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'.- Se
mm A.D COMM.
Cotton Steady MidJIln?,
Pales Yesterday, 2000
Money is easy at 8 per cent. Lo nl
securities steady. The cotton market
in sympathy with a ilec'ine of 1-32J
in Liverpool and an eas'er feeling in
Xew York. Contracts closed qoiet,
quotations unchanged; sales, 2600
bales. At Xew York spots closed
quiet, unchanged, midJling, 9 5-10c.
The course of the future market in
New York is thus reported by
Greene & Co. : "Cotton futures w re
a weak market all day with about S
points lost, closing dull, barely steady.
Liverpool a 1 vices proved disappoint'
iDg, and discouraged operators, while a
continuous liberal interior and plan
tation movement, coupled with prom
ising new crop indications, infused
greater confidence among the bears."
AtJNew Orleans spots closed quiet,
middling 0c; futures quiet nd 2 to
5 points lower, June 8 04c. At Liv
erpool spots were steady with fair de
mand, midd ing 5 3-lGd; fatures bare
ly steady and l-32d lower, June 5 OGd.
No features in the other markets, i
One hundred and forty lirls apples,
lot sks bran, 07 brls beans and peas,
8 pkgs butter, 202 pbps bacon,373 pkjm
boots and shoes, 5(CU bu corn,51 pugs
cheese, 04 sks collee, 1 0 sks cotton
seed, 50 rkgs drv goods, 38 pkes ecus,
!0 1 Is Hour, 782 bales hay, 12 pkgs
liats, 40 htl shorn, 14-1 pkgs lard, &,
500 ft lumber, ib pkgs liquors, 178
brls meal, 7U0 kegs nails, 80 bnsonions,
1-2 brls potatoes, 1 car pork sides,
i'H pkgs tobacco.
klevatob reports.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
tlio AlerclmntB f.xcnangc to-ilay:
Corn received, 10,240 bu; withdrawn,
lO.CVl bu; in store, 7!,422 bu. Oats
received, none; withdrawn, 400 bu;
in store, 137 bu.
JOHN 1a. noktox
9 Madison St., Memphis, Term.,
it Correspondence aollcllsd. IniVir
nation ehecrfullj rnrnmh-d. i.i
Morey in gwl den and at 8 percent
Th'-i C.eariug llo'je repcr; is as fal
lows :
Friday, May 7t'n, S209 80S29; thus
lar thin week, Ji.2:47.Kt,0 20; fane
time last ww, 4877 04(1 (3; tm
flavin 1 88 . if 883, 302 27; sime diy iu
1884, $835,5:4 58
Friday, Mav 7th. J81 923 70; fics
fir this week, S392,08' 97; amne. timw
latt wee, $ 31,444 90; ernne dav i-
918',912 10; ta ue day in iSSl,
$100 475117, .
Kw York eight tn all pnin. rar
buying, J preininm uellii g; Nev
Eiiglsnd driii ni1, J discount buvifg;
New EogUinl Big' t, J d sicuiit; New
Orleans,! d:s?ojLit baying, par selling.
Ba'iV of Commerce..l49 hid, 152 ai-hed
Firtt National 145 bid. 155 s'od
itrmnn Bank 192j bid, 195 anfei d
Krste National 145 bid, 15!) takeil
Union and Planter.-..149 b;d, 1M arkul
Mercantile Bank... 135 b d, 137J sskf.d
F.luff City
Memphis City.
Pi. n nix ,
100 hid, ... aked
101 bid, 103 anked
72 bM, 75 aslc-d
....102 bid, 105 askid
81 hid, 81 asked
98 bid, 10)Bki;d
105 1 id ... m-ktd
2i bid, 22J aiked
35 bid, ... afkeil
.. 20 tsied
M. prd C R.R. tiarei..30 hid, ... aked
M.& T. R.R. shas ...40 hid, ... raked
M. & C. consols, 7...l (i bid, ... a-ined
M.& L. R lt m 8S...110 bid. ... bsked
Miss AT RR.C-.A...121 bid, 122 aekid
Mi-s AT R R.c,B...li bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. C 97 bid, 98J asked
Teiin. wis. n. D to J..82 hid, 8,i asked
Khelhv Co. d 10(1 bid, 107$ eked
Tax. D st. 4, 6' -.93. bid, 94 asked
Tux. Dmt. 6i 102 bid, 10vJ aiked
- Mm.Sfor.Com.Uolll bid. U3aked
Mem. Gas stonk 77 hick. 8'J uvked
M?m. 4hs boads ln5 bid, ... Bfked
Mem. WaUr foadt 96 bid, ... asked
Hananxr Oil Works b'd, (15 asked
Am. Cot Oil t'URt ...28 bid, 28 a-knl
Pio-eerGotioo Mills... 17 bid, 20 asked
New York, May 7. Money on all
easy at 12 per cent ; lat loan made
at 1 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper, 41($5; sterling exchange dull
and steady at 48GJ tor BO days, and
iS9 for demand."
Bonds - Government bonds were
dull, steady ; State bonds neglected ;
tailroad bonds firm to strong in sym
pathy with shares nearly all show" ad
vances. Stocks Firm throughout the
day, subject only to slight re-actions;
prices at opening somewh-t irreg
ular, but generally firm, advanced
s owly during the 'forenoon with ex
ceptional strength in Lar-kawnnna; on
active trading slight reaction, 'ollowed
by steady tone until after 1 o'clock in
the af ernoon, when in sympathy with
decided weakness in W estern Union
whole list yielded fractions, b t it last
hour again became ftrong.closed at or
rear the bes; figures, which for mast
stocks show advances J t over 1
with the notable exception of Western
I'nion, which sh ws a decline of
J; Lackawanna, most active on the list,
wi h sa'es of 70,000 shares, opened at
121. sold to 122;, yieldei to r22l, ral
lied and Ylosed at J22, net adv. nceof
31. Other exceptional advances-J 'el
aware and Hudson, 1J; M ssouri,
Kansas and Texas, 11 ; Lae .Shore, 1 J ;
Reading, 1;; St. Paul and D ilu h, 2,
and S . Paul, J J. Total sales to-day
'77.'i 0.
The total sales of s'ocks to-day were
277,')li! shares, incluiing Delaware,
Lii-kawanna anl Western, 7l,,""5;
Ivlaware onl Hudson, 4715; Krie,
IO.IOj; Kansas and Texas 13,4(i'.i;
Luke Shore. 22,550; Louisville and
Nashville, 4'U9; North w-stern, 10 5 0;
New Jersey Centra', 0.'!S0;New York
Central, o'tll); Reading, !2:.'0; St.
I'aul, 20,15 i; Western Union, X?,0"1 ;
Union Tacific 4725; Nnrihe-n J'icilc.
preferred, 5C05. The closing quota
tion were as follows:
U. S. Si. 10'H eoiv, :jr.i.
IV. eoui'. li-'-. Peiflciii tsaS, 127.
tm; 4s.72?J Xiiftnari, ii.loi'i.
IVnii. rid. -Vj Teua. m mt,
Cent. Utf.IWi- Van. k K.i.-,US.
I'cniR.-. W.l t,7i'Kri ecna. y.t
M K. li T.,i4en r...W-4S.irrli. Pa.-. lm, llrt'
Nonh. Piin. If, 'J-"i. X. W.te n on.. 14'i.
K.Vt.i.db.5. lu:. St L.S.K.iJaii.M, in 'i
St. l'aol, cnn.,;l.y. S'-l'-.C. A f. lfu,li!Vj
T. 1'. lai d irrKn a, i" T.l1. It li.txruu H.
V. I'. l.U, 111. Wtst t-haro, lirj'4.
AJam Exprejj, 141. M..1..S. V..pfd,S(l.
