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TLs FTorit.s Generally Win This
the Last D.ij of tha Meet
ing Pools.
The la.iDe yesterday war, taken a'
together, c'eddedly tiie best of ttie
meeting. The day wai almot ier
ltct, no duft, litt'e mud, plentv of
genial tnnehine, light bretzaa, and an
immense crowd, the grand stand be
ing crowded with ladies and the ve
randa ol tbe clab-hoase having quit
a holiday appearance. All tha traina
were crowded, arid in the lafct it was
difficult to get a seat, though an un
usually large number of coacbee had
been provided. All the roads were
lined with cvriagea. The attendanct
could not have been much It si tban
4000. Toe betting was not as lively
as on the day before, as there were
big favorite in neatly all the race,
bat a great deal f money changed
band?, and the finishes were allele
citing. There were five events on tl
card, two of them being short rirei
and one a hurdle, bat the greatest in
tereet centered In the conus'. lor the
Montgomery etake, tha largt st cf the
meeting. Fralacd, wbo was ex
pected to ran f'r it, was not
in condition, but Corrigan made a
success! ul bid for it with Modesty, one
of the greatest racers on tbe turf to
day. He was a )i tie uneasy about tbe
re:ult on account of the mud, but
pinned his faith to the mare's well
known speed and FitzpaMick's skill as
a rider, gava him carte blanc and bet
bis money on bis entry. Pate felt sure
of winning with Editor, aid be had
plenty of compiny, but in tbe strug
gle between ine two b'ooj told, aud
Modesty won by one of the men: su
perb efforts ever witnessed on aay race
course. Punka stock w'll go up after
thip, and Edtirrau be bought cheap
in tbeE lipse stake. Campbell's gane
chestnut iia gooi one t tie to and
h'B owner hai goo J reason to be proud
of his iffor;yattarday.
Tbe ectries for the fits-, taie, a three
quarter mi'o dath, wern nalo ot tbe
trfck in the forenoon. There were six
etirtero, J. 0. Cuater, Bob Lockwonrt,
Miss Dly, Ccrl, Jim Nave and Vi
tsllo. Oa act-omit of her foimsr easy
v ictory over a eimilsr field, Miss Da'y
was a boi favor:te, sailing even agaitiS'
tli? bunch. Jim Nave waeregardtd
as dangerous by tbe knowing ones on
account of the muddf condition of
the tiack, and Vitello eold very well.
Big odds were offerfd against all of
tbe others. Tbe start wag a wearying
one and was badly mt.de after all,
Mits Daly getting at least two lengths
the bis of it. She was hard pushed
by Jim Nave, end lost ground goirg
up tbe hill. But Nave was not eqml
tj the task of clising the dajl'gbt be
tween him tnd the leader, wbo main
tained her place down the quarter
slre'cb, Cuatir moving up out of the
bunch and fighting hard for a place
Nave held his own, however, and
managed to get secund plate, Mits
Daly winning by a full length.
McBowling had a sure thing on this
race, three-quart r j ot a mi e, with a
field of six hoisss, Mary Ellis, Princes,
Willie Martin, Henrietta aod Red
Back. Prima Donna was scratched.
Pr.ncees was regarded as haviog a
good ehowiag forierond place, though
Red Buck had plenty of believers. It
was bard to get lets agatist McBowl
ing t) win, however, aud some pools
weie fold on him two tl one against
the held. Tbe start was made with
out much bauble, Mary El is gJttiug
away in tho lad at fie lamping of the
diuua, with Rid Buck upon i et qut-r
tr. Princess tan well up and p a'tipil
upon tbe leader going tie bill,
po'.kcting R.d Buck as they tttiteu
lor tl e turn. Trie latter, by a wonder
ful efl'o t, lowi ver, shot arruid Prin
cefsand Mary Ellis, the la'ter t?ivinr
way to ".Willie Martin, who f ir JO0
yards easily led tho bunch. McBowl
ing did not snem to ba exerting Lim
stlf, but (8 tby maied the
turn he In cane a conopiciious figure
and trade a pare wl ich was dea'.h to
the field. WilltH M mill's g tit wus en
tirely tro btik t b ktptupforony
le'g'h of tim, and calf way d wu luo
Mretch I e weakened, MuBowdng ti'
icg tho lejd. Then a s'lu.'giu fur
teuond pit,; begun b"t.eau Princw-s
aud R-d Buck, McBowling i.lrto y
havng f-o t.vm won Ne.-k and v c
t.hiyb;d it f r tieliial eigh'h. It'll
limit f.O!-iB S'ticnd money oy a Bcent
bt.lf length, two lengths tehind Mc
low ing.
Tho greatest race of tho mettiag
was tbe Moutconcry slake nice, a
miie and a quirter, t r J10OO, b takes
of $100 eaoh m'ded, tulf fo.fei', mak
ing abnnt $l."C0.as ther wera tuirteen
entries. lh-ra weie orly four statter,
however Mndeetv, Elisor. Puna
and Longview. The bulk rf the net
tiue ai doue oil Patu'd handiottiti
gray, and Punka was teavily bactkid
for u place, though it wkb conceded
that ho had no cU. nco to win A grat
deal of mjney was put on Luigviciv
in the saaie w.iy far a 1.1 ict). Miidi-e;y
ar.d Eiitir were e' ontiqual fnvtri "",
no otlJs bi-ing offered niii'iiat e 'her
by t!i bonk-m.-ikura. K ntor, who-Ki
own- r s si d to li.iV-.-hfd ni'.uc m-i' y
on linn ttvui lin ever tm on a -ifebu-lo-'?,
was t xi li at. o i tlrj t ;i 1: . ;i I
t!M-.iab y !)n-a- -ji b'w ft e c i I ep-p-i-nivi
Ut i:;i.' ft oruo a s!
inv.-r to i.v.-r Aivde-'y. Tm- la Ut v:u
ii ii r:-.v.'t a ,ii !tr-it t:l i'i. t'.'"l ui.ti 1 1 i
ill tilbf r w (i i a c! V. i!t.,r:;; t.'M-
mi il IjtD 1", (' i i . -. i.ncX Ili.'H.. I
.fill i I. .-Oil
Ii I 5 HpjJ
tv -r i
n-pi'd in t'i
in . ! -, i. a : 11 i.
- ,1 O
Ivk : !';: !
,l f:" (. :!'-
it" m il. A
? Ul ul 1'ri;'-:
f. A ' i ' V l?l S 1 ll 117
Pu. a I;, Ui, K :.;.'.
r.n 1 j-iciUs v rcti i g
e or !r in n'rd. C i v ta:i t.
:il 1' :i 1 ni', i tiU h r j ri-.i-y
a . n L. vi r t ti'ii-n,
it i ' ' i'l:.:l ( till' 1 i'! ''
i;.. !. d a i t;
Hi. t-q t ru-
!. i: 'vii-v
wai n
hriil.l l;l
is h let' ;
nji.' t i l.-
t iff Mil
)i ', h.l. o- t.i.r. .
i.l.-.'liy I: r h;.Kll
11 1 PitllU'l r Villi 'I
i t.i i . fci.h. A 1
In It'ii ov (i.ir
: ,t I'.: 1 (I
t .!
Srl' Ul.l ll'l-', !.:-! u
lf-a-fl t;r t'lK
lj il- t'AVi'tl i i s II
tr ..- Aa tin y
Eii'tT clo ?i-'t 1 ;:
nil ! il.ft h.i
nli hty ; k.h r,
t . o:' I r.T ! f .11.
ulM,'. :r ' I r.i o n il
.T il via n i t r h. a I
!r tu-ii nli
i.)i.- i ( n y cm d
8 'in ;.u hs :m urr .v, t
" tbP O'ilhitb.i i I
1 1 . r
dtp', M il-t-'v II I'linki l
itu- :i- i iiv,..nta ; lie lal io a
!nii ! i I -,iV ; V. -r ) iiiK'su
t (' 1:1 ;.i .lni.-. M -Kt.f V.'
