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VOL. XLVI NO. 100.
OId Soldier FigttlBff TkMr Dattln
Orer Brayr f Wlscoaaiu Stir
ring Ip the oj.
' Washington, , May 7 lkte. After
Ihe routine business was disposed of, a
contest for precedence arose between
iprivita business and the Military
Academy appropriation bill, vhica
was re olved in favor o' tbe former,
rni tbe House went into committee of
the whole Mr. Crisp Ga. in the chair
oaurivate business.
The bill which gave rise to the most
interesting divusss on was one paying
5J00 to F. W. Haldemau The report
states that dur.ng the war, llaldeman,
then a boy cf twelve yars of age, de
sired to join an Ohio regiment, but
was refused a muster on account of
bis age and size. He, however, pur
cfcased a uniform and served in toe
regiaient a year, acting as a bugler
and performing scout duty. He ia
eaid to have performed gallant service.
' Mr. Bragg Wis. in a sarcastic speech
riiposed tfm bill. He ridiculed the
iaUa of aboy to youngto be mustered
in performing scout duty and d- ing
gallant service. Tlie great patr'otism
which had been displayed by the boy
setuied to have passed away and he
had become a beggar, asking money
from Uo Government. A tou h of
sentiment was added to the picture of
a battle sceno by placing in the fore
ground 'ho figure of a doud drummer
nov with hn drum beside him I!ut
it was onl sentiment In reality the
drummer boy at the beginning of a
battle could bo seen breaking the
head of his ibum and run r ing
to the rear to do hospital so-vice. One
oi the most glorious memories of the
war was of tho noble w. men who be
came nurses iu order to alleviate the
sufferings of the soldier, but now these
women wen found coming to tho War
Claims Committee begging that their
gratuitous services should be coined
into dollars and cents. That knocked
oil the sentiment out of the thing. He
wanted some of tho rich memori s of
the war preserved. He did not want
them all brought down to dollars and
Mr. Weaver la. admitted that war
pictures were very deceptive, but
wore deceptive than the picture o'
the dead drummer boy was that of
the officer with epaulettes, leading the
charge, sword in hind, singing out,
"Come on, men!" If there was a
humbug in American military history
i' was that portion which represented
the commissioned officer leading the
charge on the enemy's works. As a
rule they were wh re their orders and
the rules of war required them to be
in a safe place in the rear, while the
private soldier did the fighting, shoot
ing and dying.
Mr. Johnston IrH. maintained
that a lad, though he might be too
young to be mustered in, could do
good service in a regimeut,and in
stanced the case of two boys in his
regiment who had been with it at the
battle of Richmond, Ky.. and who had
performed their dnty gallantly. They
did as much lor their country as did
tiie man who le the iron brivU rnd
who now attacked a boy who hud
bared h's breast to save his country.
'The gentleman from Wisconsin had
attacked ihe nurses in the army. If a
poor woman had given her services to
her country and no, with health
shattered and means gone, asked the
country to do someting for her, Mils it
in t as honorable for the Gore nment
to help her as to r ise the pension of
a genral's widow from $30 to $50?
Mr Bragg inquired where this brave
boy ha 1 bared his breast. He had
. Mown his bugle somewhere as a scout.
Had the scouts that served in the com
niand of the fentleoian from Indiana
heralded their coming with bugles?
Did its scouts movo with a brass
band? If that had been the practice
of the command it should have hud
some officers of tho regular order to
teach it its duties. ' There mas no oc
oiision for all this t lk about odic-rs.
The gentleman from Jowa (Mr.
Weaver) wanted to know who had
ever seen an officer lead a cha ge. He
(Mr. Bragg) had seen the gentleman
who followed the fit-.ni and bars who
bore commissions as olli crs coming
down in advance of t'eir l ncs lead
ing their men plumb against ihe
musketry and carrying works at the
point of the I nvonct. He had seen
oiliceM who followed the ftars and
stripes who did not say: "Go in, boys;
I nni a little lame, but you will prob
ably fce rep'ilsod and I will be here to
reutivo you." The army he bad
served with, had officers 'who were
not afraid to fight. Tt.esa officers the
soldiers h:ii had confidence in, end
when bo heard men, who said tvey
had been soldier?, take every oppor
tunity to abuse officers, ho was led to
tbe belief thut they had bo'onged to
the squad 1. 1 camp followers. vnat
was that tremendous battle at Rich
mond, Ky.? What was th record of
it? What was gained or lost by it?
It was oneof those skirmishes between
ontlyiru troops where here and there
a shot was fired from tin t icket, and
the troops rallied buck on the center,
and tho horns were sounded and
d'lirns beaten to move upon "Johnny
Keb." an 1 when they moved,'1 Johnny
Keti hud gone.
Mr. Johnson commended to tho
gentlemen from Wisconsin the read
ing of the military history of his
country. Tho battle of Richmond
had lasted f r ten hou'S, and for the
number of troops engaged it had been
as severo a battle as had been fought
(luring the war.