Allesh-nv Can.,. .Vi-tivillo i C ,41.
Altim Si T. 11 , N.J. Ct-utml, t'.i.
A A X. 11., p!d.. '..). Sur. 4 W ., nt'd.
Aiurira Lx., ln.1. iSortmrn I'ho., v3S.
15. 0. R. k ft.. 5. Nmihnrii I'. i.d.,
C'.imd Po.. C.lSi. N. Y. 0. A M. li.,6.
CudSuu.,3.. N.Y.Cift. i..,i ,Ui
CentrMl Poifio.3Ji CAN. W., loi.
ChMix.li AO ,'' C N. W I.U..137X
C. A O ,ls .ld, 1!-,. N. Y.tntral, lul.
C. A 0., 2d ld., 10. Ohio Ccn ra', 4.
C. AA.,l tH. Ohio A Mk.., 2IH.
C. A A . otd., 1 5. 0. k Mi-.. i(d., hP.
C, It. A Q , 131. Onu io k Ve . 16.
C, St. L. k N. O., . orciao e.,
CAil. h. A P., luH- Oregon 'I rn.. 27 .
C, M. U. k P,, i.,28 Ore. on Imp.. Ai.
U. 8. k C , M. PimI!c lil,
C.1C.47. Panaium. V.
Del. k bud ,K Peorm, V A E., 2i
Del., 1.. k W., Pitt burt. 1S2.
Du. k llio 0.. H1J4. Pullman P. C,
Eri, 2lH. KeaiD,23V4.
Krie .l l., 54. Ku 'k 1 and, Z.
Eaft Tenn., Kt. L. k P., lh4.
Eafflenn. Hid. 3. tt. L. 8 F-.p-.-SS.
Port Wayne, H:i. St. L.A8. Y .1st P.WJj
HiPnibal k St lo., C. M. St. P., 84.
U. k St. J., pfd ,- C. M. k 8t. P., p. .11754
i Hrlem, 213. St. P.. At. k M 111.
Houston k T , 30 St. P. k Omaln, H9'4.
Iilinui On., 1j7 St.Paul k 0.pfd.,lir.
Ind., 11. k iV.. Wi. Tmii Pa.-ifii, Vi.
Kann's A T.. 25 Un ou Pe 8c, i'J'i.
Lake H. k W., 11. li. S. Kxpre.n, ari.
Lake Spore. 7S. W St. L. 4 P., yH.
Loq. . Nttsb.,. -W.,ht L. A P.,p.,lii?-
Lou. & N , A.. 33. W. F. Ex.. 118.
M. 4 0 , 1st pld , W. U. Tel., o!.
M. 4 C, 21 pld , Co orado Coal, li.
Meui. A Cbar.. 24 UouiesUke, 2'.
Micb Uentral. WV,. Iron filt-, 1W.
Mill. 4 St. L., YJ. Onurio,
M. 4 St. I... pfd.(43Vuirlciiilver, fi.
Mo. Pae., 107. Quii ktilver pl',1, 20.
Mobile 4 O., 10T. fcoutu Panilic. .
Morr'8 4 K., 143. fcutro, 12.
M., L. b. 4 W.,481.
Loswos, May 7. Consols, 101 l-'O
for money, and 1012-10 for the ac
count. I'nited States bonds, 4s, 12n;
In 4.1s, 114J; Atlan ic and Great
Western lsts, 4UJ ; do. 2ds, 10J.
The amount of hellion withdrawn
from the Bank of Kngland on bs lance
to-day was i;!l 8,004. The statement
issued by the lioard of Trade 8 ows
imports for April decreased, compared
with same month of last year, Vm',
GO',1; exports increased 20,000.
Paris, May 7. Three per cent,
rentes, f2f. Ifjc for the account.
Chicaoo, li.;., May 7. -Clearings,
$781, WW.
EJSkw Obluans. La , May 7. Bmk
cle.sruiRK, J!l'j4,y5!l.
liAi.Tnionsj, Mi)., Mav 7. Clearings,
$1,800 022; balances, 4200,145.
Nkw York, May 7. dealings, $00,"
ISI.O.'S; balances, f:i,li7,8-j7.
Pim.ADBi.pniA, ?a , May 7. Clear
iigs, 8,44s,22J, balances, $1,178,8(14.
St. Lot is, Mo., May 7. Clearings,
J2,77.s,12(i; balances, f55.1,0. Ex
change on New York steady at 25
cents premium.
15 -stox, Mass., May 7. Clearings,
?12,Ki8,:!()0; balances, fl,:W4,71i.
Kates for money 21 to 3 per cent. Ex
change on New York, 1220c pre
Tlo lual no) ton market oponed
steady, and cloie 1 stead ; middiini;,
9c. Sales, 2'100 bales, all to ox
pa tor?.
Yei-terrisv. ThursJsv.
Good Ordinary
Low Middling
Middling a
(iond Middling ,
Middling Fair
.7 S.1
Stains, tirg i".
Mkmpiiis, My 7, 1888.
Stock Sept. 1,1S85 1,1)2
Ueceivei to-day 185
Received previjU3ly...5:!0,2li) 5P,l,704
Rhipps'l to day 770
Shipped previousi '... .408, 07 L
408,8' 0
02,9 pj
Stock runuingaccount
Thus fa' t'i'S week
Thus xr last week
Since Siptember lut
M. and C R R
M. Htid T. It. R
L. and N. R. R.
M. and L R. R R
O., ()& ti. W. R R....
L , N. ). nnd T. K.K
K C. S. and M R R. R .,
At , K. & B. R. K
Wagons and i tner 6ouiCit.
. ,055
. 1.514
.530 404
Thus far this week
. 5,24?
. 11,454
.408 850
Thus fiir )dt week .......
Sinca September 1st
M. suid C R. R
L endN. R. R
C.,0 anilS. W.K.K....
Tctil 779
Week end
ing May Since Sep-
7, 1886. tember 1st.
t'EiVKi). This Last This Last.''
Year Year Year Year
M&CRR.... 447 158 75MI0 78292
M&TRR... 149 117 5S33S 45592
LANER... 175 120 42780 45831
M&LRRR 261 37(1 78725 7217
C.OASWRR 47 59 2.15)92 24889
L.NOATRR 64 10 35475 13142
KC.SAMRR 104 2,'j i)249 11)770 i
M,B& ARB 40 17183 37 !
Miss, river ... 193j 55 (J85D7 04305
White river. 95 70 2!(i89 10532 !
St. Fran river 4! 7292 3198
rk'sos river 40 11025 4471
Wagons, etc 30 00 51589 34209
Total 165o 10;4 530401 42253
M & C R R... 1407 158 90742! WWt
M&TRR 1S01 29584! 531.72
L A; N U R... 2--09; :-5(i S428l 8323
C.O&SWRRI 05i.j 10H 9'220 51223
L,N Oi&TRR 47925 42014
M, B & A RR ! 1123
Steam's n'rth! 05 2i41 88749 72!lS
Stcmn'ss'uthl 25 18819 398S5
Total 5242j 4761 408S50 399910
ov Vtrr snltfl nnnnA.1 nuinl on4
clc sed quiet. Sa'es. 570 bide. Qio-
. .. A, I '
t3 uuo ntit ui lui.una;
' rdinary 6 11 10
Gcod or liunry. 8 l-Ki
Low middliog. 8J
Mic'd iic 9 5 10
G )' diiiiiKtiiijg. 9:
Fair 11 1-10
Thursdaj ,
0 It 10
8 1-10
U 110
Nw Yn.fr fllln-BBdnnr-ml in1,,! . .1
C:cs ddull but .steed? an i 3 io5 rmints
lower ttf.n f,v.urediy. t:a'e, 50 23O
bales. The closing quotations were as
Ye5tid iy. T'nnrsdsv.