! : t :, i It'Ij?, Punir-i nee:;! il,
'.. - L-tt.s alif-.d cf iit.,r t'i rj.
i as iy
t.-. i .(
lie c
.d :ti -.!::' c'.efit-.t ti.a w.:iutr.
Ff: rrt n.vci;
",;iii furtj ftl' H-:d lie i rc'!i'-t
fi-s!i w ine ilsiv. Iv was 'hh cf a
mil-t a-d a sixUcnth, with U.ti-natim,
Lit at , Jo'.n Kthijr and Tojy
a Maf s Miss D.tly Mnp s-ratilie !.
Tie favorite w.ts U:tiimtim, the
bvCt-nta-ets dtc icing to bet arjj-
thing on bcr at fhe was r'catd da
sure wloner. Topsy was ntxt choice
and L'fati hdasoid tn.xny backets
'or a rlice. Ti e lu lling was n- t very
lively, romp.nt.v ly litt'e interest
b'iiig fr. in the rate, com at it did
c n t::tt I eels of tlix great btru.-gle for
Ihe Moti'tj.'.mt r? Stak . Aevrii start
was nali, L;gtn lavtrg thp irs.de.
As t'tiey p'trci'd fin 1 1 n.l U.lhnatira
wat tu tiling on Ton j's q'tvtsr, Lig;.n
elf si upjn thin Thoy casd nroui.d
tho turn in t') game ordt-r, Topy in
creating her lead and nieiniaioing it
cn the lor-g lack stretch ind np the
bi.l, which waetoi nmc'j for R-bfr.
wbo Id I back thiee l-irgt'a behind
the buueh. For the text but
dred yards there was a grnertl
shaking up, T. pay miiatainiug h
slight lead, I'ltimaium pushing tier
haid, acd Ltgan dolog some excellent
work. When they swept into the
stretch Toney had the inside aud Li
tan and Ultimatum were diss t
gether upon the ou side, a l under
whip and fighting bard (or tbe finish.
Tha pace wai t o hot for T psy, who
could not keep up her lick, Ultimatum
winning by a neck from Lit;an, To pay
a bad tnird.
As usul tha favorite was defeated
In tbe hurdle race, wh'ch was over
five hurdles aud a distance of about a
mile and ni eighth. Tbe s abers were
Ascoli, Judge Jackson and eflocum.
The ftvorite was Aacoli, the book
makers bett ng 2 to 1 oa him against
tie finld. The start was prsttily nude,
the fl Bt hurdle safely jumped, and all
three stirted over tbe feoond at the
same moment. Ascoli had the inside,
c'o.e to the fence, and struck tbe hur
dle with both feat, fa'ling upon tbe
other side wita terrific forre, and
turning a lulf somersault. How bit
jockey msnatied to escape was a mira
cle, and vet third we-e a few wbo pre
teudtd to believe thst the "arctden .
wai interdad." Jackson end Slocum
kept we:l together tbe balance of the
way, Jackaon taking the burdli s with
Slojiini on his qunrttr. Just before
reaching the Ian hurdle Jackson in
creased Lit advantage, snl cut in di
rectly in front tf Slorum, winning by
a length. It waa believed a foul might
be claimtd and nt itained, but it was
not, and tbe Jndgi wat giveu li'et
money, i-beum second.
New &fe mihi Jockey Club Ground, Mny
7, ltisii. Fi ft It day. llrixht und I'lcaKant,
1 rurk a little muddy and lmnt two teoonils
flow. Attendance aLout 'A'M'J, betting mod
ernte. Jvdgrt apnleon Hill, John Overton, jr.,
Zi.h Ward.
Timen. C. Treudwelt, A. Brown and
E. A. liotay.
i'MrfciA. D. (Jibiion.
Felllnut pure, 82V); ot whVi $S0 to ree
ond. llorflrfl entered to be !d for Sliimit
proper weiabt. one pnund aliowrd for eiioli
tH.Odownto $v00, and live pminda allowed
for each $1' 0 down to 9-'0tl. Three quartera
of a luile.
C. II 1'ettenftiU'i b. m. His Duly 4 ym
CM), Jamef A.-Mury M:infield 1
Win. Muloey'ab g Jim Mave.tyri (;)),
Lu?'fer-Qiner l'op 2
C. ft. SiiDdori'8 b. i. V itello (tW), Voltumo-
Currie P 3
J McCarthy's ph. a. J. O. Custer, 4 jrs
(10 ), Bun. den Mignonette 0
C. it- Brackett'e a. g. Bolt Lnckwood, S yrs
( 00), Pleneroid Jack Malone 0
Mason & bon'i'b. in. t'ornl, 4 yrs (101),
JSu ragaaettlett ... 0
Pott OilJi. Vi Daly, 1 to It Jim Nave,
6 to 1 ! Vitello, 3 to 1 s hob Lockwood, 8 i 1 ;
Custer, 2J to 1; Coral, 6 tel. straight paid
Sit) iiO.
Consolation purso, fll' 0, of which J75 to
second, t'2 to third; home lie i ten once al
lowed five pouods; twice, ten pounds f
three-quarters of a mil,
li. W. Poole's blk ( McBowling, agctl
(107), Tom BowlinK Wetta 1
Mason & (ton's b He J Duck, agei (110 ,
Regont-annie Hall 3
J. A. Bachelor's b in Princess, aed (10"),
Prinncss-Koxaline. 3
C. II Braokett A Co. g Willie Martin,
.Ivrs i9). Waton-Patti 0
Wm. McUuisrun's bTMary Ellis, 3yr 01),
Loln.ie-S'li'o Howard 0
J. S Cainiib-ll'sb 1 11. nricttl, 3 ym ('.H ,
Voltijcur Li lie Bill 0
Tune 1 till1,.
fast OdJa El ij, tS to 1 : Prince, "i to 1 ;
Mnnin, 8 'o I ; Iteuriottn, IS to 1: Red Buck,
.1 to 1 : McBow inn, 3 to i. Froo.-h mutual:
straicht paid "H; place McOtia ling,
t.ri 10, RoaBuck,$6 W.
Montgnmtry stnke. tlnrnij S100 entrance,
bull furlait; of which CS'.) to second, third
to savi ituko. One mile nd n quarter,
td. torriBin's ch ra .Modest)', 5 yrs (117),
War Dauce-B:tllet 1
J. S Ciiiipbcll's ch m Punka, 4 yrs (113),
Li'initcr-Lillie hiiniiton '
R C. Pntc's Rr g Editor, 4 yrs (115), hnqui-
r. r-Alice Muriihy 3
D. Leraasney's b h Lnnevien, 4 yrs (11H),
Longlellow-Aniiio ilnlnnc 0
Time '2:14.
P.nt OMh. Editor, Uto 111; Modesty, 11 to
10; l.otigvi w, titol; Himka. :!0tol. tr- nch
iM.:tuMl5, str.ut-ht, p.id SI.) 10: 1 lnoc, Mod
Oitv, 8)1(1; Punka, i2K
Fcllicu: ntim, SEflj of vhicbJUK) to sce-i-nd
wo and onc-sixte'-ntlinale.
. L. C.dmis'ii Ii t lUtitnatuui, 4 yr h (t'S)
Kin lii!ninpo-ritiniut i 1
J. S. CiinpMI'a ch g Lixar., 5 yri (.S),
lt,.h Woolcv-Ma Miiv 2
io. Mull cy'sl) m I'o.y, nscd (UC), III
t.io.l lSlui k SI ivc 3
II- peddle Kui'des' ch c Jolm Htber, yts
t'.ij), Ivytlo Diil-vn'ly 0
Time 1 SV;.
