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Sesolutlont Pass & at a Meeting of
tbe Citizens Denoaaciog the
Law ai Oppregsire.
C0REP0D5CI or TBI irMlL.l
Lbwisbubo, Miss., May 5. A meet
ing of the citisecs cf Lewiabanr and
vicinity was bald Mar 1. 1SS6. tx-
pieseive of their indignation of the
obnoxiona law passed dt onr late
Legislature known as the stock la
Mr. T. J. Wilroy was called to the
chair and J. 0. Lineston waa sslectsd
aa eecrttiry and B. F. Rom aatistant
secretary. The object ot the meeting
,waa explained by the coainnan.
On motion ot W. J. Wilioy, that a
committee of aiz be appointed by tbe
chairman to dra't suitable resolutions,
expiewing; the sense of the meeting,
tbe following named gentlemen were
chosen: fc. B. Laaderda'e, tamucl
Sneed, B. P. Lewis, J. T. Jones, W.
J. Wilroy and P. Vaughn, when the
Io.Iowidk resoiatlona wera anani
mously adopted.
Ltttfotd, That the law enacted by
the late Legislature, known as the
three-wire fence law, reqniring the
confining of theepjhoga and goate, and
requiring the Board of Supervisors to
fence the County of De Sato, is unjust,
inexpedient and unnecessarily expen.
HexAved, That we request the Soard
o! Supervisors that they never appro
priate one dollar towards the building
of a fence around tbe county, or to
contribute anything to tbe advance
ment of said law.
Iie)irL That we will disregard said
law, and that we will stand by each
other, taking no advanUga of its pro
visions until such time ai the obnox
ious law may be repealed by tbe next
Rttdvtd, That tbe Hon. Sim Powell,
whom we have ofien honored, done
his constituents great iniuUite when
he carried tbia oil oas law through tbe
con ate.
JlenAved, That the Hon. A. 8. Meharg
has forfeited the confidence of many
of his friends by his zealcui advocacy
of this law, after his many declarations
during the canvass that if elected he
would not vote for f aid law without
submitting it ti tbe people. .
RmAvfd, Tbat we return our liosere
thanks to tbe Hon. A. 8. Buchanan
for the firm stand taken by him in the
Legislature in opposition to the pas
sage of said law.
Jtmlced, Thatthe Secretary cf this
meeting furnish a copv of its proceed
ings to the DeSoto Timet, Memphis
.Appeal, Jackwn Clarion and Byoalia
Journal, with request to publish.
A fcna.ll j Story of a Disappointed
Bridegroom, Boa; aod a
H man's Boaea.
New Yobk, May 4. Otto Me'r, the
proprietor of tbe ball in East ghty
b xth street, in which tbe Third avs
nue strikers hold their meetings day
and night, is a short wiry German,
who helped Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt
build part of the Fourth avenue tun
nel, and says he lost $45,000 by it.
After tbat he went to the African
diamond fields, didn't get rich there
acd joined 8:anley's expedition. Then
he came back to Ajntrioa and oponod-i
his saloon and now he is prospering.
He ltts the halls overhead to anybody
who wants them. List winter Mr.
Metz left his German swatant to run
things in the salon and the hall, while
he himself went down to' Eighty-firjt
-street and wooed Miss Fannie Knoepe.
Toe marriage was sit for Tueeday of
last week, but had to be psstponed on
account of tbe strike. Tne saloon and
the halls took all the bridegroom's
time. To-night Mr. Melz met Chair
man O'Donnell of the strikers' com
mittee and asked him when he
thought the strike would be over.
"May be next . fall," Chairman
O'Donnell replied, carelessly ; "least
Ways, when both aides are out of
This disappointed Mr. Metz sadly.
He has loet tlep lately, not altogether
on account of the strike, though that
keeps him up at all hours. 5EJ
A Knight of Pythias lodge had hired
the hall which the strikeis now use.
Among other things . wbbb, they
et ricked it with was a coffin in which
was the skeleton of a woman. This
Mr. Metz has transferred to his sleeping-room
to get it out of the way of
rumorous etrikers. He had gone to
sleep the other night when bis masaivo
Newfoundland setup a great racket.
Tbe dog had torn the pall off the
coffin, tossed off tbe lid and was drag
ging the skeleton gleefully out into
the hall when Melz got after him and
reecued the assorted bones. The dog
is now chained in an outer room all
night to keep him from going for the
bones again. . .,
Her IaeSeetaal Efforts to Beseae a
Drowning Child From tbe
Depias ol a Well.
HosNHLLaviixa, Y., May 4. Fra
zer French aud his family live on tbe
old Minee firm, in' the town of Brad
ford, this county. In the farm-yard is
a deep well, with a low curb, the water
being drawn np by an old-fashioned
sweep. On Saturday all the family
were absent from home except Mrs.
French and her two-year-old son.
Farmer French came home at noon.
There was no one in the house. Ha
went into the kitchen. On the table
was a Blate, on which was written in a
basty scrawl:
"Baby and I are in the well."