May 9 22) 23 9 27f.o 9 28
June 9.29(3 9.: 0 3300 9 34
Julj 9 39.il 9.40 9.4ti-o 9 44
Acgast 9.4S(ii) 9.49 9 52 9.53
Sp;ernber...9 3 9 30 9 3S .it 9 39
Oucbr. 9 15;.a HS'.i, 9 19
Novem ir...9.10 9 14 . 9 15
lecembfr...9 13.i 9.14 9 'S al
Jar.naiy 9.20 u 9 21 9 24W, 9.25
February t'HOTA 9.32 9.34(.rt 9 3d
March 9 4(K-f 9.42 9.44(.A 9 40
T.ie New Orleans Fp t anrke' openpd
quiet, and closed quiet. Sales, 1250
bales. Quotations were as foliows:
Ytstsrdsy. Thursda.
Oidinary 71 7J
G.Tcd ordinary 8 x
Low midddng 8J 8
Middling 9 9
Good middling 9j 9
The New Orleans future market
opened dull, and clod quiet a d 2 I
5 poin'a lawer. Sales, 15,300 baliB.
Quotations wfra as follows:
YestrrJav. Thnissy.
May 8 91 (a) 8 92 8 93f 8 94
Juoe 8 97() 9 01 9 02
July V.09fi) 9.10 9.14(.f
Angus' 9.14fa 9.1S0r
8-ptimber. 8 90Gft 8 91 8 94(n 8 95
Octob r 8 73(4 8 75 8 78( 8 79
November- 8 69;ft 8 70 8.73 8 74
December- 8 73 8 74 8 77w 8 78
January... . 8 S3 8 84 8 87 8 88
February... 8 95(o 8.99$ 9 00
DAILY port and intbrior markcis.
Pricfsl Slock.
Galveston nt'dy. 120i9 24 894
NOrlcanp. quiet. 1513 9 148,300
Mohila.... quiet. 27,815 16 20.478
Nsvanral). ot'dy. 713 8J 22,309
Chsrl'ston quiet. 813 9 20,823
Wilin'ton. st'dv. 36 9 4.630
Norfolk.... stV'y. 555,9 Sl.9-.tl
Baltimore dull i 3-16 20 3.19
New Yirk qu;ct. 0 9 5-10 310.53S
Boston q'liet. 79J ,310
Pnilsd's... dull. 394 ) j 10 5 5
St. Louis., i-fdy. 94,9 00, 02
Augusta... quiet. 4883 Mi,4M
Receipt) at purte, this day, 1SS0 6 384
Roceip'B a' ports, this dajv 1885. 1,712
R'ls U. S
noit.7 dvs
Fix. Gr. Bi
42C78 R.012
01,107 22.0481
15 577
1 2,200
I 55 530
R'ie Sipr. 1;5,OS4.7-'OU 0".5 5874.7: 4 749
ForVn Ex 1:4,608 071
3,53S,957 '3.494,110
Iocta e ot receipts tuis yea-.. ..419,133
Tlio Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported steady and in fair demand.
Sales, 10 000 bales, of whi'-h American
8400 bales. Receipts, 91R0 bales, of
which American 79 10 hales.
The following are the clos'ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 7-10d ; good ordi
nary, 4 13-10d; low middling, 5d .
good middling, 5 7-1 'id; middling
uplands, 5 3-10d; middling Orleans,
Manchester cloths dull and un
changed; yarns quiet, little doing.
The priccK arc rjicrn ii ptnre awl 04'i.
4 03 main 4 03 01'; and 6 01
mtant 5 l-04.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull Quotation were as follows:
Mav-.luiie, 5 08(3 5 07d; June July,
5 08(S5 07d; Jnly-.Aiigust 5 075 08d ;
August-September, o 08(3)5 Cod; Sep
tembe -October, 5 005 05d ; October
November, ; November-December,
5j'l(a5d; Septeinlier, 5 lid.
At 2 p.m : Liverpool fut'ires were
dull. May, 6 07d sellers; May-.lu c,
5 ti7d sellers; June-July, 5 07d sell
ers; July-August, 5 08d sellers; Aii-giist-Seiteml)er,
5 09 sellers; So ember-October,
5 0.5d sellers; October
November, 5 Old buyers; Noveinber
Deeember, 5d b lyers; September, 5 lOd
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures wero
barely steady and l-32d lower than
Thursday. "May, 5 (Kid sellers; May
June, 5 00d sellers; June July,5 OOd
buyers; July-August, 5 07d liuyers;
August-September, 5 ( 9d sellers; Sep
tember October,5 Old buyers; October
November, 5 Old sellers; Noveniber
December, 5d sellers; September, 5 101
Liverpool weekly stpmtnt for the
week ended Mav 7,1886:
1.SS0. 1885.
Weekly sales.... 74,000 55,(W0
Ofwhicli A inci i .iii. l8,in!0 44,000
Including for export 1,801 3,400
Ind'g forspcc'lation 7,400 1,900
Forw'd I'm ship side 15 304 13,300
Total stock C49IH10 994,00)
Of which American. 472,000 7c0,000
Week's receipts H'4,000 39,(M)0
Of which American. 7-,000 13,i'(K)
To'l rec.sinciSep.l..2,22S,100 2,745,900
Of which American. 1,89.700 2,128,400
Actual week's exp't. 2,700 6,i00
Stock alloat 233,000 144,000
Of which American. 147,000 72.000
The following is tho record of the
bids and oilers at tho session of the
Call Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
Xo 2, white, May, 39-c asked ; June,
41c asked; July, 42c asked; No 2,
spot, 38 Jc asked; May, 38 Jc asked;
June, 39c asked ; July, 40c asked.
No. 2, white, May, 34Jc asked;
No. 2, Alay, 33c asked; June, 34c
May, 113 asked; July, $13 asked.
Spot, 1 95 asked ; May, $1 95 asked ;
June, $2 asked; July, $2 10 asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixtd. 46s, fr)m
ttire; frnra levee or depot, white, 44i;
mixfd, 42j; in tacks, ia round lots,
! . 42c : mixd, 40e.
1 1 1 Y-Choice,f'nm Bloro 85c; prime,
7 i 80p; piairic, 50;; lound Io'm from
. . or depot, choice, $1414 50;
pr i.,-, $1313 60; prairie, 38 U8 50
( jais hue, 40c; mixwl, i'SJ
f.om store; round lots fr 'n levee m
track whle, sacked, 37; mixed,
sacked. 35 1 c.
BRAN-FVom ft re, 85c pr rwt.;
ronna lots from levee, $14 75gl5 per
Bbans Navy, $t 7532; medium,
$1 001 75; Gemma millet, $1 20
1 40.
OoBNMSAL-S'andard, J2 1f2 25;
pearl, $3(3;3 25 from 8t:ra, 5e eneapur
liona mill, leve'e or tract.
RicB-Louieiaua, 4(J0c; Carolina,
Oatmial In ha'f barr.- l?, $3g3 25
Jrom store.
Okackkd Wheat la halfbirrels,
$3 '0 frcm store.