I'ntl Oilili. Ultimatum, 1 too; hifrn, 5 to
S; Ki bcr, i" to 1 : T'cmv, 4 to .' Freii. h hiii
tinils paid Mrniijlit t7 ("1, and for place L ti
u..itaui $7 10, Li fun j7 I'i.
Over fico hurilln. Onn mile aod an eighth.
Pacne $250, ot which $ '0 to second.
Pullord k Troy's b g Judge JUckson, aged
(147-. Biickden-Msgai 1
My A Co.'s b g tflucuiD,-igcd (147), tlonelg-
D-' '. 2
It. Shea's cH g Asco:i, OKi-d (.1 47) tipiing-
boa-Atoria 0
Tiu.c, 2-Mii.
Pout O.W. Ascoli, 2 t.i 5: Ju.lte Jackino,
3 to 1 ; Sini-urn, 4 t.i 1. French niuluul.s
firiHKht, ru d SI4 10; p aco Ju.lae J ikaun
t7 10; Iociiiii. 7lo
To-ilny'M .iiiim.
Fii-rl line -Co-.h. l.-t in. S-ix ftif'.'ne?.
Iu tit-v t.'afs. S'"0: I'riooi-R, s!. Ki
te us '$'0. J O. ' i'-, ;2; V i K.,
5-;": Woi'V li. i'r nil liitiw, '':
nil" u:.:f. Jo m AVra.ti r,
jl"; '1'r.tt ic, -2); t S:.-h , 17
.V c-w.! Ui i'.--Si". in ; O n- in !.. ::n l
li--i.-.'. h. K -v.. !,-.-. 1'5; .',i i mi,
:!'; i.'.m'.c.-1 i', : i'"i : lit i " , .-. ' 1 ;
l!(i;::.. :.lc h;l ': lft.. i-. V: il L v::-,
Ij' 'J : 'f v v, :5 i
'J !ii d j'.'-'i . -- '' 1 ' : ' ii a s r n II
II';: r;-, ,-Jti; l.'nwdv t'ov, iJ : I'- a
. i .;; .1 i-;. F. : t-). r.y ''i-,
i ; i.o .i i o : , i ": J. ,
f-i' -1 "i l-
i' 'i . :.
''i i'i ll.v t':vi' : Ir i r-n; ! u -n
i- v. :-i v.- .uv. i s: tvvii f: f "' ;
.. I n;. ' I -" i 1' tit r. .1
Al xi.-.-. 1. -.23. U y V,
1 v.'o r .It, 5 1
I-.;- -. - lli H rape it e
'mi A -.r-i;.-n, Ja :,;- J.t ii'ii,
l-ni i- , i;v..'t:.-n -tiid At,
N i i'i i,. ;.'
d'r:'v!iM.N 'i-i: in...' ' i( r-H.i;"M
r. j
"i'i O tl -IH r ' !' t ' ' ni'tl!'' .: to-i!rtv
re pi t i' i: . i -, to ' i a t.-.r v,- at t w
B'i"l-4t -1 I)' 'V t. (' "i-roiitl
Jotu ii--, I'l'.UC)-.! -I!-.-, Jh.JI.'fO-d.
F b C u krn.'.
Ivlitor, vie'itm. Ilonanzii, Ilatli.'
l iirlisli-, yVi'i.'V", i'i i 11. I.U
A'-".'., Mr tluai Wooil'.v-f.l, l.o
a, ''. J c i-, .'.'''; L' ti.ti::l 'iil,
'."fi-'-'. ,
.' ru .'.'. .' U'., Mr: .n",,iii, 'i '''a
:' H -r, V .,-...'(.', lC'.'.'fii- Ki'sttnti .
I.Iisa i'a y, J.-ii aso. V.tc-! o, .
V-Si D.;! l'Mm IMf, Prur.n
Xi-BohVoh:, Red Back, lYmc , II il
ij Mmlxn
Foi-it, J). Oah, P. CoLUj.'e, Jen
ninos. CoiJring.
MoUfy, J.o i'iVm', Lmmin.
Wicklof, Mary F.llis, Warfrllow,
PmcocV, fi'y Buy.
y.'.n , jirBuirlintj, Wootlward, Lu
cas, 1'liil l.rni, Simuldin'i, Uilimitum,
Phil lyti: I.iaai. i
Modes' y. Punka, Top''), Isri 'h
rid r, JI rile.
J in Gray, fVnluii, Panami.
Lancaster, J1ry K li", Juhn Mtxan
dir, Ptekahoo, H-orietta, A'frd. '
bffim, Ksene, L'amun, Sltttily, Liroy.
IrarK 'talk.
Last day of the meeting
Editor wis a disappiin'nient.
Lonovisw will do to watch to day.
Ultimatum did not have a walk
over. To-dav will be your lait chance to
get even.
Th favorite in steeplechase rarely
ever wins.
Col. Dick Watts will make a book
this eeaioa.
It is said that I.ijero will start in the
Louisfille Derby.
Pat Shikd y has a show for his white
al.ey this afternoon.
The favorite yesterday : MijePly,
McBowling. Moaeety or Editor, Ulti
matum and As.'oli all winneis ex
re pt the last.
Bicuakd Roche paid f!?,000 for the
St. Louii pooling privileges.
Thi odds against Editor in the
Eclipse stake will be increased.
Exile. suburban randidate,howed
1 :4S at Coney Island last Friday.
It is not by any means certain that
the steeplechase will tome off to day.
The dams of Bersan and Drake Car
ter are barren t j Tea Bioeck tais sea
son. Nbarlv S10,C00,OCO is invested in
Kietern track?, buildicgs and racs
Probable winners to-day: Shcedy.
Phil Lewis, Hpaulding, I-my anil
Thohs getting second place were
Jim Nave, Red Buck, Punka, Ligau
and Slocnui.
Modesty ia one of the greatest horses
outhetutf t: lay, a id iH pujh the
winier in tbe Edits?.
The meeting has been ns successful
ai the moBt entbu-iabtij lover of tbe
turf could havedusired.
Piebrb Lorii.lardIips lost the brood
mare Ldy Wallenet ia, datn cf Wa'
leuftsin, Brikcsneare, e'c.
Tus winnern yejtsrday were Mi's
Da'y, McBowlitg, Modesty, Ulli
malum and Judge JacUeon.
Willie Maht;n did roxe euierb
work for th'ee-quar.trj of a mile yts
terdiy, and is a dark bor.-te for second
place to day.
J. W. JIcCi.ei.las, trainer far
"Lucky" B-ildwin, ii a Ken'uckian,
and man ted Mips Berths 8; one of
Louisville tooie m n'.bs ago.
The book-makers dtitnpi d their pile
rn A6co!i. The cilds they offered of
2 to 1 ag.iinst the held was as good a
thing as the crowd wanted.
B. H. Reals ol Richmond, Ky., has
bought, lor $2001), tbe bay colt Wilkes
Sprague, f mr vears old, by Govt-raor
Bprague, dam by George Wilkes.
J. B. FKnaufos has lo t the chf s'
nut colt foald April 24th, by Ononda
gi imp. British Princess, by imp.
Prince Charley. British Princess is
also dead.
Tips on to-day's events: First race,
Tartar or Sheedy; second, Hopedale
or Phil Iewis; third, Longview or
Spauldinir; fifth, Qnoe 1 Esther or Le
roy j sixth, Aurelian or Stocum. - '
The KoBtucky Derby this year will
be worth about 3t000 to tho winner.