Mr. Bragg -How many men fell?
Mr. Johnsto-i I have n t got the
flgires here. There were thousands
of them. There were about 9000 men
rnpaged on the Uiinn side and about
I2,i'0il or 15,000 were with Kirby
Continuing, he repelled the ch rge
that be hud ever abused the office s
lie had nevr tried to detract from an
officer's reputation, but he had tried
t" .-land by t.ho interest of the private
Mr. r.rairg Was it not a fact that
nearly all the command to which you
belonged was captured at Richmond?
. Mr. Johnston-A great many were.
Mr. Brag.: And was not tli- bal
ance S"nt hack to Gen. Wolford to be
drilled? I.!iuh'r.
Mr Johnston -In that battle we
were subj i ted to many humiliations,
but no humiliation So great as to be
drilled by the gentleman from Ken
tucky (-r. Wolford) -The General
was a brave man, but I nev rsaw him
have bis own troops under command
in mv hie. f Lauglito-. It is a re
markable spectacle for a man who
claims to be a Union soldier, to have
had some sympathy with the Union
estate, now at this late day to gloat
over a Union defeat.
Mr. Wolford Ky. rose, as he said,
to reply to the unjust insinuation
made by the gentleman from Indiana
(Mr. JoLnston). 11- had commanded
a regiment, brigade and a division,
and he had never been ashamed of
thmor they of him. Ho had led
them in a hundred battles. He had
never drilled for dress parade, but he
had drilled to fight. Some of the cav
alry that had run away at R'chmond
had been sent to liim, not to be
drilled, but to be disc plined. They
had been disciplined, and in many
fights they had shown themselves gal
lant men : they had run no more.
A vote was t lien taken on an amend
ment to tbe bill, but a number of its
opponents refrained from voting and
the committee, being left without a
quorum, rose.
The House then took a recess till
7:IU) o'clock p.m., the evening session
to be for consideration of pension bills
The House, at the evening session
p'ssed tifty-sevea pension bills and
adjou ned to to-morrow.
Tha Ohla Lealelalara aa a far al
Chattancoga, Tknn., May 7
Fourteen of the twenty Democratic
members of the Ohio State Sena e ar
rived in this city to-day in a special
car, and are occupying their car(
which now stands in the Cincinnati
Southern railway yard. They left
Columbus, O,, secretly Tuesday night,
and met at Covington, Ky., where
they took the car for Chattanooga.
They left the Stato of Ohio in order
to get beyond tho jn isdiction of
a process " that might be issued
to tho Sergeant-at Arms of the
Senate. They state they are niere'y
standing by tho constitutional rig ts
and have no intention or disposition
to obs'ruct legislation; that the ap
propriation bill has been passed and
all important measures disposed of,
and they now leave the Senate to pre
serve the constitution of thoir State
and defeat the plans of scheming poli
ticians. They are firm in tbeir de
tcrmina ion tot to yield an inch and
will remain un il a compromise is
Will Hetara t'wfrr terlnln Condi,
Coli muus, O., May 7.-Senator E
S. Dodd. one of the. absent Senators,
telegraphed Gov. F raker from De
troit saying they might return if thy
had any guarantee that the Senate
rule would be observed by the Fresi
det. Foraker replied that he could
not speak on the point, but suggest-d
legitimate remedies for the majority,
instead of fleeing from the State.
Attempt to Kara a Dwelling bjr
liriout TOTUl Af rEAL.I
BnowNsviLi.E, Ti.nx , May 7. On
Wednesday night last burglars broke
into the store of M. Marks,, but. her,
and carried off his cash drawer wi h
the contents. They probably did not
get a great deal of money. It appears
that the jobbers then carried their
booty out Washington street, a short
distance, to an unoccupied residence
owned by Mrs. J. B. Moore, where
w oy shMMl jn tl plana r.'hd rjt lire
to the cui-.li drawer. A large hole was
burned in the floor of the porch and
the side of the house scorched. The
alarm works of the cash drawer were
found on tfie spot. Whether it was
intended to burn tho house or not is
not known, but if a heavy thunder
shower had n t come on jus1 at that
time the house would certainly have
been destroyed. The flames were
seen by a lady liv'ng oppo-itc, who
was awakened by the thunder, but she
paid no attention as she supposed it
was a light on the street The officers
think they have a clew which will rt
suit in tho capture of the rascals.
. . t
'or the Week Kicdlug Friday, ay
The following Is the cotton com
parative statement for the week end
ing Friday, May 7, 18fi:
Net receipts at all Unitfd
States porta during the Balf-;
week 42,678
Swne week lust year 8tl"J
Exports for the week 00,334
Stock at all United Stutes
porls f!)5,393
Same time! ast year 5L'l!l
Stock at nil i::ttrior towns... 97,0i 3
Sime time latt year 2'4.W-
Sf.ck at Liverpool ti4!),0 0
8 ma time latt year '104,000
S.ock of American tlljul tor
Great Bri'aia 117,00
Same time last year 72.C00
Tbe Situation at Chicago.