FLTfii-In car lo, double extra,
$3(33 5D; triple txtrs,$3 i5. faniiy'
S3 75'.t4- choice, Jl 2.5C3;4 33; Unrv,
ii 600 4 7 ); -xtra ttuey. Si 90(3:5;
pxtonts, $-5 2 5(3; 5 65; fioai store,
fimily, 4f3 4 25; ch(i :e, $4 25(77; 4 40;
fincy, $ t;.5')4 90: cr'ri lark-y, i5
5 25; pienti--rJ5 50'3.6 2.5.
Hominy and Guns Fom store, f 3
03 25.
Crackers o Is, ex'rs, 4c; soda,
treble exfa, 4-;; Ifinoa crackers,
cxtr1, lemon cr c:n ca.'k'.ra
treble extra, 7 Jc; pinzr snsps, i xfa,
5c; sirger snap, treble extta, ,;; as
airtsd jamb es, 9i
Kansas Ciiv., Mo., May 0 Wli -nt
a rorg- r; N j. 2 ie1.casli,00 U.I, i s
tsksd; June, 041(j.65c; Ju'v, ij
-l.e4. o-n, croog!: N". 2, cssh,
25J-bid,2 '.jca'kid; Jim,27i ; Julv,
28; bid. S'a allied. Oa a NomiLa"' ;
Jen 17o tiL1, 28 atked.
Chicao.o, III, Mty 7. Interest
conticii"! to b ce'ifen d In w neat to
dry. The ie-lipg w$ weak at ths
opi-nirg and fne cllirg wa i:n!i:U-ed
in. eaui-inx tli- Juoo cpiu n to druitelf
to 7Sji;, from whii li it rallied to 7S;c
on tlie report of it tree xooit ninVH
ment fiom New Y rk, but r..vcdei
and sloped easit r In the aUernoon
tt ere waia litile stronger feeliii.-mirg
the fordiita war nw. and Jui.ei-lme.1
in thelaieittrsdi'igat 78 13-16-. Thr
was only a limited trilling in corn and
ovs, arid prices show little chsngp.
Fl ur tiu I and uochsnged. Wriest
opened weik, hat closed s.esdier:
Biles ranged: My, 7078ic, cloil
at 76 j e; June, 7s;va7Si, c'oea
at 7S4'c ; July, 80(3,80 ji closed at SOJc;
No. 2 sprirg. 7ti;c. Corn easy ; raab,
84jc; Mav, ,i4j(;r;34,?, Cloied at34Ji;;
Jun, 35 j3tij.', closed at 30c; July,
30i37Jo, closed at S7c. Oat? easy;
caku a-id Mav. 28129o, coel at
29jc; Jun, 28 J a 29c, clused at 28jc.
Jn y, 27i(S2Sjc. "clostd at 28j. Rye
dub; No. i, 60 e. B. rley Ufimino';
No. 2, 69 Flaxic"1, quiet; No 2,
$1 03j. Receipts Fluii'. 70.10 bris;
w h e-1, 40,000 h u ; ro -n, 8 1 ,000 b n : rm ,
50,000 bu ; rye, 10,000 bn ; ba"'ev,l 4,000
bu. StnpnientH F.oik, 8'0ll biN;
whert, 121,000 bi; orn, 341,0 '0
bu; oatc, CO 000 bu; rye, 2oOO bu;
bariev. 3000 On.
Aficrniion Eminl Wheat ftea ly ;
Jnn4, 78 13-16!. The cthir ma ktti
show Do c:ant!t'.
St. Ix)ri, Mo , Mav 7. Flour dull
and fay ; X X , J2 tO'33 ; la-ni!v,13 ' 0
(3i3 20; choice, $3 (10 a 3 70: far.c'y, U(,t)
4 1-s; ex rA fa-i-r,$4 40(34 60. pden
H 75 a0 10. Wheat t:ve, but weak
andliwer: ths mirket opened firm
ami sold 1?. lighir, but under vjiy
biavy insure to se 1. pneis so( n
b'oke R"d dw'.'neJ np dly t m d col
sii'chle fscltem'nt tnl v.dues fe 1
oil' 1 Jc; 'li Te was a paiti il n a vion af.
ter this nnd pr 'es reo.-.vorid J'.i.Jc, but
weakni'ts previvled a;n:n and fie iu r
ketclnei 1K"12 ' lower thnn veter
di; No. 2,red cash, 85(3"85, May 85
080?, c osine at. 85c; June, Mj((i'.87.-,
closing at 85:; Jul', 81(':8! closing
81 ibid; August, 8lj(a8ljf, cloa
ing at 81 Jr. Corn veiy qu tit, but fl'in
and a'Ui nniiianperi ; No. 2 frix-.d,
ca?h, 331c; May, 32;33.i, rl itk at
33i5 bid ; J line, 3.'!i : July, ?4 J Oats,
very I'ull but. steady; JSo. 2 tr.ixit',
ra ti, 29l-; Mar, 29jo; July, 25c bid.
RyeGmi;at (S2c. Barlty unchAiiud.
Ilnv, qu t; prairie, f5 7507 75; limn,
rnf, 5ll14. Fl'X-eed wi-alr, nt'fl 01.
Brn, n.'in ; 52053c 0')rnnicHl, a-.itivi
n'ld ttdy, tl 75 1 85. R"tipt
Fn nr,2000 brls; wheat, '.3,009 In; torr,
20,00 tin ; oat', 18,001 bu ; rye, none,
bariev, non -. S iiuuients Fn ii'. 5rtxj
hls;"wbeat, 20CO)u; ro-n, 28;00"1 bn;
oa s. 50. 0 bo : rye, noii'j; bar ey, ncii".
Afternoon Hoard W hest irregulbr;
near Intari-s, ! lo-r; dft'e r.Hl fu
'ur'B, Jit higher. C.irn, : higher.
Oat", k. ower.
' l'KOVllVi.
Bcttkr UrtiHui' ry, S 'Oi ol';; i3a:ry,
lfn 29i!; butterine, l"15.i; country,
12'ii)l&J. accmd p t c iiidiiinn.
Oukksk Prime 11 i-s, 7c; New York
'aitory, 8j; full cn-aui, 12!c; Y. A.
Mesi Povk O'd, S9 per baird;
new $10 25 10 fO per hnrrel; B'lgir
cund hain, iwrked, 93ililc; brak
t'Bt, beactii, 7J09j; cler i i -j tncon,
Bci.K PoRK-Clear sides, 5J0c;
clear rib sides, 5353c; long clear,
5i5jjc; shoulders, 4('i4.e.
Laud Tierces, 6J'0c; half-barrels,
6j0Je; kegs, 6(7i l3c; buckets, Oji
6jc; half-buckets, (510' ''S''; 5:i-lh tins,
60jc; 20-lb tins, ( j((ic; 10-lb tins,
ofeojc; fi-lb tins, (ij'filc; 3-ll tins,
056jc; choice kettle, tierces, 6i
Sr. Lolm, Mo, Miy 7 P'ovisions
fairly active snd s'esiy. Pork 'e4,,y,
$! 3f(V"'-9 40. Lard vmy, f. 70:3.51!.
Bulk meiitJ fi m ; 'oo-e lots Ii nn
cii r, 5a; hiit rib-',...35:; soortcba-,
Hi'- hr V il r.t.a
o'k ( eir, a..K
hiiuit tio, o.35c;
si.orl ci"r. 5jc.
Bacon firm; 'oug Cie.ir, 53(35X1
s'io t ri t h, 5.8(1 "'.h5c; slintclHar, 6;
H uns stai!'y, 9(" 12. I'.unerdull and
sti ll ly , choice o fancy ireamerv, 19
(3 20c; choice tn f.incy uuiry, KI01Se.