Tuete were oriif:nily J07 tntriee, anl
tcre have bein fifty- ix dfcltrft'i mp.
Col. Clar snvs tbere will likely be
lil eeti eta-tets.
Tdk fact that Murphy rode Irish
Pal yesterday camel considerable
0 mtiietit, as the fatuous j ickey Raid
bo in-t tiran ago tba'. unthiag would in
duce bitn ti r'da f ,r Ccrritaa fgaij.
Lo iKrille Times.
The cirfidence in Bin Fox in Iho
Louisville Derby si cm to be oa tin-
in 'ri'ssr. A ii'tmii'r 01 tna re tp s id
men aiv that lie will be e'moit a Hiir.-i
winner if be oai s to the front id go id
oniiiiio j. Hih tierfoiuunns in the
E:ii t Irs- ees in wjjo teitimly Hnn.
Tijkuk is a grr'at deal tf cotnmprt on
the I iv pi ocj brot'iglit f t the P' Ic o!
t' e JoltuBon ela'ile tit Lexirgt.in, mid
it i thoiisht thnt it w!. a intFtakt tn
taice fie ho-, ci ti.e'iv It h nr.iil that
O il. 8' 111. .Brown I'fid that It-; would
aivo iS'.'St.l) ior Pjwhatan, who wei t
for SI 700.
Martin's splendid 1, Titee, y
Bri'-Uil 11, mil of TippuMr.v Girl, win in
n d'st a'cii in th! A vp.h yft .n?HV
niwnitig met tio iid no bt'iua b.i' ly
(tippled at Loisville, if. i. is now
tltorg t, pBlttiauently dittabled. JShe
w id fine coiii!it o, and mnrth was
xpnittd of tier thin s?i?rn. SI.e m i
Bicindto Ida II tie in .h Memphis
Oaks laf t year, arid won a good mcm in
tbe Eas ." Ttie aotHeiit is ta'il t
have been the result of grosi caielea.
The following fo tv horses a-e de
clared out cf tho Kentu.'ky D-ibv.
This !evt'B 8'Xty-Fnven in. It vii I be
untie d 1b.1t C iu (Vpi-nn it nnu nc the
no'i-c tain tti va. O'Fa 1 m and W'ni-
iuroo are out. by revn of tle''e-t'i 1
1 tui'iv t o:)iini t it. I'rime-c, V it tor
Dot. litra otd ami J o-tt-r i-.ra !ea
Tho e ii t t'.re i.'ir ltd v, I-'l ;-t-i-r.
Tip", l n.-ei, V:i.(ni', Venc r, Vi ti
ll ca'01. K-Mik N'.vii-.,
Kir-ir I, j;hl ti V. K
V.'ill, 1 1
;, iii-i
tl'.l !
S O 1
II- til e
ilitH. K":
! ' . 1. O 1 1 '? F
1 a, i
v. I.
!: ' .1
t . 1. I.
1, Ivl.'
I, VP'
f-i.l. !
1 o,
Co 1
' t
i r '
i m
c a-
il 111 1
;:i ijr
ih-; I
i 12 I'i 'd , Tee i:-aua'j" of
1 f K-1" O a !.:.. "t.
C. !' Cit.ii., Im'.i; w t'.t Hi:
;..')a ('mtijiuiiy, i-s rashtn inr
Is I Il.lil.iililll.v-.S.
lltl'licit l j rove, ctii'i.' lilifilir-
Cn , h
1 1 ,.,
; ni i.i-
n.-r I'I the ()iie:)''
0 Xl i'-r-I,:'!: r, is H'il-
tug ! ''t tirli Jioiils.
j:..u: Vi'i- 8 ei, Inn ' ;'o tin -
a;!Hi'o'oii" if iUviry's i o :.p..i''e--,
i n gii-g ' ii su e ' ... eri.
i'.. . .Mt.On'iii, nn i ir )'.- n'i'tirn
i-rol ', I- .' tni'ily t.p.-ur"rof Bi':.i:.'t i.-i
n Co -.iiiM .a.ii'tl.
V-1... iifi.' t ', u;:;i iit.'i l-'OnVfl .'
PirUH.iri, n'..y jil'tii., Fiti:i:!i jn-Olioll
irti k
MCMl'ttis Jrtith Sji;c' ''.r: Tiio itti-plii-.l
S i.ulit to Ji'V. :.-lt irentli'tueti ui
Jli'iiipl.is. ('"tivcyiii iu l e fact t !;.'.
not one til their i n : ; 1 ' r wa-- itivii. .1
to lirt-iii'ie a tiH'in'i'T (! the Joe-ey
Chili, nieier v!,o-e ur.spitTS the ra
are I ii'i titr coinltteted, l:as eaiied :l
feeling ot Horeness against tin? inan
ag tni'tit of Jhe elnli that it will prob
ably taLe years to live down. I'puti
nh inn the" roSf'onsib'lities lies i' .will
probably be di.Micnlt to iletenuiiie,
but the manner in which tho result
was crconivilislied seems to indicate
that it was designed. CireultiM em
bodying invita ions to join the club
were sent out to a number of gentle
men, and others were elected witinnit
ever luvin indicated a desiri- to join,
but in no ease was any intimation
evergivi'ti to nny Jew that his asso
ciating liiiiii-'.f itli the eli'.'.i won d
be agreeable. The iiietnbersii:; leemi
to have been upen to all the wmld anil
no conditions! not even soi in! rank or
eominereial pi-ominenee appear to ba t
lieen insisted on as es ential pre
requisites to eligibility. The line of
exrlnsion was i-luirply dra.n, but it
was drawn at tbe Jew. Birth, breed
ing, refinement, culture, lone services
to the com 111 unity in matters closely
interwoven with the vital interests of
the tiwn-nll these were an feather
weights in tho feale that determined
a man's qualifications for the exalted
distinction of being a member of the
Jockey Club. The simple fart that he
is a Jew outweighed them all, and in
maki"g Up the fiat of those whose co
operation was invited, he was left se
verely alone. While no overt act was
committed to rive shape to the senti
ment, the intimat on is none the less
clear, sharp and distinct that no Jews
neelapply, and will be so accepted
by every "self-respecting fol ower of
that faith in the city.
Brlarblsa Btitvll Kmerw.
Brighton Beach, N. Y., May 7.
P 10I se llinv waa s opped here to-day
hy order cf tbe District Attorney of
king c uaty, New York. Bo .ks were
m de and bets paid on the quiet, how
ever. First Hare F r rr a'deos three-year-old
and upward; three-quarter j of a
mile. Fleetwinewon by three lengths;
b;. Elmo secor d, Ganby third. Time
Second Hnce Sailing illowanci s, one
mile. Gei cral Price won by bed ;
C itnoersition second, Joe Hhelby
tbini. Time 1 45 J.
Third Jiacr. Handicap, mile and an
e'ghth. Lord Betoonitield won by a
head; Wind li second, Delilah thud.
Time 1 :ftH.J 1
Fuurlli Han Se ve n f urlor gi. Geot
SiDgerly wouhva lengtb; Il.nrdee.
ond. Judge Gritli-b. ih'rd. Time
1:311- 1
Ihe Lfi lost tin Hre.
Lein(ton, Ky , May 7.-rWeathi-r
far aid track heavy. I
FiM Hurt. One ui le. RTCO won 1 y
tea lengths; Brvet secoil, Fell
third. rirre-l:M:.
iSinniJ A'(tc. i!at.h tikis five fur
longs. liitea won by fo.ir, Ii nttif ;
Dnhme second, M Ligi n ihitd. l ime
I :C8
J'Airif A'iic?. One mile. Malva I!
cn bv two lenulhi; Nivolia Bt-eo.nl,
Time 1 52J Oulvtornj
Fourth life. One mile- and aa
rigtit'. Waukesha woa by a length;
May La'y strcond. Time-2:08 Oi.ly
two ran.