French ran to the well. Looking
down he saw his wife in tbe water
clinging to tbe wall, but apparently
dead. Alva Morris, a neighbor, waa
passing at the time and responded to
the farmer's cries for help. Morris let
himeelf down in the well and fast
ened a rope around Mrs. French, and
el e was drawn to the top. She waa
alive, but unconscious. She was re
stored with difficulty. As eoon as the
rsvived she asked lor her child. The
b-.dyof tha chi d was found at the
bottom ot tbe well, in ten feet of
water, and drawn to the surface by
means of a rope.
"At 10 o'clock this afternoon." said
Mrs. French, "I went to the well alter
a pul of water, taking baby along. I
saw that a board on the curb was loose
and ran back to tbe house to get a
hammer and nails to fasten the board
and thoughtle s'y left the baby alone.
When I returned be was gone. I
looked in the well and saw him strug
gling in tbe water. Thinking tbat
some one might be in the house soon
I rushed back and wrote on the slats
tbat we were in the well, so that we
could have help as soon as possible.
I then hurried to tbe well again and
let mvself down to tbe water by the
the niches in the well. I succeeded
in gettirg tlu baby out of the water
with one hand, while I held
myself above the water with
the other. 1 then placed one foot
in a niche on oni side i cf the
weil and the other fc; on the oppo
site, and then brtcei mysdf so I
could keep above thi watei, which
was above my waist. The baby was
alive, and. having the ve of both my
hands and arms, I eooi brou(bt him
to. I called for help as lotdly as I
could, fifth the chi'd and, myself
were terribly chilled bj the yater. I
shonted for aid until my vice was
gone, and then, feelinethat Ve must
both die fromtxhaus'.icn and:old un
less I could reach thi top in some
way. I began to work mfssli i p, using
one hand and my feet. Lit1 if by lit
tle 1 crept npward by aid of tie niches
in the well, and in half an hoar I was
almcst within reacbingdiitancs of the
top of the well. How my strength ever
hld ont I do not know. I sttpped to
rest, and thought of tossing tie baby
npoverthecurb. HI bid had
enough in my arms. I mow
have done ao, bnt tbey were
and weak. Altar reatiag awhile I waa
feeling around for another iltcs to
put my foot, a little hijher, b draw
myself up. when I lost mr fodtina en
tirely and we fell back ;nt) tha water.
The baby waa knccked out of mv
arms, and when I cams to thi surface
of the water I could not find pim. I
remember grabbing about among the
niches in the well, and that was all
antil I came to after keioa rescued.
I must have clung to tie we8 over an
hour unconscious.
air. Jowpk Wadly of Groeavlllr,
Ml., Answered tad tlea.
ttroeao Defended.
To th. Editors of the Appall:
Newark, N. J., Ma 1. In your
issue of April 24tb, latt, appeared a
communication trom Joseph Wadly
of Greenville, Miss., on tbe Memphis
water qnestion, doing treat injustice,
both by reference and direct assertion,
to the Hyatt system of water purifica
tion. Your correspondent expresses
surprise that Gen. Greene suggests our
system, because filtration removes
nothing more tban the satpended
matter, and tbe organic matter is still
in solution. If that is true cf filters,
it is none the lees so of settling basins.
Tbe injustice of this is not in the
statement per se, but in connecting it
with the Hyatt syttera, which is not a
filtering apparatus merely, but a sys
tem based on natural laws and scien
tific principles, and especially adapted
to removing the very organisms in
solution and microsopically minute
suspension, which Mr. Wadly says
are no', removed by ordina-y filtra
tion. We beg leave to briefly explain:
It! first tprepares the water Iji filtra
tion by a process in all essential re
spects liko tbat by which nature purifies
every drop of spring or well water.
As water passes naturally through the
aurfuce layers of soil, it takes np more
or less of the earth aalts found every
where. These act on the impurities
in suspension and solution, changing
their forms and causing them to ad
here to each other in flocculent masses,
hich are strained out as the water
percolatea through the strata. In pre
cisely the same manner the Hyatt sys
tem, by an ingenious and delicately ad
justed apparatus, subjects the water to
imiiar treatment, precipitating organ
isms in solution, massing tbe minute
rartirlos of clav. and entirely filterina
out both by me'ansof a bed o! sand
id comminuted coke tnat :is not
allowed to become clogged er foul, but
is as clean and good after yeara of u;e
aa it was when first put in.
Your correspondeut further eaya
tbat "there is no ad ventage gained by
the process, and it is impracticable for
such quantities, while thetettliug pro
cess has proved a success and at a
much less cost."
In this statement he is diametri
cal' y opposed to scieotifi.3 men
throughout the world. Even filtra
tion alone will take out a great many
impurities that settling tanks will not.
For instance, such things as are of
small snecilic gravity and never set
tle. Filtration is rap'd. Settling
tanks are slow. It takts months for
the finest particles of clay to settl?,
aud meantime the water is not im
pioved by s'anding in en impure
s'ate, as this is just the condition
tno3t favorable to vegetable growth
and the production of animalcule.