Kgs B'ttSTicr, 7a.
Chic'ao.i, III., Mr.y 7. Mow perk
wesk and lover ; ciiih, $i 959 10,
clofod at 95; June, 9 0:'J(S'9 15,
closed st S9 02 ; J uly, j!t 12t;9 22.
clod atS9 12). Lirdeiiy; cash, fij
05 90.;. cloied at 5j.!; June, 5.92
5 95;, clisid a'. 9 9.v. July, 5 9'.'
0', closed at 0j. Slnrt rib sidiM
mialy; cah, 5.-7(. B X"d meats
s'emly: dry Halted iiouldis 4tl0c;
sooit clear fides, 5 555.t03. On tho
Producs Kxsbii((e the bt t-r markst
ruled dull rd weak; criatriHry, 14
18j; dairy, 1315c. Eki, IOj. ,
Ofpee Common 88l; or. li nary,
909';; prime Rio, 11c; clioice to fn
cv, 11I3: olJ governlneut, 23
35s; Ceylon. 20:.
Soap 305a per ponnc.
Sdoab Pore white, Of, 5 . off white,
6' aOjc; yellow, 6Jilj! ; opi-n kettle,
5;'(3V?; retlned A, (ij;; ;ranulsted,
7i07Jc; powdered, 73; cut lea',
7 7i a.
. Salt $1 2001 30 per btrrel ; racks,
fine, $1 60; d arse, tl H: pocsetg,
bleached, 2J'''7c; car loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molaspks Louisiana, common to
fair, 2003 c j prime to choic, 3040c ;
svtup, 2lXi40c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 30033:; centrif
aval, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, ll-inch, 250
30c; btnnr irradss and stvlei, 3i(a 85c.
Snnff Gairef's, 110 85 per casi;
Ralph', 110 25 per case ; R. R., 19 50.
Candies Sti's. all siz- a, iu boxes,
pai's and barmlt, 7J8c.
Candler Full weight. 103)10o.
Cannho Good, Etc. Prire per doz
en: Pineaoples, 1 35'3)1 d; peache,
2-lb. ataodard, II 251 40; aeconc",
1 1001 15; trnnutoes, 2 lb, Mandsrrl.
f !1 i0; 3 lb, H 15 ; strawberries, $1 35
1 40; ra pt'eriies, $1 1501 15; black
herrie, tll 15; (rreemrsKs, id 0
1 75; peare, f202 25: plums, SI 0(1
1 70 : auparng4s, $2 00J 4 : green corn,
$101 35; grsen peas, $ 02 3'); cove
oysiero, lull weight, l ib. fKil 10;
cove oyo1 ere, fall weigh', 21b, tl 75
1 85; cove oys'eis, ligi:t weight,
65c; cove cytt-rs. liub' weigiit, 2-lb,
1; coml.-'nsed mi'k- Crown, $5 0j;
Eigle, i 76; Swioe, S6.
Baltim'ik, I'd., May 7. CoflVe
stosdy ; R;oargoes, ordinary to l.vir, 8
Havana, May 7. Susr oirirg x
clnhivfly t) thesennof :-pccelio-i'.
tt e nuiket i firm; ceiiifotfal, 00 '
pnlarisitior, S3 10.
New Oklkans, La., Way 7. Ccfle
demand but licl 'e s fi-m. I'.ic
del', 304Jo. Sugar eta ly wilh a IAt
detiiamt; open ketll, en' ic?, 6 5 Ids;
f rline to strictly prime, f !c; ceuiiiin
v !, choice white, GJ ;: ell whits, f.j
(!; c'lcic; ytl'ow c'f li';', 0-; s-c-
MAY 8, 1SS.
onds, 4jSi Molasses quiet; open
ke'tle, good prime it gtii y prime,
32.-; prime, 20022 ! : entr f .njdl, pntne
to ft-ictly prme, 16'" 2i'c.
HOrSLllM.I M PI'l.ll S
Applr AppK-s, l -k) -3 from
s'ore; il 2502 p-r enr 'ond 'ro-n U vea
or deit. Drid 8( pi r ;'(( p, r
rwur.d frstn itire. lrie 1 p.ml.ti--, j
0 4; f . om tton.
""PotaToks Potitos, f:(..-2 fr.irn
et ire. Sweet rw titws na-.e, i2 75 per
hrl. Pea, f 1 601 75 per hus'it-l.
Vr.GKTAM.KS Oniopa, i'2 7503
from store; $ I 5 02 60 lr, m Ihvw or
dfp)t. Cabbige. $2 7.5f3.3 iir crate.
Krut, barrel', f5' r 5': 'lalf-harreis,
f 2 750 3. Garl'- " i;ilc per 100.
Tiirnio', 50c per basiiei.
Fbuit O'aigs, l.miitiina. none;
Cali ortiia, $4; Medina, il 5y(3v5 per
brx; IniH-ria, f505 50 per box.
Ieu;ons, 50 per box. tiananas,
i2 50 per bunch. Cocoannts
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 71c;
Tennwse, farmers' stock, 34e;
roaftd, 2c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 180 0c.
PictLts In jars, pints, 95e; qnsrt,
fl 50; 1 all (tallooa, tl 75; gallons,
f3 75; lovie, brrels, $41: half-barrels,
$3 50; mix'd, barrels, $10 50; mixeil,
half-barrel', $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers. $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pacans Texas. 8010c for small to
medium, 1014c for latje; Arkansas,
Walncts French, 12c; Naplee,15c;
Greuobles, 15c. Fi l"rts. 12c.
C.der Missmri, $707 60 per t a--n
1 an I 44 50 p ir half -bn-rel ; Vine
gir. 11016 : per gllloa.
Povltbv I'urkevr, per dcn.'n, J12
010. chicken, $3 60.
Fish Mackerel, ha'f-hnrrels, Ni. 1,
4 f 0(.i 5 ; No. 2. S3 '. 5 ; No. 3, $2 75 ;
ni-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No 2, 70c; 15-lb
N 3, 5.". Dry herrings, family, 30o
per box.
Gamk Venisnn, whole, 30Jc; s.id
dli s, 0 -c ; hi a-, 6Sc ; wild tnrkevs,
fO0,;5c; diicki, $3; e(uirri-ls, 75e;
ijuails, J75c0'sl ; p;a rie chickens, $5;
p-;i9 tl'-h, lH31'.'c
Kgg3 - firm, llfii 12c.
iiokm: a!i siixei.
lloitsiis -GikkI driving, $1500225;
good saddle, $1 1903OO; p'.ngs, $35
89: good mares, J85(..' I 40.
Ml l.-s-l l to 1 $1100135; 15 to
151, 1251I0; 15 to 16, f 1M rl75
Good demand ; aiipidy f ir.
cotton m:i:i oil, etc.
Sekd - Delivered at depot and wharf,
18per ton; on bank of river (f o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, JS; Mhi.
1'ritne (1. o b.), ili per ton. l."w
than car-load lots, tlH. From Ktoir,
90c per saci. (.'am: - Nominal, 10
per ton Oil - In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S oil, 21 j'u 22c; prime Hum
mer yellow, 2,' .i '.7c; uM-siimmer yd
low, 25 " 2'i.lc ; miners' ; choice
cooking Huninier yellow, 20 i 'h
Nnw Orleans, La., May 7. Cotn
seed products ( ii-t snd wi-ak; rim"
c-r.d-j o.l, 20 -'21i'; i ll' ip'nP'y, 170
20-; sii'nit.sr vl oa-, OJ.i271i;; ck
I'.nd meal, i'H 5 (e'9 r mi g toll.