Ciik'aco, III., My 7. The city as
sumed its normal condition to-day,
so far as the quiet of the city was in
volved, iliero were no gatherings
for the police to disperse, although
lluir watchfulness was not in any
manner lessened. The lumber district
was absolute y peaceful, no large as
semb ages being seen. The police
continued to prosecute witfi energy
their search of tho haunts of tho An
archists, and succeed d in producing
a few more guns and explosive ma
terial. PAIISONS CAlTirRKI).
A rumor is in circulat'on this even
ing that A. R. Tarsons, the Anarch et
associato of Spies and Fielden in the
horriblo massacre of Tuesday night,
has beeu captured in the southwest
ern portion of the city. Lieut Shea
of tho central police station declares
the report is untrue The statement
is that Parsons has a painful shot
wound on his left thigh, and showed
no resistance when arrested, and also
that Parsons sought she ter at tho
residence of a former friend who,
fearing the consequences, immedi
ately gave him up to the police.
S? ordered Her Mtepinother.
Li pisvillb, Ky , Mhv 7. A Courirr
Journal ppe 'ul tay? : Mies W:!kor,
n yuur g Wiimuii living r.e,ir Fulton,
Kv.. vakr'd up beriind her ft-p-u.olirr,
who wa washing at a tub,
snJtt.ui'k her cn the b-;d v. uh a Im'j.
S'.e coLt'rue.l to s'like fie f.ben
vom.an ui.t 1 .s!.e was da id, and then
l i i kni rcr ht-;d to 5 :tC' s A family
tli' nc et mc.t 13 mpp.i ed t5 be the
(a i". The cirl escaped, but is beirg
pur. tied by a pi?se cf exc t:d c.t Zeus.
Attempted Wile HI nr iter and Snirlrte
Toronto, May 7. To-n'ght Ctnr'e
Rd, a bookbinder, cillt d on his i e,
from whom he had he?n bvirg apart
on account cfjalou y, and sbtt hr
ii tie prm and snonldsr, and then
s iot himsilf in the tnad, dying a'mott
instantly. Thewcmin is net fatally
The Pretnltr Determined to Male
tain His Measure ia All Essen
tial Particular.
London, Mav 7. Thos. liolton,
member of Parliament, a rote a letter
to Mr. Chamberlain asking him if he
would support the rome-rnle till on
its second reading provided it be con
sidered a rtimnle affirmative of the
principle of home rule, leaving the
question of the ietntion of Irish
members open for consideration in
committee. Mr. Coaniberlain replied:
"If Mr. Gladstone will main
tain the imperial Parliament as
the supreme representative authority
in the kingdom 1 will gratefully ac
cept tho concession and vote for the
second reading of tbe ill. Bu' I am
unable to find in Mr. Gladstone's
manifesto any su'h assurance. Ho
asks us to grant Ire and the right to
manage her own arlairs, bu'. if
geogr phical consideration must yield
to na ional sen inient then the prayer
of the Protest mts for separate con
sideration dese-ves equal attention.
The fate cf Ulster lies in its own
hands. If it is earnes; ia refu ing to
intrust its liberties and fortunes to
the Dublin Parliament, fellow sul
jects in England and Scotland will
never sutler the Ulsterites to be co
erced into submission. I have main
tained my pos tion against the bill as
proceeding on lines of separation or
colonial independence instead of fed
eration. I have cons dered the
full representation of Ireland in
the Imperial Parliament too im
portant a d-tail to leave for tho
committee. The question must bo
settled on tho threshold of the discus
sion. The extension of the home rule
to Scotland and Wales depends on the
maintenance of united representation
of three countries in one supreuiB imr
liament leading to a fir lire federation
of tho great dependencies of the
Crown and the welding of them into
a mighty and harmoi iou9 empire.
Mr. Gladstone's alternative has ren
dered necessary anomalies and
restrictions which no true Liberal
will app-ove. He has produced a
halting measure which offers no rea
sonable prospect of a final settlement
and which ia certain to be tho fulcrum
for future agitation. He has bronght
us within a nieasurablo distance of
civil war, threatetdng the ultimate cie
ation of a foreign hosiile nation who e
reconque t is aetui.l y con cmplatcd
as a possible eventuality by the pro
moters of the measure. So long as
uncertainty prevails in matters of
such p ramount interest, it is impos
sible for those who value the unity of
fie empire to affirm the p inciple of
t e bill."
Lord Carlingford, an old and mti
mato colleague of Mr Gladstone, be
fore joining tho Liberal I'Lionist
Committee, tiied to obtain tho seiiti.
ments of the Premier on the probable
amendents to the Irish measures. He
ascertained t at the bom rulo bill
would be maintained in all essential
The Firnningham members of the
T.ihnml Kadera ion at a mee ing to
day adopted theresoluti ns favoring
Mr. Gladstone's Irish poli'y which
were passed at a meeting ot delegates
in Ixindon Wednes a. A resolution
was also adopt d advising Mr. Cham
berlain that it was his duty to support
the home rule bill on its second lead
ing. Mr. Ch mberla'n iesen'8 the de
cision of the Birmingham ca-cusund
maintains the position that un ess Mr
Gla 'stone mates concessions he. will
oppose the measures.