In the second place, there i3 no ne
cessary limit to the capacity of our
of our system. No mat:er how great
or how muddy the supply, we can
purify it all without inteiruption.
In the third place, our system is far
lees expensive and far more effective
than the basins suggested. In the city
of St. Louis in March, 1883, there were
18,000,000 gallons of water practically
clarified aa fast as it entered, by the
chemist of the New Orleans Water
Company, for tbe nominal coat of lees
tban one-half cent, per 100 gallons,
or between $40 and $50 per 1,000,000
We will give any reasonable and
sufficient guarantee tbat our system
will do the work perfectly and tatisfac
torily. for about one-tenth of that sum,
including tbe interest on the first cost
oi our plant and all the running ex
panses. A s to the relative expense of clean
ing our filter?, and keeping two or
three reservoirs clean, we need only
aay that in ours this work requires no
mechanical labor. It is perfectly
done by the force of tha water, about
1 per cent bciagnred for that purpose.
We do not desire to take up too
great fpace to set ourselves right in
this natter, bat would like to say that
we will (end to any one who desires it
a topy of our larga circular, giving
full descriptions of onr system in all
its details, witb. testimonials from well
known and honored citizens using our
planta in your section of the country.
Keepertfnllv vonrs,
141 Commerce tu., Newark, JJ. J.
A'fKi"'' Jnn'ril'4 to
Thote Who Ion
lit r.
The Anne! of Death to "our angel In life.
Came with greeting! wrm nd tender.
And lht hnd e call "the cruel hand
linveiled her life's fill iplendor.
There in tbe bloom ot immortal yonth,
W here noeartbly pain can reach her,
Her innl will qnaff at the fount of truth,
With love for iu tirrtnt teacher.
For the but rone to that falrr rhnre,
Where the land of the beautiful lies.
Where lorrow opprejieth the loul no more,
Nor the runsbine of gladnesf die).
There her lir; will drink the fount divine,
In bright Eden MreamleU flowing,
And the glorioul light of a lave divine.
On her face be forever glowing.
. Ob, re who wail the lovely dead,
Think not of her pain in dying.
Think of the erown kin angela twino,
That ia oit on her forehead lying.
Never again will farewell worda
In tbat beautiful land he imiken,
ChrUt'a love will form each link anew
That was here so rudely broken.
':'i;iiMk L. i'nnn.
April 4, IL
Lcsdbobo's perfume, Edenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg'a perfume, Lily of tbe
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Kiel
Sore Eyes
Thr tyr are ahvayi in sympathy with
the body, anj afford an excellent ludox
of its conditiou. AVheu the eyes become
Weak, and the lids inflamed and tore, it is
an evidence that the system Las become
disordered by Scrofula, for which Aycr'a
SuiMiparilla is the best kuovt u remedy.
Scrofula, which produced a painful in
fl ; i in oi :il i ii in in v eve, rmisi'd me mucb
nrterinir for a number of years. ty tbe
advice of a physician I ( on'ini, need taking
Ayer'a Ssrsaparilla. After Usinp tbia
lut diclue a short time I was completely
My eyes arc now in a splendid condition,
nnd I am an well and strong a ever.
Alrt. William Gage, Concord, II.
For a number of yean. I waa troubled
witb a bumor in my eyes, and was unable
to obtain any relief until I commenced
using Aver's Saisupaiilla. Tlil medicine
bus efl'ecteil a complete cure, and I believe
it to I mi the best of blood purllivrs.
C. E. I'ptou, Nashua, N. II.
From childhood, aud until within a few
montlm, 1 have been utllicted with Weak
and .Sore lives. I have utcd for these
romplainta, with beneficial results. Aver's
8arsapnrilla. nnd consider it a great blood
puriner. Mrs. C. rbillipa, Glover, Vl.
I suffered for a year with Inflamma
tion In my left eye. Three ulcer formed
on the ball, depriving me of lcbt, aud
causing great pain. After trying many
other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally
induced to use Ayer'i Saranpai illa, and,
By Taking
three bottle of this medicine, have been
entirely cured. My siKht haa been re
stored, and there in Ho tiirn of Inflamma
tion, aore, or ulcer iu mv eye. Keudid
T. Bowen, Sugar Tree Kidge.'ohio.
My daughter, ten yearn o",J, waa afflicted
with Scrofulous Sore Kyce. During the
last two yeam she neyer saw light of any
kind. I'liysiciana of the highest standing
exerted their skill, but with no permanent
auccesa. On tbo recommendation of a
friend I purchased u bottle of Ayer'a Sar
faparilla, which my daughter commenced
taking. Iteforc she bad used the third
bottle her sight waa restored, and she can
now look steadily at a brilliant light with
out pain. Jlcr cure is complete. W. K.