WMItliY, Wli;s, 1. 1H OK-, 114'.
Whisky - Straiizht Kentucky Bour
bon, fl 0- 00 ; rve, il 750; domes
tic, 9IV0.M 51.
St. Ions, M., May 7. -Whisky
linn at ; I Id.
Cmkmho, III., M.ay 7. Whisky
steady at j 1 11.
Cincinnati, ()., May 7. - Whisky
active at fi V Sales of 872 barrels
of lin i -died goods on this basis.
iki iiin.ci' . tiitiii.r
Coal On. - Pr tno white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Ci.lvli.an'I), O.. Mav 7.--Petroleum
st adv ; s. w., I 0;', 7K'c.
Prrisni'iDi, Pa., May 7. Petroleum
fairly active and linn Nn ionat t a -i
c rtilicates opened at 73$c; c i,: id at
7 Uc; highest. 74Jc; lowest, 73 ,c.
llmis-Dry Hint, 12'liic; dry
salt, 10,3.12c; green suit, H'ri 7c ; grci ii,
fiAfn'Oc; deer skins 16V17c; wildcat,
2 ('i)IOc- fox. 2il'i7ric skunk, 25-'-i
7"ic Beeswax, IH(.i2ic; tallow, 3'.
lll(;j.Mj Ml l i.l, .T,'.
P.Ai;iri-Ja f-, Sjillc; flag, i'l'
ln'.e, iiccordingto weight. Ties, f 1 15
(i' l 20.
Nails ;2 40ffl2 05.
I. Va Si . .
Cattlk Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to Jij50 poumls, 41 l:c; good,
3V'iMc: cho ce g ass-fed, 3J3c;
Hood, u'S'olc; fair to medium, 2
2 ;c ; conmion, 1 Jiii 2c
Hons Choice, .v ,' ?,'c; good, 3!
3i(i; , common. 3;3;31e
Siihi;i' - ('hoice, 4(3',4c; medium .".
'lc; common, tll fit).
Kansas City, Mo., May 7 The
Lire Stoi'k Iialii-iitor reports: Cattle
Receipts, 13t,S luad; shipmen s, 717
fata l, niH'kft opeufd siroi'i, cofing
weak and fii'l'c lower; choice to
fancy, )5 100 5 30; fair to good , $1 10
05; common to medium, 4'n4 00;
Blockers and feeders, 3 400 4 30;
cows, $2 003 50. Hogs - receipt,
0)2ih4ad; shipments, rone; makei
st'origo' and 6c higher; good to
choice, $3 tlit'iH: common to medium,
$3 60 o 3 80.' Sheep -receipts, 363
head; shipments, 139 heal: ni'rko'
steady; good to choice, i: 51 59.
common 10 in-dmin, 12'l.
Chicago, 111., May 7. The Vro
irrn' Jonrnnl reports: Cat le Re
ceipts, O'.KIO head ; shipments, 2J00
head; market cive anil n-in ; cl'i-,l
Wi-ak ; shipping steers, 950 to 1300
tounds, H 4H0.585; stoekersand feed
ers. $14 75; .cows, bulls and mixed,
2 4K4 25; bulk, fl3 3"); through
Texas cattle, $401 75 Iloirs-Ro
ceipts, 15,010 head; shipments, 5090
head; market airmu: rough and
mixed, 43 8'M 4 30; packing and ship
ping, 4 1004 4 i. light, 3 4(k-3'4 40;
skips, $3 2;4 20. Sheep Receipts,
20 head; shiimeuts, 5IKI0 hem.
market ttwd; aai-ru natives, $2 50
03 59.
nr.w yiRii iuv io ui haruit.
New York, May 7.-Dry goods are
very dull, and selec ions are restricted
to absolute requirements.
Young & Brother,
Hooknellers and StationerH,
2 IS Main Ml., MeinpliiH,Tciia
Vtlnltli-e lo Nrllro from RnnlnfM
M fi Otter nar :uilrf
DKJiOCKATS 10 Tilt: FHONT-To :- j
ix-rwiim rcekina Oovcrnmant Euil j
1-oy.ucnt io an; ot tha uacariUieoU 4
WAb:avton, or nor other i ituin undo'
t!io(Kivcroraent, I a ill "tid full loitmcti'.' j
.i to Ikw I'Vim'wI iu r.liutn lliaaae, J
anl Uiniik I'orran f A .lrinu nn i
.,.,i.,t ti l.-o Il!lr. Ait J4
WS!t I C.U ,. oil " ilifc; C1I1LU'! :
E1CL1? " Introilu.'tKiB r P". J- U. Vit ;
I cr, JJ. t- On iirant lmasnlil 15 in a towi
of i4 ro(i!i5 ; oiio '.'j .a a ill-.i;o ol 7iH; ooi
rnn a.-niit "W In l1' itT: in 'uooo
it-i.en. i.iiKr';f nrn not booonaflr? Addr4f
f. Utiiluru mrr.i.t, Cccoco.
1 M'h't It'vr ....m..Fbkiuii Riir-IN-Jus. 7 r.m.
j O-o- I Kill Als, M a.m.
, So CirvNuw Oiti.r ( v.h, J p m
I Vifd'-inrr O'v iK liviuri . il p.m
, Si. I. .... W11.1. 8. llivs, .. ci.
j M.... ..CiiH'xa. S .m.
i M C'voi HlT.lNH.il ! -.lla.iil
I Friar Point Iir iK Aoius, ." ..m.
Arknn C!y Kat Aii, ." i.m.
Tielonville (Uv, -ii. S p.m.
St.Franrit River. IUsk Miciiiuv, ..ni.
Arkarias Kitr....Jus Petkih, S e.ui.
!HOV:ll:Ma) AT rii K H.Vl i:.
Arrimlf. I'aria C. R-ovrn, N"w tr
leu us; ilui.ting Star. Cinciuniii; K.
V. Dole. MadiHon; Arkaunfs C.ty, 8t.
Louis; City ol Vickatmrg, Vi.kalmrg;
Frfldie K ibinon, White river.
7rparir, Paris V. Browu, Cincin
nati; tai", Cim-ionaii; Guiding 8:ar,
New OrU'ina; E. W. lole, Madison;
Aikanrai Cry, V cisburg; City ol
Viessburir, St' Louis.
Hoot in fori. K-na Macrcady and
Freddie K 'bi'.Hon.
JltHtts lur y.'oicn City cf Ndi Oi
leans at d tlity ol Prnvidenc-.
Jxi lti? Vp Cjalnuia, City of
Pa ion kuiig.', leau Adaois a id Witt
K. Hryi.
Ilrrrlpla Valrrlay.
Arkemaa lity 125 toua menlian
dise. Frcddis K' binaru 1 bales cotton,
341 ska seed 3 biles wool,. VI lids
broom handles, 15 hd mules, 3 Km; ins
and 144 pligi am drip.
itniiii movKMixni.
Tin: Dsau Adams will paw i'oin
Monday creniua for Fiiifa oint.
Tub lien. Maerssdv, Capt. O. K.
Jopiin, giea cut Tuetd iy i veuiun lor
bi. Fiaui-is river.
Tiik Cca'iomn, Ctpt. Tuos. Clug
gett, is tl.e Memphis snd l.iitle If :ck
railroad btat t!n ev: niog at 0 o'clock
.'or MaJifou.
Tub l4,iy.wo, ("a it. W. P. II ill, Is
the paektu .Miinliv evening at 5
o'clock f r Tii'oDille a-ul h nppir
beads. J. P. Wa t Is iu her cilice.