Irish Home-Rale Meeting- at New
Niw Ycrk, May 7. The Irish bom
rnle meeting at the Aialemy of Musin
to-night was a great buci ew. A nmi g
h(go on thi plat'orra were Enfcue
Kelly, ex-Poa mtit'r-Gtu. Jame?,
(i v Hill, Mso' G'hch and Gov.
Ln AbVetof Saw Jerso . Later
S-ii ator John Shernut', Co mrc s-iuen
Urofverior and But e wnnh of Otib
nrd(ioa. St wa-t L. Wnlfj;d a-rivtd
ami were e cored to setts ou ifc p'.at-
f rnj.
It yid'f Inrrrnnlaz In tJerumny
'I ltelr trm-ae. Wmjn.
Aristocratic authoresses are incteas
ing so -opidly in Gurmuny that the
Kalninlit eituwj enters i mtci-t thus ;
We appreciate to tho full what nobil
ity and tin fair sex -the latter often
both fair and urist cratic - have done
for theG. riuan lit rutu e of the nine
teenth centu-y We intend to th ow
light i pon tho strange manner hi
w hich ar stocratic autho-esses are
nowadays advertised. The number o'
novels and romances vrittesi by
countesses and ba one ses bus n: lute
years enormously increased. Some of
ilieni ass ".me a si i pie ma e i.seu
donyin, which is, how . vcr, removed as
soon ns possible and the high
sounding n me brought forward
Against his there is nothing 'o be
done Every German has the riyl.t to
write as many good or bad nov Is as
it pleases him and of this r ght fu'l
advantage is tak- n Nor are we at 1 11
implying that all the novels of baron
esses or countesses are necessarily
worthless ; on tu crontrary, the ma
jority of them are readable enough.
As a ruN, however, i can be en that
the authoress, before she began to
writ , had 'eadagrent many novels,
chiefly Englis i, and that si.e km ws
more bout ertain sports tnd the
so ial life of aristocratic houses than
abo .t the most vital questions of
human society, approaching which
she makes man evident blunders.
On the othe1-hand the lady ge-erally
can gracefully criticize littl human
we knesses, espec ally those of
outard appearance, rnd she
dis .days, sometimes rather t o
much, her acquain'anco with
the history of art and literature
The latter "is chielly the case when
she has lor to Italy on her wedding
trip. This does not make the lad
novel-writer of to-day into a first rate
ut ores, such as PuaJz-'W, llahn
Ilalm, Lewalil, Juughau. llillc rn and
others, no does it give them a i lace
bv the sid- of Eiiot, Lady Kullerton
aiid Ouida. To t n m literature is a
pleasing sport, a pastime, which they
have adopted beca sc among ill their
relations and friends they were k own
as tiinitu d'eyiril. because they have
f-een a d rea l much, ami became it
really -s delightful to see ones If in
print. And f once Countess X has
published a novel, Baroness Y. i sure
to say: '"I can do that also."
Let ladies but t y earnestly V
increase their talents in such
a manner that they have a right to
stand by the side of literary artists, or
let them treat literary pastimes as
their friends treat w ater-color sketches,
fancy wo-k or music; let thorn have
1'iK) 'copies printed f'r circulation
among their friends and have them
handsomely bound, but just as their
friends do not send their productions
to exhibitions and play before a pub
lic, so let the autho esses abstain from
treating their gractful amusements as
real work.
Aa lacldeataf Lira Aiaouc the '!
ored Poaple.
Parien.Gi., special in tbe At anta
Cfui7"1ioii : "CUke walk to-night.
Admission 5 csnta."
This announcement led your corres
pondent to witness a display of Ethi
opian fcrase the other night, the cc:
&on being a caka walk. On enter
ing, the sonoioas voice of tbe presid
ing judge' could be beard requesting
the band, consisting of meloJian, a
banjo and a drum, to play a quadrille,
and the youthful prl of tbe dusky
assembly proceeded to dance.
After about ten minutes
tbe judge donned a gi
a n'.icviirof rpictacles, and pulling
an equally fo'midabl watch from h'S
vest pocket, he announced that the
time for tto c ike wU bad arrived.