Entries, we'ghtd and bet'lng for to
morrow :
FiM Jtact B'x forlongp. Wolft.cn,
101; L'on, fill; Ktormer, 101 5 Gala
Htar, 106; Battta Wilsou, 96; Test, 113;
Chanc , 120; Ttie S asher, 113; IJattie
D. II., 101.
Srcond Race 'Hay s'akis; one mi'e
and a quarter. Boa., 118; Pinds, 118;
Mncala, 113; Wahoo, 115; Mary Ann,
113; Montana Rent, 118.
Third linn. Mile and a furlong.
Irian Pat, 118; Foxhound, 117; Z
titrn. 110; Cheatfellow, 07.
Fnurth Hurr Half mile. Annie
J.107; Hecla, 107; Relax, 107; Cal
cutta, 107.
Firt ice-Teat. . $I0"i ; GoldStar,
Cliance aud Ttie rJiasber, i'i) each;
Hattie D. II., $'1 ; Stormer, 15; field,
.Vcond Half. Boat, $100; Maca'a,
$i.i; Mary Aon, Iri'iO. Wshoo, $10;
l'ir da, $12 ; Mo'imLa Keent, $7.
37o'ni7.'(icc.-Iris i 1'iit, tlOo; (-haal-fel
o, 1S; Faxhmiict and 7. iturn
ccnjiled SO.
I muth Have l?"'nx, 323: II clit,
$2&; Anuie J. anil Cl ntta, $21 each.
'I he ttHllmt
Nothing could nor prevent the
Maifest from bo oinitig tho gteatest
out ioor suite ssof thee son but bad
weather. The committee have In
bored faithfully and dine everything
possible In i'ii tiTtiii 11 and nnnisotlu!
visitors. To arrange u festival on
this feale involves more trouble nnd
ex enditures than lti 'St )ieoilo have
any idea of -the up; ropiiation this
year nmoiintiiit; to little less th 11 SMH)
-- but the :i-.-i.ii-iatiiiii will In amply
repaid if the teople M ill turn out en
masse nnd enjoy the feast prepared
f jr them. It is a labor of love with
them, fur none of the proceeds of the
Maii ft betirlit. any iii'lividual mem
ber, but they all go'10 iwell a tiitnl for
boiievolent pil poses. 1
G. F lla'rell to W. K. Strong, dod
to ono-fourtli nn:livimd intirt in
about 12." F.111M ol U'lti iu tbe N:ntb
Ciil D ttr i;t, lor Jo 1.
W. M. L iny nnd J. St. Lurry to W.
. Strong, i)i-d to ir t ifr-t interent.
in tli s:i;iiJ prepfiily as dueurlbed
a! ove, lor 2 HI.
j' ! Voii'idii, ami Charl
i'i: H, .lay .!
v. K t 'i
.nil ( h i
ft; I.I
i. I :,"0 i ,
! - - li .,"
O-i ra
: is.
p-t ! "
.. l'J
l 1:1
divrf ;
, l t
"! 1,"
' i -7
I tf
ia -
t p,,'
I t
I ' V
: a .
:,; I). 'i.
.'(? fit':.
I' V.. Mir
'( To Tl'.ivt li 1 '
.Vi'si'.'ii.-, 'J .
f :: tl r m
1! i-t and M.n!!
i. :'! . tun-!.-. - ..
: IVpiarst! '. 1
I ;' y.:uY .
I.'oi k :i : 1 ' 1 :i
!!. I' .r 'i'"il;s,. 1
1." ili'livcfi'.; ti
i I'i j'!ar i-'t'. t.
stv.iu.er C- .1'
vi-'iiii-.', i:r.l h i
':H Sllipp'
... A..n!-!r., :
tl'li' f ll.'tv
i v, ii; be lie
I.'; V ilai y I
.! 11' 'loi'iv '
1 wiii 1 tia t.
i jxii ;iti V
: .! .'.i:.!i.lH' .
I wit; f!,.):r
!.' ;"o,-.i ' ti'.
. 'it-l .-;il 1
: i.-r J!. V.
I ri'.l.i'lf piv
1 a- r il :..n
"11 .
T.- I
P in. ;
til.-' i'V
'.V ( V
la or' 'r to in' ; .
Pf':rf. Cotil in t .- t..
t'I'l Ai.l - Hi
lii-tet, it will i.".'
rrel in citv iui;-
rteiivpred at 'M I
iu. It li ro FttjiHii
leicj hone ii.iV.
Knlrrile for lheuippea!.'
rKESBTFKU t ni iu u.
The Sacred Fdifl.e ( rnn 'id With
Ladies and Gentlemen-Sriop-tU
of His Prmai k.
The aud't rlum of the Second Prop
byttrlan Church was wil lillfd Us-,
evening to bear an addrers by Nab-Ouii-Tamura
Sjn, a Japanese Chris
tian, pastor of a P et-bvti-riin church
ia Tjkio, the csp a'o' Jar an. Oa
the platform were the Rsv. Messrs.
B iygi and Daniel. Tbe nercifej com
menced with tbe linging of the well
known missionary hymn, " From
Greenland's Icy Mounuios," which
wai followed by readiog of part
of Romans 1 by Dr. Bi gs
and prayer by Dr. Daniel. 1 be
Uc urer wis then introduced by Dr.
Boggs He tta'ed tbat Tamura was
conv sited from heathenism when be
was twelve yeira eld and in coase
quence was oetiasised by his pirtnta
and ctber relatives. Having com
pleted his education in Tokio, be be
came pis tor of one of tbe native Pres
byterian church there. Four yn
ago he cams to this country to tittin
more thorough clastic and theologi
cal course and epent three years at Au
burn, N. Y. He has spent a few weeks
in lecturing in various parts of this
country and will leave for Europe
some t'me in June, principally to
speak to Presbyterians on behalf of
missions In Japan, whence be will re
turn to his own country (o resume
pastoral care of bis church.
Tamura, thus introduced, stepped to
tbe edge of tbe platform and made an
interesting addiess cn the subject of
"Home Life in Japan." He waa
dree'fd In the national crstume, weir
ing the "kimono" rr wrapper, and tin
"baori," a wide-M-eved j cket, bea
ing at tbe back of the neck the white
"mon," or crest of his province. He
has an inttl-lgent face, with but slight
tries of the Mongol complexion of a
dark oliw, w'th jnt black hair and
black, b'ad-lite ejei. His recent Is
thoroughly Japamsqne, but he has
a !C0 1 vocabulary, although t it
set msctrangsthal his seminary tuiti' n
did not include elocuti.n. He tint
spoke of the houses. They a-e built
either of wood or cf clay, and seldom
more than one s'oiy high. If hoists
w. re built as high and as heavy as in
this country thvy won'd prove iUrgr
oua to their ownerr, becuusa earih
qual es thr ra a:e quite a-ommon oa
Btornii hrre. Anitt.iir H-ieon f.r
Etiiull bcusea as that li e people are
smull. He was not a veiy rOjiI s, eci
men, he faid, bing five feet one inch
in higLt, bnt at hmie the lrd;e'
who averag'd a'):int four and oie-lu If
(fit ".coVel up 10 him" while in th s
favored loanlry be loDkrd up to the
laitiee. There a-e nosppciflc louns in
a Japanese li uise. Tba nuin n cm is
subdivided i'y screens a' w.il to mak
dining room, bidrooms, etc., aud
iheee rre r nr. veil very ei;ily for ct ier
arrangenienis No chairs are ued,
bnttde thick, so t mats which cover
the flo r are ustd instead, and the
Japf sit comf triably thereon. "We
are very grgc-ful wben we sit 0 1 fl tor
we don't, snow my lejis " The prin
cipal articles 1 f diet are rice, fisb, vegf -tiblee,
egir, chickens. Pork and betf
wote not ea en, because ths Jananese
beiieve tbat the eaters w.uld grow to
lewmble tbe hg and the cx Dining
tabled are only one foot in night and
about one square foot in aiea, f 11 III
cient, however, to contain half a donn
umill dishi-s, Th lecturer ex ulieEcJ
tre nie ftf "hksbl," or ebop-stiefcs.
wlncii In snid were us e"-ily maaaged
as ktite aid fork. "We don't eat
rain, like the Cltinis , md loflVn is
t.ot csel; t'otli ng biiv ten, a ul a vii-v
ch' a 1 ti'd a", ibtit. No o te i-.m-vpvs'd
in f'C diri'rg-rnom. Even
J ijisnpsfl ladies i iet in dining-rootn."