Sutherland, Evangelist, Bhelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, Mate,
(Sold by all Druggists. I'rice (1 ; ail bottles, 5,
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
"FOB FORTY YEARS I hare been a rle
tim to CATARKH-three-fourtha of tbe time
a sufferer from EXCRUCIATING PAINS
TRILS, The discharges were so offensive
that I hesitate to mention it, except lor the
good it may do some other sufferer. 1 have
Hient Ji young fortune from my earnings
during my forty years of suffering to obtain
relief from tbe doctors. I have tried patent
medicines every one I could learn of from
the four corners of the earth, wits, no relief.
And AT LAST (67 years of age) have met
with a remedy that has cured me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 128 pounds,
and now weiph 146. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
is, tbat being in the bumble walks of Jjle I
may not have influence to prevail on all ca-
tarrk nlnn to irks) Has Cured Die
Golnn'g Pioneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Second street, Macon, Oa."
"Mr. Henry Cheves. the wiiter of the
aHove, formerly of Crawford county, now oi
Macon, (ia., merits the confidence of all in
tcreated in catarrh. W. A. H''FF,
" Ex-Mayor of Macon."
Guinn'g Pioneer Blood Ilenewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Sorolula, Old Sores. A perfect Spring
If not in your market, it will be forwarded
on receipt of price. Small buttles, II, large,
tl 75.
E?ay on Blood and Skin Diteases mailed
Waenn, He-orata.
vL- v t. it J?
Villr' rod-Liver Oil nnd I.lme.
Persona who have been taking Cod-Liver
Oil will bo pleased to learn that Dr. Wilhor
has succesded. from directions of several
professional gentlemen, in combining the
pure Oil and Li me in such a manner tnat it
is pleasant to the taatc, and its effects in
Lung complaints are truly wonderful. Very
many persona whole cases were pronounced
hopeless, and who bad taken the clear Oil for
a long time without marked effect, have been
entirely cured by nsing this p'eparation. Bo
sure and get the genuine. Manufactured
only by A, II. Wii.hor, Chemist, Boston.
Uold by all druggists
Diseases are Prevalent all over tbe
I am a native of England, and while I
wag in that country I contracted a terrible
blood poison, and for two yeara was under
treatment as an oat-door patient at Notting
ham Hospital, England, but was not cured.
I suffered the most agonising pains in my
bones, and waa covered with sores all over
my body ana limbs. I had vertigo and deaf
ness, with partial loss ot sight, severe pains
in my head and eyes, etciwhich nearly raa
me eraiy. I lost all hops in that country,
and sailed for America, and waa treated at
Roosevelt in this city, as well as by a prom
inent physician in New York having no con
nection with tbe hospitals.
I saw the advertisement of Swift's Specif, c.
and I determined to give it a trial as a last
resort. I had given op all hope of being
cured, as I had gone through the bands of
the best medical men in Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of 8. B. 8.,
audi can say with great joy tbat tbey have
cared me entirely. I am as sound and well
as I ever was in my life.
New York City, June 12, 1S&5.
Is the life, and he is wise who remembers it.
But in March of last year (18H4), I contracted
blood poison, and being in Savannah, Oa.,
at the time, I went into the hospital there
for treatment. I suffered very much from
rheumatism at the same time. I did not
fet well under the treatment there, nor was
cured by any of tbe usual means. I have
now taken seven bott es of Swift's Epeoiflo
and am sound and well. It drove the poison
oat through boils on the skin. . ,
Jersey City, N. J.. August 7, 1H&.
Two years ago I contrasted blood poison.
After taking prescrip'ions irora the best
physicians here and at Dallas, I eoncluded
to visit Uot Springs, and on reaching Teiar
kana a doctor recommended me to try Swift's
fpecifio, assuring me that it wonid benefit
me more than Hot Springs, Although the
had rrodu-ed great holes In my back and
chest, and had removed all the hair off my
head, ret 1 began to improve in a week's
time, and the sores began to heal, and were
entirely gone inside of eight weeks.
WILL JONES, Porter Union Pass, Depot.
Cisco, Teias, July 11, 18?.
Treatise on blood and Skin Diseases'mailed
free. Tax Swin Si-scicic Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta Oa., N. Y., 107 W. i-d St.
This famous remedy most harpily meets
thedemand of the age for vcn.n s peculiar
and multiform stiliotlona. It is a reuie.ty
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one SPKcIAL
CLASS of her diteases. It ia a specific for
certain diseased conditions of the womb,
and propoaea to so control the Menstrual
Function as to regulate all the derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Its proprietors clalip for it no other medical
projierty; and to doubt the fact that this
medicine doea positively possess such eon
trolling and regulating powers is simply
to discredit the voluntary testicony of thou
sands ot living witnesesa wbo are to-day
exulting in the restoration to sound health
and happiness. '
Female Regulator
Is strictly a rentable compound, and is the
product of medical science and practical ex
perience directed toward tbe benefit of
NrrrKRima wowahi
It is the studied prescription of a learned
physician, whose specialty was WOMAN,
ana whose fame became enviable and bound
less because of his wonderful success in tbe
treatment and cure of female complaints.