Tbe list couUining the names t the
contet-tants was sctnoed and fie
names of the tint piir was called. Tbe
names here givtn are iictiihmi), from a
deeire to give no offunm. Mr. Josh
Gion and Miss Jemima Jotustoa
were tiri-t on the litt Jonh pulled his
red handkerchief out io as to ivuke it
mere pr.iminent, tdjiutod his
cola-,, a-.d, milking pioully
across the lloir, , he bowed politely
to an intensely obscurj maiden oi
about 273 ('0 uuda, SLe gracctu.lv a -cepted
the profh-J-ed arm; and wl en
the ilu'cut strains oi he melodian
atia'.n becuma audible, J,li ai.d Jemi
ma, arm in arm, staited cit oa the
tcrupulorjs'y strwght chalk line. Toe
pjir, however, proceeded on their
cLurce Ciurusily.. The judge looked
displeared, and It was generally con
eluded that the take wn sate. CVsir
Smith and Laura VcCJlnm came
next. Cie ar bore his htal like a con
queror ai he led demure little Laura
to the staituig point. But the proud
bearing of Cesar did not avail
him. He s urted off on the
wrong foal. Tbe whole audience
ro'.iced it, and while the judge
frowned, all knew that this meant ns
cake for Ciewr. Then rams Jim Bluet
and Lotina Gray and six orBeven other
couples, who all did comparatively
well. A pause ensued. Tbe judge
looked sigi iticantly around the room,
wbila loudly calling the name of Jo
seph Marstall Parcel). A vttoraa
rake walker of seventy-five summers
appeired. Oa being kd if he was
ready, Joseph replied "I ie," and pro
ceeded with a cavali iristi air to select
a partner. The hopes of the precedirg
conteitants seemed to (adeoway like
tkwers intheantnmn. Oa all sides
the cake wai conceded to Joseph.
The judge, however, announced a tie
between three, and Jim Wbeelright,
one of the winners, was appointed
1 1 cut tho cake. It teemed t t piu.U
Jim hi w to divide a round cake in
three, but he, afscr a little considera
tion, cut the cake into two equal
hftlvas. One cf tbei'ialves he subject
ed to a similar dlviaiua, tnd started for
the door with the lioo's stmr, one of
the original halves. Jim wai brought
bsck by lorce, and tne juurs eppeaiea
t . The judge f aid tbe or- ly way out
of the difficulty was to rut Jim Wheel-
rights part in two alto, ana, roiling
oce cf thess parti into a piece of paper,
he pocketed it and lift amid tumultu
ous spplane
It begins to look as if May wheat
might go to 7.:c after all.
The liberal port receipts are mak
ing crop prophets stare with amaze
ment. The Cotton Exeltmgo was deserted
yesterday afternoon. Buyers anil
sell rs were all at tae races.
Tus cotton buyirs backed Judge
Jackson heavily yciterduy. A promi
nent exporter win- among the lucky
VisiTorm rn 'Chaigo yesterday : E.
R. Jones, Hollv Springs, Miss. ; T. Ii.
Allen, Baileys, Tm. j. ; J no. T. Thomp
son, P ides, Ala.: Harry Grindler,
Helena, Ar.: .1. P.Rci y, Mississippi;
J. A. Suddoth, Mississippi; Mrs. Chas
I la stead, l'aducuk, Ky , Mis Vie
Ballard, Pittsburg, Pa.; Miss Ga'-ie
Werdcn, city; Mian Laura McKce,
Tennessi e.
The t'lnvrrlOH Xfnrder ( null
RiciiMOMii, Va", May 7. Counsel
for T. J. Clirveriiis, coiivic ed ot the
murder of Fannio Lillian Madison,
entered a motion in the Supremo
Court of Appeals txlay for a rehear
ing of tho case decided yesterday, jn
which the judgment of the; lowc'r
court was fully allirned. No rehearing
w ill In allowed unless ono of J bo
judges who concurred in the decision
is dissatisfied with t and desires a re
hearing. "Lay thy sweet hinds in mine, and
trust in me," ho mid, but she only
remarked that she lad neuralgia an 1
must hold her h ad. Then he b ugh'
her a bottle of Sslration Oil for -'"
cents. Now he holdi her sweet hands
bv the hour.
bolera la Itnly.
Rome, May 7 During the patt
twentv-f ur boats twelve new cases cf
cholera and four deaths have been re
ported at Venice; five raies and two
deaths at V er.ca, srd sixteen checb
and six deaths at Bftri.
Have used ToiiKalino in neuralgia
and acute rheuinatism, and am well
satisfied with its beneficial ellecU;
have also found it v;rj etlicacious in
no vons diHensei.
ii. O. Ill TI.KK, M.D,, ClrTelnnd.O.
A IiUiIhm : il-liir'g txperleace.
Kcv. l. l:. Lj-r.-'i. M'M hr of tlia Alu
l i mi Cli ieiiri.-. Birmiimliiiiii,
wntf: I t'uv.l I ih. M.tf; niy
lrtn',.-s sty lh' y li i i br. Munlcy'ic Lone n
Klixir a ini.nt nv' n-nt im-ci rin. Mi Imuk-
; er nml f.iro:c '--th in. it in plji-u or
a oiui.-l, ltl', t-.'
A I'romiui ii I:iter Wriloii
Pr. Moitey I t A 'ler teniHrnnf
trv.ci'U'ii r tiei-i i' Hire-lion or dyi-i-t
a. wiib (rrenl m n i-ro-ti.ti n i.d inl-
oii'neia. iii.-urcliTf I k 1 1 n i o d (-rit'in-tieii.