Mr. Tamura kkvh tl"" ri. tti 11 of tie
old rai'tln d of wearing t' o l ai, and
explained how is i iduntiil the wepr
c's ug" and win t'n r, if a lady, 11 11
linl or 1 ii g'e. He dwelt it c nitiiilei'
hIiIh length oi the v. indit oi of w 'm-n
in Jap in, which bo claim d was piti
able in toe ex(ri...e. A irnrried
wotna-i c ittl 1 b divirt'Pil lor any 'urn
of the fo'lowin: kt' eu rctu'injs: Di
obiidierca to I e." l.r.sbuW's purerti,
b r enifi s hft ir (lire - yenrn' ti nriii'K' ,
II o ig C'lnt'nii'd I'ckiitw, licento ii
hfh'iiiiir, j '.'i o i y of In r (iDShtwid.
i e tiiiij'i niid In"', bnt o l.a.'f, fur
b in; to 1 taika'iVH. F. r t ih htW'.in t
o li 11 bis wife t r-1 u 11 1 1 tin' filln r
was h ci, in; ,1 it - il.vo'C', n i Ipnl r -c-'iiiiina
b.'i'H? e'-csMirji. T' e p'oreis
nt 1 '.hi itii ni: v ii Dii Ni)(iim win
m-xt. 1 ill id in. Tfi! leit irpr
t tat CojJiiDiio.e 1'er.y ii'i.l tl.i I
fi v.s yi-nrs ukO ne'd iM'-'iiif
worship ii tbe city if Vo
k. ilium vki'h tbu 1 (lifters nul
ere i f bis II gs'p find tlmf u Chcip
tia i Ctuireli ai iif erivnnl bti.lt cn
tun identic il spot, lis ib s inb.'d in an
'"iiiaiiiB way the eU'oitiof the U.mi,
Chr btianp, where every n.ai ha l his
own tune and wluro the misnotiarv
ira. a die lonrr into tbs pultiit, ai d
trans t)d as he went a'org, mak ni:
the so'Dio.i 'an two hours and a half,
III au ia'nut eppial f r
Chrstian pympa'hy ami 1 e.,.
H iiioiM'ttm. Tatn-iri sa'd
li t! eviili'in'-' t t' u "! i'i'' hM'P ;s 11 o
, s !t e ! " ""'i '" lii. -i 'i ) i n h .1 1 a
i.ii (j 1 1 r. .-. I 1 il 1 11
T''C a :i'.r' si v..
-" ! iig.-ig.ri : .
nVi r f.
' s 1 f-
I .III I . I'M
u a r-
.!. in-
! h"
I'll I
i I:
i :l
;;v i..n
. v. !.-.'.. in
,1 . ni.'y :nt:.
11 lu
.1 t ' X A j
l it:
.'! ;
:.; e. in.
11 0 tii.
.11 '.,
M ' .'M.
' 1 11 . 1 1 1 .
-. if,
1 :t:-l '
.. .T. - I'.
l-V1. I'i
ViU ti
. V.'in,!..
! ahta-.-s !i
f.'.tig t" ;
t 1 ill n:i.'i
lil'tl. ft! I
..lot hoi s.
-1 S'lothiier .:"i
iki iI v.'t-en 1 i i'ii'
It f'liev.-s t!n' lit
it lipKlttrrS ll.lt 1: I
iv!i ' ni'.'
;:' ;
Vi '
1 t It
'll n.i
i .'a :
ui t ii'
ll Me.; in-; '
I-', il'I.IV! .'
4 witl'i. r. '-illiil'-i in.
thr In .-! kiinii ;i i'. ' !
, lii tlii r ai'i.-mi; tr-";
o'h. r riiii-v:;. '1 wi.'titv
'i, iiii.l
intr or
ti rf
fiv.' iriits :i tioilli'.
euli al .uretiTj',
!!'.) Market a: tret. '1 elejihouu 717. !! -duction
of prices for ta'ance ol tLe
sen ion.
AX OillJEi;
With tfelf-Maunrlnc Cardi, tnt br mull on aeiilicntion. Voo en hra rtw net n( ibirtl
mad bynaioi u an oU un lo amun or, WKIX& i'UH Ut'H I'HI'.'ES,
F '4WI"BriJ rrrl-l
JlLM KWCtk-K lura. (
Memphis Steam Laundry,
W have tha Itt Imt'ror.J Troy Laundry Coapanr'a Maohln.rr.
COLL 41tS, CFFFS and SDIBTS Lanudrled Equal to New.
C CLARENDON HOTEL Fllty-foiir ilaep
J im-rouiaii, furDub.d; kltch.n aud dln-
lnr-riiom fully fiiitipp.il
K. B. Mi'UKNRY, K.
ROOMS Two futnlihad roomi en lull.,
tier month .tuth, at 1'iii Fourth tr.et,
piiar Viiplar. Ret.rtnii rnuirit.
OOTTAUE8-8Tral Bat iwttiie.
L J A. CO KUKS, 17 'full. ..I it.
KOOM- Tbre.or 4 roinuf lor tight bnUM
km'in. Referanwu. REM, Ai'.l.
DWELLINU IIOIISK-Two-it.iry dw.ll-iua-bouaa.
tl ronma, with litii'lion and
lervanm houe. oorn.r Seventh nnd linen
law. 1 hclnca. Ilomi water. All in fimt-elux
condition. Rant tUS er month
A. 1). II WYNNE. I'M Front 5
HOUSE On Harburn avenue, S roiim,
exfiillent water, rurdfn aud fruit. In
quire at ItiO Kii burn avenue.
IIOOMS-Two front mime, furnithrd, at
V No IU Court street.
HOUSE A newdnuliie tenement hoiue.4
rooimon eni'h elite i nli'ely tlnlrhed;
lame yard ; in dot, all oonvobieiu'eii, nu
Kota avenue. Unud niftern. Aily to Mm.
E. Ijuinlan. 1:10 MuniiHMH t.
t OOMS-Nioo fmninhed ronnii,
IV At ' Se -iimi mreot.
HOUSE No. 7S A .In me atrcot.on corner
Ttiird: thioe fftnrter ; aunit r'tmlr; from
July 1, Itiet!. J0I1.N W. I'l'ltltlN,
.SiH Refund ftri e'.
NICE HESIKNOE-:t77 Orlcmin itreet,
junt auutb of Vun.'o tun tin now itruel
3ar line); houno in eonil reimir. A ip y to
R. W. JIAURIS, am Front nt.
HOl'SE-Two clory rran.o, V, Marhe' t. :
nuw, with oil modern ImiTi'veini'tiU.
Andy to I.. FRITZ. !! Main at.
TnURNISHEl) HOOMS-Foeent and lor
X lion ekee iiiny, at ilit Court wtreet.