REMEDY known, and richly deserves its
Woman's Best Friend
Bees use it controls a class of functions the
various derangements ol which cause more
ill health than all other eauses combined,
and thus rescues her from a long train ol
afflictions which sorely embitter ber life and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what a
multitude of living witneaseacan testify to
its charming effects! Woaug, take to your
confidence this
raM ion boon or health!
It will relieve yon ot nearly all the corn
plain's peculiar to your sex. Rely upon it
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
lona life.
Sold by all druggists. Bend for ear treat
ise on tbe lionlth and Happiness of Woman,
mailed free, which gives all particulars.
Hx Atlanta. Oa.
Pennyroyal Pills.
The Original and Only nnlnc.
Sale and always Reliable. Beware ol tri.
km Imitations. Indispensable to L IVIEN.
A -ii your Urugglat for " hlehreter'e
Eng-li "and take no other, or inclose 4e
(stamps) to ua for particulars ih i. arras, by
rrlnrn mall. ,.. FAFKM. (Jot
rkpelor liemlcal Co.,
II.Yia MiMliiwtn Nqomrr, Plillnrist., S-.
TKAISK supplied by G i0. C. UOOD WIN
a '
f tutlmalf) A areata. Bastea, Ma
N. Secoud St. J UJSmsaovui.'
xuircTaCTrnznt or
Mr wiutb for cataixki;k. -v
:of; I
No. 47)24, R. P. Chancery Court of Bhelby
County II. P. Uubaon. administrator, etc.,
vs. M. C. Frame et nl. ; R. 1). 35r, 2-Wm.
Morrow va. V. 1'. Kriiino et al.
BY virtue of concurrent inlorlocutory de
crees for sale, entered in thn above
causes on the2th dny o' April, 1SW, M. 11. r2,
pages 41H ami 4,1 will soil, at public auc
tion, to thehighe.it bidder, in front ol tbe
Clerk and Muster's ollico, Court-llcufe oi
Shelby county, Memphis Tcnn., on
Kntnnlny, .Mnjr 2, IMA,
within leg'il hours, the following described
property, situated in hbclby county, Tcnnes
seo, to-wit :
A certain parcel of b.nd known ns lots 4
Bnd 5, and pari of lot :l of country lot 414,
licitinning lit tlio corner of Jerry Crowley's
lot, iinmuiliiitly cast of the Memphis mid
Charleston railroad liridgo ou Marshall ave
nue: thoDCO in a southoutwyrilly direction
along the uouth line ot Marshall iivonuu,
iiliout Hit feot, to the Jiiinos ridell lot;
thonce south with BideH's wi st line to old
Vnion street; thence woatwiinlly to the
.Memphis nnd Charleatnn lailroad; (limine
northwestwardly along tbe line ol sni.l rail
road to Jorry Crowloy'a southeast corner;
thence with Crowley's nasi line to the begin
ning. Ihia tract of land has beon subdi
vided in lots, plata of which can hereon at
the Chancery Court, and the above property
will be sold according to (aid subdivision.
A certain lot known as part of lot 47H, and
deseribod aa the nut 124 loet of lot ft.r4 of it.
L. 478. fronting 124 by 118 feet on the north
side of Jefferson street.
A certain other lot, being part of C. L. 4ifl,
fronting 40 feet on the aoath side of Jeffer
son atreet, with a depth of 148 leet, bounded
on the west by Bayou (iayoso and on tbe east
by Roinack'a lot. .....
Terms of gale On a credit of six and
twelve months; interest-bearing notes with
security required; lien retained to secure
same, and equity of redemption. This
April 30. lHfS.
8. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Maiter.
Py H. P. Walsh. Oeputs 0. and M.
Malonc k Watson, Tailor k Carroll, F.
II. A 0. W. Heiskell, Boll.
Electric Belt Free
TO Introduce it and ebtlin agents we will
for the next sixty days give away, free
of charge, in each county in the U. b. a lim
ited number of our -rsin Elwtro'Ual
vanle Btnapenaory Italia). Price Id: a
positive and unfailing eu-e for Nervous De
bility. Varicocele, Kminions, Impotency,
eta. iooo.00 Reward pais if every Belt we
manuiacture does not gsnerate a genuine
electrio current. Address at once KLKC
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Do you want a pure, bloom
ing Complexion 1 1 If so, ft
fow npplications of Hagan'g
MAOSOLIA BA14 will grat
ify you to your heart's con
tent. It does awat with Sal
lowness, Redness Tlmplcs,
lilotehes, and all diseases and
Imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes tho it ushod appear
ance of heat, faUfflio and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear hit TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
u' i la M ei,.
ana penect uro an eiu'cui.
that it Is Impossiblo to detect
Its application.
"FLm EI. XjBE c3 OO-p
3778-38()2-3S4-5kS( Second Btreet, soath ot Uayoao.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
J, T. FARGASON. J. A. HUNT. 0. 0. 11 EI 5. R. A. PARKER. B. L. W00DH05
Vbolesalo Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Sit Front Street, Memphla, Tenu.