I have b 11 i-mel i j lour I lil-e uf
jour Lemuii Kin r. "' " " n"0-
UrA'. U. E. DA IS,
Elder M. E. Chur-b South, No. J Titnull
lit ert, AilnnU. tin- ;
Sold by druitiitl'- " f 00
holtln. PraiKd by Dr. U. Motley. At
Umn. fleoryin. j
n n,. lam. r Ki" Hwtn. i.c l aw"
Labor Treohlri the DUtarbinff EIe
' ments Influence et tbe Elght
Honr Asllatlon.
Xkw Yokk, Mav 7. A apeiiul to'e-
gram to Ilmdlrttl' indicates that the
general trade situation is bss favora
ble than a week ago. This is due
niiinlv to the partial paralysis of busi
ness at Chicago, as well as to th dis
turbed industrial situation in Milwau
kee. Cincinnati. St. lxius, Baltimore
and elsewhere. At Chiejgono busi
ness of a wholesale character worth
mentioning has been dons and
merchants generally are awaiting the
settlement cf the labor troub'es A
noteworthy incident is the determina
tion of the Chicago metal and furnituro
works and lumlier yard employers to
shut down rather than to accede to
wht they regard as unjust demands.
A similar spirit ii displayed at lxnia
ville. The movement of merchants
at leading cities East and Wost have
been checked ny the industrial
lirmlstrtit t telegraphic reporta indi
cate that S'.Ti.tkH) men have taken part
in tho short hour movement; that
17').0J0 have struck, and that l'O.OOO
have received concessions without
having to Btriko and that some :15(000
have sained their ends by striking.
The outlook for a nearly or go coral
clearing aay ol industrial disturb
ances ts not bright.
The New York stock market was
extremely weak tho llrst two clays of
tr e week, but a stronger feeling de
veloped and tho prices recovered
Money on call is in good supply and
easy at from 2 to II.) per cent , but
commercial paper, tr.ough scarce, is
m: re dillicult to place, tho rates
havinir stiffened materially. Tho
advance in the Bank , of
England discount rate to 23 re cent,
causes a demand f. r sterling ex
change at 7 00, and Rold shipments
continue ti bo made, going now to
Ixmdon. The domestic money mar
kets are gcnera'ly dull and easy, with
loan rates unchanged. Tho excep
tions are Kansas Cby and St. Paul,
whero funds are in ' very active de
mand. Col ections genera ly are poor,
ratber less satisfactory than a week
Sugar is lower and quiet, the de
mand having fallen away.
Coffee is easier, with good crop pros
pects and smaller request.
The winter wheat pla"t continues
in excellent condition. Spring wheat
planting is nearly finished, and tho
prospects f r a crop aro good.
The breadstull's markets aro dull
and lower.
lxiuisvillo advises that indications
point to a largo planting of tobacco,
leading tobacco u.au ets are quiet,
with prices steady.
The general movement of dry goods
has been limited. Print cloths aro
Wool is dull and prices are cut to
suit largo buyers.
Pig iron is quiet, but bars weak.
fall arm tor the Week.
Nkw York, May 7. Tho bosiness
failures occurring throughout the
country du ing the last seven days, es
Teportod to Ii O. Dun ti C.. number
for tho United States 1(17, and for Cun-
aHa 25, or a total of 11)'.!, as compared
with a total of '-07 1 st woek and 1J4
the week previous to tho last. Busi
ness casualties this week appear to bo
about up to tho averago in all sec
tions of the country. In New York
city they are very light.
Had aa Awlaameut.
Cinc innati, O., May 7. Tho Pioneer
at Eiirhth and
Culvert streets, assigned to-day to
- . .... , ii, ..-.I
John lionuu. ,101111 w. jucnnrcin,
rx-aui lnt nml nrinehiid stock holder.
also assinned. The tobil liabili ies are
estimated to bo :tO,0(K); assets, tie,
AT.LKN In New York City, Chi, In
fiii.t iliniKbtor of Hurry nnd Carrie Alton.
Funr:'l norvlrM at Kim wood Comet, ry
after arrival oi o o ctoi'K iram dulax
ALIiKN Of cliimtneriii, in now 1 orK unj,
Ma 6, ll!ci, Mamie I.atiuu, i nly dnuuhter
of Kirhnrrt W. mul bitiio Allou, aKod two
yo in und uil.o uiontht.
Kunernl fervUei M KImwood Comelery
.. i ..tiki r. V
oltor nrnval of 0 o ciooa irain ou.xi;n
WOHMKI.EY At hi. residoni-e nn Union
'rent, in tn ia ony, i-nuuy, iny i. mio,
o'clock p.., Cni. KiLrH WonmtLKV, d
Due notlca of tho fiinfral will ho itlvon.
HOT ics:.
J. K. tl LUN A CO.)
Mk. A. P. MKIRIAM ia no longer eon
nected w;th th a oflico.