ItWO elegant front rooma, furniahed or
X unfurmiihod. Apply at Htl Aduuia t.
tj"00iM8-Kurnlhcil or unturniahed, at 1 1 tt
X Seoond atreot. Koforenee renaired.
t1 117 COURT ST.
" 10TT AUE-Thre.e rootni, "oitern. at ll'iT
.J Oeorwla atreet. Ai pyjiext room.
CW'f l'AUK-No. 414 Lau lerdaie, 7 "room.
I In food repair, good olatern ; 15 per
month. Apply lo No. 'I'M Vain street.
iJARTN ER - With ITiWO or mora In old.i
tabliabed buiineai. Addreai
U., Appeal olBce.
OUSE-Five or tlx rooma, imall family,
no ohilil.en, by June Int. Addref
A., Appeal offloe.
AUKSOY-W. d.nit. lo.ntiilillih a ten
eral anoney in Memphiaor vicinity, to
control th in e of a etnple rrtlcle f dally
consumption. Any enera.tie man withimall
capitiil miiv innure a periiiiinonti pnylna
tiiiKineae, For part inularn ntldriiHi IIRKKN
W1UH MAjjilFAClllitlNU CO.. It) Vtmy
alrcet, No.. York.
A SOUTHERN LAPY To nwiociiite her
x V. Boll with ii reip mi ible huiee and rep-re-ent
it in her own locality. Iloud miliary
to riuht party. 1'oniliun penninni.t ttolor-onc-FjN
ex.-bnimi. I. llAY ii liRuTll ERS, 10
liiiri liiy Btri'ul, Now York.
OITU ATInN-lty n inncliinlat wbo i'nr,ot
O tot work al Inn triidn, to .Li light work of
any kindt w.mea nut an nli.ieot; eiin aia
Bund reterenoe. Addrma
.1. If. M-t Appeal olee.
QlTl'ATIDN -Willi auine relinl.lo firm u
O itot'iiuiitnnt ir iriivfilina khI on in mi fur
'erri'nry of Arkutimni: tho tattor preferred,
mid in unirery line limt. liijuorf) : beat ref
Bionces iiivoti. Knr piirticiiliirp. addres
W. L. lKl.(iN,iNii!hvllo. Ark;
QKLK-OI'KNINU UATU-Everrlind to ace
O the sol I'lipniilna Kiite on tbe bliilt. Cbimp
und roliii'-ln.
10'IK AT
1 AN'-Tn Ink i no nllii-o and 'ei reient a
. L limn .liieturi'i . 'ii i'i- week ; mii'ili i-.'ip-itil
re'iuirtd. Aii'lii.-i, eilli Htiiiiip, Una 70,
Wi ft Ai tmi, Miiik.
AN COOli Vii t come Moll r'l'inn-
iniiiili.'l. nt Rii'i'iuh irini;.i llntiil.
I jt V i'lKY IJIIlJ ( -'I'i. i-i.ll nnd see the cnln
li;S'iriited tii'i iiv t'ljtiivi.ymit, at 177 Third
tr ei,tio'ir'...i .'.
rPO LV'KP-jli.mi" t'
.1 noud Ol. l.ituruli'.
. DlTi.tHi:1, pix nioiitliK;
L , :t'i8 M.iin nt'oet.
rpo KKNT -lliiuin it Ii li to K ro-mn, on
1 etre.it cur linn, fniiu I' th of June or let
of July. Adilrea
,. K.i t Ii ti i. nice.
IAPlESatnlyiiiiiir men todimoratu lllrth
dny and I'linlor Noveltinn. Fiialiv
learned; guild pronpectii l..r steady employ
ment nnd On r wine. Muterial tuminlied,
and all work mailed nnt.iuil. For lull in
loruiulinn addiem Dkhiha tivs k'Wiiiikh,7
F!xohn rirei l'lftro, lio-ton, Mill!. P.O.biix MIH.
i ADY Uli'NTS-l'or Mra. Cninpbell'
J J New " Tiltor ' -a I i'tr, HuiMlo, II op-
kirtund 1'ndnrnklrt remhinn I. lluoii cun
lie removed H''d Hlctrt laiindricil. AiiillHtfU
j iiie to nuvhixo- Ve v f i.-hit.iiii'ile, nnd miiIh
; InrS-tii evor.v T'o! l-ilre- ii 1 1-dyni euuii an
I ..'iiiwn. A iff ii I m uouiilii i lieiT iniinev. Alo,
1 n nil line of now turti.-bma Kuo.lii f-.r hidtiM
child I'll. Hlldrr-', ivi. .) n,tlin-, H. II.
i i. .'. V. I'ilr'.l, Sc t'li , :.u. ti iVi.'St UiadolpU
I .;re.-',CI,irai.-, III. ,
Ol.ll II' I.II Ii ' I I.V i K - K ir eiiih nr cx-('-.
1 if... !r"..i(-! , .le iv Jet , '. ''I Mn n
i 1 1 liiitK' 'P. n pr' . p :iil furoi.l aniiiew
j M Fi:.',!'!! .-t i. ,-l .-.n :imi.
! t 'il AIVV i ' 1 ' -iln li"" ' l:l !
t v-.-i.i-. w.l !i..'il :.. i :il. A't-ir- "
I i'. con
'..oo pi. i - . o i; '.'' !ifi i'.: -At
I'I' f.;..:l I" I
I ; Hi . r'- i. i -. i ... j 1 1 n .-1 -.'
i ... i.. .1 .- j- i ii. I m. ... . i ; ; . y
j X
".- ' ' I -V
I ; '-..r. - -.
.i. Wr-.ti-
i . m:, ii. '. (. ..( -r. 1 !..; '!
i li ;; . . .. i . '. . -,y
I . 1. .'. I.. I '. I.' .... ii ''I 11.'. '
.' '" ... a -. ; ' i '"-ni ' 1
: I ' i ' Ti i i.. - I: I ..... .1 .'.
'.i rti () .'1 v
-I i.j, I .l iM N
, C IK-i I- 11 - it. I'll' '.
. i . ': i . - iv , . i . i.i.i I i .'. . '- ii i vo
; e. ' li ! i . - . .1 I1.- r -.:, ! li.-j .:i,i;t.-,
. : . ..iv . 11. '. ... -t e.
.. .vi-1; i; ... .- .!- ! i..-i-t. v. Y.
l.iiti IH AliKN ! -Ll
. .. ii ; ni I :-
"A -ir-wi.C- .i.i-tr.. ..Iv! -,'
. y I.- i i- n . l " ' i- ; . ii (Mf if i.t 1 .
)- 1. " ' ' . ' ' ' X-' ' '
. .!,' r- .'. ''. i .' Hi'il'.' i- '
"r. - i
-i'i, Hi"
I i
i I n -. V. -1. 1.
I'.Ai.Ti "i't.:. Mi'.
.. c-
AN INTKL'.I'IKM'. Entio't Cii-hniii
iiisn to r"i-ri'-ent n lari-e, n ii.uiis.li e
Bar.'ioy treet h" i in bi niu li e i.ry d
outride liiriie cili-n A roinunerative .aiiiry
to right paity. Kcfe'cneee exohimgo l. d
dreia BAKCLA Y, Box UV., . Y.
4'npllolit t'orrenl's Mnrlvaejna
Ailiaitiinn Si and WCenty.
IIMi: M it N KIT Jf,
tat maix nrurrT.
rThia popular place of Snuuaem.nt ii
NOW OtKN, undor the uiiinaieuieat of
W New Attraotiona and bpecialtiei will b
proien ted each week.
ar"n Sitiirday Afternoon of each weak,
HALF HA f KS lor School Childien.
r We itittnd to make thin place of amuae
tnent a apeciat attraction lor Ladi.i and
their Kmnil'c.