Cotton consigned to as will have our careful attention. W, carry at all times a well
selected stock oi
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llqucrsjcbacco & Cigars,
And will aoll sua Ixw ae the I.wm.
n'l f-i a
Hpius in & M l IBS. u.
tl. MAbViKLD.
K. L.
Ofllce lf 9f atllHon Ntreet, ITIeiupliIx., Tenw
Eistablislied 186S.
25ft and 258 Front
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, .Millet,
It. G. CRAIG & CO., MEMl'IlIS.
A VINO withdrawn irom the WonJruS-Ollvnr Carrlaas and Hurdware OoospanT. ws
havoaooonted tbe Acency ol aniiie ot tho Bk ,Ttiiali.rnreri In llallttu
Mle, and are now reooivluK a lull assortiuont ol CMtlU AUKS. IIIUKIIKH, WAONM,
1IAUNKSS and SAUOLKKY ! also, a Inrao alook ot the Improved TKNNKHHKB WAUONS.
All sooda are new, and built expressly lor this inarkot, and will be sold at very low prices.
Oflk-e anil JSulexroom, No. i0l Mala nil oi't. V uruutiums No. tm front ntreot.
A. woanRurF .1 r. oi m w v. I.. wwioanr.
WTHII1 pay Good Irl"- lr JIIOTKN, UlS FALLS and
TltAMIY.COrrOM ,ot nil :acHTlloiiM.Ni-inl for 'lrciilf
and Iri t'M PiiUl.'
75 Vatiftfi Ktrwet.
Cotton Factors & Commission F.lerch'ts,
liatassrWakana-Ma.-aia asMHaa.irstlaaSve
IlICnARD A.:McC'CKY, i i i I i PrHldent.
: : :
Sarrcader Talnealladoswcd an Pollelee. to:rorrrllo.ll.f neapoal
la Ilia World.
Tio. 2 Cot Ion F-1iiiko nnllding. Winplilw.
Yazoo Llississippi Delta Timber Co.
107 Mlles from Memphis, Tenn. 113 Mileslfrom Vioksbun. Miss.
Will saw to order and furnish good merchantable
O "v press Liumber,
. t&" $12.50 PER M.-Tfi
M-Dinenslons and Bulldln, 'Lumber. Ctpros Shinties. Droved FlOTrlpt. Colllnslan
Hidina. kept oonsUntly on hand. Orders by mail respeotlully sollolted. Adilres'3
r. m. alstos,
Jt. W. 1KOWU1,,
And Cemmlsslon Merchaate. Hay, Con Oatj.Bt ja, Chop Fed, OU-Meal,
Llnsc, Cement, Plaster, Uaildina; and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
R. K. LKK.
W.N. VV1JLKEBHOM, Vke-l'mMea
5, liiHhlei.
f ri II
St., Memphis, Tcnn.
IrTftTTiishi". Tenn.
: : $109,000,000
M.U.. i i i Examiner.
H. II. If At'BI.
i t r
OF ;
In IheTown fl'olllcrTlll, Teaa.
Ko. M2. R. P. John Loaa-ne.Puhlie Admin
istrator of Sbrlhy county, and a. aach Ad
ministrator of Mrs. K. M. Bleokley, de
feased, vs. Maaie A. Brennan et al.
BV virtu. ol decree for sale cn tared here
in, April 27. Hwi, I will offer for aale,
at public auction, at COLLIKKVILLE,
I ESN., on
Mnlanlay, May 39, !).
within tesal hours, the following described
real estate, to-wit :
I. A certain lot contalnins three acd one
half W, acrea in the Tenth C vil District
of Shelby county, Tenn., in the neiahbor
hoodof Bray's htationi Bounded en the
nortl) by the State-line road; on the south
by tbe M. and C. Railroad; oa the east by
tbe landa of I'. M. Ward, and in the weat by
the lands of K. Read.
And the following lots In the town of Col
ll.rville, Shelby county, Tenn. t
II. A vacant le t irontmion tbe west aid.
ol the public park, south oi the lot owned by
T. Morris, and betna one hundred (lO1!)
feet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
'iuI'a vacant lot on Ike south side of Front
street, beainnina about one hundred and
forty iliii) leet west of the intirseetion of
Front etre,t with the openina west cf the
public square, bavin a front ol one hun
dred and aeventy-four f.et by a depth of
about two hundred and twenty (231) feet.
IV. A vacant lot oa the .est side of Mala
street, thiity by slaty laoaou) feet, lylne be-
iween the property of Geo. 6. Wair and P.
.. Uray.