H. i A 1 l r.Jt ho.,J' a n niror
Cor. Sccoud aod Monroe St.,
Would call attention of hli friendi
and patroni to hit
Comprtilnr the hcloet nnd latait dn
imna of Foreign (Jooda In the market.
Having taken ipeoial cure in their .elec
tion, I amvleued to lay to my ouitoineri
and puolio who favor me with a eall, to
ihow tb.m : inel ol goodi only found in
leading houiei.
Wllb.t'al'oil-I.lvrr Oil unci I.tum -
Pct'ioa who hnvo bcon tilling fed l.iver
will l.o pleated to lc-n ih it Ilr. ilh -r
hiva aui-ro-.de. 1, from dircolion- i-f ,' -eral
.rofcMiin!il KU tlpiliiill, in otnbiouiir Ibo
pure nil and Lime In auch a manner th'.t lt
isilonamt to I lie tto. Hiui H nc "
Lung complaint" are truly wonderful. V or"
inn fi permnawho e cn.ea were ronn'ini-ed
I npi'ie a, at.d win, h il t. k-n ice cl-nrlhl lor
a long liiuo wi'buut in:i' k'd r(lc-t. hn boj n
entircl curjd by uking thia p eprinion. He
aure nnd gel the g inline. .Ma, ut-"-t rod
only by A. II. Wii.biiu, Cheuiiat, Uo-lnn.
tol l I,? all drugiata
A MONTH, "" un -
.lln' j A V lll(l-iON.Irlrolt.liiau
pr-aiXQ eiin money with our Amnteur
MUCrilu photo outnt, nnd collect m
fnm'ly p'eturei to enlarge. Hpeoial SO day
offer. Empire Copying Co.. 381 Canal itrwol,
btm York.
F3& E? i
Hand FIro Extinguishers
75e Each, 99 Per Dozen.
UM Frat Mrevt.
MTrrnIil KlAniitrlr pan
Cocoa, fnm hii-b thnrxo4' o(
OUha bon fvinovtMl It haa thrtt
times t A itrrnyth v( Vwmmr-il
with HUrrh, Arrownrnt or Buifmr,
ftttd 1m thorrfurt' far monM'ononi
leul, costing ltt fAcin one cent tt
m. It Is drlieUui, DunrlHhlnfr,
trvnthcnlim, cully dlgoatrd,
ami tlinlrmbly iulptiHt fur Inval-
tdsaa wt'llMMortHTaoiwhi hnulth.
Sold by Urovr ritrynliera.
. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
School Hals
Shooting Medals,
Rowing Medals,
Bicycle. Medals.
avWlth loornMail faollltlai In oar mnna
fnolory, wn are prnparnd to fill all ordari for
above toodi, AT LOWEST l'RICKH. On
Igni and atluiatnl iurnlnhnd free, on ap
Manufacturing Jewelers,
J. F, H0LST &BI10.,
(scccaeeoRS to a. u. holst bbo.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete l took or Wood and
M.t.lllo 0a.ni and Ca.knU. Cloth-Co.
nred Caoketn nnd liurlal Hobs, alwayton
hand... aar-Ordarf by tnlcwraok promptly
sr i
til 1
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K. tlOWWIX, IWt. J. M. WOOOIIAltTylcg-Prea't. C. II. KA1XE, Cwifalcr
Z3oaarcl of IJlraotora.
at-A Deaoeltnry of tha Ntata of TaaaewMKa. Trhnt a aimaral Baahlas
Ha a iat tw kiiwl.l lliilli - I ol IIK
ML ina of tha latent nnd oholonut daalrni in nil the Noveltiel in-
troduotii in loraiiin market!. My elootloni arn mad. with treat
care al toootti and quality, in order to od.r to tha publloth. latent
faahionabla ooda at reasonable prloei. I wirh to make ipeoial njnn
lion of mv inlootion of a lrm anicirtment of tbe moat nleiant da-
Mgot in KMMLlall I'KWIINKHH, which are now ready tor the
impaction or my menu ana to puono, ni uiy om .,,
Cor. Hoeoncl and JefTeraoa Htm.
hie, t
7.KLLN Kit's
omeat, ihapalieat
1 I I Ian "rnv
aarhlend your onion or oome and evamlne their grand aaortnient of FINK BOOTS,
hllOKS AND hLll rb.RS.-a
iBBiiiiNnn oo boo iviyvirJ htiidet
a-tllnlriitw.l rntalcienea Hen' Kree on Al'l'li"alion.-a
iiiioi & mm
Dry Goods, notions, Hosiery
Hon. 326 and 338 Main St.. Memphli, Tenn.
HIH, which w. ertor to the Trade uoon the moat favorable termi. Onr prion
will eomparn fnvorably with thoie of any market in the United SUtei. We are Ag.nU for
Tennewite Munuractorlug Co.' Plulih, Orllln, Mheetlnj, Nhlrtlnf, Etc.
t n TVTTVrOTVr o-ATj-FI.