TmJos P.frs, Crt. K U. Smith,
is the pii 'ktt Tu siiay tveniug si 5
o'el ck f r til pmiitB on Arkmis.is
liver. Cla-'es Vuavltian is iu lu-r
Tiik elega: t s'.viiiner V 11 S. lluvs,
Cnyt. '.Vm. l'akr, v. II pass up this
evening a' tl o'clock forCsirjaiid 8:.
I.i n s. John K. Mii'seiiiiule is lir
Tub At cb.cr Line s'cviirr C!!y cf
P.itull Kaugi. Cunt, li J. Whitle.h'f,
wi I pHi-s cpthiu nnin lug t llo'eliei
f;rtarjnnilM Liniis. Win. Mussm
is her cleit.
Ths City of Pro viiii n i', Capl. tie".
C'a v.ll, is tlie Anchor Line packet
H is evening t tl o'cl ck lor Vicku
burit an4 tlis beuds. Frsnk Perius
is hi r cli ra.
Tim D.'sn Adiinis, dipt. Henry
C inpiir, will )m-8 up this morning at
10 o'clock for Cs;:tola and the upper
hinds. Will Anl.fuiJ nnd Will Sn itlur
Hie her i lei kp,
Tim Anchor Line it smer City cf
New Oilea ir, Capt A.J. Carter, will
nasi down at 2 oM ck p m. f r Mew
t). leans and all iuiermediate poiiits.
Aicliie Wco Hiihtril rk.
Tub Kate A dims, dpt. Mark R.
Chick, is the United Ma'en mail piek
et Monday evenini? nt 5 o'cloca for
Llol-Mia, Arkai sai City and all way
Isi.d ngs. W. 0. li. miner bus cimrno
of In r ollice.
The Freddie Cobi'ison, Cii'jt, Milt
U Hsrry.tn ti c p it ket tuis evening
ct 7 o'clock lor all p:iuU on Whits
river, going through to Newport und
insliing coniieciliins wi'h packets for
upper Whitoar.d Back riveis. Albeit
.McUtipe baic!.iii!n of her cllii;', tit
bitted by lleury Wine.
IlimisBss f,nr.
Uhckhts by river veslenUy, 0 bules
if cotton anil 311 stick-! of sand.
Tim Hm'iky City, with a tow of coal,
pifsed Sou'h eaiiy yesterday morning.
Tub City of Viikihurg pnsscd up
i iir.'y yesterday niornieg lor H;. Ixiuis.
Tub Paris C. Itrown passed lip st an
caily hour yip,u: .lay morning for Cin
cinnati. Tub Ohio ihpnteJ yesterday even
ing for CincinuKti with 0 0 bi'esof
ere. i nn, 100 barrel of smip stock, and
a jiii id lot of sucdriei.
Tub Arluci-as C,t pased c'owti
y.- iiieriUy ftt noon for Vicksbnrg Willi
ii big trio, tslie ibscliariied hers 1L'5
tot s of freight, snd added 35 toil".
Tub Guiiting S ar mihied do n yi
't rdsy m jrnimr for New Orleims with
10(0 tons ol friiirlit. She added hero
4(1. 'empty b.rieljn 1 200 sacks ofo l-
Tub Fieddie ltoliiuson. Capt. Milt
K. llsriy, nrrived yesterday evening
from Wtiite liver with !i hales of cot
Ion, 341 sacks of seed, 351 bundles ol
broom bar dies, 15 htad cf mule, 3
wnsoii", snd 147 packages of siindiins.
and rsturas tb lo evening at the usual
To arc.iininoilsts a number of the
friends of tlin Milt Harry Linn tlio
stnmer Froildie 11 ibir son will deav
ter departure from the whaiftdl 7
o'clock this evening, tans enabling
il eal to "lake in" ttie race and re
turn borne the same day.
Osficb Riokal Skbvicb, U. S. A., 1
Mbmphis, May 7, 1 p.m. j
The following observations are token
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour foster than
Memphis time:
Ab've lxw
Rise I Fall
Feet. lOthsllOths lOtlis
Cincinnati. ...
Fort Smith....
La Cronse
Little Itock...
Me in Ii It's
New Orleans.
St. I-ouis
8t. Paul
Itllirr K.'l'
nbeve ie-o ol g.i
t'.iir.i, i i'cut .
Cilicinnitli , iaI.
ll'l!-Htf . '.11.
K...KU. II.
I.i. i:ni, :'l.
.Moiueniff, M.
Na-bvilla, 40.
(I:i-,iib:i, IS.
r't Loan,
5fcruveiiorr, S8.
-Fee!iiil lontba of a foot
uiro :
I'tiaitanooa. S fti-t.
Imivi npo'l. I1).
Kurt Smith, 2ii.
J..M WTlWOriM,
..HliFvitle, US.
Nrw Urloann, Y.'.'t.
Pitt-burit. a.
Sr. 1'iiui. 7.
V.-inlit-'n, M.
, Msy 7. Noon Kim
rising r-lowly. Departed: James W.
(ial'.CinciciiHti, 4 a,iu.
Prrrsiu-Bu, May 7. Noon River 2
f"et 1 1 in h" on th gang's and risinir.
W'eiiihi-r uiild and iaii.ing. .
WiiKi-MNii. W.Va.. May 7. Xocn
li'ver 4 hot ! incbej on the gaue atd
mil oiiai v. WV.iilipr pic-act and
Locisvii.i s. .; 5v 7. Ni o.i K c
risiiie, hij 7 fe.t ( inches in thei-ansl
and 5 L-et ti im-lies on tlm fill. Biri
M't BO !. We.ifr c ear ami mild.
Ci.vcinnt', May 7. No n K.cer
15 f,et 3 incli"s on the mi:L-"ar"l '
tit nirv. Weather cloiidv. iheriii ,tn
eier07. Ariiv.-u: D. P. ScUenik, New
Caiho, M:;y 7. Noon P.ivor 21 test
7 ineiifH on the gautieand B'ati.ira-y.
W'cad er clear and warm, wi'h heavy
rain la.-1 nisht. Arrived: City of Sw
Orlean, Ht. Louis, b p.m. ; Coal Ci'y
and tiw, Ohio river, 10 p.m. Depart
ed: Coil C ty, New Orleanr, 5 a.m.
a On ins totliabish wntr, the itaamar
I'K AN ADAMS will leave fur Ilettna and
Kriiirn Point every MOS DAY and Till R3
DA Y at f o'elnrk 1 ra. ; and for O.'ceolr. nnd
liold Dut every WEDN KSDAY and 8AT
I'KHAY at 111 o'clork a in , nnlil further
nolli-e. JAS I.K.K. Siii.'t.
Mciniiliis CiiuiiHiuli P'k't to.
Sxouralou rtntoia t
Cuimneni'lna . ..i'" a, Tho Klemiint
May lat. .,-V--..i 8teamori
Itmkeye State, Oh Id ic Jas. V. Wall.
ra- Thl Coniiniy will noil HOUND TRIP
I'lllvUTt lo. in Miiuiitit to Loumville.
Oini'ioiintl, and all f.uitern cine, ut
areatly KeiluceU HaKm.
Cotiiiiieni'inc M-.iy IS h, to . .,, ...
wi.li VcMlival Clidiu.-- oi
UllO I rain oil Yi, ! hiiiI nn eerebealra
il t-r lull ArlKI.,
Huriim the pom nit ttl il.iys Oir.cinnati will
bo vrry attinrtlve lo viiitor.
se 7ik(u inolude .VJnU nnd Sluta room?,
Kctiirn liokotK iitiod (Oi any bout in ihu line.