V. A vacant lot en the west aide of Main
street, heainnlni about one hundred and
f liy-eight 0') feet north of the intersection
cf Front and Main streets i tbenee nerth
twenty (20) leet. with a depth of ene hun
dred and sisty (lrv'l feet, running; south at
right angles with the south line of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (1111)
feet west of the beginning; point, a distance
cf flllv-eieht i:S) fcl, until it joins with lot
Hn. four (4), fronting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commencing on th.
noitbwest corner of J. VV. and W.I), koen'g
lot, in the town of Colliervtlle, deeded to
them by Leake and Irby; running tli.noe
north shirty IW feet to a stake) thence east
stitv tiki) feet to a stake; thence south thir
ty t;iti leet to a stake to the north weal cor
nerol said lot of koen's; thenoe weat sixty
iooi leet to the beginning point.
Book M, page U.
VII. A lot known as the Orchard lot, de
scribed aa: Beginning at the northeast cor
ner ol' lot Ko. A, on a range of lota north of
puhlto siuare and ogposite the M. and 0.
K.H.; thence north two hundred and seven
feat six C-1" inches to a s'sks; tbenee west
two hundred and twenty il'-.ti) feet in J. K,
Wadding's east boundary; thence south
two hundred and seven loet six (J07 Si inches
to a stake, which is the northwest cornel ol'
John l.ynoh's lot No. 11; thence eaat two
hundred an 1 twenly U'-'o) leet to the begin
ning, coninining, by estimation, alittle over
one a-re. B.'ok 72, page 542.
Vlll Lot Mo. one III, lorty (44) fret by
one hundred (li) loet, in a range ol lots
Nob. 1 to II, on the north side ol the put lie
iiiare or park, purchased from V. Leak,
hepteitibor 24, IHi'V, and recorded In Regis
ter's ofllce of riholby county, in book No, 02,
I sites 2ii, 2i 4.
IX. Lot No, !, forty (4(i) hy one hundred
()iii) feet, In a range of lots Nob. 1 to 11 on
the north side of the public square or park,
purchased from V. Leake, li.cemlier, 1H07,
and recorded in tbe regtstor'a ollioe ot tihol
by county. In hook No. iv', psge47ti.
X. Lot No. 4 (and part of lots), forty (40)
by one hundred (too) feet, and part of lot 3.
eight (HI by one hundred (U!) leet, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, In a range of lota
No. 1 to 11, on the north side of the publio
park or square. On Ihia lot, 4HiMU feel, are
two brick atoiehouaes, on which there is a
trust deed of record. (Male subject to th.
rights of the mortgage..)
XI Lot No. S, forty U'l) rv ere hnndr.d
(1 HI Iv-1 , wont ol an. I a j inlng lot .No. 4,
alioio described, and lourteon (II) foot six
(ol inches of lot No. west l and adjoining
lot Nil .'. I This is the lot on which Mrs. a.
M- lUvkley rs did -t the time ol her death,
being Ill y four IM's 'act six inches by one
liundr. d (lisil feel i line-story frame and
Improvements, liook M, p ige 2 'ii.
Xll. Lot No I1, lorty 14(1) !' one hundred
tl an Let ill a range of lots on the north side
. f the uhlin park or square, record book
No. M, part 2, Pagoi Vn-B. A lot Irontlng
the west side of the public park, beginning
lorlv eight (4M) feet south of Front street,
Ivin'g between the lot ef J. K. Waddy on the
north and T. J. Morrison tbe south, being
fosty-.ight by one hundred and twenty 4dg
1.1i) feet, having two (2) two-atory brick lin
proveineuta and also one (I) small tenement
of wood, tpon this lot there is a trust deed
ol record. Sale subjeot tu the rights of th.
mortgagees. ........ ,j
Aa per said decree, I will first sell aald un
improved properly, or so much thereof al
may he necessary lor the payment of the
debts and rhargea, and htate, county and
municipal taana against said estate; and in
the event raid unimproved property does
m.t realise aulTlcient, then I will oflor said
improved property for sale for the payment
of the remainder of aald debts, costs,
charges and taxes. This decree Is made
without prejudice to the claims of creditors
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and th.
right of the estate in property embraced in
such mortgage or trust deeds shall be last
sold in case a sale thereof becomes neces
lary to pay the debts allowed.
At the time ol the sale the guardian, M.
(lavln, may direct the order in which th.
different lots or tracts may be sold, eiceot
that the mortgaged property ia to b. last sold
as above stated.
Terms of bale -One-fourth ('-0 cash, on.
fourth Vi) on December 27, IHHil, and one
half V'j) on December 27, liW; purchaser to
ciecute notes with approved p.rsonnl secu
rilylorthe unpaid purchase money, and a
lien returned on the property toaaenro th.
deferred payments. This April 2H. 1HM.
Ill illl II. t'LLI'KN. Clerk.
By 0. L. McDonald, Depqly Clerk.
John Loiigtin, W. D. Wilkerson, II. 0.