O. K, HOUCK & C Oo
No. JIulii Nlreol, Tleiuplili.
FiaEios and Organs
S1ipotMiis .nml l?ool's. Xftw Pianos for McrA
And Commission Merchants, .
Nofli 34 nnd 30 Jladlson fltreet, HempUU,
x for lti tirin. Hutu hiiTe mii1e thnlr
m.ne.mi)-., ind MAKIIN 'OIIKN. Tho
ll.vn :K. h.i the Lund Miork Id the
city. They oompriae til the L.K.t Noiel
ti.: Ihef r of the Bant Mtandnrcl Brmadi,
in ail ri ort'sr d kind., (rom the little b.bj'l
hat to the nd lrrDd'.'. Young m.n'i li.ht
i-ol,,r.d lrrbTi from ft (M up to H bO.
'II I'.rbjr fur H (ri). Mid tvnrrvhar for K.
A Derby rr .
At terby for .
A SO Darky for M. -
i pert.
f Ch.
l.ria itock o
Idran't Slrnw liU.
Harlin Cohen,
Phjrslclaa, Nurreon and leconcher.
S13 MmU Mret, Near Unloa.
T.tephnna Ho.Ba.
Dlrael fraat aTaelary la rarcaaa.
era, mvIbk SB per Mat. 1 Wrlta
Monte ricken & Co..'Memphlii
IUH 11 U UNO (IKWKLwl I ba roMlvd
I. until I uitU-y Mny llih, nt 4 o'clock
i .in. Conlmi'iora will lUln h rrice pr cm
lti ot twenty ton to he haulrd dmtnct of
ono. one nnd or halt two. lo nJ on
hull ii nil throa unln , accortltnii to clroum
titni. Ilia i' rite ir cur loid will ba ia
lull fur unloiulinir t-nm. hKuling. dtrlbut
i to itr't'ie, imi rnllitiK iurfH. The eon
tmolor will he re,uiru I lo unloaj all run to
anuinheruut f icrnditif twouly on the tiny
ol anivul. Adtlre?-
8acretry Tu npike Cumwiiiioneri al Court
Wtito jmr nm In la 1 1 tlil Wrrnlf ttMt n
l.a ma1r ootra.ll. Ait It-m AT. AISOKKUN HAW
K. K. AMI l.4MI t O., rn m.ib Hl. (In. IhbsM.
!., or Mb A ndrrw llntr, t'm. HexMican l i-ttHiutMl
more ttrniiitilf If jiu atMim Hie (UbciubuI nftlc'a. Tlila
(roil rn OttT ti Inr Oit iurHtn farcanlfltl ft ltval
.I'kiur I tiui nrlitkborbooil. HtMh un tll tea vntita
In & ft-tri fl.iMl i"r irri. W f1 " Utm imo jr.
Yoh nn (fl II bv B1tnT tmir Mama Kit't 1lroi In full,
it j:al estate.
No. 5447, B.-Chanoery Court of BVelby
county Wm, U. blovnll at nii v.. J. A.
Auntin at al.
BY vlrtuo ol an Intarlorutory daorna for
alanntored in th. above cau.n on tbn
ii.th day of Maroh, IBM, (M. U. 47.. V nun 81,
nnd neon the writt.n reiiunut ol J. A. Au.
tlnnndWni. II. Htnvali) I will .ell, at pub
lic auction, to the hitlbitt bidder. In Iron
of the ( talk and Winter'" olbca, courthoun
of Hhulby county, Alcilil'h . Tonn., on
NatarilMy, May 19, INS,
within loml hour., th. following deicrlb.d
lrorty, .'luaird in Memo In. bhelby eoun
Iv, 'lennr.iee, to-wll ; Lo'n M, lis and III of
j. W Kowler lubiltvlnon on the .outh tide
of I'lilon tired, each of .aid lot. frontini 611
leet on th. mulh aide of I n ion (treat by ir
regular d.plln. A plat ot lutd (ubdlvialon .
Ii on flla heroin. Tha bidding, lor laid loU
will atari at IU r front loot.
Xeruii ol Bala-Oanb. Tbil April 2.1, m.
H, I. Mil DOW KL.li, Olnrk nnd Mu.t.r.
riyJ. M. Hradley, Depu'yC. and M.
w.llor Uro.nr and w I,, ri.on. .ol. ant
English Walkliigfast Shoes
ailiuea. In all itylea. are tha beat In Ihe eltf
Nlniea, in all ahapei and itylea, are tbe nob-
anil beat In the United Htatei.
lloya Nhoea are the boat that are made.
t lillileen'a Nhoew will lava you money.
I.Billea' Nhoea anal Mlpiiera are the hand-
and moat atyllih, ana are cnoapennan any
oinera oi eiuai grime -7,KI,I.NKR'H
JI.Hllaal Kid llnlloa IHIiaea,
with ailk worated butt m hnlea, are the greateit bar
auini von have nvor leen.

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