir. i'ftl to examine our
lrife itiH-k "t Chtlitrcu'fi Strnw HutJ.
Marlin Cohen,
l)it. It. L. LASKI,
IMijsli'lun, Snru?oti ami Accouclieri
Malm Mrtt, .enr 1'nlou.
Telephnna Nn.M.
IHwt from rnriory ( Porrhm
rny anvliitf 35 prr rrul.'tWrllo
Monto IMckons & Co.. Memphis
OF40 Aonua.i iuu
rit" yotif Bme In full f ViU H'arrantj Dn-1 cnti
v nii f.rlKllt. A ilit i nr. 4 UK Htl
I M. li. 4Mft I. AMI ( O.. Ui yniu Hi.. lm.J...ll
I.aoi Hi. Andrrwi Ky, fl. IMiitiu be .cuuI
ov-rt t,rintUt ir t, u aatiti' at tl ClniiinriBll nino. Tbi
rBt Vrr OflVr U tr iti iuiihm ol utitiiK local
I in I.IMI wt .i r, U tit ftlllaaaa hr Iwo "tftri.
Vi'll ran nVl It r rlnllnf Tour nariiaainl aMh ii in full
I..UT IB rtr ttrlf liHr rit-d . Hudh ft Ira.'! vlll bm Wuflb
fWr or.ny .t. I OH I V Al UKl KUPC.
V until Tu.nlay. May lllh, at 4 o'cloi k
ri.m. Contrai'tori will atate a price per car
oad oi twenty tuna lo he hauled dialancoa of
one, ono and one-halt, two, leu and one
half and three mile, according to circutn
alancea. The price per car load will be In
lull for unloading cara, haulinic. ditriht
1 1 K to trade, and rollini aurlnoo. The con
tractor will bo required lo unload all eara to
a nuiuher not exceeding twenty on the day
ot arrival. Addrem
Secretary Tu'npike Couiniiiaioneri at Court
llour e .
No. 5M7, R. Chancery Court of SUlby
eounty-Wm. 11. bluvull et at. va. J. A.
Atintin et al.
BY rlrtue ot an interlocutory decree for
tale entered in tho above oauao on tho
itb day of March, lbV, (M. 11. 47..pae 2,
and upon tho written reijueat ot J. A. Aus
tin and n'm. II. Movul ) 1 will aell, at pub
lic iiurtlun, to the hmhrt bidil.r, In Iron!
ol 'he t'lerk and Van er'a oil o, courthouse
of .'-hultii' county, .ilvinphia, lenn., on
Snlirnliir, nay 1,1, IXHd,
within lei-al hours, the foUowinr doacrihed
piorei-ty, rit t'tiird in Memp in. hheihycnun
rv, IVnn ne, to-wlt : Lo'a Jl, U and J" of
J. W Konier sutiilirlron on lh aouth ride
of nioti ilroot, oai'h uf imid loll frouling .r0
melon the toutli alilo of Union street hy ir
regular depth. Aplatot said aubdivislon
ia on file herein, the biddings (or laid lots
will stnrt at III per front lout.
Terms ol Bale-Ca.h. This April H, 18M.
, I. MuDOWKLL, Clerk and MaaUr.
Ily.i. M. Uradley. Hei.u'y 0. andM.
Wnltcr Urcir.irv and W I,. Olai'O, anl., ant
ii"irttn.nt of the roost eieaant de-
Vnrrl lull IVrtll Isirrlnot tititia
uiin'ioii n iiiniiigiuotuuvvi
Mhnea, n all styles, are the best in tho olty
sllmea, In all shapes and styles, are tbo nob-
ami nest in the United Males.
Bo' Nlioea are the belt that are made.
I blldren Nlsoee will save yon money.
Lnillea rthnea and Ullpprrs are the hand
and molt stylish, and are cheaper than any
oinera oi 0'iuai grauo
ZELLNKR'S J l.adlea' Kid Holloa Nbeee,
with silk worsted button boles, are tho greatest bar
gains you have over seen.
their grand asaortmeat of FINK B0
Xew Piatios for T?cnt
llii t
V H A hi

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