Wnrririor and Albert Suuirs, olioitors
"'nr iv V
f 'HrlT r''H'
am! 'r
luiiiii-l phtit ao't it
"(!uw ll Upturn of PRIVATE,
'tlf I
I. If ).r
SlormutorrliH n0 Impotent jr,
i tit ".nil n( If alm 10 i'U(ls. fTuai ! a i
i.ln trt'i. " otlier I'Hi'm, lA i 1 ! i- IU( WitUV U -It- ! '
i 'Wiflii ."'I Vrl tnikiiri H'Ultflal I lli!.liUi -,l..iiii4'
.1 iv JreHtm.i. Iltmii' of t'tt,li1, I ' f . u, ; :-hi.
ti !! l'int,tiu !'-' i MinH h'u d'IT i! ynmi'w,
ixif iaiuU "I M"afl, nf Ht-iual P-wtr. n tujilug
fjiirnt fiiitaMi-fr nf iint.ajir.j ar Utoivufhlf anJ p-rna-I'tMlf
cur-i SYPHILIS t-ht,tiiir-4 awl
'lrr'J li' iV-nj iu a.).i. lu Gonorrheii,
GLEET BtriM.ir, Oiciiitli, Urmia, ttw Huv.ttta,,
'i i mi l "Hi'' prtvatt 'l1a4- 4ui k1 ourart
H laflf 4i Lt-r.t Uiaf a hy tctau tn); ipiiilttMClafi
U a eralii 'Iih it tltfiif till treatii. tboinuati li tuoa
), r((tili ftataalll. Phjal-1ai U'iU'Uili r-tof
v mrufii'l rr'nt to my 6r- K dca It It Id wifnl'Dl k
.i ih- tit ffi- irBtm-iit, mrsH'trirt N BiiMif
Lj Ilf by H r !- may m l.an.
C-iv.r OuranteiI In all Caa
ofiitJlli-.., ('. -Dftlir ur h tlsM ItM 4B.1 Tat'tKe
'htt 'uniU'U aud x-rraai-.utJvQCsj eTtri iU -vofl Jaii.sk,
irVPOlc" ffitiaany flJ'-tB, a.rjurti aaswj, t-t th itf
in ronit HhoUlti tr rrl r al! jsr(tr at ti.
.9o buura ia a 4. 11. tog) T. M. cla,Wr
1'robate U)iirt Snlo Koal Estate.
No. sr., R.I) -In the Probate Court of Shel
by County, Tenn. T. J O'Neil, adminis
trator, vs. Caih. Kllen O'Neil.
TV virlueof a decree for sale, entered In
JJ this cause on April 27, llf's minu'ebook
4o, paces 4t'l, etc., 1 will sell to the highest
bidder, at public auction, in front of th.
court-house door, on Main street, on
Nnltiritny, aj Ti, IHHH,
within legal hours, the lollowing described
real estate, lo-wu i ACeri-un i loc, or par
cel of land, situ:itd in Memphis, Tenn.,
commencing on ttie wet 'ice tit .V!mu street,
and running tnenM nr rtli ;7'h fcot; thence
wet 141'. tcet to Ceo tor aliey ; tbenee aouth
along said alley 17', leet to a alnke, and
thenceeuit lls! (cot to the beginning. Iho
raid lot is the souin hall l lot No. 1 ', and
is situated nt the inlertecticn o' Die north
side of the lirat alley ouih of and pirnllol
with Overton street with Main strort. Th.
said tale will be sub e t to rigM of home
fiend ol Cath. hlien O'Neil in said real es
tate. ... .
Terms or nle on a cr a i ""a .;
month; ; the purhaer to .xecute not. with
surety, and alien will be retained to secur.
unpaid purchase money. Kqii'ty of redemp
u barred. TbisPn. X. 1
By H. L. McOoniild. I'ei'tity Clerk.
Win. M. Randolph. Solicitor.
Iimolv'iit otlor.
No M'M (Si State of Tenncse. Shelby coun
ty Oince OOliniy If.uri licra. .neinuis,
Tenn., April 2', To John Longue,
1'jnlic Admmiatrator of Shelby county and
a. such Administrator of estate ot ilenry
K. Arnold. deceu"ed : . .
HA VINU aiitgestei the Insolvency or th.
ettate ol Henry K. Arnold, deceased,
u are hereby oMered to irie notice, ny aa-
vertiement in some new-piper I'uiuiium
within the sai l btnte.and also at thooourt
h iu-0 door of Shelby county, for all person,
having cUims against sn'd eilato to appear
and hie the siime, auihentrateti initio man
ner 1'resent.eil oylaw.o-1 or oeioreioe. iu uay
July, l'l ami unv caiiu not ulea on or
aiii.i i or or oeiore an aiioroiirieiion
of the fund' ol said o.-tate. is made, shall b.
c.if ' it it L'oitTt Pl..r ', Plw AX
forerer oarreti. ooui in iw ni f unj.
W itne my band, at offi, this iith Jay o:
April, 1'. HI t'H Cl'LLKN. Cl.rk.
Sly li. L. McDonald, Deputy Cierk.
asrNotice given a required by the foreio
Ingorler. Uuel JNO- L0AJV K, Adin'r.

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