O WHITE COW8-0na with rope around
jLI hand. reward fur t'i. ir return to K.
II. ItAltTH-'. ne.ir Piirvo. llnrr nn.ln rniii.
TO 1.0 .IN.
2!)nnn T I(KI0 to B ,ua"
filiUv'V. aui: partlra hnvim notei oll
indnmed, rent note, chiilte! u.ortiaaci or
or other roliable lecurlty. Icmnre at
WATCH Tliurmliiy aftornoon, a told
watch, with let en V. A. B. on fruot
of cine, ii nil "Mm W. A . Hlaii" on back ot
cine. Return tiriSl'iiliin and be rewariled.
iJIX A gold bar pin, pointed on the enda.
F nilvrwili be rewntded by leavini at
111 Mndimn treet.
r mi so wl..
r CISTERNS riullt and repaired and war.
rnnted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contraotor and briok
!nyer: Telephone fa. THUS. CUHB1NS.
. LAW, Aiurino and Commercial Notary
Public, CoinmiMloner ol lleeda and U. S.
CouiuiifH oner, at Ihe old oftice. No. 3 Madi
i.n "reel. Ct'll.LI'ICTKiNS A SPECIALTY.
HOP 1 S AN D lio A R l.
Newly lurnliiheil, nt 4ti .Maraet ttreet.
OT. JAMES HOUSK-.Cor. Second and Ad
1 eniitta. Room and board If i per week.
llay board tl per wcoa.
OOMS AND HOARD Newly furnlihed.
OOM-Furnlphed room, with or without
board, al lis i nurt trei.
BOARDEHH wlnhlna eonifortable homee
with excellent tnble accouiroodution
will And It rrmitly to their advantage to
come to the Polk limine, ilml Second afreet.
T'annietita will bo well cured fur at Ion tliaa
one half the unual hotel pnceH.
M. W. I'liLK, Mnnager.
HARD With excellent room,
i-i flj.i.113 rinnii.
K NICK Rooiim, furntibetl or unfurninhed,
') with or without hoiint, at 1H7 Madi"ti t.
rpWO lariie nnlurnlnheit roonn, with or
1 without board, at litl Madino-j etreet, cor
ner Third
A iu.lv on the premie
pV(i ClllTAiiKS AND liOTS-On long
1 tiiuo and low rn'e ot lutorea, the two
ciittniie ami lotfl, northeutit cnrner liiiudur
d.ile mid llroii ouy iitreetn, on Kluiweod lino
of vara, Ni h. fi.'.H nr.il ''4; can bo aeen any
diiy exiJoptSiiniliiv. I' .r lerma apply at
liAIl.ltll-ll OV ICIC,
' , M.idiiion ntreet.
Ciirper of Renin nnd I.iimleldale utreetn, will
b oII'ito I to tho piililin mr enle, on Wkiii.ks
nv, Mny L'i'.tli, u l.l i.'i'ln.'k, en tho i.reiu
i ii-, at M.iiri'iN. F -r liiluriiiiit'on, with re
g ni In the i,o i.f i lie l.it i mid idiit, imtuiro
i.f '1. A. Vh -ni !e , Miontreot, or to
Win. M. Fiirriiigt. "i- Hi Miidimn pt'eet.
'JHl Vain atr.iet.
I )KKlli'l':i'-'.T(i'lAt"X4 MiilM..piavr,
1 V Kiifiigerntiir, Patent Hoi ker Crib, with
hair uuittrcHU, buoy eiirritnre. eie. AM new.
Kfil ' onus wotm
I'll nrrlvn via the
UJJ C. O. and b
W. R. R.
elllhAP A j ii. r ol largo, Uuo, geiilie car
I rlago poiiioii.
L..HH Vain ntreet.
llAiiiil3 A iingu amnirunoi.t of eo.-oud-XT
huiid piuno", aoiuo as good aa new,
among tbem two Knilie nnd one Steinwiy.
Aluo, a Chick- ring llra'd, clieup for cinli.
K. W; 1I7.M ANN A CO.
Ji7l( W I Viil.i. II 1 1 V new l)iiine,- tor
ii)illl the ilu'o of 'I oiitienioe, Ala
luiiiin, Mi'ouii or l.ouiMiiiau, to make Ttirge
ciiflh prnfiH iitoni'e; a iiionoi"ly fully pro
tni'trd. i iir-ii-H ivt-liii. u g'l'.d tiu'uieM ad
iln:i MA i J l'.' TnuC-i.tbiii "lli e.
tlll.-vl' I'i'K C.ihH -Mm uo-et.iry l.ri.'k
J tl ... li-.iio, N". Ill Jte-ilo atroet. limt
i-1 t ii Ili -..t": 'ut ix'n will take 8 i 0.
Hi n. T. V.M.''5. finei'' m.JI it. erli..
O'i .NioN l 'lLl I' i 1 M ...1 -i -II inii-O'iie
nmv Iim ft..'.- luHl',' :it:.l lot. Il'ixll.,
;i.-i' i.ul..r l-' -t i l-.-m ii" I oll'.l,c. Alii'i, lot-.
;'. .l,' l, t-'i.-.r, . i 'tri'. t. oin "lock we t nf
M hi sir-" I A 'i 'P. A. I.niuU ur J. 11.
uuiii.ii. i i Z .' ii t'l-iil.
-,t M.r-'ii; '' r:t;.:;V iti: -lin Nri;-
V T f -'t.N A I or Ier, tif.Ti-c ii.'S uoi.ih-Ih..-'
...... , ; . .i; ' I) - "ii
M I' i iiv . W ' Y ''i M"i' -t.
; !. ' i. A :; ', i. I '"i i.' , "....l'-f:i
i ) ;. : . . ;:i:,l.l.tt Li i:Ul:V. Co..
I ',.1. "T - - v!:e '
! , '. t, '.' it :, 'I'M i-1, iili- INi - ','t
1 !' : i. : i ll - i ! li V ti.iv ! -i iu tiio
I,.. !,. I-' . .1 !... i ..--ii ". ii er xli.'i I'or
'i. 1-r , ,il i ..t l.'-l 'o ti.o b. lilu-.i.
. I ll
a r .
M il !
I -. tuil
a. ji-:. .
!ii-.."re. '.i,
i :-., t ae
.-. , i 'i t j ' 'V t:i.l 31-liK. K. C.
-'- ' . a -.! H it . in 'i'ki i rvr t,
, ,.1-,.1-r ..-- il '.'V I'.-in'iii, l-.r.i-
., ' -. : , ?'.:.' ?-urv- u- Xe invl-
iu. ll- vi i- . i ' -''i - I'.-.'Hir li-.i i, .". i -;.
I..- i..- .. : .-: ' ! i.f ' i.'!-.; Ws-.-I
i ' p. '! ., :..: I I 'i : ' i n, i.i'l i.tng of f:
; . - - ; - t : ; i: ." :r y Tkl . . C.i 111
i,.i - . : ' I ' . - vi ; P.OH li'it--
.I i:y il tL..i
2t:.tMifS-l cl'.'.CSKS aoilOi :tt by
uuo .' 'j v. -ile.i 'H.iity-tinht ynxt.
r-a'u.i ' n :n" ' -t 'b-1 cot-id aiei-mltsr j of
t i- d i wi''- ' i ten- ''t Crivo in Ms-.r in
tbrte tii.'r'.i-i'. i iut-e the hundreari of
olho. jbv -.tine llr.'Ce. A plaiu. fiiople srd
uce-.ul hiiii.o tre.'.iuient. A -de-.. J. $fc
FAOK.luait.Vth St.. lie lorkCity.

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