L; a oil hum ciirrioa a I ine Srinu llnnd.
.lIcii.IajH and riuirsiliijs at 5 P.M.
For Inf. rnmtion Imcilra of C. II. RPS
Slil,li, Aitonl, i Mailiion Ur ot. Mnmi.liia,
Tnnn. H W 1SK, Sup'l
HI. I.ool" and Slew Orlciiia Anrlior
l.ln.-l . H. Mrtll-CAIKO A 8f. bolllS.
City of Baton Rouge ...f?5
K. .1. Wh:tldse...inaatr. VSIkSS1-
Will loive llii i'.luvnii.r SAT1 KDAV, Muy
Kill, at 1 1 a.m. tor Irciflit or p image i.iily
C. b. Halt,. Pa. A't. All btOKM. Su.'t.
Kur Ciiini, Si. l.miiH and Way bardingr
Mei me.
Will H. Hays
w. V. Hak.ir n:nlpr. T?-ii
Will Irave tlio I'levntor rMTUKDAV. Mm
8ili, a I ii e.iu. For IroiKbt or pahiiiiiTe npill
'' II I I.I . f'l". A"l AIIMIlHll, Arnllt.
KOK '!llttSUUR(J. ,
M. I.iiuIn Htid Nfw riitiiM Anclitia
l.lD -i.s. Mnll-lf(Jli YlOli.sllDUd.
City of Providence,
lldO. Oarvell ...master, sliJtSj3t; '
Will leave the KlevnOir ATlJ KIM i, May
Mtb. hi li p. in. l''or t'reiKht or pnHiinirfl apply
C I.. II !',' !'... Al. A),-'ilMM.Siiii't.
Nl i.finla niifi Nw lnriinai iarher
I. I.n I . s. Ulatl-KO'l KW ORbKANS.
City ol New Orleans fwt
A. J. Carter, martor. i?IsSW
Will leave llio.'levator MAri'UO-li , May
llli. a' 2 p. ti. For treiuht or pnmnse wpply
C. I,. II i i . Pnn.lr't. A l S I'iIHM . Sno't.
For O'i'polri, lliilns Point, CnriithorHville,
llayoNn nnd Tipionvilln Xhe now siemuer
W. Y. Hull inHHtcr J. 1). Fuller clerk,
Witl Ituivo n iibovo, nnd nil wiiy poiuU.
KVKltY MONDAY nnd THl;hDAY ut ft
i.nij For Iwnutyt or t'lufnpo npyn hnrd.
FoFwuiTJS Jivi:i:7-
,Xeuiil.is,HliiteA;ltliiek Kiver Packet
For llolenn, DeVulln ItluflT, lloa Dei All
liui ta, Newport and Haleaville. The new
and eleaanc sidewheul panvtnger slonia er
Freddie Robinson, zasix
mm lliin-T. tiiaiiier
Will lenve kVKItY tiAlTUUAV atBo'olop
li.in. Throuiih raloKtoall iolnta. Frelaht
eoiisinnail to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
he promptly lorward'd. W.J.P UOVLIi.
ODii-e U Mii'Uson el. Teitphone til.
.lm.H 1) Fkakhlih, l'i.oougor Aent. Tel
eph"0 '''.'7.
MeniiliN und V irliHliuTfT I'ueket tniu-
pan; U. S.Mall Lino.
For Ilelimn, t'ouoordin, 1'errane and Arkan
k:i ' 'tv-The elei.-int piiRKonaer steao er
M. K. C'Le)l...iuaiiUir I V. II. Uiauaer...clerk
Lnavva MopjpIiIi
p. in., roKnrviiiK the ritilit to puns all landing
llio nuplieu may ileeui nnioile. l'ur aeueral
In'.oriitulioti aiipiy at otbo, No, 4 Aluilisua
trr.. H. W'AI.WOIiTlI. Anoot.
.InHN OAltTl. l''r A rnt. Telephone
Arkansas lllvcr VICt to.
Str. JOE PETERS, jrffigfr
K. 11. Snjith.-uiaiiter. Wifil&W.
Loaves Meuipbtt Kvory 'I'liKSDA Y, at 5 p.m
li. C. UlWK, Anent,
OITloe. No S Madlsnn st. Telenhnne No. M,
Metiiihis& Whito lUror Tkt.Co
II. is. MH- 1, 1MB.
K. 0. feital...mantr I 0. U,!lostl....-,3..rl
I'lnrrndon, Uerulla limrr, Itsva Art,
Ar inain, Jnohaoiifiiirl uii'l H-rcy.
l.H.it vtoj ItHMHHIH l; very WElNEHiJA.r,
at S p.m. XhronKh rata, to all points.
Freight eonsU'Ded to " Memphis and V nit
r.ivr Packet Ciinpany" will baforwarded
pro.nr'.ly u.U LOWB, Aaent,
No a M.rlt.on St. Telephone No. M.
The St.Praneli Hirer I raunportatloi
Co.'s fine Illdo-W heel It. t). Mall tifanai
Rene Macready, rK
0. K.Joplln master,
at 8 o'o'oek, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, and
inrariiieuiaie invinuip ua p.. xm.iv.
The oai tain reserves the rijibt to pass al
lUUUinar lie urrui. uiii.i.i " ' 'J .". ...
t'..T.-(w.w,le ome, 1V7o, 4 Madlcon st.
TO JKUltlOlj:!
(Outt'a tisnninn tnrtfea leave la
April, May, Juno and July, bend for Fro
BTKtunie. I..aivllnnl TourlalTlclivi's for travel
in Kuroi e and all parts of the rlobe. I'aa.
aii I'U'hi'ia by all lines ot sleameri.
s atnk'a KxaiurNloiitai, with mups, pab
llahod niontb'y. by mail for Tin Ckkth.
'kilo's. nK V SaasN,
2til Brosdw.T. Ver York,
Sr.-... g& M'WrihieM aud rSuapenso-Jii-L
:i!jft'sFjiTt cureeveiy stuije ol
K iri-rt ." of th. xid-
iM I r ' fal Hyatoin,
e,sciiT jV Varicore'o and lost or
fe ',' ''wsX; .;.' Via fool'led powers.
tft? V-1' ' ill U Mn7 refunded II
I'M H. 1 r.l H Bl,t as ropreaentad.
S.'rrJ V'.' ' I'M I l'rioeSand upward.
SiiLia SJj ',m,hlot free. All
pr I- r linn' be sept to Alli'l-H-ll U 'lvnil.
i. o , T."U i miw'mv, 1'-rl.t al
il" I ii r It '- -ii-ri' o Hi re a an' ll n4xti liuK-il.
A Valuable FatBSi
r..MM (si i i wo,1 urn nnd is n I liu.
f 1 AVINO r'rfi?tcn my Invention I w;?h
I J -i l ice t bytoro tlm puniio, en'ttrHly
Di i uf.iotur ;rn. Ai a Cut a I'iudut, i! im
vTit ?t u'ca?i oi idii !itj drilli di.1 triitit
trio "Vinl K'VLrutoly uuiniure-t, mid cover
tho iiuic. tl(proij one inuu prioriiiIng tht
work u( tliroo. Ihov huvo brou Ufd ia
Xtt'iA ncotion ter over a diitrri yoiri w-ith per
:oot K.i(ittintloo. tan ieivo nui-ui tiuU Uti
JOHN ii- lUKCy.DdneyTine.
Ui-yfTccd count?, 'Ion.

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